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Old 12-04-2018, 10:48 AM
DaniDiNardo DaniDiNardo is offline
Default Bulletin Board

Atop the marble staircase in the Entrance Hall along the corridor that will direct you to the moving staircases, you stumble across a long, horizontal cork bulletin board that is encased in glass. Here you will find an array of notices and signs, stick up by tacks and push-pins, that are meant for the entire student body to read. Anything from requests, advertisements, lost and found notices, and gentle reminders can be viewed for all eyes to see.

If you have something you would like to add to this colourful, paper-filled board, you are more than welcome to do so. Simply slide over the glass surrounding the board (it is never locked) and stick on the board whatever it is you wish for everyone to know. Having this board for your use is a privilege, not a right, so use it responsibly. Any crude drawings or messages will result in the bulletin board crumpling them up and throwing your balled notice at your face, giving you a deep paper cut, before you even have a chance to slide the glass back to its original place.
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Phoebe James
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Genevieve James
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They were both hugging her, and sibling instinct had Phoebe hugging them back, even though she was still feeling stunned. Not that she didn't appreciate that the Headman thought she was STAR material, but there were so many people who wanted to be a star. Very badly.

Emm was going to take this poorly, for example. And Cece, the perfect Alice in Wonderland, was going to be the most bedazzled and gorgeous pirate on the stage.

"I was willing to be the dog. You know I was," she petted the top of Kizzy's head gently, distractedly. "Why did he pick me? Was I the best? Do you think it was the legwarmers? It made me look very serious about theater, don't you think? Maybe too serious. I mean, Cece wore a headband! That's serious! And she'll be so sad!"
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Ivy Grimm
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Penelope Grimm
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Regina Mae Amstern
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The cast list was posted. The cast list was posted. THE CAST LIST WAS POSTED.

Ivy was SO EXCITED. But also trying to be realistic. Maybe her name was on it. Maybe it wasn't. Maybe she had a role with a few lines, or maybe she was going to be a tree in the background. Anything could happen. Lots of the other students had worked really hard on their auditions and performed really well, so she shouldn't get her hopes up.

There was already a small group by the bulletin board, Gracelyn and also Phoebe and Kinsay and Teddy all in a big group hug. And something about Mr. Darling, Wendy Darling...

Oh! So the play was Peter Pan! That was a fun choice!

"Congratulations!" She beamed at them, though she hadn't caught them saying who was who, but a quick look at the cast list and it was easy to spot their names. Phoebe was Wendy! Teddy was Mr. Darling! Kinsay and Gracelyn were pirates! Her eyes jumped from name to name that she recognized, not really going in a methodical pattern from the bottom or top. Kale was Hook! Lisa was Tootles! Misa was Curly! But where...was her...


"PETER PAN?!?!?!?"
if we fall, we will fall together; and when we rise, we will rise together__________________

together we are dangerous; together with our differences; together we are bolder, braver, stronger
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Fiona Jenovick
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Lucille Pembrooke
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Default Cast List (Fiona isn't familiar with Peter Pan)
Oh, how we drift away from our friends. And the ones back home play remember when

Fiona had been curious to see if had been successful in her audition, though was not holding out much hope in that aspect. Casually walking up to the cast list, she ran her finger down the list of names until she found hers.

"Who is this Nibs character? Does anyone know?" she asked her fellow students. Fiona was totally confused about who she had been cast as.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Faye Dahlia Asztalos
Sixth Year

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Laurel Bellefleur
Magical Creatures
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Word of mouth throughout the halls was that the cast list for the play had been posted. She did have to admit, it was a little nerve-wracking at the thought, but that kind of reaction was completely normal, yes? Regardless of whatever the outcome was, Faye would just loved to be involved in any way possible; she did have some experience sewing, perhaps she could help with costumes if they needed an extra pair of hands.

As she turned the corner to the corridor, she could see there were already a handful of people gathering by the bulletin board including, ahem...Teddy, lovely Phoebe, little Kizzy, her dormmate Gracelyn, sweet Ivy and a Slytherin girl (Fiona) she was not too familiar with, but of course has seen around the school. She neared closer as she watched people reacting to the cast list with what seemed like very happy or surprised reactions, which was good for them!! Lifting her hand to give a wave to the group as she smiled when she'd finally neared the bulletin board.

The redhead had overhead Ivy's excited exclamation of saying Peter Pan, which immediately concluded to her what the play would be. How exciting. Now to find out if she would be able to be apart of them as she stepped up to the bulletin board when it was her turn. Her blue eyes began scrolling from the bottom of the cast list immediately taking note of her name listed under the pirates; oh good she was at least would be part of the ensemble! Who doesn't love a redheaded pirate?! ARGH! Oh Merlin and the Pirates were going to be lead by the one and only Kale Trent as Captain Hook with Morgan as his Mr. Smee; could that be any more perfect?! She smiled amused confirming once she'd found her name and decided to started reading from the top of the list confirming Ivy was Peter Pan (How exciting!!), Phoebe was Wendy (Way to go Phoebe!!!), Teddy had been cast as Mr. Darling their father, wasn't that amaz-

"Mrs. Mary Darling; their mother.....Faye Asztalos?"

Her eyes widened before a smile slowly crept across her lips as she read aloud her name on the piece of parchment. It seemed her audition faired her well, as she was able to land the wonderful role of Mrs. Darling, not just as a pirate. She was bit in disbelief for a few moments, which turned to eagerness. Faye did used to read Peter Pan when she was a lot younger, so she was a bit familiar with it's work and she felt completely humbled to be given such a role to play. The Hufflepuff was already making a mental note to promise herself that she would do her best and work very hard to portray such a loving and imaginative character.

But wait...

That meant, she and Teddy were going to be acting together. And married? What a funny thought, yet somehow curious that they were paired together....She was very happy though to see he had gotten cast, his audition was very good, she was definitely moved and certainly impressed. She really looked forward to working with him - as well as everyone else who been cast! Plus, there were other thoughts going through her mind that she wouldn't outwardly say at the moment, as she turned around to address the group eagerly instead.

"Well, I do believe congratulations are absolutely in order for all of you!" Faye applauded everyone around her graciously, "This is going to be the most fun, no?"
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Theodore "Teddy" James
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Teddy pulled back from the group bear hug, laughing brightly at Fi's ramblings. She was deflecting, too humble for her own good, and Teddy was thoroughly enjoying her embarrassment. Because she DESERVED THIS. "There were loads of amazing auditions. Maybe Trent put our names in a hat and we just got a lucky draw," he teased, giving Fi a goodnatured nudge with his elbow. "C'mon, you'll be great!" He knew she'd thrive once the shock wore off and she got to flatter her friends who she had deemed worthy of getting significant parts. Once Fi had made everyone else feel good, she'd hopefully feel good, too.

It was then that Ivy saw the news, and Teddy lit up once again. Ivy was nice, Ivy was pretty, Ivy was kind, Ivy was a good human being. "Look at you, Grimm!" he cheered, giving her an enthused side-hug. Hugs ALL around. "You get to rival Kale Alexander Trent!" THAT was his initial takeaway from this news. Kale, Kale, Kale. "You deserve it!" Teddy thought they all deserved good parts and fun things to do, and upon noticing Fiona join them, Teddy was eager to offer the only input he had: "You're one of the lost boys! That's awesome, Fiona." And it WAS.

Teddy had moved aside to let the new arrivals trickle in and get a good look at the posting, and he had taken to absentmindedly petting Kizzy's hair when Faye arrived. Sweet, kind Faye. A good friend. Always brightened every room she entered. Teddy looked to the bulletin board as she looked, looking back over the list for her name when he realized--

Oh. Oh. Faye spoke it allowed the same time he read it, and a wave of smugness overtook his features. In his realization that he was the father and would be married with children, he hadn't thought to consider his other half. But here she was.

"Well, well, well..." Teddy flirted coolly as he moved to stand nearer to Faye, an arm sliding around her shoulders comfortably. Playfully, he lowered his voice, "Looks like we're in love." He gave a shrug as if to say, That's what the board says, it's out of my control.
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