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Fourth Floor On your way between classes, you'll no doubt find yourself somewhere on this floor. Or maybe you're looking for a quiet spot to read. You're in luck, there are several around here.

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Old 12-04-2018, 11:38 AM
DaniDiNardo DaniDiNardo is offline
Default Library

A maze of thousands upon thousands of books, the library is heaven to any book-lover. Upon entering the high-ceilinged room, the smell of books, both ancient and new, hits you. There are many tall, narrow shelves neatly lined up, each divided into different sections -- charms, potions, Muggles, fiction, and so on. If you find a book you're interested in, simply make use of the sliding ladder or summon the book with Accio to retrieve it.

But the library just isn't a labyrinth of books. In the heart of the library and on the outskirts of it are tables and seating areas designated for quiet research and reading, some with accompanying fireplaces or large stained glass windows. Tucked away in the very back of the library is the Restricted Section, which requires a key that the librarian keeps on his person at all times and permission to enter because of the more mature titles and content that are tightly locked and chained within. At the entrance stands the front desk where the school librarian can usually be found, who will happily recommend a book, check out a book for you, and help you with any of your library needs.

OOC: Please do not play for the Librarian: Bazinga.
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Atlas Flamsteed
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astronomizzle ♧ gryffinDORK | & the rest is drag ♣ #badluckDerf

Not to be dramatic or anything, but Atlas nearly shriveled and felt like his words were half falling on deaf ears again (maybe he had shouted too loudly and people's ears were ringing?). If he had any semblance of chill at the moment, he would have been more sympathetic to the various stress levels everyone was exhibiting and just more sensitive in general. But it did, in many ways, feel like they were talking in circles without action...but he sure was not going to be the first one to take it.

So, thank you Professor Kazmi. Not just for taking action and coming up with a plan buuuuuuut...


The root, as Mr Flamsteed has been saying

Yes. Thank you. Good morning, good day, and good night.

The Gryffindor entirely missed the whole bit about non-magical fire being the key, as older Ravenclaw pretty Ivy Grimm had pointed out, but as he fell in stride with the groundskeeper his puffed out chest deflated thanks to an exhale and deflated his head a bit as well. At least enough so so that he could listen a bit more attentively as he followed the man out of the library and towards the greenhouses.

Collect wall torches along the

"Are we gonna THROW them into the greenhouse and set the whole thing on FIRE?! Catapult them?!"

He didn't MEAN to sound as excited as he did, especially not with Auntie June's greenhouses in the balance, cool would THAT be?

See you next time, Restricted Section.

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June Flamsteed

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*sappysapper* MAJNOO, YO!

June Flamsteed was not okay. This was turning out to be her worst nightmare, and with everyone talking about setting them all on fire - she couldn't have gotten more paler.

Picking up the book while everyone discussed the possible solution, namely set it all ablaze, the brunette read and reread the text - how could she have missed this? The inner herbologist in her would have been so thrilled to discover something so unique if things had not escalated the way they had.

When Kamran glanced her way, she wasn't actually sure how she felt, and it showed in the way she looked back at him. She was still grateful for his presence though - she wasn't sure she could handle all the questions or Atlas' excitement all that well on her own at the moment.

When nothing else made sense, with much dread - she followed the crowd to the greenhouses as well.

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Puff by day, snake by night | Mj's bestie | Always UP to Something...

Well this did take a turn and she looked at June with concern. Meda couldn't imagine dealing with the loss of her work if the fire would go through the greenhouse. Meda stood listening to the others as they made their plan and got ready to head to the greenhouse. She glanced around the library not sure whether to go with them or stick around if other students were staying.

"I will catch up with you soon." She wanted to make sure all students were out of the restricted section before she locked it up and make sure things were calm in the library as well.
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Daniel Yoon
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Daichi Katharos
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A path is not simply for walking, its purpose lies in moving forward and improving oneself.

At first, Daniel thought it was obvious who had planted the Pharaoh's Triumph. But as he thought about it a little longer it maybe wasn't as obvious. He did think that someone from the Board of Government had brought the plant but since it disguised itself maybe they didn't even know it had been there. Perhaps they had given the plant to one of the students. He had planted a few near the domes... WHAT IF HE HAD THE ULTIMATE POWER?!

His fantasy was short-lived though as they began to talk about the Greenhouses. So that meant he probably hadn't planted it. He was upset but not as upset as finding out that the vines had attacked during Herbology class and he had been in the hospital wing at that time.

As Atlas shouted for NO REASON, Daniel jumped a little in shock and sent the Gryffindor a GLARE. Wait they were leaving already?! Daniel stared at the group as they left for the Greenhouses and stood there still looking at the book. He really wanted to bring it with him and show it to Lisa...

With a groan and a very heavy heart, Daniel placed the book back on one of the shelves and stepped back "Bye" he mumbled sadly before he ran after the others to the Greenhouses. Next term he was going to try again! For now, he figured that he had to be glad that he had even been able to enter the Restricted Section at his age.
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Serena Baltazar-Dos Santos
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Angelo C. Alvarez
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Default We've been here all along....0_0
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This was so cool! Not the on-the-brink-of-plant-war situation they were in, but the fact that they--students--were allowed in the Restricted Section. Serena had DREAMED about this for YEARS.

She was exactly five years and six and a half months old when she was told about this part of the Hogwarts library. Ever since it was a goal to break in enter this section.

Of course she tried to absorb everything she was allowed to read--for the saving of Hogwarts, of course.

When the Pharaoh's Triumph was mentioned, Serena's attention tunneled. She wanted to learn more about it. She wanted it.

They're time in the Restricted Section was cut much too short for her pleasure, but there was no way the professors would allow her to stay here and devour every book possible.

With a disappointed sigh, the redhead closed the book she had been looking at and put it away. She'd be back.
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Simon E. Holden

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Lisa Nam
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Default Also had been here all along
Slytherindor ♛ The Crazytastic Besties ♛ Shan Watson ♛

Fire. Fire sounded good. She nodded along to Professor Kamzi until she heard the last comment and heard shuffling. Daniel’s loud bye was enough to wake her from her senses.

To the greenhouses they go?

Lisa poked her head out from the pile of books that she had been hiding behind. Unfortunately she didn’t find any of the answers she sought in the book related to the research and this Triumph thingimajig. Instead, she did learn some pretty cool Magical plant facts and secret tunnels and then she got INCREDIBLY distracted by more information.

She quickly tidied up her books and then looked to Daniel’s retreating figure. But she had found the plan to sneak in… Oh! Nevermind.

To the greenhouses, she went!
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Evan Nam
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... well, everything that was read certainly sounded like it was on point for what was happening. And while that should have been a relief... The fog certainly had him at a loss. How were they supposed to destroy the plant inside the greenhouse without being able to go INTO the green house? Was there a way to tunnel? If they had to anyways in order to destroy all the roots... potentially that could be an option. Was there a spell for that? Because going under the fog might have been their only option.

He got lost in his own thoughts for a moment, hardly noticing as the Professor's began to filter out and students behind them. By the time he did snap back to attention, he could see his sister and her friends heading after the rest. He would have preferred to stay here in the restricted section but... he wasn't sure if Professor Euka would allow that anyways. Besides, protecting the younger sister and all.

So.. to greenhouses for him as well he supposed.

We all shine on, like moon and the stars and the sun. We all shine.
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Bother! Now they were all being herded out of the Restricted Section, and before Violet had had a chance to even take a peek in one of the books (except for that glance at the herbology volume). Then again, they all had had rather more important things on their minds, and first things first. Maybe she could someday get permission to revisit the Secion, if she did well on her O.W.L.S. and stayed out of trouble (both of which were seeming less likely to her than formerly). Reluctantly, Violet followed the others out to the greenhouses, wishing she'd been able to reach Professor Flamsteed sooner about the fog.
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Baguette | there is no D in my name | TRAITORclaw | Queenie of Narnia

Right, so they had a bit of a plan then, even if it was basically...burning the plant and probably the greenhouses too. Considering the fog completely blocking their path to the plant itself, it seemed like the logical and unfortunate conclusion to make.

Stepping down to the floor once more, Ivy nudged the step stool out of the way and, reluctantly, followed her fellow students and the professors out of the Restricted Section. Professor Kazmi's suggestion to grab torches along the way was a good idea too - though had the fires in them been set magically? maybe not always - so she planned to do just that on the way down to the Greenhouses.
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The words "wall torches" and "fire" had certainly captivated Bernie's interests... but she wasn't sure she could stick around here for the pyroshow. If she stuck around, Trent might see her, and then she might have to go to class, and to the dorms, and then what if she got cursed again, or worse, put in a jail of sorts...

No, it would be best not to get invested again. Hogwarts was not her home any longer.


No one would even miss her. No one had missed her, see, and she'd already been gone all this time.

"Best of luck killing that plant then," she murmured to no one in particular, but to whomever was nearest to her. She held her index and middle finger up in a piece sign. "Dueces!" That bit was for the professors and librarian.

Thn the former Gryffindor threw her hood up and stole out of the library as quickly and silently as she'd entered. Her work here was done.
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Bella's mood dropped consideringly at all the remarks she got thrown at her, like she didn't know the vines were everywhere. With a sigh the snakette threw a glance over her shoulder at the others irritably. "I Know the Vines are EveryWhere! I just asked because it seemed like Apollo got attacked by something and I wondered if he was okay." Sheesh, can't you even care about what happens to your best friend now?

In silence she watched and listened as the information about the vines plant that had taken over the school was discovered. Apparently the triumph plant could only be defeated with fire like they had suggested in class. As per Kazmi's instructions Bella put back the book she had been perusing and left the restricted section and eventually the library, trailing after everyone else. She'd think twice before she joined up at the greenhouses again..
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