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Old 09-24-2008, 09:33 PM   #1 (permalink)

Hungarian Horntail
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Default The Top Secret Personal Journal of Isabella Cortella Y3
Brain Twin | MASTAH ASHURRII | Reisdent PokeNerd | Digifangirl

August 17
[4:22 pm]

Dear Issy,

I miss you so much Issy, but guess what I did today! We havenít reached the rainforest yet; weíre still in northern Africa, but I donít want to give you too big of a hint! If I tell you what country weíre in, Iím sure youíll guess what I did right away. Have you guessed yet? I bet you have, Issy, youíre so smart! But Iím going to tell you anyway!

Weíre in Egypt! Yes, Issy, I went to see the pyramids today! It was so cool, seeing them. We woke up super early so we could go out and see the sun rise over them. Oh Issy, you wonít believe how beautiful it was. But donít worry: I took pictures, just for you. And I tried to draw the pyramids as we were riding out, but I was on a camel and it was a very shaky ride. Oh yeah! How could I forget the camels, Issy? I rode a camel!! A camel, I tell you! A regular old dromedary camel! He was very pretty, even though Mosi and Nakato were scared of him. At least, I think he was a boy. I never got the chance to find out, because Mum didnít want me to linger by the camels or the guide. She said they had fleas, the lot of them. Imagine! A tour guide with fleas! Have you ever seen a flea? I think I must have, because Mum kept scratching her head and her back after the camels. But I wasnít itchy at all!

We didnít actually go inside the pyramids. I flat-out refused. Instead, we went to the Egyptian Quidditch stadium! Oh, it was beautiful, Issy. There wasnít any game going on, or even any Quidditch practice, so Mister Hammurabi, our wizard tourguide, told me I could use one of the referee brooms and fly around in the stadium. I flew soooo high, it was awesome! And while I was super high in the air, some of the Egyptian Quidditch players came out to practice by his lonesome. He didnít see me at first, so I got to fly on the Quiditch pitch at the same time as a professional Quidditch player! ButÖ then he started to get out his bludger and snitch, and my very own mum made me land. She thought I would get hurt. Me, hit by a bludger? The very thought made me all giggly, Issy.

While weíre still on the topic of Quidditch, cheer super loud for me at all Ravenclawís Quidditch matches, please. AndÖ I donít know if you know Ryan, but if you do, and if you see himÖ tell him good luck and that Iím uber sorry that Iím not there to play this year. Iím sure heíll find another good seeker, though. Maybe one of the first years. Or Becca! She played really well at the championship game last year.

I miss you a lot, Issy. And Hogwarts. I miss Hogwarts, too. I wish I didnít have to be away from Hogwarts for two years in a row. But yeah. I miss you. And Flower, and Pepe, too! Why, I even miss anti-nature girl Willow! And Rapunzel the Hufflepuff!

But back on the topic of how much I miss you. Issy, I really want to hear from you. Write to me soon, okay? You can use George, who Iím using. Heís good at finding me and Mum and Da.
Peace, love, and trees,
Juniper Maude Goodwin

The only reason I happen to even be keeping a new journal is so that I can keep track of everything for Juni. One can only write so much to her best friend and some things are better explained in person It only makes sense to try to keep track of everything, because, without my closest friend and confidant, I feel so very lost. Everything is rather confusing and topsy turvy, anyway. After this summer, I havenít any idea where I stand with Samson.

At the end of the year last term, we had another fight and it was really bad. Lots of tears (mine) and he told me, essentially, that we werenít good to be friends and that I shouldnít talk to him anymore. Granted, I suppose his reasoning was that he only caused bad and that we therefore shouldnít be friends, but I tried to explain to him, without saying it, how very important to me he was and it wasnít working.

And then there was the end of the term feast, where my best friend in the world decided to tell me that she wouldnít be returning to school. Again, there were many tears (both of us) and some snot (me) and lots of clinging (both of us). I donít know if anyone really tried to talk to us because I wasnít really paying attention to anything else. It was awful, finding out that she was going to be leaving and I wouldnít have her with me! Regardless of all the other amazing friends I made that year and becoming closer to Sabrina and everyoneÖ Juni is still my very best friend.

I just donít know what Iím going to do without her, when Iím hanging out in the Common Room. Maybe I can get Melly away from a book long enough to talk to me? Something tells me it just wonít be the same.

And with things between Samson and I feeling soÖ strange. I donít know. Honestly, my mind can think of nothing to make this better or easier.


Going to Diagon Alley will be weird, because I already know I wonít be running into Juni, which I usually do. No ice cream with Juni?! Also, I will be doing my best to avoid Samson. My latest decision is to get my mind off of him and in order to do that, I think I need to avoid him. Because my mind will always find a reason to think of him and if I keep seeing him, it will be even more reason. If Samson doesnít think we should be friendsÖ no matter what he says, then we wonít be friends.

Itís not my favorite decision in the world. But Samson thinks our friendship will only inevitably continue to lead to us fighting. And I donít really want to burden him, becauseÖ what kind of friend would I be? Maybe Iíd be a better friend by not being his friend. Does that really make any sense? As much as I donít want to let go of himÖ I think thatís what Iím supposed to do. If it makes him happyÖ thenÖ it canít be that bad.

But I canít let it get to me.

Heíll feel guilty if he thinks so.

I donít know how Iíll hide it. Him and JuniÖ my year is off to an awful start. At this rate, Iíll be becoming friends with Callie again. And I do NOT think I want that.

I justÖ already I feel so lonely without Juni. Who would have thought that such a quiet, plant absorbed, animal obsessed girl would make such a difference to me? Me! Who used to flit about from person to person when I was younger. The girl who used to be able to have friends wherever she went. How did I begin to rely so heavily upon certain people?

Maybe I should talk to Gó

STOP THINKING OF HIM ISSY. This will do us no good.


Already I miss him so much. STOP STOP STOP.

No more Samson.

Diagon Alley soon.

August 20
[A little after noon Leaky Cauldron]

Another year in Diagon Alley alone. Mummy and Daddy will join me in two days. Until then, Iím staying in a room by myself. Ag. Too bad Juni canít stay with me.

[4:30 pm]

AIDEN AND WILLOW ARE IN DIAGON ALLEY! I found them in the ice cream shop! So happy! Insert a big smiley face here! Oh how super thrilled I was! While I was buying an ice cream, Aiden showed up and we started talking and then I found Willow afterwards. It was very nice to see them both, especially Aiden who I havenít seen in all of forever! He never went to the Hogsmeade visits last term, so I never got to see him. Seeing him in Diagon Alley was great. An amazing treat, no pun intended.

August 21
[7:34 pm]

I keep running into Willow everywhere I go, which is really great. That isnít mean in a bad way Ė I quite like running into her, because thereís at least a familiar face. Today I found her in the Leaky Cauldron on my way up to my room. When I was going up the stairs, I saw her and after a moment, she found me and waved me over. Seeing her standing around with two boys was really weird, to be honest.

IímÖ not entirely sure what they were talking about. All that I can actually remember was frog legs and snailsÖ? UhmÖ I think I would rather not knowÖ

Afterwards, I returned to my room. I contemplated asking Willow butÖ what if she was staying with her family or something? Or even going home? (Not that I wouldnít mind seeing Nikola againÖ Ooohherr. Willow doesnít seem to like it when I tell her how beautiful her brother is, but sometimes one canít help but ooze about her friendís brother.)

I canít help it if I find cute/beautiful/hot boys. My eye is just set to find them, I guess.

They arenít my main focus, after all. (Well. Besides the one.) NO.

August 22
[5:00 pm]


Just met a most amazing boy. Hugo, the clumsy oaf. But heís quite a nice clumsy oaf. Rather pretty, too, with a sort of angelic face and lovely blonde hair. Taller than me (though who isnít?) and very, very VERY easy on the eyes. Heehee.

I fell into him. Or he walked into me. Iím not entirely certain and we agreed that we were both at fault. Heís very kind though and fortunately happened to have a bandage around for my elbow, because when I fell I kind of scraped it.

We talked about me being Super Girl and how he thinks he needs a Super Girl of his own.

I think I kind of flirted with him. HehÖ

And his blush is absolutely precious. Perhaps I shall make more attempts to make him blushÖ hm. Make a game out of it!

Iíve no idea of his age or year or any of the sort, or even his House for that matter. How fab itíd be for him to be a Ravenclaw, but Iíve not ever seen him around. Mind, I donít think Iíve ever seen him around the school and I am quite certain Iíd remember seeing him. Unless heís one of those ugly ducklings who transform over the summer.

Itís not that I like him, really. He hardly can compare to Samson, because he lacks something. Iím really not sure what it is about Samson that I adore so mucówhy am I writing about him? Ag. Might as well carry onÖ Hugo and Samson are different because around Samson I feelÖ this tension. Like last summer! With the hand holding sceneÖ I KNOW I felt something. Whether it was shortlasted or what, I KNOW I felt something and I also know that I wanted whatever that was.

Hugo is different. In the one time Iíve run into him, he makes me feel silly and giddy and fun. All in a good way.

Iíll just have to look for him at school is all.
'Cause out of all the people I've known, the places I've been, the songs that I have sung,
The wonders I've seen, now that the dreams are all coming true, who is the one that leads me on through?

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Old 09-24-2008, 09:43 PM   #2 (permalink)

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Brighton H. Brown

Issy's journal. -flails-

I loooooved this entry. -nods- It was cute, and the way Issy feels without Juni makes me want to pinch her cheeks. It's cute, but sad at the same time.


By the way, Issy is right. Willow does not appreciate when someone mentions how good looking her brother is.
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Old 09-24-2008, 09:58 PM   #3 (permalink)

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Constant Vigilance! O_O AWAKE!


Ooooh oooh oooh oooh! -insertmoreflailinghere- Issssyyyyyyy!!!!

Very sweet that she's only keeping the journal so she can fill Juni in later. Such a lovely friend. -chirps- She'll make it. She's gotta gotta gotta!

Anywho, good entry etc etc. I love how Issy's mind works. Really, I do. It reminds me of... something. Maybe how I thought when I was twelve. I don't know, it's fun to read.

And PAMS. And Juni would say PAMS, too, because I know she wants letters!

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Old 09-24-2008, 09:58 PM   #4 (permalink)
Romanian Longhorn
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Potterís Princess A+ FangGirl

Issy is SOOOOO cute! *dies* But I guess you already knew that

Man, is it just me or is she growing up? She's starting to find boys beautiful, eh? And speaking of boys, what's up with this Hugo person? Issy has GOT to end up with Samson *flails* She just has got toooooo! *pout*

And man, Melly WILL let her books go to talk to Issy. Believe me
I gotta go back to the muggle world,
they're gonna
try and tell me this wasn't, that none of this happened,
but you know what? It
was real. It did happen.
We spent time here. We made
friends here. That's a part of us.
Hogwarts is bigger than any of us, of any of it's founders,
and it's going to be around long after we're gone.
Maybe we'll see our
kids come here one day.
That's the thing about
No matter
how long you're away from it, there's always a way back.
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Old 09-25-2008, 02:18 AM   #5 (permalink)
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Unicorn Magic Rawr-er

Great entry, Ashlie!
Issy's so adorable.
And very
{{There's only two types of guys out there; Ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared}}

So baby, I hope that you came prepared
I run a tight ship so beware
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Old 09-25-2008, 07:52 PM   #6 (permalink)
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avant-garde Mrs. Nick Jonas


Cuuuuuuute Ohmigosh, I ship Samsy forever and ever cause Issy CAN'T STOP THINKING OF HIM :3

Oh, and Hugo and Issy are the cutest <33333

Just two seventh year flirts who happened to fall in love
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Old 09-28-2008, 03:30 AM   #7 (permalink)
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Loved it. Cant wait for more posts
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Old 09-28-2008, 04:25 AM   #8 (permalink)
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I sort of, kind of cried a bit when I read the part about Samson.

We'll have to change things, 'Shriee. Yes we do. Especially with Hugo in the picture.

Down, Georgie!

...Just because I don't get to RP because of Samson doesn't mean girls can start flirting with Hugo!

...And so, we have an unseen threat. Georgie will no doubt probe Samson into doing mean and crazy things to keep those two away.

Anywhoo, PAMS. <333 Teehee. I'm very amused.
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Old 12-31-2008, 12:09 AM   #9 (permalink)
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there was an Issy journal and you failed to mention it? aren't we friends? chums? pals?

i is hurt.

Again, there were many tears (both of us) and some snot (me) and lots of clinging (both of us).
i is giggling.

i love everything you write. you know that.
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