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Default The Second Sisterhood Ficlets - Sa16+
Fortress of Brilliance ღ Mommy Quad

Made by Dani; Blue texture from PrincessofShadows at Deviantart
Hello! Welcome to our cozy little thread. Where to start? Okay, well there are four girls who share this thread. Because we work very well together, we all love to write, and we enjoy these little stories that pop into our heads enough to share them. The girls are: Myself; Gracie (D.A Forever), Steph (MUSTANG SALLY), Dani (Hg_fan) and Shannon (Phoenix 9380) who at the moment is a little absent.

These 'ficlets' which are more a less one-shots (some of which may be a few posts long, but nothing major) but 'one-shots' wouldn't sound as good. Anyways, these little stories are scenes we've thought of and imagined, revolving around made-up characters of the wizarding world. Most commonly, you'll find they're about either an MoM character that belongs to one of us, or a Hogwarts RPG character. Or, their families. On occasional other less mentioned character's will be thrown in, that may be a little confusing, but we'll try clearing everything up as much as possible. We hope you enjoy!

**Banner Made By Suzy**
This Ficlet is about my currently Hogwarts RPG character, Savannah Mae, and her family. It takes place summer of 2067, in the middle of August.

SPOILER!!: Because cheesecake would take longer to make?
The house was quiet. Raise of sunlight peeking through each open window throughout the house; The early hour of the morning made obvious due to the sun was still rising, slowly but surely, into the clear sky. For a moment it seemed all but one person was sleeping peacefully in their beds, the only one up and about, wide awake, standing in the kitchen wiping the smooth blue with grey speckle surface of the countertop infront of her was a young girl - no, young woman, at seventeen years old; Legal wizarding adult age.

Her dark hair was pulled up in a ponytail, swishing back and forth with her back and forth movement. Ocean blue eyes scanned the room as she turned, several of her siblings were walking through the doorway, dragging their feet across the tile floor.

"Good morning sleepy heads" Savannah called brightly; Her tone soft, hushed and sugar coated. Madison eyed her suspiciously, brushing a pale blonde strand from her face were a puzzled expression took place. Glancing quickly to the oldest boy in the room, Savannah's twin brother, Madi announced: "Somethings up with her." flatly, as she crossed the room to the dining room table pulling out a chair to sit in. Joseph grinned, eyes dancing amusedly from one girl to the other, ruffling Phineas' hair as he, Julian and Kaitlynnh followed Madi's example and went to sit down. Each, clearly, had just crawled out of bed. "She's right. Savs isn't a 'morning person'." The eleven year old agreed, trying to flatten the short mess of blonde locks on his head with the palms of his hands, head bowed slightly.

"I smell something-" Katie paused, lifting her head from the table and proceeded to sniff the air. "-Delicious?" The guess was uncertain. Unsure to whether or not she was right, or even close. The small brunette didn't even know where the smell was coming from in the first place.

"I smell it too," Julian spoke up, from the chair on Katie's right; Phineas occupied the one on her left. He merely nodded in agreement with the two.

Savannah was smiling, finding it rather funny how they were so quick to notice her mood, but still not recognize the sweet, cinnamon-ish aroma of cake baking. "That may be so" She agreed, fully aware of how grumpy she could be after just waking up in the morning. "I've been up for about two hours now." Vannah explained, keeping it short and simple.

Now up and pouring a glass of juice for Gabriel, who had come to join them in the kitchen only seconds ago looking more tired than the rest of the kids so far, Madison's ice blue orbs grew wide. Anyone could assume, whether by her facial expression or tone, she was thinking Savannah was mad. Completely and totally crazy. "Savina! It's six in the morning now; You've been up for how long?!" She asked in disbelief.

Savannah ignored her as though she hadn't heard a word. More than likely for using her 'real' first name. Plus, she already knew the answer. Instead, moving to check on what was baking in the oven Savannah told the table full of half-asleep kids: "I'm making breakfast, that's the smell." assuring they weren't imagining things. Also, so they had fair warning to stay out of the kitchen. Which, was spotless. No hints what so ever to what could be cooking. And obviously, there was no way anyone would get past Savannah to peek inside the oven. The idea alone was a risky thought.

"What's-" Joey started to ask, failing to even remotely figure out whatever it could be she was making. Eggs, bacon, ceral, pancakes, all those breakfast foods did not go inside the oven. Unfortunately for him (and probably on purpose) Savannah interrupted, asking a question of her own meant for everyone awake. "Do you all have your things packed and ready to go?"

Both their older brother Nikolas, and older sister Regina would be by in a few hours. With it being the middle of august, everyone had plans. Lissy and Julian would be going to Regina's new place in Port Angeles, in olympia of washington with her muggle fiance Trenton; Lydia, along with Gabriel and Phineas would be taking a trip to romania where Nikolas, his wife and son live. Kaitlynnh and Savannah would be going to their grandmother's first, leaving Katie with their grandma Savannah would then have to go to their eldest sister's house to pick up her neice and her neices best friend, only to go back to Angelina's house once again where the following day the five would be going to a place in Hawaii; A friend's house.

Madi, Joey and the triplet babies (Edwin, Johnathan and Lucy.) were going with their parents, also to a place in washington. A place sort of near where Regina lived. A place the entire family very often visited.

Savannah frowned at the guilty faces, which told her no one had. "Go. Get up, go pack. Each of you. I'll come get you when it's time to eat." Resisting the urge to roll her eyes at the many sighs she gained from pushing them to get ready, Savannah patted Katie's head gently as the four youngest children in the room left, following the orders they were given.

Savannah's eye eyebrows raised, looking from Joseph to Madison. If they thought what she said didn't apply to them they were sadly mistaken; You'd think they knew that by now, after seventeen years of her being around. "Why aren't you two going to pack?" Savannah asked, wearily.

"Why aren't you packing?" Madison countered offhand. Not necessarily trying to get an attitude. She, like Savannah and most of females in their family, had quite a strong stubborn streak at times. Madison didn't like Savannah telling her what to do, truthfully. She looked as old, if not maybe a year older than her. Advanced for her age, school year wise, it was easy for Madi to forget Vannah was older. Whether or not she cared was a whole nother story they weren't going to embark on at this moment.

Savannah wasn't too surprised by the fifteen year old. The little bit she was, she didn't show. "I've already got my things together," Savannah replied calmly, awaiting what Madi would say next. More aless an excuse or remark, anything that didn't involve listening.

Joey looked over the top of his book that he had summoned around the begining of his sisters 'disagreement', he considered it, kindly. Really, it was like a battle of control. "We do too. Everything needed is packed, we're even dressed." He answered, hoping to put an end to the 'discussion'. Before turqoise eyes fell back onto the page he was trying to read, he threw the younger of the two girls a serious, meaningful look.

Whether Madi had planned to responde or not went unknown. A startling noise grabbed everyones attention. It sounded as though someone upstairs had dropped something fairly heavy on the floor. Loud enough to startle Savannah, not that that was unusual or hard to do.

A mixture of concern and fear washed over not just her face but Joey and Madi's faces too as an even louder scream erupted. If anyone had to guess, it sounded like it was coming from the stairs and on it's way into the hall. The person screaming, not the loud thud.

Within the same few seconds the three went forth, two jumping out of their seats around the large table; Savannah quickly picked herself up from the floor where she tripped. The seven year old identical twin girls were faster, still. Both rushed into the kitchen before the others could rush out. The crying was coming from Lissy, her face was bright red. Tears streaming down her cheeks like a water fall; There was no way she could have come downstairs on her own, there was no way she could see properly enough through her blurred vision not to run into things, but that was Lydia's job to help her. They were one anothers shadow.

Bending down to her height, planning to try to calm the upset child, Savannah realized what the sound had been. There was a small gash on the right side of her forehead. It wasn't bleeding too badly, nothing compared to the tears falling from her face, but it would still need cleaned up. "Go get the first aid kit from the hall closet, would you Lya?" Lydia, who stood with her little arms around her mirror image, nodded solemnly and disappeared out of the doorway in the blink of an eye.

Quick footsteps came toward the kitchen, Savannah was now hoping desperately it wasn't either of their parents. By some miracle, it was only Kaitlynnh. "what's going on?" was auomatically the first thing out of her mouth. Suddenly noticing the red liquid on Lissy's head, she paled. "She's bleeding." Katie murmured, acknowledging what the red stuff was. Dark eyes went wide.

"She's perfectly fine!" Savannah assured, abruptly. Standing straight she picked Lissy up with ease and brought her further into the kitchen away from the crowd, instructing as she went "Katie, leave the room before you get sick." As she set the blonde child down on he table, Vannah paced quickly over to the counter and snatched the dishtowel up to run it under the faucet. "Madi, go check on the babies please," She asked, making it more of a request then direct order. Those didn't work too well with Madison.

She didn't argue, but left without a word. Leaving Savannah to turn to Joey next, while she gently wiped around the cut. "Joseph can you please take the 'treat' out of the oven." Catching his quiet obedient response, Savannah added "Put it straight into the freezer" as the thought came to mind; She needed it to cool, as quickly as possible.

Watching him nod again rather than speak, out of the corner of her eye she noticed him reach to open the oven door. Savannah took the container Lydia offered, after startlingly appearing at her side. With a quick 'Thankyou' she addressed Joey urgently, "Don't forget to put the oven mitts on!" seeming to think he had forgotten the importance of not grabbing something extremely hot with your bare hands.

"I was getting there."

Once Lissy was all fixed up, and the cake was taken from the freezer to the fridge, Savannah had taken the twin girls upstairs to help them pack for the trip. Julian had offered to take over, and Phineas volunteered his help too; He was already helping Gab, another seven year old wasn't going to be anymore trouble.

Savannah found Madison sitting in the rocking chair, in the nursery. Exactily where she expected her to be, upon hearing the slight squeak of the old chair when someone sat in it, on her way down the hall. She held Baby Eddie, who smiled a huge, adorable smile with his hand partly in his mouth when Savannah walked into the soft colored, peaceful room. The tiny patch of hair Edwin had been born with had grown, not by much but already it was clear there was no doubt his curls would stay with him for life.

Joseph had peeked in after maybe seven minutes of the two sitting with the babies, talking to one another. When Savannah decided it was time to get them changed and take them downstairs to be fed, he insisted on helping, not wanting to leave them outnumbered by one baby even though the girl's agreed they were more than capable of handling it.

It took four diaper changes; One being a diaper.. mishap, consisting of Johnny's diaper being put on wrong leading to soiling of his onesie; Four changes of clothes (one because of the diaper mishap); And passing Lucy and Johnny off to Joseph who already held Edwin in one arm when they reached the bottom of the stairs, to run back to the nursery to gather their baby bags, diapers and other diaper changing essentials, bathing things, pacifiers, teething rings and loads upon loads of clothes.

Between the three and a bit of magic, they managed to get the triplets fed, the baby bags packed, the cake frosted and everyone elses luggage downstairs and waiting in seperate piles for the seperate groups. When a dark haired, naturally tan skinned woman stumbled into the kitchen her dark eyes went wide in confusion, then narrowed suspiciously at what she saw. Her children sat at the table quietly, eating cake for breakfast. That's not what she noticed first though, it was the organized bags lined up and stacked out of the way of walking space.

Madison exchanged a look with her siblings, smiling as innocently as ever. "Good morning mum!" She chirped, followed by the others. Several of which got up to hug their mum.

Lorraine had no idea what so ever, as to what was going on. The clock just rang nine, several moments ago. Nine in the morning, and her kids were dressed for the day, hair brushed, and there was suitcases and such waiting by the wall. This was a first, she looked like someone had stunned her.

Joseph laughed, being nudged hard in the ribs by Madi, he turned it into a fake cough. Savannah beamed proudly, watching happily as their father entered the room behind Lorraine, placing a hand on her shoulder. "What's going on, kids?" His deep voice was a cross between amusedly entertained, and confused. It took a lot to silence Raine. A LOT.

"Oh, we've just planned a trip for everyone. Or, rather, individual ones" Savannah said, nonchalantly. Her shoulders shrugged, but the sparkle to her eyes gave off her excitement. "We all leave today" She went on, over the muffled laughter filling the room behind her. Even Scott was grinning, surely laughing on the inside. Lorraine remained speechless. "Julian and Lissy are being picked up by Regina; Phineas, Gabriel and Lydia are waiting for Nik. Katie and I are going to Grandma Angelina's,"

Madison cut in at this point, taking over the rest, knowing Savannah wouldn't mind. "You might want to go pack, we're expected in Forks later tonight."

Finally, Raine found the ability to talk. "We?" She asked, eyebrow arched. Never, in her wildest dreams, did she imagine her kids would or even could plan this.

"You, dad, myself, Madi and the babies." Joseph was first to answer; Receiving a glare for talking with his mouth full.

For the second time this morning a THUD was heard, this one coming from the direction of the living room. "Ouch! Nikolas, you prat!" a female's voice growled, irritably. Everyone turned to see Regina and Nikolas walk through the kitchen diningroom split room. Madison assisted Savannah by cleaning up the empty plates on the table, while she cleaned up the younger kids faces. Joey was showing the two new arrivals which bags went with them.

"Savina," Raine spoke firmly, coming up behind her daughter. Savannah looked up from helping Lissy wipe her face without touching her forehead by mistake, Lydia past them and went to give her hugs goodbye. "Yes mum?"

Lorraine just now noticed the 'breakfast' Savannah had made everyone, by the looks of it. And tone of her voice, for that matter. "Why in the world are you kids eatting carrot cake this early in the morning?" Her tone was accusing. A sheepish smile formed on Vannah's lips, the seventeen year old had hoped to bypass this question, but she had also expected it. "Because cheesecake would take longer to make?"

Title: The Club; Main Character(s): Danny E., Kayla D., Jae M., Legend C., Mat S., Katie M.; By Steph
Title: Watching Over You; Main Character(s): Conner & Savannah Mae; By Gracie
Title: Running Away; Main Character(s): Danny, Breanna & Ethan Edwards; By Steph
Title: MTOLWBA: Part One; Main Character(s): Remmington McClane & Rosaline Foxx; By Dani&Gracie
Title: White Stuff; Main Character(s): ??; By Steph:
Title: MOOP; Main Character(s): Sam, Alexis, Curt, Savannah, Evelyn and Elias; By Dani
Title: Boo; Main Character(s): Danny, Bre & Eth; By Steph
Title: Waiting; Main Character(s): Conner Mae & Courtney Naidu; By Gracie

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Danny Logan Edwards
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
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The Club

Danny dropped his school bag off in the common room quickly then hurriedly walked back out. He knew Legend would throw a fit if he made him and Mat wait too long. They had told him during Herbology that they needed to talk to him after lessons were through and to meet them in the courtyard. Danny had no idea what they wanted, but might as well go meet them before they came and found him.

Smooth like a cat and silent as a mouse, he made his way through the throng of people in the Great Hall, almost unnoticeably. Then again, everybody was so much taller than him they probably didn’t see him in the first place. He was easily one of the shortest kids in his year. Danny didn’t mind being so small, because then people didn’t see him and he didn’t have to talk to them. It wasn’t that he was anti-sociable. It was just that he was a little scared of everybody at this school, except for a select few.

Finally, his little legs made it outside where the sun was still bright. The sky was a clear blue with a slight breeze in the trees. Some kids had already taken refuge in the grassy areas, soaking up the sun. Laughter floated up into the air and the atmosphere was content. But Danny wasn’t paying attention to the beautiful weather. He averted his direction away from the grassy area and walked under the arch the led into the courtyard.

He spotted the two right away. Well he heard them before he saw them. He could always find Legend’s voice easily. Even if it was crowded, he could pin point where the boy was in the matter of seconds. His hearing was sensitive to the point that he could understand what people were whispering in another room during a party. He had no idea where he picked up a talent like that, but it was useful when he was trying to find his friends.

His foot snapped over a branch, making Legend and Mat look up. Their cautious look soothed away when they saw it was just him.

“There you are Danny!” Mat beamed.

“Now we can begin.” Legend said, standing up from the bench he was sitting on. The mischievous look in his eye was making Danny a little nervous.

“Danny, we have known you for, how long?” Legend asked.

“Forever dude!” Mat answered for him.

“Exactly! We feel it is time for you to join the club.” Legend smiled smugly.

Danny blinked at them and gave them a confused look. Legend and Mat had been with him so long, that they understood his facial expression was a question.

“The club is “The I Hate Girls Club”.” Mat said, answering his question.

“It used to be “The I Hate Katie Club” but we changed it after Julian found out.” Legend said, rolling his eyes.

“Anyways. You are going to join our club. And our first mission is now.” Mat continued.

Danny tilted his head slightly, wondering what they were planning. Knowing the both of them, it was going to involve being sneaky. And sneaky was something Danny wasn’t that great at.

“This is the plan. The girls said they were going to go to the lake after lessons were through. So they should be there right now. This is what you are going to do. Lead them to the edge of the lake so we can push them in.” Legend said, a smile so big on his face it should hurt.

Mat began to chuckle in the background, but Danny frowned. “Don’t push Kayla in the lake.”

“Ahh but its only fair.” Mat replied.

Danny gave him a timid mad look. Legend put his hand on Mat’s shoulder to quiet him, and said, “Ok fine. We wont get Kayla. But Katie is going in.”

Danny blushed slightly, as they agreed to not push Kayla in the lake. Usually people didn’t care what he said. Then again he rarely said anything. His cheeks turned a fairer pink when he realized he wouldn’t be able to talk them out of pushing Katie in.

“Ok so lets go.” Mat said jumping over the wall of the courtyard.

Legend jumped up onto the side and turned around to face Danny. He put a hand out for him and Danny took it, letting Legend pull him over the wall. The three then made their way toward the lake. Danny could feel the excitement rolling off the other two in waves, but Danny was tense. He wasn’t good at pranking people. Especially when it was the girls. Katie had a temper that he would rather not have directed toward him, and Kayla made him blush for other reasons.

“Leg?” Danny said quietly as they got closer to the lake.

“Yeah?” Legend turned his head to look at him as they continued walking.

“How…do I get her to the edge?” he asked, his cheeks warming at the thought of it.

“Just tell her you want to show her something. She will listen to you.” Legend replied.

“Yeah she trusts you. Just go to the edge and call her over. We will do the rest.” Mat said with a smirk on his lips.

Danny swallowed and looked away from them. He walked a little ways behind them as they searched for the girls. What seemed like to soon, they found them and Jae sitting under a tree that stood tall near the water. Jae was rolling a soccer ball with his foot on the ground, in his own little world. Katie and Kayla were sitting crossed legged in front of each other giggling about something.

“Ok Danny you go first.” Legend said, and pushed him gently toward them.

“We’ll wait here.” Mat piped up.

Danny frowned at them and slowly made his way over to the girls and Jae. He meant to walk a fast as a snail, but somehow he made it in front of them in no time. Katie and Kayla looked up from their giggling and Jae looked over at him, finally taking his eyes off the soccer ball.

“Hey Danny! Want to sit with us?” Katie smiled.

“Erm…” Danny replied, his cheeks beginning to turn red.

“Wow what’s wrong mate? Ya look like the potion’s master just asked ya a question.” Jae said, stopping in the middle of rolling his ball.

Danny looked down shyly, not knowing what to say next. He wished he had stayed in the common room now.

“Is that Legend and Mat over there?” Kayla’s soft voice said.

“Did they put you up to something Danny?” Katie asked, her voice going up a notch.

Danny bit his lip and said, “They want to push you in the lake Katie.”

“Those rats! When I get my hands on them-”

“Katie wait. I have an idea.” Kayla said, her eyes sparkling. “What did they ask you to do Danny?”

Danny blinked at the ground for a few seconds, trying to keep his cheeks from burning. “They wanted me to get Katie by the edge so they could push her in.” he said quietly.

“Excellent.” Kayla replied.

“What?! You want them to push me in the lake? I thought you were on my side!” Katie said, rounding on the girl.

“No! Katie don’t you see? Go stand by the edge, and when the boys go to push you in, me and Danny will reverse the attack and push them in.” Kayla said, smiling at her little plan.

“I don’t want to be part of this.” Danny said shyly.

“Come on Danny! You have to help us now!” Katie said, standing up quickly in protest.

“Leave him be, Katie. He don’ wan’ to do it.” Jae said sticking up for Danny and motioning for the first year to go sit by him. Danny went over gratefully and sat down next to him.

“Fine! We will do this ourselves.” Katie said walking to the edge of the lake. Perfect position for her to get pushed in. Kayla stood up and stretched, acting like she wasn’t watching the Hufflepuff.

Danny silently watched as Legend and Mat snuck out from behind a bush and tip toed behind Katie. He had to admit, Katie was playing it cool. Acting like she had no idea that the boys were closing the space between them. Legend grew confidant and started running toward Katie. Kayla intercepted him, however, and ran at him. Legend didn’t even see it coming when Kayla was suddenly pushing him toward the water. He yelped and threw his hands out to try and catch himself. But it was too late. He was thrown into its depth. Katie began to laugh uncontrollable, and didn’t see Mat sneak up behind her. Quicker than you can say “swim”, Mat was pushing Katie into the water next. She screamed at the top of her lungs and fell into the lake. Kayla turned to face Mat at the same time he turned to face her.

“Truce!” they said in union, throwing their hands up in surrender. They both then turned to see Katie and Legend wadding in the water. Katie was still screaming and Legend looked like a cat during bath time. Mat couldn’t help himself and began to laugh. Kayla looked at Katie in the water and sighed. It wasn’t until Mat was on the ground holding his stomach from laughing so hard, that Danny finally spoke.

“I think I’m out of the club.” Danny said. Jae chuckled and rolled the soccer ball toward him, starting a little passing game.

Yeah so this is Danny Edwards in his first year. The other kids are second years
Legend belongs to: Dani (Hg_fan)
Mat belongs to: Mawie (Loki)
Katie belongs to: Gracie (D.A Forever)
Kayla belongs to: Lil Nikki (Sweet.Nightmare)
Jae belongs to: Shan (Phoenix 9380)
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**Banner Made By Suzy**
This Ficlet is about my currently Hogwarts RPG character, Savannah Mae. It takes place in the summer of 2061.

Sun shining as bright as ever high in the sky, no clouds were easily found. Sitting in the shade of a large tree, a small eleven year old girl stared ahead, eyes fixed on the Diricawl habitat, where the creatures Muggles knew to be 'dodo birds' roamed their open grassy field. By the looks of it, enjoying the peaceful summer day. The other animals here at the Magical Creatures Zoo and Aquarium were probably just as relaxed and happy, there was no visitor's today. Not that they minded too much, or atleast it didn't seem like it. They didn't ever look depressed, not like other zoo's where you could see it by looking in the eyes of the animals that they felt imprisoned. Her Grandmother and the rest of the staff made it the number one priority to make each and every one of the magnificent creatures brought in feel at home and well. The second priority was making the place feel welcoming to those who came.

The tree branch above, which was much taller than her, gave a jerk; the leaves rustling. A cool, gentle breeze swept through, hitting her face. Little Savannah Mae was not expecting someone to jump from the tree, let alone be in it. Her brother, three months short of being three years older landed on his feet, hands out infront of him in the grass.

Savannah let out an alarmed squeak, practically jumping straight out of her skin, she scowled at his laughter. "You scared me."

Conner grinned, rubbing his hands together to get the dirt off. "Sorry Ducky" He apologized, offering her a hand as he stood straight. The other making a mess of his short, dark curls; intending to get any stray twigs and or leaves from his hair. He didn't say he hadn't meant to scare her, which was good. It would have been a lie if he had; Conner knew perfectly well how easily she was startled.

Pushing the dark brown strands from infront of her eyes, Savannah took his hand to get up from the ground. Without letting go of the others hand, the two were silent on the their walk to the main office. Grandma Angelina, who looked not a day older than sixty, sat at the desk with their younger sister in her lap. Madison's ice blue eyes were closed till we came inside the cozy room.

"Hello Grandma Angelina, Madi, Belisama, Kelly and Raymond." Conner greeted at once; Savannah, releasing Conner's hand, went to hug each of the three workers in turn.

The Magical Creatures Zoo and Aquarium was a family business, sort of anyways. Angelina had gone to this zoo ever since she was a young child, everytime she came to visit her great aunt's house. At the age of twelve she had started helping the staff by volunteering to assist in whatever she could, the owner had grown extremely fond of her by that point. When she was fifteen Angelina knew exactily what she wanted to do with her life, and when she was eighteen and just out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry she had come to this exact place. They had trained her along side a dear friend from school. Within the next couple of years the owner had passed on; The wizard had lived a very long, very wonderful life. Old age had gotten him, like it did everyone at one point. In his will, he had given Angelina the zoo. Along with a heartfelt letter, which now hung in a frame on the wall over the couch in her office.

Since then, Angie had made it her life goal to make the zoo everything Silas Li, the former owner for over seventy years or more before her(which then went even further back into his family tree), ever wanted it to be. The workers knew most of Angelina's family, in some way shape or form. They had come to be like an extended family.

"Have you picked a name for our new Hippogriff friend yet, Anna?" Kelly asked. With her long, silky raven hair and incredibly pale complexion part of Savannah always wondered if it were possible for her to be a vampire. Savannah wouldn't think of her any differently, if it were true.

"I have. Can we name her Truyand?" The young girl asked, hopeful ocean blue eyes moving from Kelly, to Belisama with her clipboard and back again.

"Of course, whatever you want to name her." Belisama scribbled something on her clipboard, probably writing the new arrivals name down.

"It's an interesting name, did you come up with it?" Kelly asked, while Raymond and Angelina (with Madi still sitting on her) discussed something over a pile of papers; their tone's hushed.

Savannah gave a small, suddenly bashful nod. She had been hoping this question wouldn't come up. "I combined three words, sort of" She explained, her cheeks coloring with warmth. "The T-R-U from the word 'true'; Y-A from 'loyal'; N-D from 'friend'."

"That's really neat, very nice name Vanna-Banna" Belisama praised, encouragingly. She then turned to face Angelina, who looked up to meet her gaze at the same moment. "I'm going to go check up on our soon-to-be mama Sphinx."

Angelina nodded once. "Tell Sapphire hello for me; I'll be by in just a little bit to see how things are going. If there's an emergency send up red sparks, everyone knows to head straight there."

"Will do. See you soon guys. Have fun kids," She patted Conner's shoulder gently on her way out.

"Thank you, Lisa." Angelina called after her.

Raymond was, not surprisingly, next to announce he was leaving; Kelly was wrapped up in papers layed out on the desk, filling in blanks with her tiny, cursive hand-writing. "I outta go too," Raymond said, moving around from the side of the desk towards the door.

Conner, who had been leaning quietly against the wall the entire time, looked up to the blonde haired man. Eyebrow raised, he asked "Where ya going Ray man?"

"Just got those vamp. calves here. We're not sure what they eat, I gotta do some experimenting."

"Can we come?" Conner asked, an eager edge to his voice. The boy pushed off from the wall, offering a hand for Savannah.

Instead of responding, Raymond looked to Angelina, as if waiting for an answer himself. After the moment of silence that followed, Ray grew impatient with excitement to the idea "Pleeeease Angie, pleeease?" the grown man was in his twenties, but that wasn't about to stop him from begging to get what he wanted. "I promise to keep an eye on 'em, no ones anymore likely to get bit than I am."

Angelina chuckled. A soft murmur of "That's suppose to be reassuring?" escaping under her breath. Eying the young faces, Angie gestured towards the door. "Yes, go on, be good."

Conner pumped a fist into the air, a triumphant "YESSSSSSS!" hissed. Savannah walked away from her brother's side, going to Madison with an arm outstretched. "Wanna come Madi?" The nine year old shook her head, pale blonde locks swishing around her face were ignored as the child sleepily curled up on the desk chair her Grandma had left her on.

It didn't take long for them to walk to enclosed field the calves were placed in for the time being, till they could move them to an environment more natural for them. A place they could get comfortable in, and consider home.

"What are 'Vamp. Calves'?" Savannah asked, curiousity written all over her face as Raymond led them through a gate, closing it tight behind them.

"Vampire baby cows." Conner replied as soon as the words left Savannah's mouth, in a way that meant the same thing Raymond had said but in a way she would understand without further questions. His navy blue orbs searching the area, wanting to see the animals.

"You said you weren't sure what they'll eat?" Savannah asked, glancing up at the man. Something she had noticed ages ago, a random thought - Raymond could go Hawaii, stand in the middle of a group of surfers and not look any different than them. "Did you try pouring some of the icky fish blood water from the those buckets onto some grain and hay? Don't cows eat that?"

Clearly, no one had thought of this yet. Ray sounded surprised, "We'll try that. Thanks Vannah."

Pulling her hand from Conner's, Savannah was quick to move into the middle, tripping over either her foot or the grass while she went between her big brother and Raymond. Her little hand slipping back into Conner's other hand, the young girl grabbed one one of Raymond's hands with her right. She felt more comfortable being the smallest inbetween the two, rather than on one of their sides. Not that she was afraid of any creatures, encluding the vampie calves. Not even close.

Savannah's eyes stayed on the ground infront of her as they continued walking. Looking up as she felt a nudge from her left, Savannah gasped. Within ten feet of them was another worker, Quillem, and the calves. "They're.." She murmured and stopped short, glancing swiftly to her right noticing Ray going forward still; saying something to Quil she hadn't quite caught.

"What's that?" Conner asked, grinning when Savannah's lighter blue eyes met his dark ones. A look of amusement, to her obvious awe. The creatures seemed to put her in a little daze. She bared noticed Conner waving a hand infront of her face.

"They are beautiful." Savannah finished what she had been trying to say in the beginning. Being tugged closer, she could easily hear bits and parts of the two mens conversation. Something about the three calves being found in the strangest place; Their bite not being venomous (Quillem knew it for a fact, his bandaged hand was proof enough); What they could try feeding them that they hadn't already thought of.

"Woah, don't do that" Raymond protested, seeing the two kids approach the calves. The red haired man waved his hand dismissingly, "They're fine Ray, the calves are harmless. Nothing a bandaid can't fix; Go ahead Savs" Quil encouraged. He could tell she wanted to be up close to it.

Savannah's face lit up with excitement upon getting the approval. She was one step away from being side to side with one of the calves. They were goregous, no other words came to mind. The normal everyday cows were white and black or white and brown or the simple solid brown. The calf infront of her however, had the black blotches with a silver coat. There was other, smaller differences but nothing more noticeable.

Slowly, She reached out a hand to give the calf a gentle stroke. The calf didn't move; his or her eyes fixed on Savannah, it was calm. Her fingertips barely touched the silverness, and then a hand was set on top of hers pulling it back. "Conner!" She complained, her voice dropping abruptly at his 'SHH'ing.

"It'll bite you," He said to answer the 'are you crazy?' look. Conner had his arms wrapped around hers, nonchalantly keeping a foot between her and the creature. Knowing Savannah, if he weren't she'd proceed to pet the calf anyways. "It might be as innocent, but it's not as harmless as you think" He added in her ear. Reading her feelings and connecting similar enough thoughts was too easy when it came to Vannah, for him. He didn't need to be empathic for that.

"It wouldn't be any worse than a dogs bite." Savannah muttered with a sigh of defeat, knowing she wouldn't get her way on this. Conner usually was right on these things. It wasn't like she was trying to be stubborn, she really wanted to pet it. "Whose to say it would try biting me in the first place?"

It was Conner's turn to sigh. Taking several steps backwards, he pulled Vannah along till they were far enough from the calves. "Hey Ray man, we're going to go back" He said with a jerk of his head in the direction they came.

"So are you excited to be starting school in september?" Conner asked, watching his sister from the corner of his eye. For the third time in the past five minutes she tripped, and it there wasn't any shoelaces to blame. Momentarily ignoring the question Savannah stood, brushing off her hands on her knees. "Here twinkle toes, get on my back" Conner chuckled, bending down to let her climb on like suggested.

Hesitating for a moment, Savannah shrugged and jumped onto his back, linking her hands around his neck. "Yes. I am. I'll get to go to durmstrang with you," Her response was cheerful. Though she couldn't see it, Conner's face fell.

"No your not. What happened to Hogwarts, or even Beauxbatons? Emmylyne and Regina are there, so is Nikolas and Madison will be soon."

Savannah's smile faded away.

"Don't be upset Ducky" Conner murmured, feeling the hurt she ached with from his words. A total misunderstanding.

Savannah didn't say anything understandable, just a muffled noise. "Can I explain, or are you going to ignore me?" He asked in the same calm, gentle tone.

When she said nothing, he knew to take it as she was willing to listen. "I don't want you to go to Durmstrang. It's not a place for you, not my baby sister."

"You don't want me there?" She repeated, the hurt he could sense became visible in her voice.

"It's not a place for my baby sister." Conner said once again, bouncing her lightly to keep her from slipping.

Laying her head against his shoulder, Savannah let go with one hand to brush the stray strands from her face. "You'll be there, but it's not a place for me." She tried making sense of that, but none came. If she went to Hogwarts she would be alone. No family. Beauxbatons wasn't an option, she didn't want to go there. She wanted to go to Durmstrang, with her big brother.

"Do you see me as a fragile little baby?" She asked, not waiting for him to say something back. "I can take care of myself. I'm a big girl Con."

How she could have ever gotten that impression was beyond him. Conner shook his head, "I know you are. That's why I think it's better you go to Hogwarts; You wanted to go there before I started school, just because I'll be in a different school shouldn't change your decision."

"I want to be with you though. Your my very best friend Con. Why don't you want to come to your school?" Savannah asked, heartbrokenly.

She wasn't going to understand as easily as he wished she would. Changing paths, Conner set Vannah down into the grass and pulled her infront of him. "It's not that I don't want you around Ducky, you should know that. But Durmstrang is not the school for you. The Professors can be pretty harsh, and they teach the dark arts so we know how better to protect ourselves from them instead of just knowing the theory; You wouldn't like it. You don't need me around all the time" Conner tugged gently at her hands he held, trying to get her to look up at him again. "I want you to go to Hogwarts Savina." He said seriously, not just persuading her to change her mind.

A few minutes passed, feeling like centuries to the soon-to-be second year, almost thirteen year old boy.

Her face was burning red, ocean blue eyes reluctant to be met. "I'm scared." She admitted.

Conner was confused, which very rarely happened when it came to knowing Savannah. "Your scared. Of what?"

"If I go to Hogwarts I'll be by myself till the following year if Sammy comes. And..and mum and dad have some many expectations, I don't want to disappoint them-" She paused, her voice cracking with emotion.

Conner then wrapped his arms around her firmly. "You don't worry about our parents. It's really not that bad; you're smart, you'll keep your grades up and that's all they really care about. You won't be alone either, you will make friends. Loads of them. Savina, enjoy school; enjoy life. You'll love it, and you won't always want your big bro watching over you."

Savannah nodded her head faintly. He might be right, about their parents and making friends. Not about everything, "Your wrong" She mumbled, snuggling in her brothers arms. Her voice muffled from hiding her face, "I will always want you to watch over me."

"Well that's good. Because no matter how far or close apart we are, I'll always be watching over you." Conner promised, resting his head against hers.

It was true, he was a tad over protective of her. It was something that started since the day she came home from the hospital, something he was learning to work on. Everyone had to learn to get back up when they fell, and take chances; He wasn't coddling her, he was merely being there whenever she picked herself back up and wanted someone to comfort and assure her. He wouldn't always be in arms reach, but that didn't mean he couldn't or wouldn't watch over her. Conner never broke a promise, and this was no exception.
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Running Away

December 30, 2068

I can’t take it anymore! I have to get out of here. My head was spinning with the possibilities of where I would live. Maybe I could go leave with Grandma Angelina. She always let me do what I wanted to do without many questions. But as soon as I got there I knew she would owl Mom so she wouldn’t worry. Then she would come to retrieve me from the place and it would just turn into a bad situation. Maybe I could find my way to where Jae lived. I knew he would never turn me away, but would they owl Mom, as soon they knew I was safe too?

I didn’t really care anymore. I just needed to leave. I hated that Mom worried about me every second. I hated the look Dad would give to me when he thought I wasn’t looking. I hated that Sammy was gone away to school…again. I hated that Benny was still in his coma. I needed to be by myself. I needed to cool off. I wanted to be alone.

I picked up my sky blue jacket and threw it over my frail body, not bothering to zip it up. My white tennis shoes were already on my feet and I had some clothes packed into my backpack. That was the next thing I grabbed and I was walking out of my room. It was around ten o’clock at night, so the house was dark. I knew my mom went to bed after about an hour of her trying to get me to have a conversation with her. So she would be a problem.

Couldn’t she just accept that I was not a talker and be happy that I talked to her at all these days? I used to not say one word to her, but now I was warming up to her again. But she was just ruined it. She just had to have me “normal” like other little boys. Normal to her was me talking a lot like my sister and being mischievous like the twins. But I wasn’t like that. I was a shy boy. I knew this. Sammy knew this. Even the twins who were four year old understood that I kept to myself more than try and be outgoing. But she for some reason didn’t grasp this. I’ve grown accustomed to her pestering me into joining a conversation but today I felt like exploding at her. She went to far today and I can’t take it anymore. I was running away.

I cautiously looked around before I took a step in the hallway. There was a yellow glow coming from under the closed door of the den. Dad must be working at his desk. I looked to the room that was directly across, where he and Mom shared. It was dark and silent. Meaning Mom was asleep. I listened intently back in the den’s direction. I knew I was different and if I listened hard enough I could hear whispers of what Dad was thinking. I didn’t know where this ability came from, but I didn’t ask questions. I was grateful of this special hearing tonight, as I planned my escape.

“Wonder if I should call Dennis. We need to buy more…” I quit focusing so hard, and his warm voice ceased in my head. He was distracted with his work. He would never hear me leave. I tiptoed away from my door. I’ve always been as stealthy as a cat. But tonight I was slipping. My backpack caught on the end table and made the vase swagger. I quickly froze in my spot, and swished my pale hands out to steady the vase. I then stood very still, waiting for somebody to come see who made all the noise. But nobody came. Dad was still concentrating on his work and no sound came from their bedroom. I began walking again. Now I was passing Sammy’s room, where the twins were beginning to sleep by themselves in. The door was opened but I didn’t bother to look inside.

The front door was in sight, when I heard two sets of feet behind me. I stopped mid step and slowly turned anticipating Mom’s angry face. But what I saw surprised me. Two sets of hazel eyes were looking at me with confused expressions on their face.

“Danny?” They said in perfect union.

“Shh! Don’t wake Mum and Dad.” I said hurriedly, even though I knew for a fact Dad wasn’t asleep.

“Where are you going?” Breanna’s smooth whisper reached my ears. She just gotten a hair cut, so now her sandy brown hair only reached her shoulders. It was straight and looked so soft hanging messily in her face.

“I…have to go somewhere for a little while.” I replied to her. I couldn’t tell her I was running away because I knew this would scare the both of them. I was trying to not get mad at myself for waking them up. They must have heard me hit the end table in the hallway.

“Can we go with you?” Ethan’s cheerful smile lit up the room.

“No Eth. He wants to go by himself.” Breanna said before I could say something. She had this look in her eyes, like she knew something. I wondered what she was thinking…

“He’s leaving.” I heard her think. But she wasn’t talking to herself. More like having a conversation.

“Why?” I recognized Ethan’s velvet voice, but I wasn’t straining to hear inside his head. I was only listening to Bre’s thoughts. So why did I hear Ethan?

“I don’t know. Maybe Mum finally pushed him over the edge today.” Breanna’s soft voice thought.

“Don’t be mean Bre. She only wants to know he is ok. You know she worries like a momma bear.” Ethan thought defensively.

“Yeah but telling him she wished he would be more like Benny went over board didn’t she?” Bre asked skeptically.

“Maybe, but you can tell it was a slip on her part. She didn’t mean it. It came out wrong. Maybe Danny was different when Benny was alive.” My hands began to shake after hearing what Ethan thought. Benny was not dead. I would go crazy if he was. I wouldn’t be able to handle anything. I can’t…I need to stop thinking about it before I lose it.

“He’s not dead Ethan! Don’t even think that! He’s sleeping remember!” Breanna all but shouted in her head.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean it!” Ethan said hurriedly, looking ashamed.

“It’s ok. Just be careful what you say when Danny is listening.”

I took a step back, my eyes widening. How did she know I was listening to them talk? Nobody knew my secret. And how were they talking to each other? Did they have special hearing like I did?

“How…How did…How?” I stuttered to find the right words. They both looked at me with angelic smiles.

“Told you he could hear us.” Breanna thought smugly.

“Yeah I owe you a cookie.” Ethan chuckled in her head.

“Ok. Stop! Can you two hear peoples minds too?” I asked shakily. I don’t know why this put me on edge so badly. I mean I could do the same thing, but the fact that the two of them could read minds too scared me a little. I thought a lot of bad things today, and I don’t want them thinking I was a bad person for thinking them.

“Don’t be mad Danny. We can’t hear what you are thinking.” Ethan said, his hazel eyes growing big, like they had offended me.

“We can only hear each other.” Breanna finished for him.

“Then how did you know I…I mean how did…?” I stopped, not knowing exactly what I wanted to ask.

But they must be able to read the question on my face, because Breanna said, “We didn’t know for sure if you were able to hear what we were thinking.”

“But I felt something the other day. I can feel when Bre is in my head listening to what I think. But this time I felt like Bre was listening twice.” Ethan said his grin on his face was almost infectious. How could he be so happy all the time? I didn’t get it.

“What he means is, he felt two people hearing his thoughts.” Breanna said rolling her eyes. She looked so much like Sammy when she did that.

“What made you think it was me?” I asked.

“Because Mom would of stopped us before we played parachute off the side of the coach and Dad wasn’t there.” Breanna giggled.

“What about Sammy?” I asked. But I already knew they were right. I liked to hear what the both of them were thinking sometimes when I wanted to get my mind off of things or just wanted to calm down about something. They always had peaceful minds to listen to and were always able to soothe my problems away. But I was never aware that they knew I was listening. I never caught them having conversations in their minds either. This was all new to me.

“We knew it wasn’t Sammy. We tested her out the day before she left for school.” Ethan chuckled at a private joke. I began to wonder how they had tested her out, but I got distracted at the solemn look on Breanna’s face. I gave her a questioning look, but she looked away. Curious, I concentrated on hearing what she was thinking.

“I’m not going to tell you!” She huffed.

I closed my eyes, breaking our connection. “Are you sure you can’t read my minds?” I asked rubbing my temple.

“She’s sad you are leaving.” Ethan said matter-of-factly.

“Oh.” I said, quietly. I immediately felt my cheeks begin to burn. I hadn’t thought about what the twins would think when my bed came up empty tomorrow. They were good fun to be around, but I didn’t really think about them much when I decided to run away.

“I’m sorry you two, but I…I can’t.” I said slowly, trying to figure out a way for them to understand.

“Are you leaving because of mum?” Ethan asked, his grin no longer taking up half his face.

I couldn’t tell them the truth, but I knew I couldn’t lie to them either. So I just nodded timidly. In the back of my head I noticed how my four-year-old siblings could make me shy in an instant like anybody else.

“You shouldn’t get mad at mum.” Ethan said, his eyes watching me closely.

“You don’t understand Ethan. She wont let it go that I am not a big talker.” I said sadly.

“You’re talking a lot right now. Why don’t you talk to her?” Breanna asked, her face smoothing out of her scowl.

Her revelation took me by surprise. I hadn’t noticed that I was talking a lot right now. I was actually having a conversation with my siblings. I usually strayed away from having conversations because I was a little afraid of my voice. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it; I just really feared public speaking. I hated the concept of talking over people and it frightened me when people expected me to say something. For a while I never said a word, but I was getting better. But apparently to Mom I wasn’t.

“Mum doesn’t even care that about my feelings.” The words rushed out of my mouth before I really had a chance to think about what I was saying. Ethan gasped and Breanna squinted in anger. Looking a lot like Sammy again.

“Don’t ever say that! Mum does too care! She loves you more than anybody in the world probably!” Breanna said hysterically. I began to worry about Mom and Dad hearing her so I put my finger to my lips cautioning her to be quiet.

“You think she doesn’t care because she worries about you too much?” Ethan asked, looking at him interestedly. He genuinely wanted to know the answer. Breanna was puckering her lips angrily, and I watched as her twin subconsciously slipped his hand into hers to soothe her.

His question made me think though. How he had phrased it, made me seem selfish almost. “It’s not that Eth. She doesn’t even notice how’ve I’ve been getting better. I talked to Sammy a lot while she was here.”

“But she didn’t see that. You two only talked when she and dad weren’t around.” Ethan noted. I hadn’t thought about that. Was that true? “You didn’t talk to Sammy much when Mom was near.”

“She hasn’t noticed you getting better because you won’t let her. It’s like you go quiet when she is in the room.” Ethan said, giving him an encouraging smile.

“So you think I am doing it subconsciously then?” I asked warily.

“What?” Ethan asked, confusion hitting his hazel eyes.

“He is doing it without thinking Eth. He doesn’t even realize how he goes silent with mum in the room.” Breanna said intelligently.

I began to think over what the two of them said. Did I really shut down when Mom was in the room? Was I perhaps over reacting about today? “She hasn’t seen me say one word in front of her, has she?” I said hopelessly.

Both of them shook their heads together, and I looked down dejectedly. In her eyes I wasn’t getting better. I was as mute as I had been when Benny first went into his coma. I was ashamed about my actions today now more than ever. Mom wasn’t comparing me to my older brother. She was comparing the time up to the time he went into his coma and now. Before I was shy, but more friendly to people I knew. I talked to people who I was familiar with happily. But after the accident, I didn’t talk to anybody. For some reason I shut myself off completely to Mom. As I thought about it, I realized how awful I have been toward her for some time now. Whenever she asked me a question, I would answer Dad instead of her. When company came over I hid in my room or if I was able, outside. I never talked to her and avoided her a lot. I’d been doing this all subconsciously because I could never do something so harshly to her on purpose. I immediately began to feel so bad my stomach hurt. I knew my face was crumbling by the identical expressions on the twins face. I hurt Mom really bad and I didn’t care enough to notice.

“I don’t want him to go.” Breanna thought unhappily.

“I don’t either. It will be really lonely without him here.” Ethan thought back. I hadn’t even realized I was trying to hear what they were thinking. I looked back over at them and saw them both looking sadly at the ground.

It comforted me a little to see that they would miss me. Finally, I sighed and said, “I’m not leaving.” They both lifted their head at the same time, smiles brightening up their round faces. “But you two need to help me with something.”

“Anything.” They said in union.

I smiled and took both their hands into my own. Then I began walking down the hallway. I could hear them giggling next to me. Letting go of Ethan’s hand for moment, I turned the knob of my parents’ bedroom, and pushed open the door. I took a breath, a little scared of what I was about to do.

“Lets wake her up first.” Breanna giggled in her head.

“Yes! Lets!” Ethan laughed out loud and then the both of them were pulling me into a run toward Mom’s sleeping figure. They let go in time to jump on the edge of the bed laughing hysterically. I reluctantly jumped on the edge too. I felt Mom shoot up, startled.

“What are you two awake for?” her shocked voice not covering her yawn.

“Danny wants-”

“To talk to you!” The two of them began giggling at their wit.

“Danny?” Mom asked through the darkness. I froze. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t talk to her.

“Tell her you love her.” Breanna instructed in her head.

“I love you mum.” I said quietly.

“I love you too Danny. Come here.” She said reaching for me while the twins bounced on either side of her. I scooted closer to her and let her wrap her arms around me. It surprised me how much this hug comforted me. Earlier I hadn’t wanted her to touch me, even when she put her hand out apologetically after she made the comment about Benny. But now I felt like all my worries were drowning with the longer we hugged.

“I’m sorry about what I said earlier. I hadn’t meant to upset you.” She said quietly into my ear. Once again I froze. Do I respond to her? What should I say?

“Tell her its ok you’re not upset.” Ethan said enthusiastically in his head.

“Its ok. I’m not upset.” I repeated. I felt her smiling and listened to her thoughts.

“Maybe he will be ok. I really need to cool it with him. I’ve probably been pushing him too hard.” I smiled to myself. That was exactly what I wanted to hear.

“Tell her we are awesome!” Breanna thought and giggled out loud.

“And that we should all get a cookie!” Ethan thought happily, bouncing higher on the bed at the thought of a cookie.

I opened my mouth to repeat what they just thought, then stopped myself. Chuckling I said, “You two are too smart for you own good.”

They laughed and said together, “I know!”

This is Danny Edwards obviously Hes ten in this ficlet
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Default Remmy's part is written by Dani, and Rosa is written by me
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This Ficlet has more than one part, it's mainly about two characters Remmington McClane and Rosaline Foxx that Dani and I have RP'd and decided to take it further and make them a little itty bitty fanfic here. The year is somewere in the present, maybe a year or two ahead (2068/2069). Enjoy!

Sunlight slowly entered a dark and dingy room in a small apartment. The room was scattered with clothes and dusty piles boxes. A bed sat in the middle of the all the mess. In that bed laid a man seemingly sleeping from a distance. However if you looked closer it was obvious he wasn't. His normally brown eyes were bloodshot red, and there were recent scratches all of his face. His short brown hair was also all over the place. Lying deadly still Remmington McClane did nothing but stare up at the ceiling. As a familiar ringing sound erupted in his ear he reached over and turned off the alarm clock.

5:30. It rang at 5:30 every single day. It was only a matter of time before he heard another familar sound. Sighing as he heard a knock on his door Remmy didn't move, he wasn't getting up today. There was no point. As his door opened and his lights were turned on a man with dirty blonde hair and green eyes entered. "Oye! Up an' attem McClane ya bludger." Gaffer Fletcher called with a thick aussie accent as he entered the room.

"Not getting up Fletcher." Remington muttered turned to bury his head in the pillow as Gaffer turned the lights on. He was in no mood for this. Not today. Not ever. Not after what had happened. He had wanted to give up a long time ago, Gaffer was probably the only person that encouraged him not to.

"Lookie here cobber getchur fat butt outta that bed and let's go to work. I know last night you had a rough night but-"
Gaffer but Remmy started cut him off.

"Fletcher shut up."

"-An I kno that girl messed you up but-" Before Gaffer could even stay anything else Remmy jumped out of his bed and began pushing the other man out of his room. The 28 year old didn't care. He had, had enough. He didn't need to be treated like a child. He didn't need to have someone telling him to get his butt out of bed for work. What he needed was his family. But that was all gone now. So there was no point. For a month he tried following Gaffer acting like everything was alright but it wasn't. He wasn't. As soon as Gaffer was out of his room Remmy grabbed his wand and muttered a spell that locked the door.

Falling back on his bed tears escaped his eyes. He didn't need any of this. What he needed was his Rosa and his Melody back. But that wasn't gonna happen. They weren't his anymore. They never were... Rosa had never loved him. Melody had never been his daughter. It was all a lie. A joke. He wished every single day that it hadn't been. But it was. And that hurt him more than anything else.

Sucking on the inside of her cheeks Rosaline stood off to the side, taking a moment to calm her irritation rather than going on impulse to snap at the fourth year that had rudely almost knocked her over by shoving through people, her being one of them.

That would be a sight: the cheerful, bubbly redhead yelling at another student on the train. It would be the top rumour before they arrived at the station. Not what I need right now She thought. Eyes scanning over the many heads, hope shone obvious to anyone with eyes. It was kind of sad that not one of her 'friends' could see the hurt she felt, the suffering visible right underneath the surface. Only Treyton, but he was her truest friend. The only one she had anymore that she could confidently say wouldn't want to change anything about her.

Shaking her head to clear the voice, she knew she couldn't worry about that now. Walking towards the back of the moving train, she tried ignoring the the nauseous feeling growing strong in her stomach. With her head bowed, she tightened her arms against the coat keeping her thin frame warm from the cold. Easy to guess, they were still pretty far north in Europe.

Only seconds before she was going to look up in hope of finding a quiet compartment near, the redhead was knocked down.

With her patience running short, she bit her tongue to stop from shouting angrily. It wasn't the fault of innocent people she was in such a bitter mood. That was something she disliked most - when people rudely took their frusterations out on others.

Rising to her feet, eyes met his equally brown orbs. A look of surprise washing over her pale, lightly freckled face. He was probably the last person she expected to be standing infront of her, apologizing for smacking into her by accident. He was also the person she was longing to see. "Why?" The question came out soft, but abrupt. Out of the blue, it was not. It also had nothing to do with her sitting in the train corridor moments before. There was no need for her to elaborate, because he would know exactily what she meant.

His expression was blank, nothing changed. His mouth opened, not surprisingly his tone was emotionless as he spoke. "Why do you care?" was his response, and with that he walked away.

As the train shook, waking her up, a wave of nausea crashed against her insides. Rosaline ignored the urge to be sick, to the best of her ability. It wasn't easy, seeing how when she looked up there was the hooded figure, Kenji, another of Elliot's sidekicks. "You smell awful" was what Rosa wanted to say amongst several other things, but refrained.

Pulling the little seven year old girl laying peacefully across her lap even closer to her, Rosa glared at the asian man that had slipped his wand out upon noticing she was awake. Probably thinking she was going to put up more of a fight, no doubt. "Put that wand away you moron, this train is full of muggles." She grown woman hissed coldy.

Part 1, of many to come
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Oh yeah! Posting at 3:15 in the morning! XD
Another Danny Ficlet I started this back in September, but just barely finished it
He just turned 3. This takes place December 2060.

White Stuff

“Hey Dan-Dan. Wake up.” Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked up into Benny’s chocolate brown orbs. His eyes were bright and a smile was swimming on his face. I sat up in my bed and rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes.

“Why?” my tiny voice asked, confused.

“Because I want to show you something. Come on.” He said to me. The next thing I know, I was being lifted from out of my warm bed. When my toes hit the soft, slate gray carpet, I began to wonder what was going on. He helped me put on a raincoat, before slipping on one of his own. Before I could figure out where to walk, I felt Benny take my pale white hand and led me from out of the room. Everybody was still asleep, so the house had a calm, peaceful atmosphere. It was putting me at ease. I loved how still the house was this early in the morning.

I was growing more curious by the second, when Benny turned into our sister’s room. “We have to wake Sammy up first.” He told me with a gleam in his eye.

He let go of my hand and I stayed rooted to the spot in the doorway. I then watched him walk to her bed and tickle her side. I giggled silently to myself as I watched him slowly wake her. She was nowhere near as ticklish as me, but she still rolled over in her bed and grumbled something about waking her up.

“Come on Sammy. Wake up!” Benny said and blew in her ear. She swatted at him, irritably and opened her eyes, which were identical to Benny’s and mine.

“Don’t you ever sleep in?” Sammy asked, but a smile was escaping off her lips.

“Not today. It snowed last night.” Benny said excitedly. I had no idea what he was talking about, but this got Sammy up. She jumped out of her bed and grabbed her sweater from off the ground.

“I love the first snow.” She squealed and led the way out of her room.

For having just turned three a couple of days ago, I still understood little of what everybody was talking about. I have never heard of “snow” before. What was it? Was it something you eat? Or was it something you wear? Or maybe it was an animal? Or did it just stay in a one spot at all times like trees? All these questions shot through my head as we walked toward the front door.

“Here, put these on first.” Benny instructed and handed me a pair of light blue rain boots. He sat on the floor next to Sammy, who was putting on a pair herself, and put on a pair of his own. I mimicked my brother and sister, and sat on the ground to put on my boots. Sammy was done before the both of us, and she stood up quickly, watching us impatiently. Whatever this “snow” was, it was getting her really wound up.

When I had mine on and got back on my feet, Benny put his hand on the doorknob. “You ready Dan-Dan?”

“Yes we’re ready! Now open the door!” Sammy giggled and pushed open the door herself. She rushed out and disappeared outside. Benny chuckled and followed after her. I went next but didn’t see my brother or sister. All I saw was white. Everywhere.

The ground was white. The top of the houses around were white. The trees were covered in white. The sidewalks were white. Benny’s bike was covered in white. What was going on? Where was the grass? Where were all the colors? Were my eyes messed up?

“Benny?” I could hear that my voice had gone squeaky. Other sights started sinking in and I finally spotted Benny and Sammy. Sammy was throwing the white stuff in the air! Would it make her turn white too if it landed on her? I didn’t want Sammy to disappear!

“Sammy!” I shouted, frightened for her. As the white stuff began to sprinkle down on her, I covered my eyes fearfully. She was going to disappear in front of me!

I heard a crunching sound coming toward me and my eyes flew back open. Benny was walking toward me and the white stuff was making the noise underneath his boots.

“What’s wrong Dan-Dan?” he asked, concerned. I still hadn’t left the steps or our porch that led up to the front door.

“I don’t want Sammy to disappear.” I said quietly.

“What do you mean?” he asked, a confused expression replacing his smile.

“Just like the grass, and the sidewalk.” I whispered. Could the white stuff hear me?

The sound of Sammy’s laughter made me jump. I didn’t know she could hear me. Immediately I felt my cheeks warm with a subdue blush. Did I say something funny?

“Don’t laugh Samantha.” Benny threw a smirk in her direction. She scowled and picked up some of the white stuff and held it in her hand threateningly.

She was just about to throw it at Benny when I shouted, “No!” My hands flew over my eyes again, and my legs started shaking. Now Benny was going to disappear!

“It’s ok Dan-Dan. Nobody is going to disappear. Do you know what this white stuff is?” I heard Benny’s voice, and I couldn’t help but sigh with relief. I took my hands off my eyes and shook my head no.

“This is called snow. It’s basically just ice really. When it gets really, really cold it snows. Just like when its cloudy outside it rains.” He explained, bending down to my level. I was still a little skeptical, but I could admit, I wasn’t as scared as before.

“It wont hurt you. But when it melts you will get wet. Snow melts just like ice cream Dan-Dan. It will all go away when the sun comes out.” Benny chuckled.

I smiled lightly and bent down to look at the white stuff on the rose bush next to the porch. Tentatively my hand extended out and my fingers grazed along the freezing, rough surface of the white stuff.

“It’s cold.” I smiled shyly.

“Yeah. Its like ice.” Benny chuckled.

“Or snow cones!” Sammy giggled, as she came near us. “Watch Danny. The snow doesn’t hurt.” The white stuff, or snow, was still in her hand and she let it fall over Benny’s head, who was still kneeling in front of me. My eyes widened for a second, but then I watched as the snow began to melt and fall from out of his hair.

A creeping smile fell onto my face as Benny jumped up and tried to get the remaining white stuff from off his neck. He then gave Sammy an evil smile and said, “You’re going to pay for that!” I then watched as Benny proceeded to tackle Sammy into the snow. She was howling with laughter and trying to escape from Benny’s hold, but he was too strong for her. He then started dumping snow all over here. I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of them, when Benny heard me.

“Quick! Come help me Dan-Dan!” he shouted toward me. I smiled and hurried over to them. Benny was pretty much sitting on top of her by now and she was squirming underneath him. He then picked up some snow and let it fall into my open hands. I gave him a timid look before stepping closer. He gave me an encouraging smile and pointed toward the top of her head. I smiled back at him and let it fall on top of her. My smile widened when I realized the snow went away after a couple of seconds. Benny laughed next to me and he let me drop some more snow onto her arm.

I was having too much fun helping my brother pour snow onto my yelping sister, when the front door opened and my mom spoke. “What are you three doing out here?” she asked in a scolding voice. I quickly dropped the snow that was in my hand and looked around embarrassed.

“Ah come on mom! It snowed!” Benny said, with a happy chuckle.

“Benny get off your sister.” She said from the top step of the porch, but a smile was placed on her lips. So that meant we weren’t going to get in trouble!

Benny rolled off his sister and turned to give Sammy a look. Sammy giggled next to me and I wondered what they were planning.

“Well at least you all have your coats and boots on. Come in when you get cold.” Our mom said.

“Now!” Benny shouted and threw a ball of snow at out mom. Sammy threw a perfect sized ball of snow of her own at the same time and was picking up more snow as the ball landed by our mom’s feet. Quickly our mom retreated toward the house, a light chuckle falling from her lips. Benny and Sammy were still chucking snowballs as the front door shut behind her.

The both of them were still giggling not paying any attention to me. I formed a plan of my own and picked up some snow in my hand. I smooched it up in my hand and picked up more snow to make another one. They weren’t as nice as their snowballs but they worked. I then took aim and shot both of them, one at Benny, and the other at Sammy. They both hit right on target and they looked around shocked. Their chocolate brown eyes fell on me and they began to laugh. I laughed with them, when they were suddenly running toward me with snow in their hands. I laughed even harder as I ran away from the, kicking up more of the white stuff as I ran.
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Default To my Twinnie! Happy Birthday <3333
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Banner by Khat

Sitting down on the staircase Savina Mae-Diggory could be seen leaning her head against the wall, her eyes closed. Noise could be heard from downstairs. She knew there was nothing to worry about though; the people down stairs were just her friends and family…here for…some strange reason. This reason has been a mystery to her for the past few minutes. What was so important that this many people had come to her house?
After thinking and thinking she realized, she had no clue.

Hearing a small creaking sound Savannah smirked. There was only one person who would try to take advantage of her sitting alone. One person crazy enough to scare her and perhaps even try to give her a heart attack. “Alexis. Don’t think about it.” She said opening her ocean blue eyes and coming face to face to her best friend of ten years. Alexis blinked and sat on the step above her. “I was sooo close!! How did you know it was me?”

Savannah snorted. This question was obvious to her. “How could I not . I mean you’ve only tried to scare me ever day of my life. I’m immune to you.” She answered simply.

Alexis laughed, “Just for saying that I’m gonna get you just watch.” Savannah just grinned. “I don’t doubt that.” She said slowly eying the blonde to see if she was trying to hide something. Fortunately for her Lex didn’t look back. Which told her that she knew what was going on. “So care to tell me why my house is invaded by like eighty people?”

Alexis said slowly. “Noo it’s more like a hundred.” Savannah was just about to ask the question again when a voice interrupted. “A hundred? More like…. two hundred and fifty.” Curt Diggory said with a smile as he stood on the top step two toddlers in his arms. Trying to descend down the stairs with the two in his arms he soon realized that it was impossible. Unless he wanted one to fall, and in that case Vannah would kill him right after he killed himself. “Lex!!” He called. Dashing up the stairs quickly the blonde quickly grabbed the twin closest to her which just so happened to be Evelyn and then passed her toward Vannah. Making way for Curt on the steps the three sat comfortably with Evelyn and Elias in their parents lap.

“Mwommy, Dadda woked meh up.” Evelyn muttered burying her head into her mothers’ chest, but not before taking the chance to stick her tongue out at Curt.

“Mwe too! Mwe too!”
Elias agreed clapping his hands happily. Curt looked at them then at Savannah and Alexis. “They aren’t even two yet and they are turning against me! Lex what did you teach them!?”

Savannah burst out laughing but not before she heard Alexis’s response. “Against you? No way Curt! I wouldn’t do that till they are at least four years old.”

Still laughing at Curt’s protest, Savannah realized that they had changed the subject. “Seriously though.” She said getting back on track. “What’s going on?”

Elias started to giggle and clapped his hands again as he looked at his sister. This caused Evelyn to start giggling and clapping too. Savannah gave a confused look to her two children sure they were kids but they never usually acted like this…unless… “They know what this is about too don’t they?” She asked taking her eyes off the twins and looking toward her husband and her friend for answers.

“Maaaaybe.” They both said at the same time. “Tell her guys.” Curt whispered toward the twins.

“MOOP! MOOP! MOOP!!!!!” They both yelled excitedly. Savannah was more confused than she had been this whole day. It seemed like everyone was going crazy or maybe Lex had given them some crazy hyper candy. “Moop? What’s…that?”

“Obviously a word duhh!” Another voice said at the bottom of the stairs. Of course the voice just had to belong to Samantha. “I think she may have hit her head if she doesn’t know that Lex.”

“I agree.”
Alexis said shaking her head. “I seriously don’t know what’s gotten into her. She’s just not the Vannah I met ten years ago.” Lex hinted as she poked Curt in the leg. Blinking the former Hufflepuff finally got where they were leading to. “Huh? OH yeah I mean I agree. Not the same Vannah as ten years ago.”

Savannah gave an aggravated sigh. This was not even amusing to her anymore. She just wanted to know what was going on and they were just playing mind games on her. Moop? Not the same? “You…guys…” She trailed off not knowing what else to say to get an answer out of them.

“What time is it Sam?” Curt cut in before Savannah could think of something to say. Sam thought for a moment then grinned. “Well…I think about 4:21pm.”

“4:21….4:21….” Curt repeated slowly. The number of hints they ere dropping was insane. Surly Savannah would have gotten it by now.

“…You guys are crazy. What is Moop?” Vannah asked again as she finally found her voice again. She had given up on everything else they had said. It was…strange. Even for them. Lifting her head off her moms’ chest Evelyn looked around. “Nwot Moop mwommy. M dwot O dwot O dwot P.” Alexis nodded to what the toddler has said. Enough was enough. Savannah was never going to guess. “Yeah. Not Moop. But M.O.O.P like…an acronym.”

Savannah nodded as she brushed a strain of hair behind her ear. “So…what does M.O.O.P stand for?” Curt, Sam and Lex looked at the twins. “You can tell her.” Lex said with a nod.

“Mwost Obwvious.” Evelyn started, that was the only bit she remembered tapping her small finger against her chin she tried to get the rest. She knew they were other big words. “Opderwation Posmable.” Elias finished before his sister could. Savannah looked at them and gave a small laugh. “Most Obvious Operation Possible? Are…you guys kidding?” She asked as she looked up at the other ‘adults’.

“NO BECAUSE IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY PICKLE HEAD” Lex finally yelled out. Keeping a secret like that had been torture she had no idea how she had not slipped up. “It’s your birthday and this is your birthday party. M.O.O.P is the codename for surprise party.”

Savannah’s mouth opened but no words came out. She could not believe it. She had actually forgotten her birthday. Yet, her closest friends and family had come over to celebrate it with her. “Well I...I forgot.” Vannah muttered blushing slightly.

Sam said rolling her eyes playfully. “I mean we gave you so many clues! TEN years ago is when you met Lex and Curt, you know 11 plus 10 is your age noww 21!”

“Annd! I have a watch right here.” Curt said pointing to his wrist. “The time is obviously NOT 4:21 but that had a 21 in it!”

Watching Vannah turn a deeper shade of red Lex’s smile grew. “Okay you guys hush! Curt go entertain your guests! Sam….go….bother Dusty or Fred or the Ballerina.”

“Seriously? YES.” Samantha yelled then ran off to go look for her first target.

“Yes master right away.” Curt said rolling his eyes as he picked up Elias and brought him to the bottom of the stairs. Then he picked up Evelyn from Savannah’s lap and the two twins stood at the bottom of the stairs grinning.

“We ish gwonna tay wiff mwommy wnd awunt Lwex!” Elias said happily as his sister nodded. Shrugging Curt went off in the same direction as Sam.

“You guys are too much.” Savannah murmured.

Alexis shook her head. “No we’re not. You’re just our best friend. Mummy Vannah. Miss History Book lover. You deserve all of this, and a whole lot more.” With that she leaned over and gave Savannah a hug. “Happy Birthday Ducky.”

“Ywesh! Hwappy Moop Mwommy!” Evelyn called. “Hwappy Moop!” Elias repeated. “Nwow CWAKE!” Both toddlers yelled and ran away into the big room full of people.

Giggling Savannah shook her head at both her children. “We should get going…you need to tell me more about how you came up with the name M.O.O.P.” Savina said as she walked down some steps to the ground floor.

“Well it’s a very long story…” Lex started. Savannah didn’t mind. The people that she had loved the most had planned it, and even with a weird name like Moop….it had to be interesting.

Savannah belongs to: D.A Forever
Sam belongs to: MUSTANG SALLY
Curt belongs to: Con Man

And Evelyn and Elias...belong to no one yet since they are not born

{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}
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This takes place November 2068...


Need to hide. Need to hide. Need to hide. Where should I hide? I looked around for a good hiding spot and let a frown slip onto my lips as I realized I hadn’t found a hiding spot yet and time was running out. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Breanna slip behind the couch and inspiration hit me. Quickly, I jumped behind the hanging curtains and was pleased to see that it completely hid me. But then again, I was only three, so there wasn’t much to hide.

“Twenty eight…Twenty nine…Thirty.” I heard my older brother’s gentle voice whisper and my excitement began to bubble up. I was almost bouncing on my feet. But I needed to stay quiet so Danny wouldn’t find me.

Listening carefully, I heard the soft patter of his feet as he walked around the room, looking for Bre or me. Hopefully he wouldn’t find me here. But I was getting too excited. So I stuffed my fist into my mouth to keep from giggling. Surprised that Danny couldn’t hear me I waited to be found.

Then I heard my sister begin to giggle at the top of her lungs. Making me burst into enthusiastic laughter. I peaked out from behind the curtain and saw Danny smiling down at Bre who was staring up at him with her hazel orbs.

“You are supposed to say Boo!” she scolded.

Danny shrugged his shoulders at her sheepishly and his chocolate brown eyes rounded onto me. I smiled up at him and ran over to them.

“No be mad Bre. Danny shy.” I said in one breath, forgetting to say words in my rush. A wide grin spread on my face, as she looked over at me and I saw her begin to cave.

“Fine! But he has to say it next time! Really loud!” I could see a smile threatening to spread on her face.

“He will.” I said bouncing on my toes. Breanna couldn’t hold in her giggles any longer and she doubled over, holding her stomach. I smiled and looked at Danny. “Again?”

My brother said nothing, but nodded his head to show he would play with us again. I loved my older brother but I wished he wasn’t so quiet. Bre and I were always running all over the place, making more noise than a nursery. But Danny was always really silent, and kept to himself. Lately, I’ve seen him warming up to more people, slowly, but still. He does talk to Bre and me a lot though. Well maybe not full blow conversations, but he teaches us stuff. And when we get him into a good mood, he gets us cookies when Mommy isn’t looking.

“Count Bre!” I shouted happily and ran away from the both of them. I heard her squeaky voice begin to count as quickly as she could and I chuckled to myself. Of course she would count faster so she could find us faster. I jumped underneath the table next to the couch and tried to hold in my laughter again.

“Twenty! Ready! Set! Go Boo!” Her voice vibrated across the room. I stifled a laugh and tried to hide myself better as I heard her gentle footsteps run around the room in anticipation.

When her footsteps came closer to my hiding spot, I scooted over. Success! She didn’t see me. I watched her feet as she strode past me and went directly to the edge of the couch.

“BOO! I found you Danny!” Bre’s giggles were contagious. I jumped out from my hiding spot and saw that Danny was trying to hide under a blanket. Silly Danny. Did he really think he could hide from her under a blanket?

“Again!” I shouted enthusiastically. I was on a roll! The champion! The best there ever was!

I got a chuckle out of Danny and he covered his eyes with his hands. “One…Two…Three…”

I clapped my hands excitedly and ran away to find a new spot. Need to hide. Need to hide. Need to hide. I watched Bre take my old hiding place behind the curtains, a jovial smile on her slightly pink lips. Her hazel eyes made contact with my own and my face broke out into a grin. I love this game.

Since I wasn’t found in this spot last time, I jumped underneath the table by the couch again. When “thirty” came out breezily from Danny’s mouth, I closed my eyes in exhilaration. I had to bite down on my lip from screaming out in pure happiness.

Reopening my eyes quickly as I heard footsteps inching closer, I caught sight of Danny’s white socks taking slow steps toward me. I stifled a giggle and his feet stopped walking. I then watched as he bent down and his eyes were on me, a bright smile on his face. Found!

I opened my mouth to say something, but then he was putting a finger to his lips to quiet me. He then motioned for me to come out of my hiding spot. I responded eagerly by crawling out and standing up on two feet. He then pointed toward the curtains where Breanna was currently hiding, oblivious. I nodded overzealously and followed after him toward the curtain.

A smile bloomed across my brother’s face as he stopped to look down at me. He then pointed to himself and motioned opening the curtains. I nodded in my excited way again and stepped forward to help him open the curtains. He put a hand on my shoulder and gave me a look as to say, “wait.” I watched as he began making motions with his hand again. He pointed toward me and I almost went over the edge, bouncing on the balls of my feet. I saw him hold in a chuckle and waited for me to calm down before motioning toward me again. Then he waved his hands animatedly and mouthed, “Boo!” The smile on my face grew so big that my mouth was starting to hurt. He wanted me to shout Boo with him!

Danny put three fingers up on his right hand and one by one let his fingers fall until he only had one finger up. Then he grabbed the curtains and burst them open.

“Boo!” I shouted, jumping up and down. Breanna screamed but began to giggle as she saw it was only us. I began to laugh too, coming out in high-pitched squeals. Danny was softly chuckling to himself. That was fun!

Breanna then turned toward Danny, crossing her arms and mimicking the perfect scowl she had learned from Sammy. “You didn’t say boo!”

“I did say boo. You just chose to hear Ethan’s boo over mine.” Danny said in an innocently gentle voice.

Her jaw dropped open and a giggle escaped my lips. “Don’t be smarter than me Danny!”

This made a grin fall onto Danny’s lips. “Ok. Wait. Bre! Look!”

In unison, Breanna and I turned our heads to look behind us. Nothing was out of place. Confused, we both turned out heads back to look at Danny. What we didn’t expect was for Danny to stomp his foot and yell at the top of his lungs, “BOO!”

We both jumped, then Danny was running away. Breanna scowled again and chased after him, yelling, “That’s not fair!” I laughed and chased after my brother and sister.
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This one is to Stephheh and Dani <333 --- Takes place during fall of 2069.


As the bright lime green flames that had erupted suddenly in the fireplace died down to nothing, a young man in his early twenties stepped out, brushing the soot from his short light brown hair that was just long enough to run fingers through.

The carpet still the same shade of grayish blue, keys on a keychain lay on the hall table, where they had been tossed some odd days ago. The kettle on the back burner of the stove wasn't moved even an inch from the last time he saw it, yesterday at this time. Nothing had changed.

The house was dimly lit, curtains open and welcoming to any raise of sun the day might offer, though that idea wasn't very likely; The sun hid behind clouds of dark gray, the game of peek-a-boo long over before noon.

The clock ahead chimed to four, as Conner climbed the staircase quietly, avoiding he steps that were sure to squeak at the slightest touch by taking them two at a time. He was not surprised, to say the least, that the house looked empty. Of course, looks can be deceiving. The wall, connecting the three bedrooms (The first, two feet away and a right into the room; the second identical door maybe ten paces away from where Conner stood. And the last took a tiny left around a corner holding a wide closet.) was neatly decorated with a combination of picture frames and handmade crafts, clearly from a child's creative mind, all centered around that irritatingly loud clock. Okay, so it wasn't really that loud, but noticeable enough to drive an already stressed person over the edge.

From the first door on the right, nearest him, an excited cry of "Uncle Conner!" broke the long silence. A small girl that could be no older than four years old flew into the arms that waited, ready to catch her. "Hey Jamie." Conner greeted the child fondly, tugging gently on one of her long blonde pigtail braids. The little girl giggled, blue eyes sparkling with joy. Behind her the sound of someone clearing their throat made him look up. As soon as his navy blue eyes landed onto the child's mother, standing in the doorway to Jake's room, his face fell.

"Hello Sydney." The polite, yet terribly flat formal 'Hello' was one you would use when forced to be civil with another being that you really didn't want to be speaking to in the first place. Like when you're a kid and would rather be hanging out with friends, and your parents drag you to some business dinner for workers and their families. That's where Conner and Sydney were at, except by the way she glared at him in return made it obvious she didn't care for playing nicely.

Not that he didn't already know how she felt about him. Sydney made sure to make it a nice, clear, sharp point he was not welcome. Her grandparents made sure Conner knew it was not up to their eldest grandchild to say whether he was allowed around their house, and that they loved having him around; He had become family. It wasn't offical, but it would be one day. Grandma Jen always reminded him if he ever wanted to stay, he was more than welcome to the second bed in Jeffery's bedroom. Ohh what Jake would say if he knew his grandmother was refuring to him as Jeffery.

In one swift motion, the thirty year old woman stood across from Conner at the top of the steps, holding her daughter's hand which she gave a light tug at. "Time to go, Jamie. Your father is expecting us. Say goodbye to Conner," She told her, a strict authority ringing in her voice. The pouting child gave the young man one last small hug, reluctantly hopping down the stairs behind her mother without another word being uttered. Silence was restored.

Standing to his full height of 6 foot; his head hung, gaze on the floor as his feet led the way. Absentmindedly his hand ran through his hair, releasing a breath he had been holding. Sydney blamed him for her little sister's condition. Sometimes, Conner blamed himself for it too. Brian and Jen tried consoling him, they didn't believe it was his fault. If anything, he was the reason Courtney and Jake had returned to them both in one piece.

The maternal elderly woman told him Sydney wasn't usually that way, she explained their past. The reason she, and her husband raised their three grandchildren rather than their daughter raising her own kids. Conner knew this story, but not to the fullest of details.

Courtney didn't talk about her mother, and Jake only did on occasion. He'd say it was because his mother 'lost her marbles' or 'fell off her rocker', ways of saying she had gone mental. Unfortunately, that was the truth. Sydney was fourteen, Courtney was five and Jake was two when they had come to live with their mother's parents. It was in the childrens best interest, needless to say.

Still, teenage Sydney didn't think it was fair for either parties. The old couple had grown children, they didn't ask for more young lives to be responsible for. And while they never once complained and did as best as they could, due to their age Sydney didn't think her brother and sister could look up to them as parents; they were grandparents. Grandparents were suppose to be people you got to visit, share a weekend of cooking goodies and listening to old stories - grandparent/grandchild bonding stuff.

Sydney decided at an early age she was going to fill in for the spot their mother abandoned. Her grandmother Jennifer and grandfather Brian insisted she didn't fuss over her siblings so much, that they could handle it and she should have a normal life. The countless sit downs they had with her, they couldn't changed the decision Sydney stubbornly made.

She could not fill in the gap completely, but she did as best as she could. Sydney was there every step of the way, whenever Courtney would come home in tears from the muggle elementary school she attended, it was more than often her arms her little sister would fall into. Whenever Jake would get upset because he left his dinosaur outside in the rain or lost his left shoe (yes, it was always the left.) Sydney made sure to fix the problem and clear the tears from his messy face. When one of them woke up in the middle of the night because of a bad dream, they crawled in bed with her.

Knowing all this made disliking her a hard thing to do. He admired her determination, and her love for her family and need to protect them. Naturally, Conner could relate to that. But whether either liked it or not, Courtney Naidu had stolen his heart, and he wasn't going to ask for it back.

Lost deep inside thoughts, the young man didn't notice how cold the door knob was beneath his hand or the soft 'click' of the door closing behind him. The machines and monitors could have been invisible the way he didn't even glance at them. Nor the tubes and wires connected to Courtney's peaceful, resting body laying in the hospital bed all of which replaced her normal bedroom furniture. Without so much as uttering a word, Conner took his place at her side, sitting in a chair that had been brought up stairs from the kitchen.

Each and everyday since he had come home he would sit by her side for hours, waiting. And every single one of those days that passed Courtney looked more and more fragile. This made Conner feel helpless. Court's muggle grandfather was a doctor, her grandmother and sister both healers of the magical sorts, yet no one could bring her back to him. Only Courtney could make that happen, and so he waited patiently for the day she would come home.

Every now and then he would bring their little son in to see her. Tobias understood to some extent, enough that it was okay for him to see his mother. Other days Conner would tell her about his day, what had been going on in the family, whatever came to mind. Some thought people in coma's could still hear things around them, and Conner would do anything for her. Maybe it would even help somehow.

Grandma Jen had explained in the beginning that this was Courtney's body shutting down, it's way of taking time to heal and repair the inner damage she had taken during those months when they had to keep traveling, unable to go home, unable to even let their families know they were okay. But that was all over now, their troubles finally destroyed, and Jen was positive her granddaughter would be okay. One day, she would. Then they could start over. It would be the happily ever after she deserved, Conner planned to make sure of that.

Outside, the rain continued to pour down on the small town. If anyone dare step off the sidewalk they'd realize the grass turned to mush, drowning underneath the healthy green appearance. As the wind blew, knocking the trees branch into the window but not hard enough to do any harm, the young man leaned his elbows against the edge of the bed; holding a smaller pale, cold hand between his. He watched the rain come down sideways, being pushed by a gust of wind. The drops making zig-zag patterns down the window, navy blue eyes fixed on.

Would this still have been her fate, if he had gotten her and the baby out sooner? Would things have been different if she had run the first time they were found, like she was told to? Nothing was sure, nothing was ever sure anymore. Life was so simple when you're a child, girls have cooties.. boys make mud pies in the backyard; If your a wizarding child broomsticks often replace trikes. You fall off and get a scrape, and somehow the touch of a loved one comforting you and cleaning up the slight wound makes everything better. If only life could still be so simple. . .

He still remembered the day they met, it was probably one of the most vivid memories he had. He and Savannah were spending a week out of the summer at Pappy Diego's house, grandma Shaina's friend's grandkids came over to play and to be watched while the woman went out to take care of some business.

That's when he had met Courtney. And Jake, couldn't forget about him. He was a pain that day. Back then, Jake liked to test his boundries with new people. He learned real quick not to do that with little Savannah. The small bright blue eyed, dark haired girl would never have reacted badly, infact she hadn't reacted at all - Conner had. He never had been comfortable with people messing with his baby sister. The funny thing was, Courtney was just as quick to jump to her little brother's defense. This resulted in both not liking eachother, for that day atleast. Grandma Shaina and her friend, Jennifer, decided why not have Courtney and Jake spend the night to give them extra time to play together?

By the days to follow, they became friends.

That's when it all started.

For how long did the young man sit, staring without seeing through the window opposite him? Time was lost. It wasn't of importance. Between his two warm hands, he felt a twitch. At first, he wasn't sure if he was imagining it and therefore didn't move. At the second time he felt the sudden, slightest move he looked down at her hand to see Courtney was trying determinedly to squeeze his hand despite her weak state. She always had been quite determined.

. . . . . .

Wait. Looking up from their hands, for the first time in almost two years Conner met those beautiful hazel eyes, dancing with silent joy. A delicate smile rested upon her tired face, the smallest hint of amusement shown, surely from seeing the stunned expression he wore. "I've been waiting for you." He said, barely audible. 'I know,' She mouthed wordlessly, unable to find her voice. "Welcome home, Courtie." Whispered back her best friend of fifteen years, and loving fiance.

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