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Default The Quad's Ficlets - Sa16+
Fortress of Brilliance ღ Mommy Quad

Le made our banner

Alright, so, since these ficlets will each be different. Written about different character's (From four different kiddie pools of characters) in different times, by different girls. Which is why we've chosen to put this in the other stories forum, since the reader's will get a little bit of everything.

Meet the Quadruplets: Me; Grace, D.A Forever. Dani, Hg_fan. Shannon, Phoenix 8390 and lastly but definitely NOT least; Steph, Mustang Sally. Yeah, take no notice that there's an oddball here.

Each of us four share quite a bond, an adoration for these character's and love for writing. We hope you enjoy!

A Tearful Farewell-
Gracie's edit: Heheh..sorry, forgot to put atiny bit of a summary. Alright then, although most of you know, Savannah Mae is my main character; my school RPG character actually. And Kylator Greyson was created, and belongs to Moni, not me.

It was May ninth; a friday. Three days before, a certain little girl had turned nine years old. Everything was perfect, right? Any little nine year old would surely be care free and thrilled to have just turned another year older. However, this was not the case at all.

Dark strands of hair fell into her face as she glanced down at her ballet-shoe'd toes, hiding vibrant pink cheeks. Light freckles that spread from her nose to her cheeks were more noticeable compared to other times, and ocean blue eyes had swelled with waves but she didn't allow them to crash. Not yet. Savannah Mae, even at nine years old, was stronger then that.

Kylator Riley Greyson. A simple boy, was the reason for her heavy heart.

He was- or had been, her neighbor. His family had moved right next door when they were both only some months old, maybe even one year. Their families had become close, very close. Lorraine Mae, Savannah's mother, had babysat Kylator and his older brother; Seth, whenever needed. Savannah and Kylator had an instant bond, an unbreakable one she had thought, after all they had practically grown up together. Even at nine years old, there was so many things, memories. The young children's mothers used to kid around and say the two were inseparable; glued to the hip. Which admittedly wasn't too off, because in a way, they were. If the little girl wasn't with Conner, one of her older brothers, she was with Kyler.

No, Savannah had no crush on the boy. It was much different, actually. She did love him, like she did Conner though. He was her very first best friend. He was the only friend she really had outside of family. The muggle children she went to school with..some were nice, most weren't. They were different from her, and she knew that well.

Tears were begining to sting, irritatingly. Still, the little girl refused to cry in front of a living room full of people; in front of her best friend.

Her head lifted, watery orbs meeting her mother's pretty green ones as she was told to go over and give the nine year old boy a last hug, for the Greysons had to get going now. They were moving; Mrs. Greyson had passed away, three years prior. Kyler's father, Derrek, couldn't take being in this town anymore and had planned for them to move far from here. Lorraine had understood, no one could blame him for not being comfortable; he needed a new start, him and the children. "Savina..go along, say your goodbyes darling, they're on limited time." Mrs. Mae spoke, softly.

Savannah was reluctant to look at Kyler, let alone hug him. If she did, she would be saying goodbye. She didn't want to. Surely, if she didn't say anything they couldn't go. Or so the stubborn one hoped. Instead, one of her older sisters stepped away after hugging Seth goodbye; Regina pushed her forward, causing her to almost trip into the boy. She sighed, ocean blue eyes locking with forest green ones. Immediantly as he went to speak, she clapped a hand over his mouth; knowing fully well what he would say regardless of her rule. "No. No goodbyes Kyekye!" She insisted, shaking her head intently. "We're not going to lose touch just because your moving to a whole 'nother part of the world. Everything'll be better again soon, right? It guys'll move back, or you can just come and stay alot." Not only was she trying to convince him of this, she was trying to convince herself. It didn't help. instead she bit her lip, removing her hand so he could speak if he wished, and wrapped her smaller arms tightly around him. There wasn't much that needed to be said, it was obvious. For what seemed like several moments, the little girl just hugged the little boy, and he returned the warm embrace too. Only when their parents were saying it was time for Kyler to leave, they parted, Savannah rubbing her eyes; afew drops had tumbled down her cheeks. She jumped slightly, startled by someone putting their hands onto her shoulders; it was only Conner, she realized after glancing back.

Watching them leave, finally broke that mental sheild. The nine year old waved, half-heartedly. Savina and Kylator hadn't an invincible connection like they had believed; they were supposed to be friends forever, and this wasn't forever. This was a tearful farewell.

Stalker- By Shan.
A bad Memory- By Steph.
We'll Wait- By Dani.
Today?- By Steph.
Not Today- By Shan.
It Was Today- By Grace.
Easter Sunday- By Steph.
One Moment- By Dani.
Lessons of the Heart- By Grace.
In a New York Minute- By Shan.
On my Own- By Dani.
The Bike Ride- By Steph.
That feeling- By Grace.
Stronger- By Shan.
Realization- By Shan.
A Forgotten Tomato- By Steph.
The Accidental Letter- By Steph.
Even With Out the Rocket- By Dani.
Away- By Steph.
Finally- By Shan.
It Started With a Cat- By Shan.
The Talk- By Steph.
From Above- By Grace.
The Laughter Will Never Stop- By Steph.
Not Giving Up- By Grace.
The Thought That Counts- By Steph.
Blurred visions and warm hugs- By Grace.
A Promise- By Steph.

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↑Lyrical Life beastie pwnage!

Omg, Gracykins! I cryed >__<
I can't believe you made me cry, again! With your gorgeous FFs that I stalk every time im on SS ;p
Poor, Vannies; I feel sorry that Kye had to leave her D;

Anyway, great stuf, Lubbs
Im waiting for more
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alexander James Wright
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Elder Quad

Hello dears! Quad number one here with my ficlet! All of the characters mentioned are mine and made up by me except for Savannah who belongs to Gracie.

Dustin Phoenix is the younger brother of my school RPG character Valencia, fyi

After the anxiety of the day’s events, Dustin Phoenix walked to his cousin’s backyard, of whom he was staying with for one month over the summer. A guitar was slung over his shoulder as he sat in the middle of the very large field. He could hardly believe that his cousin, Finnegan, owned all of this land. Then again, he was in the beautiful country of Ireland which was much different than where he lived with his brother, sister, and sisters-in-law: Spain.

The young man had recently turned fifteen and was beginning to show signs of early manhood. His sister, Valencia, had noticed that he was starting the makings of a beard. She, of course, thought it was funny, along with his other sister, Savannah, who had erupted into a fit of giggles. He was proud of that fact because it meant he was becoming much more like his oldest brother, Axel, who just happened to be one of the most influential people in his life.
Pulling his guitar to his front and balancing it on his knee, Dusty proceeded to play an Irish song he had learned that day from one of the town locals. Boy, Irish people were friendly. He would know, he was half Irish. And then again, sometimes Irish people were a bit too friendly. For example, a few days ago he had met a lovely girl, Elizabeth. He had liked her quite a lot, but then she began to talk to him too much. Not in a stalker-ish way, but more of an annoying way, at least to Dusty. His sisters, of course, made fun of him, but what else was new?

Speak of the devil. Turning his head sharply in the direction of the sunset after hearing a noise, there was Elizabeth. She was walking about a mile a minute and there was no way she hadn’t seen him. Damn! He cursed himself and his music-making. Why did I have to come out here now? Before he could even greet her, she flopped down next to him on the grass and gave him a hug. “Erm…hello Liz.” Did she even like being called that? How was he supposed to know? He had met her not even a week ago! Yes, she probably had good intentions, but he was not ready for this. He was that interested in girls yet. For Christ’s sake he had just turned fifteen!

“Whatcha doin’?” she asked, her thick Irish brogue reminded him greatly of his cousins, but in an annoying way. “Um..just playin’ a bit of guitar. Why are you here?” Oh that wasn’t meant to be so nasty! Be nice! Clearly, she paid no attention to his tone because all she did was smile, which Dusty was grateful for. She then launched into a whole conversation about how they should hang out every day until he had to go back to Spain. He probably comprehended about half of what she was saying, which was rude, but he could hardly keep up with her! I hate girls. I’m never getting married.

On hearing the familiar voice of Elissa, his cousin’s wife, Dusty popped up, much to Elizabeth’s displeasure. “Erm..sorry. Dinner time, you know. See you tomorrow.” God I hope not. She, of course, was able to get one last hug in before he sprinted off back into the house. He didn’t even look back to see where she went. He left her in the dust. Thank the lord.

As soon as he walked in, Valencia pounced on him. “What the hell?!” Dusty glared at her, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued by the look on her face. “I’ve a letter for you. It’s from Elizabeth,” she said in a sing-song voice as Savannah giggled uncontrollably in the background. His chocolate brown eyes went wide as they landed on the envelope clutched in his older sister’s hand. “If you read that…I swear to-“ she cut him off, and quite abruptly. “We’d never! We found it on the doorstep just a few minutes ago when we came back from the store with Eli,” Vee assured him. Savannah was still laughing at the kitchen table. “Shut up,” he snapped as he grabbed the letter and tore it open.

“You’re the one with the stalker, not me,” Savannah reminded him as her ocean blue eyes lingered on Valencia. The two then began laughing once more, and Dusty left them behind. He trudged up to his guest room, placing his guitar on its stand, and collapsing on his bed. He read the letter a few times, only because he couldn’t believe that she had actually written that piece of crap. It was merely girly stuff, telling him that she wanted to spend as much time with him as possible before he left. She was being redundant. She had told him that, what? Two minutes ago? He rolled his eyes and threw the letter onto his side table.

He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his curly black hair as he tried to comprehend the weirdness he had just read. Now to come up with a plan of how to avoid her for the rest of the time I’m here. He glanced at the calendar and groaned. Yeah, good luck. Three weeks left. She’ll be attached to my hip. I’ll need to get her surgically removed.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Danny Logan Edwards
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Shipper Queen Hippie Quad

Ok here is my first ficlet
This takes place when Benjamin is fifteen. Benjamin is one of my charracters that used to be married to Emmylyne Mae-Sauders who is Gracie Grace's main charracters (Savannah) sister.

If I lost anybody in the explaination sorry!

Credit: D.A Forever (Gracie Grace) for Emmylyne. It is her charracter

A bad Memory

Only one thing would bring Benjamin Lawley into the kitchen on a cold, rainy day like this, and that was his stomach. Looking in the fridge, he saw some cheese and butter. Deciding on a grilled cheese sandwich to satisfy his hunger, he grabbed the bread.

“Hey Jen, you want a grilled cheese?” he called into the living room where he knew the thirteen was sitting, reading a book.

“No. I’m fine.” His younger sister called back.

Ben shrugged as if to say “more for me!” and set off to work. Five minutes later, he was sitting at the table digging into his plate. The drumming of raindrops, hit the window, as the weather outside grew worse. The house was silent and was making the fifteen year old restless. Checking his watch, he saw that it was already nine o’clock. His head began to wander off as he finished up his sandwich.

The opening and slamming of the front door brought Benjamin back to the reality. If that was his father, he had come home early. He usually didn’t roam in until after midnight. He must have run out of money at the bar.

Distinct shouting confirmed his believes that he was home. Ben got up from the wooden chair and walked into the living room, where his no good father was having another go at Jenny.

“I thought I told you to clean this place up!” he shouted.

“I did. You don’t have to yell.” Jenny said quietly.

“Don’t tell me what to do young lady! All you do is read in this house. Why don’t you get a life!” his father shouted at her.

“I do have a life. I just enjoy reading too.” Jenny said quietly still. She flinched as he took her book and threw it across the room.

“Reading isn’t fun! It’s for know-it-all prissys! No daughter of mine is going to be a prissy. Now get up.” He said and forcibly pulled her up from her seat.

“Hey!” Benjamin yelled and rushed forward. “Leave her alone!”

“Stay out of this Ben. I need to teach your prissy sister a lesson.” He said. Benjamin could smell the heavy liquor on his breath.

“I’m not prissy just because I read. You’re just mad because you have trouble reading!” Jenny spoke up. She then froze to her spot, fear in her eyes. Jenny never talked back to him before. She has always been afraid of him.

Their father’s eyes shut to tiny slits. An evil look crossed his face and he lifted his hand to her face. But before his hand could make contact, Benjamin caught his wrist. Jenny’s eyes widened as her older brother used all the force he had in him, to push away their dad. The old man swaggered and hit the floor with a loud thud. Having his hands wave frantically on his way down, made the bookshelf they made contact with fall down onto him. Books now littered the ground as flames erupted in his eyes.

“What is going on?” Jodie Lawley, the oldest of the siblings, asked as she entered the living room.

“I want him out! OUT!” His father screeched.

“Dad?” Jodie asked tentatively, looking at her father on the ground.

Benjamin ignored him and walked over to Jenny. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine. Thanks Benji.” She said, tears coating her hazel eyes. Jodie walked over to the younger girl and wrapped her in a hug in a motherly way.

Their father then shot up. “Oh don’t you feel bloody brilliant? You think protecting your sister makes you a man? Well it doesn’t!”

“I’m more of a man than you are!” Ben shouted back.

His father did nothing but laughed cruelly. The cold laughter sent chills down Benjamin’s back, angering him even more.

“Stop!” Benji shouted.

He stopped laughing but still held a smirk on his face. “Whats the matter boy? Don’t like your old man speaking the truth?”

“It doesn’t hurt me because I know I am a man!”

“That’s what you think. I think you have been reading to many of your prissy sister’s fantasy stories.”

“Don’t-call-her-that-again!” Benjamin said through gritted teeth.

He did nothing again but began the cruel laughter. Ben’s hand was itching to reach in his pocket and curse the day lights out of him. His fists were clenched so tight that his knuckles were turning white. The veins on his arm were shooting out, as his anger kept boiling. He took a step toward his father, but stopped hearing Jodie’s soothing voice.

“Benji. Don’t. He isn’t worth it.”

Benjamin turned to his sisters. Jenny’s head was lying across Jodie’s chest, fear still coating her tearstained face. Jodie was looking into Benjamin’s chocolate colored eyes, with her sorrowful ones. Slowly, Ben nodded and stormed out the house. There was no way in hell he was going to stay the night there.

After walking in the pouring rain for almost forty-five minutes, Benjamin found himself soaked to the bone on a familiar doorstep. The house itself brought warmth in his heart, and calmed his throbbing head. He loved this house like it was his own. It pretty much was, since he was young.

Knocking twice, he waited for the door to open. His curly brown hair was glued to the side of his head as the rain kept pounding down. Every inch of him was wet. Finally the door slid open and a girl around his age answered it.

“Benji?” Emmylyne Mae-Sauders asked softly, her earth-toned eyes full with concern.

“Can I stay here tonight?” he asked slowly.

“Of course. You’re soaking wet! Grandma Angelina won’t mind, I’m sure. Come in.” she said and held open the door.

“Thank you.” Benjamin said and shut the door behind him; leaving the bad memory in the rain.

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★ BabyQuad ★ PERRY THE PLATYPUS ★ Ern's Fave ★ dangerous with brooms ★

So yesh, I am here finally with my first ficlet that took me a very long time to write. I blame thank Shan, Steph, and Grace they wouldn't let me quit. Soo this ficlet is about my main character Alexis when she was 7 and all these characters are mine

We'll Wait

Rain. It had been raining all week in Manchester England. No not outside; for it had only been raining for a couple of hours outside. It had been raining all week in a little house. Inside the house was a young girl; about the age of seven with blonde hair and emerald green eyes. That girl’s name was Alexyna Faith Chosen; better know as Alexis. Standing beside a window in her room Alexis watched and waited. She had been doing the same thing for hours throughout the week. For once she was happy to see the rain; it meant that the weather was matching how she was feeling inside.

The young girl’s eyes scanned the sky for a sign, for anything. It felt like all her hopes were fading away. It felt as though her memories were also fading with them. It had only been a week but that week seemed like an eternity for the girl.

You see Alexis was born the middle child to a Muggle and a Wizard. Her father was away a lot because of his job and her younger brother…well he was a baby she didn’t care too much for him. So to her, her family only consisted of two people; her mother and her older brother (by three years) Tyson. However her mother basically meant nothing to her. She hated that woman, and she was sure that she would hate her for the rest of her life.

About three years ago everything started to change; it seemed like a normal day. Her father had just left a day ago and everything was pretty much…normal. Four year old Alexis and her older brother Tyson had been playing out side, like they usually did on sunny days. Everything had been fine until they heard they’re mother’s yell from inside the house. Rushing inside the children found their mother in Tyson’s room on the floor.

“TYSON DEREK CALVIN CHOSEN! How many times have I told you to never leave you’re toys on the floor? Do you want me to break my neck?!” She yelled again her green eyes flashed with rage.

Before the boy could even get a word out the woman had grabbed hold of his shirt and began to shake him. Not a soft gentle shake; but a shake like she was trying to get all her anger out. Back then Alexis never thought her mother could get so mad over a silly little thing like a fall, little did she know that, that little outburst was just the beginning of her mothers anger.

Alexis wasn’t stupid however, she knew how and why this whole thing had started. The day before her mother’s outburst she had over heard a conversation between her mother and her father. Her father had told her that he was different, that he was not normal, and that he was a Wizard. Of course Alexis didn’t understand what her father was saying. She had thought maybe he had hit his head. But then she saw something; her father had used magic. Her mother had said she’d been alright with that but Alexis knew the truth. She was definitely not alright with that; in fact she was anything but. Her mother liked normal things, she wasn’t controlling she just liked normal. Alexis’s father telling her that he was a wizard was defiantly not normal. He had also told her mother another shocking thing. That Tyson and her might also be magical too.

So Alexis knew why her mother did this. She hated them. She hated the fact that they weren’t normal. Or maybe she hated the fact that she was left out. It didn’t really matter all that mattered was that she hated them.

This all brought her back to where she was now. You see the abuse from her mother had gotten worse and worse. So bad that some of the things she did to them left scars. One day last week Tyson had decided that he had, had enough. He couldn’t take it and Alexis understood why. She knew how miserable he was because she was the same way. So he had come up with a plan, a plan to run away during the night. It had all happened so fast. Alexis knew she couldn’t go with him; she couldn’t leave the baby alone with that dreadful woman. So Tyson had left on his own. The bad thing wasn’t that he was gone. It was that she had not heard from him since he had left.

A shrill cry took Alexis’s gaze off the window. Walking away from the window the seven year old walked into the room right beside hers. Inside was a crib with a baby that was about seven month’s. Picking up the baby out of the crib Alexis sighed. This just showed how horrible her mother was. She was sure that the woman had left the house before she had even woke up. What kind of person left a baby with a seven year old? Walking out of the room with the baby Alexyna walked into the kitchen and took out one of his bottles that was fulled with milk. “Here Lysander.” She said giving the baby the bottle. “At least she left you food.” With that she walked back into her room with her little brother. Noticing that the storm was clearing up she sighed again. “Tyson had promised he would write. But he didn’t.” She whispered tears filling her green eyes. Tyson always kept his promises, maybe he was hurt.

Wiping her eyes Alexis looked back at the window. The rain had stopped complete and because of that she could see something in the distance. Before she had time to think an owl flew straight at her window stopping before it hit it. Putting her brother on her bed Alexis rushed and opened the window for the owl. She had no idea why the old was here but it was carrying something. An envelope. As the owl came inside it Alexis slowly began to take the letter off, as soon as she had done that the owl flew back out the window.

As she opened the envelope and opened the letter inside a smile appeared on her face. On the letter was one sentence:

Made it Lexie

Taped right underneath the letter with a lollipop. Picking up the baby again she couldn’t help but smile. She knew that it would probably be a long time until she saw her older brother again; weeks, months, even years. However that didn’t bother her because if she knew anything it was that Tyson would come back he was the one person in her life that cared.

“He’s gonna come back Lysander. But until then I guess we just have to wait.”

{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}
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Default Today?
Shipper Queen Hippie Quad


Mae family (Savannah, Conner, Regina, Emmylyne, Nik, Grandma Angelina)=Gracie


“Today is the day.” Were the first words to cross Benjamin Lawley’s mind as he woke a bight and sunny morning. He couldn’t wipe the grin off his face to save his life. Today was the day he was going to ask Emmylyne to be his wife.

But as soon as sat at his empty table, eating a plate of toast, his spirit began to decrease. What if she said no? What if he was going to fast? Would he perhaps scare her away from him if he asks?

“I need Axel.” Ben mumbled to himself. Without another thought he apparated into his Mate’s house.

“Axel?” Ben called thought out the house. He walked slowly into the living room. Finding him fast asleep on the couch, Benji began to shake him.

“Ax! Wake up Mate.” He said. One sea green eye peaked open and looked up at him. It then closed and the owner of the sea green eye let out a wide yawn.

“Benji? Haven’t you heard of knocking?” Axel said, sitting up on the sofa. He wasn’t mad, but Ben could tell he was beat. Pre-Auror training was really tiring him out.

“Yeah I’ve heard of it. But I don’t practice that form of art.” Benjamin said sarcastically. Axel grinned up at him, shaking his head lightly.

“So what brings you here this early in the morning?” Axel asked.

“Its not early. Its only nine.”

“Its pretty damn early if you go to bed at six in the morning.” Axel retorted.

Benji chuckled and padded his old friend on the back. “Ok. I’m sorry for waking you, but I need help.”

“With what?”

“I’m going to ask Emmy to marry me today.” Ben grinned widely.

“Today?” Axel asked, suddenly wide-awake.

“Yeah. But-“

“You already have a ring?”

“Yeah. What-“

“You’re ready to get married?”

“Well I thought I was. You don’t think I am ready?” Ben asked slowly.

“No. I didn’t mean it that way. Congratulations Mate.” Axel said, replacing his anxious look with a smile.

“Thanks Ax. But I haven’t done it yet.” Ben smiled.

He couldn’t help but think something was wrong with Axel. Why did it seem like Axel was jealous or something? Was it maybe because he was going to be married before him? Or could it be that Axel wasn’t with anybody right now? What if it was the thought that they wouldn’t be as close after he was married? Maybe Ben was just being paranoid. Axel looked happy now.

“I don’t know. I was all excited this morning, but now…”

“Whats the matter?”

“What if she says no?” Ben asked him. He looked at Axel, worry in his chocolate brown eyes.

“She won’t. Emmy loves you Benji.” Axel said sincerely. The words sank in and Benjamin nodded.

“Thanks Mate.” He said and stood. “Wish me luck.” He said and began for the door.

************************************************** *****

A few hours later, Benjamin walked up Grandma Angelina’s steps. Well technically, she wasn’t really his grandma, but he had grown into the habit of calling her that along with the rest of his friends. Nobody was home at he Mae’s house, so he figured he would find her here. He knocked on the door twice and waited. After a couple of seconds, an elderly woman answered the door with a bright smile.

“Hello Benjamin.” Grandma Angelina greeted him.

“Hi. Is Emmy here?” he asked.

But before she could answer, a tiny face with ocean blue eyes came to the door.

“Well good morning Savanna. Did Benjamin wake you?”

“Yes.” The newly turned ten years old answered.

Benji chuckled and bent down to her level. “I’m sorry for waking you too Vannah Banana.” She giggled at the nickname as another face popped in the doorway.

“Con!” she squealed and jumped onto his back. Conner Mae chuckled and let his little sister jump on him.

“Come in Benjamin. Emmylyne is in the kitchen. She is helping me with breakfast.” Grandma Angelina said, ushering everybody back into the house.

They all entered the kitchen where Emmy was mixing pancake mix in a big blue bowl. When she saw that it was Ben who had been at the door, the seventeen year old smiled.

“I didn’t know you were coming. I would of at least brushed my hair.” Emmylyne said, a little embarrassed. She was still in pale blue pajamas and her hair was in a messy bun. But she still looked more beautiful that ever.

“You look lovely.” Benji said and kissed her hello on the cheek.

“Thanks Ben.” She said with a smile that resembled her Grandmother’s.

Benjamin had planned to take Emmy out for the entire day. He wanted to do something special with her. Then pop the question at night. When the stars were shining and the moon was bright. But now as Nik and Regina entered the kitchen, he knew he couldn’t take her out of this house. She was with her family and her knew family time was important to her.

After breakfast, Benji found himself under his favorite tree as a kid with Regina and Emmy. He knew Axel, Finn, Elissa, and Emmy all had a soft spot for this tree as well. The boys were playing soccer with Savannah. Squeals of laughter escaped the ten-year-old lips, every time she would steal the ball from one of her brothers. Both Conner and Nik would laugh along with the excited little girl.

As she kicked the ball extra hard, it flew toward the three of them. Regina screamed and dived out of the way.

“Vannah!” Regina said, placing her hands on her hips.

“Sorry.” Savannah said with an angelic smile. Conner and Nik were laughing hard in the background. Regina rolled her eyes at her brothers and picked up the soccer ball. She then handed it back to her little sister.

“Play?” Savannah asked with hope in her ocean blue eyes.

“I don’t want to play.” Regina said.

“Play!” Savannah said, grabbing her hand and pulling her back toward her brothers.

“Fine!” Regina chuckled, letting her pull her into the game.

Ben watched the siblings with joy. They were so caring to each other. Love showed in every one of their eyes. He hoped when he has kids someday, they would be like them.

Next to him, Emmylyne squeezed his hand. He turned and looked into her earth tone eyes. He didn’t think it was possible, but he loved her even more. Just by looking into here eyes.

“Emmylyne, will you marry me?” Benjamin asked, love and hope coating his eyes.

The question took Emmy by surprise. “Marry you?”

“Yes. Marry me.” He said, beginning to panic.

Of course I will marry you Benji!” she said excitedly and hugged him tightly.

“You will?” he asked.

“Yes!” she chuckled and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

Euphoria burst through every fiber of his body, as the words sank in. She said yes! She is going to be his wife!

“Emmy, I love you.” He said and pulled the ring from out his pocket. It wasn’t much (he just graduated after all) but he hoped she would like it. It was a silver gold band with a small, but very elegant diamond in the middle. He took her left hand and placed it on her ring finger.

“Oh Benji! Its beautiful.” She said looking at it. Benjamin smiled. This was one reason why he loved her. She didn’t care about size. She only cared about thought. He was the luckiest man on earth right now.

Today really was the day.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alexander James Wright
First Year
Elder Quad

All characters in this ficlet are mine Those mentioned(Ben, Emmy, Elissa, and Chloe) are those of Steph, Gracie, and myself, again Enjoy!

Not Today.

Not today, was the thought going through Axel’s mind as Benjamin sat in front of him and told him his plan to marry Emmylyne. First of all, he had woken him up, and second of all, he was going to ask the one person in the entire world that he couldn’t live without. Yet, like the good friend he was, he had stepped aside. He knew that Benji was in love with Emmy. It wasn’t like he was blind. But coming to him on the day it was going to happen? He couldn’t take that. He tried his best to stay positive, but inside his heart was breaking into thousands of little pieces and he felt helpless because he could do nothing to fix it.

Once Ben left the seventeen year old flopped back down on the couch and sighed, placing his hands over his face. How could this have happened? You idiot! You sat back and did NOTHING while he pursued her! Is that what you wanted? I think not! She’s gonna say yes, there’s no doubt about that. Hell, I’d say yes to Benji. What the hell are you gonna do?! He shook his head, messing up his already muddled brown hair. There’s nothing you can do. Let it happen. It’s over. You have to come to peace with it.

How was he supposed to come to peace with something as huge as this? The woman he had been in love with since the moment he layed his eyes on her was getting married to none other than his best friend. This was probably the worst situation you could have gotten yourself into. Nice job, idiot. You make me sick. Now he couldn’t stay still. Ben said it was nine, right? He might as well get on with his life. But wait, how could he if the weight of this was holding him down, holding his heart down?

It was nine, right? Both parents were at work and both Valencia and Dusty were at school. Thankfully, he had graduated. No more school. No more being with Ben and Emmy every day. Wait. Those were his best friends! How could he not see them every day?! He needed to talk to someone, badly. He needed someone that wasn’t Emmy or Ben. He needed-

“Wha’ the hell man, ya look terrible.” His cousin Finnegan barged into his house and was now sitting on the chair across from the couch Axel was residing on. Seeing the look on his cousin’s face, Finn cocked his head to the side as his twilight blue eyes studied his face. “You’re really white. I take it ya ‘eard?” he asked quietly, placing a sympathetic hand on Axel’s shoulder.

Axel nodded, sitting up on the couch. Finn immediately took the spot his legs vacated only seconds ago and placed a loving arm around him. “Yeah, I’ve heard,” Axel said hoarsely, placing his elbows on his knees and dropping his face into his hands. “Benji came to me first…to tell me…first.” He could barely get any words out he was so distraught. How could this be happening? This was ridiculous. He let it go on way too long. But there was nothing he could do to fix it.

Finn hated to see his cousin like this. He had never seen him so…depressed. He could say nothing, because nothing would make this situation better. The woman he loved was marrying someone else, and it was to his best friend. That only made matters worse. If it had been anyone else, Finn would have told him to stop everything and tell Emmy how he really felt. But he knew that Axel would never do that to his best mate. That would completely ruin their friendship.

“I came as soon as I ‘eard. I figured ya’d be pretty upset,” Finn said quietly. Axel looked up at him and scrunched up his face. “Yeah I can smell you. Did you just come from Football camp?” he asked, looking at the Gaelic Football warm ups his cousin was wearing. Finn chuckled lightly, pointing at his clothes. “Unfortunately yes, but I thought at a time like this ya wouldn’t mind.” Axel nodded, patting Finn on the knee. He probably was the best cousin Axel could ever ask for. And he needed him more now than ever before. And that’s when his decision was made.

“I gotta go to work. I can’t just mope around here for days at a time. I’ve gotta get on with my life. It’s gonna happen. She’s gonna say yes and I can’t do anything. I have to…distance myself or I’ll explode. I can’t…see them together, married. It’s too much. I can’t take it Finn. I can’t take it. I’m going to work. I’m coming over later. Tell Chloe I need to talk to her, she’s good with stuff like this.” By the time Axel finished, he was pacing in front of Finn with his hands in his hair.

Axel grabbed his keys, gave his cousin a hug, and was out the door. Finn sighed and ran his fingers through his own pitch black hair as he stood. He needed to get back to practice or he’d surely get in trouble. Taking one last glance at a picture frame that held the five of them(Axel, Ben, himself, Emmy, and Elissa) in it on the side table, Finnegan made his way to the front door.

“You’re so blind Ben. How did you not know he was in love with her? Why today? Not today.”

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This follows up on the last two ficlets . Benjamin belongs to Steph, and Finn and Axel belong to Shannon. Mind you, this Angelina Johnson is NOT in anyway, the gryffindor Angelina Johnson. We decided on Angelina because its a very pretty name, and fit the character, and then Johnson is an EXTREMELY common last name. It's just coincidence.

It was Today

It was today. Today was the day; today was her and Benji's wedding. They had been together for two years, it wasn't exactily what you'd call long but this was a boy she had known since the age of five. How long they had been a couple for wasn't important, when they had such a long history of friendship. They loved eachother, and Emmylyne didn't care what anyone said. Yes, they were only eightteen years old, but she knew how she felt and so did Ben. It wasn't as if these decisions had come at random, not even close.

It was not too cool but not too warm day in spring, and everyone was gathering at Angelina Johnson's house for the outdoors wedding. Most of both Emmylyne Mae-Saunders (Soon to be Lawley) and Benjamin Lawley's families and friends had come from wherever they were to attend today. The house was not quiet, not that it had ever been in the past ninety years it had been within their family. The bride had insisted on it being just a warm event with the people they cared about, she didn't want anything to be fancy or proper, she wanted it to be fun; and Benji backed her up one hundred percent.

The ceremony was only about an hour away, and everyone was going mad; that was obvious even with the door shut to the room the girls were getting ready in.

Emmy sat, gazing around; the room they were in, was the room her grandmother Angelina had given especially to her, and Eli, to share during their summer visits when they were only children. So long ago. The room, no the house, held so many memories. More then her own home did, or even school.

Her attention turned, snapping out of thoughts as Elissa knelt on the edge of the bed, using one hand to move her face so she was looking forward, straight at her best friend, whom was also her maid of honor.

"How are you feeling?" Eli asked, a gracious smile playing upon her lips as she brushed over the young woman's cheeks with a blush brush, simply touching up from earlier. Emmylyne was still in her mint-green bathrobes, PJs still on under, but her make-up was finished and her hair only needed one more thing.

"I..I don't know" She admitted, hesitantely. Earth tone eyes following her friend's movement as she put the white rose hair piece in place above her left ear. Now all that was left, was for her to get changed.
Eyebrows raised, and a rather serious expression overcame the happy one that had been seen seconds before. "What do you mean, Ems?" Sorrow shown through amber eyes. "Your not re-thinking this, are you? is Axel apart of these thoughts?" It didn't take a genius to figure that out. She was one of two that knew Ax was inlove with Emmy, and he didn't know she knew; it was whether Emmy had stronger feelings for him, was what she was uncertain about. That was always an iffy thought, since they had hit that age where relationships had started coming into the picture.

The eighteen year old looked thoroughly shocked, and even confused. "NO!" She nearly skrieked. Of course she wasn't considering not going through with the wedding, she loved Benjamin with all her heart. And what did Axel have to do with it? And why did she have that funny feeling in her stomach at the thought? "Why would he be?" She questioned, eying the brunette.

How easy was it to tell a dear friend of thirteen years your suspicions of how she felt about another boy from their inner-circle? " dearest best friend, you've had a crush on Ax in the past..haven't you?" Elissa was naturally blunt; she also didn't fail to notice Emmy avoiding her gaze, instead she shook her head, no. "Are you sure?" Eli responded, carefully.

"No, I hadn't." Emmy lied. "Not that it matters, we were kids. We're not now, and this is my wedding day to the gentleman I love, El" She added sincerely. Part of her, deep down unvisible to herself, something wasn't right. She did love Ben, no doubt there. But she couldn't push Axel from her mind; Ems chose to believe this was because their group had been put into pairs: Herself and Benjamin, and Elissa and Finn; whom was also Axel's cousin. Which, admittedly, left the young man out, in someway.

Elissa stood, listening as she cleaned up abit, nodding slightly here and there. She wasn't convinced. "Look, Ems. If your not sure, please..don't hurt Ben; I know you care deeply for him, I do too, we've been our own little pack since we started having playdates at this very place..just make sure you follow your heart"

Emmylyne hadn't moved from her sitting spot against the wall, upon her bed. She stared after El, becoming more and more puzzled at what she was implying. "I am sure, Elissa, I'd never want to hurt him in any way, shape or form. I am following my heart, I've waited for this for a long time"

"Then I suggest you get into your dress" Eli said, simply, glancing briefly towards the wall clock as she went to leave the room. "It's almost time."

Elissa was careful not to step on the bottom of her pink, strapless, dress. Lifting it only high enough to see her elegant high heels; there was two problems with this, A) she didn't like how pink clothing looked on her. And, B) she didn't care to wear high heels either. The dress was purely annoying her though, the only reason Emmy had gotten her into it, was because they had already taken eight hours on finding the perfect wedding dress, she didn't want to add another five onto that for arguing about the bridesmaid dresses.

Thankfully downstairs wasn't very crowded, at all, most of the many guests and family members were outside, where the exchanging of vows would take place. Eli frowned, turning sharply at the end of the stairs towards voices. Not very happy voices.

Sure enough she was nearing a scene she didn't like. Finn was telling Axel he couldn't leave, questions would be asked and feelings would be hurt if he up and left; he was one of Ben's best men.

"Why don't you get it? I can't stay, Finn!" Axel responded, in a low tone and pulled his arm from his cousin's grip. It was extremely unnatural for them not to be getting along, but things were intense at the moment. As Ax took a step towards the door, El held tight to the oak, dragon-heart-string, wand that stayed hidden behind her arm.

Stepping towards the two young men, both of seventeen going on eighteen years old, anger rised within her. "Try leaving and I'll take my chances with there being muggles around" Elissa warned, quietly. Her voice held a serious tone, showing she wasn't kidding in the least. "Why are you trying to leave, Axel?"

Sea green eyes turned on the fierce brunette, giving her a look as if pleading for her to drop it and let him leave, like he needed to more then ever, but unfortunately there was no chance of either Finnegan or Elissa cooperating. "I can't stay and I need you both to understand that; I can't sit and watch the woman I love get married to my best friend" Finally, he had said it. There.

"O-Oh" She had known, or had her feelings, but Eli was at a loss of how to react or what to say. Inhailing deeply, she allowed her amber eyes to meet Finn's twilight blue ones, hoping he wouldn't try to stop what would happen next but let it go; it was done. "Go, before Emmy comes down or Benji comes in." She nodded towards the door, repeating herself after the slightly puzzled look "Ax, go,..we can't stop you" She sighed. It was Today, Today that their five-person friendship began to break.
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Credit for Whigalima, Phillip, and Christian goes to Whit (hermy_weasley)

Lorraine, Conner, Nik, Grandma Angelina=Gracie

Easter Sunday

The sun was shy today, as it hid behind fluffy, white clouds. Whenever it felt necessary, the sun would shine down onto the Edwards’ household. The day before, little sky blue house played host to the rain. The air was chilly, but nice enough to force two little girls into dresses.

Samantha Elise Edwards was in no way a girly girl. This particular four year old, would rather sport around in jeans or shorts. One thing she did not like was wearing dresses.

It had taken Silvia Edwards almost a full hour to get her daughter to put the dress on. She didn’t mind that Samantha never wore girly things or that she was going through a phase where she only wanted to be called Sam, (“A boys name, like Benny’s!” her daughter would say.) but today was special. For it was Easter Sunday.

The whole family was supposed to arrive to celebrate any minute. Her mother and both her sisters were going to be here and she wanted to show them how cute her children could be. Her eldest, Benny, was also going to be dressed for the occasion.

After of almost an hour of trying to persuade Samantha to put on the watery colored formal dress, in which she had to ask Benny to help her, she tackled the four year olds’ hair. It was a good thing she had started early because she barely had time for herself to get ready before her sister, Lorraine, and her children arrived.

It turned out that her youngest, Savina Nicole Mae, had given her trouble with having to wear her sunshine yellow dress.

“Same with me. At first I didn’t think Benny was going to do it.” Silvia laughed with her sister.

“Yes but they do look beautiful, don’t they?” Lorraine smiled. Both Samantha and Savina scowled at their mother’s before leaving the kitchen to go outside. Benny, Conner, and Nik followed the girls outside, with glum looks on their faces.

Even though the ground was still moist and mud puddles were seen all over, the five of them would much rather be outside.

“I don’t get why we have to dress up for Easter.” Benny said, loosening his tie slightly.

“Me either. Mum wouldn’t let us leave until both of us had our hair sticking all the way down. Conner had one hair sticking up in the back and it took her fifteen minutes to get it to go down.” Nik said, rolling his eyes to the sky.

“It didn’t go down. It popped back up on the car ride over.” Conner smiled wickedly.

“Mum made me take off my new hat.” Benny frowned. He had gotten a royal blue baseball cap from his grandfather (on his dad’s side). He loved that hat and never took it off.

“That mud puddle looks great for jumping in. Don’t you think?” Conner said, with a gleam in his eye.

Both, Samantha and Savina watched their older brothers with anticipation.

“If Sam and Vannah jump in it first, we can say we were just trying to get them out of the puddle. But we had to go in to get them out.” Benny said. He looked to the two eager looking little girls and smiled. “Do you want to jump in the mud?”

Samantha smiled widely and stepped to the edge of the puddle. Savina followed her younger cousin and smiled up at Conner. The three older boys all held the same mischievous look. Little did they know, they were being watched.

“Benny Michael Edwards! I know you are not thinking what I think you are thinking. All of you come inside. Your Aunt Grace should be here any minute.” Silvia called from the back door. Reluctantly, the five of them turned away from the mud puddle and trudged inside.

Just as the door closed, a voice was heard at the front door. “Hello! We are here.” Grace Whiggmeister said. She walked into the already crammed kitchen, carrying a very juicy looking ham. Behind her were, Phillip, Christian and Whigalima.

Whigalima was wearing a pale pink dress with a matching hat. It all clashed with the little girl’s fiery hair, which were in two pink tails. It seemed that Whigalima didn’t enjoy wearing her formal clothing either.

“Grace!” Silvia and Lorraine both said enthusiastically. They each gave their youngest sister a big hug and said hello to Phillip.

As the adults got reacquainted, Samantha and Savina made their way over to Whigalima.

“Whiggy!” Samantha cried cheerfully.
“Limmy!” Savina shouted with glee.
“Sammy! Vanny!” Whigalima giggled.

The older ones chuckled at the three’s greetings. Everybody turned to look, as somebody opened the backdoor.

“The Easter bunny has been here! Everybody outside. Come quick!” Grandma Angelina said. They all rushed outside and found baskets for every grandkid.

“When I say go, look for the hundred eggs that are placed all around the yard.” Grandma Angelina said. Anticipation crawled all over every child’s glowing face. The adults were all smiles. This was one of their favorite parts of Easter.

“Ready…GO!” As if planned, Benny grabbed Samantha’s little hand, Conner took Savina’s hand and Nik gripped Whigalima’s hand. Impish smiles still plastered on their faces, they ran straight into the huge mud puddle, and took one big jump.

The mother’s all masked the same look of horror but began to laugh as they looked at the six. Soaking wet, and muddy from head to foot, the six were having the time of their lives.


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★ BabyQuad ★ PERRY THE PLATYPUS ★ Ern's Fave ★ dangerous with brooms ★

Another one. Ok....Emmylyne and Stephan are both property of Gwacie

One Moment

My name’s Remington Seth McClane. I am almost thirteen year’s old. I have brown hair and electric blue eyes; but that’s beside the point. Anyways I once heard that one moment can change your life forever. That must have happened to me. The sad thing is that I can’t even remember what happened.

It wasn’t even cold. Not cold at all. The air was pretty warm. So why am I shaking? Why did I have goosebumps all over my arms? Where am I? Looking around the room I blinked. I know for sure that this was not where I was supposed to be. I was supposed to be in the library close to the book store…right? I tried to stand up and my knees buckled; they hurt a lot. What was wrong with me? Looking down on my hands I noticed something; they were covered in something red. My clothes were too. Was it…it looked like….blood. Almost gagging I closed my eyes. Big mistake.

It was like what had happened earlier was playing in my head. Like A movie.

“I’m going out mom.” I said grabbing my backpack. It was a Friday night during summer. Most kids would be hanging out with their friends rather than go to the library. I didn’t mind though, I had no friends, and that didn’t bother me either. After I heard the ok from my mom I saw my little sister Blair mouth the word “loner”. Like I cared. Heading outside I began to walk, barley noticing the full moon outside. There was this kind of forest by out house; it was the fastest way to go to the library. I hesitated for a moment because I’ve never been in the forest at night before, but I still went because I was no chicken. After ten minutes of walking through thick bushes and trees I knew I would be out soon. But soon didn’t come soon enough; I had heard a sound. Like a wolf. I have to admit I was kinda scared. Before I knew it the sound was getting closer and closer I began to run when my backpack got caught onto a branch then what I saw surprised me. It was a werewolf not a wolf a werewolf.

As if the movie ended my mind went blank. What had happened next? No idea. I wish I could remember. Pounding my head with my fist I stopped. Ewww I was getting blood all over my head. Sighing I dropped my hands on the ground. Time to think. Concentrate. Remember Remmy, remember. As if the movie started up again I began to see another scene. I wasn’t in the woods, it seemed like I had missed a big chunk of what happened but at least I would still see it.

I was in a big room. It reminded me of a hospital or something. Yes that’s what it reminded me of. Trying to get up I realized that I was tied down to one of the beds. I tried to speak but all that came out was a growl. Like the one the werewolf had. Weird. A tall man with dirty blonde hair and slowly walked toward me. Not too close however. “Now clam down, Remington, I am Stephan Saunders and I’m a healer.” The man said in a French accent. For some reason what he said made me mad. And I barley understood him. I wanted to attack him though; I knew that. Attack him and hurt him. Then I realized something trying to get a glace at a mirror on one of the walls where a blonde girl with earth toned eyes was sitting I gasped. I was a werewolf.

“Remington clam down.” The man said again. “Emmylyne I want you to leave. This is dangerous you shouldn’t be here in the first place.” Hearing the man speak again I felt like I wanted to rip off his head. He just wouldn’t shut up!

The girl looked at the man and was about to aruge back or something then guess what? Bye bye movie. Shouting out with rage I began to hit the floor. Hard. Stupid!!! WHY wouldn’t I see the rest? I NEEDED to know what happened.

The movie turned on again. What I saw made me throw up. The man, the one that had been telling me to clam down was on the ground bleeding a lot. His arm’s and face all had deep cuts on them. The girl was screaming hysterically and a bunch of other wizards were trying to restrain me.

Once again the movie shut off. But this time I knew it was for good. I had attacked the man. He could very well be dead right now. I was a werewolf and I had attacked someone. Part of me felt sorry. The man was only trying to help. The poor girl, she would probably have to live with the memory of me attacking her father, while I could barley remember what I had done. But the other part of me…liked the feeling of thinking what I had done to the man. That’s what he got for butting into my business. Leading back on a wall behind me I smirked. Sooo this was his blood. Interesting, for some reason knowing all this made me feel…good.

My name’s Remington Seth McClane. I am almost thirteen year’s old. I have brown hair and electric blue eyes; but that’s beside the point. Anyways I once heard that one moment can change your life forever. That must have happened to me. I got bitten by a werewolf and became one. Then I attacked a healer and might have killed him. And all I can think about is; I wonder if I’d be able to do this again.


{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}

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Okay, I'm not so pleased with this one myself, but I said I'd post it anyways so were we are. Each of the characters used and mentioned belong to me. Enjoy

Lessons of the Heart-
Here I stood, on a dock, being literally soaked by the rain pouring down around me. Tears streaking my pale cheeks were unnoticeable, as was my silent crying aside from the obvious pink and puffiness to my eyes.

How did I, or how could I cause this mess, without even knowing I was?

He was gone; he had taken the soonest flight out to Arizona, just today. I hadn't known till arriving home, Graciela and Anthony told me he left. And suddenly, at that moment hearring those words, it was like dropping a heart made out of glass, or felt that way. I hadn't even said goodbye. Not that I would have said goodbye, but that was besides the point.

The point was, it was over before I even knew of 'it'. What was 'it'? You ask? I don't even know anymore.

Maybe I should start from the begining..

My name is Regina Aideen Mae, and this is my story.

At seventeen and a half years old, I graduated from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. I, came from a magical family. Well, part magical, part 'normal'. I was mom and dad's second daughter, third born child, of (to this day) seven girl's and three boy's.

Very, very shortly after graduating I had made the dicision to move, far from my family. Being a witch, it would be easy to stay in contact with them though. Right? That was just it. I didn't want to stay in contact, not by magic, in any form. I wanted to go off on my own journey, I wanted to learn what it felt like, and how to be a muggle, no magic at all. I wanted to see wanted to see what I was or was not missing; I wanted a different life.

Mom wasn't pleased, at all to be exact. Dad, didn't mind. In someway, I think he appreciated my deep thought into the whole 'muggle' thing. After all, he was one. I'd like to think they both found atleast the tiniest bit of comfort knowing I would be roommates with a friend I had made during summer that ended my third year of wizarding school. She, though, wasn't a witch but a squib (Not a nastily bitter one either, mind you). It was awhole nother story on how we met. So, we'll continue this one, and I believe...this is where we'll start:

As I pushed open a door, loud cheerful voices reached my ears. The air becoming thicker, and moist, sort of like a steamy sauna but not close to being as intense.

"No running" I said sing-songishly to two younger kids zooming past; probably headed for the lap-pool since they were leaving activites/kids-pool towards the otherside of the split, very large room. Either that or one of them really needed a restroom.

Where was I? At my work of course. My job, working at an activity center. A very big place, it was. Upstairs held the work-out room, amonst the play room for those of whom wanted to drop their kids of with the 'kiddiecorner Nanny'. Ironically although nannies were normally woman, or all the ones Regina had seen and heard of, Mike was definitely a guy. He was great keeping the children happy and entertained though, and had fun doing it.

Downstairs had the two indoor pools, hot-tub, locker/changing rooms, and rock-climbing towards the front; middle of the building. A games room with many cushy seats, books and magazines here and there for relaxing. Lastly on the farthest left hand side, there was the gymnasium. Every tuesdays, thursdays and occasional sundays we would pull out the gymnastics mats and equiptment; those days I get to run the show on my own, teaching kids from one age group to the next in seperate lessons.

No one that knew me growing up, would have thought of me being a person to work with kids. I wouldn't have either if someone told me this would happen, five years earlier. I work with people of all ages, though. Still, I love my job.

"Having fun?" Laughed a young woman as I moved from a splash coming my way, standing about three inches taller then I, with a lightly tanned complexion and straight blonde hair that went just to her the middle of her back. She, like I, wore red shorts that had a white stripe down the sides, and a white tanktop covering my bathingsuit, 'Lifeguard' also printed across the front in the same red. "Don't you have an exam coming up in afew days? You should be at home, Gina."

Yes, I not only had to balance work, but I was taking a number of college courses. "I do, and I'll manage just fine. You know me, Fedora." I replied, cool as a cucumber. Giving my muggle friend a kind smile. "I'm just leaving now, anywho. Tell Ja-"

"Tell me wha?" Interrupted a man, arms crossed lazily over his head of short light brown spiked hair. Ice blue eyes gleamed, turning on one girl to the other, both of whom he worked with.

"Conceited, aren't you?" Fedora remarked, eyebrow raised. He was quick to assume he was being mentioned; dork. "Shouldn't you be watching over the swimmers? your on duty.." My head titled to the side.

"Ehh, Let 'em fend for themselves for a minute" Jacob yawned, ignoring the evil look Fedora threw at him. The twenty-one year old huffed out of annoyance, but turned a softer expression to me as I said my goodbyes for the day.

I arrived home, as I closed the door behind myself, leaving flipflops and bag at the door, the wonderful scent of my roommates home-made pizza filled my nostrils, forming a smile on my glossy coral pink lips. "Hello Anthony," I beamed, greeting the tall, blonde young man. He was another friend that I had, since my move here. He and my roommate went further back though, not to my surprise.

"How was work? Where is Gracie-" My question went unfinished, Graciela practically flew into the room, checking on the oven before anything else. It also didn't come as a shock that both of my best friends work at a local restaurant.

"Just lovely; flying crab cakes-"

"Yo, Reg. You need to tell that guy-"

I blinked, watching one then the other. Cutting across Anthony whom cut across Graciela, abruptly. "Devon"

Brown eyes narrowed at the wizard's name, "Yeah, Moreton. If my cousin wasn't muggleborn, you'd be busted by now- god knows how Trent hasn't figured it out yet" Anthony grunted, plopping down into a barstool at the counter. "When are you gonna tell him, anyways?"

"I'm not" I replied, flatly, moving to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. "I'm guessing what 'Tony was trying to say, was Devon dropped in again?" I frowned, uncertainly.

Devon Moreton is a well-skilled, handsome, gentlemen twenty-two years of age. A pureblooded french wizard, of whom I had gone to school with back then; He had graduated a year earlier then I. He had asked me out in my fifth year, and we were still together. No that didn't break my 'no use of magic' rule, I hadn't touched my wand in probably three years nor did I travel often by magic, only on special or emergency occasions. Devon was the one that did the traveling; he also was quite busy, being head of the aurors at the ministry in France, but he respected my disicions and didn't argue. -- Now if only we could stop playing this annoying little game of tag. I missed him, alot.

Running a hand through light brown strands, Gracie nodded. Hazel eyes meeting my gaze, "You might want to go get ready, he wants you to meet him for dinner."

Now, we're gonna cut that part. Your all probably curious about if I did, indeed, go to dinner with Devon? I had. And he proposed.

Did I accept? You be the judge.

Devon is an amazing man. He's everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend, and husband. Literally. He's the sort of person I use to dream about for the future, when I was a little girl. Yeah, I was no different from the other little girl's that always wondered who their 'Prince charming' was.

He is the prince I use to dream about, he fits the part perfectly. He always knows just what to say, to make things better; if only I could say the same..

He sounds like my soulmate right?

Then why does he mean nothing to me?

I don't know why either.

I didn't accept the engagement.

I couldn't.

I love him. . .as a friend.

Yes, He was the one I had dreamt of as my prince and it's taken me twenty-two years to realize: Everything you might want, isn't everything you need.

And what was even sadder, is it's true. People really don't realize what they have, till it's gone.

I, again learned that the hard way.

Trenton, my best guy friend, was gone. I hadn't even thought about how much I appreciated him being there for me, especially whenever I really needed him. Through thick and thin. Until now..

We had been through so much together, and still I hadn't even noticed his 'crush' on me. Nor his jealousy towards Devon, or hatred more alike. I never expected him to leave, without even saying goodbye.

Trent thought I was soon-to-be-married.

That's why he left.

That's what I kept being told, by friends.

And I couldn't even deny I believed it, too. If you knew Trenton well, you'd know he would give up the 'fight' if he thought I'd be happy. . .I just wish he would have said something. Anything. I'm not sure how he even heard about the proposel, but he hadn't been entirely informed obviously.

What did it matter now, though? He was gone, probably already getting off the plane. 'It' was over, and I could do nothing, it was too late.

. . .Or was it?

Here I am, on a dock, the gloomy weather matching my emotions quite well, I could swear my heart was breaking and was surprised as well. Never had I thought I might not only like Trenton as more then a dear friend, but I think I'm inlove with him. He was the reason Devon meant nothing to me, why I couldn't marry him. Trenton had already stolen my heart. He was gone and it was all my own fault.

Why hadn't I realized all of this before?

I was completely, and totally blind. Yes, I had to have been.

There was ALOT of things we were taught, and lessons we learned, growing up. One, was always believing there was a reason for everything. So I could only hope there's a good reason to this.

It was getting late now, already rather dark from the depressed deep grey and blue sky. I decided it was best to head home, as not to concern my friends too much.

It didn't take more then ten minutes before I was walking through the front door, pulling my key from the lock. Drops still clinging to my hair, it was beyond obvious I had been out in the storm for more then what was necessary to get one place to the next.

"Has he called, or anything at all?" My voice came out faint, keys jingling as they were tossed onto the endtable closes me. I frowned; Graciela shook her head.

"No, Regina" She responded, and to my surprise when I faced her in the kitchen entrance, she was smiling. "He's here." Anthony added, coming out of nowhere it seemed to me. Then again, I can't say I was giving them my full attention to begin with till that was said and both pointed behind me.

I'm very sure my heart stopped for a brief moment. Time itself did, it felt like to me. Trenton Theodoric, with his dirty blonde hair dampened by the rain (his coat had kept him most of the way dry) stood there, dark brown eyes fixed on my blue orbs. I could only stare back, mouth gapped in surprise. Was he really, really here?

He was!

From there folkes, Trent had come back; or technically he hadn't left.

I had my chance to finally tell him everything. Spill my heart and soul out, and that's exactily what I did.

I am Regina Aideen Mae-Theodoric. A Daughter of Lorriane Johnson-Mae, a former Hogwarts Ravenclaw and Scott Mae, your average past jock muggle.

It is offically April 16th, 2071.

It's been six years since that day.

Three years since our wedding.

And five months since we were expecting our twins daughters.
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In a New York Minute

It was Friday, July28th; also known as, the day after my fourteenth birthday. My oldest brother had just graduated from Durmstrang and my younger brother was going into his second year. I, on the other hand, would be going into my fourth, but I was going to Hogwarts. My parents thought it was a good idea to send their daughter to a less harsh school. Or at least that’s what I got out of that.

It was about seven o’clock at night and we had just had dinner and my birthday cake, along with a few presents from my parents and two brothers. One of which was a deck of Exploding Snap so, naturally, Axel, Dusty, and I were playing on the floor.

It was nice to see Axel. He was usually out with his friends or getting ready for exams, but now he was home for a few weeks. He would soon be going for his auror training in London and my father couldn’t be more proud. Every man in my family so far had become an auror. Dusty was sure he’d be one as well. I had always thought of that job as well, but I knew my destiny was somewhere else. Somewhere in the arts world. You see, I was a Latin Ballroom dancer.

I had been dancing since I could remember and I wasn’t planning on doing anything else. I have a passion and I plan on sticking to it.

Now, on this particular night, we three kids were playing a game on the floor while my mother and father sat on the couch watching us and reading the updates of the Daily Prophet. Normally they wouldn’t be so relaxed though. My father had always had troubles with the Ministry and we were almost certain someone was trying to kill him. So why on earth would we be sitting there unguarded on a night like this? Oh right, I forgot to tell you there was a thunderstorm going on outside. Sort of sets the mood, doesn’t it?

Well, I’ll tell you why. It was my birthday and my parents liked to act normal when it came to things like that. I definitely appreciated it.

Then we heard the noise.

My father and mother exchanged looks of horror then they both jumped up and brandished their wands. Axel was by their side in a split second; his wand was also at the ready. Naturally, I got mine out too and told Dusty to do the same. The two of us were both shaking because we had no idea what was going on. My mother, Catalina, grabbed both of our arms and made us stand. She then bent down to be at eye level with us. She kissed both of our cheeks and gave us a hug. That hug scared me more than anything I had ever experienced. I knew what might happen and I didn’t like it.

She then began speaking rapidly in Spanish to my father and older brother. I grabbed Dusty’s hand and stood in the shadows behind a large leather chair my father liked to sit in after work. I knew it would give us no shelter, but it was worth a try. It was dark out and my father had put out all the lights. All I could hear was the heavy breathing of my little brother on my shoulder. We held fast to each other in the dark and prayed that the Phoenix family would all be standing when this battle was over.

A loud yell erupted from the front hall and that’s when spells began to fly everywhere. Neither of my parents was hit nor Axel, but the battle wasn’t over. They were outnumbered and I knew it. I saw a man’s silhouette in front of mine and Dusty’s hideout and I knew my family didn’t see him. I could hear the spell being uttered and I took action. Pointing my wand at him I whispered “Expelliarmus!”. His wand went flying and he went searching.

I felt wonderful that I had just saved my family’s life, but then my heart dropped. Axel was standing over a body of a woman, still fighting for his life, but he was sobbing. I had never seen him cry like that before and I knew that was not a good sign. I illuminated my wand and pointed it in his direction. The person he was crying over was my mother. A different killing curse had hit her, not the one I stopped. She was gone, dead, finite. I didn’t even know I knew Italian until that night.

Now it was my brother and father fighting off the men. The two of them were crying. It was not a soft crying like they were trying to conceal it, no. They were full on sobbing. But I knew they were sobbing with rage. I could hear it in their voices as they shot spell after spell at the men. They went down like bowling pins.

And so did my father.

Axel was swearing now, unable to control his anger. I was unable to control my tears. They came pouring out. I actually know what people mean when they cry like a water fountain now.

In a few seconds, I saw Axel no more. He fled. The men chased after him and Dusty and I were alone.


After the funeral, Dusty and I were to live with my aunt and uncle in Galway, Ireland with my three younger cousins. Normally we would have been excited, but under these circumstances, we were far from.

The two of us stood out on a cliff our mother used to take us to after we visited our grandparents at the graveyard. If you haven’t guessed already, they had already buried my parents and Dusty and I went off to be alone, but together. I think I needed him more than he knew.

He turned to me as the wind whipped past our hair and the waves licked the rocks below and he hugged me. The two of us probably stood there for hours, hugging each other and crying our eyes out. Both of our parents were dead and my older brother was missing.

“What happens now?” Dusty finally asked me. “Everything’s different. Nothing will ever be the same.” He spoke softly, which only made me cry a little bit harder. But I bit my tongue and grabbed both sides of his face, looking directly into his chocolate brown eyes and I spoke. “In a New York minute, anything can change Dust, but we have to keep going. Axel will find us one day, I just know it.” In a New York minute. Was i right or what?


Now, I bet you’re wondering why I decided to write all of this down. Well, I wanted to tell my story. I wanted to tell a story that will go down in history with my family. Yes, my parents did die that day, but I do believe this experience only made me stronger. My parents were wonderful people and I know they wouldn't want me to sulk forever. I finally know who I am and who I want to be.

My name is Valencia Elizabeth Phoenix. I come from a broken home, but I am far from broken.
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Okay.. The Legend and Alexis Chosen belong to mah wonderful Twinnie, Dani of course. The rest are mine, and well... another character credit will be at the very end
I apologize ahead of time for any confusing parts.. Bear with me, there's over 12 characters used for it, I tried my best!
This takes place sometime middle to late July, in 2065. Enjoy..

Secrets will unfold

Everything's so blurry..and everyone's so fake..and everybody's empty..and everything is so messed up..pre-occupied without you..I cannot live at all..My whole world surrounds you..I stumble then I crawl
The lyrics played loudly from a muggle boom box ontop of a cleared desk in the far corner of the room. Three young teenage girls in the bedroom busily moved, packed, wrapped or passed items and objects.

Yet again, the Mae's were moving; Lorraine was transfuring Ministry's for the third time. Back to Italy, much to Savina's delight. Even better, they would not only be in the same town as the Chosens but the same neighborhood. Kaitlynnh and Julian couldn't be more inlove with the idea either; Legend Chosen, Alexis' little brother, was a good friend of both of the twins.

To Mister and Missus Mae, although very crowded and busy, the house was an amazing sight. Not because of what it held (or..sort of), but because each of their ten children (Conner not included for obvious reasons) were home. In one house. Lorraine had lost hope on ever seeing that again, after losing her third oldest to adulthood.

Even Nikolas' wife, and Emmylyne's daughter, was here. Both Chosen children too, since Lorraine had said yes to Savannah's request of having them spend the night; as hectic as it was. Chaos was fun..right?

Getting up quickly, not letting her fall faze her any (or Lexi's giggle of amusement to her tripping over a roll of tape), Savannah took the box Madison handed over, allowing her to fill another box; for being fourteen she looked just as old as Savs, if not maybe older.

"PIZZAAAAA" A loud, male voice boomed through the house. Nikolas was easily found in the kitchen, setting down the three large boxes of pizza. Cheese for the finicky eatters, canadian bacon pineapple, and one with everything on it; there were two women in the house with their random crazy cravings, Nik was covering basis here.

Kaitlynnh, Julian and Legend flew in from the backdoor each sopping wet. They didn't have a pool, but by the smirk playing on the younger girl's lips, and Julian's brown orbs roll after glancing to his twin sister, it was clear to say Katie had turned the sprinkles on unsuspecting boys.

"You didn't, Kaitlynnh!" Her mother sighed, coming down the hall to see the three eight year olds soaked. It was a hot summers day, but they were trying to pack and move things. Lorraine didn't have time to be cleaning up after them, too. Not today; there just wasn't enough time.

"I got it, here" Nikolas stepped out of the kitchen entrance, english holly wooded wand pointed at a pile of tapped up boxes closes to the couch. One of them had the towels, He was sure of it. His neice had pushed it into the livingroom earlier, so it was light. "Accio towels,"

Lorraine looked positively miffed, as one of the bottom boxes bursted open, knocking over other boxes and making a mess of what had been packed. Nikolas gave a sheepish grin, wrapping a towel around both his younger sister and brother, and their friend. He tried not to meet his mother's deadly gaze, and not laugh. What was he? Eleven again? Scary thought.

Regina had a harder time stiffling her laughter, looking to her older sister as she bit her lip. It really felt like old times, with all of them home. Someone angering mother, kids running around..the normal Mae household. "Smoooooth Nik," Emmylyne commented, amusement written all over her face.

Ponytail of blonde curls moved from side to side, as Regina weaved pass, taking her wand from her pocket. She very rarely ever used magic, today was actually the first time in atleast a year. If she recalled right, two. Murmuring an incantation, a jet of hot air came from the point of her cherry stick, drying the kids much quicker than the towels could. "That, is how you things done Nik; Go ahead and go get some pizza," Reg added, after motioning into the kitchen she stood.

"Yeah yeah," The twenty-one year old's eyes rolled, running a hand wearily through his short blonde locks He went to help serve (the late) lunch; Scott wasn't home yet, he had gone out to run some errands. And now it seemed Lorraine had to run, for abit.

"I'll be back as soon as I can be; Viny sent an urgent message. Emmy, Gina, Nik; you three are incharge. Nikolas, keep your wife off her feet!" Raine said hurriedly, throwing her jacket on the woman practically ran to the fireplace and disappeared seconds later with only a dying green flame left.

'Viny' was actually Savina - Drewery. Their mum's oldest and dear friend, also the woman Savannah was named after.

The trio had been moved to the kitchen table with their plates, Savannah and Alexis both noticed as they came from her room for the third time. Alexis ruffling her younger brothers hair as she passed, ignoring his complaint. Madi sighed in annoyance as a pale blonde wavy strand fell in the way of a bright blue eye. Swiftly tying her hair back into a messy bun, the girl handed over two plates of pizza (that was already waiting on the counter for them) to her Hufflepuff sister and her Gryffindor friend; joining them at the counter on the barstools.

The sun was blazing brightly in the sky, now around three in the afternoon. While the only shelter outside was the large trees making shade, and the occasional cool summers breeze, the other four children were still outside.

"So where's Axel, Valencia and Dusty?" Regina asked, purely out of curiousity. Axel and Emmy had been married for eight months now, if she was correct. "Yeah, where's lover boy?" Nik piped in, plopping himself down onto the couch; a large grin spread across his face. He had absolutely nothing against Axel, so his teasing was noted easily. If his sister's husband was here, there was a fifty-fifty chance he would have still called him that; Nik would take on his brother-in-law anyday.

"Ax and I talked about it. I wanted him and the kids to take today to themselves, just the three. They haven't gotten bonding time like that since their parents were still alive." Emmylyne responded, earth tone eyes turning towards the backdoor across the room as she spoke. The little girl pushed hard, closing the door, and turned with a sigh. A finger wrapping loosely around and around a short golden curl; the soon-to-be three year old resembled Emmy very much, it was almost like looking in a mirror, both had hazel brownish-greenish eyes. Except the curls; Lainie got that from her father.

"What's up babycakes?" Ems asked, running a hand through her daughters massive curls and murmured a quick "Geeze, aren't you warm with your hair down Laihlaih?" Lainie merely shook her head. Her mother pulled her up onto the cushy, overstuffed armchair, nearly causing her to drop the stuffed husky dog she held tight to. "Are you hungry? here have a bite of mummy's pizza,"

"Well she doesn't talk to much, does she?" Reg asked, observing her surroundings, she was standing on the otherside of the couch, breathing in the delicious scent of the coffee she held between two hands.

A soft smile appeared, glancing over to her older brother as his wife waddled over to him; her attention then turned to the three teenage girls on the further side of the room. "So Vina-" Abruptly she was cut off, Savannah swallowed what was in her mouth just in time to catch that. "It's Sa-vannah not Sa-vina,"

Reg nodded to the cheeky reply, rather amused the younger girl still wished to be called by 'Savannah'. It was one of those moments were you just had to say 'Whatever floats your boat'. "Banana, is that better?" She laughed, continuing "So two are going into...fifth year?"

"Yup; which also means, only two more years before Vannah's wedding!" Alexis said, a mischievous glint in her pretty emerald green eyes. Some would think Savannah would react better to that being said at home, not in front of as many people like at school. But admittedly she wasn't sure which was worse!

Nikolas kissed Jasmine's cheek gently, helping her sit. Being about seven months along with their first child, a son, it was no wonder the woman's mother-in-law had requested her to rest.

After hearring Alexis' words, his eyes turned sharpy on his little sister. The girl's face already turning crimson as she tried saying something but stammered on whatever she tried saying. Emmylyne and Regina's laughing, plus Katie, Juls and Leggy's murmuring of curiousness to the matter they were overhearring was NOT helping Savannah at all. If she had ever wanted to disappear, now was one of those times.

"I was joking- just kidding! No wedding, don't kill anyone!" Lex mouthed a 'Sorry!' as her best friend caught her gaze, her expression sympathetic.

"Don't worry, we know. What, do you girl's think we didn't have silly moments with our friends too?" Regina smiled at the two, taking a sip of her drink. Thank merlin, She, Emmy and even Jassy found it amusing in the least.

Soon, the identical six year olds came back from inside; their recently adopted brother, Gabriel, not far behind. All three sunburned, Emmylyne had taken care of them, and her own daughter since she too had gotten just abit burnt from playing outside.

After things had settled down a little, they all went back to work. Their mother was hoping to get everything packed and start moviing by tomorrow. Julian and Gabriel took their room, Legend helping as well, while Kaitlynnh, Lissy and Lydia took their room.

Emmylyne took her mother and step-father's room, and Lainie came with her. Nikolas and Jasmine stayed in the livingroom, working as a team, Nik passed glass figurines and such objects to her so she could pack them carefully from were she sat. Savannah, Madi and Lex went back to the girls' bedroom, and Regina was here and there, running from this room to that not boxing up a certain part of the room but whatever she came by at that moment.

Now about three hours later, the house was cooling off even more without the fans since it was about six something in the evening. A knock was heard on Savannah and Madi's closed bedroom door, where the three girls were again. The door opened a split second after, to show Regina. "Girls, mom's home." She said, nodding her head down the hall. "Come on," Something was off; the three exchanged looks before following. Lexi might have been new(er) to the Mae home, but she too knew something was up.

Lorraine grimaced, Scott squeezed her shoulder in a comforting and loving manner from where he stood behind her chair. She looked as if she had been crying..

"I didn't mean for the younger kids." Raine murmured, never looking away from her folded hands.

As Jasmine went to stand, Nik helped her just as he should. "I'll take them; we'll go play a game, how about that kiddos?" She asked sweetly, smiling as she approached the seven kid's from eight years old and younger; clearly they weren't suppose be in the room for this 'meeting'. Ushering them down the hall, two little hands slipped into hers; one belonging to her sister-in-law's dearling toddler, and the other to the newest and youngest Mae.

"Sit, please," Lorraine waited until she heard a door close before going on. She waited for her children and Alexis to take seats; this was far more intense than their normal family meetings. And no, she wasn't forgetting Miss Chosen wasn't a Mae, but she was more than welcome to stay even for this (she'd hear about it later otherwise, she knew). Lorraine was quite fond of the girl, and she knew her daughter was very much so attached to her friend.

Regina patted Madi's head as the girl came and curled up at her side on the couch. Nikolas took to the opposite arm of the couch, and Emmy resumed her chair as well. Savannah stood off to the side, Alexis close. She wasn't going to sit, so her mother started to speak.

"As you already know, Savina sent for me earlier, for something very important."

"Kinda figured.." Nikolas murmured. Abruptly being swatted lightly by his twenty year old sister to signal his silence.

"Something very, very amazing has happened" Yet again Raine was cut off in mid sentance.

"Your not having another kid are you mum?!"

"Nik! Shut up," Emmy hissed, looking then to their parents. "Go on"

"No, your mother is not having a baby." Scott spoke up, calmly.


"Nik! Pipe down!" Madi whined, annoyedly. It wasn't just her, everyone was anxiously waiting to hear what had happened.

"Quiet down," Scott hushed them, patting his wife's shoulder as he went to move from behind her to the side. "Can we just bring him in?" She asked faintly, rubbing her temples. She was already suffering from a headache.


Emmylyne, Nikolas and Regina exchanged looks of confusion, although everyone felt it. Of course each knew Savina. But Madi and Vannah didn't know who Joseph was; one hadn't been born at that time, and the other..well..

"Who's He?" Savannah asked, her tone quiet and her expression a puzzled one. Her mother's friend walked in after her father's call, leading a boy about her height. She couldn't see his face, because he seemed to be shy or something; avoiding looking directly at anyone was what it seemed.

"Can we just tell the short version?" The redhead interrupted, blueish gray eyes on her old Hogwarts friend. After receiving a small nod from Raine, Vina decided this meant she could explain. And so she did; directed more to the young girl whom was named after her, than the others.

"This story starts back fifteen years ago; May 5th. Vannah..hun, something went wrong with your mom's pregnancy, and you had to come and your twin brother." Vina spoke clearly, and semi-loudly, as not to be cut off, and heard. She swiftly went on, "Of course once we got the call, I stayed with the rest of you kids" She motioned to the eldest three, also meaning Conner. "While your father rushed to be by her side, they didn't let him in the room though. Everything was happening a mile a minute and three lives were in danger, Scott didn't argue on coming in but waited in the waiting room like a good boy."

Vina smirked slightly. "Anyways. Your mother wasn't exactily all that conscious, mind you. After she was awake and in a different room, you were the only baby she was able to hold. They had told your parents the first baby hadn't made it, and because there wasn't any information to say otherwise..we believed it." Her friend looked on the verge of crying again. As did her eldest daughters, and even Nik looked as if he were about to shed afew tears.

"Fifteen years later, here we are." Savina patted Joseph's shoulders, hugging him tightly but briefly from behind. "I have connections with a woman in a adoption agency in california, his name was in their system. We tracked him down, and from there we're having things taken care of,"

"He's home, and that's all that matters now." Lorraine choked out, using the tissue that was handed to her to dry her eyes.

Emmylyne had gotten up from her seat, and had taken her younger brother in a warm, muchly needed hug, that ended up as a group hug. Savannah not included though.

Everyone was in awe. Happy that Joseph was home. Sad that it had been fifteen years. Her twin brother..FIFTEEN YEARS!

"Why wasn't I ever told?" The fifteen year old demanded in a low voice, through clenched teeth. Savannah was irate, absolutely furious. And she had every right to feel this way. Hurt, confused, lost, upset. Tears of frustration were swimming in her ocean blue eyes at this point.

Savina frowned; she had expected this, but hoped that wouldn't be Little Savina's reaction.

"We believed he hadn't survived Vans, your mother and I thought it was for the best not to mention that to you," Savannah's father said, coming forward to try to comfort her.

Savannah shook her head, taking a step or two back. Arms still crossed over her chest, it wasn't any surprise she didn't want to be babied, or so she saw it that way. "I can't believe you!" She hissed, not caring one bit at the moment that she was being disrespectful to her parents, with others around and all.

"Vanna..calm down," Alexis said quietly, hoping she would stop before getting herself introuble. Admittedly she was surprised with the brunette. This was the first time out of their whole friendship she had ever seen Savannah angry, to this extent.

"No! I will not!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up. "How could you people do that?! I don't give merlins ugly pants WHAT your reason for it! So what if he wasn't suppose to be alive?! He's still apart of MY past. I had every right to know I had a twin, and you all kept it from me! Some family I have,"

Outburst over, Savannah left without another word. Without letting anyone say anything to her. Sure she might have overreacted, but She was tired of secrets, whether it they had good intentions or not secrets were only people trying to hide the truth. They were hurtful and confusing things that put people like her into situations like this; no more secrets. They will always unfold.

Last character Credit: Joseph Mae belongs to Nik as well XD
Annnd disclaimer: The song is called Blurry, by Puddle of Mudd <33

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RAWR! This annoyed me. Really. It didn't turn out the way I it is. (this is like...related to my first ficlet)

On my Own

Ok I just thought of something. Something very important. Serious too. It’s time to tell my story. They way I remember it, what happened after I ran away. Cause if I don’t tell it and hit my head I’ll forget or something right? And if I don’t tell it who else will?

Ok so, as the train pulled into the station I stared up at it as I sat on the bench. A number of people were getting off and on so there was buzzing around me. It must have looked weird to some people. A ten year old boy, sitting on a bench hugging a backpack? Weird. But I didn’t really care what they thought; as long as they didn’t call the police so I did want to try to look normal. When I had gotten dressed that morning I tried to make myself look normal, which was not at all like me. You know normal t-shirt and a light jacket, normal jeans. Even my hair was combed for once. You know like a normal boy; not like someone on the run. Kicking the ground a bit I sighed. I knew went through with this then I couldn’t be me anymore. I couldn’t be Tyson Chosen. The thought comforted me, but also made me scared.

As the train whistled for the third time, I guessed that it was probably leaving soon, even though it had came not to long ago. Standing up and putting my backpack on my back and picked up a small duffle bag from next to me. Standing in the line to get on the train I wasn’t really paying much attention so I didn’t notice a guy with a mustache talking to me.

“Do you have a ticket please young man?” The mustache man asked. That this was freaky, like those weird fake mustache you saw on tv that French people supposedly wore.

“Um yeah.” I said then reached into my pocket and gave him the ticket. It had cost $50 but that wasn’t too much. Before I left home I had taken $450 from my mother. Plus one of her bank cards, that I knew the pin to. No one can call me stupid.

“Aren’t you a little young to be riding the train all by you’re self.” The mustache man asked. Like it was any of his business. I wanted to ask him if it was against the law to wear a mustache that scary but didn’t.

“No. I’m 19. I just look young for my age. And also…” I motioned from him to come closer to me and he did. “I come from a family of…um how you say…vertically challenged people.” I said whispering the last part.

“Oh! Right sir. Sorry about that.” He said looking uncomfortable and letting me on the train. What a dope. Anyways I took my bag and stuff and began to walk to the back of the train. I didn’t really have a clue to where I was going. I did know that I wanted to get is far as I could away from my house, so my mom couldn’t find me. Most of the compartments in the train were full. I did find one with only one person in it; an old man reading a book. He looked like…an old man, you know, white hair, watery eyes, wrinkles, the usual.

I walked into the compartment and he took a quick glace at me then turned back to his book. I didn’t care though. I had much more things to worry about. Sitting down I began to think up my plans. Plan number one; get a job. That way I’d be able to send money to my little sister Alexis back home, my brother too. I love my sister. When I told her I was leaving she didn’t make a fuss or anything, she understood. We share a bond like that. My younger brother Lysander is just a baby. So that gives me more reason for giving them money back home. Even though I hadn’t been away from long I was already missing them. Ha weird I know right? I mean I missed Lysander’s constant crying. I missed Lex telling me to call Lysander ‘Legend’. I missed all of it. Who would have thought? Anyways... maybe I should find somewhere to stay before I found a job? Like a hotel or something? That would be a good idea.

So yeah…I was thinking then I noticed that the old man was staring at me with a smile. It was creepy. When the old man noticed that I was looking at him back he chuckled.

“Running from something son?” The old man asked. I just looked at him surprised, how did he know!

“No sir.” I answered. It wasn’t like I was gonna tell the old man anything. And why was he calling me son? My own father didn’t even call me son when I saw him!

“Running away won’t solve anything son.” The old man said still wearing a smile. “My name is Edmond Denn. What’s your name son?”

Erm...I’m not running away.” I said again. Name? Name? Ohh no I hadn’t thought of a name! Saying the first thing that came to my mind I shrugged. “Um…Kevin…Kevin McCallister.” I said. Ohh thank you old muggle movies! Thank you so much.

“Kevin huh? Tisk, tisk, it isn’t good to lie Tyson.” Edmond the old man said in a whisper. Now I HAVE to admit I nearly fell off my seat when he said my name. I mean that’s creepier than creepy! “I bet you’re wondering how I know you’re name huh Tyson?” The man asked. I just nodded. “It’s called magic, Legilimency to be more exact.” Edmond said.

Now if I didn’t come from the family I came from I would that that man was crazy. Straight up bonkers! I mean magic, come on! But, in my house I had heard of magic. My father was a wizard. So this didn’t seem too weird; even if I didn’t know that much about magic.

“You’re about 9 right? You’re gonna start Hogwarts soon aren’t you?”

“I’m 10 dude. And I’m not going to Hog…whatever.” It’s not like I had anything against the place it’s just that, that Wizarding School is like KNOWN, and when I say known I mean known by every magical person. I do not want to go to a school where they can find me you know?

Edmond chuckled. He looked kinda like Santa when he did that. You know with the white hair and big belly. It may me think…DUDE! Santa was a WIZARD! That’s why he’s been alive all these years. Anyways maybe Santa was him. Not that I really believed in Saint Nick…it’s just that…ok maybe I DID believe in him, but no one needs to know that..

“Running away never solves anything, but I believe you have a good reason for doing this. Listen Tyson, when I was younger I tried to run away. I fell flat on my face. You can’t get far with what you’re doing. The monkey you have will vanish like poof.” He said snapping his fingers. “You need help. I can help you. My wife and I help runaways, young witch and wizards to be more specific. You help by doing chores. We supply food shelter and pay. What do you think?” Edmond finished reaching he hand out like a jester to shake mine.

Ok so yeah I know. Going someone with a man I don’t know is wrong…blah blah blah. I might get kidnapped blah blah blah, he could be an ex con. I get it! But if you think about it…he couldn’t be worse than my mother right? I mean she surely wasn’t a stranger (hello she gave birth to me) but she was just as bad as one. So this guy couldn’t be worse right? Nodding I shook his hand.

“It would probably be best to keep that name of yours Kevin.”
Edmond said with a wink.

So yeah that’s how I remember it. That happened about a week ago. Edmond and Rosie (his wife) are pretty cool. There are other runaways here as well. Only four others. Maya, (real name Ella) who’s 14, Victoria (Autumn) the same age as me and so is Sebastian (Jose), and Carlos (Luis) is 12. Even if everyone here is pretty cool that doesn’t mean that I’m gonna stay here forever. After my first year in Wizarding School I’m gone. Sebastian (again real name Jose) said the same thing. I’m not staying in one place to long. Nooo way.

So the point of my story is…well I don’t really have a point. I’m not too happy in running away, or staying with people I don’t really know. I miss my sister, my brother, and my dad and I have no clue how im gonna make it past age 12. But I guess everything works out for a reason right?

Yeah I’m on my own. But I’m alright with that. I got people looking after me; and people I gotta look after. That is my story. And that’s just how life goes.

{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}
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The Bike Ride

August 16, 2065

It was a warm sunny day, as a nearly turned fourteen year old sat looking out her window. Her brown hair had a reddish tint to it as it sat limply in two ponytails on her shoulders. Usually Samantha Elise Edwards wouldn’t wear such a girly hairstyle, but it was hot and she wanted her hair off her neck. Two ponytails may not seem girly to other people, but to this tomboy it was.

A knock on the door made Sam turn. She gave Benny a nod to come in, as he watched her from the doorway.

Benny had really grown up. His dark brown hair was just below his ears and his chocolate brown eyes (the same as Sam’s) held wisdom in them, with things others would never know. Even though he did like to use magic whenever he could, now that he was of age, he didn’t abuse it like other seventeen year olds did. He was still a little mischievous at times, but Sam would be upset to see the day when he wasn’t. Benny Michael Edwards had truly grown into a gentleman.

“Hey Sammy. What are you doing?” he asked and jumped onto her bed. He bounced a little just to look childish, making Sam giggle.

“Nothing. I’m bored.” She replied.

“And hiding from mum?” he asked, with a knowing smile. Sam couldn’t help but smile back. He knew how much her and Silvia could butt heads.

Silvia Edwards was born under the sign of Virgo and she held all the characteristics of one. She was a neat freak and always very organized. One thing she did every summer was clean the house spotless. Sam didn’t mind helping out, but she hated the way her mother breathed down her neck as she was cleaning. So every summer Sam took refuge in her room. But what made this summer different from the others was Silvia was six months pregnant. Hormones came from her mother in small (but effective) burst here and there.

“Want to go mountain bike riding? We can go through the trails up on Pan Mountain.” Benny said.

Sam thought about it, and then smiled at him. “Sure. Lets go.”

The two of them exited the room and walked into the kitchen. Leo Edwards was cooking by the stove, and looked up when they entered.

“What are you two up to?” he asked, his brown eyes shining. All of the Edwards children had inherited their eyes from their father.

“We are gonna go mountain bike riding.” Sam replied.

Going, not gonna, Samantha.” Silvia waddled into the kitchen. Sam tried with all her might to not roll her eyes. She knew her mother would not like her rolling her eyes at her.

“I want to go!” Danny said, making his presence known in the kitchen.

“There are only two helmets Dan-Dan.” Leo said, pouring some soup into a bowl for his wife.

“I don’t need one.” Danny tired.

“Oh yes you do! Sorry Danny maybe next time.” Silvia said as Leo placed the bowl in front of her. Danny’s face fell into a frown.

“He can wear my helmet.” Benny said ruffling the seven year olds sandy brown hair. Danny put on a wide grin and looked to Silvia for approval.

She thought about it for a second, and then looked at the three. “You be careful. Benny, watch over Danny and Samantha-“

“Sam, mum, its Sam.” Sam interrupted.

“Watch them Benny.” Silvia said, giving her only daughter a light smile. Benny gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and rubbed her pregnant belly before walking to the backdoor. Sam and Danny followed after him.

Sam handed Danny the other helmet and helped him put it on, as Benny brought the bikes out. They rode the dirt path upwards with laughter trailing behind them.

As the path grew steeper and steeper, the older two slowed down so Danny could keep up. Smiles were spread on all three of them as the rode in order, Benny in front, Sam just behind him, and Danny not to far behind Sam. Benny rode a little off to the right side, closer to the edge of the mountain, so the other two couldn’t fall over. It wasn’t a drop, but it was a very steep hill down.

As the ground drew level, they all sped up again, trying to go as fast as they could. Benny looked back at them and gave them the thumbs up. Sam chuckled at him, when she saw a large branch blocking the path.

“Benny! Look out!” she screeched, skidding on her brakes.

Benny looked back just in time to see the branch, but he was going too fast. He swerved left but his body fell right. A loud smack was heard as his body began to tumble down the rocky slope.

Sam jumped from her bike and looked down below at her brother’s ragged body. He wasn’t moving. Why wasn’t he moving? She quickly took her wand out of her pocket of her jeans and shot two red sparks into the air.

“Danny stay here. I need to get to Benny.” Sam said to the horror stricken little boy. His eyes were as wide as owls and she could see he was beginning to panic.

“Is Benny ok? How come he’s not getting up? Why won’t he get up?! Sammy?!” The seven year old began to shake uncontrollably.

“Danny. It’s ok. I need to get to him. When dad gets here send him down here.” Sam said as calmly as she could.

She then slowly began to climb down the precipitous slope. She almost slipped twice, but Sam had great balance. When she was a few feet away from him, she ran to his lifeless body and fell to her knees.

His head was bleeding severely, and his eyes were shut tightly. He was on his side, with his left arm slung over his back. One of his shoes was missing and Sam could see gashes and deep cuts all over his body.

Gently and as slow as she could, she rolled him over onto his back. She had seen on a muggle movie once that they should never move an injured person’s head, in case they broke their neck. So she made sure not to move him any more than she had to. Taking one of his hands, she placed two of her fingers on his wrist. At first she couldn’t find his pulse, but finally found a very faint one.

“Come on Benny, stay with me.” She whispered. She took off the light jacket she had been wearing and ripped off one of the sleeves. Wrapping it around the deep gash on his head, that was still bleeding a lot; she hoped he wasn’t losing too much blood.

When Sam heard a loud crack at least twenty feet away from where she kneeled, she took a deep breath and yelled, “Dad!”

************************************************** *********************

The next few hours went by in a daze. Sam sat in between her father, who was expressionless, (his eyes no longer shining) and Danny, who was rocking back and forward with his arms wrapped tightly around his knees that were to his chest. Danny’s eyes were still huger than owls and he looked like he hadn’t blinked in awhile. Silvia had stayed with Benny. Sam looked really calm on the outside (except her hands were a little shaky) but inside her mind was going a mile a minute. They had been sitting in the waiting room for almost three and half hours now. Anxiety and frustration about not knowing what was going on was coursing through her veins. The accident kept replaying over and over in her head as she kept on looking at the door every few seconds.

When she thought she was about to explode, Silvia walked out. Leo immediately walked over to his wife and placed a comforting arm around her. Sam also stood up, wanting to know what happened.

“How is he?” Leo asked softly.

“He lost a lot of blood from his head. They gave him a potion to give him some back. He is still pretty low on blood but at least he isn’t losing it anymore.” Silvia answered. She looked strong on the outside, but Sam knew she had the anxiety and worry going through her mind like she did a few seconds ago.

“Is he awake?” Sam asked.

This was what broke her mother. Tears streamed down her face and she struggled to talk. She took in a few deep breaths before speaking.

“At first the healers couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. He wouldn’t wake. Then another healer came in, she was muggleborn, and she said he was in a coma. She explained to me that massive blow to the head could kill a person. Benny was lucky.”

“How long will he be in a coma?” Sam asked fiercely. Not Benny. No, not Benny.

“They don’t know. It can be days, a few weeks, months, years. He may never come out of it.” A loud thumping sound was coming from the seats. Danny was rocking even harder now, his face hidden between his legs.

“So he might never wake up?” Sam asked.

“Later Sam.” Silvia said, seeing Danny.

“No. I want to know if he is ok.” Sam said defiantly.

“No more for now Samantha.” Leo said, looking at his youngest. Her father saying her full name surprised her so much, she went quiet. He never said her whole name. It showed how serious the situation was.

“Can we see him?” Sam asked, testing her luck.

“Not today. Lets go home.” Silvia said.

Leo walked over to Danny and placed his hands on his shoulders. “Hang on Dan-Dan.” He said softly. Slowly, Danny came from out his ball position. He put his arms around his father’s neck and laid his head on his chest. Leo stood up straightly and locked eyes with his wife. He then disapparated, with his son in his arms.

Sam looked over at her mother and saw that she was still silently crying. She took the couple of steps away from her and brought her into a hug. The two of them stood holding each other for what felt like forever. Each giving the other the strength to keep going.

August 20, 2065

A low muttering sound jarred Sam awake. She looked over at her clock. The red numbers read 2:13 in the morning. The muttering sound wasn’t coming from her room. This made Sam rise from her bed. She walked outside her room and began down the murky hallway. The tiny thumps of her feet echoed off the walls.

As she grew closer to the source of the noise, she realized it was coming from Benny and Danny’s room. She inched open the door and saw the shadow of Danny’s body rolling around in his sleep. Closing his door soundlessly, she walked over to his bed and sat down on the edge.

“Danny. Danny wake up.” She whispered. She placed a hand on his cheek to try and get him to wake. He was cold and clammy. He jumped when she touched his face and he sat up.

It has been three days since Benny went into his coma. Danny hasn’t said one word since that day. Danny was always quiet before, but he always responded when spoken to. Now they were lucky it they got a simple nod from him. He mostly stayed in his room now a days. He was never as sporty as Sam or Benny, but he was an outdoors person. Mostly just to look at the animals he could. But now he wouldn’t even come out to eat. Leo persuaded his son to come out just the night before. Silvia was beginning to worry about him, but Leo just told her to give the seven-year-old time.

“You ok now?” Sam asked. No response.

“Did you have a bad dream?” she could feel him watching her in the dark, but he still said nothing.

“Are you alright now?” she asked. When he still said nothing, she sighed.

“Go back to sleep Danny. I’ll see you in the morning.” She said. She then got up from his bed and started back to her room.

When she had her hand on the doorknob, he finally spoke. “It’s my fault.”

Sam turned back and looked at him in the dark. “What’s your fault?”

“If I didn’t take Benny’s helmet, he wouldn’t be dead.” Danny said shakily.

“He’s not dead, Danny.” The word sent chills down her spine. “He is just sleeping. Only he will be sleeping a little longer than you or me would.”

“Then why won’t mom let me see him?” he asked. Tears were streaming down his milky white cheeks now.

Silvia refused to let her youngest see Benny while he was at St. Mungos. Sam silently agreed. She had gone in to see him the day after his accident. He looked horrible. His head was all bandaged up and his face was swollen, almost a purplish color. His arm had broken in thirty-two places, so he had a white cast up to his shoulder. The healer that had helped diagnose Benny into his coma suggested taken him to a muggle hospital, where there are doctors who specialized in patients who are in comas. Leo confirmed that was true, so on the second day, Sam stayed home with Danny as her parents transferred Benny to Asclepius Hospital. Her father had to explain to her mother that he was connected to machines to help him breath.

Silvia was still amazed how little she knew about the muggle world. She grew up around magic, her mother using a lot while at home. Leo was a muggleborn wizard. So when he turned eleven, he was in shock to see an owl fly into his home. Leo attended the same school as Silvia and the story goes on.

“He is not dead Danny. You will be able to see him in time.” She said, sitting back down on his bed. His knees had found their way back up to his chest and his arms were wrapped firmly around them.

“I know you miss him Danny. But don’t blame yourself for what happened.” She said soothingly, pulling him closer. He laid his head on her chest and took a deep breath.

“I wish he was here.” He said so softly, Sam barely caught it.

“I know. Me too.” She whispered, rocking him slowly back and forward. She stroked his sandy brown hair relaxingly, before gently laying him down onto his pillow. Lying down next to him, she placed the blanket over the both of them. Her arm still wrapped tightly around her little brother; she waited until his breathing grew softer, before letting sleep overcome her.

They both didn’t know what was going to happen with Benny. Sam was never going to feel complete without him. Others won’t understand why Danny won’t ever talk or even say anything. But one thing that kept them going, was knowing that Benny was still alive.


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That feeling

A light summer mornings breeze swept through the open window, as a little seven year old awoke from her bed, glancing up into the bunk above her which was empty, of course. The sun was shining brightly, not fully risen into the sky; it was early, probably somewere around five in the morning.

Yawning, Savannah pulled her black and gold trimmed throw blanket from her bed, throwing it over herself and began dragging her feet across the floor, heading out of the room. Her arms held the blanket away from her face, enough so she could see her feet; having had grown up in this house since she was born, by now she should know her way around without watching.

For being the Mae's house, it was quiet. That was because the three oldest children; Emmylyne, Nikolas, Regina and Madison, weren't home. They were at Grandma Angelina's for a week or two, Savannah didn't remember the exact time. With them gone, that left Conner, Herself, and the six month old twins at home with mum and dad. And today being a saturday, both their mother and father didn't have work.

Her and Madi's room were the first to the right of the staircase. She had left that behind, now passing the next bedroom door; her two older sisters. Continuing on her way, peeking her head out every now and then to be sure she was going the right way still, the little girl finally reached and stopped infront of a closed door. The yellow 'CAUTION' sign was ignored, as always, as she turned the knob, quietly creeping inside.

Again, since Nik wasn't home, that left only Conner in their room. He was an early bird at times, but this wasn't one of them. Short, dark curly hair even messier then usual, the nine year old rolled onto his side, yawning as he woke. He was a light sleeper, so whether or not his baby sister had woken him up wasn't much of a question. He didn't mind though. "Morning Anna Banana" Conner murmured, smiling once her head came back into view.

"You messed it up, my plan!" She sighed, head-hung in sincere disappointment. "I was going to scare you.." Her soft tone so innocent, with that silly sentance it was hard for her brother not to grin.

"Go back and we'll try again," Conner faught a laugh, rolling back over and closed his eyes while Savannah ran to the door, tripping over part of her blanket and handed hard on the floor but didn't let that faze her any.

Once more outside the closed door, Savannah beamed excitedly, one hand ready to push it open. After making sure she was hidden under the black and gold fabic she inched into the room, making a rather sad attempt at spooky noises. Conner played along, yawning a pretend yawn then 'acknowledged' the 'monster' (or whatever she was acting as); the boy gave a mock-gasp, which caused the little girl to cover her mouth, muffling a giggle.

Composing just as quickly, Savannah neared her big brother's bed, waving her arms about, breathing lowly "WOHAAAAAAA!"

"What are you suppose to be?" He asked, purely for the sake of knowing.

"Dementorrr! Silly!" Savannah responded, sticking her head out for a brief second.

Lips forming into a sort of 'O' shape, Conner mouthed an 'Ohh!' deciding how to react to her little game, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He yelled in alarm, fake of course. Little Savina was pleased though, her giggles shown that.

"Okay! No more Saviiiees Dementor!" She said, quickly, tossing the blanket away from herself. "Help, help! the floor is gonna turn to lava; I'm notta monster now!" It was obvious to say, imagination was not something Savina Nicole Mae was missing.

Having abit of help from her brother, she stood on the bed, sighing in relief as she plopped down onto her bottom and gave her brother a tight hug. "Goood morning Con,"

After ten minutes of a silly discussion on whether or not to go downstairs then, or figure out what they would do today, their father had come to check on them after not finding little Savina in her bed, nor hearing her around the house.

With the twins still sleeping, Lorraine was able to come downstairs and eat the breakfast Scott had cooked, with what was left of her family, in peace. Conner and Savannah on their own, were very well behaved and quiet. They kept eachother entertained; or that might just be abit one-sided, but Conner didn't seem to mind his little sister's clinging.

As time passed, hour by hour, sunraise beat down on the Mae's backyard; windows and backdoor opened to keep the house cool with the help of the small occasional breezes. It wasn't a dry, humid heat. Perfect for the two kids to play outside, which is exactily what they did; kicking the soccor ball around, Conner teaching his little sister a thing or two he had been taught by Nikolas and Emmylyne.

By the time the diningroom clock chimed three, Lorraine called her children inside. Scott retreated upstairs, taking care of babies Julian and Kaitlynnh.

"Go change into your swimsuits," Their mother spoke, ushering both inside, brushing her daughter's bangs out of ocean blue orbs with a gentle finger.

Lifting her shirt, not to reveal her tummy, but the purple fabric underneath, Savannah smiled proudly up at her mum. "Already done, Mummy!" She said, her natural soft tone of innocence bringing a smile to both her mother, and brother's faces. The little girl was already one step ahead of them.

"Come along then; Conner, go change, dear."

Following her mother into the livingroom, the young girl gasped in surprise. Savina; her mother's closes friend and someone the Mae children could consider another aunt was waiting with open arms and a warm smile. Two packed backpacks left on the couch, she didn't even notice at first. "Auntieee Savinaaa!" Savannah squealed, running into her mother's friend. Clearly, very happy to see the woman. They hadn't as often as normal lately, Savina had been engaged now through a year, they were getting more serious with the planning, which between that and work left little time for her to come and visit.

As Conner strolled back in, shorts switched with swimtrunks, the boy was ready to go to swim class. "Viny is going to be taking you two, for afew days. You'll still be attending your swim sessons, and I expect you both to behave yourselves, and listen to her; Viny's incharge." Lorraine said, helping her son get his backpack on while Savina held Savannah.

"So we're going to stay with Auntie Savina?" Savannah asked, ocean blue eyes traveling onto her big brother, whom wore a wide grin.

"Wait, what about Terence?" Conner asked cooly, eyebrows raised questioningly on Savina. Terence was the woman's fiancé, and he wasn't afraid to show he didn't like the guy.

"Terence won't be around, right now, just us three and Zephy may drop by at somepoint." Savina responded to both, gaze locked with her dear older friends for a short moment.

Within the next five minutes the children said their goodbyes to their mother and father, before allowing their god-mother to get them situated in the car. Halfway to the activities center, Little Savina had fallen asleep. While Conner went through his bag, wanting to know what his mother had packed for him. An hour later they were pretty far through their swim class. During free time, their swim instructor, Neil, had commented on Savannah being a natural guppy. And the little girl being..well, Savannah, protested, saying she was not a Guppy, but however a Ducky.

Spending an extra hour tacked onto the normal three of the session, the last without everyone else except Neil, wore both children out quite alot. Also making them rather hungry, after swimming for four hours without stops.

Before dinner, Savina's thirteen year old nephew had come, like his aunt had suggested. He too had been invited to stay the night, and in the morning the twenty-eight year old would be taking them to Diagon Alley!

Bouncing about on a high-sitting bed in the guest room, Savannah finally stopped infront of Savina, whom began to brush through dark brown locks, brushing bangs from her face while she was at it. They talked about the possible things they could do tomorrow, and what stores they would need to visit first, all that sort. Saying her goodnights to both Conner and Zephyrus, Savannah was tucked into bed, and almost immediantely after her head hit the pillow she fell into a deep, peaceful, sleep.

Just like planned, they had left reasonably early in the morning, and were going to be in Diagon alley all day. Zephyrus needed to complete his unfinished school shopping anyways.

Around noon, or a little after, the four had gone to the leaky cauldron for lunch, afew hours after and a trip to Madam Malkins where they had picked out afew things, Savina had insisted that Savannah needed robes for wizarding outtings she would like to take her to, they picked out two sets, an emerald green that she adored on the young girl and then dark blue that had caught Savannahs eyes. Both very pretty, on the little girl; they went to Florean Fortescue's ice cream parlor located right across the street from the shop they just exited. Savannah had stuck to a simple vanilla, her favorite, while the others took on flavors she would consider abit scary; wizarding ice cream sounded funny to her, truth be told. Even though she was a witch, she couldn't feel less like one despite the few abnormal 'incidences' she might have caused in the past couple of years. There were only a couple of those anyways, maybe when she turned eleven things would change? Part of her hoped so. She didn't want to be different from the others, her siblings..

Somehow on the way out from a crowded Flourish & Blotts, a store the young girl was utmost thrilled to visit and look around curious ocean blue eyes gazing around at each and every aisle of books, Savannah was seperated from her mothers friend, nephew, and her own brother. This was not good. She was a small seven year old. Possibly abit smaller than her sisters were at this age, and no matter eitherway, the shoppers would still tower her still. Being bumped into and having to push through people, not being able to see where she was going was making her heartbeat race, growing more nervous and afraid she wouldn't find her group, therefore she wouldn't get home.

Shoving her way through as she somehow manged to spot a bulding wall, the seven year old escaped to it, resting against it for safety from the crowd. Ocean blue eyes were wide, she was feeling unusually claustrophobic. That probably came naturally with feeling lost, though.

Deciding to start walking again, hoping to end her endless wandering and find Con, Zeph and Vina, Vannah swiftly moved around groups of people, going through crowds and gazed around for any sign to tell her were she was. As if her wish was granted, at part where it was optional to keep going forward or turn left, Savannah spotted a sign that read 'Knockturn Alley'. Vina had mentioned that name, but She couldn't recall exactily what was said. Would that get her back to them? Was that the right way? Thats what she wanted, desperately, so she chanced it and took off running down the street; ignoring the uneasy air about the place. It was almost empty, compared to the main street. It made it slightly easier, but the awful feeling she had didn't decrease, if anything it became stronger.

Running, especially in an unknown place, lost, was not a good idea. Not for a seven year old, clumsy, girl. She smacked into someone, whom seemed to just appear out of nowhere. Savannah dismissed that, regardless of how odd it was. The man wore a cloak that kept him hidden, his face barely visible from the shadows. He extended a hand to her, offering to help, because it appeared to him that she was lost.

Vannah hesitated.

He was a why would he hurt her? The seven year old couldn't answer her own question, she couldn't come up with a reason he would be tricking her. If he could help her find mummy's friend, she would be safe again..she would get home.

"Y-yes please, sir.." She stuttered over her words, her voice so low, so gentle, she wouldn't have been heard if others around were chatting. Smartly, she moved her hand away when he tried taking it. Pulling them into her sweater sleeves, "I'll follow" Vannah said, wondering if his gesture was because he thought she'd get lost again.

Vannah did as she said she would; he guided her down the street, not towards where she entered but in the direction she was already headed. She was silent, the whole way. Her gaze moving curiously around her afew times trying to catch the man's eyes with no luck. As the alley started getting darker from lack of sunlight hitting the area and more narrow, the atmosphere noticeably growing tense and a darker by the seconds. Something clicked inside her head like puzzle pieces being put in their place; Savannah wanted to run, run as far and fast as she could away.

The cloaked figure seemed to notice her alert expression almost right away and made to grab her. He was leading her the wrong way the whole time, he wasn't helping her get back to her family at all and he had no intentions to.

She ran, but didn't get far before her foot tripped the other, causing her to tumble onto the ground. Savannah, not wanting to worry about the pain, rather than finding real help, scrambled to get right back up. Dusting the dirt off her jeans and tossed her pigtail braids over her shoulders.

He was too close, he was advancing on her, and Savannah could only back up. If she turned around to run, he'd grab her. Her breathing was unsteady, actually rather heavy. Despite the situation she didn't let herself feel defeated. She was not going to let this mistake be her last..

Doing the only thing she could possibly think of without trying to defend herself by harming him, which even she knew was a long shot since he was a fully grown wizard while she was only a tiny child that couldn't control the magic within her, inhaling as much air as her lungs could possiblity hold in one sitting and then some, She ducked down, covering her own ears and let out an ear peircing, eardrum imploding scream that sounded like it came from a feirce, angered, banshee than it had a scared, little girl.

It didn't last forever, unfortunately and it didn't stop the man. However as soon as her voice trailed off, she screamed again, matching the same high pitched level, if not higher. Before she opened her eyes again, she screamed out of fright, as someone picked her up, she almost smacked her brother, hard. As soon as she realized they found her she stopped screaming; Savina went after the man, but he disappeared. Tears were streaming down the little girls face, the whole time they had been, she just hadn't had enough time to notice before being rescued.

After that they went right home, Conner either carried her or held tightly to her hand, wrist or arm. He didn't let her go, not once. Savina wasn't mad, she was..they all were, but not at little Savina. She had gotten lost, seperated from them, and trusted the wrong person.

Later that night, Savina left Zephyrus, Conner and Savannah to play exploding snaps, while she went to call Lorraine and tell her what happened. Vannah had troubles paying attention to the game, and wound up forfitting. Her vision blurred again, thinking back to earlier. She had been so scared, so helpless..Savannah, above all else, hated that feeling.

This Ficlet is about my current school character, Savannah Mae. She's (obviously) seven years old here
Savina Drewery and Conner Mae also belong to me, but Zephyrus belongs to Shan ^^ Enjoy<33
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I hear them. They’re fighting, again. I don’t understand why they must fight in the middle of the night. The neighbors aren’t stupid; they know they’re not in love anymore. You’d have to be blind not to see that. Or in my case, hear. Crash. They’re getting physical again. I get up from my bed and walk quickly to the door noiselessly. Even if I did make a noise, they wouldn’t know. I open the door and I’m instantly swallowed up by the darkness. My eyes adjust hastily and I move silently down the hallway towards the kitchen. That’s where they are.

Another crash. My mom threw a plate. I sure hope it didn’t hit my dad. It’s hard to take one of their sides though. I can’t choose. Okay, that’s a lie. I love my father more than my mother. It’s a horrible thing to say, but it’s true. My mother is more hostile, but my father is an instigator. Great combo right? Wrong.

I near the opening of the kitchen that connects to the living room as well and I notice something horribly wrong with this picture. Leah, my little sister, is listening and watching the whole thing. My parents have no idea; they’re too caught up in their row. I try to get her attention, but she’s glued to her spot next to the sofa. She tries to get up, to move, to get out of the horrible scene set before her, but all she manages is to stand and walk to the opening of the kitchen.

No! She can’t do that! She can’t be seen by them! They’ll start yelling about how she shouldn’t have been listening. I do the only thing I can do: I walk out into the open and pick up my sister. Both of my parents stop to look at me, but all I can do is glare back. I can’t believe they’d fight in front of an eight year old. They both look stunned as I walk away, but as soon as I shut my bedroom door the fight starts again.

I move to my bed and cradle Leah in my arms. She’s silently crying into my chest and it’s all I can do to keep myself from crying as well. We sit for hours; I’m not sure how long it was, but it was still dark out when she finally fell asleep. I don’t dare bring her into her own room. She might wake up frightened, so I tuck her close to me as I lay under my covers as well. I can’t fall asleep. The fighting has stopped, but I still can’t wrap my brain around the fact that they fought in front of Leah. How someone can be so obtuse to a little girl is beyond me.

As I lay, trying to figure out my parents reasoning, I stroke my sister’s hair and look at how tiny she is. She’s barely eight years old, yet she’s so intuitive. She always knows what I’m thinking even if I don’t say a word. She’s strong too. This is the first time I’ve seen her break down because of our parents fighting. It tears me apart to see her like this. This can’t go on much longer. I have to talk to my parents and it has to be tomorrow.

Finally, after thinking for hours, I decide it’s time to sleep. I pull Leah closer to me and soon I’m lost in a dreamless sleep.

The next morning, I awake to see Leah’s bright amber eyes looking directly at me: my eyes. “Why did you do that?” she asks me quietly. “Do what?” She furrows her brow in thought and sighs deeply. “Take me away from them last night. Why’d you do it Rocco?” It’s my turn to sigh now. “I didn’t want you to witness that. They shouldn’t have fought in front of you. It was wrong…” I trail off, not knowing what else to say. She seems to understand this. She curls closer into my chest and I feel like I want to cry.

“Why do they fight so violently?” Leah suddenly asks, barely above a whisper. I can tell she’s holding in a sob. I kiss the top of her head. “I don’t know Lee. I wish I knew. They’re not happy anymore.” She sighs brokenly and wipes her eyes on my shirt. “You should talk to them. They’ll listen to you, not me. I’m only eight,” she says a bit more clearly. “They need a divorce Rocco. I can’t live like this anymore. I’m…s-scared.” That was the first time I’d ever heard her use that word. My mouth parts out of shock and I pull her face out of hiding, looking directly into her eyes.

“Leah…I...I have to talk to them. You’re right. I have to do it…today.” Wow, I came to that conclusion pretty quickly. She nods approvingly then sits up and begins to play with a strand of her long brown hair. “Get dressed. After I’m done talking to them we’ll go for ice cream to get out of this house,” I say to her confidently. She smiles and kisses me then hops off my bed and walks out the door.

I quickly get dressed and go talk to my parents. The talk goes well, surprisingly. They tell me they’re getting a divorce, but they just didn’t know when to tell the both of us, so they bring Leah in too. She’s too scared to sit by herself so she sits on my lap. Thankfully, she’s extremely tiny for her age. The only thing left is for me to decide who I want to live with. Leah automatically goes to my mom because she’s the caregiver (yeah right) in the household. I decide to live with her too, but only for Leah. My father understands completely, even though I can tell he’s disappointed. I hate seeing that expression on his face. At least I can visit him whenever I want. I am fifteen after all.

So, my parents divorce and I hear no more fighting, obviously. My father lives in Ireland somewhere and my mother moved me and Leah to France. Anytime possible I leave to either see my father or to go to my best friend’s house: Dusty. I usually bring Leah along as well, seeing as Dusty’s younger cousin is Leah’s age and they seem to get along really well.

I’m about to start school at Beauxbatons and I couldn’t be more depressed. That’s a ballerina school, in my opinion. But it’s better than going to Durmstrang still and worrying about my sister night and day. Dusty helps as much as he can, as well as his older brother Axel who Dusty lives with. Their family has gone through many traumatic events as well so it’s nice to have someone to relate to. Hence why Dusty is my best friend.

Leah still likes to sleep in my bed with me, only because she’s scared of our mom. I think I might try to get a court date to give my dad the authority to take Leah back. For now, Leah stays with the Maguire’s as much as possible and it seems not to bother mom.

This experience will never fully go away, I know that. But at least we no longer have to live in fear of our parents dragging us in on a fight and possibly hurting us. If anything, this has made me into a man. Prematurely, but I still feel more mature than I did a few months ago. It’s made me stronger. My life isn’t perfect, but whose is? I’ll continue to count on the people close to me and I think that’s all I can ask for right now.
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Crash. They’re fighting again. I can hear them. It’s not like I wouldn’t hear them though. I’m sitting beside the couch playing with my dolls in my makeshift fort. They don’t see me because I’m well hidden. The only light coming in the living room is from the moon and it’s not hitting me. I don’t understand why they’re fighting. Clearly they’re not happy, but they don’t even care that I’m sitting right here.

Another crash. My mom threw a plate. My dad curses, but he doesn’t put a finger on her. He was taught better as a boy. I hear a door open as well, but I can’t peel my eyes away from the scene my parents are making. I know it’s my brother. Maybe if I stand in front of my parents they’ll stop because they won’t want to fight in front of me. It’s worth a shot. So I stand and walk towards them. It is then when I realize what a bad headache I have.

They don’t see me. Typical. But the scene I see makes the tears begin to flow. And the worst part is they don’t even seem to care. I feel a pair of strong arms pick me up. My brother has been watching me the whole time. He glares at my parents, who have finally gone silent with shock, and then walks me into his room. They begin to fight again, but about a completely different topic. Me, probably. I can’t do more than cry at this point, so I bury my face in Rocco’s chest. He’s never seen me cry like this before and I know it’s bothering him. I can feel it.

My brother is a strong person, even if he denies it. He believes this whole thing is partially his fault, no matter how many times I assure him it’s not. His best friend even tells him not to blame himself, but he still does. He feels like he isn’t living up to the brotherly expectations lay down by so many generations before us. But I feel he is doing a fine job. He’s only fifteen, what more can he do? He’s trying to be more than he can handle and I think he should chill. He’s not an adult and has no need to act like one yet. But, I must say, without him I would want to run away.

Hours pass without sleep, until I’m finally able to slip into unconsciousness. I feel Rocco place me under his covers and I huddle close to him. There’s no way I’m going in my own bed tonight, he can sense that. I haven’t slept in my own bed in ages. Really, it’s been a while. I mostly stay with Rocco in his room, even during the daytime. We both don’t want to hear one of our parents bash the other one while they’re away. It would be like them poisoning our minds against our other parent. Now, I’m only eight years old, but I know that isn’t right. So Rocco and I spend a lot of time together, which is why we’re so close. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I awake before my brother and all I can do is stare at him. I know he had a restless sleep. Don’t ask me how, but I just know. He then awakes suddenly and looks directly back at me. I have questions, so I ask, even though I already know the answer. Maybe he’ll come to some conclusion based on that. “Why did you do that?” I ask quietly. “Do what?” he asks, clearly looking puzzled. He’s playing games. He knows what I’m talking about. I sigh deeply. “Take me away from them last night. Why’d you do that Rocco?” He sighs this time and squeezes my hand gently. “I didn’t want you to witness that. They shouldn’t have fought in front of you. It was wrong…” he trails off and I understand that’s all we need to say on the matter.

I bury my face into his chest again. I’m trying to hold in my sobs as I speak again. “Why do they fight so violently?” I whisper. It’s getting harder and harder to hold in my tears, but I must for the sake of my brother. He has to know he’s doing a good job keeping me safe and this won’t help. “I don’t know Leah. I wish I knew. They’re not happy anymore.” I sigh brokenly, apparently the wrong thing to do because his grip tightens around me. “You should talk to them. They’ll listen to you, not me. I’m only eight,” I pause. “They need a divorce Rocco. I can’t live like this anymore. I’m…s-scared.” I know this can’t be a good thing to say, but someone does have to talk to our parents. It’s the only thing I can think of.

I know this shocks him. He didn’t think the word ‘scared’ was even in my vocabulary. That’s probably why it took a while to come out. “Leah…I...I have to talk to them. You’re right. I have to do it…today.” Good Rocco. I sit up and finger a strand of my brown hair as I think about the pros and cons of the situation at hand. . “Get dressed. After I’m done talking to them we’ll go for ice cream to get out of this house,” he says confidently. At this point, I can’t help but smile at him. I kiss his forehead then jump off the bed and go out the door to my room. I hear Rocco leave his room after I shut my door and I silently hope that our parents don’t hurt him. Well, my mother at least.

Ten minutes pass and my father knocks on my door. He walks in to find me at my piano. I enjoy playing music. It seems to be the only thing that makes sense anymore. He brings me into the kitchen. They offer me a chair, but I climb up onto Rocco’s lap. I’d feel too vulnerable sitting alone. They finally tell us they’re getting a divorce. It’s a horrible thing, but I’m singing the Hallelujah chorus in my head.

They decide that I automatically go to my mother seeing as she is the primary caregiver of our household, no matter how false that may be. Rocco decides to come with me as well, much to the disappointment of my father. I know Rocco wouldn’t dare leave me alone with my mother and I know he’s determined to have my father take me back. I wait for that day. My mother moves us to France where Rocco will attend Beauxbatons. I’m only eight so I will go to a French elementary school until it’s my time to go to Beauxbatons as well. I just hope I don’t have any premature bouts of magic in class.

Rocco is allowed to visit my father whenever he wants. I, on the other hand, get to go every other weekend to see him in Ireland. It’s not fair, but I’ll have to live with it for the time being. On the bright side, I do get to go to my friend Jae’s house whenever I want. His family knows what I’ve been through and Mrs. Maguire always welcomes me with open arms. I go to Rocco’s best friend’s house with him a lot too: Dusty. Jae always comes as well seeing as Dusty is his older cousin and they are quite close. I think we get along with these families so well because they’ve had their fair share of trauma, just like us. We can relate to each other, which is nice even though it may not seem like it.

I still get frequent headaches, but it’s mostly when there are a lot of people in the room. It’s almost like I can sense their emotions. Call me crazy, but I really think that’s possible. I haven’t told anyone, except Rocco. He told me not to dwell on it too much. He said some term as to what it was, but I can’t think of it now. Not to worry.

I still sleep in the same bed as Rocco. I’m not sure why, but I just feel safer with him than in my room alone. I like the fact that I can tell when he’s tranquil. It makes me feel at ease. Which comes to my conclusion for all of this. I’ve come to the realization that all of the things my brother has done to make our life better was really for me. I didn’t think the power of brotherhood could be so strong. Rocco loves me and I know he’d do anything for me. That’s why he always looked after me when my parents were fighting. That’s why he always brought me to Dusty’s house when he was going, even if Jae wasn’t going to be there. Because he didn’t want me alone to witness the horrid scene of our parents fighting.

He still constantly asks me if I need anything. I could completely take advantage of this situation, but I really don’t think there’s anything more I can ask of him. And I think that’s all I can ask for right now.
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Default Occ. Gracie I changed the title for Benny's story XD But I liked wat you had :P
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A Forgotten Tomato

”Tomato must get a tomato. Tomato. I want a tomato!” These thoughts ran across a certain five year olds mind. The patter of his bare feet across the wood floor, echoed across the shiny surface. There was a forbidden silence in the house, but it didn’t faze Obie Mathews Venezula at all. He was too young to sense that something wasn’t right.

When he finally reached the living room, two pair of hazel eyes scanned the room for his parents. Spotting his father at his desk, Obie ran to him with high spirits. He skidded to a halt in front of him with a wild grin on his face.

“Papa!” The little boy said cheerfully. His papa turned away from his work on his desk to look upon his son. A grim look was on his face that Obie didn’t understand. Obie looked around the living room once more, looking for his mother. “Where is mama?”

“She has left por something importante.” He replied in broken English. The look on his papa’s face was really starting to confuse him. His smile began to slip.

“Why so sad papa?’ Obie asked, tilting his head. At the question, his papa seemed to realize something and a smile was painted on his face. He reached over and picked Obie up into the air.

“Nada is wrong Mathew. Do you want a tomato?” his papa chuckled, walking toward the kitchen with Obie still in his arms.

“Sí! Sí! Sí! Yes!” Obie said excitedly. He let himself be set down on the ground so his papa could get him the red fruit. As the fridge opened, Obie began jumping up and down ecstatically. When the red fruit was in sight, the five year old began to clap gleefully. His father couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of his son. He had raised one strange child.

Unlike his mama, who cut the tomato into slices, his papa just gave him the whole tomato. Obie liked that because it was messier. He loved biting into the red fruit and all the juice squishing out everywhere.

Just as the tomato was handed over, a faint ‘pop’ was heard in the living room. His papa looked up so fast, he almost dropped the tomato. His eyes grew wide and he told Obie to eat his tomato in the kitchen. With that, he left hurriedly for the living room. Obie shrugged off his papa’s urgency and went to go peak at who arrived.

His papa was hugging some lady! The lady was crying. Why was she crying? Did somebody hurt her? Why was she hugging his papa? Questions and confusion ran through the five year olds head, when the embrace ended and he saw who the lady was.

“Mama?” Obie said, walking slowly into the living room, still holding the uneaten tomato. In all his life, Obie had never seen his mama cry. Even when his papa’s mama died, she didn’t cry. His mama and his grandmamma were really close, so to see tears streaming down her face now frightened the little boy. He didn’t even recognize his own mama!

“Mathew, I said eat your tomato in the kitchen.” His papa said, looking at him sternly.

“Its ok San.” His mama said and motioned for him to come to her. Obie ran to her at full speed and hugged her legs tightly, dropping his tomato onto the floor.

Loosening his grip on her legs, his mama lifted him into her arms. He was a small boy, so she was still able to hold her son with ease.

“Its ok bebe. Mama is here.” She whispered soothingly into his ear. “Why are you still awake. Its so late.” She said with a soft smile.

“I wanted to say buenos noches to you before I went to bed.” Obie said quietly into her shoulder. His mama gave a light chuckle and kissed his forehead. She then began to rock him slowly back and forward, like she did when he was younger. Obie held onto her neck tightly, still scared.

When she began to sing softly the lullaby she sang to him when he was sad or afraid, his body began to loosen on her neck and he slowly felt his eyelids close.

The next thing he knew, she was setting him down onto his bed. His Pluto shaped night light was turned on, and the door of his room was slowly being shut. Obie sat up and looked around. He then climbed out of his red car shaped bed. Looking down, he saw that he had his pajamas on. When did he get those go on? With the purple glow from his planet shaped night-light, he tiptoed toward his door and walked into the hallway. This time, the eerily silence ran through his ears. Walking toward the voices talking, he found himself in front of the den, unseen by both his parents.

“What happened? Was it really your brother?” Santana asked.

“Yes. My brother is alive. Banged up. But not dead.” Jodie replied. She was no longer crying. Her tough demeanor was back up, the one where the need to protect others was strong.

“Pero yo pienso él-“

“English dear.” Jodie smiled.

“Sorry.” He grinned bashfully. “I thought he-he was killed during a mission.”

“I thought so too. I guess he was kidnapped. This man, Remington McClane-“

“McClane. That sounds so familiar.”

“Blair McClane. She works at the ministry too. Remington is her brother. He was in love with Emmylyne. He sent her creepy letters and brainwashed her daughter. My niece. Lainie. Emmy didn’t tell people anybody about the letters though. He was sending her letters even when she was still with Ben. She never told him. I guess Remington wanted Emmy for himself, so he kidnapped Ben.” Jodie finished.

“Aye. Lo siento, Jodina.” Santana said, wrapping his arms around his wife.

“He is safe. I’m fine now.” She said, but didn’t move from out of his arms.

“What is going to happen to Lainie?”

Slowly Obie’s head fell to the floor. His hazel eyes flickered open every few minutes, trying to stay awake. He fought sleep for as long as he could. He wanted to know what was going to happen to Lainie. He barely understood anything his mama and papa were talking about. Remington? Who was that? Keed-naping? What was that? Is where all the kids had to take naps? And Ben. Wasn’t Uncle Ben in heaven? But one thing he did understand was Lainie.

“She will be ok. She was really shaken up about the whole ordeal. But she will heal.”

“Where is she going to stay? Is Emmy…going to be…fair about it?”

“Of course she is. Emmylyne is like a sister to me and she would never keep her child from her own father. Lainie is going to be staying with Emmy and let Ben go over whenever he likes. She has to slowly reintroduce her to Ben again, but they will be ok.” Jodie said without hesitation. “The weird thing was, as they were all talking afterwards, Blair was saying something about there might be two of them.”

“Like twins?” Santana asked. He moved a piece of pitch-black hair from away from his eyes curiously.

“Yes. After Remington was gone for sure-“

“Wait. Gone for sure? He was still in the house?!”

“Yes. He attacked Benjamin and Axel. I guess he wanted to get rid of Axel too. He tried to kidnap Emmylyne also.”

“Are you ok?” Santana asked, looking at every inch of his wife.

“I’m fine. I didn’t see him. He is gone. So don’t worry any more.”

“That’s fantastic Jodina. How did Jenny take it?”

But Obie will never know how is aunt Jenny took it, as his eyelids shut for good and he was off into dreamland.
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The Accidental Letter

It all started with a letter. I was just sitting in my common room reading a book when this magnificently brown owl landed on the arm of the chair I was sitting on. I didn’t recognize the owl, but I took the piece of parchment tied around its leg. Instead of flying away, the owl sat there as if waiting for something. I found this quite odd, but I didn’t mind. I unrolled the piece of parchment to reveal small, tidy handwriting.

It read: Dear Angie,

Hi. I know you don’t know me, but a buddy of mine said he had a friend who went to Hogwarts who could speak Latin. I have this big essay I need to do about the language, and I need to know if the words I put in are correct. Professor Vindict would hang me from his pocket watch if I got this essay wrong. I’m not that great writing in Latin, so I was wondering if you could help me. You don’t have to. I mean yeah you don’t even know me. But it would be greatly appreciated if you would just read over my essay. My owl will bring back your reply. Thanks so much, even if you don’t do it.

Carl Johnson

I just sat there reading the letter over a few times. I didn’t know how to speak Latin! Plus nobody called me Angie except for a few close relatives and friends. I found this really strange. But I didn’t want to not reply. So I walked up to my dormitory and grabbed a quill and a piece of parchment.

I wrote back telling him that I didn’t speak Latin and that he must’ve gotten the wrong Angie. But I did want to help him. So I told him to send the essay over and I would ask the librarian. Her and me were really close, since I was usually always in there. She didn’t speak Latin fluently, but I knew she would be able to help me. I signed the letter Angelina Brenin.

A few days later, I see the magnificently brown owl flying towards me. I didn’t know why, but I couldn’t help but smile. I was kind of looking forward to Carl replying back. After the owl landed and put its leg out, I grabbed the parchment and fed the owl an owl treat. The owl hooted at me gratefully and waited for me to read the letter.

This one was shorter than the last one. All it said was he felt like a fool and that he was sorry to have bothered me. But he didn’t bother me at all. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and waiting for him to reply. I wrote back during break. I told him he wasn’t a fool and that I could help him. I signed it Angelina Brenin and gave it to the owl.

The next day I saw the owl flying towards me during breakfast. A smile spread on my lips. I guess my friend Agatha noticed, because she asked me whom the letter was from. I told her the truth. She was my close friend and I told her everything. But I did let it slip my mind to tell her that I was developing a small crush on this Carl.

The letter was one of great gratitude. He had sent the essay over also. So during lunch, Agatha and I made our way to the library. She was use to going to the library everyday. She was a bookworm just like myself. I found Madam Clark pretty quick and told her my situation and asked if she could read it over. She took the essay with a smile and told me she would send for me when she was through reading it. I thanked her and we left to Charms.

The rest of the day all I could think about was Carl. I wondered what he was like. From the looks of it, he was smart if he was taking Latin. My grandmother could speak Latin and she always told me that was one of the hardest things she every learned. Plus it didn’t help her much that it was a dead language. She couldn’t practice or anything. I wondered what school he went to, because he obviously didn’t go here. I have never heard of a Professor Vindict before.

That night I got an owl from Madam Clark with the essay and a small parchment with three minor corrections. I grew excited because this meant I could write Carl again. I excused myself from the common room and walked up to my dorm. I didn’t know why, but I had a feeling that Agatha knew what I was up to.

I wrote Carl back saying that he had a well-written essay, for I had read it after Madam Clark was done with it. I also told him that it was interesting and he only had three small errors. I wished him good luck and sent Coco with the letter and essay.

The next day I grew a little sad. It kind of sunk in that I wouldn’t be writing Carl anymore. He had gotten what he wanted so he would have no reason to write back. I don’t know why this hurt me so much, but it did. The next week and a half I spent a lot of time in my dormitory. Agatha let me keep to myself. I think she knew why I had fallen into a little depression, but again I had no idea how she knew.

Exactly twelve days later I felt a nibble on my ear and I turned to see the familiar brown owl. I was a little shocked to see it, but I took the letter happily. He had gotten an E on his essay! He told me it was all because of me and he didn’t know how to thank me. My cheeks grew warm at this. He then said he had gotten help from a stranger, but he didn’t want me to be a stranger anymore. So he asked me to write him back telling him a little about myself. My stomach began to roll at this.

When I was alone in the common room I wrote him back:

Dear Carl,

I’m glad you did so well on your essay. But I am not the reason you did so well. After all you did write it. A little about myself…Well my name is Angelina. I am currently seventeen years old and in my seventh year at Hogwarts. I was placed into Hufflepuff but I’m not sure you know what that means. I enjoy reading and writing random letters to people I don’t know. Well you are my first random letter but I did like it. I’m pretty active I guess you can say. I love quidditch. I’m about 5’5 with a light shade of brown colored hair. I do pretty well in my classes, but I’m in no way the top of my class. I study but I am not a hard-core studier. I live in England with my mother and father. They are great people and I am glad to be their daughter. That’s pretty much all I can think of. What about you? What is the life of Carl Johnson like?

Angelina Brenin

It took me forever to write this letter. I kept on crossing things out and had to start over at least ten times. Writing this letter made me a little nervous. What would he think about me? Would he perhaps think I was stupid because I wasn’t top of my class? Or would he think I was a geek because I liked to read?

I waited anxiously to see if he would write back. The next day I told Agatha everything. Her eyes told me she already knew. But how could she know? Unless my face was that readable. She did calm me down however and I went on with my schoolwork. Thank goodness for Agatha. Without her I probably would’ve gone insane. She has always been there for me and I have a feeling she will always be there for me.

Three days later I saw his owl. I pointed excitedly to show Agatha that he had written back. She just smiled knowingly. I put my arm out and the owl landed upon it. I petted the brown owl happily and it nibbled on my finger. I then took the letter and sat down by a tree by the lake to read it.

Carl was seventeen too and he went to Drumstrang. He loved quidditch too! He also wrote that he wasn’t in the top of his class either. He wasn’t dumb but he knew a thing or two. But the thing that made my face glow was that he said: I’m not sure how to write this out on parchment, but writing to you makes butterflies fly in my stomach. I don’t know what it is, but I always wait restlessly for your letter. You must think of me as such a wimp. But I think I’m beginning to grow feelings for a girl who I haven’t even met. I wrote back right away. I told him I feel the same way.

We wrote back and forward for the rest of the school year. A couple of days wouldn’t go by without Carl writing back. Sometime during November he grew ill. But he still wrote me almost everyday. When it came to be December I was packing my trunk getting ready to go back home for the holidays. When a thought struck me. I wanted to meet him. Face to face. But this could be risky. What if this wasn’t a boy who went to Drumstrang? What if it was just a creepy old man who wanted to kidnap me or something? Carl had written back to me, but I couldn’t get the nerve to write back.

So I decided to tell Agatha what I was thinking. She was always right when it came to decisions. It was sort of like she knew what was going to happen. But that was impossible. She told me to go for it. I would be happy in the end. This gave me confidence, so I wrote Carl back asking if he was going back home for the holidays.

He wrote back the next day that he was. He then asked me if he could ask me something and asked if it was too early to ask. I chuckled to myself on how nervous he sounded. It took him almost half the page, but finally he asked me if we could meet over the winter break. I grew excited again and wrote back I was going to ask him the same exact thing!

So one snowy day during December, I found myself sitting by the window anxiously. The smell of cookies ran through the house. I loved the smell of cookies. I don’t know how anybody could live without the smell. The day was beautiful. Snowflakes fell from the heavens and children were seen playing in the snow. But I was only looking for one person.

Finally I saw him. He looked so scared and lost. I quickly grabbed my coat and ran outside. My boots crashed through the snow as I greeted him at the gate. He smiled when he saw me coming and I smiled right back.

He was more handsome than I thought he would be. He had bronzed colored hair that stuck up in every direction. It kind of looked like he had flown here. He was maybe about two more inches than me and he had the softest green colored eyes ever. He was perfect.

After I introduced him to my mother and father, we went for a walk out in the snow. We talked and talked for hours. Nothing could ruin this moment. I wanted to burn it into my memory forever. We had so much in common yet we were so different. We both loved quidditch but while I played for my team at school, he would never tryout at his school. He didn’t want to hang with the jock crowd. He told me the jocks at his school were all jerks and he would rather be stuck in the library than hang with them. I found this really sweet.

Somehow we had found our way back to my home. We sat down next to the tree in my backyard. I loved this tree. I planted it there when I was nine years old with my father. It wasn’t huge and tall yet but it did give us shelter from the falling snow. He began telling me about his family and how crazy they could be. I laughed and told him mine could be that way too.

It was when he began to grow quiet was when the butterflies in my stomach began to go wild. I couldn’t stop looking into light green eyes and he couldn’t stop looking into my own. As one, we moved closer to each other. My heart was jumping in my throat. Finally our lips met. It was like one of those muggle movies. Electricity ran through my body and fireworks exploded over our heads.

That was when I knew I would be spending the rest life with Carl. Today is our wedding day. It was a beautiful ceremony. Everything was perfect for him and I. It was the best day of our lives. Right now we are signing into the hotel. The man at the desk has just asked for my signature. I signed it Angelina Johnson.
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Even With Out the Rocket

As the sun shone down on Lyon, France a number of kids could be seen playing outside. It was the last day before the winter weather was supposed to set in and everyone was enjoying it. Most people called it the prefect day.

Laying on the top bunk of a bunk bed in his room a young boy was eying his surroundings. His brown curls where just as messy as usual. Right beside him lay a stuffed turtle and a remote controlled airplane; the controller in his hands. “All units checked Commander Squirt?” Kovu Cadieux asked with a look to the turtle. With the nod Kovu flipped a switch on the controller. “All units are on stand by.” He said in a small voice. “Three…two…one... We have lift off!” He exclaimed he flipped another switch and the plane took off from his bed. Guiding it down toward past chairs and toys he gasped. “No the combustion chamber has hit a leek! The rocket will implode! We have to land on ….Neptune!” The boy said to the turtle. Turning the airplane it crashed onto a pillow on the ground.

“That was not our best mission Mister Squirt.” The boy said grinning. Then he sighed. “I wish I could make a real rocket.” He muttered climbing down the latter. Flying a plane was just not the same as a rocket. Remembering something he climbed back up his light brown eyes looked around to see if anyone was watching. Deciding it was clear he lifted his pillow and took out a folded piece of paper. Kovu stuffed the paper into his pocket as the door opened.

“I soo scored on you! You’re just mad because you can’t do a bicycle kick.” Bailee Cadieux called to her older brother.

“Nuhh! That wasn’t a bicycle kick you tripped and the ball went flying into the net!” Bailee’s twin brother Blaze argued.

Kovu watched his 9 year old siblings fight as he climbed back down the latter with Squirt. It wasn’t like it was new to him. They were almost always fighting, it really annoying. He hated to see people fighting. “Hey!”Kovu said in a small voice. Bailee and Blaze turned to him to say something. Kovu normal didn’t talk so when he did they had to hear what he was saying.

“….Les twins sont meilleurs que Kovu?” He said even more quietly. Even though he was born and lived in France he was much better at English (and that was saying something.)

Blaze grinned. “Well duh we know we’re at least better than you mista shorty.” He joked giving Kovu a soft punch in his arm.

“….not short.” Vu muttered. He knew he was. He was 7 and yet most people thought he was 5 because of this height.

“What’s that sticking out of your pocket?” Bailee asked glancing at him. Before Kovu could do anything Blaze grabbed the paper.

“What’s this Vu?”Blaze asked grinning waving the paper in front of his younger brother’s face. Opening his mouth Vu closed it again and reached for the paper. Blaze was holding it too high so he couldn’t get it back.

“Hmm.”Blaze said unfolded the paper and his grin grew. “Hey I think you’re writing has gotten better.”He said folding back the paper and handing it back to Kovu. “But if that’s for what I think it’s for it won’t work.”

Kovu said nothing and put the paper back in his pocket. As if Bailee had picked up what her twin was talking about she shook her head. “It won’t work Vu! Parents don’t listen to kids.”

Still not talking he held Squirt tighter just as Blaze took the paper again. “It won’t work. You might as well just rip this up.” He said; and with that he tore the paper in half.

As if something had went off Kovu dropped Squirt and tackled Blaze. Punching the older boy again and again in the gut, tears of anger and sadness ran from Kovu’s face, he barley had any idea what was going on. He didn’t notice his sister trying to pull him off Blaze. He didn’t notice his brother’s screams. He didn’t notice his mom and dad enter the room. And he didn’t notice his dad’s arms wrapping around him. “That’s enough.” His dad Laken yelled the whole room suddenly growing quite. Tears still ran down Kovu’s face as his dad held him.“What’s going on?”

“I was…I was playing around…I never knew, he would get that mad.”Blaze said in a shaky voice. He would never really want to make his brother angry. He knew what his brother was capable of when he got angry.

“Playing around? It isn’t playing around if someone is going to get hurt!” Cornelia said her eyes blazing.

“But mom-"

“Ecoute! Fermer le bouche! Both of you…go watch over Natalie.” Laken yelled pointing the two out of the room. Getting off the floor Blaze followed Bailee out giving his brother an apologizing look.

Wriggling out of his fathers arms Kovu fell to the floor and walked over to where the ripped paper lay on the ground. “He…he ripped it.” Kovu muttered pointing to the paper.

“So you tired to beat up your brother because he ripped the paper?”Cornelia asked. As Kovu nodded she picked up the paper. “Repario.” Like magic the paper was back to normal. “That is never a good reason to fight Vu. No fighting ok?” Kovu nodded again and took the paper back from his mom.

“What’s that all about?” Laken asked. “Is it about….what we talked about a few days ago?” Kovu nodded and looked at the paper. “I’m gonna read it now....ok?” He said quietly. As his parents nodded he looked at the paper tried to make sense of the words. It was something he had written but it was still hard for him to read.

“There once saw – was a boy. This boy s- was very spei..speical. But not in a good way. The boy had…trou..ble reading and writing. The boy went to school far away. At school the boy would … get made fun of.” Kovu stopped and rubbed his eyes. “ But...the boy didn’t care. The boy’s par-ants told him one day that things were going to change. That the boy….would not go to the - that school any more. But the boy wanted to go. The par-ants did not know why. You see the boy had a friend. His best friend. His best friend was the grill – girl. The girl helped the boy with everything. On - no matter what. The girl was the reason the boy did not want to leave. The other kids did not matter to the boy. The girl s- was the one that mattered. She was his best friend. As… long as the boy had the girl nothing else could bother him. As long as the boy had the girl he would not be sad. The boy was…. not scared to say it. He was not…. because the boy loved the girl. She was his very best friend. Who made ever thing better.” He finished rubbing his eyes again. He had messed up a couple of words but he hoped that his parents would understand what he was saying.

Cornelia just stared at her son for a few moments then she walked out of the room. Laken grinned and picked Kovu up.

“What did that mean does that mean I get to say in school in ….umm that place with the eye?” Kovu asked as his dad lead them out of the room.

“Ireland. With Lainie?”Laken asked walking down the stairs. Kovu grinned. “Yes.”

“Well…I guess yes.”

“YES!” Kovu yelled jumping out of his fathers arms for the second time that day and landed on the step. “YES!” He yelled again. He would get to stay with the girl; his best friend, that would make everything better. Now this was the prefect day, even without the rocket.


for you non French people - “….Les twins sont meilleurs que Kovu?” means "The twins are better than Kovu."


“Ecoute! Fermer le bouche!" means "Listen! Be quite."

{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

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It was a chilly, breezy December morning. The sky was a soft gray and the sun was invisible behind marshmallow shaped clouds. It was a quiet day. No birds singing in the distance; not even the roar of an engine. A small pale yellow house stood at the end of the street. It wasn’t a mansion but it was a well-loved house. Inside this house a woman was hard at work, getting breakfast ready. She wore pastel blue colored sweat pants and had her light hair up in a messy bun. A sober expression threatened to fall on this beautiful woman’s face, but she hid it behind a cheery smile. A few feet away, and never out of her sight, was a high chair, which held a five-month-old baby. Blond curls exploded over her head already and her earth-toned eyes were curious. The woman, now about done, began putting eggs onto a plate, just as the toast popped out of the toaster. She walked toward it and began to butter it lightly. After she was through, she set the knife into the sink, and set the toasted bread onto the plate. Just as she was walking to the table, a man walked through.

“Good morning Benji. About time you woke up.” Emmylyne smiled at her husband.

“I didn’t want to get up. Thank you.” Benjamin said, as she set the plate in front of him. She kissed his cheek, and then began to go make herself a plate. They ate their breakfast in silence. A small tension built in the room that the couple tried hard to ignore.

When he was through with his food, Ben stood and walked to the sink. He turned the faucet on and began to rinse off the plate. “Oh Ben. You don’t have to wash dishes. I’ll do them.” Emmy said, jumping up from her seat. He could tell by the look on her face she was hiding something. His gut was telling him she was anxious. It didn’t take a genius to tell that she was slightly on edge.

“Its ok Ems. I want to.” He said smiling at his wife. Pushing a piece of his long, chocolate curly hair from his face, he finished washing the dishes and turned back to Emmy. She was leaning over the baby now, cleaning up her mouth with a moist rag. He watched her as she continued to clean their daughter.

It still blew his mind that he had married Emmylyne. It gave him goose bumps knowing the little girl she was cleaning was his daughter. He could never decide whom she looked more like. She for sure had his curly hair, but it was lighter, like her mothers. She did have her mother’s eyes, no doubt about that, but did they come to the conclusion that she has his nose. Even for her age, Lainie was curious. She loved to look at everything and touch it. Ben didn’t think there was a single thing in this house that she hadn’t touch.

Finishing with Lainie, Emmy looked up and saw him looking at them. “What?” she asked. He didn’t answer but walked over to her and kissed her deeply.

When they broke apart Emmy looked at him with a silly schoolgirl grin. “What was that for?” she asked.

“Em you know I love you right?” Benji said, ignoring her question.

“Of course Ben. Are you alright?” she said, looking into his chocolate eyes.

“Yeah. I’m just…I don’t know. This mission doesn’t feel right for some reason.” He finally admitted.

“You don’t have to go you know. You can stay here with me and Lainie.” She said. He knew she would never say it, but she hated when Ben left on auror missions.

“I have to Emmy. Its my job.”

“Well if you don’t feel right, don’t go.”

“Don’t worry. Its just pre-mission jitters. I always get them before I leave.” He said and kissed her on the forehead.

“I know Ben. But really. If you have a feeling-“ She was interrupted by green flames bursting in the fireplace. A round-faced man’s head appeared and blinked up at them.

“Morning Emmy. Ben its time. Be in my office in ten minutes.” The round-faced man said. Then as quickly as he has come, he was gone.

Emmylyne sighed and turned back to Lainie. She picked her up gently from her chair and held her in both arms. As one, they slowly turned back to face him. Emmy’s earth-toned eyes held so much sadness in them, he almost said he would stay. But he couldn’t. Today was an important day. They were finally going to catch the few dark wizards who had murdered the family down in Edinburgh. One of them was rumored to be the guy who kidnapped Axel. He had to go. If it meant finding his best mate he would definitely go. But the look on Emmylyne’s face was making him feel guilty for leaving.

Wrapping his arms around them both, he held onto them for more than a minute. When he let go, he took Lainie into his arms and held her up close to his face. He bounced her in the air, making her giggle. Ben smiled and kissed her on the cheek. The baby cooed and waved her little arm in the air. He chuckled and set her back down in the high chair. Turning back to Emmy, he caught her biting her lip. He hated making her worry like this. But it was habit to her by now. Nothing major had ever happened to him while away on a mission, but she still worried until he came back. In a way, he appreciated that she worried about him. But that didn’t mean he wanted her to worry.

He took her into his arms and held on tightly. She pressed her head onto his chest and sighed. “I’m going to be alright Ems. Don’t worry.”

“I know. I just don’t like it much when you leave.” She said quietly.

He lifted her chin to make her look up into his eyes. “I love you. I’ll be back before you know it.”

He then kissed her lightly on the lips and turned away toward the fireplace. Taking a gray powder into his hand, he threw it into the rich flames. “Ministry of Magic.” He said loud and clear as the flames turned an emerald green. With a last smile at his wife, he began to spin very quickly. He loved traveling by floo powder. It was like a ride to him. All too quickly, he made it to the ministry.

Already the place was packed. People were popping out of the many fireplaces, and others were magically appearing out of thin air. He walked toward the lifts and climbed inside. Waiting patiently as it rode up, he fingered his wand in his robes. It was a nervous habit he had gotten into, that came from being an auror. When the door opened again, a man with mocha colored skin walked in. His dark haired resembled his, but was straighter. Not a single curl was seen on his head.

The man gave Ben a nod and stood next to him. “Good morning Benjamin. How is Emmylyne?” he asked in a strong Spanish accent.

“She is good. Well a little anxious I guess cause I’m leaving today. But she’s good. How are Jodie and the baby?” Benji asked.

Santana Venezula smiled, as a memory over took him. “Everything is great with them. Obie keeps Jodina on her toes.” He chuckled. Benji chuckled along with him, as the door to the lifts opened again.

“This is my floor. I will be seeing you San. Give Jodie a kiss for me.” Benji said.

“I will. Good luck today.” Santana said as the doors closed.

Walking down the hall, he turned sharply into a room that held three other people inside. One of them was the round-faced man who had been in his fireplace eight minutes ago. The man closest to Benji, had pitch black hair, that was held into a ponytail, Robert Solis. He looked off into space, in a dazed expression. Ben knew he was going into his zone, a place where he forgot about the world and concentrated on the job before them. The other man standing in the room was young, with shocking red hair, Casey Bishop. Just graduated from Auror School. It was going to be his first mission. He held a determined look on his face, but Ben knew he was nervous. You would have to be a fool to say you weren’t.

“Lawley. Glad you can make it. We are just waiting on Nunez and Smith. Then we will be leaving. I will go over the details when they arrive.” The round-faced man said. Benji nodded. He was glad to have Edmund Brown as his head auror. He trusted the man with his life.

Another minute later, and two other men joined their party. The both had brown hair, but the one farthest away had a beard and a scar on his left temple. He also held a stern look that could scare a little kid away. This was Jordan Smith, one of the top aurors. He was second in line to Brown. The other was a scrawny looking man, with a wild grin on his face. Jack Nunez. Ben had gone to Auror School with him. That man was crazy, and he knew it. But he knew how to take orders. One of the only reasons why he passed.

“Right on the dot you two.” Brown said. They both nodded and stood up straighter. Jack gave him a sheepish grin. “Alright we are going to arrive in a wood close to Edinburgh. Grizzly Wood. Make sure you appear in Grizzly Wood. Its crucial you don’t get the wrong place. Nunez.” Brown said, pausing to look at the scrawny man.

“Hey now! You told me to go to Wales. You just didn’t tell me when.” Jack said with a sly grin.

Edmund rolled his eyes and continued. “We are going to arrive there at nine sharp. Its now 8:50. So I have ten minutes to give you directions. When we get there, it should be clear. But I’m not going to guarantee that it is empty. Always be on guard. After we arrive, I want to split up into two groups. Smith, Bishop and Solis, you three are going to take to the east. If you find anything, don’t do a thing. Send a patronus west, and it will find us. I repeat! Don’t do anything. You will need back up. Nunez, Lawley, you two are with me. We are going to take to the west side of the wood. Remember the people we are dealing with killed a family of seven. Maybe more. I don’t know. We must work as a team. Bishop, you are going to have to prove yourself today. I chose you for my team, but I can easily replace you with somebody else.” Casey nodded.

Benjamin knew Edmund was pumping Casey up. By using a little fear, it makes a man stronger. Something Casey would learn in later missions. Ben looked back at Edmund as he continued with his plans.

“We don’t know how many are there, so we need to be on guard at all times. If there are more than twenty, we retreat. No matter what. If I say ‘fall back’, you better fall back. Am I understood?” The five of them nodded, and Edmund picked up his wand from his desk.

“Alright ready in five.” Edmund said. He tapped his foot five times and disapparated. Ben followed after him, thinking hard about the wood he was suppose to be reappearing in. With a ‘pop’ he found himself standing in a clearing where Edmund was, looking hard at something. Four more ‘pops’ announced that the others had made it.

As Ben looked to what Edmund was staring at, he realized they weren’t the only six in the clearing. “Wands out!” Edmund hissed, already aiming his own. Nine men stood huddled near a tree. They all looked up at their sudden arrival and immediately took their wands out and started throwing curses their ways.

The six of them spread out and the fight was on. Benjamin had settled on a bulky one, with dark robes on. The big ones were easy for Ben. Just aim at the knees and they were down. “Stupefy!” He bellowed and took the guy out. Smiling at himself, he turned to a blond headed one who was fighting with Jack and shouted “Expellarimus!” The wand shot from his hand, and he looked around confusedly. Jack shot Ben a wink before ropes shot from his wand toward the blond man.

Not far from him, he saw Jordan and Edmund both fighting two men apiece. Robert was almost waving his wand lazily at his dark wizard. But he could see Casey struggling with his. Ben shouted another disarming spell at the dark wizard, making him lose concentration. But that was all Casey needed, hesitation. The red head shot ropes from his wand and looked over at Benjamin triumphantly. He didn’t see the dark wizard sneaking up behind him.

“Casey! Behind you!” Ben shouted, shooting toward him with the speed of a cheetah. Just as the dark wizard called an unforgivable, Ben tackled Casey. They both hit the dirt with a crash. Benjamin’s body began to shake uncontrollably, that can only be caused by a curse. But the curse the dark wizard had shouted hadnt hit him, so what was going on?

Casey quickly shot up, to fight with the dark wizard. His back was to Ben, so he couldn’t see the pain that was shooting through his body. He held in a bone-chilling scream as hands took hold of his body. He looked up into ice blue eyes. The man’s face was hidden, but the eyes were so bright, he could see them under the man’s hood. Benji will never forget those eyes.

Looking around at the others, he realized this guy was not with the other dark wizards. The ones they were fighting all had the same black robe on. The man that was now dragging Ben away had a grimy brown one on. His wand was pointed at Benji, holding the curse on him. Pain was exploding through his very body. He couldn’t scream. He couldn’t fight. He couldn’t even hear the others anymore.

He was not going to go down like this. Kicking his leg with all the force he could conjure, he got the guy in the stomach. The man faltered, but was too fast for Ben. He yelled the disarming spell and caught Ben’s wand. As he snapped his wand into two, the hope left his body. How was he suppose to fight this guy now? Shakily, Benjamin got to his feet and swung at the man. He missed, but the hood fell from the man’s face. Revealing milky white skin that seemed to bring out the color of his eyes more. The guy looked so familiar. But he couldn’t place him. Instead, the man aimed his wand at him and muttered in a cold voice, “Crucio!”

Pain electrified through his chest, where the curse had hit. He couldn’t breath the pain was too unbearable. He screamed in sweet agony and his body twitched uncontrollably on the ground, trying to escape the wicked torture. Finally the curse lifted, and Benji struggled to breath.

“Time to go Benjamin.” The voice mocked. But Ben finally realized who it was. It was that guy. What was his name? Blair’s brother. Remus? No. Reggie? No. Remington! That was his name. What the hell did he want with him?

Remington grabbed Ben by his curly hair and pulled his head to face him. “Shout and you die.” He breathed in his face. Ben wanted nothing more than to hit the guy in the face, but he couldn’t get his arms to move. He couldn’t do anything but let Remmy take him away. Away from his team. Away from his home. Away from his family. Away from his friends. Away from Lainie. Away from Emmylyne.


Emmylyne and Laine is Gracie's

Remington is Dani's

Mentions of Axel is Shan's
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alexander James Wright
First Year
Elder Quad


The wedding was over. Benji and Emmylyne were married, but I didn’t stay around long enough to see the whole thing pan out. After that, I sort of drifted apart from my friends, aside from my cousin Finn of course. He always tried to get me to come around with them, but I insisted I was too busy with my auror training. He, of course, didn’t believe me. He knows me too well. I spent most of my time with my family, mainly my siblings.

My auror training was going well and it kept me busy. That worked out well for me, seeing as I was still desperately in love with my best mate’s wife. I thought that if I distanced myself from them, it would make it easier. But not seeing her for months at a time was more painful than I had ever imagined. And when I found out they had a daughter together that just pushed me over the edge. My jealousy had hit an all-time high. I tried not to be, but it was hard. Ben was my best mate and Emmy was my best girl friend. Yet I hadn’t seen them in months. For some reason I thought they knew why I wasn’t seeing them, and it wasn’t because of my auror training. Finn never sold me out though. He kept that secret to himself.

Finn was married as well. He married another one from our five person group; Elissa. That meant that I was the loner. I went to Finn’s wedding, only because I was in the wedding party. It was painful. Ben and Emmy were there. Emmy was pregnant, looking like she was ready to pop at any time. I left early, after saying my goodbyes to Finn and Elissa. Eli seemed to know why I was leaving as well. Apparently it was obvious to everyone except Emmy and Ben.

For the next few months I tortured myself trying not to think of her, but it was too hard. My sister, Valencia, asked me what was wrong all the time, but I never told her. My mother knew, but only because Finn told her. So, naturally, my father found out as well. It seemed like I could never get away from someone asking me if I was alright. Maybe I would have been alright if they kept asking. I don’t know, but it didn’t help. Especially because my own father was training me to become an auror, just like him.

My parents had had their troubles with dark wizards over the years and now took new names to keep themselves under cover. That idea was smart. My parents were strong people. I knew they’d keep me and my younger siblings safe. Unfortunately, keeping us safe meant sacrificing themselves.

I was eighteen years old and we were celebrating my little sister’s fifteenth birthday. The date was Saturday, July 28th: the day after Valencia’s birthday. Everyone had been busy on Friday so we postponed it a day. She hadn’t minded. She was too modest for her own good. After our dinner and presents, I sat on the floor with Valencia and my little brother, Dusty, as they played a game of Exploding Snap. Everyone was happy. Even I had put on a brave face and was enjoying myself; it was all for my sister.

There was a knock on the door. I tensed and my mother shot me a look; a look as if to say don’t-scare-your-siblings. I obeyed, but that didn’t stop me from fingering my wand in my pocket. My father stood and walked to the door. My breathing began to escalate. A noise. A yell. My father’s yell. It was a spell. I knew it. It was uncanny. My auror training was about to be put to the test. Too bad in this final exam there was no guarantee for survivors. My mother was on the floor by my sister and brother and telling them to hide. She then stood and began shouting orders to me and my father in Spanish. My father was now in the hallway, brining the intruders into our house. This made me angry. I had my wand out in a matter of seconds and was blasting spells this way and that.

Each man that walked in had a black cloak on that completely covered his face. I had no idea who they were, but I did know what they wanted. They wanted my parents dead and perhaps even to kill me and my siblings as well. Valencia unarmed a man behind me, but that only made me stop to see the body on the ground. My mother. My mouth dropped open as I stood over her lifeless form. Tears began to pour out of my eyes and I knew I was scaring my sister and brother. What could I do to stop the tears from flowing though? Nothing.

I got angry. Really angry.

Not only did I begin to attack the men with my wand, I began to fight them muggle-style. It felt almost good to knock a man out cold with my bare hands. I felt powerful. I took out one man after another that came my way. My clothes were ripped to shreds and I was bleeding in many places. I didn’t care. This was my way of avenging my mother’s death.

Little did I know at that time that I would feel the same way when I saw my father.

So powerful, Vincent Phoenix was. I took after him in many ways. He went down, but not without a fight. It took many men to finally bring him down. They had called for backups. My family was now outnumbered. My father fell to the ground with one last attempt to save his own life, and he failed. That’s when I knew I was through. My life was over. I could feel it. My parents were no longer there to protect me. If I hadn’t of seen my brother and sister cowering in the corner I would have let them kill me.

Instead, I ran. All I cared about was taking them as far as possible away from my house. Someone would see the wreck and they’d call the Ministry. Vee and Dusty would be safe. I took one last look at them as I rounded a corner and I almost knew I’d never see them again. It was painful. One of the most painful experiences I had ever had.

I ran. And ran. Until they finally caught me. I felt ropes curl around my ankles and I went down. I knew exactly where I was, yet I felt so very alone. A man, the leader it seemed, stood over me as I writhed and spat at him. He laughed and the other men picked me up and carried me away. They blindfolded me so I had no idea where I was going.

I had never been so scared in my entire life.

For the next two years I endured countless tortures. The men that had captured me kept me in a very small room, chained to the walls. They wanted information that I didn’t have, which only made them think I was lying to them. I was master at taking the Cruciatus Curse having received it so many times. And all I could do was let it happen. I didn’t even scream. There was no point. I thought I would die there. I was even surprised that they hadn’t thought about killing me sooner.

All I could think about was how my siblings were doing. They, of course, would be living with my aunt and uncle in Ireland. At least I knew they’d be safe. And that was because of me. I failed my first auror mission by not keeping my parents alive. Yet I succeeded by keeping my siblings alive. I had mixed feelings. Should I have been triumphant or woeful?


It was nearing my twentieth birthday when I had my chance to escape. They had kept me so long I almost forgot what grass smelled like. One of the men had fallen asleep while on watch duty and I was going to try. The worst they could do to me was kill me and I was all too ready for that. Somehow I was able to reach the man’s wand and set the chains free from my wrists and ankles. My body was far from weak. The torturing seemed to give me the opposite effect. I had never felt stronger.

My shirt had been lost ages ago. I had scratches all over my chest, arms, and back. I felt like something out of a movie. Alien perhaps. But I had to keep going. I found my wand in the man’s coat. He was a very deep sleeper, thank my lucky stars. I made my escape out of the window. There was a tree right outside and I clung to it as I jumped from limb to limb. Success! I ran and ran. I had no idea where I was, but what I did know was that I was no longer in Spain.

There was only one thought on my mind. Emmylyne. All these years I had stepped aside and let someone else take my happiness away from me. Yes, it was my best mate, but I would surrender my happiness no longer. I had to tell Emmy how I felt and I had to do it soon.

Grandma Angelina called me not long after I reunited myself with my siblings, who were utterly and completely overjoyed to see me, and I them. I had never cried so hard in my life. Angelina had told me about having the younger kids over to her house over winter break and that Emmylyne would be there. She had always known I loved her. Something was different though. Something wrong about the way she told me to give it a go with Emmy. Where was Ben?

I found out that Ben had gone on a mission and was nowhere to be found. That was when I told Emmy how I felt. I knew I was throwing Benji under the bus when I told her this, but I knew that he would be proud of me for finally speaking my mind.

The rest was history. I married Emmylyne. We had our twists and turns throughout our lives, but we love each other. What’s even better is that Ben has returned. He married his Hogwarts sweetheart and they had a child of their own. Emmylyne just gave birth to a set of twins. My twins. Our twins. I have everything I need now. My parents would be proud. My siblings are living with me and Emmy in Spain. I’m back to my old self, but stronger than ever.

In some ways, that experience was a good thing. I’m no longer afraid of death, which is why I’m one of the top aurors in the Ministry to date. My family is still watching out for dark wizards, but if they do come, I’ll be ready this time. I’m finally happy. I finally spoke my mind. I finally have what I’ve yearned for.

And now my life is complete.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alexander James Wright
First Year
Elder Quad

It Started With a Cat

Packing. What a task.

I sort of had it in my mind of how we would meet, but I never thought it would be this soon. Packing was hard because my mind was elsewhere. I couldn’t find anything I needed and it didn’t help that I had waited until the last minute to finally start the process. I was scrambling, an occasional swear escaping my dry lips if I couldn’t find what I needed at the exact moment I needed it. Everything wasn’t where it was supposed to be even though it really was. My brain was not functioning properly, that was obvious.

Finally I was done, after two hours. I took a breath and grabbed my two bags. Phew. That was one of the hardest two hours I’ve ever had to endure. My mind was racing. And it seemed that my watch was on hyper speed now. It was time to leave. My heart was beating about a mile a minute. “Steady,” I breathed, steadying myself by grabbing the kitchen counter. I had no idea this would bring me so much stress. I was excited, that was all. What else could it be?

Well, for one, I could get there and have absolutely nothing to talk to them about and totally ruin our friendship. For two, I could get there and make a complete idiot of myself which would lead to them thinking I was too strange to be called a friend. “No, stupid, they’re not gonna think that. They know you and you know them. It’ll be the same as the internet, but you’ll get better reactions.” That talk seemed to calm me down, even though it was a cheap shot. I was confident now. I was ready.

I checked my watch and nodded. It was time. I slung one of my bags over my shoulder, my carryon, and grabbed the other by the handle. As I closed the door and heard the click of the lock, I knew there was no going back. Why would I? This was what I wanted. And I knew I wasn’t the only one. The other three were probably going through the same thing right about now, but in totally different areas of the country. One of which wasn’t even in the country.

The smell of the brisk autumn day gave me buoyancy as my brown hair blew in the breeze around my face. I hailed a taxi and I was finally on my way. The airport was packed. Naturally, we decided to meet on a Friday so we’d have the entire weekend to spend together. And it seemed like the rest of the country thought the same. “Brilliant…” I muttered as I went through baggage. I was in a sea of people and it felt like I was the only one who was sweating profusely, which in fact I was not. It seemed that every there was awaiting something to occur that was making them nervous. For some reason, this calmed me down.

I made it through the throng of persons and finally sat down in my assigned seat on my plane. In four short hours I’d be at my destination, seeing their faces in the flesh for the very first time. The plane ride was excruciating. And it didn’t help that they were out of airline peanuts. How was that possible? It baffled me, only because it would have given me something to do. I stared out of the window the whole ride there, which ended before I could say a word.

Once out of another ocean of citizens, I hailed another cab and told him my location. It was a hotel about thirty minutes away from the airport. We would all be staying there. They had plenty of rooms so we would be able to decide whether we all wanted to stay together, double up, or stay separate. That could be an awkward decision. But I wasn’t too worried about it. We knew each other. We’d want to be together.

We were here. The front of the hotel looked down upon me and I suddenly felt very small. No, I would not feel like this anymore. There was nothing to be scared of. I summoned my courage and walked through the doors. Immediately I saw them. The three of them were sitting together in the lobby, chatting animatedly as they watched the door for me. They all broke out into the biggest smiles I had ever seen. I dropped my bags and went running. We all embraced in the biggest hug I had ever felt.

And I knew. We were sisters from the start. We were put on this earth to find each other and that’s exactly what we did. I literally cried from all of the happiness that was flowing through my veins. I had built up this moment in my head for so long, but I had never imagined it to be this wonderful. They were perfect. They were mine and I was theirs. I knew we’d be inseparable after this. We’d do whatever it took to stay in touch and see each other. It was perfect. And to think that it started with a cat.

They say that blood is thicker than water. In some cases, I have found that friendship is thicker than both.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Danny Logan Edwards
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Special Ops
Shipper Queen Hippie Quad

The Talk

The night was beginning to calm down as the kids changed into pajamas in their own rooms. The girls separated from the boys and the younger ones went with the adults. One seven year old seemed to be more distant than the rest. His chocolate brown eyes were clouded and he wouldn’t look anybody in the eye. After his clothes were neatly put away, the little boy sat down on the ground next to his bed. A silent tear fell down his face.

“Danny?” A pair of twilight blue eyes landed on the seven year old. They turned into an anxious expression, as he saw that the little boy was crying. In three quick steps James was kneeling next to Danny. A warm hand was put on the seven year olds shoulder.

“Hey dude. Is he ok?” Legend asked, coming to see if his friend was hurt. Matias followed close behind him, with concern in his eyes.

As the other kids came closer, more tears fell down Danny’s face. Danny was feeling really claustrophobic now. He wanted to tell them he was ok and to scoot back, but he couldn’t find his voice. Instead he just looked down, and inched away from the others. He wanted to be alone now. Couldn’t they see that?

Seeing the sandy haired boy shy away from the others, Jae took matters into his own hands. “He’s alrigh’. How ‘bout you two find the girls?” he said turning to the other two.

“Maybe we should tell Grandma Angelina.” Mat said nervously. He wanted to help the boy, but he didn’t know how. One of the adults would be able to help him. They were called adults for a reason after all.

“No. I’ll take care of Dan.” Jae said sternly. He didn’t want to bring the adults in this. For some reason he knew they would just make the matters worse than they were. They might even make him go home, and Jae didn’t want that at all.

“But-“ Mat began, but Legend pulled his arm.

“Come on Mat. Lets go pull a prank on the girls before we have to go to bed.” Legend said excitedly, and pulled Mat out of the room. Thankfully, Leg had pulled the door closed behind him.

Danny watched as Jae turned slowly back to face him. He hid his milky toned face behind his arms, which were resting on his knees. Taking in a deep breath, Danny tried to keep the tears from falling. It wasn’t like him to cry so much. Yeah he would blush on any given occasion, but he was never a crybaby. Something inside him just made him break down. Maybe it was because he had been keeping his tears bottled up since Benny’s accident. Or maybe it was because he was missing Benny a whole lot right now. Or maybe it was the fact that he had a really fun day today and he was feeling guilty over it. Whatever the reason may be it was making the little boy cry now.

“Dan?” the Irish brogue made, Danny look up. He always did love Jae’s accent. It was sometimes hard to understand, but it put a smile onto his face nonetheless.

Seeing that he had gotten Danny’s attention, and better yet a smile, Jae sat down next to him. He didn’t say anything, but used the sleeve of his long sleeve pajamas to wipe the tears off Danny’s face. They sat silently together, until finally Danny’s eyes were completely dry. Danny was calming down now; his breathing was normal and his head didn’t feel like exploding anymore. Now his eyes were just hurting with exhaustion.

“Ya alrigh’ now Danny?” Jae asked softly. Danny looked at Jae, and nodded. Jae smile lightly and kissed him on the forehead. “Good to ‘ere. Do ya wanna talk ‘bought it?”

Danny began playing with the hem of his shirt nervously. He did want to talk to Jae. But he didn’t know how. Talking was such a hard task to him now. For the past five months he barely said anything. He wouldn’t be surprised if he had no voice anymore. The last person he had talked to was Samantha. He remembered that night clearly. She has woken him from a nightmare that has reoccurred night after night since the accident. He opened his mouth to speak, but lost the nerve and shut it quickly. His cheeks began to burn and he looked down ashamed.

“Don’ be sad Dan. Its alrigh’ if ya don’ wanna talk. Ya don’ ‘ave to if ya don’ wanna.” Jae said and gave him a reassuring smile.

Danny looked up from his hands and felt comforted by the smile. It made him happy that Jae wasn’t mad about him not talking. It seemed like anything anybody has been doing lately has been trying to get him to talk and that it was always when he didn’t want to. His mom being the worst about it. She always tried to trick him into saying something to her, and it saddened him when he just gave her a blank stare. He didn’t blame her at all, even if she was making him see the school counselor, which he hated as much as being at school in the first place. She loved him and just wanted to know he was ok. Which he wasn’t.

He started going to the school counselor the day he wouldn’t respond to his teacher. She tried in vain to get him to answer her question, but he wouldn’t; more like couldn’t. The next day the office had requested to his mother that he go see the school counselor. Mary, his school counselor, was nice enough and even gave him an ice cream before lunch once, but she like the others wanted him to talk to her. The pressure always frightened him, and he never said a word to her. They didn’t understand by pressuring him into talking, was just getting them farther from what they wanted. It made him want to talk less, and was putting a fear in him that came with speaking.

“Wanna ‘ear about my lil’ brotha’ and sista’? They are just babes ya know.” Jae chuckled. Danny growing curious nodded his head. “Well Ronan is a lil’ lad. He likes to pull Sophie’s ‘air. She gets mad and throws a fit. Its quite a show.”

The anecdote made Danny smile. He remembered meeting Sophie. Not exactly sure where, but he remembered her nonetheless. Tilting his head slightly down then up, he waited for Jae to go on.

“Wha’ else…Oh! I went wif me cousin to one of his practices. I can’ wait till I’m out there. They were doin’ this thing where they run wif there knees high.” Jae said, sort of showing him while sitting on the ground. Danny gave an inaudible chuckle. This made Jae smile his famous smile.

Jae then looked up onto one of the bunk beds. He stood up and walked over to where Danny would sleep. Danny watched him curiously, but didn’t move. It didn’t take Jae long to get what he got up for. He came back and sat next to Danny, putting a blue-green iguana into his lap. Danny folded his legs Indian style, and let Lizzie down onto his right leg. The iguana crawled into a comfortable spot, and then began moving her eyes around slowly and curiously. The seven-year pet the lizard in smooth strokes. He loved Lizzie. She was his friend while he was home. The iguana usually didn’t do much, but fall asleep on his shoulder, but that was why he liked her. She didn’t try to get him to talk. She was just there for him, to give him support.

“She is gettin’ big.” Jae commented. Danny nodded and gave him a happy smile.

As he looked at the blue-green lizard, he began to remember how Benny used to help him with her. He would always remind him to feed her in the morning and helped him change her water. Benny use to tell him how Lizzie reminded him of Danny. She was quiet and it didn’t say much, but she was loved greatly. It always made him smile thinking about that. It gave him courage to look at Jae and say, “Benny use to like Lizzie.”

Jae didn’t jump for joy when he spoke. He didn’t even hug him excitedly. No screaming with happiness or cries of delightfulness. Instead his twilight blue eyes twinkled and he gave Danny an encouraging smile. This was ten times better than him shrieking with absolute bliss. “He use to help me clean her cage and didn’t let me forget to feed her.” Danny continued in a small voice.

Jae nodded in understanding. “Me da’ reminds me to feed Juno.” He said, referring to his pet ferret.

Danny smiled at this. The fact that he wasn’t pressuring to talk was helping him greatly. It was making talking easier for him. Talking wasn’t so hard after all. But then again, he wasn’t about to go make a speech to the minister.

“I…I miss him.” Danny said so quietly, he doubted Jae had heard him.

But Jae seemed to know what he said by just his body language. “Its natural to miss yur brotha’. I would miss Liam if he was gon’.” He said in a brotherly way. It was something Benny would’ve said.

“But Jae…It..Its…” He couldn’t finish his sentence. His head fell to his chest, and his chocolate brown eyes swam with tears again.

“Its alrigh’ Dan. I’m ‘ere for ya.” Jae said in a gentle tone. Once again the Irish brogue was working its magic. Danny lifted his head and looked at Jae once more.

“It’s my fault Benny is in the hospital. It’s my fault that he won’t wake up. It’s my fault he might not ever come home.” Danny said, a tear falling down his cheek.

“Tha’ can’ be true. Ya didn’ do anything to him. Ya wouldn’ do anything to hert him.” Jae said in a defensive tone.

Danny shook his head sadly. “Mum didn’t want me to go at first. I didn’t have a helmet. So Benny let me use his. Mum couldn’t argue with him because he was of age. Finally she let us go. Me and Sammy were wearing helmets, but Benny wasn’t. My mum always told me if you don’t wear a helmet you could get really hurt and then you would have to be in the hospital for a long time. I didn’t really think that could come true. But it did. If I hadn’t taken Benny’s helmet, he wouldn’t be in the hospital.”

Jae listened to Danny’s story, and didn’t interrupt him once. Something Danny was grateful for. If Jae had interrupted him it probably would’ve scared him into his silence again. He stayed quiet still, as he let Danny shed a few tears. When Danny finally looked back up at him, he spoke. “Dan. I don’ like seein’ ya like this. It breaks me heart.” He said with tragic eyes. “But I do need to say somethin’. This is not yer fault. Nobody can stop wha’ the future holds for them. So even if Benny did have a helmet on, it was gonna happen. I’m not sayin’ this to scare ya. I’m just tryin’ to make ya understan’ this wasn’t yer fault.”

“But he gave me his helmet. I could’ve said no.” Danny said desolately.

“If ya would ‘ave not taken his helmet, then ya would be in the hospital. Do ya wan’ Benny to feel bad every time he goes to see ya? Heck, the crash would’ve killed ya. Think of it this way. Ya didn’ put Benny in the hospital. Benny jus’ saved yer life.” Jae said, looking at Danny passionately.

Danny never thought of it that way. Everything Jae said made sense. One thing sunk in though. Benny would of gone crazy if he had known he had killed his little brother. Danny was hurting deeply, but he knew Benny would’ve taken it a lot harder than him. He missed Benny everyday, but at least he was still alive. There was no way Danny would’ve been able to survive a fall like that. Benny was strong. He was going to come back to them one day. It wasn’t a wish but a promise.

“Everythin’ happens for a reason. We may not know now why they happen, but we will.” Jae smiled.

Danny wiped his eyes then nodded. “Jae can I ask you something?” he asked slowly.

“Anythin’ mate.”

“Can you not tell anybody about our, erm, talk? I just don’t want people coming up and asking me to talk to them. I get nervous around people as it is.” Danny whispered ducking his head again, shyly.

“I won’ tell a soul. Ya talk when ya are ready.” Jae said holding up his crossed fingers in promise.

“Thanks Jae.” Danny said gratefully.

Exhaustion overtook the two little boys then. They laid their heads down on the gray carpet next to each other and let sleep over take them. They were found an hour later by Finn, who scooped Danny up first and set him on the lower bunk. He then gently shook Jae awake. Finn was strong, but there was no way he was going to be able to lift Jae up into the top bunk.

Jae got up groggily and slipped into the bottom bunk with Danny. “James, Danny is already sleepin’ there.” Finn said, poking the eight year old.

“I know.” Jae replied sleepy, and snuggled closer to Danny.

Yesh I am posting this at 2:45 in the morning!
Im just kool like that

Man Twinnie I have to give you some mad props on the way Jae talks!
Its hard!

Credit goes to Mawie for Matias!

*Legend signs his name here* -Dani (Hg_fan)

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