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Chapter 14
The Party

I shivered as soon as we Apparated before the Manor door. I hadn’t been to the Malfoy Manor since I was 5; the double oak doors don’t seem as looming this time around. My mom knocked, and it opened. We passed through.

“Welcome!” a little elf squeaked below us. It took mom’s coat and my shrug. Once it did, it led us down the hall and into a large room with a lit Christmas tree in the corner.

“Cassie! Rosa! Welcome. You two look stunning.” Narcissa seemed to glide across the room, her long red dress flowing behind her. She and mum did a bisous and I followed right after.

“Ah, you found the occasion.” Narcissa suddenly took my left hand, raising it up so she could get a better look at the diamond ring my mum ended up forcing onto my finger and enchanting it to stay on for the next 4 hours. “It suits you very much.”

“Thanks,” I responded, managing a bright smile. She let my hand go after a moment.

“It’s great to see you two, as always.”

Lucius seemed to appear out of nowhere. In a freakishly gentlemanly manner, he took my mum’s hand and kissed it. He then took my hand and did the same.


Of course he was looking at the bloody ring when he said it. He let my hand go. As soon as he did, I brought both hands behind my back and clasped them together; if I was going to be forced to wear the ring by magic, I may as well do what I can to cover up this horrid truth.

“Draco, Gregory, and Aurelia should be around somewhere, dear,” Narcissa told me.

“I’ll find them,” I responded, keeping my unfaltering, bright smile. I walked away and, as soon as I slipped out of the room, let it drop. I began to remember the route through the house as I passed through the dining room, already set for our party of 21. I heard voices and started to debate whether I should hide out in a bathroom or follow them into the parlour.


I jumped in surprise and looked towards the frame that led into the parlour on the other side of the room. Aurelia was running across and, in moments, tackled me with a hug that made me stumble back and momentarily forget about my ring. I yanked my arms out from under hers and wrapped them around her in a hug. I’d never been so happy to see anyone since last summer.

“I didn’t know you’d be here.”

“Oh, our families are rather close. I see you finally made use of my birthday gift.”

Aurelia pulled away from me, and I was quick to clasp my hands behind my back again.

“What gift?” Aurelia asked, a smile still set on her face. I couldn’t refuse her cheerful expression, so I pulled out the hand that held Harry’s gift. Aurelia gasped. “Draco, you got this for her?” He yanked my arm towards her and examined the shimmering roses.

“No... who’d you get that from, darling?” His tone was nonchalant, matching a welcoming smile, but I saw his eyes harden and the skin around them tighten.

“None of your business,” I snapped. His sweet act was really beginning to get on my nerves; it’d been nonstop since the start of school. Especially his stupid pet names; ‘love’, ‘dear’, ‘darling’. I was on the verge of smacking him silly.

Draco came up to Aurelia’s side and looked down at me. “Welcome. It’s been a few years since you’ve been here.”

“I would’ve liked to keep the record going, but it’s not like my mother to understand,” I retorted, looking up at Draco with a challenging stare.

He smirked back and reached around me to grab my wrist. I glared at him and a fight of strength ensued for a few moments. Unfortunately, he won.

“This gift, Aurelia.”

Aurelia dropped my hand and audibly gasped. Draco gave up my arm to her, who took it and raised my arm practically up to her nose to look at the diamond ring.

“You never told me you were engaged!” she snapped, looking from it to me.

“It never came up,” I responded, shrugging.

I felt my anger building within me; I had spent so much time trying to avoid anyone ever having to know about this unfortunate scar in my life and he ruined it. If I had my ring hand free, I’d punch Draco straight in the nose. The diamond would break it for a third time for sure. Maybe it’d finally be beyond magical repair and show this time; after all, third time’s the charm.
Draco smirked and turned around, walking towards the parlour again. How could he do this?

Then again, his personal goal is to send me to the grave early.

Once he disappeared, Aurelia spoke again. “Is this why you hate him?” she asked automatically.

“It’s not my fault he’s naturally unlikeable,” I responded.

Aurelia’s eyebrows rose.

“Ok fine, to everyone else he’s the total opposite. I thought it was clear I’m not exactly like everyone else.”

“I see.” Aurelia dropped my hand and lifted my hair. It was back to black, this time streaked with festive red and green. I mock scowled and she dropped her hand.

“I didn’t ask for this,” I whispered, my voice barely audible. Aurelia moved in closer to hear.

“Considering how you treat him, I’m not surprised.”

“Me? Treat him? He’s a prick to me too, if you haven’t noticed,” I snapped back, still keeping my voice down.

“Right.” Aurelia’s tone was laced with skepticism. My jaw twitched and I was about to call her out on it, but she cut in before I could get out a word. “I’m not doubting he’s no better than a blast-ended skrewt, he does have personality issues that need working on, but... you’ve got to tell me, when did this happen?” She lightly hit my left hand as an indicator.

“I told you about how I got the broomstick and gloves from the Malfoys for my birthday. right?”

Aurelia nodded and opened her mouth to speak, but stopped momentarily. A look of realization hit her and she instead said, “Oh...”

“And now my mum forced this thing onto me and charmed it to stay in place for the next 4 hours. I’ve been counting down; I now have...” I lifted my watch arm and checked. “3 hours and 44 minutes until I can take it off and stuff it.”

“Where? You don’t have pockets.”

“Not where anyone would think to check.” I nodding downwards hintingly. Aurelia burst into a fit of giggles when she realized what I meant. “So, you, Draco, and Goyle? All alone?”

“I finally got to talk with him about the ball and what happened.” She was all smiles now.

I don’t know why, but imagining Goyle... with a girl... it was impossible.

“And?” I pressed, knowing she was going to say it anyways.

“Well, well, well...” a loud, shrill voice announced. Aurelia stopped midsentence while I stood frozen. “It’s been awhile, Brunes. How’s your vacation so far?”

Pansy stopped right next to me, momentarily ignoring me.

“Fine,” Aurelia responded, her tone clipped. Pansy then turned to me.

“Beautiful bracelet you have there. Who gave it to you?”

“Grandma,” I responded smoothly.

“And what’s the ring look like?”

“Nothing of interest to you,” I replied, mimicking Aurelia’s clipped tone.

Pansy pouted. “Aw, come on Rosie, I’d love to see it.”

I glared at her. “None of your business Parsley.” I enunciated each word.
She glared back at me, challenging my eyes.

“Rosa, Pansy...” Goyle came into the room suddenly, breaking our staring contest. “How are you?”

“Fine,” I responded, managing a smile. “You?”

“Never better.” He stopped next to Aurelia and then looked at Pansy.

“Good. It’s great to hear you’re enjoying holidays, Goyle,” Pansy responded, sounding perfectly civil. “Where’s Draco?”

“Welcome, Pansy.”

I watched the arm around Aurelia’s waist drop back to Goyle’s side upon Draco’s entry. Pansy’s expression brightened right up.

“Good evening, Draco. How’re you?”

Draco came up next to Goyle, standing before the space between Pansy and me. “I’m doing well. And you?”

“Never better.” Her smile grew when he met her gaze. I wanted to gag and wipe it off her face by showing her my ring.

“Pansy, Goyle, have you gotten the chance to see Rosa’s birthday gift from me?”

“Those earrings?” Goyle asked.

I looked at him, surprised he knew. He gave me a knowing smile, his attention going back to Draco as quickly as it averted from him moments before.

“No, this.”

It was as if Draco read my mind about wiping Pansy’s smile off her face, but I didn’t want to do this. If she knew, she’d tell everyone. Then again, that’s just what Draco wants, right? The moment he ripped my hand from behind me to show off the horrid ring, though, she looked like she was hit in the face by a boulder.

“Draco?” she looked from the diamond rock to him, confused.

Maybe this was worth it. Where was a camera when I needed one?

“I’m surprised you haven’t heard, Pansy. Then again, even Aurelia here didn’t know...” he glanced at Aurelia, smirking.

“That’s... a ... big Christmas gift.”

“Oh no, it was my 17th birthday gift,” I responded, looking at Pansy and smiling. “August.”

She looked even more lost as she turned her gaze from me back to Draco.

“Oh Crabbe, great to see you.” Draco’s attention diverted to the friend lumbering up behind Pansy. Crabbe appeared moments later, right in front of Pansy, and the two shook hands.

“Hey.” He acknowledged everyone with the one word, looking around our oval formation. He noticed everyone’s attention was, ultimately, me and looked at me. He then noticed the glittering rock that unfortunately lay on my hand. “Woah; already?”

“Crabbe, I told you about this,” Draco growled, looking at his fat friend.

“When?” Crabbe looked up from the ring to Draco, surprised and confused.

“On the train to Hogwarts, that first day,” Draco snapped. “Honestly...” with a sigh, Draco turned his attention to everyone else and said, “Well come along.” He turned around and sauntered off, Crabbe following first, and then Goyle with Aurelia. Pansy seemed to follow me for a change.

“Look,” she growled, grabbing my arm to yank me back before I entered the parlour. She spun me to face her. “Sometime before this evening ends, you are going to explain to me in perfect detail why that is on your fat hand.”

“And not yours?” I retorted, yanking my arm away.

If I had the choice I’d pass it off to Pansy so the two could irritate each other to their early graves, but it wasn’t my call apparently. I walked away from the girl and sat in the single seat directly across from Aurelia, who sat on a single seat with Goyle on the arm, and Draco sat on the couch. Pansy sat right next to him, squished close with Crabbe on the other side. We did begin talking after a few moments of silence, but I really had nothing to say, so I just watched the conversation around me. I kept scowling whenever I caught Draco looking at me.

“What’ve you done for the holidays so far, Rose?” Draco asked suddenly, looking at me.

“Cooped up inside. Not much to do,” I responded, shrugging.

“I saw you at Diagon Alley three days ago coming out of the Quidditch Supplies Store,” Pansy cut in, staring at me triumphantly.

If only I bought a broomstick so I could stick

“Did you already break your current broomstick?” Draco asked, an eyebrow raised.

“How is that possible cooped up inside the house?” Crabbe asked, looking from Draco to me.

“For Merlin’s sake, I just bought a pair of rainproof goggles and some gloves.”

“Did you tear up the gloves...?” Draco started to ask.

“No! They’re for a friend.”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously. “Who?” His voice was a near growl.

“Clémence.” The first name that jumped to my head came out of my mouth. “She’s my closest French friend and she desperately needed them; she’s on a Quidditch team in Beauxbatons and the brand she needed doesn’t exist down there.”

Draco is eyes narrowed even more suspiciously on me. I looked straight back at him, matching his gaze.

“What about you, Draco, any plans for the rest of the holidays?” Pansy suddenly asked, lightly shouldering Draco and looking at him.

“Nothing yet,” he responded, still looking at me. His suspicious eyes turned to Pansy, softening to normal in the split second.

Was that a hint to me I’d be seeing him more than this one insufferable time during the holidays?

Before I could dig deep into it, another voice cut into our group conversation.

“Eldon was sent to tell young master and his friends to join master and his company for dinner,” a house elf announced, standing (and shaking slightly) by the frame connecting the dining room to the parlour.


The elf disappeared. Draco stood up and everyone else, excluding me for the moment, followed suit. He passed by and everyone else followed. Aurelia lagged behind, even causing Goyle to lag slightly as she waited for me. When Draco was out of the room, I got up and jumped to her side.

“You’re sitting next to me, ok?” I whispered.

“I don’t know if that’s our choice or not,” she whispered back. We caught up to Goyle and stopped talking. The moment we entered the dining room with all the adults besides Narcissa were sitting; instead, she was instead pointing to seats and telling the others where to go.

“Pansy, take that open spot next to your mother.”

She looked displeased since it was at the far end of the table, but didn’t say a word about it and did as she was told. If only she did that more often.

“Crabbe, there’s an open seat between your mother and Mr. Yaxley; take that.” She looked at where she just placed the two; Pansy and Crabbe were directly across from each other. “Aurelia, take the seat between your mother and my sister.”

I saw the wariness in Aurelia’s eyes at this, but she didn’t complain. Goyle was then placed between his mother and my mother, directly across from her. I saw the two remaining spots next to one another and couldn’t decide whether I was totally embarrassed or very angry.

“Draco and Rosa, pick your seats.”

I felt like everyone’s eyes were on us as we walked around the head of the table where Narcissa was still standing. Draco pulled out the chair next to the empty one. I sat down in it, not caring as to if he was planning on taking it or if he was deliberately pulling it out for himself. He took the other seat without word, so I would never know.

Lucius suddenly stood up and raised his champagne glass, causing us all to follow suit.

“I’d like to toast, firstly, to the Dark Lord.”

“The Dark Lord.” We all repeated.

“May we be prosperous in the coming New Year.” He raised his glass and sat down.

“Cheers!” everyone clinked glasses and took drinks.

Narcissa then stood up. “I would like to add,” she started, raising her glass higher. “That I toast to a very happy Christmas. I’d also...” her eyes flickered down to me and Draco. “Like to announce that, if all goes as planned, my son shall be married before the end of next summer!”

I shrunk back in my seat, my left fist clenching on my lap as my cheeks burned.

“To the good fortunes of the future Draco and Rosa Malfoy!”

I fought the urge to break the champagne glass beneath my grip at the sound of Rosa Malfoy as everyone said ‘cheers’ to that and emptied their goblets. I barely took a sip of mine, no longer interested. As soon as we finished our wine and it filled in our cups without word or any audible spell, the elves came around and began opening the platters laid down the long table.

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Grest post, i loved it, poor Rosa
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I love it I love it I love it!!!!

I think she should have broke the champagne glass, it would have been so funny


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Excellent Rosa/Pansy face off there, I hope there's scope for more??

Is Bellatrix at this dinner? or is that me mis-reading it?

I must say that Rosa is handling this better than I could have managed, I would have been tearing my heair out by the end! She's a feisty girl! That's whay I like her!
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I LOVE IT its great!!!!!
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Excellent Rosa/Pansy face off there, I hope there's scope for more??
Is Bellatrix at this dinner? or is that me mis-reading it?
Oh believe me, that's not the last of the Rosa/Pansy action. There's much more to come
And... yea, Bellatrix was there, you didn't misread it. It's not like she's super important in that setting but you didnt misread it.

&I'm glad you all enjoyed that update! I'll update the next.. half of the chapter now (well, in a minute, after I read through and edit anything I messed up and missed). Yeah, the next half with Draco/Rosa action so...

P.S: ... yea, sorry for lack of updating. Life is insane. I'm doing like, 2 years of high school in one cause I was in France last year and nothing counted...
I'll try and do better

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Dinner dragged on as meal after meal was served. We had an entrée, three main meals, some bread and cheese (which brought me back to the memories of my meals at Beauxbatons), and three various desserts where we could all take one piece of each. I took a tiny slice of the chocolate Yule Log, and even that I couldn’t finish half of, I felt so stuffed. Too bad Crabbe was at the far end, I’d pass it off to him and he’d inhale it. Even Goyle was too far to reach to do so for him, who would gladly take another serving of anything, given the chance. He already ate half of Aurelia’s food, right down to dessert, and he still wanted more.

“Are you planning on finishing that?”

My head snapped to Draco, who was looking down at my half-eaten, thin piece of Yule Log cake.

“Maybe,” I responded elusively, picking up my spoon again. He watched my spoon cut a piece of the cake, have that piece fall onto it, and watched it come up to my mouth right until it was in my mouth. He watched as I managed to swallow it and slowly drop my spoon down to the cake again and cut another piece. His eyes followed my hand as I brought this piece to my mouth and took it in.

My stomach grumbled in complaint as I swallowed the piece. I looked at the rest of the cake and felt a wave of nausea come upon me at the thought of one more bite of the excessively sweet piece of the ice cream cake.

“So you’re not?”

“Take the bloody thing,” I snapped, pushing it towards him. He just ate off the plate, not even bothering to move the cake onto his plate. My mum just watched with a big smile on her face. What did think was so great about him eating off of my plate? Was it cute? I thought it was rather piggish, not being able to spend 5 seconds moving your food to your plate before stuffing it in your face.

As soon as Lucius was totally finished and stood up, the adults started to get up and slowly shift into other rooms throughout the house and continue socializing. As the others started to get up, I was the first to actually get moving. As soon as I was up I started to leave the dining room.

“Where’re you going?” I heard Aurelia call after me.

“The loo, wanna join me?” I drawled in response without slowing.

I passed through the rooms with adults until I found the bathroom by the stairs. I slammed the door behind me and let my head drop against the door. Tears that had already began welling the moment I left human company fell from the pain.

Drying them with a spell, I crossed the room and just sat on the toilet, enjoying the silence of my own thoughts for a few moments. I checked my watch and saw I only had 10 more minutes until I’d be able to take this ruddy ring off by choice. So I did just that, waited ten minutes. I zoned out on the bracelet on my other hand, watching the rubies shimmer. The moment the hand of my watch moved to 10pm I tried to pull the ring off; it was still wedged on. Sighing, I waited until 10:01pm. It slid right off. I nearly cried in happiness. Dropping it down the front of my dress, I went to use the loo and went to wash my hands.

“Rosa?” someone called, knocking on the door.

“I’m almost done,” I called back, running the water and washing my hands. After rinsing them with water and soap, I towel-dried them and went to the door and opened it

“I have to go. Well, I did 5 minutes ago, I’ve been stalling my parents so I could say goodbye to everyone.”

I smiled. “See you in January?”

“Seems so.” She pulled me into a hug. When she pulled away a minute later and my hands dropped back to my sides, she looked at them and chucked.

“4 hours?”

“10:01 apparently,” I responded with a smirk. “It’s safely stowed. It’s going back where it should be if my mum makes me bring it back to Hogwarts.”

“You had that at Hogwarts somewhere in the dorms and never showed me?” Aurelia demanded, sounding rather insulted.

“I made sure I forgot about it. Our house is beneath the lake; I wouldn’t have to go far to dispose of it given the opportunity,” I pointed out, shrugging.

“Alright, makes sense,” she sighed.


Aurelia’s cheeks burned deep red. “G’night.” She then spun on her heel and ran off. I started walking, following her trail. As I passed into the first room this corridor connected to, I ran right into someone and we stumbled backwards.

“Sorry, sorry!” I started to say, brushing myself off and hoping whichever adult it was wouldn’t start snapping at me. I cut myself right off when I saw it was just Draco. “What do you want?” I asked flatly.

“I was going to see if you fell in, then use the washroom myself. What took so long, ‘prepping’?” Draco finished brushing himself off and looked at me. I glared at him.

“My 4 hours was up.” I held my left hand up. He looked at it, and then at me.

“Whatever you decided to do with it, at least don’t lose it.”

“I would never do that.” My hand dropped back to my side.

Draco opened his mouth slightly, ready to respond, but looked surprised and suddenly speechless. I never thought I’d live to see the day Draco Malfoy was rendered speechless; he always had something to say, based on my experience.

“Because my mother would finish me off certainly then. She forced the thing onto my finger and then charmed it for 4 hours to stay in place. Did you really think I wore it by choice?” He’d have to be a complete imbecile to believe that. Even Crabbe wouldn’t believe that.

He was silent a moment. “Of course not; asking of such a simple thing from you, you’d swear you were dying a slow, painful death.”

This is a slow and painful death,” I snarled, my heart starting to pound rather painfully.

He glared coldly at me, finally matching mine. Our eyes challenged each other, neither one of us giving in. He stepped up to me; I put my hands on my hips indignantly, my heart rate increasing.

“You’re too stubborn for your own good,” Draco spat at me.

“I’d rather be stubborn than an arrogant prick.”

His eyebrows rose. “You think you aren’t an arrogant prick?” he crossed his arms across his chest.

Before I knew what I was doing, my hand met with his face and a rather loud slap echoed around the room. His head jerked to the side with my slap and I saw the red start to rise on his pale cheek. He looked at the wall, but then slowly turned his gaze back to me, the rest of his face growing redder, his eyes burning with fury. His arms dropped and his fists clench. I was panting; I’d never felt so strongly against Draco before. My adrenaline rush was still pumping through me as his red face got closer to mine.

“You’ll regret that,” he growled, his voice barely above a whisper.

“What’ll you do? Marry me?” I snapped back scathingly.

In that next moment, Draco’s hands were holding my face and he kissed me with a forceful, angry passion. The adrenaline was obstructing my rational thoughts so I starting kissing him back. It wasn’t until I realized where his tongue was going I pushed him off me. He stumbled backwards from the force.

“What? Potter does better than that?” Draco growled.

I looked at the small table next to me out of the corner of my eye. I picked up the thick book and held it up over my head in a threatening way. He tensed, but didn’t even attempt to surrender.

“Take that back,” I snarled.

“Because it isn’t true?”

I threw the book at him. He merely raised a hand and stopped the book in its path. It dropped to the marble floor with a loud thud. I grabbed the book that sat beneath the original book and held it up, threatening to throw that too.

“Must you throw things?” Draco demanded.

I muttered a spell and threw the book at him. It broke through his shield, but he still managed to hit it down with an arm.

“You may be a chaser, Rose, but you don’t have the strongest arm.”

“BUGGER OFF!” I yelled.

“You don’t need to yell!” he snapped, starting to close the space between us again.

I kept walking backwards, right down to the end of the corridor until I hit an empty space of wall next to the stairs. When he kept getting closer, I pulled my wand from my pocket and holding it out half an arm’s length.

“Stay back,” I growled.

I felt a vicious tug on my wand, yanking it from my hand and starting to fly towards Draco. I summoned it back wordlessly and it started to fly towards me. Draco seemed to find it fit to summon it back, and we were locked in a battle of our power, my wand hovering smack dab in between the space between us. It would occasionally waver and move towards me or Draco, but it never went far. This was nothing more than a sick game of tug o’ war to him. I felt sweat break across my forehead. Draco seemed to remember using a wand is more helpful, so he pulled out his, keeping his other hand open to grab my wand. I felt my weariness increase much quicker and the back and forth movements of my wand further apart and wavering more to Draco’s side each time. Then, out of nowhere, it flew in another direction completely. I dropped to my knees, rather exhausted once the magic broke.

“What in Merlin’s name are you two doing?”
I managed enough strength to turn my head and look up at Draco’s mother.

“He was trying to take my wand from me.” I breathed, letting my body droop more. If I was going to win this, I’d have to do better than start another verbal fight.

“Why?” she turned to her son next, her eyes demanding an answer.

“She was throwing your books.”

“Rosa!” she turned to me, surprised.

“He... forced himself... on me...” I panted and let my head bow down, my festive black hair creating a veil between me and the others.

“Draco,” she gasped, turning back to her son. “That’s no way to treat your fiancée.”

My jaw twitched at the word. At least my face was covered.

“She was overreacting; the only way I could get her to shut up was to occupy her mouth in some other way,” he responded, sounding shocked his mother wasn’t taking his side.

“You pushed me to the limit,” I whispered just loudly enough for them to hear. “You weren’t listening to me. You finally started paying attention when I sent the book flying at you.”

“Both of them?” he scoffed. “I got the message the first time.”

“Then why continue being an arrogant prick?”

I looked up and saw Draco’s face reddening even more, his teeth clenched. His wand raised and a burst of light came from it, but it disappeared into a thin, shimmering wall feet before me. I looked at Mrs. Malfoy and realized it was her doing.

“That’s enough, Draco,” she snapped. “You won’t be owl-ing anyone for the rest of the holidays, nor will you find use of your Christmas gifts until then.”

“Bu...” he started to complain. Now who was the one that looked like a kid on Christmas Day that got disappointed, eh?

“That’s enough, Draco!” she cut in forcefully. “And you are not to leave the manor. Not one step out any door or any window.” She then turned to me and her tone changed. “I apologise on Draco’s behalf. Come along, Rosa, I think your mother was about to find you and leave anyways.”

I struggled to get up and dragged my feet slightly as I walked up to Narcissa. She passed me my wand.

“We’ll talk more about this later,” she warned Draco.

Turning on her heel, she took my hand and let me lag behind slightly as she led me out. I looked over my shoulder at Draco and smirked triumphantly. He shook his head, eyes narrowed on me angrily. The rest of his face set just as infuriated as his eyes were.

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I love love love love love love love love loved it!

Brilliant stuff!

(For indepth textual analysis, please wait for a day when I don't have to get up early!)
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I love Rosa : ) i realy hope she finds a way of getting rid of Draco


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PAMS !!! PAMS!!!! PAMS!!!!!
I loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you go rosa, teach draco a lesson
PAMS !!!!!!!!
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Chapter 15
The Return

The train picked us up at King’s Cross Station January 3rd. I didn’t see Harry when I got on the train, which made things a bit easier for the moment because I had to talk to him about what we could do about us. I got a compartment with Aurelia and we talked, ate, and read for half of the train ride.

“I’m going to change,” I said suddenly, putting my book down. I got up and grabbed my robes from beside me and left the compartment before Aurelia could say a thing. I shut the door behind me and started to head down the corridors, passing the various compartment doors. A couple of them were half open, but I didn’t really pay attention, I just found it odd.

“Hey, Rosa!”

I looked over my shoulder and stopped, noticing the corridor was empty, leaving me alone with Harry.


He came up to me and pulled me into a hug. I didn’t realize how much I needed a hug until now; I wrapped my arms around him tightly and held onto him until he pulled away.

“How were the holidays for you?”

“Interesting...” I responded, reflecting on the Christmas dinner I had at the Malfoys’. “How about you? Better, I hope.”

“It can’t have been that bad,” he said lightly, giving me an encouraging smile I didn’t really deserve. “And my holidays went rather well. I spent the entire time at The Burrow.”

I raised an eyebrow; he stayed with... gophers?

“Ron’s place by Ottery St. Catchpole.”

“Ah.” I nodded.

“You stayed with your mum?”

“Yeah, except I did have a dinner with her ‘friends’.”

“Oh yeah, you wrote about that before going, but I didn’t hear about what happened.”

“What do you mean? Nothing bad happened.”

“I never said anything bad happened.” He looked at me with mild suspicion in his green eyes.

He finally caught me in a lie. It only took him 4 months to catch one. A small one at that.

“It’s a long story, I can tell you later. It ended with getting Draco grounded by his mother, though.”

Harry’s expression brightened. “You did that? Really?”

“Yep,” I responded, smiling back. “I’m the greatest.”

“That you are.” He bent his head down to kiss me.

I wrapped my arms more around his neck and kissed him back. Yes, I was the greatest... but I still had to work out a story that didn’t involve the words ‘impending marriage’, ‘fiancée’, or ‘diamond ring’.

When I heard a compartment door slide open, I pulled away from Harry and out of his arms. “I need to change.” I held up the robes I was still gripping in my right hand.


“I’ll see you later.” I turned around and started to walk away, heading for the loo. After using it and changing, I exited and found the trolley witch going to every compartment, selling the sweets. I bought a chocolate frog, a crackling cookie and a bagful of gummy skrewts. I made it back to my compartment with my handful of candy and opened the door.

“Skrewts?” I asked, holding the back out.

Aurelia cringed away, but realized I meant the candies and did end up taking a few from my baggy and eating them before they could singe her with their tail. I sat down on the seat across from her and ate the skrewts before going on to my crackling cookie. I broke it and it made an explosion noise and small fireworks. When the smoke cleared, I took out the little roll of paper and read the little ‘fortune’.

Change is happening in your life, so go with the flow!

I scoffed and crumpled up the paper, throwing the tiny ball onto the ground. I then ate the cookie. As I was opened my chocolate frog, the compartment door slid open. Aurelia and I looked towards the sliding door; when I realized it was just Goyle, I turned my attention back to the chocolate frog container I was struggling to open.

“Hey. Can I sit here?”

“Sure,” Aurelia responded, readjusting how she was sitting so she could fit another person next to her. Goyle took that seat and, within moments, were cuddled together as any couple would. It made me want to gag.

I threw the chocolate frog container onto the ground, frustrated.

“Do you want a chocolate frog?” I asked, looking at Goyle.

“Sure,” he responded.

I picked it up and tossed it to him. He managed to catch it with one hand and open it in seconds. I scowled.

“Malfoy’s looking for you,” Goyle said as he looked at the card inside the container top.

“When is he not?” I snapped, scowling and turning away.

“He said it was very important.”

“He considers ‘where is my hair gel?’ very important – be more specific,” I responded pointedly.

“He mentioned Christmas.”

“Dear Merlin,” I breathed. I figured he would have something to say about that, be it to my face or to everyone else.

“What happened exactly?” Goyle asked, mid-chew on the chocolate frog. I waited for him to swallow before responding.

“He was being rude. He forced himself onto me. He tried to take my wand.”
I just found my story for Harry!

“Well, according to him...” Goyle took a bite into his chocolate frog and continued, sputtering the occasional piece of chocolate as he spoke. “You took forever in the bathroom and he had to use it. You started calling him an arrogant prick and threw books at him. To protect himself and anything breakable in the room he tried to take your wand and when his mother came around, you managed to convince her he forced himself onto you and you were defending yourself, resulting in the most boring holidays away from Hogwarts ever.”

I laughed scathingly. “So like him to twist a story like that.”

Aurelia rolled her eyes.

“What?” I demanded, narrowing my eyes on her.

“It’s just amazing, really, how everything is always his fault to you, but when you ask him it’s entirely your fault. You’re two of a kind.”

“Never compare me and Draco,” I growled.

“Well it’s true. ‘he forced himself on me’, ‘she threw books at me’. Where is ‘he forced himself onto me because I threw books’? Are you ever at fault?”

“It wasn’t because of the books!” I snapped. I looked away, towards the door, and mumbled, “I don’t know why.”


I ignored Aurelia and grabbed my book and continued reading. She gave up and turned her attention to Goyle once he finished devouring the chocolate frog, alternating between talking and kissing. I grew too irritated of them acting so happy that I got up and left with my book. I stepped out into the hall and to one side so it looked like I had somewhere to go, but I really had no idea where to go. I could join Harry and suffer in the company of the Weasley and Granger girl, I could scope out Draco for what would turn into another fight...

I didn’t have much of an idea as to where she was, so I started to go further down the train, opening every compartment and asking if anyone knew where Daphne Greengrass was. It took 3 tries to get a response that turned out to be right. I followed Millicent’s instructions to the compartment door before the door leading to the next cabin of the Express. I slid it open.

“Can I join?” I asked, poking my head in.

The first person I saw sitting next to Daphne was her boyfriend, Shane Wilkes. I scanned the rest of the compartment and was horror-struck, despite managing to completely cover it up, when I saw Draco and Crabbe sitting across from them.

“Sure.” Daphne smiled at me.

I avoided Draco’s eyes as I slid the compartment door further open and shut it behind me. I took the seat on the other side of Daphne. Crossing my legs to get more comfortable, I opened my book again and continued reading. I went through one chapter without being bothered by that feeling of someone watching me.

“Problem, Draco?” I asked. I licked the tip of my finger and flipped a page.


“You should have your eyes checked out.”

“Why?” he sounded legitimately baffled. I never thought I’d live to... hear the day.

“Because they seem to be glued to one spot.” I looked up at him, smiling mockingly.

“Ha, ha.” He responded, his tone just as sarcastic as my smile looked. Even when I met his eyes he still didn’t look away. “How were the rest of your holidays? Did you get to go out?” he spat the last two words.

I smirked. “I spent 4 days in France as a matter of fact. Did you do anything... whacky?”

“Oh, you know,” was all he responded.

“Well I don’t.” Daphne looked up from her hand, which was entwined and playing with Shane’s. “What did you do?”

Draco turned to her with a smirk and responded, “Not much, really. I did visit a few friends of my family’s, but after Christmas...” he turned to glare at me.

“I didn’t do a thing.”

“Well there isn’t a lot to do on holidays,” Daphne pointed out.

“But you had the option to go out of the house and mail with people,” Draco snapped irritably. Daphne’s eyebrows scrunched together, surprised at the sudden change in tone. He turned his eyes to me, glaring. “I was in solitary confinement until today thanks to you.”

“Me?” I exclaimed innocently. “What did I do to you to cause you such emotional trauma?”

His eyes became colder, more mocking.

“It grows fuzzy after ‘that’s no way to treat your...’

“Ah, that,” I cut in before he could say that dreadful word. “If you expect me to apologize... well, you must really live in your own little world.”

I saw the tendons in his hands flex and twitch beneath his skin as his they curled into fists.

“Ok...” Daphne chuckled warily and turned her attention back to Shane.

I turned my attention back to my book. As I flipped the page again a minute later, while still reading I said, “You probably should change into robes, Draco.”

“Come on, Crabbe, we should change,” he said, his calm voice shaking rather angrily. He got up and yanked his robes from the shelf above. He stormed out, Crabbe following in his wake with his robes in his hands, slamming the compartment door behind him so much it shuttered.

“What’s his problem?” Daphne sighed as his stomping footsteps.

“When does he not have a problem?” I responded simply, the flip of my page making a rustling noise.

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I love this fic! your writing is amazing and you keep coming up with surprising details, like Goyle the Love God!

Too many faves to quote! I love the fact that Rosa basically ruined Draco's Christmas and New Year and showed him up on the train!

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Love that Draco had a horrible holiday, serves him right!!
Harry is so sweet : )
I love Rosa


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Oh! I just got caught up on this one!! Loving it, BTW. PAMS
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great post, I loved it, actually i love all your posts !!!!!! Go Rosa, she always knows how to get on draco's nerves
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hi, I'm new to this story but I love it! OMG. Draco is such a prick isn't he! maybe they'll end up married though... (hint hint)
I'm starting to go off him though... harry- he's so sweet and caring I likes...
always cheering for you:cheerpyr:
Jen xxx
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Yep, Goyle is the love god. That sounds good haha.

yeahhh Rosa knows how to own Draco no matter what!

&welcome Jen! Its great to know you love this story hope you continue reading!
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Chapter 16
The Suspicion

Harry and I spent the second day back in the library. I was studying and doing homework while he was copying whatever I did in a class he had. It irritated me to no end that he couldn’t do a simple essay by himself. It was something he had 6 years of experience in – technically, at least, even though it seems he has never once done one on his own – yet he just uses whatever is thrown his way by the first friend to finish. Putting up with it was harder than I thought; manageable, but difficult.

I had finally finished my Transfiguration essay and set that aside, thankful Harry didn’t take that class because the essay was one I worked hardest on.


He looked up from his parchment to me. I tried to phrase this so it wouldn’t seem too obvious what I wanted to know.

“You know Kreacher?”

“What about ‘im?” he asked flatly. I reminded myself he only spoke so rudely in response because he hated Kreacher, and continued.

“He came from the Black family?”


“How long did he serve them?”

Harry shrugged. “He’s an ancient thing; born long before your dad. He definitely served Sirius’s mother, but that’s as much as I know. Why?”

“Kreacher mentioned how he’s always loyal to the ‘oldest and most ancient house of Black’ when I stayed behind that day in the kitchen, yet when I asked him something as a Black he refused to answer,” I responded, picking my words carefully, hoping I wasn’t speaking too obviously slow.

“What’d you ask?”

“About Sirius.”

Harry let out a laugh. “Those two loathed each other. He tries to avoid talking about Sirius as much as possible. He often says it was good riddance... what happened...”

“What did happen?”

Harry was silent for a minute. “I can explain another time.”

“But...” I started to complain.

“Please, Rosa, not here,” he whispered, sounding mildly desperate.

I sighed. I was actually thankful not to hear the story; I wasn’t the least bit interested. “Fine, but can I ask something else then?”

“Depends on what,” he replied warily, placing his quill down on top of his parchment and giving me full attention.

“You mentioned Sirius had a brother.”

“I did?” He sounded surprised and looked down at his parchment in thought.

“In December, after my Quidditch match,” I explained quickly, waving it off. “Anyways, what do you know about him?”

Harry looked at me, an eyebrow raised. “Why?” he asked, perplexed.

“I know nothing about my family besides the fact my father is Sirius. I want to learn as much as possible, but my mother refuses to answer my questions.” That was semi-true.

“I know almost nothing. The library books here have more information about the Blacks than I do.”

“But I’m asking about this brother. I’m assuming they wouldn’t have that in a book,” I responded pointedly, finally letting my quill rest on the table. It leaked a blob of ink, something I fixed with the flick of a hand.

“Not necessarily.”

“Birth and death dates? I’m kind of curious about more than that.”

“Why about your uncle? Does this have to do with the fact your mother... is... you know...”

“No, it has nothing to do with her being Slytherin,” I snapped, growing more impatient. Harry blinked in surprise and I realized my momentary lapse. “Sorry,” I forced out the word softly. “I just hate not knowing something like this.”

He smiled and took my hand from the table and into his. He looked at it, and then at me. “I understand.”

Did he really? I rather doubted it.

“It was the same for me about my past, my parents... everyone knew the stories but I knew next to nothing. It was frustrating, not knowing and missing out on all the information strangers seemed to know. If you want I can... try to get... Kreacher talking about it.” Harry grimaced at the thought, barely managing to get the words out as is.

“Maybe... I could try again?”

“If you want, go ahead, but he’s an annoying, stubborn bugger. If he didn’t give anything up before I doubt he will again,” Harry responded with a shrug.

“When a master orders their house elf to do something, he must, no matter what, unless there’s a loophole they find...” I started.

A smile tugged at the corners of Harry’s lips. “Good thinking. If you want, I can take you back down to the kitchen tomorrow and try that. Do you want me to be there and make sure he hasn’t found loopholes and starts lying about something?”

“No, it’s ok... this kind of feels like something I need to do alone.” It is something I need to do alone; the questions I had about my real father would really tip Harry off, something I cannot let happen for as long as I can help.

Harry’s hand turned on an angle so he could check his watch.

“You hungry?” he asked, looking from his watch to me.

“What time is it?”


My stomach growled right on cue. Harry chuckled and slid his hand from mine and quickly gathered his things. “I should drop these off at the Tower before going to dinner. See you later... or tomorrow.” He kissed me quickly on the lips before leaving.

I wasn’t really sure if I liked kissing Harry or not. It did leave my lips tingling even after he was gone, but to some extent I wasn’t sure if I liked even that. I mused the idea as I gathered my things and started to leave the library.


I picked up the pace, wondering why the heck Pansy was in the library of all places. She could find people to annoy elsewhere!

“You, Black!”

Skidding to a stop, I realized it wasn’t Parkinson or any other girl I knew. I turned around and saw the little redhead Weasley coming up to me.

“I don’t know what you’re planning, but it’s not going to work.”

“What do you mean?” I responded, faking confused shock. The girl stopped right in front of me and glared at me, straight in the eyes. I realized she wasn’t as short as I thought; maybe she’s an inch or two taller than me, come to think of it.

“You and Harry. Something’s fishy about it; I don’t know what, but believe me I’ll figure it out.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Well have fun.”

“So there is something?” she demanded, her fist clenching around her wand.

“Look, I don’t know who died and made you queen of the Harry Potter Fan Club, but not every Slytherin is evil,” I snapped. “We don’t all spend our days and nights plotting revenge or planning how to take the entire school by force and kick out people like you.”

Weasley’s mouth dropped open, insulted at the emphasis I put on those last three words. At least she got the right context; as annoying as she is being, I didn’t imply ‘people like you’ to mean just being irritating.

“It’s not like I’m intending on harming Harry. I’m sorry he didn’t pick you or whatever, but it’s not my fault he wants me.”

Believe me; it is so not...

“Ok?” I concluded. “Now leave me alone.” With that said I spun on my heel and sauntered out of the library, the only thing on my mind being what there was for dinner.

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Fabulous! Love it, Rosa can hardly move without people coming to have a go at her! Malfoy, Pansy and now Ginny! I hadn't really thought about Ginny, I was enjoying the Rosa/Pansy face off a bit too much to even consider poor Ginny.

That Maths stuff sounds horrible. I'm sooooooo very glad I'm past all that now.

More please! I love this story!
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Oh!!! I love it!! Poor little Ginny though she really loves Harry
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Chapter 17
The Story

It was finally the last week of January. To top it off, it was Saturday afternoon and, for the first time in 4 months, I didn’t have homework to start on or a Quidditch practice or match. Neither did Harry. It was 10am when I met up with him and we made our way to the kitchen hand-in-hand. He guided me through the portrait hole first, following inches behind. I didn’t see much point in coming to the kitchen to do this, since Harry could summon Kreacher by calling him, but Harry pointed out it was a place less likely to attract unwanted ears. For this, I took his word for it.


The elf Apparated right in front of us.

“Potter. Lovely to see you again,” he croaked sarcastically.

“Look Kreacher, Rosa wants to ask you a couple of questions.”

“Kreacher already answered the girl’s questions,” he responded, sounding rather indignant.

“She said you didn’t supply every answer to her liking.”

“Is it possible the girl...?”

“I’m right here,” I snapped, cutting in.

“The girl does not like Kreacher’s answers? Kreacher did his best, Mr. Potter.” A grimacing smile grew on his toad-like face.

“I’m going with Rosa’s word on this over yours, Kreacher,” Harry responded flatly. “Now listen, you will answer her every question to the best and entire extent of your knowledge. You will not make up any answers, you must be truthful with every response you can and will give. I don’t care how long it takes, you will speak.”

Kreacher’s tennis ball eyes bore into Harry, unblinking. “Is that an order, master?”

“Yes, Kreacher, it is. And you will do it out of my company.”

“As you please, master.” The elf mock bowed to Harry.

Scowling, Harry turned to me.

“Good luck with whatever you want to know.” He kissed my cheek and left the kitchen.

“Is the girl interested in Potter?” Kreacher asked, looking from the portrait hole to me.

“Ok look, Kreacher, I know you know more than you let on last time. You may not want to talk about it, but I need to know.”

“That dog never had a child. That dog never had a wife, or a girlfriend.”

“Dog?” I asked, confused.

“Sirius Black,” the elf croaked. “That vile blood traitor never had time to create vermin.”

“You’re right, Kreacher.”

“Then why does the girl lie to Potter?”

“Because I must. And anything you tell Harry about this...”

“Kreacher never sees Potter. Kreacher never speaks with Potter,” he cut in blandly.

I smiled, delighted. “Good.” I then started turning around to search for a chair. I finally found a rather small chair, one that fit a house elf but could barely fit a grown child. I summoned it and managed to sit on it. “Now Kreacher, what do you know about Regulus Black?”

I wasn’t sure if I should’ve been surprised or confused when I saw the elf’s eyes water in tears.

“Why does the girl want to know?” the elf’s voice wavered, as if trying to control his tone.

“Because...” I reached into my cloak pocket and pulled out the photo I stole from my house with my mother and the Blacks. “That,” I pointed to the back of the moving photo where Kreacher was. “Is you. That,” I pointed to my mum. “Is my mother, and that,” I pointed to Regulus. “Is my father.”

“No... it isn’t possible... Kreacher would’ve known...” I swore Kreacher was paling. Was that even possible for an elf?

“It is, Kreacher. They were together for 6 months. 5 months into their relationship, my mum got pregnant. Shortly after telling Regulus about it, he disappeared. Where is he, Kreacher?”


“How did he die?”

Big, fat tears began to fall from Kreacher’s eyes. “Kreacher could’ve helped... Kreacher could’ve stopped... could’ve saved master Regulus... but Kreacher was ordered... master wouldn’t let him again...” His voice broke off and he started to sob. I cringed at his tears.

“Again?” I pressed.

Kreacher blew his nose on a small section of the cloth he wore. “A long story, miss, with a terrible ending...”

“I have time.”

Kreacher began his story. He started with when Sirius ran away and how Regulus became the centre of attention. He explained how, when 16, he ‘blessed the family’ by becoming a Death Eater. All this I knew. It was what came next I never heard...

“Not 2 years had passed when master Regulus began to grow suspicious of the...” Kreacher edged closer and whispered into my ear. “Dark Lord’s powers.” Kreacher stayed closer and continued his story with a more hushed, quieter tone. “Master questioned everything about the Dark Lord, began piecing things together... one night the Dark Lord demanded Kreacher from master, and master willingly gave Kreacher over... it was horrible...” the elf shivered. “The Dark Lord brought Kreacher to a dark, wet place... crossing a lake by a boat... the Dark Lord made Kreacher drink something so vile...” he shivered again. “Kreacher didn’t understand. Kreacher was in pain, thoughts confused, body hurting... Dark Lord only checked something within the bowl of poison and left Kreacher for dead in this dark, rocky, wet place...”

“A cave?”

He let out a small sob and a fat tear fell from his eye as his voice growing shakier. “Yes, miss, a cave... but master had told Kreacher to come home... so Kreacher returned home. Master was furious... furious the Dark Lord would leave Kreacher for dead. That he would treat Kreacher like that. Master went searching... gone for so long... master finally returned and took Kreacher with him. Master took Kreacher to the dark hole from last time. Master ordered Kreacher that no matter what, Kreacher would obey master and, when danger was impossible to destroy, leave. Even if it meant leaving... master... behind...” the elf’s voice cracked and he blew his nose again, desperately trying to dab away his tears. “Master ordered Kreacher to never tell family about what happened... Kreacher is breaking master’s orders...”

“I won’t tell anyone, Kreacher. I have no one to tell,” I whispered.

Kreacher’s big eyes tinkled sadly.

“Lightning-headed master ordered Kreacher to tell...”

“Tell me, Kreacher. Please.”

Kreacher was silent for a minute, but continued.

“Master and Kreacher crossed the lake... and master drank the horrible drink... Kreacher watched Master change lockets...”

“Lockets? What locket?”

“Soul-eating locket... soul-breaker. Dark Lord’s locket. Slytherin’s.”

“Soul-eating...?” I would have to ask Harry about this carefully later.

“Master switched lockets, taking the soul-eater and replacing it... with his own. A similar one, a small note inside, telling the Dark Lord what he did, what he knows... but the corpses in the water... they took master... they drowned him... Kreacher was ordered to leave... Kreacher couldn’t save master.” Kreacher broke out into fresh tears again.

“What’s so important about this locket, Kreacher?” I pressed, even though Kreacher was still in tears. I waited 5 minutes, but time seemed to increase the volume of Kreacher’s sobs. “Calm down, Kreacher!”

It took another minute, but Kreacher finally calmed enough. “What’s so important about this locket?”

“Kreacher... was ordered to not say...”

“You can tell me, Kreacher. I have no one to tell.”

“Locket eats souls. Rips them apart, keeps a bit inside... Potter said it was a... a...” Kreacher thrashed angrily, unable to say whatever it was. I realized Harry had ordered Kreacher to not say what this object is; that order seemed to be more powerful than the one to tell me everything. It must be important.

“Did Harry say you couldn’t write it?”

Kreacher’s eyes lit up. He hurried around the kitchen, appearing almost 10 minutes later with a pen and a section of cloth ripped from his dinky robe. He wrote it down and handed it to me.


Something told me that if I asked Harry about this, Kreacher would be dead. I couldn’t have Kreacher dead, there might be more I have to ask, but no one else besides the Dark Lord himself knew about this thing. From what Kreacher explained, I could only guess it was something like a locket that stores souls.

“What does this do?” I asked, pointing at the word.

“Like a locket. The thing stores bits of souls... your soul... anyone can rip their soul and put it in something.”

This must be why the Dark Lord is still alive. He made himself immortal by putting a bit of his soul into this locket! That must be why he’s so ugly now, he’s torn himself apart.

“Why did Regulus want to destroy this?” I asked, confused.

“Master was very angry at the Dark Lord... he was smart... he put together the Dark Lord’s clues about why he was living, why no one is stronger than him. Master wanted to destroy the Dark Lord for using Kreacher like he did.”

I was speechless. My father abandoned the Death Eaters? For a house elf?

“Th... thank you, Kreacher...”

“No... thank you, mistress... Kreacher thought... no one would live on... in Master’s name... besides Kreacher.” Kreacher let out a sob and covered his face with his cloth, blowing his nose into it moments later.

“You’re welcome,” I responded. I then softly added, “I guess.” I then got up and left the kitchen. I continued down the basement halls and went up the stairs. I wasn’t taking in my surroundings; my feet seemed to know where they were taking me. I almost ran into Draco because of my lack of attention.

“What’d you get hexed with?”

“Nothing,” I responded. My voice sounded too unnaturally airy. I turned the corner and after a short ways went down the stairs into the dungeons.

“What’d you hit your head on then?” he called after me.


I heard footsteps behind me.


“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yelled, my voice echoing down the halls.

Draco let out a short, sarcastic laugh. “Really, love...”

I spun around, yanking my wand from my pocket and aiming it at him. “Leave. Me. Alone,” I snarled. “You clearly have issues with giving people personal space. I have no problem helping you with that.”

“I just wanted to know why you’re being so weird,” Draco responded defensively.

I scoffed. “Right. Because I’m the weird one.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he demanded.

“Where’re Crabbe and Goyle?” I pointed out, still keeping my wand up and ready.

“Crabbe is in detention. Goyle is with your friend, like always.”

I sighed and pocketed my wand. “Fine.” I then turned around and continued to walk away.

“Where’s Potter?”

My hand gripped my wand again as I came to a stop. “Why do you expect I’d know?”

“Last I saw he was taking you to the basement, hand-in-hand. Where was he taking you?”

“None of your business,” I snapped, continuing to walk away. I can’t always stoop to his level; someone has to be the mature one.

“It is every right of mine to know.”

I gaped and stopped again, turning to face him once more. He was only ten feet away from me, standing with his arms crossed, a glare set in his cold grey eyes.

“No. It. Is. Not. I can have my own life. You can have yours. I don’t dig into every move you make.” Not like I’d want to anyways. “I’m sorry if what I do on my own time doesn’t please you,” I added sarcastically. “Just stop stalking me, it’s creepy.”

He didn’t respond. I turned around and walked away, my hand still on my wand. I turned the corner and headed to the portrait hole. After giving the password and passing through, I walked up to my dorm and sat on my bed. Giving up, I fell back onto my bed, my legs still dangling over the edge. I covered my face with my hands, still trying to understand everything.

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This story gets better and better, I love it! I'd be interested in any story that you wrote, I'm warming to Dramione stories.

I love how Malfoy sounds concerned about Rosa, when really he just wants information. I also love how secretive Rosa is, never tell anyone absolutely anything. I've got a character who does that, but for different reasons.

I've been meaning to ask, who's the girl in your siggie?
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Glad you enjoyed the update

Yeah, so far I'm stuck with this Dramione idea. I like the idea, it's based on one of my favourite (and rather haunting) songs. It's popularly used in videos to depict Draco as a character in the HBP movie/book. It's been years since I've done song-ish fics. If I do end up posting it to SS I'll post the info here!

I love how Malfoy sounds concerned about Rosa, when really he just wants information.
haha yep, Draco will take just about any possibility he can to dig into her life. But what if he actually is starting to warm up to her...? Lol!

I've been meaning to ask, who's the girl in your siggie?
The girl, who I imagine to be Rosa, is actually someone I used to know, before I moved. We were like... distant friends back then (you know when you're friends with just about everyone in elementary school? Just like that). The original picture I had of her I wanted for the siggy was a headshot that I took a liking to because of the hair, which was black with pink streaks When that didn't work for the graphics maker I had to find another, but I couldn't find someone on Google Images that fit what I had in mind.

Basically she's not a real model. Nor an actress.
Yeah, it might be kind of weird that I did that, but I couldn't find anyone more fitting than her... Ironically the girl's name, in real life, is Rosa (which was not planned, it just happened like that). But they're nowhere near the same personality!

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Oh I am really loving this!! Rosa is a fiery little thing isn't she!!??
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Chapter 18
The Potion

I sat behind the table, tapping my pen in a quick ticking rhythm against the top as Professor Slughorn continued to lecture about the potion we were about to make. It was the first week back and classes were already insufferable.

“Whichever partnership finishes their potion first doesn’t have to do tonight’s homework. You have until the last 10 minutes of class,” Slughorn announced, turning is back to us so he could go back to his desk and get out of our way for the moment.

The first person to bounce up and get their things was Granger. Everyone else started moving slower, except for me... and Draco.

“Well?” I looked at him.

“What?” he looked up and to me, an eyebrow raised.

“You have the book,” I said flatly.

“So you get the ingredients.”

“But they’re in your book,” I retorted, crossing my arms indignantly.

“Take it then!” he snapped, shoving the book towards me.

Sighing irritably, I yanked it up and stomped towards the shelf of ingredients. After getting everything required in my arms and piled on top of the book, I walked back over and started unloading it before my place behind the table. Draco didn’t bother to help, he just watched with a proud smirk on his face as I barely managed to keep everything from spilling onto the ground and breaking. When I finished, I stepped in front of Draco and slammed the book down rather loudly, the resounding smack echoing around the room. It made the entire class, even Slughorn, jump.

“Calm down, Ms. Black,” Slughorn reprimanded.

“Sorry, it slipped,” I responded, smiling. Slughorn smiled back and went back to reading whatever was in his hands. He was like putty in my hands.

“Yes, Rosa, would you calm down?” Draco asked, using a rather polite, calm tone.

“Would you do something for yourself for a change?” I snapped back without a second to spare, shoving the book back to its original place.

Glaring at me, Draco took the beet root and a knife and started dicing onto a board.

“Very good, Draco,” I said, clapping my hands together quietly enough to not draw too much attention from around us just yet.

He scowled and finished dicing the first half. He looked at the book and then at me.

“Well?” He demanded.

“You did a fine job, dicing that root. Only another half to go. I’m very proud of you,” I added the last bit with a tone similar to baby-talk.

“Start doing something!” he snapped. “You need to get the wormwood bark in there before this.”

“Start doing something,” I mimicked under my breath and started to strip the bark and rip it to finer pieces. I was on the second layer when I felt my nail bend and snap. “Ah...”

“What? A splinter?” Draco scoffed as he started on the second beet root.

“I broke my nail...” I pulled my hand from the bark and saw it broke off enough to start bleeding.

“For Merlin’s sake, it’s not the end of the world,” he snapped, looking at my hand out of the corner of his eye.

“It’s not like you’d know!” I curled the finger in between my thumb and hand, applying pressure to make the bleeding slow to a stop.

Exhaling in annoyance, Draco dropped his knife and pulled out his wand. He yanked my hand from me, removing the finger from where I lodged it.

“What’re you doing? Stop it!” I tried to pull away, but his hold was rather strong; my arm barely budged when I made my attempt to reel away. A light emitted from the tip of his wand, stopping the bleeding, and the pain went away within moments. I looked at him for a few moments, amazed he actually did something... nice. For someone else.

“There. If you complain about that again I’ll personally break another one of your precious nails.” Draco pushed his wand back into his pocket and continued dicing.

Shaking my head in disbelief, I turned back to the wood and continued stripping it. Once I finished and dropped it all into the potion, which immediately steamed with a hiss, Draco levitated the two diced beet roots until it was over the potion, dropping it into the steam. As soon as they touched the potion, it stopped steaming and looked like it was starting to lightly boil. The liquid was a light tint of red. I went over and started to stir as Draco continued to cut up the ingredients.

6 clockwise... one counter-clockwise. 6 clockwise...

“What’re you doing?” Draco demanded, looking up from the weed on the board to me.

“It says one counter-clockwise in the book,” I replied.

“It says 9 times clockwise, two counter-clockwise. Learn to read!”

“You didn’t even look at the ruddy book!” I dropped the mixing spoon into the bowl and clenched my hands on the cauldron’s rim.

“Look!” He grabbed the book and threw it at me, letting it skid to a stop right on the edge of the table. He watched me read it, his eyes piercing onto my head.

“6 clockwise, two counter-clockwise," I read aloud in a deliberately slow manner. "I’m sorry you cut into my stirring!”

“You and your lies! Do you ever stop?”

“Hey you two, quiet down.” Slughorn came up next to me. “What seems to be the problem?”

“She’s not following instructions,” Draco said, his attention now on Slughorn.

“At least I read them,” I retorted, glaring at him.

Everyone had stopped their work to watch us.

“Right,” Draco scoffed.

My hand clutched my wand.

“None of that!” Slughorn snapped, looking at me. “Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Black is right, 6 clockwise, 2 counter-clockwise.”

“Malfoy has math problems!” I recognized Harry’s voice call out.

Half the class chuckled. Draco spun around and glowered at Harry. Pansy joined in with him, while the other Slytherin just didn’t laugh. I was the only one to chuckle.

“Mr. Potter, if you’d please!” Slughorn turned to Harry.

“At least I’m not colour-blind, Potter,” Draco snapped back.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Harry demanded.

“I don’t mistake green for red.” His mouth set beneath his cold eyes into a sneer.

My eyes widened in shock; how dare he! Harry’s wand came out next.

“Mr Potter, put that away! This isn’t Charms class. Now GET BACK TO WORK!”

Everyone jumped and did as Slughorn said. The moment Malfoy turned around, Harry’s wand went back into his pocket and he picked up his knife again and continued, the thud of the sharp, metallic knife of the table resounding in the room. The professor never did yell. He was never much of an authoritarian for that matter, he was too busy trying to be our friends.

“5 points from Gryffindor. And you two...” Slughorn sighed and shook his head. “5 points from Slytherin.” As he walked away, he mumbled, “I never thought I’d live to see the day I’d take points from my own house.”

I snatched up the spoon with a glare at Draco before I turned my full attention back to stirring. Draco’s chopping became more loud and hard. When he did levitate the next batch of ingredients, they fell with a bigger splash. Nothing spilt, but it was noticeable.

“Grow up,” I grumbled as I started on my second round of turning twice clockwise.

He ignored me and kept chopping at the same annoying volume and feeding in ingredients with the same bigger, more immature splashing. The moment the last thing was added, some rat droppings, the potion sizzled and turned into a dark green and continued to bubble. I grabbed the book off the table before Draco and took it right off.

“It’s my book!” he snapped.

“That you gave me permission to take earlier,” I responded with a smile as I read the ‘final result’ section. “If we did it your way it would’ve turned out a lavender colour.” I tossed the book to him, deliberately aiming towards my seat so he would have to reach for it. Draco reached out to grab the book but ended up falling out of his chair. There was a thump and a groan.

I only heard a sigh. “10 points from Slytherin. And I will talk with you after class, Ms. Black.” Slughorn went around our table and lifted Draco up, who was holding his left arm awkwardly close to his body.

“Oh lay off it,” I snapped, knowing the stories of how he overdramatized his arm in 3rd year – a story I couldn’t stop laughing at, a hippogriff lashing back at him is something I wish I personally saw – and his arm in 2nd year when he bought out the Slytherin team so he could be a seeker and play against Harry.

“Merlin’s beard...” the professor groaned. “Could someone take Mr. Malfoy to the hospital wing?”

Pansy jumped up and came to Draco’s side. “I’ll do it, Professor.”


Pansy slid a more than willing arm around his waist and led him out of the Potions room. The moment the two were gone, Slughorn started speaking.

“Well, I believe your time is up, so let’s start with...” he turned to me. “Ms. Black.”

I smiled and moved further away. Slughorn came up and pulled a feather from his pocket. He dropped it from inches above the potion and it was eaten away instantaneously. He pulled out a rock the inside pocket of his robes and dropped it from a bit further up. The potion engulfed it with a sizzling noise, bubbling where the rock originally was.

“Perfect!” Slughorn was suddenly all happy. “10 points for Slytherin. Great job, Ms. Black. Give the same regards to Mr. Malfoy when you next see him.”

I inwardly fumed; he didn’t deserve praise. I just nodded and he continued on, continuing the same process for every table. Once he got to the final table, the one where Granger sat alone while her partner, Pansy, was still out leading Draco off to the hospital wing for what is probably nothing more than a bruise to his shoulder and his pride.

“Oh, two perfect potions...” Slughorn announced after he finished with Granger’s potion testing. He took Granger’s potion and brought it to my table. She followed him standing a few feet from me. He looked at both, examining them. After doing so, he hurried to his desk and pulled out two broken shards of glass from his cabinet. He dropped them in at the same time.

“Ms. Black, congratulations, you don’t have any homework tonight.”

“What?! What was wrong with mine? I knew I shouldn’t have stirred that one extra 6 clockwise 2 counter-clockwise. Does the size of the beet root cut matter? How many pieces of bark you put in the potion in the end?” Granger started going off. I tuned it out after that, not in the mood to hear it.

“Ms. Granger, it’s simply a matter of working together. You and Ms. Parkinson were a worse team than Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Black.”

Someone guffawed in the back.

“Mr. Weasley, this is no laughing matter!” Slughorn said sharply. “Class is dismissed.” He ambled back to his desk and sat down.

I started to gather my things. “I haven’t forgotten, Ms. Black.” I stopped and looked over my shoulder, already standing in the middle of the room, ready to leave. “Come here.”

I turned on my heel, sighing inwardly, and went up to his desk.

“How are you?”

I blinked, confused and rather taken aback. “No offense, sir, but if it’s pleasantries you wish to exchange, can we please do so after lunch?”

“No, no, it’s not for pleasantry’s sake. Is something the matter in your life right now?”

I stared back at him blankly, trying to decipher his intentions hidden within his words before replying with a simple lie. “Not particularly; why?”

“There must be some reason as to why you treat Mr. Malfoy as you do.”

“We don’t get along. It’s like how he and Harry don’t get along.” I shrugged. “No specific reason, it’s just gotten worse over the years.”

“Have you known Mr. Malfoy for years?”

“Not exactly; that’s hard to explain. Why does it matter?” Did this oaf have a point that would be coming sometime in the near-future?

“It’s hard enough having Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy act out the way they do. If you and Mr. Malfoy start to do the same, then I’ll have to do something about it.”

I didn’t respond. Were we as bad as Harry and Draco can be? I never thought about it that way.

“Is there a particular reason you don’t like Mr. Malfoy?”

“We butt heads.” I shrugged. This professor didn’t have any right asking about my personal life. No one did.

“Understandable. Could you try to tone it down, though? It’s hard to learn in a stressing atmosphere.”

“Sure.” I smiled and nodded. Slughorn smiled back, thinking he succeeded and did well.

“Good. You can go.”

“Thanks.” I readjusted the bag on my back and turned around, quickly making my way out of the classroom and down the dungeon halls.

“What did Slughorn want?”

Harry suddenly was walking next to me.

“He asked me how I was.”

I saw Harry raise an eyebrow out of the corner of my eye.

“Just making sure I won’t ‘make a big scene again next time’.”

“So there will be a next time?” Harry chuckled.

“There always is,” I mumbled as we turned into the Great Hall and went our separate ways for lunch.

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