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Default One Shots by Harita - Sa 13+

Hello, everybody I am back with another fiction entry, which is my sixth one here...This entry is just a series of one shots that I am posting...Few of these characters are well known ones while the others could have been just mentioned somewhere along the storyline all through the series...
The first one is one such character...Hope you all enjoy it...

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the known characters, concepts or places mentioned in the one shots. They all belong to the Harry Potter Universe created by J K Rowling (literally) and Warner Bros. and Heyday Productions (visually). However, few new characters have been created to interact with these characters from the series. No copyright infringement has been intended.

Enjoy the read and drop in to comment and suggest...

The Unspeakable.

Walking out of her office, her wand at the ready, she moved silently through the dark granite laden corridor. The lamps flickered even when the air in the corridor stood still. As she reached the central lobby of her department she was certain something was terribly wrong and the evidence came in the form of the mark on the door. People working in Department of Mysteries certainly knew their doors and the new interns and employees were taught tricks to identify theirs. Uma raised her wand with a complicated movement and breathing an innocuous chant. The tip of the wand cast a purple light around the lobby and misty forms appeared for fraction of a second, a time frame which would have been missed by any other witch and wizard but not an Unspeakable.

‘Intruders, dozens of them’ she muttered. She heard steps from behind her.
“What the hell happened?” came a voice as the person joined her to her right
“Did I just see-” but the second voice was silenced with Uma’s nod.
“Okay, I really do not like the feeling of this. Armstrong we need to see what is happening in the Thought Chamber and see if Reilly and the rest need any help”
The man in his early forties, a colleague of Uma immediately left towards one of the unmarked door on their left.

“Grower, see if Knowles and her people are fine in the Time Chamber. Where are Batch and Marshall?”
“On their way” and as soon as Grower disappeared behind the marked door in Time Chamber two new pair of feet appeared and immediately followed by the body of the owners running through the dimly lit corridors

“Batch, take the Space Chamber”
“Marshall take a tour of your division”
“What in Merlin’s name are we to find in Amortentia Room!”
“Only you can tell us Marty. The scene doesn't look good right now. There are almost a dozen intruders somewhere here and there is lot of chaotic energy floating around” Uma replied.
“I feel that” he replied.

“Go ahead and meet me back here, Trotter is on his way. If anyone wants to know where I am tell them I will be heading towards Death Room.”
“And yes be careful of the spells you use” she said turning to Batch “We wouldn't want to disturb any form of evidence of the earlier presence”
“Did you give so many instructions to Grower and Reilly?” muttered a bit disgruntled Batch, a thirty year old junior Unspeakable Officer.
“Come on let’s move” Marshall snapped as the two of them took the other two doors in the circular lobby leaving Uma with the last one on her extreme left.

Ignoring the jibe of the younger officer Uma headed towards the Death Room, the room where she had started her career as an Unspeakable. Although over the period of years she worked in different divisions under different capacity it was finally here that she was accepted as the Senior Unspeakable Officer (S.O) for the Death Room Division reporting for a night shift.

Although people of night shift were only second in line, she was the one Senior Officer amongst the others from different divisions that reported directly to the deputy of the department, Samuel Trotter. She had already sent him a memo earlier in the evening regarding the suspicious activity she found out with the help of her day shift Senior Officer Daniel Arling. She had received a reply stating to move forward with the necessary precautions but it looked like it was way too late for them to act.

As Uma entered the Death Room, she walked by casting similar spell and was welcomed with similar chaotic movement of the energies. Her worry began to escalate unable to understand what these intruders wanted from the Death Chamber. It looked as if they all were in a hurry, running here and there. But what did they come here for?

As she walked through and reached the last place she expected anyone to enter, she cast her spell again only to be surprised by much chaotic, misty and foggy view of what transpired in the room. Spells, hexes and curses had zipped through the now heavy still air of the chamber which accommodated one of the most intimidating and the interesting pieces of magic in its history, the empty archway.

Uma walked around the small mound atop which stood the empty archway which from Uma’s trained view held the light plasma like curtain which exuded its own force. Her walk around the mound in the beginning was deliberately slow trying to understand the magic used. But as she neared the base of the mound and climbed it she realized the slowness of her walk was now not in her control.

Years of training as an Unspeakable and experience in working with the magic and its energies, trying to understand its basic origin and in her case, its existence beyond the life makes most of the Unspeakables capable of feeling different kinds of magic. Experience as that of Uma and her colleagues like Marshall, Reilly, and seniors like Samuel Trotter make them as good as the Prior Incantetum spell they cast in detecting types of magic if not exactly the curses and hexes by their names.

As Uma walked higher on the mound, the residual effect of magic on her body and her trained senses was gradually increasing, slowing down her walk. She paced in front of the archway holding onto her wand tightly. As a senior Unspeakable she could use her wand to cast certain spells that aurors and hit wizards use during investigation of a crime scene. She was trained to do so, and she had used her training well on many occasions. But today however, she made a call and was not ready to disturb even the slightest of the energies present in the chamber. She will have to cordon off this entire section of her division till investigations are over because someone has joined the voices behind the veil. Uma turned to look at the empty archway; she could hear voices from behind it. She took a deep breath trying to steady herself only to be suddenly knocked down by an invisible force that sucked the breath from her lungs leaving her suffocated and breathless, kneeling right in front of the archway her hand gripping it tightly and dangerously close to the veil.

“Someone has died tonight. Although we might take months before we know who has joined beyond the veil” said the strained voice of a woman who had just entered the office of the deputy of the Mysteries Department. The men in the room turned towards Uma, as she stepped in front of the Department Head and deputy, for some reason presence of the prior was unnerving Uma.

“I think we know who died” said another voice from the corner of the room.
“Sirius Black” replied the same man who Uma was looking at.
“Mr. Young?” Uma spoke addressing the auror, “how do you know?”
“Because we already have a witness to it and the second witness will be on his way”
“Who is the witness?”
“Remus Lupin”
“Remus Lupin?”
Uma took in a sharp breath and moved unsteadily to take a seat nearby. She did not understand what was happening. Why were her two classmates from Hogwarts here in the Ministry in the dead of the night! The tour of the Death Chamber had left her tired and worried and the news didn't do her any good as well.

“How was he killed?” she asked. Somewhere in her heart she knew how.
“Killing curse by his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange” came the answer, Uma nodded and muttered, “So this is how the Killing Curse feels”
“What did you say?” came the question from the deputy Samuel Trotter who walked up to her and sat on his toes.

Uma spoke of everything she did whilst investigating the Death Room, except the part where she was about to describe the effect of the Killing Curse, Samuel Trotter stopped her and asked her to make a report on it. He requested an audience with Remus Lupin for Uma from Norman Young and got one so that it will help her in her report which she will give it to the researchers back in the Death Room for them to work on. It was Trotter the zealot speaking which was what made him look arrogant and overbearing that wasn’t much appreciated by his juniors especially at sensitive times like these.

On the other hand, Uma’s investigation wasn't appreciated by Young like many aurors and hit wizards, who felt involving Unspeakables as primary investigators meant tampering with the evidence.
“Should I remind you we have extremely trained and highly experienced primary investigators in our Divisions Senior Officers so that your work becomes easy Mr. Young. I thought you had accepted that fact long time ago” came the defence from the Head of the Department, Mr. Phillip Picke

“Do not worry Mr. Young, I have used only one non invasive spell, it will not tamper with your investigation. The incident is very serious. I have cordoned off the area before I came here, your evidences of trace magic is intact I can assure you that”
Norman Young, the deputy auror nodded and took down the notes and he said, “It is; we have captured Death Eaters who were already incarcerated before we came. We do not know what or why they entered the Department but are on our way to get the information”
They were silent for a while, while Norman Young read through the Quick Quill Notes of his.

“Is there anything you want to add, Mrs. Patil?” asked Norman Young after finishing with his notes.
“No I guess that’s about it.”
“Did you know him, Uma?” asked Marshall, the Senior Officer of the Amortentia Room, “Did you know Black?”
“The whole world knew him” came her answer but back in her mind

‘I only knew one side of him...the significant side...the better side...’

Hope you all enjoyed it...
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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Harita, it's so good to have you back! I'm sorry I have taken so long to read this. It has never shown up as a new post and I just now saw it was here. I know you said you were busy writing these one shots so I check at least twice a day to see if you started posting them yet. I just look for the highlighted threads, but now I see I need to watch closely without the dark blue to catch my eye as a new story. Anyway, I love the story! It's very clever and intriguing. I am anxious to find out how Uma knew Sirius other than just being a classmate. I love her character already and am anxious to read more of her to get to know her better. She is so sensitive to the influence of magic that it makes me want to follow her around quietly while she works. I hope you post another one shot soon and I promise I will keep my eyes peeled for it.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
isabella Macmillan
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Ministry RPG Name:
Laura Thomas
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The Auror.

Even by wizarding standards it was weird for the goblin from the Ministry’s Atrium statue covered in gold waiting for you in your living room’s foyer. And little did Rufus know that, that night, the presence of that golden goblin in his house would mark the beginning of a new time for the Auror Head, Rufus Scrimgeour.

A month later, Scrimgeour’s old office below was bustling with people, as he sat at his new desk on Level One of the Ministry, a small promotion from Level Two though, but a huge upgrade responsibility wise. Rufus Scrimgeour, was elected as the next Minister of Magic as Cornelius Fudge stepped down, in the event of resurfacing of the Dark Lord. His increasing influence even though known to couple of people, of which were Dumbledore and Harry, was completely ignored and trashed by the now ex Minister.

Scrimgeour was busy going through the various files on the captured death eaters from the previous month’s battle at the Ministry, juggling with other files that become part of a Minister’s life. His long time colleague and newly promoted Head of the Auror Division, Norman Young walked in.
“He is on his way, here” Norman Yonung said, as he stood on the other side of the Minister’s large mahogany desk.
“Take a seat, Norman. You don’t need to salute me”
“Protocols change, Mr. Minister” and Rufus, glanced up for a second but continued, “You talked to him then” he asked as Norman took his seat opposite the Minister.
“Yes” Norman replied.
“You think he will be able to perform the task?” confirmed the Minister.

“Is there anything about him that I should know?”
“Apart from the fact that he successfully got us off Black’s scent this past year, while Black was in London and apart from the fact that he has been recruited into the Order, though he gave a very ambiguous answer to that when I asked him. I think his record has no glitches whatsoever.”

“He was the one who sent you the message regarding the captured death eaters in Mysteries Department before you received my message from Pyke that night, right?”
“Hmm...” the Minister sat back in his chair, his fingers drumming on the armrest of his rich wooden chair.
“I do not think those particularly are glitches to us” he began, “Its however, fortunate thing for us that Black, seemed to have turned out on the right side rather than the wrong, so it actually saves Shacklebolt’s skin”

“I guess that is the only reason why he could have wanted to save Black, because he knew of Black's innocence. Or rather believed in Dumbledore” Norman Young replied, “or else, he isn’t the kind of man; a man with twisted sense of right and wrong to go off path and deceive his people”
“His people as in, the aurors?”
“I think you should rethink about that one” the Minister said getting up from his chair. “There is going to be a war, all the lines will blur, there will be time when every one of us will no longer know when we left our grounds of right and entered the wrong, remember that, even the genuinely good people like our man in question.”

Young was silent but he knew the Minister was right. They both had seen examples of it in the previous war. However, Young was someone even with all his experience saw people in black and white. It was his first instinct to slot people into those categories and view people with scepticism who tread the grey. That is the major reason why although he acknowledges and approves of his mentor, his colleague, the Minister and his capabilities on handling the current situation of war, he will always have a cautious eye on him.

“But that is not our concern now,” the Minister continued as he took to pacing. “Even if he does go off the plans of the aurors and does certain things for the Order, I think it is alright” the Minister said, “We will need people from the Order, not exactly everyone, but if we have couple of them, Ministry officials working as Order members, I don’t think it is a bad idea...”
“As long as, we keep up good relationship with Dumbledore” the Minister said, pausing and facing Young, “something which Cornelius Fudge, clearly did not”

Norman shook his head “He not only strained the relation, he went out of the way to discredit and destroy him” Norman added running his hand through his thinning hairline.

“You know well, how crucial Order of the Phoenix was the last time” he continued.
Young shifted in his seat, “Crucial, yes; but our senior officers had quite some thorns in their plans during the last war”

“You don’t particularly seem to approve of the group, do you?” asked Scrimegeour smirking.
“I do not particularly approve of any vigilante group for that matter...taking law in their hands...” Young replied,
“Neither do I” Scrimegeour replied.
“But yet, I don’t know why you are so interested in them” Norman looked at his colleague of thirty years.

Scrimegeour shook his head, a smirk stretching across his scarred wrinkled face, “I know they were irritants in the plans of the Ministry, going off the tangent with their own plans, leading to obstacles and confusions. I hated it. But I understand that they were crucial because they were equally versed with Dark Lord and his capabilities; because they had Albus Dumbledore, whereas our Minister then had very little idea as to how to deal with this newly found secret society.”


“Order will do what Dumbledore will ask them to do. And he will not ask them to go against the Ministry,” the Minister said, “not just along”
“Then what is the point of having his support?”

“It’s all about partnership Norman. We need Dumbledore, because I do not believe in alienating one of the strongest wizards in our world, that makes no sense and he will need us, our aurors, our hit wizards, our men, to help him fight back Dark Lord”
“You think he knows better about the Dark Lord, than us?” Young asked.
“You think, he doesn’t? It is time we take off the curtain of ignorance which we were forced to don on our minds. Both of us, us and Dumbledore, had our own respective intelligence saying that Dark Lord is gaining grounds. Both our sources and their level of authenticity may be different, but we weren't on two different pages, just on different lines on the same one and he seems to be a couple of lines ahead. It is another thing that we” indicating the two of them in the office, “couldn't convince Fudge to take it seriously and neither could Dumbledore” he continued.

“It is crucial we have Dumbledore on our side, and it is crucial that we do not single out Order people and go against them. Let them do their jobs as aurors or wherever they work within the Ministry. Let us not get into the bad books of one another, because this is going to be a war”
“Dark Lord, will want nothing less” added Norman, his back as straight as a rod all through the conversation.
“And I want these very people, to be the bridge between the two units fighting against one” the Minister said.

There was a knock and Percy Weasley peeped in, “Deputy Auror, Kingsely Shacklebolt is here”
“Give us a minute and then send him in Weasley” the Minister replied and conjured another chair as the door closed.

“Also it’s not just the Order we need to think about” the Minister said taking his seat.
Norman replied with a nod “It’s also the safety of the Prime Minister and we have to give him one of our best”
Have A Nice Day...:-)
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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Harita! Great story! I'd love to read more on this. Do you plan on making some short stories from this thread? It's very interesting and causes a lot of thought on the point of view from the Ministry of Magic.
Rufus Scrimgeour, was elected as the next Minister of Magic as Cornelius Fudge stepped down, in the event of resurfacing of the Dark Lord.
That's a diplomatic way of putting it. I think he tripped and fell from office on his power and fear. It serves him right too after the way he and everyone else treated Dumbledore and Harry.
Rufus Scrimgeour, was elected as the next Minister of Magic as Cornelius Fudge stepped down, in the event of resurfacing of the Dark Lord.
Glad they figured that out. It's a shame Fudge didn't .This brings a question to mind that I have always wondered about. Why do you suppose Dumbledore didn't go to Azkaban to question Sirius since he was an order member? I think he would have thought something fishy was going on for Sirius to betray James and Lily. I don't think he would just accept Sirius betraying his best friends, James and Lily. Anyway, great work Harita. I can't wait to read more from you.
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#3 Occulmency

“Hey Sirius, what are your plans for tonight?” came the voice and the seventeen year old lads, Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew turned to see raven headed, black and blue robed, girl walking towards them, her satchel hung at one shoulder, with her girl friend, Teresa Turner who passed by reserving a smile for Remus Lupin.

“Why planning a detention date for my mate, here, Uma?” came the question from the Head Boy, thumping Sirius’ back, who hadn’t missed Remus’ reaction to Teresa.

“Oh detention or not I would rather go on a date with my boyfriend than your mate here, James” she said smiling at the lot, “Although can I steal him from you for a couple of minutes” she asked smirking at Sirius.

“Steal away,” with a flourish of his hand, “but careful there is another raven on the branch” replied James laughing as he; Remus and Peter left Sirius, who was certainly enjoying the conversation.

“I am pretty sure you aren’t going out with that raven tonight though” said Uma as she fell in step next to Sirius talking of a particular Ravenclaw Sirius was dating off and on in their last year at Hogwarts.

“And why do you feel that?” asked Sirius smirking.

“Because I think you have much better time going out with your friends for a moon light stroll” she replied coming to a halt. Sirius who had just walked a step ahead of hers stopped and turned around.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked, maintaining his lopsided smile.
“I mean that a midnight stroll under the full moon towards the Whomping Willow will be real fun, won’t it?”

Sirius grabbed her by her elbow tightly and jerked her away from their place in the middle of empty grounds of Hogwarts, as if taking her in a corner, almost towering over her.
“What are you talking about? Who told you all this?” Sirius began ‘did Peter open his mouth? What all do you know damned it!’ his mind racing in all sorts of thoughts.

Uma was stunned by his reaction but then replied calmly, a small smile lurking at the corner of her mouth trying to maintain the carefree attitude of hers, “I have upped you, haven’t I? You should have believed me when I told you I can read minds”

“You never told me that crap!”

“You have forgotten our challenge, have you? You didn’t believe I could do that, perform Legilimency” she replied and Sirius went silent for a while. He realised what she was talking about. Running his hand through his hair, his usually haughty dark mysterious features had turned pale and frightened in Uma’s eyes.

“I still cannot believe you. Anyways that challenge was for you to perform that day, maybe immediately next day or month. I would have accepted it even if you would have come up with something by the end of that year. You come and tell me two years later, I do not think I believe you any bit that you were capable of doing it when you were fifteen...You must have learnt it now...” he replied.

“I was put under freaking detention for it Sirius,” Uma charged at Sirius, “you think I will actually risk it with Professor Dumbeldore the second time and surely get myself expelled?” she demanded, “as if the first time wasn’t close enough...and do you know how hard it is to practice that charm perfectly. Besides you didn’t give me a time frame did you?” her voice coming back to normal at the end.

“Yeah, I heard that. But I do not believe you even an iota” he replied even though he had a feeling she was capable of performing the spell, “You have made this up. I do not know why” he trailed but held up his hand,

“Hold on a second” he began, “he put you up with this. He told you, didn’t he? His last effort to mess with us in the final year”
“What are you talking about? Who?”

“The person who got you in detention in first place that night, two years ago” Sirius replied, his arms folding at his chest, looking down sharply at Uma.
“What? Snape!” she replied, “are you out of your mind?” she replied, “ What has Snape got to do with any of this. Why would he tell me - hold on, does that mean Snape knows it as well? He knows about your trips to Whomping Willow?” she was aghast, slightly disappointed somewhere deep inside. She would have loved to be the only one to have that secret, but it didn’t look like.

Sirius sensed his mistake and immediately turned around and began walking towards the class cursing himself for slipping about his friend Remus again. The first time was when he did it on purpose which had led Snape to the Willow and then, now. He slipped it up to Uma. Uma quickly followed him, “Alright, if you don’t want to tell fine. But how do you explain Snape knowing the challenge you set me up with?”

“He is a greasy odd snitch” Sirius answered as he hurried down the grassy mound of Earth his eyes fixed ahead, “I have seen him many times lurking around. He must have his people around us, or personally overheard us discussing sometime outside the detention room or in the library...anywhere”

“Do you hear yourself speak?” Uma began feeling really ridiculous about this accusation, “why would Snape wait for two years to tell me if he already knew this stuff about you. If you think he put me up to this prank why do you think, he didn't he tell me then itself two years ago?”

“What did you have on him, huh? On Snape? What did you come to know about him while performing illegal Legilimency that caused you a good half year's worth detention in our fifth year. What did you find about him that he bartered this information for your silence?”
“At least you accept that I was capable of doing it on Snape”

“That was a disastrous, detention leading fluke” Sirius replied with a sneer.

“Come on do not play shy” he replied, “I am just very keen on what you had on Snape” he went on.
“Something you will never get out of me,” she added with honest conviction, “the way no one will ever get out of me what I saw when you were asleep in your History Class”

“Believe me if you want to, if not I am leaving and you can play dirty to get the information out of me,” she challenged. “You will only realize how secured your memory is with me” she said stepping away from him.

“I just wanted to inform you another of your detention challenge is complete and after this we will never have any more in future” and she began her walk down to the Green House 7 for her Herbology Class.

All through the class Sirius was glancing at Uma which she pointedly refused to acknowledge. He couldn’t stop thinking about the incident. Sirius realized that his arrogance and haughtiness was once again going to cause trouble for Remus. 'Uma looked genuine. If she said that she knows about Remus’ condition, then I must have given it to her...when I dozed off...Merlin...damn it!' Sirius' thoughts went on in his head.

“Sirius, you alright?” Peter muttered. Sirius looked to his side and then ahead and found James and Remus’ eyes on him.
“what did I do?” he muttered back.
“nothing, you are not doing anything” answered Remus, "we are supposed to be peeling those pods, not leaving our hands to soak in their sap"
“and your hair’s messy” James replied gazing at Uma and then smirking at him.
Sirius rolled his eyes ‘whatever mate...’

Uma in general was much more adventurous and risk taking person than an average studious Ravenclaw. She was always up for a good challenge and there wasn’t dearth of it in the nest of the Ravens where quite a few smart and intelligent people were eager to improve their skills and tact having a healthy sparring which sometimes bordered between challenge and a prank.

But Uma found another type of competitor in Sirius Black, not because he was a worthy challenger because he was often the only other detainee partner she came across under the person she served her detention. This constant correspondence since her second year until her sixth year had grown into an interesting detention time for both of them, bouncing off ideas for challenges, most of the riddles and logical ones coming from her which Sirius was always sporting enough to play along. On the other hand most of the practical dares and challenges came from Sirius. It was one of the reasons how and why the two of them would always score better in any form of wand work at school. She should have been gloating happily like always completing another of Sirius’ challenges but not today.

As the class ended and the students were piling out, Sirius left his group and walked towards the Ravenclaws.
“Uma, I need to talk to you for a bit”
Uma’s boyfriend, Shashank Patil who had his back to Sirius turned around. Just an inch shorter than Sirius, he looked at Sirius and asked, “Everything alright Black?”
“Haven’t gotten into trouble now, both of you, have you?” he glanced at Uma as he addressed.

“Oh no, not at all” Sirius replied, suddenly conscious of all the eyes on him. However, Uma excused herself quickly from her friends and walked along with Sirius at the back of the entire class walking slowly and deliberately falling behind so that they couldn’t be overheard.

“Snape has not put me up on anything you want to know why?” she began before Sirius opened his mouth. They did not stop in their walk but continued, Uma’s voice dropping enough for Sirius to move closer to listen to her speak.
“Why?” he said stopping in his walk but he didn’t say anymore indicating he was ready to listen.

“You woke up with a start yesterday afternoon in History Class remember?” she asked and tugged his arm to continue their slow walk back to school. Sirius’ brow furrowed, “So?”

“While you sleep, you lower the defences of your mind, that way it becomes easy for anyone to enter your mind, in short perform, Legilimency” she replied and Sirius was visibly silent. “You must have felt a rush of memories pass through your mind when you got up with a start” his insides churned with anxiety but he nodded slightly, “I knew something was not right” he replied.

“Sirius,” Uma began, “I am not here to mess with you, understand that. I had been practicing it for a long time. You were just there dozing off in the class and I remembered your challenge and thought maybe I could try it on you” she replied, “and I knew you wouldn’t believe it till I did that on you, and you wanted that yourself, if you remember our detention. Maybe I shouldn’t have come ahead and disclosed it to you” she continued.

Sirius sighed and shook his head, “It is better that you told me”

“It was just bad timing. You were thinking about it before falling off to sleep and I caught you on that. Believe me, I wasn’t looking for anything horrible to pin on you and show off” she replied, her voice calm and reassuring.

“How much does Snape know?” Uma asked softly,

“Enough to scare the crap out of me...and make me think he is spreading it like a Daily Prophet News.

“But how does he know?” it was Uma’s time to stop in their walk.
“I do not want to answer the question”

“Fair enough” Uma replied and they continued with their walk.

Sirius looked up at her, “why did you wait for two years?”

“Besides trying to keep myself out of trouble of an actual expulsion I wanted to try using it as a non-verbal spells. And it does take time to learn them” she added with a small side smile.

“Bloody hell... You played it damn well” he replied.
“Again, I had no intention to wait for two years to learn non-verbal spells completely and use it. It just happened. And I wanted to test on someone who was asleep. I never tested it before, I don’t know why.”

“We shouldn’t be discussing this here” he said looking around the ground.

“There is nothing more to talk about Sirius and I do not think anyone is here around us to listen us murmur” she replied looking around at the empty grounds, “Listen, you do not need to worry about it alright” she said, her hand on his arm, “My lips are sealed and so is my mind” and Sirius looked at her slightly stunned, “Occulmency?”

“Learning, but enough to keep you all safe, for now" she replied with a shy smile. "Do not worry, I will be an expert by the time I apply for a Ministry job” she continued with a bigger grin.

They began their ascent from the Herbology greenhouses when Sirius spoke, “Don’t you think you risked if not an expulsion but a detention for this in your final year?” and Uma smiled. She knew this question was coming. She shook her head, “You just happened to be the person I could take that risk with. Only this bit was planned, in about a minute in the History Class” her smile growing into a mischievous grin.

Sirius grinned back “You know, you are too awesome to be a Ravenclaw, you should have been in Gryffindor” the feeling of awe evident in his voice. He was beginning to believe her and coming back to his own self.

Uma on the other hand, laughed, “I think I make an amazing Ravenclaw. Besides I think it is better that way, less tension for Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore.

As they silently headed up towards the Castle Sirius said, “I hope this doesn’t change how you look at Remus”
“How I look at Remus?” Uma said, “It...doesn’t” she replied but Sirius noticed the tiny pause in her sentence, “if you expect me not to be intimidated by his condition, that is doubtful”

Sirius frowned, “But if you expect me to not discriminate him, you have my word, whether you spell it out for me or not” she replied, “you see I have been brought up in a slightly more liberal household” and Sirius seemed to have relaxed a bit, “and Turner? You haven’t told her, have you?” he asked.

“I wouldn’t” she replied, “But I think Remus feels the same for her, and there I believe he should weigh his options” she continued.

There was considerable change in Sirius’ look and looked straight ahead “that is the problem; people like him live with weighing options for the rest of their lives, so much that they forget they have a life to live. You do not need to remind him of that” his voice sharp as a hunter’s whip looking back at her as they were in the open grounds leading to the school entrance. They were lucky they didn’t come across students around them on their way back because it was lunch time by then.

“I am sorry” replied Uma, “I am looking out for my friend just like you are for yours” she stopped in her way right outside the giant wooden doors turning to face him, “But what you are doing is much more brave” she said.

But before she left Sirius said, “You know what; you said that was one of your last challenges ever from me. I challenge you to keep the knowledge safe” though there was a smile initially, Uma noticed the anxiousness in his eyes.

She replied with an amused smile “Challenge accepted” and turned away, “It will be safe till the very end” her voice, reassuring, reached him as he saw her retreating back.

“Dumbledore where are you? I have a recommendation to make” thought Sirius Black, lying on his back in his room back in Grimmauld Place thinking. They had to try other options, to help Harry continue studying Occulmency after the one who was exceptional at it chickened out for one mistake his godson made. Sirius rolled in his bed, his godson’s face swimming in front of his eyes, “May Merlin’s Magic keep you safe, son” he muttered a prayer for the first time after long, before drifting off to sleep.


Hey everyone, I am posting this new one shot after almost a year. Let me know what you think about it. Thank you. constructive criticism is very much welcomed here! Have a good day!

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Hi! I really like your one shots, great insights into scenes and events which aren't explained ind depth in the series, hope to see more from you!
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Originally Posted by Paintbrush View Post
Hi! I really like your one shots, great insights into scenes and events which aren't explained ind depth in the series, hope to see more from you!
Hey, thanks. I am glad you liked it. Hope to keep updating this thread.
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