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Default Life Post-Wizard War - Sa16+

Life Post Wizard War

Hello everybody at SS. This is my first attempt at fanfic. I had this story in my mind for quite sometime so I thought of posting it here.
DISCLAIMER: Most of the characters in this fic are our very own dear J K Rowling’s property and I don’t intend at any copy right infringement, and I have my own set of new characters coming in, in this fanfic. Many post war incredible fanfics have been written but this is my take on what happens after the great wizard war in the lives of our famous trio and their friends. And as time passes by who else becomes a part of their life. This story basically is set in Britain but might include other countries as the story proceeds.

A New Someone...

It was a cloudy July afternoon when George Weasley entered the Three Broomsticks. He was at his Hogsmeade branch of Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheeses, the Zonko’s which he along with his brother Fred Weasley bought last year.
Fred Weasley the infamous or the famous Weasley twin was a prankster at heart and no doubt he shared his passion for pranks with his brother George and his dear friend Lee Jordan. During the Wizard war where the infamous Lord Voldermort was defeated by the famous The Boy Who Lived Harry Potter many lives were lost and one among them was George’s brother and Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheeses’ co founder Fred Weasley. George was shattered when he saw his brother dead when the wall blasted and came down on him. George was in the other end of the corridor and saw Percy coming in along side to help Fred and the trio. One moment George heard Fred laugh the other moment Fred was lying on the cold castle floor and George could hear his elder brother Percy crying out for Fred like never before. He found Ron kneeling near Fred tear streaked and Percy shaking Fred to come alive. Fred was making good natured fun of Percy about his commitment to the old hag of a Minister when death befall on Fred and taking away everything about him from Gorge except for his last laugh which still rings in his ears even today.
Well it hasn’t been that long since the battle ended. It has just been 2 months and the wounds of war still unhealed. But time flies by leaving behind what has happened and taking along only the memories of the past to be written in the History Books of Hogwarts that every next generation kids will read. Every wizard and witch of Britain has started to move on and so has George Weasley.
“hello there Madam Rosmerta”
“hello George, what are you doing in here?”
“nothing thought of coming and looking at how well is my Madam Rosmerta doing?”
“oh that is really sweet of you, dear but since when did I become your Madam Rosmerta?” she asked with a cheeky grin
“oh well you have been my Madam Rosmerta for quite sometime,” he said
“honestly, you will never change will you, George?. Still a flirt, aren’t you?” and he just gave one of his famous wicked Weasley grins
“what can I give you?”
“chilled Firewhisky”, he asked
“love it, don’t you?”
“absolutely”, he said
“I don’t know under which category of customers should I put you in, having Firewhisky in the afternoon,” she said
“you don’t have to. I only have firewhiskey when I feel like”
“and looks like you like to have every time you come here,” she said
“well I think its ok to have considerable amount and unless you don’t start seeing devilish Corniex Pixies and gnomes befriending each other, that can be hazardous because they both cant befriend each other,” he said
“Merlin only knows how that Johnson girl has fallen for you and has stuck with you for so long,” she said shaking her head and with that George laughed.
“Angelina is my darling and she knows me enough to be bothered about my care free and if you say so my flirting nature”
“I say so,” she said nodding her head
“where is she now?” asked Madam Rosmerta
“we were to have lunch together but looks like we will have to skip it today. She said she has to attend a meeting at the Department of Magical Games and Sports”
“thinking of re starting Quidditch matches and wizard Chess Tournaments, are they? ”
“looks like but I doubt if it will start by the end of this year. The ministry it self is in such a chaos and so many changes are taking place that I think this meeting will just be as futile as the other meetings were,” he said sitting at the counter and stirring his firewhiskey.
“why is she so keen on attending it then?”
“well she is a junior in charge of the various sports meet so she has to attend the meeting and moreover she will have to make arrangements for renovation of various quidditch pitches that were destroyed during the war and she herself is pretty firm on starting the Quidditch and Wizard Chess seasons”
“looks like she desperately wants everything to be back and normal”
“yeah, she thinks that if we have more distractions the faster the people will try to forgo the past and she thinks quidditch to be the best answer”
“you think people will like it?”
“whether people like it or not there has to be some point where you have to restart your life and move on, don’t you? The scars that have been left behind by the war they will stay in our minds and body forever but we cant stop living, can we?”
Madam Rosmerta nodded
“and some day the sports season will start, some day again Quidditch World Cup will be back, some day we will have to start a new life, so why not start preparing for it?”
“war has done this to you, hasn’t it George?” asked Madam Rosmerta holding George’s hand. He looked at her and smiled and nodded. This time it was not a wicked Weasley smirk but a true genuine Weasley smile.
“but don’t worry the war hasn’t scarred my humor abilities that I will have to close down my business,” he said covering her hand with his and she smiled.
“so how’s your joke shop going on?” she asked
“well kids have started to come out and start buying our joke stuff again but it will still take time for people to pour in like last year”
“how about you?”
“well Three Broomsticks is always full at evenings with people coming in for a mug of butterbeer or a jug of Firewhiskey and I have heard so many war stories that I feel as if I have seen all of them with my own eyes,” she said shaking her head. George was silent and sipping his firewhiskey.
“saw Minerva the other day, she has become a wreck,” she said
George looked up
“they are restarting Hogwarts so the staff members are all so busy with the rebuilding and renovating the ruins, and restructuring the academics and syllabus that they hardly have any time for a break, started off immediately after the new Minister of Magic was declared.”
“they are expecting old students to be back especially the 7th years,” she said
George nodded
“your brother Ron, is he coming back?” she asked
“I know Ronniekins too well, he isn’t thinking of coming back. He asked me the other day if he could help Lee and me with the joke shop. Mum was as usual furious at him, but he hasn’t decided yet,” said George
“why so? I mean you guys are doing well and I think Ron knows enough of magic for living his entire life. I mean he has seen so much being Harry’s best mate and I think he must have learnt a lot,” she said
“well its because she is mum and she does get furious at such decisions of her sons,” he said
“what about Harry? Is he still living with you guys?”
“yeah he is living with us and he too isn’t that keen, lets see. Even if he joins I think it will be because he wants to be an auror and there is no way but finish your NEWTs for that” and Rosmerta nodded.
“and that Granger girl?”
“oh, Hermione well I wouldn’t be surprised if I see her climbing down the Hogwarts Express this September the 1st,” he said
“you have your sister Ginny too this year in 7th year, right?”
“yeah, she doesn’t want to repeat 6th year again, recently took her 6th year exams in June sitting at home and I think many students have opted to write the exam and be done with their 6th year,” he said
“they should have done that with the 7th years as well”, said Madam Rosmerta
“I doubt that, they cant risk things with NEWTs but I think they do have a complementary exam which they are to conduct in mid July,” said George.
“anyways where’s Sara? haven’t seen her for long. She hasn’t even stopped by at Zonkos for quite some time,” he said
“yeah, she took leave for few days. Has been really a great helping hand at the counter, that girl,” she said and just then the back door opens up with a bang. George stands up quickly with his wand out and Rosmerta with her. They leave the main room of the Three Broomsticks through the side door and see a young girl lying there wounded and her blood dried on her body and robes on the stairs leading to Rosmerta’s apartment upstairs.

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here's the second post:

Sara Mehera...

“Sara…”, screamed Rosmerta. She went near her and bent down to take a good look at the girl.
“honey what happened? Why are you covered with blood?”
“Madam Rosmerta she has fainted lets take her upstairs,” said Gorge in a panic stricken voice. He conjured a stretcher put Sara on it and hovered it to the apartment upstairs. Once in the apartment they straight went to the room where Sara was staying and laid her down on her bed.
“where in the name of Merlin has this girl been to?” asked Gorge furiously
“I…I don’t know, she takes leave almost every fortnight and returns back”, she said
“with scars and wounds on her body?” he asked anger in his voice
“I…don’t know where she goes,” she said shaking her head
“I have observed that many times,” he said. Rosmerta quickly went in to the bathroom and brought a vial and poured the contents in to a mortar mixed it with some nectar of Zane flowers and started applying it to the wounds.
“what’s that? Nectar of Zane flower? Where did that come from? We don’t get Zane flowers here. They are magical plants of Asia,” Gorge said
Rosmerta just nodded and continued to apply it on Sara’s hands and face.
“Madam Rosmerta are you hiding something about this girl from me?”, he asked
She sighed and looked at him and said, “you know she is foreigner”
“yes I do”
“she came here in search of her friend during the war time. She has been here and has roamed around quite a lot. During the final battle she was at the far of cave. Hagrid found her there after he went to the cave for some work”
“buckbeak,” thought Gorge.
“he found her there and she asked him if she could get an accommodation any where. He was not ready to believe her and was thinking what to do when she told him that she has come in search of her friend and will leave as soon as she meets her friend and takes him away. Hagrid considered her after quite some time and brought her to me. I too didn’t want to take any risk but I don’t know what I thought but I allowed her to stay here. After few days she asked if she could work here. I didn’t understand why she wanted to work when she was getting an accommodation and a meal to eat, but then I allowed her and also paid her a little for her services. As her services were becoming very useful I started to pay her more and she in return worked here like she has known the customers very well and has worked here for quite some time. Few days later she asked me if I could give her a leave for 2 days and was fine with it. After so much of work I thought she deserved a break and I allowed her. Immediately after her 1st break she came back with few wounds here and there and she tried to hide it and avoided my questions but then one night she had a night mare and she was shouting and sweating. I was worried; I woke her up and got her talking. She wasn’t ready before but eventually she did. She came here in search of her friend who is a werewolf. They used to study in a school named Phoenix in a far away land in Asia. Their school too came under the attack of what looked like few death eaters and few of their own country people who believed in Dark Lord and Dark Arts. The death eaters wanted werewolves from all over the world to be on the Dark Lord’s side. Her friend was one to be taken away but before they came to him, he fled. Their school allowed only few werewolves to study and among them was her friend. Her friend didn’t want the school and her to be in danger and hence he left them. She wanted him back because their school was the only place which could have saved him or else he would have to face the danger outside. But he didn’t listen and left. She went after him and in search for him she reached here. She goes every fortnight in search of him hoping him to be still here because it seems she saw him during the war and wanted to take him back,” said Rosmerta.
“but Madam Rosmerta there can be every possible chance that he must have been dead if he was in the battle and how did she come to know that her friend was in Britain which is far away from her land?,” said Gorge
“I have no idea Gorge, but there is a possibility that he must have been alive and not have been in the war at all,” said Rosmerta. She looked back at the young girl’s face and looked at her robes fresh blood had started to ooze from her stomach and she quickly start to wipe it out. The gash was horrific. Gorge who saw this said, “Madam Rosmerta you take care of her I will send mum to help you,”
And she just looked up and nodded. Gorge left the room went to the hall in the apartment and used the fire place
“The Burrow,” he shouted.

“Mum, Mum where are you?” called out from the fire place.
“Gorge dear how are you? seeing you after a long time. How’s Angelina?” Molly Weasley a plump red headed woman was coming down the stairs after she cleaned the rooms up stairs when she heard her son Gorge’s voice. She was very happy to see him. He was not living with them now that he has an apartment of his own above their joke shop which he shared with his late brother Fred.
“I am fine mum and so is Angelina. She is at her work and I came here at Hogsmeade to check on Zonkos. I am in Madam Rosmerta’s apartment right now. I have a friend of mine who is badly injured. Can you come up and help Madam Rosmerta, please”
Molly frowned a bit and asked, “what kind of injury is it?”
“the gash is horrible mum, it is just like Bill had on his body the night he was attacked by Fenrir Greyback,” said Gorge. Molly frowned even harder and then she said, “tell Rosmerta to give her a preliminary medication I am coming in few minutes,”
With that Molly vanished upstairs again and Gorge went back to the room.

the name of the flower used is fictious. it is my creation. it has not been mentioned anywhere in the books.
hope you liked it so far...

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hey there...i am sorry about few grammatical errors here and there which i noticed after i posted. i am open to any kind of constuctive suggestion or comments...
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A Helping Hand...

Upstairs Molly went back to her room checked her potions cabinet and put few things in her bag and was coming out when her 17 year old daughter apparated right in front of her
“Ginny!” shouted Mrs. Weasley, “just because you have turned 17 and you have passed your apparition test doesn’t mean that you apparate on every floor you want!”
Ginny just giggled and Mrs. Weasley went past her climbed down the stairs
“mum where are you going?”
“Gorge called me to Zonkos”
“He is in Hogsmeade?”
“mum I am coming too. Its been ages since I have visited Hogsmeade,” said Ginny
“no Ginny, you aren’t coming and moreover Hermione will be coming soon. She will panic if no one’s there in the house”
“she has gone to visit her parents ,right?” asked Ginny with a wicked smirk and Mrs. Weasley nodded and with that she stepped on to the fire place and shouted, “The Three Broomsticks”
“Mum!” called out Ginny but she was gone.
“The Three Broomsticks? What is she going to do there?” thought Ginny and frowned but a smile crept along her face when she remembered her mother nodding at the reason that Hermione has gone to meet her parents. Hermione, Ron and Harry all three of them were at Gorge’s apartment in Daigon Alley and were preparing for their NEWTs exams. Hogwarts had allowed the 7th years, to take up an exam equivalent to NEWTs if they don’t wish to miss one more year. Though the teachers were expecting the 7th years to return but they also wanted to give an option to those students who studied through the entire year on their own staying in Hogwarts. Though Harry, Ron and Hermione didn’t come back to Hogwarts last year to study they took up the syllabus from school during the start of the summer after the war ended and started preparing. It was Hermione’s idea to give this exam. According to her at least they would have something to distract their mind from the after effects of the war. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel bad as Ron felt bad for the death of his dear brother Fred and Harry the death of his mentor and friend Remus Lupin and his wife Tonks but she wanted them to take the exam so that they will have a chance to lead a normal life which Fred, Remus and Tonks would have wanted the young wizards to lead. Her own parents whom she had sent to Australia came back and she visited them once and brought them back to normal. They were glad to see her and they encouraged her take up a job at the Ministry. She hadn’t told them yet about Voldemort or the war. She didn’t want to go back and tell them every thing that happened. But she would have to sooner or later.
Ron on the other hand was broken to core to see his brother’s death that he couldn’t come to think of it that it was only Gorge who was left behind to do all the pranks alone. He was furious with Hermione when she put up the idea of giving the exam. He didn’t talk to her and told her that she didn’t have feelings for anyone in his family and that all she ever cared for was books and exams. That didn’t hurt her neither did it infuriate her but made her feel bad for Ron but soon she could make him see some sense in it and forced him to study. It did help Ron a lot. Though there were nights when he would be awake but it would have been because of the exams. Harry soon joined them at study just to get things out of his mind and fortunately it worked for him too. It was their idea of not telling Mrs. Weasley that they were not going to attend Hogwarts and quietly giving the exam and surprising her. The exams were due on the coming Monday and it would continue till the end of July and the results will be expected to be out in late August. Meanwhile, Ginny had given her 6th year exam in June itself and was waiting for the results, which was due late in July.

Back in the room in Rosmerta’s apartment, Rosmerta changed Sara’s robes and tried to put her in new robes. But before that she had to apply the potion. She didn’t allow Gorge to come in. he was waiting out side for his mom.
“Gorge! What is happening dear?” asked Molly as soon as she entered the apartment.
“Mum I have told you about this girl called Sara, right?”
“yes, you have. What about her?”
“I think she has been attacked by a werewolf, she is badly injured”
“oh my…where is she?”
“in there, Madam Rosmerta is tending to her she didn’t let me in,” he said
“you stay here, I’ll go and see,” said Molly and went in.

“Molly, thank you so much for coming here,” said Madam Rosmerta
“what has happened?”
“Sara, she has been helping me for quite sometime. She went out for a break of 2 days and just came back in a bad state this afternoon. Looks like she has been attacked by a werewolf,” she said
Molly took a closer look at Sara’s torso. It had a bad gash and her back too was having scars and wounds with dried blood. She shook her head and asked Rosmerta what she was applying.
“Sara comes back and applies this if she has a wound like this,” said Rosmerta
“so you knew that she is attacked by a werewolf before too?” asked Molly to which Rosmerta nodded and said she will give the details later. Molly soon joined Rosmerta in cleaning the wounds and took the mortar from Rosmerta and applied the potion to Sara’s back while Rosmerta turned her.
“oh dear…this is bad…”
After what looked like an hour’s effort they dressed Sara and left her in her room. Sara was still unconscious when they came out. Gorge who was waiting outside asked them how Sara was as soon as they came out.
“still unconscious,” said his mum
“Rosmerta now will you tell me what all this is about?” asked Molly
“yes Molly but lets go have some firewhiskey and let me place the ‘close for today’ board and then I will tell you everything, but promise me that it wont be leaked because Sara may not like it. We have been telling people that she is a foreigner who has her boyfriend here and has come to live in Britain as they soon will be getting married”
Molly looked amazed at the piece of information and Gorge just smirked and said, “I wont be surprised if she ends up actually one day with her boyfriend here Madam Rosmerta”
“so she doesn’t have a boyfriend?” asked Molly
“no it is just a story that she made up so that people over here will stop bothering her,” said Rosmerta
“smart girl,” said Molly and sat down at a table as Rosmerta went to get a bottle of firewhiskey and Gorge went to change the sign board. It had begun to rain now.
Rosmerta told everything to Molly and they sat there for quite some time when Molly said getting up, “I should better leave. It is getting late. Ginny will start to worry, Hermione should be back by now and I have to start preparing for dinner”
Madam Rosmerta nodded and Gorge to got up too
“Rosmerta let me know how Sara is doing, alright? Poor girl,” said Molly and she nodded.

hope you liked it so far...waiting for your comments too...:-)

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A Weasley Connection...

Sara woke up. Her entire body was aching like hell. Her wounds were healing but they were taking time and it was burning her from within. She slowly got up and saw that she was dressed in a pale blue gown. She felt the bandages along her ribs and stomach.
“got up have you, Sara?”
“yeah,” she said
“how are you feeling?” asked Rosmerta
“terrible,” she mumbled
“where have you been? You have been so badly hurt,” said Rosmerta.
“I…I thought I saw my friend in woods where I apparated. It was the same place where I was before the war began. I was walking through the woods then suddenly something caught my eye and I tried to follow it. I thought it was my friend I went behind the person and when he faced he wasn’t. He was someone else and then suddenly from my back the moon slid and whoever that person was transformed. I ran away from him I felt on the ground injuring my knee but I kept running away but it was of no use. I transformed myself and was trying to keep a distance from him and cover a large area. But as I was hurt I couldn’t run that fast and that werewolf covered the distance and attacked me. Soon later the werewolf ran off after attacking. I passed out. I woke up today and apparated to this place”
“Sara I fail to understand you dear, why do you take so much of trouble in search of your friend who doesn’t understand you and is not willing to listen to you”, she said shaking her head
“Madam Rosmerta this is nothing but friendship, nothing but friendship and moreover because he thinks he is right too, but I will make him see that what he is doing will only give great trouble to himself and his loved ones,” she said slowly
“Madam Rosmerta, you know when one becomes a friend and shares every happy, every sad, every moment and event of your life with him or her you become much more closer and the bond of friendship becomes much more stronger. It is for him that I am doing all this and apart from this…I have already promised someone who is much more closer to his heart than me that I will bring him back safe and sound,”
Madam Rosmerta looked at this 17 year old young Asian girl who always surprised her some how or the other.
“ok now you better have your dinner”

2 days passed by and Mrs. Weasley didn’t get informed by Madam Rosmerta on that Sara girl. She wanted to know if that girl is alright. It was dinner time and her sons Gorge, Percy, Bill and his family and Ron were to come. Harry and Hermione weren’t coming as they had decided to have dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Granger. Molly was alright with it but little did she know that both of them were at Gorge’s apartment studying for their exam.
Molly didn’t bring out the topic of Sara till the last course.
“Gorge have you heard from Madam Rosmerta about your friend?”
“yes mum, Sara is alright but she still seemed to be having pain so she isn’t at the counter for quite sometime”
Bill who was chatting up with his dad regarding the tightened security of the Gringotts Bank stopped when he heard the name Sara.
“yeah she is Gorge’s friend at The Three Broomsticks. She is helping out Madam Rosmerta out there,” piped in Ginny
“what about her?” asked Bill
“nothing Bill, she is a foreigner and she came here in search of her friend who happens to be a werewolf. She recently on her search got badly wounded”
At this piece of information Bill stiffened.
“you alright Bill?” asked Percy. Ron looked at his elder brother intently.
“yeah, yeah I am fine, I am fine”
“no you are not, honey,” said Molly
“I know Sara, mum. I thought she went missing or she must be dead”
“how do you know her?” asked Gorge incredulously
“Gorge, she helped me and Remus with gathering the werewolves on our side,” he slowly said
“yes it was during my undercover operations that Remus wanted me to continue which he started for Dumbledore as he was busy with other things, that I met her. I got to know that certain person was a werewolf and he would go into the woods near by to transform on full moon day. So I decided to go in search of this guy. That’s where I met this girl who was sleeping under a tree near a small cave. I went in the cave to see if anyone is there but no one was so stayed back and took some rest. After say an hour or so when I got up and came out I saw her sitting there. She panicked and was ready with her wand when I came out. I tried to talk to her but it was difficult. I tried asking her few questions. She didn’t answer them before but she did after deciding whether to trust me or not. I took a risk and told her my purpose and she said she could help me”.
He looked up and saw all the faces were staring him and he continued, “she was a great help. We both in a week could gather 3 more people. She accompanied me because she in process would be able to find her friend too. Remus was not happy that I had taken such a risk of telling some unknown person my purpose but later he was glad that I took the risk. Remus didn’t extensively talk to her or anything. She was good at potions so she helped him in brewing the wolfsbane potion. We all were at a particular hide out for quite some time. She helped me with others when they would transform. Remus thought her to be a great asset. He wanted her to be with us whenever the actual war would breakout, but that didn’t happen.”
He looked at Ron and said, “just before you guys were captured at the Malfoy Manor I had returned back to Shell Cottage and Remus was with Tonks as she was soon going to have Ted. It was then that Fernier Greyback attacked our hideout with few of his mates. The inmates at the hideout were all asleep with only one keeper at the entrance who was body bound silently. They attacked 2 of the inmates when they were asleep the others were quick enough to wake up and fight back amongst them was Sara.”
He continued…“Later after the war I happened to meet Mr. Broad who was one of the inmates and he told that after they were attacked they dueled for sometime and ran away from the hideout. They didn’t find Sara. After they ran they stayed around the hideout to know where Greyback and his mates were. Then he saw them coming out and going off in a hurry and he saw them dragging someone along. Broad went back to our hide out and found that Sara was gone, and the place where she would sleep was all in a mess and there was a huge pool of blood as if some used Sceptumsempra. He assumed that the one they were dragging to be Sara. He felt pathetic. He couldn’t do a thing for the person who helped him and his friends so much. He didn’t know where they had taken her, nothing. He assumes her to be dead.”

“so you assume that Greyback and his mates were called to go in search of Harry, Ron and Hermione?” asked Percy
“I don’t know. I doubt that because Ron told that they found them in that forest was a complete unfortunate coincidence,” said Bill and Ron nodded.
“but I don’t think that Sara was captured by Greyback,” said Gorge thoughtfully
“we cant guess it Gorge. Has she ever told you anything about where she was during the war and what happened around her?” asked Ginny curiously
“No she hasn’t? that is what is so irritating about her,” he said
“yeah she doesn’t trust people easily, well that’s good sometime,” said Bill
“well…not all the time,” said Mr. Weasley for the first time and they all nodded.
“I want to meet her and thank her for all what she has done for us being a foreigner. I don’t even know if she knows that Remus is no more. She had great respect for that man,” Bill said
“Bill it was a war. There is no need of thank you and welcomes for that. We were in trouble and we needed help and she was there to help like all of us in her own small way and moreover she herself needed help in searching for her own friend so it’s like everyone has helped everyone and this war wasn’t only fought by one country or two, many other countries had to bear the burns of it too”, said Ginny. Bill looked at his younger sister’s talk. “how mature she has become?” he thought and smiled and nodded.
“ok let her get alright then we can go and meet her. Anyways I will be going to Hogsmeade again in a week or two maybe then you can accompany me,” said Gorge
please post your comments...

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2 weeks passed by and Sara was back to normal though she still had that fleeting pain on her stomach because of her wounds. It was 10 in the morning and , she got up and got dressed in grey denim pants and pink T-shirt and running shoes, she pulled her curly black hair into a high pony and left the apartment to help Madam Rosmerta with the customers
“ ‘morning Madam Rosmerta,” she said cheerfully
“aha…morning there Sara,”
“ hey, hey, hey what are you doing?”
“you go chat up with your customer/friends,” said Sara rolling her eyes
Madam Rosmerta always loved to chat up with her customers and her friends who would visit Three Broomsticks and Sara understood that the moment she stepped behind the counter for the first time.
“I’ll take care of the counter,” she continued
“aw…you are such a sweet girl…” said Rosmerta and left to sit with Elphias Dodge and the auror Dawlish from the Ministry. Weekends were always some how special for Three Broomsticks because that would mean meeting all important ministry officials at her pub which was pretty famous amongst all the officials apart from The Leaky Cauldron.
As soon as Sara took to the counter all the faces turned and slow whispering started. She always had to go through this, since she was a foreigner but she couldn’t help it and went back to helping other customers who came at the counter.
“Hey good morning”, said a blonde headed guy. He looked around 15-16 year old.
“morning what can I give you?” she asked with a smile
“hum…3 medium sized butterbeers,” he said
“ok…here you go…” she said in a sing song way and with a swish of her wand the mugs were filled with butterbeer and the tray was ready at the counter. The blonde smiled and left to sit with his other friends.
She continued helping the customers at the counter and many times quite a few wizards would stop by and try to strike a conversation. All she would do is diplomatically answer their questions as she wasn’t good at impressing people with few witty lines. While helping around and chatting up with Madam Rosmerta herself from one corner of the room to another she happened to notice the blonde guy and his friends. They seemed to be watching her for quite sometime and seemed to be whispering something to one another and passing smirks while the blonde guy was all silent and looked coy. She caught them doing that twice and she tried to forget it. After sometime the blonde guy and his friends were about to leave, it was noon by then when the blonde guy turned up at the counter with his friends waiting for him
“hi…is there anyway I can help you?” asked Sara
“well…just wanted to thank you for the butterbeers,” said the blonde
“well…its not that I am giving you a treat that you are thanking me, you are paying for it,” said Sara and got down to counting the galleons, sickles and knuts in front of her
The friends behind were sniggering hard but she didn’t care.
Then there was a bold attempt by this blonde, “has anyone ever told you that you look really pretty” at that Sara looked up and smiled
“I have been told that before,” she said with a smile
“even more when you smile,” he added
“thank you for your compliment,” she added
The next thing that came from this guy caught her off guard, “will you mind going out sometime with me?” he asked tentatively
She looked at him and his friends who were sniggering harder than ever.
She gave a small smile and said, “that is really sweet of you kid but I already have a boyfriend”
“well nice to meet you anyways,” he said softly and began to leave
“nice to meet you too,” she said with a smile but he didn’t look back and said something to his friends who only thumped his back in consolation.

“broken someone’s heart, haven’t you?” came a voice from behind and Sara snapped her head to the side
“oh Gorge, how do you do?” she said not noticing another red headed man standing there along with him.
“how much is it for a large sized butterbeer?” asked a customer
“50 sickles,” she said and taking the money she wished the customer a nice day,
“I am fine,” he said as she placed the money in the chest.
“I wanted to…” she looked up and started but stopped noticing the red headed pony tail man standing next to Gorge
“Mr. Weasley, how nice to meet you sir,” she said in an astonished voice. Never did she think that she will meet Bill again when she left their hide out back when Greyback attacked them and she completely forgot that Bill could have been Gorge’s brother.
“nice to meet you too, Sara and how many times have I told you to call me Bill and not Mr. Weasley”
“yeah…it sounds as if he some 60 year old man,” said Gorge with a smirk and Sara rolled her eyes.
“how are you doing? I got to know recently that you have been working for Rosmerta for quite sometime,” said Bill
“yeah its been over a month, joined after the war. She wasn’t keen on keeping me and I wont blame her for that, who will keep a stranger in her house, but she was kind enough to do so and give a job,” she said
“after the war I happened to meet Mr. Broad and he told me about what happened at the hideout. I am sorry that I couldn’t have been there,” he said
“oh please, there is nothing to be sorry about. It was a war, we had to be alert and we knew that our lives were at stake every waking moment and apart from just gathering werewolves you and Mr. Lupin had other plans to carry out along with taking care of your family’s security. You couldn’t have been with us all the time. We had to take care of ourselves and we did it pretty much well. So don’t feel bad,” she said patting his hand.
“see Ginny told you the same thing,” said Gorge who was taking another swig of firewhiskey
“Gorge Weasley, you take another mug of that and I swear I will see to it that you won’t get any more next time you come,” shouted Madam Rosmerta from another corner.
“one last one,” he said but Bill looked at him sternly and he kept back the bottle and looked smug.
“you obviously don’t want to be called a drunkard, do you Gorge? You have taken to drinking it a lot after the war. You better stop it,” he said warningly as Sara was busy with the customers at the counter. The crowd was thinning as it was afternoon and usually they didn’t have much of customers then. Sara sat down behind the counter while both the Weasleys sat on the stools opposite her.
“I don’t know if you know this, but Remus is no longer with us,” Bill said slowly
“yeah I know,” she said with a sad sigh, “read it in the Prophet when the obituary was given. It is not right is it? for such a brave man and his wife to die like that?”
“yeah, but we cant do anything but wish they are peacefully rested,” said Bill
“how is his baby? He had a baby, right?” she asked
Both Bill and Gorge looked at each other and Bill said, “yeah, Ted is his name. Just few months baby now, staying with Tonks’ mother, Anderomeada. She is taking care of him. With her husband dead during the war just like her daughter and her son in law she has only Ted as her family now,” and Sara just nodded
“Gorge I wanted to thank you and Mrs. Weasley for the other day” she said turning to Gorge
“well you are any day welcome,” he said
“by the way are you still thinking of going in search of your friend?” he asked
Sara looked beyond him outside the window and slowly nodded
“even after having a gruesome adventure?” asked a voice which made Sara look in the direction to see Rosmerta standing there with her hands on her hips
“Madam Rosmerta that person whoever he was, he wasn’t my friend and that was an accident”
“An accident! My foot. You are not going anywhere Sara Mehra” she warned
“Madam Rosmerta my friend is the only reason that I have come so far for and you are asking me to stop looking for him?”
“it wont hurt if you don’t for sometime,” said Bill
“Mr. Weasl…Bill,” she corrected, “if your close friend is in danger will you not help him?”
“but what sort of danger lies for your friend?” asked Gorge
“its not danger Gorge its just that…forget it you wont understand,” she said and got up to place the empty bottles in a the rack for disposing which could have been done with magic.
“what will we not understand? The war is over. If you think death eaters will start pooling in people again for another war and there is a possibility that friend might be in danger in that way then you are wrong. The people all over have had enough of war that has been going on for over 2 decades and the death eaters and the dark lord believers are gone for good, for time being” asked Bill, “…at least” he added as later.
“nothing, its just that I have promised some closer to him that I will bring him back. That’s it.”
“and what if he wont come?” asked Gorge
“I don’t know, maybe I’ll stay till he doesn’t change his mind and come along,” she said
“this girl is so stubborn,” mumbled Madam Rosmerta and Sara smiled and asked, “so Madam Rosmerta can I go tomorrow for a break?”
Madam Rosmerta looked at her as if she gave in and nodded, “but you come with wounds next time Sara and I won’t talk to you”
“don’t worry I won’t. Tomorrow isn’t a full moon anyway,” she said
Bill and Gorge looked at Madam Rosmerta who gave them a weak smile.

ok guys...i need to know what you think of the write your comments and suggestions...
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hello everybody here's another post...

The Meeting...

Three days later Sara was back from her break. She was quiet when she came back and it wasn’t something new to Madam Rosmerta, Sara would do that every time. That night though, something happened, this made Rosmerta take all the things in her hands for Sara’s good.
Sara yet again had those night mares where a battle was taking place she saw all her school mates and professors in the middle of the battle and her friend was in a tight battle. He was badly wounded and bleeding. She kept on calling him to escape and apparate but he didn’t and kept on fighting and she herself couldn’t help him and as she felt that she was tied down to a something strong and invisible. She felt completely helpless. She kept on shouting his name and was profusely sweating.
“Sara, Sara dear wake up, wake up, honey” called Rosmerta
“what happened?”
Sara came out of her dream and was heavily panting
“the…the night mare…” she said drinking in some water which Rosmerta handed her down.
“the one in which you feel helpless again?” asked Rosmerta because it was the same nightmare which haunted Sara the last time Rosmerta woke up. But little did Rosmerta know that this night mare has been haunting Sara every night and today even more because she met her friend at last but he didn’t listen to her.

Sara met her friend Rahul in Duff Town which is pretty near to Hogsmeade. Sara stopped there to have a drink before she headed back to Hogsmeade after her futile search for her friend. She saw a dark shoulder length haired young wizard around 18 with his ragged cloak on in the pub in Duff town sitting and having a large butterbeer. She hadn’t paid much attention to him before, but she saw him giving her side ways glances. She didn’t imagine that it would have been him. A brown headed guy who was completely drunk was swaying and passed by his side and suddenly fell over him. He got up to support him. He helped the man and took him out of the door. While he came back he didn’t have his hood on. Sara who was watching the door to see who actually the hooded man was and came under a shock to see her best friend standing there. She literally screamed his name and ran and hugged. He was taken a back. The entire pub watched them and few even sniggered while the bar man was looking at them in amusement. Rahul quietly asked her to follow and she did. When they reached the out skirts of the town they sat down on the abandoned seat on side of the dusty road that led away from the town. They sat and Rahul continued to watch his friend. She looked at him and smiled a million dollar smile which never crossed her face until that day.
“how are you Sara?” he asked her slowly
“I am fine,” she said
“how are you?” she asked. Rahul had become weak his hair grown much longer, scars over his face. His eyes sunken and had dark circles, they looked tired and weary.There was this one particular scar which was distinct. It ran from right to left across his sharp nose, his face had become pale and hands rough and thin. She couldn’t look at him and his state.
“well alright”
“where have you been all this while? Why did you leave me the first time when I met you? You know how panicked I was later? Do you have any idea what happened to me after that? Did you care to find me?” her voice raising with each question and then she slapped him straight across his face in anger.
He didn’t say a word but looked down and then she hugged him and broke down literally. All the pain and sorrow which she had locked up in her heart she let them flow like a tempest. Rahul let her cry and held her more tightly. She held on to him and cried and cried for what seemed like an hour and then slowly she regained herself and sat back straight wiping her tears off.
“I am sorry Sara for all this trouble I have caused to you,” he said still not able to look at her.
“it’s, it’s ok.”
“will you tell me what happened after I left you that day?” he asked slowly looking at her and she nodded and started.
“the next day I got up to see you were gone. I panicked. I searched for you the entire place, but you weren’t there. I gave up and continued my journey even more resolved to find you. After a few days futile search for you I happened to pass by a town where I got to know that a certain person knew someone who was a werewolf because he had heard howling the previous day. I thought it might have been you. So in order to search for you I went in the woods. But I didn’t find you anywhere for around 3 days. Every day I would get up freshen up by the pond and set off to find you in the forest. 3 days passed by when I came near a cave. I went in to see if anyone was ever there and yea I think some stayed there for the night because I saw the ash of the firewood after it was burnt. I thought whoever he would be he might come back and then maybe I can ask him if he has ever seen you before. So I rested there outside the cave below the tree and waited and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up I sat there for sometime and them suddenly heard something move behind I quickly got up with my wand out. Then I saw a red headed man. He was Bill Weasley. He was on the side of light. He asked me all sorts of questions but I didn’t answer them all. So he told me about his mission. It was to bring all the werewolves on the side of the light. He asked me if he knew any werewolf who he could ask to join them. Then I told him that I was in search of you and that you too are a werewolf. From that time on I went along with him in search of werewolves to talk to them. We visited the darkest of the darkest places I have ever seen. I just can’t describe it you,” she said shaking her head.
“later after many days we went to the place where all the werewolves who agreed to join them collected. There I met Remus Lupin and many other werewolves. Mr. Lupin himself was a werewolf and was the main head of the group. I don’t know about him much. I helped him in brewing wolfsbane potion and almost stayed with them for a month or more and helped Bill when the others transformed. There were days when we had to leave few of them in the woods and I would go after them to keep and eye on them in my transformed form. It was very difficult. Every waking moment when they would transform I would be reminded of you, Rahul. I have missed you so much. I side by side would go along with Bill sometime when he would go in search of more werewolves just incase I would meet you. But I have never been lucky. Towards the last month of the war we were attacked by Fenrir Greyback and his mates.”
“Greyback,” Rahul clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.
“Bill and Remus weren’t there with us. We were attacked when we were asleep. Two of them are dead but others could fight and escape. I was in the inner room of the hideout. I was asleep when Fenrir came in my room and I had my back to him. I felt something moving in the room I opened my eyes to see a light shadow moving I tightened my grip on my wand and at the very moment I turned I attacked him and we continued to duel for quite long. Almost all the inmates of the hideout had tried to escape. It was difficult to get out of there. I was alone when his other mates came in to see both of us duel. He asked them to leave him and me alone and they stood there at a side jeering and cheering. I…I hear those things still in my ears some nights,” she said and he looked at her and held her hand tightly.
“then suddenly there was a scream by Fenrir I don’t know what happened. He was distracted I took my chance and shouted Seizure curse. I think I was in such a panic state that I said it with all my force and the effect was worse then I thought it would be. The curse went right at his chest and he twitched and twitched horribly and shuddered …and…the blood started to ooze out…. We should have kept on a move. We shouldn’t have stayed there for too long, 2 months ” she said shaking her head.
“I immediately apparated from there to the back of the hide out and ran as far as I could but I think I wasn’t lucky at all. Greyback was being supported by his mates when they saw me again but before I could apparate I was shot by an unforgivable curse”
Rahul looked at her with a blank expression. He always thought that his friends will not be the target for unforgivable curses but he was wrong. He couldn’t digest that she was hit by it.
“it was horrible Rahul. When the battle broke out at our school few months before that I saw it happen to others but to experience it, it was…” she shivered
“they hurriedly left. I saw them apparate and later I passed out. I was there till next day morning and then apparated to an unknown place and from then on I had been wandering aimlessly. I happened to be near Hogsmeade when the war broke out. I was in a cave on a mountain away from Hogwarts but I could easily see what was happening there. I could see the dark mark hanging over there on the towers of Hogwarts. The cave in which I was it was already inhabited by someone who had left his hippogriff for its shelter. I befriended with it and stayed there. At the night of the war I heard many muffled noises pass by. I don’t know whether they were from the side of the light or the dark but I carefully placed few protective spells so that even if anyone comes in they won’t find me and the creature. It worked. When the muffling stopped after about an hour and when I started to hear shouts and cries from over the valley that I came out to see the battle had begun. For any muggle it would have been a sight of fireworks going wild and even they would have panicked to see anything as such but for the wizards there it was…a war a deadly devastating war...” she trailed off and Rahul looked at her and nodded.
“after the war I stayed at Hogsmeade and started working there in a pub and staying with the land lady of the pub. After the war was over I continued my search for you and the lady great fully allowed me to and this is how I found you today. But I had to search and go to different places here and there,” she said shaking her head.
“but what about you? I still haven’t understood how come you have reached this place, where there is even more danger to werewolves. You were at a place which was a sort of complete battle ground for Voldemort.”
He nodded and said, “that is what even I have failed to understand. I was to apparate to a place which I had visited when I was small with my family. As soon as I reached that place I was sort of sucked up again in that tire like compression and I was automatically apparated over a place somewhere in here, in Britain. I realized that after a few days.”
“something like that happened with me too,” she said slowly and he looked at her and continued, “I don’t know why or what had happened but then I thought if I have to be in the middle of a battle then so be it. I was resolved to take on Greyback I don’t know why. He wasn’t the one who bit me, he wasn’t the one whom I wanted to take revenge on for what I have become but some how may be because of him coming after all the werewolves of our land and troubling and torturing people like me that I wanted to take on him,” he said slowly but his anger evident in his voice.
“I roamed around for months on end transforming every month with great difficulty. I remembered you each time I transformed , how we used to run around and play just to reduce my pain but little did it help” she looked at him sympathetically.
“then later one day I saw you and we met. You don’t know how I felt the day I met you again. It was as if all my troubles in my life were gone. I felt that everything will be alright, now that you were with me but then I couldn’t sleep at all in the night. I kept on thinking the danger I will cause you if I happen to meet Greyback again. I didn’t want to take that risk of putting you alongside me when Greyback is around. I remembered my reason for me leaving the school, I remembered about the news of my parents death by the dark people of our own country because they wanted me. I didn’t want any of this to happen to you, not at least in a foreign land. So I decided to leave you and go on my on. Then towards the end of the war I got to know about a group of people from the side of the light pooling werewolves on their side. I overheard some people saying that in pub. I wanted to join them. In search of them I left and reached this particular wood where I saw a certain cheetah running at a full speed,” he said and smirked
“you were near the hideout?” asked Sara incredulously and he nodded.
“Every night I would go around the woods in that area just to catch you so that I could talk to you. One night I decided to go for it and come to the hideout and ask but I couldn’t it was a full moon and before the moon would be out I wanted to leave so that I wouldn’t cause you and others any trouble. I saw you coming out just few minutes before I apparated from there. I saw you giving the inmates something to drink I assume it to be…”
“wolfsbane,” she added
He nodded. “Then I just apparated. That was my by far most difficult transformation some how. Maybe because of too much of running here and there I was weak before the transformation it self. So to take rest I came back to the same woods but on the other side of it, near the side of the village. That night I didn’t turn up nor the next night and I assume it was during that particular night that Greyback must have attacked. Because when I came near the hideout I saw no one there. I thought you guys must have left and would have been on a move for your own safety. I lost you guys and I felt miserable about it. But then I decided to check your hideout and it was when I entered did I realize that it had been attacked. I saw pool of dried blood in the inner room the entire hideout in a mess. I was scared. I was scared that they whoever they were they took you and you were in danger. I wanted to find you but all my search had been futile. I almost gave up and then I saw you here today and I was glad that you were alright but scared too that you might not want to meet me but at the same time I was thinking of avoiding you because I know you will ask me to come back with you to our land and I don’t want to,” he said looking away from him.
She looked at him in a shock, “what! you, you don’t want to come back? Are you crazy? The war is over, nothing can cause you a threat. I hope everything will be alright for us to go back and live the way we used to,”
“no Sara, it is not that easy. I don’t know but I have this feeling that it isn’t safe for me to go back there again and more then me it isn’t safe for you and Aussie to be found in my company. i know that after i have been away from both of you for so long you will be with me everyday.I don’t know why but I feel the dark people of our country will take over our government for sometime. I think the fall of dark lord would not have ebbed their belief but infuriated them further to strongly believe in Dark Arts again. I can’t go back, at least not with you. They will fix you up in danger too”
“this is crazy…I came all the way just to take you back and you are telling me to leave you and go back! And how do you know who is going to be the government that will rule us. You are not a seer!” she said her voice rising
“please listen to me Sara, it is for all of our good,” he said
“Good! My foot!”
“no. you listen to me you are coming with me now and we are leaving now”
“no we are not leaving at least I am not,” he said his voice raised too.
“I am sorry Sara, but I am not coming with you,” he said his voice soft as he got up. He looked at her kissed her forehead and walked away from her. She sat there staring at him walking away from her. She couldn’t cry, she couldn’t shout, she couldn’t do anything. She just sat there quiet.

“Sara, Sara…” shook Madam Rosmerta
“you alright?” she asked
“no…the night…”
“the night mare. I know. Girl I am worried about you and your nightmares. Your friend is not coming back. Forget about him. If he cared for you he would have listened to you,” she said her voice almost angry
“he cares for me!” Sara shouted
Rosmerta was taken aback at such an outburst.
“he cares for me, that is why he doesn’t want to go back with me,” she said softly her head bending down and looking away from Rosmerta
“how do you know?”
“I met him…I met him in Duff town yesterday. He said he won’t come back.”
“his reason?”
“I don’t know it was completely non understandable,” she said
“ok. Listen I don’t know what happened between you and your friend and I don’t want to know. I just want to know whether you will continue to stay here if your friend doesn’t want to go back?” asked Rosmerta and Sara nodded a little, “I am staying till I don’t take him with me,” she said softly and Rosmerta threw up her hands in air in exasperation and left in the room.
Sara sank back in her bed and closed her eyes and fell into a troubled sleep yet again. was the post for today...

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Interesting. I like sometimes reading about werewolves, and you described it beautifully.
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thanks Harry&Ginnylover for your means a's the next is a bit shorter than the rest....


Sara got up the next day with a severe head ache. As soon as she got up the last night’s incidents came flowing back to her. She was hurt by the way Rosmerta talked to her. Sara thought hard for sometime and then decided to leave Three Broomsticks for good. She went downstairs and found Rosmerta and Professor McGonagall talking. Sara was always in awe with this professor. McGonagall had that aura around her of a respectable and a well learned witch. She looked strict and stern but when she would talk to Rosmerta Sara would find completely a different McGonagall. She would talk so sweetly and nicely that anyone would listen to her.
“morning Sara,” called Rosmerta and McGonagall looked at Sara through her specs and gave a curt nod and Sara returned it back with a small smile. Professor did that every time she would meet Sara.
“Madam Rosmerta I wanted to talk to…” but she was cut by Madam Rosmerta
“yeah Sara actually Minerva and me both of us were talking about Hogwarts that is going to restart” and Sara nodded.
“well miss Mehra I would be very happy if you can join Hogwarts this year,” said Professor McGonagall. Sara looked at her blankly.
“sorry professor but I didn’t get what you said,” said Sara
“I said that we will be glad to take you in as a Hogwarts student for 7th year,” she said
Sara looked at Madam Rosmerta who smiled at her encouragingly but Sara turned away. She was planning to leave. She didn’t want to stay here any more. She didn’t want to be a trouble to any one.
“Is Madam Rosmerta so fed with me that she wants me to leave and go to Hogwarts?” Sara thought
“I am sorry Professor but I have already decided to leave Three Broomsticks and Hogsmeade for good,” said Sara
“what! Where are you thinking you will go? To that friend of yours?” asked Rosmerta
“Madam Rosmerta please don’t start again. I am leaving but I will not go near my friend. I will wait for him till he is ready to come back. Till then I will live somewhere else, where I won’t be able to trouble people, like I have troubled you and Mrs. Weasley because of my adventures as you put in,” she said slowly and Madam Rosmerta was taken aback. She didn’t want Sara to take her last night’s conversations in this way. Rosmerta had asked Sara if she was staying back because she wanted Sara to go to Hogwarts. Rosmerta didn’t have kids and Sara had become very close to her. Knowing that Sara didn’t complete her studies she wanted Sara to finish at Hogwarts and not to waist such a talented girl’s life. But it looked like Sara had taken it the other way round that Rosmerta doesn’t want her stay here anymore.
“Sara dear I didn’t mean it that way last night. Please don’t misunderstand me,” said Rosmerta in a soft voice.
McGonagall sensing some tension between the older lady and the teenager she decided to leave and let them settle their issue.
“Rosmerta I think I should leave you both to discuss about it but I would be very happy to take you as a student in Hogwarts Miss Mehra,” she said and left
Though Minerva left both of them to sort things out, but they didn’t until it was afternoon when they closed the pub for sometime.
“Sara, honey I didn’t mean anything bad about you. I just wanted you to study and complete your education”
“why out of nowhere did you feel like?” asked Sara
“because you are a talented witch and I didn’t think it would be wise to waste your talent away at my bar or”
“or go in search of my friend?” said Sara indignantly
“Madam Rosmerta I have great regards for you but late me make few things clear I do what I feel like doing no one can make me do things. I decided to go after my friend it was my decision even if my other friends didn’t want me to go, I continued to go to a muggle school when I was younger even after knowing that I was a witch was my wish though my parents supported it, I learnt to play tennis not because my dad wanted me to learn because it was I wanted to, I decided to talk to Bill Weasley and take risk of going along with him in search of my friend and helping him was my decision and Bill didn’t force,” she said all in one long breath but her voice full of anger.
“I am sorry if I have hurt you dear but wouldn’t your mum want you to complete your studies and…”
“my mum, yeah she would have, but you are not my mum!” she shouted
Rosmerta was cool.
“yes dear I am not your mum, I know that but you know I don’t have any kids and you have been by far the closest person to me so it was for your good that I thought it would be a good decision”
“fine! it was good for me so decide without letting me know!”
“I wanted to talk to you honey but you were all quiet and tired yesterday so I didn’t bring that topic up at dinner. I was going to ask you today”
“today, In front of Professor McGonagall?” asked Sara
“yes dear”
“more then asking it was as if you both had decided what I should do and went ahead with it, without bothering to tell me”, she said glaring at Rosmerta
“no it wasn’t meant to be like that. I was feeling bad for you yesterday. I couldn’t see you going through those nightmares all the time and couldn’t see you being in so much of tension so I thought that Hogwarts might be the best way to distract your mind from. You will make new friends and meet new people so at least for some time you won’t miss your friend and you will be able to enjoy all what the other teenagers enjoy,” she said trying to make Sara see through what she was telling.
Sara turned away from Rosmerta and said, “Madam Rosmerta please leave me alone for some time. I don’t want to think about anything right now”
“fair enough,” said Rosmerta getting up and leaving
“tell me when you are opening the pub,” said Sara and Rosmerta just nodded and left.

have a nice day....:-)

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here's another post for today...

Later that afternoon Sara was in a bad mood though she was at the counter she didn’t talk much with anyone in particular. Even during dinner she was silent. In the night in her room when Madam Rosmerta came in she saw Sara sitting there on the windowsill quietly looking out of the window. Rosmerta stood there for quite some time but Sara didn’t turn to look at her and talk and giving up for the day Madam Rosmerta left her room.
For next few days Sara stopped talking to Rosmerta and would most of her free time would sit by her windowsill and lookout. There were couple of times when Rosmerta would see a tear or 2 falling down her cheek but she would hastily wipe them off. Suddenly one day Mrs. Weasley came to Three Broomsticks near the afternoon closing time when Sara was at the counter. Molly was not particularly very fond of Madam Rosmerta, somehow. For her Rosmerta was always that glitzy and flirty kind of a woman and Molly usually keeps her distance from her. But Molly got along fine with her as she would drop by sometime in Three Broomsticks when she comes to meet her son like today. Sara had not seen Molly before but she recognized her by her friendly smile and red hair. Madam Rosmerta was glad to see Molly. Both the ladies chatted up for sometime. When it was the closing time Sara stepped out of the counter to turn the ‘close for now’ sign board and was about to go to the apartment when Mrs. Weasley called her
Sara turned and saw Mrs. Weasley smiling at her
“hello Mrs. Weasley, I presume,” said Sara kindly and Molly nodded
“how are you doing?”
“I am doing good”
“good. Bill said he met you and was really happy to see you again. He was feeling really bad the other day when he told about you that he couldn’t help you when Fenrir attacked you” Rosmerta went pale white
“when did that happen?”
“before war,” was Sara’s curt answer.
“Mrs. Weasley I told him that there was no need for him to be sorry”
“I know dear, that’s what Ginny told him but he was the same way when Alastor died”
“yeah, Alastor. He was a very famous auror. He died while helping Harry out of his house to one of the safe houses.”
“Brave man he was. Bill and his wife Fleur both were there when that happened and all that Bill could say was he couldn’t do a thing, he went later along with Remus in search of the body but didn’t find it”
“Alastor…well never was he a man for relaxation, was he? Always like what he said constant vigilance,” said Rosmerta
“yeah we all miss him more so the kids because they were in great awe with him,” said Molly
“yeah Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny bunch of very talented kids,” said Rosmerta
Sara got up and went in to the apartment. Both the ladies didn’t understand what happened
“she met her friend at last,” said Rosmerta, “but he refused to come back,” said Rosmerta
“she doesn’t seem to have taken it well”
“no, she hasn’t. I asked Minerva if Sara can join Hogwarts and she was glad to look into the matter and take Sara in”
“that is wonderful”
“yes it is but Sara didn’t like it. She thinks that I want to get rid of her and she has decided to leave”
“yeah but I think she is thinking of changing her mind”
“has she told you?”
“no she hasn’t talked to me since past few days” and Molly just shook her head
“but I think she will soon come around. I don’t know why but I feel she is missing her friends more than that particular friend. She immediately got up when we took Harry and his friends names. She is a witch who needs something to do constantly. She can’t sit idle. I think she will think of going to Hogwarts but I just hope it doesn’t be too late that Minerva won’t accept her”
“don’t worry I hope everything will be alright,” said Molly. They sat there for sometime silently and then Molly got up to leave for lunch back home.

After reaching the Burrow something struck Molly. She straight went to the fire place and called “The Three Broomsticks”
“hello Molly you have forgotten something?”
“no I had this thing in my mind for sometime so thought I should ask you”
“go on, go ahead”
“I was thinking if I could make Ginny talk to her as she will be a 7th year student this year”
“that…that would be great”
“yeah I thought maybe she must be missing her friends, so why not make new friends and feel just like what she used to feel back in her own school. Maybe that should help her a bit in relaxing her tension and maybe she will think more clearly”
“yeah, I think we can try that,” said Rosmerta sounding hopeful
“good I will talk to Ginny about it and let you know,” said Molly and vanished from the fireplace.

“what do you want to talk to me mum?” asked Ginny who was standing at the doorway and heard her mum talking to someone.
“nothing it is about Sara. She needs to be more around people of her own age. Working and going in search of her friend every fortnight has made her so tired and we presume she is missing her friends a lot,” said Molly
“so…you want me to talk to her?” asked Ginny with an eyebrow raised.
And Molly nodded. Ginny thought for a while and said “ok I will but don’t expect me to be friends with her forever or something”
“Ginny…” said her mum
“don’t worry you will change your mind as soon as you meet her,” said Molly and left and Ginny just shrugged.

this was today's post...have anice day:-)
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Default's today's post...i always loved Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione pairing so you will find that in my fiction...

Seeing Sara...

The next day Ginny went to Zonkos along with Ron to see what was happening at her brothers other branch of joke shop. She also wanted to be with Harry who was visiting Lee Jordan that day. The last two weeks the trio had been busy with their exams and Ginny had to stay in the house and wait for them to return. Molly still didn’t know about them writing the exam. And what with exam fever on Ginny and Harry could hardly spend proper time together. Apart from that she just wanted to see who this Sara girl was. She wasn’t deciding on talking to her like her mum insisted but wanted to see and observe her for a while.
After going to the Zonkos and being a first hand witness to making of the Weasleys’ modified fireworks and after going to the sweet shop Ginny and Harry left for The Three Broomsticks. Ron well…he went back to the apartment as he was to go on a lunch date with Hermione.

Both Harry and Ginny walked in the pub as a small bell rang. People turned their heads to see Harry there standing in front of them. He was feeling a bit scared because till now wherever he went there has been a lot of crowd of people wanting to meet him. He didn’t want to get mobbed here at least. 3 months have passed by but people still meet him and congratulate him. This time too everyone clapped as if he just won the war and came in to have a mug of butterbeer. He was embarrassed but at the same time overwhelmed by the response. He went to the counter and asked a girl at the counter for 2 medium sized butterbeers. She smiled and with a swish it was ready and placed in a nice tray.
“She is new. Is she the one? Gorge’s friend?” he thought

“here you go,” he said to Ginny who looked at him and smiled as he sat down opposite to her.
“um…Harry this is really…”
“I know…I know very embarrassing people watching us,” he said nodding his head
“but they will come over it after sometime. I promise”
“I know they will,” said Ginny somehow reassured and taking his hand in hers.
“just hope Madam Rosmerta doesn’t make a huge event out of our arrival,” said Harry and just then Rosmerta came in and saw the young couple and went to them straight
“hello there Harry and Ginny. I am so glad to see both of you here,” she said ruffling Harry’s already messy hair the heads turned again in their side.
Harry and Ginny turned another shade of red and gave her a small smile.
“everything fine dears”
“yes absolutely Madam Rosmerta,” said Ginny
“good any problem I will be just near the counter or in the other corner. You can call me anytime”
“yes madam Rosmerta,” said Ginny a bit stressfully indicating that she got her point
Madam Rosmerta was always very loud in conversation with young couples. She always tried to make everything nice and cozy for them and enjoy their little time in the pub but in turn, most of the time it would embarrass them and make them blush.
Noting that Ginny and Harry wanted some privacy Rosmerta smiled and left them.

All this was being seen by Sara at the counter. She like everyone else in a second understood that this was Harry Potter about whom she heard so much and read so much in the newspapers. This is the first time she met him. He stood there in blue hooded shirt and faded jeans with a red headed beautiful girl in a cool grey shirt and black jeans by his side. He looked at the people in the pub who had just started to clap. He went all red. He smiled at the people and just gave a small nod of recognition. She noticed that and found it really cute on his part to be so humble. She saw the girl walking by and taking a seat in a secluded corner of the pub as Harry walked towards her.
“hello Mr. Potter. Pleasure to meet you”
He couldn’t say anything and just smiled. She found that really sweet.
“what can I get you?”
“two medium sized butterbeers”
“alright here you go,” in her typical sing song way, whether in good mood or not Sara had got used to saying that in a sing song way.
She handed it to him in a nice tray and he smiled gave a nod took the tray and left.
After few minutes she saw Madam Rosmerta striding up to them and talking for sometime and leaving them. Sara shook her head and smiled to herself looking at Rosmerta.
“she always did that, didn’t she? Always went and talked to the couples especially the young and a bit too loud for their privacy," she thought.
Sara went back to helping other customers and didn’t think about the young couple again till it was their time to leave.

Ginny and Harry sat there and chatted for what seemed like more than an hour. They looked completely oblivious to the surrounding world. They talked and laughed and didn’t bother about others. It was when they were talking and laughing about Fred and Gorge’s antiques did Ginny become silent all of a sudden remembering Fred. Harry held her hand and slightly squeezed for reassurance. She looked at him with tears swimming in her eyes but she wiped them off before they fell. Harry moved closer and held her for sometime. They didn’t care what others thought and were completely busy with themselves. They talked about both their exams and recent months of non stop studying.
“honestly this month I have seen Hermione grinding you guys like never before,” said Ginny
“yeah. She should be a professor, really,” added Harry taking a swig of butterbeer.
“but she wants to take up a job in department for regulation and control of magical creatures, right?” said Ginny
“yeah, looks like she is pretty firm on her S.P.E.W getting through the applications for new magical creatures rights,” said Harry
“but that wouldn’t happen unless she is a perfect employee in the department and unless she has a right for putting forward an application”
“she will do it. I am sure,” said Harry and Ginny nodded.
“but I am surprised Ron was so silent and did his work. He is the one to throw tantrums when he studies,” said Ginny
“well looks like miss Granger was pretty hard on him and moreover she didn’t want him to think about…about you know Fred,” said Harry
“yeah I know apart from Gorge, Ron was completely broken,” said Ginny.
“by the way I just wanted to know is that girl at the counter Gorge’s friend you were talking about?” asked Harry
“I think yes,” said Ginny
“I have been seeing her for quite sometime. She is pretty good at her work and people around her seem to like her a lot,” said Ginny as she saw Sara talking politely to a couple and then few youngsters at the counter.
“hey you are supposed to be seeing me not her,” said Harry and pouted and Ginny laughed loudly which made people turn around and look at them but she caught Sara’s eye and winked at her and Sara smiled back.
“I will surely talk to this girl,” Ginny thought when they got up to leave.

have a nice day...:-)

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Default is today's post...

A Bad Start...

The next day Ginny walked through the Three Broomsticks and saw Madam Rosmerta at the counter
“hello dear”
“hello Madam Rosmerta. How come you are at the counter today?”
“well Sara is not well she said, so I am here. Anyway it is good for my mind to do a bit of accounting it will keep me alert,” said Rosmerta
“sure it will,” said Ginny looking around
“do you want to meet her?”
“Sara?” asked Rosmerta
“if she doesn’t have problems meeting strangers,” said Ginny
“oh no, no, not at all. She will be fine with it,” said Rosmerta and led her to the exit and told her to follow the staircase.
Ginny followed the staircase which led her into an apartment. The apartment was fully furnished with nice rug carpet, cozy couch near the fire place, a huge window with green curtains a mini bar of sorts at one corner. Ginny shook her head at Madam Rosmerta’s fascination for drinks, not that Rosmerta drank regularly but just that she loved it so much that she had a mini bar in her apartment also. The hallway then divided into 3 rooms one went to the kitchen and two other rooms. Ginny peeped into one room to find no one and she assumed that to be Rosmerta’s room. She went to the next one. She opened the door and found a single bed in the middle of the room with a dressing table at one side and to the other side was a desk and chair. She gazed around and found Sara sitting there on the window sill with her back against the wall and head leaning on the wall as if she was looking up and her eyes closed. Ginny thought she was sleeping but no, she wasn’t, nor was she crying but just sitting there as if she was thinking about some thing.
Sara opened her eyes and looked around to see who called and then she found that red headed beautiful girl who was standing next to Harry yesterday standing in her room. She didn’t understand why this girl came up to the apartment.
“um…hi,” said Sara getting up from her seat and walking towards her
“I am Ginny”
“Ginny…Gorge told me about you. Good, nice to meet you. I am Sara. Come have a seat,” said Sara and showed her towards the chair and she made herself comfortable on the bed.
“is there anything I can do for you?” asked Sara
“um…no…no I just came to meet you, you know my brothers both Gorge and Bill have talked about you so I thought I would like to see you”
They sat silently for sometime. Both of them knew it was pretty awkward for Ginny to come by and suddenly talk to Sara.
“um…this is ridiculous,” said Ginny giving up
“yeah…,” said Sara at how awkward they both were behaving
“I wasn’t even like that when I first met Harry...well i ran off...when he came to live with us in his 2nd year...that is another matter,” she said
“yeah?” said Sara smirking.
“yeah I was lot better. Anyways you were looking a bit”
“tired,” Sara cut her off.
“oh alright”
“so is it true that you came in search of your friend and he declined to go back with you?” asked Ginny
Sara snapped her head in her direction watched her for sometime and then slowly nodded. “so this is what she came to ask. Even she wants to know what is going around me”
“I presume Madam Rosmerta would have told you this”
“um no I…I got to know from my mum and Gorge”
“so what are you thinking of doing right now?”
“why? hasn’t Gorge or your mum told by Madam Rosmerta that I was planning to leave Three Broomsticks for good,” said Sara icily
Ginny flinched
“I am…I am sorry if I have hurt you. I didn’t mean to interfere in your”
“that’s what you guys are doing!” said Sara and getting up from her bed and moving across the room in two strides and reached the window and stood there indicating that she didn’t want to talk any more. Ginny immediately got up form there and left the apartment without a word.

it was short...i know...anyways have a nice day and please feel free to comment and give suggestions...

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hello...this the next post...

Realization And Regret...

The next morning Sara was in even bad mood. She didn’t even come out for
breakfast and sat there in her room the entire morning. She was thinking and thinking of what she would want to do waiting for her friend to come back.
“no I cant just, just sit here idle. I’ll go mad if I did nothing to keep my mind and body working. If I stay back at least I will have a job at hand and I will be able to see Rahul too and convince him to come back with me”.
“But if I leave I will have no where to go and I will have to go through all that once again what I went through during the war,” she thought. She didn’t want herself to look mean and selfish but that is what she could think of doing staying back with her small job and her friend hopefully in Duff town,
“but there is an other option. Join Hogwarts. In that sense even Madam Rosmerta will not have problems with you” she thought
“but…but once I join I wont be allowed to come out and meet Rahul”.
“You can talk about it to Professor Macgonagall about it.” she argued with herself.
“ha! as if she will listen to your request. She is willing to take you in itself is great”
“but lets try atleast. you will get a chance to do something else better than pouring butterbeer and firewhiskey” she continued the conversation in her mind.
“arrggg I am getting frustrated. I think I should go out for sometime and move around a bit”
Sara got up took her raincoat in her hands and left the apartment and the pub through the back door without telling Madam Rosmerta.
She walked through the pavement and watched the people around her, everyone moving around doing their daily chores. She watched small children run by here and there playing with enchanted quaffles of the Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes or flying about on their toy broomsticks or being taken by their mum while they were out and shopping. She saw few people sipping hot tea in their shops and chatting with their customers. Everyone was trying hard to come back to normalcy. She walked down the entire village of Hogsmeade and reached the small hill where the forest began and there was a cave overlooking the Hogwarts. It was already past noon time but still it was cool and breezy out there. She entered the cave and looked around remembering the last days of the war. She remembered how first she saw the hippogriff, how she befriended it, how she used to talk to it, how she heard the muffling sounds the night the war broke out, how she put the protecting charm around her and the beast. She sat down for sometime with her head leaning on the wall thinking about what her friends will be doing now, are they alive, are they continuing their school, are their families safe and sound, has things fallen back to normal in her land. So many questions were arising in her mind for which she didn’t have a single answer.
She sat there for few hours. It was only 4 in the evening but the sky was becoming darker because of the clouds. She sighed and went outside the cave and sat down on a rock closed her eyes once again. She saw her old school, Phoenix School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, its huge lawn covering the space around the school and fountains, the quidditch pitch at the back and green houses at the side. And then suddenly she saw a flash of high towers and dark mark hanging over the highest tower. She opened her eyes and saw the same school standing in front of her with dark mark absent and fully ready for the next academic year.
“what was that?”
“what does that mean?”
“should…should I join Hogwarts?”
“I am not understanding. I think I should talk to Madam Rosmerta about it. I am not going to sit idle, for sure,” she thought.
She walked back to the village and it began to pour. She pulled on her raincoat. It was pouring heavily. As she walked by she saw an old lady in her apartment balcony sitting and sipping hot beverage. Sara looked at her for sometime and thought how the old lady is trying to lead her normal life. No one knows what that lady might be thinking but from her face it looked as if she has forgotten the past and just listening to the noise of the splattering water. Sara looked around and saw people walking faster to get some shelter from the rain. She passed by the Zonkos and saw it was pretty crowded. She searched for a certain red headed person from outside it self but didn’t find. She slowly walked back to the Three Broomsticks. Before entering with a flick of her wand she dried herself. As soon as she entered she saw Madam Rosmerta at the counter. She gave her small smile and Madam Rosmerta returned it great fully. Sara went back to the apartment and in to her room and immediately she sat on her chair and desk and sat to write a letter

Back at the Burrow the Weasley family was getting ready for the dinner when Hermione saw an owl coming.
“who’s owl is this? never saw her here anywhere,” she thought. The owl reached the windowsill and perched on it. Hermione went and untied the letter and the bird immediately flew off.
“who’s letter is it Hermione?” asked Ginny who was placing the plates on the table
“it is addressed to you”
“show me,” and Ginny took the letter and began reading it.

Dear Ginny,

Hi this is Sara. I know you wouldn’t be expecting my letter but I am writing this letter to apologize for how I spoke to you yesterday. I am really very sorry for my behavior. I really didn’t mean to insult Mrs. Weasley or Gorge. If they wouldn’t have helped Madam Rosmerta with me I wouldn’t have half cured as fast as I did. I am really thankful to both of them. I really appreciate that all three of you along with Madam Rosmerta have made an attempt to talk to me and let me have a let out off my emotions with an intention of helping me. I think I am so lucky to have you people around me to care for a stranger like me so much. I was in real bad mood yesterday and even it continued on till today. I went out to get things cleared from my mind and to decide on few things.
All I want is to thank your mother, brother and you for what you have tried to do for me.
Convey my regards to Mrs. Weasley and Gorge.( Looks like his business is back on track. Zonkos was already full today). And I hope you are enjoying your vacation well.

Yours truly,
Sara Mehra

have a nice day:-)...

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here's today's post...

A New Fear And A Last Try...

Sara was fine after that day. She started talking to Madam Rosmerta but she didn’t have the guts to talk to her about Hogwarts. Ever time she would think of talking to her she recalled the day she was angry with Rosmerta and felt ashamed of her self. A week had passed by and it was already the 1st of August. She was very nervous, the reason she just received a letter from Hogwarts saying that she has been accepted to the school. She didn’t know how it happened because she hadn’t talked to Madam Rosmerta yet and moreover she was from a different school. She didn’t understand how Headmistress McGonagall managed to get her transferred. As soon as she got the letter she read and re read it and then sat down to write a letter to the headmistress her self.

Respected Headmistress,
I have received the letter from your coveted institution and I am very delighted to join it and be a part of the 7th year. I just wanted to know how come my transfer took place from my old school to this school and I also have a small request. As I have come to Britain with a sole purpose of taking my friend back as you already know I would like to be allowed to go out of Hogwarts on weekends, if you permit so that I can do what I have come here for. I promise this will not affect my academics in anyway.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Sara Mehra

She sent the letter again through Rosmerta’s owl and was nervously waiting for the reply. The reply came over in the afternoon.

Dear Sara,
I am glad that you have decided to join our school. We were hoping you would. As you asked before in your letter about your transfer, we could manage that through the Department of Magical Education. It is an international branch which deals with the educational aspects of the wizarding world all over. We talked to the current headmistress of your old school through the department and she was more than willing to give us your academic details. Times have become worst in your land ironically, Miss Mehra that is all I can say and that is the reason why your headmistress willingly gave your details or else no school would like to loose their students to other school. Seeing your credentials we decided to send you the letter for joining. We at Hogwarts are very glad to have you. As far as the request concerning your leave during the weekends, we will see to that matter after you have joined the school. The school is strict on following the rules and it applies to all, I hope you will understand.

Hope to see you at the school on 1st September. You too along with the first years will be attending the sorting ceremony.

Hogwarts Headmistress,
Professor Macgonagall

What did ‘times have become worst ironically in your land’ mean?
She panicked. What…what is wrong back in my place, oh God please…please tell me dad’s alright, Karan is alright, she thought. This was the first time she ever thought of her brother and her dad. All this while she always thought they would be never be harmed but now, now she was feeling completely unsure of the situation. She had a strong feeling of loneliness take over her along with fear and panic for her family. She sat there looking into the space before her thinking about what was happening miles away in her country and had no idea when Madam Rosmerta came in her room and saw the letter in her hand which said that Minerva was happy that Sara had accepted the letter and she would join. Madam Rosmerta cried and hugged and Sara came back in to reality. She saw the happiness in her eyes, genuine happiness. She gave a small smile.
“I am so happy for you honey, so happy”
And Sara nodded.
“I got to tell this, got to tell this to Gorge, he is here,” she said and ran away out of the apartment. Sara looked at her leave in shock.
“what is this woman doing? Why is she calling Gorge?” she thought
And within few minutes a smirking Gorge along with Rosmerta entered her room
“so I hear that Sara will be attending classes with my sister. Glad…very glad the only problem is that Lee will miss you a lot,” he said pretending to be grim but then gave a wicked smirk and winked her and all Sara could was smile.
“what happened Sara, dear you don’t look happy?”
“um…no…its not that its just that I will be missing you a lot,” she lied
“oh don’t worry about that, we will continue to meet as the students will be coming here for weekends to spend,” she said encouragingly
Sara would have wanted to be happy that she would be attending a very famous school, a school about which all her friends back in her country wanted to visit and just have a glimpse of it. But she couldn’t, not when she just came to know that something is wrong back in her land, when she felt that she should be there beside her brother and dad instead of staying back and studying here. But she can’t even step back. She was already accepted. Suddenly her mind went to Rahul
“I…I must ask Rahul. He will know. He told her that things haven’t settled and that is why he thought it would be unwise to go back,” she thought
She got up immediately this made both of them frown
“what’s wrong?” asked Gorge
“nothing…nothing. Madam Rosmerta I am going out for a walk. I won’t be back for quite some time, may I, if there is no problem?
Madam Rosmerta didn’t understand whether she was asking her or she was telling her. She just nodded and Sara left without another word.

As she went to the end of the street she turned and then apparated to Duff town hoping to see Rahul again. She entered the pub where she met him last time and sat down waiting and thinking he would come back here sometime. She waited and waited. He didn’t turn up. She went and asked the person at the counter about him and he said that he came the previous day but had no idea where he could be right now. Disappointed she walked out of the pub and walked through the length of the Duff Town street her eyes searching for her friend. It was around 10 in the night that she came back to The Three Broomsticks and had Madam Rosmerta question her all throughout her dinner. Sara quietly went to sleep and was resolved even more to find her friend the next day.
Sara got up the next day early and left the apartment leaving a note to Madam Rosmerta. Sara went to Duff town again and searched for her friend all over again. She started apparating and searching for her friend the way she used to do during the war days. She went to the places where she thought she could find Rahul. But she couldn’t. She tried all day long, all week long. She came back to Duff town one late evening and sat there and drank butterbeer hoping for Rahul to turn up but he didn’t. Sighing she got up paid for drink and left. When she came back in the night she had to face Rosmerta’s questions.
“I am sorry Madam Rosmerta I won’t do that again, I promise,” she said slowly and went to her room and bolted it.
She had given up. She was tired. She broke down like she had in her friend’s arms few weeks back. She wanted to know what was happening back in her country, she wanted to know why, why Rahul didn’t want to go back, she wanted a solid reason and not a beating around the bush answer. But she couldn’t get it, she couldn’t, she failed to find him. She took a hasty decision of joining the school and now she will never be able to find him again, never will she know when is it the time for her to leave and go back to her family, once she joins the school, never.
“oh lord…what have I done…” she cried and laid on her bed and exhaustion took over her and she instantly fell asleep.

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An Invitation...

It was already the 2nd week of August and soon she will be going to Hogwarts. She somehow was hesitant in looking forward for it. She got up the next day and read the Hogwarts letter again when she heard a knock on her door.
“come in”
The door opened and she saw the red haired girl yet again standing in front of her.
“ah Ginny…please come in,” said Sara and Ginny walked and sat on the bed next to her.
“how’s your vacation going on?”
“how about you? How are you?”
“fine” and Ginny nodded her head. She looked at the letter which Sara was reading and she gave a small smile and asked
“you have been called to Hogwarts?”
“yes, you didn’t know?”
“you cant lie to me,” said Sara softly and she gave a small smile. “Gorge knew it that I got the letter and I very well have come to know from past few months that it is not in his nature to keep things to himself” at which Ginny smiled and nodded.
“so you are coming, right?”
“why do you ask?”
“um…no I mean…you know…you didn’t want to join the school and all and now you are getting this letter…so I thought maybe you still haven’t made up your mind,” she said slowly and cautiously knowing and experiencing Sara’s temper on issues that involved her life.
“no, I am joining to bug you this year. I will be in the 7th year,” said Sara with a smile
“sure you are coming?!” asked Ginny with a wide smile and Sara nodded
“this is excellent…I am so happy,” she said truly delighted
Sara didn’t understand her at all. Why was she so happy for her but above all Sara wanted to apologize her again.
“I…I am really sorry for the way I behaved that day,”
“oh come on…I have forgotten about it but no doubt I did feel bad at what you said but it is justifiable. We had no right to interfere in you life and I apologize you for that. So all in all we both have apologized to each other and forgiven each other”
And Sara nodded and smiled. She was happy that Ginny forgave her and that she no longer thought why Ginny was behaving so nice to a stranger like her.
“so have you done with your school shopping?” asked Sara
“oh no. I haven’t. I will soon be going. It is already 2nd week of August. Would you like to come along when I go for getting my things? And we can get your things too”
“yeah, that would be a nice idea. Anyway I need to know how to get to the Leaky Cauldron,” said Sara.
“you know you can meet Harry, Ron and Hermione there. I think you have met Harry, haven’t you?
“you haven’t met Hermione and Ron yet, right?”
“good we can meet them after we have done with our shopping. Hermione will be working in the ministry and so will be Harry, though he will be under training, you see. He wants to be an auror and he has written a complementary exam this summer. He didn’t want to come back to Hogwarts again”
“it holds too many memories for him, doesn’t it?” asked Sara and Ginny looked at her and she slowly nodded her head.
“so you see he will be under the auror training for 3 years, actually it doesn’t take that long you know, but since he has not given the actual NEWTs so he may have to take 3 years of the training and Ron will be in Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes in Leaky Cauldron. So you can meet him there again.”
And Sara nodded. They continued to talk and talk. Sara had never talked to anyone so much in past few months. She was all quiet and all but today they talked and talked about studies and career, about quidditch and ministry, but never did each of them step into each others past.

It was afternoon when they came out of the apartment smiling and talking when Rosmerta saw them. She was very happy for the first time to see Sara smile.
“so here you are”
“sorry Madam Rosmerta I have kept Sara away from the counter,” said Ginny
“no, no nothing to worry about. Good you both are getting along well”
“I think I should leave now.”
“mum will be waiting for me for lunch” said Ginny
“nice talking to you,” said Sara
“hey by the way why don’t you come to my house? I mean if you want to. It will great to have you there. Madam Rosmerta is it ok if she spends the rest of her vacation in my house?” she asked
“oh no, no, don’t take that pain, Ginny. I will be nothing but an extra burden and I still will be helping Madam Rosmerta,” said Sara
“if you are thinking about work, Sara let me assure you that my mum is one heck of a woman when it comes to domestic work, so I bet there will be loads of work for you as well,” she said with a cheeky grin
“but I am not forcing you. But my invitation is still open,” she said and left the pub.

have a nice day:-)

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here's today's post...

Starting Of New Friendships...

That night Mrs. Weasley after dinner talked to Madam Rosmerta about what Sara thought about the invitation. Ginny had told Molly about it and she was more then happy to have a guest with Gorge, Percy, Bill and Charlie busy with their work and Ron and Harry most of the time at Gorge’s apartment. She would be glad to have another female company along with Ginny and Hermione.
“ah…I don’t know Molly but I will let you know by tomorrow,” said Rosmerta

Next day while both Rosmerta and Sara were busy with the customers Rosmerta asked Sara about the invitation and Sara hesitantly refused it.
“Madam Rosmerta I don’t want to trouble them as I have troubled you,” she said simply
“Sara you need to go out. You have been stuck here for 3 months almost. No doubt you did go to different places in search of your friend but I bet they were not happy places that you visited. Weasley family is the most warm and welcoming family I have ever known. They will take good care of you and if you think I am getting rid of you, then you are wrong. I will never do that. I just want you to be just like other wizards and witches of your age are.”
Sara looked at her for quite sometime. She didn’t know what to do. She quietly worked the entire day. The next day she got up and told Rosmerta that she would go to the Burrow and stay there for rest of the vacation. She had thought long and hard. She found Ginny as a very nice person and it wouldn’t hurt her if she spent sometime with her. It will be a new experience for her altogether.
Rosmerta happy with Sara’s decision informed Molly that Sara would come and Molly invited her the very next day. When Sara was packing she thought once again
“did I decide in a haste?”
“is it a good decision?”
“why do I react so impulsively,” she thought
“Sara, honey, you ready?”
“good,” she said coming in her room and saw that all that Sara owned was small back pack.
“you sure you don’t want anyone to accompany you?”, she asked
“no Madam Rosmerta, I think I have visited St. Ottery Catchpole for a brief time. I know the place and don’t worry I will find their house,” she said reassuringly
“you always want some adventure don’t you?”
And Sara just silently nodded. Sara walked out of the pub looked back and saw Madam Rosmerta standing at the entrance of the place which saved her life and waving her hands. She smiled and waved back hoping to come back soon. But little did she know that destiny had different plans for her.

Sara walked almost to the end of Hogsmeade and apparated from there. She arrived at the outskirts of the St Ottery Catchpole. It was a muggle town. It was just as busy as a typical muggle town would be. Shops and small cafés had opened up for the day. The streets were busy with cars and buses. People were walking about giving her curious glances. She silently walked all across the town and reached the other end of it. She saw two small hills. She looked around carefully then closed her eyes and concentrated on the 1st hilltop. She was sucked in with a familiar feeling of getting compressed in a rubber tube and then the feeling was gone. She opened her eyes and saw that she was at the hill top. She started walking down the hill and saw a uneven road heading towards a almost tumbling house in front of her. it had red roof with 4 to 5 chimneys with a huge fence around it. Sara walked down the road and reached the gate which had a sign board saying ‘Burrow’
Sara opened the gate and walked towards the house. The house had a small garden in the front and a small poultry at the side and a small garage. She looked up at the house hoping to see someone and then she saw a red headed girl and by her side was a brown bushy haired girl standing by the window.
“hey Sara!” called Ginny. She waved and both of them turned away from the window to see her. Molly who was in the kitchen then saw Sara arriving from her window and she quickly wiped the flour from hand and left to call Sara in.
“Sara! How nice to see you”
“nice to see you too Mrs.Weasley”
“good that you have come. Now I will have some extra company of young women,” she said and Sara blushed when she called her a young woman. For her the word woman is a sign of responsibility and maturity while the word girl symbolizes stubbornness, immature behavior, carefree which she thought she was. As they walked Ginny came out closely followed by Hermione.
“hey Sara. Good you have come,” said Ginny
“thanks for inviting me,” said Sara
“oh honestly its nothing,” said Ginny
“this is Hermione, Sara,” Ginny introduced her to Hermione Granger
“nice to meet you Hermione,” said Sara
“nice to meet you too Sara”
“girls why don’t you show her your room,” said Molly, “till then I will fix some breakfast for her” continued Molly but then stopped suddenly to see Ron and Harry eating cookies from the jar.
“Ronald Weasley! How many times have I told you not to touch that jar! You just had your breakfast! What is it in your body, a stomach or a bottomless pit!”
Ron and Harry who were nicely standing and eating at the kitchen counter suddenly stopped eating when they saw Mrs.Weasley standing there in front of them. Harry was about to take a bite and Ron had already put his hand yet again in the jar to get another cookie for himself.
“put that jar down right now!”
Ron did it immediately left the one cookie which he had taken and hurried out of the kitchen. Behind Molly the girls were giggling and Sara looked away from embarassed Ron.
“girls go ahead and I will fix some breakfast for Sara,” said Molly
“oh no Mrs.Weasely that wont be needed. Don’t trouble yourself. I already had my breakfast before leaving Hogsmeade.”
“you sure dear”
“ok then I will go back to preparing lunch and you girls can show her around the house”
“yes mum!” said Ginny with finality and led Sara to their room. Both Ginny and Hermione were walking in front of Sara whispering and giggling about what happened in the kitchen few minutes’ ago. The room was on the third landing. The room was quite like a girl’s room with walls painted in pink and lavender with a two small beds on each side of the room, a study table near the huge window overlooking the orchard behind their house, a bathroom by the side and a dressing table with a huge mirror.
“this is my room or mine and Hermione’s room and now Hermione’s yours and my room,” said Ginny
“Er…Sara actually there is very little space for another bed so is it ok for you to sleep in a camp bed?”
“oh that’s fine, absolutely alright” said Sara without any hesitation and Ginny smiled. They placed her trunk in Ginny’s wardrobe which was now used by Hermione too.
“so Sara, you will be attending Hogwarts?,” asked Hermione sitting on one bed and crossing her legs.
“you excited?”
“I remember the way I was excited when I first got the letter. Being a muggle I had no idea about this world, even whether it existed or not. I thought it was a joke or something but then I took a risk and believed it and went to the Leaky Cauldron and it was only then that I could believe myself,” said Hermione
“which are your favorite subjects?” asked Hermione and patting the place beside her to come and sit.
“favorite subjects, I particularly like DADA and potions, but I am a pretty good at Transfiguration and Charms too” she said as she sat down
“no doubt you will be,” said Ginny sitting on the chair
“which is your boring subject?” asked Ginny
“boring…History of Magic”
“aha…we too find it boring,” said Ginny
“I don’t find it boring but the way Professor Binns used to teach us anyone could be bored”, said Hermione
“yeah, I mean History can be interesting only if we have good teacher for it or if we have particular interest in it,” said Sara
“even we had such a boring professor that I would prefer to sit in the back of the class and study myself,” said Sara
“can I know the names of the professors who will be teaching us?”
“yeah, sure”
“we have Professor Minerva Macgonagall or our headmistress for Transfiguration, Professor Binns for History Of Magic, Professor Sinstra for Astronomy, Professor Horace Slughorn for Potions, Professor Flitwick for Charms, Professor Sprout for Herbology, Professor Trewelney for Divination”
“are you taking Divination?” asked Hermione
“no, I am not”
“you don’t like Divination?” asked Sara
“um…in the beginning in my 3rd year when I took the subject I found it nothing but bluff and the our professor fraud, but now I think I can believe few things about seeing the future and stuff but I don’t like it that much that I would do NEWTs for it,” said Hermione shaking her head
Ginny and Hermione talked and talked about Hogwarts and the professors and quidditch and almost everything and Sara kept on listening to them intently.
It was already afternoon and lunch time when Ron and Harry entered their room
“Ginny, Hermione mum’s calling for lunch”, said Ron and he stopped again looking at Sara and looked away from her. Hermione caught him doing that and raised her eyebrow
“Sara you have met Harry, I presume,” said Ginny walking up to Harry and holding his hand. Harry turned deep red color “and this is my brother Ron. You haven’t seen him, right?”
“nice meet you Ron, nice to meet you again Harry,” she said softly
“nice to meet you too Sara, good and don’t ever call me Mr. Potter again,” reminded Harry. Sara understood and then Ron left immediately which puzzled Sara. She looked at Hermione
“did I say something wrong?” she asked
“wrong? Oh on, its nothing like that Sara, I think its just that he is embarrassed because you saw him when his mum scolded him in the morning and you know he was in his maroon pajamas which he usually detests and since you are new in the house he got embarrassed. ”
“lets go to lunch,” said Ginny pulling Harry along with her which made Hermione roll her eyes and followed them along with Sara to the kitchen.

have a nice day:-)

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here's today's post...

No Hogwarts!

Sara sat quietly and ate her lunch while the Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione talked while they ate.
“Sara dear you alright?” asked Molly
“yes Mrs.Weasley, just listening,” she said and continued eating
“mum,” Ron said slowly
“um…Harry, Hermione and myself have decided not to go back to Hogwarts,” he said slowly and carefully
“Harry, Hermione is this true?”
And they nodded silently
“what has gone wrong with you kids? Harry, you wanted to be an auror didn’t you? How do you expect to become one when you don’t give your NEWTs?”
“Mrs.Weasley, I…”
“Hermione! I didn’t expect you to be backing out! What do you think your parents will say? I know you are an ambitious girl and how do you expect to get a job in Ministry if you don’t attend NEWTs?”
“Mum, calm down, listen to them,” said Ginny
Molly shot daggers at her but sat silently
“Mrs. Weasley,” started off Hermione
“we know that it is impossible to get a job if we don’t do our NEWTs but we didn’t want to go back,” she said softly
“mum, it holds too many memories for us to bear,” said Ron placing his hand on Hermione’s
“Mrs. Weasley that’s why we took up the complementary exam that Professor McGonagall told us about. It was for those people who still studied last year on their own and who didn’t want to waste their extra year. We took the books and talked to our professors and gave the exam,” said Harry
Molly looked at them wide eyed. She was shocked
“the exam took place 2 weeks back. We attended it. All those night outs at Gorge’s apartment was for studying and Hermione hasn’t met her parents again after she brought them back from Australia,” said Harry
“oh my, God,” she said her hands over her mouth
“but why didn’t you tell me about it”
“we wanted to surprise you when our results would come,” said Ron
“but we thought we should tell you before you could sense something is wrong when we wont get our letters from the school,” said Hermione
Molly just sat there quietly.
“oh come on, mum don’t be angry with them and moreover you will be seeing them more often then me,” said Ginny
“I will be stuck in school till Christmas,” she said pouting and Harry just smiled looking at her
“but I have Sara with me, so we both can have fun,” she continued brightening up and Sara nodded.

Afternoon passed by and then came evening. Arthur Weasley arrived just in time for dinner and saw Sara.
“may I get introduced to this pretty young woman?” asked Arthur
“dad, this is Sara Mehra, my friend who will be joining Hogwarts with me”
“Sara, my dad”
“nice to meet you sir”
“nice to meet you Sara” he said with a smile and sat down for the dinner.
At dinner table it was as usual with the Harry and Ron talking to Mr. Weasley while the girls chatted up with Molly. Sara quietly sat and ate and listened to others. After dinner the girls went back to their room when Ron came in to talk to Hermione and she went after him.
“well must have gone off to some snogging session, both off them,” said Ginny rolling her eyes and Sara just gave a small smile and sort of blushed slightly.
“is there anything wrong Sara?”
“then why are you so quiet all this while?”
“Sara if there is anything that you want to tell me, you can. Maybe I can help you out” and Sara just shook her head and got into her camp bed turned and slept. Ginny didn’t understand what’s wrong with Sara. Hermione came after sometime all smiles and Ginny knew what would have happened and they both talked for a while and then slept. Sara on the other hand couldn’t sleep the entire night. She lay awake when rays of sun peeped through the window. She got up before both the girls. She saw a book lying on the study table. It was Guide to advanced Transfiguration. She assumed it to be Hermione’s. She pulled the chair sat and down to read it.

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Daigon Alley... And Return...

A week passed by and all these days Sara hardly talked and only listened to people around her. The girls one day had planned a trip to London for a bit of muggle shopping. Both Ginny and Sara had to by few warm clothes for the winter. After an entire day’s shopping they came back tired and slept as soon as they hit their bed but Sara couldn’t sleep. Her mind kept on going back to her friend, her brother, her father, her people back in her country. She hardly slept at nights and would go and sit on the window sill with her head and back against the wall.
Ginny and Hermione found Sara sitting on the window sill on certain nights and they would find it difficult to go and talk to her because she hardly shared anything that is there in her mind and heart. They had to do something thought Ginny one night when she saw Sara getting up and going to the window and sitting there.

“good morning,” said Hermione, getting up. Sara was already awake and she looked around and saw Hermione getting up her hair askew as she rubbed her eyes. Sara remembered the way she used to laugh at her dorm mate Juan when she used to get up with her hair flying every where. Looking at Hermione she smiled at her and wished her good morning.
The girls were up and about and went down for breakfast.
“Ginny, today we will be going to Daigon alley for you and Sara to purchase your school things,” said Molly
“oh good”
“Hermione you will be coming too?”
“of course”
After they finished their breakfast the girls and Molly left for Diagon Alley. Harry and Ron would accompany them later as they got up when they were about to leave.
They went to the Leaky Cauldron first. Many people followed their gaze and many of them would come and shake Hermione’s hand and she would blush.
As they entered the Diagon Alley the manner continued with people watching Molly, Ginny and Hermione walking on the street.
“um…Mrs.Weasley, I think I should go and check if I have anything in my account in Gringotts because I have brought very few money with me right now,” said Sara
“uh…don’t worry dear I talked to Rosmerta and with Bill’s help I got some money out for you,” she said and took out a bag of coins
“here you go,” said Molly
“thank you Mrs.Weasley”.
They first went to Flourish and Blotts for buying their books, they marched towards Scribbulus for parchments, quills and ink bottles, then they went to Madam Malkin’s for their uniforms.
“Good morning there, young girls,” she said
“hello Madam Malkins,” said Hermione sweetly
Ginny and Sara bought their uniform and school robes. After the robes and books were bought Sara checked her money bag and saw only little money left. She was feeling horrible.
“I have hardly any left,” she thought
“Sara...” said Ginny with concern, “what’s wrong?”
“um…actually um…I was thinking if there is any second handed shop here,” she said slowly
“oh, don’t worry, Sara what else do you need to buy?” asked Hermione
“all of my potion ingredients and scales and cauldron and I…I will be needing a trunk,” her voice small
“ok, you can have mine. I have all of them that you will need this year, just took in the summer for my exams,” said Hermione “and for the trunk you can have my mine…I mean I have an extra one,” added Ginny.
“of course, Sara and they will be of no use for me in the department where I work, at least not now,” she assured but Sara was still feeling miserable.
They then walked by and got some more stationary and by the end of the day they were heading towards Florean Fortescue’s Ice cream Parlor. Each of them ordered for an ice cream and sat down to eat when the guys came up.
“hey there Mione,” said Ron and kissed her hair
“what took you guys ages to come here?” asked Ginny
“we were at WWW,” said Harry
“the shop’s filling up day by day,” said Ron as he and Harry ordered for ice creams
“you guys finished with your shopping?” asked Harry
And they nodded
“where’s mum?” asked Ron
“well she happened to meet Angelina and both of them are at Leaky Cauldron I suppose,” said Ginny
“oh good.”
“hey guess what, we met Cormac Maclaggen outside Quality Quidditch Supplies,” said Harry
Hermione and Ginny raised their eyebrows
“what is he doing here?” asked Hermione
“Mione, this is Diagon Alley. We can meet all sorts of people. When we met Malfoy almost all our past years there is every possibility that we will meet Maclaggen,” said Ginny. Sara looked up at the mention of Malfoy because she read his name under the death eaters list who were captured after the war ended.
“by the way has he given the complementary exam or is he coming back to Hogwarts?” asked Ginny
“yes, neither. He is aspiring to be a quidditch player and is working hard for that,” said Harry
“thank god, at least I will not have to bear his taunting then,” she said
“well even if he attends you will have all the right to put him in detention, isn’t it Head Girl?” said Harry with a smirk
“head girl?” said Sara
Their heads turned towards her
“um…yeah Sara I am the head girl, I am sorry I forgot to tell you,” said Ginny
“oh, don’t worry about that. Congratulations!” said Sara smiling
“so he is going to be a quidditch player,” said Hermione frowning
“he is not going to be Mione, he wants to be and he hasn’t started playing the selection matches yet and I hope and wish that Dean beats the hell out off him and he gets the contract with Puddlemere United rather than that Maclaggen getting it,” said Ron with gritted teeth.
“Dean? Is he for quidditch too?” asked Ginny and Harry nodded
“then Ron I think your wish will be fulfilled,” said Ginny and Harry raised his eyebrows
“what? I know Dean as an awesome Quidditch partner and I am sure he will have more chances than that I-am-the-best-at-everything Maclaggen guy,” said Ginny
“what’s wrong with you Ron? Why are you so angry?” asked Hermione
“no some thing is wrong”
“Maclaggen made a loose comment on you just to infuriate Ron,” said Harry
“loose comment! He down right insulted Hermione and her knowledge about magic,” said Ron
“what did he say Ron?” she asked him soothingly with her hand on his shoulder
“I have heard Hermione is not coming back to Hogwarts, looks like her brain can’t register NEWTs level of information. But you know it is good for her too, she should go back to her muggle world and find some suitable guy from there and settle down, her muggle brains will find it difficult to cope up with such high level of magic” mimicked Ron.
Ginny laughed while Hermione just smiled, “its ok Ron. Don’t worry about his childish comments. I know my capabilities and even if I have to go back to muggle world,” she said and Ron looked at her and went pale, “I will never leave you, I will pull you along with me,” she said with a cheeky grin and with that color returned to Ron’s face and Hermione kissed him.
“ok guys enough of public display of affection,” said Ginny rolling her eyes and Harry just laughed.

As they were heading back to the Burrow Harry asked Ginny, “Ginny what’s wrong with Sara?”
“I dunno Harry, she has been so quiet all this while. She talks only if we ask her something.”
“you think she wants to go back in search of her friend?” asked Harry
“maybe. She isn’t even sleeping at nights. I got up so many nights to see her sitting on the windowsill and looking out of the window" she said in troubled voice.Noticing the trouble in her voice Harry said putting his hand on her shoulder and bringing her closer, “don’t worry Gin. She is new over here. she herself has had very disturbing time last year. I think we should give her some time to come out on her own,”
“yes,” she said and walked along with him to the door.
They were tired that night they quickly went to sleep. Sara for the first time fell asleep but a troubled one. Yet again she saw the night mare which haunted her in the nights at Three Broomsticks. She was turning and tossing in her bed and sweating. Hermione and Ginny who were sleeping too got up to see what’s going wrong. They turned on the lights and saw Sara’s face in sweat and tears.
“Sara! Sara!,” woke Hermione and Ginny with a swish of wand got some water.
“get up Sara, get up”
Sara got up with a start and saw Hermione and Ginny’s face swimming in front of her. She got up and leant against the wall and was breathing heavily
“a nightmare?” asked Hermione concernedly and Sara just nodded silently and gulped. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and face got up and went to the window and the breeze cooled her panicked senses. She took deep breaths and the rest of the two girls watched her with concern.
“Sara, please tell us if you have anything to tell. We will help you if we can. My idea to bring you here is so that you can mingle with new people and for sometime you will be distracted from your past,” said Ginny almost pleading
“Yes Sara the more you will think about the past the more hurt you will be,” said Hermione joining her at the window.
“I am not thinking about my past, but the present about my family and friends,” she thought and tears ran down her cheeks but she just shook her head wiped her tears and said, “its nothing guys, I will take some time to adjust, that’s it. I have been having this nightmare for quite some time. It just doesn’t go away that’s why I am upset.”
“What kind of nightmare?” asked Ginny
“Don’t bother”
“Yes we will bother,” said Hermione strongly. Sara just sighed and went back to her bed and lay down and closed her eyes indicating that she wouldn’t tell anyone about the night mare.

have a nice day:-)...

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hellooo...people here's the next post....

Quidditch And More...

Next day Ginny asked her mother if she could give Sara also some work along with them so that she will be distracted because all these days Molly didn’t give her any work saying that she was a guest. That day Sara along with Ginny and Hermione fed the chickens, helped Molly with lunch and laying the table for lunch. In the afternoon the boys came up with the idea of playing quidditch
“Hey who is up for quidditch?” asked Ron
“Not me,” said Hermione
“Oh come on please Hermione,” he said pleading
“No way Ron I will be happy cheering for you guys from below”
“But we can’t play 2 on 1 Mione,” said Ron
“Who said you will be playing 2 on 1?” said Ginny
“Hey Sara, would you like to join us for a round of quidditch,” asked Ginny and Sara looked up from the book that she was reading sitting on Ginny’s bed
“hm…sure,” she said
“ok then that’s done. Ron and Sara team up and Ginny and me will be together,” said Harry
Ron looked at Harry as if pleading to change the team but Harry didn’t and they went to play quidditch.
“ok since we have only 4 of us we will have only the chaser and the keeper,” said Harry
“yes captain,” said Ginny in a mock tone of a soldier with a salute and Harry smiled.
“ok lets begin,” said Ron nervously and as soon as the whistle blew all 4 of them shot in the air, with Ginny and Sara as the chasers for their respective teams and Harry and Ron as the keepers respectively. Ginny had caught the quaffle first and she was heading towards the Y shaped branch of the tree which was supposed to be the hoop and Ron was guarding it. Sara was behind her and zoomed past her and came to halt to tackle her. Sara knocked the quaffle out of Ginny’s arm and caught it before it fell to the ground and headed towards the Harry. Ginny stunned, recovered quickly and went after Sara. Sara tried to throw the quaffle through the hoop but Harry caught it. He threw it back and before Sara could go for it Ginny knocked her out of the way and caught the quaffle and went straight to Ron. Ron as usual became nervous and missed the quaffle and allowed it to go through the hoop. Ginny cheered loudly and with her hands up in the air and Sara looked dismay.

Hermione who was watching the game closely and noticed that Sara had loosened up. She was fighting back and giving Ginny and Harry a tough time. “This might be good for her. It is distracting her up out of her past thoughts”, thought Hermione with a smile as she saw Sara score a goal for her team.
“yuhuu,” cried Ron with his hands up in the air and Sara smiled momentarily and went back behind Ginny in whose possession was the quaffle. The game continued on and on. The score was 90-80. It was evening already. Both the teams were playing neck to neck. Harry had put up 100 points as the target to win the match as there was no seeker to catch the snitch and end the game. Sara had tactfully knocked out the quaffle from her opponent and was heading towards the keeper when Ginny came by and snatched the quaffle from the air before it could go through the hoop. She raced towards Ron. Ron concentrated hard on Ginny’s movements and when he thought he got her movement and jumped to stop the quaffle Ginny deceived him and went through the other direction and scored the goal. Sara was just behind her and missed the quaffle.
“100-80”, shouted Hermione and Ginny punched her fist in air and raced towards Harry and hugged him.
Sara went towards Ron who was not in a good mood. He saw her coming up to him, “sorry, messed up a bit,” he said
“Nothing to worry about, we were in good shape though,” said Sara patting him lightly.
“80-100, not bad at all,” she said and Ron nodded and they both went towards Harry and Ginny.
“Well done mate,” said Ron shaking his hand
“You guys were fantastic too,” said Harry
“nah…got in to one of those low confidence moods in between,” said Ron
“oh come on Ron you were marvelous,” said Hermione and kissed him on his cheek and he smiled
“Hermione! You are spoiling my brother! Now I understand why he talks like that some times, it’s just to get your attention,” said Ginny in mock Mrs.Weasley’s voice
“you attention seeker,” she said and punched him on his arm and they all laughed and Sara smiled.
“good game Sara,” said Ginny
“same to you,” she said
“you seemed to have stunned her in the beginning when you knocked the quaffle out of her hands,” said Hermione and Ginny nodded
“well done,” said Harry and put his hand forward for a handshake and Sara took it and gave a firm handshake. Harry looked at her and saw something, something that he used to find in all his opponent captains, sportsmanship and stability and firm hand grip while shaking hands.
“were you in your school quidditch team,” he asked her as they left their hands
“were you a captain?”
She looked at him and said, “yes”
“how did you know she is a captain?” whispered Ron
“I didn’t know, had a hunch,” he said looking at him and shrugged.
“good, Sara you will be trying out this year for Gryffindor, for sure,” said Ginny
“I don’t know Ginny,” said Sara
“what do you mean, I don’t know. No ways, you are trying out and doing well in it and getting in the team,” said Ginny with finality and Sara just shook her head. All of them went back and freshened up as Molly had already prepared the dinner.
At dinner the 4 of them talked animatedly about their quidditch match to Mr. Weasley just like as if they were kids and Molly couldn’t help but smile at them and their enthusiasm that stems out off them when they talk about quidditch. After the dinner all 7 of them were sitting in the living room and having tea. Mr. Weasley was on the arm chair while Mrs. Weasley on the couch beside him. Ron and Hermione were sitting next to each other on another couch facing the fire place while Harry, Ginny and Sara sat on the ground, sipping their tea.
“so girls, packed your stuff?” asked Arthur
“no dad, we’ll do it tomorrow, we still have 4 days for September 1st,” said Ginny
“so Sara, how did you find Diagon Alley?” he asked
“oh it is beautiful, sir” she said
“good. What does your father do, Sara?” he asked
“he is a muggle sir. He is an engineer. He is heading a power plant”
“a power plant? What is that?” he asked
“um…yes Mr.Weasley. It is an industry that generates electricity and distributes it to a particular place”, she said looking at Ginny and Hermione as she remembered they telling her that Mr. Weasley loved to know about muggle things especially anything related to electricity.
“oh, that’s interesting,” he said
“have you ever visited his work place?” he asked
“um…no sir…actually I was very young when my parents split, so I have never had a chance to visit his workplace. If he would have been with us maybe I would have seen it, perhaps,” she spoke hesitantly.
All of them looked at her. She never told them anything about her parents or her life.
“oh I am sorry,” said Arthur
“oh don’t be, Mr.Weasley, though he left because of certain differences with mum he always was there for us.”
“my brother and me,” she said
“how old is your brother?”
“Karan turned 14 this June,” she said slowly
“he goes to a magical school?”
“yes, Mr.Weasley”

As the girls went back to their room the boys followed them. Harry and Ginny sat on Ginny’s bed and Ron on Hermione’s bed with Hermione snuggling up to him. Sara was walking towards her bed when Hermione called her to sit with them. Sara sat on the other corner of the bed with her back against the wooden pole of the four poster.
“so you enjoyed playing quidditch?” asked Harry to start a conversation and include Sara in it
“oh yeah, it was great. Felt like I was playing for my team again”, she said
“so you guys will be working and all this year, right?” she asked
“um…no actually only Ron and Hermione will be working, I will still be under training, so its Ginny, you and me all of us will still be sort of studying,” said Harry and Sara nodded.
“by the way who is the head boy this year?” asked Harry looking at Ginny who was sitting beside him.
“no idea,” said Ginny
“just hope that he is not a Slytherin,” said Harry
“oh come on, Harry,” said Ginny
“honestly Gin I don’t like this altogether different dormitory for the Head boy and Head girl,” he said
“Harry, I am big enough to take care of myself,” Ginny said
“I know, but I don’t trust any Slytherin,” said Harry
Ginny looked at Hermione and they both just shook their heads.
“what?” said Ron
“Mione even you think its ok to be along with a Slytherin in a same common room,” he asked
“Ron…don’t start…please,” whined Hermione
“sorry Sara, I know you are feeling left out,” said Ginny
“obviously not, well I have seen many seniors of mine who have had their boy friend or girlfriend in altogether different common room for the head boy and head girl with almost most unwanted people. I am used to listening to this,” she said as a matter of fact.
“ok Sara, you tell us, is it fine to have a head boy from Slytherin house?,” asked Hermione
“you know Slytherins?” asked Ron
“yes, finished reading Hogwarts A History just today,” said Sara and Ron rolled his eyes and Sara continued to watch him do .Ron turned red again. She then faced Harry and Ginny.
“all I can say is that Ginny be on your guard,” said Sara
“a very diplomatic answer there Sara,” said Hermione with a smile and Sara said, “well really, Hermione there is no point in arguing on such matters,”
“Ginny, if Harry asks you to talk to Professor McGonagall and go back and stay in the Gryffindor dorm and common room, will you?” she asked turning towards her.
“no, I wont, that would be ridiculous,” said Ginny and Harry looked at Ginny surprised.
“see,” she said looking back at Hermione
“all you can do is keep your distance and be on your guard, that’s the best thing I can say,” said Sara
“alright, fine but Gin you are letting Sara or Luna know if there is something wrong and you guys can let Professor McGonagall know, later,” said Harry
“Harry, I will take care,” she said and hugged him and he kissed her hair. Sara just shook her head and smiled.
Sara got on to reading Jinxes for the Jinxed book that she had started before the boys came up with the idea of quidditch while the rest 4 chatted for quite sometime. It was already 12 and Ron got up stretched
“I am going to bed guys,” he said and kissed Hermione good night
“ ‘night, Ginny, ‘night Sara” he said after a bit of hesitation.
“Good night Ron,” chorused both of them
“coming Harry?”
“yeah. Good night Gin” he whispered in her ears and kissed her which well…, lasted for quite sometime.
“Harry when you are done come back to the room,” said Ron rolling his eyes and left. Hermione was giggling and Sara blushed.
“ ‘night Hermione, good night Sara,”
“Good night Harry,” said both of them
When the boys left the girls chatted as they were getting ready for bed.

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An Information Slipped...

The last few days passed by quickly and it was already the last day of their vacation. The next day both Ginny and Sara will be taking Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts. Ginny was busy collecting laundry from wash and folding them while Sara was setting up the trunk which Ginny lent her.
“Busy packing,” said Harry and came from behind and hugged Ginny.
“any help Sara?” asked Hermione
“oh no, I am doing fine, thanks,” said Sara
“you packed all the ingredients and scales and everything, Sara?” asked Hermione
“yeah I just did them. thanks so much. They are as good as new. You are very careful with your things,” she said. And Hermione just smiled.
“Sara where will you keep your books?” asked Ginny turning towards Sara.
Sara looked up from the trunk and looked at Ginny
“Don’t worry,” she said and brought out a small tiny palm sized satchel which was lying in the corner of her back pack. She found it when she was clearing it. She was surprised to see it.
“you will use that!” said Ron incredulously and Sara nodded.
“ENGROCIO,” she said and did a complex hand movement and the rest of them saw the bag enlarge itself and came to a halt at its normal size. Ron just looked at Sara while Hermione had a triumphant smile on her face which Sara obligingly returned while Ginny and Harry were nodding appreciatively.
“Mione did you do something like that to reduce your purse size and increase its volume during our expedition for Horcruxes,” said Ron
The other three went pale. Harry had decided not to tell anyone except the Order about the Horcruxes after the war. Many people wanted to learn how Harry defeated Voldemort but he refused to divulge any details about Horcruxes, because it would be too much for the people to cope up with. He had decided to divulge in details when every thing would go back to normal and people will calmly think about it and digest it. But Ron seemed to have slipped out the information in front of Sara. Ron can sometime be certainly stupid.
“Horcrux?” said Sara disbelievingly.
“um…nothing, Sara and Ron this was not the charm I performed. It was something different then this,” said Hermione changing the topic and shooting daggers at Ron. Ron who realized his mistake turned red.
“Hermione, Voldemort made horcruxes?” asked Sara in the same tone
“Sara, why do you want to know?” said Ginny
“Ginny, it is every wizard and witch’s right to know how Harry defeated Voldemort,” said Sara
“but why do you care? Voldemort is gone. Why does anybody want to know,” said Ron in a bit of harsh tone just to cover up his nervousness.
“why do I care?” argued Sara talking in the same tone as Ron but she was cut off .
“ok, ok guys calm down,” said Hermione coming in between Ron and Sara
“Sara do you know about Horcruxes?” said Harry seriously.
“Harry, no you promised the Order not to tell anyone about it,” said Hermione
“yes I know what they are and if you have promised someone then don’t tell me,” said Sara, “but I just want to know how many of them were there?” she asked and the four of them felt uneasy again
“seven,” said Ginny
“magical number,” murmured Sara and Hermione nodded. Sara went pale, she sat down immediately on Hermione’s bed in a shock.
“Sara you alright?” asked Ginny and she just nodded. She got up once again and went back to packing and without another question. They saw her working through her things and were hoping if she hadn’t taken it too seriously and hoped if the shock wore out.

That night as they were having their dinner Molly asked “Hermione, when is your result coming out?”
“um…they should be out this coming week Mrs.Weasley. They scheduled to arrive in the first week of September,” said Hermione
“you guys are letting us know when your results have arrived,” said Ginny
“yup we will,” said Harry. As they all finished with dinner they helped Mrs.Weasley with the dishes and then left for the rooms. The last night the youngsters spent together. The boys were up till 2 in the morning with Ginny, Hermione and Sara. At 2:15 the girls went to sleep.

have a nice day...i'll post tomorrow...Ginny and Sara will be heading to hogwarts...:-)

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NOTE: hello's today's post...we will have couple of new characters one will be Derek Bell(Katie Bell's brother) and Fiona Boham(note: both these characters are new...they were not mentioned anywhere in the books),Wayne Hopkins(i think he was mentioned somewhere...) so here it is...

Hogwarts Here They Come!

On September 1st the girls were waken up by Hermione, “Ginny, wake up, your mum says breakfast’s ready,”
“Sara, girl you are getting late,” she said shaking Sara and she woke with a start
“Hermione don’t wake me up like that”, said Sara rubbing her eyes
“Honestly wake up both of you. Its already 8!”
“oh dear, we are dead,” said Ginny getting up and hurried towards the bathroom while Sara set her camp bed aside folded neatly and took her clothes for the journey out and put her trunk and bag ready near the foot of Ginny’s bed along with her luggage. The girls got dressed within an hour and they hurried down for the breakfast and had to deal with Molly’s anger.
“Ginerva Weasley and Sara Mehra what do you think you are doing getting up so late! Do you want to miss your train! Ginny you have turned out to be worst than Ron!”
“mum calm down,” said Ron who was enjoying the scene seeing his sister get scolding instead of him. Ginny shot daggers at him when he chuckled while Sara softly muttered her apology and began gulping down her breakfast.
They heard a distant sound of an engine.
“Your dad’s ready Ginny, fast, hurry up,” told Molly
Sara and Ginny quickly got their luggage out of the house with help of LOCOMOTRUNK spell.
As they set their luggage in the boot of the car they got in the car. Everyone of them were coming to see the girls off.
They reached the Kings Cross station by 10:15. Sara was in awe with the Gothic façade of the building. They hurried towards the platform 9 and three quarters.
“ok Ginny you and Harry lead the way,” said Mr.Weasley and they immediately went through the barrier between 9 and 10 platforms. Hermione and Ron followed them whereas Molly took Sara along with her. Sara was amazed by the entrance. As soon as she entered platform 9 and three quarters she saw a thick crowd of black cloaks swishing around here and there. This reminded her of the station Victoria Terminus in Bombay where every year she saw dark grey cloaked people covering the entire platform. It too had a typical Victorian façade.
“Sara come on,” said Ginny and Sara pushed her trolley towards the big steaming red Hogwarts Express. They got on to the train and put their luggage in the luggage carrier at the end of the compartment and got down to meet the Weasley family again.
“ok Sara and Ginny, all set?” asked her dad
“yes dad,” she said and hugged him, “good. Take care of yourself,” he said as he hugged her and kissed her forehead.
“bye mum,”
“bye Ginny,” she hugged her with bone crushing energy as usual
“mum let her breathe,” said Ron
Meanwhile Sara talked to Mr. Weasley while Ginny was wishing everyone goodbye
“ok then Sara, nice meeting you,” said Ron as she went to talk to Hermione and Ron
“nice meeting you too Ron”. Ron seemed to have come out of his embarrassment about the cookie jar and maroon pajama incident and was almost normally behaving with Sara.
“Sara, Ginny and you keep in touch through owl post,” said Hermione
“we will”
“oh dear… Ginny and Harry will you guys stop your public display of affection,” said Ron
“oh yeah, what about you and Hermione in Florean Fortescue’s Ice cream Parlor?” said Ginny
“Ginny well you see we didn’t have cameras facing us then,” said Hermione hesitantly and Mr. Weasley got infuriated and Ginny and Harry were stunned as they turned back and camera was right on to their faces.
“what the hell do you think are you doing!” barked Arthur , “give that to me now” but the photographer ran away
“oh dear,” said Harry
“Ginny and Harry be careful next time,” hissed Arthur
“sorry Mr. Weasley, sorry dad,” said Ginny and Harry. Molly was shocked and she couldn’t react.
“oh dear my children’s lives have become a public display,” thought Molly
Ron glared at Harry and he just looked away while Hermione nudged Ron to stop looking at Harry like that.
“ok girls better get on the train, it will leave soon,” said Arthur Weasley still in an angry voice.
“ok bye Harry, nice to meet you,” said Sara
“nice to meet you too and I hope you try out for quidditch,” said Harry
“and we hope you get in to Gryffindor,” said Ron
“Ron…” said Hermione exasperatedly while Sara just laughed. The whistle blew and the steam puffed out off the chimney, Sara and Ginny got on to the train as it started to move and waved back to the Weasley family, Hermione and Harry.
“hey Sara why don’t you take a compartment while I head towards the prefect compartment,” said Ginny
“um…sure,” said Sara. Sara found an empty compartment and got herself settled near the window. She began to read the book Jinxes for the Jinxed. It was already an hour up when Ginny entered the compartment followed by a long blonde haired, dreamy eyed, radish ear rings girl with Quibbler in her hands.
“hey,” said Sara
“hey there Sara,” said Ginny
“how was your first briefing to the prefects?” asked Sara
“great. Sara this is my best friend Luna Lovegood,” said Ginny
“oh hi, Luna,” said Sara
“Luna, our new companion and new student for 7th year, Sara Mehra,” said Ginny
“hello Sara,” she said with a dreamy voice
“Luna is prefect for her house, the Ravenclaw,” said Ginny as she sat down
Ginny and Luna chatted continuously while Sara listened to them and was nothing but bemused at Luna’s eccentric ideas and so called facts about magical creatures and plants. Ginny realized that Sara was not able to control her bemusement about Luna and her talk and all she could do was smile. During the afternoon the trolley came in and the girls took something to eat when Sara asked Ginny, “Ginny by the way who the head boy is this year?”
“Ralph Yaxely a Slytherin,” said Ginny
Sara snapped her head up at listening to Yaxely’s name.
“Yaxley! He is a death eater,” said Sara
“yeah, his dad is but right now he is in Azkaban,” said Luna
“Ginny you better be careful,” said Sara and Ginny nodded as she managed to pop a chocolate frog in her mouth. Just then the door opened and Ginny found her class mates and her friends standing in front of her.

“Derek,” called Ginny
“hey there head girl,” said Derek with a cheeky grin and turned his head towards the other window and saw Sara and was stunned.
“hey Ginny, hey Luna”, said another Blonde headed girl
“hey Fiona,” said Luna
“Sara, this is Derek Bell and this is Fiona Bonham,” said Ginny, “they are my classmates”
“nice meeting you Derek, Fiona,” said Sara and Derek just snapped out of his shocked state.
“guys she is a new student Sara. She will be studying with us,” said Ginny looking at Derek’s shocked expression. She giggled silently as she knew Derek very well. He somehow always had a crush at every new girl he saw but mostly the blondes as he had a soft corner for them but Ginny was surprised to see Derek staring at a raven headed girl.
“oh hi Sara, um…nice name,” said Derek and sat beside Ginny and she looked at him with a raised eyebrow while Sara behaved as if she didn’t hear anything.
“so Ginny how’s your head girl duties going on?” asked Fiona
“oh they were just good”
“is Yax…” started off Derek but he was cut off
“yes Derek Yaxely is the head boy,” said Ginny in an exasperated tone.
“what is with these people for Slytherin heads, I don’t understand,” she thought thoroughly irritated.
“Ginny that means you and” started Fiona but she was cut off again
“yes Fiona, Yaxely and I have to share a stupid common room,” in the same exasperated tone
“what is with you guys for Slytherin as heads, I don’t understand?” she said it aloud this time
“what is with Slytherin as head?” said Fiona shocked, “no there is nothing with them being heads but there is a lot more with sharing a same common room with them,” said Fiona in a disgusted voice.
“guys I will just be sharing a common room and not my room!”
“Ginny you alright even with sharing a common room with a death eater’s son?” asked Derek
“Rek…do you think I can do anything about that?”
“yes, you can. Talk to Headmistress about that,” said Fiona
“I am not going to do that,” said Ginny
“guys hold up,” said Luna
“what!” snapped Fiona. Fiona wasn’t too fond of Luna as rest of her school. It was because of Ginny that she sometimes put up with Luna.
“Ginny what does Harry say,” said Luna serenely.
“Harry was a bit paranoid even about thinking of me sharing a common room with a Slytherin but he is fine with it now,” said Ginny
“Fine with it? did he know then that Yaxely is the head boy,” said Derek
“no he doesn’t,” said Ginny
“so he was already paranoid when he thought about it. What do you think will his reaction be now, now that you know that a Slytherin is a head boy and more over it is Yaxely!”
“guys you are over reacting,” said Ginny. Sara on the other hand was just quietly listening to this entire Slytherin as a head boy discussion.
“guys stop it,” said Ginny when Fiona started it again and Sara went back to reading her book.
“hey Ginny why isn’t Ron here?” asked Luna just to change the topic and Ginny knowingly smiled at her and thanked her with her smile.
“well…Ron, Harry and Mione are not returning back. They have given their complementary exam,” said Ginny
“oh,” said Derek, “no doubt Demelza is the captain with you being the head girl,” he continued and Ginny nodded
“and what about others? I mean Lavender, the Patils, Dean and Seamus?” asked Derek casually but Ginny saw Derek go red when he asked about Lavender. Derek was head over heels for Lavender but he was very upset when she used to hang out with Ron 2 years ago.
“Lavender wants to be a reporter for the Witch weekly magazine,” said Fiona
“how do you know that?” asked Derek
“I am her neighbor,” she said casually
“Neighbor? Why didn’t you tell me that before?”
“Why? what would you have done? Would have stayed at my house in the summers to get to talk to her?” said Fiona icily.
“I have no idea about Lavender but yes, Dean, the Patils and Seamus all of them have given the complementary exam and Dean is working out for joining Puddlemere United during this quidditch selection season,” said Ginny
“wow, he should get it,” said Derek
“shouldn’t he?” said Ginny
“why will he not?” said Derek
“Maclaggen,” hissed Ginny
“Cormac!” shrieked Fiona and all 4 of them looked at her in surprise.
“Cormac, is he trying out for United as well?” asked Fiona suddenly all interested in quidditch. Fiona was one person who never liked quidditch. It was too fast, too aggressive and too loud for her. She most of the time would end up in the common room when almost the entire school would be out and cheering their houses to win the matches.
“yes, he is,” said Ginny slightly suspicious and she looked at Luna who was looking bemused herself for the first time.
“oh how I wish he gets the spot he wants. He is such a good player,” said Fiona in a sickly sweet and dreamy voice that Derek flinched.
“Ew Fiona just because you have a huge crush on him and you wish that he gets the spot doesn’t make him capable of getting a spot in the United’s ,” said Derek
“Crush!” said Ginny, “Fiona. You. Have. A. Crush. On. Cormac Maclaggen. When did you even come to watch those matches 2 years ago?”, said Ginny
“No Ginny. Derek is just,” waved off Fiona
“Derek is what? Jealous!” hissed Derek
“why would I say jealous?” asked Fiona incredulously
“oh puhlese”
“…I meant nothing Derek Bell,” she said angrily
Sara who was reading her Jinxes for the Jinxed when this entire discussion was taking place slowly looked up at the two 17 year old who were bickering with each other. Ginny looked at Sara and she gave an apologetic smile to her as her friends were again acting as if they were some 9 year olds.
“hey Ginny,” called a voice from the door that just opened. There was a over grown brown haired, tall gangly looking boy standing at the door frame and panting slightly
“Wayne,” said Ginny with a concerned voice, “what’s it?”
“6th year… Gryffindors… and Slytherins…Ralph…” he said still panting and Ginny rushed out of the door muttering “Yaxely!” furiously and followed by Luna immediately pulling Wayne along with her and not letting him complete.
“what happened?” asked Sara
“no idea,” said Fiona
“who was that guy?”
“He is Wayne Hopkins Hufflepuff prefect,” said Derek.
“Hey I think Hogwarts will be coming soon,” he said shifting to where Ginny sat and peeped through the window.
“Why not we change,” he said
“Yeah Sara, why don’t you change in here I will go back to my compartment and get changed and come back so that we can get down together,” said Fiona
“um…sure,” said Sara. Fiona and Derek left to change while Sara got up took her school robes and got changed and got back to reading her book. It was after half an hour that the train began to slow down. Sara looked out of the window and saw the castle far away on the peak of a mountain with lights and torches decorating its structure. She could see nothing but dark expanse ahead and beyond it but she knew that there was a forest in there some where. She immediately loved the castle. She thought of Madam Rosmerta on how adamant she was to make Sara go to Hogwarts and how she said Sara would like.
“I truly am in debt to you Madam Rosmerta,” thought Sara and just then Fiona and Derek appeared at the door.
“hey lets go Hogsmeade’s here,” said Derek and Fiona raised her eye brow and muttered “flirt” as Sara got up grabbed her school bag and exited the compartment.
“where’s Ginny and Luna?” asked Sara to Fiona
“oh they are trying to sort out few things with the head boy and others who got into a brawl outside some compartment,” said Fiona
“oh,” said Sara
“she has told you to go on with us and wait for them in the coach,” said Derek and Sara just nodded.
They got down the steaming train onto a wet platform of Hogsmeade. It had just rained and the atmosphere was breezy and damp. This reminded her of her own school which was situated on a slightly higher altitude where it was always cold and breezy but not cold enough to snow. She thought about her friends and her brother, “Karan must have gone back to school. He must be sleeping now,” she looked at her watch. It showed 7 in the evening, “he must be sleeping now. It must be midnight now back in school”
“hey Sara,” called Derek “come on quick or else we will be the last to reach the castle and you still have your sorting,”
“oh dear,” said Sara and quickened her pace and got into the coach.
“hey what were you thinking,” asked Derek and Sara opened her mouth to answer but fortunately Fiona helped her, “why are you bugging her so much Rek?” and Derek went red again and Sara just gave a small apologetic smile to Derek and turned away. Ginny and Luna hopped just before the coach could leave.
“hey guys,” said Ginny hopping in the coach
“problem solved?” asked Fiona
“yeah,” sighed Luna
“the Slytherins are just such bunch off,” trailed Ginny thoroughly angry
“what happened?” asked Sara
“nothing these Slytherins got into an argument with Gryffindors which well didn’t look like argument but looked like a duel and Yaxely was siding with his house gits,” hissed Ginny
“what was the argument about?”
“nothing long gone and dead Voldemort and dark arts,” said Luna in here small serene voice as if it is most peaceful topic to talk about while the others just shook their head and Sara was amused at Luna’s way of talking.
“hey Sara I just happened to meet Hagrid and he has asked you stay outside the Hall as you have to go in with the first years for sorting,” said Ginny and Sara nodded. The rest of the journey towards the castle was quiet. Sara looked out and saw the black expanse which had small specks of burning torches decorating below the coach as it flew over the lake. “that must Hagrid taking the first years from the lake,” thought Sara as she remembered Hermione telling her about her first visit to Hogwarts in a boat. Soon they reached the castle and got down near the castle door. It was huge like that of typical English king’s castle wooden door. The kids were going through the door and it was pretty much crowded.
“hey where are you going?” asked Luna
“nothing just staying back till the rest of them go. Anyway I am supposed to wait for the first years and come with them,” said Sara
“don’t worry I have habit of walking through crowded places, you guys go ahead see you in the Great Hall,” said Sara looking at Ginny and slowed her pace. After the crowd thinned Sara entered the door and waited in the corridor for Hagrid to come. After 5 minutes Hagrid along with nervous looking students followed him. it was written on their faces the nervousness, the anxiousness, the excitement everything, everything was sketched on their faces as if they were open books to read. She caught a brown headed girl’s eye and gave a smile but and the girl nervously smiled at her and whispered in her friend’s ear and the raven headed friend looked up at Sara and gave a dazzling confident smile.
“confidence,” thought Sara and smiled to herself when she heard her name being called. She looked up and saw Hagrid come towards her with his wide grin.
“hey there, Sara, howz the ride to Hogwarts?”
“great,” she said with a smile, “how’s…” she started off but was cut off
“Rosmerta?” completed Hagrid for her and she nodded, “she is doing just great. She is missing you too. she was just hoping if you are getting around with people or not,” said Hagrid and Sara just shook her head, “when will she stop worrying about me,” thought Sara
“when you meet her Hagrid tell her that I am doing fine and please tell her not to worry,” said Sara and Hagrid nodded.
“come on lets go in”
“ok firs’ ‘ears here we go,” he said with his booming voice as the doors to the Great Hall opened and Sara walked along with Hagrid and the first years behind them
“I think the first years think I am a prefect or something,” said Sara
“yeah I heard few of them say that,” said Hagrid with a chuckle and cleared his throat. Sara looked around the brightly lit Hall with the school flag hanging behind the staff table and all the tables arranged according to the houses. She searched for Ginny’s house and found her sitting right in the beginning corner of the far left of the room. Ginny nodded at her and Sara nodded back as they came to halt in front of the staff and waited for the headmistress Professor McGonagall to start.
“good evening students. Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” she said in a clear authoritative voice.
“we at Hogwarts are very happy to welcome you back this year to continue with our goal of teaching young witches and wizards about our little world. Hogwarts has witnessed a great deal of changes that took place in our little world which has affected the wizarding kind all over but still we stand to this date as proud as ever and as willing to help people as ever because we truly believe in what our dear old Albus Dumbledore once said, ‘you will find that help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it’ so all I just want to say for now is that now we are back to the beginning but no one should forget the feelings that we have gone through in these past few years and should continue to stay united and help each other as much as we can.” She drew a deep breath and talked again, “with much further ado let the sorting begin”

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the second part for the day's post...

Where Does She Belong???

A dwarf for a professor came up with 2 stools and a ragged hat on one of them hovering behind them. He placed stool with the hat on it in the middle of the stage and climbed on to other which sent quite a few ripples of giggling and laughter through the Hall. The professor cleared his throat and spoke, “we will begin with the sorting. Like every year we sort the first year students in any one of the four houses here in Hogwarts. However this time we have a foreign student to be sorted out first who will be taking NEWTs with us this year. So Miss Sara Mehra will you come here please,” The students from the tables looked at her.
Sara looked at Hagrid who gave a nod and she drew her breath. She was still thinking about the headmistress’ speech and she hardly saw when the dwarf professor came in and called out her name. She squared her shoulders and walked straight towards the stage and climbed the stairs and reached the stool where the sorting hat was lying. She looked at McGonagall and gave a slight nod as Professor Flitwick bent to take the hat off the stool so that Sara could sit on it. As soon as she sat Flitwick placed the hat. And the hat spoke:

Your heart of gold,
Your nature so bold,
You have seen so much when you were seventeen years old,
Fear doesn’t rein your heart,
So Gryffindor welcomes you when Hogwarts starts”

As soon as Gryffindor’s name was spoken the table in far corner on the left of the Hall burst into loud and buoyant clapping. Sara got up slightly shaken, “how did this hat know what she has gone through the past year,” she thought as she watched the hat being taken from her head. She shook her head gave a small nod and a smile to Professor Flitwick and McGonagall and got down and walked towards the Gryffindor table and the claps somehow intensified as she reached the table. Derek scooted a side to let her sit and for once she gave in and sat beside him rolling her eyes which made Fiona scowl at Derek but she heartily congratulated Sara. Ginny who was at the beginning of the table bent back to see Sara as she sat beside Derek and she gave thumbs up which Sara accepted with a smile. She felt like she was first year once again and remembered about the first time she got on to the stage in her old school to get sorted

The names went on and then Beig Ali, this guy stepped up stumbling a bit but then he was alright ‘RED HOUSE” shouted the hat and the far left table burst into claps. Ali got down and then left to join the table. Then came after sometime Mehra Sara, Sara went on to the dais before turning her back to the principal to sit on the stool she looked at him and then nodded and sat down. The headmaster looked at her for a while and then smiled as if he remembered something and shook his head. “RED HOUSE” shouted the hat again there was loud clapping this time louder then the last time. She got up slowly and walked towards the table.
In the beginning of the table there was the red house flag. The flag was red in color with a golden eagle on it. She had noticed that every table had a flag. She went and sat beside Ali. He smiled at her shyly and nodded his head.

You are so witty,
You like dressing up glitzy,
Power of knowledge holds you in awe,
So go ahead and become a member of Ravenclaw.

With that the 3rd table from left busted into loud claps as they welcomed their first year student. The sorting went on and on till the last one was sorted in Slytherin. After the sorting was over Professor Flitwick took the stools and the hat away while the headmistress came ahead once again and said, “let the feast begin!”

Soon the plates in front of them filled with scrumptious dinner and the students hungrily dug in. Ginny immediately landed on the seat next to Fiona facing Sara as the dinner plopped on their table.
“so Sara you are Gryffindor. I must say Ron will be very pleased,” said Ginny and Sara nodded as she served herself some roasted tomatoes and boiled potatoes.
“hey there head girl,” called a voice from Fiona’s other side
“hey there captain!” said Ginny, “congrats,” she said
“yeah thanks,”
“so how’s your mother feeling now?” asked Ginny
“oh she is taking a lot of time to pull herself up again after dad passed away,” said Demelza.
“but I think she will move on,” she said, “anyways how’s Ron?”
“we feel really bad for Fred. It must have been difficult for Gorge and Ron was sort off,” she trailed off
“Ron’s doing well Demelza and so is Gorge, Ron will soon be helping Gorge at WWW” assured Ginny.
“that’s great!” piped in Jimmy who was sitting beside Derek all this while he listened to Ginny. Ginny continued to tell what Harry and Hermione have planned to do.
“oh yeah Demelza when is quidditch try outs taking place?” asked Ginny
“soon I was thinking of this coming Saturday, what say?”
“oh that will be great,” said Ginny
“Sara you are going to take part,” said Ginny
“sorry?” asked Sara as she was hardly listening to Ginny and busy quietly eating her dinner. Demelza, Jimmy, Fiona and Derek looked at Sara immediately.
Demelza and Jimmy who hadn’t noticed her till now looked at her and gave a small smile and Sara returned back.
“um…Ginny I am not sure. Actually I need to talk to headmistress about some work and I think I won’t be able to make it for quidditch,” said Sara apologetically
“I don’t know. I am not going to let you waste your talent like that,” said Ginny and Sara just shook her head and continued eating. After the dinner was over Ginny left along with Jimmy Peaks who was the Gryffindor prefect to help the first years.
“Sara you go ahead with Fiona and Derek I will come to the Gryffindor tower before going back to my common room” at which Fiona and Derek looked at Ginny incredulously
“yeah sure,” said Sara

that's for today...have a nice day:-)

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hey here is today's post....

Yeah...This Is Where She Belongs...

Sara, Fiona and Derek followed the other students and walked towards the staircase for north tower which is where the Gryffindors stay. As they were heading towards the tower few guys passed by and turned around to look at the three of them and give a quick smile and walked away hurriedly. Sara didn’t seem to notice this and continued to walk. They reached the Gryffindor portrait door and Fiona called, “Gnome” and the fat lady swung open the door for them. Sara walked in to see the common room of the Gryffindor which was covered with red and gold in various beautiful ways. The carpets and curtains were in rich red and gold color but nothing looked gaudy. The circular room had a fireplace at one side and windows were placed at many places to get a perfect view of the landscape out side. The couches and cushioned armchairs were in red and brown. The happy fire crackling in the fire place made Sara think how this room must have bared the presence of death eaters spoiling the aura and grandeur of Gryffindors.
“do you…” asked Derek
“this is beautiful,” said Sara cutting him off
“of course this is beautiful,” said Fiona
“I wonder how our dorms will be,” said Sara aloud.
“you want to see it immediately or shall we wait for Ginny,” said Fiona
“um…ok I will wait,” said Sara . she walked all over the common room taking in every minute detail of it. she walked towards the fire place where the photos of the past years quidditch match winning photographs were framed in gold. She walked towards the window and looked out of it to see a clear sky with no moon. The atmosphere was damp and cool. The breeze left Sara’s hair ruffling. She turned and stifled a yawn.
“I think we should better go to the dorms. You are sleepy,” said Fiona and Sara nodded.
“come on lets go, Derek can stay back to tell Ginny that we have gone to sleep,” she continued
“oh no its alright, I think Derek will be sleepy too. Ginny will understand if none of them are around and she won’t feel bad,” said Sara and added, “I hope so” and Fiona shook her head and smiled and pulled Sara along with her to the dorms.

The girls entered the dorm. It was circular dorm with red and gold curtains to the windows and red carpet. It had teak wood cabinets on one corner of the room for each person. Five, four poster beds were placed in a circle. The room was lit with burning torches which gave a much more authentic and warm look.
“wow,” breathed Sara, “this is beautiful. It reminds me of my,” she trailed off
“reminds you of your own school?” interjected Fiona and Sara just nodded.
“here, I think this is your bed,” she said where Sara’s trunk and school bag was at the foot of the bed. The beds were all tucked in white Lenin with red warm quilts. Fiona stifled a yawn and both the girls got off to change into their pajamas and slept. For the first time Sara didn’t have trouble sleeping. She slept as soon as she hit the pillow. Maybe this is what her mind, body and heart wanted, a place where she could be herself, a place where she could relate her and her past perfectly well, a place that will never let her feel lonely. Though, this place relates to her perfectly well but will it let her forget her past, will it let her move on in life?

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Classes,Books,Friends And Guys...

The next day the girls got up and got themselves dressed and were in the common room when Ginny walked in through the portrait hole
“there you are,” she said
“I came back yesterday to see the entire common room empty,” she said
“sorry Ginny, we both were very tired so we went to the dorm,” said Fiona
“nah…don’t matter. So, had a good sleep,” she asked lightly but Sara could see concern in her eyes and she just nodded.
“ok lets get going I am hungry,” said Ginny and she pulled the other two girls along to the Great Hall.
They walked in to the hall and sat down in their places but Sara and Ginny sat together this time while Fiona sat beside Derek, “morning Rek,” chimed Fiona
“morning Fio,” he said gulping down his toast. Professor Slughorn was distributing the time table to all the students in the Hall.
“lets see how our time table is,” said Derek as Slughorn handed them their timetables.
“hmm…first is Transfiguration with Ravenclaws, Herbology with Hufflepuffs, double Care Of Magical Creatures with…with Slytherin!”
“that is all I wanted in the beginning of the week,” he said in an exasperated tone and he stuffed his time table without giving it another glance. All four of them walked into the Transfiguration class and saw that Luna was already sitting and dreaming about Merlin knows what!

“hey, morning Luna,”
“morning Ginny,” and she gave a quick wave to Fiona and Derek who went and sat in the next row beside Ginny and Luna. Sara sat behind Ginny and the seat next to her was empty. Students started pooling in the class. There was still some time till Professor McGonagall arrived when a burly looking, brown haired guy with light brown eyes came and stood where Sara was sitting.
“Sara right?” he asked and Sara snapped up from her book and Ginny, Luna, Derek and Fiona turned back.
“yes,” said Sara surprised by the way her name sounded in this stranger’s voice.
“Hi I am Roger Bradley. Do you mind if I sit here,” he said indicating the seat next to her
“um no, that’s fine,” she said looking at Ginny and Luna her eyes asking who the hell is this guy as he sat down. But before they could speak Professor McGonagall entered the class and the class began. The class started with professor McGonagall talking about the importance of NEWTs this year and how it will affect their careers. Then later the students started taking down notes. Derek and Fiona were whispering to each other. It looked like they were having another argument. Time rolled on and the class got over. It was a very nice experience for Sara to come back and attend a lecture. She had missed so much as she left the school half way. “Though even my school must have had hard times last year at least the students would have got chance to continue their studies unlike me,” she thought. As she got up and picked her books and put them inside when Roger helped her, “here,” he said handing Sara her ink bottle
“thanks,” she murmured and walked quickly with Luna. Luna had Charms next so she left on the third landing while the Gryffindors walked on the ground towards the green houses for their Herbology lecture. Professor Sprout was waiting for the students in green house number 7. As they entered Sara saw Roger once again and he looked at her and smiled a dazzling smile and she just turned away
“**** I shouldn’t have done that, that was rude,” she thought later and frowned
“hey Sara you alright?” asked Ginny in her ear as Sprout had already started of with her lecture
“yeah, don’t worry. Just something silly,” she whispered back and got down to drawing the diagram which Sprout was drawing on the board. Time flew off and Herbology ended and then came in Potions with Slytherin. Ginny, Sara walked down to the dungeons for their potion class. Derek had Care of Magical creatures with the Slytherins who had taken that subject and had dropped off Potions. As they were walking Yaxely came from behind and pushed his way through Sara
“hey watch out you moron,” called Ginny but that didn’t effect Yaxely and he went in.
Ginny was fuming when she entered the class but she had no way of giving vent to her fumes because Professor Horace Slughorn was already there and she had to calm down. Professor too started off with importance of NEWTs and talked about it almost half an hour as he had still one and a half hour left to start a new topic. Slughorn wanted them to brew hair raising potion which was a 2nd year syllabus. As NEWTs included the syllabus ranging from that of the 1st years to the last years the students had to go through all the things that they learned. Ginny and Sara were together and started on with their hair raising potion. After complete one and half hour’s hard work the girls came out of the dungeons coughing as Yaxley’s potion had gone horribly wrong and it started to smoke.

They coughed until they reached the Hall, “bloody Yaxley,” muttered Ginny under her breath as she sat down opposite Derek and Fiona.
“what happened?” asked Fiona
“it looked like he did smoke raising potion rather then hair raising one,” said Ginny bitterly and drank a goblet full of water.
“he messed up with some important ingredient,” said Sara as she served herself some vegetable. Derek and Fiona talked about their Ancient Runes and Care of Magical creature’s classes respectively.
“hey Sara can you just pass me the tart,” asked Ginny as she was at her final course of meal.
“yeah,” as she bent to take the plate but someone took it and handed right in front of her. she looked up and saw a pair of light brown eyes staring down at her and smiling down, “er…thank you Roger,” she said took the plate and handed it to Ginny and went back to drinking some pumpkin juice
“good you remember my name,” he said as he sat opposite her beside Fiona who was startled and Sara got back to draining her goblet.
“what’s next in our time table,” asked Ginny as she dug in the tart.
“Charms with Hufflepuff again,” said Sara
“good lets get going,” she said and glared at Roger
“mind if I walk with you Sara?” he asked as they all got up to leave
“well Roger actually I am walking with her to the Charms so why don’t you ask some other girl,” said Derek and took Sara’s hand and walked her through the Great Hall with everyone staring at them.
“Derek what the hell do you think you are doing?” said Sara almost screaming when they reached outside the Great Hall.
“calm down Sara. I was just helping you with that Roger guy. He was out right flirting with you,” he said trying to calm her down
“so what? I have eyes I can see, I have mouth I can speak. I was anyways going to turn him down,” she said still angry by the way he pulled her in front of the entire school
“but you see I made it even more easier for you,” he said and Ginny and Fiona came from behind as they were heading to Charms.
“Derek that was impressive,” said Ginny smiling
“Ginny…” said Sara
“that was embarrassing,” she continued and Fiona nodded her head.
“anyways lets get going,” said Fiona walking in front and Ginny walked with her and she turned back at the other two and said, “I better go with her or else it wont look like you and Derek are walking together” and Derek just rolled his eyes and Sara went deep red.
Charms class was no different then the other classes. That too started with importance of NEWTs and ended with a small homework. The classes went on till 4 in the evening. The students went back to their tower. Ginny came to the Gryffindor tower later. Sara and Fiona quickly went and changed themselves in normal muggle clothes for their comfort.
“so what do you want to do,” asked Ginny
“um…I think I would like to go around the school once more just to know what is where,” said Sara
“okey dokey,” said Ginny
“Fiona and Derek coming,” asked Ginny
“no Ginny you carry on I have lot of Ancient Runes to do,” said Fiona
“I am busy with chess here,” called out Derek, where he and Jimmy had started their wizard chess.
“ok then see you after some time,” said Ginny and waved them off. As they walked out of portrait hole Ginny found Roger standing beside the door with his back against the wall. Sara had not seen him there
“hey Sara, got to hear that you are going on a bit of school tour, can I help you,” he said coming and standing in front of her. Though Roger was a year younger to Sara like Ginny, his height was like that of a 18-19 year old guy with a pretty much of burly athletic built. He stood in front of her towering and she somewhat didn’t like that.
“um no thanks Roger, I have Ginny to help me. I am fine,” she said
“but I presume that our head girl already has her hands full with duties and responsibilities,” he said looking at Ginny
“no, don’t worry Rog I am free right now so I am willingly taking her for a tour, don’t trouble yourself,” she said and with a small smirk and climbed down the stairs along with Sara.
“jerk,” said Ginny as she looked from above her shoulder and saw him still standing there and smiling to himself. Ginny took Sara around the entire castle. They covered almost all the landings when it was evening.
“we will go out tomorrow to the quidditch ground, the lake and if possible Hagrid’s hut,” said Ginny as they climbed in the portrait hole. Sara went to her dorm and got her school bag and started taking out her parchment to write a letter to Madam Rosmerta:

Dear Rosmerta,
How are you doing? I am doing fine here. This place is so beautiful. Ginny took me around the castle after the classes were over today. Tomorrow we might go to the lake and might pay a visit to Hagrid. How’s Three Broomsticks and its customers. I am missing being there. I hope you aren’t having a lot of trouble. I just wanted to thank you for being so adamant on sending me here. You were right I am really liking this place.
I don’t know when the Hogsmeade trip will come up. But I will surely come and visit you and help you a bit over the counter. Miss you.


She folded the letter and safely tucked it in the front pocket of her school bag as she decided to do the first thing next day morning as Ginny’s owl Pig was not around while Fiona’s owl was used by their other room mate and Derek’s was in the owlery.
The dinner time was a similar affair. The students dug in their dinner and chatted up with their friends. Fortunately for Sara, Roger didn’t come up to her again and she was glad about it.

have a nice day...:-)

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hey here is today's post...

New Jobs, New Problems...

Next day as Sara came to the Hall after sending her post to Rosmerta through a school owl Ginny was all smiling
“hey morning,” said Sara
“morning Sara, guess what” she said
“what?” and Ginny waved a letter on Sara’s face. Sara took the letter from her hand and read it. It was Harry’s letter to Ginny saying that he and Hermione, Ron have passed their complementary exam and that the Auror department are ready to take Harry for 3 years training and Hermione too will be starting her work at ministry at department of Magical Creatures.
“that’s wonderful, Ginny. When did you get this letter?” asked Sara
“Pig came just now,” she said taking the letter back from her and tucking it safely in her robes. The time passed by and then came in the evening and Ginny and Sara once again left for some touring of the castle. They first went to the quidditch ground where they found students flying here and there. Later they stopped at the lake and then turned towards Hagrid’s hut. Hagrid’s hut was unfortunately empty so they had to return back early then usual.

Back in the Burrow a week after Ginny and Sara left Harry, Ron and Hermione were having their breakfast. Hermione was reading the weekend’s newspaper which had the trio’s independent pictures walking down the different parts of Diagon Alley and the lane leading to the Ministry Of Magic with their robes swishing against their ankles, their hair ruffling against the breeze and their bags on their shoulders were stylishly hung over. It gave a look as if some famous muggle movie stars were walking to their sets to get ready for their shoots. Their pictures were in the front page of the Daily Prophet and the caption below was:
The famous Hogwarts trio Ronald Weasley (left), Harry Potter(middle) and Hermione Granger (right) were walking down in the Diagon Alley and Ministry Of Magic, London respectively early on Friday morning.

And below that another article regarding them was written:
No Longer Hogwarts Rebels, But Responsible Adult Witch and Wizards
It is confirmed that the trio(above) are not returning back to Hogwarts but have moved on to get jobs for themselves by passing the Advanced Complementary Exam(ACE) given by the Department of Magical Education and Hogwarts. Harry Potter has started attending his three years training course for Auror, Hermione Granger is reported to work in the Department Of Care Of Magical Creatures and Ronald Weasley has joined hands with his brother Gorge Weasley to mint money with their Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.

Hermione kept the paper aside and shook her head and muttered ‘mint money’
“Harry um… you haven’t been stalked by Prophet Reporters, have you?” asked Hermione as she was buttering her toast and Harry nodded gulping his bacon.
“yes” said Harry nodding his head.
“about the horcruxes or about you and Ginny?” she asked
“right now they are busy stalking me about how Voldemort was killed,” he said
“and what did you say?” interjected Ron
“I have said that I can’t delve in any sort of details as the information is confidential.”
“so you are keeping your stance, aren’t you?”
“you guys haven’t been chased by them, have you?”
“equally, mate, equally being chased. Look at this,” said Ron shaking his head and showing Harry the newspaper which Hermione kept aside. Harry took the news paper while he was busy drinking his tea.
“Gorge is having a hard time too and now that I have joined him in the shop they are following me everywhere asking why haven’t I taken any Ministry job seeing my credentials as your friend and as one of the trio who helped the down fall of Lord Voldemort,” he said rolling his eyes.
“they have been following me like paparazzi following a movie celebrity, honestly. Mr. Diggory is having a hard time pushing these people away from his department and I am left feeling embarrassed,” said Hermione and Ron looked at her as if she spoke Spanish and tried to mouth the word ‘paparazzi’ with great difficulty.
“honestly this looks so funny,” said Harry
“I mean look at the way they have taken this picture. It reminds me of movie star pictures that I used find in the magazine of living room of Privet Drive,” he said looking amused.
“we have to make them stop this Harry or else I will soon loose my head,” said Ron
“this is just the beginning Ron. Have patience. You will have to face a lot more. We are right now under constant media scrutiny. We have to be careful on whatever we do. People will know about us more then we will tell them. Have you seen the way people come up to us and talk and shake hands even when we are just on a walk in the Alley? They like us. We have to be good to them. We can’t behave rudely to anyone.” said Hermione
“you better not loose your head and do something stupid or else that will catch everyone’s attention and it will become a huge publicity drama,” she continued
“I am not talking about being rude to anyone Mione, but just the reporters. They really are huge pain in the,” said Ron but stopped and watched Hermione glare
“what I meant they are huge pain in the neck!” he said
“Ron listen, I know this really hard but we need to be calm. If things go out of hand then maybe we will stop them but till then we have to be our normal selves and behave as if nothing much has changed in our lives because of this constant media attention.”
“yes mate. I think Hermione is right. We have to careful or else the next time something like this will be in the Prophet:
After the famous Boy Who Lived Harry Potter was captured by our camera man having an intimate time with his best buddy’s sister Ginerva Weasley on platform 9 and three quarter , Ronald Weasley the buddy himself has seemed to have gone over board with his display of hatred for the Daily Prophet reporters that he threw dung bombs at them when they came in to pay him a visit to ask him about his reluctance in joining the Ministry and about his current relationship with his long time best buddy Hermione Granger who herself works at the Ministry. ”
“very funny Harry, very funny. But I would rather wish to throw Peruvian powder on their faces and run away from them before they even get to know that I did that. I don’t want them to meddle with any of my private and personal matters regarding my family,” said Ron sourly
“aww…Ron don’t be so rough on them,” said Hermione rubbing his arm and he just gave a faint smile and Harry just rolled his eyes and snorted.
“Morning kids,” said Mr. Weasley. He woke up late that Saturday.
He whistled as he saw the trio’s pictures on the front page of the Daily Prophet
“Merlin’s beard I am going to have a hard time seeing my kids smiling and frowning back at me from the Daily Prophet,” he said as he sat down to read the article below.
“so looks like entire world knows that Gorge and you are minting money, son,” said Arthur lightly.
“dad, please…I am having horrible time with these people around me. Now you don’t start discussing these articles about me, Harry and Hermione,” whined Ron and got up to wash his dish.
“and moreover dad you were going to guillotine that camera man for taking Ginny’s and Harry’s picture but looks like you have had a change of mind,” he said and Mr. Weasley shrugged and said, “well I am still waiting a chance on laying my hands on that ,” he trailed off as he saw Hermione’s eyebrow arching at him questioningly and threateningly that he ate his words, “that, that moron,” finished Arthur looking back in the paper. Ron and Harry who noticed the hesitation laughed out aloud.
“dad, ain’t she like mum,” he said and kissed her hair and put the dish towel on her head which she threw at him back giggling.
“yeah, no doubt she is a good girlfriend for you. Taking care of your language as well as your moods like Molly does for me,” he said looking at her appreciatively and she went red.
“that eyebrow cocking thing that you did right now Hermione well that is pretty different then Molly’s glaring but it has equal affect,” he said nodding in acceptance and she went into deeper shade of red that Harry and Ron couldn’t help but bursting out into laughter.

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