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Mercedes A. Finklestein
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Talking I Have No Regrets - Sa13+
James' Violin Buddy | Josey's Duckie ♥ | | Dandruffie's BFF | O Sparkly One

This is my third ff but my first oneshot. It's about James and Lily's last day on earth. Well, technically night. Since Jo didn't write exactly what happened on their last day, I'm free to dream! The one shot will be in James' point of view.

Disclaimer: I, obviously, don't own any characters that JK Rowling does. They all belong to her. There are some events that do not belong in JK's books, if you recognize any, those most likely are my ideas.

I Have No Regrets

Something’s irritating me. Something bright. My eyes flip open which I quickly regret. Sunlight was pouring through the windows and I just have to get up. I rub my eyes in utter exhaustion and let out a huge yawn.
It’s morning. Another day at Godric’s Hollow, hiding from Voldemort. I miss my friends. Last night was the full moon, which reminded me of Moony, of course.
Padfoot is supposed to be on his honeymoon now. I hope everything is well with his new wife, Sarah. They got married just a few weeks ago. Sarah said she always wanted to go to Hawaii in North America and Padfoot agreed too. Well… he kinda wanted to go to Australia… but what are you gonna do? Anyway, the only tickets they could get, were to go this morning, so I hope everything’s alright.
Now, I’m missing Wormtail too. Padfoot had to go on his honeymoon, and he didn’t trust himself, so we handed the job of Secret Keeper over to Wormtail. Lily wasn’t really happy with that but I made it pretty clear that I wasn’t going to change my decision on Secret Keeper.
“James?” I look over into a pair of emerald eyes. Ah… it’s my lovely wife Lily Evans-Potter. I smile, she smiles back. “James honey. Are you alright?” she asks.
“Of course!” I say. Lily smiles and kisses me on the cheek.
“C’mon. Let’s get breakfast!” Lily says getting out of bed, pulling me out, and dragging me behind her towards the kitchen. I sit down at the table and Lily comes out with two bowls of oatmeal and two spoons. She places both bowls and spoons on the table and kisses me again on the lips. Then we hear a cry in the distance.
Lily looks confused for a moment. “Oh!” she says smiling. “Harry’s awake, James. I’ll go check on him.” I nod my head and Lily walks out of the kitchen…


Lily’s holding Harry now. We’re both sitting on the couch in the living room and I’m reading the Daily Prophet, which Remus gives us every day when he visits. I look over at Lily and she seems out of the world. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. “Lils?” I ask. No response. “Lils?” Still no response. “Lily honey?” I ask once more and I shake her lightly.
“Huh?” she asks turning to me. “Oh. Hi James, honey. What’s up?”
I smile at her. “I love you.” She smiles back and whispers in my ears, “I love you too James.” Lily’s lips touch my ears.
I pull away from me, my hands on her shoulders. “Lily… are you okay? You’re the love of my life, ad I want to be sure that everything’s all right with you and that you’re happy. So tell me if anything’s wrong,” I say. Practically out of breath after I finish what I was going to say.
Lily smiles at me and says, “Of course there’s nothing wrong!”
Then after a while she frowns and says reluctantly, “Yes, James. There’s something bothering me.” Harry’s still cooing. His emerald eyes staring at us.
“Tell me what’s wrong then Lily,” I say.
Lily looks at me, biting her lip. “Lily, what’s the matter, sweetheart?”
“Okay James… I’ll tell you,” Lily says. “Um… I have this feeling…” I nod my head for her to continue what she was going to say. “I have this feeling that it wasn’t a good idea to give Secret Keeper to Peter.” I look at her confused.
“Wh-What do you mean?” I ask her.
Lily, still biting her lip, says, “Well, I don’t know. I don’t really trust Peter. I have a feeling that he’ll give us away to Voldemort.”
I smile at Lily and kiss her on the top of her head. “Don’t be silly, Lils. We can trust Peter. Peter’s our friend. And I thought we weren’t going to discuss this anymore,” I replied. Lily sighed.
“But James-“ she says, but I cut her off.
“Lily, honey. We can trust Peter. Peter’s our friend, remember? He would never give us away to Voldemort. Never! I trust him. And as my wife, I hope you can trust me with my decision,” I tell her without pausing. Lily smiles.
“All right James. I won’t push you any further,” she says, but I can tell that she was still troubled. I sigh and kiss her on the forehead.
“Lils, don’t worry about it anymore, kay?” Lily nods her head. “Just think about it. We have a handsome baby boy and we have each other.” She smiles and says, “All right James. You’re right. I’m worrying too much. So… what’s going on?” Lily nods her head at the Daily Prophet and continues cradling Harry.
I glance at the Daily Prophet. “Well, seems like Cornelius Fudge is thinking of becoming Minister of Magic and that Rita Skeeter is interviewing Emmeline Vance about the death of her fiancée.”
Lily yells, “No way!” I nod my head. “Ryan’s dead?” I nod my head again. “We are talking about Ryan Walker here, right?” I nod my head once more. “I can’t believe this! Poor Emmeline! What else does it say?”
I look back down at the article. “Well, in here, it says that Ryan died of pneumonia from their trip to Antarctica.”
“What were they doing in Antarctica?” Lily asks.
I reply, “They wanted to check out the penguins.” Lily nods her head. Emmeline and Ryan loved penguins. “But you know, Rita Skeeter. She does anything just to publish her articles in the Daily Prophet. She’s a ditz!”
“James,” Lily warns and I roll my eyes.
“Anyway,” I start. “Dolores Umbridge got a job at the Ministry.” Lily raises her eyebrows. “Yeah, that creep.” Lily laughs. “Oh, did you hear that Molly’s pregnant again?”
Lily looks surprise. “Again?!” she asks in disbelief. I nod my head and she shakes hers. “Now all they have to do, is get Molly pregnant again and teach their children to sing and BAM! They’re the Von Trapp family!” I raise my eyebrows and she rolls her eyes, patting Harry. “Muggle stuff. And… without the Nazis.”
“Aah. Understood,” I say. “Uh… Nazis?”
Lily rolls her eyes again and mutters, “European history. Muggle stuff again.” I nod my head.
“Oh! Mad Eye’s-“ I start to say, but Lily holds her hand up. “What?” I whisper.
Lily’s eyes were distant, like they always were when she was thinking. “I think…”
The first thing that popped into my mind was, ‘He’s here’. I look at Lily and her face looks terrified. “Lily! He’s here! Voldemort’s here!” I yell. I hear a cackle. He was getting closer. “Lily! Run! I’ll try and hold him off!”
“Are you crazy?! You don’t even have a wand James Henry Potter!” she shrieks.
I push her towards the hallway and I yell, “Just run!” I kiss her on the lips and look at her pleadingly. Lily nods and whispers, “You better stay alive, Potter.” I smile encouragingly knowing that would be physically impossible. “Just go Lily!” She runs off into Harry’s room, and I hear the door slam shut.
“Hello Potter!” I hear the menacingly cold voice that I’ve wished to forget ever since I heard it. I turn around to face my enemy. Voldemort.
I couldn’t see his face though. He had on a black hood and a mystical gloomy feeling and a realization came to me. Peter had betrayed us, forcing us to die protecting Harry. I’d rather die in the place of my son.
“So Potter… this is what you get for not joining my side,” he hisses.
I laugh. “I’d rather die than join you, Voldemort,” I reply coldly.
“You’ll regret ever refusing me. I’ll kill you, the filthy mudblood, and your child.”
I was angry now. “Don’t you dare call Lily a mudblood!” I yell at him. I hear Voldemort’s cackle again.
I look at him. The man that I loathed more than Severus Snape. “You should have joined me Potter. You’re the cause of your muggle lover parents’ death and now you, that mudblood, and your wretched child!” he shrieks. “Potter, you should’ve known better than to mess with me. Pity it is. You would’ve been useful. I will now kill you the way I killed your parents!”
I’m not scared of death. I made wonderful friends throughout my 22 years of life. I met the love of my life and married her. And we have the most adorable child I could ask for. This was what I’ve always wanted. To be loved. I’ve made many decisions that were sometimes terribly wrong and sometimes right. But now… my time is running out and this is the bottom line. I have no regrets. No regrets whatsoever. I’m satisfied with my life. Sure, I would’ve wanted for me to watch Harry grow up and get married, but I know that won’t happen. It’s for the better. I have no regrets.
These thoughts all passed through my mind in a matter of seconds. Voldemort is reaching for his wand. I can imagine him smiling. I close my eyes and wait to see the faces of my parents. I know Lily will come after me. For now… I have no regrets.
Something hits me. I feel no pain. Just darkness overcoming me and the departure from my loved ones. I’ll be waiting, for the love of my life, Lily, to join me.
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Tonks Is My Woman
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Sakura Maharene Salome Tamaka Lada

WOW That was totally awsome!I looooooove it!!

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Old 08-13-2007, 09:50 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Special Ops
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Awsome story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 08-15-2007, 04:06 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Thats pretty intresting
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Back from the Past
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Lyric Marling
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Neve Casey
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Wow. That Is really amazing. I haven't seen many James POV fics. That was REALLY good. Possibly the best one-shot I've ever read. again, wow.
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Old 08-26-2007, 06:07 AM   #6 (permalink)
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I am very impressed with this story! congrats on a fantastic one shot!
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very immpressive
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