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Slytherin Flora Riddle 3 - Sa 16+
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Summary: This story takes place 21 years after the Second Wizarding War and it's the 3rd part of Flora Riddle's story in the wizarding world. Flora is Bellatrix and Voldemort's daughter, that was brought up by Muggles without her parents' knowledge. In this third part of Flora's story, she has Hermione and Hannah as her best friends and she becomes Muggle Studies teacher. But she is a witch as curious as powerful, which leads her to finding a kind of magic somewhat dangerous. And so, the sweet Flora approaches to everything she tried to avoid: the Dark side will gradually leading her to a path that seems to have no back. Harry had saved her twice (in Flora Riddle 1 and 2). Will he save her again? Perhaps...But don't forget: time spirals don't return to the same point. To understand this path, I suggest you read the first fics: Flora Riddle 1 and Flora Riddle 2, although it's not required reading.
Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I myself enjoyed writing it. I'm waiting for your comments! And I suggest you take a breath, because I'll try let you breathless!

"This story was based on the Harry Potter series, created by JK Rowling, on which I have no property rights and is not my intention to infringe any copyright. It's a fan fiction story that incorporate characters and places she created."

First of all, I must thank Nups21 (my beta-reader) for her help and patience in reading this long story as well correct my grammatical errors:

Thank you very much, dear!

Translation into English: I. R., first revision: Roger Migliorini
************************************************** ************

Chapter List:

1. Nauseating Days
2. Stir at Hogwarts
3. The most popular of all the times
4. The hidden secrets of Slytherin
5. Firenze's Revelation
6. Nausea and Pepper
7. Star Anise
8. Bellatrix Black
9. The Small Shadow
10. The haunting Madness
11. Draco Dormiens Nunquan Titillandus
12. The house screamed
13. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
14. Spinning and Weaving
15. Tangles
16. Bella, Bella, Bella actress
17. Percy Weasley
18. Flashes of another person's life
19. The unlikely hero
20. Back to real life
21. Secrets to Dumbledore
22. Mirrored Love
23. Torn Apart
24. The centaurs and the heir
25. Magical tendrils
26. Narcissa's Lightness
27. Katarina and Krum
28. The return of the Phoenix
29. The Baptism
30. The phoenix, the patronus and the glowing blue eyes
31. Epilogue


1. Nauseating days

The Christmas’ Party was refreshing for the whole family. Flora and Felipe took the opportunity to take a three-day trip to Brazil with their children, to see their family and friends. The children enjoyed themselves by telling their friends what they learned in the new school. But of course, nobody believed them. And that was exactly the reason their parents let them tell the truth.

Flora was very happy, albeit a bit sleepy and sometimes very emotional. She could not understand why Brazil thrilled her so much. She cried every time she met a friend or even saw a flower that she knew would not be able to survive the cold European winter. She felt ridiculous. And her desire to go back home was immense. Home as in not Brazil, but rather her little pink house in Hogsmeade.

That night she would be meeting her witch friends. Felipe and she were speculating and debating how they would reveal the truth to Nadine and Katarina. She could not keep from sharing the wonderful secret with them; both were very special to her, and she knew that her friends would really enjoy and love knowing about a Magical World.

Nadine was a very expressive and cheerful woman married to a Muggle, who was extremely dedicated to his family. They had a young daughter with eyes as black as prunes.

Katarina was sweet and gentle. She was unmarried. She worked at a small school, and was very devoted to her nieces. She was the only witch in her family though Felipe and Flora had speculated that she might be the daughter of a Squib, since her paternal grandmother had always given indications of having a special something, while her father seemed unable to use magic.

'Should we do it dramatically or just tell them the truth the plain way?' Felipe asked Flora, hoping that she would vote for the more playful option. Both of them were very good-humored and they were inclined to make everything funnier and better.

'How about this?' Flora said, 'While I’m talking with them, you can cast spells behind them, like serving them juice without touching the jug, or closing the window using your wand or something else?'

‘Maybe ... But what about Davi? He’s surely coming, right?'

'Davi is married to Nadine, so he must know he has got a witch at home. He loves her too much to get shocked when we just confirm the truth.'

'Yeah, you're right… as always!' Felipe smiled lovingly at his wife.

So, as agreed, while the children played in the backyard of their grandparents' house, Flora and Felipe received friends and "set their scene ." The small audience got the impression that it all was all illusion and tricks and therefore enjoyed it a lot. Then Felipe gave his wand to Katarina, who immediately caused a small disaster in the kitchen. All of them were struck dumb with amazement, and it was then that Flora and Felipe told their dumbstruck guests about the magical world and life in Hogsmeade.

Flora got slightly disturbed when Harry’s image came to her mind. Quickly disguising it, she resumed her talking.

After many jokes and laughs, she invited Katarina to return with them to Hogsmeade.

And so, they went on along the night by imagining how life would be if all of the five lived in the town. As Flora had imagined, Davi was not more surprised than the women at the revelations. He was so proud to have a real witch at home that he wished his daughter would become a witch too. He joked a lot about it. Everyone had a great time.

The day after this gathering, Flora, Felipe and their children returned to Europe. Katarina would meet them two weeks later.

The journey by plane seemed long and endless to Flora, now that she knew the Floo network, portal keys and apparition. Moreover the days were like getting shorter to her. The holidays were getting over. At least she would not have to be apart from her children, since she would be at school two to three times a week. Even then, distressing feelings ate away inside her: she had not seen Harry Potter since the Christmas party. Neither a visit nor a letter, not even an e-mail. She would not find him in King's Cross, since they already were in Hogsmeade and her children would not have to take the Hogwarts Express. She was sad. He had forgotten her.

Upon arriving from Brazil, a few days before the beginning of classes, she got an e-mail from Katarina, asking them to meet her in London, because she was afraid that she would not know how to get to Hogsmeade. Indeed. It came through Flora’s mind that probably the town was protected, just as the Leaky Cauldron that could not be seen by the Muggles. No one had ever explained to Flora: could a witch who had never seen those public wizarding locations find them? After discussing it with Felipe, they decided to meet her friend in London and bring her home safely. They would take the chance to pay a visit to Aunt Narcissa too. The news pleased the children, because they were unhappy at the idea of not taking the train and miss the "mess" and fun of the travel. And it also pleased Flora ...

They met Scorpius at his Grandma's. He awaited them there. He had to hear from Ricardo all the news from Brazil. Besides, his Brazilian cousin had promised to bring him some items for them to do magic tricks. Without their parents knowing the two boys were plotting to trade some of these items with the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Ricardo, just like his mother, learned very fast, so he and his cousin had spent the holidays studying how to charm Muggle objects to play tricks.

When Flora observed the boys talking in the yard, she began to suspect that something was wrong. She thought she should keep her eyes and ears on both of them. She feared that Ricardo would end up being expelled from school.

At six the next morning, Katarina arrived. They greeted her at the airport and then proceeded towards the Leaky Cauldron right away. To Flora’s surprise, they met Hannah, Joanne and Neville there, who invited them for breakfast. After eating, all of them went to Diagon Alley. While Neville bought fertilizer for his Acanthus Spinosus plants, Katarina was overjoyed and marveled at everything.

At 10:45 am, Flora, Katarina and the children arrived at the station. As always, the Platform Nine and Three-Quarters at King's Cross Station was crowded with mothers and fathers walking to and fro between recommendations, trunks, hugs and kisses. Flora was saying goodbye to her children when she was surprised by a beautiful smile and a pair of green eyes that she knew very well. Harry Potter greeted and asked her:

'How are you, the newest teacher at Hogwarts? Ready?'

Flora just melted inside! Sighing, she replied:

'Yes, I have only two classes. It should not be difficult, since I'm practically a Muggle and Muggles’ Studies is nothing but Psychology as I know it.'

For a moment she forgot her friend beside her. There was nothing else around them, not even the noise of the train. Then she introduced Katarina and him, and they chattered a bit. Ginny was not together with them as she had an appointment in the Daily Prophet. Harry's eyes sank in hers' as if they were kissing. It was intense. Then they said goodbye.

Flora, who had learned how to Apparate just after Christmas, took Katarina to Hogsmeade. After they got there, Katarina said:

'I don't mean to be indiscreet, my friend, but the way Harry Potter looks at you... Is there anything between you that I don't know?'

Flora did not reply straight away. She wondered how they could not disguise their feelings anymore and was now worried about it.

At that moment, she was saved by the arrival of an owl with a notification from the Ministry of Magic warning her against Apparating without an official license for this, so she deftly changed the course of the conversation.

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Welcome to the HSV!

I look forward to reading more of your fic!
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Hi, mom!
As I promised you, I'll read this fic here. I think its summary promises a great story. I liked the 1ch. I hope it'll not become a just for girls story.
(By the way, it's all fine here in CJ. There's a lot of pretty girls here!)
Bye. Call you later or tomorrow.
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Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Hi, mom!
As I promised you, I'll read this fic here. I think its summary promises a great story. I liked the 1ch. I hope it'll not become a just for girls story.
Originally Posted by Hera View Post
Welcome to the HSV!

I look forward to reading more of your fic!
Tnx Gabri, Hera and everybody who read it.

And... I think it is not a just for girls story, but I must warn you that is a feminist history, I guess.
kisses for all.
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Default 2. Stir at Hogwarts
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Due to it being an unusual fact or a surprising truth, no one could be sure... but yes, it had spread to all overnight.. But everyone was curious and wanted a closer look at the newest teacher of Muggle Studies who would start teaching at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in early spring.
However, no one had saw her yet.

Comments could be heard in every corner of the school. One morning, while Flora was going to the library, she heard a group of students from Ravenclaw whispering on their way down stairs:

'They are saying that the Voldemort’s daughter will teach here...' observed a boy of oriental features and long hair.

'Is it true? Oh, it’s scares me!' exclaimed a little girl with bluish hair and very large eyes.

Later, near the staircase leading to the dungeons, three Slytherin boys gesticulated a lot while talking loudly enough for anybody to hear:

'So, will she teach us how to explode Muggles? What are their weaknesses? Somebody said she has already crippled someone...'

'The headmistress must have gone crazy...'

'Or must be under the influence of the Imperius Curse.'

Despite the playful tone of their comments, they could not disguise a certain fear. One of them risked venturing his opinion and fear:

'But she wouldn’t hurt us, would she? She is a Slytherin’s descendant. She must have some consideration for the students of her house...'

On another occasion she caught some Hufflepuff’s students who had just come out of the greenhouses:

'No, it seems that she is a good woman and a good witch...' Said a girl with freckles. However, her friend with a very pleasant face did not seem to calm down with this observation:

'But she is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s daughter!'

'But her kids are coming to school since last year and have done nothing wrong so far...'

'Oh, really? Who are they?'

'That pretty boy, Ricardo who is always hanging out with Scorpius, James and Albus Potter... And that skinny girl who is always with Lily, bothering Professor Hagrid with many questions...'

'He doesn't seem to get bothered...'

'And thinking about it, if Harry Potter lets his kids near Voldemort's grandchildren, then they cannot be dangerous…'

'Are you sure?'

Another day, near a corner in the third floor corridors, five Gryffindor girls were talking while leaving the classroom.

'My mother told me that Voldemort had no nose ... So, perhaps his daughter hasn’t got a nose either... She should be a very ugly woman...'

Right then, Rose Weasley left the classroom and joined in to jokingly confirm everything, while winking at Flora:

'Oh, yes ... She must be very ugly ... and have a bad taste too.'

'If she comes dressed in pink, I'm gonna throw up…'

Flora could no longer hear the talking, but she seriously considered using a pink dress in her inaugural class.

So, Flora spent a little over a month having fun with the comments she heard throughout the halls of the school. Her classes would start only in March by her request: anonymously, as she had first wanted to feel the students’ response. She wanted to have fun in her first class. Maybe she would repeat all the nonsense she had heard about her or boast about the evils she supposedly was able to do. She was still in doubt as to how to approach the point. Professor McGonagall had given her a free hand to do whatever she deemed was better.
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Default 3. The most popular teacher of all times
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

The days passed quickly and on realizing her first class was scheduled for the next day, Flora became very excited and a little scared. She knew that she would do well, because Muggle Studies explained much of the non-magical people’s psychology, motivations and interests, and how they saw Life. And this was no different from what she had lived and worked with until the middle of the previous year.

The night before the first class, was quite busy. Flora got owls with good-wish notes from several of her friends. But one letter in particular touched her very much:

"Flora, how are you?
I'm hoping your first class is exactly like you wish.
I will try to be there.
Ginny sends you her love.

That note was apparently no different from many others that she received all day. But the promise that he would be there did all the difference. They had not spoken since the Christmas party, except for the brief moment at the meeting on the 93/4 platform. She was really trying to pretend that it was not affecting her, but she knew that most of her heightened sensitivity was directly linked to her missing him. She was feeling strange: too sleepy, nauseated. But all this was going to last just a few more hours, till she would see him. She hoped to see him. She sighed.

Flora could not stop thinking of Harry ever since all that had happened in the Shrieking Shack. Those green eyes... What secrets did they hide? He was not an exceptionally handsome man, but there was something about him that fascinated her but she could not place it.

‘Perhaps all that knowledge he has of my father… Or, perhaps psychoanalysis can more easily explain this attraction; after all was he not the man who defeated my father?’ Thinking about it, Flora smiled at herself. She ought to sleep. She turned on the bed and looked at her husband lying next to her, sound asleep, snoring softly, like a purring cat…Her beloved husband. She admired him; he could not be a better person. But she did not blame herself for loving Harry, because she loved both of them.

The sun came out and she had not had a wink of sleep. At last she had decided what she would be doing in her first class. Flora got dressed, had her coffee (a very strong Brazilian coffee, with no sugar or milk), said goodbye to Felipe and Yan and then went to school.

She doubted whether old Filch would be awake at this hour. It was early yet. But, as agreed, there he was to open the gates for her.

This time the opened gates had a special meaning for her. She breathed deeply a few times before going into the Entrance Hall. This time, it was no longer a game. She felt the weight of the responsibility to teach in a millennial school. All these choked her a little. But she did not give up, she took a deep breath once again and remembered her wedding (she shared the same feelings in both situations). Then, she went in.

Flora, instead of going to the Great Hall and find other teachers and students, decided to go straight to her classroom, to set "her show". She had chosen a plain black dress, a black cloak over this, very high heeled shoes, and to match with all these, she put on a heavy makeup in shades of dark gray. She wanted to look grimly. But she felt more like a Drag queen than like a bad witch.

She waited for the students with her back to the door, apparently looking at the horizon through the window. She was trying to look very stern. One by one the students came into the room. They were astonished at the strange figure, but no one dared say anything to her. Within minutes the room was crammed. There were, of course, more students there than those originally enrolled for this class. Flora checked her watch and at 8am sharp, she turned to the class and, without showing any emotion, said:

‘Good morning. I see that I have some extra students. Let's see how many remain after I have finished my class. Get your parchments out’. Flora waited a moment, made an unnecessary movement with her wand to close the curtains and pick up a pointer. Though it all was really unnecessary, since she could reach all these objects manually.

Turning on the projector, she began: ’Muggles.’ Then a sequence of images of people doing ordinary things like driving, cooking, cycling, playing ball, swimming in a pool (nothing unusual even among wizards) was screened on the wall. ‘These non-magical people... Write down the topics of the trimester:

a. Muggles and their weaknesses
b. The atrocities committed by Muggles over the centuries
c. Muggles versus wizards: why we are superior
d. Muggles and their place in the world...

Flora walked around the room as she spoke, observing the scared and disapproving eyes from most students. Then she paused, lowered her eyes and went on looking straight at them all:

’Despite being young and being born long after my father’s death, everyone here has heard that he was Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named... You’ve heard about the things he did and the way he believed to be the best to deal with Muggles and Muggle-born. So, I believe you must know him much better than me.’ Flora breathed. ’But none of you has ever heard of me. I'm not even his daughter.’ So Flora caught her purse, took a makeup remover and a cotton ball. She started taking off her heavy makeup, and while dismantling her character, she filled the blackboard writing with her own hands:

a. Muggles and their weaknesses: Muggles are humans just like us, but with no magic, so we can learn about their weaknesses just by looking inside ourselves: we are vulnerable when we feel sad, ill, in love, just like them...

b. The atrocities committed by Muggles over the centuries: everything that is different annoys us. But we cannot judge all the Muggles because of one or another who have had financial and political benefits in the witch hunt. It would be like saying that all wizards are evil, based on the example set by my father. I’ll explain more about this in another class.

c. Muggles versus wizards: why are we superior? Who said that? NO, we are NOT superior to anyone! We have abilities that others do not. It doesn’t make us superior; it makes us different.

d. What is their place in the world ...??? The whole world, of course!

The students remained in dead silence. Flora went on:

‘The truth about me is that I am a Muggle. Muggle with witch powers, powers that I had no idea of having. I am not different from the people with whom I’ve spent my whole life, actually it’s just that, solving some problems is easier for me.’

Flora paused to listen to the silence of her shocked audience before going on:

’Muggles solve their problems with their minds. Their magic is their ability to reflect on the problems and find their solutions ... then you tell me “we also do it. We're smart too”. So there you get my point: yes, that's why I insist on saying that we are alike. There is no us and them, only us. Some people have different characteristics from other, different abilities, and that's how I want you to see the Muggles: people with different abilities than yours.’

Again, her students’ bewildered faces delighted her. And she ended her speech wearing no makeup at all, rolled a yellow and pink scarf around her neck (to break the black of her clothes), and then looked at each one of them in the eyes and asked:

’How many of you are Muggle-born or Half-blood? Do you believe that it makes you any different from wizards who come from long pureblood ancestry? No. We are all equal. Being a witch is no guarantee of anything, nor is being a Muggle. I am Lord Voldemort’s daughter and he was Half-blood - but he often hid this information, of course. And he judged people by their lineage. I beg you: please don’t repeat his mistake.’

Silently, Harry took off his invisibility cloak, at the back of the class.

'And if my presence here at school still threatens anyone, the Head of the Aurors, present here at the back of the class, can help you.’ Flora said, pointing at Harry with her eyes.

All of them turned back, the comments inevitable. Flora waited for the students to calm down and absorb her words and then concluded:

‘Now that you know that I will not eat children up for breakfast, or explode a Muggle just to hear the sound it makes – I’m not a Beedle’s nor a Fairy tale’s character, I request that please, only those who are really interested in Muggle Studies should keep coming to this class. Whoever wants to know more about me can come and see me outside class hours. The same goes to those who want to tell me all the bad things that my parents did to their family. In this case, we will mourn together over them. The class is over. Thank you.’

While waiting for the students to leave the class, she turned to Harry:

‘Good morning, Mr. Potter. Did I pass the test or the Ministry still thinks I'm a threat?’

Harry smiled.

‘I came up with the supposed mission to check what you would talk in your first lesson because some school board members were afraid that you would bewitch the students or form an evil army. But in fact I was afraid that someone would attack you. I feared for you, Flora.’

’Harry, they’re only kids! Students are just curious. And I would have been able to defend myself.’

’Still, I also feared it.’ Harry smiled again.

Flora could not say how she felt during the time she spent away from him and how happy she was to meet him again. But her eyes spoke for her. Professor McGonagall stopped and disturbed their eye lock by inviting them to discuss the success of Flora’s inaugural class. After that, Harry returned to the Ministry again leaving a void in Flora's bosom.
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Default 4. The hidden secrets of Slytherin
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

I think I've heard some echo to my voice.... I think.... I think.... No. No one posted any comment... Oh, forget about this... It's just a writer in crisis.
The new chapter:
__________________________________________________ _______________

After the first class, only the students actually enrolled for Muggle Studies continued to attend classes leaving enough free time for their teacher to roam throughout the castle.

Hogwarts was a very seductive place for everyone. Especially for Flora. She spent much of her free time at the school library researching about charms and spells. Her curiosity led her to develop eccentric habits, like, spending all day observing the behavior of the castle's bewitched stairs, which insisted on changing directions to confuse the inattentive students. She needed to know whether their movements were random or whether the students’ will was somehow considered – so that it would determine the existence of a kind of an intelligence in the structure of the castle. The only one that gave attention to her concerns was the teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts, the Bulgarian Viktor Krum.

Viktor was Harry's old friend. After his retirement from professional Quidditch League, Harry suggested Professor McGonagall should hire him as a DADA's teacher. Especially considering the fact that he had studied in another magic school, the Durmstrang Institute, that emphasised the study of the Dark Arts - though for defense or for use was a doubt for all.

Viktor and Flora developed various theories about the bizarre behavior of the school’s structure. They spent hours discussing their theories. While Flora believed it to be something totally random, Viktor had already determined two advanced mathematical formula: one of them which supposedly could predict the stairs movement; the other which included the exact time the steps vanished (in addition to those permanent vanished steps halfway up that everybody had to remember to jump). Flora looked at his formulae and found a mistake, but decided not to show it, since Professor Neville and she had bet that Krum would not find the answer to these puzzling movements. Krum, sure of his theory, decided to try it blindfolded. Of course the test had no good results, but it proved to be great fun for all of them.

Usually Flora was not fooled by the stairs. She always managed to get to her destination without detours. Only in two cases she did not: once when Harry was at school (the stairs apparently wanted her find him) or second time when she was wandering around the castle just for pleasure. One day she was wandering in the corridors leading to the stairs just to spend time. She walked down a hallway and to her surprise she realized that she was in front of the ladies room, which gave access to the Chamber of Secrets. She had not gone back there since that day with Harry and Hermione. Sure that the castle itself was leading her to the chamber, she went in.

She went down to the depths of the castle. The silence pleased her. She went into the Chamber of Secrets and smiled. The greenish atmosphere calmed her down. She looked carefully around, she did not understand why, but she felt better here than anywhere else she had been before. Then something got her attention: there was a small passage in the Slytherin's stone face, beside its right ear. Earlier, Flora had bruised her left eye on a bush before leaving home. The left eyelid was swollen and it could only be opened with great effort. She forced herself to open her eye and the passage disappeared. She repeated this test several times. A passage which only could be seen when there was no sense of depth was intriguing. Then, with her good sense suppressed by her curiosity, which was exacerbated by her research about the intriguing magic stairs, she decided to go there and investigate.

After a grueling and exhausting climb - she momentarily forgot that she could have flown there - she entered the little passage without difficulty. It was not larger than one body.


The wand's light revealed a very high wall, completely filled by inscriptions and drawings. It seemed part of a study of constellations combined with spells.

'Wow!' Flora shouted excitedly as looked at this carefully. She thought that maybe she should call Viktor to give his opinion; however, she decided to be more careful. They were probably notes of Slytherin. Although Viktor was a longtime friend of Harry and Hermione, Flora did not know how much he would resist in case those were powerful revelations of the Dark Arts. Neither did she know whether she could resist this temptation herself or not.

Flora did not understand the inscriptions, since there was not a title or conclusions, they did not seem to have a specific purpose. Perhaps not even Slytherin had predicted their outcome. She guessed that Voldemort had not seen it, because there was no trace that someone had been there in the recent centuries.

Flora did not know whether Voldemort (the only one who had come there before Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron) had been interested in centaurs either. Actually, she did not know many things about her father... Anyway, there were a lot of arrows converging to that word: centaur.

Flora wrote down carefully some parts of the inscriptions. She would begin to study them that night; which coincidentally or not, Felipe and she had already agreed to spend together a romantic evening watching the stars.

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Default 5. Firenze’s Revelation
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

For Flora, looking at the stars with her head in her husband's lap meant much more than a mere study, it meant endless love. Love almost strong enough to make her forget Harry. But each and every greenish twinkle made her remember him again. Even Felipe's lap reminded her of Harry's as it gave her the same sense of security; the same sense of affection, and the same sense of comfort as when they were at the Shrieking Shack. It had already been three months since that incident, but it seemed only a day ago. Those memories were too fresh and livid in her mind.

The notes she took in the Chamber of Secrets made no sense. They were a riddle to her, which left her even more curious. The only clues were the words centaur and dragon. At least those words were the only ones she could understand, from that mix of Latin and Archaic English. She continued to try to decipher the rest of the notes by looking at the constellations observed on the drawings related to her present studies and was amazed to see that they were similar to those from Slytherin's inscriptions. Not exactly the same, but very similar. She pointed out this similarity to Felipe but he did not seem to be much interested in it, since he believed that any prediction or spell that depended on the position of the stars was something that could not be trusted. But she did not mind him. Just before falling asleep, Flora decided that she would ask centaurs for help the next afternoon.

The next day, after school, she went back again to the Chamber of Secrets. She studied the notes made in stone more carefully. Where would they take her? Draco potentiam. Dragon Power. This she understood or at least she thought she did. They looked like as something that would give someone powers similar to the dragons. She smiled. She did not want to spit fire out of her mouth! What other powers did the dragons have?

She left the chamber and went to Hagrid's hut. Maybe he would have a clue. However, she could not tell him what she was really searching for. It was something she wanted to do on her own.

Hagrid greeted her as always, with a bright smile on his large old face. They walked along the edge of the Forbidden Forest, talking about various magical creatures. It was an easy and pleasant talk, since Flora respected him and considered Hagrid's knowledge about all those fantastic beasts as amazing, so she did not have to pretend interest. She asked about several beasts, including dragons and centaurs. Afterwards she asked him to introduce her to the Centaurs once, as she was interested to know them better. Hagrid warned her:

'Don’t look at them as if they are animals or ask them anything that may sound as if you judge yourself superior to them. They will be offended by it. They are very special creatures.'

'Hagrid, anyone would be offended by it... and after all that you have told me, it is difficult to think of any kind of human superiority over them. Centaurs do have greater knowledge and live much more than us. I would be very flattered if they just agree to even teach me a little about the understanding of the stars.' Flora replied. Then smiling a bit, she said, 'I'm sure I'm too dumb and I do not have any such special Seer powers… so whatever I learn will just be by the use of logic only.'

'So, let’s go. I don't have much time now, because I have a lecture scheduled in an hour. I can take you to the clearing where they rest by day. If you're welcomed, you can stay with them as long as there is no danger.'


'Centaurs aren't too friendly with humans, and especially not with women. But they tolerate kids though... But I’d realize if anything is wrong... I know them.'

Flora thought a little about it and decided to take the risk. She did change the subject though. She did not want to have her fear increased:

'Right. Could you tell me more about Thestrals? I am very curious- I'd love to know how they look, of course this means that I would have to have witnessed someone's death... Which I don’t want in any way.' She quickly added.

'Your daughter said exactly the same yesterday...'

Hagrid replied and so talked excitedly about Thestrals, how they lived, and how he had managed to assemble a herd of them...Then Flora remembered a note on the wall, which suggested something about bare feet. She decided to take off her shoes to feel the forest floor beneath her feet. The moist soil sent a shiver down her spine, but she soon got used to it. Hagrid warned her that she could get her feet hurt or cut by some twigs. She laughed and told him not to worry: she was a witch, and at the slightest sign of pain she would float. Mesmerized at that, he uncertainly replied that not every witch could do that. She was surprised and a bit embarrassed too. As she could float so naturally, she had forgotten that the other wizards had not yet discovered how to do it well. She did not like to feel haughty though.

By then they were nearby a clearing when Flora felt a sudden pain: there was something hard and sharp piercing the sole of her foot. She pulled off the small black stone stuck there. She looked at the stone, it looked like a river stone that had been carefully polished. Saying nothing, Flora put it into her back pocket and looked ahead. The centaurs were resting at the clearing that Hagrid had mentioned:

'Bane, this is Flora, a Hogwarts' teacher ...'

'We know who she is. We were expecting her.'

Flora risked:

'Nice to meet you. As a witch, I'm relatively new. So I'm trying to learn everything I can. I want to know you and humbly ask for some tips on the study of the movements of the celestial bodies, because as far as I know that you are experts on the subject...' The centaurs kept hearing with no comments, she continued:

'I know that an ordinary human like me cannot absorb one-thousandth of your knowledge. But if any of you are interested in helping me, I shall be very grateful.'
Firenze has volunteered before to teach humans in the wizardry school. Perhaps he will accept to waste some more time with you.' Bane said looking at Firenze.

Firenze nodded. In fact, he knew Bane wanted Flora to learn astrology, as they had already discussed it. Flora’s fate was still a riddle for even the Centaurs, which made her very intriguing. They were not used to be in the dark of anyone’s fate. They would often say that Flora was the only true Riddle.

Hagrid realized that the Centaurs had welcomed her - for their standards of course, since they did not like to be too friendly to anyone. They had shown a certain respect for Flora though, and this meant that they would not harm her:

'Professor Flora, if you don't mind, I would like to go back to Hogwarts. The students must be arriving.'

'Please… I wouldn’t like to delay you, Professor Hagrid. Mr Firenze, if you allow me I would like to stay here a bit longer.'

Firenze nodded and Flora said goodbye to Hagrid, and thanked him a lot. Firenze invited Flora to walk through the forest, and then he began a conversation that puzzled her:

'We centaurs, constantly assess the stars and constellations. Nothing surprises us. Of course there is always a choice. Pluto was strangely aligned with Saturn, indicating significant changes, such as those that occurred about a thousand years ago. Some disruption. We knew you would arrive. We knew a lot about your arrival and the consequences of it. But we could not predict the course of your history. This meant that everyone was very curious about your person. That was why Bane allowed you to approach.'

'What can be so enigmatic about a person as ordinary as me? …Ordinary among witches, of course. I am a witch, a wife, a teacher, and a mother of three...'


'Nope. There are three.'

'And the heir to the Time and Death, Harry Potter’s son?'


'The child in your womb...'

Flora lost her breath as if she had been punched in the stomach… She got sick, and fainted. When she woke up, she was on Firenze’s back at the forest exit.

'Excuse me, sir. May I come down?'
'Um... what?'
'May I come down please? I don't feel right, here on your back. Please don't misunderstand me, I know you were helping me, but centaurs don’t seem made for riding. I mean, it doesn't seem right. I feel like I am pushing your generosity.'

Firenze let her down. Frowning, he looked at her with even more curiosity than before.

'You are a strange witch, Flora Riddle.'

'Call me only Flora please. I have not been able to decide what name to use lately... Sir ... Are you sure I'm pregnant? And that this child is not my husband’s? I don't remember having had any intimacy with Mr. Potter.'

'No doubt about it. It's all there.' Firenze said this pointing at the sky. 'It all happened just over three months ago.'

Flora gulped . She was very nervous, especially considering that she did not remember anything. Harry surely would not have done anything without her consent, but she did not remember having allowed him. The anguish of not knowing, not remembering anything made her almost forget the result of their act: after all she was pregnant! She let out a wail of despair. She was so scared that she hurriedly apologized to Firenze, and set with him the date for the beginning of her private lessons on the study of heavenly bodies.

She hurried out of the forest. She did not know where Harry lived, but she did know that he worked at the Ministry. And as the afternoon had just begun, she decided to find him there. But how? She had never been at the Ministry before.
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Hi, mom. I know you're a Slytherin pretending to be a Puff here, but, come on!
Harry is a hero, he never would be like that. He's a gentleman. You are unbelievable... you really want defeat him? You cannot do this.>)

I enjoyed the chapter Stir at Hogwarts. It's fun.

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Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Originally Posted by R. Riddle View Post
Hi, mom. I know you're a Slytherin pretending to be a Puff here, but, come on!
Harry is a hero, he never would be like that. He's a gentleman. You are unbelievable... you really want defeat him? You cannot do this.>)

I enjoyed the chapter Stir at Hogwarts. It's fun.

Hi my love

Just wait and see.... He's really a gentleman. But he's a man.
I'm thinking I should replace this FF to "adventure +16" category...
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Default 6. Nausea and pepper
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Flora stumbled back to the castle, a dazed and shocked look on her face. Viktor Krum saw her and was intrigued with the elusive way she greeted him.

At first, she did not intend to talk to anyone. But then she changed her mind and asked him:

'Could you come with me to the Ministry of Magic? I would like to request Apparition lessons for Katarina and Felipe and ask for a license for me, 'cause I was informed that I need one. And was told that it can only be done in person. I also want to know why my request for a computer room at Hogwarts was denied by the Ministry, which is lamentable shame, because it would surely help a lot in my Muggle Studies class.'

Krum agreed to accompany her as he was free that afternoon. He and Flora first went to her house to invite Katarina to come to the Ministry with them.

Katarina used to spend her time reading the books brought by Flora, learning some spells with Hannah and helping to take care of baby Joanne. She was still waiting for a license to attend the school library and to learn more about the wizarding world. So, she was free too.

When they arrived at Flora’s home, they met Katarina at the gate. She was coming back from Hannah's. Her blue eyes and Krum's black eyes interlocked so firmly, that everything became instantly clear to Flora: the teacher had impressed her friend.

Krum really was a very handsome man: his straight black hair framed his tall figure and ran down his very strong shoulders up to his broad chest. A wide smile and aligned eyebrows formed his face, while his black eyes gave him a solid appearance. Katarina was the opposite of him in her looks: she had fragile hair, and her eyes were very clear and her skin too pale. While he seemed solid as a brick wall, she was fluid like the wind.

Flora smiled and introduced him to Katarina. She thought that they would be a beautiful couple, and that thought made her happy. Silently, Flora looked at the couple in front of her for a moment. Then she invited Katarina to come with them to the Ministry. She readily accepted to come. As far as Flora could see, she was not the only one who was thinking that they would make a nice pair.

The three went to Felipe's store and told him about the last minute tour. He said that he could not go with them, but asked Flora to solve the issue of the Apparition lessons for him. Viktor led them to downtown London by Apparition.
Apparently nobody noticed the three people who had just appeared in the crowd coming from nowhere. Katarina said in amazement:

‘This is incredible! I am so excited to take this course and have my license to Apparate!’

Viktor smiled too and told Katarina about his first experiences with Apparition.
Flora followed their conversation for a while, but it soon faded away. Her focus was elsewhere.

They got to a street with little movement and with offices on both sides. Krum showed them the visitor's entrance of the Ministry of Magic, which was an abandoned red telephone booth. Amused, Katarina smiled while Flora seemed bothered. The three entered the tight telephone booth and after Krum dialed the correct password (“62442”), they were taken underground.

Not even the grandeur of the Atrium of the Ministry could distract Flora, as she wanted to see Harry straight away. Meanwhile, Katarina and Krum talked animatedly. This sudden interest shown by her friends came in handy for Flora, who managed to disguise her anxiety by suggesting that they should seek for information at Apparition Test Center while she allegedly would try to solve the trouble regarding the computer room. At the information desk she asked for directions to the Auror Office and to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement - which were both located coincidentally on the same floor. Then, she went there.

She was blind, with a mixture of anguish and anger bubbling within her. An ethereal voice announced that the elevator had reached the second level but she did not even remember having entered the elevator. But she did know that she had arrived at her destination: the Auror Headquarters. To find Harry Potter in his department was not as difficult as she had imagined. He was dispatching at his desk. When he saw Flora, he let out a smile. She walked towards him.

After her visit to Brazil, she had her hair dyed black again. Now it seemed to pulse with every step. When she got near him her voice seemed to choke and with considerable effort she asked to speak privately to him. He took her to a small room down the hall near the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. It seemed to have been a broom cupboard. Finally, the two of them were alone and behind closed doors, Flora picked up Harry's wand and pointed it to his chest, literally cornering him against the wall:

‘Don’t hide anything from me: what happened at the Shrieking Shack that night?’ She angrily demanded.

Harry gulped as looked deeply in her eyes, and, without taking his wand from her pushed it away from his chest; then taking a deep sigh, he said:

'What happened in the Shrieking Shack that night has tortured me night and day since then. I know you can't remember anything because I partially erased your memory.'

Flora's eyes widened, she was furious. She started to raise his wand again, so Harry seized her hand firmly but gently, and then asked:

'Flora, please don’t come to hasty conclusions. Use your Legilimency in my memory where it’s all very fresh. You won’t have any difficulty accessing it...'
Harry had barely finished speaking, and Flora was already dipping into his mind.

She could see him in Hogsmeade, on the street, looking at her with affection and admiration while she was fighting on the roof. She also could see Aberforth carrying Felipe who was unconscious to the Hog's Head.

Then Harry apparated to the place where Flora was disarmed and hurt. He saved her from falling off the roof and by Apparition led her directly to the Shrieking Shack. There she could see him watching her, while tears streamed continually down his face. He muttered things like, "don’t die, my love", "don’t stop living." She remained in his lap alternating consciousness and unconsciousness. Her face and arm was bleeding abundantly and she was unable to move herself.

The snow was falling outside, the cold was bitter. Harry, then, conjured a small fire to warm them up, but it did not seem to be working, because Flora's lips were purple. Then he opened his shirt to warm her in his chest. Gradually her color came back. They talked a bit. Warm and with her wounds magically closed, Flora seemed to be regaining her strength. Meanwhile, the exchange of love glances was intense between them. So she withdrew from him and immediately began to shiver with cold. He noticed that and concerned for her, suggested that she should come back closer to the warmth of his body. Flora did as was told. Then, without speaking, she began caressing his chest under the pretext of warming her hands. Their acts proved to be a lame excuse.
Without being able of holding themselves anymore, they kissed. Harry tried to withdraw because he was looking after her injuries. However, she assured him that nothing but her heart was bleeding. And that he was the only treatment she needed then and there. Without looking at him, she said:

‘Since the first day we met it is growing inside me… something that drives me crazy, that makes me want you, makes me want to open my body, merge my soul with yours. Maybe this isn't right as we have our lives and our families, but... I can no longer wait, no longer. I need you otherwise I will explode and…’

Harry put his hand on her chin and raised it lovingly, then he looked in her eyes and said:

'I know exactly how you feel, Flora, because I feel the same - I know it's wrong, I know we could not - but I fell in love with you and I cannot pretend this is not happening ... '

The two of them were just a few moments looking at each other's eyes without saying anything, so Harry brought his face closer to her and kissed her again. Without another word, she gently took off their clothes and the two of them turned into what they most desired. Harry received Flora's love very tenderly and carefully. But after all was done, she started crying which puzzled him very much. She begged him to erase that magical moment from her memory. And she also implored him to try to get away from her so that their lives could go back to normal. He was reluctant. Then she insisted: remembering it would only mean suffering to both of them, because all that tenderness between them could not happen again. With tears in his eyes, he erased her memory:


He silently continued taking care of her for the rest of the night. Infinite sadness shadowed his green eyes.

Flora turned her attention to the Ministry. Her mind did not really keep the memory of that moment, but her body did. She felt a warm pain permeating all her flesh as if it had retained the memory of all that tenderness. Tears welled up in her eyes and she realized that Harry was weeping silently as well. She breathed deeply, hugged him and apologized.

‘How did you know that something else had happened that night?’ Harry asked.

‘I was feeling weird, but I hadn't suspected anything. Coincidently, I also had the strange feeling that something was wrong because I sensed you were keeping away from me. Nevertheless, I tried to respect you - I should go ahead, despite I missed you so much... However, this morning I talked to the centaurs. Firenze revealed something to me. I don't quite know how to tell you, but... I’m pregnant.’

Harry looked at her in amazement. He sniffed, shook his head and asked:

‘Are you sure?’

‘I have all the symptoms: sleepiness, euphoria, nausea, and a craving for pure pepper ...’

‘How do you know that this baby isn't Felipe's?’

‘He and I decided to have no more children because I'm not young anymore. So we always take precautions. But Firenze talked about the baby and his fatherhood. He said very clearly that according to the stars, I was bearing your child. I don't know what to do.’ She said, caressing her belly.

‘Don't worry about anything now. Let's think. Don't talk about that to Felipe yet, let’s think of a solution out together. Perhaps the best one is to let Felipe believe the baby is his. I feel horrible at saying this, a bloody coward, but I don't want to destroy both our families.’

‘Me neither ...’ Flora agreed.

‘But I'll never be away from you. I want to follow the growth of our child very closely, just as I’ll do with the others -. Perhaps officially I could be his godfather ...’ He made a brief pause, held her hand and confided:

‘Flora, I love you.’

Harry hugged and kissed her, then kneeled and kissed her belly. Once again they felt all that painful love. Flora narrowed her eyes and tightened her lips. Then she asked him:

‘Harry, am I repeating the story of Bellatrix, my mother? Having a son from forbidden love? But my baby will not have the same fate as me nor as my father. I already love this child. I could never abandon him…’

Harry got up to caress her hair, looked her deeply in the eyes, and tenderly smiling said:

‘Don't worry about it. The baby will have a great mom, and maybe two fathers... And if our baby is lucky he’ll have your eyes.’

‘I want him to have yours.’ She smiled and cried as the same time.

Feelings of pain and joy mixed within them. They were distressed. Their hearts were almost exploding. He hugged her. They breathed heavily. Then they kissed again. Tears streamed down their faces. And their hug supported each other.

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Default 7. Star Anise
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

The darkness of his room was Harry’s best friend since that night in the Shrieking Shack. Ginny was breathing softly beside him. At least he had not denied her the quiet sleep of someone who knew nothing.

He was thinking about Flora again. Flora. He had no doubt: he was dealing with the cruelest witch. She was smart, sweet, gentle, beautiful, and cruel. Not even the Cruciatus Curse that Voldemort had cast repeatedly on him had made him suffer so much. Simultaneously, he felt unclean and wounded. How could she have done that to him? Asked him to erase something so good, so magical, so special from her memory ... And now: the baby. A guilty conscience before Ginny and especially the baby - who would come into the world amid a confusion created by their parents made Harry squirm. How reckless had he been! He shook his head. And then he remembered the image of Flora pointing his wand at him and thought about the anger dripping from her eyes. He smiled. He both hated and loved Flora with all his strength.

Harry stood up, wandered around the house, looking at James, Albus and Lily’s empty beds. He imagined them sleeping at the school. He missed them so much. How would Flora be now? And his baby was growing inside her. He already loved this child, just like his other ones. Would he be able to hear him calling Felipe as his dad? What a pain!

He went into the kitchen and quietly prepared a cup of tea. The sweet aroma of star anise had invaded his lungs and calmed him down. He watched the steam that rose from the cup as if it could give a solution to which he had no answer. Suddenly, he feared: what if his baby looked even a slightest bit like his grandfather? Would he be able to look at the baby, to see a thumbnail of Tom Riddle and still love the child? Harry was sure he would: nothing could change the feeling he had for his yet unborn child.

Looking at the horizon through the window of the kitchen, he whispered:

'Flora, you are so mean… If I once defeated Voldemort thanks to love, I know you will beat me by using the same weapon… I surrender.'

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Default 8. Bellatrix Black
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

A month had passed since the revelation of Flora’s pregnancy, but she was actually entering the fourth month of it. She was lying on her bed, caressing her belly. 'There is no greater magic in this world than bearing a child.' These words came to her mind at the same moment she felt something fluttering in her belly. 'Would it be the baby?' Flora smiled.

She was thinking of Harry too. How could she have asked him to erase something so beautiful from her memory? She had been so mean and selfish...
Their encounter had been a sign of love, and love could not be wrong. Not when a new life had been conceived. She looked at Felipe who was fast asleep and purring like a cat. What would he be dreaming of? She felt so distant from her husband, she missed him. To worsen her feeling, she had not told him about her pregnancy yet and didn’t think that she could ever tell him the truth. She tried to be as away from him as possible because she did not like lying and she could not lie especially to Felipe. But she decided she would not make up any lie: it would only be a secret. He would surely love her son and would become his father, just as hers had always been to her. Not her biological fathers, but the real one, who had taught her everything. The difference was that the adoption was neither a choice to Felipe, nor was he aware of it. Cruel? Not as much as Harry, who would have to see his son growing up considering Felipe to be his dad. But what of it? It was not possible to please everyone! She should tell her husband about her pregnancy as soon as possible.

Tired of turning restlessly around in bed, she got up. It would be impossible to sleep with her throat burning like that. Then, in the dark, silently, she walked to the kitchen. The hem of her sweater was trailing on the floor producing a snake-like sound. She sniggered at this: besides speaking to snakes, she walked like them now. That left nothing behind for her to become a perfect snake. She prepared a glass of iced water with a few drops of lemon juice to get over her uneasiness. Then, the black brightness of the stone over which she had stepped in the Forbidden Forest months before, called her attention.
She had forgotten all about it. She grabbed the stone that was lying on a shelf. It had a very curious cut. She turned the stone around between her fingers while drinking the water with lemon in small sips. She was feeling a deep loneliness. She thought about Bellatrix. Her mother had had a love story similar to hers. Looking at the stone in her hand, rolling it in her fingers, she got lost in thoughts. What if Bellatrix had known that her baby was Tom Riddle’s daughter and not Rodolphus Lestrange’s? Flora pitied her birth mother… Life had denied Bellatrix any joy since she never knew that a daughter had been conceived out of her greatest love!

Then, Flora did not believe what she saw: she was in front of the faded image of a woman who curiously watched her. Flora recognized Bellatrix because her birth mother looked like her sisters and Flora. She looked much like Andromeda, but darker, just like her hair, while her attitude seemed like Narcissa’s. Was she a ghost?

They looked at each other. Their movements were almost synchronized. Bellatrix looked around, then fixed her gaze into Flora's eyes, and let loose a loud laugh. Worried that it would wake her son and husband, Flora motioned for Bellatrix to be quiet. Then Bellatrix told her:

‘Do not be silly. Only you can see and hear me. Where am I?’ Said Bellatrix, while watching around at the kitchen.

Flora answered:

‘At my house.’

‘And who are you?’

Bellatrix paused at the syllables. Flora did not get intimidated.

‘I'm Flora. Who are you?’

‘I am Bellatrix Black.’ Bellatrix smiled.

‘Lestrange?’ Said Flora.

Bellatrix twisted her nose.

‘I am a Black. And so are you. I feel that. But how? I recognize your eyes ... Would you...?’

'You're right. I'm your daughter. I was given out for adoption soon after my birth.’ Flora blurted out.

Bellatrix, without the customary arrogance, was almost unrecognizable. With kindness in her eyes, she lamented:

‘How I wish I could have hugged you, my baby! How I wished I could have given my Lord a family! But no, I thought you belong to the other one, so I took that potion to get rid of you ... And now here you are before me. My daughter!’

Bellatrix paused for a moment:

‘I can see you are suffering as well.’
Deceived by all that love shown by her birth mother, Flora told her all what was happening. Bellatrix was playing the role of the mother that inhabited Flora’s imaginary. But Flora did not know that: even though this Bellatrix was only a reminder of who she had been when alive, her essence was still perverse. And Bellatrix ghost somehow kept vivid in her crazy mind the idea of revenge against those who had defeated her. And then the vision softly said:

‘My pretty daughter, I'll help you get everything and anything you want.’

Frightened by this promise, Flora let the stone fall. The connection broke. Bellatrix vanished. Flora immediately realized that the connection was made through the stone, so she figured that she better keep it in a safe place (‘perhaps behind the pot of the hideous tea she had bought in London…Nobody would have that tea’ she thought). Quickly she picked up and waved her wand to hide the stone, as she had not intent to touch it again. She did not want to meet Bellatrix again and feared that this could also bring Voldemort back. Without knowing it, she was right: she had found the only thing capable of bringing the dead back: the Resurrection Stone, one of the Deathly Hallows. The same stone which Harry had dropped in the woods twenty years ago, and that once had belonged to her ancestors.

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Default 9. The small Shadow
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

The sun came out timidly warming and dissipating the fog that had formed overnight. Flora woke up unwell, and with a very strong desire to go back in time... But she knew that even if she was indeed able to do that, she wouldn’t be able to avoid all the actual confusion. Passion had been stronger before and would still be so, whenever she returned to that day when she could not hold herself. There was an uncontrollable attraction between Harry Potter and her. And she was aware of it.

Flora prepared an elaborate breakfast for her husband, even though she knew that he would not have more than a glass of chocolate milk and would also have no muffins, biscuits or rolls. He would not touch the fruits either. Maybe with luck, he would agree to take something to work to eat later. She needed him to accept and agree to what she would produce, like the child in her womb. She looked at the teapot that hid the black stone. Should she tell Felipe? Or rather, will she be able to tell him? Flora did not want to worry her husband. She did not intend to touch that stone again since she was afraid that Bellatrix and Voldemort could appear again. Surely this was something to show to an Auror, because it certainly was an object of the dark arts. But she did not want to meet Harry, as he was very busy and she knew that if she called someone else from the Ministry she either would be accused of having forged it, or Harry would come to her; perhaps both. Maybe she would be better take and show it to Krum.

There was also the remote chance that she had dreamed it all, and this thought gave her a momentary relief. However, the cup and the squeezed lemon were still on the sink, and so the stone would surely be behind the pot. And there it was. Flora almost touched it with her hand, then retreated back as if it gave a shock. Then she went back to preparing breakfast. Yan would certainly like muffins with chocolate stars floating on top: "If only I could make them float..." Flora thought while chewing on her bottom lip.

She was a bit distracted, trying to bewitch the chocolate stars to keep on floating even after she stopped casting the charm, so she did not notice Katarina who had just woken up. Suddenly startled, she made a mess with the chocolate, but still smiled at her friend. While she cleaned up the kitchen, Katarina told her how much involved she was with Professor Viktor Krum: they often spent time together and she was planning to meet him that evening at the Three Broomsticks. She was very happy, and invited Flora and Felipe to come too. Flora agreed and said she would love if Hannah and Neville could come with them too. Flora could help them to look after little Joanne.

‘The bar was not as dingy as the Hog's Head, but it was still a bar. If Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop had stayed open until evening, it would have been more appropriate for parents with children.’ Said Flora.

Excited at the prospect of a "normal time", Flora served breakfast to her husband and son and made the snack Felipe had agreed to take to work. However she carefully added some extra items to it because she was sure old Ab would go to the LAN. His blog "The Old Headless Hog" was still a hit after eight months.

Flora did not have any classes scheduled that day, but she still went with Katarina to Hogwarts, since her friend had finally received permission to visit the school library.

As agreed, Krum met them at the Great Hall. Flora suspected that he must have interceded with Professor McGonagall to give this authorization as soon as possible. He invited the two women (Flora out of gentleness) to watch his class to the first years. Katarina hurried to accept it, but Flora politely declined as she had other plans, which she did not share with them. She was planning to first go to the Chamber of Secrets and then look for Firenze.

Walking among the students proved to be a source of comfort for Flora now that they were no longer afraid of her or what she could do. She greeted all of them, as always with a smile. She was happy, having forgotten a little about herself. Solving Slytherin’s riddle was becoming exciting. Then, she quickly went down the depths of the castle. The whole environment felt already so familiar to her that she hardly needed to look at the path; she could walk blindfolded and still get to her particular hideout at the back of the chamber…

Flora looked at the inscriptions, remade some notes and then went out towards the Forbidden Forest to look for Firenze. There the centaur was waiting for her. They spent the rest of the morning in a sort of cave that Flora bewitched to mimic the sky at night. She did that so as to enable Firenze answer all of her questions and try to teach her to understand the “words” of the stars (at this point, Flora agreed with Bane: humans, or at least she, had many questions as she had not yet reached the necessary magnitude to understand the stars).

A few hours later Flora said goodbye and returned to the castle. She was excited with the new information from Firenze, so she could hardly contain her anxiety to return to the Chamber of Secrets to compare them with the wall's inscriptions. On her way, she bumped into Neville who was getting out of the greenhouses and seemed interested to talk with her. But Flora, excusing herself under the pretext of having to hurry up to the toilet, did not stop longer than a second. They agreed to continue their conversation later on, when they would meet at the Three Broomsticks.

Once in the Chamber, Flora excitedly made her way to the inscriptions and started comparing her notes and what she had learnt. She hoped that at least now she could make some sense of some of the inscriptions. And so it was!

Finally the inscriptions started making some sense: at a certain date, determined by the position of the stars, saying the right words exactly seven times, the person could become invisible and could have his powers enhanced. This would release the wizard from the need of the wand. That made sense to her: if children of wizards often produced magic as she herself had in a moment of despair, managed to release her energy without the aid of her wand, there should be some kind of training or spell that made it regularly possible. The remaining inscriptions were somehow confusing, they told of an heir and then a small shadow, indicating again something about the Centaurs.
She knew that the positions indicated on the inscriptions were very similar to the present sky. She had noticed it the day that Felipe and she had been watching the stars. But she had not noticed any shadow. Would there be anything in the sky?
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Default 10. The haunting Madness
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Flora spent the next few days trying to solve the rest of Slytherin's inscriptions. The weather was not too favorable for the study of heavenly bodies. Sometimes it either rained or sometimes became too cloudy! Felipe began realizing that his wife looked strange: she had become very quiet and often looked ill. By not assuming her pregnancy, Flora was not taking the enough necessary care of herself like eating or sleeping well. It was also likely that she was anemic. But she ignored the symptoms: her thoughts were completely focused on Slytherin.

To worsen things, her carelessness did not limit to herself: it extended towards her home, her classes, her family and her friends too, and everything else seemed to be in the background. The constant concern of her family and friends around her almost drove her mad. She did not want them to discover what she was up to. She had already finished decoding the inscriptions. In a way, she felt as if Slytherin himself had been waiting for her.

The inscriptions revealed that a Slytherin woman, who carried a baby in her womb, would figure out the complicated nature of the stellar architecture, and release the sleeping dragon from inside it. Those words kept on twisting in her head. She was anxious to solve the riddle of the stars and to achieve what even her most brilliant ancestor had not managed to. After having decoded it, the right keywords would come out of her. Slytherin had never been able to do that himself, since he was not a woman. Perhaps this had been the real reason for him to leave Hogwarts to its other three founders: to find a pure-blood woman and marry her in order to make her a Slytherin and fill her womb with a child. It must have been just that, which would have made him more and more powerful.

Down in the “womb” of the castle, while studying the constellation of Orion that stood in the chamber wall, Flora felt a sudden urge to spin her body.
While she was spinning everything turned lighter: Orion is on the celestial equator and thus the stars rotating in the night sky might be associated with Frigg's spinning wheel. How did she not think about it yet? Flora was feeling euphoric - she found out that it was once known as "Frigg's Distaff" (Frigg’s spindle); Frigg being the goddess of love and passion. Slytherin may not have seen any importance in that connection. However, she had; just due to her feminine reasoning. From her study of Orion or Frigga Distaff, Flora managed to get the antidote to anything that went wrong: Lady's Bedstraw (Galium verum), she came to know that was a powerful sedative, among many other magical properties. She would use it as a lucky charm and could ingest it in case of an emergency. She felt safe.

This way the days passed quickly, without Flora realizing its flux. She acted like an actor before an audience: she perceived some response to her actions although it was not enough to deviate her from her script. In addition, it was as if imaginary spotlights blinded her and consequently she was not able to see each person’s expressions, so that everyone was part of that audience. If someone asked her, she could not say how Yan or Felipe were feeling, not even what they were doing while she spent hours immersed in books or laying on the floor of the Chamber of Secrets, constructing and deconstructing diagrams.

Once, Yan was in the kitchen looking after something to eat, since his mother had not prepared any meal. When he saw the black stone. He took it in his hand then ran to his mother who was in the backyard watching the dogs chase the garden gnomes and examining the branch of Galium verum wrapped around her neck.

'Mom, what is it?'

Flora felt as if someone had broken into her privacy; she abruptly took the stone from her son and replied that it was nothing. She feared for his son, but the fear of having a secret revealed by Bellatrix was even stronger. She was not sure of how the stone worked yet, so she believed Bellatrix could appear every time someone held the stone for some time. Then she left the house hurriedly and went to her refuge in the depths of the castle.

After that incident, Flora decided to carry the stone in her pocket, along with her wand. By the way, the wand was increasingly becoming uncomfortable in her hands once she had discovered that she could get rid of that "appendix."

After Yan had found the stone, Flora felt as if she needed to spend even more time hidden in the Chamber of Secrets, not that she could believe that there was still something that had not been discovered yet, since to all appearance the latest answers for the inscriptions were in the stars. She just felt good being alone there, and often groped her clothes to feel the volume in her pocket. She dared not touch the stone directly, but somehow she felt good about the possibility given by it of having her birth mother so close to her.
She thought a lot about Bellatrix, it was utterly impossible to forget how much she had been kind, which was incompatible with everything Flora had heard about her mother. Had everyone exaggerated? Flora tried not to think about it, but the tender way that Bellatrix looked at her was everything she had ever dreamed of.

While laying on the cold stone floor and holding the stone under her clothes, Flora thought: what if Bellatrix had been dominated by the Imperius Curse which was the reason that had caused her to be so mean to people? Or, what if she had only been perverse for not having the opportunity to live her greatest love? And what if Voldemort had fled with Bellatrix as soon as they met, to a romantic cottage in the middle of nowhere? She could have been born in such a place, and the three of them could have lived happily ever after. No. It was too much even for Flora. She waved this thought away. Romantic daydreams did not match anything she had seen or heard about her parents. She got up and decided to look once more at the wall full of inscriptions.

Now that she understood, the inscriptions did not leave her head. They seemed like a dance, seven steps to the right: a constellation, five to the left: the second constellation, a spin: the third one and so on, bowing and making flourishes with her wand when pointing at the stars. Flora danced in front of the stone wall, simulating the spell. But she soon got mad at herself, once she had not figured out their correct order yet. It needed more research. And by repeating the same impulsive way that had taken her there, she left the place. She felt euphoricaly mad but it did no matter to her.

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Default 11. Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Finally a starry night. After going out many times without giving any explanation, Flora left her husband visibly angry and confused at home, talking to himself. She went to Hogwarts directly to the astronomy tower. She flew from the entrance gates to the tower, because she did not want to go by the entrance hall and give excuses to anyone.

The isolation of the tower, the still refreshing breezes of spring, the silence; everything was perfect. All through the night, she wrote down the positions of stars, planets and other points that she could not identify. Firenze’s lessons had been of great value; before the lessons, the sky had just been beautiful for her. But now, the beauty of the bright spots in the darkness was secondary; Flora did not care about it.

With great excitement, almost at dawn, Flora determined the sequence of the constellations which she should work with: Orion, Pegasus, Ursa Major (Great Bear), Andromeda and Dragon. Her anxiety did not allow her to take longer. She wanted and would have liked to start the spell right then and there. However, the first rays of the sun began to dim the light of the stars, so she had to leave it for the next night, which would also be interesting, as it was Friday and she knew that it was Frigg's day. Nothing could go wrong then.

She came home exhausted, but she did not even have time to rest. In addition to her day’s lectures, there were also the household chores, since she no longer had Katarina’s help. Katarina wasn’t at home for much of the time as Viktor had made a point of teaching-in about his studies personally to his girlfriend. Moreover, the two of them spent all his free-time in the field, practicing spells and talking to each other. At home Katarina kept sighing and repeating how gentle and kind he was… But Flora no longer cared about it, she was too obsessed by Slytherin’s inscriptions.

The hours passed slowly. Finally, end of the classes, end of lunch, end of the day. All the “ends” had a special taste that day. She felt like a teenager in love whose wish of her first date was about to be granted. Flora was absent-minded while cooking dinner making it too salty. She apologized to her husband so numbly that she did not even hear his reply. Then, saying good-bye to Felipe and Yan, Flora left; once again without excusing herself.

Flora left home and headed towards the field at the end of the street. She was in a hurry as she wanted to test her findings before the nearing summer holidays. She looked for a retired spot and began to walk in a wide circle around it, while casting some protective enchantments which she had learned from Hermione:

'Salvio hexia... Protego totalun... Repello Muggletum... Muffiato...'

Barefoot again, she took a deep breath and looked at the stars. Then, she started the ritual. During it, she repeated seven times the words, steps, flourishes, skips and turns ... As she repeated those steps, she had the impression that the stars were getting closer to her. Then it happened: she screamed, but no sound came out of her mouth. Instead, a huge ball of fire did. The ball hung in the air for a moment and went back in her body, entering through her navel and burning her belly. Then she fell to the ground. The heat ran through her whole body. For a few minutes she felt as if she was on fire.
Finally the heat dissipated through her hands. Desperate and taken by the pain, she groped around with her left hand while the right one forced Galium verum down her throat. Until that just before fainting, she unwittingly took the black stone in her hand and called her mother.

She woke up with the spectral Bellatrix looking at her with that sweet look and asking:

‘My dear child, what did you do?’

Flora looked at herself, her clothes slightly singed, and blood running from between her legs. She got frightened. For the first time in days she remembered that she was pregnant. Pregnant with his baby. His baby. She was sorry, for she did not want to lose the baby. Crying, Flora put her hands between her legs. A heat came out of them and the bleeding stopped. “Dragon power”, she belittled, frowning. Then she put her hand on her belly, but could not feel the baby anymore. It broke her heart.

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus: now she knew, she should never have awakened the dragon. Perhaps the motto in Hogwarts’ coat of arms was a veiled Slytherin’s message. Despair! She was deeply disgusted at herself. She should have been more careful. What had she done? Her whole body ached.
She panted. And Bellatrix just watched.

Flora’s mother came closer to her. Bellatrix took advantage of the confusion to show herself as sweet and helpful as she had never been before in her whole life. She needed Flora to live on. Flora passed out again. When she woke up, she was no longer in the meadow.

__________________________________________________ ________
note: Frigg was the goddess of married women, in Norse mythology. She helped women give birth to children, and as Scandinavians used the plant Lady's Bedstraw (Galium verum) as a sedative, they called it Frigg's grass. In Denmark, the plant (known locally as gul snerre) is traditionally used to infuse spirits, making the uniquely Danish drink bjæsk.(from wikipedia)
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Default 12. The house screamed
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

When she woke up, all the events that had taken place seemed like memories that belonged to another person rather than to her. She looked at herself and got a shock: she was dirty with dried blood on her body, her clothes were singed, and her whole body ached. She looked around and recognized the Shrieking Shack.

Flora wanted to go back and undo what she had done. But how? And her baby? Flora wept convulsively. She thought of Felipe and their children. She had to get up. How had she gotten there? She looked for her wand, but could not find it. Besides, she knew that she would not need it anymore: with just a few snaps of her fingers, and focusing her thoughts on what she wanted, she could do whatever she wanted to. So, she wasn’t dependant on the wand any longer. To command it by imagination was much more efficient than to do it by verbal, oral or any other way. By using her newly acquired magical powers she mended her clothes, and cleaned herself up enough to get ready to go home.

She remembered that she had lessons to give that day, but she was feeling so unwell. I cannot forget to send an owl to McGonagall telling her that. She thought.

She loved Felipe, how could she have done that to him? The awareness that she had left him alone and abandoned in the last few days suddenly overwhelmed her, and that sadness and guilt weighed on her shoulders. She looked at her left hand, and to her surprise, a ring with the black stone replaced her wedding one. Flora could feel that no frame held the stone; therefore, her skin was in continuous contact with it. She tried to take off the ring, but was unable to do that. She felt vulnerable and hopeless, so she broke down in tears.

Then Flora heard taps on the door. Katarina was there. With great effort she stood up and walked to the door, holding up in the wreckages of the house.
She opened the door.

Her head ached. She felt something strange, as if her head was hollow inside.

’Flora! We have all been looking for you for the last two days! What happened? Felipe is so worried, Yan cannot stop crying, Ricardo and Lia were released from classes yesterday. Now they are with their father. Even your friend Hermione came to help us. She’s been here since yesterday. Mr. Potter arrived today - he suggested that you could be here. Felipe and he are looking for you in the Forbidden Forest right now, and Hermione is looking for you in the castle.’ Katarina said, worriedly looking at her friend.

Flora pondered about telling Katarina a little about what had happened to her.
She needed to tell her about Harry and their baby. She needed caring. But something inside her would not let her do it. She only asked her friend to take her to the clinic because she had done some experiments that had not worked out all right. So she did not feel well.

While Flora was being treated in the hospital, Katarina told her:

‘There was a break in Azkaban, the wizarding prison yesterday… The strange thing is that the guards believe that Mr. Potter is involved with this… that somehow he contributed to the escape. Very dangerous people, Hermione told me. But she also ensured that Mr. Potter hasn't done anything since he himself had arrested those people last year.’

‘Katarina, I think.. it would be better to tell others that I’m here…’"

‘You're right! I was so happy at having found you that I almost forgot ... I'll be back soon. Take care!’ Katarina went out.

Flora needed to be alone with the Healer. She wanted to ask her about her baby. To her sorrow, the nurse confirmed what Flora knew somehow: the baby was gone. Flora wept in silence, a pain that was only hers.

Felipe and Harry arrived together. The nurse explained that as Flora had lost so much blood, she should remain under observation for a while. Then the Healer turned to Felipe and reported:

‘She lost your baby.’

He looked Flora in the eyes and asked her, looking worried, and with teary eyes:

‘A baby? Oh, Darling, why did you not tell me anything? I had noticed that you were different ...’

‘I... I was not sure, just suspected it ... And besides, I was so immersed in my astronomy studies, as ...’

Felipe kissed and hugged Flora. She gazed into Harry's eye over her husband’s shoulders, as if to apologize and ask for support at the same time through her red teary eyes.

Harry, in turn, excused himself and went out to wander aimlessly on the streets, tears streaming down his face, and then he started crying his heart out. Her grief tore at his heart. Next, he went into the Hog's Head and did something he had never done before: he drank a bottle of firewhiskey. Not that it would ease his pain, or make him forget anything. He felt guilty for not taking care of her, for not giving her any support, and for not having taken the child with him. He had to punish himself somehow.

Aberforth tried in vain to give some advice to Harry even without knowing what was going on. The old man knew him long enough to know that Harry was not well at all. But Harry did not heed any advice. He did not feel worthy of anyone's help. To worsen things up, just then he received an owl from the Ministry telling him that he was temporarily suspended from his duties and that he was under investigation.

Very depressed he said: ‘A troll is better than me.’

Then he asked Aberforth to send an owl to Ginny, telling her he would not be returning home soon, so she would not have to wait for him. Then he requested:

‘Please leave me alone.’

Out on the street, with the second bottle of firewhiskey in his hand, Harry went towards the Shrieking Shack. The traces of Flora's blood on the floor increased his guilt and pain.

Ginny, the Weasleys, as well as his friends tried in vain to get him out of his miserable situation, but he would not give in. Everybody thought that it was caused by his suspension from the Ministry, but no one believed that he could be in any way, involved in the terror that was installed, despite the Daily Prophet forming this hypothesis based on his "guilty” behavior. Even so, he would not tell anyone the truth, it would not be elegant. He was almost on the verge of losing his mind. He had betrayed the love of his life – Ginny, of course – and further more with his beloved Flora in hospital in a severe condition and his baby dead, he could not think of anything, except punishing himself secretly.

He had not felt this way since the death of his godfather Sirius Black. He felt like going back in time and doing something. He would pluck his heart with his fingernails if it could bring the baby back. He did not blame Flora, even though she had been unwise. He thought that he should have taken care of her - despite having the same age she was like a child, he could see in her eye the childish fascination to know the magical world, or the way she sought the safety and comfort of his lap in the Shrieking Shack - all this aroused in him the need to care for her. Which he did not heed. He had failed in his duty. He was a coward – that was what he thought about himself. He wanted to die, but he thought it would not be enough: he needed to punish himself, needed to feel that pain. He felt responsible for everything. He wanted Ginny to hate him, to despise him, he wanted Flora to hate him too and to curse him. He thought he did not deserve his wife or Flora. So, every night one could hear in Hogsmeade, along with the howling wind, screams echoing through the alleys.
They came directly from the Shrieking Shack. But when it was searched, nobody found anything, since Harry was under his invisibility cloak.

On the other hand, Flora also felt guilty mainly about the loss of her baby, but also about probably having been caught off guard by Bellatrix. The ring embedded in her skin left her with no doubt that something bad was happening to her. Deep down in her mind she felt something strange, as if her thoughts were being monitored. She feared for her sanity. She did not know how Harry was. Felipe was aware that if she knew that, it would make her even sadder, since Flora was very devoted to her friends. Therefore, he omitted any news about their friend. Felipe tried in every way to keep Flora from suffering, even when he questioned her about what she had done with the wedding ring, he gently accepted when she replied: "I’ve replaced it by this ring; I found it more beautiful." He knew that it was not a true answer, he knew that something had happened which Flora did not want to share with him, but he did not contradict her.

The following week, Flora was discharged from hospital and returned home. Her children merrily received her. Her friends had worked in her garden to take off the gnomes and had filled it with flowers of various species trying to make her happier and to cheer her up. Flora was very moved by all the expressions of affection and thanked everyone.
__________________________________________________ ______________
Happy Birthday, Jo!!!
Happy Birthday Harry!
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Default 13. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Even after some days strange things continued to happen. In the dead of night Felipe would note that his wife was not in bed. He could not follow her, because whenever he tried, she simply disappeared as if she was invisible. Only a small shadow could be briefly seen on the floor near the spot where she had disappeared. She would then return hours later. This happened several times. When she was questioned about where she was, every time Flora very sincerely, replied that she had not left the house. At least that was what she believed herself.

Summer vacation did not seem to cheer her up. The presence of her children at home often irritated Flora. So much so that when Narcissa invited them to stay for some time in her house, Flora was relieved and let them go without even suggesting to take them there.

Gradually, Flora began to mistrust herself just as Felipe did. He began to record each and every time his wife went out and returned. He could see that those periods coincided often with strange events, which were later reported in the Muggle’s news. It was as if Flora was responsible for all the evil that was spreading across Europe like disappearances, attacks on Muggle families, unexplained fires everywhere, and so on. The Daily Prophet, as usual, gave all credits to the fugitives of Azkaban or to Harry Potter, since the few witnesses who could point out a guilt person always pointed him out. That complicated his situation even more.

On the other hand, Flora seemed to be getting sweeter and more dedicated towards her lessons which she had resumed early in the term. It was the beginning of October. Felipe himself checked the content of his wife's lessons, which to his surprise, were real declarations of love for Muggles. Was it even possible that his wife who was so sweet and muggle loving during the day, could even commit such atrocities in the evening? It reminded him of "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde".

After nearly two weeks since Felipe had begun his investigations, Flora found his notes. She was suddenly startled, as if getting out of a trance; she realized that he could be totally right in his suspicions.

Flora looked at the ring on her hand and immediately made the connection: Bellatrix. So, she focused her mind and was able to notice her presence.
Somehow, Bellatrix was with her, or inside her. It was worse than what she had thought at first: she could not devise a strategy to end that connection without her dead mother noticing her intent. That was why all her attempts to take off the ring had failed, Bellatrix was sabotaging her. She would have to dissemble all her feelings, thoughts, anything that she decided to do. But first, she needed to know what was happening at night. What she was doing at night. Fortunately, Felipe's notes were all in Portuguese, so she should not have understood that she was being monitored.

What Flora naively ignored was that even this decision could have been shared with Bellatrix.
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Default 14. Spinning and Weaving
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Note: I wrote Flora's note in Portuguese and translated it into English only for you, not for Bellatrix. But I let the original note in this chapter, so you can experience Bellatrix's feelings of not know what is written
__________________________________________________ _____________
Flora forced herself to think strictly in Portuguese while she was writing a note to her husband:

"Felipe, também não sei o que está acontecendo, mas tenho uma suspeita. Vou averiguar. Me assusta pensar que eu possa ser responsável por todo o terror que tem acontecido, mas, acredite, mesmo que pareça ser eu, pode não ser eu. Das duas uma: ou estou enlouquecendo ou tem mesmo outra pessoa compartilhando meu corpo. Acho que tudo isso tem a ver com este anel horrível. Tenho tentado arrancar isso do meu dedo e não consigo, nem com magia, nem com sabão. Por favor, procure o professor Viktor, Draco ou Harry, eles podem ter alguma idéia. Eu não posso pedir pessoalmente. Acho que meus pensamentos não estão seguros. Se precisar falar comigo, deixe outro recado em português. Não me mostre nada ou fale nada importante diretamente. Dissimule. Eu tentarei fazer o mesmo. E, por favor, não esqueça: escreva em português. Te amo. Beijos. Flora”

Translated only for readers, not for Bellatrix: "Felipe, I don't know what's happening, but I have a suspicion. I'll find all about it. It scares me to think that I may be responsible for all the terror that's happening, but believe me, even if it seems that it is me, it may not be me. Either I'm going crazy or there's someone else sharing my body. I think it has to do with that horrible ring. I have tried to pull it off but it won’t come out, neither with magic nor with soap. Please ask Professor Viktor, Draco and Harry for some help, any sort of help; they might have some idea. I can't talk to them in person... I think my thoughts aren't safe. If you need to talk to me, message me only in Portuguese. Don't show or say anything important directly to me. Dissemble your decisions… I'll try to do the same. And, please don’t forget: write in Portuguese. I love you. Kisses. Flora"

Flora decided to isolate herself in the backyard, so that she could stand motionless and invisible under the biggest tree. She would spend all day there if possible thinking of nothing, looking at the garden, at the dogs, and at the small, multi-colored spring flowers.

But obviously, Bellatrix did not want that. Instead, she wanted to get this second chance to institute evil or simply to take revenge against those who had opposed and overcome her. That bucolic garden scene left her irritable and anxious. Flora felt Bellatrix’s discomfort, but she ignored and held herself back (or rather held her mother back ).

Bellatrix had discovered in Flora a gift that her daughter ignored: the ability to find out what people wanted to hear, which enabled her to reply in the right manner. This certainly was a powerful weapon. With it, she could easily manipulate people. By using this ability, and coupling it with the fragility of Flora's health, she could beat anyone without using force. Bellatrix was delighted with this idea. She wanted her daughter to fall asleep immediately in order for her to go out freely. For Bellatrix. It was very annoying and irritating to use Flora’s body, to depend on Flora. And on realizing that now Flora was insisting on thinking in Portuguese, it made Bellatrix loathe her daughter more.
They didn’t share just images and sensations anymore, but words that did not make sense to her. She was only able to see that Flora was determined to spend the whole day doing nothing under that damned tree. That was tedious.

Unlike Bellatrix, Flora was unaware of her mother’s plans. Bellatrix had taken over her unconscious bit, so all that Flora could feel was some inner turmoil, and that’s why she was unable of determining what was really happening with her. She suffered cluelessly; and besides she knew that she could not even come up with a plan to get rid of Bellatrix, since her mother monitored her full-time; even her dreams were monitored.

She was Bellatrix now. She could not get one minute rest. She felt strong impulses to say nasty things about everyone, to cause pain or suffering to those who she loved. So Flora resisted as much as she could, spinning her body and wandering around the house. She could not let Bellatrix leave the house either, as she was aware that her mother was mean and she did not want to give her the opportunity to meet any innocent people. She did not even have a plan good enough to get rid of that ring either. She would have to test whether the note or her thoughts in Portuguese would go unnoticed to Bellatrix. It would be a way to get something done. She would have to dissimulate as never before, that was far beyond lying: she would have to lie about her feelings and intentions to herself. She would have to go crazy or pretend it. At least this calmed her down: she understood madness well.
Distracted by seeing a spider in its web, she thought she would have to be like the spider, and to carefully weave a web to catch Bellatrix.

The shades of the day had changed; the beautiful sunset colours filled Flora's eyes. She felt like a child again, and that feeling saddened her: her baby would never see the sunset. What a torture: she knew she had lost her baby because of negligence, vanity and ambition. Why had she wanted to be more powerful? At least her efforts to uncover Slytherin's secrets had served a one useful purpose: she could be invisible for as long as needed. As no one could see her, they would hardly come up to her, which was a way to protect everyone. On the other hand, if she had not gone to the end with her research, perhaps Bellatrix would never have had access to her mind. Flora now recalled that she had called her mother herself when she was into the depths of despair. But Bellatrix was not the mother she intended to call, but the sweet mother of her imagination or the other one (the Brazilian who was still alive, so she could not be called through the stone). She heard noises coming from inside the house. Felipe must have gotten home.

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Default 15. Tangles
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Felipe read Flora's note. It was Friday evening, Viktor was travelling with Katarina, and they would not be returning until late Sunday. He sent Draco an e-mail and an owl since he was not sure which one would be faster. Harry was in Hogsmeade. Nevertheless it was proving to be very difficult to find him. Felipe decided to put some notes in strategic locations: the outside of the bars, the dumps, the door of the Shrieking Shack, and Hogwarts gates, so the Auror would find them.

Everyone lamented, but Harry continued to punish himself; he neither accepted help from anyone nor let them get close to him. And after some insistent demands for him to come back home, his family decided in a desperate attempt to let him reflect and come back when he was ready (it would be no more than five days, according to Ginny).

Harry spent most of his time in the Shrieking Shack, either sleeping or in an almost catatonic state, such was the guilt and pain he felt. What's more, he could not and would not eat properly. Instead, he rummaged through rubbish bins for scraps of food. But, his friends realized it soon and ended up leaving aseptic meals for him in the bins that were real banquets; nothing like leftovers. So, when he realized that, he refused to eat even what he found in the trash. Therefore, he became thin and weak. As he refused to bathe as well, his appearance was horrible, almost like his inner being. At least, that was what he could see in an old dirty broken mirror that he found in the Shrieking Shack. But he still did not look the way he wanted to: he was still alive. In those moments when Harry looked at the mirror without recognizing himself, he would ask the shadow he saw reflected in it: "Who are you that are not Harry any longer? Who are you who left a pregnant woman behind and let your son die like that?”

Harry heard the sound of steps from outside coming to the door. Then, they halted and nearly moved away. Harry felt almost relieved. However, he had counted his chickens before they were hatched. The footsteps were Felipe’s, who had moved back just to call Harry before coming in.

‘Harry, I know you're there. I need some help. Flora needs your help. Open this door or I’ll just break it down.’

Felipe did not hear any noise coming from inside the house, so he broke down the door by throwing his body against it. After that he laughed at himself and said:

‘I should have used magic ...’ then, speaking up he said ‘Harry, I know you're there.’

Felipe walked to a corner of the house in which the dust revealed someone's presence. Bending down, he pulled off the invisibility cloak from Harry:

‘My friend, you need a shower urgently!’ Felipe said frowning.

‘Flora really needs help or...’ Harry asked suspiciously.

‘We do need help, all right. The case is as follows: Flora found a black stone in the forest and ...’

Felipe told Harry about the ring and the stone as much as he knew. He did not mention Bellatrix because he did not know about her. After that he read Flora's note, in which it was written that she could not get rid of the ring. He also told Harry about his wife’s apparent misadventures late in the night, which she did not remember doing. At first Harry thought it was kind of a ridiculous fantasy to bring him out of his enclosure. Then, he had an insight: the Resurrection Stone, of course! Felipe’s description of the black stone matched exactly with that of the stone that Dumbledore had left him as inheritance inside a snitch. The stone that he dropped in the forest twenty years ago and he did not know exactly where it was, since he did not have any intention of finding it once again. But after so many years, how could anyone find it? And especially how Flora?! What a twist of fate!

Unlike what Felipe had expected, Harry refused to go home with him. But Harry promised to help him. He would follow Flora.

When Felipe returned home, he received a message from Draco, marking a meeting at the Hog's Head in one hour. As a precaution, Felipe decided to ask Hannah to stay with Yan as he did not feel at ease to leave the boy alone with his wife, since he was very intimidated and shaken up by Flora's words.
He did not believe that his wife would be able to hurt her own child, but what if she was possessed by something or someone? He had never believed in that kind of thing, but after knowing the wizarding world, he no longer doubted the existence of anything.

After making sure that Yan was not at home, Flora decided to show herself up to Felipe so as to fake a daily scene to Bellatrix. Felipe was exhausted after a whole day looking for a way to get help. His wife acted as usual, doing the dishes at the kitchen before playing the piano.

She was playing Pachelbel's Canon, when Felipe approached her with his violin to join the music. The image of her long and white fingers moving with suavity gave her peace. They exchange lovely glances and a sweet kiss at the music's end. Then he said the boys would be meeting at the pub, at night fall (it was almost night fall).She smiled and told him that she would retire early, she intended play one or two pieces before bed.

'One or two pieces?' He smiled as he knew that 'play one or two pieces' did not mean his wife would go to bed soon. She replied smiling too:

'I let you leave me here alone with a condition: play one more music with me. I let you choose the piece.'

Smiling, he took his violin and began performing Bachianas # 4, from Villa-Lobos. She followed him. At the end, Felipe kissed her and went out. She played "Pictures at an Exhibition", from Mussorgsky, the full crazy melody.
After a forty-five minutes she was exhausted, but a little euphoric. Then, before go to bed, she played Beethoven's Moonlight.. She was sleepy, but forced herself to think of innocent things in Portuguese, like lullabies... Then
Flora noticed Bellatrix awakening. She knew she could not pretend to be asleep, because Bellatrix would feel the lie, so she decided to remain in a state apparently oblivious to reality, singing the same Brazilian lullaby over and over again. Accepting commands of Bellatrix over her body, Flora stood up and put on a black dress, the same one she wore in her first class at Hogwarts – her most dark dress. Without turning on the lights, she left the house. She did not look sideways or backward. Flora struggled to keep the apparent alienated state that seemed to satisfy Bellatrix.

Then she saw Harry rummaging through a rubbish bin next to the Three Broomsticks. He was waiting for her indeed.

She felt within herself Bellatrix’s pleasure of triumph; she had defeated Harry Potter. Over there, rummaging through the rubbish, he was less than nothing. And with Flora even more powerful, Bellatrix felt she could do anything using Flora's body, even get a body for herself. Bellatrix intended to attack Harry, but this time Flora was awake: so she held herself back, or rather, she held Bellatrix back once again. This made Bellatrix angry, but Flora did not let anger spill out of her. That left her feeling like she would implode!

Harry looked at Flora-Bellatrix standing across the street with her eyes fixed on him. At first he did not recognize her posture. Her body had none of Flora's lightness that had always impressed him so much; her lightness of feelings turned into gestures. He looked up, cocked his head sideways to see better, then he saw the ring brightness. The black stone, a Death's gift for Peverell.
At that moment he saw Flora’s swollen skin around the ring stuck in her finger. He looked back at her face and recognized that insane gleam in her eyes. He had not seen it for twenty years, but she had the same way of looking, the same way of posing her body carelessly.


Flora could not hold back anymore. Bellatrix bursted out laughing. Then, she said with her false sweet voice:

‘Have you missed me, my love?’

Bellatrix pouted her lips simulating a kiss. She laughed a lot, cackled irritatingly. Harry tried to grab his wand from an inside pocket, but Bellatrix snapped her fingers and disarmed him. Then she laughed wildly. He looked at her bewildered.

She said ‘You are despicable ... still weak. But I will not waste my time with you.’

After saying that, Flora disapparated, leaving Harry alone in the street. He went to meet Felipe as he had seen him going to the Hog's Head a little earlier. Aberforth received him suspiciously:

‘I won't give you any drink, Harry.’

‘I won’t drink. I want to speak with Felipe.’

Aberforth took him to a secluded corner where Felipe was talking to Draco. Felipe had his back to them, but he did not have to turn around to see who had arrived:

‘Potter, you still need a shower.’ Felipe grinned.

Draco greeted him with a respectful nod. Felipe stood up and gave him his chair, conjuring up another one for himself.

‘I saw her. It’s Bellatrix for sure. The black stone in the ring has the power to bring the dead back, I myself had dropped it in the middle of the Forbidden Forest 20 years ago, I don't know exactly where. It's very dangerous. I didn't think that anyone would find it. I used its power then, but my experience was very different, the one who came back to me couldn't be seen or heard by anyone else.’

Draco asked him:

‘Did you see my aunt Bellatrix?’

‘Nope. I just saw that Flora seemed different; she looked like Bellatrix ... So, she was possibly possessed by her ... But I can't understand how she got to do it ... The people that came back to me had no interest in staying…’ And turning towards Felipe, he asked: ‘You said that Flora tried to pull off the ring and she couldn't do it … Did she really try it?’

‘Yeah, I found her message saying that there was no way she could do that. Perhaps Bellatrix wouldn't let her. What do you think?’

‘Maybe.’ Harry nodded.

Felipe was somewhat relieved to know that his wife was not crazy. There should be a means of breaking the connection with Bellatrix and save Flora. He was being helped by two experts, they would hopefully succeed, he thought. Draco interrupted his thoughts:

‘Harry, by matching the results of the recent strange events I've been
monitoring with Felipe's notes, it can be established that the person who is doing them is remaking the same paths that Voldemort made in the past.
Moreover, they actually coincide with Flora's disappearances every night. I even thought that it was him in person, but it seems that it was Flora, or yet, Bellatrix - which makes sense, as Flora couldn't know Voldemort's paths ...’

‘Of course not!’ Replied Felipe. Draco went on:

‘And it seems that while she’s trying to raise an army, she’s seeking something. People who work with Death Studies are disappearing. I think she’s looking for the place where Voldemort's body was buried. But this place remains a secret. I myself have no idea where it is.’

‘But it doesn't make sense, she should know that it's not possible to resurrect the dead, right?’

Felipe ventured a guess:

‘Maybe she doesn’t know. At least she herself returned in a way, didn't she?’

Harry frowned, his eyebrows knitted together, thought a little, and then turned to Draco:

‘Draco, we have to act fast, now that we know that Bellatrix is behind everything that's happening, we can't waste any more time. I don't think there’re any limits to her madness. After all, there never was. And there's one more detail: I saw her casting a non-verbal spell without using a wand.
Perhaps it is possible for dead people, but I don't really know how she got it ... and it scares me. I don't know what it means ...’

Felipe tried to calm Harry down:

‘Since the day Flora has returned from the hospital, she hasn't used her wand.
She says that she no longer needs it. Besides, she has done nothing different from what we’re used to seeing her do daily: that is, her usual magical chores ... Flora remains the same. She’s just sad for having lost our baby ... I found it strange she was going out every night, mainly because, she herself didn't know that she was doing that. Moreover, she couldn't tell me where she had gone to ...’ Felipe sighed. ‘You'll be able to free Flora and take Bellatrix off her, won't you?’

Draco and Harry exchanged meaningful glances. After a few seconds of intense anguish, Harry said:

‘Well, let's do what we can. I think, somehow, I made it a little harder today when I recognized Bellatrix in Flora. She may avoid contact with your family or hide somewhere. We would have to earn her trust ... Draco, you could approach her as a Death Eater ...’

‘No, Harry, I’m afraid I can’t. Snape could do it so well because he was a great Occlumens. I can't do the same. She would find out.’

‘So we must think of another way to keep us in her track. But first I need a shower and a decent meal. I was really going mad, you know.’

‘We do. Would you like to come to my house? I have something that will fit you...’

‘No, Felipe, thank you. I'm going home to see Ginny ... I need to apologize to
her. Flora disapparated, we don't have anything else to do here for now ... Felipe, as soon as she shows up, send me a message over the Internet please. It's faster.’

Felipe thanked them:

‘Right, thank you for your help.’

Before leaving, Draco said:

‘I'll see if I can find out something then.’

No sooner had they said goodbyes, Draco and Harry disapparated. Felipe went back home feeling anguished. Were they doing the right thing? Would just watching her be enough? Harry knew the stone; he must know how it worked and how to break the connection. Felipe desperately needed to trust him.

The night was quiet, there was nobody on the street besides him and Dumby, Aberforth's greyish cat. Yan would already be asleep in Hannah's house. He could only wait for Flora.

__________________________________________________ _______________

*The four songs which Flora and Felipe played are very beautiful. I recommend them. Would you be kind enough to tell me what you think about that story? all sorts of comments are welcome. ~Ivana*

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Originally Posted by Ivana R View Post
‘I'm Flora. Who are you?’

‘I am Bellatrix Black.’ Bellatrix smiled.

‘Lestrange?’ Said Flora.

Bellatrix twisted her nose.

‘I am a Black. And so are you. I feel that. But how? I recognize your eyes ... Would you...?’

I'd like see Helena Bonham Carter performing this scene...


Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus: now she knew, she should never have awakened the dragon.

Mom, I like the way you managed to use Hogwarts motto. It fit very well.

He had not felt this way since the death of his godfather Sirius Black. He felt like going back in time and doing something. He would pluck his heart with his fingernails if it could bring the baby back.
So dramatic!!!! mexican soap-opera? No offense, great chapter!

"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"
Mom! No one with less than 60 years-old should understand it... I had to google it. Tell me, mom, how you know about "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde"?

The four songs which Flora and Felipe played are very beautiful. I recommend them
Again? I venture to say you forgot to mention they might play Violin Concert #1, from Philip Glass.

Anyway, I hope had been kind enough. Love you!

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Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Gabriel, my love!

You're always kind enough.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde I watched before you born, when I was a little addicted in old movies ...
And I didn't forget Philip Glass (neither Uakti), just Flora didn't like this kind of contemporany music, as she was a little traditional than me.

And me too, I'd love see Helena performing that scene and the others in next chapters... It'd great!

Kisses ...
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Default 16. Bella, Bella, Bella actress
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

*Once again I'll translate the lullaby for you, my dear reader, not for Bellatrix. *
__________________________________________________ _______________

Flora did not know the place Bellatrix had taken her. It was the first time she was conscious while her mother was using her. It felt strange, harrowing. But Flora was trying not to think about this or let her feelings stand out or otherwise Bellatrix would know about her being awake.

They were in a small town, surrounded by plantations of a creeping plant. Was it potato? Flora did not recognize the vegetable, but she tried not to get distracted or she would end up forgetting to sing, for the thousandth time, the same lullaby.

Nana nenê, que a Cuca vem pegá // Sleep little baby, or Cuca will take you
Papai tá na roça, mamãe foi passeá// Dad's working in the fields, and mama is away in town
Bicho papão sai de cima do telhado// Bogeyman get out of the roof
Deixa o meu bebê dormir sossegado// Let my baby sleep quietly

At this point, the song sounded no more than a noise to Bellatrix. At least that was Flora's intention.

She walked through a narrow and badly paved road. The houses surrounded by plantations were very distant from each other. She walked for about five minutes to somewhere Bellatrix seemingly knew. She stopped in front of a big and beautiful house; very similar to the others she had seen: a house with a central door and several windows symmetrically posted on each side. She rang the bell and waited. The house appeared relatively new, it was no older than twenty years. The door opened; a tall, strong, black-eyed, red-headed man answered it. If Flora had seen him on any other occasion, she would say that he was a "metalhead" - with his black clothes, leather, silver chains and skull-shaped ornaments. He was not exactly scary since his face was expressionless. Bellatrix asked him (Flora was so distracted that she was surprised to hear her own voice. In that situation she was just a passenger in her own body):

'Patrick Frizell?'

'Flora Riddle?'

Bellatrix nodded, extended Flora’s hand and greeted him with a smile.

'Please come in. So you lived in Brazil? Very interesting. I think your father never learned throughout his life that there was some country beyond the European lands ...'

Flora realized that Bellatrix was annoyed with his comment because she thought who was that man who dared to refer to Lord Voldemort as if he knew him.

They went into the house and Mr. Frizell continued to speak in a cordial tone. Flora looked at the house. Inside, nothing matched the man's appearance: large armchairs covered with a shiny fabric, decorated with colorful flowers; light-shaded furniture; curtains gently tied with pink ribbons. Was it a disguise or was he in someone else's house? Flora was slightly frightened when she realized he would not stop talking:

'… As I said in my previous message, I don't think I can help you a lot because I spent years and years looking for his grave, but there is no sign of it... Just didn't stop you coming here because I was very curious to meet you. It's not every day that I get in my house a witch from such a great lineage ... '

He looked at Flora with lustful eye. Flora smiled, or rather, felt her face smiling, since it was the other who smiled. She continued to follow him into the house. Naturally her legs as well as all the rest of her body were under Bellatrix's command, who wore an expression of flattery and interest in that strange man. Flora had to force herself to hold back at the same time as she wanted to run away, but only because she knew that she needed to know more about her mother's plans. To go on singing the lullaby was getting more and more difficult.

They entered a restricted room at the back of the house, here, the decor was heavy and furniture dark; red velvet curtains blocked any light from outside, and prevented the light from inside the house to get in through the windows. Back there they were isolated. Flora suspected that the chamber was even sound-proof. That room was the real living room of the house; the first one, Flora thought, was only a fake one for benefit of Muggles or officers and wizards of the Ministry.

Mr. Frizell started a conversation about the places he had been in his search for Lord Voldemort’s grave. Flora looked at him deeply in his eye and to her horror, she shared with Bellatrix the result of her Legilimency: he was lying to her: there were bones in the cellar that he had taken from a grave and which he believed to be Voldemort’s, but he did not intend to share it with her.

For Flora, it would have been better if he was lying, that way Bellatrix would not have what she wanted. But now, Flora’s mother was very pleased with what she saw. Though the lie awakened in her an insane rage, she decided to disguise her feelings- and Bellatrix did it very well, much better than Flora herself. While speaking with that man, Bellatrix showed a keen interest, not in the subject, but in him. She insinuated her body (or rather, Floras body) to the man to seduce him into doing what she wanted. Flora was beginning to get indignated: how could her mother offer a body that was not hers to a strange man, and a body that above all belonged to her own daughter? Flora tried to suppress this feeling by singing faster in her mind the same lullaby as before.

Nana nenê, que a cuca vem pegá // Sleep little baby, or Cuca will take you
Papai tá na roça, mamãe foi passeá// Dad's working on the fields, and mama is away in town
Bicho papão sai de cima do telhado// Bogeyman get out of the roof
Deixa o meu bebê dormir sossegado// Let my baby sleep quietly

Obviously, Bellatrix was able to behave like that for two reasons: firstly she had no affection for a daughter who she had not raised herself, so the body’s only value was to serve her, and secondly, she had a huge interest in bringing back to life her great and obsessive lover.

Voldemort would not leave her thoughts. Fortunately, because of the stone, Bellatrix's thoughts were inadequate to bring him back. In addition, Flora refused to fix his image into her mind. It was enough for Flora to put up with her mother sharing her body, to have her father within her would make her go beyond madness.

As Bellatrix continued seducing the man with Flora's body, the man grew more and more aroused. Flora was beginning to get very worried and afraid of what might happen. Then Bellatrix gave a trump card: she slowly began to open the buttons of Flora's dress... What happened next happened very quickly. As soon as the completely seduced man threw himself on top of her body, Felipe's and Harry's faces (both of their faces!) came to her mind. With that, Flora cursed him:


Observing the pain she had caused that nasty man, almost gave her an almost sexual pleasure. Flora could no longer determine whether it came from her or from that mad mind which possessed hers.

'I was almost afraid thinking that you would sing that stupid song the rest of the night, my dear.' Flora had quite a scare, as the thought came to mind as it talked to her. So did it mean that Bellatrix was not being deceived? Flora was confused. Then, the man tried to cast a spell on her, but her skillful hands easily blocked his spell. Simultaneously she repeated the curse and he writhed on the floor again.

Flora thought, 'Gosh! You were offering my body to this nasty man!'

Bellatrix replied: 'I was just testing how long you would ignore me, baby. How long you would resist me.'

Flora felt defeated: all her plan had gone wrong. The confusion in her mind began again, which gave him a new chance to try to attack her, she repeated the curse on him and next, on herself - in a desperate attempt to make Bellatrix suffer a little. Silly her: the pain was only hers. Bellatrix laughed inside her head. Flora was almost insane with the pain and the confusion of feelings.

The pain was excruciating, making her fall to ground. Then the man threw himself on top of her. Flora instinctively cursed him with the Imperius Curse. Everything settled down and went silent. Flora was frightened. She neither knew that she was able to use these curses nor remembered where she had learned them. But, on the other hand, Bellatrix was delighted with the results, and commanded the man to take her to the bones that were stored in the cellar. Flora wanted to run away. But her body did not obey her anymore. She was again a mere spectator of herself. She felt very defeated.

They went down a long staircase. In one corner of the tidy cellar, there was a black bag with a human skeleton inside. The man confirmed that it could be Voldemort’s. Bellatrix arranged some objects that seemed to be there exactly for that purpose: a big cauldron, some potions kept in labeled flasks. She threw the bones into the cauldron, took a small knife - then she stopped for a moment, looking at the knife, smiling before making a small but deep cut in Flora's belly, just below the navel. The pain was what mattered less at that moment for Flora. Her blood flowed slowly down her skin and was diverted by Bellatrix's magic into the cauldron.

Weakened by blood loss and without control over her own body, Flora could no longer pay attention to what Bellatrix did or said, so she was almost completely surrendering her body to her mother’s control. She was cornered in her own mind. Then something went wrong.

Bellatrix was enraged to see that the ritual went wrong. Soon she concluded that the bones were not Voldemort’s, but a stranger’s. She poured the smelly muddy contents on the floor, and before Flora could prevent her, she said:

'Avada Kedavra!'

Bellatrix killed the man who had deceived her. Flora was in shock. The energy that had gone out of her hand was hot and cold at the same time, and it had killed the man. She had killed a man. A very nasty man, but even so, Flora would have never killed anybody. Even if the intent to kill someone had not been hers, it had been her hand, her energy that had done it. And she had not stopped her mother. Had she really not noticed Bellatrix's intentions? The question stunned her. Flora trembled internally. She felt weak. She put her hand over the cut in her belly and it closed. Then she lost her senses. But Bellatrix did not.

Instead, she climbed up the stairs and sat in an armchair. She had to decide where to look and what to do next. With Flora out of the way, she was victorious. She threw her head back in laughter. She could do whatever she wanted with that body. She stood up and walked from side to side, deciding what to do. But Flora's body was exhausted. She sat back in the armchair and fell asleep.

The next morning, Flora had the impression that she was alone. But seeing the ring still on her finger, she believed that Bellatrix was only asleep. Could spirits sleep? She began to doubt that there was a Bellatrix. Had she developed a split personality? She wished to go home, but she felt that it was not safe to expose her beloved family to that mess. At the same time, she knew Felipe would do anything to help her to get rid of the ring. Then, she remembered the corpse that was lying in the cellar. She felt uncomfortable in that house, so she Disapparated straight to the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade.
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Default 17. Percy Weasley
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

That ruined house was already so familiar that it seemed her own. Flora was intrigued by the fact that Bellatrix's ritual had gone wrong. Had she used the bones of a person other than Voldemort's? Or did it mean that the ritual hadn’t been executed well? Or else - and this idea delighted her – that she was not his, but Rodolphus Lestrange's daughter? It is not that she thought Mr. Lestrange had been a better person than Tom Riddle, this kind of naivety no longer belonged to her anymore, but at least he was a less significant person in the whole story.

But she soon realized that she had to avoid thinking of her fathers at any cost, lest they too returned like Bellatrix. Flora was yet unaware that it had been the rolling of the stone that had activated the spell, and once it had been activated, the mere contact between the stone and her skin would be enough to maintain the connection. But this time, it was her ignorance that protected her, as not even Bellatrix could know about this mechanism.

Flora looked at the imposing Hogwarts castle through the cracked window. The autumn leaves all along the way to it gave a special colour to the landscape. Would they find a teacher to replace her? She missed her students, her classes, her co-workers. Nevertheless, she ought to stay away. She would not give Bellatrix the chance of hurting anyone else. She would be stronger. She tried to force the ring out of her finger again. It did not work. She tried to break it with a stone. Ironically (and Flora laughed at this) she got a purple swollen finger that would make it even more difficult for her to get rid of the ring.

Flora was restless. Should she wait for Bellatrix to wake up, or wait for help, or wait for a miracle? But definitely, she was not the waiting-woman kind. The previous day’s events had disturbed her. The icy and hot sensation of the Death Curse leaving her hand, the man’s blank stare while he tumbled to the ground, Bellatrix’s coldness: all that ran through her mind, torturing her. But there was one question that consumed her even more: did Bellatrix really exist? Or was she a trick of her mind to allow herself to be mean? The confusion was inevitable, because Bellatrix existed only for her; and maybe for Harry. She sighed. She was confused and suffering for missing him, and for missing Felipe too.

She missed her wand. She remembered when she first met Lucius Malfoy and had tried to touch his wand; he had not allowed her do it then. Now she could understand: that it was not the wand that made the wizard, but it was a symbol of his identity. Flora needed a wand to look normal. In a childish attempt she went outside and grabbed a stick to simulate a small wand, but it broke into two pieces when she tried to cast the most innocent spell she knew:

'Wingardium Leviosa.'

'What was I thinking? It’s just a stick!' With this, Flora concluded and convinced herself that she was definitely going crazy and quickly returned to the house, shaking her head.

She decided to clean the house just to pass the time, since she needed something to fill her mind. While Flora was sweeping the floor, Bellatrix woke up. She felt a great revulsion in her mind. "House chores!" They were despicable to Bellatrix. Moreover they were Muggle tasks: broom in hand, sweat dripping from one’s forehead! The discomfort they caused was immense. Then Flora decided not to go against Bellatrix. She kept the broom aside and sat in a corner, where she started swinging her body forward and backwards, as autistic people do, and resumed singing the lullaby. The repetitive motion and the song helped her remain isolated from Bellatrix, and preserve herself. It was as if she was in a trance, although she was still attentive to her mother's wishes and attitudes.

Bellatrix was pleased with Flora’s return to isolation. This way she could act without her daughter's interference. Then, without any ceremony, she disapparated.

Flora apparated (or they did) in front of an unknown house. Flora thought she recognized London as the place where she was. Bellatrix had come without warning, so nobody was waiting for her. She concentrated on becoming invisible and waited. Minutes later there came a tall, vivid red haired man, wearing horn-rimmed glasses, a well aligned suit, and carrying a briefcase in his left hand that matched his leather belt and shoes. He bade farewell to the woman at the door, went down one step, and then, from Flora's involuntary thought, came the curse:


Subsequently, the man went downstairs straight to Flora, held out his hand and the two of them disapparated under Flora's command. They came then to Ministry of Magic.

Percy Weasley took her into his office, closed the door and they talked. Flora-Bellatrix asked:

'Where was Lord Voldemort buried?'

'I don't know… Many unidentified bodies were buried in different places to avoid pilgrimages and homage. The bodies’ identity was a mystery even for those who undertook such burials, since all the bodies were disfigured by magic… Ministry’s caution… So, nobody could tell whether it was Voldemort’s or a Death Eater’s. As far as I know, the Aurors who did the work also had their memories erased. Perhaps the only one who really knows the place is Harry Potter. He was present during these procedures. I don't know if his memory was also erased... That was so long ago.'

'Harry Potter. Always Harry Potter.'

She turned away from Percy Weasley’s office (his name was on the front door of the office: Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic), and went out without breaking the curse. Flora retained this information for herself. Then she went to the Ministry Hall and from there, she disapparated to Hogsmeade.
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Default 18. Flashes of another person's life
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Something happened during her return. When Flora apparated to Hogsmeade she almost became unconscious as if she was going to faint, but she still could stand up. That meant that Bellatrix had taken control over her body and mind.

Some hours or minutes later – Flora did not know for sure –, when she revived, she was in a forest picking herbs; at least, her body was. Confused, she tried to ask her mother what was happening, what she was going to do and where they were, since it definitely did not look like the Forbidden Forest. Bellatrix did not give her any attention. Flora made a huge effort to control her body, but apparently having spent a lot of energy, she fainted again.

Flora revived for the second time, and recognized the inside of the Shrieking Shack. In the center of the room, there was a steaming cauldron where Bellatrix was preparing a potion. She seemed happy with it, Flora could feel her excitement. In fact, they were sharing it, and that scared Flora. The Brazilian witch could hear words in a language she did not even know, coming out of her mouth, while her body was dancing around at the same pace as the multicoloured steam that was coming out of the cauldron. Even though she had not chosen to behave like that, she could feel that the potion had produced a sense of well-being in her body. It would be great if she was not totally at the mercy of someone else, she thought.

Dizzy, Flora had never felt anything like that: drowsiness and euphoria. What had Bellatrix given her? The answer was almost immediate: in her hands there was a half full crystal cup. Flora understood its content should be the same as that steaming potion in the cauldron as the colour and scent of both of them were identical. Involuntarily she drank a little more; and fainted again.

When Flora revived for the third time, she was no longer inside the house, but in the village watching Harry Potter talking to old Ab. They were gesticulating; Aberforth was frowning his eyebrows suggesting that he was intrigued by something. Flora could not hear a single word from that distance. Harry then turned away and went into a deserted street. As a passenger in her own body, Flora, forced by Bellatrix, followed him. He apparently did not realize her presence. Only then Flora realized that she was invisible. While Harry looked at his watch, she touched her hands on his and whispered in his ear:

‘Harry, that's me, Flora. Could you follow me please? I need your help.’

‘Oh, Flora. Are you okay? I have arranged to meet Felipe, he should be here at any moment.’

‘So come with me quickly. I want to talk about our baby and I don't think Felipe should hear about it.’

By talking about their baby, she hit Harry below the belt. She was sure he would lose all his defences and do whatever she wanted: "damn Bellatrix".
Flora wanted to warn Harry not to go, but the words did not belong to her anymore. Her body, her smell, her voice, and everything else were under Bellatrix's control. She took Harry to the Shrieking Shack. The two of them entered in the house. The house had a different atmosphere; the steaming potion of Bellatrix filled the air. Flora strongly suspected that only its smell would be enough to numb anyone. She looked at Harry and he had already changed somewhat as she had suspected.

Then she became visible again. And to her surprise, she realized that she was no longer in the same worn black dress she was wearing before she had fainted the last time, but with a close-fitting dark blue long dress with bold slits, her hair casually tied in a bun revealing her slender neck. Even without looking in the mirror, she could bet she wore a light makeup. Flora understood Bellatrix's trick: with that dress that favoured her curves and that steaming potion Harry would not have any chance; she would get everything she wanted from him... And Flora had tried to warn him by mutely screaming without any success. So she could not do anything but watch this anguishing scene as if he was a fly blindingly flying toward a spider web, while she was hoping against hope that somehow it changed its direction. . Much to her surprise, she heard her voice speaking softly, supplicant and needy, while Harry silently observed:

‘Since I’ve lost our baby I'm not the same. It feels like part of my body has been accidentally amputated. I dream of our baby every night. He had your eyes.’

She took Harry's hands to her belly;

‘It's empty down here. But it’s full of sorrow up here.’

Then she slid his hands to her chest, paused briefly, and then up to her lips, purposefully squeezing her breasts with her arms.

‘I miss you.’

She kissed his hands, gently sucking his fingertips. Either, Harry did not realize it was Bellatrix, or he was playing her game. When Bellatrix kissed him, the heat and the taste of his lips tortured Flora, who realized that when she kissed him, some of the potion she had drunk before was still in her mouth. So, when they kissed she inadvertently transferred the potion into his mouth.

He hugged her. Flora could feel her body surrendering to him and all she could think of was that she wanted to tell him that it was not real. However, had she been herself, she would have avoided that, no matter how much she wanted it. But would she really have? The question haunted her while Bellatrix had fun, and in Flora’s skin pulled Harry's clothes off. She kissed his neck, his chest. He had surrendered to her touch. Now he just followed her impulses.
She threw them both on the floor and began to make love with him in a way that Flora had never done before. It was intense, and alternated kindness and brutality. Shy tears dripped from Flora's eyes. It was not the first time it happened in his presence, so it did not actually draw his attention. She could not stop, but she did not want to stop it either. Her body wanted it. But it was not love. That was not her. They both rolled on the ground, led by her intense movements. With a burst of pleasure, he came to an end. Then, unexpectedly she cast a spell that immobilized him. The purpose of all of that had been just to distract him from his wand. Afterwards she tied him up with magical ropes. Then, while wearing her clothes and getting dressed again, she said:

‘Men! So fools! To your knowledge, my daughter, I used the same tactics and the same words when I seduced your father for the first time… It was my invitation for him to fill my belly...’ Bellatrix laughed. ‘If I had known that it would produce you, I would have avoided it. You're cloyingly sweet... Are you enjoying my show? Don't worry; I will not kill him now. I still need this worm.’

In shock, Flora could not utter anything, even in thought. She feared for his life. It was hard to believe that she had lived the events of the last hour.
That had been too much for her. She felt like she was part of an audience of an interactive film, the scenes of which were still embedded in her flesh. Her whole body throbbed, and she panted. She felt weak and worn. Love, desire, and guilt mixed within her. She suffered in the form of the tears that ran down her face, while the words that she could not say made her lips tremble. Because of that, Bellatrix disgusted her even more: she could not be the mother of so fragile a creature.

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