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My name is Linds and some of you might know my school RP character: Daichi Katharos. I had this idea originally when he was a first year but i decided to wait until he was a little older.

I wasn't sure where to post this on SS so i posted it in the mature vault just in case.

This is my first fanfic so please bear with me Also, this is only a one-shot aaaand comments are loved


“Mommy, story”

A small boy at the age of seven lay in his bed. His mother was sitting on the edge near his knees. She smiled down at her son and tucked the bed sheet closer to his neck to keep him warm.

It was a cold winter night , the snow outside was falling down from the sky and splattered down on the earth. The little boys mind went to the next day when he could play with his neighbor friend in the snow. Despite it being cold outside the boy was surrounded by a numerous stuffed animals surrounding his body from head till toe and the thick blanket on top of him made everything almost perfect.

It would be perfect if his mother would tell him a story!

“I’m sorry sweetie, mommy is really tired…” His mother yawned behind her hand and he could see that his mother’s eyes were tearing from the sleep. Being a housewife was a hard work. Most men thought it isn’t but they should try to stand in her shoes for a while. Taking care of two sons and her husband was not a walk through the park.

At the moment, her husband was at work at the Ministry of magic. Having to work overtime. Her oldest son was with friends at a sleep over party. She reached down with a small smile on her face and tucked a strand of hair out of her face as he kisses her youngest son’s forehead. “Goodnight , sweetie”

The little boy puffed his cheeks and turned his head, a sign that he was not pleased. His mother simply chuckled at his action and after giving him another loving kiss on the forehead she stood up from the bed. The boy’s eyes became heavy as he uttered a “Mommy mean..” Or at least he wanted to say those words but what came out was a long yawn.

After taking a few steps out of the room, his mother stepped on a piece of toy and picked it up. “Daichi, where should I put Mr.Duckles?” She asked but there was no answer. She turned around and saw that he was soundlessly asleep. Giving a light chuckle, she moved to his bed but since the bed was already full with stuffed animals she placed the duck plushy on the edge of the shelve above the bed.

“I love you sweetie” she whispered as she watched her youngest son sleeping for a few seconds before going out of the room, leaving the night lamp on.

Daichi’s mother went to her own room and checked the clock. It was only 8 pm and she was already tired. Her husband wouldn’t be home until late in the night, maybe even the next morning. She checked the candles on both of the night stands and sighed. Today was supposed to be a romantic day. She had already bought the candles and hired a few movies they could watch on the bed. Leave it to an urgent call from work to ruin it.

“Oh well, might as well just read something” She spoke to herself and after lightening a few of the candles she opened the book she was reading that was laying under her pillow and began to read.


Daichi shifted uncomfortable in his bed. The heat was too much for him to handle and the seven year old kicked his short legs to throw the thick blanket off of him. Still in a slumber, the heat didn’t go away but became hotter. Strange…

Unexplainably, the duck stuffed animal on the shelve above him lost its balance and fell on top of the boy’s head. “What?” Daichi asked himself as he picked up the duck and smiled at it. “It has never been so hot in here before huh Mr.Duckles?” he asked the stuffed animal and with a smile he got up from his bed. “Let’s go ask mommy!”

On bare feet and with a pajama on, Daichi shuffled through his room until he reached his door. He turned the doorknob but yelped when he opened the door. The hallway was….somewhere… “It’s misty in here , Mr.Duckles” he told the plushy and pressed it closer to his chest. An uneasy feeling told him that something wasn’t right.

He shuffled through the upstairs hallway , the mist became thicker the more he walked and the boy found out that it became harder to breathe. Daichi began to cough as his eyes found something moving in the back. Curiosity took over him more than fear and the little boy went to investigate. He definitely caught something orange.

Still coughing loudly, the mist became even thicker until they formed grey/black smokes above his head. What was going on? Was he dreaming or not? The boy pinched his skin. “oww!” It hurt! This was not a dream.

“Mommy?” It was strange that the closer he came to his mother’s room the hotter it became. Reaching the door to his mother’s bedroom, Daichi reached for the door handle.


The soon to be Slytherin looked down at his hand and blew on his fingertips to cool them down. “Mommy?!” he asked a little louder and switched Mr.Duckles to his other arm and began to bang on the door frame.

The door had not been in the lock but because of the smoke (mist Daichi thought) in the hallway , Daichi thought it was. After he banged on the door it flew open slowly and the boy finally knew what the orange thing was he had seen earlier.

Flames, high hot flames flickered in the room. From the ground until it touched the ceiling. The door he had pushed open touched the flames and began to set fire as well.

Small eyes widened impossibly wide as the boy stared at the scene in front of him. What was going on? What was this?! “MOMMY!” Daichi began to shout his mother’s name now after realizing that she was still lying on the bed. He could vaguely make out a figure on the bed but it could be no one other than his mother. “Mommy, it’s hot… Make it colder”

His mother was not responding and Daichi’s eyes began to tear. Why was she not answering? She always did! “Mommy~!” the boy whined and stomped his foot on the ground.

Despite that he still had small feet, the moment he stomped on the ground , a balk in the bedroom gave in and dropped down with a loud BANG on the floor. Daichi jumped in fright and noticed that the flames were becoming bigger the longer he stayed.

“MOMMY!” Still no answer, tears streamed down his puffy cheeks as he became even more scared. “MOMMY! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!” Why had his mother made the room in to an oven? Daichi took a step and his bare feet walked over the threshold.

He had to jump back again as the wooden bookshelf in the bedroom toppled over and almost landed on his foot. The hot flames engulfed the bookshelf even more and the entrance was now blocked.

“Mommy!” Daichi shouted and got up on his feet in the hallway. The flames escaped the bedroom and began to crawl up the ceiling in the hallway where he was standing in. But the boy did not notice , his eyes were glued to his mother through his watery eyes. “MOMMY! MOMMY WAKE UP!” But the shouting had no use. She did not even move and Daichi let out a loud cry in desperation. His mother HAD to wake up!


The room became hotter and hotter and he began to feel light headed. He did not know why , but something inside of him told him he needed fresh air. “Mommy, I’ll come back!” He promised and still clutching on to Mr.Duckles, he moved out of the hallway until he came to the stair case. He walked down the steps as the flames in the hallway above began to eat the wallpaper off.

Reaching the living room, the little boy immediately noticed that the whole house was smoky but it wasn’t as hot in here. Taking a deep breath, Daichi ran to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Opening the ice freezer, the boy held his hand that he had hurt earlier and let out a loud sigh.

Having the idea to move back to his mother, Daichi grabbed his duck plushy from the counter and shuffled with quick steps to the stairs again. The flames were like a barrier in the middle of the steps and Daichi did not know what to do. He had promised to come back! But the heat was unbearable!

Unconsciously, he moved backwards until the back of his feet bumped in to the living room table. Why was that orange stuff moving so fast?

“KID!” Daichi jumped in the air after hearing a voice coming from behind him. He turned his body around and saw a man wearing a helmet and in a thick coat slamming his fist on the window. “KID! KID ARE YOU OKAY?!”

Was he the kid? There was only one kid in the house right now so Daichi nodded his head. Confusion was written all over his face. “DON’T WORRY KID, WE’LL GET YOU OUT!” The man shouted and moved away from the window. Daichi heard the man shout a few more words but his mind couldn’t process what was being said outside and he jumped in fright again as the front door slammed open loudly.

Five men entered the house, all wearing the same strange uniform and helmets. One of them went to Daichi and without question he picked the boy up. A new kind of unexplained fear rushed through his body as Daichi began to trash in the man’s arms. “LET GO!” He shouted but the man ignored him and ran out of the house.

“Oh Daichi! I was so worried!” Daichi opened his eyes after clutching them tightly and stopped trashing when he saw his friendly neighbor. “Mrs. Miller!”

“Do you know this boy miss?” the man that was still holding Daichi asked and the woman nodded her head. “He’s our neighbor, my son and him play all the time” The man lowered Daichi and gave him to his neighbor. “Could you watch him for a second? The ambulance should arrive soon” She nodded her head in understanding and held her arm out to hug Daichi. But the boy did not want this, he wanted his mother. “BUT MY MOMMY!” he shouted hysterically as more tears streamed down his cheeks.

“How many people are in the house?” The man asked as he sat down to come in eyelevel with Daichi. “My mommy” He choked and held his stuffed animal even closer to his little body. The man gave him a small smile and petted the plushy on the head. “You take care of the duck, okay?” and he ran back to the house.

Now that he was outside the house, Daichi could see a red truck in the front yard and a few man were using the fire hose to spray water in the house. “W-What..” He asked as he held on to Mrs. Miller’s hand. She saw where he was looking at and kneeled down to his eye level. “Those men are trying to cool the flames down” at the word flames the young boy flinched visibly and squeezed the hand that he was holding tight.

Mrs. Miller checked her watch and read that it was around 4 am. Daichi was yawning and his eyes fell close every now and then but he forced himself to stay awake.

“DAICHI! DAICHI!” both Mrs.Miller and Daichi turned around and the young boy tucked himself out of the woman’s hand and ran towards his father. “DADDY! Daddy, mommy is, and orange, and hot and..” the boy began to ramble nonsense and his father picked him up trying to sooth him. “ssh.. it’s okay, I came as soon as I heard, where is mommy?”

Daichi’s finger pointed to the house and if he had looked in to his father’s face instead of burying his own in his neck , he would have seen the color drain from it. “O-ok” His father stuttered and tried not to sound broken, not in front of his son.

“Dad! What’s going on?” Aedan, Daichi’s older brother had heard the news as well and was now moving towards his family. Seeing his little brother in tears and their house in a mess he slowly began to understand what had happened. “WHERE’S MOM!”

His father did not answer but grabbed Aedan closer to him. The lost family stood on the street. Other families had woken up by the commotion and the usually empty street was now packed with curious people. Some were watching the scene in fascination, some were holding their mouths in a quiet gasp of horror but no one went to the Katharos family to ask if they were alright. Of course they were not and although Daichi was too young to understand, his father was secretly glad that no one gave attention to them.

Still in his father’s arms, the young boy’s chocolate brown eyes began to feel heavier and he fell in to a slumber. They let him sleep for they could not do anything but wait and as five minutes passed a siren sign came from around the corner of the street.

The ambulance had finally arrived and after parking the car near the fire truck they immediately asked where the boy In question was. “Here!” Daichi’s father shouted and walked with his son still in his arms towards the paramedics. “Sir, is he unconscious?” “Yes, but he’s only sleeping, he was fine just now”

The man gave the boy an unsure look and opened the back of the van. “I need to do some quick test , sir.” The father nodded and together they placed the sleeping boy on the stretcher.

The man and his colleague did some test and came to the conclusion that he had inhaled smoke. “We need to take him to the hospital, sir. He has inhaled the smoke in the house” The father paled even further. “But..he was fine just a moment ago!” The paramedics gave each other a look at the same time the five fire men had exited the house.

“MOTHER!” In his sleep, Daichi heard someone calling his mother and slowly he opened his eyes. The paramedics were busy setting their things down and getting ready to leave to the hospital. “MOMMY!” They both jumped in shock after hearing the high pitched voice from the boy and their own eyes traveled to the drive in where a stretcher was rolling over the ground and through the grass.

“MOMMY!” This time, Daichi’s desperate call had a laugh in it. She was out of the house and he was seeing her again! Everything was going to be all right! But the two paramedics , who’s brain were far more developed knew the real situation when the white cloth was laid over the woman’s body. “MOMMY~!” Daichi jumped up from the bed and in a second one of the paramedics hold him back. “No! you can’t!”

“But mommy?! She’s there!!” confusion was written on his face. Why couldn’t he go to his mother. “Daichi! Daichi! I’m sorry” he was sorry? What for?

The paramedic signaled to his colleague to close the backdoor from the ambulance. Daichi saw what they were doing and began to trash around. “NO! I WANT MY MOMMY!” The paramedic that had closed the door quickly went to the father and explained which hospital they were going. Daichi’s father was torn between going with his son or staying with his wife. “Is my wife going to the same hospital?”



“y-yes.. but ..i don’t think.. “
Daichi’s father ignored the paramedic and walked towards the ambulance. “I’m coming with my son, open the door!” The man quickly opened the door of the ambulance and he stepped inside. “Daddy! Mommy is there!” he heard his youngest son saying and sat down on the other side of the second paramedic. “I know son, it’s okay” he answered and the paramedic covered the oxygen mask over the little boys nose and mouth and after hearing a bang on the door the ambulance drove off while the boy clutched Mr.Duckles tightly against him.


Daichi woke up in a cold sweat. His stuffed duck had fallen on the ground and he had trashed his sheets until his long legs became tangled in them. He gasped for air as he stared at the ceiling in his own bedroom. He had only noticed he was crying when he tasted something salty and the fourteen year old used his arm to wipe away the tears.

“I miss you mom…” he whispered to the photo of his mother standing on the desk across the room and with a sigh he sat up on his bed. Picking up his glasses, put it on his face and walked to the mirror. A pale skin with slightly red eyes from behind the glasses looked back at him. His back to black hair stood up in every direction and he ran a hand through it. He checked the clock, 8 am. The train wouldn’t leave until a few hours. Daichi checked himself in the mirror once more, his sad expression changed as he smiled and with that smile on his face , eyes twinkling with a fake excitement he opened the door of his bedroom and walked down the stairs for breakfast with Mr.Duckles in his right hand.

Soooo... i hope you guys liked it Also, keep in mind that the mother is a muggle and even if she did wake up she could do nothing about the flames. The only magical people are Daichi's father and Aedan who were away.
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Didn't realise I was holding my breath until the end of the chapter when I breathed out.

I loved this ! You really wrote this well from the perspective of Daichi when he was younger!

Again, great story!

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SO I've finally found some time to comment. Because I've been planning to for AGES!

1) Linds... you made me cry! It's so so so sad, and sweet, but sad!
2) I love Daichi more than ever now, cause he is super cute. You write him really well, and I love Mr Duckles too.
3) .. Just emotion and intensity... seriously, rollercoaster!

Also... methinks you should write more Daichi stuff, because you can't show us this and then not write more. That'd be mean!

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Originally Posted by when Laila sniffed
MOMMY!” This time, Daichi’s desperate call had a laugh in it. She was out of the house and he was seeing her again! Everything was going to be all right!
OMG. ;__________; Why are you people so evil and mean to your characters? *innocent*

I just wibbled like crazy there!! He's too cute to go through something like that. DAICHI! <33[/denial]
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Aww... poor Daichi *wibbles*

So now I could understand why he had so much phobia with fire
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Oh, Daichi!

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D'awww... Linds...

I just wanna hug Daichi. You made me CRY!

This is kinda making me want to write on why Elise's scared of ducks.

knows more than you might think
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