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Hey Guys, thanks for reading. This chapter is very long so I won't spend time chatting. Thank you ever so much for being loyal though. One more chapter and the Epilogue and this ff is done. Kind of sad, but I can't wait to find out what you think of it. I mean if you would drop me a line; never mind. On with the chapter.

Chapter 171

Tabula Rasa

Ludo Bagman and Rita Skeeter was being forced toward the small crowd who was still looking about to see where the light went to. They tried to yank their arms out of Wes’s grip and begged Kingsley to help them when they reached the group of family and friends.

“Kingsley, tell this young man to let go of me. He’s got it in his head that I did something wrong.” Ludo gave a superior performance of being unjustly accused.

Ginny walked over and glared at him. She said, “You killed my husband, I hope you are prepared to die.”

Jack stepped in between her and Ludo hiding Ginny going for her wand and Kingsley stepped in saying, “Ludo Bagman, and Rita Skeeter, you are at this time under arrest for the conspiracy to commit murder on an official of the Ministry, conspiring mass destruction on the entire Muggle world, for fixing a Quidditch Game, for…”

“Hold on now, you have it all wrong! I haven’t done those things; I haven’t done anything but put this Quidditch Match together.”

Kingsley said, “We have evidence that says otherwise.” Just then the Irish National Quidditch Team walked over to Ginny and said, “We wanted to tell you that your husband was a great man, and we were honored to have him be our Seeker. Also we went to the council for the International games to complain about the unfair and cruel treatment Mr. Potter received prior to playing the game. The Chief Councilman said they didn’t authorize any such treatment. They also said that Mr. Potter’s wand wasn’t to be taken from him unless every player on both sides was taken.”

“But I didn’t take his wand; he refused to turn it over. And the council said I could take steps to assure Mr. Potter didn’t use his wand since he was so powerful. I say again, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Your steps to insure he didn’t use magic were cruel and weren’t approved. They said you were to tell them what you came up with so they could approve or disapprove; and they also stated that the steps to be taken were to be points deducted from the team and sitting out of the game for a certain period of time. You were only supposed to decide how much of each penalty would be given. They also said that they didn’t think Mr. Potter would cheat, and that any penalty imposed had to be consistent with every player on both teams if they used their wands to cheat.”

Ludo whined, “Well I don’t remember them saying anything like that to me. This has just been a big misunderstanding.”

Ron said, “You Imperioused the official, the whole council and the whole Bulgarian team!”

“I did not do such a thing and you have no way to prove I did!”

Wes held up the video camera and said, “I have every move you made from 7:00 this morning up until you went onto the field to introduce the teams.”

Ludo smiled nervously, “But those videos won’t account for anything. They can be tampered with just like Potter’s trash he had.”

Even if that were so, Bagman, which it’s not,” said Bill, “Wes is an eyewitness to you whipping Harry and chaining him in with a room full of Dementors. He also witnessed you sending your Wasp Patronus to back them away when they got too close to sucking out his soul completely. Argus Filch will also testify your orders for him to chain Harry to a post and you whipping Harry and letting the Dementors you called on him suck on his soul for an hour.”

Kingsley spoke saying, “And you can’t deny your Patronus is a wasp; and that you can produce one without any problem whatsoever.” Kingsley chuckled and said, “Harry said he would force you into using your Patronus by making you get rid of some Dementors that would suck out your soul if you didn’t. And he was right. One hundred thousand people saw you cast a Wasp Patronus to shoo away the Dementors Harry flew you up to meet personally. And every single piece of evidence Harry has against you and the Vernier is accredited and accepted now because the Ministry had an expert, in the Ministry of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office, verify the validity of all of it. Mr. Weasley was brought in on special assignment just for this purpose. He was invaluable to us going over every piece of evidence and received the Order of Merlin first class and then of course he was allowed to go back to his retirement with an upgrade in his pension.”

Wes spoke with venom in his voice. “Rita Skeeter, you don’t know me, although you certainly knew of me. I’d like to thank you for giving me up at birth. Your wicked and selfish act made it possible for me to grow up to be a good and respectable person. And I am a proficient wizard and detective because of Harry Potter; who taught me everything I know. I will do everything in my power to make sure you get everything you deserve. I am a witness like Bill said.” Before Rita could say anything or even recover from what he said, he added, “I also have your, behind the scenes and ‘Main Event’ to gain world dominance, video. Yours not Harry’s; so there shouldn’t be any question of it being tampered with right?” Wes looked around and found Ginny being comforted by Molly. Arthur was standing blurry eyed beside John and Wes, every now and then looking in the direction of Hogwarts where he last saw Harry being carried away by a bright light; as if perhaps the light would bring back his wonderful son-in-law who he did love as his own son.

Wes continued since Ginny was otherwise occupied, “I wonder if you might like to see where you, Ludo, ‘confessed you and Rita’s sins, which if you remember you were bragging about you being a Death Eater and all that you did. And then you, Rita, attacked an officer of the Ministry of Magic when you kicked Harry in the head when he was nearly dead. And Ludo will have another charge on top of your other crimes of stunning Harry when he was already unconscious. Yeah, dear mother, and Ludo, you’ll never see the light of day again. Watch your own video that your own photographer took.” Wes showed the video and they all were appalled at what Ludo and Rita had done to Harry before the game had started. Arthur broke down in tears when he saw Harry defend him to Ludo, and was reminded of Harry calling him Father instead of Mr. Weasley and telling him he loved him just a short while ago before he died.

Ginny gasped and grabbed John for support. She had turned to watch the video when Wes said he had their own confessions of sin they made to Harry. She heard what they were saying, but she couldn’t get the image of her husband’s tortured body lying on the floor and then Rita kicking him and Ludo shooting him off her mind. “I need to go home,” she said weakly. Jack was carrying Lily, Ronon was carrying Albus, and Teal’c was carrying James. John put his arm around Ginny to steady her walk to where the Puddle Jumper was hidden in the Forrest. He quickly and inconspicuously shoved a note in Wes’s hand. They came across Harry’s shirt, cape, boots and socks. Ginny stood staring at them and put her hands on the beautiful diamond necklace around her neck and slowly began sliding out of John’s grip. He caught her and carried her to the Puddle Jumper, and Teyla, and Sam picked up Harry’s things and carried them with them to the Puddle Jumper. Rodney was looking around and finally said, “I’m trying to find Harry’s broom and wand, but I can’t find them. Do you think someone stole them?” John shook his head and answered softly noticing Kingsley was close by, “They’ll be in his pouch he wears on his side, which is now probably at home with Ginny’s personal things.”

John saw Kingsley walk away swiftly and wondered if this had any significance with what he just told Rodney. Nobody said a word the whole trip home. Carson stood up and went to each of the children and looked closely at them several times. “I wonder how long they’ll sleep. They look like they’re dreaming and everything.”

Ginny brought herself out of her semi-conscious state and opened her eyes. She looked at her children and smiled sweetly. “They’re all I have now. I’m so proud of how well they behaved tonight, watching the game and then seeing everything they saw afterwards. I hate that they saw it, but James kept all of us calm. I don’t know how, I just felt like as long as he was holding my hand, I was much calmer than I would have been otherwise. He was wonderful with Lily too. They all three were so strong. That’s Harry’s doings; he prepared them to be strong. He taught them way more important things than I did. Books and learning when they were just baby’s because I was lonely and bored. Harry was always recovering from one thing or another and all. But he found time to teach them important things.”

She looked quickly at the back of the man piloting the Puddle jumper and said, “John, I don’t know what to say. You protected Albus with your life. You would have been killed if Harry hadn’t got the two of you back to –“

John looked straight ahead and said quietly, “It wasn’t as much of a success as I wanted it to be. The reason I sat beside Albus is because Harry told me of the time Albus was nearly killed by the Vernier and I wanted to be near him to protect him in case Riddle tried something. When he said he would kill the kids, right then I grabbed Albus as tight as I could and so I was taken onto the field with him. I tried to hold Albus back, but I failed. I had no choice but to be pulled out with him. There’s no way I would have let Albus be out there to die. Just don’t think anymore about it. It’s over now and we’re all safe.” Nobody could see the tears that streamed down John’s face. For the first time ever, he wasn’t satisfied with being a soldier. He wished he was a wizard so he could use his wand to kill Ludo and Rita Skeeter. They didn’t have a right to live, and if it turned out that Harry didn’t come back then he would find a way to avenge Harry.

Ginny nodded her head slightly and then looked at Carson. “I’m so afraid for them to remember this day. Carson, do you think it’ll scar them?”

The doctor wet his lips in thought. “I have to admit I have been worried about that myself, but as I was looking at them I was seeing normal eye movement in their sleep. That means they are resting peacefully, and having no nightmares’. In situations like this when a traumatic event takes place, sleep is hard and restless; eye movement is rapid and breathing is hard. Like I said though; these wee ones seem to be oblivious of the day’s events.

Teyla said, “Maybe the Ancients have spared them memories of the evening. I think we should all be careful when we speak anything of the game or the fight that followed.”

They all walked silently in the house so they didn’t wake up the children. Ginny flipped her wand over each child and they were in their pajamas.

She turned to her guests when they came down from putting the kids to bed, all but Carson who insisted on checking them each one more time. Ginny called Winky and she responded instantly. It was obvious she had spent the day crying. Ginny knelt and hugged the little Elf to her. There weren’t words for her to comfort Winky, and so she just hugged her with her own tears streaming down her face. Finally she pulled away from her and said, “Winky do you know where the cabin is Harry made for our friends the first time they were here?”

John spoke up and said, “It’s in a container in the cavern below the house.” Ginny nodded her head and said, “I knew I wouldn’t be able to build you one like Harry did; I’m glad he put it away and sealed it. She stepped outside and summoned the cabin and it appeared right where Harry put it when he made it. Ginny took it out of the special container and put it on the ground and it became full size just like the last time.

They went in and looked around to make sure it kept its enchantment and was large inside. Rodney went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door and said, “It’d be great if the fridge had food in it.” Winky snapped her fingers and the fridge had food in it from the main house’s refrigerator.

Ginny asked if they could all make themselves something and forgive her; saying she needed to go sit with her children and watch them sleep. John strode over to her in long strides and grabbed her by the shoulders staring at her neck. She gasped and Jack pulled him away from her. He obeyed his commander and stood back respectfully but nodded his head towards Ginny saying, “Accuse me Sir, no disrespect intended but do you see what I see?”

Ginny put her hand to her neck where John was staring and gasped. She began looking on the floor and started to run to the door. “Ginny wait!”

She turned and said, “He made me the necklace, and now it’s gone! I can’t bear losing it.” She pointed her wand away from her and said, “Accio Harry’s wedding gift to me.”

The necklace appeared in her hands and she sighed with relief.

“Thanks for noticing they were gone, John.”

He shook his head and smiled like a child waiting for Christmas to come. “Darlin’, I don’t think they were lost, I think they just went back to where you keep them when you aren’t wearing them, and when he’s not dead.”

Ginny opened her mouth and said softly, “John, you think he’s alive then? But they took him away.”

John said, “I think the necklace returned to your jewelry box to give you hope to steadfast your Faith. I think it’s a message to you so you’ll go about your normal lives; you and the kids. I think he is alive, but they are just fixing him still and it is taking longer than the last time. Remember what the light said? ‘His spark still remains.’”

John continued, “When they did this before he said he was there for years while they fixed him, yet I watched and it only took mere minutes.”

Ginny said, “This has happened to him before?”

John frowned, “When we were at the Ministry getting Mr. Cravenger and those other men, he found and destroyed a couple labs and underground systems. He had me and the four men in a different time phase using his Portkey. I watched as he did things with the Elves that were working there. One part took him a period of time to destroy, and another thing took way longer. He was sick from the radioactive contaminated air. He worked every minute of every day but for a couple hours at a time when he slept on the floor. He ate while he was working. He said he could hardly…” He stopped and shook his head. The thing is, when they brought him into the time phase he needed to be in; they brought him down on the floor and he needed to be up in the lab where I was. He was trying to fly up to where I was and the explosion caught up to him. He was right at my feet and the Ancients got him and worked with him right there. I’m sure he died in the blast right in front of me just as he got to me. They came again and were there with him and after they left he got up and stood in front of me and waited like I wasn’t there. And then he saw me and I knew then that the time phases were altogether and he was ok. He was gone for years. That’s why he was so desperate to see you and the kids the night of the Quidditch game.”

Ginny swallowed and looked into John’s eyes and took the front of his shirt in her hands and said wistfully, “So you think they’ll fix him and bring him home to me, and he will be ok.” She sighed and cried on his chest when he nodded his head and said, “Yes Darlin’, I think so.”

She released John after he patted her shoulders awkwardly and kissed the top of her head. She smiled sweetly at him and thanked him. She wiped her tears and looked at Carson and said softly, “I think I can sleep now if you think it’s ok.”

Carson said very softly, “I think that would be the best thing ever. Night love, we’ll take care of ourselves here. Sleep well.” Teyla offered to stay with her through the night; but Ginny smiled and shook her head saying she would be fine. She left and went back to her house. Rodney went to the kitchen and started pulling out sandwich material and the others joined in doing the same. John stood apart from the others and leaned on the wall looking at the Snitch, and thought of Harry.

He shook his head and said, “Can anyone believe what we watched today?” Teyla brought him a sandwich and said, “I for one was caught up in it that’s for sure. Never have I seen such spectacular feats as this Quidditch game has. It seems that it’s two games in one; the game of getting the Quaffle down through the hoops to score, and the game of catching the Snitch to score. They are both in one exhilarating to watch. I only wish it had been a fair game, and fun for Harry to play.”

They all began talking about different plays and John very casually with a certain slyness said, “You know I taught him that move where he fell over backwards on the broom and switched the direction the broom was heading in without stopping before he landed on it again and caught the Snitch.”

Laughter rang out in the cabin and he said, “Laugh if you want, it’s the truth. You can ask him about it when he comes back.” His smile was devilish and the others laughed even more.

They laughed and said they would. Sam said, “I wonder when he’ll be back and what he’ll be like.”

Daniel said, “I was wondering that myself. I lost all my memory for how long; when it happened to me?”

Rodney said, “I don’t think he will. I mean technically he is dead isn’t he? Dead means no life, there’s no way he can come back. Or do you think maybe he isn’t dead?”

Teyla said softly, “He is dead I am sure. I can no longer feel the proximity of Ronon, Teal’c, and Jack. He said we would feel the proximity of each other until he died.”

Cam looked at her and said, “What’s this, what are you talking about?” John laughed gleefully. “The basketball game! He put a proximity alert spell on the team. That was pretty clever.”

Rodney said, “So he did cheat, and we should have won. No wonder we-“

Jack cleared his throat and Rodney coward slightly and said softly, “Well, we said no magic and he used magic. That is cheating.”

Ronon said in anger, “He asked us if any of us minded if he used magic to help us be aware of each other. That’s all he did. After we called Go Aliens we all became aware of each other, and didn’t have to stop to look where any others on the team were at. After that, you called no magic, and he didn’t use any as he promised. Harry is an honorable warrior!”

Teal’c added to the conversation, “Indeed. It is also how Teyla and I were able to find Harry when he was invisible on his bed when the President tried to have him killed.

John said, “That’s how he was able to find you three when the Genii captured you a couple years ago. I’ve always wondered-” He chuckled softly and shook his head. “He is quite a man.”

Rodney said, “Well, actually you mean, he was quite a man, he is dead, and there is no denying that.”

Carson glaring at Rodney chose not to remark on Rodney’s observation and diagnosis and offered his opinion on Sam’s original question. “I look for him to be very quiet and emotional. He went through too much to deal with in just a short amount of time. And remember the last thing he remembered is dying in front of one hundred thousand people. He will be confused as to how and why he was brought back. He won’t even know Ron made it happen. How would you react to something like that? You know he’s always said how people stare at him, how do you think they’ll react to him now? He won’t want to go out in public but of course he will have to. But most of all, he endured a lot of pain today from around 7:00 this morning until only a short time ago when he finally died. That kind of pain isn’t something you can just forget about. Pain changes people. We’ll need to take extra precautions while we are here.” Everyone looked at Rodney who was busy with making another sandwich. Noticing the quiet he stopped and looked around, “Huh, yeah, right, of course … I’ll be careful!” he reiterated forcefully to be believable. “I think though if Harry does come back, he will be an Ancient, because he was dead, and like Ginny said, “dead is dead.”

Carson said, “He will be the same Harry that left. Yes, he was clinically dead, but there was life somewhere because his blood was still warm and it was still bleeding from him. His body didn’t even begin to turn cold or turn gray.”

Teal’c said, “I’m curious about the animal Harry turned into at the end when he was fighting Tom Riddle. Is that a common animal to this region only?”

Rodney spit his food and choked. “Why would you be curious of that?! Just know if Harry does come back not to ever make him mad enough to pull that out of his magic hat! That thing scared me so bad I nearly wet myself!”

Teal’c went on, “So it was a magic trick, an illusion?”

Jack answered, “No, it was Harry, he just transformed himself into that magnificent thing after Riddle transformed into that sad little lion.”

John added, “It was a Werecat; Harry said he’d show me one sometime before he died. I don’t think he planned on doing it that way though.”

Sam said, “It scares me that he was able to create a black hole. Do you know how much power that had to have taken, and to be able to hold it the way he did and not be sucked into it? We’re talking immense immeasurable power. Harry will never be safe if anyone realizes the magnitude of energy he has.

They all talked way into the night and finally went to bed too tired to talk; although they still had much to say.

The next morning everyone had breakfast and Ginny stayed very close to her children making sure they were ok. From questions here and there it was determined that they mostly remembered the game. Even certain aspects of the game were fuzzy and they were slightly confused over it. Sometimes they would ask when their daddy did a certain move and they were told, “That was after the game, when Daddy fought Tom Riddle.”

Carson told Ginny it would be best if they answered their questions honestly but guide them away from the topic if it was talked about much. “They will hear enough about it when they go to school, and if we lie to them they’ll be made fools of and not trust us.”

Different family members called for the password so they could drop by to check on Ginny and the kids, but didn’t stay due to the urgency of Ginny needing to go to Diagon Alley. Some weren’t happy to have to stand at the boundary waiting and asked why the password was changed. Arthur and Molly offered to go for her but Ginny wanted to take them.

They all went to Diagon Alley to purchase school supplies and have their robes made. Ginny wanted to wait for Hermione and Ron but the kids begged her to let them catch up when they got there. She enjoyed herself and showed her Muggle friends the sights. Soon they met up with Ron and Hermione about to get supplies for Rose. The children at once began talking about the Quidditch game and James announced he was going to try out for Quidditch this year. They went to Gringotts and they all but Rodney came away from there, wanting to go back. They particularly enjoyed the ride down into the safety vaults. John asked if they could do it again. “Maybe I could transfer my money to this bank and …” He rubbed his chin in thought wondering how the Air Force would be able to make a direct deposit into the bank, and turned to ask Ginny if he would be allowed to do that and found they had already moved on. So he reluctantly decided he’d wait and talk to Harry about it later and ran to catch up with the rest of the gang. He did however notice tunnel entrances that were boarded up and signs that warned of immediate death if any trespass was attempted.

Hagrid happened by looking like he just lost his best friend, (which of course happened to be true) and saw Rodney’s white face and asked was he sick.

“Gringotts vaults … Goblins … roller coaster, bottomless giant cave!”

Hagrid thumped him on his shoulders sympathetically, and buckling Rodney’s knees in the process. “Come wi’ me, got’ jus’ a ticket fer yuh. We’ll have a drink in honor of Harry. Great man, Harry, great man. Miss him som’thin’ fierce already. Me bes’ friend.” Hagrid blew his nose and wiped his eyes and took hold of Rodney’s shoulder and guided him to the Leaky Cauldron with him.

Rodney kept looking behind him for help but they just laughed and told him to have a good time. Ronon and Cam looked at each other and thoughts ran between them both of the same thinking. They both said, “I’m going to… we’re going to go make sure Rodney doesn’t do anything stupid.” Cam smiled wryly and Ronon slapped John on the back and said, “You all go on, we’ll be fine with Hagrid.” John scribbled something on a note and ran quickly to Hagrid and slipped it in his hand saying, “You’ll need this to get back to Harry and Ginny’s house.” Hagrid nodded his head and read the note and laughed and then made the note disappear.

The others went around with Ginny, Hermione, Ron, and the children. They ate lunch and finished their shopping and were going by the sports shop when John, James, and Albus automatically were drawn to the window display. Ron and Hermione had said they needed to leave so Ron could go take his driver’s license exam. And then Hermione wanted to look through Roses’ books with her and be ready for tomorrow. Ginny noticed Ron and Hermione acting as though nothing had happened and wondered how they could just go on with their lives. But then she heard Hugo asking Ron why he didn’t ask any of the questions about Uncle Harry he was wondering about. Rose picked up the conversation by scolding her parents for not talking to Aunt Ginny, and now they would all spend another day and night crying all over the place. Ginny felt a small amount of happiness, that her brother and sister-in-law were uncomfortable; but then quickly reprimanded herself for her cruel thinking. She would never wish pain on anyone, or be happy for others in pain ever again.

John and the two boys stood looking at the display brooms in awe and Ginny came back asking what the holdup was. James asked mesmerized if he couldn’t please have a broom so he could try out for the team. Albus and John both looked quickly at her as if helping James plead his case.

John said, “A man’s gotta have a decent vehicle to have a chance to do the best he can at what he strives for.”

Albus said, “Mum, Gryffindor hasn’t had a good team since you and Dad played on it. James can turn that around on this broom if he gets on the team.”

Ginny smiled and said, “And how do any of you know James would be able to get on the team; he’s never even played before.”

“We’ve played loads of times Mum; we’ve played at Grandma and Grandpa’s and we’ve played at Teddy’s, we’ve played loads of times.”

Albus looked up at her and said quietly, “Daddy would buy it for him, Mum. You could surprise him and tell him when he comes home that you did what he would have done if he were here.”

Ginny studied James and then looking at Albus; wondered how such a young boy could make so much sense. “James, Sweetheart, what if it’s too much pressure for you. What if everyone expects you to be as good as your Daddy?”

James laughed and said, “Mum, nobody would be fool enough to think a boy could ride a broom as well as him, and besides; I’m not trying out for Seeker, I wanna be a Chaser!”

Ginny smiled, “OK, son, but if your grades slip the slightest bit your off the team if you make it.”

James, Albus, and John were doing high fives and giggling happily.

Ginny looked at Sam and Jack and said, “John is quite taken with the game isn’t he.”

Jack responded, “If only I were younger, I’d love to give it a go myself. It’d be sweet to be a wizard if only to play the game.”

They went in the shop and James picked out the broom he wanted. John was biting his lower lip thinking hard and looking wistfully at a broom. He wet his lips finally and asked if it was against the law for a Muggle to own a broom.” He pointed to the one he was looking at.

The shop keeper smiled and said, “Anyone can own a racing broom mate. I just don’t understand why a Muggle would want one.”

John smiled wide and said he wanted to buy it. The shop owner grinned and told him the price. John arched his eyebrows and said, “That sounds expensive; what is that in American currency?”

The man told him and John said, “It’s worth it though, I’ll take it.” Then with another thought he said happily, “I better go back to Gringotts and get my money converted to…” The merchant interrupted him and said he’d be happy to make the exchange. John, with noticeable disappointment, paid the man and they all went home happy with their purchases. Lily smiled and congratulated James on getting a great broom. She asked Albus if she could look at his books and he happily sat down with her looking through them with her.

Ginny was concerned that Albus wouldn’t let her buy him a wand. He kept insisting his daddy had one for him at home. She figured if they didn’t find it then she would just have to sign him out of school for a couple hours to take him to buy one for him. She was sure Minerva would understand.

Jack pulled Ginny aside and said, “Sam and I were wondering if we could take Lily home with us tomorrow afternoon for a week. She could stay with Sam during the night and they could come over with me during the day. We’ll do lots of great things.”

Ginny caught her breath. She was already feeling lonely with the thought of the boys leaving in the morning. And not knowing when Harry would come home made her glad Lily would be there to keep her company. On the other hand, James and Albus were getting to go off to Hogwarts, and Lily had to stay home, and she didn’t get a single new thing today. “She was very good today, and was even happy for her brothers getting all this new stuff. I guess she can. But if Harry comes home and says no then the answer is no.”

There was a knock on the door and Ginny’s heart doubled its normal speed of beating. She gasped and then realization came to her that Harry wouldn’t knock on the door when he came home. She smiled a little disappointed and said, “That must be our lost boys finding their way home. She opened the door and found Hagrid, and his three friends standing in front of her. Hagrid said, “I’m a’feared poor lil Rodney i’n’t use to Fire Whiskey.”

Rodney looked around and stumbled to Ginny, and slung his arm around her shoulder patting her back to support her as if the news he had would end her world. “Did you know Ha… Hagrid ‘hic’ Hagrid los’ los’ishob ‘hic’ lost his job … all account ‘hic’ on account of some tiny,” Rodney held up his thumb and index finger in front of his face to make sure he showed a very small amount. He made it even more dramatic by squinting his eyes nearly closed as if the man he was talking about was so small he was hard to see. “He lost ‘hic’ his job to a ‘hic’ tiny, tiny man? Didja ‘hic’ know ‘at? We should drink to ‘hic’ poor li’l Ginny. ‘hic’ Wherz ‘at buck ‘hic’ bucket we’uz ‘hic’ drinkin’ ‘hic’ drinkin’ from?”

Hagrid laughed nervously and said fondly, “He’s cute i’n’ ‘e?”

Sam took Rodney by the neck of his shirt and guided him into the bathroom, shoved him in the shower fully dressed and turned on the cold water. She shut the door with him screaming his head off. She looked at Cam and Ronon and they stood up straight and stopped laughing for all of five seconds. “He should o’ known he couldn’t hold his fire,” said Ronon as he leaned heavily on Cam’s shoulder and began to laugh foolishly.

“Whiskey! He couldn’t whiskey, err fire ‘is whiskey, and hold it. Hold ‘is fire whiskey! Iz what ‘hic’ Iz what you meant ‘hic’ to say buddy.” Cam said smiling and patting Ronon on the back being a helpful pal so Sam wouldn’t notice his drunkenness. Sam took the two and threw them in the shower with the howling Rodney.

Everyone laughed and then Ginny looked at Hagrid and said, “What was Rodney talking about though Hagrid? You didn’t lose your job did you?”

Hagrid blew his nose, and wiped his eyes nodding his great head. “The nigh’ b’fore the game, Percy turned me inter the School Gov’ners sayin’ I was cavortin’ with an unknown woman in ‘e Forrest. I tol’ ‘em I ‘uz on special assignment from Harry, bu’ Percy said Harry weren’t nowhere to be seen nor heard from so how could I’d been.”

Ginny summoned the oversized chair Harry made for Hagrid for if he ever came to visit and asked Hagrid to sit with them. She sat heavily on the couch as Hagrid continued. “The Gov’ners said I were stripped o’ me duties bringin’ First Years to Hogwarts and me teaching until futher investigation inter the matter. Me on’y job is grounds keeper so I don’t have noth’n ter do wi’ the students an all. Bad influence an’ all don’ ya know.”

Ginny cried saying how sorry she was Percy would do that. Hagrid said it would be ok. “I’ll jus go ‘ome an’ get me classes ready fer the mornin’. Err, I mean, I need to go into the Forrest and err check on a newborn unicorn. Nigh’ ever’body. It was good see’n yer all ag’in. He said low under his breath with a sob, “Wish I’wz see’n Harry, miss him terrible bad. Can’t believe he’s gone.” He got his table cloth sized hanky and blew his nose loudly.

He suddenly stood up and started for the door and Ginny jumped up and ran to grab his sleeve. “Hagrid hang on; let me take you home, I don’t want you riding that knight Bus.”

Hagrid pet her head gently and said, “It’s no’ necessary Ginny. I been get’ten real handy with me wand an’ Irene’z been teachin’ me spells an’ all. Harry taugh’ me to Disapparate an’ made sure I got me license an’ all. I can make it ‘ome on me own now. Thank ye kindly though.”

Ginny looked at him in shock and said, “You have a wand Hagrid, Disapparate, and you’re doing magic? And who is Irene; is she the lady you were with at…”

Hagrid smacked his head, “Tweren’ s’pose to be talkin’ ‘bou’ it. Bu’ I guess it’s ok to talk abou’ it now.” Jus’ after he disappeared Harry met with the Wizengamot and made them clear me name and allow me to use magic. Strictly speakin’ nobody but Harry course knows ‘bout him makin’ me a wand and ‘e’s the one who set me on this special assignment with Irene. Said I’z the on’y one he could trust he did.”

Harry made you a wand; and he gave you a secret assignment?” asked Ginny dumbfounded.

He held out his wand and said proudly, “In’t a beauty? Powerful too; mighty powerful this wand! I don’ dare let it fall into the wrong hands. Harry fixed it so I can’t lose it or anythin’.”

Hagrid sighed heavily and said he was sorry for going on about his wand instead of answering her question, but he was after all very fond of his wand. “Well let’s see; firs’ he turned Mrs. Norris back into a woman, and ‘er name is Irene Pince. He told me to watch over, and take ‘er out ta castle to get ‘er some fresh air and away from people so nobody’d see ‘er.”

“He gave me this wand ‘e made me a short while after ‘e left. He said there twern’t any magic creatures where ‘e were at so ‘e used three o’ his own ‘airs ‘e braided to make a powerful core. At’s when ‘e taught me to Disapparate; said I might need to get out o’ the Forrest in a hurry wha’ with the giant spiders be’n out o’ control in there. If Aragog knew what his descendents twere do’n he’d roll over in ‘iz grave ‘e would. Course ‘e’s cleaned ‘em all out Harry did, since they wuz beginning to venture out o’ there ‘ome in the Forrest an’ into population at the castle an all. The Ministry of Pests and such give Kingsley word that they couldn’t make any headway and said Harry had to go in and destroy them all. Harry did it, but it caused him great sadness. It affected him somethin’ fierce it did. Great man Harry, great man.” Hagrid wiped his eyes and blew his nose on his great handkerchief, and sobbed with his great shoulders shaking in his grief and loneliness for the friend he lost.

“Harry told me that me wand would be able to do anything I wanted because ‘e knew me and trusted in me and built that into me wand. He said I was ‘is first friend ‘e ever had in ‘is life, and ‘e trusted me with ‘is life; and I was a great comfort to ‘im when he felt alone in the world just knowing I would always be there for ‘im no matter what. He said I di’n’t need to know fancy spells and wand movements; that me wand would know me heart and mind because ‘e knows me and ‘e put a piece o’ him as the core. Harry told me Irene would be able to teach me spells, an’ all I had to do was understand the spell and what it was s’pose to do, and me wand would take care to perform the function. Great man Harry, great man. Tha’s why we wuz commin’ from the Forrest when Percy caught me; again. He been hangin’ ‘roun’ fer days after ‘e got off ‘is job until late a’ night hopin’ to catch me doin’ somethin’ ‘e thought wuz wrong.”

Ginny was boiling mad at her brother and again said she was sorry, but she was happy he had a good friend in Mrs. Norris. They said good-bye and Ginny flipped her wand at the bathroom. Cam, Rodney and Ronon stepped sheepishly out and apologized for their actions. She smiled absentmindedly and waved her wand making them all dry.

Ginny excused herself for a minute to check on the kids. She came back down and said disheartened, “Harry hasn’t come home yet. I wanted him to be able to come to see the boys off tomorrow. And Albus especially wanted him to be there. He’s a little stressed about getting sorted, and like I said earlier, he wouldn’t let me buy him a wand. He insists that his daddy made him one, and he doesn’t want any other.”

Ginny, Teyla, Sam and Winky prepared dinner and they all ate and visited until Ginny had the kids shower and go to bed. Finally the adults went on to bed and Ginny sat looking where Harry would be sleeping. She cried for Harry and fell asleep sobbing into his pillow.

The next morning Ginny woke and looked at Harry’s pillow she was holding onto and began to wonder if her husband was really going to come home. The kids came running out of their rooms in a hurry for breakfast. “Breakfast smells wonderful Mum.” As they were running down the steps their guests came in from the cabin. They all walked into the kitchen and found Harry pulling a sheet of biscuits from the oven. He turned to them and smiled, “Right on time; breakfast is ready.” He sounded different; his voice wasn’t scratchy like they had always heard him. However he did talk quietly as was his normal.

He set the sheet on the stove and knelt gingerly to one knee, and sat on his heel. His kids ran to him and he hugged them to him tightly. Winky finished getting the meal on the table and Ginny waited for the kids to let her have her turn. Lily said, “You’re not wearing your glasses Daddy.”

Harry smiled shyly and said, “I don’t need them anymore.” He squeezed her hand and said, “Thanks again darling angel, for helping me right when I needed it. You saved my life.” He looked at Albus carefully and took his fingers in his hand lightly. “Are you ok son? It must have scared you when Riddle tried to kill you. I weren’t able to take time to get you back to your seat very gently. Are you ok?”

Albus smiled and hugged him and said he was fine. “How did you know he did that; you wasn’t facing me?”

Harry said quietly, “I saw you with my peripheral vision. I’m so thankful you weren’t hurt.”

He hugged his young son again and Albus said, “Uncle John hung onto me tight and kept me hidden from Tom, and we were back in our seat before I had a chance to be afraid. Thank you for saving me though. It is scary thinking of it, and the game, and the fight… You beat him Daddy, you beat him, and I’m proud of you, and I’m proud to be your son.”

Harry said, “It was a good idea you had; to electrocute Riddle in the freezing water I had him in. It should have killed him, but his magic was just too strong.”

Harry looked at John and said, “I owe you everything I have for shielding Albus. You were willing to give your life for him. And before the game you offered yourself to be held accountable if I used my wand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those things and being there to take my family away.”

Harry looked at James and said, “When I walked out on the Quidditch field I saw you beside your mum, and knew you would watch her for me. I saw you perform the charm on her I taught you so she would be able to stay calm. Thank you for doing that for me. I was able to concentrate on what I had to do knowing that you were watching out for your mum. You all four helped me so much, just being there, seeing you after all the time I’ve been away.”

Ginny gently pulled the kids away finally; Harry was having a hard time letting go of them, and told them to take their seats at the table. The guests too, seated themselves with the children and talked excitedly about Harry being back. Carson was itching to examine him but let Harry and Ginny have a couple minutes to themselves.

Ginny began to straighten her favorite old worn out robe that she had flung on loosely while she came downstairs. Streams of tears cascaded down over the features of Ginny’s face. They were joyful tears and her eyes held his eyes as the image of them losing their light left her mind. She gasped at how she must look with her bedhair and raggedy robe as she saw Harry’s eyes quickly travel over her trim figure. Harry smiled and stood up holding out his hand to her. His wet eyes twinkled and his chin quivered. She felt weak in the knees and he took her in his arms and pulled her gently into his chest. “You ok Honey?” he whispered and held her tight again. He held her hair and breathed in the sweetness he loved. She said she was fine since he was home. “I look like a mess though; I wish I knew you were back so I could be… so I could have made myself presentable for you.”

Harry chuckled and said with a quivering voice barely audible, “I love the way you look with your bedhair, your worn out robe you love so much, and your bare feet. I’ve missed you so badly Gin. You don’t know how lonely I was for you. I can’t believe I’m back.” Harry’s eyes became full of thankful tears that welled up but didn’t spill over. His stare was adoring and then he closed his eyes and the tears fell out the corners and down his jaw. His lips opened and he leaned into Ginny’s welcoming lips. Their kiss was as gentle and loving as touching a baby with your lips after birth. But the passion was breathtaking for what was shared at that second was meant to say I love you forever, and we will never be apart again. They laughed as the kids told them to stop necking and come to the table.

Ginny and Harry sat down and then suddenly Harry looked at the doctor and said, “Carson, I’m so glad you’re not dead. You’ll be happy to know that, the original you, ascended and lives with the Ancients.” He smiled at everyone’s surprised faces and said, “We need to eat if we’re going to meet the train for Hogwarts.”

All throughout breakfast Harry smiled whenever he noticed anyone looking at him or talking to him, but everyone noticed a sadness about him. He was very quiet and withdrawn unless someone spoke to him. James told him he was going to try out for Quidditch and Harry looked at Ginny. He asked if she was ok with this, or was she talked into it against her wishes.

She smiled and said, “At first I was afraid for him to play or even tryout, but Albus talked some sense into me and I gave it thought and tried to think if you would want him to play. John voiced his convincing opinion as well. I ended up agreeing he could tryout, and if he made the team his grades couldn’t drop at all or he was off the team.”

Harry nodded his head in thought. He looked at James and said, “I think it’s great son. What position are you trying out for?”

“If you don’t care Dad, I’d like to try out for Chaser.”

Harry smiled, “Of course it’s ok with me, why wouldn’t it be? If I had a choice, I would have tried out for chaser also. But I was so surprised to be put on the team that I was happy to be a Seeker since Professor McGonagall wanted me to be one, and that’s where I was needed.”

“I was afraid you’d want me to be a Seeker.”

“I would be an idiot to think you had to be a Seeker. I want you to be whatever you want to be. Try your best, and have fun. But Son, don’t expect a position just because you’re the son of a famous professional Quidditch player.”

Lily said with wide eyes, “Were you a professional player Daddy, I didn’t know that?”

James scoffed at her and said, “He meant that loosely Lily. He’s as good as a professional, even better. And besides, he was on a professional team when they played the day before yesterday. That makes him a professional player.”

Harry shook his head, “I was speaking about your Mum; your Mum is a famous Quidditch player. Nobody would think of comparing you to me; there’s no reason for it because I’m nobody in Quidditch. But thinking you should be as good as your Mum is a different story. I have a scrap book of every game your mum played.”

Sam and Teyla both voiced interest in seeing the book themselves. John said he got to see Ginny play during a family game. “She’s just as good as those players we saw the other day.” Ginny blushed and said she wished Harry could have played in that game that it would have been a lot more fun.

Breakfast was finished and Ginny was worried about the small amount Harry ate, but didn’t say anything. Carson couldn’t contain himself anymore and asked Harry if he could look at him real quick.

Harry looked at him and then nodded his head. “If you think you need to ok. Where do you want me?”

Carson smiled and said, “Right here is fine lad.” He ran his machine over him, and took his blood pressure and temperature. He listened to his heart and lungs and everything else one listens to with a stethoscope in ones ears. He poked and prodded and Harry flinched now and then when a sore spot was touched. “Everything is good lad, you’re in perfect health, but your body is still recuperating. Did you workout this morning?”

Harry answered him quietly, “I had a very light workout. I was incredibly stiff when I … got here. I was standing in the middle of our living room. I only did some stretches to limber me up somewhat. I got tired quickly so I stopped exercising and went to get the van and then I started fixing breakfast. I made sure I didn’t overdo myself. I won’t be building anymore mass, but just maintaining what I have now.”

“Good Lad, just pace yourself. And you can see perfectly? You really don’t need your glasses at all?”

Harry shrugged his shoulder slightly and said softly, “I can see perfectly. I still have my parents in my DNA, so I’ll probably need glasses in a few years like before.” Carson got close to Harry’s face and peered inside Harry’s eyes with a special instrument while Harry answered his questions.

Carson pulled back and put away his instrument and smiled with compassion at his patient. “You’re certainly a living wonder that is for sure.” He read and understood the pain and weariness in Harry’s eyes and patted him lightly on the back. “I expect you’ll want to be getting your wee ones to school, don’t let me hold you up then. Off you go now son.”

“Thanks Carson.” He slipped his shirt back on and buttoned and tucked it in. Harry winked at Albus and smiled. “There is something on the counter in the lab for you to take to Hogwarts. Albus ran in to get his wand and ran back out with a smile on his face that reached both ears.

“Albus, James, hold out your wands please.” They did as they were asked and Harry put his wand on each of them and slid it from the wrists of the boys to the tip of their wands, saying an Incantatum. When he was done he said, “Your wands will always be with you, can never be broken by accident, and their power will grow with your magic maturity. They can only be lost to you if you lose in a wizards duel in class at Hogwarts whereupon; you will get them back after the duel. Never boast of your magic skills or anything about your wands powers, and never use your wands inappropriately, or they will come to me instantly.” He looked at James and though his son kept quiet he knew he was disappointed in the restrictions upon his wand. Harry went on to say, “Your wands are made with a discernment charm; it will know your heart when you are using them, so just make sure you aren’t bullying anyone or doing undo harm. As you both know, your mum and I don’t tolerate bullying. They each nodded their heads understanding the seriousness of what they were just told. “Your wands will do as you command but they will not keep you out of trouble if you use them wrong and get caught. Be responsible with your magic.” He looked at James and said, “Son, you’ve used your wand at school for a year and never once lost it, so don’t be downhearted, it’s obvious you are responsible. I just wanted to emphasize the importance of power you have and power you can be tempted with, and with age the temptation gets greater.”

When Ginny and the kids were ready Harry took a deep breath willing himself to do what he was afraid to do, be out in public. He said, “Let’s go,” and they went out the front door instead of the fireplace to everyone’s surprise.

Upon arrival at King’s Cross, the kids started excitedly looking for Rose and Hugo anxious to tell them how they got there. Ted had said he was going to be there too, but they didn’t see him yet. Harry had a feeling he knew why he was coming and smiled at the thought of his godson being old enough to have a girlfriend.

Harry took Ginny’s hand and began looking around at the noisy station. It seemed unusually foggy and his mind began to worry. He had read the Rising Phoenix this morning to see if he would need to take extra precautions at King’s Cross and found that all the Vernier had been captured and in jail awaiting trial. He steadied his nerves and calmed down knowing he was being silly and listened for Ron’s voice. Just then he heard something that boiled his blood. A certain man was going on rather loudly about having to see to the trip across the lake with the First Years.

Harry pulled Ginny away not wanting to chance talking to the red headed man. Thankfully he heard Ron and at the same time the children shouted, “There they are! Ron looked at Harry and saw right away he was different; very quiet and withdrawn. His eyes looked sad and weary. He wanted to ask when Harry got back but decided that could wait. He told Harry he passed his driver’s test and asked Harry if he did. Harry nodded his head. He didn’t want to tell him he had them for two years now and that he had rented a fifteen passenger bus and drove everyone there. Lily pleaded with her daddy if he couldn’t talk to the Headmistress at Hogwarts and see if she could start early. Harry looked at her with an understanding smile and told her she was going to have to wait another two years.

Ron pointed out Draco and his family. Harry turned and saw Draco unemotional and indifferent nod his head politely at Harry and turn away. Scorpius however stared at Harry for a moment longer so Harry winked and nodded to him. Then the boy, just as indifferent as his father had been, turned his attention back to his mum giving him last minute instructions. Harry watched for a moment longer before turning away. He decided he would talk to Draco soon and see if he wouldn’t allow him to let people know he is the editor of the Rising Phoenix. Draco had done a fantastic job of running the paper for Harry and he didn’t like the idea of nobody knowing who the editor was especially now that Draco would be safe from Tom and the Vernier. Draco had agreed to do it and when Harry had said nobody could know he was doing it until after Riddle and the Vernier were out of the picture; Draco had made Harry promise nobody would ever know.

Some people went by Harry pointing and whispering. They became brave and walked back to him and came quite close to him touching his arms or back or hair before walking quickly away. Harry was terribly uncomfortable about this and decided he would talk to Draco at first chance the next day and put an ad in the paper.

The kids were unsettled with everyone staring at them, but mostly at their dad, Uncle and Hermione. Harry in a way wished the train would hurry and leave so he could leave. He looked over at a group of people who were whispering loudly and pointing at him. He hung his head and stood still but raised his arms slightly away from his sides with his palms turned up as the group had made their way over to him and touched his hair and arms, shoulders, back, and even his face and chest. They took his hands and gently squeezed them; some even having the nerve to kiss them. He was very uncomfortable as more and more people came to him. He spoke softly saying, “Please don’t think anything more of me than what I am. I am only a man.”

People began to mob about him and tried to pull Harry to them; others were reaching hands over the people in front of them trying to touch him.

Having had enough, Ron, thrust out his chest importantly. He answered the kids as to why everyone was acting so strange. He stepped next to Harry, stepping on toes forcing people away from him and held out his arms, not giving anyone a chance to get around Harry and said, (as if he didn’t notice he was keeping people away) “It’s me, kids, I did something famous and they’re all in awe of me. I’m pretty much a hero for saving the day.”

He laughed at himself and roughed his hair knowing it wasn’t the case at all, but maybe secretly wished it was. If only he could remember how or what he did he would feel better. The only thing he remembered was running out of the stadium, and running right back in announcing to the crowd not to use their wands. He remembered as everyone did about the light coming and taking Harry away. He looked around at the people scowling at him and he just smiled at them and waved them off.

“Don’t you all have places to go things to do and kids to get on the train?” Mainly he didn’t like them treating Harry the way they were. “Crazy people anyhow,” he mumbled under his breath looking cross as they left.

Ron shrugged off his thoughts and cuffed Harry on the shoulder in a friendly manner, but forced him to face him. Harry looked in his eyes and Ron smiled as if he expected something from his friend. Harry managed a small smile to be polite but wondered what Ron meant by him saving the day, and was about to ask him when Ron chuckled when Harry only looked at him. The disgruntled red head said, “Nothing’s changed…” He huffed and then chuckled sarcastically. “You’re still just Harry Potter; and I’m still just your sidekick boob, right mate?” He loosened his tie and said, “It’s getting hot isn’t it?” Ron turned from Harry before his friend could say anything back to him and put his arm around Hermione and looked after his kids.

Harry looked at Ginny and mustered a very small sad smile. Ron turned back to the group acting like his old self, and began talking about this and that and then went on about passing his driver’s test. Harry arched his eyebrows and then grinned when Ron told him under his breath, to keep Hermione from hearing, of the small bit of magic he used to pass. Ron asked Harry again if he passed his test yet, and Harry only nodded his head as he became distracted and looked about for his sons and found James teasing Ted. Albus was right behind him. Harry looked at Ginny and handed Lily’s hand over to her. Harry took a knee and sat on his heal and asked him quietly, “Is something bothering you son?” He tried to shut out Ron behind him asking Ginny when he got back, and what was wrong with him.

Albus was worried and spoke softly to his dad. “What if I’m sorted into Slytherin Dad?”

Harry grinned sympathetically, “Well, then next year you and your brother will more than likely be playing against each other in Quidditch if you want to play; or even this year, if you want to try out. Your Mum and I won’t know which team to root for, but we’ll work it out just the same. Don’t worry about it.”

Albus smiled and waited for the answer he was hoping for. Harry looked at his son and wanted to pick him up in his arms and take him home and have this discussion over a cup of hot chocolate and possibly a few cookies. But time didn’t afford him this luxury. And his son was way too old to be carried in such a way. He said, “Son, it isn’t what House you are placed in that will make you an exceptional student. Doing your best and working hard in whatever House you are placed in, is what will make you an exceptional student. I’m sure that you’ll do your best wherever you’re placed and we will be very proud of you. If you are placed in Slytherin, then Slytherin will have gained a wonderful person who will do the House proud. If it bothers you about where you will be placed you can let the hat know, if it hasn’t made up its mind by the time it sits on your head. I was already marked two different ways when I sat under it. I had a mark on my forehead given me by a Slytherin that made the hat consider that House. I also had by way of the same mark a prophecy about me that marked me for Gryffindor. The hat took in consideration of what I wanted, which was anywhere but Slytherin, and put me in Gryffindor. You go with Tabula Rosa, a clean slate, and there won’t be a struggle for the hat, so be thinking as you sit down where you want to go.”

Harry watched his son struggle with his thoughts and continued. “I was at a disadvantage when I went to Hogwarts just finding out I was a Wizard and all. I was told that there wasn’t a witch or wizard that went to Slytherin that didn’t go bad. You are named after two of the most amazing men I have ever known. One was courageous, brave, and full of wisdom and knowledge. He was the most intelligent man I ever knew and he taught me everything he knew. His name was Albus Dumbledore from Gryffindor, and I loved him very much. The other was courageous, brave and full of wisdom and knowledge; and he was the bravest man I ever knew, his name was Severus Snape, and I loved him very much; once I knew him like a father after his death. He was a Slytherin. Your name is well suited for you being named for each great man, and I’m sure you will do spectacularly wherever you are placed. You know these men from hanging on the wall of my study, and know them to be very dear friends of mine. Not because of what House they were in; but rather because of the way they used their knowledge and wisdom which were their strengths.”

Albus smiled and thanked his dad and kissed his forehead. He ran off to join up with James and Rose who had already boarded the train.

Harry stood up touching the spot Albus had kissed. How he was going to miss his sons. Ginny stepped over to him and said, “He’ll be safe; Voldemort is gone forever.”

He smiled and nodded his head. Harry knew she didn’t understand his feelings at the moment, but it didn’t matter; Tom Riddle; Voldemort, as Ginny said, was gone forever but more importantly, now he could be a normal husband and dad. He looked up and saw James talking and laughing to a friend and motioned him to come to him. James ran out to him and Harry held out his hand. “You left without saying good-bye.” Harry’s eyes twinkled and merriment danced in them. “Is there any contraband you’d like to declare?”

James rolled his eyes and pulled out his snow-globe and handed it to his father. “Have a good term Son.” James hugged him and said with a wide impish grin, “Read the note,” and quickly ran back on the train. Harry looked at the globe and pulled off a note that was attached to it.

“Hey Dad, I wasn’t going to take this to school. I was playing a trick on you. I learned how to do some charms and I charmed this globe to appear in your hands if the train left without you making sure I didn’t have it like you did last year. If you are reading this note before the train leaves it means that you did catch me. If you hadn’t then the globe would appear in your hands after the final whistle of the train before it disappeared and you’d be reading a different note; mainly me crowing about finally getting something over on you. I know though, it’ll never happen. I love you Daddy. You’re the best ever.” Ginny and Lily watched the train until it was out of sight. Harry put the note in his pocket and thought of cherished moments of his and James’s interactions through the years. He thought of him calling him Daddy instead of Dad in his private letter between father and son just now. He wasn’t too big to be his little boy in their hearts. Harry looked after the train and knew they were off to a wonderful term, yet he was sad and lonely for them. For him he just this morning saw them for the first time in a long time, a very long time. It wasn’t up to him after all, how long the Ancients kept him in their world while they healed him and taught him many new things.

A/N This chapter had a lot of JK’s Epilogue that I used to build into my own ff. So if you recognized something familiar, that is the reason why, it’s hers, not mine.
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Hey, Connie!
You probably are wondering why I'm not commenting on your fanfiction. Well, I'm still here and I'm reading slowly, as when I know something very good is reaching its end, I want to prolong the pleasure of doing that... So, your story is to me like a delicious ice cream and I'm tasting it every word, every small surprise you give us in a new paragraph.
So, I will post a new comment just when it reaches its end, I hope you don't mind you won't have to wait too much.
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Hey Guys, here we go, last chapter, and then the Epilogue. I hope you like it and if I haven't covered any questions you may have, or forgot a story arc, please let me know. Thank you so much for reading.

Hey Ivana, yes, it's fine for you to wait to comment. Thank you for your kind words, except now I want some ice-cream. I hope you enjoy the story clear up through the end. Thank you for reading, and I'll look forward to your comment when you are done.

Chapter 172

The Long Road Of Love And Compassion; Destination - Humanity

When they got back home Harry tried to be happy for the sake of his friends who would be leaving soon. Ginny told Lily to pack her bag for a week’s vacation. “Hurry Lily, we don’t want to make them wait.” Harry turned quickly and looked at Ginny with obvious shock on his face. “Are we err, sorry, you and Lily going somewhere?”

Ginny’s face paled and she stood for a moment not knowing what to say. “Love, I’m sorry. I forgot to talk to you about it. Jack asked if he and Sam could take Lily back with them for a week. She would spend the days with both of them and the nights with Sam.”

Harry looked anxiously at Ginny and then down at the little girl he was holding onto as she squealed and began jumping up and down unable to contain her exuberance.

Harry’s heart sank as he stood watching his darling angel squeal with the excitement of going away. He smiled sadly and nodded his head without saying anything. He slowly let loose of her hand and nodded his head to the steps for her to go pack. Ginny looked askance of him and he said with his throat constricted, “She needs you to help her decide what clothes to pack.” He managed a smile for her to show he wasn’t angry.

As Ginny ran up quickly to help her daughter pack, Harry turned and looked out the picture window in the living room. Life goes on no matter what. He shouldn’t have expected to pick up where he left off those years gone by. Their lives went on while he was gone. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked at Jack and smiled. Jack said he was sorry; and that when he asked Harry was not alive yet. “Well, I mean you were alive, just not home yet.”

Harry chuckled softly. “It’s ok Jack, Lily deserves special times too. She’ll love being over there with you two.”

They went over and sat on the couch, and Harry looked at his friends. “Thanks for being here for Ginny and the kids.”

John said, “We tried to leave with them when you told us to, but I couldn’t leave you behind. I can’t explain how I felt, I knew I needed to, and I did try to get them, but I just couldn’t leave you; I felt like there wouldn’t be any happiness and the more I tried to the more my heart hurt. I tried to get the General to order us to leave, but-”

Jack said, “I felt like if we left you the world would end. They all said similar things and then Rodney said, “I thought if we left you we would die.”

Harry listened to them and said, “You were cursed then; I’m glad that’s all he did to you.”

Jack said, “I think we weren’t the only ones cursed then. When everyone began trying to shoot the man in the bumble-bee PJs, and superman cape; everyone suddenly put their wands away. That Ottery St Catchpole guy nearly died trying to teach, bumble-bee man, “a lesson in fair play” as he put it. Lissy had to give him, K’Lari, and Sirius shots to make them docile. Even Arthur nearly needed one but Molly took control of him. Teddy was fighting to go help you, and the whole Malfoy family was hopping mad too.”

Rodney corrected Jack telling him it was a wasp on Bagman’s uniform. Jack turned his head to look at him sternly and said, “I was being perfectly sarcastic and disrespectful about the slubberdegullion.” The conversation halted with everyone looking curiously at Jack. Harry grinned and said, “Your dislike for the man is most appreciated, thank you.”

Small talk began about the game and Daniel said, “John made some outlandish claim that he taught you that one move; did he?” Harry’s eyebrows knit together and he thought for a second and then Cam hit John on the shoulder laughing. “We knew you were lying.”
John grinned impishly and rolled his eyes to look at Harry without moving his head or saying a word of defense, only like he was holding a deep funny secret. Harry glanced at his friend remembering something and grinned boyishly.

The upturned corners of Harry’s grin widened into a playful smile and said, “The St. John Head Over Heels Feint. When I caught the Snitch you mean? Yeah, he was the brain child of that move. It was my first time at Atlantis and I was giving him a ride on my broom. When I showed him the Wronski Feint; we were diving in excess of 150 miles per hour and he fell head over heels in front of me and the way he was calling for mercy from the good Lord, I thought he must surely be a Saint asking concessions of our God Almighty. I lifted my weight off the broom and fell over backward then twisted the broom and the speed of the broom pulled me back on hard catching John without stopping or even slowing down.”

Everyone laughed and Teal’c said, “It was indeed a spectacular move to see. I should love to watch a real game where cheating does not occur.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “I’m sure I can get you to another game, and I’ll watch it with you. But don’t expect to not see any cheating because it is just like any other sport where teams try to sneak in some unauthorized moves to assure them points.”

Daniel said, “Kingsley saw us at Diagon Ally yesterday and said the World Cup match would be played after all; and they wouldn’t let the match you played in count as a match game. All the proceeds from that game went to charities; like helping all the families whose lives were touched by the evil Vernier and Tom Riddle. The real game is postponed until further notice. Both teams want time to teach their players, “the Harry Potter Broomwalk.” It seems they want to learn the art of riding barefoot while standing on their brooms. The event will be very low priced due to high ticket prices Bagman charged. He said the teams playing would be the two that played when Harry played and they are doing it free of charge to help defray the cost of the tickets.”

Ronon said, “I think we’d all love to see a game. I’d love to see that Werecat you transfigured into again too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animal as impressive as that. Is it a common animal in this area?” He glanced at Teal’c knowing this was something he was curious about as well.

Harry stared at Ronon and afforded him a small smile. “No they aren’t common at all. As far as I know there are only two in existence today. I had promised John I’d show him one before I died and thought it would be the perfect animal to conquer Riddle’s lion.”

Just then an owl was at the window. Harry went over and looked at the note frowning when he saw who it was from. Walking back to the couch and taking the letter from the leg of the owl he sat down and told the bird to stay for an answer; and then read the letter out loud.

Dear Mr. Potter:

We’re happy to see you up and around after your near demise two evenings ago. However upon seeing you at King’s Cross today and seeing you are indeed recovered from your death bed, we regret to inform you of a hearing for being an unregistered Animagus and fighting in public. We wish for you to come to your hearing before the full Wizengamot tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM. Please be on time and be ready to surrender your wand for the hearing.

The Wizengamot

P.S. Thank you for ridding our world of Tom Riddle

The owl started to flap his wings to leave quickly, feeling Harry’s sudden anger, but Harry grabbed it roughly. “I said stay here for an answer.” His voice wasn’t raised or even angry sounding, but there was a sense of death in it. The bird stood still and Harry offered it a snack and water. He caught a piece of parchment and a pen and said out loud as he wrote;

Dear members of the Wizengamot,

It does my heart good knowing you are happy I didn’t stay dead from two evenings ago. However; I no longer care about your happiness since you wish me to attend a hearing for being an unregistered Animagus which I’m not, and fighting, which I did nothing against the law by defending myself.

As you are well aware, wishes don’t always come true, nor should we expect them to. Your accusations about me are ludicrous and I respectfully decline your wish for me to appear before your idiotic full Wizengamot hearing; as I have not been charged with any wrong doing; am tired and not fully healed from the beating I took and from Ludo Bagman, Tom Riddle, and being mostly dead for two days. If you want to explain what’s on your minds come and talk to me, otherwise, leave me alone. If you are coming, please come now or forever hold your piece. And if you attempt to take me back with you; or if you attempt to take my wand; be prepared to surrender your freedom.

It is my honor to serve,

Harry Potter

P.S. I’ll leave the gate for the driveway open.

He pulled the wings of the owl to their extent and examined the feathers and small bones in the wings as it was a blustery evening and he wanted to make sure the bird was safe to return. He offered the bird a drink of water again and upon its refusal he attached the letter to the owl’s leg and told it to return the letter to whom sent it to him. “Be swift.”

Harry looked at his watch and sat down with his friends and picked up the conversation where it was interrupted at. Looking at Ronon he said, “You might get your chance after all.”

Noticing the look of awe and fear on his friends faces he said, “Is something wrong?” He looked up to see Ginny and Lily coming down the steps carrying three bags. Harry chuckled and said, “Isn’t she just going to be gone for a week?” he held out his arms for his little girl and she ran to him.

“I’m going to miss you Daddy.” Harry absentmindedly handed Ginny the letter from the Wizengamot as she sat down beside him, and lifted Lily onto his lap to give her a tender hug. “I’m going to miss you too, Darling Angel.” He handed her a cell phone that appeared in his hand. “This is for you while you’re gone. When you get back home, it comes back to me until you are old enough and responsible enough to keep it. You know how to use it don’t you?”

Lily squealed with a high pitch and Harry laughed joyfully. “Will you call us every night to say good-night? I’m going to miss you very much; more than you know.”

She promised she would. Harry looked over smiling at Ginny and saw the alarm on her face.

“You don’t want her to have the phone? I’m sorry we didn’t talk about it. It was only for while she was away.” He started to reach for the cell phone but Ginny shook her head being speechless and held up the letter she was holding for him.

He smiled wearily and said, “It’ll be ok. I expect Kingsley and the tribe of idiots will be here in a few minutes. I invited them to come and talk it out; err something like that. By the way, it was quite a shock coming home with the van this morning and not being able to get in because the password had been changed. That was a brilliant password you came up with.”

Ginny looked confused and said, John told me to change it before we left for the game for some reason. And he is the one who came up with the password. He also asked me to make him the secret keeper. How did you get in when you came back with the van? I wasn’t thinking that you’d-”

“It’s fine Honey. I felt the shield around the place when I drove up to the gate at the boundary. I got out and stood there thinking and then I said, “Oh bother, just as I often do when something comes up I hadn’t expected. I felt it go down then and I have to tell you I had quite the laugh at that.” He looked at John and though he was curious about the reason he had Ginny do this he thanked him for looking out for his family and home. “It was pretty brilliant of you to come up with that password.” John just smiled his boyish smile and said, “It wasn’t anything to make a fuss over.”

Just then the front door was busted down and a group of men stomped into the living room. Kingsley followed in a more respectful manner. Lily screamed and clung to Harry’s neck.

They all but Kingsley stood pointing their wands at Harry. And then suddenly Wes appeared behind Kingsley with his wand drawn on the Wizengamot. Kingsley smiled at Wes and put his hand on Wes’s hand gently forcing him to lower his wand. He looked a second time and whispered he didn’t know he was behind them; in which Wes just shook his head quickly and gave his attention to what was happening. Harry moved Lily onto Ginny’s lap and said, “State your reason for breaking into my home and terrorizing my daughter.”

A man strode over to the couch right in front of Harry and thrust his wand scant inches from Harry’s face as he shouted, “How dare you call us names and threaten our lives you imbecile! Stand up and face me when I’m talking to you! You are under arrest for making threats to our persons and refusing to come to your hearing!” The man was yelling enough to make the veins on his neck and forehead stick out. The coloring of his face would have made his Uncle Vernon jealous if he were still alive.

Harry calmly insisted that the man and his company holster their wands. “How am I to stand with your wand inches from my face?”

The men holstered their wands and the irate man in front of Harry nodded his head curtly once and put away his wand.

Harry didn’t seem to be bothered by the yelling or the threats and proceeded quietly and obediently to stand wearily within inches of the offensive man since he was standing in front of Harry and not offering to move back. He spoke softly only with fire in his eyes and a tone in his voice that rang a warning of danger. “Are you done talking? If you’re not then finish what you have to say,” said Harry patiently.

Upon the man nodding his head yes taking surprise at Harry’s question; he said, “I have nothing else to say.”

Harry said, “good” and sat down and immediately said, “Please have a seat, or stand if you must. I beg your forgiveness, but I need to sit and rest. I only this morning was able to be up from my death bed and it has already been a very tiring day for me. Now, for the reasons you are all here; I didn’t call names; I addressed you as members of the Wizengamot, which is what you are. I didn’t disobey a direct order; you wished me to go to a hearing and I declined because I’ve done nothing wrong, and I’m not able, physically, to attend one of your hearings. Been there, done that and you won’t have another chance to off me ever again. And as far as threatening your life; I didn’t do any such thing. I only warned you I would arrest you for false allegations and attempted kidnapping. Those aren’t my exact words, but you have to be a certain kind of stupid if you don’t understand that you lose your freedom when you’re arrested.”

“You called us ludicrous and idiotic; and don’t claim you didn’t! I challenge you to argue otherwise! And stand up I say!”

Harry sighed and gingerly stood up, again within inches right in front of the angry man because he wouldn’t move.

“That’s not much of a challenge, but one I accept none the less.” Harry; his eye’s unwavering from the angered man, said softly, “I believe you need to brush up on your critical reading skills. I said your accusations were ludicrous and your full Wizengamot hearing was idiotic, not you; but you know; if the shoe fits you might as well wear it.” The man went to the tips of his toes leaning into Harry so much that he fell into him.

Harry didn’t put a hand on him but said quietly. “You are invading my space mister; I suggest you move back.”

The man stepped back loosing the color in his face and said, “You . . . you can’t put a hand on me! How dare you threaten me!”

Harry sighed and said, “I don’t have to put a hand on you, but then I didn’t say I would. Can’t we just keep a respectful distance from each other and talk about why you came out here? And why can’t we all sit down to talk?”

The man stepped back but still standing said, “Very well; you will surrender your wand and be escorted to Azkaban where you will stay until your hearing. A new date will need to be set to charge you. You will await your hearing in Azkaban.”

Harry looked formidable and said, “I do not surrender my wand to anyone … ever. And I will not be taken to Azkaban or any other place to be held prisoner. You sent me a letter wishing me to come to a hearing. Now you want to have a hearing for sentencing without even being charged for a crime. And just now is the first time you said anything about being under arrest; you only wished for me to go to a hearing. And now you want to dump me in Azkaban whereupon you will think of some charges. If there are charges to be brought against me I will hear them; right here, right now.”

The angry man said, “The original charges were you being an unregistered Animagus and…”

Harry stopped him and said, “Oh, so there have been charges. Let’s deal with one thing at a time. Tell me what the Wizengamot’s definition of an Animagus is.”

The man smirked and said, “You are a stupid, arrogant imbecile! You can’t get out of this. An Animagus is a very powerful and skilled wizard or witch. An Animagus can change at will at any time, with or without a wand.”

“It can only take on the form of one specific animal. This animal form is not chosen by the wizard, but determined by their personality and inner traits. Thus, one's Animagus form is a reflection of one's inner nature. Each Animagus bears an identifying mark on their animal form that is caused by something on their human body. This may be a physical trait like dental structure, or an acquired trait such as glasses. They cannot communicate in human voice."

"So, there you have it. One hundred thousand people saw your Animagus is a Werecat, and we know for a fact that your Werecat is not registered.”

Harry nodded his head and said as he turned into a Werecat of its most formidable form and roared menacingly. He turned quickly to Lily and meowed like a little kitten and then said, “It’s daddy, darling angel, I won’t hurt anyone.” Then he spoke to the man saying, “You think this is my inner nature. I’m wondering do you understand me; am I speaking in my human voice? What trait do I have that shows I am Harry Potter? No glasses and certainly no dental similarities. My fur is yellow, black, and white, and I don’t think I have an aggressive inner nature. I think if I were an Animagus maybe I’d be,” he transformed into a puppy wagging his tail and jumped up on Lily and licked her face all over, making her giggle. He jumped back down and said, “This may be a tad bit docile for my inner nature.” He looked at John and said, “What do you think my inner nature is represented as in animal form?”
John smiled and said, “Maybe a Polar Bear.”

Harry turned into the massive white bear and stood up on his back legs towering above everyone and swung his paws and when he opened his mouth he bellowed out a very loud roar. He swung his head low so he could look straight in the eyes of the man in charge; who happened to be shaking with terror. “Does this work for me?”

He changed into random animals one after the other giving the Wizengamot a chance to see he could most definitely change into more than one animal at his choosing, and spoke in his human voice while in each animal form. He changed into a beautiful butterfly and landed on Lily’s cheek and kissed her.

“Now you can say you have received a real butterfly kiss.” Then he was suddenly a little monkey and he climbed up Ronon’s leg, arm and then onto his shoulder and sat pulling his long braids over his head as if it were his hair. His last form he changed into was a housefly with his own head, but very small, instead of the fly head and flew around everyone saying, ‘help me, help me’ mocking the movie, The Fly. He turned back into himself and said, “Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little fun there.” Harry grinned at Jack who laughed hard at his joke.

“So by your own definition, my Werecat is not an unregistered or registered Animagus, it’s not even an Animagus but just a transformation. Rest assured though; if I do find the need to have an Animagus I will certainly register what it is."

"Shall we move onto the next charge; fighting in public is it? I did not instigate that fight, and I did everything in my power to keep it from happening. Nay Sayers like yourself fought against me and prevented me from doing so. Every time I had evidence that proved Tom Riddle was being reborn, I was laughed at and ridiculed. I was hindered in everything I did to try to keep him from being born again; you kept my evidence from being legal to use. The Wizengamot tribe, whether it was you or any of the previous leaders that were found to be in league and members with the Vernier, prohibited me at every turn. When I found out Ludo was involved my evidence was deemed unfit and altered even though it wasn’t. I’m the one who was made out to be evil saying I lied and fixed the evidence. The Snitch was charmed into letting Tom know when I caught it. I didn’t want to fight; I begged for fifteen years for help, and I got NONE! In the end, only these friends here ever helped me.” Harry began breathing hard and folded his arms in front of his chest; possibly to keep them from striking out at the foolish man.

“And just so you know, but not that it matters, you shouldn’t act like a Hypocrite or people will know you as one. You send me a notice of a hearing you wish me to attend for fighting, and yet you thank me for, “ridding our world of Tom Riddle,” and now you want to arrest me and put me in Azkaban for fighting him. He came to kill me, I had to protect myself or he would have killed me with the snap of his finger. And then just for the fun of it, he would have started killing people starting with you guys and the Minister of Magic and then the Auror’s.”

“So, I think that takes care of that charge, I was only defending myself and all the rest of the people there.”

Harry glared at the men and said, “I never disobeyed any direct orders either. As I already mentioned, you said you wished for me to go to the hearing, and I said I declined. There was no order telling me I had to be at the hearing, and I was never charged and arrested.”

“And lastly you accuse me of calling you names and want to charge me for it; is that it; very petty and juvenile of you, even if it were true. I demand to see proof that I called you any name in that letter whatsoever.”

The man smiled like he had Harry on this one. “I will be glad to read your letter to you and you will see where you called us names. He read the letter and said, “There you see, you called us ludicrous and idiotic!”

One of the men on the council said, “Mr. Potter is correct Grover, he said the hearing was ludicrous and idiotic; and I am inclined to believe he is correct. I think that you drew up all this hullaballoo because you were best friends with Ludo Bagman and we just canned him for a life imprisonment in Azkaban. I vote we dismiss this fiasco and let Mr. Potter have the last word. We didn’t know of any hearing and then you called us together after we sentenced Bagman saying you got a threatening letter from Mr. Potter and we had to come out here to get him without letting us see the letter or have any word in the matter.”

Everyone else agreed and he turned over the evening intrusion to Harry. Harry looked at Grover and said, “I should charge you with breaking and entering, falsifying charges, threatening me with your wands, and I could also use a page from your own book and charge you with name calling; you did after all, call me a stupid, arrogant imbecile. I however am extremely tired and don’t want to act out like a juvenile with hurt feelings. All I want is for you to leave; and I will put my trust in the Ministry of Law Enforcement to see you get fare and due process of law. I send you on your way with this thought someone very wise once said, *’Life is an occasion, rise to it.’ Good-evening gentlemen.”

Harry went to the door and motioned for the broken door to reassemble into the doorway. He opened the door and showed the men out. All of them but the leader said they were very sorry for what happened and thanked him for saving them from Tom Riddle. They all said how much they would love to watch him play another Quidditch game, shaking hands with him as they left.
Harry smiled and thanked them for the kind words. After they left Kingsley said he would see to it that Grover be removed from being the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and then asked if he could stay for a bit.

Harry grinned and said, “Of course you can, you don’t have to ask; we’d love to have you stay and visit. Have dinner with us, I’m sure Winky is fixing something spectacular.” He looked at Wes and smiled warmly. Seeing the white face on the man he took his shoulder in his arm and hugged him clapping his hand on Wes’s back. “Wes, it’s good to see you. I was worried you were sick at the game. Was it a 24 hour bug or something? Are you still ill? Only to say you look somewhat peaked.”

Wes shook his head and put his hand affectionately on Harry’s shoulder. “I was under your invisibility Cloak from the moment you met Ludo until he went to his box for the game. I recorded everything Harry. I could hardly stand to be there without doing anything to help you. But I was afraid if I intervened that I would mess up what we had worked on. Filch assured me you had everything under control and implored I not intervene. When I left the changing room I left a bug to video what went on after I left. That was a great speech you gave the team. Ludo and Rita left you lying nearly dead and Rita said she would make sure you paid for killing her son. She is the one who shot you when you opened up that black hole. So, yeah, I was sick. And then Draco Malfoy rushed in our office a while ago saying these gits were coming out here to arrest you, and all your holdings and assets would be frozen. Grover was going to try and take away everything from you and your family. You hired me as your attorney those years back to keep them from doing that and so here I am.”

Harry was moved by Wes’s information and gave him another one armed hug. “Thank you Wes, I’m sorry you had to see what you saw. Thank you for your grit; I’m sure your sacrifice paid off so it could be used in the trials. I saw the paper said due to overwhelming evidence from you and Mr. Weasley, Ludo and the whole gang was convicted. Please come and visit with us.”

He motioned towards the couch and sat down beside his wife holding on to Wes’s shoulder the few steps to the couch. Wes could hear his labored breathing and the weight on his shoulder from Harry leaning on him. It was obvious; though Harry hid it well, that he was very tired.

Ginny said, “Love can I ask you a question?” He half smiled at her and nodded his head.

“When you are being healed and those lights take you away someplace; and you are gone from a second to a couple days; how long is it for you in their time?”

Harry frowned and put his head back on the headrest and closed his eyes. “The time when I had to be healed from the radiation poisoning and stuff, I was gone a total of twenty years. At first I could only remember a few years at a time; but my memory came back to me a couple days after my return and it was twenty years. This last time was,” he swallowed and leaned forward into the palms of his hands. He took a deep breath and said softly, “I was gone for forty two years. It was difficult…” Lily broke in and said, “Excuse me please.”

Harry turned and looked at her and smiled, “Yes darling angel?”

Lily smiled sweetly and said, “I liked the little puppy you turned into, will you do it for me again please?”

Harry wet his lips and looked into his daughter’s eyes and smiled slightly, “I’m pretty tired angel, what if I wouldn’t be able to transform back?”

Lily looked seriously at him and said, “I would take care of you daddy, and I would learn how to turn you back to my daddy.”

Harry nodded his head and smiled sweetly at her and said, “OK then, just for a bit.” He turned into the puppy and stepped on Ginny to get to Lily. As he was crossing over her lap he stopped and licked her face. Ginny giggled and he licked her again and then went on to Lily. Lily hugged him to her and he licked her face. She giggled and stood up and began to dance. She laughed and started twirling around and around singing their song. Harry buried his head in her neck through the first verse and chorus and wished she would stop. He let her twirl a few more times and then asked her to please stop. She stopped and sat down with him on her lap. He licked her face and ran unsteadily, falling dizzily several times before he finally made it into the bathroom to be sick.

When he came back out as himself, John laughed at him. “You did all the incredible flying and all those tricks when you were fighting and you get sick from twirling?”

Harry’s lips curled up in one corner and said good naturedly, “Yes, well I’m delicate.” Everyone roared with laughter. Winky told them dinner was ready and they all ate. Again, Harry ate very little. Carson asked why he wasn’t eating.

The weary young man said, “I’m more tired than anything, and I’ve got bothersome things on my mind. Are you all going to be here for a while?”
Jack said, “We were going to leave this afternoon but since you are with us again we decided to see you for a bit, but we’ll go ahead and leave tomorrow. John wants to check out something that is bothering him. He’ll be up to leaving though in the morning sometime.”

Harry nodded his head and said that would be fine. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you can.”

They visited until late in the evening and Harry kept watching the window. Ginny asked what he was watching for and Harry said, “I thought maybe we might get an owl from the boys and I’m also kind of surprised that Ron and Hermione and your family aren’t here.”

Ginny told Lily it was her bedtime so Lily went around giving everyone hugs and kisses prolonging her hug with her daddy. He hugged her snuggly and kissed her temple, “I love you darling angel. Go ahead now and scoot on up to bed. I’ll see you in the morning.” He clung to her a moment longer and then reluctantly let her go. He couldn’t keep his eyes dry for some reason, and it was really beginning to annoy him.

After Lily left for her bed Ginny smiled and said, “Love they’ve only been gone today, give them a little time to miss us. And I hope you don’t mind, but Hermione, Ron, and the others didn’t want to come over so the kids wouldn’t be too excited to sleep and be tired and cranky tomorrow for school. And so everyone else just said they’d come over and see you later maybe tomorrow if it’s ok.”

He smiled and said, “You’re right about the boys needing time to miss us I guess. It’s just I miss …” he swallowed again with his eyes misting up and said softly, “I’m happy to wait and see all the others later.”

She smiled innocently and said, “You’re probably anxious about the sorting.” Harry smiled and decided it would be best if he allowed her to think that. Just then an owl pecked on the window, and then another one showed up. “Ah, here we go.”

Harry brought the owls over to the couch and put snacks on his lap for them to help themselves. His hand pet Albus’s owl, a snow owl which reminded Harry painfully of Hedwig. “Her name is Tacita,” Ginny said knowing Harry’s question before he asked. She shrugged her shoulders and then smiled. “I don’t know why he would name her that, but it’s a pretty name I guess.”

Harry smiled and said, “It is a Latin name that means Silent, which is very appropriate since owl wings don’t make any noise.”

He waved his hand slowly over the first letter and softly said, “Albus” and the boy’s voice was heard as though he were there telling him the letter instead of Harry reading it aloud.

Dear Mum and Dad,
I have arrived at Hogwarts all in one piece ha ha; (that’s a sarcastic laugh for Uncle Percy) I felt bad that I didn’t get to be taken across the lake by Professor Hagrid. Uncle Percy took us over in the boats yelling the whole time to follow him that he would get us to school safely and on time. Did he think we paddled the boats or something; he didn’t have anything to do with getting us there safely and on time.

Something way cool happened when we got to the castle though. This Poltergeist was waiting at the doors and when Percy opened them; that ghost made his mouth open as big as a hippopotamus’s and screamed bloody murder! Really, I mean that is what he said, “Bloody Murder!” and laughed really evil sounding like, “bwahahahaha!” and all but me and this kid named Scorpius screamed and ran out of the castle; oh and Rose too. Luckily Professor Hagrid had come to make sure we all made it into the castle ok and was able to catch all the kids all by himself. He said he wanted to at least see which House I got sorted into and guess what, I’m a Gryffindor just like you guys and James.

It’s weird but the hat didn’t even touch my head before it shouted, ‘Gryffindor of course’. Oh, and guess what else, so is a kid I rode over in the boat with. Scorp says his dad will be mad; but I told him what you told me Daddy; ‘It isn’t what House you are placed in that will make you an exceptional student; it’s how well you do when you do your best in whatever House you are placed in that will make you an exceptional student.’ And then I told him what else you said about doing his best wherever he was placed and his parents would be very proud of him. I think it made him feel as good as it made me feel when you told that to me. We’re already best friends. He says he knows you, and that you saved his life when he was little. He said he’d tell me the story later.

Uncle Percy was beside himself thinking Molly was lost forever. When he saw her being carried in Professor Hagrid’s’ arms Uncle Percy started saying how sorry he was for losing him his job and he’d speak to the school governors first thing in the morning to get Professor Hagrid his job back.
Headmistress McGonagall told Professor Hagrid to go ahead and plan for his classes in the morning. Professor Hagrid was pretty happy and nearly pounded me into the ground congratulating me on becoming a Gryffindor and that he’d see me in the morning for his and my first class.

Well, I guess I better close and get this off so I can get to bed. I miss all of you and I hope Lily is doing ok without her big brothers there pestering her. Night, I love you and I can’t wait for Christmas holiday to see you all.

P.S. I’m kind of disappointed I’m not still homeschooled cause I loved it the best, and I wanted to do Potions and DADA with you, Daddy, and my new wand. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be ok here. Thanks again for my new wand, I love it forever. Love you all.

Ginny smiled and said, “It was nice hearing the letter from him instead of reading it. It was a good thing Hagrid was going up to the castle checking the kids and all. It looks like Hagrid will probably get his job back; right Love?”

Harry was all the sudden very interested in making sure the owls were getting their treats, water, and that their wings were ok, and just casually nodded his head. Ginny cleared her throat and looked at Harry with squinted eyes.
He pretended not to notice and said, “Let’s hear what James has to say. He moved his hand over the letter and murmured, “James” and the letter began talking in James’s voice with all his enunciations and laughter just like he was there telling a story.

Dear, Mum and Dad, bla, bla, bla, and so on and so forth. The coolest thing ever happened tonight when Percy brought the ickle first yearsies to the castle. Peeves scared the little squirts senseless and they all went screaming and running out. Hagrid saved their little lives and Percy gave up his duty effective first thing in the morning. Professor McGonagall has already told him, Hagrid that is, to plan on doing his classes as scheduled if he could. He said he was already ready. And ya know what? She wasn’t surprised. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised my little brother and some other kid Al is chums with didn’t get scared and run off screaming their heads off. He was even a hero and held Rose behind him to keep her from running off. How cool is that that he didn’t embarrass me. Ha, ha, ha, ha. I was teasing Mum, honest! Well, Hagrid just saw me getting ready to send this letter and wants to send one of his own so I said he could send it with mine. See ya all later; love ya and all that stuff, James P.S. Oh I nearly forgot; Al is a Gryf in case you was curious.

They all laughed and Jack said, “You two have the best kids in the world.”
Harry started to get up and Ginny grabbed a handful of his shirt and yanked him back down to her. “I think you are forgetting something Mr. Potter, did you notice something?

Since she was sitting beside him, she couldn’t see how uncomfortable it was for him being yanked back down to the couch, when he was trying hard to get to his feet. Everyone else saw though and felt sorry for Harry, even though they knew Ginny didn’t mean to be discomforting to him.

“Err, What’s that Honey? Err, yeah; come to think of it. James has been gone only a day and his grammar and letter writing skills have already flown the coop. But I don’t think you have to suspend him from Quidditch; I’m sure the Professors’ will get the good learning he got from you back in his head,” he said innocently. Harry looked over at her and shook his head slightly. “I take it that’s not what you were thinking of?”

“The letter from Hagrid that you are holding under the other two letters,” she said firmly. “Shouldn’t you see what he has to say?”

“Oh, err yeah of course.” He opened the letter and read it quickly and silently. He cleared his throat and said, “He wants to let us know Albus made Gryffindor and he’s pleased at how brave he is, and he’ll keep an eye on the boys for us. He and Albus have first period together.”

He started to get up and Ginny yanked him back down again.
The wind rushed from his lungs and he groaned involuntarily this time before he could catch himself. He caught his breath and looked at his wife teasing, “You are such an animal Honey, can you control yourself until we get to bed?”
John, Ronon, and Cam laughed and Ginny glared at them. Teyla playfully punched them and told them to behave. Ginny glared at Harry and demanded he read the letter. When Harry swallowed and looked down at the parchment Ginny looked at her friends, smiled and winked. She had an idea what Hagrid was going to say and she was enjoying making Harry squirm thinking he was in trouble for getting Percy in trouble.

Harry swallowed and began to read softly, but Ginny said, “Make it read out loud in Hagrid’s voice.”
He sighed and said the charm.

Dear Harry,
Jus’ wan’ed ter thank yer fer be’n such a great man an all. How did ye no Peeve’s would pull a stun’ like ‘at? Wuz awful proud o’ yer lil Albus. Stood up ter Peeves ‘e did. Din’t ev’n giv ‘em a start; jus’ stood ‘ere watch’in’ an’ there weren’t a scared ‘air on ‘is ‘ead. Yer lil Albus made Gryffindor. We have class together firs’ thin’ in ta mornin’.
Thank ye Harry for turn’n Irene back into a woman. She is helping me stuff another scarecrow in duh morn’n. I al’ays said yer’d grow up ter be a grea’ man, an’ ye did. Yer a grea’ man Harry, great man; Dumbledore’d be so prou, and yuh no I am. Got’ta get ‘is to an owl. Oh an’ Harry, I’m thankful yer weren’t killed for forever duh other nigh,’ I would’a missed ya somethin’ fierce! I’ll watch over yer boys fer ya.

Ginny sighed noticing her husband really was very tired and was in need to go to bed before he fell over. She smiled and said, “It’s ok Love, I was angry for what Percy did myself. I just hope whatever you did wasn’t too scary for the kids, and you don’t get in trouble for it. And try to consider that Percy just wanted to make sure his little girl made it to school safely.”

Harry was staring at the parchment and quietly said, “Yes Ma’am.” As he sat waiting for her to finish what she was about to say, his eyes closed and stayed closed. She frowned and glanced at Carson as she jotted off notes to the two boys to send off with the owls in the morning. “He expended all that energy for the game and the fight between him and Tom Riddle; but just putting in a normal day wears him out; is he ok?”

Carson nodded his head and said kindly, “Aye Lass, he’s fine, but he won’t be back to 100% for quite some time, if ever. And they only healed him internally; he still has to heal from the knife wound and beating he sustained from Tom. He has gone through a lifetime of physical repair, and the mental exhaustion from going through what he did is overpowering even for the strongest of men. He said he was gone forty two years; but he didn’t say what he was doing all that time. My guess is it was something very draining on him. He just needs to take things quiet and calm for a while. Even a fifteen minute nap will do him wonders.”

Kingsley added, “And don’t forget he did quite a lot today for just waking from the dead just this morning. And then putting up with that meeting tonight was taxing. How many different animals did he change into does anyone know? The point is I think he has every reason and right to be exhausted."

John spoke quietly saying, “There’s another thing that I’m sure is bothering him. Although he is thankful to be alive, he feels guilty as well. He said he would never use the secret place for himself. They brought him back from the dead. I heard people today at the station, and I’m sure he did too. Some say he must be the Son of God. He doesn’t know how he will be able to walk out in public again.”

Ginny’s mouth dropped in surprise and then recovered saying, “But he isn’t! He won’t allow anyone to think that.”

Daniel said, “Maybe he can do an interview with that Rising Phoenix paper and explain.” They all agreed that would be a good idea.

Teyla looked from Harry to Ginny and said, “I don’t think it was nice of everyone to point and stare like they did today. All that whispering and touching him; what was that all about? He just let them without saying anything or even looking at them until right there at the very end, before Ron stepped in the picture.”

Ginny said, “When he was eleven years old and first found out he was a Wizard, Hagrid took him to The Leaky Cauldron where we enter Diagon Alley. He said that people recognized him without introduction and they all shook his hand over and over. They thanked him and he didn’t understand why. After he killed Voldemort people crowded around him slapping his back shaking his hand, others putting their hands on him without saying anything. Again he didn’t know what to do; he just stood there letting them get whatever happiness they got from touching him. Both those times he tried to understand what they saw in him. Today, it was different, he let them stare, whisper, and touch him, but he wasn’t confused. He just hung his head and let them. I too am one who doesn’t understand.”

Surprisingly it was Teal’c who spoke up to give his opinion. “When Harry went on his Quest he said he learned that he was to be a servant to anyone who asks or needs his help. The people who stare, whisper and touch him feel like they need proof that he is real and alive. He doesn’t understand what they need from him, but he knows they are his master, and he is their servant. If touching him helps them, then he lets them touch him, just as he did after he defeated Voldemort, and they had to touch him and the same with when he was eleven and they saw him. They shook his hand and thanked him. Unlike those times when he looked around to see why; this time he didn’t look around but dropped his head. Speaking as a free slave myself; a slave or servant doesn’t look his master in the eye when the slave is being used. The only thing he is sure about is that Ron had to touch him and wonders what he expects from him. Perhaps someone should remind Ron that Harry isn’t aware of Ron bringing the Light to him, and he wouldn’t have wanted him to if he knew Ron was going to do it. I have read the Bible, Koran, Talmud and many other teachings to try and understand man better, and I believe the reference of Harry being the Son of God is only their gullibility and lack of understanding the difference between man being a servant to people as Harry feels he is because he is only a man, and the Son of God being in servitude. Harry bows his head so as not to look into their eyes so they can use him; and the Son of God lifts His eyes to His Father to do for Him what He wills.”

Jack nodded his head in agreement with Teal’c and said, “That sounds about right Teal’c. All people need to know is that Harry was revived much like doctors revive one whose heart stops beating with a defibrillator and the one in the light was a specialist who did the same thing to Harry. They don’t need to know how long he was gone. They should just assume that he was taken home where he recovered. And he was taken away from people so he could heal properly before he was mobbed by people like at the train station today. I think they’ll be perfectly satisfied with that type of explanation.”

They talked for several more minutes it now being an hour after Harry nodded off. Harry opened his eyes and looked around with his hand on his lightning bolt scar. “Tom’s gone forever Love, everything is ok.”

He nodded his head and said quietly, “I had a headache all my life; ever since I can remember. I was afraid that I wasn’t really here, and that I was still with the – still somewhere else because it didn’t hurt while I was there.” He smiled innocently and said, “Not having a headache is an awesome feeling. I’m sorry I fell asleep but at least now I feel like I’ve got my second wind.”

Kingsley looked questioningly at Harry and debated whether or not to say what he wanted to say. He finally did when he noticed Harry looking curiously at him. “Harry, I don’t mean this in a mocking way, but you were evidently wrong about your reason for wanting to move the Gateway to that secret place of yours by the year 2012. Do you still think it needs to be moved; even though 2012 came and went without the world being sucked into that Black Hole?”

Jack and Sam looked at each other and back to Harry and Kingsley. “Sam had been working feverish with the top Scientists of the world trying to prevent the Black Hole from sucking up this planet and the Galaxy. They weren’t coming up with anything. And then 2012 came and went by with the Earth and galaxy still intact. The Earth should have been sucked into that Black-Hole, and when it wasn’t, Sam had serious issues with her brain betrayal. Are you saying it could have been prevented from happening by way of witchcraft and wizardry?”

Harry sighed and swallowed and looked at Jack and then Kingsley slightly nodding his answer to Jack.

“Kingsley, I moved the Gateway to that secret place right after you left that day. I did it before you remembered you didn’t tell me not to move it. You didn’t think I could move it by myself so you just didn’t bother worrying about it after you gave standing orders for everyone to refuse if I asked for help to move it. And if you remember, I was in a coma in 2012. I would never have woken if I hadn’t moved it and none of us or even the planet would be here now. It’s probably best if we don’t speak of it anymore.”

Rodney looked quizzically at Harry and said, “Harry, Tom Riddle is gone for good now? I was wondering if you are thinking something differently. Your mind seems uneasy for some reason.”

Harry stared white faced at Rodney and then said, “You are very perceptive Rodney. Yes, Riddle is gone for good, but I am in fact uneasy about something.” He looked at Kingsley and said, “I’ve been wondering about the furnace and the army down below.” Kingsley looked like he had been shot, and Ginny gasped putting her hand over her mouth at Kingsley’s reaction. Harry, for the first time told of the full account in the mine under the bank. He pulled out the sword to show them when he got to the part where he found the furnace and stacks of swords. He handed it to Wes and the sword was passed around and when it got to Ronon; he stood up and wielded it admirably with a smile on his face.

“The blade is an unusual color; it is quite beautiful the way it looks to be different colors as it turns,” commented Teyla when she took it to look at. “And it is unbelievably heavy!”

Harry nodded his head and said, “It was silver when I caught it, but it was still hot and as I swung it against the enemy, their blood; which is yellow, green, black or blue, depending on what creature was cut, and the red which is mine, baked and tempered the blade each time I put it through a Fiendfire creature. It is a very powerful weapon what with the different magical creatures’ blood that it became imbued with.” He told of the army and how he defeated them as the sword made its way around the rest of the group.
Teal’c said, “It seems to have been made for you. It feels heavy and awkward to me. I don’t believe I could use it effectively for two minutes, yet alone two hours like you did.”

Kingsley looked at it with interest but said nothing as he let it pass him without taking hold of it. When the sword got to Ginny she took it and said, “It looks like the Sword of Gryffindor … except for well, actually I guess it doesn’t really look like it except for the ruby’s and other jewels on it. It’s beautiful even the script writing on it. Its name is Victory and it says that it is your sword. What does that mean? How did the maker know you would be there? And,” her face was white as a ghost, “does this grip fit your hand; I mean it looks like it is grooved to fit a hand. Is that why your hand was so severely burned when you came back up to the surface?”

Harry nodded his head slowly and took the sword back by the blade guard and blade.

Ronon, being an expert swordsman himself, asked Harry if he could show them some of the moves he made in the mine fighting off the army if he felt up to it. Harry wet his lips not really wanting to show off but could see his friend just wanted to see from a learning point of view. He didn’t intend on Harry having to relive the battle. Harry slowly nodded his head and asked the others if they minded him showing Ronon. They all said they’d like to see as well if he was sure he was up to it.

Harry carefully stood up so they could all see it. He looked up to the second level of their home to where he knew his daughter slept. He waved his hand saying something about Muffliato and something else that was undistinguishable to the others. He moved his hand around the room and everyone was moved away from him giving him a wide circle to move his sword safely. He instantly had his wand in his left hand and whispered a chant to his wand with it resting on his lips as he whispered. He stood in the middle of the room and put his hand around the handgrip. They all gasped when they saw the sword conform to Harry’s hand with the hilt weaving a guard around his hand making it impossible to drop or be knocked out of his hand. His hair blew wildly about and away from his face just like when he is angry. Then Harry raised his arms and waved them around the room. It became pitch black with a light source from a huge furnace and Harry stood on a narrow walkway. The air was thick with smoke and the only sound was the fire monsters and Goblins gnashing their teeth and growling evil cries of murder. The horrid monsters of Fiendfire began coming at Harry and he began fighting them off. Harry swung the sword around easily making the mock battle seem as real as it was when he was in the real one. He was fierce to look at and they all trembled at his magnificence for he was without doubt a master with his sword. He no longer looked worn and fragile, but battle ready. They marveled at his ease of wielding the blade and wand defeating the enemy with great speed and accuracy as they came at him. They saw him stand in the same place sometimes bending over backward to avoid a ball of fire thrown or bending over forward letting a fiery Goblin slide over his back to cut him in half when he came down behind him. They grimaced when they saw time after time Harry getting cut with the swords of the enemy. Only because this was just a memory of Harry’s the blood on him wasn’t real now. He battled for five minutes when the last monster was killed and no others came from the furnace. He turned and with wand and sword pointed at the furnace shot a bolt of lightning destroying the furnace. Somehow the only thing that came out of Harry’s wand in this battle was wisps of silver that didn’t do anything it came in contact with other than the monsters. Suddenly he put away his wand and everything was gone but him and his sword. The memory of the mine was gone and it was a safe place of the Potter’s living room once again. Harry swung the sword around one more time and everyone gasped when unexpectedly to them all, the point came down in front of Kingsley’s heart and his eyes burned fiercely into the man’s frightened eyes.

Harry looked like a statue for a few seconds and then said with a voice cold as ice, “How does it feel Kingsley; your life being threatened when you are innocent of any wrongdoing? I wonder if Fawkes hadn’t taken the sword from you, would you have gone through with your plan. Would you have killed me?”

At Kingsley’s silence for a minute he stood back at ease and put the sword away. Kingsley swallowed hard and said in a repentant way, “Harry, I’m afraid, terrified actually, that I would have. Forgive me, but I thought I had to because of the Prophesy. And even though you said it was over, I couldn’t take the chance whether or not you were speaking the truth. You are so powerful if you had been lying that would have been the only chance we would have had to ever overcome you. I’m sorry, Harry, more than you know, I’m sorry. Since everything turned out the way it was supposed to, can you find it in your heart to forgive me? Can we still be friends?”

Harry returned to his seat and glanced once more at Kingsley and saw he made his point. It didn’t feel good having a sword at your heart waiting to be killed unjustly, and he was also letting the man know he didn’t think the man was entirely innocent of everything that happened. Something just didn’t make sense. But for now, Harry decided that they were still friends.

“If you really feel that you were protecting everyone, then you have no reason to need forgiveness. And you don’t have any idea how much I do want to still be friends. I will leave it up to you though. If you think I am worthy of your friendship, then count me as your friend. But Kingsley, I expect loyalty from my friends, and nothing less than one hundred percent honesty with everything from word of mouth to unspoken thoughts.”

Nobody spoke wondering what the display was about especially since Kingsley clearly knew what it meant. Only John knew exactly what Harry was speaking about because of the time Harry lost his composure while he and John were visiting Dawn, and Harry spoke of his fear that Kingsley would try to kill him.
The climate in the room changed back to as it was before the sword was displayed. Harry sighed and spoke softly.

“The sword was to be made for Ludo’s son Leviathan since the original man didn’t show up for whatever reason.” Ginny exclaimed she didn’t even know Ludo had a child. Kingsley, who had regained his composer, said he didn’t either. Harry nodded his head. “I didn’t know until yesterday, just before the game; err whenever it was. His picture hangs in the beauty parlor; the one Rose said all the women ogle at and she wanted my beard to be like. He was Rita and Ludo’s lovechild. He was about a year younger than me. Rita was quite upset when I said I killed him. I don’t know about Ludo except that the team said that after Rita kicked me in the head and knocked me out and Ludo shot me with a stun spell.”

Harry looked at Wes and said, “This is what you were referring to I reckon. When I was in the mine I rebuilt the structure of the cavern and I was following this one path and it led deeper down into the cavern. I was trying to find out where the smoke was coming from and if there was any more weaknesses I needed to fix when I came upon the furnace and the swords that were stacked around it. They numbered a thousand, and they were all beautiful like the one I have. As I stood there wondering how I should put out the furnace I saw the inside was made up of Fiendfire; and all kinds of creatures were making more beautiful swords. These were the swords you saw the monsters equipped with when they stepped out of the furnace. Suddenly something came at me and out of instinct I caught it. I was on a narrow ledge and I couldn’t sidestep it. The hilt of the sword was red hot and burned into my hand and made the handprint you saw in it. Since I didn’t drop it I had Victory over it. That is why it is named Victory. That’s the part of the prophesy that said I would have victory if I stood my ground. The furnace said I was worthy of Victory. It made its own odds. There were odds of one thousand two to one that I would be the one to win its allegiance. If I hadn’t been there to catch it, or if I wasn’t able to hold onto it while it burned my hand into the hilt, it would have been Leviathan to try to catch it. If he or I neither one was able to hold it, then it would have been dropped onto the ledge and every one of the one thousand creatures that came out of the fire would have tried to hold it. Since they were made of the fire, the handle would have done some other test for them to try to hold it. After I held onto it, the script came upon it that it was Victory; so named because it was now unbeatable as long as the master was in possession of it. My name came on it as the master of it because I defeated it. As soon as that happened the creatures came out of the furnace and called me Lord Potter and that they were my army and were ready to be turned loose upon the land above ground to do their wicked evil things. I swung against them cutting them down with my sword and put out their fire with my wand. That was my followers, the army that I betrayed as the Prophesy talked of. Nobody knows, even though I just showed you some moves from my memory of the battle, what it was like down there fighting all alone an army of a thousand, and after that I still had to deal with Leviathan and more goblins and monsters. That’s why I had to put that curse on the mine. If anyone opened up the way down there those monsters would be unleashed upon the entire planet.”

Rodney said quite worriedly, “But, what if they escape and find their way out? Can the, are there enough wizards and witches to put them out?”

Harry shook his head no, but then spoke saying, “As soon as I recovered I went back down there and eventually got them put out. It took three weeks, and it was truly the most ferocious and scary battle I had ever fought up until that time and after as well. I’m sure Ginny’s necklace was at the very least a shadow around her neck during that time, and I am sorry about that. And that brings me to the point of the question Rodney expressed.”

The thing that is on my mind and is quite a worry is this; someone had that furnace built, and set the Fiendfire to it, and set up the army to be led by the one worthy of Victory. And someone took a lot of time and effort brain washing Lucius Malfoy. I think it was to be Lucius Malfoy that was to catch the sword of Victory and Leviathan was just another General in waiting because of Ludo’s pride. Lucius would have been the perfect General because of how well the brainwashing took. This fact gives us a clue as to the time frame when plans were being made. Narcissi once told me that Lucius was very different when she fell in love with him in their sixth year at Hogwarts. I believe this was when he was put under very deep brain washing or mind altering. When the brain undergoes such treatment it actually changes the chemical in the brain to where you become what the brain has been made to think. I don’t know if anyone has ever noticed how Lucius swings his cane around much like a swordsman handles his sword, and his wand movements mimic that of a swordsman. People thought he was just arrogant, but I think it was because of his sword training. Another reason I think it was to be Lucius is for the reason Tom didn’t kill him when he felt that Lucius had failed him on more than one occasion. He couldn’t kill him because Lucius was to be used for another reason even Riddle wasn’t given the reason for. So when Lucius became unavailable Ludo offered his son for the honor of being the master swordsman. Leviathan was a narcissistic idiot; he couldn’t have been a master mind of anything; plus he is way to young. And I know for a fact that it was not Ludo Bagman who made the plans; he neither has the brains or the power to do it. And whoever it is walks among us as a friend or an unknown enemy biding his time for when it suits him to make himself known. And I say him loosely; it could be a, he, she, or an, it. I honestly don’t know. When I’m up to it, I’ll start investigating from around 1954, the year Lucius was born to see if I can come up with anything that might lend a clue to who devised the whole scheme and if it is the same person who built the furnace twelve years ago. That’s when it was built, because it wasn’t there when I went down there the first time. And those men were captured at that time to begin working down there. That’s when they started building the army. It’s like that was a second phase of a well thought out plan that took many years in the designing.”

Ginny stood up and offered him her hand; she didn’t want to hear about another war coming or anything like it. She didn’t want to hear of any problems her husband would have to solve. She was quite unnerved and said, “Let’s go to bed Love; we all need our rest.” They said good-night to their friends and went to bed.

By the time Ginny was done with her shower, Harry had fallen asleep. She climbed in beside him and laid her head and hand on his chest. She listened to the rhythm of his heart beating at a quicker pace and than normal. She suddenly realized something was different with him. For the first time she could remember he wasn’t trembling, just sleeping soundly without fear of Tom Riddle, or snakes crawling all over him, or any other nightmare he always had. “Life is good, and all is well,” she thought happily. “Safeguarding his love and everything he believed in and fought for had been a long road to travel. But for the reason of his attitude and beliefs he became empowered because of it and overcame his weakness; fear. Humanity was saved and he is alive.”

She smiled and closed her eyes to sleep but opened them right back up as she felt her husband’s hand go around her as he rolled over and propped himself up on his elbow and forearm to look her in the eyes. He kissed her passionately and told her he loved her. “Would you like to dance?” he asked softly as he moved over top of her.

A/N In case anyone wondered, ‘slubberdegullion’ according to Wiktionary means:
1. A filthy, slobbering person; a sloven, a villain, a fiend, a louse.
2. worthless person.
3. A drunk or alcoholic person.
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back once again. Well friends, this is it, the final post of my ff. Thanks for giving me such a joy as I get sharing this with you. I hope you like the Epilogue and I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone may have. I'd love to have some feedback if you have time. I'd like to write a series of one shots now and then to continue where this ff leaves off. What do you think. Whatever you decide we better get through this last part first. Hang on and buckle up tight because the train is moving fast, and there are sharp unexpected curves ahead. Thanks again


The Road Not Taken

Although Harry’s internal clock said it was five o’clock and time to get up; he and Ginny didn’t move, but stayed in each other’s arms where they had been ever since they fell asleep only a few hours before. There had been much kissing and catching up and more kissing and giggling and much more kissing all through the night. Even after their love making was done and they fell asleep from exhaustion they stayed in each other’s arms. Their faces were touching at the foreheads, the sides of their noses; and their lips slightly parted were nearly touching. Harry opened his eyes to find Ginny’s eyes opening and smiling at his eyes at the same time.

“Well, good morning beautiful.” He kissed her lips smiling with his beautiful dancing bright emerald green eyes.

“Good morning Love. I’ve decided something I think you should know about because it concerns you.” She quickly smiled when she saw the dancing in his eyes stop and worry come over his face. His breathing caught mid breath and he moved his head back so he could see her face without taking his eyes off hers. He swallowed as he nodded his head and quietly said, “Go on then, what’s on your mind?”

“I’ve decided that I will get up and start my day with you every day for the rest of my life. Misty and I will run with you and Chevron, but I’ll let you exercise on your own. While you exercise I’ll shower and start breakfast for us.”

Harry smiled with relief but the happiness that danced in his eyes did not return. He looked the same as he did yesterday all day long; weary and sad. He pulled her tight and said, “I love you Honey. Thank you for your decision, it’ll be great. I hope you don’t get disappointed in me; I have to take it easy for a while. As a matter of fact,” he rolled on his back and grimaced with the movement and looked at his wounds that had opened during the nights romping. “I think I need a little patch up before I can do anything.”

Ginny told him to lie still and she’d take care of him. She cleaned, medicated and bandaged him. “Nothing has changed has it?” She looked at the blood on the sheet and on her shoulder from being up against him all night.

Harry’s eyes softened and said, “Everything has changed. I spent the night with my wife, nobody is trying to kill me, and we have the rest of our lives to live with each other without the monster that drove us apart. This,” he brushed his hand over her shoulder, the blood disappearing and then the same with the bloody sheets,” is just the aftermath of a bad storm we lived through and we’ll rebuild the damaged pieces better and stronger than before. Everything is right and good.”

She smiled and said, “Yes it is,” and kissed him passionately. She pulled away grinning when he tried to pull her back in bed with him. “We need to have our run before Lily wakes up and tries to wake up everyone so she can have her special week.”

Harry frowned and then smiled. “I’ll be honest, I was really disappointed when I found out she was leaving. But it will be good for us to have this time alone together.” He kissed her passionately and held a lock of her hair then letting it slide out of his hands he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Then his impish grin came across his face and said, “I’ll race you to the stable.”

Ginny grinned and said, “You’re on mister!” She caught her breath when she saw him move slowly and forgot he was stiff from being in one position for several hours, and he was after all still recovering. He looked at her wondering what was wrong.

“Stubbed my toe,” she said innocently.

He grinned and said, “You don’t need to lie, I can still move. Just allow an old man his pride.” He stretched and flexed his muscles and she dropped into the chair to watch him. He turned and grinned and began to move with remarkable speed for the condition he was in. He got dressed and slipped on his socks and shoes. Ginny however took a few seconds to regain her senses and find clothes to wear, which unlike Harry wasn’t the first thing she pulled out of her drawer. She was so far behind and he had just finished tying his shoes and jogged out the door. Ginny used magic to finish and ran behind him trying to keep her laughter silent. Harry jumped on the banister and slid down as Ginny ran down the steps. He ran into the kitchen and nearly ran over Winky. He picked her up and swung her around merrily saying, “We’re going for a run, can you please keep an ear out for Lily?”

Winky clapped her hands with glee and nodded her head seeing they were racing and pointed to Ginny running out the living room door. Harry ran out the kitchen door to intercept her and just as he rounded the corner of the house he ran full into Kingsley and fell to the ground.

Harry groaned as the air rushed from his lungs and felt as though he broke into a thousand different pieces. He looked up at the man and a memory of sitting against the well at Diagon ally with Kingsley about to kill him came to his mind.
Kingsley dropped to his knees and gently put his hands on Harry’s shoulders. “Lie still son; are you ok, should I get Carson?”

Ginny dropped to her knees a few seconds later and put her hands to her throat to feel if her necklace was coming on. This broke Harry’s heart and he took her hands and said with the biggest smile he could afford, “I’m fine, just had the wind knocked out of me for a second.”

Kingsley put his hands under Harry and practically lifted him off the ground to his feet. “I figured you’d be up to start exercising so I came to talk to you for a minute. I just got here and was leaning on that tree in your front yard to catch my breath when I saw Ginny run out the door and jump on her broom like her life depended on it. I saw her look quickly towards the kitchen so I ran over here to see if she was running from something. You left your protection barrier down, you should be more careful. You can’t imagine the thoughts that were running through my mind.”

Harry noticed he was breathing hard and did look rather shaken. Harry sighed and said, “It’s ok Kingsley, we were racing to the stable and Mrs. Potter was going to lose so she cheated.” He winked at Ginny and then looked seriously back to Kingsley. “And I bet you can imagine what thoughts were running through my mind.”

Kingsley nodded his head shamefully and said, “Actually that’s what I came to talk to you about. Do you think we can have a couple minutes?”

Harry conjured some lounge chairs and sat down with a groan and holding his chest wound. “Yeah, I’m done in already anyway. I guess my thinking I could have a little run was a premature thought after all.” He squeezed Ginny’s hand and she smiled sadly. She offered Kingsley some orange juice and breakfast, but he declined graciously. She bent over Harry and kissed him and said, “I’ll go help Winky get breakfast.”

Harry nodded and let go of her hand reluctantly and turned his attention to Kingsley who seemed to be very troubled. He conjured another chair and said, “John, you’re welcome to join us, I’m sure Kingsley doesn’t mind.”

John dropped out of the tree they were sitting under that shaded the corner of the house. He grinned at Harry and sat in the chair without a word and stretched his legs and crossed them in front of him. John yawned and interlaced his fingers behind his head as if he were relaxing and nodded to Kingsley in a mostly friendly way, “Kingsley?” he greeted him. Harry had the impression John had spent the night in the tree watching for Kingsley to show up.

Upon Kingsley sighing but not objecting to John being there Harry spoke saying, “What is it Kingsley? Am I to learn of the secret you’ve been keeping all these years?”

Kingsley gasped with surprise and then shook his head and chuckled. “I should have known you’d be onto me. How long have you been suspicious?”

Harry leaned back and swallowed. “I remember always being impressed with you ever since I met you. You carry yourself different than anyone I have ever known. Your magic is like nothing I’ve ever seen. And you are knowledgeable about all things. I’ve never been suspicious until I came back from my quest. Still, I was naive and didn’t question things I wondered about. I had other things on my mind.

“I do know though that I have always wondered about your power when you performed that move, a Memory Charm (?), in Professor Dumbledore’s office on Cho’s friend, Marietta someone or other, who snitched on us, that nobody else but the Professor and surely Professor McGonagall noticed. I thought then that it wasn’t magic but some sort of ability that people just thought was magic.

“Through the years I became increasingly alarmed at your behavior towards me and things I wanted to do. You even shot me that time when I wouldn’t turn over my files when you turned all the Vernier loose we captured up until that time. There were things you let the Wizengamot do that I knew you wouldn’t normally do.

“And then there was the incident when you forced Ginny to hurt me, blinding me so I would go to the secret place. You asked me to make you forget about it because you said it grieved you so much knowing about it and wanting the power of it and twice letting it nearly kill me. I did what you asked, but I never did think you were ever under the spell I put you under; not completely. Since that time, I have been careful not to turn my back on you. I never thought you were evil; just you weren’t who you claimed to be. But at the same time, I found myself feeling incredibly safe around you. I felt you could fix any devastation that befell me. I have also felt that you could destroy Tom Riddle any day of the week because I know your power is beyond measure, and I pray I never have to come up against it. I have always wondered and still do, why you never stepped in to get rid of him, or even help me. Why would someone so powerful and able, leave it to me to kill Riddle; forcing me to give up everything even my life?”

Kingsley shook his head and said, “You are a wonder yourself Harry. I never once thought you didn’t trust me.”

Harry was a bit dismayed that the man didn’t offer any answer to him. He continued on though with Kingsley’s conversation.

“That’s because I did and still do trust you. It’s like the pranks James always tried to pull on me. I know he would never do anything that he thought would hurt me, but I still had to watch my back, because sometimes he pounced without a sign of attack and he could have hurt me. And so was the same with you; I just knew not to turn my back on you, because you had something driving you that made you have a different sense of what right meant. And I think you thought the same about me.”

Kingsley nodded his head. He took a deep breath and said, “Have you ever heard of Templar Assassins … Knights Templar’s, Illuminati, the Freemasonry, the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Persian Templar, and many other legends relatively of the same order?” Kingsley added seeing Harry was listening intently without surprise or fear on his face.

“I haven’t purposefully studied them, but I do know about them. From my small understanding, the Templar’s and Assassins are said to exist by a code of chivalry and truth. The Templar seek to keep order and they have secretly through the years tried to find certain relics to return to the order to assure certain religious themes remain under their rulings. The Assassin hunt down and kill the Templar to allow the world to be as it is and not be ruled by the Order of the Templar’s.”

Kingsley’s eyebrows arched and said, “That’s a pretty fare assessment, yes.”

“And are you a Templar or an Assassin?”

Kingsley sat back and studied Harry for a long minute and said, “I was actually planning on asking you that question.”

For the first time Harry showed surprise on his face. “Me? Kingsley, I am Harry, just Harry. I haven’t been on any hermitage or any Holy Crusades. I have only been on a Quest for my own soul searching, and for the most of my life, been fighting evil that scourge our world. Why would you think I am a Templar or an Assassin?”

“Because of the Relics you searched for. They don’t belong to you, yet you searched for them. What have you done with them? It is the reason I have been sent here, to find and take them back. At first it was believed that Albus Dumbledore had them, but that proved to be a long and weary search with the end result a waste of time. And then we thought it was your father who had the Relics, but that too turned out to be a disappointment. And then when you started Hogwarts, it was thought that you had the Relics and I am quite sure you do have them. I am asking for them now so my mission can end, and no further blood has to be shed.”

John sat forward and arched his eyebrows concerning the last sentence and looked at Harry who still sat without concern.

Harry sat still without emotion showing on his face. He looked over at his friends who had just walked up and stood silently listening to what was being said. Jack spoke up saying, “Ginny told us what happened and is worried something is wrong. Is there?”
He looked at Kingsley for his answer.

Kingsley looked back to Harry, ignoring Jack and said, “You haven’t answered my question.”

Harry said, “I did answer you; I am nothing or nobody, just Harry, Harry Potter. But to clarify, I’m not a Templar, nor an Assassin. And I don’t know what Relics you think I searched for and found.”

“You know them as, The Hallows,” answered Kingsley. The Hallows were not made by death, as the story is told, but by a race of people you don’t know of. I have come to take them back. I think you have them. Dumbledore had all three of them, not at the same time though. This is the reason he didn’t want anyone but you, Hermione, and Ron knowing about them. The more people who knew about them would mean more people interfering with his mission.

“He had one of them as his own. He gave another one back to you for it was your fathers to be handed down to you as an inheritance. The other he found late in his life near the end actually just before he died. I believe he gave it to you somehow and you used it in the Forbidden Forrest just before you sacrificed yourself to Voldemort. I think that must have been what caused you to live during your sacrifice, but then you lost it in there. I have been in there many times since then and have not had any luck in finding it. Then you told me you had been in the Forrest and noticed the overabundance of spiders. I believe you went in to find it. Did you? Where could you have put it between the time you came out of the Forrest and came to my office? It wasn’t in your Mokeskin pouch when you allowed me to search it.”

Harry said, “All these years I have tried to figure out where you came from, and what House you were in at Hogwarts. At first I thought surely you were in Gryffindor; but then I thought this not to be the case. Now, this is all speculation and my opinion of which I’ve never spoken of to anyone.

“I think Gryffindor House was modeled after King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Although you have most of the virtues you don’t have all of them. And then there’s the fact that Fawkes, and the Sorting Hat would not let you use the Sword of Gryffindor to kill me for they knew me to be a Gryffindor and you not to be. And they obviously knew me to be innocent.

“I ruled out you being a Ravenclaw because although you are wise and witty, you are narrow minded in believing only what you think to be true. This is one of the reasons I discounted your bravery and loyalty to being the same as Gryffindor’s.

“Hufflepuff House isn’t yours either; although I did have trouble ruling that House out for quite a spell. They are unique in their perceptions and wish the best for everyone. They don’t feel they need to be friends to know everything about you and can use your weaknesses against you in a heartbeat. They strive to keep balance and harmony in the world and will bend over backward to protect it. They see themselves as nurtures of the Earth and keeping the balance of all things proves to be a lot of hard work. They are best known as hard workers and are often times dismissed as weak because they are a gentile people who abhor violence. It is a terrible mistake if you happen to drive one into protection mode because you will find a battle of dangerous magnitude on your hands. I finally decided that you are not a Hufflepuff because you don’t toil for the Earth. Your only loyalty is to what you deem right as I have said before.

“And that reason ties into my thinking that Slytherin is the best fit for you; although not so much as sly and cunning, as most people think of virtues of Slytherin, but in Temperance, of course with the exception of Horace Slughorn who did most certainly indulge and overindulge. I have never seen you indulge in drink or unnecessary foods, only what is best for your body. You are very brave and certainly able and skilled for greatness; yet you refrained from allowing this to be known. You are tempered the same as the mightiest sword; making you unbendable and unbreakable.

“The Houses of Hogwarts were to bring harmony to the school to make it strong. Each House symbolized the four elements, Fire – Gryffindor, Earth – Hufflepuff, Air – Ravenclaw and Water – Slytherin. But the Houses couldn’t come together to meet the needs of unity, although it is now on the verge of finally doing this; I believe anyway.

“So, although I know you did attend school there, I believe you weren’t sorted into any House, but felt you best fit into Slytherin’s House. Since the Hat is not easily hoodwinked, it being evil dark magic that could only accomplish this, you chose instead to use your ability on everyone to make them think the Hat sorted you. You abode your time there well because everyone thought you were misplaced by the Sorting Hat; each House thinking you should have been put in their House. So many physical aspects of your power in doing this are astonishing.”

Kingsley neither agreed nor disagreed with what Harry said. Before he could say anything else Harry spoke up again asking a pair of strange questions.

“Are you an Ancient? Are they the race of people you think I don’t know about?”

Kingsley jumped from his seat and pulled his wand on Harry. “You are an Assassin! I thought you were a Templar, just misguided from not being trained properly.” Kingsley flashed his wand over Harry’s friends who started to advance on him when he drew his wand. They became powerless to move or say anything. John was on his feet the same instant and dove for Kingsley knocking him off his feet, but the man swished John against the tree he had earlier spent the night in and remained splayed to it as if he were frozen to it.

Harry made a yanking motion and John fell from the tree and Harry caught him and gently brought him back to his chair with his magic. He said, “Protego” and then turned his attention back to Kingsley and told him with cold steel in his eyes, “I have told you twice now and this will be the third and last time I will ever say to you; I am Harry, just Harry. I am not a Templar, nor am I an Assassin. Put away your wand unless you want me to defend myself. You said last night you want to be friends. Friends don’t pull their wands on other friends. You don’t have any reason to fear me or think I am anything or anyone other than Harry Potter.”

Kingsley put away his wand and said, “How else do you explain knowing about the Ancients, and about me not being sorted into a House at Hogwarts?”

Harry answered, “I said I always wondered about you so it is logical I would try and find out about you; and the things I said were things I came up with to be reasonable answers to my wonderings. And just so you know everything I think; I’ll finish saying what I know about the Ancients. I know that they fought each other and split when they couldn’t continue to abide harmoniously. The thing that caused the split was the Replicators they created, with nanites, to destroy a scourge that threatened to eradicate the human race. One side considered them to be a lost cause when they began doing other things they weren’t programmed to do. They were so close to being human that they acted like they were. They asked to be able to become, Enlightened; otherwise known as Ascensient.

“The one side wanted nothing to do with this and began destroying them due to the fear of their powers; and rightly so. You had a firsthand experience with one, Tom Riddle, so you see how dangerous they are. Two differences set him apart from the Replicators. He had a human mind, and he knew and could use magic.

“But the other side took those not yet destroyed and left to help them become Enlightened. It was admirable, noble and chivalrous in thought but an impossibility to accomplish nonetheless. So, I guess they would be known as the Assassins because they fight for things to be the way it should be; uncontrolled by the others, who I guess would be known as The Templars. I can see the good in either side, but I can’t condone either side, for they are both wrong in my humble opinion. But what has this to do with the Hallows? They are not Relics of the Order of Ancients’.”

Kingsley shouted, “How do you know this to be a fact?”

Harry answered calmly only with fire in his eyes. “I’m not you Kingsley, I don’t know it to be a fact, only I believe it makes sense and finding nothing else that makes sense or disproves any of it, I have, for the time being, faith that it is fact.”

Kingsley calmed down noting Harry’s ire building. “Harry, help me understand what you believe.”

Harry studied the man knowing it was his way of learning more about him and keeping it filed away in his mind for later. He sighed and nodded his head calming himself and said, “Sure Kingsley. I believe the Hallows were made by Death; not the Ancients as you believe. The Templar Ancients want the Hallows so they can be master over death and thus not be hindered by the Assassins. They justify wanting them by saying they are Church Artifacts. They will finally be able to have free reign over the people who disagree with the church ruling over them like it did back in the days of the Holy Crusades. And the Assassins want them so they can finally make the replicators searching for Enlightenment, Ascensient, by way of being Master over Death.”

Harry didn’t want to tell him about Dawn telling him she couldn’t destroy the Resurrection Stone when he asked her to, because it was made by Death. He took out his Cloak of Invisibility and said, “Don’t try to take this from me. I know you know it is one of the Hallows. Look at it carefully and see that it looks new without blemish or damage although it has been through much devastation and is many years old. It cannot be destroyed. If you think it is made by the Ancients, then you should be able to destroy it right? Or even damage it. Go ahead and try to do either.”

Kingsley strained to keep himself from getting the Cloak at all cost. He didn’t want to destroy it and more so he didn’t want to hurt Harry for he would most assuredly try to keep him from getting it.

Kingsley sighed and said, “I don’t want to try to destroy or damage it. Please just hand over the Cloak, Wand, and Stone.”

“And by Wand, you mean-”

“The Elder Wand, Harry; hand it over with the other two Relics.”

“As you are aware I’m sure, The Elder Wand is mine, but I chose not to keep it. I returned it to Professor Dumbledore in his grave. The Elder Wand is just an ordinary wand now; because he and I were both owners and we both have died. The undefeatable power in it is gone. If you don’t believe that to be the truth then dig up the grave if you dare and try it out.”

“But you have the Resurrection Stone; it still has its power. You need to give it back to me.”

“Give it back to you? Kingsley, it wasn’t taken from you. And like the other two Hallows, it isn’t a Relic to be taken back to your Order. And besides, I don’t have the Stone, and I will never tell you or anyone else where it is. When Professor Dumbledore found it, it was fixed into a ring that Marvolo Gaunt wore. Riddle killed him and hid the ring in the hovel the Gaunts’ lived in after he made it into a Horcrux. Professor Dumbledore in a state of high anxiety of finally having it, put it on. You are correct in your thoughts; Professor Dumbledore did search for the Hallows. The curse on the ring is what took his life; Professor Snape just took it sooner than they planned. Professor Dumbledore destroyed the ring to kill the Horcrux; it surely doesn’t still have a function. What do you think?”

Kingsley asked how he knew and Harry said, “You saw his black hand before he died. It was from putting on the ring to open the Stone to see his dead sister. And since Riddle made it into a Horcrux it was destroyed. I saw the memory as proof; it was not pleasant. And you are correct in another thing also. I did have the Stone when I walked into the Forrest. I have never told anyone this because it is rather personal, but Professor Dumbledore thought I would have some comfort in facing my death if I could possibly feel the presence of my parents with me. I was after all just a kid not walking to Kindergarten with my parents holding my hand, but I was walking alone to meet my death. When I went before Riddle, I dropped the stone so he wouldn’t have all three Hallows after I died. I had the Cloak on me just in case there was a chance I would live. He of course had the Wand, but unbeknown to him; not it’s loyalty, for it was mine in reality and was not taken from me.

“I thought he would search me after he was done defiling my body, but his arrogance kept him from realizing the power he would have and didn’t bother. Well, he did defile me, tossed me about like a yo-yo, and mocked me, laughing all the while; but I lived through it without him realizing I was alive. I simply couldn’t move. Riddle had sent Narcissi to check if I was dead. After I let her know Draco was alive and safe, she pierced my chest with a potion on her thumbnail. She turned around happily showing the blood on her hand from my chest saying I was dead. I didn’t feel the Cruciatus Curse he amused himself using on me. I owe her my life, and that is the reason I worked so hard helping Lucius regain his life back from before the mind altering someone did on him.”

Kingsley looked like he was going to be sick for what his young friend had gone through, but then brought his mind back to the status quo. And I guess you won’t give me your Cloak of Invisibility either will you?”

Harry shook his head and said, “I’ll still allow you to try to destroy or disarm it, but you cannot have it. Go ahead and try; you can’t get the other two, you might as well make sure you can’t get this one as well.”

He held it away from him so Kingsley could see it. Kingsley drew his wand and fired a spell at it that knocked Harry back into the side of his house, but the Cloak didn’t even have a mark on it from the percussion of the spell. Kingsley ran to Harry who was struggling to stay conscious and helped him to his feet and to the chair he had been sitting in. Harry held out the Cloak to show no damage to it what so ever.

Kingsley said, “Harry, I guess you should have had the Cloak over you to protect you. Are you ok?”

Harry was thankful Kingsley wasn’t trying to take the Cloak from him but was instead making sure he was ok.

“And this is why I ruled you out as being a Ravenclaw. Had I been under the Cloak you wouldn’t have been able to see the Cloak to know where to shoot it. So you see you being who you are, an Ancient, you should have been able to destroy it. But since Death made it, it can’t be destroyed. You, I assume, did give it your best shot although; simply taking an enchanted knife to it would have given you the same result and I wouldn’t have had to be picked up off the ground.”

Kingsley shook his head slowly in denial. For the first time in Harry’s memory, Harry saw uncertainty in his friend’s eyes. This gave Harry hope.

“They were not Relics like you thought; they were Hallows. You can’t have the Cloak or the Stone, please don’t disrupt my friends grave again to get the wand.”

Kingsley said, “Show me your wand. It is well known that your wand was broken while you were hunting the Horcruxes. I’ve watched very closely when you use your wand, but you are so quick I can never fully see it. And I’m sure the wand you used last night is the wand you won from Draco. If your wand is the Elder Wand, I won’t need to dig up our friend’s grave.”

“I don’t draw my wand unless I aim to use it. You’ll have to believe me that it isn’t the Elder Wand. And yes, the wand last night was Draco’s old wand. I don’t use my wand for playing.”

Kingsley frowned and said, “Son, you are too weak to take me on, just let me see your wand.”

Harry’s eyes turned to steel and he stood up before Kingsley. “The Elder Wand is buried with my friend where it will stay. And though I am weak, it doesn’t mean I am an easy target. The only way you will see my wand is if you draw on me. Look quickly though, because I am proficient with my magic to say the least.”

Kingsley stood his ground as did Harry. They looked like the early United States Cowboys of old days gone by standing ready to duel. Each one looked completely confident he would win the draw, but neither was going to draw first. Harry said, “Let me try something that will help you if you have the stomach for it.”

Kingsley nodded his head and Harry caused a puddle of water to appear before them. He Scried Dumbledore’s Tomb and said, “Do you recognize what this is?”

Kingsley nodded his head and looked incredulously at Harry then back to what Harry was Scrying.

Harry took several breaths and said, “This disgusts me, but you have to have proof other than my word, so look now.”

As tears rolled down Harry’s face he softly said, “Forgive me my friend,” and then he brought forth an image.

Kingsley and Harry looked and saw Albus Dumbledore lying peacefully in his tomb holding his wand under his hands that were crisscrossed over his chest. Harry caused the hands to become transparent and they saw the entirety of the wand.

“Are you satisfied Kingsley? Is that the Elder Wand?”

The man put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and told him to relax, that he was satisfied. “Only you fixed your wand with that wand before you buried it with Albus. It could have transferred its power to your wand.”

Harry turned to glare at Kingsley face to face, his jaw set and his eyes still glistening with the tears he shed, and said contemptuously, “Kingsley, I’ve grown weary of this. Even if it did, then that particular power it had to be undefeatable is gone. I died without my wand being challenged in a duel. I retained ownership of it. The undefeatable power it had has gone back to Death the true owner. Now, whether you believe me or not, I’ll not be patient with another word about it!”

Kingsley nodded his head and after a moment of thought asked Harry, “What do you think then, what am I?”

Harry sighed loudly and impatiently, “I think you are an Ancient Persian Templar; and a stubborn one at that!”

Kingsley smiled and said, “Yes, you are correct, but what I meant is do you think I am still a friend. Can we still be friends? My work still isn’t done, and I could surely use your help. And though I’m sure my duty hid my true feelings now and then, I do love you as a son.”

Harry was touched with what Kingsley said and slightly nodded his head and then chuckled wearily and said, “Why didn’t you say that then? Yes, I want to be friends, and I was hoping we could work together on who made the furnace and brain washed Lucius. I’m sure Lucius is a descendant of an Assassin Templar. It was an Assassin who made the new Tom Riddle. One of them talked to him before I killed him in the war. He had already spoken to the Crapes about it, bringing Myrtle back if they helped him. But I think it goes even way back before then. We’ll talk about this another time. Please release my friends from your spell, and never use your magic or powers against them again because I will defend them at all cost.”

Kingsley nodded his head and released the two teams from their binds and Harry lifted the protection charm from John. They were unhappy with Kingsley but held their tongue except Rodney who wanted to know if he could talk to him about the Ancients. John scowled at him and told him to go tell Ginny everything was ok now.

Harry asked Kingsley if he wanted to come in for some breakfast and Kingsley said he needed to get to work. Harry nodded and said, “I’m going to take some time off, and I can’t say when I’ll be able to come in, or do I still have a job?”

Kingsley laughed deeply with his rich voice, “You are still Head Auror, and we won’t look for you to come in until we see you come through the door to work. Also, Ron asked for the day off so he could visit with you if you feel up to it. And you might want to keep Lily and everyone you hold dear from being in the front yard; he’ll be driving his car.”

Kingsley left and Harry sighed and sat down in a chair close to him. Carson knelt down beside him and scanned him from head to toe. “I’m ok Carson, just took a lot out of me, especially Scrying into the tomb and through Professor Dumbledore.”

Carson removed the bloody bandage and Harry gave him the medicine to put on it and then wrapped it with a fresh bandage. “There ya go lad, let’s see if you can keep these ones on for a while without them bleeding. I take it that you had bleeding through the night? I can tell that those were fresh bandages and the medicine hadn’t absorbed into your skin completely yet. Harry just nodded his head and then said with some enthusiasm, “Let’s go in and eat, I’m starved.”

They laughed and went into the kitchen and found Rodney with a cup of coffee sitting at the table pleasantly listening to Lily telling him she hoped she was as smart as him when she gets big. His Ego was really getting stroked when everyone cracked up laughing at what Lily said next.

“Of course you’re not as smart as my daddy but I would get such a bad headache if I had in my head as much smart brains as he has in his head.”

Harry grinned and stroked the top of her head lovingly. He was going to miss her this week. Harry sat down after seating Ginny and quietly said, “Dig in and enjoy.” He ate a small amount of breakfast and pushed his plate away from him. Ginny said, “Love, you need to eat more. You have hardly eaten anything since you got back.”

A corner of Harry’s mouth turned up slightly and his eyebrows twitched nervously as he said, “So many things rushing through my head; none of which are pleasant. I just have to adjust to things is all; I’m ok.”

“Anyone home?” Ron asked as he, Hermione and Hugo came into the living room. “Out here guys,” answered Ginny happily. Then all the rest of the Weasley’s, Sirius Lissy and K’Lari came in as well.

“Please forgive us for coming so early, we were just so anxious to see Harry,” said Molly happily. Harry stood up and hugged his mother and father-in-law and smiled cordially but with weariness in his expression. Harry stood behind Ginny and slightly gripped her shoulder. “Err; go on in the living room so everyone else can finish eating. I’m done so I’ll come in too.” Harry put his arms around his mother and father-in-law and gave them a special hug to him.

They went in the room happily and everyone was crowding around Harry hugging him, squeezing his arms, shaking his hand, and patting him on the back; all the while each one talking to him. Harry turned and looked to see if Ginny happened to be coming in yet after several minutes of the celebrating still going on, but she was trying to get Lily to hurry and finish her breakfast.

Harry grinned as Ron took him in a one armed hug again and then punched him friendly on his chest boasting he knew Harry would make it back ok. “It’s ok mate, really; I’m just glad you’re back.”

“What’s ok Ron, did I miss something?” asked Harry quietly as he put his hand over his wound Ron just punched.

Hugo spoke up and said, “Daddy saved your life Uncle Harry, and he had hurt feelings ‘cause you didn’t thank him at King’s Cross.”

Ron rolled his eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Harry, I didn’t know he knew anything.”

Harry tried to smile and said, “I guess he knows more than me, again; what’s he talking about?”

The room got quiet and Percy said, “Harry, it was Ron who brought the light to you. It took you away, and you came back alive like it said you would. Don’t you remember?”

Harry swallowed and was thankful to see Ginny come in along with the rest of everyone in the kitchen. Ginny took his hand and led him to the couch and then sat down beside him and he looked at her questioningly. He looked around at the room full of people and wished he and Ginny were out horseback riding away from everyone.

He finally said, “I’m sorry, but the last thing I remember, I was dying and looking into Ginny’s eyes; and then the next thing I knew I was standing here in the living room yesterday morning. Are you saying that the light came and got me at the Quidditch field in front of a hundred thousand people?”

“Yeah, I went out and came back with the light. It picked you up and carried you off over the school.”

Harry’s face turned red, “I see. I guess that’s why everyone was acting the way they were at King’s Cross, and why you expected something from me, and then got angry when I didn’t say anything. Ron, I didn’t know. I’m sorry. I guess I should say thanks then.”

“You don’t look like you mean it Harry,” said Percy.

“I’m sorry; truly, I’m just overwhelmed with things this morning. I don’t know what else to say. Thank you though, Ron.”

Charlie asked why it was so hard to say thanks. “It seems like it would be the first thing a thankful person would want to say. And it is still quite early and yet you say you’re overwhelmed with things happening already.”

Harry licked his lips and said, “Look, I’m happy to be with my family, all of you. It’s just that I had a pretty big fight with Kingsley about using the secret place for healing. I said I would never use it for myself. I destroyed a machine that would be used for-”

Harry shook his head and said softly, “I just don’t like it that I gave my word something would not happen, and it did happen and to me of all people. Ron, I appreciate your thoughtfulness I really do, thank you. Do I owe anyone else anything?”

Lily sat on Harry’s lap and he cuddled her to him. She had grown so much in the two years he was gone. He saw Jack stand up with the rest of his guests and Harry kissed Lily.

“Darling Angel, do you have your cell phone and your things you need?”

She nodded her head and said, “But I don’t want to leave you now Daddy. I better stay here.”

Harry smiled sweetly and gingerly stood up with her hanging around his neck and said, “You go on now. I’ll be lots better when you come home. Say good-bye to everyone.” He hugged her quickly and put her on her feet.

As Lily made her rounds saying good-bye everyone else gathered around Harry and asked if they were going somewhere. Harry told them Lily was going with Jack and Sam for a week.

Percy said, “I should think you’d want your little girl home with you; or maybe you don’t care-”

“That’s enough Percy,” Harry said quietly but with finality in his voice. “Please excuse me while I say good-bye to our friends who are leaving. I’ll be right back and then we can have a pleasant visit.”

Harry walked through the ring of people standing around him as if to keep him from getting away and went out with his friends and thanked them all again for their help. He made arrangements for when he would pick up Lily and told them he’d like to take Ginny to Atlantis sometime through the week if he felt up to it.

When all the good-byes were said, Harry pulled Jack and John aside and said, “You heard what Kingsley was saying a while ago. I will always have to be on my guard with him. If things get out of my control I might send my wand to you for safety John. It can discern you now, so you won’t be uncomfortable with it. And nobody will be able to know you have it but you. Is that still ok with you? We talked about it before, but I want to make sure it is still ok.”

John nodded his head and said it was fine. “Let me know if you ever need help. And just so I’m clear; this Elder Wand you told Kingsley the power was gone in…”

Harry nodded his head, “You have it figured clearly; the power is still in my wand. And the power in the Stone isn’t gone. I’ll explain it later so you’re up to date. Is this the reason you thought to have the password and you to be the secret keeper changed?”

John nodded his head, “When we were leaving that night, Rodney had been looking for your wand and broom to take home for you and asked if maybe they had been stolen. Even though your wand came to me the moment you died, I told him that they would have already gone to your pouch and was probably with Ginny’s belongings. I saw Kingsley leave quickly and when we got here, I saw him standing at your gate. I didn’t want to say anything until I talked to you about it. But this I know for sure, he found out the password had been changed. I just had a bad feeling about it. I think he created a way back onto your property last night when he left here while the shield was temporarily down for that meeting. He wanted to make sure he could get back in this morning without notice. I don’t think he had ill will in mind for you, I think he wanted to get you alone before any one was around yet. And that’s the reason I asked you to lower the barrier this morning as soon as you woke up. It would be normal for him to bring the Wizengamot to your house from the driveway last night, but this morning he would just have come directly here to the house if he didn’t know beforehand that there was a new shield up with a new password. He did walk up from the drive and was leaning on the tree to catch his breath from the long walk when Ginny ran out of the house. I have to admit that startled me as well. And yes, you guessed correctly, I was in the tree watching for him to come all night just in case.” Harry nodded his head and said, “Thanks John, it was good you had the foresight to do this. It was a brilliant plan. I’m sorry you lost a night of sleep though.”

Harry looked at Jack and said, “Are you all settled back in at Cheyenne Mountain? Is the IOA giving you any problems?” Upon Jack saying things were manageable Harry said, “I’m going to need your teams now and then to help my search for these Templars and Assassins to satisfy Kingsley now and then so he doesn’t become suspicious of me. I’m sure they aren’t confined to this world. And if I can ever be of service to the USA let me know.”

Jack nodded his head and shook his young friend’s hand saying he would have them available whenever he needed them. He shook Harry’s hand and walked into the shuttle where Sam was sitting with Lily.

Harry smiled slightly and squeezed John’s hand tight in the handshake that said good-bye. “It meant a lot to me you being there with me in my final moment, thank you.”

Harry held out his arms to Lily and she ran to him. He hugged his darling angel once more and kissed her head one more time and they left. When Harry turned to walk in the house he found everyone out of earshot under the tree waiting for him to come back to them. Hugo asked if he could see his sword and said he was sorry the Quidditch game was wicked for him to play. “I don’t think I could have lived through the game if Bagman had done that to me.”

Harry said, “I think you’ll find you are always able to do more than what you thought you could do if you have the right attitude and you are determined enough.” He smiled at the boy who stood nodding his head with his mouth agape listening to him. Harry tweaked the boy’s nose and then held out his hand and his sword appeared in it in front of his nephew. When the excited boy asked if he could hold it Harry handed it to Ron and said, “If your dad says it’s ok then I don’t mind at all. Just be very careful you don’t hurt yourself; it is sharper than a razor.”

Ron took the sword amazed with it and swallowed. “It’s so heavy! I thought it was weightless or something the way you handled it.” He held it out in front of his son and said, “You can hold it if I help you.”

Hugo rolled his eyes and said, “I’m not a baby, I can lift it.” He put both hands on it and lifted it from his dad’s hands but couldn’t lift the length of it completely. He grinned sheepishly and said, “It really is too heavy.”

Charlie asked if he could see it. Ron took it back from his son and looked at it all over wishing he owned it. Harry nodded his head and Charlie carefully took it and raised an eyebrow with his surprise. “Where did you get it Harry, did you get it when you were away?”

Harry shook his head and told them a very short condensed story of the war he fought in the mine. Everyone handled the sword while he told the story. When Bill took it he looked carefully at it and looked at Harry with his eyebrows furrowed in scrutiny. “I thought it was made by the Goblins, but it isn’t. He handed it back to him and George asked Harry to give them a demonstration. Harry sighed and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and asked them all to stand back. “This is from my memory, so don’t be frightened, and I don’t think the children should see it.”

Ron said Hugo was old enough to watch. “He’s a chip off the old block, go ahead.”

Harry said, “It’s not a matter if he’s old enough but rather that his young mind shouldn’t be exposed to it. It might affect him badly. It did me, and I am ever so much older than him.”

Nobody made their children cover their eyes nor sent them to the playroom, although Molly did try to cover the nearest Grandchild’s eyes to no avail. Harry made the conditions look the same as in the mine. They saw him stand in front of the furnace and saw the Fiendfire creatures. All the moms covered their children’s eyes and watched as the furnace threw the sword at Harry and him catching it. He took the sword by the hilt and just like the night before it wrapped around his hand making the sword and his hand one. They saw the creatures bowing to Harry and heard them calling him Lord Potter, giving their allegiance to him and Harry destroying them. He switched memories to meeting up with Leviathan and the fight there. Suddenly Harry stopped the memory and swung his blade around with ease and sophistication. Then he stopped and put away the sword.

He looked around breathing hard and asked was there anything else. Upon the silence that ensued he said, “Let’s go back inside then and maybe we can have a nice visit.”
They went in the house and Harry sat down gingerly but groaned as he settled into the chair. Ginny sat on his lap and started to check his wound, but Harry shook his head slightly and held her hand to keep her from leaving. They smiled at each other and then looked to Hermione who was saying the man in the mine was the same man whose picture hung in the beauty salon. Harry told them who he was and they were all surprised. A very pleasant conversation developed.

At lunch time Harry asked them to excuse him so he could go take a nap. “I’m exhausted and have already overtaxed myself. I need to take it easy for a while. I’ll see you in a little while. Please stay and enjoy lunch, I’ll be back down before you miss me.” He smiled and walked slowly upstairs.
Molly asked if they should go help him change his bandages and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself when he begins to dream.

Ginny smiled and replied, “Harry doesn’t have those nightmares anymore, and he doesn’t tremble anymore either. He’ll be fine; let’s just visit while he sleeps. If any of you need to know anything else I’ll tell you so he can get on with living a normal life finally. And just so you know; it wasn’t Harry who made the decision to send Lily away for the week. They asked me before Harry came back if they could take her since the boys got to go to Hogwarts and she didn’t. It was my treat to her for being so good about everything. Harry didn’t want her to go, nor did he want his son’s to go to Hogwarts because he wanted to be with them.”

Percy looked as though he was about to say something contrary to what Ginny was expecting them to believe. Ginny didn’t allow him the opportunity though. She continued, “But he let the kids go because he says they need to live a normal life despite his need to keep them tucked up next to him. You see, Harry was gone for forty two years in a place where our time stands still, but theirs goes on. And just shortly before that when he destroyed the stuff at the Ministry he died then too and they took him away for twenty years. He was in a coma for five and a half years; and in Brazil with amnesia for seven months; and he was gone three months when they took him the first time when Kreacher died. So you see, Harry is thirty six years old, and he has been gone nearly twice those years, sixty two years and ten months, in another time, and Brazil for seven real months. To him he has missed out on a lifetime with his children. Everyone including me treated him horribly before he left. He was gone for two years to protect us from being hurt when he was in need of urgent care. Those two years he had many battles that we are not aware of, but I knew of some of them because my necklace appeared, sometimes as a shadow and sometimes nearly solid, around my neck. The night he left here my necklace hung around my neck nearly solid for two weeks. That means he was alone healing that long when he needed to be here. Another two weeks after that they were nearly solid for three weeks. That’s when he went back into the mines and destroyed the Fiendfire creatures. He told me he had never been, from that time up to now, so afraid as when he was down there fighting by himself.

“You don’t know what happened during those times, but everything he did, he did for us and the world. He has sacrificed everything; he gave himself willingly with nothing but pain in return. Now he has to deal with people thinking he is the Son of God. He is not healed from the fight between him and Voldemort and already this morning he has had to have his bandages changed three times from overexertion. Dr. Carson said he has had to put up with so much he doesn’t know how long it will take or if he ever can be normal again. Pain changes you inside. And he has had a whole lifetime of pain.

“He suffered alone most of the time because we didn’t understand or we were afraid of him. Please, from this moment on, he will be given the respect and love he deserves. I will not put up with suspicions from anyone, and I will not be made to do something because any of you think it is best. You all acted like you were happy to see him; yet you circled him and began doubting him and sounding accusatory. Harry is my husband and the father of my children. We will handle things ourselves and ask for help if we need it. Does anyone have anything to say?”

Nobody said anything so Ginny smiled and said, “Okay then, let’s eat and enjoy ourselves like Harry asked us.”
They all recovered from what Ginny told them and so went to the dining room to eat. After another hour Harry came back down looking somewhat refreshed, but still had the look of weariness and sadness in his eyes. This they knew, and understood now, would be something they would just have to get used to. The important thing now is Harry Potter is alive and home where he belongs.


Acknowledgments: The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
“Life is an occasion, rise to it.” Mr. Edward Magorium from, “Mr. Magorium’s Wonderful Emporium.”
Stargate SG1, and Stargate Atlantis are owned by MGM studios, or at least they were, who knows what MGM is up to these days, and what they have or have not sold.
Harry Potter and the world therein were created by the talented JK Rowling. What a joy I have had writing these ff’s and it is all due to the incredible stories she provided us with in her Harry Potter series.

Last edited by Connie; 09-08-2014 at 09:46 PM. Reason: Proper noun instead of, 'him' I owe her my life, and that is the reason I worked so hard helping Lucius regain his life back
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Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Wow amazing! I have so much to say, but I should probably go back to the chapters and say them in a review for the specific chapters, however I was doing that and my computer just shut off - I guess it knows I have to rest a little. Anyway may I just say that I like this story a lot and the way you've explored the characters. I love your Quidditch match, I almost die with Harry... it made me scream and cry for Harry - this chapter roller-coast- like was a good instrument to check heart. I'll recommend cardiologists to use it. I still have two chapter until the end (yeah, my ice cream is big!!), so I think you'll see me here in the future.
Connie, I have to go bed. I fell asleep while writing this comment and when I woke up there are a entire page of Rs... Anyway, excellent writ ff. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

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Hey Ivana, thanks for your comment; it sure means a lot to me. I'm thrilled you like my ff. Thank you for your kind words. Poor Harry did have a rough Quidditch game didn't he. I hope you are able to finish the last 2 chapters, and keep your cardiologist handy just in case because the worst of it isn't up for Harry. I look forward to your comment if you feel up to writing one, but please don't stay up late to do it.
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Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Connie! There Are lots of things to say and, at the same time, words don't seem to be enough and are escaping through my fingers as if they were insubstantial.

Your story is, as you well know, very well written and reveals much from your thoughts, feelings, cultural, moral and religious values. It makes your story priceless. It made me feel as if I were a prospector searching for gold, and I have to say that now I'm richer than I was when I began reading.

I love the way you wrote about Harry and his family, the lovely way he looked after his kids and his wife. About his wife... well, I was almost envious of his willingness for... well, to dance. The man was barely breathing, covered with wounds and he still was up to "dance" at any time?! Mon Dieu! *breathes*

Then, when I thought it has reached its end, Kingsley came to stir it all again. I could heard Harry thoughts at the moment "Hey! I don't like being messed about this way!", and then I had to tell him that's was his life and he might be used to it. *shrugs*

The last thing I have to say that I'd love to know about James's trial for chaser. Do you mind telling me?

Amazing fanfiction, sis! Thank you for doing and sharing your ff with us!
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Hey Ivana, thanks for your comment. Thank you for your loyalty to my ff.
Your story is, as you well know, very well written and reveals much from your thoughts, feelings, cultural, moral and religious values. It makes your story priceless. It made me feel as if I were a prospector searching for gold, and I have to say that now I'm richer than I was when I began reading.
Thank you so much for those wonderful kind sweet words! Thank you!
I love the way you wrote about Harry and his family, the lovely way he looked after his kids and his wife. About his wife... well, I was almost envious of his willingness for... well, to dance. The man was barely breathing, covered with wounds and he still was up to "dance" at any time?! Mon Dieu! *breathes*
I love writing Harry interacting with his children. Another sad thing to think about is that not only did Harry not have a father, he (in my ff's) wanted so badly to be a father to his children, but this too had to be sacrificed while dealing with Ludo, the Vernier, and Tom Riddle. Thankfully Harry has that behind him now, and he will be able to concentrate on normal life. And as far as 'the dance' he did have a nap earlier in the evening, so he was up for it.
The last thing I have to say that I'd love to know about James's trial for chaser. Do you mind telling me?
No, I don't mind at all; you'll just have to wait until the 4th one shot. It is a big part of the story and will fill in some unknown facts that happened at the time of the Quidditch game Harry played in before he fought Riddle.
Thank you for your wonderful comment Ivana.

For everyone, thank you for being loyal through the story. I have begun to submit my one shots. I don't know when the first one will be up, but I wanted to give you a reminder of where we left off at the end of Epiphany. This story begins immediately where it left off. The main theme of these one shots is finding out who created the Army of Goblins; and the Religious artifacts or relics that Kingsley is wanting Harry to help him find. Do we trust Kingsley will not try to get the Elder Wand, Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility? I don't know, he is pretty persistent, and he is an Ancient after all.

Where we left off:

Harry played in the Quidditch game and was told he had to catch the Snitch or his children would be killed. The real reason was because the ball was charmed to notify Tom Riddle when he could appear to kill off Harry. Things didn't go well as planned because Harry destroyed Tom Riddle and Ludo Bagman and all his ilk. Harry died in the end process of destroying Riddle, but the Ancients brought him back to life. Harry was gone for 42 years in Ancient time, because time is relevant to the Blackhole the Ancient's world is tied to. When the Ancients were done healing Harry, and teaching him new information they deemed important for him to know, they brought him back to his family. He was gone from his family for three days. Harry still has to recover from the game and fight on the outside because the Ancients don't heal anything on the outside to keep people from becoming suspicious. I want to have Harry have residual effects from the years of hardship and violence he lived through and fought in to give support to real heroes who fight for our countries. They endure so much and many go untreated from stress they went through. I have Harry being emotional, and kind of moody and still, even though he is alive he doesn't seem to be able to understand it all. Some of this is due to the fact that until he became able to fight for himself, many died in his place. So, please be patient with him. I hope you enjoy these one shots. I hope you drop me a comment for them. Thanks for reading. I did submit my one shot, but I don't know how long it will be before it is up. Please let me know if there are any questions.
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