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Hey Guys, sorry about being late to post this. I'd like to tell you to not get old, because time gets away from us and makes us wish we hadn't made the mistake in thinking, 'I need to post my chapter, but I can do it later,' but later comes and goes without posting. Alas, even if I told you not to get old you still would. But, enjoy life and count your blessings. I hope you like this chapter. Please post a comment if you want to. Thank you for reading my ff.

Chapter 3

The Fix

Ron and Hermione turned suddenly and gasped in surprise. Their faces turned red with embarrassment and Harry walked over to them but stopped when he saw fear in Hermione’s eyes. He moved around them and set his water on the desk. He looked at Hermione and said, “Tell me what I need to do to make you trust I am your friend, Harry Potter.”

They were surprised that he wasn’t mad at them and only showed a small amount of pain. “Harry, we didn’t know you were here,” confessed Ron.

Harry looked sternly at him, not taking his eyes off of him, but he did have a small sad smile on his lips. “I figured that much out all by myself; thank you very much. But that doesn’t answer my question. What do I need to do to prove who I am?”

Hermione said, “There is nothing you can say or do that would prove to me that you are really our friend Harry.”

Ron told her to ask anyway. Harry looked sick and said, “I’m not going to like your questions am I?”

Hermione ignored him and said, “That year we were searching for the Horcruxes after Ron left where did we go on Christmas Eve?”

Harry swallowed and answered softly, “I wanted to go to Godric’s Hollow; to the cemetery… to see my parent’s grave. I was surprised when you said you thought we should go because every other time I suggested it you said you thought a trap would be lying in wait for us. But we went, although I soon realized that you didn’t go to help me find my parent’s grave; you wanted to find evidence of the Hallows.”

Hermione felt a bit of guilt remembering back and realizing that it had hurt Harry she didn’t go for his need, but for her own curiosity. She shoved her guilt to the side and said, “What did you say about how Nagini got in Bathilda’s house?”

Harry shook his head and said, “Can’t you ask me different questions…please?”

Hermione shook her head and told him to answer her. He spoke even more softly than before, the memory bothering him worse than he thought it would. “I didn’t tell you how she got there.”

Hermione pushed on, “That’s right; you didn’t tell me. Why didn’t you. Tell me now and I might believe you.”

Harry shook his head and held his stomach. His fast food breakfast wasn’t sitting well now. “You don’t need to know, and I don’t think you’d believe me if I did tell you.”

Ron said, “How did she get there, Harry?”

Harry glared at him and said, “Hermione had a lot of respect for Bathilda and she doesn’t need to know.”

Hermione stomped her foot and said, “Tell me!”

“Bathilda was right in front of me. Her head began tearing apart and Nagini came out of her decaying body.”

Harry looked away not wanting to see the horror on Hermione’s face. After a few seconds of silence he looked at her and asked if she was okay. Hermione said she was and started to ask him another question. “Who won the Tri Wizard Tournament?”

Harry backed away shaking his head, “Please don’t ask me to talk about that. As a friend, I’m bagging you to not make me talk about that.”

Hermione folded her arms in front of her and looked sternly at him. Harry gave in and under his breath said, “Cedric and I took the cup together.”

Hermione said, “Where did Dumbledore take you on the night he was murdered and what happened?”

Harry looked at her defiantly and said, “I’ve never told you where we went or what happened and I won’t tell you now either. It was private for him and I respect him too much to betray his privacy.”

Hermione continued unfazed asking questions, “What happened to Harry’s parents? How did they die? What happens to him when he gets close to a Dementor?

After answering her questions Harry rubbed his eyes as he turned away from them and said, “I have work to do. I don’t know what if anything you accomplished, but I’m done answering your questions. I don’t know what you had in mind because it wasn’t to find out if I am me. Some of the questions you asked you didn’t know anything about so how could you tell if I was telling the truth or not. I think you did it to be mean so you could see my reaction and hope I would turn blue and disappear. Rest assured, you were successful in making me wish I was never born. Now, you need to go to your office, Hermione and go to the link I gave you on your computer so we can get the Hoax taken care of.”

Ron interrupted Hermione starting to argue back. “I have a question for you.”

Harry looked at him feeling sorrowful that he doubted who he was when it sounded like he believed in him when they was talking before they knew he was there. “What is it, Captain?”

Ron was taken aback by the look on Harry’s face. He hated it when he was the reason to cause pain for Harry. But being his best friend, Harry never retaliated when he was angry or hurt over any issue. He either walked away and dealt with the issue later when he calmed down, or mended the problem with patience and love and gave him a lesson he needed to learn in the process.

Hermione broke in on his thoughts by nudging him and telling him to ask his question. He shook his head and said he didn’t need to. “I believe he is our best friend Harry Potter.” Hermione said they wasn’t leaving until he asked so Ron gave in and asked his question.

“Why did you give your earnings from the Tri Wizard Tournament to Fred and George instead of me, your best friend?”

With a constricted throat and his head thumping so hard; answering this question was particularly difficult. “You guys and especially Ginny are always mad at me for one thing or another but though the issues may be different you all have the same thing to say to hurt me. You’re always saying that I only think of myself which is far from truthful. But this one time it would have been the truth. You always let money come between us. Anytime I bought you something as a gift you always said you’d pay me back. Do you remember that time Hagrid buried gold for his lesson on Nifflers? He said the gold wasn’t real that it was the fake gold the Leprechauns dropped at the World Quidditch Tournament. You went into a state of anger and depression because you didn’t have gold jingling in your pockets. You hated me because my parents left me gold and you always thought of yourself as hopelessly poor. You don’t know how it made me feel when you hated me for my money. I thought having your friendship made me rich. You mattered to me; you made a difference in my life. If you resented and hated me for buying you a pair of Omnioculars what would you think of me for giving you those winnings? You would’ve hated me and refused to be my friend. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it. That’s why I didn’t give you the winnings.”

Hermione and Ron stood still keeping silent and then Harry said, “As much fun as this has been you need to let my Aurors in so we can get to work. You can see by their expressions’ that they are confused because they all thought I was dead. Hermione you need to go to your office and go to the link I sent you. Then you need to make an announcement that people can have their cell phones and computers and whatever bit of technology they have that they access the internet with. Send a memo to every department here at the Ministry and put announcements in the papers.”

“Why are you so anxious for me to do that? Are you afraid we’ll expose you as the alien you are?”

Harry stood up and walked to her and took her by the elbow. He nodded at Ron to take her other one and help him. They started to lead her away from the office and Harry told his shocked Aurors to go on in and he’d be back as soon as possible. “Carl, go ahead and start briefing. It’s great to see you, all of you,” he added with a smile.” He missed his Aurors and was anxious to get back with them and make things right again.

When the trio was in the Minister’s office they sat her behind her desk and told her to turn on her computer and go to the link Harry sent her in an email. She looked at Harry stubbornly and asked, “Why are you in such a hurry to make me do this? Thinking of yourself as usual I guess. You don’t want me to find out who or what you really are.”

“I’m trying to save your career, Hermione. All this started because you set the hoax free with your computer trying to find out things you weren’t supposed to know about yet. I’m not blaming you; I’m just trying to help you. Some people don’t have internet and don’t know anything about the hoax and only know about rumors going around saying I am dead. It will get ugly very soon with people looking to you to let them know what happened. Scandals will run rampant that the Ministry of Magic is corrupt and cause great divisiveness in our people. And I think you’ll feel more like your normal self after you do this.”

They watched as she turned on her computer and did as Harry instructed. While Hermione became interested in what she began to read Harry stepped back from beside her and turned Ron away from the computer so he couldn’t see it. He looked quizzically at Harry but didn’t argue. This was when Harry knew for sure Ron believed he was not an alien but his friend he had always been from the beginning. Hermione followed the instructions she read and watched the video from the President of the United States telling people that Harry Potter’s heart stopped after an assassination attempt on his life took place on the base. “Mr. Potter was pronounced dead to cancel the assassination contract brought on by the cyber hoax. The doctor on the base was able to give Mr. Potter an injection of Adrenalin into his heart to start it beating and got him breathing again. After this article has been read and the video watched the memory of what was seen previously will be forgotten and there will not be anymore pursuit or interest in finding out more about where this base is or all matters pertaining to the hoax.”

Harry turned Ron back around and nodded to his wife. Hermione sat blank faced. In those brief seconds he pulled Ron around so that he and Harry were standing in front of her. Harry said, “I’m sorry to report in late. I was here early but when Ron came in I thought I should come in and let you know I’m at work.”

Hermione looked concerned and said, “Harry, you should be home recovering. You’ve had to overcome a huge ordeal.”

“I might take you up on that if you don’t mind. I honestly thought they were in danger and shorthanded so I came in to check on them. It looks like things are going better than I feared so I can go back home and relax if you’re sure it’s okay. I don’t want to get fired.”

Hermione laughed and said, “You don’t ever have to worry about being fired. Go see your Aurors for a minute; they’ve all been worried about you. That hoax really did a number on us all. Is Ginny and Lily okay?”

Harry forced a smile on his face and said, “They are doing as well as can be imagined under the circumstances. I’ll see you later, Hermione.”

Harry and Ron left the office and Ron said, “Why didn’t you let me see what she saw?”

“If you don’t mind; I want you to know everything that has been kept secret about me. I've always wanted you to know; plus it would help me to have someone here I trust to help me when things happen so I don’t have to do everything by myself and help me in other ways. I've been investigating a case dealing with all these plots against my life and it goes back years, maybe even before I was born. Only a handful of Aurors know about it but you would be a huge asset to me. You can help me solve the case. But for now when I leave here I need to go home and I’ll have to depend on you to help me equalize the different energies inside me or I’ll burn out and-”

Ron stopped and gently pulled Harry’s arm to make him stop. “That’s not a good idea, mate. I won’t keep secrets from Hermione. You need to make me forget too. John is there, he’s better to help you anyway.”

Harry was greatly disappointed and quietly said, “Are you sure,mate; I really need your help for me to survive.” Ron shook his head and said he was just feeling like that because of the ordeal he lived through. Harry said it wasn't the way of it at all but then half nodded his head and said he’d take care of it. He didn’t bother telling Ron that John left and that Ron really was his last hope of living. When they got back to the Department of Aurors he went in and had a brief reunion with his Aurors. They couldn’t believe he was alive and hated that he had to fight it alone. He nodded his head and said, “I hated it too, but that is just the way it had to be I guess. On another page, the Minister has lifted the restrictions off of using the internet and cell phones. When I call your name come up and get your cell phones she confiscated from you.”

When he called their names he took the phone out of a box and shook hands with them and then handed them their phones. He called Ron’s name and held his phone but before he gave it to him he held it back to back to his own phone to download the link into his phone he had Hermione go to so he could be made to forget what he knew to be the truth. When he gave his phone to Ron he shook hands but his smile was sad. “It’s been some kind of ride, having you for my friend. Thank you for the lift.” As soon as they all settled down Harry took a minute and looked at each of them knowing he would once again be alone with his secrets. He told them he was grateful they all believed in him and then he pushed a button on his phone making their cell phones ring at once. All of them looked at their phones and then when they looked back up they all had blank faces for a few seconds.

They became aware of Harry sitting there and they all greeted him like they hadn’t seen him for quite some time. They all exclaimed how grateful they were that he was alive and was happy he came in to see them. He turned the group over to Carl and told them all to be safe and to call him if they needed him. They told him to get home and take care of his head and stomach. “Yeah, mate, you’re bleeding through your bandages again,” said Ron with a wide smile. Harry said okay and left the office. He walked the entire way in the main halls to the exit so he was clearly visible to the people. He started seeing people stop to read memos and then dig out their cell phones to watch the link. It started; Hermione had released the link that Harry enchanted and sent to Hermione’s computer at work to kill the hoax that had gone out on her computer. Soon nobody but Ginny, her dad, Lissy and Sirius, and K’lari would know what happened to him and forget he was even targeted by assassins. Of course he wasn’t naïve; he knew his enemies wouldn’t honor the cancellation of the assassin’s contract since they now knew he was still alive; so he would still have to look over his shoulders the rest of his life. Unbeknownst to Harry, there was two more people who knew Harry’s secret, but he won’t know who they are until later.
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Okay. Connie. Help me out here where do you come up with some of your ideas where do you draw inspiration from for these stories

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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for the next chapter. It means so much to me that you read my ff. Thank you so much. I hope you like this new chapter.

sweetpinkpixie: Hey there! Thanks for reading and and commenting too!
Okay. Connie. Help me out here where do you come up with some of your ideas where do you draw inspiration from for these stories
My ideas are inspired from imagination. I wanted to keep Harry the same as he is in the books. I didn't read Pottermore or whatever that is and none of the other books, plays, and movies was even heard of yet when I started writing these stories. I figured that Dumbledore was the most powerful wizard of all time and he knew Harry would be more powerful than him; so I developed him to be more powerful than we last knew of Harry Potter. And with him being so young I had to keep increasing his power because there wouldn't be much of a story if there wasn't anymore evil to fight against. I combined Harry Potter with characters from my favorite shows, Statgate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. The characters in these shows encounter many dangers and aliens so I use them to give me more room to work different plots to conquer. And I write Harry and John dealing with perilous storylines because the director of the series in a behind the scenes commentary said that the writers for the shows has to put the hero in peril often because that is what keeps people watching the show. The Wraith, Replicators, oh! and the energy in the computers too belongs to the writers of the two Stargate series, but the other villains are mine. Harry transforms, umm wait a minute. I can't say much about the energy stuff because that is in the next two chapters. I just introduced it in this one. I hope that answers your questions. The Stargate franchise is owned by MGM or it was before they went bankrupt and sold off loads of stuff. Sorry, I didn't mean to write a book here, I just wanted to make sure I answered your questions. I hope you enjoy this new chapter.

Chapter 4

Too Much Of A Good Thing

When Harry got home he parked his car in the garage and walked into the house. It was empty and cold. He went upstairs and changed into comfortable clothes and went back down to fix lunch. First he went in his study and did something for a couple minutes on his computer. His pain was nearly unbearable and he knew he had to eat and rest before he had another electrical short-circuit. He thought about calling Winky but was afraid his current state of fulgurate like energy would kill her if he short circuited. He was surprised Ginny wasn’t doing school with Lily and decided she was probably excited to get her hair cut and went to get that done and would do Lily’s school later. He looked out the patio sliding doors to where the Puddle jumper had been parked. If it was still there it would be invisible and that could have been a bit of hope for Harry that John was still there, but he somehow knew John was gone like he said he would be. He moaned holding his head and stomach. He tried to get some food and fell to the floor writhing and twitching in pain. He took some deep breaths and somehow got to his feet and then opened the refrigerator. He held his head and leaned on the counter when he found the refrigerator empty. ‘Why did I think I would be able to fix breakfast this morning when I got home from sleeping in the cave?’

His breathing was desperate and his pulse was erratic. He licked his lips and felt his mouth and eyes getting dry. He felt his forehead and determined he was burning up not with fever, but electric energy taking over his body. “Think Harry. Why did you think you could fix breakfast this morning? … “Because John was drinking coffee and he turned down the invitation to have breakfast with me and Ginny. I wasn’t thinking correctly when I got here.” He looked around and saw the house cozy and warm whereas when he got home he thought it was cold and empty. He turned to the refrigerator again knowing there would be food in it. He reached for it but it seemed to be too far away. His legs refused to move him forward and then his knees buckled and he fell to the floor.

He didn’t dare try to use magic because he knew it was used up just getting cleaned up earlier. Trying to use what he didn’t have would create more energy within him to burn up and he’d start turning transparent again. He closed his eyes since the blink of an eye would be enough to exhaust any magic he had building within him. After a minute he had recovered enough to slow his breathing drastically slow and slow his heart rate to a dangerously slow rhythm.

Harry tried not to think of Ginny and how much he loved her. But, then, trying not to think of her made him think of her more. He would miss her beautiful long hair; his life force.

After the third hour when he was so far gone he couldn’t hold on any longer he opened his eyes for one more glimpse of the life he was leaving. Sadness filled his heart and pain overwhelmed his body and though he tried his best to hang on to life he couldn’t and so he slowly drifted away from living. He had done all he could to hang on while he was drifting away. He was alone as he was much of his life and found it odd that not even Death came to be with him in his time of need. His eyes didn’t close, but they didn’t see feet in military boots running to him. He couldn’t hear his name being called. He didn’t feel an explosion of pain all over his body when he was moved onto his back and a needle plunge into a vein in his arm. He didn’t smell what he always called the essence of Ginny when she knelt on the floor beside him trying to stop the bleeding from his torso. Not much blood was coming from it even though it was open and had been bleeding badly. The same was with his open wound on his skull. Because nearly all his blood was on the floor where he was lying, his body temperature was abnormally cold, but he didn’t feel the cold. He didn’t feel an incision being made and a feeding tube pushed directly into his stomach. Moments later the tube was pulled out and the incision was healed with magic. Suddenly his body began to respond to the critical and over the top extreme treatment it was given. The needle in his arm was quickly removed and leads to his heart were removed. He screamed with the renewed pain over his body and shook with trauma. He heard voices too far away to understand what was being said or who was saying it. He blinked several times to clear his eyes and at the same time he could smell Ginny close by. He held out his hand to her though he was shaking uncontrollably and then let his hand fall for lack of strength. He became aware of John grabbing his hand and his other hand on his shoulder. Harry moved his head slightly to see him and when their eyes locked a slight smile formed on Harry’s lips. John began to speak to him.

“When you left I went back to Atlantis and got Carson. I took Ginny and Lily with me in case you didn’t get Hermione to turn on her computer to watch the video and read the article you wrote. I didn’t want to take a chance on someone getting to Ginny and Lily. Sorry it took so long. Between Ginny and I describing what we saw he was able to work up a plan to help you. I can explain more later, but right now we need to get you back to Atlantis so we can-”

Harry pointed to his study and said, “Stasis chamber.”

Carson moved into Harry’s view and said, “Harry, will it protect your house and family if you short out?”

Harry said it would, that everyone would be safe. “Hurry though, its building up and you won’t be safe to touch me.”

Ginny suddenly was over his face and bent down to kiss him. Her hair fell over his face when she raised up and he took in her beauty. “I’m sorry you didn’t get to cut your hair yet. Do you think you could save me a locket of it?” He was trying to hold back his cries of pain that was wracking his body with every movement made. Carson and John helped him to his feet. He was barely able to stay conscious but he fought to do so. “HURRY!” he half screamed.

They took off running, holding Harry’s arms over their shoulders practically dragging Harry because he was unable to stay on his feet. When they got to the chamber Ginny opened the door and they unceremoniously shoved him inside. They turned him around so he could look out the window. John kept his hand on him to keep him from falling out and Harry said, “Let me out in three months.”

John nodded once and removed his hand and they quickly shut the door before Harry fell out. His head fell forward hitting the glass door. The pain was too great for Harry to hold back any longer and he yelled; the sound absorbed in the chamber and the tears rolling down his face froze without falling. He closed his mouth and straightened up and looked straight ahead. It was as though he turned into a statue. Harry succumbed to the enchantment of the machine prepared for three months.

After Carson and John called Jack to give him their progress report they went into the living room where Ginny and Lily were huddled on the couch wrapped up in each other’s arms. They looked like frighten kittens and were just as skittish. They jumped when a log in the fireplace popped and shifted sending hundreds of sparks up the chimney.

John and Carson sat on the coffee table in front of the couch and said they could take some time to explain anything they could if they had questions. Lily and Ginny both started talking at the same time and asked question after question without giving the two friends time to answer even the first one.

“Hang on; we can only answer one at a time. Lily closed her mouth knowing it would be her mom who got to ask the first question. Ginny squeezed Lily gently and said, “I think we both want to know everything. Could you just tell us instead of us asking questions?”

Carson said they could try that, but he assured them there were some things that Harry would have to be the one to answer about those things. “I’ll give it a go first and John can add anything he wants if he knows I’ve left anything out.”

“Let’s go into the study to show you what we did with him,” suggested John since Lily wasn't in the study when they put her daddy in the stasis chamber. They went into the study and Lily turned into John and started to cry. He hugged her to him and said, “It looks worse than it is. This is actually a good thing.”

Lily slowly turned back to look at her daddy and said, “You can start telling us what you know now. Can you start with how this is a good thing?”

John and Carson smiled kindly and began explaining starting with John. “Right now, he is-”

Ginny asked if he was in pain like he looks and then jumped as Harry’s computer came on and spoke to her in his voice. They all went to the desk and watched Harry giving a message to Ginny and Lily.

“If you’re watching this I’m sure things didn’t work out well for me. I want you to understand that I had to go to work to make sure Hermione watched the video and the message I left her on her computer. It would have happened last night from this computer if she watched it, but she didn’t so I had to go to work to make sure she watched it. The lives of countless people depended on her going to that link because that is how I set up the hoax breaker. It had to be this way because it would have been impossible to go to every witch and wizard on Earth to Obliviate their memory of the hoax. And she had to be the one to send the link out from her computer because the hoax was part of an artificial intelligence that connected to her when she touched her computer keyboard. After she did this she was back to her wonderful self and didn’t know she was the cause of the hoax or was the one who infected the internet. If I had made it through this whole nightmare the damage would have been mostly contained but some of the damage will be irreparable. Maybe that can be the good thing that comes from this; I won’t live with constantly looking over my shoulder for the next assassin who ignored the cancellation of the contract. Please don’t tell Hermione or treat her any differently. The hoax that was in her computer affected her in a negative way. It caused her to be overbearing, hurtful, and unlikable. But she is cured of that now and it would do much harm to her if she knew what she had done. She told me to go home after I looked in on my Aurors which is what I planned on doing all along. I also tried to get someone to help me for when I got home because I didn’t think you two would be able to do everything I needed and I couldn’t call Winky because it would have killed her. I failed to get the help I needed so this is what I get for my failure. What happened to me started on Atlantis. I had to go to make sure the Atlantis Expedition found the new Galaxy in time. The thing is, Hermione had triggered the hoax that the intelligence of the man Altimore (the man who created the Ice Giant, but not the very first one) created. He existed as an entity of pure energy that could move about through space and occupy networking from computers. It was looking for replicators that were in the new Galaxy so it could take the body of one of them. This would have been the end of humanity if he had been successful. But, I didn’t know about the hoax then and it was already affecting people. Some of them very nearly killed me, but I survived. I had to think fast and I was already severely wounded. A report went back to Earth where the hoax then traveled to Atlantis on the streams of communication that can go both ways through a worm hole. When that report went through I made a decision to do something I wasn’t sure I would be capable of doing. I converted all my energy within me including my magic to pure energy. While I existed in that form I didn’t need food or water, or sleep. My body like my clothes would eventually wear out and if that happened then I wouldn’t be able to return. I tried my best to destroy the entity in time to come back to convert into my corporeal body. When I finally destroyed the entity and got back to Atlantis I was nearly expired. Although putting me in the ocean normally heals me, it brought on an overload in my electrical system. It had to be done to heal me enough to be able to build up my body with nourishment and magic. The only magic I have is within me and I have to use it to constantly try to keep my electrical system from taking over. I needed to bring the electric in me down to normal by not using magic and not expending too much effort, and build the rest of me up by eating and drinking water, and resting every few minutes. Which brings me to the conclusion of this video: I have either failed to make this happen before I short circuited or I was able to get enough nourishment in me and the rest I got from sitting here was enough, I put myself in the stasis chamber or a life saver did it for me, and my computer came on from the voice activation of the older of you two women so you could follow the instructions. If I am alive in three months from today get me out. This pod isn’t healing me, but it is set up to orientate my body’s system to function normally. It will take three months to do this. I will need to have emergency surgery on my head and torso. And I’m sure I will be hungry and tired. I would love to see you two and our wonderful sons. Please explain… to James why I missed his birthday and I’ll do my best to make it up to him. And I hope the boys don’t hold it against me for once again not being there to pick them up from King’s Cross and that I will miss some of their holiday from Hogwarts. Please tell James I heard him and did what he needed from me.”

The computer shut off and they all looked at each other and then at Harry in the stasis chamber. John said, “I guess we don’t have to explain anything, unless you have questions.”

“Why will he need to eat and drink after his emergency surgery? He said the machine brings his body to normal.”

Carson said, “That’s true, Lassie, but by the end of three months, his enchantment on the machine will expire because he couldn’t afford to use any more magic to make it last longer.”

Ginny said, “I wonder who he tried to get to help him but they wouldn’t.” She looked at John; her eyes imploring him not to be the one he had counted on for help but was turned down.

John felt a sting of guilt because he knew Harry was hurt that he told him he was going home. John was afraid he was the cause Harry fell into the state of funk he was in about living and dying. But unbeknownst to Harry, this was why he went to get Carson.

Lily looked up from something in her hand and said, “I think it was Uncle Ron. Daddy’s phone merged with his phone this morning. He sent it the link on Hermione’s computer just before he left for home. I compared it to the time stamp on his GPS.”

When they looked at her with obvious surprise that she knew how to do that she giggled and said, “His phone was there on his desk and he taught me how to do that a long time ago. The app is on all our phones and the boys know how to do it too.”

“But why don’t I know? Why didn’t he tell me? And it better not be because he was trying to protect me either!”

Lily said, “Mum, he did try to teach you. I was there for three of the times he tried to teach you. You were very impatient and told him you didn’t need to know how to use it and to stop bothering you with it. But then you kissed him and sweetly said you just had too many other things to deal with and maybe later you would have him teach you.”

John was relieved it wasn’t him who Harry had been counting on for help, but felt bad for Ginny for the guilt he knew she was feeling. The worst thing for John was that he wanted to go to Ron and find out why he wouldn't help Harry when he asked for help but he wouldn't know now that Harry had asked him for help; plus he knew Harry wouldn't want him to do it anyway.
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Default Short Story: James Fights His Dad
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, here we are again. Thank you for reading my ff, and coming back for more. I do so enjoy writing and it makes me so happy to have loyal readers. Thank you so much. This Short Story is two chapters long and leads right into the next short story. This first of the two chapters is pretty hard to swallow, but please don't be harsh with Harry for what he is about to allow to happen. I stopped the chapter where I did so you can take a breath and settle down for next weeks chapter, 'Understanding Why'. Thank you all again for reading.

Short Story: James Fights His Dad

Chapter 1

The Wrath Of James

Two months later John, Carson, Rodney, Teyla, and Tazmia knocked on the kitchen door. James answered it and stepped aside without a word of welcome but held his arm out to the kitchen for them to come in.

They walked in quite surprised with the reception they received but didn’t say anything except for cheerfully greeting James. James grunted something that almost sounded like English but they could only assume he said hi.

Ginny called from the living room her voice coming louder as she talked. “James, did someone knock on the door?” She came into full view and James said, “Yeah, it’s them; his friends,” and started to walk away looking at a magazine in his hand. Ginny started to chastise him for his rudeness but caught a glimpse of the magazine. “What are you reading?!” she asked hotly and started to take it from him.

James gave an ugly smirk and yanked it away from her and said, “What makes you think I’m reading? Just leave me alone,” and walked away shoving Lily out of his way as he gave his attention to the magazine.

John stepped away from the group and started after James. He wasn’t his father but he knew Harry would want him to intercede. Rodney made a grab for him but John shook him off and resumed his task he assigned himself of talking to James. The others followed him and he caught up with Ginny.

Albus came up behind his sister and helped her up and asked if she was okay. Lily nodded her head and said, “Why is he such a bully and troublemaker?!” Albus shrugged his shoulders and said, “He went through a lot at school and now he’s dealing with Mum being mad at him. And Dad is- Let’s see our friends from Atlantis.”

By this time Ginny and their company were in the living room and Ginny shouted, “Just wait until your father gets out of that machine, James. You’ll be-”

“Yeah, like that will actually happen. He’s washed up, Mum. He’s a has been and everyone knows it. He can’t go a day without having to get life saving surgery if he gets a splinter. I could beat him on his best day with one hand behind my back. He should have died years ago but you all keep saving his life even when he wants to die. If you had let him die years ago at least he would have died a hero. All these years he’s lived in unbearable pain and nobody cared. They just wanted him to live. I don’t know why either. You never understood that he wasn’t ours, but the worlds. Most of the time you were ugly and mean to him. What kind of loving wife tells her husband to go away and never come back? Well don’t worry about him anymore, because he’ll die the minute that door on that stupid chamber opens.”

Surprise caught James off guard as Albus ran full force into his big brother and the two began tumbling over each other and fighting with their fists. Just then powerful hands grabbed handfuls of shirts of the two brothers and they were lifted off their feet and pulled apart from each other.

Harry spoke quietly saying, “I’m going to put you down and you’re going to talk like loving brothers instead of mortal enemies. And then, James, you’re going to apologize for being a bully to your sister. After that you are going to go to your Mum and ask her to forgive you for being disrespectful and show her the magazine she wanted to see that you’re looking at. Then finally you will apologize to our friends you treated so rudely. I’m going to go upstairs and take a shower and when I come back down here I better find everyone being civil to each other. James, you and I have something to settle and be thinking of what kind of punishment you deserve for your mouth at Hogwarts and here at home since you got home.”

He looked into the eyes of his sons and they looked back still in shock that he was out of the chamber and looking better than they ever remembered seeing him. Harry put the boys on their feet and since they just stood there looking at him he put his hands on their shoulders and turned them toward each other. He looked at Ginny and his friends and said, “I’ll be back down after my shower; I haven’t had one in four months.” His eyes made quick contact with John. John had told Harry he would be back to check on him from time to time when he was permitted to do so and that he loved him too. Harry nodded his head once and then his eyes lingered on Ginny for an instant and then he went up the steps to take care of his needs.

When he came down from his shower he cleared his throat and asked if he could join the powwow. They weren’t whispering so he knew they weren’t talking badly about him. They all turned and went to him excitedly. Ginny hugged him and kissed him and laid her head on his chest. Then the kids stood close in wont of their turn. Ginny pulled away from Harry and the kids crowded in wanting his attention and to give him their love. Harry was quiet and voiced only a few words to each of them. Then Carson came to him followed by the rest of the team.

“I’ve got to say, Harry, we are all quite surprised that you are out on your own and appearing so healthy. Is this real; do you mind if I run some scans?”

Harry gently pulled away from his kids and asked what he wanted him to do. “Just hold up your shirt so I can see where you were knifed and then I want to see your head where your skull was crushed.”

Harry un-tucked his shirt to pull it up some, but Ginny magiced it off. Carson smiled as Harry flinched with the disappearance of his shirt and his face turned red for a second, but he didn’t say anything and stood still for Carson to scan, poke and prod all he wanted to. Carson ran his scans and then looked closely at his knife wound that was completely healed. He looked at Harry’s skull and found it completely healed as well. He studied his readings from the scan and then finally said, “I will always be amazed at your abilities, son. You are perfectly healthy and fit except for-”

Harry pulled away and said, “Thank you, Carson; that will do.”

Just then Winky walked into the room and Harry’s eyes followed her to the kitchen. She asked how many places to set for the dinner table and Harry answered, “Ten, Winky.”

Winky stopped and turned and ran to Harry; her arms held in front of her and huge tears falling to the floor from her eyes. “Master Harry, you are free of the chamber. Nobody told me they were letting you out early. Is it safe for you to be out here?”

Harry knelt down on one knee and quietly talked to her for a minute. She hugged him and he returned a hug and then she said she was going to fix his favorite meal at her house and then bring it up when it was done so she didn't interfere with family time. He thanked her and said he looked forward to eating it.

“Love, how did you get out and a month early at that?” asked Ginny.

Harry stood up and went to the window to look out. He would love to go out and breathe in the warm summer air and smell the fragrance of the beautiful flowers that were thriving in the gardens provided for them to boast their beauty. There was so much beauty outside it made Harry sorry he had to talk about the ugliness that forced him to speed up his recovery time.

He started speaking without turning at first so he wouldn’t have to see the reactions to what he had to tell them. “I could see everything that was in front of me, and I could hear everything because when I made the chamber a long time ago I fixed speakers into it so I could hear the voices of the people I love more than life.”

There it was; Harry had expected this; the collective gasps from Ginny, James, and Lily. Albus had never done anything but talk to his dad everyday about things he did and how he couldn't wait for him to get out of the chamber. He said he had things ready to help him if he needed it. He had always felt that he could still talk to his dad and although he didn’t know he could hear him he felt better after his one sided conversations with him.

“Thank you, Albus for putting the dark film over the chamber’s window. The sun was a problem for me since I couldn’t close my eyes from its brightness.”

Harry turned around and looked over his family. He crossed his arms and balled his hands into fists. But then he felt the sun beating in on his back; it felt good to him and he began to relax his fists and muscles. He looked at his wife and sorrow filled her eyes. He held out an arm to her. She went to him and he folded her into his arms and held her to him and she surrendered her emotions; sobbing into his chest. “I hope you know that no matter what I said I have always loved you. And I need you now more than ever. I don’t know how to deal with everything. The things I said to you were terrible, but it helped me to get things off my chest to get me through the day.”

Harry looked at her not with judgmental eyes but compassionate eyes. “We’ll work everything out, Gin,” he told her softly.

He reached for his shirt but she didn’t notice because she was headed for her daughter to see what was wrong. Harry looked over at Lily and though his eyes showed disappointment he smiled kindly and said, “Thank you, Darling Angel for painting the things that lighten your heart on the chamber window. Your flowers, butterflies, birds, and rainbows kept me company through deep depression I was fighting. The things you complained about that you blamed me for worried me because you wanted to make sure I didn’t forget by painting those scary snakes, bees, and black stars in the sunny sky. I hope we can talk soon. You did say that if I lived you wanted to have a few choice words with me; so whenever you’re ready is fine with me.”

Lily stared at her dad but couldn’t find the words to say about the horrid things she told him when she thought nobody especially him could hear. After a few minutes of her silence he looked at James. The boy stared back defiantly and then Harry said, “I believe the words you used were, “I could beat him on his best day with one hand behind my back.” Well come on ahead, son. Come on get over here and beat me. I’ll let you use both hands though because that was after all just part of a saying, right?”

James didn’t move but his anger built inside him. Harry recognized this anger as the same as when he destroyed Dumbledore’s office in his fifth year at Hogwarts. He kept his eyes on his son’s eyes and walked to him like he was getting ready to fight the enemy. James became afraid but held his ground. Harry’s eyes didn’t show any emotion which made him look even more formidable.

“Come on, son. You wanted to show me what a man you are by; let’s see if I can quote you again, correct me if I remembered incorrectly, “If you weren’t in that chamber I’d show you what a man I am and beat you to a pulp.” That’s right isn’t it? Did I remember correctly?”

James nodded his head and looked over at his mom who was crying. He started to say something to her but Harry said, “Men don’t cry to their Mum for help, son. Wipe your eyes and get busy giving me that beating. I hope you’re well rested though because it’ll take quite a bit of that beating to reduce me to pulp.”

James stood there and did just then realize tears were falling down his cheeks. This infuriated him and he clenched his hands into fists. Carson said, “Harry, you-”

“Never mind, Carson, leave us be.”

John stepped forward and said, “Harry, maybe you should just talk to James. He’s just a kid and you love him. Your job is to teach him and protect him.”

Harry still kept his eyes on his son and ignored John because James was showing signs of attack. All the years playing pranks on each other and strategizing against the other proved James to be a fighter to respect. Of course their play time never brought anger or fist fights, but now James wasn’t pulling a prank and Harry would need to be careful to keep his son from hurting him. He wouldn’t raise a hand against him and he wouldn’t use magic on him or against him. Harry could see the pain in his son these months watching and listening to him. Harry didn’t want to make his son’s pain worse by James hurting him; but using magic in anger is something James needed to see the consequences of.

Suddenly Harry saw a quick flick of James’s eye to the left of Harry and then James jumped at Harry as if he was going to attack him. Harry reached out with his left hand and caught a small marble statue of a horse that would have hit him on the side of his head. And with his right hand he put his hand on James’s shoulder and eased his son away from him. He sat the statue down noticing James had transformed it to rubber.

James kept up his attacks each one failing and Harry stopping him with a loving hand and gently pushing him backward. James screamed at him; calling him a coward and to fight back. So then each time Harry stopped him from getting to him he picked up his son and tossed him onto soft furniture, the cushy chairs he and Ginny sat in on either side of the fireplace, other soft chairs or the sofa, the love seat, and then finally the couch.

Then when all the furniture was destroyed Harry said, “That was a poor move strategically, son. You’ve busted up all your soft landings.”

James said, “I don’t care, you’re about to tire out and fall to the floor begging me to stop.”

“Oh, and that is when you plan to beat me to a pulp then? When I'm worn out and begging for mercy?”

James screamed at him to shut up and fight back. So Harry stopped him again and again and again; each time the boy landing on his backside from Harry shoving him away. James anger was boiling inside him to such a hot temperature that he started losing control. Harry saw it and said, “You need to stop now, James and just talk to me before you hurt someone.”

“I want to hurt you!” he screamed and started waving his arms around wildly. Harry quickly put up a protection barrier around everyone and knocked away books, fireplace tools, pictures off the walls, and then Banner flew at him. Harry knew he couldn’t knock him away because it could seriously hurt the half grown puppy. Harry caught the puppy as he was trying to twist around in air to land on something and his four paws cut into Harry’s jaw, neck, chest and arms. Harry saw the alarm on James’s face and saw that he tried to target the puppy to land him safely but couldn’t aim well enough to control his aim before Banner was caught by Harry.

Harry put the puppy down and he ran to Albus. Harry lifted the protection barrier for the puppy to get to his master and then Harry put up the barrier again. Harry walked menacingly to James and stopping in arms length of the boy he said, “You pretty much destroyed our living room, and you still haven’t beat me to a pulp yet. Show me what a man you are. What’s holding you up? I’ll swing first then okay? Then you can say you had to be a man and protect yourself. Ready?”

Harry was so fast James didn’t have time to move, but Harry didn’t hit him he put his finger on James’s nose and pushed him back hard enough James fell on his backside again. “If you want to fight, get up and fight. But if you want to talk then I’ll be happy to talk.”

James jumped up and started hitting Harry as hard as he could with his fists. He mostly hit him in the stomach but he hit his jaws and ribs a few times too. Harry didn’t raise a hand to fight back or try to stop him. Tears were now streaming down James’s face and Harry caught his fists and held them in his hands gently. “Are you ready to talk yet, son? He asked quietly with a bloody lip.”

“NO!" screamed James, and started hitting his father again. “You won’t listen so there isn’t any use in trying to talk to you! So I’m just going to keep doing this until I die.”

Harry gently caught his son’s flying fists again and said, “Ah, so there’s the rub. I can’t let you kill yourself. Now we do it my way; we talk like men are supposed to do to settle an issue. What are you talking about? You said I don’t listen to you.”

James didn’t try to pull his hands away from his father. His father looked lethal with just his eyes looking into his. He quite wondered if maybe he was looking into his mind with Legilimency so he thought of every nasty word he had ever heard and didn’t see any change in his dad so he figured he wasn’t looking into him. He thought that was decent of him. James was terrified but somehow he felt comfort being so close to his dad and with his hands enveloped in his dad’s surprisingly gentle hands. He stood staring into Harry’s eyes his face wet with tears. Finally he spoke with heartbreak in his voice. “Back in February after you left to go to Atlantis we, me and Al,” Lily corrected him and James sighed and said, “Al and I got an Owl saying that you and Mum had another fight and she kicked you out of the house and you hadn’t been heard from since. We wrote home and Mum explained that you guys had planned on going to our vacation cottage for you to heal properly away from everyone but she forgot it was that day and you had to go without her and Lily. She said she would explain more when we came home for the summer holiday. She also said not to accept messages from owls we didn’t recognize. Then someone approached me at school by the lake, and said I was going to pay for stealing his girl. He drew his wand on me and you said you would come to us if ever we needed you; for us to just call you with our heart and you’d be there. Well this kid kept trying to curse me and I was able to dodge them all but then he was using the Avada Kedavra and he kept missing so I called you but you didn’t come. I had to rely on my luck and barely got away alive. And then from then on kids turned against me because I only got a tongue lashing instead of being expelled from school for what I did. I was stupid at first, mouthing off saying he deserved what happened to him, but I got in trouble by McGonagall,”

“Professor McGonagall,” corrected Harry gently.

“Yes sir, she screamed at me and said if I didn’t straighten up I’d be in hot water. The thing is I didn’t do anything it was a freak of nature. A-”

“Bolt of lightning came out of nowhere and hit the tree limb and it broke off and fell on the boy. He was pinned there until Hagrid and his wife-”

“Yes sir, they both came running out of their cottage and then left immediately for their vacation after they got the git to the Hospital Wing. They were late for the train. But hang on, how did you know about the details? I didn’t tell anyone, not even Mum because everyone is afraid of me now. Hogwarts isn’t fun anymore.”

Harry said, “I know about it because I was fighting the entity in space when you called me. I went to Hogwarts and told Hagrid and his wife to look outside right then and out of curiosity of why the computer would talk to them in my voice they looked out and saw the boy casting the Avada Kedavra curse over and over. I messed up his aim with my electric ambiance but I couldn’t take a chance on one of the curses hitting someone in the area so I caused the lightning bold to break the tree limb and fall on the 7th year boy. I’m sorry I couldn’t talk to you, but I couldn’t get out of the electric energy I was existing as and I couldn’t stay because the entity was looking for me. I didn’t want it to find me at Hogwarts. When I went back to the Pegasus Galaxy I found it in the computer network in Atlantis causing all kinds of havoc and anomalies. I lured it back out into space and continued the fight out there.”

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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, thanks for reading and coming back for more. It is a thrill to do what I love and that people read it. Thank you so much. I hope everyone is safe from Hurricane Dorian. Right at this moment it is a category 5 but has turned enough that they now don't think it will impact the state only the east coast. We will still need to be vigilant to the weather due to high winds and rain, possibly tornadoes. It was scary with the first predictions of it cutting right over top of us. But it has turned and I'm so thankful to God for this. And now for the new chapter.

Chapter 2

Understanding Why

Harry looked sorrowfully at his oldest son and said, “I am sorry you don’t like Hogwarts. There were many times I felt the same way as you. But, it will always have a special place in my heart because up until my second year at Hogwarts when I started spending time at the Burrow it was the only place I called home when I lived with the Dursley’s. Of course that isn’t the case any longer about the Dursley’s, but it was when I was a young lad.”

They talked softly for a minute and then Harry let go of James’s hands and looked at them carefully. “I think they’re healed up okay now, how about it?”

James looked at them surprised that there wasn’t anything wrong with them. He knew he hurt them when he was beating on his dad and he could see his bloody knuckle prints all over his dad and then nodded his head and thanked his dad with a very constricted throat. “Can you heal yourself the same way? Or have Winky or Lily heal you?”

Harry shook his head no and said, “Well, I think we’ve kept our family and friends from being comfortable too long. They looked at the living room and saw it was completely destroyed. Harry looked at Ginny and the rest of the family and friends and said, “Please come in and sit. James and I will be done soon and then we can visit while our dinner is being prepared.” Before anyone could take a step the room was completely repaired. Harry lifted the protection barrier and all the guys gathered around him and shook hands and Teyla, Tazmia, Lily, and Ginny kissed him and gave him hugs. Harry kept his arm around Ginny and Rodney said, “You all do know that you are getting blood all over you don’t you?”

Harry looked serious and looked at everyone. Rodney was right; they all had blood on them. His face turned red and he apologized. Ginny took out her wand and lifted the blood off of them. Harry looked at James and quietly told him to come to him.

James went to his dad and stood before him. “Yes, Daddy?” Harry smiled gently at the endearment his son rarely bestowed on him since he was around seven. “I’m not doing this as punishment or to be cruel, but I want you to take a good look at what your anger did to me. James looked at him and then obediently watched as his mom and Carson began cleaning and medicating all his wounds. Carson cleaned his bloody lip that was dried and puffy. An ugly bruise was showing too but they fixed it and you could hardly tell there was anything wrong. Carson whistled pointing at the dog’s claw marks. Harry’s muscles tensed when they cleaned them and clenched his fists to hold in his cry of pain. John lifted Harry’s arms and Ginny moaned when she saw the breaks and tears in his skin. Vivid colored bruises and deep cuts from blocking all the furniture and things James attacked him with covered his arms. The more blood they cleaned off the worse they looked. After they were done with his arms they cleaned from his neck to his belt. When they got to his back he moved away from them and shook his head no. “I’ll just put my shirt on; it’ll be okay for now.”

Carson said, “I will do it, son.” He whispered while looking down at his supplies like he was seeing what he had to work with. “I know what you’ve done; I’ll be careful.” Harry sighed and nodded his head. While Carson worked on his back Harry asked Tazmia how her family was doing. “Are congratulations in order; you are going to have another kitten?”

Tazmia stared at Harry for a minute making the silence awkward. Realizing something was wrong Harry said, “I’m sorry; did I spill the beans, or am I just wrong?”

Tazmia managed a smile and said, “It isn’t common knowledge yet. Tormane doesn’t even know yet. He and Rocky have been for the last two weeks on a hunting trip with Ronon. How is it that you know?”

Harry looked serious and almost like he was daydreaming and then he said, “I guess maybe it’s because my senses are acutely tuned for Werecats since I can transform into one. I knew you were here before I even saw you.”

Tazmia smiled then and said, “It is an acceptable and plausible explanation. Yes, you are correct that I will be having another kitten. And thank you for the congratulations.”

Carson put his hand comfortingly on Harry’s shoulder and said, “All finished, Lad. Can you make a long sleeved compression shirt to wear?”

Harry looked at his doctor for approval after he suddenly had on a white long sleeved compression shirt. Carson nodded his head and smiled and said, “That’s the ticket, son. I want you to wear one night and day for a month.”

Harry sighed and nodded his head and said he would. He turned his attention to his son who was still watching. “Do you know why I would make you look at what you did; even though I forced you to try to make good on your threats and boisterous claims of manhood?”

James said, “No, I don’t know why you made me see all that evil that I did.”

Harry studied his son and then said, “That’s an interesting way to say no. Were you trying to kill me?’
“No,” James exclaimed in shock.

“I didn’t think so. You wanted to hurt me though.”

“No,” was the answer in just as much shock as the first question received but not convincingly.

Harry looked at his son expecting him to elaborate on the feelings that he had while he was attacking him.

“I don’t know, Dad. I was just so – so-”

Harry half nodded his head and said, “I can attempt to help you and then I’ll tell you why I had you watch. But you stop me if I’m wrong.”

James eagerly nodded his head so Harry continued. “I think you were angry and hurt because of everything accumulating like my hardly ever being able to be home but for recovering; only getting to take you to Diagon Alley once and getting to take you to King’s Cross once, only getting to pick you up at King’s Cross once which was this past year in which I nearly died; never getting to spend the summer with you, and only getting to spend one birthday with you, which was the year I made you your wand. And we can’t really count that year because I had been gone seven months and when I made it back home, you and Albus didn’t recognize me and you didn’t accept me for your dad. And most important of all, you thought I didn’t rescue you when you desperately needed me to.”

James eyes were watery and his chin quivered. He licked his lips and tried to clear his throat so he could answer his dad, but the lump in his throat refused to move only allowing him to whisper. “Yes, you’re right. I felt like I was alone. I’m a misfit because Albus, Lily, and Mum all found ways to cope with you being gone for whatever reason. But I couldn’t find a way; the more I tried the worse I missed you. I started acting out and getting mad at you so I wouldn’t be so lonely for you.”

Harry felt like James could have been describing his childhood clear to the present day. It hurt him that James felt the same way he did. He cleared his throat and responded quietly but confidently, “Sweetheart, let me tell you something and then we’ll move on to why I made you look at what you did to me and watch as your Mum and Carson patched me up. You feel like a misfit because we are all misfits. Why aren’t we supposed to tell Muggles what we are? It’s because to them, we don’t exist in reality. The same way John can’t tell anyone he is a Demi god because people don’t believe they are real. John, Jack, Albus, and I have the Ancient Gene. Nobody can be told that because people don’t believe the story of Atlantis is true. We are set apart from people who are born without extra genes and powers. By their definition of human, they would think we are misfits if they believed in us. But we don’t let it bother us do we? Of course we don’t, because it doesn’t matter to us what they think. We accept our differences and we are proud of our differences because it's who we are. A lot of people feel badly for Muggles, even pity them because they don’t know magic. We just live our lives happy with who and what we are and do our best to get along with everyone and if anyone has a problem with the way we are, then they are the ones to be pitied because they can’t enjoy their miserable lives when others are able to move on in their lives happy and content with their lives being different. Your brother, sister, and Mum haven't coped as well as you think but you couldn't tell because you couldn't see passed your own self pity. Maybe you can think about the reason you don’t like Hogwarts and after you work out your feelings about me then you can work on not acting out and you will probably find that kids will enjoy your return to normalcy. Girls will follow you and swoon when you walk by and-” Harry stopped and laughed happily when James turned red in the face.

James laughed then and said he’d have to get him back for that. Harry smiled and said, “Bring it on, son. Only I need you to not prank me for another month okay? I’m really not as well as I look.”

James nodded his head seriously and then said, “I’m ready for you to tell me why you made me see how I hurt you.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “I did it to show you what pain looks like to the person inflicting the pain. All the pain you inflicted on me is evident in all the cuts and bruises. You know they are real because you saw the blood from them right?”

James nodded his head and Harry continued. “The pain you saw originated inside your heart. I made you dig it out of your heart and put it all on me. Then I made you see it and then watch it all get cleaned up. Because people who love me helped me deal with the pain, then it will all heal nicely and though there may be some scars, I will make a full recovery in a month’s time. You see now what was in your heart, the pain was just as real as what you inflicted on me. But if you hadn’t released that pain then those of us who love you wouldn’t know you were hurting and needed help. Your heart would be broken in pieces and the longer you went without getting help the more fragile your heart would become. Your sores would fester from the neglect and your heart would begin to rot. Pain changes a man or I should say pain changes a person who has had to deal with either too much physical pain or too much emotional pain or both. This is what I deal with everyday because I went through my whole childhood on up through this present time with pain and suffering beyond your wildest imagination. I went through too much for too long without the help I needed and the effects on me are very hard to handle sometimes. Thankfully though, I have a wonderful wife, and wonderful children who I love more than life. This is what gets me through every minute of every day.”

James nodded his head, fully understanding what his dad was explaining to him.

Harry took a deep breath and continued on. “This is the one and only time that I will tolerate settling issues with violence. And after I tell you why I made you watch me being patched up, we will not speak of it anymore and you will settle any issues diplomatically if at all possible. So listen close. I made it happen this time because I saw in your eyes exactly what I felt like in my fifth year at Hogwarts. That year I lost Sirius Black. I believe you know the story about the sleight of hand Professor Dumbledore pulled off making it so I didn’t lose him after all. Anyway at the time I did lose him I was devastated because it was my fault he died. But I felt that if things had not been kept from me I wouldn’t have felt like I needed to rescue him. I was waiting for Professor Dumbledore where he sent me to, after he rescued us from the Ministry of Magic; his office. And when he came back from the Ministry he talked to me; trying to make me understand why things had to be the way they were. I couldn’t see it though. The more he talked the more infuriated I became. I was so enraged from everything piling on top of me and not knowing how to deal with it or that he didn’t see that I needed help from him that I sat trembling. I needed to know the secrets kept from me not why they were kept from me. I needed to know why I wasn’t allowed, in my line of thinking, to have anyone love me because they would end up being killed. I yelled at him at the top of my lungs. I raged against him and told him I didn’t care about what he had to tell me unless it was the truth about the secrets. My contempt for him grew because I felt like he was trying to defend his reasoning for the secrets and that it caused him pain too. I began breaking all his instruments. I turned over his desk and just completely destroyed his office. I remember having so much pain in me that I wanted him to hurt like me. I thought I should be able to hurt him like he hurt me just so he would know what I was feeling so he could help me. I never did of course, because I loved him; even though he hurt me more than I can tell you to this day, I couldn’t hurt him nor could I think about hurting him. I destroyed his office because I was angry and hurt, but mainly because I wanted him to see I was in too much pain and didn’t see what the pain was that he was talking about. I needed him to help me see it so I could understand. I stormed out of his office defeated and angry that he couldn’t help me see so I could understand. I was angry because all he would do was sit there patiently while I busted up the place and then just talk about what his reason was for doing what he did. It felt like he was saying for me to understand why things had to be the way they were and anything to do with my pain was just because whatever will be will be and to just keep on living the way things are since we don’t know what tomorrow will bring and we can’t change what happened. So when you stood in front of me every day, your anger seething from your eyes and your mouth saying I was a has been and you wished I wasn’t your dad and other things about me I could see that anger and cry for help in your eyes. And then you said how you could beat me with one hand behind your back and you’d show me you’re a man. I could see in your eyes that you wanted to hurt me. When I got out of the chamber I made you attack me. At first you used the furniture to try and hurt me. And then you began trying to hurt me with your fists. You wanted to hurt me because you wanted me to understand your pain. That’s why I wanted you to watch what your pain would look like if it wasn’t healed properly and if more piled on without being taken care of properly. You grew up surrounded by love with only a couple things that happened to you. So then you didn’t understand what was going on when you started having problems at school. Your sarcastic cheek didn’t make it better, of which you already know because you admitted to it. You began to blame me for everything happening to you because I wasn’t ever present in your life when it mattered most. And then when you called out to me when you felt like your life depended on me saving you, you thought I didn’t come so you thought I just didn’t care after you found out I was still alive. Your pain became unbearable and you wanted me to feel your pain because you didn’t understand how things could be so different than what they were when you were growing up. You didn’t know what was happening to you.”

James nodded his head, unable to say anything.

“I wanted you to see pain and watch what the pain caused and what it took to be fixed, most importantly that it could be fixed. I thought I would rather you enjoy living, than regret living. I don’t ever want you to wish you were dead or that you could just die.”

Harry offered his arm to James hoping his son would let him hug him because he thought they both needed it. Thankfully James ran and threw his arms around Harry’s shoulders and they both sobbed quietly. James thanked him and said, “I’m glad you love me enough to see that I needed help and gave me what I needed.”

“Let’s visit with the family and our friends now. I could use a rest; how about you?”

James nodded his head and said he needed to talk to Albus and Lily and would it be okay if he did it now instead of after dinner. Harry said he thought it was an excellent idea and to go ahead and talk now if they were willing.

Harry waited for the kids to go up to James’s bedroom and then went to the window to look out at the world that was passing him by. He stretched like one does when they get up after a night’s sleep and rubbed his face wearily. He tried to compose himself before sitting with his friends and Ginny. He turned around and went to the other side of the room and stopped in front of the fireplace.

“It seems odd that the last time I stood here I was putting a log on the fire. There was just a chill in the air and it seemed pretty dreary here all alone.” He smiled and sat down sipping a glass of water that appeared in his hand. His gaze was soft as he looked at Ginny. He wanted in the worst way to even just sit with her, but Teyla and Tazmia were sitting on either side of her. He looked at John and said, “Thanks brother.” He looked at Carson and said, “Thanks for what you did for me. If John hadn’t gotten you here and you did what you did I wouldn’t have made it.”

He looked at Rodney and arched his eyebrow curious of his demeanor. And then he cracked up laughing. “What is it Rodney, just spit it out.”

Rodney said, “Well, I wanted to ask you how you got out of the chamber on your own and a month ahead of time at that. Why can’t you just do things the easy way? You should’ve used your three months instead of coming out early. Do you know what is going to happen to you because you came out early? That’s what I wanted to ask you. But then after you and James had your… father son moment I didn’t know if I should ask you.”

Harry took in a large cleansing breath and let it out slowly. He looked out to the kitchen hoping Winky would show up and announce that dinner was ready. Since she didn’t he looked back at Rodney. He wasn’t laughing this time and Rodney felt somewhat intimidated under his gaze.

Finally Harry looked upstairs and then back to Rodney and spoke saying, “When I was fighting the entity in space and the computers I was electric impulses. When we attacked each other it caused the space anomalies. I told you this part so I’ll skip to the part you’re curious about. When Carson got here I had completely shut down all my organs lifeline except for my heart and brain. I slowed my heartbeat down to just a beat now and then to circulate the blood to my brain. My body was resting during this time which is what I needed it to do because I was in a state of hypothermia so to speak. The sudden loss of blood pressure and the effects of what that causes put me in extreme danger. So my electrical system needed to rest so it wouldn’t short circuit. But I needed to eat a large amount of food and drink water to even out the three phases I divided the electric my body existed on. One couldn’t drop below or rise above the others or I would short circuit. Since my organs were shut down I was slowly dying and had actually stopped breathing and my heart beat its last beat. I couldn’t stay alive any longer. Carson somehow knew I needed food and drink so he filled my stomach with a predigested drink that contained all the nourishment I needed to bring that phase of my electrical system up to functional. He also injected my heart with the stimulant I needed to turn my organs back on. I knew though that my using this little bit of magic was going to short circuit me again so I told them to put me in the stasis chamber in my study.

Harry looked at Ginny apologetically and then looked back to Rodney and continued, “I began to short circuit when John and Carson got me into the chamber and I was already in a lot of pain. But then the chamber took over my brains job and started revitalizing my body slowly. It was from the shot of the inhibitor Carson gave me that made my electrical system even out with the other two phases of my system. I couldn’t move, I was like a statue. Just as I was about to let the machine take total control of my brain, I saw and heard Ginny and Lily crying for me. I sectioned off my brain from the control of the machine so I could watch over them. If anything happened to them I would be able to make the machine alert Carson on Atlantis through my cell phone. I left one of my cell phones on my desk in case Lily needed to check to see where I was. My phone would show her where I was and she could be relieved seeing I was in my study here at home because she would know if I died it would say it was unable to find me. So anyway, I saw everything and heard everything every day and night. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I realized right off that this wouldn’t work my being in the machine for three months and began working on ideas that would make me be able to come out as soon as possible. Ginny paced back and forth filling me in on how our family was falling apart because she didn’t know what was going on with James constantly being in trouble and coming just close to being expelled but managing somehow to stay within the increasingly thinner patience of the Headmistress. This of course was my fault because I had to go fight something in another galaxy that didn’t have anything to do with our family. Lily was sweet at first and tried to keep me entertained just in case I could see since my eyes were open. But then with James being in trouble constantly and Ron and Hermione constantly stopping in to see if I was getting better and suggesting that she call my doctors and see if they can’t get me out just so I could straighten up James and then they could put me back in my science fiction chamber, as they called it, didn’t help at all. Lily’s picture of butterflies, flowers, birds and everything beautiful began to have things that she knows I hate added to it. She became smug and hurtful the more Ginny got upset. Then they went to King’s Cross and picked up James and Albus. They must have had a fight on the way home because nobody was happy to have the family together again. Everyday… James came in and said the most hurtful things … Finally I devised a way to come out early. I put an inhibitor spell on my cerebral cortex and my spine to keep my electrical system from short circuiting if I overloaded it in any way. I would simply fall asleep and wake up after I rested enough to even out my three phases. As I healed naturally the inhibitor would become smaller with its diminishing need for it. It took a bit of complex magic but I was able to change the atmosphere in the chamber to give me the same healing properties of water. I couldn't keep up with it for over a month though; it was exhausting. Once that was done the chamber sensed my health and opened for me to come out. Since I was healed I obviously didn’t need the surgery I would have needed. Now for the next month I just have to be careful not to be doing anything too strenuous so I don’t fall asleep suddenly. As I continue to level my three phases then my inhibitor will be completely used up and will cease to be.”

He stopped to think and said, “I should figure out how to make the healing atmosphere be a natural part of the chamber so I will heal much faster instead of draining my strength by making an atmosphere any other time I need it.”

Rodney jumped up and said, “What do you call your father son moment there? That was a lot more than just a little subtle chit chat there bucko. What if you suddenly fell asleep when let’s say oh I don’t know, A COUCH, came at you?! That would have killed you!”

Harry shook his head, “If I had waited until now to do that with James, then yes that probably would have happened. But I just came out of the stasis chamber and I was full up on my energy and magic. I knew I would be okay, I would have stopped earlier if I felt like I was becoming unbalanced.”

“I don’t want to make it sound like Ginny was hateful or anything like that. I knew she just needed me and she was at her wits end to know what to do about James. There were good times too, but I won’t talk about her modeling some of her new um clothes for me.
Just then Winky came in and announced dinner was ready. Harry stood up and smiled rubbing his hands together, “Great, let’s go eat; I’m starved!” Harry went to the stairs and called up to the kids to come down for dinner. When they came down Harry smiled at them; seeing them happy with each other was good news to him. He put his arm around James shoulder and asked if he was doing okay.

“I’m just a little sore; well actually I’m a lot sore. My back and neck hurts, but I’m okay.”

Harry’s face showed concern and he said, “You took a lot of hits on your tailbone; let me see if you need a spinal adjustment. Harry rubbed his fingertips all along his son’s spine and then stopped. He raised him off of the floor and made him be in a lying down position on his belly. Then very quickly he pushed his thumbs on the lower spine and a loud pop sounded. He massaged his lower back for a minute and then put him back on his feet.

“Is that better, son?”

“Yes, sir; thanks!”
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Hey Guy's, thanks for reading and coming back. I hope I don't mess anyone's schedule up by posting earlier than normal. I want to get to bed earlier tonight so I'm posting now while I have a couple minutes before I have to get supper. I know the last two chapters were hard to read with Harry making James get violent with him. But this was the way Harry knew how to teach him and he did tell him that it would be the only time he would tolerate using violence to settle something like what James was going through. Anyway, here is the next chapter. Be forewarned that some things are pretty far fetched, but hey, we are talking about magic and the greatest and most powerful wizard of all time. Thanks again for coming each week to read a new chapter and I really hope you like this short story.

Chapter 1

Learning To Be Responsible

The doorbell rang and Harry looked disappointed but went to the door anyway. He looked out the peephole and then sighed with more disappointment. He looked back at Ginny, “It’s Ron and Hermione.”

He opened the door and smiled at their reaction at seeing him. He let them in and motioned them to the dining room. “We were just about to eat if you’d like to join us. Where’s the kids?”

Ron said they were just at the Burrow and the kids wanted to walk up since it’s such a nice day. Harry nodded his head and said, “Well, it does look like a nice day, I haven’t been out yet though.”
Hermione said, “Harry, it’s so good to see you up and about. We didn’t come over to eat but we needed to talk to Ginny about James.” Harry stopped walking and turned to look at her while she talked. He put his hand on James shoulder protectively and looked at his brother-in-law and Hermione.

Ron grinned and said, “Showing off your muscles again I see. Please don’t hurt me I don’t have a mean muscle in my body. Why do you always have to dress to make the rest of us look weak? And why do you always look so dangerous?”

Harry stared at him not knowing if he was really teasing or not. He said, “This shirt is a compression shirt ordered by my doctor to wear due to injuries that require me to wear them. I have to wear them for a month since I came out of the chamber early. And I can’t help the way you think you look. I don’t think you look weak. And I was just born ugly, Captain; you’ll just have to overlook that, but I assure you I don’t have a mean muscle in my body either. Are you guy’s going to eat with us or not?”

Ron looked at him and then Ginny to see if they were okay. Ginny grinned slyly and said, “Come on guys, we’re hungry and need to eat. Harry just came out of the chamber about an hour ago. We haven’t been able to visit yet.”

Hermione said, “So you don’t know about James being a troublemaker at school? It’s probably not serious but he really needs guidance from a father figure if you’re not going to be around.”

James gasped and then said, “I have a father and I don’t need anyone else.”

Harry kept his hand on his son’s shoulder and then spoke evenly, but with fire in his eyes. The set of his jaws and his squared shoulders made Hermione and Ron feel intimidated to say the least.

“How does anything having to do with my son at Hogwarts come to be your business? You know what? We need to eat, if you want to join us you’re welcome to. If you don’t want to then either wait in here or leave.”

Hermione started to object and Ron said, “Come on Mione, we’re being rude, we can eat a bite with them. We should have called before we came.”

Hermione pursed her lips and said, “Fine, but we’re not done talking.”

James looked at Hermione and Ron and then asked his mom and dad if they could have dinner downstairs while they watch a movie. Harry swallowed not wanting to let his precious family time slip by yet again. He started to shake his head and Ginny said, “We’ll allow it this one time but as soon as the movie is over come up and spend time with family and friends.”

Ron looked out the door for the kids but didn’t see them. “I wonder what’s keeping the kids; they’re always anxious to come here, but they’ve been dragging their feet ever since they found out we were coming here. I don’t know what’s up with them.”

Hermione said that Rose was just going through a rebellious stage and it was normal behavior. And Hugo just goes along with anything she says or does.

Harry left the wooden door open, but shut the screen door. “I have a pretty good idea why they’re dragging their feet. We’ll go on and eat and they can join the kids if they want when they get here.”

Harry smiled friendly at Hermione to show he wasn’t being argumentative and she smiled back although her heart wasn’t a willing participant in being friendly when Harry clearly made it sound like he knew something about her kids that she didn’t know. She looked at Ginny and Ginny shrugged her shoulders but didn’t seem bothered about it.

Ron chuckled and slapped Harry on the back it being a friendly gesture saying he was glad Harry was getting well and that it had been ages since they got to visit. Harry caught his breath and his eyes rolled back to the back of their sockets and his legs began to buckle, but John grabbed his arm and quickly said, “Come on buddy, here we go; we’re at the table, sit down to eat.”

Ron became worried and said, “What happened to him?”

John tried to sound friendly saying, “He’s recovering from fighting Altimore. He came out of that chamber too early. He’s in excruciating pain all the time and will have to eat regularly or else he won’t heal. And his whole upper body is covered with high impact bruises and cuts. Like he said, he has to wear those compression shirts and get complete rest or he won’t heal, his organs will go through molecular destabilization and begin to fail his body starting with the deteriorating of muscles and then his organs will shut down completely and he will die.”

John conveniently left out the part where Harry put a fail-safe plan into action to prevent everything John said from happening. He was tired of people taking advantage of Harry and knew Harry would let it go like always. Hermione turned white and sat down gingerly beside Harry and put her hand on his arm. “Harry, I’m sorry; please be okay.”

She looked at Ginny and asked why Harry came out of the chamber early with such high risks to his health. Ginny spoke before John could say anything because he was losing his patience. “We can talk about it later, Hermione. I will tell you this though. When he came out of the chamber he told us that he could see and hear everything around him while he was in there and you had quite a lot to say right in front of him. Now, let’s sit down and eat, Carson is bringing him around.”

Hermione and Ron moved away from Harry so Ginny could sit beside him. Carson finished what he was doing with Harry and then gave him a shot in the side of his neck. Harry opened his eyes but didn’t move or speak until he could breathe easy. He saw Ginny moving to him to sit down and he stood up red in the face. After she sat down he waited for the other ladies to sit and then he sat down as did John and Carson. Rodney and Ron turned slightly red in the face but didn’t say anything.

Everyone dipped up their plates and began eating. Harry only ate a couple bites when he said, “I thought Rosemarie and Hugo would’ve been here by now. Did they leave the Burrow the same time you two left?”

Ron and Hermione both looked at the door as if they would walk in right then because they took long enough to get there. Harry began stuffing food and water down his throat and cleaned his plate. Ginny said he should eat some more but Harry said, “I’m worried about the kids. I’m going to Skry for them to find out where they are.”

Ron looked relieved but Ginny became angry. “Their parents can worry about them, you aren’t able to.”

Harry looked startled at her and said, “What’s going on, Gin? Our niece and nephew should have been here at least half an hour ago and you want us to not do anything to make sure they are okay? I can’t do that, Honey.”

Ginny looked at Ron and said, “Call Rosemarie’s cell phone and see where they are.”

Ron took out his phone getting over the shock that his sister wouldn’t let Harry help find his kids. He called the number and it rang in Hermione’s pocket. “What?! Why do you have Rose's phone, Mione?”

Hermione jumped and then said, “I forgot, I took her phone from her for punishment this morning when she threw that fit when we were getting ready to come here. Remember, she said she was chatting with her friend and didn’t want to come with us.”

Harry dumped some water on the table from his glass and Skryed. It only took a few seconds and he cleaned up the water with a napkin. His breathing was a bit fast and shallow and sweat beads popped up on his forehead but he smiled and said, “They’re okay, they are in the basement with our kids. They used the basement entrance.”

He filled his plate again and started eating normally. He looked at John and said, “I bet you would have liked to have gone hunting with Ronon and Tormane. What are they hunting?”

John glanced at Ron and Hermione to see if they were going to say anything about why their kids went straight to the basement. After all, they wouldn’t have known that Harry’s kids would be down there. “Deer, they went deer hunting and yes, I would have liked to have gone, but I haven’t been able to visit with you since Christmas.”

Sensing Hermione’s dislike of hunting innocent animals Harry said, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind going hunting myself. Maybe I can go with you all sometime. Has the overpopulation changed much?”

John shook his head and cut a piece of steak and put it in his mouth and said, “No, the overpopulation is becoming a bad problem. Ronon and I found three small herds that starved to death last month.”

They talked for a while; everyone enjoying the conversation once the topic of hunting changed and then Harry sat back gently against the back of his chair and then looked at Ginny and smiled. “So I thought you were going to cut your hair… or was all that a nightmare?” His face became blank as he had a flashback to his hair falling over her face and her nearly scalping him when she yanked it off of her face in her sleep; and then telling him to go to Atlantis for a couple months or so. He managed a very small smile and said, “Never mind… Did Lily happen to make any cookies by any chance?”

Ginny smiled and said, “No, she didn’t make any but I did. Would you like some?”

She brought in the chocolate no bake cookies and gave them to Harry. He took a few and handed the container to John. Everyone took some and Ginny suggested they go into the living room and sit where they could be more comfortable. On the way into the living room Harry stopped at the basement door saying, “Surely the movie is over by now; do you know what they were going to watch?”

Hermione took his arm and gently pulled him into the living room. “Let the kids visit, Harry; we need to talk.”

Harry looked reluctantly back to the basement door and said, “But they were supposed to come up and be with us after the movie. We need to spend more time as a family.”

Hermione said, “Yes, you are right and that is what we want to talk to you about. Ron held up his hands and shaking his head said, “Leave me out of this. This is all you and I told you so before we left. I just wanted to see how Harry was doing and see if Ginny and the kids needed anything.”

Hermione glared at him and said, “Fine! I wanted to talk to you about James and how we can help. Ginny said you could hear and see everything around you so you obviously don’t have to go through hearing about his misbehaving and the trouble he was always in. What he needs is a father figure all the time. You are a wonderful father when you’re here, but even when you are here you aren’t able to see to his needs. So, I want you to consider signing him up for a new program the Ministry is opening for troubled children. There will be mentors there who can help them deal with the problems the kids are not able to overcome. And maybe when you feel up to it you could stop in from time to time to be a mentor to some child who is having problems like James.”

She smiled particularly happy that she was able to tell Harry everything without him blowing up on her like she was afraid he would. Her happiness was short lived though. Harry didn’t blow up but she knew right off he was angry. Though his voice was quiet, it was nothing short of turbulent. He spoke with ice in his voice that threw shards at her in each word. The fire in his eyes made it nearly impossible for her to look him in the eye.

“You tell me I’m not around enough to be a father to my son but you want me to be a mentor to kids like James. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. I will never betray my family so I can make the Ministry look good. And this whole thing with James has been taken care of on this end. Not to be telling you how to be a parent but since you have been too busy minding my business instead of your own I will tell you what I know. When the boys came home from school Albus came into the study and talked to me because he didn’t know what to do. He said that when he and James got an owl about his mum kicking me out and how bad off his mum and Lily were that he looked at the owl that brought the letter to them. It was a school owl and Rose’s owl was very upset with it; pecking at it and trying to take the letter from it. He said Rose had started acting indifferently to them since Christmas and he didn’t know why. And everyday James would go into the study and rant at me about things and then he mentioned that Rose had hurt feelings because Scorpius didn’t like her the way she liked him; that he liked Lily, and that Rose said she’d get even for him teasing her and telling her she was silly. Now you say the kids don’t want to come over here that Rose has been misbehaving but it is just the normal behavior of a rebellious stage.

Well, Hermione, here’s what I think. I think Hugo wrote to Rose saying that I had to go away to fight or something and Ginny and Lily didn’t go with me. Rose told James and Albus that Ginny kicked me out and she and Lily were desperately trying to get by without me. She spread nasty rumors around about me being a washed up has been and that James was just a mouth full of hot air and needs to be put in his place. She is the one who sent that owl to James and Albus using a school owl. I’m pretty sure she is the one who told the Jones boy that James stole his girl friend. They have been avoiding us because Rose feels guilty for nearly getting James killed. Rose is holding Hugo’s loyalty hostage claiming she’ll tell everyone he told her lies.

Now, how would you feel if I suggest you enroll Rose into your center for troubled kids? Of course I would never do that but I do suggest you get to the bottom of your own problems at home instead of looking at my son as a trouble maker and my lack of being a good father.”

Hermione was silent for a minute and then said, “You always have answers that put you in a favorable light, even if it means blaming innocent children because you can’t bare your son being in the wrong. I wasn’t going to tell you this because I didn’t want to hurt you. James has a terrible temper. He nearly killed a boy at school because they were dueling. James miss aimed and made a tree limb fall from a tree nearby and it landed on the boy. The boy was hurt bad enough that he had to miss the rest of the school year and all James got was called to the Headmistresses office to get a talking to. So, now Harry, you leave me no choice but to make it a mandatory enrollment to the youth center.”

“Who told you that James was dueling and hurt the Jones boy?”

Hermione said, “It was Rose, but she only told me because she was afraid of him after that. I told her to stay away from James and Albus too just in case he took sides against her too. And how do you know it was the Jones boy? Oh, Ginny must have told you. She had to come in and listen to what James did and hear her son being chewed out by Minerva. I’m sure she told you when she had her rant sessions in front of you while you were in the chamber.”

Harry’s chest expanded in and out with his heavy breathing. It was getting hard to hold in his anger but he had to so she and Ron could learn the truth. “Hermione, are you that wrapped up in your youth center that you can’t figure out what is going on? First of all don’t you think it odd that Rose was so afraid of James at school with teachers and hundreds of children around, but yet she goes straight to the basement where the only other people around was my kids and Hugo? And you think she cares so little for her brother that she would make him go with her where he would supposedly be in danger? And how did she know the kids would be downstairs? I’ll tell you what I think is going on. I think Rose went straight to the basement because she knew you were going to tell me and Ginny that you were going to get James enrolled in that program. She knew you would make the kids go to the basement so you could talk to us without James hearing. And just to set the record straight, James will not be going to your youth center for troubled kids. James hasn’t done anything wrong except get mouthy for which he will be punished if he was disrespectful to an adult.”

Harry gave her a few seconds to soak in what he told her and then continued. “And what Ginny said to me while I was in the chamber is none of your business, so you don’t have to speculate what she said. And then there’s the fact that the incident between James and the Jones boy happened before I was in the chamber so Ginny couldn’t have told me about it. James and the Jones boy weren’t dueling, that boy was trying to kill James. James was feeding toast to the squid when that kid showed up accusing James of stealing his girl friend. James got mouthy with him because he didn’t know what else to do. The boy started trying to curse James with the Avada Kedavra curse. Thankfully James was nimble enough to tuck in behind the tree. James called me and I came. I got Hagrid by going into his wife’s computer and at the same time I caused a bolt of lightning to hit a branch of a tree and fall on the Jones boy in a way that didn’t hurt him but kept him pinned to the ground until Hagrid and his wife got to him. The boy wasn’t nearly killed, he wasn’t hurt at all. He was expelled. I couldn’t stay because I was in the form of electricity and couldn’t get out of it for a while because I had to keep track of the Altimore guy. The few minutes it took for me to go to James and help him nearly cost John, his team, and two hundred people their lives because Altimore found a way onto their base where they are stationed. They were all innocent of what was about to happen to them because it was Tom Riddle who made Altimore into what he turned out to be.”

Ron stood up red in the face and said, “I can’t take this I’m going to get the kids and we’re leaving!”

Hermione agreed and said, “Harry, I’m sorry but you are being delusional. I will be going before the Wizengamot to make it mandatory that James enroll in the youth center. I’m sure once I present them with James’s case then they will agree and rule in my favor.

Ron looked at his wife like she lost her mind. “Hermione, didn’t you hear a single word Harry said? You have been willing to hear one side of a story and make a law that will cause good kids to be subjected to profiling. Who would decide if a kid needs to be in the program? What criterion needs to be met for them to be sentenced to the program? When you make a list of what signs to look for in kids to decide if they’re troubled or not then you are profiling. I will not stand for kids going through that. I can see if it has to be done for law enforcement in some cases, but never on innocent children. Now, get the kids and we’re going home to get to the bottom of this.”

Harry said, “Stop for a second, Captain. I agree with you but listen. You and Hermione are doing a great job raising Rose and Hugo. And Ginny is doing a phenomenal job raising our kids. I don’t think they are being disobedient and just not coming up here. I am willing to bet they have been caught up in discussing what happened at school and they just lost track of time because the issue is so important.”

Hermione said, “Harry, I’m sorry; I am a terrible Minister of Magic and a worse Mum. What you said makes a lot of sense. How much longer do you think we should give them before we call them up here?”

Harry took a deep breath and they all noticed how fragile he looked. “Let me take a fifteen minute power nap and then we’ll call them up if they haven’t come up yet.”

Before he could say anything his head dropped to his chest and he slept. Carson ran his little machine over him and said, “He’s worn out; just sleeping. I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist that this visiting be continued until another day. Harry is still in critical condition and he has done way too much to be dealing with this emotional drain on him.”

Rodney added, “Plus he is doing a lot of magic that he doesn’t have any control over that is a constant drain on him.”

“What magic is he doing?” asked Hermione and Ginny at the same time.

Surprisingly it was Ron who answered, “His magic is tied to Hogwarts enchantments. Every time the staircases move he knows. The clock in the bell tower is another drain on his magic. He knows when the Room of Requirements is used. Stuff like that; he just knows because he was made to be one of the founders. Remember that statue of him in the third wing corridor that had been closed for years and Harry opened it up a few years back?”

Hermione looked at him impressed that he knew all that. Ron shrugged and said, “Well he told us back when that happened. I just never forgot.”

They were talking quietly when the fifteen minutes were up and Harry stood up and headed to the basement door. “Have they come up yet?” he asked. Everyone shook their heads no; amazed that Harry woke up exactly after the fifteen minutes was up. He didn’t look fragile either; he looked rested.

Harry opened the door and flipped the light off and on. Lily shouted, “We’re coming.”

Harry went over to the window and frowned. It was getting late and he hadn’t been able to visit with his family yet. He had also planned on sitting outside to gather energy from the sun during the day, but didn’t get to do that either. The kids came in the room and saw Harry at the window right away. He turned when he heard them and smiled kindly at them. He sat on the arm of the sofa and opened his arms to them and said, “Come here you two. Look at how you’ve grown; look at them Honey!” he said looking over at Ginny. She smiled and said all the kids were growing too fast. Harry kept his niece and nephew under his arm and held out his other arm to his kids. They smiled and obediently went to him. He tried to get them all under his arm but found it hard to accomplish. Finally James backed away and went behind his dad and leaned over his shoulder to give him a hug. Harry leaned his head back and turned it to face his son. His smile was heartwarming and then Harry leaned the side of his face against his son’s face. John took a couple pictures and then Ginny and Hermione took some pictures. Harry was caught up in the moment and wouldn’t let go of the kids.

Finally Lily said, “Daddy, Rose and Hugo want to talk to you guys.”

Harry said, “Okay, but first someone take a picture. John quickly said he would before Ron could tell him they already did. When John was about to click on it Harry made a silly face. Everyone laughed and Harry thanked John with a grin and nod. He looked at each of the kids and said, “Okay I’ll let go if you promise to stop growing so fast.”

The kids giggled and Harry let go of them so they could get comfortable. Rose and Hugo looked at each other and then at their parents. Finally Hugo blurted out his part of a confession. Hermione and Ron’s faces got red and they started to get angry. Rose said, “Please don’t get angry at him; because I made him not tell the truth when he found out what I had done.” She explained her confession and then bagged for forgiveness from all of them for what she was about to tell them.

Ron looked heartbroken and Hermione was fuming silently not wanting to say anything until she could talk civilly. The two children stood not knowing what to do. Harry could hardly hold his tongue but he sat still waiting for his brother-in-law to say something. Finally Ron managed to say through a tight throat, “What possessed you to do such a bad thing? Who do you hang around at school that was such a bad influence on you?”

Rose answered, “Uncle Harry said that it isn’t the fault of anyone else when we do bad things. He said we choose to do what we do and we shouldn't blame other people for our short comings. And it is a short coming when we just do things without thinking of the consequences. And he said that doesn’t mean we are a bad person but that we have to think and then make better choices. And he said everything we do or say has an affect whether its good or bad. He said it makes us a better person to be able to be responsible for what we do and say. And he said that when we aren’t held accountable for what we do then that is the beginning of getting a sick heart because we think we can get away with things and then we’ll do other bad things. He said that if we know something is wrong and don’t care and we do it anyway then that is when we are bad.”

Ron glared at Harry and said, “Well, I think Uncle Harry needs to mind his own business and let your parents tell you what is right and wrong.”

Hugo said, “When we came here we went straight to the basement because we knew Mum would be screaming at Uncle Harry and he didn't even do anything wrong. Rose told James what she did and asked him to forgive her. Then she said she only did it because she was mad at … someone from school for something and she thought it would teach James a lesson because James teased her about her being so silly acting like she lost any hope of ever getting married. James talked to us and said that Uncle Harry taught that to them one of the times he was home. We thought it helped us but if he was wrong then you should tell us.”

Ron looked hard at his son and daughter and then said, “Uncle Harry was right in what he said. And it was good of James to share it with you. I just don't want you kids to be taught by well meaning people things your parents are supposed to teach you. I shouldn't have said what I did about Uncle Harry.”

Rose said, “I'm confused now then. Mum wrote to me telling me to watch for kids who might need to be in her new program for troubled kids. After I did what I did to James, most of the kids turned against him and he started acting out. It was the icing on the cake thinking I could get him sent to a place where grown ups would be on his case everyday all day long. I didn't think it would be bad for him, but then he showed me how just being framed for all that was bad for him and that it hurt him and his family. He said it made Uncle Harry have to come out of that thing he was in and now he is in critical condition and has to be very careful. Anyway isn't what Mum is doing with her program doing the same thing you said is wrong; well meaning people teaching troubled kids things their parents need to teach them?”

Harry spoke quietly saying, “Is it okay if I say something here?” Ron nodded his head and Hermione looked lost and forlorn. “Programs like the one your Mum is talking about setting up can be a good thing because there are a load of children growing up without the parental guidance they need. Either their parents are non existent or they don't know how to be a good parent or, sadly, they don't care. For the kids who fall into those categories and act out then her program is a good thing as long as the parents or legal care providers are made to take classes as well to help them become good parents and if there are good dedicated mentors who can dedicate the time to kids with uncaring parents. Kids can't just be put in a system controlled by the government because they eventually become only names in a book. Your Mum cares for the children's welfare, and programs like this; to work needs, for the founders to care like she does. Hopefully it will be enough for the help these kids need. And as far as what you did, then I don't have anything to say except that for me I accept your apology you asked for since I can see you are sincere.”

Rose and Hugo both sighed with relief and went to him and hugged him; thanking him for being understanding and tolerant of their behavior. Then Rose said, “James didn't do anything wrong and I wish I had thought of how it would have played out because I would never have done the first thing if I'd have known that it would turn dangerous.”

Harry hugged her tightly and said, “I know you would never do anything that would hurt anyone, Beautiful. Thank you for telling us what happened.”

He smiled and the twinkles in his tired eyes danced to the delight of his niece. He nodded his head toward her parents and she went to them and asked if they had decided if they would forgive her.

Ron pulled her into his arms and cradled her to him. “Sweet baby girl, yes of course we forgive you. It scares me that you came so close to hurting and even killing James. I hate to think of how this affected him. He has seen violence against his dad and Albus and his Mum, so he is aware of what it is. But kids that experience unjust judging and a sudden change in social status and then escalating to physical violence on them don't understand that sort of pain and what it is doing to them inside. It can cause them to become depressed or turn mean and ugly or worse yet, it could cause them to take their own life. If you ever feel like you are being treated unjustly, I want you to tell me and Mum so we can help you. And try to remember that you are still very young and sometimes things happen that seem terrible but generally they only seem worse than they are. When things happen then do your best to work out the problem but if you can't, then get help from an adult; namely me or your Mum.”

While Ron was talking to Rose Hugo looked to the floor. It seemed like he was always getting left out of the loving end of issues that got worked out. He didn't say anything but just watched. He felt a small tug on his shirt sleeve and looked around to see his Uncle Harry trying to get his attention without making a scene. He smiled at him and sat on the arm of the chair so he could hear him.

“Listen, Buddy, I just want you to know I am proud of how you stood with your sister and did what you could to make us see and understand what went on downstairs. You're a good lad and I can see great things in your future if you keep on the same path you are heading down right now.”

Hugo's mouth opened with surprise and he said, “Thanks, Uncle Harry; that makes me feel good.”

Harry grinned and gave him a little wink and nod. There was a pause of anyone talking and Harry stood up gingerly and started to ask if it would be okay if they went home so he could go to bed.

Ron still feeling stung from the trouble his daughter caused sneered at Harry and said, “You had all kinds of things to say and took your time saying it. Now that I finally have a chance to talk to my kids while its all fresh in our minds you want us to leave. I think you just want to visit with your friends from America.”

“I'm just tired, Captain. I didn't mean to chase you off, and I'm sorry I took too much time answering Rose when she asked us for forgiveness. And as for my friends from America, I haven't gotten to visit with them because I was busy the second I got out of the chamber and apparently I am still busy. Stay if you want, but I'm going to bed.”

Harry turned to John and said, “Are you guys going to be able to stay?” John nodded his head and said they could stay a couple days to make sure he was going to be okay. Harry's wand appeared in his hand and he pointed to the back yard and then said, “Your cabin is set up for you in the regular place; I'll see you tomorrow.”

He started to go to the stairs and Hermione stopped him. “Harry, before you go to bed,-”

Ginny spoke up and said, “It's always one more thing that ends up being detrimental to Harry's health. Surely whatever it is it can wait until tomorrow.”
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Hey Guys! Thanks for reading and coming back. It is always a thrill for me to visit with each of you, even though the conversation is one sided. This chapter is pretty intense, but it is shorter so you won't be in subjected to the intensity too long. I do hope you enjoy the chapter and as always, please post a comment here or in a PM. I hope you all enjoy this chapter. Oh, I should let you know that this short story is seven chapters long.

Chapter 2

All Knowing About All Things

Hermione nearly apologized and turned to leave but then she turned back around and said, “I told the woman I'd get back with her first thing in the morning or tonight if I could manage it. It really will only take a minute, Harry; please?”

Ron looked impatiently at what Hermione was digging out of her purse. He scowled at the small box she had in her hand. “Mione, is that the phone that woman gave you to have Harry check out?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact it is.” She looked at Harry and he wearily asked what the story was. “People don't just ask for me to check out things that aren't in my job description. Why would she think I'm qualified to know anything about cell phones except knowing how to operate one? What did she say?”

Hermione looked stunned and said, “She said you know everything about all things. And you've pretty much proved she is right. Why wouldn't she assume you'd know about it?”

Harry knitted his eyebrows together and said, “I am not all knowing! Tell me who she is, and what she said when she went to you.” Harry searched his memory to that phrase of him being all knowing about all things. He knew Ginny said it when she was angry at him but someone else said it not long ago.

Hermione was very much aware she had upset Harry and wished her friend wouldn't fly off the handle so easily. “Harry don't be paranoid, its just a prototype cell phone that she wants you and your Aurors to use. She's opening a new business and it would go along way in promoting it if you'd try it and then the Ministry could get them for the Aurors.”

She started to open the box to show it to Harry but he stopped her quickly. “What do you think of the phone?”

“Well, Harry; I haven't seen it yet. She said not to look at it until you open it so we can all be in on the surprise. She said its oddly old but it's formula that brings it to modern day is explosive with such futuristic apps it'll blow us away. Let's go ahead and look at it and then we can call her on it to tell her if we want to get them.”

Harry put his hand lightly on the top of her hand to prevent her from opening the box. “Did she know you were going to see me today?”

“Yes, Harry; that's why she gave it to me before we left to go home from work. I asked her what was so special about it and she said everything would be plain as day and I would never need to wonder where you were if you needed help.”

“She said everything would be plain as day?”

Hermione smiled since Harry didn't look so formidable and thought he was warming up to the idea of the new phone.

Harry said, “Do you know what else makes things plain as day? A hydrogen bomb blowing up, and you certainly wouldn't have to worry about where I was any longer because we'd all be dead. Look at her adjectives and her descriptions Hermione; explosive, mind blowing. Let me have the box. If it's not a threat and just a cell phone then I'll check it out after I find out what curse you and Ron are under.” He held out her hand and she clicked her tongue saying he was being ridiculous. She started to pull the top of the lid off and a definite click was heard.

All at once before anyone could do anything Harry took the box from her and suspended it in a circle he made with his hands. He started backing up away from everyone and his hands were shaking with a bright light that looked like a yellow ball of fire he was holding. The light became increasingly brighter and Harry's hands began to steam. He made safe dark glasses on everyone even Banner. He kept backing away from everyone and made the ball the size of a basketball. He kept shrinking it until it was the size of a baseball. Sweat was beading up on him and then he yelled out in pain as his hands caught on fire. Still though he kept the box in the ball of brilliant yellow almost white light. He was away from everyone now and looked at the door but knew he wouldn't make it because he could feel the pulsing countdown of the timer in the box. He doubled over the ball yelling for them to turn away but they couldn't move. It was as if they were frozen to the spot where they stood in horror. All they could see was a yellow glow before it blew up. Everyone felt the percussion and watched in horror as Harry was blown backward through the plate glass window he always looked out when he was thinking of especially troubling things on his mind. The pressure in the room only lasted a second and things rattled on shelves but that was the extent of the blast.

Rodney had his laptop out the second it was safe to turn it on without burning it up from the blast. He speedily typed his information. He worked out some figures he was curious about when Harry mentioned things getting light as day when a bomb explodes. He looked up and yelled, stop, when John and Ron started to run out after Harry. “You can't run out there to get him. Harry was right, it was a hydrogen bomb. You need to be in hazmat suits before you get him. We're all okay in here; no trace of radiation but there has got to be a high level of it out there.”

Carson took out his scanner and held it out the window Harry was blasted through and said, “I'm not detecting any radiation; I'm going out to get Harry. If this starts showing radiation I'll stop and come back in.”

John and Ron went out with Carson leading; their flashlights cutting through smoke and scorched grass. They followed the path of burned grass and smoke until they saw Harry down over the hill and just on the other side of the stream. He wasn't moving and blood covered his back and his head.

John told Ron not to roll him over because he had glass stuck in him all over. John looked at Carson and said, “What if we put him in the deep part of the water?”

Ron said, “He'll drown! What are you thinking, man?!”

Carson nodded his head at John and then said to Ron, “Harry has the ability to heal certain things when he's in water like this. In other words he can't do this in the bathtub or the shower.”

Ron thought back to the time he held Harry in this very spot while he healed from holding some lava. Harry was unconscious and he had held Harry's head above the water until he woke up and his hands were healed.

“I can move him without having to pick him up bodily so it won't hurt as much. Do you just want me to lower him in until he is covered in water except for his face?”

Carson shook his head. “Okay but be ready to pull him out quickly if I say to.”

Ron said, “Locomotor Harry,” and swished his wand impressively. Harry was lifted off the ground and positioned over the water. Ron lowered him until it was barely covering him. John and Carson moved closer into the stream and John began pulling small shards of the thick glass out of Harry, but didn't get too far. He positioned his flashlight so he could see better and nearly became sick at the site of Harry's hands, stomach, and chest burned and the skin hanging on by pieces of burned flesh. Carson was watching his instrument and then became worried.

“Harry has gone way passed his ability to keep his three phases level. We need to get him up to the house and into the stasis chamber again. Everything he did so he could be out of the chamber has been undone and his condition is beyond hope. I don't know how he is still alive. Come on then, let's get him up to the house. I'll let him stabilize as much as I can afford to let him and then I'll need to take him to our base.”

Ron said, “How long will it take him to recover?”

Carson glanced at John and then looked at Ron. “If he recovers it won't be anytime soon. The force he was sent through that plate glass window smashed his spine, separated his ribs from his spine and snapped his neck. Some of the glass is so deep that his lungs, kidneys, and heart were punctured and torn. He's lost too much blood to send enough oxygen to his brain. He is in a vegetable state right now, and I don't know if he can be put back together again. If he wakes up, he will be in more pain than is imaginable, and...”

Carson stopped and looked at John who then hung his head and ran both hands through his hair and then with his right hand rubbed the back of his neck hard. “There has to be something that can be done. That can't be the only option he has.”

Ron looked at them and said, “What are you thinking, what option do you think is the only one for him?”

Carson sighed; looking down at Harry and then up to Ron and said, “I have to tell Ginny that the kindest thing that can happen for him is if we allow him to die in his sleep.”

Ron said, “That is just not going to happen.” He pointed his wand back down to the stream and ran down to the deep part as fast as he could being careful to not slip and drop Harry. John and Carson ran after him and was about to stop him when Ron put Harry down on the ground rather roughly and then pointed his wand at the two men ready to grab him. He put them in a full body binding curse and then took Harry the rest of the way to the stream. He dumped Harry into the water with a magic rope spell to hold him from sinking too far. About twenty minutes later he heard Hermione and Ginny screaming for him, John and Carson. He sat still without answering them, and thinking maybe he shouldn't have shoved John and Carson into the flower bed so nobody would trip over them if they came out to look for Harry. Another few minutes and he would pull Harry out and he would be all healed.

A few minutes later John, Carson, and the ladies found Ron and was about to scream at him when they heard splashing in the water. Ginny started to run into the stream but Harry quietly and with a pained expression said, “Please don't touch me.”

Harry was trembling badly and could barely talk and he looked like he should be dead. “Do you think that... it could be okay if I die? I don't think I can do this anymore.” Tears streamed down his face as he made his plea. “I don't mean to make this about me or be selfish, but... I -”

Ron said, “Look mate, you don't have a choice in this. You are going to pull yourself together and just fix yourself so Hermione isn't blamed for your death. And besides; you're Head Auror and you need to get back to work. And well, I need you to live. I lost Fred, and I can't lose you too.”

Harry turned his eyes to Ginny. “Honey... would you let this be for me; please? Do you understand the pain I'm dealing with? It's too much for me-”

Ginny dropped to her knees and cried as she got in the stream with her husband. She looked at him and saw the water had healed his flesh around all the glass that was driven into him and then said she was sorry for what she was about to do, but she couldn't bear living without him. He shook his head no and begged for her to change her mind. By now he was shaking so hard with his pain that Ginny pulled her wand and pointed it at his head. Harry said, “Honey, I don't want you to kill me. I'll just stop trying to live and I will die instantly.”

She exclaimed with torrents of tears splashing down into the stream, “You misunderstand, I'm not going to kill you.” She shouted, “Accio glass in Harry!”

Harry screamed as the glass shards tore through him as they came out of his body. The water turned red and Harry groaned and yanked the magic rope Ron still had from him. He told Ginny to get out of the water and then closed his eyes and sunk to the bottom of the deep part of the stream.

John reached in and yanked Ginny out of the water and pulled her away from the bank. Carson said, “We need to get away from the stream; he's going to short circuit. The inhibitor he made to keep that from happening was broken when his neck snapped.”

It began to thunder and lightning and the rain poured out of the heavens as though someone opened the spillway on a dam. They all ran to the house except for John. He squatted at the edge of the stream and put his hand on his hip where Harry's Mokeskin pouch and its contents had been for weeks now. Harry, had never taken it back and when he used his wand the one time to get the cabin it returned to John's hip. He understood now that Harry really didn't think he'd be able to live the rest of the month without something happening that would take his life. John wanted Harry to live as much as anyone else, but he also knew that people were being selfish not to think about Harry being in constant unbearable pain and telling him that he had to live for one reason or another none of which was because they love him. Saying they can't stand the thought of living without him was just as selfish in John's opinion. He looked at the dark water so deep in thought that he didn't notice that the reflection looking up through the light of the flashlight wasn't his own. Now though he saw and smiled sadly because he could see the pain in his friends eyes. Harry surfaced and with blue light cracking and zapping all around him he spoke softly between moans and groans; jolting from being shocked.

“John, I don't have much time before I die. Ron and Ginny has made it impossible for me to heal. Rodney will figure it out and I don't want him losing his temper and telling them what they did that caused my death instead of causing me to be able to heal myself in this water. I'm going to go to the planet with the poisonous flying apes. There is a species of apes that are just as deadly as the air breathers but they are like Merpeople; they live underwater. The water there has something in it that causes near instantaneous healing. I'm going there to get bitten by one of the young and then if I'm lucky I will find a Wraith to... never mind. When I recover enough to travel I'll come back and find the person or people who cursed Hermione and Ron. I don't know how long it will take or even if 'll be successful.”

John took Harry's face in his hands and said, “Brother, I will help Ginny and the kids understand that you tried and couldn't make it happen. I won't think badly of you if you just let go. I don't want you to suffer any longer. And maybe you'll still live even if you give up. I'm all for that if it could happen. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can let go and just let it be in God's hands whether you live or die. Let your Aurors find the person who cursed Ron and Hermione. I didn't know for sure if that is what happened but I guess you know so that's good enough for me. Do you know who did it?”

Harry thanked him and said he was so tired of fighting to live another day just so he could keep someone from being in trouble or because people need him to keep them safe. “If I am successful in coming back I will make people understand I'm not doing this again for anyone. They can start getting used to the idea I won't be around long the way things happen to me when I fight everyone's battles. Hermione had to know all about my secrets the minute she asked. I told her she would know after she was sworn in. But because she couldn't wait she made it possible for Altimore to find Atlantis and Elizabeth. If she had listened to me telling her not to open the box tonight none of this would be happening. She will learn that if she wants me around she has to yield to my knowledge of the criminal mind. John, I need to go now. Oh, and yes, I think it is Katrina Lestrange. The surge in me has built up enough to send me to Kingdom Come; but I'll just be going to the ape planet. Thanks for everything, John. You are the best brother to walk this planet or any other. And thanks for not hitting Ron even though I know you wanted to.” It had been very difficult talking to John with the amount of pain he was suffering from. Finally he said, “Here I go, John, I'm charging and I'll catch a ride on a lightning bolt any second.”

Harry reached for his sword and it appeared in his hand. He raised it effortlessly at the sky and shouted a command in ancient Latin. The brightest lightning bolt John ever saw shot down and as soon as it touched the tip of the sword Harry screamed in terrible pain giving another command within him. His electrical system surged and shot around and met the lightning bolt. Harry was now engulfed in brilliant light. He shot up inside the lightning and Harry's sword dropped in front of John sizzling. When it stopped it disappeared into Harry's pouch with his wand.
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading my ff and coming back for the new chapter. I am so sorry for it being late.

Chapter 3

Harry Takes His Only Chance

John looked up into the stormy sky and the rain pounded on his face. When he finally lowered his face he was looking right into the face of Ron. “What did he mean by thanks for not hitting me even though you wanted to?”

John looked at the angry man and turned to walk away. “It's self explanatory, Ron. What could you possibly not understand about it?”

“Why would you want to hit me? I haven't done anything to you.”

“You were insensitive to Harry's pain and suffering. All you cared about was Hermione not getting in trouble and the lame excuse you gave him to live for you. You never once mentioned that you love him and want what is best for him.”

“What good is he to us when he is not trying to live? How can he protect us if he's dead? And besides you just want him for a friend because he can do magic. He's no good to you dead so yeah, I can see you not caring if he dies. Harry was crazy thinking you were a friend to him. If Harry lives he'll have to step aside for someone better to be Head Auror since he obviously can't make good judgment calls. And if he turns out to not be the greatest wizard of all time and not save himself, then we are well rid of him. He can't be what we need him to be when he's all the time being nearly dead.”

John swung on Ron before Ron had a chance to pull his wand. He fell to the ground and John picked him up by his shirt and hit him again and again. Ron swung on him but John ducked and came back up with punches in the belly and ribs. Ron doubled over and then swung with his wand in his hand. He sent a broad reaching curse that caught John in its spell since he couldn't duck under it or get away from it. Ron grinned maliciously and cursed John with a knockback jinx. He laughed as John flew backward into one of the trees and then fell forward into the hammock hanging between the two trees. The hammock spun wildly with the force John landed in it and stopped finally with John's neck wrapped up tight in the ropes and hanging lifeless.

Ron laughed and said, “Serves you right for-” Then he stopped when a flash of lightning showed John's face turning gray. He wasn't moving and his head was at a precarious position. He ran to him and quickly cut the ropes and John dropped to the ground. He picked up John's head and shoulders and tried to listen for breathing but it was too loud from the storm that raged on.

“John... John,” he shouted repeatedly. He tried to shake his head gently and patted his cheek hard enough to wake him but John didn't respond. Then Ron realized in horror he needed to give John mouth to mouth. The thought sickened him but he couldn't let him die. Then he had an idea. He made his wand blow spurts of air in John's mouth and then finally John started choking and tried to take in large amounts of air. Ron said soothingly, “Take it easy, come on, easy breaths. That's it, now don't move. Your neck was tangled in the hammock and it was bent in a strange way. I need to call Carson down here and have him check you out before we move you.”

John moved cautiously and said he would be okay. His voice was gravelly and he put his hands to his neck in reflex to the pain he felt when he spoke. Ron stood up and helped John to his feet. Ron looked at him and said, “John, I despise cowards and I despise witches and wizards who use their magic unfairly against others especially Muggles. Tonight I was both of those. You should know that you have rights and one of them is that you can bring charges against me.”

John looked hard at Ron and found him to be more like himself than he had been all day and evening. “What would happen if I pressed charges?”

Ron didn't look surprised, he just answered John. “Well, first I will turn in my badge and,” he swallowed but kept on talking; looking John in the eyes while he explained. “After I turn in my badge, I will surrender my wand. Hermione will need to divorce me so she can be separated from my acts of violence against a Muggle. Hopefully that will be enough for her to not have to step down as Minister of Magic. I will also lose my children. I will be put in prison until I go before the Wizengamot for my hearing. Whether I am sent to Azkaban is up to them.”

John studied Ron and then said, “If I could understand why you said what you did and why you acted the way you did then I might try to be lenient. But Harry wanted to go to bed all evening long and you guys kept talking making him stay up. I know I heard Carson tell you he is in critical condition whether he looks like it or not and that he needed his rest. It didn't seem to matter about him.”

Ron shook his head, “I understand what you are saying, John. I just can't believe I said what I did and why I behaved the way I did. I completely agree with Harry and I was glad he spoke up when he saw us floundering. I mean did you see how inept we were with talking to our children? We are not that way and I can't believe we... it's just completely wrong. I'm not going to make excuses, what happened, happened and that's all there is to it.”

He noticed John was leaning against the tree he flew into when he cursed him and he reached out to help him if he needed help. Are you okay, John; can you walk?”

John said he would be okay and leaned forward away from the tree. He was wobbly on his legs so Ron grabbed his arm and put it around his neck and attempted to put his other hand around his waist to help John balance and walk. John gasped and shook his head. “I think I broke a rib or something, just let me hang onto your shoulder.”

As they made their way slowly up to the house Ron said, “John, I hope you accept my apology for those awful things I said about you. I know none of it was true and I also know you are a great friend for Harry. He loves you like a brother and you've been good for him. I am a better man having you for a friend and I have never had a problem with you being friends with Harry. Oh, well; honestly I was jealous at first, but I got over it and have always since then been thankful for your friendship and for what you mean to Harry. You are a great man, and that is all I'm going to say.”

They walked the rest of the way to the house in silence and then John said, “Ron, is there anyway that you and Hermione could have been cursed to make you do and say the things that...?”

Ron stopped to give John all the time he needed to climb the steps and said, “I don't know, John. Harry put some kind of protection barrier around the office to keep us safe in the office. Looking back on the day I can't think of a time when we could have been cursed.” After John made it up the last step he stopped and said, “Ron, I'm not going to press charges. I want to see how this plays out, but if it turns out you were just being a jerk I will clean your clock.”

Ron nodded his head with a quizzical look, “Right, thanks, I think.”

They walked into the house and Hermione and Ginny both ran to them and dried them with their wands. “What happened to you two? Was somebody out there and attacked you?”

Lily went to John and put her hand on him and looked at her ring. “Good news, I can mostly heal Johnny.” Before anyone could stop her, she put her hands on his ribs and closed her eyes. You have three rib fractures and two displaced fractures. Your lungs are also bruised. After a few minutes she stopped and put her hands around his throat and said, “You've been hung causing the top of your esophagus to collapse and your larynx to fracture.” She put her hands on his chest and diaphragm and said, “You've been cursed with a freezing spell and then a knockback jinx. And lastly, you've got friction burns from being hung by ropes. There; you're not good as new, but on your way there.”

When she was done she went to Ron and Ron said, “Don't worry about me, sweetheart; I'll live and I deserve the pain.”

Lily looked at him and said, “You have a fractured rib and it is poking your lung. Your spleen is ruptured and is slowly leaking. If you don't get treatment then you could die in your sleep if that happens while you're sleeping.”

Carson was looking at John with his hand held devise and said she's right, you'll need to be relieved of duty for a few days at least. He turned and looked at Ron and ran his scanner over him. “Your diagnosis's are spot on Lassy. I think I should operate so you can save your strength.”

“No, really, I'll just take some Pepperup potion and something else for my other thing. Probably a cup of tea of some sort would fix it right up.”

Lily put her hand on Ron and she said, “My ring says I can do it, no problem.” So she fixed up her uncle and then Ginny told the kids they need to go to bed. Albus spoke up and said, “I'm sorry Mum, but we'll just lie awake waiting until we hear when dad gets home. Can't we stay up and wait with the family and friends?”

Ginny considered her son's request but then decided to go ahead and send them to bed. “The last time he did this he was in the water for days remember? And I have to be sensible and consider that... he might not make it this time. You saw how bad off he was. We need to keep up our strength in case he does make it back and needs our help. I want him to come back and I hope more than anything that he does. But let's just all go to bed. Say goodnight to your Aunt and Uncle and our company from the States.”

They stood looking at her hoping she would change her mind. Albus said, “Remember when Grandpa got attacked by Nagini at the-”

“Albus Severus Potter, why are you arguing with me about this?! I don't think I've ever known of you to be willful or defiant; what's gotten into you?!”

Albus stood his ground and answered respectfully, “Mum, I'm sorry you think I'm arguing, and being willful and defiant, but I just need to know what the difference is between now and when all you guys were let out of Hogwarts to stay at Sirius's house until you found out about if your dad was going to live. Sirius told you guys to go to bed, but you all said you were staying up. I'm not telling you we are staying up, I'm asking if we can so we can see dad when he comes home. James and I haven't seen him since Christmas, and today doesn't count because he had to deal with other things before we could be a family. And I think Daddy thinks someone was cursed from something he said. I think he knows who is to blame for it and we can talk it out and find out and Uncle Ron and the Aurors can arrest the person or people before Daddy gets home. He'll be able to rest when he gets home and be with us instead of looking for leads and arresting the guilty. I have everything ready for him in the lab to help him. He needs me to-”

Ginny sighed and said, “Your point is well made, but the difference is this: I am your parent, not a friend of the family, and you are a child. I think it is best for you if you get your rest so go on to bed.”

Albus looked at her and frowned and then quietly said, “I'll go to my room. I'll even get in bed. But with respect, Mum; your point is not well made, it's just what parents say when they don't want to deal with their kids.” He looked around and said, “Goodnight everybody.” He didn't wait for a reply but went upstairs to his room; James and Lily following.

Ginny listened and when she only heard two bedroom doors close she called for Albus. He ran to the top of the stairs and said, “Yes, Mum?”

Ginny said, “You're not going to be up there listening for your dad to come home. Close your door.”

The look on the young boy's face was of someone who had a fatal disease and just gave up on their last bit of hope to live. “Right” He turned away and went to his room and slammed the door shut.

Ron arched his eyebrows and said, “I might expect that coming from James and even Lily, but never Albus. I'm actually impressed with his bravery and how well he made his point, which he's right you know.”

Ginny turned on him and raised her voice saying, “Alright Mr. Know it all, tell me what Harry looks like every time he comes back from having to fix something that shouldn't have happened and he nearly dies from it? He's downright scary and mean looking. I would rather the kids not have to see him until he's been home and had a chance to soften up somewhat if he can. They already saw how scary he was when he got out of the chamber earlier today. And Albus is just like his father. You did hear that theory he came up with didn't you? It's not enough that he looks and acts like him but now he is trying to think like Harry does. That theory is so far fetched I'd think he would be embarrassed to tell anyone.”

Ron said, “Sis, have you seen him lately? He looks scarier every time I see him. Wouldn't it be better for them to see him as much as they can no matter what he looks like? He has lived his whole life in pain and fought too many battles to be the soft cuddly daddy you want him to be for the kids. It's just never going to happen. And John thinks the same thing about a curse. He was asking me about it on our way up to the house after Harry disappeared.”

Just then Ginny got a call on her cell phone. She answered it and then said to come on in. “It's Wes, he said he has some urgent news and asked for me to call Ron and Hermione to come over.”

John went to the door and opened it when he saw Wes come onto the porch. Wes didn't even say hello or anything but said, “Harry sent me a Patronus this evening so I went back to the office and turned on my computer. Ron, you and Hermione stopped over before you left for the Burrow and then here. I ran the cameras back to that time and saw the activation of the curse blocker Harry put up in the office years ago. So that means that you two were cursed sometime before you got there. The bad news is we don't have any way to find out when you were cursed because neither one of you guys have been to the office since Christmas time. How do we communicate this information to Harry? I mean I don't even know how he sent his Patronus from that chamber he was in.”

Ron looked over at John and said, “You were right it was a curse. We're not horrible people after all.” He looked at Ginny and said, “And Albus was right too. I don't know how he picked up on it, but he will make an excellent Auror when he grows up. I wonder if he has any interest in becoming one like his dad.”

John spoke up and said, “He probably picked up on how keen Harry was on the fact that whoever gave you, Hermione, the cell phone said something like it would be light as day. He wanted to know who gave her the phone and the exact words that was used. I know that is when I began to wonder about you guys being cursed. Hopefully that was the reason you were treating him so badly.”

He looked around and then said, “Also; Harry said that if he lived he was going to find out how Katrina Lestrange could do this while she was in Azkaban.”

They all talked for an hour trying to think when or how Ron and Hermione could have been cursed and who could have cursed them. Hermione said it couldn't be Lestrange because she was in Azkaban. They became silent in their thoughts and fell asleep leaning against each other where they were sitting.

They all jumped up and drew their wands when someone unlocked the front door. All but John and Tazmia who both woke up hearing footsteps coming onto the porch. They started to the door ready to jump anyone who wasn't friends or family. Harry walked in and raised his hands when he saw the wands pointing at him. He didn't say anything and put his hands down slowly keeping an eye on Ron when they all holstered their wands. It was an awkward moment and then John squeezed his elbow and with a warm grin said, “I knew you'd make it back. Are you going to be okay, do you need anything?”

Harry gave John a half nod and said he would be okay if he could shower, eat a bite, and take a short nap of a couple hours. He put his hand on John's shoulder and quietly said, “I'm tired, brother, so tired.”

He walked over to Ginny and she went to him when she saw he was walking to her. She went into his arms he opened for her and he rested the side of his head on the top of her head.

Ron went to him slowly and put his hand on his shoulder. He gently squeezed it and said, “I'm glad you made it back, mate. Why do you look so mean all the time now? Never mind, what I really want to say is that we've been working on a lead Wes found for us. But we fell asleep before we accomplished anything except to say Katrina Lestrange is in Azkaban so it couldn't have been her.”

Harry didn't want to give up holding Ginny but he let go of her when she started to pull away from him. He looked at her to read her expression so he'd have a warning if she was angry with him. She smiled at him giving him relief.

He looked at Ron and said, “You don't have to worry about it anymore; it's all taken care of with one exception. I'm going to need you and Hermione's phone for a minute.”

He held out his hand for them but the two just stood looking at him surprised he wanted their cell phones. Harry didn't show any expression but looked quite unnerving. “Ginny was right to send the kids to bed last night, you look so mean it would scare them to see you.”

Harry glanced at Ginny for a second but then looked back at Ron still looking formidable and mean. He wouldn't be distracted by what people thought of him. He was beyond caring at this point. “I'll have those cell phones. I need to get rid of the curse before you spread it to anyone else.”

Hermione asked, “What makes you think our phones are cursed. How can you put a curse on a phone and spread it to anyone else. Curses don't work like that, Harry; I'm sure you know that so why do you need our phones?”

Harry stared at her and said, “I'm tired and my patience is way too thin to put up with you being suspicious about everything I need to do. I tried the nice way so don't be upset with me for taking them from you.” The phones appeared in his hands and while he was looking to see who's was whose Hermione sneered at him saying; “That won't do you any good, they're password protected.”

Harry picked her phone and turned it on without saying anything. She huffed and folded her arms and was about to yell at him but he turned the phone to her and said, “I am deleting this picture and link. Who all is on your phone network? And is it networked to any other computers?”

Hermione stepped closer to Harry to see what he was showing her. He covered the camera when she looked at it. “Harry, what does this have to do with why you needed our phones. I could have deleted it if you'd have told me to. That's the picture and link to where to go to to get the free phone that blew up. I was going to delete it anyway as a matter of fact.”

“This is how you were cursed. When you looked at the link the camera activated a subliminal message in the picture. It told you-”

“Harry that is nonsense! Why do you have to make up things all the time? You say things and then destroy the evidence before we can investigate it.”

Harry stared at her and said, “Everybody here will be a witness since I, once again, have to have proof of what I know to be the truth.” He took his thumb off of the camera and turned the phone for her to see the picture. She stepped closer and after a minute she clicked onto the link the picture showed. Before she said anything Harry showed everyone else the link didn't open any page, but just said it was unable to connect to the link. A few seconds later Hermione looked at Harry and smiled. It's good to see you Harry. I have a phone here for you to try. Now, Harry, don't be paranoid, it's just a prototype cell phone that she wants you and your Aurors to use. She's opening a new business and it would go a long way in promoting it if you'd try it and then the Ministry could get them for the Aurors.”

She was holding out her hand as if she had something to give to Harry. He looked at the others and Ginny and Ron's mouth's hung open. Hermione was clearly being influenced with a curse. Ron told Harry to cure her and he did.

Hermione blinked and then said, “Harry just eat something and take a shower. After that you should take your nap and then maybe we can talk about what the possibilities are.”

Ron took Hermione's hand gently as if she might break. “Mione, Harry is right, the phones are cursed. We just saw you prove it.”

Ginny stepped over to Hermione and said, “I knew you wouldn't believe Harry. Watch for yourself.” She showed the video of her trying to get the phone from Harry and then Hermione shook her head. I don't understand how that could work.”

Ron said, “He was trying to explain that when you told him it was nonsense. Go ahead, Harry; tell her about the sub-memorable thing you were talking about. Tell us all how the whole thing worked.”

Carson said, “Now see here; this lad needs to eat and get some sleep. Can it be enough that the danger is over?”
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Hey Guys, I'm happy to bring your next chapter to you and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for reading my ff. As always, you are welcome to comment.

Chapter 4

Quiet Time For Albus And Harry

“Thanks, Carson. Am I allowed to see the kids for a minute before I-”

As he was talking he deleted the picture and link from Ron and Hermione's phones and handed them back to them. She wordlessly handed him Rose's phone and he removed the curse from her phone too.

Ginny gasped and jumped up when Harry asked about the kids and Harry looked at her with the first sign of emotion since he came home. “Is something wrong with the kids?” he asked.

“No, love, I told them when I made them go to bed last night that I'd get them up if you came home. Before they got up this morning,” she added quickly.

He turned to the steps and said he'd get them up and then shower while Winky gets breakfast. “I don't know how you got them to go to bed, especially Albus.”

“Wait, why especially Albus?” asked Ginny alarmed that Harry seemed to know something she didn't. Had she mistreated her son?”

“When I was in the chamber Hermione said I needed to take care of James. I began working on a way to get out to take care of you guys. After you brought the boys home from Hogwarts; Albus came in to have his daily visits with me. He said he would work hard to make sure I would have everything I needed in the event I still needed help when I got out. He promised me he would watch me closely so I could have help right away even before I knew I needed the help. He knows I was in critical condition, but I never got to talk to him to let him know he didn't need to worry about me. I imagine he feels like he let me down. Since he's in bed then everything must be okay.”

“Oh Love, I'm afraid I messed up. He wanted to stay up and was practically demanding that they should get to stay up for when you came home. I made him go to bed and I wasn't happy with him.”

Harry frowned and then turned away from the steps and went into his lab. He saw what Albus worked on and his heart warmed with love for his youngest son. He saw potions and medications and bandages all laid out for quick use if needed. He picked up the potions and read them. He took each one after he read them and then purged himself of dirt, dried blood, and body odor. He medicated some places and put fresh bandages on. Next, he changed into fresh jeans and pulled a button up shirt out of the air. He waved his hand in a horizontal circle and the lab was cleaned. He left the lab slipping into his shirt without thinking of anyone seeing him. After that he went up and knocked on James's and Lily's doors and then knocked on Albus's door and went in. He quietly said his name and Albus just hiccoughed while staring at the ceiling. Harry sat on the side of the bed and put his hand on his son's chest.

“Albus, I'm home. Thanks for having everything ready for me. I always know I can count on you. But, son, you didn't need to worry about me like you did. I wish we could have yesterday to do over again, but we can't. Do you think we can just work at making today the best day ever?”

Albus rolled onto his elbow and propped himself up. “I hate being a kid when you're not here. You are the only one who thinks kids have rights too. You would have listened to me. And you might not have agreed with me, but you would have at least listened to me instead of saying I had to go to bed because I was the child and not the parent.”

Harry sighed and turned so he could lie back and rest while they talked. He kicked off his boots and put his feet on the bed; crossed his legs at the ankles and put his right hand up over his head and rested his head on it. His left hand covered his chest where a bandage showed around the edges of his hand and he sighed with content; fully relaxed. He was very comfortable and closed his eyes. Albus thought he went to sleep but then his dad spoke softly saying, “I can't begin to think how old I'd like to be. Sometimes I think I've lived way too long. What should I say when people ask how old I am? 'Oh, I don't know less than five hundred years old; not sure exactly how many years but close to five hundred.' Age is difficult to perceive because everyone has a different issue to deal with at different ages. If you hate being a kid when I'm not home, what age would you like to be?”

Albus studied his father with his trim and muscular physique and his handsome face. He wanted to ask about the bandage in the center of his chest but concentrated on the question his dad asked. “I guess maybe if I was seventeen and Mum told me to go to bed then I could say, “I think I'd rather try and find out what happened to my dad, and then just leave. I knew you weren't in the bottom of the stream, but someplace far away. I probably wouldn't be able to go to you even if I knew you were in another galaxy. But I would work on checking out some ideas I had.”

Harry opened his eyes and moved his head so he could look at his son so Albus would know he was taking his talk serious. “That's commendable but I hope you would be understanding and respectful to your mum. I'm sorry you felt like she wasn't being considerate of you, and maybe she wasn't. That's not the point we are concerned about is it? You wanted to stay up and she said no without thinking that you were right in your speculations of my whereabouts or what caused the day to go terribly wrong.”

Albus nodded his head thankful that his dad understood and wasn't mad at him. Harry continued and said, “I can talk to your mum if ever there comes a time when our family time isn't interrupted by an emergency.” He grinned at Albus when the boy giggled with his frustrations slipping into the talk. Then Harry chuckled and said he was sorry he digressed from the issue. Then he started talking again saying, “I wonder what Mum was thinking when she told you to go to bed. She surely wasn't being hostile or treating you kids like you were babies. Possibly she had reasons why she wanted you kids to go to bed. Maybe she was too tired to put on a calm and brave face for you kids. It is always in the parents to try to protect their kids from things that might hurt or scare them. I honestly didn't know if I would be able to live. And then I had to come up with something drastic when your mum and Uncle Ron took matters in their own hands. I was even less sure then if I would live. So that was one thing your mum was trying to protect you from until she could get a handle on a way to explain that I might not be able to come back and live. I also know she was exhausted and like I said didn't know how long she could keep up appearances that everything would be okay. And then there's the fact that I scare people when I am gone and then come back. Everyone says I look mean and scarier every time they see me. I know sometimes Lily is afraid of me when she sees me. It breaks my heart and I don't know what to do about it. I'm not a vain person and wouldn't take a 'make yourself handsome pill' even if there was such a thing. And I refuse to wear makeup for any reason, so people are just going to have to get used to me being ugly and scary looking.”

Albus laughed and rocked backward on his bed. He sat back up and said, “Thanks Daddy. I will tell Mum I'm sorry but I really wasn't disrespectful to her. Was it wrong of me to try to talk to her about it?”

“If it was under normal circumstances then yes it would have been disrespectful. But this was far from normal and I don't think you were in the wrong to talk to her about it. Let's just hope something like this doesn't happen again.”

Harry looked at Albus and said, “Son, I feel bad that I haven't been able to be a good father to you kids. Your mum is doing a tremendous job raising you kids. All three of you are great people. I'm so proud of you guys. And I'm sorry that I make it so hard on you kids that you can't enjoy being a kid. Let's let Mum know how you feel so it will help her the next time there is an issue that makes me be an absentee dad.”

Albus nodded his head and wanted to tell him so many things about what a great dad he is and he hopes to be just like him when he grows up but the only thing that came out of his mouth was, “What happened to your chest?”

Harry chuckled and closed his eyes again. He didn't want to spoil the moment talking about dreadful things, but he didn't want to make trivial his son's curiosity. “It...” he swallowed remembering the event. “I needed to be captured by the Wraith for a drastic treatment I was administering to myself. You know about the Wraith and what they do; right?”

Albus put his hand over his chest and said he knew. Harry said, “I had to let one get it's hand on me and suck out all my blood and then put it back in. It is a natural filtering system that is built into their life support system when they suck out your blood. This way they don't get any illnesses or diseases the human has. I had to let him do it and then, regretfully, I had to kill him. I couldn't take a life so I could live so I made a deal with this Wraith. They are way over populated and many of them are starving. This one needed food or he would die within the hour. I told him if he cleansed my blood and then before he put back my blood I'd allow him to keep enough to stay alive until he could get some more elsewhere. He agreed but he became greedy and when he put the blood back in, he didn't withdraw his hand and I was getting younger. He grew stronger and would have become more powerful and he wouldn't have to feed again for months. I had to tear his hand off of me. That's why it has to be bandaged. Normally when they gift blood back to a loyal follower or a brother then they don't leave a mark. But, like I said, I had to tear his hand off and it took some of my skin with it. It looked like I got Splinched; felt that way too. So he became angry, which is their normal disposition most of the time, and said he was going to kill me. We fought and then I was able to kill him.”

Albus looked worried and said, “So how much younger are you? And why did you have to take such a drastic treatment that you would need to have a Wraith do that to you?” He wondered if his dad fell asleep because he wasn't talking and the only movement he made was the rising and falling of his muscular chest from breathing. Then Harry spoke softly, “I had to go to a planet that had flying apes. They are poisonous and a bite from an adult would kill you instantly. In the water there are apelike Merman. The water on that planet has healing properties for me since I have that gene from Poseidon. When I got there I made my way to the water and fell into it. I was very near death and it would be a long shot that I would survive long enough for the water to heal me because I still had to find a baby Ape Merman and get it to bite me before its parents found me. There bite is not quite as venomous as the adults but would certainly kill you if you couldn't get a Wraith to suck out your blood like I told you I did. The reason I had to do this was because when your Uncle Ron dumped me in the deep part of the stream I wasn't able to control the electric charging up within me. I was getting electrocuted, but I was beginning to heal too. And then the wounds from the shards of glass in me began to heal. I had plated glass in my lungs, heart, and other organs. When I had to replace the windows after that bomb went off years ago I made finite strands of steel and put them in the plate glass to make it more structurally sound. When I was shot through the window it crushed my insides because of the force it took to send me through it. So, not only did I have glass in my organs, but I had steel in them too. With my body short circuiting it was fusing the steel in the glass together bonding them in a way that separated my heart that was cut through into a jigsaw puzzle. When your mum pulled the glass out of me with the Accio spell it caused irreparable damage to my heart and everything else it went through.”

He stopped talking and swallowed and turned his head away from his son. The pulsating pain that builds up and then releases its stranglehold on him was nearly at capacity. This caused pain for Harry and he didn't want his son to see it. Albus saw though; his chest heaving with the distress he was under and then his body tensed all over; his muscles bulging impressively and then it was over. Harry took some calming breaths and proceeded to explain to his son what he asked.

“So, anyway; the bite from this baby would poison me, but the poison had a beneficial side effect. The acidic poison melted the glass and steel and caused the fused jigsaw puzzle, that being my heart, back together again. The water healed me quickly except for the poison in me. I would die within a day if I didn't find a Wraith to purge my blood. When I found the Wraith outpost I had to look for a starved one or I wouldn't have a chance to overpower it if it went back on its word, which it did. Immediately after I killed the Wraith I came back to Earth and found the people responsible for cursing your Aunt Hermione and took care of the situation. Everything is over now and Uncle Ron, and Aunt Hermione have been cured. Albus, I think I had a point to make but I'm rambling; so tired. I'm sorry for an inadequate answer to your question.”

Albus looked up after Harry became silent again and saw John leaning against the doorway with his arms folded across his chest. He had followed Harry upstairs in case he needed help and heard everything. He walked in since it appeared that Harry was asleep. He looked down on Harry and noticed he did look younger, but years of heavy burdens and too much pain chiseled a hard look about him. He looked at Albus and saw a younger version of Harry looking back at him. His eyes were puffy from crying all night but the weariness in his eyes made him look even more like Harry.

“I think he's asleep, would you like to come down and eat breakfast, or would you rather scrunch down in bed and nap for a bit until your dad wakes up to eat?”

Albus nodded his head and started to lie down when Rodney called up the steps, “Hey if you guys don't come down now we're starting breakfast without you and that leaves more for me and Ron.”

Harry's eyes opened suddenly but he was very still. Then he looked over at his son who was halfway to his pillow. Then John spoke up and Harry turned his head to him and took his hand from behind his head and sat up.

“Breakfast! I'm starved!” He looked at Albus and said, “Did I answer all your questions, son?” When Albus nodded his head and said, “Yes sir,” he said, “You wanna come down and eat or take a nap first?”

Albus brightened up and said, “I want to be with you so whatever you're doing I want to do too.”

Harry stood up and stretched; popping the only button he had buttoned, off. It hit John and he grabbed his rib and acted as if it was a fatal shot and started to drop to the floor. Harry grabbed him and said, “You're too funny,” and laughed heartily. He put his arm around his shoulder and his other arm around Albus's and walked to the door; the three arm in arm. They laughed when they got to the door and put there arms down so they could go out.

When they got downstairs John glared at Rodney and said, “Next time you're assigned to ring the dinner bell go up and check to see if anyone is sleeping. He looked at Carson and said, “Harry just went to sleep and Albus was going to sleep until Harry woke up, but Rodney woke them up before sleep came for Albus.”

Harry patted Rodney on the back and said, “It's fine, I'm starved and need to eat.”

They made their way to the table; Harry taking time to hug and kiss his other two children. He asked how they were doing and they responded with smiles and more hugs. “We're better now that you are home. You should have seen Albus go all rogue last night! He was impressive. I think he's my new hero.”

Albus giggled and shoved James to the table. Albus saw his mom quietly standing by her place to sit and he went to her. “Mum, I'm sorry I was rough on you last night. You're the best Mum in the world and I didn't consider you thought of things I didn't and you wanted to protect me from them. Will you forgive me for being so bold last night?”

Ginny smiled gently and ran her fingers through his unkempt hair and said she would. It surprised her so much that he did this that it brought a tear to her eye. She wiped it away and told everyone to sit down and eat. Just as they pulled out their chairs the doorbell rang. Harry turned and went to the door much to Ginny and Carson's objections.
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Hey Guys, thanks for being so patient with me. I can't believe I haven't posted this week's new chapter! So I'll get right to it and try to do better next week. This is a pretty short chapter so at least there's that. Although this is not my favorite chapter it is a link between what has been going on and what is going to be going on. I hope you all like it.

Chapter 5

Carson's Unexpected Delight

“Carl, is everything okay? What brings you out here?” Harry stepped back and motioned for him to come in. Carl smiled delightfully and said it was good to see him. “The last I knew, you were out of commission but I got this report that said it was from you. I wanted to come out and check to make sure it was and not a forgery of some sort.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Yeah, it is from me; I haven't had time to tell the Minister yet. I just got home and got cleaned up and medicated and bandaged here and there. I talked to Albus, but I haven't been able to say anything to anyone else. The Minister is here so I can tell her during breakfast. Have you had your breakfast, you're welcome to join us; we were just sitting down to eat.”

“Will you be able to come in and tell us the story? I had breakfast but need to go get ready for work. We are all looking forward to you coming back to work. I can't believe how different you look. You look...” Harry stared into Carl's eyes painfully expecting him to say that he looked scary. “You look younger and healthier than I've seen you in years. I can tell though you are experiencing a lot of pain. Do you know when you'll be able to come back to work? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that. You take all the time you need. We just miss you, boss.”

Harry's lips curved into a small smile on one side of his face, but his eyes showed the real sadness that he was trying to cover. “I miss being at work, but I can't come back yet. Like I said, I just got home. I've been out all night and not in the best condition. I'm doing better for the moment but I am exhausted and hungry. I need to eat and then sleep. My mind is still wonky trying to put things in order of what happened and how long I was gone before this last time and... I'll be in though as soon as I can. Tell everyone I miss them and I'll see them later; as soon as I can.”

Carl nodded his head and shook Harry's hand and held up the file. “You need to get plenty of rest since this is all true. I don't know what we did to deserve you, but we're all thankful for you. See ya later, boss.”

Harry smiled with a red face and waved to his employee friend. He went to his chair and sat down reaching for the platter of eggs and slid half a dozen onto his plate. He cut into one and put the bite in his mouth while he reached for the biscuits and took two of them. He took a bite before he opened them and buttered them. He swallowed some water and then reached for the platter of ham and took enough to fill a quarter of his plate and stabbed a piece and put it in his mouth. He was chewing and reaching for the fried potatoes when he noticed nobody else except John and Albus was getting their food and staring at him. He swallowed and asked if there was a problem.

Ron answered, “When did you start acting like an animal? There is plenty of food and time, leave some food for the rest of us, we're hungry too. Look at you, shirt hanging open, your hair looking wild. Calm down and at least act like a domesticated animal.”

Harry looked around the table and apologized and then got up and disappeared from the room with his plate and glass. He ate his breakfast alone on Pride Rock and then sent his dishes to the kitchen sink. He went down to the stream and fixed the hammock that unknown to him had nearly killed John the night before. He laid down and folded his hands over his chest and went to sleep. Four hours later he woke up and walked up to the house and went in. Nobody was around so he went up to his and Ginny's bedroom and took a shower. He was putting on fresh medicine when Carson walked by and saw him in front of the mirror.
“Is it okay if I take a look at you before you put more medicine on, son?”

Harry put the jar down and turned to Carson without speaking. Carson looked at the Wraith mark on his chest. “You know, this is the first time I've ever seen a mark so remarkably preserved the way it is. If we could study this sort of rarity we might be able to reverse engineer the affects of a feeding from the Wraith and save people.”

Harry nodded his head and a bag of gauze pads covered in blood with the date and time written on each item appeared in Carson's hands. Harry also gave him a small bag of tiny bloody teeth like objects. Harry spoke so quietly Carson had to lean forward closer to him to hear what he was saying.

“I knew you would have an interest in this for the reason you just mentioned. I saved everything I could for you.”

Carson was delighted and thanked him several times. He put the bags in a satchel he had slung over his shoulder. Then he asked Harry if he could run a couple tests on him to determine how old his body is. Harry asked where he wanted him. Carson said, “This is fine, lad. It won't take long.”

He took out his scanner and was running it from head to toe. Rodney walked by in a hurry and came back to see Harry and Carson. “Oh, I'm glad you're back. I wanted to see you before we left. Harry's words dripped with the disappointment he was feeling. “You guys are leaving? I wish I could have visited with you all.”

Rodney nodded his head and said, “I'll have to catch up with things later. John is staying, but the rest of us have to go back. Thanks to you we have a lot of new things to study.” He was nearly giddy about getting to explore the new Galaxy Harry showed them but then he looked worried at Harry and said, “Are you okay, you're awful quiet and you look like you lost your only friend in the world.”

“I'm okay, Rodney; don't worry about me. You be careful when you're doing your exploring. Keep me apprised of your findings, I'm anxious to know too.” His smile was slight but he couldn't help teasing Rodney. They all knew Harry already knew much about the new planets they were going to explore. Rodney nodded his head anxiously and then laughed, “You got me there, Harry. But surely you left something for me to actually discover.”

Harry chuckled and shook his head once not giving away anything he might or might not know. They all laughed and then Rodney asked Carson if Harry was okay and what he was doing to him.

“Harry is in near perfect health; a few more decent meals, more rest, and some good family time without distraction would do the trick. I'm studying this feeding mark from the Wraith that fed on him left behind. Harry has given me enough material and samples for me to backward engineer an antidote to victims of feedings who survived partial feedings. This is very good news for us. And I'm also trying to find out how old Harry is; his body that is.”

Harry shook his head and offered the doctor some information. “Carson, I'm around five hundred years old, but I don't know what my physical condition is in years. I feel quite a bit younger than I have for many years.”

Carson studied his machine and then asked him to open his mouth and swabbed the inside of his mouth with a gadget that attached to the small instrument he carried on him at all times. He whistled slowly at the results he got. “Well, son, you feel considerably younger because you are. According to this, you are twenty eight years old.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “If it has to be then it is what it is. I'm sure this means good things for your research for victims of Wraith feedings,and other horrendous life threatening things.”

Rodney was astounded and said, “This is amazing! Are you saying that a Wraith was putting blood back into the victim and didn't detach from the process so he could revert the victim to infancy? What would be the good of that for the Wraith?”

Harry said, “I know it sounds confusing but by the time all the blood was sucked out of me it caused instant aging. By the time all the blood was drained from me I was an old husk of a man close to a hundred years old. He didn't detach his feeding hand from me so that I wouldn't die. When he put my blood back in me he felt more power than he had ever felt. When he got me back to my original age he didn't detach his hand but kept creating more of my blood to put back in me. This made me younger because the enzymes were still producing the anti aging serum. His plan was that if he kept making me younger I would eventually need less blood and he would retain the extra for himself. The younger he made me the more blood he gained. He would eventually revert me back to infancy and then repeat the whole cycle again. He would then be the most powerful Wraith and wouldn't need to feed for a couple years. That is the answer to your question. What is good for us is that since I tore his hand off, the enzyme used to formulate the process can now be synthesized and given to other victims for a full recovery.”

Rodney marveled at the discovery and said, “And does this have any side affects for you, I mean bad side affects?”

Carson looked at Harry and said, “There now; that is a good question. Are there any side affects, Lad?”

“Other than the unendurable pain you suffer from having the likes of a great leech latch onto your chest and feel it sucking your blood and it constantly readjusting its grip on your chest as you begin to whither into a husk of a human. And then at the same time you are feeling this pain you get a feeling of euphoria from the enzyme they pump into you while they're feeding so you don't die from the pain and loss of blood. Try wrapping your head around that feeling and you be the judge of whether there are side effects or not. And lastly... I don't know if I'm addicted to the enzyme now. Thankfully, the synthesized medicine that will be produced from this won't be anything like having a Wraith suck your life from you.”

Rodney was fascinated and his mind went off thinking of the possibilities they would have if Carson could do what he wanted to do. He came around to his senses and went downstairs.
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Hey Guys, I'm so sorry for whatever happened that I somehow posted the same chapter as last week. So now we're a chapter behind. I'm so sorry. Here is the chapter that was supposed to be posted last week. I hope you enjoy it. It is very short.

Chapter 6

Harry Is Ignored By Ginny And Lily; But Not In Anger

Carson said, “I'll monitor your condition weekly if that is agreeable with you. I'd love to stay and keep an eye on you but I'm needed on Atlantis. John will let me know if you need anything and you can do the same with John.”

Harry became more interested in what Carson was saying and quickly asked what happened to John that he needed to be watched. Carson told him about John and Ron fighting. “They worked it out and are on friendly terms again, but John's neck was sprained and although Lily healed the burns and the spine was re-aligned, the area is inflamed and he's naturally suffering debilitating headaches. He's grounded from flying until this clears up. I'm not one hundred percent sure he will have positive results from his therapy I've instructed for him. I left some x-ray scans on the counter in your lab.”

“What was he and Ron fighting about?”

Carson sighed and said, “John wasn't happy with Ron's insensitivity to you and your condition. But, it was the curse making him behave the way he did. Ron was quite upset with himself and was going to turn in his badge and go to prison. But John said he wouldn't press charges, and they've been friends again ever since. They worked out some things with information Wes brought over last night. It's all good now; and a lot of John's problem is depression from being grounded. I don't know what will happen if he can't ever be a pilot again.”

Harry said, “I'll look at the x-rays and see if there's any magic that I can do for him. Thanks Carson for all your help.” He started to put a shirt on and then stopped and asked, “Did Ron use magic on John?”

Carson didn't want to answer at first but then said, “Aye, Lad, he did. But only because John was beating on him. Ron had it coming, the things he said and the way he was acting. But then again, he was under the influence of the curse. It really is all settled now, Lad.”

Harry's eyes were dark with displeasure but he nodded his head to acknowledge he understood Carson. He put his shirt on and walked out of his bedroom and went downstairs. Rodney and John were talking quietly at the foot of the stairs and looked up smiling at Harry coming down.

“I was just telling John that I'd need to do quite a lot of cataloging on the new maps and stuff before I could begin to do any exploring. So, you know, he won't miss out on anything and I'll get more done without him there to constantly bother me with missions and stuff.”

Harry's lips turned up slightly in the corners but he wasn't as merry as Rodney was.

John looked at Harry and swallowed hard. His voice was scratchy sounding hence the reason he and Rodney had been talking quietly. “Harry, I'm sorry I lit into Ron. I know you don't want-”

Harry interrupted and said, “Save your voice, John, I'm not mad at you. I know Ron can be a jerk even if he isn't cursed. Whatever reason you had to swing on him is between the two of you and Carson said it has been resolved so nothing else needs to be said.”

Carson came down carrying all his equipment in a case in his left hand and his duffle bag slung over his shoulder. They shook hands and as soon as Teyla and Tazmia came inside with Ginny and Lily they all said good bye and left; Carson taking the Pilots chair before Rodney got to it.

John and Harry chuckled at the squabbling that began; Rodney thinking he should be the one to get them home. Harry looked at the cabin behind the pool and it disappeared. John arched an eyebrow and said, “Umm buddy, my things were in there.”

Harry said, “I'm sorry, if you want to stay in the cabin I'll get it back out. I put your things in the spare room.”

John said it was fine, he was happy to stay in the house with them. Harry looked over at Ginny and then Lily expecting them to say something but they didn't. Their face turned red when he looked at them. He looked back at John and said, “I reckon I'll look at the x-rays Carson left and see what's going on with your head.”

He looked back at Ginny and Lily with longing in his eyes but they both only slightly smiled and turned away from him. “We're going swimming for a while, and the boys are helping Marston in the stable. One of the mares is having her colt and I thought it'd be a good thing to distract them from... things going on.”

Harry said, “What things are going on?”

Ginny made like she didn't hear him and went on outside. Harry looked after them for a minute and then looked at John. “Do you know what she's talking about?”

John shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't have a clue. They went into the study and Harry looked at some envelopes on his desk from the mail and then they went on into his lab. He picked up the x-ray and put it up against the wall and made it light up the x-rays so he could read it. John looked closely at it and said, “Carson said it looks like it should for what happened to me, but he also said something isn't right with it.”

“What magic did Ron use against you? Just describe it to me if you didn't hear what he said.”

John said, “Well, he shouted something but not expecting him to use magic I wasn't paying attention. He'd been saying things and then he was cursing me, I mean things people say when they're mad at someone, cursing; not magic cursing. So I was only watching the way he moved. All at once when I was going after his gut and ribs he shouted something and I couldn't move and then he shouted something else and I was flying backwards and hit one of the trees the hammock is tied up to. Then I bounced off of that and fell into the hammock. I still couldn't move and I was wrapping up in the ropes until I finally stopped. By then I was just hanging by my neck, still unable to move. I think that's when the curse broke on Ron because he ran to me and cut the ropes I was hanging from and I could hear him shouting my name and he was trying to see if I was hurt and found out I wasn't breathing. For a second I thought he was going to give me mouth to mouth, but then he blew air into my lungs with his wand. That was weird, but I'm glad he did it; saved my life. After he brought me around; clearing my head of the fuzziness he told me he was sorry. He really didn't know why he did what he did. He told me I had special rights as a Muggle and I could press charges. He said he would hand in his badge and wand today and he's just relieved he didn't kill me. He said something curious though.”

Harry looked away from the x-ray and asked what it was he said. “Well, he said that when he was using magic on me he was screaming inside his head to stop that it was wrong to use magic on me because we are friends and I mean so much to you and that I was a Muggle.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “He doesn't know what happened because he's never been able to break a curse before, but he did it right then. He would have killed you if he hadn't broken the curse.”

Harry took a deep breath and turned his attention back to the x-ray. He enlarged a group of muscles and ligaments until it appeared like single strands of very thick thread. He moved the picture over several inches until the strands looked different.
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Hey Guys, time for the next and last chapter for this segment. But don't distress it isn't the end of the ff. The last few chapters have been setting up a new story arc that will begin next Sunday, hopefully. This chapter is longer than the last couple chapters, but not as long as they normally are. So anyway, here you go. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment if you want especially if you don't understand something or are curious about something. But don't ask me what is going to happen next, 'cause I don't want to ruin it for anyone. Thanks for reading and I'll catch ya later.

Chapter 7

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

Harry folded his arms across his chest and looked down at the floor deep in thought. He began pacing the floor totally in his own world and then he finally stopped pacing and said, “There's no other way to do it.” He looked at John and directed his attention to the x-ray.

“When Ron used a freezing spell on you I don't think he intended to do anything else, but the curse was for the most part still controlling him. When he used the knockback jinx on you after freezing you like a statue, he tried to move his wand away from you. Ron is normally a pretty good shot with his wand. But like he said, he knew he was doing wrong and couldn't stop from cursing you; but he was able to pull his wand ever so slightly which caused the curse from hitting you full on but still got the side of your neck. This place right here is exactly where the curse hit you. It will never heal and it can't be corrected with medication or potions. And it can't be corrected with surgery. You'll spend the rest of your life with these severe headaches, and dizziness, and you'll also never fly again. This area doesn't show up on the x-ray unless you enlarge it like I did. Luckily for you, I can fix it for you.”

Harry waited to hear what John said without looking at him. He didn't want to influence his decision but he couldn't help having a negative feeling about doing the procedure. Then he decided to be a man about it and just look at John and it be okay for him to fix him. The two stared at each other and Harry asked if he had any questions.

John said, “Yeah, what do you have to do and how will it affect me flying?”

Harry grinned and said, “First of all, it won't affect your flying whatsoever and you'll be one hundred percent cured as soon as the procedure is done.”

“How long will it take for the procedure?” asked John showing a little skepticism.

“It'll take about fifteen minutes from start to finish.”

John thought for a minute and said, “How will it affect you?”

“It won't, I'll just be hungry and tired.”

John looked curiously at him and said, “When you were thinking about how it could be fixed you said there isn't any other way to do it. Why were you looking for an alternative way to do it if it won't affect you?”

Harry sighed and said, “Remember on Atlantis when I stepped into your body and cured you?”

John swallowed and nodded his head. Harry went on with the explanation saying, “It'll be something like that only I won't absorb any of the dead section, I'll fix it with my mind. I'll partition off the dead section and then I'll cause the Wraith enzyme in me to attach to it. It will begin regenerating new life and then I'll stop it when it is fixed.”

John said, “And when do you tell me the part where you would rather use a different procedure if you could?”

Harry took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly thinking how to word what he had to say. He licked his lips and bit the lower lip. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I will be completely vulnerable to you. You will know my every thought and... well my emotions are raw and not buried deep at all. You remember don't you the last time we did this. It'll be like that, only I won't need to get healed by Poseidon's gift.”

Harry wrote a note and put it on the door of the study and closed it. “I can't take the chance of being disturbed. Come on let's get this done.”

John shook his head and said, “I don't want to be one with your thoughts and memories. That place you keep under guard is terrifying and I'm not strong enough to-” Harry was instantly behind him telling him not to move. He stepped inside John and instantly felt the headache and the dizziness. He felt sick at his stomach and had to be completely still while he settled down to do his work.

John instantly felt an overabundance of strength and vitality. He also felt so tired he didn't see how it would be possible to breath another breath. He was suffocating and became alarmed he would die. Then he felt calm because Harry spoke to him.

“You're okay, John, try to relax. Try to ignore what you feel, it isn't you it's me.

John also felt hunger like he had never known before. Why was he so hungry?! He occupied himself trying to think why Harry would be so hungry and was surprised when he felt Harry's thoughts and emotions he had hidden away. He was terrified and couldn't move he was so frightened. He tried to calm down; he was a soldier he knew about scary places and scary things, but this was beyond every scary place he'd been or seen. “Why am I so afraid?” He looked around as much as he could without moving. He couldn't see anything, it was completely black but for a tiny shimmering light far far away and he felt the expanse of empty space close in on him. He made one of the tiny lights come close and looked closely at it. It was Ginny brushing her hair. She was so beautiful and he wanted to go to her but the tiny light kept its distance and he couldn't get to her. Another light came into view and he looked into it. He cried out seeing a green light and heard a woman screaming in the green light for Harry's life to be saved. His heart was breaking and he couldn't move away from the light. He kept looking into different lights and some he felt happy except he couldn't get to them. Others he was terrified of and couldn't get away. Somehow he willed himself to move away from the terror gripping lights and wept from his breaking heart. He was alone in the vastness of space because without love he wasn't tethered to anything or anyone. He thought he heard voices far away. He strained to hear anyone, and was thrilled to hear a voice. It was Ginny and then he could see her. His heart jumped for joy and he tried to run to her. He couldn't breathe again but he knew if he could get to her he would be okay. John tried to move towards her but when he started running he was going the wrong way. He ran after her and called desperately for her but she kept running away. The kids did the same thing and so did Ron and Hermione. Nobody wanted him around, he guessed, because he was so ugly and scary. He was an animal and the loneliness was so intense that when he tried to breath he couldn't. Loneliness was what he was most terrified of in his life. John experienced battles Harry fought and felt the wounds he received from them. He experienced fighting Zeus and felt so much contempt for the god but he just wanted to get away alive. But Zeus's wrath was terrifying and he fought furiously to protect himself. Finally he yelled at Zeus to think of his son and what he could do to help him. Zeus wouldn't be distracted from wanting to kill him. Finally when he felt he wouldn't live another second he killed the god. John felt the sorrow Harry had for Zeus's son. He wanted to die but then he felt a calming presence from a gentle voice. It was Harry, “John, come away from there, it's not safe for you to be that close or you'll become obsessed with it. It's not you; it's me. Come on, I'm nearly done. He was walking along a brook of clear water with thick green grass all around. Beautiful flowers adorned the landscape and he saw a man coming to greet him. He was watching him. John said, “Who are you?” The man smiled and said, “I am the Master of Death; I'm here to fetch Harry so often that he created this place for me to wait.”

John looked at the man and tried to see what he looked like. He knew Harry had the stone, cloak, and wand so he was the Master of Death. Then when the man looked at him he saw himself, “But you're me! How can it be that I'm Master of Death?”

The man answered him saying, “Well I'm not really you, Harry just made me look like you so he could spend the time he was dying talking to someone he loves who understands him.”

Then the calm and gentle presence of Harry returned and said, “Look, here we are, all done. I need you to not think of anything but me stepping out of your body. If you keep your thoughts on what's inside me then I can't leave you, and we'll actually die. Come on, think of Teyla, you have a new life to concentrate on now.”

John thought about it and knew Harry was correct. Right then Harry stepped out of John's body and fell to the floor face down. John opened the door and took down the note Harry put up and then he picked Harry up and carried him to the couch. He just finished making him comfortable and ran to the bathroom to wash his face. He was angry he had tears streaming down his face. He couldn't shake how lonely Harry was and how terrifying it was for him to be alone. Loneliness to Harry was living without anyone who loved him who could comfort him and who doesn't disapprove of him or doesn't accuse him unjustly. He was angry that Harry kept death with him just so he wouldn't be alone when he died. He knew Harry needed to rest and eat so he touched his Mokeskin pouch and said Winky.

Winky appeared looking confused. “How did you call me?”

John said, “Harry has me holding his pouch with his wand and sword and everything else. I thought maybe since I-”

Winky saw Harry on the couch and said, “Yes, he needs me; you did the right thing.”

Winky made a drink of vital elements he needed and mixed it with water. She touched him with a finger zapping him like a shock of blue lightning and he jumped and sat up breathing hard. He looked around and grinned wearily at John. “How are you feeling? Did I get the right spot and did it work?”

Winky handed him the tall glass of drink she made for him. John answered tightly that it worked perfectly, but he never wants to do it again. Harry's eyes betrayed the disappointment he felt but he smiled faintly and said, “I don't seem to be able to please anyone with anything I do; but since you said it worked perfectly then I am happy with my efforts.”

He drank the drink straight down and thanked Winky for it. “Since you're grumpy I'm guessing you don't want to visit. I'm going to sleep until lunch is ready. Could you wake me when its ready, John?”

John grumpily nodded his head. Harry started to lie back down but first looked out to the pool. If anyone wants to visit or do anything together I'm up for that.”

Harry slept until John shook his shoulder. “Lunch is ready, come out and eat.” Harry sat up groggy and rubbed his face. He started to go out to the kitchen and stopped to make sure he was presentable and civilized looking and then brushed his hair. He washed his hands and went out to sit at the table.

He glanced at John to see if he was still upset with him and frowned when John didn't even look at him. He stood behind his chair for a minute and then walked to the window and looked out at the pool. It was empty so he assumed Ginny and Lily were getting dressed. “Have the boys come up from the stable yet?”

John nodded his head without looking at him. “You might as well sit down and eat, it's just us for lunch today. He looked at his friend and saw his jaws clamp shut and his hopeful face turned into a stoic look about him. John couldn't read him but he knew what was going through his mind.

Harry thanked Winky for the lunch she set before him and John. He picked up his fork and began eating. John wondered why Harry didn't ask about his family's whereabouts and decided he couldn't take the disappointment of them not being here for whatever reason they had. They ate in silence and after Harry finished his second plate of food he pushed the plate away from him. He finished his third glass of water and then looked at John.

He apparently had finished eating his lunch long before Harry did and put the last forkful of chocolate cake in his mouth. He swallowed it with the last of his coffee and looked at Harry.

“What do you want to do big brother? I assume you know where my family is and when they'll be back; so you should know how much time we have to do whatever you want. I don't feel up to sitting around being mad at the world. Pick something fun to do. We need to do something fun.”

John's face softened and said, “Harry, I promise I don't have a clue as to what is going on here. Ginny and Lily came in and said they were meeting her parents at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch. I told her you were just napping until they were done swimming and that you wanted to do something together.”

Harry didn't take his eyes off of John while he talked and then he slowly nodded his head and looked away when John didn't finish saying why Ginny didn't wake him up so they could go too. He picked up the Rising Phoenix and sat back in his chair and crossed his leg as he opened up the newspaper. John saw the pages shaking and knew Harry was trembling. He hadn't noticed him trembling before and realized Harry was probably thinking he was living his worst fear. But that wasn't the case at all. Harry gripped the paper in his fists crumpling the edges and then said, “Well, I found Ginny's note.” He slammed the paper down with the article he was reading showing.

John took the paper and read the article in sports around the world. Draco had interviewed Ginny asking her professional opinion on what teams would end up going to the Quidditch World Cup Tournament this year and would she be going as a writer or spectator.

“Yes, I'm thrilled to announce I will be going as the official broadcaster calling all the plays from the booth this year, and as far as who I think will be competing this year; I'm thinking the Irish and Bulgaria. These two teams haven't been in the tournament since the year Harry played as a guest on the Irish team. Of course it was all a setup of Ludo Bagman's to wear Harry out so Lord Voldemort could kill him easily. That didn't work out for him though; did it. Anyway the Irish won that year Harry played Seeker for them and this year their seeker has been in top form so it'll be interesting to watch. The Bulgarian's have been undefeated so far these last three years. I should mention that the Holyhead Harpies have been on form this season even with injuries to their first string players and if something happens that the Irish loses then it'll more than likely be the Harpies going to the tournament. But we can't overlook Puddlemere United who has surprisingly done very well this season. If the Harpies lose one more game this season Puddlemere will draw a wildcard giving them a likely chance to play in the tournament. It will be an exciting match whoever plays. And as a commemorative gesture the tournament is going to be held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“Is it true that Mr. Potter has been invited to play a scrimmage game with the current champions, Gryffindor and second place team, Slytherin at Hogwarts before the main event? I've been asked to play Seeker for Slytherin and I have to tell you I'm not looking forward to going against Mr. Potter. He really is formidable looking, and he is a great Seeker. I'm sure I don't have a chance.”

“Well, Mr. Malfoy, I'm sure you don't have to worry about that. Harry hasn't officially been invited yet and quite honestly I don't see him accepting. I'm too afraid to ask him (giggles) and besides; by that time there will probably be another disaster somewhere in the world he needs to save us all from. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so cynical but we rarely get to see him anymore. He is a giving man and my hero, I just wish the kids and I could see him once in a while.”

“I guess that is all the time we have for today, Mrs. Potter. Good luck to you and I hope to see Mr. Potter at the tournament whether he plays in the scrimmage game or not. Thank you for being my guest for this segment.”

John looked at Harry and smiled despite the anger building in his friend. “Come on little brother, you have to admit you'd have fun playing the game again, only with kids instead of a brain washed professional team. And you'd get to play against Draco.”

Harry turned from the window he was looking out of with his impish grin. “You're too funny. I'd be embarrassed getting showed up by a bunch of kids, my sons' being two of them.” He looked sad, “I'd be taking Albus's place. I won't do that, I'll tell them no if they ask me to play.”

He sat down in front of John and said, “John, I don't want you to be at odds with me. I don't understand why you're angry with me. I think I'll go crazy if I can't have at least one friend-”

John interrupted him saying, “I'm not angry at you really, I'm angry because you risked too much healing me. And if you can't let me be with whatever happens then I can't be friends because I care too much about you to risk your life for me. You are a good man Harry, and I won't take advantage of your goodness. I am thankful that I can fly still, but if it turned out that I couldn't, then that would have been for me to deal with, not you. I fight my own battles. So if you can't change and just let things be the way they are supposed to be then we can't be friends. Please say you'll change, I want you to be my friend. I need for you to be my friend.”

Just then John's cell phone rang. Harry got up and moved away to give him privacy, but he knew the call was for him to return to Atlantis. When he got off the phone he went to Harry and put his hand on his shoulder. Harry turned and held out his hand. John shook it and Harry chuckled softly but looked him in the eyes and with a brave but sad voice said, “I was going to ask for my Mokeskin pouch back. If you don't mind, I'd still like it to go to you if I need it to, I mean like if I die. Its too dangerous for any wizard or witch to have.”

“Oh, yeah, of course.” He took off the pouch and put it in Harry's hand. “I have to catch a flight to Cheyenne Mountain and take the gate back to Atlantis. I'm sorry, I tried to find out what the emergency was because I was told by Carson I couldn't fly or return to duty until he found out what bothered him about my head. Mr. Woolsey said I still had to go back and I would be looked after there. He also told me to tell you I'm supposed to refuse your help if you offer to bring me home and you're not permitted on Atlantis anymore, and I've been ordered not to have anything to do with you. I don't know what this is about but I'll get to the bottom of this and take care of it.”

Harry didn't take his eyes off of John the whole time he was talking and then he said, “Before you leave I want to tell you that I can't change who I am. And what if I was supposed to find out what was wrong with you and fix you? Did you ever think of that? What good is it for me to have the knowledge and the ability and not use it? So since we can't be friends... John... don't... don't forget to get someone else to be your best man. This will probably be the straw that breaks the camels back. Ginny and the kids won't forgive me for messing up their friendship and keeping them from the wedding. Teyla asked Ginny to be her Maid of Honor and Lily was going to be the Flower Girl.”

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Default The Hand Harry Is Forced To Play
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Guys, I can't be on here long because I've been super sick and trying to recover is a slow process. I'm already tired so I'll just post the new chapter. Thank you for being faithful to our story and reading. Please post a comment if you want to but don't if you don't want to. Everyone is welcome to my visitor page also. I hope you all like this new short story.

Short Story: The Hand Harry Is Forced To Play

Chapter 1 Arrows Through The Barrier

Harry looked over at the coffee table and then held out his hand. John took it to shake but then he was standing on Atlantius by the ocean. John looked at Harry and asked what was going on. Harry took out his cell phone and called Mr. Woolsey.

“I've got John at my place on Atlantius. John said I'm not permitted on Atlantis anymore, but you can't keep me off of my property. So, are you coming to get him or do I bring him to the city?”

Harry put away his phone and took John's arm again and they were standing in Mr. Woolsey's office that had previously been designated as a safe place to appear whenever he had need to be there. When he got there Mr. Woolsey was hanging up his phone. Harry folded his arms over his chest and waited for him to begin talking. But they were interrupted by Rodney's shouting as he and Carson made their way to the office.

“At least we got here safe and sound without constantly having to refer to the map to find out where we were and how far off course we wondered off of it.”

“Well you fly so slow that we would have had time to stop at every planet and moon from Earth to here and have a picnic! You fly too slow and you won't use warp speed.”

“Rodney, come on now, it was from England to Cheyenne Mountain. There's no need for warp speed.”

Mr. Woolsey cleared his throat and John and Harry glanced at each other trying to hold back their laughter but then looked away from each other since they weren't friends any longer.

Rodney and Carson both were surprised to see John and Harry there and Rodney; since he was already mad said, “And why is it that we had to bring the Puddle jumper back if Harry was bringing John back? He could have brought us and the Puddle jumper back within seconds!”

Mr. Woolsey looked at John and said, “You have some explaining to do.”

Harry said, “Actually it is you who has some explaining to do. John didn't know I was going to bring him back after he told me his orders were to fly to Cheyenne Mountain and on to here from the Stargate. You should know that I wouldn't allow him to fly after Carson said he can't fly until he checks him out.”

“Here now; what's this then? John absolutely cannot fly until I figure out what is going on with his head. And Harry is in no condition to be doing this much magic for a few more days yet, maybe weeks now. Harry get down to the infirmary and let me see the damage that's been done. I'll be down in a minute.”

Harry said, “I'm sorry, Carson, but you're not my doctor any longer and neither is Jennifer. But here, after you left I operated on John. I think he's perfectly fine now; this is what I fixed.” He handed Carson the folder that appeared in his hand and then offered his hand to shake. After Carson shook his hand he shook Rodney's hand and said he was proud and thankful for their friendship while it lasted. Then he said, “Now, if you'll excuse me, Mr. Woolsey was just about to tell me why I'm being shunned and banned from any future contact.”

John said, “Harry, I told you that I-”

“Yeah, you fight your own battles. Well, so do I and this is not your battle but mine. Now, if I could be told what I did to deserve this treatment from your government I'd really appreciate it. Then I'll be out of your hair for good.”

Mr. Woolsey said, “The Pentagon got word of the assassins contract out on you and these last two attacks on you proved that we are not safe from your people or the assassins. We cannot jeopardize this expedition or any of our people or the people of Earth by not providing extra protection that they can't afford. Those assassins are ruthless and they don't care who might be around you when they find you and try to kill you. So there won't be any chance of anyone getting hurt or killed it's best to just stay away from us.”

Rodney said, “Here's a novel thought, why not help Harry track down the assassins and get rid of them? Then it would be safe to visit each other again.”

John looked down at the floor too angry to say anything.

“What, it's a great plan! Oh I get it; just because a scientist thought of it and not one of the high and mighty brass buttons then it cant be a good plan? That's ridiculous!”

Harry spoke quietly and said, “You don't understand Rodney. The plan is what wasn't said. The Pentagon means that it would be cheaper and quicker to get rid of me themselves instead of paying extra personnel for protection. They can't wait for an assassin to take me out and they don't want anyone around me when they put the plan into execution. Although they forget the great expense a deal with the devil will cost them.”

Mr Woolsey looked astonished and said, “No, Harry, I'm sure they don't mean that at all. They-”

He stopped when John huffed and said, “It is what they mean, Harry has it right. I'm not going to sit around and do nothing though.”

“That is exactly what you are going to do. Nothing! I fight my own battles, just like you. Now, I left a note for Ginny in case she comes home telling her that I took you home and I would be right back after I found out what was going on. So, it's been... a pleasure knowing you all. I have assassins to hunt. Good bye.” He left as his eyes made contact with John's. He felt like part of his heart was ripped from his chest and knew that John wasn't happy either.

When he got home Winky told him Ginny and the kids hadn't come home yet. “Winky, something has come up that has made it impossible for my family and everyone here; my home, everything, safe if I'm here. I'm going to go away and take care of this problem and while I'm away, I want you and Marston to be the overseer of my property and everyone on it. Anything that has life, you two will be in charge of it. I know your code says you must obey us, but if you are given an order that you think is in contrast to the best interest and the safety for my family and home then you are ordered by me right now to not obey them.”

Harry told Winky everything he learned while he was on Atlantis and ended by asking her if she understood every bit of what he told her. She said she understood and she also understood what he wanted her and Marston to do. She was upset and sad that her Master Harry had to go off and fight a battle that seems too big to come out alive but knew he was right that he had to try.

“I'm going to go up to Pride Rock and soak up some sun rays for the energy I need. I'll try to rest as much as I can and I'll grab something to eat and drink after I talk to Ginny at the Burrow if she's not home in two hours.”

Harry appeared on Pride Rock and sat on the rock; his legs dangling over the edge, and then laid on his back looking at the sky. Clouds were accumulating and a breeze picked up. To Harry's dismay it was fixing to storm; not a lot of time to absorb energy from the sun he needed but he would get as much as possible before it came. Thankfully he fell asleep and awoke to raindrops falling on him. He got up feeling refreshed and was delighted that he had gotten close to the two hours he was hoping for.

He hurried home and shook the rain off of him when he got on the porch. When he went inside he knew right off that his family wasn't home. He went on his computer and sent an email to Wes explaining what he had to do. An e-mail returned a couple minutes later from Wes saying;

Hey Boss,
I hate it that you have to go off by yourself. Honestly though John and I expected something like this to happen as a result of Hermione causing that hoax. John and my computers weren't infected by the hoax because you have the computers here at the detective agency protected from magic and muggle viruses. I have enclosed a file with all the names of assassins who belong to a society of assassins. This is where people can go online to hire assassins. John and I have tracked down the last known jobs they had so you can find them. There is also some who were willing to give locations to meet if there is payment made ahead of time. We also were able to get pictures of each one. Still with all this we were able to do for you, there are over eight hundred assassins who put their names down for the contract on you. Their names were not erased when the contract was canceled. This goes against their code, but they don't care. They blackmailed every country in the world for things they held over their heads with. The only way to pay for their silence is for the countries to pay whoever kills you forty million dollars and a blind eye for whatever business they have in that country and Diplomatic Immunity. We hope you will let us know what else we can do to help you. If you are lucky enough to take out one a day it will take you over two years to rid society of them. Please don't stay away the whole time; come back to be with your friends and loved ones for moral support and find ways for us to help you.

Your employees, (friends)
Wes and John

Harry wrote back thanking him and John. He made copies of the letter with the names and pictures then put them in his pouch. As he went upstairs he magiced some food that was easy to eat and drank plenty of water while he thought and packed necessities, such as clothes, shoes and socks, toothbrush, and things a person might need when he is going to be traveling for a long while. He shrunk everything down and put it in the trunk that opens up to a closet of infinite space. He was tired of running out of clothes while on missions and returning in rags.

He went downstairs and called Ginny again and was disappointed there wasn't any answer. Harry called a meeting with all the elves and told them he had to go away for an undetermined amount of time and told them they were to obey Winky and Marston as they would obey him. After he thanked them all he let them return to whatever they were doing and he told Winky he was going to the Burrow and talk to Ginny.

He headed for the stable to get Chevron out to ride down to the Burrow. Just before he got to the stable his cell phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and arched his eyebrows.

“Hello Sir, are you okay?”

“Yes, son, I'm fine except for a terrible worry I am dealing with. I have been informed by the Pentagon that a threat assessment has been made of our National Security concerning you and the target on your back. My top Generals with the exception of Jack O'Neill feel that we must eliminate you to keep our country and people safe as well as our allies and their people. I am in agreement with Jack and would rather help you instead of kill you. Is there anything you can do to make them know without a shadow of a doubt that you won't compromise us?”

Harry thanked him for calling and said, “I can't keep people from having opinions about me living or dying and what their definition of safety is. I will promise that I won't go to Atlantis or Cheyenne Mountain. As a matter of fact, I won't be in the United States unless I am after an assassin. I am not planning on killing anyone unless I absolutely have to. If you could keep your soldiers and spies away from me and not try to take me out then I'd be grateful.”

“I'll do my best to keep them away from you, but I can't promise they will.”

The small bit of hope he had just flew out the window. “Right, well thanks for that then. And thanks for calling me, I've got things to do before I disappear from my family and friends for as long as it takes to eliminate the problem. Also I'd like to say that the assassins didn't have anything to do with the last two things that happened to me, if you think your Generals will believe you then tell them.”

He hung up and took Chevron from Marston and thanked him. “Marston, I want you to know I feel better about leaving knowing that you and Winky are taking care of things here at home. Watch my family, thanks, Marston.”

Harry hoisted himself onto the back of his mighty steed and the powerful animal felt the exhilaration in Harry and reared up onto his hind legs and pawed the air, snorted, and neighed defying anything to come between him and his master's ride. Harry grinned balancing himself on the back of Chevron with his knees.

Harry's voice thundered as he commanded his horse, “Lead on, Master Chevron; wherever your heart desires to run and then we need to go to the Burrow!”

Chevron took off at a full gallop and ran completely around the Potter land; Harry taking in the sites and thinking all the while that he may never come back to enjoy another ride on Chevron, or bring Ginny to the many beautiful places nature made or fish in any of the ponds that popped up skirting the bottom of a hill. He rode through the trees that he and Ginny used to walk through when they were first married and thought of the plan to build a cabin by a lake in the clearing a little further ahead. He thought of what lay ahead of him, hunting assassins, and yelled at the top of his lungs releasing the anxiety that built up of late and especially all morning until now. He screamed and cried; great tears streaming through his hair from the wind pushing them back instead of falling down. Finally he had it out of his system, all the anger against Hermione for causing all this; losing his friends from Cheyenne Mountain and Atlantis; and Ginny alienating him and taking the kids with her. The last ripped his heart to shreds and left him empty and alone. Soon Chevron charged to the fence and jumped over it; clearing it easily. He didn't slow down until he slid to a stop in front of a very startled group of people.

Harry couldn't help but grin at the expression on Ron's face. He brought his leg over to the side and sat sideways on Chevron. The wind blew his wild hair away from his handsome face and his pumped body was a sight to look at; his muscular chest heaving with each breath he took. His eyes scanned everyone not realizing why they were looking at him the way they were.

When he saw Ginny he slid off of Chevron with ease and perfect balance. He turned and hugged Chevron and put his forehead on Chevrons forehead. He stroked the horse and whispered to him of the great sorrow he had that he had to leave. Finally he pulled away from him and told him to go back home and have Marston give him a good rub down.

He watched his horse leave and turned to Ginny and the kids. He walked to them and Ron came between them and put his hand up to stop Harry. Harry wasn't expecting this and looked curiously at Ron and asked what was up.

“We can't let you take them mate; it isn't safe for them to be with you.”

Harry looked at the whole Weasley clan standing around Ginny and his children. Pain shot through Harry as if he were stabbed in the heart. But then Ginny spoke up saying, “Come get us, Love, and we'll go home with you. This lot has decided that we can't live at home with you there. We want to go home, Love. We haven't got to be a family for an awful long time.”

Harry started to go to her but Ron put his hand on Harry's chest and said, “We are not letting you take them.”

Harry just looked at him and then shoved him out of the way. George and Charlie stepped in front of him and he shoved them away. Bill and Percy stepped in front of them followed closely by Arthur and Molly. Harry stopped and swallowed and then quietly asked them to let him through. Percy opened his mouth and said, “Harry, we're not going to try to stop you from taking them. Just know that it isn't safe for them to be with you. Kingsley paid Mum and Dad a visit yesterday and said that a group of his old clan approached him to go with them to make a load of money. All they had to do was kill you. He said that there are over eight hundred professional assassins going after you. Of course Kingsley told them if they valued their lives they'd stay out of it and he wouldn't go against you if his life depended on it. But Harry, we aren't strong enough to keep you guys safe. I'm sorry to say that even with you fighting with us and you being the most powerful wizard of all time, there are just too many going after you for us to protect you and your family. But, if you want to take your family and try, we, that is us four, won't try to stop you and honestly we don't blame you for wanting your family.”

Harry hugged Percy and thanked him for talking to him. “I didn't come here to take them away. I came to say good-bye. I had to take John home right after Ginny left. I found out then that assassins are after me, and I'm forbidden to go to any of our friends for refuge or help. As a matter fact, all the leaders of every country on this planet has gotten together to prepare to kill me so they don't have to pay extra money for protection if I seek refuge from them. The President of the United States talked to me just before I got here to tell me he will try to hold his people off as long as he can. But it doesn't look promising since it could take several years for me to defeat all of the assassins. I wanted to tell Ginny and our kids goodbye in private, but they never did come home. Please... let me say good-bye to them.”

Percy put his hand on Harry's shoulder and said, “You are a great man, Harry.”

Harry stepped on through to Ginny and she fell into his arms and kissing his face and lips she whispered, “Please don't go, Love. I'm not strong enough to live if you don't come back.”

He looked into her eyes and then put his face against hers; their tears mingling and his constricted voice made it next to impossible to breath yet alone whisper. “You are strong, Honey. Our kids are strong too. Lean on each other to make a happy life together. Go on with your normal routine and make the best of me not being there. You've had to do it all these years anyway. I met with our elves and they are going to be protecting you guys and our home for me. You are the boss now, but Winky and Marston have authority over you if they feel the best decision hasn't been made. That isn't to slight you in any way, but sometimes things happen that you can't help. Just look at how you were trapped here against your will by decisions made despite what you wanted. And also; I have already put in motion right in front of the enemy something to help me and they don't even know it. It could work out that I'm able to take care of the assassins and come back before you have a chance to miss me. I need to know something though. Why did you leave without a word to me? And why wouldn't you talk to me? I don't know what I did, but you and Lily were both mad at me.”

Ginny's face turned red and she whispered in his ear, “You came back looking close to twenty years younger than me. You're so handsome and sexy, I felt like people would think you found some kind of fountain of youth. I'm just embarrassed and giddy at the thought of you making love to me, an old woman. … But I dream of it all the time. And about Lily; she is just so young but mature for her age. She is up and down with her emotions for me and doesn't understand what role you have in my unhappiness and then my giddiness. Plus, she had a supervised luncheon with Scorpius, and didn't know how you would react.”

Harry pulled his head away from her and looked at her eyes again and said, “Honey, you are still the most beautiful woman in the world and you had to be seen with me and my white hair looking like your great grandfather. You still look very young, I don't think anyone will think anything about us looking different in age. But, that's neither here nor there now. I have to go; I'm beginning to get a feeling of danger. I can't be around anyone if this pans out to be an attack.” He kissed her passionately and held her close to him; not wanting to let go. Then he put his arm out for his kids and gathered them to him. It was the saddest good-bye ever. He looked at Lily and winked at her and softly said, “Special luncheons are the best especially when you're in the company of someone you think is special.”

Hermione spoke up saying, “Harry, you brought this on yourself, but we'll help you in anyway we can.”

Harry looked at her his face turning unreadable. “I think you've done quite enough already, and I can't take anymore of your help. But Ron can come with me and help if he will.”

Harry looked away from Hermione's hurt face and looked at Ron. “What about it, Captain? Will you come with me and help me?”

Ron looked with surprise at him and said, “Why don't you ask John to go with you? You guys are inseparable.”

“This isn't his battle, it is our battle. I won't ask him to put his life on the line for me or our kind.”

Ron became irate and said, “You won't ask him to put his life on the line, but you don't have a problem asking me to give my life for your problem. This is your mess, Harry, and I'm not going to risk my life for you to be able to go home and be with your wife and kids. So, no, I won't go with you.”

Harry calmly said, “This isn't my mess, it was a mess made by someone else. And I would go with you to help you with any problem you had that kept you from going home with your wife and kids. I need to go. Last chance, please come with me.”

Ron said, “This is your mess and you need to stop blaming others for it. If you die trying to clean up your mess; you'd die easier if you admitted that you are to blame. And thanks but no thanks; no, I won't go with you.”

Harry stepped back and looked around, “Do you have your protection up, Father?”

“He is not your father! Stop calling him that!” yelled Ron.

Arthur said he did and Harry nodded his head. “It's begun... it isn't safe here. They can't get through but their weapons can. Everyone go to my house, I'll send up a green flair when it is safe to return.”

George said, “We put up protection barriers, it is safe, but you need to leave now so others don't find out that you hang out here.”

Harry swallowed and backed purposefully away from everyone and turned to look about beyond the yard and an oddly glowing arrow flew through the barrier and pierced Harry's left shoulder and another one hit him in his side. “Go!” he shouted at everyone.

He flew up above his family to draw danger away from them and he began shooting spells in the direction the arrows were coming from. His trained eyes found targets and soon enough they were all disabled and he rounded them up with a magic rope and took them to K'lari's prison. Before he left he sent the green flair up to tell the Weasleys it was safe to return.
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Hey Guys, I hope I'm not posting too close to when I finally got my last chapter posted. I'm still under the weather, but with God's help able to be up and at least functional but I get warn out soooo fast. I hope the last chapter was enjoyable to read. This chapter is very short, but is the last chapter in this short story. The new chapter picks up where this one finished only a new story arc begins. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 2

The Assassins And Harry

When Harry showed up at K'lari's she whistled and instructed her guards to take the seven men Harry brought to her to the processing cells. She turned her attention to Harry and said, “Let's have a look at ya handsome. My my my don't you look good, but let's get these arrows out of you so you feel as good as you look.”

Harry turned red in the face and grinned at her. He knew she flirted with him just to make him squirm, but also to get his mind off of his troubles. She made him tell her everything he didn't tell her in his e-mail to her that morning. By the time he was done she was just finishing up wrapping his wounds. She gave him some dinner and he ate it thanking her for her generosity. After he ate he said good-bye and disappeared. He needed to go somewhere and get some sleep to level his energies.

A month went by with Harry taking more and more assassins to K'lari. A few of them were alive, but most of them were dead. He was completely healed from his energy problem he had of levels being too low and short circuiting. He was so used to being alone that K'lari worried that he was becoming completely detached from his previous life. She wondered how long it had been since the last time she saw him smile.

“Hey handsome, why don't you take a couple days off and go make love to your wife?”

Harry didn't seem phased of her bold question but only answered, “I'm dead to that life, K'lari. They don't need me to go in and mess up their lives. I'll see you later, K'lari.” And with that he left.

Another month went bye and K'lari hadn't seen or heard from him. She began watching the papers for news of his death but thankfully didn't see anything. Then a week later he showed up just before she was ready to retire for the evening with eighty seven assassins he dumped out of his pouch. When they hit the floor they grew to their normal size. Over half of them were dead and the others were in bad shape. Harry was in a bad way too. She saw he was overwhelmed with weariness and bleeding from multiple wounds over much of his body. He took out his clipboard and checked off the names of the men and women he just brought in and then put it away.

“That's the end of it, K'lari. Do you need any help taking care of these people?”

“No handsome, my guys can take care of them just fine. Let me help you, you're pretty bad off.”

Harry said, “If I could trouble you for a glass of water I'd appreciate it and then I'll be on my way.”

K'lari brought him a glass of water and found him leaning on the door frame asleep on his feet. She used this time to see if his wounds were life threatening and found he had been keeping up with potions and medications but some of them were very fresh like he just got them. She was inspecting one wound that went from his chest extending on up through his neck and stopped just barely on his bottom lip. She swallowed and rolled her eyes up feeling like she was being watched. Harry was watching her and when she stepped back he said, “Are we all done here now?”

K'lari laughed and said, “No, handsome; we are not done. How about you go take a shower upstairs and I'll put fresh meds and bandages on you?”

Harry's lips turned up slightly in the corner and she saw a tiny glimmer of a twinkle in his eyes. “Thanks, K'lari, but I need to-”

She slid a copy of the Rising Phoenix on the desk so he could see it. The World Quidditch Tournament was tomorrow. The scrimmage was to be played first thing in the morning at nine o'clock. And it seems that the itinerary has changed due to adults playing the match with children didn't go over well with the parents. The Seekers and the Keepers being the only adults and the rest of the teams being children. So the plan now was for the teams to be the adults from Gryffindor and Slytherin to play and the players would be those who played in the year 1997. It was a vital year for the school of witchcraft and wizardry. The paper went on to say that they hoped Harry Potter would make an appearance if he was alive and available. The Seeker might end up being his wife Ginny Potter but that would make her doing double duty since she was to be the commentator for the Main Event immediately after the scrimmage.

K'lari asked what was so significant that year that they would choose players who played that year? Harry frowned and softly said, “It's the year Professor Dumbledore died.”

He said he had a meeting to attend to first thing in the morning at the United Nations in America. And then he was gone.
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Default Harry Comes Home
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey guys, I'm here to post the new chapter that was supposed to be posted last Sunday. Another relapse of my illness occurred and I wasn't able to post it. Please forgive me. But you guys aren't the only people who got neglected, but my family did too, and my house is atrocious. I tried to post this early this morning but couldn't so we'll see if I can make it happen now. Thank you very much for your loyalty. I love each of you and wish I knew you all personally as a friend. I hope you like this short story; three chapters long and is a bridge from where Harry came from and what he has to overcome, to dark and violent. The story will turn very dark and violent quickly so don't like eat cookies with milk while you read because I don't want you to choke when the unexpected happens. I specifically left out most of the violence from the assassins arc so you don't get overwhelmed with evil and violence. If anyone wants to skip reading this short story because of the darkness and violence PM me and I'll let you know about what happens in the chapters as they are posted. Thank you all and I hope you enjoy this new chapter in this new short story. It is pretty light but you are able to see hardships Harry endured.

Short Story: Harry Comes Home

Chapter 1

The Unwanted Surprise

The next morning at nine o'clock the stands were completely filled and more stands were added due to an overwhelming amount of purchased tickets. A surge in ticket sales yesterday caused a sold out event. The commentator said it was due to people hoping that Harry Potter would be there. He brought the teams onto the field and they stood nervously while their names were given for introduction. Many of them hadn't played a game since they were at Hogwarts as students.

“Has anyone seen or heard if Mr. Potter made it here today?” The commentator asked after he introduced the players on the House Teams playing and waited a minute and then said, “Maybe if we all shout for him he'll come. Ready? On the count of three everyone shout Harry Potter!”

The crowd roared and clapped there hands before any counting began. They stood up and whistled, shouted and many jumped up and down with excitement. Flash bulbs went off making the stadium look like Christmas lights on a spectacular tree. Harry Potter had just appeared on the field and stood behind his wife. The announcer screamed, “It's Harry Potter ladies and gentleman, right here, just behind his wife!”

Ginny turned around and screamed with excitement. She jumped into his arms and kissed him full on the lips. He embraced her and returned her kiss. “Lo, Ginny, you look beautiful.” His voice was so quiet she could barely hear him. He looked tired and she could tell he was in pain, but his eyes began to twinkle. His lips turned up into a very charming smile. He was dressed in a very smart black three piece suit, white silk shirt, and a rich black satin tie. He was tanned a rich bronze and his white wavy hair with curls at the length of his locks she loved blew slightly in the breeze. His white beard had some length covering his neck but was trimmed handsomely. He stirred many the heart of the thousands of women in the audience but only cared about the one his arm was around. His other hand was being pumped by the other team members, and then Ron took his hand and squeezed it roughly. Harry knew it was him before he saw him.

“Alright there, Captain?”

Ron couldn't be angry with him and embraced him and said it was good to have him back. Harry grinned at him but couldn't say anything because the commentator pulled him around. It was then that Ginny and Ron saw the long cut from his bottom lip and under his beard and then it disappeared at the neck of his shirt and they wondered where it went to. They also could tell he was favoring his left side and grimaced some when he was bumped into or pulled around to see someone else.

“Mr. Potter, I wonder if we could get a quick word with you before the game begins. Harry started to shake his head and said, “People came here to see a couple games. Maybe tomorrow if that's okay?”

The crowd began shouting now, now, now! The commentator laughed and said, “The people have spoken. So it looks like you were attending an important party or something, you look pretty fetching if I do say so myself. How Mrs. Potter can let you leave the house is beyond me.”

Harry bowed his head and the crowd laughed adoringly at his embarrassment. “Aw look they think that's cute, you getting embarrassed, but let's not forget why we're here. Answer the question, where were you before you got here?”

Harry answered, “I was in America at the United Nations for a meeting.”

“You met with the United Nations?!” he asked in total astonishment.

Harry looked at the man and waited for the next question. He would not be made out to be of any great importance. The man read the stoic look on his face and said, “Very well, I see you have a cut on your lip; tell us how you got that.”

Again Harry just looked at him and then when the man didn't give in but instead said to answer the question so they could start the game; Harry calmly and very seriously said, “I cut myself shaving.”

The crowd roared with laughter and the commentator chuckled then said, “Okay very well, you won't talk about your meeting. It is a well known fact that there was a contract out on your life and that over eight hundred assassins accepted the contract. Is that true?”

The stands became quiet and Harry said, “You said it was a well known fact, so there isn't any reason for me to say anything about it. I think we should let these good people who spent their money and took time to come here watch what they came to see.” He waved to the crowd and told Ginny to have fun and he wished both teams good luck. He started to turn away and the commentator grabbed him and stepped over to him saying, “Hold on now; what are you doing? Oh, excuse me we'll of course give you time to change into your uniform.”

Harry shook his head and said, “I read that I was to make an appearance since I'm not dead somewhere and I've done that. I'm not in any kind of shape to play and you have a very qualified player for the position of Seeker.”

The commentator laughed wickedly, “You think you're the one out of shape?” He waved his hand around to other team members on both teams and the crowd chuckled awkwardly. Not many of the team on either side were in good shape and they were quite embarrassed.

Harry said, “That was childish of you. I don't know of any of these fine people with the exception of Ginny who have played a game since they left school except for backyard Quidditch with their families. When I said I wasn't in shape I meant that I was working at catching bad guys until late last night and into the early morning. And then first thing this morning I met with the UN and presented my report that the job they gave me was completed. I was able to do the job but I didn't get it done without spilling my blood.”

The man apologized and then told the crowd he was ashamed he made the reference he did. “But, Mr. Potter, you misunderstood the paper. We meant that you making an appearance was you would play for us. Won't you please be Seeker for Gryffindor?”

The crowd went wild when Ginny flipped her wand and she was wearing a nice looking outfit that complimented her stature. She wouldn't take her position of Chaser back from Dean Thomas, the substitute; she would be a fan like the thousands of people there and watching with her children. She looked at Harry and he shook his head pleading with her not to make him play. Then Ron said, “Come on mate, it'll be like old times. Please?”
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Hey Guys! Thanks for coming back for the next chapter. What do you think? Will Harry play or not? Well I'm not going to hold you up by chatting all night. This chapter is quite a bit longer than the last few, but more to the normal of what I usually post. So here you go, hope you like it.

Chapter 2

The Quidditch Game

Harry sighed and said okay and a uniform was instantly on him. Ginny said, “The teams have to use the brooms they used back in 1997. Harry held out his hand and his Firebolt that he replaced his original Firebolt that was destroyed during the war came to him. Ginny started to leave but Harry caught her hand and said, “Tell the kids I'm anxious to see them after the game.” She smiled sweetly and said she'd tell them. Harry looked around at his team and wondered why they were all looking at him.

Ron said, “You're not being very Captain like, not giving us plays and such.”

Harry's mouth dropped open and he said, “But you have a Captain right? I mean what if I didn't show up?”

The commentator said, “Harry, you were the Captain that year, it doesn't matter who they had before you came. And besides, she just walked away; your wife was the Captain. Now put something together while I get up to the commentator's box and be ready to start right then.”

Harry was obviously worried. The team rallied behind him though and he gathered himself up and began giving orders like they were his Aurors. They smiled at his ability to take command of the situation and the game began a few minutes later.

Harry kicked off and flew above the others trying to stay out of their way and watch his players and still watch for the Snitch. But something wasn't right. Bludgers were hit at him so often he wasn't able to watch for the Snitch. He caught a sneer on Draco's face and realized what was going on. With Harry minding the Bludgers Draco was able to watch for the Snitch and have a chance to catch it before Harry could shake loose from the Bludgers. He grinned at Draco which worried the platinum blond man. Harry called Coots to him when he diverted a Bludger from Harry.

“Looks like you're going to have a rough game,” said Coots. Harry shook his head and said, “Target Draco every chance you get. Be legal but make him afraid. I'll be flying right beside him; on the side the Bludger isn't coming on that is. Tell your partner to do it as well. As soon as Draco makes a change in his strategy then go about playing normally and so will I.”

Coots flew away and Harry raced over to fly beside Draco. All at once Bludgers were coming at Draco from his Beaters trying to hit Harry and Harry's Beaters trying to defend their Seeker; hitting away the Bludgers even though sadly for Draco; he was in the way. It didn't take long for Draco to make a drastic change to his game plan. Harry signaled for his Beaters to make the change he told them to. Harry concentrated on the game as well as he could. He was desperately tired and hurting badly. He kept telling himself that he'd been through much worse and so continued to play. He was getting annoyed that the Snitch hadn't been spotted once since the game began. Surely people would be getting tired and want to watch the Main Event but nobody seemed to mind watching this scrimmage game. He flew behind Ron and asked what the score was. “We've got to score forty more points without them scoring any before you can take the Snitch. Maybe if you stop showboating you'll catch the Snitch,” said Ron thoroughly aggravated that he was so uncomfortable from his girth that was keeping him from being in top form and Harry looking in top form as always. Harry said, “The Snitch hasn't been released yet. Maybe if you stop drifting you'd block more scores. Lighten up and have fun.”

Harry flew away but turned to grin at his brother-in-law. Then Ron knew Harry hadn't just been trying to find out the score, but went to give him relief from the tension he was feeling. It worked, he began to be a more efficient Keeper and Ron was in good form, not comfortable but managed despite his girth for the remainder of the game. Harry flew to one of his chasers and said, “We only need to score once more for me to catch the Snitch when it is released and shows itself. The next time you get the Quaffle make like you're going down the field to score, throw the Quaffle when you hear me whistle. I'm going to make like I saw the Snitch and I'll accidentally intercept the Quaffle and throw it down to Demelza or Dean and one of them will score because they'll all be blocking you. I'm counting on the commentator to cause some excitement and it'll confuse Slytherin even more.” She let him know she understood.

Harry broke off from her and flew around watching, doing his part in the game. Then he was beside the other two Chasers and told them the plan and they smiled letting him know they understood. He finished telling them quickly and then said, “It will be coming hard and fast, you might need to roll with it so it doesn't hurt you or knock you off your broom. Within a few minutes Harry was flying in the position he needed to be in when he gave his Chasers the signal. He wasn't facing the Chaser but the commentator shouted she had the Quaffle and was tearing up the field going down to score. Harry whistled and she made like she was throwing for the score. The commentator shouted, “And oh my! Katie Bell shoots too early will it even make it to the goal?! Oh another mistake, the Captain, Potter has flown right up into the Quaffle! He thought he saw the Snitch, ladies and gentleman; a costly mistake for Gryffindor!”

The crowd was screaming their surprise and delight and the Slytherin team laughed and pointed at Harry holding the Quaffle, but not slowing down. Harry saw that Dean Thomas hadn't believed he could throw the Quaffle hard enough to get close enough to the goal hoops and hung back pretty close to Harry, but Demelza the other Chaser was in position so he threw it hard to get it to her. She caught it and rolled with it twice and then flew close enough to the goal to just drop it through the hoop.

“Gryffindor scores! They have the game if the Snitch is caught now. Ladies and gentleman we have certainly gotten our money's worth with this game and we still have the Main Event to watch.”

Harry had been right, when Katie had the Quaffle and threw it at the posts the other team all blocked her shot to Dean in case she tried to pass it to him once she saw she wouldn't make the score.

Harry wasn't listening to the commentator so much now, but was watching for the Snitch and Draco. There it was hanging around the edge of the field just in front of the spectators. He chanced a glance and saw Draco going off to the other side to say something to a player on his team. He hadn't seen it. Harry made his way closer to it casually so as not to alert the commentator that he saw it.

“There it is, ladies and gentlemen, and Gryffindor has spotted it, the Snitch just down there in front of the east side of the stadium.”

Just as soon as he opened his mouth Harry knew the commentator was going to announce the sighting of the Snitch. Draco was still closer but Harry was a better flier and made up the ground quickly. The fans were screaming wildly seeing Harry coming right at them. They even held out their arms to catch him if he got close enough. Just as Harry reached for the Snitch the commentator yelled Slytherin scored. Harry back handed the little ball so there couldn't be any mistake about Harry not catching it but knocking it away to keep Draco from catching it. He paid the price for doing that though when Draco flew into him and knocked him into the side of the stadium. Harry slumped over his broom and skidded along the side of the stadium from the momentum he had been traveling at. The crowd reached over and caught him and pulled him into the stands with them. They were fighting over him and the commentator was laughing. Not just the women were in on this but some men too. They were fighting over his cape and ripping buttons off his uniform and using their wands to tear off pieces of his uniform jacket and shirt. Other spectators who were just close enough to reach over people were grabbing his shirt ripping it as they took as much of it as they could.

Harry had been unconscious but woke up and took his broom back from a man who was trying to run off with it. Harry got it and was back on it and flew back into the stadium. He looked around quickly and was relieved to see the referee had called a time out. Oliver Wood was yelling at Draco and another Slytherin. As it turns out the other player rammed into Draco sending him into Harry.

Flying slumped over his broom assessing his condition Harry debated on whether or not to have a replacement. He decided that he would just catch the Snitch as soon as it showed itself again instead of flying slowly to it. He finally sat up as straight as he could and gave the thumbs up to Oliver who was coming over to him. The crowd was silently watching to see what Harry would do. He was bloody and hurting but when he gave the thumbs up they cheered louder than they did when he first came on the field. It was then that Harry saw the condition of his uniform and tried to pull it together somehow but had to give up on it because Oliver was about to start the game again.

The game resumed with two free shots for Gryffindor and both scored points. Now if Slytherin scored they were still ahead enough to be able to catch the Snitch. The spectators screamed fearfully warning Harry of something devastating. At first he thought he missed the Snitch somehow, but he looked up just in time to see a Bludger coming at his head from a shot above him. He put up his left arm to protect his head and the Bludger smashed into his forearm. He didn't have time to do anything because at the same time a Bludger smashed into his left rib cage. He groaned and nearly fell from his broom. Then he saw the Snitch. Memories flooded him with all the times he caught it and how exhilarated it made him feel. He set a determined look on his face and watched the Snitch as he flew at it and it tried to out maneuver him. It dipped and climbed and swooped and Harry was right behind it getting closer and closer. It looked like it was flying straight for Draco. He saw Draco grin and then fear registered on his face. Harry was flying right behind it going full speed. Harry saw Draco glance up and knew he was planning on catching the little ball and flying straight up with it. Harry laid as flat as he could on the handle of his broom and with a great effort he yelled loud and stretched his arm out catching the Snitch just as Draco reached for it. Draco's hand closed around Harry's wrist and the surprise on his face that he had Harry instead of the Snitch told Harry Draco played a clean game after his initial plan to attack Harry with the Bludgers backfired on him. Harry dove downward the instant he had the Snitch since he knew Draco would fly upward whether he had the Snitch or not. Draco began pulling up when he thought he had the Snitch and pulled Harry up also. A beater hit a Bludger hitting Harry in the right rib cage hoping it would cause him to pull his arm back to his exposed side instead of catching the Snitch but Harry only groaned and gripped his broom tightly with his left hand. Just then a Chaser flew into his exposed right side sending Harry and Draco into the spectators. This time Harry landed on Teal'c, Jack, John, Carson, Ronon, and Cameron. He swallowed and tried to smile.

“Lo guys; I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd drop in. Has anyone seen my broom lying about?”

Sam handed it to him and he got on it and flew off of them. The crowd was going wild with the win for Gryffindor. He saw Draco and grabbed his wrist and pulled it up in the air and flew around the stadium in a show of good sportsmanship. The crowd jumped up and down and waved their banners of the school teams. They loved Harry acknowledging both teams even though one team lost. When he got back around he let go of Draco's wrist and shook his hand. “Great game Draco.” He got with his team and motioned for them to join him. He stood up on his broom and held the Snitch high and flew around the stadium. As you can well imagine the stadium thundered with clapping and shouting. The crowd cheered so loud the Merpeople and the Centaurs came to the edge of their domains to observe what was happening. Again flashes from cameras glittered around the stadium and sparks from wands flew high like fireworks on New Years eve breaking in the new year. The commentator couldn't even be heard telling the final score and declaring Gryffindor the winners once again. Harry searched the crowd and finally saw Ginny and his children. He was so exhilarated he non-intentionally gave the crowd a last bit of broom showmanship by still standing on his broom surfing the air that he did a loop-ta-loop. He flew to them and Harry handed the Snitch to Albus and said he was going to go shower and get fixed up and then he'd go to wherever they were going to be. Ginny said they were going to be in the top box because she had to commentate the game.

Harry nodded his head and tried to turn away from her but the commentator found him. “Mr. Potter, might we have a word for the fans?”

Harry turned and looked wearily at the man but tried to be polite and smiled. “If we must, but can we please keep it short?”

The commentator looked Harry up and down and then said, “Yes, yes of course. Thank you Mr. Potter.” Harry nodded courteously but the trauma his body was subjected to was beginning to show. He was trembling and his breathing was shallow and difficult. Sweat mixed with blood trickled down his face and he blinked it out of his eyes and the commentator forgot to say anything taking in how traumatized Harry's body was. Harry said, “Something you wanted to say or ask me?”

“Oh, sure, I'm sorry, Mr. Potter. Is there anyway you could tell us what you've been doing these last two and a half months?”

Harry shook his head slowly and said, “I cannot talk about things that have to do with national security for continents all over the world. I'd hate for something to happen and it be because I said something that caused it. You understand right?”

The man nodded his head and said, “Oh sure, sure. You have to excuse us normal people who just go about our day not thinking that things go on and we're protected from it by you.”

Harry said, “My Aurors are the best in the world and they make it easy for me to be able to do my job when it comes to having to leave home. Just sometimes things go on that I have to keep from everyone and I can do this because they carry the burden of our job without me.”

The commentator said, “Mr. Potter, did you...”

He stopped and looked at Harry leaning back on a pole he was next to. He took a breath and swallowed and shifted his weight to his other foot and grimaced when he tried to stand up straight. He looked down at the ground and then looked back to the commentator when he had better control of his situation. He licked his lips and slipped down the pole a little bit.

He looked at the man and said, “Sir, if we could be done I'd really like to clean up a bit and be with my family. And people want to see the game, I'm not anything to hold up a game for. Please sir, can we just be done?”

The commentator felt like a heel keeping Harry from medical attention and his family. “Yes, thank you for giving us your time, Mr. potter. There will be at least a half hour intermission for people to get something to eat and rest up a bit from the thrilling game they just watched. Thank you again for playing; your skills are undeniably superb. I hope you had fun with your fellow teammates.”

“Thank you, sir, it was good to see everyone. I think everyone played exceptionally well, and it was a joy being on the team just like old times.” He waved to the crowd; wincing when he raised his arm to wave.

Harry looked around and saw Ron and the team talking to reporters waiting to interview Harry and he made his way into the changing room before they noticed Harry was available. He showered and was using potions, medicines, and bandages when the rest of the team showed up. Harry checked to make sure his towel wrapped around his hips covered him decently. He wasn't expecting the women to come in and they apologized when they saw his discomfort with them being in there. “We were told not to shower and to just change with magic so the professional team could come in and change.”

They looked at his bloody and shredded uniform on the floor, and then they looked at him. They saw the effects that fighting the assassins had on him and they asked if he needed them to get a healer.

“No, but thank you anyway. I'm just trying to get this medicine on and a couple band-aides here and there. I will just wait until I get home. I don't want to hold up the professional team. You all did great out there, I was proud to play with you.”

He hoped they would change so he could get dressed while they all were concentrating on themselves. They just stood staring at him so he magiced clothes and his shoes and socks on and said he'd see them later. He started to go out the door and they shook his hand again saying it was an honor to play with him. He felt odd them treating him like that but he just turned red and thanked them quietly as he left.

As Harry made his way to the box seat Hagrid stopped him; his smile going from ear to ear. “It's good ter see ya, Harry. I was hoping to get a chance to talk to you before you went up to the box seat. Do you have a minute for an old friend?”

Harry didn't let the disappointment show that he wanted to see Ginny and his kids before the game started. But he wouldn't ever say no to Hagrid, his very first friend he ever had.

Then Harry's heart jumped with happiness for Hagrid just said, “I know you want to see Ginny and the kids and a few others.” He opened the door and waved him inside saying, “That's why I had them come here; so you could have a few minutes in private. You're a great man, Harry, great man.”

Harry moaned when Hagrid patted him on the back and wrapped his arms around him crying on his shoulders. “Dumbledore 'd be so proud o' ya; an ya know I am.”

Harry was having trouble standing up under the weight of Hagrid and was near passing out when he pounded the half giant's ribs with the heal of his hand. Hagrid just thought he was comforting him and stood up and blew his nose. “Thank ye Harry; always was my favorite young man. Now, I'm going to sit down and we'll let you visit.”

Harry nodded his gratitude and looked around for his family. When he turned around he saw them, Ginny, his kids and his friends from Atlantis and Cheyenne Mountain.

“I'd love to see you guys, but I promised I wouldn't see you, ask for your help or seek refuge from the assassins. Your government in turn said they'd do their best not to hunt me down and kill me while I was...”

Jack interrupted and said, “It's fine son, since you met with the UN this morning and offered proof the assassins who excepted the contract on you are either dead or captured by you and in prison. We didn't know you were meeting with them this morning and quite frankly we thought it would take a couple years for the assassins to be taken out of the picture. We were finally able to devise a plan to help you with your problem so we sent word we were going to help you take out the assassins but the Pentagon told us that you just left the UN and you had given proof there wasn't any worry anymore. They also told us about this event; we were practically over top of the school right then so we came to watch the event. We didn't know you were going to be playing. You played magnificently, son.”

Harry was speechless and all he could do was grin. He managed to say thank you and then said he needed to see his wife and kids. They all understood and sat back quietly so the family could finally see each other. He held Ginny in his arms and kissed her softly though he was raging inside with other thoughts. He pulled his kids to him and hugged them tightly. He looked as wild as a lion but was as gentle as a lamb. He kept looking into Ginny's eyes to make sure he wasn't offending her in any way. He didn't think he would be able to bear it if she got angry with him for some reason. They only got to see him for a minute before there was a knock on the door. Hagrid opened it and blew his nose again.

“Hagrid, they're calling for Ginny to go onto the field so she can introduce the players and then go to the box seats so she can call the game. Ginny squeezed Harry's hands and said, “I'll see you later. Are you going to make it up to the top box seats?”

Harry said he'd make it a priority to get there. Ron and Hermione stepped in when they heard her talking to Harry and said, “You played pretty good out there today, Harry. It's good to see you back in one piece. Of course your banged up a bit, but that's normal for you.”

Harry's grin wasn't as pleasant as he tried to make it be, but he thanked them. They motioned for the kids to follow them and Harry stood up and reached for his kids as they moved to their Aunt and Uncle. “They can stay with me and we'll be up shortly. I'd like to spend a few more minutes with them. I haven't been able to visit with them yet.”

“Harry, by the time you get up there the game will be over. Let them come up with us. Come on kids,” she added as she was going back out the door. Harry was just about to go home but thought about Jack and the others who wanted to watch the game. He put his hands on James's shoulder as he was leading his brother and sister between Harry and Hagrid.

“Unless they want to go with you then they can come up with me.” He looked at his kids and Lily looked crestfallen and said, “I'll go with them because I am helping Mum.”

Harry smiled and said, “It's okay Angel. Go on and be a good helper for Mum. We'll visit when we get home.”

Lily, Ron, and Hermione left and the boys looked like they just found a stash of Christmas presents they didn't know they had. Harry asked Jack if they'd like to sit up in the box seats and they all said that was fine with them. Rodney spoke up excitedly and said, “The only think is, we kind of crashed the event. We didn't buy tickets we just appeared inside the stadium.”

Harry rolled his eyes over to Hagrid and his wife. They both looked curiously at Rodney. Harry said, “Rodney, you're saying things you ought not talk about.”

Rodney looked surprised and started to say something and Harry tilted his head towards Hagrid and his wife who still looked confused. His eyes opened wide and he started to say something but Harry shook his head slightly.

Harry looked at Hagrid and said, “Hagrid, Rodney just let slip a bit of an Air force secret. I'm going to have to erase it from you and Irene's minds. Is that okay with you?”

Hagrid looked doubtful and said he didn't cotton to his mind being tampered with, but he didn't want to be in trouble with the Air force either. “I don' wan' their Pentagon coming to kill us neither.”

Harry made it look like he was thinking and then said, “If you like there is one other way we could avoid having to erase your memory of it. I could take you and Irene to the Pentagon and they would interrogate you. It would be very similar to the Board Of Inquiries and trial you went to for Buckbeak. I'll vouch for you and be accountable for your oath of secrecy.”

“Aw, Harry, would ye do 'at fur yer ole friend Hagrid?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “You know I would Hagrid; I've always stood up for you.”

Just the mention of Buckbeak's trial hit a nerve with Hagrid though and he said, “Harry, maybe we better let you adjust me memory. On'y Giant's even Half Giants minds are set up a bit differ'nt than normal brains. I'm kind o' nervous.”
Harry hated having to make Hagrid remember the trial and be nervous of adjusting his memory. But he knew that Hagrid was not good at keeping secrets.

Irene spoke happily, “Dumpling, how about I go first. Harry has been in my mind before.”

Hagrid turned red at her calling him her pet name for him. “Yes, but Kitten, you are a human. It wouldn't be anything at all for him to get in your head.”

“Yes, but Dumpling, I wasn't when he did it. I was Mrs. Norris, a cat, remember?”

That seemed to have worked out the problem for him. He begrudgingly agreed he would let Harry adjust his memory. Harry stood up and moved cautiously and closed his eyes trying to shut out the pain that just moving caused him.

He smiled at Irene and said, This won't take long at all.” He put his fingers lightly on her temples and moved them searching for the memory. “Here it is, Irene you see this memory? I will cause you to forget this part of the memory and then you will go to sleep until I snap my fingers so you don't see me do this to Hagrid.”

Harry took his fingers off of her and Hagrid looked extremely angry. He grabbed Harry by the front of his shirt and lifted him off the floor so he was face to face with him. Harry felt his wound break open and was doing all he could to not pass out. He stayed calm and said, “Hagrid, I put her to sleep so she won't have a memory of watching me make you forget, or else we'd just go round and round having to adjust memories. Just as soon as I make you forget then I'll snap my fingers and she'll wake up. Neither one of you will even know she was sleeping.”

Hagrid put him down and said, “Harry, I'm terrible sorry. I didn't hear you talking to her after you started working on her. I was afraid. I don' know wha' I'd do ifn' things went wrong and I didn't have her anymore.”

Harry just nodded his head and weakly said, “Let's get this done dear friend.” He put his fingers on Hagrid's head and searched painstakingly slow. He talked to Hagrid the whole time to keep him calm. Hagrid said it felt strange him being in his head but liked how safe he felt. Harry's breathing became labored and he shut his eye's and lowered his head so his forehead was resting on top of Hagrid's head. He kept searching and finally he said, “Here it is; the memory I need to make you forget. After I remove this memory from this part you will fall asleep just like Irene and you will both wake up when I snap my fingers. Everything is going fine, I'm just being very careful so you don't have to be afraid I'm hurting you.” Harry was beginning to tremble and then finally he pulled away and he stepped back to the seat he had been sitting in before he removed their memories. He sat down and Rodney opened his mouth to say something and Harry glared at him and shook his head no. Harry looked around and then snapped his fingers and Hagrid and his wife woke up.

Harry grinned at Rodney and said, “Don't worry about crashing the game, I'll get your tickets; I'm sure it won't be a problem. Come on though we need to leave now or we'll miss the start.”

They all stood up and Harry put his hands on both of his sons shoulders and asked Hagrid if they'd like him to take them up to the top box seats, but Hagrid laughed happily and said they'd watch it from the lower level. They all said good-bye and left the house. Harry was using his son's to keep him from falling over while they left the house but then stood on his own. “Everyone grab my arms and hold on tight. As soon as they did they were all in the box seats high above the stadium.

Harry looked around and found Ginny still on the field; the introductions going slow. He turned into Carson who was surveying Harry's condition. “Oh sorry, Carson. It's going to take another fifteen minutes before Ginny gets up here. I'm going to go visit the giant squid back here behind us. I'll be back as soon as I can.”

He disappeared and Rodney said, “Why would he visit a giant squid? I think he's hurt too bad to think straight.”

James laughed and said, “He means he's going to go get in the lake so he can do some healing. He's hurt really bad and Hagrid tore open his chest where that great big cut is.”

Fifteen minutes later Ginny got up to the box seats and greeted them happily. She noticed Harry wasn't among them and a sadness fell over her. She put it aside and smiled happily again at her children. Are you ready for the game? Here, I brought some food and drink for everyone. Is daddy okay, has anyone seen him?”
Albus said, “He'll be here any second now, he's visiting the Lady in Black.” He grinned at his clever use of words for his clue.”

Ron patted her shoulder to comfort her. “He got pretty worn out from the scrimmage earlier. He probably went home; I'm sure he's not visiting any woman.” He glared at Albus and the boy's smile fell away.

Just then Harry was there. He looked a good deal better than when he left but not as well as his son's and friends from the military hoped for. Ron was pleasantly surprised and said, “Where ya been mate? Ginny was worried about you.”

Harry winked at Albus and said, “I was visiting the Lady in Black. I couldn't very well strip down up here and put new medicine and bandages on, and as much potions I took I'd look like an alcoholic. What a picture right?” He laughed and everyone joined in.

“Well thanks for your thoughtfulness in not subjecting us to that. But what does the Lady in Black have to do with anything? Who is the Lady in Black anyway?”

Harry grinned and said, “The Giant Squid is a female and she lives in Black Lake. She has special healing properties she'll give you if you're willing to pay the premium price.”

Ron's mouth dropped open as did everyone else. Ron looked at Albus and said, “How did you know this?”

Albus said, “I only knew she is a female because she is bigger than male giant squids. I didn't know she was magical, but it stands to reason, I guess. They only live in the deep of ocean's or they'd get sunburned. So maybe her magic she gives you would be some sort of secretion that she covers herself with that would heal the epidermis from trauma; sunburn in her case since she lives in the shallow water of the lake.”

Ron said, “You're a delightful child, Albus, but scary. How do you know all about that?”

Albus looked at his dad. He wasn't sure if this was meant as a compliment or just a stupid remark. Harry grinned and said, “I seem to recall that one of his Science subjects with his mum was Marine Biology, and I also remember that he did very well in it. The rest is thinking quick on his feet.”

Albus spoke up happy that his dad knew about his school studies. “And I learned that from my dad.”

Harry smiled at his kids and then looked at Ginny. “Good job, Mum.”

Her return smile was sweet and she said, “Back at you, Dad.” She handed the bag to him and he cleared an area for people to sit at a makeshift table. He put the food on the table and told people to dig in.

He stepped over to his wife and put his arms around her and pulled her carefully to him. He took in her essence and kissed her gently. He let go of her hair he had in one hand, watching it fall through his hands. “Love you, Honey.”

She said she loved him too and then Hermione said, “Ginny, they're ready to start the game now. But, if you let Lily help me, I can take over for you so you can take Harry home and take care of him.”

At first Ginny was going to be angry with her but then she did seem concerned for Harry. Ron quickly spoke up and said, “Harry's fine, he doesn't need Ginny she can do the commentating.”

Harry chuckled knowing that Ron was thinking Hermione would spoil the game since she didn't know the teams or anything. “I'm fine, Hermione, but that was a very appreciated gesture. Go ahead and do your parts so people can watch the game. It's getting really late for a tournament game.”

Harry was right, it was four o'clock in the afternoon and tournament games usually lasted for hours. The scrimmage match had lasted six hours. Harry put his hands on the shoulders of his sons and watched for the first half hour on his feet and then sat down to watch. After three hours he was becoming desperate to get some rest. He moved back to the back of the box seats and laid down on the stadium bleachers. It wasn't comfortable at all but he began to rest. He was listening to Ginny's voice doing an excellent job of play by play action.

At nine twenty a time out was called for a player who got hurt and a fight had broken out. Ginny used this opportunity to check on Harry. She could see he wasn't fairing well and gently shook his shoulder. He woke up and smiled at her; his teeth chattering like he was very cold but he was sweating. His hair clung to the sides of his face and his green emerald eyes shone bright.

“Is the game over? Who won? Did you have a good time? How is Lily doing?”

Ginny smiled and ran her fingertips under his hair to get it off of his face. “There is a time out and yes, it's fun. Love, why don't you go on home so you can rest and concentrate on getting healed? The kids and I will get a ride home with our friends. Harry nodded his head and said, “If you don't mind then I will take you up on your suggestion. He looked at Jack and asked if they could make sure his family got home okay. Jack said he'd make sure of it and Harry said bye to the kids and Ginny and left.

Harry went directly to the cavern under the house and stayed in there for an hour and got out feeling much better, but he'd have to be careful not to be strenuous and undo all that had been done to start the healing process. He was particularly happy he didn't have to use medications or take potions and have bandages all over him. He showered and laid down in his comfy recliner chair and instantly fell asleep.

At three o'clock in the morning everyone barged into the house talking loud and laughing hysterically. Harry got up quickly and smiled at the group noticing him and feeling guilty for waking him up. He assured them he wanted to wake up when they got home and asked for some highlights of the game otherwise he would have gone up to his bed. Ginny went to him and cuddled into his chest.

“I'm tired, love, I'm going to bed. Could you get the kids to bed?”

Harry hugged her gently and kissed her softly. “I'll take care of it, go on to bed.
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Hey guys, thanks for coming back even though I've skipped a week. I have been having the worst time with the software my story is written on. It keeps crashing and I have a hard time recovering it. Anyway, here is the chapter that was supposed to post last week. I hope you like it. This chapter is the final chapter that opens up the new story line. Some of the plot was introduced in previous chapters so hopefully the story arc will be suspenseful for you. Remember that we all love the Weasleys and need to be patient while things go badly for Harry. It won't always be like this but it will seem like it. So on with the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 3

Trouble At The Joke Shop

After Ginny went on up to bed Carson went to Harry and asked if he could check him out. “I've been concerned about you, but figured you'd call John or Jack to bring me home if you needed me. I assume you took a swim when you got home. You look a considerable bit better than I thought you would.”

Harry was happy and content to be home. Without thinking of anyone watching him he yawned and stretched pumping his muscles taut and nodded lazily. He focused on Carson when he nodded but before he could say anything Ron came in the house and complained loudly. “Can't you ever just be normal, Harry? What do you do all day long because every time I come over here you're showing off your body.”

Harry frowned and asked what he needed. “It's early, Captain, and I'd like to see my kids for a couple minutes before they go to bed. Hogwarts will be starting in a couple days, and I haven't been able to-” He looked despairingly at the floor and then said, “What do you need Captain?”

Ron said, “Rose said she left her cell phone here and since the game just ended Hermione figured nobody would be in bed and wanted me to come and get it for her.”

Harry said, “Its safe and secure on your dining room table. I saw it when I got home and after I cleaned up and rested for a bit I took it over. Don't worry though I didn't go inside. I just magiced it onto the table I saw through the blinds. I remembered that she had been grounded from having it yesterday so I wanted her to be able to have it when she was allowed again. And before you start correcting my feeble mind; I had to put the events of the last three months behind me so I could concentrate on playing and then trying to heal myself. My time frame is wonky for me right now. I didn't realize it wasn't yesterday that she got grounded from her cell phone. At least she has it now.”

Ron asked if he needed to see a doctor and Harry said he'd be fine and things would work out gradually. Ron moved cautiously and said, “I can't believe I was able to play the whole game. It was a lot of fun though wasn't it?”

Harry turned up one side of his lips in a small grin and said, “I would have been fine with watching rather than playing. If I could have had a day to rest and heal some I might have been able to.”

Ron looked quickly at John and the others. “Harry have you told them about the assassins; I mean you getting all of them. Did they help. Is that how you were able to get done so quickly? We figured it'd take several years if you lived through it.”

Harry stood up and went over to Lily who was asleep leaning on Teyla's shoulder. James and Albus were sitting up but their eyes were glazed over from the excitement wearing off and trying to stay awake to visit with their father. “Let me get my kids to bed, Captain. How about you come over tomorrow afternoon and you can listen while I tell them. I need to see to my family, my children will be going to Hogwarts and I missed their whole summer... again.”

Ron didn't say anything for a few seconds so Harry stirred Lily and his sons. He told them to go onto bed and he'd see them in the morning. They didn't want to go to bed, but Harry insisted that he was going to bed as soon as Ron left. They said good night and went on to bed and Ron grinned and sat back down.

That was a good bit of acting there, mate. I even believed it for a minute. Then I realized you just didn't want your kids to hear about all the fighting and killing you had to do.”

Harry looked sick for a minute and then he said, “I wouldn't lie to my kids, and I don't plan on talking about it anymore tonight. It's going to be time for breakfast in a few hours and I'd like to go to bed and sleep. I haven't slept in a bed since the night before I left here. Good night, Captain.”

Harry's wand appeared in his hand and he swished it and pointed to the back yard. “Your cabin is ready for you guys. I hope you all sleep well. Good night. Ron, put the perimeter barrier up after you leave please. ”

Ron turned red in the face and said, “I guess he's mad at all of us. What did you guys do, I didn't think he'd ever be mad at you guys. You're his favorite people in the world.”

Carson said that Harry was just too tired and needed to get some decent rest so he can heal properly. Ron said, “Yeah, I understand, but like he calls John, big brother or brother. He has a bad case of hero worship for you, John, like no one is worthy to walk on the same ground as you. I haven't seen him look at you or heard him say anything to you since I've been here tonight.”

John shook his head and said, “Harry is just tired and in a great deal of pain. We'll see how he is tomorrow. Good night Ron.”

Ron waved and said good night and left. Harry climbed in bed as quietly as he could, but when he tried to lay his head on his pillow he hit something hard. He caught his breath and sat up quickly. Ginny jumped and asked what was going on. Harry said he was getting in bed and hit his head on something hard on his pillow.

“Oh no! I'm sorry Love,” she giggled and said, “I wanted to wait up for you to come to bed. I got that book out to read but changed my mind because I was too sleepy. I'm sorry; I got in a habit of reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open and then just put the book on your pillow when I was done for the night.”

Harry chuckled and said it was all good. He propped himself up on his side so he could see his wife and smiled as he stroked her face gently with his thumb and then took a lock of her hair and let the heavy silky strands run through his fingers. He looked into her eyes and let his hand slip under the covers and slide over her hip and to the small of her back. He leaned in to kiss her and the phone rang. Ginny jumped and said, “Who in the world would call at this hour?!”

She slid out of Harry's arm and rolled over to answer the phone before it rang again so it wouldn't wake the kids. She could tell from the ringtone it was Ron or Hermione.

“Hello, and this better be good!”

Ginny sat up quickly and said, “Calm down, Hermione; he isn't here. Hang on I'll ask,” she said as she looked at Harry.

“Hermione is angry because Ron isn't home yet. Did he go home, or is he still visiting with John and them?”

Harry shook his head and said, “As far as I know he left. I put the cabin up and said good-night to everyone and came to bed.”

Ginny told Hermione what Harry said and a few seconds later said, “Hermione, he may have went to the pub or something, can't you call his cell phone?”

Ginny sighed and said, “Ron isn't answering his phone and she's afraid something happened to him because when she told him to come here to get Roses phone he said they'd get it tomorrow because he was tired and he wanted to get to bed.”

Harry sat up and went into the bathroom and ran water in the sink and Skryed for Ron. He came back to Ginny and climbed back in bed and told her, “He's with George at the Joke Shop having a serious discussion.”

“Hermione, just calm down and talk to him when he gets home.”

Hermione must have said something upsetting from the way Ginny acted because she changed her tune rather suddenly and said she'd have Harry go get him. But Harry shook his head and said, “I'm too tired, Gin. It isn't safe for me to go out when I'm overly tired. I can't protect myself or anyone else. Ron will find a way to call if he needs help. Tell Hermione he'll be home soon and not to worry about him.” Ginny glared at Harry and spoke into her phone, “He'll be there as soon as he gets dressed.

Harry got up and got dressed without saying a word. She looked at her husband and watched as his demeanor changed in front of her very eyes. The gentle loving husband who just minutes before was about to make love to her changed into a man without expression but his eyes burned with contempt.

He told Ginny he'd be back as soon as he could but not to wait up for him. He said things aren't always as simple as they look, so just go on to sleep in case it takes more than a coupe minutes; because whenever he gets involved things go wrong. She looked at the phone and said, “Hermione said for you to take him home.” He shook his head once and said, “Sure thing; should I tuck him in bed? Oh and hey; I could maybe sing him a lullaby too.” And then he disappeared and appeared outside the joke shop and went in since it was unlocked. The business was dark with the exception of a security light and the lighted EXIT signs. He walked carefully to the back where he heard voices. He wanted to stop and listen at first, but he kept on walking. George was saying that Harry was too dangerous to be around and it wasn't a good idea for Ron to work with him when he went back to work.

“But, George; I like being an Auror. Harry trained me and he's been nothing but good to me. And he says I'm good at it. He depends on me; we're best mates. I think you're wrong about him. He isn't a murderer, those assassins had it coming if he killed them. You said earlier that you needed me to work with you because you're having a hard time working alone. I understand you miss Fred, we all do, but you two had a special connection and I don't want to be a disappointment when you find out I can't be Fred. Honestly though, I have been thinking of working with you again as equal partners as in part owner. I was going to talk to Harry tonight when I went over to get Rose's phone, but he went to bed right away.”

“But what about all those times when you told me you couldn't stand working with him? Some of those issues were resolved but others weren't. What about how he always acts like he knows everything? What about feeling bad for Ginny for being his wife because she's alone all the time while he's off doing so called secret things? And why is he butting his nose in our family, calling our parents Mother and Father?!”

This did strike a sour chord with Ron and he said, “I know, it makes me mad when he does that, but they're just slips of the tongue when he's overwhelmed with pain or something.”

“Yeah, he wants you to think that's the reason, but he's just taking what's not his. He doesn't have any right to call them Mother and Father; not when he caused Fred's death and lost me my ear.”

By this time Harry reached the two talking men and said, “Excuse me, but I was called and asked to give Ron a message. Hermione called and said you won't answer your phone and you haven't called to let her know you went someplace else. She was upset because she thought you were still at my house, but then got worried when Ginny told her you left. I'm supposed to take you home.”

“How long have you been spying on us?! You don't have any right breaking in here and listening in on a private conversation. I think I'll press charges; I have a right to do that you know. As a matter of fact, I have a right to protect myself and Ron. Here we are having a conversation when we discover an intruder and had to use our wands on you to protect ourselves. If only you had called instead of just sneaking in on us like this.”

George drew his wand and Harry raised his arms to show he wasn't armed and not moving so George wouldn't think he had just cause to curse him. He glanced over at Ron who was standing with his mouth hanging open in shock.

Harry said, “George, you don't have reason to draw on me. I came here to get Ron. Hermione called and is worried about him; let me get him home. I wasn't listening or spying on whatever you two are talking about. Honestly I don't care, just let me take Ron home.”

Without warning George cursed him with a freeze spell. Before Harry could undo it George spoke a chant and green light came from his wand and hit Harry in the throat and then down to his heart. Harry was choking and blood gushed out of his mouth.

Ron screamed at George to stop that he was killing Harry. He tried shaking his brother but couldn't move him. Harry finally broke the spells and George was tied up and Harry was holding George's wand. He fell to the floor on his knees and Ron bent down to help him.

“Harry, are you okay? What did he do; I didn't understand what he was saying but I will say this, that looked like Dark Magic.”

Harry quickly swallowed some potions and then very weakly said, “No, I'm not okay, and yes, he was using Dark Magic. Call Hermione and tell her you are okay and you'll be home as soon as we sort out George.” Harry held a small bottle in his hand and looked at George.

Ron said, “What should I tell her? George called me just as I was about to leave your porch and then my phone died when I tried to call her to tell her I was going to see him because he sounded like he was having a problem.”

Harry looked at him and said, “So, tell her that; tell her what you just told me.” Harry handed him his cell phone and told Ron to use his to call Hermione. “But you know, you could have sent her a Patronus. Meanwhile I'm going to scan his memory and try to find out if he was cursed or what. I'll be done in a minute. You don't have to stay, but I would like to have a witness and if I can't get him sorted I'll be the one who needs help getting home.”

Ron was straining to hear Harry and couldn't hardly stand to look at him. The blood gushing from his mouth slowed down to a steady trickle down his chin and onto his chest, and he wasn't breathing well at all.

Before Harry did anything he asked George if he could search for the memory of learning the curse he used and take it from him. George nodded his head and said he didn't want that in his head and would be grateful if Harry could remove it. “I don't know why I asked to be taught that, I don't even know what it was I did or what it does. I mean obviously you are bleeding is it supposed to make you bleed to death?”

Harry heard Ron telling Hermione he would tell her everything when he got home; so he waited to take the memory from George so he wouldn't be taxed with distractions from Ron. He took his phone back when Ron handed it to him. Harry said, “This is going to be rough on you, George, because you will remember what you did and all your thoughts because there are too many conflicting things that happened. If I tried to make you forget everything then there would be too many holes in your memory and you'd be forever searching for something missing in your mind.”

Ron watched his older brother and then said to Harry, “Listen mate, I need to turn in my badge and be partners with George. He's in a bad way and needs me. I didn't know he suffered so much from losing Fred.”

Harry tried not to let his disappointment show but Ron saw it. He didn't say anything because he knew Harry was also in a lot of pain and didn't want to make Harry talk more than he needed to. Harry swallowed with difficulty and said, “I understand how he is right now, but can you give him some time to get over this first? He will be like a new man once he has all this out of his system. I don't want to sound needy, selfish or anything saying how much I need you. So I'll say this; you always wanted to be an Auror and you're a very good one. You provide a great service to our people and you help make our world safer.”

Ron laughed nervously and said, “Harry, you don't need anyone to help you. And besides, George is my brother; you're just my friend, best friend, see? I mean to say; rather I didn't mean to say just my friend it's just-”

Harry looked away from Ron and said, “Right, got ya. Forget I said anything.”

George looked up and said, “Harry, I can't believe this; can you ever forgive me? I'm so sorry.”

Harry nodded his head slightly and said, “Are you okay now, George? Do you need me to explain anything or do anything for you?”

“No, I'm good, Harry. Go ahead and take my memory and then take Ron home and then you go on home. We can talk tomorrow about what you find out.”

Stepping forward to be close to his brother-in-law he put the tip of his wand over George's temple and closed his eyes in deep concentration. His search was tedious work and very tiring. Ron saw him move his wand in minute movements and wondered why it took so long. It seemed to him that he could find it quicker if he moved in wide circles or something of that nature. He studied the effect this was having on his brother and was glad to see George didn't seem bothered by it at all. Finally Harry slowly pulled his wand away with silvery wispy strands and put them in the bottle he had.

“If you don't have any questions then I'll be leaving now, George. I'll let you know what I find out with this memory. Thanks for letting me have it. I'm hoping I'll also find out who cursed you when they taught you the dark magic you used on me. Just out of curiosity; do you recall anyone coming here and talking about Herpo the Foul?”

George said it sounded familiar but he was too tired to think. “I'll think about it and get back to you on it though.”

Harry said good-night to him and then took Ron by the arm. He appeared inside Ron's house out of phase so he could see if they were a danger to anyone who might be in the spot they would appear and found that they were standing uncomfortably close beside Hermione who was looking out the window. Harry still gripping Ron's arm pulled him back a few steps away from her and then came into the same phase. Hermione jumped when she saw them and started to yell at Harry for just appearing inside when he always yelled at them for doing it. But Ron grinned and said, “Wow, Harry, that's wicked! I wish I could do that.” He told Hermione how Harry got them there and then said, “Harry needs to get home and take care of himself. George nearly killed him. I told you I'd explain everything when I got home. See ya Harry.”

Hermione gently took Harry by the elbow and asked what was wrong with him. “You look awful, Harry, What happened?!”

Ron said, “Let him get home and get some sleep, he'll be better in the morning. Come on I want to go to bed.”

When Harry got home he sat on the porch swing to get a second wind and thought about the curse George used on him. It was Dark Magic and he wondered when George learned it. He would study the memory he obtained from George tomorrow if he was able. He stood up slowly holding his heart and shook his head hoping he would make it to Ginny before anything else happened to him. He wasn't feeling well at all and his concern was that George may have done permanent damage to him. Maybe he'd have Carson check him out in the morning.

Harry laid down on the bed with Ginny before he cleaned up or changed into nightclothes. He didn't even take off his foot ware. Ginny huffed and rolled away from him. She snapped over her shoulder, “I hope you got Ron home safely. It took you long enough. Don't even think about picking up where we were when we were rudely interrupted.”

Harry whispered, “Ron is safe.”
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Dear friends and loyal readers. I have been sick and admitted into the hospital. I have been here since the 18th. Will finish more later. Please pray for me m
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You are in my prayers, as always. Get well soon, my dear friend.
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It is with a heavy heart I have to inform you all, Connie passed away, 10th April, 2020. We just wanted to keep you guys, who enjoyed her stories in the loop. It took me a little bit to figure out this website but I think I'm posting in the right place? Sorry if not.. But. If you'd like to pay your respects to Connie, Please do so here, she has a guestbook where you can write to her, and we'd appreciate that too. Thank you so much for reading her stories, we appreciate how much these made her happy.

- Connie's daughter in law, Carly.

Stormdancer: If anyone would like to see Connie's obit, or write in her guestbook, the link is on her profile.

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