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Default Answers Come The Hard Way Sa+16
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

I will be posting all my One Shots and Short Stories on this thread, so I will do a disclaimer for all of them now. Just in case someone comes on this site and doesn't know who JK Rowling is, she is the inventor and incredible author of the Harry Potter series. I don't follow Pottermore, so if I have written anything that goes against what she says then just please forgive me. Also, as this is a crossover with the Stargate Sg1 and Stagate Atlantis the characters and themes from those shows belong to MGM studios unless they have sold them. I hope you like these one shots and short stories. Let me know what you think? This story begins immediately where it left off in Epiphany. The main theme of these one shots is finding out who created the Army of Goblins; why was Lucius Malfoy's mind adjusted; and the Religious artifacts or relics that Kingsley is wanting Harry to help him find. Do we trust Kingsley will not try to get the Elder Wand, Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility? I don't know, he is pretty persistent, and he is an Ancient after all. After we get these things figured out, there will be more adventures as life goes on.

Table of Contents One Shots and Short Stories
Answers Come The Hard Way
Thanks For The Memories
The Raging Storm
Mens Sana Corpore Sano
And So It Begins
Harry's Bondage
Heart And Soul (part 1)
Heart And Soul (part 2)
In Search Of Normal
Upside Down And Inside Out
Short Story: To Serve And Protect And Beholden To Nobody
Chapter 1 Innocence Takes A Peek At Rebellion
Chapter 2 Rescue At Hogwarts
Chapter 3 The Bird Caged
Chapter 4 Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!
Chapter 5 The Third Floor Secret Discovered
Chapter 6 The Saving Of Chevron
Chapter 7 The Pedestal Of Fancy Pudding
Chapter 8 Yesterday,Today, And Tomorrow
Chapter 9 The Downfall Of Leviathan
Chapter 10 The Explanation
Chapter 11 Gifts Of Love
Chapter 12 The Reveal And The Hiding
Chapter 13 The River, The Curse, The Cure
Chapter 14 Repulse, Retrogress, Reunify
Short Story: The Bird And The Cage
Chapter 1 A Chance To Make Things Right
Chapter 2 Crossover At King's Cross
Chapter 3 Albus Has A Plan
Chapter 4 The Investigation
Chapter 5 A Secret From The Past
Chapter 6 Another Secret Confession
Chapter 7 Hermione's Career Choice In Jeopardy
Chapter 8 A Quickly Thought Out Plan
Short Story: Missing In Action:Harry Potter And John Sheppard
Chapter 1 The Wonky State Of Mind
Chapter 2 The Escape
Chapter 3 One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others
Chapter 4 The Explanation
Chapter 5 John's Wrath - Harry's Compassion
Short Story: Secret Mission
Chapter 1 Family Reunion
Chapter 2 Trouble Is Brewing
Chapter 3 Draco's Anguish
Chapter 4 Harry's Day Just Got Worse
Chapter 5 The Truth Will Out
Chapter 6 World News Divulges Disturbing News From The U.S.A.
Chapter 7 Memories And The Rhythm Of Flashbacks
Chapter 8 Hard Truths
Chapter 9 A Very Important Guest Visits The Potter Family
Chapter 10 Harry Tries His New Potion
Chapter 11 Harry's Official Report
Short Story: More Trouble Than Harry Can Keep Up With
Chapter 1 The Birthday Party That Wasn't
Chapter 2 An Invitation Gryffindor Verses Slytherin
Chapter 3 Gay and Gale
Chapter 4 Beautiful And Practical Discipline For Lily
Chapter 5 Dealing With Young Love
Chapter 6 Gifts From The Heart
Chapter 7 Winky Sorts Out Harry
Short Story: An Investigation Of Natural Deaths
Chapter 1 Hermione Steps Out Of Line
Chapter 2 Memories Of The Tri Wizard Tournament Haunts Harry
Chapter 3 Close Call On Atlantis
Chapter 4 Rodney Gets Schooled
Chapter 5 Surprise Visitor At The Ministry Of Magic
Chapter 6 Nipped In The Bud Before It Bloomed
Chapter 7 Truth And Consequences
Chapter 8 The Injured Bird
Chapter 9 Choosing A Puppy For Albus
Chapter 10 A Good Visit And A Bad Nightmare
Chapter 11 Harry Meets Rodney's Sister
Short Story: Harry And The Less Fortunate
Chapter 1 Hermione Hires A New Auror
Chapter 2 Todd's Day Begins With Doubt
Chapter 3 Hermione Has A Meltdown
Chapter 4 The Painful Truth
Chapter 5 Todd Learns From The Best
Chapter 6 Harry's Compassionate Explanation
One Shot: Minerva's Unusual Request
Short Story: The Return Of The Toad
Chapter 1 Avada Kedavra!
Chapter 2 Things Don't Go According To Plan
Chapter 3 Sunshine At The End Of A Dark Day
Chapter 4 Little Lost Puppy
Chapter 5 The Toad Twice Removed
Chapter 6 Pain Does The Thinking And Talking
Chapter 7 The Inspection And The Failure Of The Code Inspector
Chapter 8 Mystery Solved And Harry Gets A New Home
Chapter 9 The Green Eyed Monster Rears It's Ugly Head
Chapter 10 The Moonbeam Fairy Potion
One Shot: Percy Does The Right Thing
Short Story: Zeus's Clever Trick
Chapter 1 Zeus Sets A Plan In Motion
Chapter 2 Consuming Hate Drives Harry To Take Drastic Measures
Chapter 3 Cause Enough For A Headache
Chapter 4 Harry Explains His Trickery
Chapter 5 Ginny Becomes Fearful
Chapter 6 Harry And The Rabbit Hole
One Shot:The Talk
Short Story: An Enemy From The Past
Chapter 1 Off To A Somewhat Good Start
Chapter 2 A Bur Under Ginny's Saddle
Chapter 3 Something Is Terribly Amiss With Harry
Chapter 4 Essence Of Ginny
Chapter 5 The Story Of Unfortunate Events
Chapter 6 When Life Isn't What We Know It To Be
Chapter 7 Mayhem In The Kitchen
Chapter 8 A Lesson Learned The Hard Way
Short Story: Skiing, Lunch, And John Joins Harry's Detective Agency
Chapter 1 Albus And Lily Gets Carried Away
Chapter 2 The Tale Of How Harry Learned To Ski
Chapter 3 Harry's New Employee
Short Story: Clyde Is Delivered
Chapter 1 The Rescue
Chapter 2 The Early Christmas Gift
Short Story: Looking Forward To Christmas
Chapter 1 Through The Ice
Chapter 2 A Special Invite For Christmas
Chapter 3 Incident With The Potatoes
Chapter 4 Harry And Hermione Have A Serious Talk
Short Story: The Unusual Christmas
Chapter 1 Unexpected Guests On Christmas Day
Chapter 2 Lunch And Questions With The Malfoys
Chapter 3 Harry Finds Out What Is Ailing Harry Potter Elf
Short Story: Harry Learns Of A New Enemy Older Than Him
Chapter 1 A Disappointing End Of A Friendship
Chapter 2 Ideas Are Formed And Plans Are Made
Chapter 3 Harry Learns Shocking Details
Chapter 4 Harry's Homecoming Was Not What He Expected
Chapter 5 The Story Of The Ice Giant
Chapter 6 Harry’s Incredible Story Has The Best Ending He Could Hope For
Short Story: The Promises Harry Made
Chapter 1 The Promise To Settle In John Doe
Chapter 2 John Finds Out He Will Be Working With Wizards
Chapter 3 Traveling On The Road To Recovery With A Monster
Chapter 4 The Promise To Find The Truth Of Harry Coon's Mother
Chapter 5 The Promise To Fix Things So Carson Can Go Home
Chapter 6 All Is Not Well On The Home Front
Chapter 7 Harry And The Board Of Education
Chapter 8 Harry's Promise To Find Tormane
One Shot:To The Edge Of Reality And Back

Short Story: Nagini Strikes Again
Chapter 1 Hermione Learns Harry's Secrets
Chapter 2 Harry Saves Arthur's Life
Short Story: An Old Enemy And A New Galaxy
Chapter 1 Rodney Discovers A New Galaxy
Chapter 2 Elizabeth Weir
Chapter 3 Where In The World Is Harry Potter?
Chapter 4 Harry Has A Painful Story To Tell
Chapter 5 Harry Can Finally Go Home
Short Story: Promises Kept
Chapter 1 The Homecoming
Chapter 2 Hermione's Decision To Banish Harry To Atlantis
Chapter 3 The Fix
Chapter 4 Too Much Of A Good Thing
Short Story: The Wrath Of James
Chapter 1 James Fights His Dad
Chapter 2 Understanding Why
Short Story: It's Always One More Thing With Hermione
Chapter 1 Learning To Be Responsible
Chapter 2 All Knowing About All Things
Chapter 3 Harry Takes His Only Chance
Chapter 4 Quiet Time For Albus And Harry
Chapter 5 Carson's Unexpected Delight
Chapter 6 Harry Is Ignored By Ginny And Lily; But Not In A Bad Anger
Chapter 7 The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back
Short Story: The Hand Harry Is Forced To Play
Chapter 1 Arrows Through The Barrier
Chapter 2 The Assassins And Harry
Short Story: Harry Comes Home
Chapter 1 Harry's Unwanted Surprise
Chapter 2 The Quidditch Game
Chapter 3 Trouble At The Joke Shop

Answers Come the Hard Way

A/N Where we left off:

Harry played in the Quidditch game and was told he had to catch the Snitch or his children would be killed. The real reason was because the Snitch was charmed to notify Tom Riddle when he could appear to kill off Harry. Things didn't go well as planned because Harry destroyed Tom Riddle and Ludo Bagman and all his ilk. Harry died in the end process of destroying Riddle, but the Ancients brought him back to life. Harry was gone for 42 years in Ancient time, because time is relevant to the Blackhole the Ancient's world is tied to. When the Ancients were done healing Harry, and teaching him new information they deemed important for him to know, they brought him back to his family. He was gone from his family for three days. Harry still has to recover from the game and fight on the outside because the Ancients don't heal anything on the outside to keep people from becoming suspicious. I want to have Harry have residual effects from the years of hardship and violence he lived through and fought in to give support to real heroes who fight for our countries. They endure so much and many go untreated from stress they went through. I have Harry being emotional, and kind of moody and still, even though he is alive he doesn't seem to be able to understand it all. Some of this is due to the fact that until he became able to fight for himself, many died in his place. So, please be patient with him. I hope you enjoy these one shots and short stories. I hope you drop me a comment for them. Thanks for reading. Please let me know if there are any questions.

And now onto: Answers Come The Hard Way

Harry and Ginny appeared hand in hand at the gate entrance to the Burrow. They walked in talking quietly with each other and looked quite content. Molly smiled and hugged them both and asked anxiously if they were on their way to get Lilly from America.

“No, Mum, Lily is caught up in the sights over there. She’s seen pictures of Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Canyon and asked could she please stay the rest of the week to see them. Jack and Sam took time off in case we said she could stay. So, she won’t be home until Friday,” she added seeing the disappointment on her mother’s face.

Molly smiled and nodded her head while she said that she was sure she’ll have a wonderful time and how good this trip would be for her. “You know your dad and I went there one time, to the Grand Canyon that is, after we were first married. It really is quite beautiful and-”

Her sentence hung in silence as Molly’s stare became non relevant to her surroundings. She smiled and said, “Lunch is nearly ready… Harry dear, would you go out and see if you can tear Arthur from that flight simulator you got him so he can come in and eat? He is excited to see you about something. Don’t dawdle too long though if you please.”

Harry glanced over at the stove where a pot of water was boiling. However; the potatoes were still sitting on the sink to be peeled and cooked. A fine bit of skilled magic transferred the spuds to the pot, peeled and cooked. He politely grinned slightly and nodded his head as he went out the kitchen door. He was wondering why his mother-in-law was so pre-occupied when Harry suddenly slowed down and stopped in his tracks as he looked around the yard. Something seemed different. A slight movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked straight in the direction he saw the movement and noticed the remains of a very battered and mostly unstuffed scarecrow that had fallen partially over the fence in the unkempt garden. One arm of the long sleeved flannel shirt had completely lost its stuffing and was lazily waving in the gentle breeze. In the straw filled gloved hand of the other arm was a black Fedora. Had that been what caught his attention? He didn't think so. Whatever got his attention hadn't he also heard it? He put out his arms and turned slowly in a circle to detect any abnormal magic that would be common at the Burrow. He walked cautiously over to the garden fence, making sure to give the scarecrow a wide berth, and peered around the corner of the house. He stood up straight and put out his arm and grabbed hold of a dark bald headed man wearing black robes who was backing out of a large bush as cautiously as he himself had been. There wasn't time for recognition or even for Harry to ask who he was. The man turned swinging his free fist at Harry who then caught the fist coming at his nose and hit the man in the jaw.

“Kingsley?” Harry quickly stooped over and helped the man he just walloped to his feet. Kingsley rubbed his jaw Harry hit and shook his head to gather his thoughts.

“When did you get here, Harry? I myself got here a few minutes ago. Molly called and invited me over for lunch. I was going to graciously decline but she sounded nervous, or unsure of herself, err something I’m not quite sure how to explain it. When I got here I saw someone duck around this corner. Whoever it was; they’re gone now.” He held out a vile with some silver liquid in it and handed it to Harry saying, “He left in a mighty hurry and dropped this, much to his regret I’m sure.”

Harry suspended the vial in air and swiftly waved his wand around it. Fingerprints appeared on the glass and he touched each one with his wand and then touched the wand to a notepad that appeared in his hand. After that he put away the notepad and touched his wand to the vial and uttered something barely audible and the silver potion turned a sickly green color. Harry smelled the small amount of potion left in the bottom and then put a cork in it right after which it disappeared into his Mokeskin pouch.

Kingsley had become excited when Harry was using his wand, but only until he saw it was the wand he took from Draco nineteen years ago during the war. Still, he watched Harry work and tried his best to stay out of his way. Finally the younger man pulled out what looked like a newly modified Deluminator. When Harry clicked the switch on and turned around holding the object in front of him he began following tiny droplets that became visible, to the hen house. He stepped inside and found the sickly green mess throughout the nests and on the hens themselves. Harry stepped outside and sighed. He turned on the Deluminator again and walked over every inch of the property and made small talk as he watched through the instrument in his hand.

“Are you ok Kingsley? Have I ever seen you without your head covering; and when did you start wearing black?” Kingsley said he had been to a meeting with the Wizengamot and he always wears his black robes to them, and his wife had gotten him the hat because she liked the look of them better than his normal head covering. Harry nodded his head glancing sideways at the man for a better look.

“I take it the scarecrow, which by the way is charmed to swat at anything that comes near it, grabbed your hat then?” He finally put the instrument in his pocket and took out his wand and waved it so quickly around the property that Kingsley didn't have a chance to look at it before Harry put it away again. He looked at Kingsley with anger in his eyes and said, “Someone has tried to poison Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

“Did I hear my name mentioned? Oh hello Harry, Kingsley. Is Ginny and Lily here as well then?” His smile was infectious and Harry smiled back. “No, she won’t be back until later in the week; change of plans. Ginny is in the Burrow with -”

All three men turned to the house abruptly as Molly called out for them to come in and eat. “Come on now you three. Everything is getting cold!” she said forcing herself to be pleasant, but they all knew she was a bit angry.

Ginny frowned and then smiled gently at her and rubbed her back affectionately. “Come on then, it’s all good, Mum. Let’s eat, it smells wonderful.”
“Arthur; what has become of the chicken coop … and the vegetables?!” All eyes went to where the small building had always been but before anyone could look any further or say anything, Harry spoke up calmly. “I’m afraid I had to get rid of your hen house and chickens. I also skimmed the top layer of dirt off of the ground around here and the side of the Burrow and I had to get rid of your vegetables; I’m very sorry. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, has anyone been around that you know of?” Molly put her hands to her face and looked wide eyed at Harry and answered softly, “Hermione stopped over this morning on her way to take Hugo to school. They had breakfast with us... me.” She glared at her husband who in turn looked confused with her demeanor.

Harry looked at Ginny and asked her to go get Hermione and Hugo. “You might need to go with her to get Hugo from school. Take them inside right away when you get back,” he said quietly as they stepped into the house.

Harry put his arm through Molly and Arthur’s elbows and guided them to seat them at the kitchen table. Harry took a syringe from the air and gently took Molly’s arm and soothingly told her he needed to draw some blood to look at it.

“I’ll need some from you as well, Mr. Weasley.” He looked at his in-laws and asked if Ron or anyone else had been over.
Molly answered, “No one has been here today until just now when you showed up. “Is Ginny not coming?” She looked around Harry at the door expecting Ginny to walk in.

A few minutes later, Ginny, Hermione, and Hugo arrived and hurried into the house. Hermione was practically dragging Hugo. “I don’t know what got into him! When we left here I said we were going to school and he just started crying and said he couldn't go to school. Ginny said something is wrong here. What is it?”

Harry stepped in front of Hugo and squatted on one knee while he sat on his heal, smiled in a comforting way and asked him why he was crying.

“I don’t know Uncle Harry, I just don’t feel right, and I hate school, and Thomlin keeps on making me mad thinking he knows everything and he says I’m stupid. And that old chicken pecked my hand right here and it hurt real bad! Mum said it was ok, and I thought it was but now it hurts so bad! And Rose said she would write to me and she hasn't not even one time and I know she hates me now that she is all important going to Hogwarts. And why does Mum want to take me to school? I’m not in school yet. She just wants to get rid of me.”
Hugo’s sobs turned into rivers of tears and loud wailing.

Harry looked at where the hen had pecked him with his instrument he used outside to follow traces of the potion. There wasn't any trace of the potion on his hand so Harry asked if he gathered the eggs with his other hand since this one got pecked. Upon the boy nodding yes Harry rubbed the spot sympathetically and kissed it to make it all better. He looked back into the eyes of the young boy and explained what happened to cause him to feel the way he is feeling.

“Your mum is right sweetheart. Normally a peck on the hand is nothing to be alarmed about. You already know this I’m sure. But here’s the thing; somebody put poison on the nests and when the hens sat on them and laid their eggs, the poison got on them and the eggs. Now it is on you and Grandma and probably Grandpa.” He looked at Hermione, “Did you eat anything this morning, Mum?”

Hermione shook her head, “No, all I had was a slice of toast and some tea.”

Harry said he needed to draw blood from her after he was done with Hugo to make sure nothing is in it. “Your introduction to the poison is minimal due to your contact with Hugo. Hopefully you won’t be infected much. We don’t know when this was introduced or how often it had to be reapplied. We’ll get it figured out.”

He tweaked Hugo’s nose and told him a very silly joke that made Hugo laugh hysterically. While he was laughing Harry drew the blood from him and laughed at the silly joke Hugo told him. When he was done he took out his tool again and looked through it over the entire kitchen.

“Mrs. Weasley, do you have anything in your apron pockets?” When she shook her head curiously he snapped his wand and the contaminated apron disappeared. He searched the rest of the house with Hugo following his every step asking one question after another nonstop. When they returned to the kitchen Hugo was the one looking through the tool. He handed it to Harry when he asked Hugo to tell him if he found anything suspicious. While Hugo gave him a negative report, Harry smiled and stroked the top of the boys head.

“Thank you, son; tell Daddy you were a very good young Auror for me after you have your medicine ok? Make sure you keep that purple glove I put on you, on, so you don’t spread the poison.”

“OK, Uncle Hawee.”

Hugo sat down and stuck his thumb in his mouth and closed his eyes humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Harry became serious again and told the adults, “Go ahead and eat while I look at this. Please don’t worry, we’ll figure it out. I’m going home to use my office and lab, and then I’ll be right back with the cure.” He used his Legilimency skills to quickly tell Hermione and Ginny to watch Hugo and Molly closely.

Kingsley started to go with Harry but Harry said he should stay there in case someone returned to find the vial he dropped. “I’ll call Ron to come over and run the fingerprints for me while I find out exactly what is in this potion. Things can change very quickly and Ginny might need help before I get back. You see how Hugo has already before our eyes reverted back into a child five or six years younger than what he is.”

Harry kissed Ginny and said he’d be right back and then he disappeared without a sound. When he got home he called Ron to come over immediately.

“What’s up Harry; what is so important I have to miss work? You know you shouldn't think you can be away from work for two years and then suddenly come back and think you can start ordering me around.” He narrowed his eyebrows together and tilted his head curiously but then huffed and sat down turning on the TV. Harry turned off the TV and said, “Well obviously you have been to your parents house and eaten eggs recently. Give me your arm so I can draw some blood.”

He quickly told Ron what had transpired so far at his parents’ house. The red headed man turned white in the face. “I went over for a few seconds this morning to check on Mum and Dad. Mum made me an egg sandwich and I couldn't turn her down. Dad was already in the airbus tester thingy; Mum was quite upset with him for spending so much time in there. She said she’s going to ask you to talk to him about it. She’s really mad at you too for making that for dad knowing it would take all his time from the yard and garden.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “It must be why she wanted us to come over for lunch today. She called us this morning.” He sighed saying he didn’t mean to cause problems making that for him. He shrugged his shoulder sadly and gave him the notepad and pointed to the computer. “Go ahead and download the prints into the computer and see if they match any in the database. I’m going to start on this potion and cure.”

Harry’s work was impeded by Ron’s sudden anxiety and had to keep consoling him; telling him his family would be fine to just concentrate on the prints. Ron became indignant and said, “It’s easy for you, you don’t have any parents and none of your kids had any of those rotten eggs! You know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of when we were looking all over the country for those lousy Horcruxes that you didn't have a clue where they were; starving and freezing; and you got all happy because Ginny was tortured for trying to steal that stupid sword! You beat all, Mr. Harry the hero Potter, I can’t stand the sight of you let alone smell you right here in the same room. This insincerity you have for MY parents proves you don’t have any right to call MY parents, Mum and Dad! You make me sick! You probably think you look like something wicked cool; what with your blue jeans and tight, too small for you, white Tee shirt.”

Harry stopped looking through the microscope and turned around to look at his angry brother-in-law. He knew it was the poison making him say these things, but still he couldn't help wonder where the thoughts were coming from. Ron always had a problem with jealousy and insecurities, but had been able, Harry thought, to finally put it behind him. He looked down at himself and shook his head. He’d have to ask Ginny if he looked like he was wearing clothes too small for him.

He turned back to the microscope to continue his work on the potion and asked Ron some questions. “Have you been to your parent’s house to eat before today?”

Ron thought and said, “No, I haven’t eaten there in a few weeks… not that it’s any of your business,” he added with a sneer.

“Except for today right; you haven’t eaten there for several weeks other than today?”

“I said as plainly as I know how that I have not eaten there for several weeks, and that includes today! Get it? You’re so thick in the head Harry; how did you manage to kill Voldemort? Voldemort was many things, but at least he was smarter than you.”

Harry turned once again in surprise and stared at Ron for a few seconds and then ignoring what was said, turned his back and began looking through the microscope asking, “Have you noticed your parents acting differently in any way lately, like being pre-occupied or forgetful?”

Ron jumped up and grabbed Harry roughly and turned him facing him. He hit Harry across his jaw with his fist and then shouted, "Expulso" pointing his wand at Harry’s chest where the knife wound from the fight with Tom Riddle was healing. Harry flew backward into the study wall with blood pouring from his chest. He got up and pointed to Ron causing him to sit down and then he tied him up. Harry stumbled clumsily to the desk, clutching his chest and gasping for air. He leaned on the desk and closed his eyes for a few seconds and then opened his eyes to see Ron glaring at him.

“Obviously this is way more serious than I first thought. The longer you have been exposed to this potion the faster you succumb to the total effects." He quickly finished looking through the microscope and said, “Well, the good news is your dad doesn't have any in his bloodstream, so today must be the first time they tried this. He isn't under the curse. Your mum is however; and her dose is as high as yours.” He rolled his eyes at Ron and said, “Thankfully she is sweet natured and it will take longer for her to become a skunk like you. Hugo has quite a lot in him also. The only thing this will do to him is cause him to revert back to infancy. Hermione’s infection is very minimal. Thankfully, I can make the cure now and it’ll only take a few minutes.”

He set to work on the cure and after a moment came back to the office and sat down at his desk. He took a picture of the finger prints and downloaded them into the database he had assigned Ron to do. After a few seconds he called Carl from work and told him to take a couple Aurors to 3131 Mockingbird Lane and arrest a man named Franklin Stein. He added that Ron and Kingsley would be in later to explain.

Harry got up and went back into his lab and a few minutes later came out saying he was ready to give Ron the cure. By this time Harry was very white in the face and he was doing all he could do to stay conscious. Ron looked at him with loathing and began yelling as soon as Harry took the lip lock spell off of him. He not so gently squeezed Ron’s cheeks hard to force his mouth open and poured the potion down his throat. He closed and held his mouth shut so Ron wouldn't spit it back out at him. A couple minutes later, Ron stopped fighting Harry and just sat staring at him with shame in his eyes. Harry let his hand fall off Ron’s mouth and held up three more bottles.

“Give your mum the largest one and give Hugo this smaller one and Hermione the smallest one. Give this to Kingsley; according to the fingerprints, it’s the file on the villain who did this. You guys can question him, but it says here he is friends with Bagman, so, he is probably trying to get back at your dad for working on the evidence I brought against Bagman. I think this morning was the first time the potion was used, but check with the rest of your family to make sure nobody else had any eggs, chicken, or vegetables and felt weird afterwards. Your mum didn't remember you being there this morning. By the way, Mr. Stein was waiting for you under an invisibility cloak and walked right in with you this morning. You didn’t feel anyone touch you?”

Ron shook his head and said, “I did feel a moment of confusion, but then I got over it. The git must have Obliviated me.”

Harry untied Ron and gave him the bottles and the file. He put his hand over the knife wound that Ron caused to be worse than when Tom stabbed him. He felt like he was on the verge of passing out from loss of blood and the pain was intense. Harry handed Ron his special Deluminator telling him to check his place after he had his family taken care of.

“Go, Ron, you need to treat your mum, Hermione and Hugo. Ask Ginny to stay and help her mum until she can cope without her. Maybe call Bill, George, Percy, and Charlie to see what you all can do about getting her a new hen house with chickens, and somehow replace the garden with… I don’t know; just help her find a way to cope. She loved having them, and I've taken them from her. I need to go upstairs and-” He shook his head and mumbled for Ron to just go as he stumbled for the steps.

Ron ran to him and said, “Harry, I’m sorry mate; let me help you. I don’t know what happened.”

He tried to take Harry’s arm but Harry stopped and looked at him despondently and said, “Ron, your family is in danger, get over there and help them. It doesn't matter what happened here. I’m Harry Potter and I can’t do anything about that. You are Ron Weasley. If that upsets you then do what you can to fix it, just leave me out of it. Personally, I thought the Ron Weasley I grew up with was the greatest mate a person could have. I fantasized that we were brothers and was thankful for the blessing of you being my friend; you were my hero because you wanted to be my friend even though I was different and stupid. These last twenty five years have been brutal for me. Not just the Tom Riddle reason, but not knowing why my being Harry Potter made you think less of me the older we got. You not only disliked me but you resented me too. What did I do Ron? I haven’t changed any of my principles or morals. I am the same person I was when you asked to sit with me on the train the day we met. I have been through too much to deal with this Ron; my mind and emotions are very fragile right now. Just go help your family.”

Ron Disapparated and Harry asked for Winky to help him. She appeared and got Harry upstairs to tend to him. “Winky is being upset this nonsense is happening to Master. Winky is being sure Winky can walk beside Master and destroy any chance of Master getting hurt again.”

Harry shook his head and told her she wasn't to take on the responsibility of being his bodyguard, and that it was the poison that caused Ron to hurt him. When Winky was done she told him he needed more help inside of him to keep him together. Harry went back downstairs and sat on the couch and then twisted around and laid down with his hands over his stomach and chest. He would call Jack to see if he could go see Dr. Beckett after he rested for a minute. Sleep came instantly although he was deeply troubled.

The next thing he knew Ginny was sitting beside him mopping his face with a cool washcloth telling him he was going to be ok. He was shivering and realized his body was traumatized with Ron exploding the knife wound he got from Tom Riddle last week. He swallowed and focused on his wonderful wife. Life was great since he came back and he knew she never really believed he was a traitor, not really. She was just so confused about everything and was trying to protect the kids.

Harry smiled and took her hand and held it over his heart and closed his eyes again. He wasn't going to let the morning events get him down. He opened his eyes and asked if her family was ok.

“We’re fine Harry; everyone is fine thanks to you.” Molly brought a blanket to cover him due to his shivering with fever.

Harry dreaded the, “thanks to you line.” He said, “Kingsley is just as much to thank as me. And Ron was helpful also. We can just all be thankful the problem was discovered in time to be fixed. Has anyone heard from Carl? I sent him after-”

Kingsley spoke up saying the guy was arrested and it was as Harry thought, “He was taking revenge on Bagman being arrested. I guess there’ll be residual repercussions of Bagman’s tyranny for a while, but it’ll pass in time.”

Hugo knelt beside Harry and put his hand on Harry’s shoulder. Harry’s eyes opened and focused on his nephew, “Uncle Harry; thanks for helping me. I was such a big baby and I’m ashamed for how I acted. I’m sorry you got hurt, are you going to be ok? … Dad said it was the poison that made us act the way we did.”

Harry swallowed and put his hand on the side of Hugo’s small face, and then nodding put his hand on around to the boy’s neck and pulled him to him and kissed the top of his head. He hugged him gently to him and said, “It was the poison, son. Don’t feel badly about how you acted, it wasn't anything to be ashamed of.”

He patted the boy’s shoulder and rubbed the dampness from his own eyes as Hugo raised his head and smiled at his Uncle while he rubbed tears off his face with the back of his shirt sleeve.

Hermione stepped into view and thanked him for saving her, Hugo and Molly. Harry smiled slightly and shook his head in protest, but then realized he was lying down on the couch without a shirt on and he suddenly became aware of people being there.

“Hermione, I’m sorry.” He sat up gingerly and magiced a shirt on. He stood up carefully looking around. “Who all is here? What time is it? Has Lily called yet?” he asked seeing it was dark outside.

Everyone stepped around him and Mr. Weasley said, “It’s just us Harry; me, Molly, Ron, Hermione, Hugo and Kingsley.”

“And me, Love. I’m here too. It’s eight o’clock; you've been asleep for nine hours. We had a terrible fright. My necklace appeared nearly complete for an instant but then transparent for hours and then remained a shadow for most of the day. I still feel the weight of them. Ron told us what he thought happened after he gave Mum and Hugo the treatment. And I’m sorry, Love, Lily did call; she says she loves you and she’ll call tomorrow night. Can you tell us what happened?”

Harry shook his head, with a great weight of sadness due to missing his little angel’s call. He missed his kids enormously. “Please, if Ron told you what happened then we don’t have to talk about it anymore right?”

Ron stepped over to him and put his hand gently on Harry’s shoulder. “Come on mate, sit down and reserve your strength. He sat down as Harry sat down. A groan escaped Harry and he clamped his jaws tight. Beads of sweat popped out on his face and neck. Harry’s breathing became labored, short, and shallow. He pressed his hand on his wound hard. And then he unexpectedly said he needed to lie down and fell over Ron’s shoulder.

The next thing he knew he was waking up in bed with Ginny sitting beside him and bathing his head again. “Good morning, beautiful.”

Ginny blinked quickly to clear her head and to wake up all the way. She smiled at him. “Good morning, Love. Lissy’s been here and found out what happened. She said that Ron’s spell blew up the whole area where you were knifed. And furthermore; the weight of your muscles pulled the wound apart inside and if you hadn't pushed on it like you did that the Aorta would have been torn from your heart and you would have died. She said you have to stay in bed for at least a week.”

Harry nodded his head in agreement but frowned. “It was scary; I’ve never known of that spell being used on a human. I could feel it ripping… and stuff. I don’t think we can know the extent of the harm that has been done inside me. It doesn't feel right… I won’t be able to take you for a surprise now. And we won’t be able to get Lily.” Harry stopped talking and turned his head to look out the window.

Ginny got up and took away the bowl of water and washcloth. She knew that when Harry became quiet like this it was useless to try to talk to him. She longed for the day to come that he would be happy like when they were first married. The twinkle in his eyes is only there to be seen when he wakes up. It then is only minutes before it is gone and sadness creeps in.

Sirius knocked lightly and Ginny opened the door. “How’s our boy this morning?” he said walking over to his godson’s bedside.

Harry turned his head and swallowed slowly. He gripped Sirius’s hand and squeezed it. His throat was getting constricted so he just shook his head slightly and closed his eyes forcing a single large tear to run down the side of his face. He heard a phone ring, and Ginny’s soft voice very far away. And then he didn't hear anything but he didn't care; he was going to sleep.

Too soon a hand on his shoulder shaking him gently brought him around. “It’s ok, I’m sure he’ll want to hear this; it’s important to him!”

Harry opened his eyes and looked around. He was still gripping Sirius’s hand and his throat still felt constricted. Everything was the same except Ron was there shaking his shoulder telling him to wake up and look what he had.

Harry cleared his throat and asked what was going on. Ron’s eyes lit up and he smiled at Harry like he did when they were at Hogwarts and Ron had just come up with what he thought was a brilliant plan. Harry smiled genuinely and the twinkle danced into his eyes. Ginny and Sirius grinned happily at each other, grateful to see Harry respond this way.

“What’s up Ron? Have you had breakfast? I’d offer you some, but sadly I don’t think we have any food in the house. I haven’t had anything to eat since this time yesterday.” He winked at Ginny and she jumped up and said she’d bring something up right away. He held her hand and frowned. “I was only teasing Honey, I’d rather you stay with me if you can.” He looked at Ron seriously, “What’s up Ron?”

Ron smiled again and said, “That git that poisoned mum and dad has a very interesting past. I've been working on my own when things are quiet at work, and I asked Wes to help if he can. Well; anyway, that git, Stein, is related to the Malfoy ancestry. Remember you said you thought Lucius was being brainwashed and was being trained to handle a sword? Well, Wes and I have been watching for any arrests made with names connected to the Malfoy’s; and this git’s ancestry is related four generations back. Wes actually found it this morning and told me. I was looking into the Blacks ancestry to see if Narcissi’s family was tied to the Stein’s bloodline before Lucius and that’s when Wes showed me what he found out. And on top of that, you’ll never guess who the cousins were chums with!”

Harry stared at Ron in total surprise and blinked and then swallowed. “Families of Olivander and Florean Fortescue?” he ventured quietly.
Ron’s mouth dropped open and he slowly nodded. “How did you know? Did you know what I told you too? How do you always know everything?” He shook his head in disbelief and then laughed.

Harry felt bad for guessing and smiled unable to hide his delight. “Ron, that’s great … really. Thank you for working on this for me. I didn't know what you found out about Stein. I was going to go check him out when he was brought in though. I have always been suspicious of the disappearance of Florean Fortescue. It’s a shame though because I really liked him. I wondered if maybe he was like Sirius; you know, a Black sheep of the family. Maybe he rebelled against his family and that is why he disappeared. Olivander is a man I have never trusted or liked from the first time I met him.”

Harry’s eyes stared ahead and the noise of the room went away and the thoughts in his mind became the main focus. ‘Would Ron really work on this with him? Would he stay loyal to him through until the end, even if things became dicey?’ His weariness overcame him and his frayed nerves completely relaxed. He jumped and his eyes flew open. He wasn't aware that he had fallen asleep. He took several deep breaths and saw everyone looking at him. He knew that he not only startled himself by jumping, but he startled everyone else as well.

He grinned, “Thanks Ron, it really means a lot to me. Thank Wes for me too. You guys did really well. I have a good place to start when I’m able to get around again.” His eyes went shut again and his thought went to other pressing issues. Was Kingsley looking for other Church Relics; and also that he needs to be on his guard always with the man. Harry saw the desire to see his wand when he was using it the day before. He still is suspicious it is the Elder wand and that it still has its function. While he was laid up would be the perfect time to work out a way that would satisfy Kingsley once and for all.

Harry was sleeping and everyone got up to let him rest. Ron asked after they were out of the room why he hadn't eaten yet. “How can he go so long without eating?”

Ginny smiled sadly, “He just keeps falling asleep. At least he is able to heal in the comfort of his home instead of out there who knows where, healing himself. I’m so happy he’s home. I called Jack and let him know what happened and he is going to get Dr. Beckett to come see him. John will bring him and Lily will come home after Harry is able to be up and about. That way there won’t be any questions as to why her daddy is worse than before she left instead of better.”

Ron looked around to see if anyone else was in earshot and quietly said, “Ginny, I was really mean to Harry and I feel awful about it. I’m going to see a shrink about my insecurities and selfishness. I thought I was getting better, but obviously I’m not. I just wanted to let you know. And could you tell Harry that what I said about Mum being really mad at him was just my jealousy running away with my brain. Mum had said she was going to have Harry talk to Dad something about him being in that thing he made Dad.”

Ginny interrupted him and said, “Mum told me what that was about. Daddy wanted to tell Harry because it’s thanks to him that this happened. Daddy got his Pilot’s license. Can you believe it?!”

Ron’s mouth dropped open and then he laughed happily. “How…when did this happen? I can’t believe it! Is this a good thing? I mean, you know how excited with Muggle things he gets. He might be way up there and start marveling about the instruments or something and go into a tailspin or something.”

They both laughed heartily and Ginny hugged him, “Ron, I’m proud of you for wanting to get help with your issues you’re not happy with; but please don’t ever lose your sense of humor.”

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Thanks For The Memories

Ginny ran into the sunlit bedroom and flung a suitcase on the bed with so much excitement it slid across and nearly fell off the other side of the bed even with the waves of the waterbed bucking it. She stopped its progress and summoned it back within her reach. Laughing at her exuberance she said to herself, “Now Ginny, calm down and stop acting like a schoolgirl who has just been kissed for the first time by the boy of her dreams.” She turned on her stereo with the volume blaring and began singing and dancing as she packed the suitcase with things her and Harry would need for a couple days. She didn’t know what to pack because her husband had kept it a secret where he was taking her, and for how long they would be gone. Normally this would have caused stress for her, not knowing what and how much to pack, but not this time or ever again. She was happy, so very, very happy.

She picked something from her closet and began twirling around the room with a formal gown against her as if she were dancing. How long had it been since she and Harry had been dancing? She stopped and frowned, never; they had never danced at a formal dance or any other dance. She sighed and reluctantly hung the dress in the closet thinking realistically that there was no reason to think there would be any dancing. As she made her way back to the dresser she grinned and skipped back to the closet and grabbed the formal and carefully put it in the bag. Then she put a Tuxedo in for Harry. She giggled, “I will not be realistic! I will be hopeful and prepared just in case.”

She finished packing and looked out the window at the birds singing in the tree by the balcony. Movement coming up the driveway caught her eye and she looked to see what it was. Right away she recognized Ron’s car. Ginny frowned. Although Harry hadn’t mentioned anything that went on the morning Ron nearly killed him, while he was under the curse, she knew it bothered him tremendously. She looked to her right and saw Harry walking over the top of the hill coming from the barn and stables. His gait slowed when he saw Ron’s car, and then he walked directly to the car as Ron stopped close to him.

Ron got out and grinned at Harry and Harry returned the smile slightly reserved. Ginny also noticed Harry stopped short of Ron’s reach. It saddened her that Harry didn’t trust anyone, but then she couldn’t blame him after what had just happened a few days ago when Harry was attacked by Ron. Her brother along with her mom, and Hugo were all under a curse, but that is beside the point she thought. Harry had tried to calm her down saying that things like this were bound to happen until people who were loyal to Bagman were satisfied Harry did the right thing arresting their beloved champion Ludo Bagman, and that he was just going to have to be more careful and watchful of everyone.

Ron didn’t seem to notice Harry’s reserve but began talking right away. He handed Harry a folder and talked happily as Harry looked through it. Ginny looked at her watch. Why was Ron here when he should be at work? She and Harry were supposed to leave shortly and she would be upset if something came up causing them to cancel their plans. She wished she could hear what they were talking about. Biting her lower lip in thought she wondered if she would be able to go downstairs and out the kitchen door and then sneak, without them noticing her, around to the corner where the tree would shield her from their sight. Just as she decided to give it a try Harry nodded his head and opened his hand in the direction of the house. “He’s invited him in! But we’re leaving in a matter of minutes! Please Harry, please don’t let something come up to cancel our Honeymoon. You promised me we would have this time to make up for all those lost anniversaries and the Honeymoon away from here we never got to take,” she thought wildly. She turned off the stereo and put on the best smile she could muster and started for the staircase. Stopping with a thought that would give Ron a subtle clue they were leaving she took her wand in hand and said, “Locomotor suitcase to Harry.”

Ron turned and ignoring the suitcase smiled at her widely and gave her a warm one armed hug. “I thought while I was here I’d come see you before you leave. I hope you have a great time sis. You two need a getaway.”

“Thanks Ron, that’s sweet of you. Do you know where we are going? Harry won’t tell me.” Ron looked curiously at Harry and then smiled nudging Harry and said, “I don’t know Gin, he hasn’t said a word to anyone. But then again, why should he; he doesn’t trust us anymore.” Harry sighed and shook his head and then went over and sat in his favorite chair. “Have a seat Ron. How are Hermione and Hugo doing? Have you heard from Rose?”

Ron sat down and swallowed. “Harry, I’m sorry I hurt you. And I’m sorry you don’t trust us anymore. I shouldn’t have been so tactless. It’s just so awkward now, but I really am trying to be the best mate you ever had...again.”

“It’s fine Ron; I’m trying too; can you be patient with me? It isn’t everybody else’s fault; I know I need to…” He leaned forward putting his forehead in his hands with his elbows on his knees. “My body, mind, and emotions are just in a funk right now. More than a few things are wrong with me, I can feel something hurting me but I don’t know what it is. It’s probably a mental thing I guess.” He put his hand subconsciously on his chest as he sat back in the chair. There’s just a lot I need to work out and get over. Sometimes I don’t know how…” He stopped and swallowed hard. His throat became tight and he just shook his head and looked away before the tears in the wells of his eyes fell down his jaws. He took a deep breath and said with a quiet, shaky voice, “You’re my best mate Ron, you always have been. Let’s just not force the issue.” He cleared his throat as he looked at the folder in his hand.

“Thanks for this excellent work, Ron, really, it’s great and is a big help to me. Tell Wes the same for me would you please? I’m thankful to have you working with me Ron. It really means a lot to me.”

Harry didn’t think much of the redness that came to his friends face. But he did wonder what he was meaning when he said, “What was I thinking when I said I wanted to be an Auror?! I think I mainly just wanted to be defiant against Professor Toadface.”

They talked for several minutes longer and even laughed at the letter Ron and Hermione had received from Rose. “Just like her mum that one is, and smarter than her old man for sure. And if you can believe it, she has a crush on Malfoy’s boy! It’s Scorpius this and Scorpius that. I ask you; who names their kid Scorpius!? She acts like she is disgusted with him; but Hermione reckons she has a crush on him. Girls are such an odd lot; a boy hardly has a chance.”

They talked for several more minutes and then Ron got up and said he needed to get back to work and left with a fond pat on Harry’s shoulder.
Harry put the folder in his desk and then looked at Ginny, “Are you ready to go?”

Winky came in and they said goodbye. Harry flipped his wand and the suitcase shrunk went into his pocket. Smiling anxiously he put his arm around Ginny’s waist and before she could blink they were suddenly in Minerva’s office at Hogwarts. Ginny looked alarmed but before she could say anything the headmistress came in and sat down at her desk.

“Hello Grandma,” I hope we aren’t too late. We had an unexpected visitor just now and I didn’t want to be rude and ask him to leave.”

The elderly woman looked up from her desk and smiled. “No, you are in plenty of time. It doesn’t start for another half hour yet. Hagrid is on his way up and is surely beside himself with worry that he has done something wrong.” She smiled at the thought of how happy their giant friend would be at seeing Harry. She looked at Ginny seeing the surprise still on her face and said, “Harry asked for permission to come and watch James tryout for Quidditch today. It is an unusual request, but one none the less I am happy to grant. As he said, he has missed out on quite a large number of his children’s milestones and wanted to see his son tryout. How could I turn him down even if I wanted to? And, Harry, I’m pleased you want to see Hagrid. I’m sure it will mean a lot to him.”

They talked for several minutes and Harry swallowed and got up to walk around in thought. He stopped at the window and just as his beloved friend Albus Dumbledore had done so many times, looked out over the grounds that he loved so much. It soothed him somehow and suddenly he became well aware of how his brain was full of so many things just like the deceased headmaster had told him about his on one occasion. He stole a glance up at the portrait and they both sadly smiled at the other knowingly.

Harry turned and faced the door as Hagrid strode into the room. “Minerva, if ya don’t mind, I hope this isn’t going to take long. I was hoping to watch James… Oh, hello Ginny, did you come to see your boy tryout? Is Harry ok; I heard he was nearly killed,” he stopped because just then he saw Harry turning from the window and took great strides to get to him quickly. “Harry, it’s so good to see you. I didn’t know you were coming. It’s so good to see you boy.”

Harry grinned happily and held out his arms to embrace his friend. He was speechless, but then so was Hagrid. Hagrid bent over enough to fold Harry gently into his great chest and cradled the quivering young man’s head in his massive hand against him.

“Been a rough road hadn’t it Harry?” he said hoarsely. “But you came through for us Harry, you saved everyone. Thank ye Harry; you’re a great wizard, and a greater man.”

Harry was sobbing and finally stopped and pulled away from his friend. “Hagrid, you helped me more than you’ll ever know. I wouldn’t have been able to do near enough without your help. Thank you.”

He slapped Harry in a friendly gesture on the back driving him forward and then steadied his friend. “Still a little wobbly on your feet I see. It’s ok; you’ve got nothing but time to heal up properly.”

Harry and Hagrid sat and visited for about twenty minutes and then Harry said they needed to go down to the tryouts. Hagrid headed to the door with Harry and then stopped abruptly and apologized to the Headmistress when she spoke his name. “I’m sorry Minerva, what was it you wanted to see me about?”

Minerva smiled and said, “I wanted you to come up and see Harry and Ginny. He called me last night and asked if he and Ginny could come today to watch James tryout and said he wanted to see you too. They are here secretly so as not to make any of the participants nervous. I want you to take Albus to the tryouts and sit with him close to the exit of the pitch so you can grab James and take the two boys to your place where Harry and Ginny will be waiting so they can see their sons for a minute before they leave.”

“It’ll be my pleasure, you can count on me,” he said puffing his chest out and smiling wide.

Before Harry left the office he looked around at the Portraits of all the Headmasters who died while in office. All of them gave him their attention, but for one who seemed to be sleeping. Then he saw Phineas Nigellus Black.

“Professor Black, Sir, I wish to apologize to you for the rough handling you received from myself and my friends. You were a great service to us and I want to thank you for that.”

The Portrait seemed taken off guard for a moment and then recovered his dignity and said, “Well, I suppose I can forgive the uncalled for treatment as you were only scared snippets running around not knowing what you were doing.”

Harry’s lips turned up in one corner and then he said, “Come now Sir, I did not say it was uncalled for. I figured out later that you had to act unwilling and bothered so we wouldn’t become suspicious, but you did go the extra mile in convincing us. Also; to be fair, we did not know this did we. So we had to do what we could to get information from you. Nonetheless; I am offering my apologies now for our inexperience in handling the issue with more diplomacy.”

The portrait raised one eyebrow and thought for a moment and said, “Very well then; apology accepted.”

Harry nodded his head and then waved to Minerva thanking her as he left the room. Ginny and Harry made it to the pitch under a spell of invisibility Harry put over them and sat high enough that they would be able to watch James without being heard talking to each other. They only had to wait a moment before they watched the team from the previous year enter with all the hopefuls following nervously. Harry looked about the stands and then the Pitch. His eyes went to the changing rooms and remembered the torture he had to endure only a few weeks ago.

Harry squeezed Ginny’s hand gently when they saw James walk in carrying his broom. Harry was pleased to see he was nervous but carried himself with confidence. “Look at him Honey; isn’t he beautiful? Just look at him; we made him. You’ve done a great job raising him Gin. Do you think he has a chance? Can he fly very well?”

Ginny’s heart fell as she realized Harry would naturally assume she would teach their children how to fly. She felt inadequate and started to tell him she hadn’t even once flown with them.

“Here hang on a second.” Harry let loose of her hand and then his Invisibility Cloak was over them and the charm was removed. “I wanted to see you as well as hold your hand. It’ll cover us both since we are sitting down.” He said something Ginny didn’t understand and then he smiled saying, “We don’t have to worry about the cloak blowing off or anything. We can even do some serious necking without anyone seeing us.”

Ginny gasped and smacked playfully at his advancement on her and said, “Mr. Potter, we came here to watch our son.”

Harry said James wouldn’t be called on to tryout until probably the last one, so they had plenty of time. His eyes had a twinkle in them and Ginny nearly jumped for joy at seeing them. She smiled coyly and pretended she was shy and gently pushed Harry away. He stopped for a second to look in her eyes to make sure she was playing. Ginny seeing the faint glint of fear in his eyes pulled his head to hers and kissed him full on the lips. He smiled and softly said, “Alright then,” and put his arm around her waist and pulled her snug up against him. His loose hand went up around the side of her face and gently pulled her in for another kiss. “I love you Mrs. Potter.”

Ginny kissed him again and said she loved him too. Then she pulled back and looked at him curiously, “How do you know he’ll be the last one? Did you arrange for him to be last to give us time to neck like school kids?” She grinned but then stopped when Harry became serious and nodded once toward the field. It was crowded with hopefuls and the stands were even filling up with other kids from other Houses.

“Because his last name is Potter; everyone will assume that if he makes the team it’ll be because he has a famous Quidditch player for his mum. Waiting until last everyone will be able to compare his performance with the other entrants. He has been judged before he even tries out.”

Oliver Wood walked out onto the field and with authority told everyone who was not trying out to leave the pitch and anyone who had not sit on a broom until this year to also leave. He looked at the large group still there and said, “Now, everyone who is not a Gryffindor leave before I bring you all before the Headmistress.”

Harry looked at Ginny with surprise, “What’s Oliver doing here? I just expected Madam Hooch to be here, but she must be getting up there in age wise and not able to teach flying anymore.”

Ginny shook her head, “I’m sorry Love; she died tragically the day you played in the Worlcup Tournament. She walked into the changing room to make sure the room was well equipped with towels and such for the teams after the match. She saw Bagman dragging you out from where they tortured you. She tried to stop them and Rita knocked her out, bound her, and hid her until the game was over. Wes would have been able to untie her, but he was following Bagman and Rita. He sent a Patronus to Ron and assumed that Ron would help her. But Bagman had charmed the Pitch by that time to keep any Patronus from being used in case you were able to send one for help. After the game and fight, Rita killed her as they tried to make their getaway. Regrettably, Wes had just gotten there and witnessed the whole thing. He had his video going to record the capture and caught the murder as well. He tried to prevent the murder, but was just too late. Filch had tried to stop them also, but all he was able to do was receive a very serious knockback jinx. They were both very upset to say the least. So, they, Hogwarts that is, found out that Oliver was available and asked if he would take the position. As you can see; he accepted.”

Harry sat still the whole time his wife was explaining and shook his head slowly in disbelief. “But, I read the paper the morning I came back and there wasn’t anything in the paper about it.”

“The family asked the papers not to announce to the public anything to do with her death. They didn’t want any suspicions to fall on her name because she was there with Bagman and Rita. Even though Kingsley and Minerva both begged them to let her story of bravery be told and the funeral announced, they insisted there was to be no mention of her death, and there would only be a small private funeral at the burial site. I’m sorry Love.” Ginny was afraid how this was affecting her husband and wondered if maybe they should go home.

Harry swallowed and nodded his head slightly to acknowledge his wife and then asked so softly she could hardly hear him, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

Ginny sighed softly and said, “Love when you came back, that was the only thing on our minds. And we left that morning to take the boys to Kings cross. Then we had the ordeal with the Wizengamot, and then Kingsley. The next morning we again had to deal with Kingsley and then my family. You’ve been healing and dealing with yourself and you seem depressed or something all the time, I thought if I told you it would make you worse. Then you started to seem better with your healing that your spirits seemed to pick up so I was going to tell you after we got home from dad and mum’s, but Ron nearly killed you and then you were sleeping the day after that, and now is the first time I’ve had a chance to tell you. But honestly, after all that, I forgot.”

Harry again nodded his head, but remained quiet. He stared at the field as if he were watching the tryouts. Ginny knew however that he didn’t even see them. She knew he would be playing that time back in his mind to see if there would have been anything he could have done. She huffed a bit impatiently with his brooding.

Harry looked at her and took her hand but was unable to say anything, but pleaded with his eyes for her to be patient with him. Then he smiled very slightly and spoke hoarsely, “It shouldn’t be too much longer now. It looks like they’ve gotten everyone except the Seeker and the Chasers. And would you look at Albus sitting beside Hagrid?” Harry chuckled a tiny bit and nodded his head at the two. “Look at how tiny he is sitting with Hagrid.”
Ginny smiled and said, “It looks like you went into the past. He looks exactly like you; except you wore glasses back then. And you really were that tiny when you met Hagrid. I thought you were adorable and I knew then I was going to marry you.”

Harry was grateful for her accepting his attempt to make her happy. He looked back to the remaining kids trying out. The Captain told them that he was going to keep the Seeker and Keeper they had last year, but he would still try them for second string. So far, it wasn’t looking very hopeful for anyone new getting on the team except for second string replacements.

Harry and Ginny looked at each other knowing how their son must be feeling right now. Then the captain said he would watch the Chasers tryout right then. They watched as the Captain called several of them off the field and dismissed them. He kept looking at his watch and then wrote some names on his clipboard. After dismissing all but six new kids he said that since he narrowed the field down to the best fliers then he would test their abilities. When he called James name and said he would get to him last; Harry and Ginny both sat up attentively. One of the girls had been very good and Harry suddenly said, “Their Chasers must have been seventh years last year. At least James has a better chance of making the team now.”

The next applicant flew forward when his name was called. He listened to the Captain and did the best he could, but made some awkward moves because of his nerves. The Captain switched out the Seeker hopeful for second string that was left. The next person to try out was another girl and she too performed well, but wasn’t as coordinated flying and throwing for goals. Finally he called James and looked at his watch.

Harry held up his hand spreading his fingers and Ginny gasped thinking Harry was going to help his son. Thankfully though the next instant Harry said something indistinguishable and she and Harry could hear what was being said as if they were right beside them.

“OK Potter, let’s see what you can do. I suppose your famous daddy and your famous mummy taught you how to fly. Maybe they think we should just put you on the team whether you’re any good or not. Go on; I need to see what I have to deal with let’s see what you can do.”

As soon as Harry listened to what the Captain said to James, Harry flipped his fingers towards the hopefuls as if something was stuck on them and they no longer could hear what was being said. Ginny looked at Harry in shock and a bit upset that he stopped them from listening.

“All I wanted to know is how the Captain addressed James. What James has to say is private between him and the Captain. We have no right listening in on a private conversation. I knew the Captain would bait James so I didn’t need to hear what he said, only how he said it to make James react. I could be wrong, but I think he only wants to find out if James is mature enough to be on the team if he does happen to do well. This Captain is very good to consider this at his young age. He must have had an excellent role model. If James feels he is treated unfairly I have enough faith in him to handle the situation correctly. Let’s just watch and wait to see how he does.”

Ginny whispered her objection as a mom thinking her child had been unfairly treated would react. “But he expects James to tryout without even being told what to do! He gave the other three explicit instructions, and just told James to go on so he could see what he can do; AND he made sure James knew he was anxious to get it done with!”

Harry squeezed her hand gently and said, “I have confidence James will find out what he is supposed to do; let’s watch.”

James looked up at the Captain and shook his head. “My dad wasn’t able to be home hardly ever. I have memories of him being home, but he mostly was always recovering from fighting Tom Riddle and all those horrible people. He spent his time with us teaching us principles and strong moral values to build a firm foundation to stand on so we can be strong and not cave in if others oppose what we believe in. He taught us how to watch over each other and to make every moment in life count for the good. He taught us to work hard and to play hard so at the end of the day we can be proud of who we are and what we can do so the day wouldn’t be wasted on laziness. He taught us to always give our best for others and to be part of solutions instead of part of problems. He told us to earn what we want and be thankful for everything and never take advantage of what we have. He taught us to be tolerant of the misinformed but not to the ignorant and to always be aware lest we become ignorant ourselves. The only time I have ever been on a broom with him or when he was around was when I was a baby; he took me for a ride on his broom. Dad loved us and taught us many things, and valuable lessons, but riding a broom wasn’t one of them. And mum didn’t teach us how to fly either. We learned from playing back yard Quidditch with my uncles and aunt who played for Gryffindor. They taught us all Dad and Mum’s moves so we could be as good as them. I had to beg Mum to let me try out for the team; she finally gave her permission so she bought me this broom. These last two years my dad was away training his body, mind, and magic to be able to get rid of Tom Riddle. Because of the constant attacks on him he was told he wasn’t safe to be around anymore, so for our safety, he left. But he kept in close contact with his Aurors to help if they needed him. He kept an eye on us and helped whenever we needed him. He was invisible during these times though so the enemy never knew he was there. I wanted to tryout last year, but my mind was on my dad wondering if he was still alive or not. I didn’t think it would be fair to be part of a team with my mind not 100% in the game, so I didn’t tryout. That’s another thing he taught us; “If you’re going to commit to something or someone, give 100% of yourself.” If you have a problem with me being a Potter and what my parents taught me, I’d rather not be on the team. But if there’s no problem, then you can tell me what you want me to try like you did with everyone else and I’ll do my best.”

The Captain smiled and said, “I’ll throw the Quaffle up and you catch it and try for a goal. You’ll have five attempts at catching it, avoiding the Beaters and make as many goals as you can. Good luck kid.” He smiled and threw the Quaffle up and magiced the ball to fly swiftly away from James. James mounted his broom and kicked off aggressively and flew to the big orange ball and grabbed it out of the air. He flew towards the goal and at the same time looked to see where the Beaters were. Their brooms were not as fast as James’s but they were getting ready to hit Bludgers at him. James swooped down low and then pulled his broom up sharply and flew straight for the goal at full speed. Just when the Keeper was about to jerk aside in fear of being rammed by an out of control kid on a broom, James threw the Quaffle through the outside circle and pulled his broom in a sharp arc to avoid hitting the Keeper.

Harry grinned and said, “I think he made the team.” Obviously Harry was more than just a little proud of his son’s abilities. The captain called James back to him and said, “Well, you can definitely fly expertly, just go up there and try to make four more goals and we’ll call it a night.”

James nodded his head and made the next four goals and the rest of the team flew in with him. The Captain told two of the kids they were substitutes and told James and the first girl, Madison, that they made the team. A look of pity came across his face when he told the hopeful Keepers that they did well enough for him to keep them in mind next year and then he told them that either one could possibly be chosen for second string Keeper in the event a substitute was needed. He told them to scoot on up to the castle because it was late.

“Hey Potter, hold up for a second. I wanted to let you know that my oldest brother knew your dad personally. My parents are both Muggles, who own a very small sandwich shop, and so is my oldest brother; a Muggle, that is. Half of us six kids are wizards. We lived in town and my brother set up a stand, to help Dad and Mum with money, just around the corner from where your dad’s detective agency is. He used to shine your dads shoes when he was around. Your dads shoes never needed shining, but he asked for the best shine my brother could give him. He always paid him for the amount charged and a generous tip. He also always seemed to have more lunch than he could eat or had time for and gave my brother the sandwich, fries and milkshake. When my brother said he couldn’t accept so much your dad said he was helping his cover; that he was on a case and needed the shoeshine to watch who he was tailing. My brother told us stories we could hardly believe and one day he said your dad saved his life. I only gave you a hard time to see what kind of attitude you had. If you were a spoiled brat of a rich kid, I wasn’t going to let you on the team even if you could fly well. I’m happy you made the team, and I want you to know that my whole family holds your dad in the highest regard. I have followed him all these years from clippings from the Rising Phoenix trying to emulate him because he is and always has been my Hero.”

James started to leave but was stopped by Oliver Wood. “You’re a fair talent just like your dad, son. I would love to see him again. He played on my team when I was captain. He won us the Championship one year. It would’ve been every year if things like nearly being killed didn’t keep happening to him. And you are also quite a bit like your mum. I played against her several times, before I was forced into retirement due to injuries, and we always lost to her team. She is a great talent. I will enjoy watching you play, but I will be impartial and fair to all teams. Good luck James Potter.”

Harry and Ginny disappeared into Hagrid’s hut and waited for Hagrid and their two sons. Finally they heard talking and laughing and the door opened with the boys following Hagrid. Albus told James he and one other person was the best new players on the team and grinned. James started to thank him and then knocked him sideways. He laughed at Albus teasing him. “Yeah right, Madison and I are the only new team members on the starting string, thanks a heap!”

Hagrid moved aside so the boys could see their parents and they both ran to them excitedly. Harry took both of them in his arms and held them tightly. “Hey guy’s, how are you doing, it’s good to see you. James, you did great, we’re both so proud of you.”

The boys pulled away from him and Albus looked at his hand. “I think we’re doing better than you are daddy.” He showed them blood on his hand from being around his dad.

Harry waved his hand over his son’s hand to clean off the blood and smiled, “It’s ok; I’ll have it taken care of after we leave here. Let’s just visit for the minute we have. You both need to get back up to the castle before you get in trouble. First tell me how your classes are, and James how you feel being on the team.”

They all visited and then Ginny told them they needed to get up to the castle and go to bed. She hugged them and told them how proud she was of them. Harry hugged them to him tightly again and said he would see them for Christmas break. After the kisses were given and words of love were spoken Ginny gently tugged on Harry’s shirt sleeve and said they needed to go. He let loose of them and they said goodbye and the boys ran up to the castle in time with Hagrid’s long stride.

Harry watched after them and then took Ginny tightly by the waist pulling her close to him and asked if she was ready to go. She nodded her head and the next thing she knew she was someplace she knew she had never been before.

“Well, it’s good to see you made it safely Mr. Potter. And this lovely young lady must be your wife. Mrs. Potter, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Harry speaks very highly of you. My name is Richard Woolsey. I am the leader of the expedition here on Atlantis.”

Ginny gasped and took the man’s hand he offered and said it was a pleasure to meet him. “I’m sorry, but Harry hasn’t mentioned you…”

“As well he didn’t, we are a secret to everyone except for military with high clearance and a few political people of governments around the world, Earth that is.”

Harry grinned and said, “This is where John, Rodney, Ronon, and Teyla are stationed. We are in the Pegasus Galaxy, and Ronon and Teyla are actually from here rather than our Galaxy of the Milky Way.”

Harry walked her out some rather large doors that opened automatically when they got to them. “Oh my…this is…this is…”

She looked at her husband who was watching her with a smile from ear to ear and with twinkling eyes.

“This is beautiful Love, breathtaking…three moons!” she murmured softly.” She looked out over the ocean Atlantis was sitting on and saw the beauty that Harry described as the most beautiful place you can imagine; when she had asked him where he had been for the two years he wasn’t home. She finally looked at him and said, “So you weren’t alone those two years. You were here with your friends.”

Her husband gave a quick smile for her happiness sake, but then nodded off in a direction and said, “No, Honey, I was on land quite alone. I didn’t come here until the night I left; which was the day before the Tournament. I’ll take you there as soon as I get my back taken care of. Hagrid opened it when he patted my back while we were in Minerva’s office. I thought for a second I was going to go through her desk.” He looked around as he heard someone walking up behind them.

“Mr. Woolsey said you just arrived, it’s good to see you. I was beginning to think I needed to go get you two.” John clasped Harry’s hand and was careful not to hug him because of the blood he saw on Harry’s shirt. He hugged Ginny and kissed her forehead. “Hello Darling, has Harry been misbehaving again? General O’Neill said there had been a serious problem with a curse or something.”

Ginny hugged him and kissed his cheek and then squealed with delight as the rest of John’s team walked out onto the balcony. Teyla and Ginny hugged and started talking right away. John and Harry looked at each other and John said, “It never ceases to amaze me at the way women can pick up a conversation the instant they get together even though they have been apart for weeks.”

Harry grinned and agreed with him. He looked back at John and said he needed to visit sick bay. “Is the doctor here or do I need to do it myself? And could Teyla show Ginny around while I take care of this?”

They parted ways with Ginny and Teyla talking excitedly, and Harry and the rest of the team taking him to the Infirmary. They talked and discussed things Harry had asked them to keep an eye out for concerning Ancients and artifacts.

They entered the Infirmary and Jennifer, the doctor, approached them with tight lips seeing the look of him. She knew before even seeing his back he was in trouble. She made him take off his shirt and told him to lie down on his stomach. She asked what happened and he told her briefly of the curse on his wife’s family and his brother-in-law using a curse on him that exploded the knife wound he was healing from, from when he fought with Tom Riddle.

“The thing is it keeps opening up keeping it from even beginning to heal.”

Jennifer narrowed her eyebrows in a fashion quite common for doctors who are perplexed with problems such as this. She got some soap and water and cleansed his back of the blood. Her first thought was what damage occurred between Harry’s chest where the curse entered and his back where it exited. She pulled a machine over him and scanned him. She stopped it and helped him roll back onto his back and then proceeded with the scan and then stopped over his chest and typed in some information she was seeing on the screen. She asked Harry exactly what happened and he told her what Lissy had said.

“The spell or curse followed the route of the knife and then exploded the area around it? I need to see exactly what happened. By all accounts, you should be dead. Your friend Lissy has done an incredible job of fixing the wound, but she, even being a witch, was at a disadvantage. Thankfully; I have this advanced Ancient machine that can reanimate the action and reaction your wound has undergone since the original wound that was inflicted by Mr. Riddle. You need to lie perfectly still. Do you still have nightmares when you sleep?”

“No, I haven’t had any since…since the day of the fight.”

“I noticed that you don’t tremble any either. OK, the best thing for you to do is go to sleep so your body is completely relaxed.”

Harry sighed and said, “Can you just stop the bleeding for now and do this stuff another time? I brought my wife here and I don’t want to spend our Honeymoon apart from each other.”

“Love, we won’t be apart; I’ll be right here the whole time. I want you to do what the doctor says.”

Ginny looked at Doctor Keller and John introduced them. “Thank you Doctor Keller, for all you did for Harry the last time he was here.”

“Please, call me Jennifer, and I was just doing my job; I am happy I was able to help him.” She handed Ginny Harry’s bloody shirt and said the area needs sterilized starting with the shirt. Ginny misunderstood and thought she was saying for Ginny to do it. She got out her wand and performed the spell to clean and sterilize quickly and Jennifer looked astonished.

“Thank you for that, but I only meant you could take his shirt and clean it so he would have it to put back on when I am done. I was going to call a team in to sterilize the area of contamination while Harry fell asleep, but you’ve done it wonderfully. And would you look at our Hero, he has already fallen asleep.”

She began poking keys on the machine and then finally she pulled up a stool and sat on it while she did nothing but watch the screen. John told Ginny to get comfortable on the bed beside the one Harry was on and told the rest of his team to go on to bed. He stayed and watched beside Jennifer the fascinating movie of Harry’s wound. Finally she whispered, “This is where he was first wounded.” She stopped the machine and typed in new commands and they watched the movie from the point of injury up until the present time. These images flashed bye at such a fast rate of speed it was hard to make out exactly what was happening.

As the machine showed the movie, a separate computer printed a file for the findings of the movie. Every now and then Jennifer would say things like, “goodness or oh my!” At last she told John that she would bandage Harry for the night and fix him in two days time after she studied the file in more depth.

“There are serious problems here that need to be fixed or he’ll eventually turn into a hunchback with paralyses over his entire left side. The good news is, as far as I can tell, I can fix the problems for good. I can’t make that promise right now, but hopefully I will be able to by the day after tomorrow. It will take me that long to study this and come up with the perfect solution.”

John stretched and yawned and gently woke up Ginny. “Doc is going to bandage Harry and then I’ll show you to your quarters for the rest of the night and she will be able to fix Harry in a couple days. She has a lot to study before she can do it. Let’s wake up Harry so she can bandage him.”

They woke him and helped him set up and talked to him and Ginny about what they saw so far while Jennifer put a thick tight bandage on him. John showed them where they would be spending the night and left for his own quarters. Harry was very apologetic to Ginny saying this wasn’t in the plans he made.

The next morning they got up and walked out on the balcony of their room. The sunrise was just as beautiful and breathtaking as the sunset they watched last night. She looked at the city sprawled out beneath them and the tall spirals that pointed magnificently towards the heavens.

“Love, you have made possible the best Honeymoon I could hope for. You are wonderful, and I love you so much. Thank you for bringing me here.”

Harry snuggled her to his side and said, “You haven’t seen anything yet. Let’s go to breakfast, I want to eat before the doctor has a chance to tell me I can’t. I don’t think she would keep me from eating, but you never can tell with doctors.”

They walked hand in hand to the mess hall and picked the food they wanted. Just as they sat down the doctor casually walked over and glanced at what Harry had on his plate.

“I forgot to tell you last night what you could have to eat today. But I can see you already chose sensible selections. Did you sleep well last night?”

She looked at them both when she asked her question so Ginny answered, “Yes, it was wonderful, I loved hearing the sound of the ocean while I drifted off to sleep. I don’t know about Harry because he was awake when I fell asleep and he was awake when I woke up as well.”

Jennifer looked at Harry reading his body language as she had been observing him ever since she walked in. “I understand the bandage is uncomfortable, but I do hope you were able to get the rest you need.”
Harry grinned just slightly; he knew he wouldn’t be able to fool the doctor.

“I’m sure I am rested well enough. I was able to sleep some, more than you I’m thinking.”

She smiled warmly, “You know, you remind me of someone. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet but I’m sure I will before you leave.”

John walked in oblivious of anyone around and picked up a tray and began filling it with cereal and fruits. He got a cup of coffee and started off for his favorite space only to find it already occupied. Harry smiled and asked him to join them.

John’s boyish grin and swagger in his walk brought him to the table as he recognized his friends. “I didn’t expect you two to be up already. But then I bet Harry wanted to get breakfast before Doc told him any restrictions.” He laughed happily sitting down across from Harry. “Are you going to join us Doc, or are you just observing.”

Jennifer smiled cheerfully and ignoring his comment said, “You look like you didn’t sleep at all last night. You look terrible.”

John looked at his tray and taking special interest to his spoon, he rolled his eyes up to look at Harry without moving his head and answered the doctor with an impish grin. “Aw now you’re hurting my feelings. I can’t help how terrible I look, I’m an ugly man. And for your information I did sleep last night; more than you I’ll wager. You look terrible yourself; which I dare say even Rodney will agree with me.”

Jennifer laughed and shoved his shoulder playfully. “I put my finger on it; Harry, I know who you remind me of.” She pointed to John and said, “This knot head right here. You two could be brothers.” She laughed and said, “Let me see you for a second Harry.” She put her hand on his chest and raised his arm but stopped when she felt resistance. She turned him and put her hand on his back and had him raise his arm over his head this time. She made a mental note and said, “I need to make some calculations on my instruments in the Infirmary. She gave a polite professional smile and told Ginny to have Harry in the Infirmary tomorrow at 2:00. “No lunch!”

They finished eating and Harry asked if he could borrow a Puddle jumper. John told him it was already cleared with Woolsey and to just make sure he is back in time for his doctor appointment. “Jennifer is small in stature, but she is a…”

“You are not about to say anything mean about my girl are you, John?” asked Rodney bringing his trey to the table. His smile told everyone he was teasing. He handed Harry a thumb drive casually and said offhandedly as if it wasn’t important to look at it after he gets home and feels up to it.

Harry thanked him and it disappeared from his hand into his Mokeskin pouch. He stood up and winced as he tried to square his shoulders. He waved to his friends and took Ginny by the hand. They left and walked up to the shuttle bay. He led her in the second one, knowing the first one was John’s preferred choice. Harry cleared the launch with the tower and left the city as if he had done this procedure for a lifetime.

Ginny asked him how many times he had driven the spaceship. He laughed and answered, “I flew it once for several minutes, but it is in my head how to operate it, because of the Ancient Gene in me.”

After a short time he flew low over some land. “From right here to miles in all directions including to the ocean we just flew over, I, we, own. This is what I was doing while I was gone for those two years. I built everything you see. I brought all these animals and some of the birds from Earth. I started a colonization of people from earth who work for Atlantis. Mostly, they supply the food for them. Everything you had for breakfast came from here. There are also Biologists and medical people here who grow the herbs for medicines I showed them how to make.”

Harry went on showing Ginny everything he had accomplished. At last he turned the Puddle jumper around and flew back to the land overlooking the ocean. He came to a small version of a beautiful Neoclassical styled home and landed. It was the perfect size for a family of five with ample room. This is the last place I built. I’ve never slept in it. I wanted to wait for our Honeymoon. I promised you I would take you someplace as far away as you wanted to go. You have never in all these years said where you wanted to go, so I hope this will do for you.”

He picked her up and carried her over the threshold kissing her as he stepped inside. “Welcome to your home away from home Mrs. Potter.”
Ginny looked around the house and said in a jubilant voice, “I love it! It’s so wonderful, Love.”

The next morning Harry woke up but stayed in bed with his wife whom he was still holding against him. Her head on his shoulder and her breath on his chest was something he had missed most of their married life together. Her arm was draped around his waist and her hand hung limply but he thought of it being on his back gently caressing him before they fell asleep. Her hair was soft and fragrant and he took a locket in his hand and held it to his face. He remembered holding a locket like this just before he died on the Quidditch field. He swallowed and tried to get the memory out of his mind when he felt Ginny stir.

He kissed her head and said, “Good morning beautiful.” And then he began to recite his wedding vows he had recited years before. She cried and kissed him passionately. After a while they got up and got dressed.

Ginny found the kitchen stocked and ready to use. She fixed them breakfast and after they ate she and Harry cleaned up the kitchen and then went back outside. Ginny was amazed at how much the world she was on looked like Earth and commented to Harry about it. They walked hand in hand and Harry showed her some differences such as some birds and animals that were indigenous to the planet. He showed her various other points of interest and finally he told her about the Wraith that plagued the Galaxy. Finally Ginny told him they needed to get to the city for whatever the doctor was going to do to him.

When they settled the Puddle jumper in the tower bay they found John waiting for them. He said, “Dr. Keller wanted an escort for you so here I am. I think I’m supposed to make sure you ate breakfast but didn’t eat lunch. I’m also supposed to see if you’re bleeding or not.” He arched his eyebrow and Ginny smiled with her answer, “Harry has been very good, and did nothing that caused his injury to open up and bleed. He also had a very nice breakfast, but has had no lunch.”

John grinned understanding Ginny’s information and touched his ear com and relayed the message to the doctor. “Doc, we’re on our way and Harry has been reported as having been a very good boy eating only when he was supposed to and has not engaged in any bedroom romps or any such activity otherwise that might cause his wound to open and bleed.”

He stopped abruptly and yanked his earpiece out of his ear and whistled rubbing his ear. “She … um…just acknowledged that she received the message.”

They walked into the Infirmary and Jennifer glared at John but politely told Harry and Ginny to have a seat for a consultation before she started the procedure she wanted to do.

“OK, now here is what has happened and why your injury isn’t healing. When you were first knifed the wound inside was healed by the Ancients. The layer of skin and just under the skin wasn’t healed. There were two instances where you did something that caused excessive pulling on the muscles in your chest that slowly began to tear from the wound back into your chest. It tore in a ragged pattern at first and then there was another instance that was an unusually hard jolt on you. This most likely was something that caused you to fall on your back with you fully tensed. This caused the tear in your muscle to rip straight through the muscles between your chest and back. At this point in time your wound was put back together by Dr. Beckett with your medicine that begins healing. Now, just a short time later as in days your brother-in-law cursed you with a spell that literally exploded your wound. You see here, all your muscles, veins, the Aorta, and shoulder blade is completely fragmented and obliterated. Also your lung exploded and of course deflated. This here, I’m sure, is you putting a spell on yourself to keep your heart from being part of things exploding. You were able to cause blood to flow through these phantom veins to keep you alive; and you somehow fixed your lung. A House Elf healed you next, but her magic only stopped the bleeding. John says that she can heal you internally if she turns you blue with electricity somehow. I’m thinking she couldn’t do this because you were too near death for the shock to your system. Now, look here. This is where things look like they have been fixed, but there was a very bad element of human nature that happened causing the spell that your friend Lissy used to not work correctly.”

Harry looked closely and said, “The explosion cauterized the jagged edges of my torn muscles. My blood was boiling and my muscles were cooking. Winky’s magic put the pieces together and stopped the bleeding, but when I tried to get up to put on a shirt the magic failed because of the air pockets where my phantom veins had been burst causing Winky’s magic to fail. When Lissy used the spell to repair everything the sudden shift of muscles and veins getting put back in place twisted around a bulge of the muscle that was … cooked … and is keeping blood pumping out of the bulge like a leak in a water balloon trapped in a vice.”

He looked at Jennifer and arched his eyebrows. She answered what she knew he was going to ask. “Yes, you need surgery. The good news is it will only take about an hour and a half. After another half hour of recovery; you’ll be able to continue with your plans for the evening. But I probably don’t have to tell you that you will be very sore for about two months, and that’s with you taking it easy. Let’s get started.”

Harry held out his hand and a potion appeared in it. “I suppose you want me asleep.”

Jennifer nodded her head and asked what he had and he answered, ‘It’s called ‘Drought of Living Death.’ He swallowed it and sat on the bed she was going to perform the surgery on and took off his shirt. He smiled at Ginny and reached for her hand as he became groggy. John stepped in swiftly and put one arm under Harry’s knees and the other arm around his shoulders and situated him on the bed.

The next thing Harry was aware of was pain in his chest through his back, and complete silence. He felt his chest and found it completely bandaged and wrapped clear around his chest, shoulders and back. His left arm was in a sling held tight against his ribs and stomach. Cautiously he sat up and swung his feet over the side of the bed. He magiced his clothes, boots and socks on and then stood up. Just as he was about to leave the Infirmary he heard the doors open and Jennifer and Ginny came in laughing.

“He should be waking up in a few minutes,” said Ginny happily. They both stopped short when they saw his empty bed and spun on the spot when Harry spoke quietly behind them.

“How are you feeling Harry,” asked the doctor looking him over and shining a light in his eyes. She put her stethoscope in her ears and put the other part over Harry’s heart and listened for a minute. She looked at him for her answer while she felt the pulse in his neck.

Harry said, “I feel strange, kind of light headed, and off balance. I can tell this feels right now though.” He had his hand on his chest where the surgery had been. “It is, as you said, sore to say the least. At least it doesn’t feel like it is ripping anymore. Thanks Jennifer.”

“You are light headed because you lost quite a bit more blood then I thought. It was bleeding into your chest, and you had several clots I was able to remove safely. You’re fine now though. Just do as I said and take it easy for a couple months.”

Ginny took his hand and led him out of the Infirmary and up to the shuttle bay where they found John waiting in his Puddle jumper. He was asleep on one of the passenger benches in the back of the jumper. Harry grinned and produced a long feather and began lightly touching John’s face with it. John turned his head and raised his hand to swat the pest away but his hand fell to his chest still asleep. Ginny clasped her hand over her mouth tightly to keep from laughing out loud. Harry again tickled John’s face, this time under his nose and around his mouth. John swatted at the pest and Harry swiftly withdrew the feather. Again Harry pestered his dear friend only this time he had several feathers tickling John around his eyes, ears, and nose. John swatted ferociously and rolled off the seat onto the floor.

Harry laughed as John looked around for a swarm of pests but only saw Harry and Ginny. He smiled and nodded his head with thoughts of revenge sometime in the future. ‘OK, OK, you got me; very funny. Ha, ha, ha, I’m just cracking up with your fun and games. Don’t think I won’t get even for this when you least expect it.” He laughed for real this time with Harry and Ginny while he went to the front of the jumper and sat in the pilots chair and said, “Have a seat and I’ll have you home in a jiffy.”

Harry and Ginny spent the rest of the week on the ranch and finally one day much to Ginny’s disappointment Harry told her they needed to leave just before dinner. They spent the day walking through the gardens and the nearby Forrest. They ate fruit they found along the trail and too soon, Harry looked at his watch and said, “It’s time to get ready. You’ll want to get dressed in that formal you packed and get all dolled up for your last surprise of our Honeymoon. The place we’re having dinner is very formal.”

John was soon there and picked up the couple. He was dressed in his Dress Blues. When they got in the Puddle jumper they found Teyla, Ronon, Greta, (Ronan’s new girlfriend) Rodney, and on his arm was Jennifer. To Ginny’s surprise were also Mr. Woolsey and Dr. Beckett.

Everyone was dressed in their special uniforms and formal ware. “What’s going on?” Ginny asked as they all sat down. “Is there a party place I didn’t know about or something?”

Harry chuckled and said, “Something, yeah.” He looked at the doctor and said, “Jennifer, I’m feeling a little out of place. Everyone looks like they’re going to Cinderella’s Ball and I look like the Farmer in the dale. Do you think you can check my bandage and stuff to see if I can be without my wing in a sling … for a couple hours? I promise I’ll put it right back on if I start getting bad off or something.”

She saw how hopeful he was so she lifted his shirt and checked his bandages. “It all looks good, let me see you put your arm down to your side, and then up over your head.”

Harry did as she instructed and was determined not to show any pain or difficulty. “Harry, you can’t fool me, I know body language better than the spoken word. How badly does it hurt?”

Harry didn’t give up and said, “Some, but not too badly.”

She grinned and said, “OK, but only for a few hours.”

John put in the dial sequence and told Harry he needed to hurry because they were ready to go through the Stargate. Harry waved his wand over himself and he instantly changed his attire into a very handsome black tuxedo with satin trim and a white silk shirt, a green cravat to match Ginny’s gown, and a green satin vest matching the cravat. He touched his wand to his hair and it became well groomed along with his beard and mustache.

He sat down and put his arm around Ginny and told John he was ready. They left and entered Stargate command on the other side of the Stargate they just traveled through. They all left and met Jack and Sam along with Lily. The three of them were dressed in formal wear also. Lily ran to her parents and hugged them both. Harry reached down to pick up his little angel and stooped onto one knee instead with the doctor clearing her throat loudly. She didn’t want him to pick her up and he knew she was right. So they hugged and kissed for a few minutes.

“Darling Angel, you look so big! Did I say you could grow up while you were gone?”

Lily giggled and said how handsome he looked and how beautiful her mum looked. “Do you like my dress? Sam and Jack got it for me. They said I look like a Princess! And look; I even have white gloves clear up to my elbows like you, Mum.”

Jack said, “We need to get going; we don’t want to be court marshaled for being late.”

Ginny asked Lily if she knew where they were going and she answered before Harry could tell her not to say anything. “Oh Mummy, it’s someplace you’ll never believe and Jack says there will be cake!”

They left the base by way of an Asgard beam and for a second Ginny thought for sure she had seen airmen and a giant window full of space and the Earth below them. “Are we on a spaceship?!” An instant later they were at an obscure place back on Earth where a long stretch limousine awaited them.

They all got in and took off on a short ride to the White House. Ginny’s eyes became wide and her mouth opened but nothing came out. They went in and met the President of the United States and his family. They went to a formal dining room and all the guests were seated. Lily invited the President’s son, who just happened to be her age, to sit with her and have cake. A big speech was made and the President rose and asked Harry to please come forward. Harry was the one who was surprised this time but went forward to the Presidents side, only slightly behind him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am honored to give these metals for Mr. Potter’s valiant and selfless act of true heroism in defending not only his home and country, but the entire world against the greatest tyrannical force the world has ever known. His sacrifice was above and beyond the call of duty and we owe him more than these metals and ribbons. Mr. Potter has bailed the Air Force out of near ruin. Also I am proud at this time to announce a colony, on a new world; he has created that is now being made available to select citizens from around the world to live. Tonight, if he’ll have us, I grant him status of Honorary American Citizenship and an Honorary General of the United States Air Force. Thank you for your service Mr. Potter.”

The President shook Harry’s hand and stood back giving the floor over to Harry for a speech. So many thoughts rushed through his mind. The horrible fight he won over Tom Riddle, but lost his life in doing; his being away with the Ancients for forty two years in their time; and finding his way back to his home, where time was only three days gone by, with his family safe and sound. He licked his lips and tried to clear his tight throat. The clapping quieted down and Harry looked at the faces of everyone present.

“I’m sorry, good people; I don’t know what to say. Surely I count myself honored to be given -” Harry felt his emotions about to overflow the top of his cup and folded his hands in front of him and looked down at his feet.
He looked up when he felt he had his emotions under control, though his eyes shone brightly with tears not yet falling over the wells, and said:

“When I was a child I thought as a child would who felt his world was unfair. I yearned for someone to be my hero to save me from my miserable existence. When I turned eleven years old, I began looking at what I needed to do to make my world just. When I was sixteen, I realized the Humanity of man was doomed if everyone thought like I did. The world isn’t mine to change so I can be happy or feel safe. It belongs to everyone and it is up to me to make changes in myself that will empower me to do what needs to be done for my life to be just and happy before I could expect to make any changes anywhere else. I realized something was missing; I needed to make a difference in major issues within myself. For four years I worked to fix these issues. I became aware of other people’s needs instead of my own. Their lives became more important to me than my own life. If and when people come to a realization that the world isn’t theirs, then those people pick up the Mantle and go out to make a difference. They don’t put their lives in the hands of others. Here, in America, they join the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines, the Army, the Coast Guard, the National Guard and secret agencies that are identified with letters of the alphabet, and other civil servant jobs such as the Police and many other admirable jobs of service.”

“But not everyone can join branches of the service and such, so they espouse for what they know to be right and just, for the people of their nation. They, in turn, support and honor their men and women in the service by living in the freedoms our service people sacrifice themselves for. Sadly, there are those who denounce us as savages, murderers and such, but its ok, not right, but ok, that they believe this; because we fight for them to have that freedom to say and believe what they want. We don’t sign up to become Heroes, we sign up to protect and serve so that our people, our loved ones, the humanity of man can live in peace and harmony. The world doesn’t need another hero so that the Humanity of man can flourish; not when there are good and loving people such as you who fight, to rid the world of those who would hold it in bondage. The same is for me as well; it is all I have done and nothing more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this honor you have bestowed upon me. I am deeply moved that you care-”

Harry stopped and bowed his head once more and then swallowed. He tried to clear his constricted throat and when he felt he could speak again he looked at the President and said, “Does, being an Honorary General in the Air Force mean I have to shave and cut my hair?”

Everyone stood to honor Harry as they laughed and clapped their hands. The President shook his head laughing and then shook hands with Harry.
Harry sat down with Ginny and said, “I’m sorry; I didn’t know that was going to happen.”

Ginny smiled elegantly and said with obvious pride in her voice, “I’m glad they did it. I’m so proud of you, Love. I wish everyone at home could have been here to see you being honored.”

“That’s just what I don’t need. Everyone always says I always do things to be a Hero. They would just-” He stopped and said, “I shouldn’t be negative. You’re so sweet to say such kind things to me. I’m glad you’re proud of me.”
They enjoyed their meal and finally everyone was escorted to a Ballroom where an orchestra began playing a Waltz.

Ginny gasped and put her hands to her face and then smiled from ear to ear as elegantly as she could, what with being so happy she was going to get the dance she had been wanting ever since they were first married.
Nobody was going out on the floor though.

Harry stepped in front of Ginny and held out his hand to her and said, “I requested to have the first dance for my wife. My beautiful Ginny, may I have this dance?”

He bowed to her and offered her his hand. She gave him her hand and he kissed it. He led her to the middle of the floor and led her in the waltz around the floor and when they went back to the center of the floor everyone joined in with Harry and Ginny leading the Waltz around the floor. The rest of the evening they danced and enjoyed the company of each other like they had never been able to before.

Harry led Ginny to the chairs for those needing breaks and motioned John to meet him there. “John, can I trust you to a dance with my wife, while I have a dance with my Darling Angel?”

Lily jumped up and took her daddy’s hand and said, “Oh thank you Daddy. Do you think we can dance without you holding me like we always do so I can twirl? My dress is perfect for twirling.”

Harry smiled sadly that his little girl was big enough to not need to be held by him. But then he was so happy for her happiness he chuckled and said, “Well of course you have to twirl, I mean, it would be a great shame to wear the perfect ball gown for twirling and not get to twirl.”

He put his hand on her shoulder and held her other hand in the traditional way one would waltz; and she rested her head on his stomach and had her arm around his hip but the music changed to a fast waltz and her head snapped up to look worriedly in his eyes. “I can’t dance that fast!”

“Step on my feet, Angel, and I’ll take you for a spin around the floor. Your dress will flow in the air and I’ll find a place for you to get some twirling in.”

Harry carefully, so nobody would notice, put a spell on her feet to stick to his, and he began taking small steps so it would look perfectly natural that she could stay on his feet. He went slow for about half a minute so he could adjust to the rhythm of the music and then said, “OK here we go.” They danced with Harry making small graceful strides quickly enough that Lily’s dress floated through the air around her. And then at the end of the song he took the spell off of her feet and lifted her off his feet and swung her up to the height of his shoulders, but not against him so as not to interfere with the flowing of her dress, and swung her in a few circles. Then putting her feet back on the floor he took her hand and twirled her until the music stopped.

When they got back to the chairs Jack and Sam took Lily and sat with some punch telling her how beautiful she was. John returned Ginny’s hand back to Harry and said, “I may have crippled her somewhat, but both doctors told me to tell you that you need to call it an evening anyway.” He looked at Harry seriously and said, “You look like you need to -”

Harry thanked John before he could say anything else and took his wife to the dance floor. He was however thankful that the dance was a slow dance. Harry held his wife close to him with his right hand gently grasping her thick long hair and his left arm around her waist; his hand resting on the soft skin of her lower back that her backless dress gave him access to. He made sure his fingertips were on the edge of her dress and not under it so he didn’t appear disrespectful of his wife. He smiled with an impish grin and whispered in her ear. A smile graced her beautiful face and she blushed with a sigh and softly said, “Behave Mr. Potter, and then kissed him gently on the lips.”

“You’re beautiful Mrs. Potter. Happy Anniversary and every other special day I missed ever since we got married. I love you. He rested the side of his head against the side of hers and they swayed together for the rest of the dance and the one after that; which happened to be the last dance of the evening.

The End

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Connie, thank you for these short stories. I'm sorry I took so long to finish reading them. I loved to read them. The second is my favourite, so romantic. I love the way you began and finished it, it has a feminine accent. I'm happy you give the opportunity of having her dance to Ginny and finally Harry has his wounds healed - although I can't believe he will be able to behave himself and take it easy for months. It's against his nature. I loved the Quidditch tryouts, love to see James in the team. You've described beautiful scenes in both stories that put my thoughts to fly away. Thank you.
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Hey Guys, it's time for another One Shot. This one picks up in the same time frame where the last one leaves off. I hope you are all enjoying the stories. Comments are welcomed.
Hey Ivana, thank you for reading and commenting. I am especially thankful because I know how busy you are. Thank you for giving me your time and thoughts.
I'm happy you give the opportunity of having her dance to Ginny and finally Harry has his wounds healed - although I can't believe he will be able to behave himself and take it easy for months. It's against his nature.
You know my Harry too well. You are correct, it is not in his nature to let something go and sit around resting. I loved writing Harry and Ginny having a romantic get away and the dance was a fitting way for them to end their away time. Thank yo Ivana for reading and commenting.


For these last three days since they got home Ginny floated about the house on cloud nine, dwelling on the special getaway Harry took her on. She didn’t know what her favorite part was; being on another planet in another Galaxy; the grand reception the White House had given her and Harry; the honor they bestowed upon Harry and the fine speech he made; the wonderful ball where she and Harry waltzed and danced all evening, well except for when Harry danced with Lily; or coming home and being able to celebrate their marriage properly in their own bedroom. She sighed and realized Lily was tugging on her hand.

“Lily, oh sweetheart, I’m sorry; do you need me for something?” she asked with a hint of a smile still on her face. Lily pulled her to the kitchen saying she was hungry for lunch. Ginny looked quickly at her watch and was surprised to see it was 1:30 and she was still in her night gown and robe.

“Mummy, please tell me what is wrong with you? Have you been attacked with a spell or something? You’re always happy like you love Daddy again without getting mad at him and you haven’t made me do any schoolwork. You made me promise that I would keep up with my lessons when I was in America with Sam and Jack, and you haven’t even seen what I did yet. And you don’t get dressed until late all the time. Molly said you guys just didn’t make love enough and it’s your sexy frustrations that makes you hate Daddy and makes him go out and pick fights getting all hurt and everything so he can get attention from you and be your hero. It’s why you only have three kids. That’s that time I gave her a black eye on account of what she said about you guys. She said it was what everyone at her school was saying. But Uncle Percy didn’t say she was wrong. But you’re all happy and everything now so you must have been cursed; and Daddy too ‘cause sometimes he is happy too, but mostly just sad; and he is all the time being cursed by people.”

Ginny’s smile left her face and she thought for a moment before responding to her daughter’s legitimate complaint, and at the scandal that was told to her. “You’re right; I have been unfair and neglectful. I’m very sorry. I’ll try to explain but first let me get dressed. I’ll ask Winky to get you some lunch this time, and from now on I’ll see to you properly.” She smiled and kissed her daughter on the tip of her nose. While Winky prepared lunch for Lily, Ginny went to her bedroom and laid out her clothes for the day and then quickly showered. She had a lot of explaining to do and thought seriously how to word her joy of being a wife to her little girl since; she certainly did not want her to believe what she was told by her cousin. She would at first chance be speaking to her brother, Percy, for the horrid things that were told to her daughter. She felt heart wrenched that her children thought she didn’t love their daddy.

Ginny thought carefully to see how the kids could think she didn’t love him. She wanted to make sure she didn’t just assume things because kids are good at finding out things you might be hiding from them. James and Albus were always keen to what was going on. They always knew when I was upset at their daddy. She thought some more and remembered that she always acted like everything was ok, but she wouldn’t let them do anything with Harry with the exception of when he took them all to that Botanical Garden he created in Madagascar. That ended with those men being disintegrated. She remembered being afraid for the kids to be around him since he could kill so easily. Even though it turned out that Harry hadn’t killed them, had she ever told the kids he didn’t, when they thought she thought he did? No, it was all just allowed to blow over. I always took the kids away when it was time for him to come home, or had them study for tests and such. And Lily has only known her daddy for three years. He was in a coma her first five and a half years. She only knew things about him from her brothers telling her. She tried to shove those thoughts away and thought, but I always acted like nothing was wrong to the kids. And there were days that things were right between Harry and I, like after he awoke from his coma and we went to America. But then she remembered being angry at him right after that. Things kept happening that made her think he was teaching the kids’ bad things like learning magic; magic that was beyond their years. Still she acted like she was happy, she was happy when she was teaching them. And then when he was gone the last two years, surely they knew I loved him. But then she thought about all the acting she had done before. They were probably so confused. She understood how others would be justified in thinking the horrid things they thought and couldn’t hold it against them. Of course her nieces and nephews would think those things, especially if the parents didn’t tell them any differently. She scolded herself for being such a bad parent and resolved to fix things right away.

When Lily was done eating Ginny asked her to sit with her on the couch for a talk. She had her wedding album on her lap and showed her pictures of her and Harry’s wedding. Lily was enraptured with all the pictures. “Mummy, you were so beautiful, and you looked as happy as you look now ever since the ball. Daddy is handsome too, but he looks awful sick or something. What was wrong with him? Did he just always look like he was recovering from bad people hurting him? Did he look like this when he was a little boy?”

When Ginny explained about the war and him leaving for four years, she also told her that this was the time that Mr. Bagman and his bad people began hurting and trying to kill her daddy. She told her how he helped people all over the world while the bad people were working against him. Then she told her how all the years her daddy was very brave because he had to fight alone, and take care of himself.

“When he came home, people doubted him and he fought again alone for the most part. But at least we were able to help mend him and get him healed. He became so powerful that people became afraid of him. The bad people knew this, so they made up stories that seemed real and caused people, even his family, to become afraid of him. Many bad things happened and unfortunately, we grew apart from him. I want you to know that I still loved him, but I became angry that he was teaching you kids magic, powerful magic, that I was afraid for you to know. Plus it is against the law, but of course, your daddy had special permission from the Minister of Magic to teach you. I didn’t know this though, and that is why I was angry. I should have known Daddy wouldn’t break the law, but I didn’t think of it. Plus, I was so worried about him and confused at the same time, in which even I treated him badly. And another time I got angry at him for doing dark magic was at the beautiful garden. I thought he killed those men, but he didn’t. It was the Fairy that protected the garden who did it. He thought I didn’t love him anymore. But he never once stopped loving us. And I never ever stopped loving him.”

Ginny stopped to evaluate her young daughter to see how she was taking this huge bit of history and decided she was doing well enough she could finish. The night your daddy left so we wouldn’t be in danger from him was the worst night of my life. He had nearly died that day, and he was mistreated by some of our family. He didn’t do anything wrong, and he needed us, but he left to keep us safe. He poured out his heart to me that night, and we were finally able to understand things that drove us apart. He didn’t want to leave, but knew he had to. We were able to be strong for each other the two years he was gone. Then the terrible day came, just last month, when he had to play in that horrible Quidditch game and then fight Voldemort after he caught the Snitch.”

Ginny wiped the corners of her eyes and continued, “It’s been a month now since he’s been home, and he is having troubles healing, not only his body, but his memories that are still very much on his mind. But, he took me on a special honeymoon and although he had surgery during that time, he was able to start becoming a normal father and husband. You saw how happy he was at the White House. It’s because he was able to do what he has wanted to do for many years. He was able to be a normal husband to me without having to run off to save the world or wasn’t recovering from a near death experience. And I wasn’t angry because I was tired of everything keeping us apart. We are so very happy sweetheart because we love each other and it’s just like we were when we were first married. You see how happy we are in those pictures. Those days were the last days we had that we were able to be without him being attacked or having to save people and getting hurt seriously. And although Daddy is still healing from this last thing that happened, he is physically getting back to normal. So, this is why I have been so happy since we came back home. We had a wonderful honeymoon, and we’re just not used to being so happy.”

“Just like you are newlyweds again; right Mum?”

Ginny smiled and nodded her head, “Yes sweetheart, just like that.”

“Does that mean that you will make more babies then? ‘Because Molly said that’s what happens on Honeymoons, you make babies. She showed me secret pictures from her Tablet that her friends from school showed her, but I told her they were gross and I didn’t want to see them. She got in big time trouble, on account of Aunt Audrey came in the room and made her show her what she was looking at. She’s not allowed to use it now unless she is sitting beside her mum until she gets able to be trusted to be a good girl.”

Ginny felt better about the situation since Audrey was aware of what happened. She was still angry that her innocent little girl was subjected to it though. “Are you ok with everything? Do you have any questions about what I told you or what you were told about from Molly?”

Lily shook her head no and said, “I’m good Mum, I asked Daddy this morning while you were sleeping. He told me Molly was wrong to do what she did and he wished she hadn’t told me. He told me all about that stuff, but he said I wouldn’t remember what he said until I was old enough to know. I’m ok with that. But he told me to talk to you so you could tell me what I need to know right now so that it can come off of my mind.”

Ginny arched her eyebrows, “You already know everything I just told you; why did you let me tell you all this?”

Lily giggled, “No Mummy, I only asked Daddy how you make babies cause of what Molly told me, and the pictures she showed me before I could get my hands over my eyes. He told me he would tell me and make it so I wouldn’t remember until I was old enough. I didn’t ask him about being cursed or anything, I was afraid it would hurt his feelings. His feelings in his heart seem really tender and I didn’t want to make him hurt. He has been hurt a lot, ever since I can remember. He knew there was more I wanted to know so that’s why he told me to ask you.”

Ginny gave her a sad smile and said, “Your daddy has been hurt a lot, but he is strong; he will hopefully be able to overcome the hurt in his life eventually. Dr. Beckett said it might be slow for a while, and he might not be able to overcome it completely. We will be patient and be happy for him no matter how long it takes.”

Lily nodded her head and looked back to the pictures. She fingered over the dress her mum wore and said wistfully, “Do you think I could wear your dress for my wedding? I want to be beautiful as you.”

Ginny smiled and said she would be thrilled if she would wear it, but she wouldn’t be upset if she changed her mind when that time came.
They looked at the pictures some more; commenting about Hermione’s dress being beautiful as well and the rest of the ceremony. Lily asked her questions about dating and what stuff she was supposed to do, and when would she be allowed to get married. Ginny answered her questions honestly, but on a level a young girl could understand. The mother daughter talk continued until they came to the last picture where her mummy and daddy were floating in air while they kissed.

“Daddy is so romantic,” said Lily with a sigh. I hope I can marry someone just like him. When I was little I used to think I would marry him when I grew up, but I know that was just silly little girl wishes.”

Ginny kissed her head and closed the book with a smile. As much as she would love for her precious daughter to marry someone like her husband, there is only one Harry Potter, and no one else can even come close to being like him.

Harry came in the door and slipped off his muddy boots. He was filthy and worn out, and headed upstairs for a hot shower. Noticing his wife and daughter watching him starry eyed, he smiled innocently and asked what was on their minds.

“Oh Daddy, if you only knew,” she sighed dreamily. She walked over to him with her hands held behind her back. Harry stood motionless not knowing what was going on and when Lily stopped and stood right in front of him and motioned for him to come to her level he bent over at the hips to come face to face with her. She put both her hands on each side of his face and gently kissed the tip of his nose. Still holding his face she told him, “Daddy, I love you so very much. You are my hero because you love me. Do you think you could do something great big for me?”

Harry was deeply touched with his darling angel’s expressing her love for him and swallowed while he nodded his head. “I’ll do my best to do anything you want, Angel. What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to start looking for a husband for me. It will be very hard because he has to be exactly like you. That’s why you need to start looking right now, on a count that it will take years and years.” She was looking in his eyes and still holding his face waiting for an answer.

“Err well; I will most assuredly watch every young man who takes an interest in you, but I think you’ll probably want to pick someone yourself. And he doesn’t need to be like me; I’m sure there is a young man out there who is perfect for you, and he isn’t exactly like me.”

“But, no, Daddy; I want him to be just like you.”

Harry carefully knelt on the floor on one knee and sat on the heel of his foot. Putting his hands on her shoulders he squeezed them firmly. “Darling Angel, you are very sweet. How about I keep an eye out for you, but you look too? And if you find someone before I do; I’ll make sure he is someone I think is good enough for you. I don’t want just anyone to take you from me; but I know you will pick the perfect young man. I trust you.”

Suddenly she let go of his face and threw her arms around him and said, “Daddy, you are the most bestest daddy in the whole world. I love you so much.” She pulled away from him and then looked at how dirty he was and then looked at herself. She brushed at the dirt and smudges on her and said, “Daddy, what have you been doing?!”

He smiled and waved his wand over her, cleaning the dirt off of her. “I’ve been to Pride Rock; remember me showing you that big hill with the great big rock that reminds you of the Lion King? I started calling it Pride Rock. Anyway, I’ve been clearing the hillside of big rocks that can hide under the snow, and filling in ditches to make a safe place to go sledding this winter. Hopefully by the time your brothers come home for Christmas there will be snow and we can go sled riding. Would you like that, Angel?”

She danced about singing a, made up on the spot, song about sled riding. Then she stopped and helped her daddy up telling him, “You need to get cleaned up on account of it being dinnertime, and we’re going out to eat.”
Harry looked quickly at Ginny. She saw the look of dread on his face but only sighed and slowly went upstairs for his shower. He hated being in public and would rather stay home, plus going out meant waiting for food and he was looking forward to eating as soon as he was cleaned up; but he would go to make Ginny happy.

Harry stepped out of the shower to find his wife sitting on the bed with his clothes beside her. He was happy they weren’t dress clothes but instead jeans and a pullover.

“If you don’t mind I invited Ron and Hermione to come also. Mum wants Lily and Hugo to eat with them tonight, Daddy just left with her.”

She watched her husband dress and stood against him before he could pull the shirt over his head. Putting her hands on his chest gently she inspected the various cuts and trauma he was healing from. She smiled at the progress they were making and reaching for the place under his shoulder above his heart she asked, “Does this one still bother you? It’s been looking much better but tonight it-”

He gently pulled away from her touch and quietly answered, “It’s coming along slowly. It is kind of discouraging that I am still so stiff and sore. But, I know it will take time. I am healing, that is the important thing.”
He pulled the shirt over his head and finished getting ready. “Is there something going on I don’t know about?”

Ginny asked why he would think that. He answered while he managed his hair, “We’re eating out without Lily, and Ron and Hermione are joining us without Hugo. Will this be a pleasant meal? Where are we meeting them?”
Ginny grinned, “You’re being suspicious over nothing. Just enjoy the evening. We’re meeting at The Leaky Cauldron.”

Harry stiffened abruptly. An establishment full of wizards and witches. He hadn’t made many public appearances, only one actually, since he defeated Tom Riddle. The fiasco at Kings Cross came to his memory and he sat heavily on the bed and Ginny sat beside him quickly putting her hand on his thigh. “I know, Love, this must seem like tough love, but you need to get out. People are asking about you.” She stood and pulled Harry up and walked to the door with him reluctantly following. He knew she was right, but still it seemed she was hiding something.

He took a deep breath and transported them to the establishment she chose. Ginny smiled at the spot he picked to arrive at; a dark corner under the stairs. He looked around quickly to find Ron and Hermione. He spotted them and nodded his head to Ginny in their direction. He looked at his wife and she saw his jaw clench tightly. He was not happy for the table was directly under a bright light in the middle of the floor with other tables in each direction of it. In one way he was thankful it was so crowded; maybe nobody would notice he was there. In another way though he wasn’t thankful for the crowd, for if someone saw him or spoke his name loud enough … well, he just didn’t want people starting to give him attention or want attention from him. He felt a jolt of terror when he suddenly felt Ginny tug on his hand saying, “Come on Love, they’re waiting for us.”

He stepped along with her towards the table where his friends were. It seemed he was walking in slow motion and he would never get there. Then adding to his horror, Ron stood up smiling and waving his hand, “Harry, Ginny, we’re over here.”

The room became as quiet as a funeral. People were following Ron’s stare and when they saw Harry they began to whisper and murmur. Hermione yanked her husband down and glared at him.

Harry walked solemnly to the table and seated Ginny before he sat down. He lowered his head and folded his hands on his lap. A few minutes later the room began to fill with the sound of voices softly at first and then noisily the way it had been before they knew Harry and Ginny were there.

Harry raised his head and picked up the menu perusing the choices offered. The waitress came over and asked if she could take their order. Ron asked Hermione if she was ready to order and she told him to go ahead while she thought a moment longer. Ron said, “I’ll take the fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet corn and green beans. And I’ll have a fire whiskey to drink.” A second later, on an afterthought he said, “Oh, and a big slab of Pecan Pie for desert.”

Hermione was still silently studying the menu and Ginny was doing the same. Harry said he’d have the same only no pie and he’d have a glass of ice water for his drink. “But you like chocolate milk, everyone knows that.” Harry smiled kindly and said, “That sounds good then, I’ll have a glass of chocolate milk also.”

She laughed and put her hand on his shoulder, relishing the power she felt under her hand, and then patted his shoulder before she wrote down his order. She drew in her breath and returned her hand back to his shoulder but before she could say what she was going to say; Harry looked at Ginny and asked her if she knew what she wanted yet. Ginny said she’d just have the salad with a glass of water. Hermione gave her order, picking the same thing only with a glass of red wine.

The waitress scooted off reluctantly and Ron broke out in a soft controlled laughter. Harry arched his eyebrow looking curiously at him. Then understanding the laugh he knew so well he grinned at his friend and said, “You better be careful or I’ll tell her-”

“There will be none of that now, come on let’s talk,” broke in Hermione shaking her head but smiling happily just the same.

Ginny smiled at Ron and then Harry. She looked at Hermione as if she were coaxing her to start the conversation. Hermione jumped as though she was shocked. “Oh, Ginny, I was talking to Johnny Drew at the office today. You know him don’t you? He’s the new editor of the, Daily Profit, and anyway, he says you are thinking of becoming a writer for the sports section. Is this true?”

She looked at Harry after just a glance at Ginny. Harry looked at his wife without saying a word. Hermione never was good at concocting a lie on the spot. So this was it; she wanted to eat out so she could see what he thought about her going to work in a crowded place with Hermione and Ron for support. He was disappointed in her strategy and decided to let them have their say and stay out of whatever was decided.

Suddenly, Ginny felt awful for the position she put her husband in and started to answer Hermione when the waitress brought their order. She picked up Harry’s ice water but bumped the bottom of the glass on his shoulder spilling the water and cubes down over his shoulder and chest. Grabbing a towel she quickly reached over him to dry his shirt but Harry flipped his wrist and he was completely dry and all the plates and glasses were before the correct person who ordered it.

The waitress was embarrassed to realize she had acted so immaturely and bagged Harry for his forgiveness. He simply smiled kindly and said, “I appreciate and accept your apology. Please don’t think anymore about it. It’s all good.”

She thanked him and left quickly. Harry looked at his dinner mates and without a word picked up his fork. Before he had a chance to take a bite, a small child with very dark circles under his eyes came over to him and pulled on his elbow. Harry looked at the child and smiled his welcome to the boy.

A young woman ran to her son and tried to take him away apologizing all the while. Harry put his hand gently on the boy’s shoulder to keep her from taking him. “It’s ok ma’am; let’s hear what is on his mind. It appears that something is bothering him.”

The little one said, “Somebody stole my doggy, and nobody can find him. I think you are the only person who can find him. I can’t sleep or eat because he is my best friend and now he’s gone. Will you help me find my doggy; his name is Chewy? My mummy is all done eating if you want to help me now.”
“I’m very sorry to hear about Chewy being stolen. If your mummy tells me your address I’ll go to your house first thing in the morning and see what we can do. Is that ok?”

The little boy slowly nodded his head; his heart slipping from any hope he had. “He’s my best friend in the whole world. Really though, he is my only friend. I’m scared he will die tonight without me.” His words were barely above a whisper.

Harry excused himself from the table asking Ron to make sure Ginny got home safely and they could visit when he got home. He stood up and told the boy he would look right then to see what he could do. He got a take home box from the waitress and gave her enough money to pay for their meals plus a big tip.

As he put his plate of untouched food in the box he said, “While I get all the information I need I want you to eat this.”

The boy nodded his head and took the box of food Harry handed him. Harry bent over and kissed Ginny and said he’d be home later. Ginny didn’t try to object; she just smiled and nodded her head. The next time she tried to get him exposed to the public would be a smaller step instead of jumping right in like she made happen this time.

Harry walked out with the young lady and her little boy who took his hand after handing the box of food to his mom to carry. When they got outside Harry asked where they lived and when the dog had come to be missing. They told him the address and said it was three days ago the dog was stolen.

“We came by Floo powder, so umm we need to go back inside.”

Harry said he could take them home and took a hold of each one by their hands. After they were aware they were home the woman said, “My name is Judy Styles and this is my son Toby. Chewy was stolen right out of our front yard. I’m afraid the Auror who took my call wasn’t able to make any progress and I am worried for Toby. He won’t eat or sleep worrying about Chewy. I didn’t know he was going to bother you; I thought he was going to the restroom.”

“It’s ok ma’am; when you need help you need help. Do you have a picture of Chewy?”

Toby pulled out a picture he had folded up in his pocket. Harry waved his wand over it to restore the image that was worn off in the creases from being folded and handled so much. He looked at the boy pictured in the photo and seen that it was a very recent photo.

He sighed and said, “I’m going to make an image of Chewy, it is only an image. I need you to give me detailed information about color, size, length of hair and such details ok?”

Toby nodded his head beginning to look hopeful, and Harry slipped the food in front of him and then said an Incantatum causing the image he spoke of to appear before them. Toby began pointing with the chicken leg, in between bites and Harry adding the color and all descriptions to the image. It was only a few minutes when Harry stopped adding things to the image. It looked like the real dog was standing before them. He walked around it several times and then stopped, stooping eye to eye with the image; he asked what color the dog’s eyes are.

“His right eye is a beautiful blue and his left eye is black as night,” answered the boy finishing off another piece of chicken and attempting to stuff a dinner roll in his mouth.

“Slow down there, cowboy, you don’t want to get sick.” He winked at the boy and took out his phone, scrolled through Wizarpedia and then nodding his head he called a number.

“Hello, yes, I am looking for a dog to buy for my son. I wonder if you have a rare breed or something that would make it unique for him. It would have to be house trained and good with children. … Well, I don’t know dogs well enough to say what kind I’m looking for. Is there any way I can come over there now to see what you have? … It’s just that my son is coming home from out of country and I promised him a dog. If I break another promise my ex is going to use it against me. … I understand it’s late, but I really need to have one for him within the hour; the sooner the better. … Are you sure, money is no problem at all. … Ah great; thank you so much. … What’s that? … Yes, I’m coming right now. … Oh, yes of course; I found you on-line when I typed in businesses with rare pets available. … Yes, it certainly was worth getting that add. And do I ask for anyone at the front desk or… ok go around to the back of the house. Right, 18 Long Dr. and I will be looking for a brown two story house. … Oh, yeah, I know where that is, there’s an Elementary school just a few… right, ok I’m on my way then.”

Harry hung up the phone and said, “Wish me luck and hopefully I’ll be back soon. I can’t promise you your dog will be there, but if it isn’t, I won’t give up, but we will have to wait until morning to keep searching.”

He disappeared and reappeared along a tall hedge growing over the property line. He observed the house for a minute and listened for a minute before he saw a man come out of the house with a woman. They spoke quietly and then the woman walked back to the garage and entered. He heard dogs begin to bark and cry and then she silenced them. A minute later she came out with a dog and walked into the back yard with it. The man walked around to the side of the porch and stood in a large shadow. Nobody else showed up so Harry stepped onto the sidewalk and walked briskly to the house and looked at the house number. He pulled out a piece of paper as if he were checking information on it and then walked back to the back yard gate.
Upon reaching the gate he knocked soundly on it and was told to enter. Harry checked the shadow quickly and entered the back yard. He immediately saw the dog as Chewy and was thankful Toby would have his dog tonight. Harry pulled his Fedora further down over his face and swished a fat fake cigar to the other side of his mouth. His hair was tucked into his overcoat with the collar pulled up high and was becoming itchy. He acted like he was being particularly watchful where he stepped with his highly expensive shoes to keep anyone from seeing his face just in case the rest of his disguise wasn’t good enough to fool anyone that he was Harry Potter.

“Is this it then?” he asked handing the woman the briefcase he was carrying.

“Yes, he is a rare breed and I’m afraid we need to ask more than what my husband mistakenly told you. We’re going to need four hundred pounds more, plus the boarding fee. He’s had the best of care as you can see, and we have his papers.”

Harry gave an impatient huff and said, “Bring your husband out and we’ll negotiate. Before you get all hot and bothered let me explain. I am no fool; I can see you run a very lucrative business here and you could profit handsomely if I was to be brought in as a partner. I have stations that I am responsible for all over Great Britain where I house thousands of animals.” Harry made a point to check the time on his gold watch. He took off his glove and held out his bejeweled fingers to the dog as if he wanted to pet it. Seeing the diamonds on Harry’s fingers and the gold watch put the woman right where Harry wanted her. Her greed overcame her common sense. She called her husband to her and as soon as he came up beside Harry she told him what Harry had offered them.

The man became interested but then a red beam of light from a spell cut a deep hot path across Harry’s ear and jaw that knocked him off balance. His hat came off and he let his cigar fall out of his mouth. Now it was very obvious this man was Harry Potter. Harry quickly roped the two criminals together and ducked behind the garage.

He raised his voice to the spell caster to identify himself and to come out from the hedges. A man ran over pleading for forgiveness and started explaining that he was going to put an end to the illegal activity that was going on for the last week.

“We have a clean neighborhood here sir, we have children and we don’t want them exposed to criminals like those two. We have been working with the Auror’s all week, but they can’t catch them at anything. I was just trying to help them. I wasn’t going to kill anyone or even hurt them bad.”
Harry flipped his wand quickly and he was back to what he was wearing when he set out for an evening with his wife and friends. He spoke quietly to the two dog thieves and handcuffed them. He looked at the neighbor and said, “I appreciate the reason you became involved, but, it is best to leave the criminals to the Aurors. If you promise to be more careful, I won’t cite you with anything this time.”

The man thanked him over and over and promised at least as many times he would leave the crime fighting to the Aurors. “I did call them, and they said they’d have someone here as soon as they could spare an officer. That was twenty minutes before I shot you. I was listening to what was going on and I was afraid you were going to leave. I didn’t know who you were, are. The Aurors would have shown up too late.”

Harry nodded still not saying anything else. After making sure the man and woman were secure he went inside the garage and found a pitiful sight. Dogs and cats were obviously barking and meowing but they were silent. Harry counted the animals and called the Aurors’ office and told them to send five officers to his location and some traveling cages for the dogs and cats. “I also need someone to take in the owners and operators of the illegal business.”

Within the minute all the officers Harry called for arrived and quickly took all the animals and the man and woman to the holding facility.

Harry told the neighbor man to please go to the station in the morning at his convenience to file a report. The man said he would be happy to and then timidly asked if he could have Harry’s autograph for his little girl. “She’s been crying ever since these people came here with all the animals and all. She has a bad cold now and I just know it will make her feel better. You’re her hero, well; honestly you’re all our heroes.”

Harry was becoming uncomfortable so he just said, “I’m sorry your daughter is ill. I hope she gets feeling better soon. I don’t think having my signature could do anything for her, but she can have it if you think it will help.” They talked for a moment while he signed a piece of paper to; “Nancy, please get well soon, your friend, Harry Potter.”

He knelt down and sat on his heel, “Chewy, come here boy.”

The dog bounded to him and jumped into Harry’s arm licking his face and wagging his tail happily. The man watched as the dog continued licking Harry’s face and then laughed. Harry chuckled and said, “Well, I need to get this dog back to the little boy who it was stolen from. He’s quite sick and the sooner he gets Chewy back the sooner he will be able to recover. Good night sir.”

Harry appeared back at Toby’s house and knocked on the door quietly so as not to disturb the neighbors. It was going on nine o’clock and it wouldn’t due for people to see him visiting a widowed woman alone so late.

Mrs. Styles answered the door and invited him in but Harry remained on the porch. “No ma’am, if it’s just the same, I’ll just drop off Chewy and be on my way. I checked him out and he is free of any pests.”

Toby walked into the room obviously fresh from the tub and saw Harry holding Chewy. “Chewy, I was afraid for you! Are you ok? Did they hurt you? Did you thank Mr. Potter for rescuing you?”

Harry put the dog down and it barked happily as it ran full blast at the boy knocking him off his feet and began licking his face. The boy’s giggles warmed Harry’s heart and he turned back to the mother to tell her he would stop by tomorrow sometime to explain who had the dog and what they were doing. But the young woman gasped and reached for Harry’s face. He stepped backward from her and said he needed to go. “But, let me-”

“No ma’am, I’m fine, thank you but I’ll just go now; good-night ma’am; good-night Toby,” and then he disappeared.

He heard Ron laugh and didn’t know if he was happy or upset that they were still there. He walked inside and surveyed the three sitting on the couch and chair. He went into the bathroom and washed his face and tended to the deep gouge on his jaw and ear. A few centimeters to the right and there would have been a very serious hole in his ear, but this would be ok soon enough. He put some Dittany on his jaw and ear where the spell cut him. Then he carefully pulled his shirt off and looked at the wound he was babying. The scab had fallen off just this morning and he was afraid the tender skin growing into a scar would be opened up again. But thankfully it was only red. This gave him considerable joy and he came out of the bathroom pulling on a clean T shirt.

He sighed and blew out a big breath of air. He was so tired from working on that hillside clearing it to make a safe place for sledding this winter. And then missing dinner to work as an Auror made him even more tiered. He sat with Ginny and gave a weary smile. “So, let’s cut to the chase; I’ve been ambushed for a reason, let’s hear it.”

They each looked curiously at him and Harry said, “Hermione saw someone from the Daily Profit.”

A look of surprise came over their faces. Hermione smiled and said, “Harry, don’t you want to tell us what happened?”

“I’d rather like to know why I was ambushed, what is on your mind, Honey?” he asked as he looked into her eyes. “Please, I’m not angry; I’m just really tired and hungry. Tell me what you want to talk to me about that you felt you needed to have Ron and Hermione for back up support.”

The three looked at each other rather than Harry; each one nodding at the other for someone else to tell him. Harry chuckled and said, “OK, I’ll start the conversation. Hermione saw Johnny Drew of the Daily Profit. He mentioned that Ginny wanted to become a sports writer for the newspaper. That’s all the story I have, someone else needs to pick up from there.”

Hermione looked at Harry in her analyzing way and asked what Harry thought about it.

Harry looked quizzically at her and shook his head. “I think that since you said you saw the guy; then you saw him. I think that since he said Ginny wants to be a sports writer for the paper; then she wants to be a sports writer for the paper. Given the amount of information I have, that’s all I can think. What do you think? Surely you have more information than I have; you were there for the whole conversation.”

Ginny laughed and said, “I’m sorry, Love, I told Hermione that I would like to write for the Daily Profit. Mr. Drew approached me three months ago saying he wanted to re-open the Daily Profit and asked if I’d consider writing for them. I told him I couldn’t possibly even think of it at that time.”

Harry said, “Quite understandable; you had enough on your plate I should think at that time; I was gone and not knowing what I was doing and where I was doing it at. But now you are thinking about it. Is there a problem that you shouldn’t write for them? I mean, we’ll have to decide what to do about the kids, but that won’t be a problem.”

Ginny and Hermione looked at each other in shock. Ron broke in with an outburst of laughter. “They thought you’d be mad, mate. I told them they were wrong, but they wouldn’t believe me.” He continued with his laughter even more since the girls glared at him.

Harry arched his eyebrow and looked at Ginny. “I have been out of touch for one reason or another for most of our married life together. You have given up on all your dreams except for having children. Why would I be mad that you want to have what you want? It isn’t anything unreasonable or out of reach. I will not stand in your way, and I’ll do everything I can to help you if you need me. What are your thoughts on the kids? The boys won’t be a problem until Christmas break and then summer. James will be thirteen years old this summer. We can expect him to take on more responsibility with watching the other two some. Lily, on the other hand will be home all the time. I am planning on returning to the office the first of December. That only gives us two months. I can school Lily until then; but after that we’ll need to work out joint teaching responsibilities.”

Ginny glanced at Hermione who nodded her head slightly as if encouraging her to go on. “Maybe we can enroll her in a Private School. I’m sure there won’t be a problem, she’s well advanced in her education, and then I can just work while she is there.”

Harry’s eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped open. He recovered his surprise at her suggestion and then shook his head no. “I’m sorry, Honey, do you not remember what we found out about things our daughter was told, and the things she was showed by way of children at school? I don’t want this to be an option. We can think of something else.”
Hermione cut in saying that maybe he and Ginny over protected the children.

“You have to let them be exposed to the real world, Harry, for their own good.”

Harry glared at Hermione and said, “Our children are taught about the real world at home in what we teach them. Contrary to what some believe, the real world isn’t what children are exposed to. They have to make up things in their heads to fill in the gaps for what they see and hear so they can make sense of what they hear and sneak peeks of. Remember Hugo’s friend, Thomlin’s pig of a father, told him that girls are fun but women are more fun because they are sexy and fun to play with. Poor little Molly wasn’t trying to be bad showing Lily the Pornography, I’m sure she wanted to see if Lily knew what was going on in the pictures so she could tell her, because she didn’t understand. We need to watch over our children and protect them from the things of the world would teach them, and teach them how to prepare for going out into the world when they are old enough and able to discern between what is real, and what is a false reality of the world.”

He sighed trying to calm down and looked at Ginny and asked quietly, “Can you tell me why you want to work? Is it to get out of the house for a while, or is it because you just want to work?”

Ginny said she just wanted to work to give her something different to do.

“Why do you ask if it’s just to get out of the house?”

Harry lowered his gaze to the coffee table thinking of how to word what was on his mind. “Something you said to me once; something about being stuck here at home all the time while I’m out doing whatever it is that I do.”

He looked into her eyes remorsefully and said, “I’m sorry you had it so rough, and that you had to sacrifice so much; I really am. The good news is that you made spectacular use of your time in teaching the kids.”

Ginny swallowed and with glistening eyes managed to say, “Nobody has sacrificed more than you, Love. I just want to write about something I know; and that’s Quidditch. Maybe I can do it part time.”

Harry smiled tenderly for the tears she held back. “What about these two months I’m still home I teach Lily, and you get started in an office and then in December when I go back to work, you work at home, I’ll build you your own office and you can teach Lily in the mornings and work in your office after lunch, or however works best for you. If there are days you need to go somewhere you can either take Lily with you, or I’ll keep her with me at work. If I have to run out Wes can take her to the Library for Gwen to watch. I’m sure we can work out details to make your desire come true.”
Ginny was happy to hear Harry making all these suggestions and kissed him.

“I’m sorry I was afraid you would be upset about it. I really thought you might want me home since the fighting and all the Bagman stuff is over.”

He smiled but didn’t say anything. He looked away and when he finally spoke he addressed his comment to Ron, and his voice was quiet much the way it was most of the time. “Ron, when you go to work in the morning there will be two people you’ll need to process into prison.” He told of the happenings after he left the Leaking Cauldron.

Ginny and Hermione looked sadly at each other knowing that Ginny was right about one thing; Harry did want her to stay home but wouldn’t ask her to.
Ron said, “But how then did you get that wicked cut on your face and ear?

You said you were able to apprehend them without a fight.”

Harry sighed slowly, “That was just bad judgment on the neighbor’s part; although I certainly don’t blame him one bit. He was trying to help. His daughter saw me from her bedroom window. She thought I was trying to buy the dog and went down to tell her dad. She’s been very upset with what’s been going on there. It seems she’s been trying to make friends with a boy in her class whose dog had just been stolen. She went down and told her daddy to stop the man, me, from buying her friends dog. She knew it was his from the description he gave the class so they could watch for him. He called the Auror’s and they said they’d send someone as soon as an officer became available. So he sent her back up to her room. Her mom died three years ago so there wasn’t anyone to keep her safe in case something went wrong. Then he went out along the hedges that divide the properties. Twenty minutes later, and no signs of any Aurors, he was afraid we were finalizing the deal and he shot at us to slow us down until the Aurors got there. He was behind me, so I didn’t see the spell coming.”

Ron whistled. “I wonder what the Auror’s were working on that they didn’t get there when he called.”

Harry tilted his head and arched his eyebrow and said, “I stopped at Kingsley’s before I got here and told him I want an investigation done to find out the same thing, and also to find out what was done when Toby’s mom called in for help. Toby wasn’t afraid his dog was going to die tonight if he wasn’t found; he was afraid he was going to die, and I think his instinct was correct. Sometimes you get a feeling; you… you just know when you are near death.”

Harry stood up and turned his back on the three and walked to the kitchen. “I’m sorry, I was trying not to say anything but I’m powerful hungry, does anyone need -” He was talking so quietly that the rest of what he was saying was lost to them.

Ron got up and followed his friend into the kitchen. Harry got out the bread and some eggs. As he was whipping the eggs to scramble, Ron said he was still full from dinner, but he wanted to talk to him if he didn’t mind. Harry nodded his head without looking at him.

Harry asked him about Lily and Hugo before Ron could say anything. When Ron told him that they were spending the night with his parents Harry stopped and frowned at him. “I guess everyone thought I would be a hard case about Ginny wanting to get a job. Is that it then? I’m still a monster unfit for the kids to be around; even though I’ve been trying so hard to fit in.”

“No mate, we just wanted to have a chance to talk to you straight up and we didn’t want the kids to see you get all moody and all.”

Harry’s hair blew gently away from his face and he looked hard into the eyes of the red headed man whose face just turned very pale at Harry’s sudden show of anger.

“Straight up like going out in public where my every movement is watched and casual conversation happens to be about Hermione seeing the editor of the newspaper and him asking about Ginny writing for it; that straight up talk? I was ambushed and you know it.”

Harry doubled his fists and brought them down resting on the counter top. Then he took a deep breath and shook his head. “Forget it Ron.” He tossed the toast at him and said, “Butter those for me will ya?” He slid a jar over to him and said, “I want apple butter on mine.”

Harry tipped the skillet over a plate and scraped half of the eggs on it and then scraped the rest of them on another plate. He flicked a fork over to Ron and took two of the pieces of toast and a plate of eggs and sat on a bar stool at the island counter.

They began eating and Ron asked him if he wouldn’t like to retire from being an Auror. “We could work at the Joke Shop with George. I think we deserve a break from dirty rotten criminals. And besides that, we could have more time with our families.”

Harry shook his head slightly bewildered with Ron’s topic of conversation. “Ron, you get off at five o’clock and every Saturday and Sunday off. How would you get more hours with your family?”

Ron shrugged his shoulders and shook his head dismissing the conversation altogether. “Is this what you wanted to talk about? Do you want me to cut your hours or something?”

Ron wasn’t offering any conversation so Harry tried a different approach. “You said we could work at the Joke Shop. I can’t think of any work I’d rather do than be an Auror. I’ve never had any desire to work in the Joke Shop. But I’m not saying it’s a bad place to work, it’s just not for me. But, Ron, if you-"

Ron chuckled and shook his head interrupting Harry, “Never mind Harry; it was just a question. I wondered if you might be tired of being an Auror, and if you wanted to quit, I would understand and quit with you. Just forget the whole thing.”

Harry swallowed and stared at his friend. Ron avoided making eye contact with Harry and didn’t say anything else. Finally Harry asked if he had a chance to look into the name he gave him to look up history on. Ron, thankful that Harry had calmed down and changed the subject answered him excitedly.

“I couldn’t find much on him except he was a past Minister of Magic and he wasn’t well accepted by the people. It seems he was elected under unusual circumstances. Nobody would admit that they voted for him, but he was elected anyway. What a git, he surely fixed the votes is what I say. Oh, and he had someone in his pocket from Hogwarts.”

Harry stopped eating and stared at Ron as if waiting for more. When he didn’t say anything Harry chuckled and said, “You beat all Ron. I’m the one who gave you that information and asked you to find out anything else you could. Did you find out anything else?”

Ron shrugged his shoulders in a defeated way and kind of chuckled being embarrassed that he let Harry down. “I just got wrapped up in the history I was reading. Who’d have thought that would ever happen right? Anyway, yeah, I couldn’t believe that he was elected being what a piece of work he was!” Harry though wasn’t going to let his friend think badly of himself.

“Think about what you read and tell me bit by bit. I’m sure you learned more than what you think.” He finished eating and put down his fork as Ron told him what he had researched about the man, stuffing bites in between breaks trying to remember everything.

When he was done he looked at Harry and shrugged again disappointed that he didn’t offer anything that would help his friend.

Harry got up slowly and started cleaning the mess he made in the kitchen. He was subdued and sullen and quietly said, “Excellent Ron, I knew you could do it. Well done mate. You told me the rest of what I needed to clear everything up for me. Now, I have to organize everything, do a bit more investigating and then present it to Kingsley before I can move forward. Thank you Ron.”

Ron was so surprised that he had everything Harry needed because to him it looked like it was just history stuff. He was smiling thinking once again he said something that put him in favorable eyes with Harry. Then he stopped smiling thinking it was just Harry not wanting to hurt his feelings. “You don’t look happy with what I told you though. Don’t tell me I did good if-”

Harry smiled sadly, “No mate really, you did well. I asked you to get this information because I didn’t have the heart to do it myself. I was afraid of what my investigation was uncovering. You found the truth through unbiased eyes, and you henceforth confirmed everything for me. I am very thankful. I am heartbroken with the results because three of the four men, none of which was the Minister of Magic at that time, were good and decent men. One was a great man in his time that obviously made some bad choices and was able to cover it up somehow. That man lived before my time. The second is a man you and I both know, and he too is or was a good and decent man. He was, very well liked and respected. I still have to find out information on him about his disappearance. There are those who think Riddle killed him. The third man I need to find out more information on. I already know a great deal about this man, a hero in the eyes of many, but he didn’t start out on the good side of the law. I didn’t much like him. I was confused by his good intentions and his abilities, but I never trusted him. The forth man is an honorable man who I know to be a true friend and who has also saved my life. I helped him to become an influential man in his community because he was looked up to by all, and seemed to be the man most suited for the job. Although his wicked deed occurred before I met him, it feels the same as a betrayal, and it also makes me a conspirator in the cover-up of a crime. I want you to know that I didn’t know about his involvement until tonight when you gave me the information.”
Ron swallowed hard not believing his ears.

“Well, it, whatever it was, happened before your time, and you didn’t know about it when you helped the man in question. Just, you don’t have to-”

Harry shook his head, “It’s no good mate, and I’ll not cover up anything. There is no honor in hiding the ugliness and pretending you are free of crime. I will finish this investigation and uncover the good and the bad. Hopefully my findings will clear me and these men, but if it doesn’t then I will surrender myself to the governing body. If their trial finds us guilty I don’t want to be remembered as one who tried to cover up the truth as the others have been found doing. Hopefully, things will be favorable for us though, and I will work to find the things that will prove us to be honorable and innocent men. This, is what I want to be remembered as; an honorable man.”

Ron sat white faced and was finally able to speak. “Are we going to be put in Azkaban, Harry?”

Harry shook his head and emptied the sink of the dish water. “You are not, nor have you ever been, involved in this. You will not go to Azkaban. And Ron, just so you know, I asked you to help me gather this information because of all my Aurors, you are the one I trust to do what is right no matter what. You are an honorable man. Thank you for your service.”
Harry looked into the living room where Ginny and Hermione were sitting and talking about what Ginny’s first assignment might be.

Harry put a brave smile on his face and walked in saying, “It will probably be reporting for the Quidditch World Cup. Kingsley told me tonight that the plans have been finalized and set up to be played in three days time at Hogwarts, same as last time. He’s going to use Bagman’s TV screens and televise the game for those who can’t make it there on such notice.”

Harry paused and swallowed not wanting to announce what he was going to say next. “The Wizengamot has ordered Rita Skeeter and her daughter Harriet Porter to be released from Azkaban. They somehow came up with proof that Bagman cursed them with the Obliviate spell and they claim they didn’t know what happened to them… all these years. The new Editor wants Ginny to write for the Daily Profit before Rita takes it over again.”

He became white in the face remembering the events of the last game held there and for what the future might hold for him depending on the outcome of his finished investigation. He took a deep shaky breath and asked for them to excuse him, “Please forgive me, my day has been full and tiring; good-night all.”
The End
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading. I hope you are able to stay caught up in the story plot. These nine one shots will close all the story arks I didn't close in Epiphany. I wanted them to have their own story to tell them. I was afraid of closing them with Epiphany because I didn't want to take away from either story just to close it all. I felt that Epiphany needed to end the way it did, and that these story arks would take away from it. And I felt that closing the arks with Epiphany would detract from the story value of Epiphany and make it about these arks. I hope you are enjoying them. Comments are welcome.

The Raging Storm

The sun had not yet dawned but Harry was awake none the less. The wind had howled all through the night with thunderstorms prevailing fiercely over the stars and moon trying to peek through to no reward. Rain drops had formed solid waves of water as the fierce wind blew the rain sideways onto the side of the house opposing the storm. The lightning was brutally bold to intrude on the dwellers of the house through the windows. The dark rooms were lit in bright flashes exposing eerie shadows to move about the walls and objects sitting defiant to the ways of the storm. The house did not yield to the storm and stood safe from ruin, protecting the family within. It seemed odd for a storm of this magnitude to force its way onto the slumbering countryside this late in the season.

However; it wasn’t the storm that had awakened Harry this early morning. It had been a nightmare. He hadn’t had a nightmare since, well, since he died and was brought back to life a little over a month ago when he defeated Tom Riddle and the Vernier. That had to be the reason for the nightmare. Today was the World Cup Quidditch makeup Game. Much to Harry’s chagrin, Kingsley had ordered him to attend. He looked at the clock and sighed in defeat. It was only three o’clock. Harry closed his eyes and tried to sleep, but something broke into his calming down process.

Again his eyes flew open. He thought of the conversation he had with the Minister of Magic about the Goblin Army and the research he, Ron and Wes had been doing on it. Surprisingly, Kingsley was willing to let it go. “It happened too far back to worry about it now. Just let it go,” he had said. But Harry said he had to find out who was behind the Army and what it was intended to be used for. He argued, when Kingsley protested, that the Malfoy family’s lives had been changed for so many years and has had lasting effects on them still to just let it go. His words came to him again, “When I found out Lucius had been radically hypnotized I told Draco and his mom I would find out who did it and why. I am a man of my word Kingsley and you know it. And besides, who’s to say that a different group of people isn’t planning another devastating takeover of the government or undermining so called people of lesser worth. And don’t forget I just eliminated the army; not whoever created it.” Kingsley gave in and said he could continue, but to not make any arrests until he was well briefed on the matter of who did what and why.

Harry took his thoughts to the day he and Ginny went to watch James tryout for Quidditch. While they were in the office all but one of the portraits were paying attention to them. Harry’s research into this one man was enlightening. It also broadened his research to include Phineas Nigellus Black; and subsequently, Phineas’s eldest son Sirius Black. It seems that the two Headmasters were also known to be friends with Ministers’ of magic, two of them to be more precise. Ignatius Tuft, who was forced from office for trying to breed Dementors; and, Hector Fawley, who also happened to be forced from office for his supposed short sighted views on the Grindelwald’s Revolution.

The names swirled in Harry’s head as he became drowsy. Dreams that didn’t make sense formed and became increasingly disturbing. He was in a maze and at every turn someone ran full blast at him screaming things Harry couldn’t understand. He tried to follow them when they flew right through him. Every time he gained on them a new face zoomed in front of him screaming horrible things but he didn’t know what they were saying. Harry was breathing hard running as fast as he could; not following the faces now, but running away from them. He turned his head quickly to see if they were still following him. He couldn’t understand why he was running from them, he wasn’t afraid of them, but he was afraid of something, as a matter of fact, he was terrified. Suddenly Harry was picking himself up off the ground. He had run right into a wall while his head was turned. He looked up surprised that it wasn’t a wall after all; it was Hagrid. He wasn’t alone either; Sirius was with him. Neither one was happy to see him. Hagrid began brushing the dirt off Harry with each stroke causing him to sink into the soft ground.

“Ye oughtn’t to be messing in things you have no business messing in Harry. What are you trying to do?”

Harry tried to stop Hagrid from brushing the dirt off him; he was nearly buried. “Hagrid stop, please stop! Sirius, make him stop; he doesn’t know he is killing me.” But Sirius just sorrowfully shook his head.

“Why would you do this to us Harry? I loved you as I would my own son. You betray us and expect us to help you? I don’t think so. I guess you really aren’t like your dad after all; he wouldn’t approve. I’m sorry son, but we can’t allow it.”

Kingsley appeared as Harry was up to his chin in the murky sludge. “Quicksand,” Harry shouted. “Kingsley, will you help me?” he asked curiously as the older man stood with a crafty smile on his face.

“Give me your wand, the Cloak of Invisibility, and the Stone of Resurrection and I will get you out.”

Harry couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He wondered why he couldn’t just magic his way out, but he couldn’t. All at once Harry knew his life was over. He was going to either suffocate in Quicksand, or be eaten by Aragorn because looking down from his eight huge legs and hundreds of eyes was the giant spider that had once told his sons and daughters to eat him and Ron. The Acromantula brought his ugly head down to Harry’s and with his pincers clicking just inches from Harry’s head, what was left above the mire, said, “Mens sana in Corpore sano.”

Harry understood and nodded his head. A man who was riding behind the head of the spider reached down and grabbed Harry by his hair and pulled him out of the deathtrap he had found himself in. He thanked the man and Aragorn and stood shivering looking at Hagrid and Sirius. Kingsley threw a blanket over him as Sirius said, “We don’t want anything to happen to you Harry; but we can’t let you ruin our lives.”

Harry said over and over, “I’ll work it all out somehow. I won’t let anything hurt you.”

Ginny was shaking him now and calling for him. He opened his eyes and took a huge breath. He swallowed and took in quick gasps of breath and then finally calming down; he looked at Ginny and tried to smile but was very unnerved with the nightmare. It had seemed so real. He put his hand on his throat and chest just to make sure he wasn’t covered in the muck of the Quicksand. “Are you ok; did I hurt you?”

“I’m fine, Love. You were just breathing hard and your heart was racing. What does it mean; some words you were saying; men’s sauna something or other? Is it some kind of Curse or something?” she asked, fearful of his white face and the fact that he had obviously been having a nightmare. She caressed his chest, as she often did when he didn’t have on a shirt, stopping over his nipple that became aroused with her touch. The color returned to his face and he rolled over on his side to face her.

“Mens sana in Corpore sano,” is Walter Aragon’s motto. He was a headmaster at Hogwarts back when Hagrid started school there. I think he was a big influence on Hagrid because he was very interested in Magical Creatures. I wonder if it was to his memory Hagrid named his pet spider Aragorn. Anyway, the phrase translated from Latin means, a sound mind in a sound body.”

Ginny’s caressing hand moved lightly over his ribcage and rested on his waist. She narrowed her eyebrows trying to make sense of what he told her. “And this phrase was causing you to have a nightmare? What on earth does it mean then?”

Harry smiled and wanting to forget the nightmare, he concentrated on her soft naked shoulder that was exposed to the sunlight now streaming in through the window. He took the long heavy hair, that was draped around her shoulder and falling over her breast, in his hand and brought it to his face. He took in the fragrance and let the silky red lock slowly fall through his hand. His strong arms were around her now gently pulling her against him. He closed his eyes, his lips were just inches from her lips when there was a soft knock on the door followed with, “Daddy are you and Mummy up yet?”

His eyes opened and he smiled at his wife. He turned from her and got up, pulling on a pair of jeans and answered the door. “Good morning, Darling Angel. Did you sleep through the storm last night? I checked on you several times but you seemed to be sleeping.”

Lily smiled and said, “Yes, I slept just fine after the first time when you checked on me. I was just pretending to be asleep so I wouldn’t be in trouble. I knew I would be safe since you’re home. I love you being home and not having to save anyone and stuff. When you go back to work, will you come home every evening like other daddy’s do?”

Harry sat in the big comfy chair looking very serious. “That is my hope and desire, Angel. I will not make promises though with things that I cannot control. Sometimes things happen and have to be dealt with.” His mood became solemn with the things heavy on his mind, and the memories that haunted him. He swallowed hard and pushed his hands through his hair slightly grasping both hands at the strands and stopping behind his ears. He bent forward and rested his elbows on his knees. Then he sat up and saw his daughter watching him and he smiled for her sake.

“On a different note, are you excited to go to the game today? Mum told me you are going to be sitting with her in the press booth. I know I don’t have to tell you how important it will be for you to be very still and not distract Mummy.”

Lilly smiled and said she would be very good. “And besides, I’m going to be watching and making my own story in case Mummy misses something. I think I’m pretty much going to be her right hand man, only of course I’m a girl, but it’s just a saying anyway.”

Harry chuckled and said, “I’m sure you will be the best right hand man she’ll ever have.” He pulled her on his lap when she stepped close and leaned forward to him. She smiled and picked up a strand of his long hair and wrapped the curls around her fingers in thought. He noticed she was looking at the scars on his chest and then she put her small hand on his chest over his heart.

“Daddy, will you be okay at the game today? I can sit with you if you would like my company. I don’t think you have forgotten the awful things that happened that day, and it makes you sad and afraid.”

It happened before he could stop it; the tears rolling down his face. His voice cracked when he finally was able to answer her. “Thank you, my Darling Angel, but no, you need to sit with your mum and not worry about me at all. It is scary remembering that day, but, I know it’s all over and can’t hurt me or keep me from you guys anymore.”

“Daddy, did you ever have to kill anyone other than Tom Riddle?”

Harry sat staring into his daughters brown eyes knowing her questions were innocent and the reason for them was to understand things. She wanted to protect him from things in his past. It was hard to bring words to mind to answer her. His throat was closing rapidly and finally he blinked the flooded wells of his eyes clear.

His words came quietly and broken at first. Then he cleared his throat and spoke softly. “There was a personal war declared against me before I was even born. It’s the reason my parents were killed, and why I have this scar on my forehead. It is thought that I killed Tom Riddle, known as, Lord Voldemort when I was a year old because his death curse reflected back onto him. From the time I was eleven years old, I thought I killed someone because that is what was told to me. All those years thinking that, kind of conditioned me. I grew up fighting for my life in one way or another. It came to a point where I had to kill or be killed. I didn’t like it, and I never wanted it to be that way, but I knew I would be able to if I had to because I had done it before. I don’t know how many people I have killed, but I do know that I didn’t want it to be that way. And there were many people who died to keep me alive. I have always felt that I killed those people as much as if I was the one who used the wand against them. There was an innocent life that was taken because I failed to protect … I can’t remember. Whether it is right or wrong to feel this way, I have trouble dealing with it.”

Harry rubbed his eyes and drew a breath and released it. “The sad fact of the matter is, sometimes war is necessary to right a wrong when words can’t be found to solve the wrong. If the issue of what is wrong is serious enough then it goes beyond words to violence. The reason I had to go to war is because a very large group of people believed they were better and wanted to live above Muggles and other magical creatures that weren’t human and began persecuting them. Some even wanted to kill them. Many innocent people died because they weren’t born the way some thought they should be. Words could never be agreed upon so the violence of war had to be used to stop these people. A lot of times a truce can be agreed upon. That’s when both sides agree on certain arrangements where they have to compromise some of the things they were fighting for. This war though, could have no compromises because the protagonist’s of evil wanted superiority over all beings without exception and we couldn’t allow that to happen. This makes war so terrible because there has to be so much killing before the cause is won or lost. There must be a victory for the cause of equality for all; otherwise the loss of our humanity would be too great to overcome.”

Harry swallowed and took another breath to calm his emotions. “And then there is the aftermath of the war to consider. There is so much pain in war that whether you are the one inflicting the pain or you are the one receiving the pain it doesn’t heal as fast as like a cut or something like that. The memory of the pain and how long you had to live with that memory stays with you. My body is still healing, but I am able to get around pretty good. One day I will be able to move about without the pain in my body. But the pain I remember living with all my life… the reason for the pain… and being alone… betrayals…abandonment; these are things I am having a hard time with. But the good thing is that I’m not lost in my past. I know I have family and friends who love me, and don’t hold me responsible for the war. I’m sorry I have had to kill and I had to fight in the war and that I can’t put this behind me yet, but since I can’t, can you just be patient with me? I am trying so very hard.”

She nodded her head and said she would be the most patient person in the whole world for the rest of forever if he needed her to be. She hugged his neck tight and he held her tight to him. “Thank you Darling Angel.” He released her when he felt her try to get up. They smiled at each other and then Harry told her to go get ready for breakfast. “It’ll be time to leave before we know it. We don’t want to make Mummy late for her first job; do we?”

“Well, actually, Daddy, this is Mummy’s third story. She has already written two very good articles on both teams playing today to help people get excited for the teams.”

Lily ran out of the bedroom and Harry stood up and turned to Ginny who was still in bed clutching the blanket to her. He smiled innocently and said, “I stand corrected.” Ginny shook her head and said, “You told her way more than she needed to know. But she seems to have understood just fine.”

Harry shrugged his shoulders and said quietly, “She’s seen way more than she should have seen. She needs to understand just as much as I do.”
Ginny got out of bed and waved her wand over the bed adjusting the pillows, sheet, blanket and comforter until it was well made. Time is running short; do you want to shower together?”

Harry put his arms around her and kissed her passionately. “We could shower together if you don’t mind being late.” His impish grin moved her to a fit of giggles and said, “Well ordinarily I’d throw caution to the wind and chance being late, but since Lilly is waiting for us I think I’d better shower in here, and you can shower in the guest bath.”

They had their showers without delay and sat down for breakfast. Harry pulled out the chair beside him for Winky to join them, but Winky shook her head and told Harry to enjoy his breakfast with his family.

“Come on Winky, you’re family too. Please join us.”
She smiled and looked to Ginny for her approval. Ginny smiled lovingly and asked her to please join them. The little elf climbed up on the chair and ate with the family shyly. Lily asked her if she would like to go to the Quidditch game with them and Winky shook her head no. “Winky is not fond of the game. It is bringing Winky too many bad memories.”

Harry nodded his head fully understanding her feelings. As much as Harry loved the game, he wasn’t fond of going to this one either. There was a knock on the door and Harry excused himself from the table to answer it.

“Hey look who it is, come on in. We’re having breakfast if you’d like to join us.”

All his friends from North America and Atlantis came in the house beaming at Harry, so happy to see him. They all immediately noticed the deep cut on his cheek but were too polite to ask about it; all except for Rodney that is.

“Harry, what have you been doing? You surely haven’t been working; you’re not up to it yet. Are there more bad guys from that evil dude, Riddle?”
Everyone else stopped in the living room but Rodney went on out to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Lily passed him a plate of pancakes and then the butter and syrup. Winky snapped her fingers and steam rose from the stack and he was delighted. Ginny smiled and passed him some bacon and eggs and he grinned from ear to ear. “I love coming here, I always eat so well.”

Harry chuckled and motioned everyone else out to the table. He waved his hand nonchalantly and the table extended to accommodate the guests. Jack said they didn’t come to eat, they just didn’t know when they would need to leave to get to the game on time. “We don’t know where to park either,” added John as he took a seat beside Winky. Breakfast was enjoyed and everyone moved to the living room to wait for directions to Hogwarts.

“Nonsense, I’ll take us, it’s not a problem.” Harry looked at Ginny and asked if she had everything she needed. After she checked her notebooks and pens she nodded her head and said she was ready. He waited for Lily who was also checking to make sure she had her things as well. She nodded her head with a matter of fact look about her and said she was ready. They all joined hands and Harry made them all disappear and reappear at Hogwarts in the Headmaster’s office. Ron, Hermione, and Hugo were there and they all were excited to see everybody. The office became alive with greetings and laughter. Kingsley and Minerva joined in coming from a small room off the main office. Harry noticed right away they were not as happy as they wanted him to think they were.

“What’s the problem?” asked Harry.

The room became quiet and Kingsley said, “We just learned that Rita Skeeter is here with her, Quick Quotes Quill.

Harry was indifferent to the news and asked Hugo who he was going to be rooting for. But before the boy could answer Kingsley said, “Did you hear what we said Harry? Rita Skeeter is here.”

Harry looked at the man with fire in his eyes and ice in his voice, “Yes, Kingsley, I am blessed with acute hearing so I did hear what was said. I hope you don’t expect me to throw her a ticker tape parade, because that won’t happen. Why wouldn’t you expect her to be here since she is obviously not in prison where she belongs? She fancy’s herself as a writer, so this would be the most logical place for her to be.”

Harry looked at Ginny and his demeanor softened. “Honey, you and Lily better get to your Press Box before Rita takes your spot. Don’t let her near Lily.”

Hermione said that she would be sitting with them to keep Rita away from Ginny and Lily. I’ve got her under constant observation, and so I figured I could do the observing during the game so I can sit with Ginny and Lily.”
Harry nodded his head and thanked her. He grinned proudly as Ginny spoke up saying, “I can take care of Rita my own self. But I welcome your company, Hermione.” The three left and found Percy on his way up to the office. He stepped in but before he said anything; Harry offered him his hand. “Congratulations on your promotion, Percy, its well deserved.” After thanking Harry, he took Hugo to sit with his cousins.

Harry turned and glared at Kingsley when he said a detachment of Aurors would accompany them to his Box. “There have been many times when I needed the help of my Aurors but wasn’t allowed to have them. I don’t need them to get me to my seat.”

When nothing was said, Harry cracked up laughing in genuine glee. “It isn’t for my protection, it’s for hers! You think I’ll lose my mind and give up finally being able to be with my family and live a normal life so I can have revenge on that witch!” He laughed for a moment longer and then stopped. His demeanor became scary and his hair blew from his face. He looked at Kingsley and said ever so quietly, and just barely audible, “This proves to me that you know she is guilty and you know it was wrong to let her go free. Well fine then. Once again I am left to do the dirty work. I’ll put her away, but it will be legal. I have a life to live, and nothing will take it away from me. She doesn’t need protecting from me; not until she does something illegal.” He waited incase Kingsley had something to say; but the man stood silent. “I’m ready to find our seats.”

Harry brushed past Kingsley and left the room with everyone running after him. At the foot of the Gargoyles guarding the entrance a group of eighteen Aurors became alert and stepped aside quickly when they tried to keep him from moving on without them leading. They instead walked briskly beside him as if they were escorting him. The look on Harry’s face was stern and unyielding. They arrived at the Quidditch Pitch quite sooner than a normal stroll would get them there. In the corner of his eye he saw Rita with her Quick Quotes Quill and he fumed more intense, but his gait didn’t slow any at all. She called out to him; however he just turned his head to look at her and kept on his angry way. He didn’t have the time of day for her.

Just a few more yards and he’d be in the Quidditch Pitch. He felt pain and his throat began to swell shut. His quick strides slowed and then stopped. His breathing became deep and slow. Images from his memory jumped before him and his knees became weak. He was cold but sweat formed on his brow. The sounds of the stadium grew faint like he was far away and under water. Everything was turning dark. And then there was nothing.

Ronon caught Harry before he fell to the ground and Kingsley led everyone to a section of the bleachers where they could get under them and out of sight of everyone there. Jack asked what happened to him. “Did someone curse him?”

Daniel said, “It looked like he was terrified and passed out.”

Rodney shook his head and said it was impossible. “Harry is the bravest man in the world; he can’t have just passed out.”

The doctor pointed to Harry and lifted a lock of his hair from the hairline over his ear to show them. It was white as a dove. “Harry just faced everything he went through all at once without warning that it was coming. Nobody could stand up under that pressure.” Sudden stress of a catastrophic event has been known to cause hair to turn white instantly. There was a reporter whose hair turned white instantly when the Hindenburg crashed.” He got his small instrument from his pocket and scanned Harry. He waved some smelling salts under Harry’s nose and Harry finally turned his head from them. He opened his eyes and stared into space.

Ron put his hand on his friend and gently shook his shoulder. Harry blinked his eyes and rolled them to look at Ron.

“Harry, you fainted mate; are you ok?” he said with a crooked smile on his face. He couldn’t believe Harry had fainted, but actually felt kind of good about it.

Carson looked up quickly from his instrument and said, “He’s been seriously poisoned.”

Harry reached up handing a small bottle to the doctor. Carson took the bottle and Harry winced as he moved his head slowly to one side and exposed his neck. He reached up and pinched something, jerked and pulled his hand away. The doctor immediately saw what was in his hand and put it in the bottle and then asked John for his pocket knife. John opened it and handed it to him while he watched closely. Carson put the knife to Harry’s throat and scraped a wasp stinger and a pincer from Harry’s neck and put it in the bottle with the wasp and then put the lid on it. He took a penlight and looked carefully at Harry’s neck and told Harry what he found and asked if he had medicine for it. “I need to get it in you now, or you’ll surely die within the minute.”

Harry opened his hand part way but lost consciousness. The doctor took the bottle that appeared and poured it down Harry’s throat. After a moment Harry miraculously stood up and told Kingsley the wasp was Ludo Bagman. Kingsley stopped reaching for the bottle and froze in the position he was in. “Harry, don’t ask me to kill it. We don’t know for sure its Bagman; it can’t be; it’s probably just a wasp.”

Harry said, “I didn’t say to kill it. But put a lid on it so it doesn’t fly away, because if it does, I will kill it. We can’t let him escape again.” The doctor spoke up saying, “Nobody needs to kill it because Harry killed it when he pulled it off of him. Well, it isn’t dead yet, but is as good as dead. It will die in a matter of minutes.”

Kingsley grabbed the jar and threw it to the ground breaking the jar open. Just as the doctor had said, Bagman appeared before them all; a lifeless man. He opened his eyes and looked right at Harry and said, “How do you always win? It was Rita’s idea; I told her it wouldn’t work.” A wand appeared in his hand that happened to be lying in the position to point it at Harry without moving and smiled. Harry’s wand challenged Ludo’s wand and it came flying to Harry. Ludo had voiced a killing curse but then there was nothing. He was dead.

Kingsley waved his wand over the body and it disappeared. Ron had his hand over his mouth as did, nearly everyone else. The sight hadn’t been pleasant to see. Bagman was crushed flat and his entrails were on the ground in front of him. The doctor asked for Harry’s Dittany and put it on Harry’s neck. “He bit you seven times on the neck and stung you the same amount of times. These bites and stings were directly over your jugular vein and the venom that was injected into the bloodstream closed off the oxygen to your brain. You didn’t pass out; you were going into anaphylactic shock and you were just about dead.”

Harry suddenly made a phone call to the prison and asked some questions. He waited a moment and then said, “Isolate him and call me as soon as you find out.”

Harry said, “Nobody says anything to anybody about this. I don’t want Rita to know until I tell her. Let’s find out how she reacts when she can’t find Ludo after I force her hand. She’ll tip her hand, and we’ll also see if her dear daughter is involved in anyway. Let’s go sit down before I fall down. I’m really not feeling up to this game so let’s make the best of me having to be here.” They started to make their way to the steps while Harry finished plans with Kingsley and Ron.

They started the long assent to the top only to be stopped on the first step by some officials. One of them spoke to Kingsley who then shook his head, no, emphatically. The official said something else and then Kingsley turned to look apologetically at Harry and said, “They insist that you come out on the field and meet the players and then you will throw the Quaffle up to start the game.”

“I can barely stand Kingsley; tell them I’m not well.”

An official stepped in and said, “Come on Mr. Potter, don’t be shy.” He pulled Harry’s arm and took him to the field. The stadium erupted with clapping and shouting, and screaming from the young ladies. Harry stopped and forced the official to stop. Harry told the man to bring the teams to him or let him go.

“Please sir, I really am not well, and I need to sit down.” He tried to smile but wasn’t able to pull off a very convincing one. The man for the first time looked concerned and waved the teams over. They both came over enthusiastically and lifted Harry to their shoulders and carried him to the center of the field.

The officials ran to them and stood by Harry when they put him down. The lead official put his arm around Harry to help him stand. It looked as if he just needed to stand close because of the crowd noise. As he called off the names of the teams each one shook his hand and it was then they saw how badly he looked. Harry smiled genuinely at the players and wished them luck.

Finally the official held the microphone between them and said, “Mr. Potter, we are honored you came today especially since you are not feeling well. What is it like for you to be here today after only last month defeating Tom Riddle on this very spot?

Harry couldn’t believe he asked such a stupid question. “Well, to be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming for me. I still haven’t fully recovered yet. And then can you believe it; a wasp tried to make a meal of me just as I was entering the Quidditch Pitch a little while ago.” He lifted his hair and turned to show the bites and stings. It was quite hideous looking; the reason for the crowds groans when the camera zoomed in on a tight shot. “I’ll be ok; I can’t say the same for the wasp though. Anyway; I’m glad the event has been planned and so many people were able to come on such late notice. I’d like to wish both teams a fun and safe game. And I hope the fans have a good time with their families and friends while they watch and enjoy the game. I encourage everyone to greet the people around you. Introduce yourselves with a warm smile and a handshake. Good will towards your fellow man starts within your own heart.”

There was a flurry of movement in the stands as people did indeed greet their neighbors. Harry smiled and then after a moment for them to settle down for the game he took the Quaffle, shook hands with the official and then with all he had left in him; threw the ball high into the air and then disappeared.

The crowd roared and Harry appeared atop the stands in the Ministers box. Harry saw his sons watching excitedly in all directions. He then realized they were wondering where he went. “James, Albus?”

The boys turned and jumped the bleachers between them and stood on either side of their dad and hugged him tightly. Harry smiled wide and hugged them both. A roar from the crowd broke up the father and sons reunion and Harry nodded to the game and said, “Find your seats and enjoy the game. I’ll be right here. I can see the game on the screens, which is fine for me this time.”

The boys went to the rails and watched just as Harry had done when he watched the World Cup just before starting his fourth year at Hogwarts. Thankfully; Kingsley was giving his guests a running commentary of what was going on in the game. Harry watched some, but the fast movement mostly made him dizzy. He had a delightful time watching his sons enjoy the game. Albus was answering questions John asked him and John was nodding his understanding without taking his eyes off the game. Harry grinned knowing John was picking his favorite team and players by the questions he was asking. Jack too was doing the same with James. It didn’t surprise Harry in the least that the two, both picked Beaters as their favorite players. They are warriors and their objectives are always to defend, aid, and strategize for the advancement of the team. He also knew they would pick the Irish for their team; being loyal to the team because Harry had played on their team last month. He observed Teal’c and Ronon who he knew would root for the Chasers because of the type of warrior they are. Their alien ways are to strike as many points against the opposing force as often and quickly as possible. Both Sam and Teyla were able to watch the whole team as one, rooting loudly for anything each team player did. Rodney and Daniel were both fascinated with the game and ducked instinctively when anyone on either team flew close to their seat.

The game was still going strong three hours later. The Snitch had shown itself many times, but was able to elude its capture. The score was even and hard played. Harry took a phone call on his cell phone and a look of distain came over his face.

“Take him to our, safe house, and station two guards outside his room and two inside. Get our approved healer to take care of him and make him as comfortable as you can.” Harry nodded for Kingsley and Ron to come over to him, but an announcement stopped him from talking to them.

The announcement coming over the speakers said for the first time ever a timeout was in effect for people to get something to eat or drink from the vendors making their ways through the crowds. “Make it count people; this timeout will last for thirty minutes.”

Suddenly Winky appeared with a huge picnic basket and set it down next to Harry. Harry picked the small elf up and held her tight to him. He knew she was afraid and he wanted her to feel safe. “Winky, you didn’t need to bring this. Let me take you home. Thank you for thinking of us, but we would have been fine.” Her head was buried in his chest and all she did was nod her head.

Harry told Kingsley he was taking Winky home and he’d be right back. Just as he disappeared he saw Rita Skeeter enter the box. A minute later after Harry had Winky safely settled at home he returned to the box and found Rita talking to Kingsley. He wasn’t allowing her entrance and was telling her she would have to get another story; she couldn’t talk to anyone there.
She looked around the man and saw Harry and pushed her way to him. “Harry, Harry, a quick word for the press if you don’t mind… just a few yes and no questions.”

Harry stood in front of her and folded his arms across his chest. His gaze was foreboding to say the least. She spoke bravely to keep from showing how intimidated she felt. She glanced at her quill and parchment floating at her side and writing of its own accord, and then she cleared her throat.

“Let’s begin; shall we? Now, first off my readers would like you to know we are delighted to see you here and looking so, so healthy. But you said you were stung by a wasp. I hope you aren’t allergic or anything. You look white as a ghost.”

Harry didn’t open his mouth or change the look on his face. She stammered for a moment; words not coming to her. It was probably the first time in her life she didn’t know what to say.

“So, I was wondering about any reservations you had about coming today.” She looked at him expecting an answer but didn’t get any. “Have you had reservations about being here today?” she asked annoyingly.


“Oh! Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. What were they, the reasons you didn’t want to come today?”

Harry stood unmoving and unwilling to speak. He just stared at her calmly.
She stomped her foot in anger and said with malice in her voice, “You said you got stung by a wasp, is that correct?”


She stood and smiled wickedly. “Are you going to tell us about it?”


The irate witch glared at Harry and tapped her toes impatiently. Kingsley grinned and held his fingers over his mouth; in a manly sort of, I’m deep in thought here type of way, to keep from being seen.

James huffed and said, “Is she done, I’m hungry!”

They all laughed with the exception of Rita Skeeter and Harry. “Here, here!” said Ronon exuberantly, and opened the basket Winky brought.

Harry sighed and quietly said, “My children are hungry, ask what you will and then leave so they don’t get sick eating in your presence.”

“Why were you being so obstinate?”

Harry answered, “After you forced your way in here against our wishes you said you had some yes / no questions. I answered your yes / no questions. Now ask what you really wanted to ask.”

“Very well then, let’s get to it. You said you were attacked by a wasp, how are we to believe it was a wasp?”

Harry’s eyes glinted with the fire that burned in them. “It was identified by everyone here except my sons. What does it matter what stung me?”

“Oh…it doesn’t, I’m just being thorough. So, this wasp you claim stung and bit you, where is it now?”

Harry shook his head, “I have no idea, nor do I care; it’s just gone.”

“And where did this alleged incident occur?” The wicked smile returned to her bright red painted lips.

“It was right when I turned my head to you when you called out to me. So, I’m thinking it was because I didn’t see the wasp coming because I was looking at you and that’s when it found its way to my neck. Odd this, I could have swore I heard, “I’ve got you now Potter” and it sounded just like your husband, Ludo Bagman. I figured it was all in my head because I had so much trepidation of going into the Quidditch Pitch. You can understand of course why I had so many misgivings about that. What with you and your lousy husband, who is in Azkaban, causing all the pain and suffering I went through.”

“You should watch where you’re going Potter.”

“You can count on it that I will. Is there anything else?”

“You said, “I’ll be ok; I can’t say the same for the wasp though.” What did you mean by that?”

“Well, I meant that a doctor happened to be with me at the time and he took care of me, but I’m pretty sure I smashed the wasp between my thumb and finger when I pulled it off my neck, so it naturally isn’t going to be ok. I can’t imagine your readers being interested in any of this though. Maybe we should talk about something else. Why don’t you tell us how you and your dreadful daughter are doing now that you have hood winked the Wizengamot into thinking you were innocent of everything. How does your husband, Ludo Bagman feel being locked up in Azkaban knowing you two are as guilty as he is and yet you’re free? When is the last time you saw him; your husband the murderer? Or have you neglected him, forgotten him. People tend to be forgotten in Azkaban or anywhere actually. It’s like they didn’t exist. They just don’t remember no matter how important or prominent they were. Look at Florean Fortescue, he disappeared years ago. Many think he joined Riddle, or that he was murdered by Riddle. I’ve never been comfortable with either theory. This past month I’ve started searching for him. But I digress; my point was that Ludo could vanish … of neglect from you.”

Rita’s face contorted with rage and she swore at him. She stammered odd incoherent words and phrases and then pulled herself together; only still enraged. She changed the subject screeching, “You are the murderer! You murdered my son in the mine along with that army of Goblins!”

Harry calmly said, “Why would you say that? Your son happens to be a great friend of mine, and I certainly have not nor will ever kill him.”

Rita was shocked into silence for a moment and then said, “Not that one, I gave him up the moment he was born. I’m talking about Levi; you met him down in the Goblins mine. You can’t get out of murdering him and I will see you die for it! Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!”

Harry looked puzzled and said, “What are you going on about Skeeter?”

“You know very well what I’m talking about! You told us that you killed him!
You admitted it!”

“Us who; who do you claim I told that to?” asked Harry innocently.

“The day of the Quidditch game last month; you told Ludo, me and Harriet that you killed Levi. Filch was there too; he heard you too! You will not get away with it!”

Harry became defensive and said, “Who would take your word for it, Filch was working for me, and Ludo is in Azkaban, and your daughter is as much of a liar as you are. She wasn’t even there! What proof do you have?”

I heard you! My daughter did hear you! She was in her Ladybug Animagus form and besides that we have it on video!”

Harry continued to be quarrelsome and stood inches from her face and yelled, “You’re crazy, you don’t know what you’re saying. You weren’t even in your right mind! You don’t have a leg to stand on, you don’t remember because Ludo had you under the Imperious Curse! He used the Obliviate spell on you over and over! Your brain is addled! Your threats are empty; you can’t touch me!”

Rita drew her wand and put the tip hard against Harry’s chest and his shirt began to smolder. “No he didn’t. I remember everything because I was his partner. We planned everything! I was the brains of the team!”

She stopped when Harry quickly snatched her wand from her and said, “Threatening and injuring an officer of the Ministry is an offense that carries jail time, and you’ve just done both.”

Harry made eye contact with John for a second and then turned his back on Rita as if walking away from her. He turned back around quickly when Harriet Porter appeared right before everyone. She put her hand over Rita’s mouth. “Mother, shut up, he’s goading you into-” She shoved a pill in her mother’s mouth and said, “Mother forgot to take her medicine this morning. Being unjustly accused and spending time in Azkaban has made her ill. Please excuse us, we’ll be leaving now. Come on mother, let’s go home.”

Harriet hobble marched her mother towards the opening to leave, but Rita stopped and tried to look around even though Harriet was still pushing her out of the Minister’s Box they were in. They both stopped astonished over the scene Kingsley began making with Harry.

Kingsley grabbed Harry roughly by the arm and pulled him back shaking his head. Harry looked at him in disbelief. “We can arrest her and her daughter, she just confessed! You heard her!”

“We’ll talk about this later. I need to start the game; the players have returned to the field.” Harry vehemently objected and tried to step towards Rita. Kingsley unceremoniously shoved him backward and told him to settle down before he had him removed.

Rita and Harriet both grinned more wickedly than he had ever seen them and left.

Carson stepped over a couple seats to get to Harry and took his blood pressure and temperature. “Son, you need to drink more of that potion you took earlier, and then you need to try to sit calmly for a while. You should be home in bed, but I know that isn’t going to happen.” He glared at Kingsley and said, “You didn’t need to be so rough, you nearly put him in a coma from Toxin shock.” He took the Dittany from Harry and put it on the burn on his chest.

Harry drank the potion Carson spoke of and sat down looking no less dangerous than he looked when Kingsley stopped him from arresting Rita and Harriet.

John came over and sat beside Harry with a grin. Harry grinned as well, “Did you get it?”

John nodded his head and held out a scroll of parchment and a quill. “It put up a little struggle, but I’m bigger than it is.”

Harry took the parchment and read it. “She had no idea I put the Thief’s Downfall spell on it; the dry one that is. I couldn’t have the box flooded. It couldn’t hide the truth and it couldn’t embellish on what she said. It recorded everything that was said.”

Kingsley nodded his head, “That was quite the performance Harry. I was beginning to think you changed your mind and wanted to arrest her right then. Now will you tell me why you didn’t give me the signal to let you arrest her?”

Harry became especially somber and said, “I want proof that she knew what she was doing when she killed Madam Hooch. I don’t want her arrested just because we have proof of conspiracy and all that other stuff. I want proof she murdered her. I will find a way to make her willingly confess everything. Madam Hooch deserves a proper burial ceremony, and her family needs to be proud of her brave deed.”

Harry looked longingly at the basket and said he’d love something to eat. John picked up the basket and said he’d join him. “I don’t think Winky knew you were going to have all these Aurors here and didn’t prepare enough.”
Harry chuckled when he saw Ron and Rodney roll their eyes at each other and swallow the last of their second sandwich they had each just eaten. He asked James and Albus if they had enough to eat and they turned and answered yes. Harry doubted they would have stopped to eat even if they hadn’t. He was glad to see them having so much fun. Harry asked everyone else if they needed anything else to eat and Jack said he could eat a piece of cake if there was any around.

Harry held out his hand and a piece of paper and a pen appeared. He wrote something down and then made a paper airplane out of it. He waved his wand over it while he said something nobody could make out and then flew the paper plane away. Pretty soon a young man entered the box and went directly to Harry with a large bag and some drinks. The young man thanked Harry when he paid him and gave him a generous tip. Then he was surprised when Harry offered him his hand and said, “Johnny, you look great. How have you been; it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. How goes the shoe shine business?”

Johnny smiled from ear to ear and said, “I’m doing just fine sir. I didn’t think you’d remember me.”

“How could I not remember the best shoe shine man there has ever been? Would you like to stay and watch the rest of the game with us?”

Harry’s invitation was genuine and his smile was warm. Johnny looked at his watch and said, “I’d like that sir. I just got off my shift when we got your order. Dad said I could knock off after I was done. I just want to make sure I have enough time to make out a business outline to present to a loan officer first thing in the morning. I’m starting my own business if I qualify for a loan. I mean, the bank wants to make sure my business will be a sound investment.”

James suddenly turned and stared at Johnny. “Excuse me, but I know who you are. Your younger brother is the Captain of my Quidditch team! He spoke very highly of you when I tried out.”

The young man blushed and thanked James for telling him and wished him luck on his team.”

Harry and Johnny talked for quite a while during which time Harry ate and then started writing down things now and then. Pretty soon he said he would meet Johnny first thing in the morning to help him get his business license.
Harry was really getting weary and was feeling the need to be home in bed. He started thinking of the pictures in the Hogwarts Headmaster’s office. He wouldn’t be able to go up there and talk to them after the game; it was dragging on forever it seemed. He thought, ‘At least I’ll soon be able to talk to Florean Fortescue.’ All at once James shouted, “The Chasers are trying the Harry Potter Broom Walk!”

Harry’s attention flew back to the game and he said, “What are they doing; the what?”

His sons explained excitedly that both teams wanted the Minister of Magic to persuade the Gaming Wizards to put off the game until their players could learn to fly barefoot and standing on the broom surfboard style like he did when he played last month. “The term is called, “The Harry Potter Broom Walk” after the man who invented it, you!”

Harry stood next to the rails to watch but sat heavily on the bleacher behind him. His face was ivory white and his head lulled to his shoulders for a moment and then he sat forward with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. Ronon and Teal’c lifted him bodily from the bleacher and sat him a few rows back safely away from the rail. He smiled and thanked them. “I just forgot how dizzy I am. I’m ok.”

Kingsley sat beside him looking serious. “Are you sure you’re alright son? I can take you home if you need to go.”

“I’m fine Kingsley, thank you though.”

The elder man nodded his head but refrained from smiling. “Do you feel up to telling me what that business was about…with Rita? You mentioned Florean Fortescue.”

Harry nodded his head and acknowledged Ron with a quick nod as Ron turned and sat on the bleacher below Harry only facing him. “I was wondering the same thing.”

“It hit me all at once that since Ludo was here, then why hadn’t we received a message from Azkaban reporting him missing. I called and asked if he was there and they checked on him. They said he was there. So I figured they pulled the same trick Crouch and his wife pulled to get Jr. out of Azkaban. I told them to search him and isolate him in a different room, and to keep an eye on him and to let me know if he changed into anyone else. They called back later, just before Winky brought the food and said he had changed into a very confused and senile acting Florean Fortescue.”

Ron shook his head in amazement and Kingsley was speechless.
Harry continued, “So I’m thinking that although this plan seems to be hastily thrown together, that the plan was to kill me here from an apparent fatal allergic reaction to a bee sting. I’m thinking the Wizengamot has been Imperioused since they let Rita and Harriet free.”

Kingsley nodded his head and said, “I have been investigating that possibility ever since they made me turn them loose. As of this morning all of them are being deprogrammed from some very deep mind washing; the same as Lucius Malfoy had been done to him; only not nearly as long and stringent.”

Harry shook his head and glared at Kingsley for a short minute. “Kingsley, you need to help me instead of trying to protect me. When you know something like what you just told me, you need to tell me because it will help me get over my emotional hang-ups. Don’t let me think I’m all alone in things again.”

He sighed and said, “So, I think it is safe to assume that whoever, or there successors’, created the Goblin Army, are still at large. I have some leads I can share with you, but not here. Can you two come over tomorrow afternoon? You should go ahead and watch the game now anyway. We won’t be able to keep the discovery of Florean quiet very long. I’ll come up with a Sting to goad Rita into making her move. She’ll discover somehow that Ludo has escaped from Azkaban. She’ll try her best to do it in a way to make us look incompetent.”

Ron chanced a look at Kingsley, thinking Harry wasn’t watching him. When he saw Harry’s quizzical look he just half grinned and said he’d be there after lunch.

The game lasted four more hours and then it was all over. The Irish caught the Snitch in a spectacular move and the crowd went wild. The Veelas swarmed the field and sudden lunacies developed from hundreds of men and older boys. Harry grinned happily at his sons who had begun boasting of muscles and manly physics.

A few seconds later Ginny and Lily ran into the box and Ginny smiled at her husband, thankful he wasn’t being seduced by the unnatural beauties. Lily announced to her brothers to stop acting stupid or she was going to write an article about them and put it in the Daily Profit. She pulled them down and they both shook their heads and turned red in the face after realizing they had embarrassed themselves.

Finally after the award was given and all the interviews were done, Harry dismissed his Aurors to go home and Kingsley left as well. Harry put his hand on Ron’s arm with enough pressure to make him turn to him. “Ron, what is it? Is something wrong, do you need me for something? You know I’ll do anything in the world for you.”

Ron swallowed and looked sick. He glanced at Hermione and then back to Harry. He looked even worse when Harry became concerned and put both hands on his shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Brother, what is it? Do you want to go someplace and talk? There is surely something I can say or do to help you with whatever is wrong. I know; you guys come over now. We’ll talk it over and figure everything out.”

Ron sighed and nodded his head looking totally sick. Ron left with his family, and Harry, after they said goodbye to his sons, took his family and friends home. Winky announced that she prepared a late dinner so they all went to the dining room and sat down to eat.

Harry asked John if they were going to be able to spend much time with them and John shook his head. “We’ll need to leave as soon as we eat; unless you need us.”

Harry said he understood, but was visibly disappointed. They made the most of their short visit and talked about the game they watched. Teyla said, “It was exciting to watch. I enjoyed it very much, it is fast and furious.”
It was with much disappointment that Jack said they really needed to go. Harry walked them out to the Puddle jumper and allowed Carson to look at his neck one more time before they left. He wasn’t happy with the looks of it and said, “Harry, if this doesn’t look any better in the morning; call me or Jennifer.”

Harry tried for a grin and half nodded his head, “I’ll be fine; goodnight everyone.” He looked at John wishing he could stay. He was feeling uneasy about whatever was going on with Ron. “Don’t run into any stars on your way home.” He waved and stepped away from the Puddle jumper and watched them leave.

When Harry went back into the house he noticed Hugo and Lily running to the playroom in the basement all excited they had time to play before Hugo had to leave.

Winky came in the room and asked if they needed her for anything. Harry sat on the arm of the chair he was accustomed to sitting in, but couldn’t because Ginny was there. He took her hand gently and asked was she ok from being at the game today. She smiled adoringly at Harry and said she was fine. “Winky is being sad Master got hurt though, and his beautiful hair is white.”

Harry’s eyebrows knitted together and asked her what she meant. Ginny summoned a mirror and held it in front of Harry so he could see the strip of ivory white hair.

At first he could only stare at it. Then he said, “I don’t know how, or when this happened. Do you-” he looked at Ron and stopped in mid sentence. Is this why you laughed at me? When you…woke me; you were laughing… You said I fainted.” Harry’s memory played over what happened and he got up and walked to the big picture window and looked out into the dark.

Finally he turned back around and quietly said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to think about myself. Ron, what is the matter? Something is wrong and I said I’d help you no matter what. So,” he smiled warmly with only a hint of sadness escaping, “what is it?”

Once again Ron looked sick. Harry became very concerned and sat on the arm of the couch next to where Ron was sitting. He put his hand on his shoulder to give him emotional support. Harry quickly looked at Hermione to see how she was reacting. If something was dreadfully wrong with his health, surely she would be upset. But Hermione just looked mostly sympathetic and also a bit impatient.

Ron sighed deeply and then blurted out what was troubling him. “Look mate, I decided to give up being an Auror and work in the Joke shop with George full time.”

Harry let out a sigh of relief and smiled. “Ron; what’s up with all the drama? I thought you were terminally ill or something. Were you trying to make the rest of my hair turn white?”

Ron’s eyebrows went to the top of his forehead and grinned cautiously. Then he saw the realization on Harry’s face.

Harry stared at him without saying anything and then quietly said, “Have I mistreated you, Ron? I mean first you gave up being my partner in the Detective agency, and now you want to quit being an Auror. If you’ll tell me what I’ve done; if I am too hard on you… or … is it me?” He watched Ron and then Hermione and said, “It is me… because I’m dangerous; a monster.” He smiled hopefully and said, “Look Ron, I don’t have those dangerous nightmares anymore. And I’m not a danger to be around anymore. Everything is different now. Ron, I …”

Ron interrupted saying, “It isn’t something I just decided to do mate. I’ve been working at the joke shop for, well, ever since you got back. I am only part time as an Auror until I tell you. I told Kingsley two years ago when you disappeared that as soon as you got back I might quit. And then what happens right away, but my family gets attacked to get back at you. I nearly killed you! My son was turned infantile! And this today with Bagman and Rita; you killed him without a thought, and Rita wants to kill you. Harry, I’ve had enough. You want to get involved in finding out who created the Goblin Army. You can’t just let it go. You are a magnet for trouble, and I need to think of my family for a change. I’ll not be putting them in harm’s way on this wild goose-chase you’re dead set on.”

Harry stood and returned to the window and looked out into the night. Another storm was moving in fast. It looked to be the same as last night’s storm. Somehow it didn’t size up to the storm that was thrashing his heart apart right now though. He heard Ginny ask why they hadn’t said anything about Ron wanting to quit before. She was angry and he didn’t want hard feelings in the family.

He turned around and said, “Don’t worry about it Honey, its fine. Ron, don’t worry about coming over tomorrow with Kingsley. I wasn’t going to go back to work for another six weeks. Would you be willing to work as an Auror until then? Not on special assignment with me, but just a normal Auror so we’re not shorthanded?” He looked uncertain that Ron would do it and felt awkward when he didn’t answer. “Never mind, it’s ok, I’ll go back to work tomorrow. Consider yourself retired from the Ministry. You are no longer an Auror. Thank you Ron; for your hard work all these years. You were a fine Auror, you can be proud of your service to the people we serve. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with you.” He grasped Ron’s hand and shook it for a minute.

Harry stopped and turned to look out the window again. This was not the time for his emotions to start acting up again. With his back still turned to Ron, Hermione, and Ginny; Harry quietly said, “Just so you know; I didn’t just kill Bagman without a thought today. I didn’t know what was happening to me. When Rita called my name I turned to look at her and that’s when I felt intense pain, it paralyzed me literally, and I couldn’t breathe. I thought I heard Bagman but I thought I was having a stroke or something from how terrorized I was to go into the Quidditch Pitch. Then Carson woke me, I felt something crawling on my neck. I forced myself to get it and I squeezed it because it stung and bit me again. I would have died if Carson hadn’t been there. I am not a monster. I think my reaction was the same as anyone would have reacted.”

The rain was pouring down in sheets and the thunder and lightning was fierce. Without turning to face them Harry rubbed his arm across his eyes and said with a raspy voice, “I’m going to go down and check Chevron. I’ll see you guys later. Don’t wait up for me Honey.” He walked out into the night oblivious to the storm raging around him; but well aware of the one that tore his friend from his heart. The destruction was devastating to him. How would he ever be able to repair the hurt he felt? He was glad Ron told him how he felt. He was never able to assign anything to Ron that would cause him to have to work past five when he was supposed to go home. He had to walk on eggshells with Ron in case he angered Hermione one way or another. It would be good to be able to work without those worries. But, it still hurt that he thought this month Ron was eager to help him find the creator of the Goblin Army; to work side by side, and then to find out this was the very thing that caused him to make the decision to give up being an Auror hurt worse.

Sometime later he realized he was on the furthest side of his property. He hadn’t gone to the barn or the stable. He had walked until he was stopped by the fence on the north boundary. He remembered one other time he had been upset and walked to this very spot. He found refuge that night by talking to Crookshanks when he was just suddenly there. Crookshanks wouldn’t be showing up this time; Hermione had given him his freedom. Harry wondered if he had ever found the people who killed Moondrop and their kittens. He looked at his watch and seen that it was three o’clock in the morning. His body ached and his neck was stiff. His throat was closing up on him. The storm was still raging and he needed to get home to be with Ginny and Lily. What if Lily was afraid because he wasn’t there? Ginny would have called him. She was letting him sort things out, but, yes, she would have called him if he was needed.

Harry appeared inside their bathroom and took off his dripping wet clothes and took a bottle of medicine from the cabinet. He took it and immediately began to feel his throat return to a more normal state of wellness. Harry caught a glimpse of his image and did a double take. He was just never going to get used to that white strip of hair. He got in the hot shower washing all the mud from him and then just stood under the water letting it warm his body. When he felt warm enough he got out and slipped on his robe and looked in on Lily. She was fine so he went to his bedroom and disrobed and climbed in bed with his wife. Ginny rolled over and snuggled into his side. She put her hand over his heart, and he smiled putting his hand over hers. His eyes went closed and he slept without dreams.

The End

A/N All the names for the past Ministers of Magic and Headmasters came from Harry Potter Wiki.
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Hey guys, thanks for reading. I hope you like this new post.

Mens Sana Corpore Sano

Lily skipped into Ginny’s office and asked her if she was ready for lunch. Ginny shook her head and said, “Not right now Sweetheart. I’ll be done shortly and then we’ll have the rest of the day.”

Lily dropped her small body dejectedly at her own desk and chair. Ginny looked at her and sighed. She was nearing the completion of a story she had hoped to finish before Harry dismissed Lily from her schooling. Lily seemed to adjust nicely to Harry teaching her in the mornings before he went back to his Detective Agency for work. She just didn’t like him leaving when they were done.

Monday through Friday every week, Harry went to the Ministry at six o’clock in the morning and listened to the report from the night shift, even though there was still two hours left for the shift. Then he wrote out and left work details with Kingsley for his Aurors who would be going into work at eight o’clock. He returned home by seven forty-five and waited with a cup of black coffee at his desk for Lily to come in for her schooling at eight. For the fifteen minutes he waited for Lily, he called and talked to Wes about what was on the agenda for the day.

Somehow Harry was always able to make learning for Lily more fun than when Ginny taught her. Harry loved spending time with his daughter and he was a great teacher. Lily always hated it when Harry said she was done for the day. He walked with her around to the side of the house where he had built Ginny a very charming office that looked like part of the house from an angle, but when you stood in front of it you could obviously see it was a separate cottage. Harry always walked in with Lily to tell Ginny goodbye and give her a hug and kiss; but early this morning Ginny had asked him to not linger today because she had a deadline.

Ginny looked out her big window to see Harry walking slowly away with his hands in his pockets and he looked about him at the flower bed and the trees. She watched him stop at a bench next to her flower garden and sit down. He just sat there for a couple minutes leaning forward with his forearms on his knees, his fingers interlocked and then he stood up and disappeared. He was tired, she could tell. She was upset that he had to return to work nearly two months before he was supposed to. She was still angry with Ron for quitting hence making Harry return to work before he should have. He was so quiet now, worse than he was before. She knew one reason was this case he was working on, and another reason was because of Ron quitting. The other reason was, well, it was the war and all it had encompassed. He wouldn’t tell her anything about the case, but she knew it was very important. A thought came to her and she looked at Lily.
“Sweetheart, did you and daddy have lunch yet?”

“No, yesterday he said that today we would eat together before he went to work because he might have to work late tonight. But then when we were done a while ago he said we couldn’t have lunch after all. He said he’d wait for a couple minutes in case plans changed. I guess plans didn’t change though.”

Ginny felt her heart drop and felt awful for forgetting that Harry had spoken to her yesterday morning. Before he left for the Ministry he had said he would be going to Xanadu today and wanted to make sure they had lunch together because he might be late coming home. The case was at a critical point in his investigation and it had him troubled. Why had she talked with Hermione this morning instead of getting right on her work? If she had, she would be having lunch with Harry and Lily now. She would have to make it up to her husband. She smiled thinking of how she would do that.

Lily made quite the job of getting her parchment and ink ready to work on her story she was writing. She was not pleased with her mom at the moment. Ginny smiled sympathetically at her daughter and said gently, “Just as soon as I get done with my work, we’ll go to town to hand in my project and then let’s stop at Grandma and Grandpa’s and see if Grandpa has his airplane yet. We can eat while I finish up here; okay?”

Lily reluctantly nodded her head and Ginny asked Winky to bring them something to eat. They ate and Lily told Ginny what she learned and what funny things her daddy did to make her remember important things. Ginny found herself listening intently as Lily told of her lessons and how easy everything was until she had to do a new kind of Math.

“He made me take a test and since I could do stuff like adding and subtracting, multiplication and division he wanted to see how I would master fractions. I think fractions are so fun, and he kept giving me harder and harder problems. At first I was having problems, but he explained the concept and what fractions’ functionality is; I found out I could work out the problems no matter how hard they were. Daddy said he doesn’t want me to advance too much for as young as I am so he said to challenge my brain he was going to have me do logic problem solving math. It’s hard, but Daddy makes it easy to think and he is very patient with me. And for every ten problems I do correct he gives me a goofy problem. I couldn’t even do them, but he said sometimes when we’re trying to solve a problem and the answer doesn’t come to us right away we should think to see if we have all the information. For example; two girls were born to the same mother, at the same time, on the same day, in the same month, and in the same year and yet they are not twins. The quandary is why not?”

Ginny looked at her daughter who sat with a very serious face and did not offer any clues to whether this was a joke or something. She smiled and said, “Well, I don’t think there is any way possible for this to happen. Even if they aren’t identical, they are still twins. Maybe you misunderstood the problem.”

Ginny smiled patiently. “I guess you’re going to have to tell me why they aren’t twins.”

“Mummy, I’m sure you can get this if you do what Daddy said, now just think about-”

Ginny sighed and said with a bit of impatience, “Lily, I don’t have time for this; if two girls are-”

Lily perked up and said, “Good, Mummy, now I’m sure you can solve it because you said, if,”

Ginny’s eyebrows went into her hairline with curiosity, and then she laughed and slapped her knee. They aren’t twins because there are more than two girls. Maybe there are three girls born so they aren’t twins, they are triplets.”

“That’s correct Mum; don’t you feel good about yourself for being able to figure that out on your own? Daddy says that we should exercise our minds with problems like this now and then to sharpen and expand our reasoning skills.

Ginny was amazed listening to her talk, sounding so much older than what she is. Then she nearly choked when Lily told her a nugget of news that made her wonder if maybe Harry shouldn’t be teaching her after all.
“Daddy told me that I am so far advanced in my studies that he decided he would let me pick a special subject in Language Skills to learn about. He told me to pick what I wanted to do when I grow up and he showed me some leaflets.”

Ginny’s eyebrows arched with curiosity and Lily said, “I told Daddy that I want to help people be able to talk to people who don’t understand things the normal way like we do. He said Linguistics is a very interesting field of communication and he thinks I would be good at it.”

She giggled and said, “I asked if it was because I liked to talk a lot; and he laughed and said it would definitely be a positive attribute for the study. But he said that communication skills are the most important things to learn to be successful in all things pertaining to life. Not just life as we know it, but life as people around the world knows it. Daddy said that if you can’t communicate with anyone, then you only have yourself for company and it would be a very lonely world. Isn’t that so exciting Mum? I can’t wait to start learning my new subject! Daddy told me that I didn’t have to make a commitment to it, because I’m still only eight and a half years old, but we would study it as long as I want to. He said when I get older the study would incorporate different cultures and analyzing all sorts of things even psychology. He said that won’t be until I’m much older, in case I want to change my mind. But I told him my mind is certain. Daddy says I’m just like you. He sure does love you more than anything. He’s so wonderful.”
Lily began writing her story she was working on. Ginny sighed and decided she was glad Harry was teaching Lily after all. Ginny considered herself a learned person, but was sure she wouldn’t be able to teach what Lily wanted to learn. She began typing on her laptop and finished her assignment. While Lily finished her writing she thought about what Lily was saying. A serene look about her came over her face. “Harry does love me, and he is wonderful like Lily said. I am blessed to have him,” she thought to herself. She was anxious for him to come home.

Harry arrived in Washington State of the United States of America and rented a truck to drive to Xanadu. The whole way there he thought over different scenarios to approach the subject he didn’t want to talk about. Before he knew it he was driving through the tunnel he made through the mountain side and entered his town, Xanadu. It looked very different and quite a bit larger than when he last visited.

He drove to a quiet street and pulled into a short driveway belonging to a cottage with a well manicured lawn. He smiled as he saw a woman working in her flower bed on her hands and knees. Just then an elderly gentleman walked out of the house with a tray of hot chocolate and sandwiches.
“Honey, how about coming up and sharing some lunch with me?” he asked her.

Harry got out of his truck and both the man and woman turned to see who was there. He grinned happily when they both welcomed him to their home with open arms.

“Harry, it is so good to see you! How long has it been since we last saw you? Too long ago I can tell you that.”

Harry nodded his head and smiled. I agree, but at least you both look good. Time has been good to you. Fifteen years since I left here; our quiet little village has become a quiet big town.” His smile was sad and his attitude seemed unresolved.

“Mr. and Mrs. McKinnon, could we go inside and talk about a troubling case I’m working on?”

The elderly couple glanced at each other with a look of fear on their faces, but then nodded their heads and hooked their arms in the crook of Harry’s elbows. They went in, after Mr. McKinnon retrieved the sandwiches and hot chocolate. They sat in a comfortable and hospitable living room with many pictures hanging on the walls. Harry told them to please have their lunch and they said they would if he joined them. He was hungry, but didn’t know if he would be able to eat due to the conversation they were about to have. He decided to accept their hospitality so they would eat.

While they ate Harry said, “It has been fifteen years since I left here, but I have been back many times to check on you throughout the years. Three years ago I was with you after your car slid off the road and into the ditch. You each called out to me in your suffering. I was able to bring you home and patch you up good as new and then I brought your car back to you. I had to leave before you woke up though. I left a letter for you so you wouldn’t think you were kidnapped by aliens and returned or something. I did check on you later that evening. I had to be invisible though, forgive me for not being able to visit with you then.”

They looked at each other and asked if the other had seen the letter. When it was discovered they didn’t see any letter, Harry summoned the letter and it came out from a side pocket in the recliner. Mr. McKinnon laughed and said he remembered seeing that haphazardly resting between the table leg and the pocket and thought it was something his Mrs. meant to stick in the pocket but didn’t get it all the way in. “I didn’t even look to see who it was from; I just stuffed it on down and forgot about it.” They read the letter and laughed. “It would have been nice to have read this back then.”

A short conversation followed about the harsh winter it had been that year. Finally, Mr. McKinnon said, “So, Harry, what have you in need of us for; about this case you are working on?”

Harry nodded his head and quietly said, “Yes sir, ok then; I’m investigating the making of a Goblin Army and a furnace under the vaults of Gringotts Bank. I need to know who all was involved and why they were made.”

Mrs. McKinnon put her fingertips to her mouth and her eyes filled with tears immediately. Harry was prepared for this reaction, or so he thought he was; clear up to right then when his heart felt like it exploded in his chest and he could hardly breathe. He was sure they were innocent of all the evil that had taken place. Mr. McKinnon worried; looked over to a side table where Harry had felt a trace of magic when he walked by on his way to the chair he was sitting in. Harry had figured then it was more than likely where the aged couple kept their wands. Now he was certain of it. The young man’s defense mode kicked in and pushed his emotional side away. He would not be betrayed; if the man was going to draw his wand, Harry would be prepared.
Mr. McKinnon looked back to Harry who appeared to be alert but not worried. Only there was a look in his eyes that told him he was in tremendous pain. This young man didn’t intend on hurting them. He decided he would tell the truth and deal with whatever Harry would do later.

A cup of hot tea appeared in Harry’s hand and he took it over to Mrs. McKinnon. He sat beside her and opened her hand gently and gave her the cup. “Mrs. McKinnon, please calm down. I don’t think you are evil people. If I did I wouldn’t have come alone and I would have arrested you both first and then asked questions.”

He offered her a gentle smile and then looked to Mr. McKinnon. The man was willing to be submissive, but didn’t know how to go about telling Harry what he wanted to know.

Harry chewed his lower lip for a second while he thought and said, “How about if I tell you what I think and you tell me if I’m right or wrong.”

Upon a nod from them both Harry took a deep breath and began by telling them about a Minister of Magic; and a Headmaster of Hogwarts from years back. “I don’t know how the Minister was elected because once he was in office, nobody liked him. Isn’t it strange that people don’t seem to truly see the people they put in office until after they become elected? It’s like they confound people or something to make them like them. Anyway, this man was very strange and only communicated in grunts and useless hand signals. He thought he was advanced to a higher being or something. All the sudden he was thrown out of office. I think it was this man who had the idea of creating an inhuman army of Goblins and something else, an evil weapon. I think, Minister McLaird, commissioned a Headmaster at Hogwarts to create a wand that could produce the new weapon he created; a curse we now know as Fiendfyer. The Headmaster, wanted to know why such a weapon was needed. McLaird revealed a dream he had only he retold it as enlightenment from a higher being. A powerful wizard would rise above all others and control the world making wizards might above all other non magical humans and magical creatures alike to cower under the ruler of evil. The Headmaster considered the idea and thought it a good idea to keep such a wizard from gaining so much power. He consulted his Professors as to how they could conjure up an army; and something to be the catalyst for the weapon.”

Mr. McKinnon slowly nodded his head at various points Harry spoke of but remained silent. Harry proceeded then after making sure Mrs. McKinnon was okay.

“Ollivanders’ father was asked to make the most powerful wand that could out power even the Elder Wand. Ollivanders was willing to do this because he wanted the power of such a wand. He wanted to be known as the maker of such a wand. He didn’t necessarily want evil deeds to be done with it, but still it intrigued him to have that power. I think Ollivanders did create a wand for the man, but not anything near what he needed it to be; or so he thought. Many people make the mistake of blaming a wand of failure when it is almost always the owner of the wand at fault. He created the wand and the man summoned the curse he invented. The only thing is he couldn’t put it out. Ollivanders contained it and without fuel for it to burn it eventually went out. When the curse is destroyed in this way it creates ashwinders. He simply kept the snakes from laying their eggs and they died in a matter of minutes. It was Headmaster Walter Aragon who created the spell to extinguish the Fiendfyer Curse a few years later.”

Harry looked at his watch and continued, “After McLaird died and another wizard after him stepped down from the Ministry, the next two Ministers’ of Magic became interested in the idea of having an army. McLaird’s Goblins had begun work getting his army created before he died. Ignatius Tuft became the Minister after a term his mother stepped down from. He reveled in the idea of an army, but wanted something else instead of Goblins. He was forced from office when he tried to breed Dementors. Hector Fawley became the Minister and he too wanted this army, but obviously he wouldn’t be using Dementors. There was a threat of a wizard thought to be the most powerful wizard of all time. Fawley didn’t believe the new rumors of a wizard preparing a revolution for the greater good; wizards might over Muggles. This powerful wizard of course was Grindelwald. But Fawley just wanted his own army. He supported and gave anything needed for the continued development of the army.”

“By this time there was a new Headmaster at Hogwarts named, Walter Aragon. He was given the task of finding a way to create the weapon to be the catalyst for the Fiendfyer. The minister was getting impatient and suggested someone else to join in the creation. This man was Phineas Nigellus Black.”

The two men, Black and Aragon, both continued with developing the army. Black wanted the army for the same reason Grindelwald wanted the wand. He thought Muggles were going to be the downfall and ruin of wizards. He brought in a Wand maker to make a powerful wand to be the catalyst for the Fiendfyer. It had to be more powerful than the wand that was made for McLaird, who destroyed his wand before he died. So Ollivanders son, the one who made my wand, was brought in for this task. It is also when you two were brought into the story. Aragon didn’t think Muggles and magical creatures stood a chance if Black was successful with the army he was creating. His plan was to overthrow the Minister and keep the army for himself and join in with Grindelwald. Your ancestors were warring people who fought merciless against your foe. Creating weapons is what you specialized in. Aragon wanted you to device a way that the army and Fiendfyer could only be used for good and just. And so you did. You created a Sword of Victory.”

Harry opened his hand and his sword came to his hand. It wrapped the hilt around Harry’s hand as if it were part of him. Harry held out his arm close to the couple to show it to them closely.

He swallowed hard with the instant memory that came to his mind. He released the hold on the sword and handed it to Mr. McKinnon.

“This is it; the sword we caused to be created; my wife and I together. We created the furnace; and then Ollivanders created the horrible creatures. They were enchanted to begin work on the making of it that very day. The furnace was capable of being able to supply whatever the Fiendfyer needed to stay alive, because they would not be able to get out of the furnace until the victor over the sword stood before it holding the sword.”

“Just like the Room of Requirements at Hogwarts? I guess that makes sense. Hang on though… I was down in the bottom of that mine years ago and there wasn’t a furnace there.”

Mr. McKinnon shook his head. “Harry, the Goblins who own Gringotts were not the original owners of the mine where the furnace is. That mine had an entrance twenty five miles away from Gringotts. When you were down there the first time, you were actually standing miles on top of that mine. The clan of Goblins working at Gringotts was rivals of the ones under their mine. They learned of the mine under theirs and began mining further down, despite the deed showing you owned all the rights from the point of that disaster on down and around for miles. Gringotts Goblins overthrew the clan that built the mine where the furnace was built. They captured the Goblins and made them join the army that was being created by the wizards.”

Harry nodded his head thinking about what Mr. McKinnon told him. He asked if that was everything they knew about it.

“No, there is still quite a lot more about it. Walter wanted to know what we did, how our weapon worked. We had confided in Walter what we had done. We explained about the sword and he became excited. He felt sure nothing would come of the army since Fawley was forced from office. The new Minister wanted nothing to do with the army and furnace. He ordered the wand to be destroyed and told Ollivanders he was not to make another wand to have so much power. The foolishness of people who think the wand is what makes the witch or wizard powerful is ludicrous. So, it was no bother at all to Ollivanders to be told that. I’m sure he continued in secret to try to create another powerful wand such as what would be needed to overpower the Elder Wand.”

The elderly man changed the cup of cold chocolate into a hot cup of coffee and continued his story. “Grindelwald had been defeated and people were relaxed, except for Phineas Nigellus Black. Black had coaxed the secret of the sword we made from Walter Aragon and he began making plans to find a hero to stand before the furnace and catch the sword. This man would be his General in the army and the army would be his. He chose his Great grandson, your godfather, Sirius Black to be this General. His plan was to train him in sword fighting techniques until he was ready to stand before the furnace. He was pleased with his progress until Sirius ran away from home disclaiming his family. Phineas didn’t waste any time getting another boy to train up to be his General. This young man was Lucius Malfoy. He had to be heavily brainwashed because although he was a pureblood, he wasn’t in agreement that there needed to be an army to kill Muggles and enslave them. It is a wonder the poor young man survived. His treatments were so intrusive to bending his will that it actually changed the chemistry of his brain. No more treatments were needed; he was every bit the Muggle hating young man Black needed him to be.”

Harry sighed and leaned back resting his back on the back of the chair he was sitting on. He hadn’t realized how tense he was becoming. He nodded to McKinnon to continue and so he did.

“Years later, Voldemort came into power and all Blacks plans were foiled. Of course Black had died a few years before this. There was some speculation that Voldemort found out about the Goblin Army and murdered Black because he wouldn’t turn it over to Voldemort. He was able to get all the information from him before he killed him though. This is why we had to go into hiding. Voldemort wanted us to tell him about the ‘magical sword’ as Black had told Voldemort. He needed to have an undefeatable sword to help him on his way toward immortality. The order of the Phoenix helped us give Voldemort the slip.”

Harry chuckled to himself thinking this was the reason Black was willing to help Dumbledore in any way to get rid of Voldemort, even if it meant helping him spy on the three and give them information they needed. He didn’t like Dumbledore, but he hated Voldemort for killing him and taking his army.
Harry sat forward suddenly with great concern. He was afraid to ask the question he had been wondering about for several years now. Mr. McKinnon noticed the change in Harry’s attention and shook his head.

“Your Professor Dumbledore didn’t have any knowledge of the Goblins Army, the furnace, wand, or any of it. I told him Voldemort had contacted my wife and me about working with him since I was an experienced warrior. Albus arranged for two Aurors to take us to a safe house he had set up until he could find a permanent place for us to live. I regret doing this but my wife and I along with a very close friend, a relative of Professor Trelawney I believe, faked our deaths. This elderly gentleman and his wife were extremely capable of fighting, very capable warriors because they had brilliant minds and their magic was powerful, powerful and unmatchable. It was several years after you set us free from our prisons that we found out the husband had been murdered by Voldemort. Anyway…we Obliviated the Aurors memories and gave them new ones to give witness to the Order. Then my friend helped us come here where we were safe until Voldemort found out. Of course you know about that part of the story.”

Harry nodded his head and said he was glad they were able to escape. Mrs. McKinnon spoke up next and continued with the story.

“During this time we were completely in the dark about what was going on in the world we left behind. After you saved us we found out everything you had done. You were quite lacking on taking any credit for the things you accomplished. We also found out about our friend Florean Fortescue and Ollivanders coming up missing. We found out that Ollivanders was kidnapped, but we were very surprised to hear that Florean had been captured and killed. We were very troubled about this. We knew of course why Voldemort wanted Ollivanders, or so we thought. We figured he wanted him to make him an Elder Wand. And of course he wanted Florean to teach him the dark magic he knew. You see Florean was a very knowledgeable wizard in the arts of dark magic. He was a brilliant man. He had an uncanny ability to retain history dates of wars and wizards in control of periods because he needed this information to research for curses and cures of the dark magic used in those times. He traveled the world over learning from his mother. His magic was dark, but he never used it for evil. On the contrary he developed many curse breakers for dark magic curses and the like. Voldemort wanted him to tell him how to make the sword work for him once he took it from Lucius. He didn’t like the idea of Lucius having the sword because he knew his mind had been bent. He felt that any mind that had been bent was not worthy and he would kill him after he took the sword from him; even though Lucius was dedicated to his cause.”

Harry took a deep cleansing breath and stood up to pace while he thought. Finally he turned to the couple and said, “You have helped me greatly. Why didn’t you ever tell me about this? Surely you didn’t fear I would hold you responsible for what happened.”

Mr. McKinnon’s eyebrows arched in surprise and he answered, “We didn’t know you needed to know. We thought we were in trouble for deceiving the Order and the Ministry. Also, we figure we’ll be charged for enchanting the sword to only be able to be caught by someone with a pure heart. We knew we were condemning someone to death. We were ordered to make the sword, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to allow all that evil loose into the world. And we didn’t volunteer the information because we rather thought you had enough on your plate. There is one thing we need to tell you since you have the sword. That sword was enchanted in the year 1979. From the beginning until the day you won it over, it was being forged every second of every day. Each time it was pounded and rolled it became more strengthened. That sword took about thirty six years to make. Every creature that welded the hammer on it imbued its magical properties into it. We thought there wouldn’t be any human alive who would be able to catch it yet alone hold onto it. You were only able to catch it because it knew you had a pure heart. Only a wizard who wasn’t tempted by dark magic would have been able to catch it; but only a wizard of great strength and tremendous fortitude would be able to hang onto it. Once you recovered from the tremendous pain you had to have suffered through when you caught the burning sword you would have been able to fight the army you were to command. We don’t know how many Goblins were in the mine but we know the furnace was making swords for them for the same amount of time. Now, I’m sure people saw the sword but they don’t know how you are able to wield it so easily. I noticed how effortlessly you held it out for us to see. The sword is actually extremely heavy because of the type of metal alloy it is constructed with. All raw grade minerals were used and also magically charged elements would make the sword have the weight it has. The reason you wield it like a feather is because every Goblin or Fiendfyer beast you killed gives you some of its power. Do you have any idea how many you killed?”

Harry swallowed hard and said, “The furnace made a sword for every Goblin that was also created by the Fiendfyer. I counted a thousand swords, plus I used it on the creatures that came out with the Goblins. I also killed Bagman’s son with the hilt of it. I didn’t mean to. I was knocking him away from me when he tried to attack me. He died quickly. I guess it was from the weight of the sword. Bagman had taken him down there so he could catch the sword.”

Harry looked at his watch and told them he needed to get home. He knew it would be late but not this late. It was well past dinnertime, and Lily would soon be going to bed.

“I need to get to the other side of the world, but I want to let you know that Florean Fortescue has been found and is being treated at a special facility to restore his mind. He was captured by Voldemort and tortured. He wouldn’t reveal what he wanted to know so Ludo said he’d kill him since he was done with him. But he didn’t. He was kept a prisoner under a curse to keep him asleep until he needed him for whatever reason. The last thing he was needed for was to be Imperioused into taking Polyjuice Potion every hour to look like Ludo and then Ludo escaped Azkaban in his Wasp Animagus. I’ll keep you updated on his condition as it becomes available to me.”
They said their good-byes and Harry told them they wouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. He also said he thought they did the right thing with their enchantment on the sword. When he went outside he glanced at the flowerbed left unattended all afternoon and evening. The winter bulbs were waiting on the loose soil waiting to be buried. He went over and stooped over to make it appear he was working the ground, and he did, only with magic. After half an hour he gathered up her tools and took them to the porch and laid them out of the way. When he turned around a young man was standing behind him.

“I didn’t think you were one of my neighbors. I keep an eye on them so nothing happens to them. What is wrong that Mrs. McKinnon didn’t finish her planting herself?”

Harry offered the young man his hand in friendship and said, “We’re friends. I arrived unexpectedly around lunchtime and visited so long that we lost track of time. She didn’t get the bulbs buried before our visit and I didn’t want her worrying about them tonight. There is supposed to be a frost tonight, so I buried them for her.”

The young man of about twenty two didn’t accept Harry’s hand but looked suspiciously at him. Harry chuckled and said, “My name is Harry, what’s yours?”

“My name is Harry also. You have a British accent, are you an Englishman?”

“Yes, you got that figured out correctly. What’s your last name, Harry?”

The young man furrowed his eyebrow together tightly and told him his last name.

Harry grinned wide and stepped forward and clapped the young Harry on the shoulder. “Well, it’s right nice to meet you. I have a picture of you at home in my office. Your parents and I are friends. Do your parents live here as well?” Harry looked at the house the man had nodded at when he told him he was the neighbor.

“No, this is my own place and why would you have a picture of me at your house?”

Harry laughed and said, “You are pretty much a miracle baby. I used to live here myself, but I left Xanadu before you were born. Mr. McKinnon sent me your picture and told me you were named after me. I’m happy to meet you. Please tell your parents hello for me.”

The man held out his hand without speaking a word, with his mouth hanging open and nodded his head. He knew the stories of how Xanadu was built and also knew the man who saved everyone was a young British man named Harry Potter, who he was indeed named after.

Harry grinned and released young Harry’s hand and left in his truck. As he looked in the rearview mirror he saw the man running up the steps to the McKinnons house.

It was eleven o’clock when Harry got home. The house was quiet and dark but for two small lamplights. He went up to Lily’s room to peek in on her in case she was still awake. He walked softly to her bed and took the picture she had been drawing from her and started to put it on her night stand but the drawing caught his eyes. He held it under the lamplight to see it better. It was a picture of a pair of emerald green eyes. They were his eyes. He was stunned to see how detailed the picture was and how well she captured his look. He set the sketch pad down and gathered up the pencils she used and put them with the picture. He pulled the blanket out from under her arms and covered her and she snuggled down into her pillow. Harry kissed her forehead and whispered he loved her.

He walked quietly from her room and went to his and Ginny’s room and found Ginny asleep propped up on her pillow holding her book she was reading. A smile came across his face and he went to the bed and took the book from her, marking her place and shutting it. He put it on her night stand and carefully moved her down into her pillow he rearranged for her, and then covered her. He sat carefully beside her and put his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees. He was awfully tired and sore as well but he was also extremely hungry. He hadn’t had anything to eat since the half sandwich he ate at the McKinnons today. He also had to shower before he could climb in bed. He seriously considered just going to bed without showering or eating. Making up his mind he stood up and went in the bathroom and showered. He put on a pair of bed shorts and went downstairs and out to the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and didn’t see any leftovers or anything else to fix. Deciding on a bowl of cereal he reached for the milk and found they didn’t have any milk either.

He sighed and dressed himself with magic, summoned his car keys and drove his Jaguar into Ottery St. Catchpole to a twenty four hour grocery store. He went through the aisles tossing various items in the cart. When he was done he went to the cashier to pay for his groceries. After getting everything out of the cart he stood waiting for someone to show up. A young man had been there when he started unloading his groceries and told Harry he’d be right back. No one was coming so Harry started looking around somewhat annoyed at being detained so long when he was so tired and hungry.

Harry left his groceries and started to find the office when he saw three men pushing the grocer to a chair at a desk. They were getting pretty loud when Harry assessed the situation and determined they were not dangerous, but extremely angry.

“Can I be of some help here?” asked Harry walking in fully in command of the situation.

The grocer said, “You can call the Police for me. These hoodlums were going to rob me.”

The three men turned quickly to look at who had walked in on them. “No, Sir; we weren’t going to rob him. We only tried to settle a dispute but he is being difficult.”

“What is the problem that has to be settled tonight?” asked Harry. He saw the young man who was working the register earlier standing behind the desk and told him to go ring up his groceries and bring the receipt in for him to pay when he had it all rung up and bagged.

The boy left quickly and Harry turned to the others waiting for an answer. The oldest of the three unhappy customers spoke up and said, “My wife was in here earlier this evening for groceries. She picked her groceries and when she got to the register she found she had left her purse in the car. She went out only to find she locked her car with the keys in the ignition. She came back in the store and told him,” the man pointed angrily at the grocer, “what had happened and asked if she could use the phone to call me at work. She asked to have credit on the groceries until I came to unlock the car and then she would pay for the groceries, but the groceries would have been already bagged up so it wouldn’t take any more time. She was in a hurry to get home. He said she couldn’t take a chance on her stealing the groceries so the answer was no. She then told him she had just had a baby and needed to get back home to feed him, but she would be back as soon as she did that and she would have a spare key to get the car unlocked and then she could pay him. He said ok and she asked him to put her groceries in the freezer to keep them cold until she got back. He said he would and shoved her out the door.”

Harry glared at the grocer and looked back to the man talking.

“She had to walk six blocks in the cold rain and when she fed the baby and got a spare set of keys she walked back only to find the car was missing. She asked if anyone had seen who took her car and he told her he had it towed away because she hadn’t returned. My younger brothers here were home watching the baby while she was gone, but when she got home my youngest brother ran to where I work and told me what happened. She came in just as I was about to leave to come and get her. She was frozen and is now in bed with chills and a fever!”

Harry got out an official looking notebook from his pocket and pulled a pen from his shirt pocket and looked calmly at the young man and asked if he wanted to press charges against the grocer. He was writing something on the top of the paper and the men all looked at each other. The grocer was indignant and shouted, “I am the one who has been accosted here and you offer to let them press charges?!”

Harry calmly replied, “You have a store that is open twenty four hours. That means your parking lot is also open twenty four hours. You made it impossible for the lady to remedy the situation, until finally you made an agreement for her to go home and bring back the keys and then get her groceries. You failed to hold up your agreement and you illegally had her car and possessions towed away. That’s called grand theft in case you didn’t know.”

The grocer became agitated and begged to not be arrested. Harry arched his eyebrow and looked at the young man waiting for his answer.

“No Sir; I won’t press charges if he’ll just get our car back for us and let us buy our groceries.”

“But the garage is closed; you’ll have to pay an extra fine to get it after hours as it is.”

Harry looked at the man and said, “He will not be paying any fees. You will cover the cost of the towing and right now, you will get her groceries out of the freezer so he can pay for them.”

The man trembled at the wrath he was causing and swallowed hard. “Well, you see, I couldn’t store the groceries in the freezer. They would spoil; some of the things she got can’t be frozen, like vegetables, eggs, milk and stuff.”
Harry was losing his patience and took the grocery receipt from the boy standing behind him waiting for a moment to give him the receipt. He looked at it and paid for the groceries and then asked if they needed anything else than what was on the receipt.

The puzzled man looked over the list and shook his head, saying, “No sir, but I’m sure she didn’t get even a third of these items.”

Harry tossed the young man his car keys and told him to leave one of his brothers here and take the groceries home and then he could stay home with his wife and the other brother could drive back to bring the car back. “Give the grocer your name and house phone number so he can call you when he has your car back in the morning. It will be delivered to your house. Make sure nothing has been removed from the car or her purse. If there are any problems I want you to call me.”

He gave the man his card and watched for him to acknowledge he understood.

“Harry Potter – Detective” The young man looked up in surprise and nodded his head, “Yes Sir, I’ll be sure to do that. Err how much was the total bill, I will have to pay you for most of that Friday after I get paid.”

Harry shook his head and said, “Mr. Grocery Store Owner, will be apologizing now and then you get those groceries home; they are a gift from me. I’d like you to call me in the morning and let me know you have your car back, and let me know how your wife is also. If I don’t here back by 10:00 I will come here and find out what kind of charges will be pressed.”

Harry pointed where he parked his car and the two men left. Harry returned the receipt back to the clerk and said, go through the store and get everything I had before and then come back here to let me know when you are done. Please don’t make waste of time, I’m hungry and tired.”

The young man left the office and Harry turned to the grocer and sat in front of his desk to glare at him. “While we wait you and I will have a discussion on the best way to run a business. Have you no memory of when you first started out? I don’t think you started with a silver spoon in your mouth. Was it so hard on you that you became embittered against your fellow man? You know these days kindness goes a long way especially if you are running a business. You should treat your customers the way you expected to be treated when you were starting out. Didn’t you ever wish you could catch a break; have things just a little nicer than what you had? You need to have compassion toward your fellow man. Your business would thrive if people knew they would be treated fairly and could expect some help if they had a problem like locking their keys in their car. I came here because you are the only store open twenty four hours. If you don’t tell me that you will try hard to be human to your customers and mean it, I’ll make sure my wife never comes here again. I’m sure you do a fair amount of trade with her. She has long red hair and spends a small fortune weekly.”

The man swallowed and nodded his head knowing exactly who he was talking about. “Yes, Mr. Potter. I know what you are talking about. I used to be a good grocer. I had a fine business, but I went through a bad divorce and she got everything, except my son who is rounding up your groceries. Right after the divorce was finalized, my parents died tragically in a car accident. I bought this store with my inheritance. I became bitter and let it affect my business. I will straighten up my ways and you can believe I will be a better person.”

Harry felt sympathy towards the man and said, “Sir, everyone has problems in life. I’ve had my fair share myself, but we cannot let it change the person we are. Bitterness will ruin your life and it will ruin your son’s life too. I’m sorry about your divorce and your wife taking everything you had. But at least you were able to keep the most important thing, your son. I also am truly sorry about your parent’s deaths.”

The clerk, the man’s son, came in and said he had everything bagged up and gave Harry the receipt. Harry paid for the groceries and asked the boy to watch for the brother to bring back his car. After he left the room Harry gave the man his card and told him to have the towing service send him the bill, and said he was sure there wouldn’t be any problem with that as long as he gets the card. “This is my good will to you, because I have faith you will honor what you told me about trying to do better. If ever you need my help I hope you give me a call.”

When the brother returned for his youngest brother and to bring back Harry’s car, Harry took the brothers home and stopped at a fast food place and ate a very unsatisfying cheeseburger on the way home. He carried in the groceries and set them to putting themselves away while he drank a glass of water. He never would do this ordinarily but he just wanted to get to bed. Making sure everything was put away he brushed his teeth and went to bed. Just as he closed his eyes Ginny rolled over and woke up when she felt him next to her.

He opened his eyes to look at her when she lifted her head to see if he was awake or asleep. Seeing him open his eyes she said, “It is 1:30 in the morning. I can’t believe you were out so late. I did have a surprise planned, but I’m too tired now.”

Harry couldn’t help it. His eyes closed and he said in a very quiet soft voice, “I’m tired myself and I have to get up in four hours. I’ll be happy to look forward to your surprise tomorrow night. Good night Honey, I love-” He was asleep before he could finish his sentence.

She tried to lay her head on his chest but found he was lying on the covers fully clothed. She magiced his clothes off and settled him under the blanket with her. His heartbeat quickened and then settled down. She smiled and closed her eyes to sleep.

The next morning she woke up Lily and told her to get ready for school and hurry down for breakfast. Then it hit her hard that she had forgotten to do the grocery shopping. She and Lily had spent the day at her parent’s house and she wanted to go home and rest a bit before they went to the store to shop. But, she took her nap and got interested in a movie she told Lily she would watch with her. Ginny rushed through her shower and ran down to the kitchen to see exactly what she needed and then she was going to bum it from her mom. But when she opened the refrigerator she found it full and so were the shelves in the pantry. She fixed breakfast and had Harry’s coffee ready when he came home at 7:45.

Harry smiled at his wife when she brought in his coffee and asked if he got everything he needed done in the USA or would he have to go back. She planned on seeing how he answered before she started in on her apologies for forgetting about their lunch date and not doing the grocery shopping.

“I got everything I needed and I won’t have to return. The case is closed and I also told Carl he is in charge for the next month. I also told Kingsley to hire another man to … to take … to fill … to give us enough men since we’re short one man. I’m staying home for the next month. This other case I have been working on will require me to be completely healed. I’m sure by the time I reach the end of the case I will need all my strength and I will need to be able to think quickly and make sound judgments. There will be no room for error or time to rest and heal. I feel like I have regressed in my healing and I can’t afford to let myself get in bad shape. And there is also the possibility that I don’t have all the information on the case that might cause me to be caught unaware. So,” he grinned at his wife standing before him with her mouth slightly ajar from what he was telling her, “remember the motto Walter Aragon had a fondness for? A sound mind in a sound body; it makes sense for me perfectly. Lily and I will hang around here after school is out until you come in for lunch every day until the first of December when I return to work.”

The End

A/N All the ministries names and Hogwarts Headmasters names I found in Harry Potter Wiki, although I made up their story line. The Ministers being forced from office was hers as well. Mens Sana Corpore Sano is JK’s for Walter’s motto. Nigel Phineas Black’s story is from my curiosity of why he would help Dumbledore spy on Harry, Ron, and Hermione while they were searching for the Horcruxes. I know the portraits were hung in the Headmasters office to help the present Headmaster, but it seemed to be more than that when he was out of character reporting back enthusiastically when he discovered they were in the Forest of Dean. I don’t know what JK had in mind for how he died so I had the idea of Voldemort killing him to take over his army, and Black getting vengeance by cooperating with Dumbledore. Logic problem was from,
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Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Connie, I just finished reading your one shot "Reality". I really loved it. I'll be very brief and will just make three comments.
I love to see how Ginny and Harry showed and talked about delicate issues to Lily. I think internet can be very dangerous to our small children! It would be wonderful if sometimes we could put some memories aside to be available only when they are old enough to deal with... I envy Harry and his magic!
And I also think that we have to talk about anything to them, taking care to not talk more than the kid is asking or more than the kid is ready to understand. That's why I love your Harry and Ginny: they are so perfect!!!
“But, no, Daddy; I want him to be just like you.”
I laughed a lot when I read it... I remember when I asked the same to my daddy.
“I appreciate the reason you became involved, but, it is best to leave the criminals to the Aurors. If you promise to be more careful, I won’t cite you with anything this time.”
hehehe... Batman isn't allowed.
Well, I love the rest, but I'm sleepy now and I'm afraid of writing nonsense. I can't promise I'll read the others shots you've posted this weekend, But I'll try to read as soon as possible... My mind needs it.
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Hey guys, thanks for reading. I hope you like these One Shots. After this one there will only be two more in the series to finish off all the story arcs I had going on in Epiphany. After I finish posting these, the rest will be shorter, way shorter. Please feel free to comment, I welcome your thoughts.

Ivana, thanks for reading and commenting. I can't imagine being a perfect parent, and Harry and Ginny aren't perfect either. I do try to make them be great though. But, I'm sure having magic and being able to make it so they won't know things until they are age ready would be a comfort. Thanks for taking time to read and comment, it means the world to me.

And So It Begins

Harry finished his workout and went upstairs to where he expected his running partner to be waiting for him. Entering the kitchen from the basement he looked around only to find Winky beginning to fix breakfast.

Good morning Winky, how are you this morning?”

“Good morning Master Harry. Winky is being just great!” she answered with a jubilant smile. She set the table for two and went to preparing breakfast.

He looked concerned and said, “Have you seen Ginny yet?”

Winky nodded her head and said, “Miss. Ginny is being late for running this morning and is now taking a shower. Miss Lily is dressing and will be down shortly. Miss Lily is being sad because Master Harry is not being her teacher anymore. Miss Ginny is finding it difficult to keep running with Master Harry and do her business. Miss Ginny is being of the mind to teach Miss Lily after she writes her stories and has lunch. She is being sure Miss Lily will feel better if she is spending the morning in the office and then being in school after lunch.”

Harry nodded his head and said he’d go on his run with just Chevron like he used to. “Unless you want to run with me,” he said quickly with a cute smile.

“Do you want to run with me Winky?” he asked her laughing at his teasing.

Winky giggled pleasantly and answered, “Master Harry is not even being able to keep up with Winky.”

They both laughed at the thought of them running and Winky being too fast for Harry to keep up with. He went down to the stable where Marston had his faithful running partner ready for him. Harry laughed to himself thinking at least Ginny had good intentions when she said she was going to run with him every morning and then fix breakfast while he worked out in the basement. She had said it was too early to get up at six in the morning to run and fix breakfast. He changed his routine around and worked out first and then went running, but how long did that last? A week and a half; that’s how long it took to admit she couldn’t handle getting up to jump right into running.

Harry changed his clothes in the blink of an eye before he entered the stable. He was wearing a very handsome three piece black suit and tie. As he entered the stable Marston walked Chevron out to him and saluted him. Ever since Winky told him about the United States making Harry an honorary General for the Air Force he saluted Harry seriously and respectfully. And because Marston had asked to see his metals and ribbons the President had given him, the little elf presented himself in accordance of how a soldier would greet his superior. This morning Harry squatted down on his toes and picked up the flap of the pocket on his little elf friend’s shirt and as he pinned a metal on he said:

“Marston; for being able to step up and not only take care of your responsibilities but to oversee the safety of my family and all the elves while I was gone for two years; I give you this metal for honor and duty above and beyond your post. It was a great comfort to me knowing that you were here watching over my family and my success was due greatly to that fact. Thank you for your ongoing service, Marston Elf.”

Marston stood perfectly still; saluting the whole time and then he hugged his, Master Harry, after Harry was done with his presentation. Harry stood up when Marston ran quickly away to hide his tears from his hero, and Harry changed back into his sweats. Winter was coming early this year, and already the mornings were more than just a little chilly.

Harry said, “Come on then, Chevron; let’s get on up the way.” Horse and man started off on foot with the frost on the ground crunching with each step, and then a third of the way around the perimeter he hoisted himself onto his horses back and gave him the freedom to run at whatever pace he wanted. Chevron seemed to be in the mood to run at a full gallop and so it was then that Harry got back up to the house sooner than he had planned. He entered through the basement and showered. When he got up to the kitchen for breakfast Winky was setting two places at the table. She smiled and transferred the food to the plates and climbed up on her chair beside Harry after he sat down. She told Harry about Marston taking a minute to show her his metal and told her how important he was to Harry. She was very proud of her husband.

“Winky, I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. I count on you for more than any other elf here, and you have never let me down. You’ve patched me up more times than I can count probably. You stood behind me every minute even when all my family and friends didn’t. I know I’ve told you-”

Winky interrupted him putting her tiny hand on his and quietly said, “Winky is loving Winky’s Master Harry for all time. Winky is not needing any metals or special thanks. Winky knows what Master Harry has in Master’s heart. That is being the best thanks there is ever being.”

They finished their breakfast and Harry left the kitchen and walked to the office he built for Ginny to say good bye to his wife and daughter. He opened the door and stuck his head in and said, “Can my two favorite writers in the world take a minute to say good-bye?”

Lily jumped up and went to her dad with open arms and a smile fit for a king. She hugged him and kissed the tip of his nose and then giggled. “Bye, Daddy, have a good day at work.

Ginny waited for Lily to get done saying good-bye and then walked into his arms. She breathed in his aroma and murmured, “Mmm,” as she cuddled into his neck; which was her favorite place to be. “Have a safe day at work Love. I’m going to miss you.” He held her to him with both arms wrapped around her slender waist and back. She was swooning and floating in air it seemed. She felt his hot breath on her neck and then his lips were whispering in her ear. “I love you Mrs. Potter. Thank you for saying yes when I asked you to marry me.”

“You are gonna be late, Daddy.”

Ginny, drunken with her husband’s charm, lifted her head apart from Harry’s and smiled. “I’m afraid she is right. You better get going.”

Harry took another hug but this time it was a desperate type of hug. He let loose of her and quietly said, “I’m going to be in the eyes of the public today; our kind of public. Kingsley told me last night I can’t pop into my office or use the maintenance hallway anymore. He won’t allow me to work from my office at the detective agency either. I thought I was ready-”

He swallowed and put a smile on his face and said, “I am ready. I’ll see you girls later. Have a great day,” and then he was gone before Ginny could say anything to encourage him.

Harry walked into the Ministry and tried to make his way to his office as quickly as he could. He looked straight ahead while people pointed and whispered. He hated this, why did he have to be there in front of all these people? Why couldn’t they just mind their business and let him go about where he needed to be?

“My first official day back, and I have to be a puppet, a poster boy for the Minister of Magic,” he thought irritably.

A memory came to his mind suddenly of being in Potions class and Professor Snape walking in looking straight ahead; looking and acting like he hated being there and hated all the students. Everyone knew he wanted to be somewhere else, yet he had to be there. Was he like that? Was this the way people saw him? How could he expect people to come to him for help if they thought he hated them?

He had stopped at this point and looked around. People stopped what they were doing and was watching him. The whispering among them echoed in the hallways sounding like the snakes hissing in the pit he had been dropped in when he was captured for the first time in Australia. He turned in a circle and saw nobody moving. People who were already in their offices came out to see Harry. He shook the fear from his mind and managed a smile for the people. A red headed young man beside him was shaking like a leaf when Harry’s eyes settled on him.

“Are you alright there young sir? Do you need help finding someone?”

The young man said, “You’re him, you’re Harry Potter.”

Harry smiled genuinely and said, “Yes, I am him, Harry Potter that is.” He stuck out his hand to the young man and said, “What’s your name?”

The startled fellow slowly took Harry’s hand and felt the power go through him from his strong handshake.

“I’m Warrensir,” he answered in awe.

Harry’s eyebrows moved together not sure he understood him.

“Warrensir did you say?”

“Yesir, err nosir, I mean-”

Harry patted him on the back and said, “Calm down and lets have that name again.”

The boy nodded his head becoming more at ease with Harry since he seemed to be human just like he was. “Sir, my name is Warren and I’m happy to meet you.”

“Well, Warren, I’m happy to meet you too. Please call me Harry. I see we are both headed the same direction; shall we get on our way then?”

The two began walking and the crowd reluctantly gave way to let them pass. The way it turned out it looked as if Harry had meant to wait there for this red headed young man. Warren’s pace began to slow and he stared ahead like he had seen a ghost. This look always put Harry on alert and he darted his eyes around quickly taking in everything that was going on around them.

“What is it, Warren?” Warren looked at Harry noticing the change in his demeanor and didn’t know if he should be afraid or not. He, Harry, certainly did look scary.

“Well, sir,”

“Harry,” Harry corrected; still looking around and then focused on Warren when it seemed nothing was going on that called for worry.

“Harry, I am to have an interview with the Minister of Magic and I was told by his temporary secretary that I needed to find out something about him that isn’t common knowledge. If I don’t come up with anything I won’t get the job. I am in great need of this job. I know I am qualified to do the work, and I will be an excellent office manager. But, I don’t think what the Minister does or says that isn’t common knowledge should be discussed by ordinary people. It could be dangerous to him; people going around snooping to find things out about him and there are a lot of people trying out for this job. Look at all the people who are snooping about his personal business then. So I’ve decided that I’m not going to answer the question. I wouldn’t be able to anyway. I refused to search for-”

He swallowed, “We’ve arrived.”

Harry wasn’t happy about what Warren told him. It reminded him of when Hermione had been cursed after the four of them were first married and he took them to his Coffee Plantation in Brazil. He took Warren’s arm and looked deep in his eyes. Warren felt he was looking right into his mind.

“Warren, think very carefully, when you were told by the secretary to find out things about the Minister, did she touch you or give you any gum or anything at all?”

“Well, she did suddenly kiss me. But then she said she was sorry, that she just wanted to wish me luck because she thought I was really cute. It was embarrassing, but what was I supposed to do? Mental, that one is.”

Harry nodded his head absent mindedly and took his phone off his hip and pushed a button and said where he was and told who he was talking to, to bring six men at once, but to wait outside and not let anyone in or out.
It was only a few seconds before Harry saw his Aurors coming quickly to him. He pointed for three men to stand on each side of the door. And then he said to Carl, “After we go in, stand in front of the door, don’t let anyone in, no matter who it is, and subdue and arrest anyone who comes out that isn’t me, or the Minister.”

They obeyed Harry without question and Harry turned to Warren and said, “Warren, go in for your interview and answer all the questions honestly. Treat it like a normal interview. When you are told to tell something about the Minister, say exactly what you told me. And then say, Harry Potter told me to tell you that you like Hero Sandwiches and I brought one and a club sandwich too if one sandwich wasn’t enough; just in case I get the job.”

The young man swallowed making a mental note to remember exactly what Harry had told him.

“And Warren, I can give you some relief if it helps, I’m sure you will get a job. If the Minister doesn’t hire you, I will. Now, I will be right there behind you only I will be invisible. You might feel my hand on your wand hand to help you. You may need to use your wand to protect the Minister. And don’t be alarmed if the Minister falls over; he’ll be acting. Do what you think you need to do. Can you do that if you need to?”

Harry’s eyes bored into him the whole time he was talking to him. He was sure Harry was inside his head, but how could that be. He figured it was just the fierce look in his eyes.

“Yes sir, of course, anything for the Minister.”

A bag appeared in Warren’s hand and Harry casually said, “It’s the sandwiches.”

Warren nodded his head and walked nervously into the office looking at his watch. He had planned on being ten minutes early, but with meeting Harry and then the odd orders he was given by Harry spent those ten early minutes and made him right on time.

The temporary secretary looked up and smiled in a flirtatious way. She walked around her desk and winked at him. Then she went to Kingsley’s office door and said, Sir, your first interview is here and right on time.”
Kingsley told her to bring him in and to bring her tablet and quill with her.

They walked in and Walter stopped in front of the Minister. He asked normal questions and Harry was beginning to wonder when the move against the Minister was going to happen. It was also curious to him why the secretary kept watching the door as if she was expecting someone.

The secretary said she would like to ask Warren a question to see if his office skills were up to date. Kingsley gave her his nod and she looked at Warren and very decisively said, “Tell me something that you know about the Minister that is not common knowledge.”

Kingsley jerked his head at the young woman and was about to question her for asking that but Warren spoke with confidence telling what he told Harry. Harry moved right up against Warren and was ready to grab his wand hand. When he was finished saying he didn’t think it was a good idea to talk about uncommon things about the Minister, he added; “I met Harry Potter on my way here and he told me your favorite sandwich is a Hero sandwich and I brought one for you and a Club Sandwich too if one isn’t enough, just in case I get the job.”

The strangest sensation came over Warren and he saw Harry’s eyes boring into his mind only they were telling him to protect the Minister by saying, Avada Kedavra. He raised his wand and it began shaking because he didn’t want to harm the Minister, but Harry had said it would protect the Minister. Then he felt Harry’s hand on his wrist and a green beam shot the Minister as he said Avada Kedavra. Kingsley fell to the floor and the girl screamed.

“Murder, he’s murdered the Minister of Magic! She screamed it again as she ran out of the office.

Seven Aurors grabbed her and took her wand and bound her. Five took her to the holding facility and the other two stood in front of the office keeping anyone from entering, and watched for suspicious activity.

Harry became visible and patted Warren on the back and said he did well. Kingsley’s ok, I’ll-” He started to go to Kingsley but Warren shot him with a Knockback Jinx. The wind rushed from Harry’s lungs and he flew face first hard against the wall and fell limp to the floor over Kingsley, who started to get up when Warren shot Harry.

Warren looked confused that Kingsley was getting up after being killed by the Avada Kedavra curse that Harry made him use.

Kingsley carefully moved Harry off of him and saw blood on his robes from where Harry’s back landed on him. “What has happened here?” He didn’t wait for Warren to answer, but called Lissy and told her he needed her for an emergency in his office.

“It’s Harry, bring your little black bag, it looks serious.”

Sirius and Lissy appeared and knelt over Harry quickly getting her machine out to scan Harry. “What hit him; and how long ago did it happen?”

Warren spoke up saying, “It was me; I shot him with a Knockback Jinx just a minute ago. Only, I have never felt so much power in my magic before now; it was amazing. But I don’t understand, he made me shoot the Minister with the Avada Kedavra curse and you died, but you started moving; you are alive! I don’t know what is going on. Mr. Potter told me to use my wand to protect the Minister.”

Lissy said, “You hit his spine at really close range. It isn’t broken, but he is going to be hurting for several weeks.”

She took his robe and suit jacket, shirt and tie off and told Sirius to hold him up so she could tend to his wound. Sirius pulled him up in his arms and held him like he was holding a baby to burp. She stopped the bleeding, cleaned him and then applied the medicine. She bandaged him and wrapped it tight to keep the bandage in place.

“OK, now carefully turn him so I can fix his face.” Sirius cradled Harry in his arm and moved the hair from his face with his free hand. Blood was flowing freely out of his broken nose and his forehead right along his eyebrows. His eyes were already turning black and blue. Warren said, “Blood is dripping out of his ears!”

Lissy nodded her head looking at her instrument. He has a concussion.”

She cooed Harry softly to keep him calm as he was beginning to moan and stir.

Harry opened his eyes and shut them tight. He caught his breath and tried not to cry out in pain. He heard Kingsley’s voice and he forced himself to be calm so he could figure out what happened. He was shaking and sweat beads popped out all over him. His teeth began to chatter but he opened his eyes and quickly said, “It wasn’t Warren’s fault. Where is he; is Warren ok?”

A commotion was heard from outside the office and Kingsley told Warren to tell the Aurors to let Hermione in. When Hermione saw Harry she screamed and ran across the office and dropped to her knees beside him who was still being cradled by Sirius.

Harry grimaced and opened his eyes. “I’m okay Hermione. Help me up so Warren and I can explain what happened.”

They began objecting, saying he needed to be taken home. Harry disappeared away from them and reappeared sitting on the corner of the desk. He was extremely dizzy and grabbed a hold of Warren’s shoulder to steady his dizzy self. Harry told Warren to tell them all what he had told him after they met on their way to where they were each going. Warren told everyone what he had told Harry. And then he told them about Harry telling him to say about talking with Harry and about the Hero and Club Sandwiches.

Kingsley spoke up then and said, “So I knew something was going on because, Harry, my Hero sandwich, was here and he had some Aurors with him, which was my Club sandwich in case we needed them. That was quite impressive coming up with that clue. When Warren was talking to me Harry used his Legilimens to tell me he was going to shoot me with a harmless green light to make it look like Warren was using the Avada Kedavra curse and to play dead.”

“After I told you about the sandwiches, I suddenly had the sensation that I was supposed to kill Kingsley, but I didn’t want to. I don’t even know how to do a killing curse. But then I saw Harry’s eyes in my mind, but how could that be, he was right behind me. I could feel him leaning against me. I felt him pick my arm up and made me aim my wand at the Minister. He told me to say Avada Kedavra, it would protect the Minister, and so I said it. A green light came out of my wand and the Minister died.”

Harry put in, “When you told me this out in the corridor, I looked into your mind and saw someone had cursed you to make you kill the Minister after you answered a question she asked you. Right then I told you that you were to ignore the order to kill the Minister, but to protect him instead. I told you if you said Avada Kedavra when I lifted your arm he would be protected. I made a plain green beam hit Kingsley, and he did the rest.”

Warren looked relieved but still somewhat leery. “What if that Avada Kedavra curse worked though? I would have murdered the Minister.”

Harry closed his eyes while his head swam for a minute. “Warren, you have to mean it when you do the killing curse. You didn’t even know what it was, so I knew you wouldn’t be able to do it after I redirected your order. If I hadn’t disrupted your order then you would have been able to do it, because your wand would have known you meant for it to do it. You fought raising your wand at the Minister. That’s why I pulled your arm up when I did. So you see you were loyal to the Minister even under the mind control."

“But why did he shoot you?” asked Hermione.

Harry looked at Hermione and said, “I told Warren to protect the Minister if he had to. He thought Kingsley was dead and I was the one who made him do it. When Kingsley started to move I should have explained to him before I went over to help Kingsley up instead of starting to explain on my way over to him. My back was to him, he couldn’t see I was laughing at Kingsley. Maybe I should retire, I wouldn’t have made that mistake if I didn’t feel so … so, I don’t know, off balance. Yeah, I feel off balanced.”

He hung his head with the heartache of Ron not being there. That was his problem; Ron would have had his back. When Harry started moving towards Kingsley, Ron would have kept Warren from shooting him. He felt unbalanced with Ron not being part of the Harry, Ron team in his life. Ron had been the better part of the team in his opinion. Harry looked up at Hermione wanting her to tell him Ron was coming back, but she didn’t. He stood up and with wobbly legs he stepped in front of Hermione and put his arms around her and said, “I miss Ron, tell him for me would you?”

He straightened up and as he walked to the door said, “Kingsley, hurry up and hire Warren and then send him to my office down the hall so I can deprogram him.”

Kingsley spoke up and took his arm keeping him from leaving. “Son, you should put on a shirt before you leave here. You’re not quite in appropriate attire for someone who has a high position at the Ministry. And when you leave here, I think you should go home.”

Harry put his hand to his chest and looked down. He apologized and a button up shirt and tie appeared on him. He smiled sadly and said, “I guess it’s a good thing Ron wasn’t here after all. I’ll be in my office.”

He stopped and was silent for a minute and then said, “Oh, I’ll leave two Aurors here for any other job hopeful who comes for an interview. They’ll need to be analyzed to see if they were cursed also. Check her appointment book.”

He left without saying anything else except for thanking Lissy and Sirius for helping him.

Harry put an Auror on guard in the Ministers office for an undetermined amount of time. He said Kingsley needed twenty four hour protection until they figured out who was trying to kill him.

One day the following week after the incident happened, an Auror brought Kingsley into Harry’s office and then stood outside the door being watchful.

“You wanted to see me?” he asked cheerfully.

Harry welcomed Kingsley into his office and offered him a seat.

“How’s Warren doing with his job? He reminds me so much of Ron when we were his age. Ron wasn’t one to jump off the train before it came to a full stop, but he would if it meant saving a life. I can’t tell you how many times he was afraid to do something but did it anyway just because he believed in me. Last week when we first err… met Warren; he reminded me right away of when Ron, Hermione, and I broke into the Ministry. Ron was so afraid and nervous, we all were but, he kept his head and he did great…better than me. I tried to tell him, but he didn’t believe me. He thought I was just looking for compliments and praise or something. I really meant it though. We wouldn’t have been caught if I hadn’t taken Mad Eye’s eye from that toad’s door. I tried telling him; but he thought I was putting him down for something he did and I used myself as a sacrificial lamb or something by taking the blame for barely getting out of there with our lives.”

Harry stopped and rubbed his eyes and stood up gingerly and paced the floor. Kingsley wished he could make his young friend feel better, but he didn’t know what was bothering him, other than Ron leaving the Auror’s. It was something very personal to Harry and he felt it was the only thing that he ever fought so hard to keep, but lost in the end. Kingsley figured that was it, the problem Harry was struggling over. He was defeated by Ron leaving and has never had to deal with losing.

Harry sighed and sat back down carefully and then repositioned his body until he finally leaned back in his chair and determined himself to just put up with his discomfort.

“Anyway, that’s not why I wanted to talk to you. I’m sorry I went off like that.” He took out the thumb drive Rodney gave him about two months ago.

“This has some information on Relics that has been found supposedly belonging to the Church throughout the ages. It also has items thought to be Relics that are also still missing. There is nothing about the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, or the Cloak of Invisibility. I want to know why you think they are Relics, and are you still trying to find a way to get them from me. Also; look and see if there are any Relics on there that you want me to try to find. I told you I would help you once I found out who created the furnace and the army of Goblins. I’ve been waiting for you to say something about my report, but you haven’t said a word. Have you read it?”

Kingsley looked away from Harry and slipped the thumb drive into a laptop he produced. He looked through it and finally shut it off and the laptop and thumb drive disappeared. He took a deep breath and looked Harry in the eyes and after what seemed like hours went by he answered Harry.

“Thank you, Harry, for your work on this. You have opened my eyes to many things and I will surrender my beliefs of the Relics as outdated and I will now end my search for them. Yes, I did read your report and am astounded by what you found out. I informed the Malfoys’ about your investigation and what you found out. They are very thankful to know why and how Lucius had been brainwashed, and who was responsible for doing it. The issue of the wand, stone, and cloak I cannot give up on. I’m convinced that these items along with your sword were created by evil and must be destroyed. So, to answer your question, yes, I will try to take them from you, for your own good because they are evil and will corrupt you.”

Harry didn’t move or show any surprise; however he was in fact extremely angry.

“I have told you, Kingsley, that, even though they are mine; I don’t have the wand, or the stone. I do have the cloak and the sword, both of which are mine. The wand, whether it is mine or not would not still have the power, because I died without it being won over by anyone else. Please explain how you came away thinking these items are evil and need to be destroyed.”

“Harry, you said so yourself, the day you came back that Death made them.”

“I’m surprised at you, Kingsley. Death isn’t evil. Death is part of life. My cloak hasn’t been used since the day Wes used it to video tape Riddle, and Skeeter. It has been in my family ever since it was created, and has never been used for evil. I used the cloak when I went into the Forrest to keep anyone who might have seen me to not try and stop me; and to meet up with my death so I could go without being caught and brought in by the Death eaters. I used the stone just so I wouldn’t be alone. I didn’t use the wand, because at the time, Riddle, was using it. I wouldn’t have used it anyway because I was surrendering myself to Riddle.”

“Stop right there Harry. I can get you to prove you do have the Elder Wand. When you went into the Forrest you were killed by Voldemort, isn’t that correct?”

“That’s the way I remember it,” Harry answered hotly.

“But you came back to life; how?”

“Because I was the owner of all three Hallows which made me master over death and I decided to come back to finish the job I was chosen to do,” answered Harry with his jaws locked together in anger.

“And if you hadn’t been the owner of the Hallows?” he asked quickly, hoping to catch Harry off guard in his state of anger.

“If I wasn’t owner of the Hallows I would be dead and buried and not have to put up with your doubt and mistrust in me,” answered Harry just as quickly.

“And when you defeated Voldemort this last time, you died; isn’t that also correct?”

“Yes, as you very well know, I did die.”

“And then you came back to life. How did that come about Harry, if you weren’t still the owner of the Hallows? How did you have master over death and choose to come back again? Are you God?”

“I was dead, Kingsley. I didn’t choose to come back. I…was…dead! From what I am told, Ron left and came back with a light and it carried me away. I came back because they healed me and sent me back.”

“You can’t come back from the dead, unless you have the Hallows!” Now Kingsley was becoming agitated.

“Kingsley, do you know that when you die, your fingernails and hair keep growing? Did you know that you have cells living in your body that starts the process of decay when you die? That doesn’t fit the meaning of life, but it does fit the meaning of part of you is still alive. That is how they were able to heal me and send me back. When you die, you can’t take anything with you. You can’t say I was master over death, because I didn’t have the stone, I didn’t have the cloak, and I didn’t have the wand. I had NONE of the Hallows; I WAS NOT MASTER OVER DEATH!”

“Harry we all saw you use your wand on Voldemort, you can’t say you didn’t have it!”

“I used the wand that I won over from Draco. The Elder Wand is buried with Professor Dumbledore!”

All at once Harry was out of his chair and pinned against the wall with Kingsley being the one who caused this. He had Harry by the neck and began pressing Harry in the middle of his chest causing pain and burning along his spine.

“Give me the Elder Wand and I’ll let you go. You can keep the cloak; it hasn’t been proven to do evil.”

Harry couldn’t think straight. All he knew was he was in a desperate situation. Pain was mounting past the point of unbearable and he was suffocating.

“Harry, I don’t want to hurt you. Just give me your wand and if it isn’t the elder Wand, I’ll give it back to you. Your refusal to hand it over is as much as admitting it is the Elder Wand. Now hand it over!” He pushed harder with his fist onto Harry’s chest and a loud snap was heard and Harry jerked hard.
Harry opened his hand and his wand appeared. Kingsley let go of Harry after he took the wand. Harry fell to the floor and closed his eyes and didn’t open them again.

When he heard Kingsley speak his attention became focused. Kingsley wasn’t talking to himself; he was talking to someone who came into the office. Good job, Shacklebolt; now give me the wand.”

Harry knew that voice. It was Harriet Porter. Kingsley spoke in broken words as if he was trying to talk but something was keeping him from it.

“I … don’t … think-”

“You will not think any more about it. Turn over the wand now, or I’ll kill you now. Actually, I think I will go ahead and do that. The Aurors will see that you killed Potter and he didn’t even have his wand out to protect himself. And why would he have to? The poor fool thought you were his friend. I should have done this in the first place instead of Mother’s stupid plan for that young Miss Priss trying to handle it with her mind control curse. Now we’re finally free of Potter and you.”

Harry opened his eyes and his mind cursed her with the full body bind. Then he said the counter curse for Kingsley’s curse he was under.

Kingsley shook his head and pointed Harry’s wand at her and made ropes come out of the end and tied her up. Then he called the Aurors to come to Harry’s office on the double. He knelt over Harry and begged him to forgive him. Harry was trying to breath but was only able to get a little oxygen in his lungs. Kingsley had crushed his throat.

“What have I done?!” he moaned and tried to roll Harry on his back.

Harry went into a spasm and then stopped moving. He was staring at the ceiling and then closed his eyes. He began thinking of his throat and what had to be fixed so he could breathe. This was very taxing for him, but he finally was successful to some extent. At least he could breathe again. Next he concentrated on his back and began thinking of what needed done to fix it. Pretty soon he started moving and opened his eyes finding Kingsley crying over him, and the Aurors standing behind him staring down on Harry.

“Kingsley,” he whispered softly. “Kingsley, help me up please.”

The man opened his eyes and smiled relieved Harry was getting better. He lifted Harry off the floor and Harry cried out in pain and clung to Kingsley when he was on his feet. Harry buried his head in Kingsley’s chest and trembled from trying to contain the voice of his pain.

“Help me sit down.”

Kingsley got him in his chair and Harry wiped his eyes from the wetness. He looked at his wand that was still in Kingsley’s hand. Kingsley saw the wand and put it inside his robe. The Aurors asked what happened and a brief explanation was given and then they took Harriet Porter away.

Harry and Kingsley were once again alone. Harry said, “I was studying the girls appointment book, and saw that she had an appointment for Warren and a note to call Harry Potter to see Kingsley. Because she worked for you she knew that I would be coming to work for my first day back to full time work. There were no other appointments for the rest of the day, or any other day. She wasn’t planning on working here after that day. Your schedule was also left blank for the rest of time. She planned on Warren killing you, and she was expecting me to come in to see what you wanted. Warren was also supposed to kill me. I saw it in his eyes when I searched his mind. I didn’t tell him this because there was no reason for him to suffer with thinking he nearly killed both of us.”

Is that why he shot you then?”

“No, it’s like I said that day. He shot me because I told him to protect you. He thought I made him kill you, and when you started moving I started over to help you up, he thought I was going to finish you off. He was just protecting you like I told him to.”

“Why did you tell him he might need to protect me, and that he had to protect me?”

“Kingsley, my throat really hurts. I’ll answer this question but make it be the last one. I told him to protect you because my plan was thought up on the spot and I wanted you to be protected if something went wrong. I couldn’t go in with such a flimsy plan and not have a backup plan when something so important was at stake.”

Kingsley stood up saying, “Well, thank you for keeping a watchful eye and catching suspicious details. I’m sure you saved my life. I’m sorry Harriet was able to bend my mind somehow. I don’t have a clue when or how she did it.” He turned and started to walk away but Harry called him back to him.

“Kingsley, you have my wand and you need to not leave this room until you give it back to me.” Harry spoke with a warning in his voice that made Kingsley spin in his tracks.

He reached in his robes and retrieved the wand and looked at it saying, “It seemed like an ordinary wand when I used it on Harriet. I have to admit that I was somewhat surprised it didn’t feel any different to me.”

He looked at it with a jeweler’s tool with an unambiguous interest in some very faint markings where the wand had been broken and repaired. He moved his wand around it saying different enchantments on it. Finally he stopped and said, “It is not the Elder Wand. Would you let me examine your sword?”

Harry was taken by surprise when Kingsley requested to see the sword. When he offered everyone a chance to hold and look over the sword the night he came back, Kingsley wouldn’t even touch it. Now he wanted to examine it. Plus he had just said it needed to be destroyed because it was made from evil itself. A thought came to him of something the McKinnons had told him about the construction of the sword and so he decided to see if it might be beneficial to allow Kingsley to look at it. He opened his hand and held out the sword to the man. He knew without a doubt he would get it back no matter what.

Kingsley gasped despite himself; clearly shocked that Harry was allowing him to take the sword to examine it. Kingsley took the sword that was just resting on Harry’s outstretched hand as if it were a piece of parchment that could blow away in the slightest breeze. But when Kingsley took the sword from Harry he nearly dropped it from the weight of it.

“You used this with great proficiency as if it were light as a feather. How could you with it weighing as much as it does? I know you are strong, but still to make it look so light, I don’t see how you could do it. And you know it is heavy because Ron told me Hugo asked to hold your sword and you told him to be careful because it is very heavy.”

“Harry said, “I know it is heavy because it is a large sword. I told Hugo it was heavy because his young mind wouldn’t think it was heavy since he saw me wielding it so easily. He would expect it to be light. I am able to wield it because I am the owner, and I am the owner because I have a pure heart insomuch as I don’t have any desire to do evil. Yes, the furnace was created from evil, but the sword was enchanted to only be usable to someone with a pure heart. It was thought that nobody would be able to survive catching it. Since it fits my hand then it is useless to anyone else, because of the weight of it, they couldn’t wield it quick enough to be effective against anyone. So, it isn’t evil.”

Harry watched the man closely and said, “You still have not returned my wand to me.”

Kingsley opened his hand and the wand appeared. He then brought the blade of the sword across the wand cutting Harry’s wand in half.

Harry’s hair blew from his face and electric bolts of current sizzled around him. Fire was in his eyes and thunder was in his voice. Kingsley was terrified and suddenly felt weak and fearful before Harry and put his hands up showing he was vulnerable.

“Give me my sword and hope you never come before me to try to destroy anything I need for protection when I have it out again; because from this day forward I will perceive it as a threat on my life.”

He reached out his arm and the sword went to him nearly taking Kingsley with it. He had tried to hang onto it, but found he couldn’t.

“Why did you destroy my wand?” demanded Harry holding his sword by the hilt now.

“Harry, listen it’s for your own good. I know it wasn’t the Elder Wand now. But it still needed to be destroyed. People would be obsessed about trying to get the wand from you. Why try to get the Elder Wand when your wand was the one to defeat the Elder Wand. It was supposed to be undefeatable. Don’t you see; people would do anything to get it? Harriet Porter wanted it, she demanded me to give it to her. She thought owning it would make her the most powerful witch ever, and she would be untouchable.”

Harry said, “It was not for you to take it and destroy it. It was mine. My wand and this sword, my sword, together is what killed Riddle. You’ve done nothing but take my right of security away from me. Now I have to make another wand. I have the knowledge and the power to make it. You will not destroy it, and if you try to take it from me, it will be in a duel, one of us will die and it won’t be me.”

“Alright, Harry, that’s fine. I am going to put a notice in the paper that the wand that killed Voldemort has been destroyed. You will be protected that way.”

Harry scoffed and said, “Do whatever you want, you will anyway no matter what I want. I’m sure in your desire to have the Elder Wand at all cost you seemed to have forgotten, that you destroyed my wand, not the wand that killed Riddle the first time. I used the wand I got from Draco to kill Riddle; mine hadn’t been repaired yet. You just examined mine and you admitted it wasn’t the Elder Wand, and is just an ordinary wand. I TOLD you that all along and you still destroyed my wand. If you’re done beating me up and destroying my personal property, then please leave. It’s past quitting time, and I have to search for a tree to make my wand. It wouldn’t do for the Head Auror to be without a wand.”

Hermione walked in the office looking concerned. “What’s going on here? It sounded like a thunderstorm was here in the Ministry, did you two hear it? Lights flickered and everything. Harry, you look awful! Why is your sword out?” She gasped and asked what happened to his wand. Harry looked at the two pieces of his wand on the floor and they disappeared.

Harry said, “You can read about it in the paper I guess, I’m leaving. And by the way; I’m tired of being the poster boy for the Ministry. I’ll be working from my detective agency from now on. I will have the Aurors there as well.”

He called Ginny and told her he would be very late coming home and then he turned to leave but fell into the wall and disappeared with a groan leaving Hermione and Kingsley staring at each other.

Harry appeared in the infirmary on Atlantis and half fell into one of the beds and passed out. One of the nurses called John saying they had an intruder in sickbay, but he was unconscious. “He just appeared, fell over a bed and passed out. He might even be dead, he isn’t breathing.

A few seconds later Jennifer Keller, the residing doctor ran in asking where the intruder was. The nurse pointed to the bed and Jennifer rushed to Harry and said his name several times to try to wake him. She listened to his heartbeat with her stethoscope and sighed with relief.

“He is alive, but his breathing is obstructed. Help me get him on the bed.”

They lifted him carefully trying not to move his neck. This is when they saw the bruises from a very strong hand around his throat.

“He’s been strangled.” They got him situated and turned on the machine that was set to monitor the person in the bed. Just then John and his team ran in.

Jennifer called out over her shoulder, “It’s Harry and he’s been strangled.”

“That’s not all either,” said the nurse watching the monitor. “His back has been broken, but it is fixing its self.”

Jennifer watched the screen and said, “I’m going to help him along. John, tell his medicine to come out of where ever it is, just the bone healing stuff.”

John thought about it for a second, put his hand on the pouch only he could see and said, “Skele-gro” and it appeared in his hand. She opened the bottle and lifted Harry’s head up enough to pour some liquid into his mouth. She touched the bottle to his lip and he opened his mouth a crack. John took over holding up his head and Jennifer began pouring the medicine down Harry’s throat. She watched the monitor to watch the affect the potion was having.

They watched the bones fuse together the way they were supposed to be and after several tedious minutes she stopped giving him the potion. She looked at the bottle to see how much was remaining and typed into the machine her estimation of the amount she used and what the results were.

“This is not going to be easy to watch, if anyone wants to turn their heads.”

She looked at Rodney and he said he was ok to watch. She got a syringe and got some medicine for it and then cleaned a spot on his larynx and pushed the needle in a certain angle and slowly injected the liquid directly into the spot she cleaned. When it was half empty she pried gently with the needle and Rodney passed out after hearing grizzly popping noises. Ronon picked him up off the floor and put him in the bed next to Harry’s.

Finally Jennifer was done and said, “The rest is up to him, but, I’m confident he will be fine.”

A couple minutes later Harry woke up and looked around. Nobody was around so he gingerly got up. He looked at his watch and called Ginny and told her briefly what happened and said he’d be home just as soon as he saw John. He assured her he was fine, that they took care of him without him even being awake to tell them what was wrong.

Harry left sickbay and went to John’s quarters but didn’t find him there. He went into the bathroom and ran some water in the sink and Skryed for his friend. He was lying on the floor in the control tower semi-conscious but not moving. A hideous being was kneeling over him and had his hand above John as if he was about to hit him with the palm of his hand. An alarm started blaring its warning throughout the city that was floating on the ocean.

Suddenly Harry realized what this was about. “Wraith!” These creatures known as Wraith suck the life from humans with an ability they have in one of their hands.

Harry appeared in the tower and kicked the Wraith over that was kneeling over John. He dived and rolled over to miss being grabbed by another one. There were four of them and only one of him. Harry drew his sword and began swinging on the creatures and very quickly killed them. Looking around he saw seven more nearly upon him and he swung his blade again and again. Five more came at him from his side and he swung on them. As he turned he felt a numbing and burning sensation. He knew he had been stung by their strange weapon and magically blocked the enzyme from causing the full effect it was supposed to have. Harry swung his blade and finished off the rest of the creatures. Not seeing anymore he knelt beside John and woke him from his semi-conscious state.

“Boy; am I ever glad to see you,” said John in a weak voice. He tried to smile in a relieved way. Harry helped him up and asked what happened. John told him that a new off world team had been captured and were made to take them back to Atlantis.

“They just walked right in with the team. We couldn’t shut down the gate or it would have killed our people as well as the Wraith.”

“Where is everyone at?”

“What do you mean? You know where they are. Why did you come back down?”

Harry looked at John without comment wondering if something happened to him when he was fighting the Wraith.

“John I just woke up alone in the infirmary and went to your quarters. You weren’t there so I Skryed for you and saw you here. I don’t know where anyone is.”

“Why didn’t they take you with them?”

Suddenly John turned to run up to the control room but was still under the affects of the Wraith fight. Harry caught him and he instantly transported them both to the control room because he wasn’t up to running either. John said he was trying to help a soldier who couldn’t get away from the Wraith. I freed him and saw him running up the steps and then I saw them leave as a Wraith overpowered me and stunned me.”

John got very quiet and had a look about him that Harry understood only too well. He had been abandoned, left behind. John looked at the controls and said, “It takes two officers to turn it off.”

Harry nodded to John to put in his code and Harry put in a code and the self destruct mechanism turned off.

“I’m a General in the Air Force; remember?"

Harry grinned and said he has clearance to get into the computer. “Since I am the private owner of Cheyenne Mountain and part overseer of the Atlantis expedition, I was given ranking status here.”

John said, “Well I guess we need to be thankful you needed patched up by our doctor.”

Harry arched his eyebrows and said he thought there could have been a better reason for being here, but he was glad he was. Then he became serious.

“You better call your boss and tell him it’s safe to come back. Also I think we need to go back to the planet the other team came from. We’ll take the dead Wraith back and replace the crystals for the DHD so they can’t dial up this address anymore.”

John nodded his head and said it was a good idea. Harry winced and stood up to leave.

“I’m ok, I’m just really sore. I need to talk to you when we get back.”

John called Mr. Woolsey and told him the threat had been eliminated and it was safe to return. As soon as people started returning Mr. Woolsey took Harry’s hand and pumped it up and down thanking him and saying over and over how sorry he was. Then he tried to do the same with John only John refused his hand.

“Harry and I are taking the Wraith to the planet they came from and then we’re going to exchange the crystals so our address isn’t in the memory banks. They still won’t know where we are.”

He didn’t acknowledge anyone who tried to talk to him, but just went on down to the lower level where the wraith were on the floor.

John looked surprised and said to Harry, “I guess I understand why the soldier ran off, and everyone left me. I only saw four of them, they must have kept coming. But still … and that doesn’t explain why they left you behind.”

Harry held out a box and the Wraith shrunk and went into the box. He asked for the co ordinance of the planet they were going to and Rodney ran down the stairs with the numbers Harry needed hoping to talk to him and John. Jennifer said that Harry and John needed to be treated in the infirmary.

Harry glanced and then did a double take at the numbers. His face turned white and he said, “I can’t believe this, are you sure?”

Rodney nodded his head and said maybe the whole team needs to go if it’s bad.

Harry shook his head and said, “I can’t do what needs to be done safely with anyone else to worry about. John needs to come with me though so he can put what he sees in his report since what I said wasn’t good enough. I’m sorry John,” and then said they’d be back and they left via Harry’s magic.

When they got to the place Harry held onto John’s arm and quickly whispered to him that they were invisible and floating and to not move or make a sound. Harry bent down and waved his wand over one of the crystals and then exchanged the crystals and then took John’s arm and instantly transported them into a thickly wooded area close to the Stargate. He took the box and tossed the Wraith high into the air and they fell to the ground full size scattering down the steep hillside they were on.

“We need to leave quickly; we are not alone. Just one more thing to do, but I have to wait for the Wraith to do something first.”

A dozen Wraith Battle Cruisers, called Darts, were arriving from the direction opposite of the hill they were on. One of the Darts sent a beam of which Harry knew was the way they transported Wraith out of the ship and onto a planet, and also the way they capture victims and carry them off to their Hive ship. Harry pointed his wand at the beam and pulled it over the side of the hill except for one beam which materialized exactly on the edge.

Suddenly the air was screaming with animal noises and dozens and dozens of flying apes flew up from the bottom of the hill. They stopped at the bodies of the Wraith to have a meal and Harry whispered, “You don’t want to see this,” and the last thing John and Harry saw was the Wraith on the ground run to the DHD to pull out the crystal, and then they were on Atlantis.

Harry looked directly at Mr. Woolsey and asked why a team was sent to that planet. “Before I left here to go home and die, I told you in that report to lock out the dialing sequence to that planet. What made you decide to go exploring it when I specifically told you there wasn’t anything worth looking for there, and that it had unthinkable dangers? I told you it was only inhabited by intelligent apes that could fly and were poisonous. I also said that they have a pact with the Wraith. As long as they don’t invade them the Wraith are permitted to rest their ships to regenerate when they are on long journeys. The Wraith painted the Stargate to inform them if any Ancients went through it. Your team you sent must have had at least one carrier of the Ancient gene.”

Harry took off a pair of gloves he had on and made them disappear. “You probably got away with it this time; I think I created enough of a ruse to fool them. The Wraith started there just as soon as the Ancient gene was picked up. I didn’t let us touch the ground so we wouldn’t leave any other Ancient markers or odors there. And I waited long enough in the Forrest to make it appear that the wraith beamed them down there mistakenly. The apes won’t pay attention to the meal that was provided to them. I’m hoping the Wraith will decide the same thing; that the pilot was in error when he beamed the detachment down to the planet and they materialized over the hill. And because the Ancient gene indicator disappeared they’ll think that the Apes got them too.”

Mr. Woolsey swallowed hard. He hated seeing Harry angry.

“Harry, we didn’t know. A special advisor came today and said I had to send a team to a planet he put into the computer. It was encoded with a special tag that we couldn’t get information from. We were told they brought their own team to make sure they were able to get a full evaluation of what they discovered.”

Harry’s hair blew wildly and electric charges zapped between the locks of hair flying around. He doubled his right fist and raised it above his head. What looked like lightning bolts flew off into the surrounding area. John reached for Harry and Harry backed away from him so he wouldn’t touch him.
“Harry, what is it; what’s wrong?!” he asked.

Harry was breathing hard and his eyes had death in them. He looked around and saw everyone afraid of him. John was worried and reached for him again. Harry took a great breath and calmed down to where he was just trembling.

“Are they still here? The special advisory and the team they brought? It was the IOA; wasn’t it?” Harry’s voice was different sounding than the pleasant Harry they knew and loved. It sounded quiet, but filled with wrath.

Mr. Woolsey nodded his head and Harry looked around, “Where are they?”

“Oh no, Harry, I’m sorry. I meant yes they were from the IOA. They didn’t return with us, they went on back to Earth. They were shook up to say the least.”

Harry relaxed and said, “They didn’t believe me. They think I found riches or something on that planet and just lied about the flying poisonous apes. Why didn’t you beam John up when he was surrounded? If I hadn’t been left behind; if I hadn’t come today and found out what happened right at this very moment Earth would be under attack. It wouldn’t have been anything for the Wraith to shut down the self destruct you had initialized. You must know how intelligent they are. They would have access of every world you have visited and all the ones you haven’t as well. When they got to Earth they would have all the addresses in that computer as well. Their greed nearly wiped out mankind.”

Mr. Woolsey told John, “We tried to get you Colonel Sheppard, but we were ushered into a holding cell upon arrival on the Daedalus. Jennifer was treated severely when she tried to run at an officer telling him to get you and Harry. Teyla and Ronon were both heavily tranquilized. When Jennifer pleaded Harry Potter was in the infirmary the advisor just smiled and said the trip wasn’t a total loss after all.”

Harry sighed and without thinking tried to look at his watch and winced. John said, “Harry, what happened to you back home? I haven’t seen you use your; hang on a second. You used your left arm plenty when you were standing over me killing those Wraith; all seventeen of them. You-”

Mr. Woolsey motioned Jennifer to Harry and said, “We were able to watch what happened when you left. Harry was stung by one of their weapon things they carry; just as you were John. We don’t know how he kept from joining you on the floor yet alone continue fighting. It really was quite amazing.”

Harry said, “I was able to stop the spread of the enzyme from spreading past the point they got me. As soon as it wears off, I’ll be fine. I need to get what I came here for and get home; I’m ever so late for dinner. And I am in need of my bed, I’m kind of sore all over. By the way, thank you Jennifer for fixing me up again. There’ll be a little something extra in your paycheck Friday. And here; let me help you for a change.”

His smile was kind and he gently touched his hand to her black eye and swollen lip. Her eyes got big as she felt the relief in her face. Rodney smiled and said she was beautiful.

Harry and John excused themselves and walked to John’s quarters. “I figured you’d be showing up sooner or later. I’ve got your wand tucked safely away. Do you have time to give me a quick version of what has been happening to you? I mean, your hair has a white streak in it, and I don’t think you’re wearing it as a fashion statement. We know how you got the white streak, but is there something else going on with you getting attacked all the time still? You have a fresh scar on your cheek. We saw it when we were there a couple weeks ago, but we didn’t get to ask you about it. Jennifer said someone shot you in your back with a spell that nearly broke your back a week ago from the looks of it, and you’ve got a huge handprint around your throat which Jennifer said crushed your windpipe and stuff. And she also said that your back was broken just today.”

Harry nodded and said, “I don’t have time to tell you all about it right now, but I will tell you as soon as I can. But, I’ll tell you this much, Kingsley was given a potion somehow and was supposed to kill me. It was easy to bend his mind about one thing because he desires it himself. He wants my wand, the stone, my cloak, and my sword. He was supposed to kill me and give the wand to Rita Skeeter’s daughter. He pinned me to the wall by my throat and he broke my back with his bare hand. I couldn’t hurt him because I knew he was under a spell. It was hard to think what to do and when I couldn’t take it any longer I gave him one I made this past month before I went back to work. That is why I sent you my wand. I could tell he was building up his nerve to try to take it from me. He used my sword to break the wand I made after I took the spell off of him.”

Harry took the wand from John and his hair blew from his face, and gold sparks erupted from the tip of it. Harry smiled and said, “I missed you too.”

Harry opened his right hand and his sword came to him. Harry pointed his wand at John and said, “Protego,” and then he swallowed and gripped the wand and the sword tightly and touched the blade and the sword together and a bright white light engulfed the room. A powerful shock wave exploded around him. Everything in John’s quarters was destroyed; turned to powder. A bright white light glowed around Harry and seemed to encompass him. He swished his wand and the ruins were repaired as if they were new.

After everything was finished flying around repairing and finding they’re resting places Harry lifted the protection spell off of John. He held out his wand and sword side by side to see they were marked with the same colors and designs. His wand had imbued everything the sword had stored in it. Now his wand looked like a new wand, and it would be plausible to think he made it himself. There wasn’t even a trace of the faint scar where the wand had been broken and repaired. The thing nobody but Harry new was that it was now even more powerful than the Elder Wand.

Harry reached for John’s wrist and held it in a firm grip that was uncomfortable to John but he didn’t say anything. “This won’t be fun for you.”

He put the wand in John’s hand and John jerked hard as if he had been electrocuted, but then the sensation was gone.

“If I send my wand to you again, it’ll know you and not be a problem for you.” Then he got his sword and put it in John’s hand he still had a hold of and it emitted a golden glow for a moment.

“If I send you my sword, it won’t try to kill you. You will be able to keep it for me. Are you ok with this?”

John nodded his head and said, “Yeah, sure; I’m happy to be of service. Can I ask a quick question though?”

Harry stopped short and looked at John and nodded his head. John shook his head and said, “Never mind, Harry, go on home and get your rest.”

He looked around his quarters amazed that the charge that destroyed the room had gone and Harry repaired it perfectly. Harry looked around the room and then back to John wondering what he wanted to ask about. He noticed John subconsciously rubbing the palm of his hand Harry had put his wand in.

“You are wondering why it didn’t feel the same as the last time you touched my wand a minute ago. Is that it?”

Upon John nodding and shrugging his shoulders Harry said, “I will explain it more in detail another time; but for now I’ll just say that my sword imbues itself with the same power of any foe that uses it against me. Kingsley broke my wand with it. That is as good as an attack on me. Kingsley is more powerful than anyone realizes because he is a wizard, and an Ancient. I just combined the power of the sword to my wand. Is that good enough for now?”

John nodded his head since he was now speechless. Had he understood what Harry just told him?

Harry smiled at John and said, “Thanks brother,” and then he was gone.

Harry got home and smiled with the joy of being home. It had been a long day. He looked around and asked if anyone was home. Ginny came up behind him and put her hand lightly on his shoulder.

He didn’t respond to her so she walked around him and said, “Hermione told me Kingsley broke your back today and nearly strangled you to death. Are you going to be able to get the feeling and function back to normal?”

He turned suddenly and winced but then smiled, “Yes, everything will be ok eventually. If you come out in the kitchen with me, I’ll tell you about my day while I fix a peanut butter sandwich.”

“Oh Love, you can’t have a peanut butter sandwich.”

He thought she was going to say she didn’t get to the grocery store, but she said, “I have a plate of leftover Kidney Pie for you, and if you want anything else I’ll fix it for you. They walked out to the kitchen and she sat him down gently in his chair. She heated up his supper and he began telling her about his day.

When he was done she said with a straight face, “So, just another normal day at the office for you. Well, get finished up and let’s get to bed.” She smiled and told him she was proud of him.

When Harry was finished she took care of the kitchen while he went up at her instructions and brushed his teeth and got in the shower. He was anxious for the affects of the hot water would have on his broken back. Although the spine was fixed, it still had to do a good bit of healing. It was rather difficult to wash his hair with only his right arm working the way it was supposed to.

He turned and let the hot water hit him on his back to help loosen it up some. He turned slowly when he realized there wasn’t any water getting on him. He smiled and took Ginny’s naked body in his right arm and said, “Lady, you’re beautiful, but I am a happily married man.”

She smiled and said, “I myself am happily married.”

She kissed him full on the lips and the shower water beat down on both of them.

The End
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Hey guys, here is the next One Shot. There is one more and it will conclude the story arc of Epiphany. After that the One Shots will be about other things going on in Harry's life. I will warn you now that the next One Shot is very long and very violent. After the next One Shot, there won't be much violence in the stories. Can you see Harry living without so much violence? Well, here you go, the next One Shot. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this. OH! I almost forgot, actually I did forget and had to edit the page to add this here. Near the end of this One Shot you will find the Christmas One Shot I posted for Christmas, BUT that one had a bit taken out of it so it wouldn't give away certain things that was written for this One Shot.

Harry’s Bondage

It was bitterly cold and snowflakes blew in the wind that was blasting down from the Arctic. At first the flurries were small and inconsequential, but the last ten minutes they had become larger and wet. This could be problematic if the temperature of only thirty four degrees Fahrenheit dropped another two degrees. It had rained the night before and the rain turned to snow at daybreak. It was a mess to run in, but Harry didn’t want to forgo his run with Chevron. It was a way for him to think about things heavy on his mind without interruption.

Rita Skeeter had become more of a problem than ever before now that Harry had arrested her daughter, Harriet. He knew she was finding it difficult to continue with the ruse of visiting Ludo and making it seem believable. Conjugal visits were not allowed and restricted visits with a guard present could only be fifteen minutes per visit every three days through a glass window. She didn’t have a clue that Harry had rescued Florean Fortescue from Azkaban two months ago during the World Cup Quidditch Championship game, and the ‘Ludo’ she was visiting was only an enchanted image Harry had worked up to replace the prisoner she was pretending to visit. Nor did she know Ludo Bagman was dead. Harry had been careful not to actually say he killed the wasp that stung him, only that it wouldn’t be doing so well, and that he was pretty sure he crushed it when he pulled it off of him.

Wes had said that he had seen Rita and Harriet both at Hogwarts after that, hanging around the Quidditch Pitch as if they were looking for something. And also he told Harry something else more troublesome. Harriet had been seen standing from time to time around the portrait outside the Gryffindor Common Room up until she was arrested.

Harry decided he would need to go to Hogwarts and speak to Dawn as soon as he could; possibly even today. He had decided to go after the students were dismissed for the holidays but, now he felt an urgency to get it done as soon as possible. He would need to talk to Ron first though.

His thoughts flew away as the image of his brother-in-law came into his head. He stopped and looked to the top of a very steep hill with a huge rock overhang. He had started calling it Pride Rock ever since Lily had him watch her favorite movie, ‘The Lion King’ with her a short time after he woke up from his five and a half year coma. Lily had only been a new baby when he was so severely beaten he lapsed into a coma. He actually didn’t know his children especially Lily like normal fathers know their children. Lily was just over eight years old and the last two years he had been away from his family and on another planet. He became very close to his children when he was home and he knew he spoiled Lily shamelessly, but she was a good girl and didn’t let it ruin her. She adored her daddy as much as he adored her.

He felt his face flush with anger at having to give up everything so he could defeat Tom Riddle and the Vernier. Now, Rita Skeeter was causing havoc because of the Wizengamot ordering her release. This is what caused him to lose Ron as an Auror; always having to fight the bad guys. He took his eyes off of Pride Rock and shook his head to bring himself out of the mind funk he was in.

He sighed and trudged on until he was slipping and sliding too much to jog safely. He was sure the temperature had dropped because the mud was hard and ice was building up over everything. The snow was beginning to accumulate and Chevron was beginning to turn his head longing for the stable. Harry told his running partner he was right, they needed to get home. He turned around and headed back to the stables. He took one last look at Pride Rock before it disappeared when he jogged around the hillside.

Harry walked up the hill to the house and saw Lily making snow angels in the snow. Ginny was motioning her to go along with her into her office. Harry smiled and jogged across the hill and around the yard to catch them just before they went inside. He picked up Lily and threw her into the air and caught her. It was impulsive and he paid for his need of laughter to bring him out of his depressed state of mind. He forgot he wasn’t totally healed from everything he had gone through especially his back being broken.
He kissed Lily and set her on the ground and gave Ginny a swift kiss before he silently turned and made his way into the basement for a hot shower.

After his shower he went up for breakfast and only took a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. Winky wasn’t pleased with him for not eating a sensible breakfast and Harry just said he needed to leave. He subconsciously kissed her twice on the head and disappeared.

Harry was invisible as he stood in front of the Portrait and was just about to say the password when he heard the door unlatch. He moved away so he wouldn’t get ran into and his sons came out of the Common Room. Harry’s heart skipped a beat and he could hardly keep from grabbing them up and holding them to him. Albus stopped and looked around.

“Daddy?” he said without thinking how weird he must look calling for his dad when his dad was home. Harry realized what had happened and magiced a twig from a Pine tree on the landing. James asked why he called for their dad and Albus said, “I smell him; like fresh outdoors. Don’t you smell him?”
James reluctantly nodded his head looking around. “Here is what we smell.” He picked up the Pine sprig and they shrugged their shoulders and ran down the stairs for the Great Hall to have breakfast and Albus looking back one last time just to make sure.

Harry quickly said, “In God we trust,” and went into the secret room. He was kicking himself for coming here when he had decided to see Ron first. Why had he come here first then; he wondered?

Dawn spoke kindly and said, “It’s been a while Harry. You haven’t been avoiding me have you?”

Harry nodded his head and said, “Yes, I’m sorry, but I guess I have been. It’s just that I promised that I would never use your power to heal myself because it was wrong of some getting to be healed, and others not get the same treatment. Ron brought you to me and … don’t get me wrong; I am thrilled to be alive and be with my family, but I’m not happy my promise was broken. Anyway, I should thank you for doing it for me; bringing me back to life. The reason I have come today is to change the passkey.”
Harry told Dawn what all transpired and she smiled. “I guess you already know all this,” he said bashfully.

“There is something you need to know Harry. Kingsley is struggling with things that are causing him unrest. He has been with your kind way too long, and he has become confused in what he was sent here for. His advisors have forgotten him and left him at his own discretions. He is on the fence trying to see both sides of things. You have caused him to believe in you rather than what he was sent here for. I know and understand that you are upset with him-”

“Upset is an understatement! He broke my wand, even though it was just a fake one I made to fool him, he didn’t know that and it makes me angry he did it, and he wants my sword! AND he broke my back, not to mention crushing my throat as well. Yeah, upset is an understatement; a huge understatement!”

Dawn smiled benevolently while Harry corrected her with his outburst. He settled down and apologized for his rudeness.

“I understand, Little One; you have every right to be angry. But consider he has been abandoned by his people and he knows his life here could end anytime they decide to come back for him. He has a family here, and he does love you like a son. It isn’t fair for him to be alone and have to give up everything because he didn’t do anything wrong, but changed what he believes to be right.”

Harry stared at her and silently nodded his head. He did understand being abandoned. He also understood Kingsley doing what he always taught his kids to do; stand on what you believe and have faith in what you believe. Now he had made Kingsley doubt himself and what he once believed.

“Is he still dangerous for me? Do I need to watch my back with him anymore?”

Dawn looked at him with pity, “Yes child, you do need to be careful, and you must watch your back. He is more dangerous now than ever before because he is uncertain and confused within his being. He doesn’t know that he would still kill you in a heartbeat if he thought he needed to. And unless things change drastically, he will face you with the feeling he has to kill you. You must not kill him if you care about his soul. You must be defeated by him or he will wander alone for all eternity when he dies. Death must come for one of you. When you become vulnerable, you must have faith in what you know to be true. This will mark the end of the conflict within Kingsley.”

Harry stood weak in the knees staring at Dawn. When he finally spoke, his voice was small and his heartache was overwhelmingly large. “And there is no way around this happening; Kingsley will try to kill me. I can’t kill him. Death will come for one of us. I have to be defeated and that’s that?”

“Hardly anything is ever as it seems, Harry; of this I am sure you know.”

“Well, I don’t know how you come away with thinking it could mean anything else. It seems like you said I can’t kill Kingsley when he attacks me and one of us must die, and I have to be defeated. I don’t see how that can mean anything else than what it sounds like.”

Harry closed his eyes and tried to overcome the immense sorrow that was drowning his heart. He sighed and said, “I’m tired Dawn, I don’t think I can do this anymore. I built myself up, learned new powerful magic, caught a sword that should have killed me, but since it didn’t, it was made to help me kill Riddle and because of this, I have to give up my life again simply because Kingsley’s pontifical ‘people’ abandoned him. Go tell them to be responsible for their problem they created and let me have my life. You make it sound rough on Kingsley because he has a family and is confused as to why he has been out of touch with his people. Well; I have done this twice! Let someone else be the chosen one this time. I’ll sit this dance out. I have a family too, and I’m just now getting to have a life with them. I hardly know my children! I haven’t gotten to be much of a father to them, and I haven’t been able to be much of a husband to Ginny. Please Dawn, please get those other Ancients to-” he stopped and shook his head sorrowfully knowing no amount of begging would change things.

He took in a deep shaky breath and said, “The new passkey is, ‘Venireman’ I’ll see ya later, Dawn.”

Harry left feeling bitter and beaten. He wondered how long he had before Kingsley would make his move. Memories flooded his mind of all the hardships he endured all these years and living through them and convincing himself it would all be over after he killed Riddle and had the Vernier apprehended.

When he disappeared out of Dawn’s secret place he appeared in Hogsmeade. He wasn’t paying attention to anything, not even all the surprise whispers and pointing from people who saw him. He walked into the Joke shop and looked up abruptly when he heard George call out his name happily.

“What are you doing here sir? We haven’t broken any laws.”

Harry afforded George a smile and said, “I’ve come to make sure you’re up to date on your codes. Are you still making people laugh?”

George laughed and said, “Why yes sir, we sure are.”

“Good then, continue to do so and I’ll put that in my report.”

Harry’s eyes searched the room and he frowned. “Is Ron in the back room? Only, I need to see him; it’s important.”

George showed him the cell phone in his hand and put it away and then said, “I just got off the phone with Ron and he said he wasn’t going to come in today. He didn’t sound good either. If it was ten or fifteen years ago, I’d say he was just trying to get out of doing his share of the work. But, Ron has been good for the shop, and he likes his work,” he added just to make sure Harry knew he didn’t want him to try to get him back as an Auror.”

Harry stepped back as if he’d been slapped. “I wouldn’t stand in the way of Ron’s happiness, George. He told me he wanted to work here, so I let him go, and I’ve never asked him to come back, and I never will.”

Harry went to Ron and Hermione’s house and was about to knock on the door when he heard Hermione scream. Harry became invisible and entered the house. His eyes scanned the room and didn’t see anyone in the kitchen. He walked stealthily into the hallway and heard Hugo crying in his room. Harry transported into the boys room and found a wizard pointing his wand at Hugo. Harry slipped his Cloak of Invisibility over the frightened boy and became visible to the surprised wizard. “Expelliarmus!” he said and caught the wand that flew to him. Harry then wrestled the wizard to the floor and subdued him and put his finger over his mouth for Hugo to know to keep silent and Harry and the man disappeared. Harry returned a second or two later and went to Hugo who was hiccoughing and uncovered him so he could see him. He checked him over from head to toe finding only a small set of bruises from someone squeezing his arm too tight.

“That man is still alive and well. I only took him to jail. Do you know how many people is here, son?”

Hugo said there were seven not counting the guy who took him to his room. Harry thought for a minute and said, “I’m going to take you to my house. You won’t have to go to school today.”

Hugo looked worriedly at the door and started to protest; he didn’t want to leave his parents. Harry told him he would come right back and help them.

“I know your parents would want me to do this. It’ll only take a second. I won’t even take time to explain to Ginny, you can do that after I leave.”

The boy nodded his head and Harry took him in his arms and disappeared to Ginny’s office. Ginny and Lily were both very surprised to see them. Harry said for them to watch Hugo and he’d be back.

Harry returned to Hugo’s room so he could see and hear what was going on in the living room. He heard Ron moan and Hermione sobbing.

“Please, he doesn’t know what you are talking about. How can he tell you something he doesn’t know?”

Harry appeared in the room and seven green beams of light from several nasty curses flew at Harry but he disappeared and reappeared behind the villains before the curses could hit him. Then he captured their wands and subdued them. Harry counted six men and women. He had counted seven wands though when he capture them. He summoned an invisibility cloak but none came. A sick feeling lodged in the pit of his stomach. He knew there was another witch or wizard who probably had a spare wand hiding someplace close. He also knew what was about to happen.

He put away his wand as if he thought no one else was there and picked up the phone but dropped it when white hot pain sliced across his left forearm and midriff. He followed the sound of the voice saying the curse. He saw a paper move from disturbed air and shot out his right arm and grabbed the person who caused the disturbance. A man shouted out a curse and Harry was frozen on the spot.

Harry felt his hair being yanked and he was pulled to stand against a wall. A man appeared in front of him. “There is a secret room somewhere at Hogwarts. What is the password? We asked Mr. Weasley, but he claims he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Now that you’ve showed up you’re going to take his place.”

Harry endured a rather painful torture session and then when he thought maybe he looked bad enough that he couldn’t take any more pain he said, “OK, OK, I’ll tell you. Just please don’t torture me anymore. Ron used to know where the secret place is and the password, but after he brought the light to me, the memory was taken from him because he violated a promise that the light would never be used to heal anyone including me. He honestly doesn’t know. I am the only one who knows where the secret place is, and what the password is.”

What is the password that made the light come to you?”

Harry tried to prepare for another bout of torture. He hoped Ron would speak up quickly because he didn’t know how much more he could take. He swallowed and shook his head and the man hit him so hard he was nearly knocked out. Again and again he hit him and tortured him with spells.

Hermione was screaming for him to stop and Ron was yelling as well to no avail. Finally Ron yelled at Harry to tell him. And then the man hit Harry one more time and Ron said, “Harry, tell him what it is now or so help me I’ll kill you myself!”

Hermione screamed as the man said, “Well now; why didn’t I think of that? Only, I think I’ll do the killing.” He pointed his wand at Hermione and said, “She dies if you don’t tell me by the count of-”

“OK, OK, it’s, “In God we trust!”

“You’re not so tough since you don’t have The Elder Wand anymore. It was so nice of Minister Shacklebolt to let all us bad people know you don’t have the Elder Wand; that he himself broke it so no one person had that kind of power over others. What a surprise to us who didn’t even know you had the Elder Wand. Now, you’re just an ordinary man who can be taught a lesson for taking down the greatest wizard of all time. I think I’d like to have some souvenirs from the one who brought the injustice of Ludo Bagman’s imprisonment. Let’s hand over your wand you made to replace the Elder Wand, and I’ll have that sword too.”

Harry hung his head and became angry that Kingsley had written that article about taking the wand from him and breaking it. At least he didn’t make himself sound heroic for taking the wand from him. He made it sound like Harry simply listened to reasoning and handed it over like a true hero would do for the safety of the people. He raised his head and said with as much calm in his voice as he could muster, “You will never willingly touch my wand or my sword.”

The man began beating Harry mercilessly and then stopped when he heard a bunch of commotion at the front door and around the house. Ron and Hermione had been yelling and screaming for the man to stop beating Harry. The man Disapparated away and Harry got free from the spell he was under. He held up his hand and dismissed the spell that caused the man to think the Aurors had come.

Ron and Hermione stared disbelievingly at Harry. Had he allowed this whole thing to happen on purpose? It was now clear that there were no Aurors outside, Harry had produced the sounds. And as easily as he got out of the spell binding him, he could have gotten out much sooner.

Harry gathered up the witches and wizards and stuffed a quick note he wrote behind the ropes that held the prisoners bound together. He disappeared to a holding cell at the Ministry and made eye contact with Carl and pointed to the note and then returned to Ron and Hermione. He had written instructions and explanations to Carl and told him to take charge of the duties today and to process the prisoners he just took in. Harry swallowed and blinked his eyes trying to clear his head and found he was getting worse. He needed to get home.

Harry hobbled over to Ron and Hermione to see what condition they were in. He was surprised that Ron only had a busted lip. He gingerly sat down with Ron and Hermione staring at him in disbelief and untied them, being surprised they hadn’t gotten loose yet.

“Are you two alright? Did they do anything else to either one of you?”

They both said they were fine and Hermione jumped up saying she needed to get Hugo. “There is still one more in his room with him.”

Ron jumped up as well, but Harry told them he was safe at his house. “When I got here I heard Hermione scream and then I heard Hugo crying in his room. I disabled the man in there and took him to the Ministry, and then I took Hugo to our house. Let’s get over there ourselves.”

He looked around feeling the room spinning upon arrival. “Where’s Ginny?”

He picked up a hastily written note saying she took the kids to the Burrow and she would be right back after she had them calmed down.

Harry walked into his study with Ron and Hermione following. He was stooped over with his left arm held tight against his midriff. It seemed to take forever to get to his lab. He took out a bag of wands and turned around to put them on the desk and ran into Hermione because he didn’t know they had followed him. He groaned and tripped into her arms. Ron jerked him away and threw him to the floor. Harry was in shock and quietly said he was sorry and closed his eyes. Hermione quickly got out the cot and Ron picked him up and gently placed him on it. Hermione touched her wand to remove his suit jacket, shirt and tie. She and Ron gasped when they saw the blood on his forearm and midriff.

“You get started on his face, dear, and I’ll get started on this,” said Hermione pointing to his torso and arm. They both set to removing the blood from him with their wands. Ginny walked in just then and went into the lab when she heard voices. She knelt beside her husband and said, “What happened?”

Harry stirred and tried to sit up but Hermione yelled at him and shoved him back down a little less than gently. “Look what you’ve done! I just got you cleaned up and now you’re bleeding again!”

Ginny told them she would take care of him, and that they could see to Ron. Harry opened his eyes and saw Ginny working over him. His visit with Dawn came to his mind and he blinked the tears that welled up in his eyes. He was to let Kingsley defeat him. He was going to die; again. And this time there would be no returning to his family. He put his hand over Ginny’s and thanked her and then said he was fine. He put his hand over the cut and closed up the gaping wound.

Harry stood up not feeling at all fine but went to his desk. He took finger prints off of the wands and entered them into his computer. Soon faces and names came up on the screen. He looked at Ron and started telling him who the man was that he let get away and stopped mid sentence; remembering he wasn’t an Auror and didn’t need to know.

“So you did allow that whole thing to happen! Was my family and I bait or something? You beat all Harry; I can’t believe you would do that. Is it because I quit being an Auror that you used us; you’re getting even!” Ron was livid and continued his rant. “Well, for your information, this is exactly why I quit; I was tired of you using me! I actually was mad at Kingsley for breaking your wand. Now I’m glad he did! You’re too powerful for our good. You can’t do anything without putting us in danger. You don’t care about us. Just because you can protect yourself from-”

Harry, despite the pain he was in, calmly stopped Ron from saying anything else that he really didn’t mean. At least Harry hoped he didn’t mean them.

“Ron, when I left home earlier this morning, I went straight to the secret place. I changed the passkey to protect you. I was afraid Rita would try to get you to tell her where you went to get the light from. She knew from her daughter claiming that there is a secret room at Hogwarts that contained all the knowledge in the universe and it also was a place you could be healed. She has been searching for Ludo ever since the championship game. She thinks she can get the light to find him and get it to heal him.”

“Why did you wait so long to change it then?”

Harry reached for a chair and sat in it heavily. He wearily looked at Ron and said, “Things have been going on at the Ministry. Twice Kingsley has nearly been assassinated. I’ve been a little occupied Ron, and I’m not ok, not by a long shot. I’m trying though; I’m trying as hard as I can. My mind is full of-”

“Full of feeling sorry for yourself is what you’re full of. You and your stupid secret nearly got me and my family killed today! I wish I had never got that light thing.”

Harry nodded his head sorrowfully. “It would have been better for everyone if you hadn’t. I never intended to come back from the dead. I’ve never used you Ron; not ever. You knew the passkey but you asked me to take it from your memory. I didn’t take it from you. I hid it from your thoughts and put a condition on the memory that you could only recall it if you absolutely had to have it for some reason.”

“Well, you should have taken it from me like I said to! I say again; you nearly got us killed today because of your inconsiderate thinking.”

“You were with me when I found the place. I don’t have any right to take away your right of knowing about it. You knew that it had to be kept secret but you thought it would be ok to use in an emergency even though I said we could never use it. You couldn’t stand trying to keep it a secret from Hermione. You said it was causing problems between you and her. You asked me to take the memory of it away from you. I wouldn’t presume to know what constitutes an emergency to you. What if, Heaven forbid death was coming for Hermione or one of your kids? It isn’t up to me to say they can’t be spared because I don’t want the secret used. I am not your conscience. I left it there so you could make your own decisions. All I could do was trust that you would make the right decision and not use it. The power of that place cannot be public knowledge. After I went there and changed the passkey, I went to the Joke shop to tell you about it, and warn you to watch for Rita or anything suspicious. I was going to tell you I was putting an Auror on you, Hermione and Hugo. George said you had just called saying you couldn’t make it in today. I went directly to your house. I was going to go to the office to think of a trap to set for Rita after I warned you. But as you are very well aware, she was ahead of me.”

Harry stopped and grimaced as he coughed. An involuntary groan escaped his mouth and he coughed again, this time his hand came away from his mouth with blood on it.

“I didn’t have any plans to use you Ron, I was trying to save you. I didn’t have time to make plans. I had to act right then. I allowed myself to get captured to stop them from hurting you and Hermione. I let him beat on me until you gave him reason to stop. All you had to do was to tell him you didn’t know the password but I did, or lie to them and give them a fake one you made up. Or you could have let your mind remember it and told them if you thought saving me was important. I would have backed you up whichever you used. I knew you would think of that because of your Auror training. I taught you to overt the attention of the aggressor off of what he is doing and redirect his train of thought by making him think you are going to cooperate and give him what he wants. When it looked to me like you had forgotten your training I gave you a push by telling him you didn’t know; that you used to know but the memory was taken from you. I said I was the only one who knew. You did it, finally, by threatening to kill me yourself. Nice, Ron, you didn’t even have to lie.”

Hermione said, “Harry, I’m sorry everything happened, and we couldn’t stop him from beating and cursing you. We couldn’t think, please understand. And Harry, you said that you couldn’t be Ron’s conscience whether he should tell of the secret to save us. You said you hoped he wouldn’t, even to save his family and that the secret must never be known to the public; but you told him yourself. If your conscience is so set on keeping this secret, why did you tell him the password?”

Ron, who had started feeling guilty for blowing up at Harry and telling him the horrible things he said, jerked his head up and said, “Yeah, Harry, tell us about that high and mighty conscience of yours. Why did you tell him the password?”

Harry’s throat was constricting and it was already difficult enough to breath yet alone talk. He didn’t feel like defending himself at this point, but saw the pain in Ginny’s eyes.

“I didn’t give him the passkey. I gave him the old one.”

Ron laughed ugly, “Liar! You and your high and mighty conscience told an outright lie!”

Harry could barely speak but said, “He asked me what the password was that brought the light to me. Back then it was, “In God we trust. I did not lie. And before you ask if I would have told him the real one; the answer is no, I wouldn’t have. I would have killed him when he pointed his wand at Hermione. I needed him alive and to escape so he could tell Rita what the password is, but I wouldn’t put Hermione in danger for that to happen. I’m sure Rita will try to get in Hogwarts when the kids come home for Christmas holiday.”

He stood up cautiously and walked over and kissed Ginny. “I’ll see you at quitting time.” He tried to hug her but found it too painful. He told her he loved her more than she could ever know. He told Ron and Hermione they could stay for lunch if they wanted. He walked outside and got in his Jaguar and left for the detective agency.

When Harry made it into his office Wes looked at him in surprise. “I didn’t think you’d be in today. Your Aurors said there was a problem at Ron’s today. Is everything ok, other than you, that is?”

Harry managed a grin and told Wes everything that happened so far, including what Dawn had told him about surrendering to Kingsley. “Wes, you can’t act any differently around Kingsley or anyone for that matter.”

“Are you going to tell Ron and Hermione? What about Ginny; you’ll tell her, right?”

Harry shook his head sorrowfully. “It’s obvious Ron doesn’t care, and he’s not an Auror, so he doesn’t need to know. If he was still an Auror, I would have told him… and Hermione. But, I won’t tell them now. Ginny,” he broke down and covered his face with his hands. When he was able to control himself he continued, “Ginny deserves to be able to spend our last days together in happiness. I don’t want her worrying and ruining her romantic happy ever after we’re finally able to have. I don’t want the kids to pick up on her unhappiness because I want them to be able to remember me as a dad who took time to make sure they know I love them. They already know I’m not recovered from … from … from before, but they do know I am trying my best. I keep trying to think of things to get control over memories. There is something in my past I can’t put together. It’s like a puzzle piece that is missing, but it is such an important piece to me that I can’t see the picture, I can’t make out what it is. And the pain, I can’t get it out of my mind. I deal with issues of abandonment. I’ve been tortured so … many… times. I’ve been hurt and had so many painful-”

He stopped and rubbed his eyes and pulled his chair up to his desk and picked up a pad and pencil. Wes knew the subject was not to be discussed anymore. He picked up a pad and pencil too and said, “So now we try to come up with a tricky plan to capture Rita?”

Harry nodded his head and the two worked the rest of the day until the Aurors returned. Harry thanked Carl for taking over for the day. Carl told him he would take over until Harry healed, but Harry smiled and said he was thankful he had such a great group of guys he could trust, but he would be able to come in and do his job. He debriefed the men and then told them exactly what had transpired at Ron’s earlier, only not anything that would shed a bad light on Ron for the hateful things he told Harry. Before he dismissed them he assigned three Aurors to watch Ron, Hermione and Hugo the next day. He said, “I’ve already sent three over from the evening shift to watch them until the morning." He dismissed them and said he’d see them in the morning.

Harry and Wes were working the details out on a plan to capture Rita when Kingsley walked in. Harry’s face turned white and his stomach flipped upside down. But then he stood up and greeted Kingsley with a small smile and offered him a chair. Kingsley thanked him and sat down and asked if he’d tell him what happened at Ron’s today. Harry told him and didn’t leave out the part where he got a beaten and tortured because of the write-up in the paper about him not having the Elder Wand.

“I’m sorry Harry, it just seemed like it was the right thing to do, to set people’s minds at ease. I wanted to protect you from this very thing. It was the wrong thing to do.”

“This is what I already know Kingsley,” said Harry heatedly. “I told you I didn’t have the Elder Wand, and that people wasn’t afraid of me. They have been thankful. I’m still not fond of the whispering and pointing, but I’ve had that to deal with all my life.”

Kingsley cleared his throat and said, “There’s still the matter of the sword. You need to give it to me so I can destroy all manner of evil. We can’t take a chance of losing you to the other side, Harry. The power that that sword gives you, will turn you to its side; the side of evil. You can’t be in constant contact with evil because it will affect you. You told me about the Horcruxes and how they affected you when you wore it. That sword is the exact same thing.”

“My sword is not a Horcrux! I have never killed anyone to chop up my soul, and I never will! I am not an evil man!” Harry jumped up in his indignation and then grabbed his midriff and groaned. He glared at Kingsley and began coughing. Kingsley was at Harry’s side instantly and helped him sit down carefully. Harry saw the pain in his eyes and couldn’t believe what Dawn told him could be true. A bit of hope came to him, but then realized it was true and Kingsley just didn’t realize how things would progress to the point when he will decide there won’t be anything left to do but kill Harry.

“Kingsley, can you please put this on the back burner until after we capture Rita? It is imperative for me to be able to think without this hanging over me too. It’s hard enough for me to come to terms … Can you just forget about my sword until we get Rita? Please, Kingsley, if I mean anything at all to you, just please wait until then?”

After Kingsley promised he wouldn’t think another minute about the sword until after Rita was captured; he asked if Harry needed any help getting home. Harry said he’d manage and they said goodbye.

Wes and Harry devised a very crafty plan throughout the next few days and Harry was able to do a very complex piece of magic one day that left him worn and possibly created a small setback in his healing. He gradually was able to stand and walk without clutching his midriff tightly. His lungs were healing and the ribs that ruptured his lungs were also healing. What wasn’t healing was the rift that grew between Harry and Ron. This was a constant pain for Harry and he could hardly stand thinking of him. He missed him terribly, but he would not force Ron to be his friend since it was obvious this is what Ron wanted. Harry tried not to dwell on all the hurtful things Ron had said, but he always found himself back to that day it all happened. Harry was even more withdrawn than he had been ever since he got back.

Finally a week later it was the day he Ginny and Lily were going to go pick up his son’s from Kings cross. He came up from his shower after his morning routine of working out and running. His smile was a welcome sight to Ginny and she smiled back. Lily grabbed his hand and pulled him to the breakfast table. Winky put the meal on the table and started to leave the kitchen so the family could eat together. Harry pulled out the chair beside him and asked her to join them. She climbed up in the chair and smiled at the family she adored.

“It is being a good day to have Masters’ James and Albus home.”

They all agreed and had a happy visit until the phone rang. The ring tone told them it was Ron calling. Harry looked at Ginny for her to answer it. While Ginny went to answer the phone, Harry and Lily got up from the table and started into the Living Room. Ginny picked up the receiver and said, “Good morning dear brother. Are you and Hermione anxious to pick up Rose?”
She stopped and listened for a minute and said, “Calm down Ron, let me give the phone to Harry or you can come over.”

Before she could say anything else Ron showed up with a loud bang and pushed Lily over getting to Harry. Harry grabbed Ron and pinned him to the wall in a second flat. “You just ran over Lily to get to me. I can’t stop you from hating me, but you will not take your hate out on anyone but me!” Harry’s voice was quiet and full of pain but Ron knew without a doubt Harry wasn’t fooling around.

Ron looked at Lily and his heart broke. Ginny was helping her up from the floor where she had landed after he shoved her into the table to get her out of his way. She had a small mouse on her cheek bone and she was trying not to cry.

Ron couldn’t face Harry’s eyes but asked him to please put him down so he could apologize to Lily. Harry dropped him and Ron regained his balance and took two steps to Lily. He actually looked devastated and took her gently in his arms and asked her to forgive him. He hugged her and began to sob.
Lily patted him on his shoulders gently and said it was ok that she forgave him.

“Please don’t cry Uncle Ron, I’m ok; look.”

She touched her cheek and the mouse was completely gone and there was no evidence she had been hurt. Ron managed a smile. “I’m glad you’re ok, but it doesn’t excuse my hurting you. I wasn’t thinking of anything but the reason I came over here for. I didn’t even see you, I’m so sorry, Honey.”

Harry took Lily’s hand and turned her to him and made sure she was ok and then asked her to wait in her room until Uncle Ron was done talking to them.
After she was gone Ron turned back to Harry and talked to him through his teeth clamped together.

“This is all your fault and you’re going to get her back right now!”

“She’s alright Ron, and I won’t bring her back while you’re angry. She doesn’t need to be here for you to talk to me. Just tell me what’s on your mind that’s got you so hot and bothered.”

Ron nearly cracked a smile at Harry’s misunderstanding. But then he sneered at him and said, “I’m not talking about bringing Lily back as if you didn’t know,” and slammed a bit of parchment in Harry’s chest. “Hermione sent this to me after she left to take Hugo to school and she didn’t come home after she took him. She took the day off because we are having a party for Rose and she still had a few things left to do.”

Harry glanced at the parchment and said, “This wasn’t written by Hermione; it isn’t her handwriting.” He swiped his wand over it and said, “And there aren’t any fingerprints other than yours and mine on it.” He held the parchment up to a light and saw a watermark on it and said, “This parchment was bought at the Joke shop. So you worked it out that I bought this when I was there to talk to you or what? I don’t understand how this is my fault.” Not expecting a reply he went on to ask, “What is the joke about, what is the function of this parchment?”

Ron’s mouth dropped open as he stared at Harry. While Ron gathered himself from the news Harry told him, Harry read the note.

I am sorry to say that due to your lack of sympathy and understanding of Harry’s wand being broken, I am leaving you and I will be taking the kids away from you. Harry is a good and wonderful man, and I wish I would have gotten him instead of settling for you. Ginny is the luckiest woman alive. I am going to do everything in my power to break Harry and Ginny up and take him for myself, the way it should have been all along.
Don’t get me wrong, I think you are a very good man, handsome, sexy and wonderful, but you just can’t compare to Harry James Potter.
Your soon to be x wife,

Harry looked up at Ron and tried not to laugh. “Ron, this is a joke. Some school girl has a crush on you and is living a fantasy.” Harry took his cell phone off his hip and made a call.

“Hey Hermione, how are you?
Ah, well yeah, that would cause -
Oh yeah, of course, I can’t wait to -
What’s that; oh ok. But hang on a minute. So are you and Ron going to be able to pick up Rose together?
OK, OK, I’ll let you go, I just wanted to -
Yeah, right, bye then”

Harry put his phone back on his hip and said, “Well, Hermione has a million things to do all of which I held her up tremendously from doing by talking to her. She said the two of you are planning on picking up Rosie unless I have more pressing issues that have to be dealt with right now so that I could completely ruin her day.”

Harry shook his head and said, “You have no idea how tired I am of always being accused of things unjustly. Ron, just go about your normal day until you need to go get your daughter. I need to get to work and get some things done before we leave to get James and Albus. Tomorrow afternoon, even though it is Christmas, I will see if I can find out who this little girl is and hall her off to jail if that’s what you want, but today, Ron, today I need to get my sons. I was gone for so long, and the morning I got back they had to leave for Hogwarts. I need to be at Kings cross; it’s important to me. You understand don’t you mate?”

Ron looked defeated and said, “Sure Harry, only don’t call me mate. It’s all about you, like always. My life isn’t important. You can laugh and brush off my problems and go off to get your boys. I think this letter is serious, they made Hermione fool you into thinking she didn’t have the time of day for you. You go on, I’ll solve this myself.”

Harry sighed and took the note from him. “I’ll help you, Ron; tell me how you got this. Was it inside your house or did an Owl deliver it?”

Ron’s face brightened. “Thanks, Harry, yeah, an Owl delivered it.”

Harry called the Auror he assigned to watch Hermione and asked if she was ok and he said she seemed to be very busy, but fine otherwise. Harry told Ron what the Auror reported but Ron was still flustered saying someone could have captured the Auror too and was forcing him to say that.

“I’m going back home to decorate for the party. I need to have it done by noon so I can go to Kings cross to get Rose. I’m sure Hermione would want me to do this instead of going with you to find her. Let me know what you find out. I just have to stay busy to keep my mind off of this. But if they’ve hurt Hermione I’ll kill them.”

Harry told him to go on and he’d get started on it. He looked at Ginny and said, “What do you figure, is the girl about twelve maybe?”

Ginny nodded her head, “I think you’re right; it seems like a reasonable age to think that way. Only to me it sounds like she has a crush on you not Ron.”

Harry read it again to consider his wife’s input. “No, I think she has a crush on Ron. She’s making Hermione out to sound awful so he would appreciate someone who would love him the way she thinks he should be loved. Using me is just a reasonable accusation because it is well known somehow about the Horcrux making Ron be jealous of me. She’s just using common knowledge to make her letter plausible. But she doesn’t want to betray how she really feels about him so she tried to comfort him by telling him he’s sexy and wonderful and all that stuff.”

Harry left after Ginny agreed with him and sent his Aurors on different assignments. Carl asked what time he was leaving to get his sons so he could know when to go into the office. Harry shook his head and said, “I might not get done in time to make it to Kings cross. I’ll let you know if I do though. When they all left Wes told Harry he would do whatever it was that needed done so he could go. “Thanks, Wes, normally I would take you up on your offer, but I said I’d do this for a … a friend. I’ll be at the Weasley’s Joke shop for a while if you need me for anything.”

George smiled as Harry walked into the shop. “Hey, Harry, how are you doing? You look quite a bit better than the last time I saw you. What can I do for you?”

Harry scanned the shop quickly and went to a shelf stocked with “Preposterous Parchment” and read what the joke was.

Fool your friends with hoax love letters. Get even with the class bully. Simply write who the letter is addressed to and write key words and watch as the parchment makes sentences embellishing on those words. Parchment comes with special quill and ink supply.

Harry looked at George with a straight face. “How is this funny?”

George laughed and said, “Come on Harry, it’s hilarious. I was surprised Ron came up with the idea.”

Harry’s eyebrows arched. “This brilliant invention was Ron’s idea? How ironic is that?” Harry’s eyes caught sight of a young girl hanging close to the aisle where they were talking. Watching the girl closely Harry asked, “Do you sell much of the parchment?”

George shook his head; “We actually just got it on the shelf the day before yesterday. I’ve only sold one roll so far, but sometimes new items are like that. It has to develop a reputation before it becomes a success.”

Harry waited until the girl had her back to them and spoke so softly that George had to stoop over close to Harry to hear him. “Did you sell it to that young girl?” Harry nodded at the girl and George looked and shrugged his shoulders because her back was to him. “Tell her you’ll be with her in a second.”

George raised his voice in a friendly attentive way saying, “I’ll be right with you Miss.”

Harry had picked up a different item on a different shelf as if George was helping him with something other than the parchment.

The girl smiled at him and nodded her head. “I was actually hoping your partner was here. I wanted to ask him about something. I don’t see him though so I’ll come back a little later.”

“OK then, come back anytime.”

Harry looked at George and George nodded his head. Harry gave him the object he was supposedly looking at and started towards the door. “Oh, and I think that parchment is an ugly and harmful tool to bully young hearts. I urge you to please consider taking it off your shelves before anyone else gets hurt from it.”

Harry walked out watching the girl. He turned invisible and followed her easily. Harry wondered why the girl wasn’t in school because she looked about fourteen years old. Just then a truant officer grabbed the arm of the girl and yanked her close to him so she wouldn’t be able to get away and told her she was in big trouble. “Great, just great!” muttered Harry. Now he was going to have to take a chance and get the girl from the man.

He became visible and stepped over to the man and the crying girl. She was begging him to please let her go. Harry wasn’t happy with the rough treatment of the girl and wasn’t about to let the slob manhandle her the way he was.

“Is there a problem here officer?”

The man turned with a sneer on his face but changed it to a polite smile when he recognized Harry. The girl was shaking so hard now Harry was afraid she would pass out. He put his hand on her shoulder and kindly told her she was ok. He saw she was handcuffed when she tried to wipe her eyes of the tears.

“Has this young person done something to warrant handcuffs?”

The man said, “No sir, Mr. Potter, sir. It’s just I’ve been watching her for a month and she hasn’t been in school that whole time. She comes out here for three hours every day and then she loses me in the noon crowd. I wanted to catch her so she wouldn’t get away.”

“Do you have an arrest warrant for her?”

“Well, no sir, but it’s just a technicality the school system allows me to get away with. Kids skipping school is a big problem and an embarrassment to them.”

Harry said, “Using handcuffs on a minor without a warrant is unlawful detainment, and you would ordinarily be arrested yourself for it. But I understand you are trying to do your job so I’m going to let you go this time. But if the parents want to press charges then I must abide with the law. I will do what I can for you. I’m sure you are a law abiding citizen trying to uphold the law, and you won’t let the school hassle you into breaking the law just so they don’t get embarrassed.”

The truant officer sighed with relief and thanked Harry for being so understanding, and zealously promised he would follow the law to the letter from then on.

“I’ll take care of her for you. I know paper work is tedious and you have more important things to do.”

Again the man thanked Harry and pumped his hand saying he was surely proud to abide with the law and was thankful that Harry was a decent man to care for the common working class.

The man left and Harry gave the girl his attention and took her hands in his to look at her wrists. He sighed and told her to hold her hands out and hold them still. He took a picture of her wrists showing how the cuffs were put on too tight and even cut her wrist on the underside. After he took the picture he put some medicine on her wrists and said something the girl couldn’t understand and then her wrists were perfectly normal. Harry smiled and rubbed them gently and then released them.

“What is your name and where do you live young miss?” He took out his handkerchief and dobbed her eyes and touched it to her her dripping nose. He smiled kindly and gave her the handkerchief just in case there were more tears coming.

She looked at him and could hardly keep from passing out. She never dreamed Harry Potter was so cute and kind and gentle. His touch lingered in her mind. How would she ever wash her hands again? She wondered if he would notice if she forgot to give him back his hanky. She saw the white locket of hair that hung from his temple over his ear in a curvy wave over his broad shoulder ending in curls the rest of the length to his elbow. She saw the scars on his face that gave evidence of many battles and his square jaw making him look rugged and then looked into his brilliant emerald green eyes and wondered how she had been crushing on Ron all this time when Harry Potter would be her choice to crush on.

Swooning she whispered, “You’re so brave.”

Harry thought she was going to pass out and helped her sit in a chair in front of a store. “You’re ok Miss; I wasn’t being brave. He wasn’t going to cause any trouble.”

“What, oh yes, of course you’re right. My name is Cortney. I live um,” she looked around and said, “Oh, right here! We live above the store. My parents own this store. My Mum home schools me.”

“I see; so are you on a certain time schedule that allows you to be out on the street at this time of morning instead of inside doing your schoolwork?”

Just then a man stepped out of the store and asked what business it was of Harry’s to nib in their business. Harry stood up and turned to the man but before he could say anything the man said, “Oh excuse me sir. I didn’t realize it was you. Is there a problem sir? Has my daughter done something wrong?”

Harry asked if they might step inside to talk. The man turned and held the door open for Harry and Harry in turn opened his arm for Cortney to enter before him and then he followed her into an open room with dividers here and there. Harry looked around and saw the store was for office and school supplies. One side of the store was completely stocked for crafts and sewing. A book caught his eye, ‘Linguistics and How to Make It Work for you’, by Arthur B. Noteman, and Harry picked it up and looked through it quickly.

“It’s not much, but we get by and it’s ours, lock stock and barrel.”

Harry cocked an eyebrow and smiled intently. “I think it’s fantastic. I’ll have to tell my wife and daughter about your place here. I’ll get all my supplies for my detective agency from her. As a matter of fact, I’m sure the Minister of Magic would approve supplies to be gotten from here as well. Would you be able to handle large orders? And do you deliver?”

The man swallowed and said, “Yes, sir. Yes, to all your questions.”

Harry smiled and nodded his head and shook the man and his wife’s hand. He gave the man his card and said he’d make an order for his business including the book he was looking at and handed it back to the man after he was done talking about the reason he came.

“First of all, please call me Harry. Secondly, Cortney was caught by a truant officer and handcuffed illegally.”

He showed them the picture he took of her wrists and then said, “I hope you aren’t upset with me, but I gave the man a warning and sent him on his way. If I hadn’t I would not be able to keep Cortney out of court and the system. You and your family would be under the scrutiny of the courts until after the investigation was final and then you’d have to abide with whatever the judge ruled. And the worst part would be Cortney would carry this on record for life in the courts file. Unfortunately, since there was an official complaint she will still have a record for what she did wrong, but it will be in my file cabinet instead of the Wizengamot’s. If you still want me to file charges against this man for a settlement; I will.”

They both were angry at first but after Harry explained everything they thanked him for thinking of them in his decision making.

“Now, we need to talk about something very serious your daughter did.” Harry took out the parchment and handed it to Cortney and said, “Am I correct in thinking you wrote this letter and sent it by Owl to Mr. Weasley’s home this morning?”

The girl tearfully nodded her head. “Yes sir, I am guilty of that.”

The mother gasped, “Cortney, what have you done?”

Harry saw the situation becoming unhinged and put up his hands in a nonthreatening way and softly said, “Everybody calm down. We can talk this through and everything will be fine. I should know, I’m the Head Auror.” He smiled to relieve the couple and their daughter’s tension.

“Cortney, let’s hear your side of the story first. Just tell me the whole truth about what you did and why you did it.”

Cortney drew in a shaky breath and began, “Well sir, err, Mr. Potter, I have always wanted to be an Auror, and I asked my parents if I could be one when I get old enough. They said I had to have special schooling after I finished regular school. But if when I finished school and if I met all the grade requirements and I still wanted to, then I could try it out. So, I decided to do extracurricular work by setting up a scenario and observing the object of my study and then draw a conclusion for the situation. So, umm, err well, I … well I have had a wild crush on Ron Weasley ever since I can remember and I created a situation to where I could work with him so I could find out firsthand how to experience people and how they respond to different scenarios.”

“Oh, Honey, what did you do?” asked the mom again with her hands over her cheeks.

Cortney hung her head and showed her parents the letter she wrote.
“I wrote and sent this letter and then went to the store so I could tell him it was a fake and that I needed to ask him how he felt when he got the letter. I was going to tell him right away why I needed his help, and he would be able to help me in dealing with the public. I thought he would just laugh because he is so funny. He and his partner were laughing about the jokes people could play on their friends or on bullies and so I thought he would be the perfect person to send the letter to. He would laugh about it.”

Harry spoke up seeing both parents were speechless. “Cortney, while your idea was well thought out and it was essentially a very clever way to be able to gather information on how to read and assess your subjects; it was not a good idea to make real live threats to people. What you did is actually against the law, and Mr. Weasley has every right to have you processed and arrested. Do you see what you have done wrong?”

Cortney said, “Yes sir. I’m sorry sir. I’ll never do it again. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

“It did hurt Mr. Weasley though. You see, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley are friends of mine and they sometimes get real threats, as do I. We take some of these threats very seriously because of things that happened before you were born. What you did wasn’t a violent threat to their physical life, but was seen as a malicious threat to their personal lives, and it was a worry to Mr. Weasley because of what all it could have meant to him and his wife. But, I’ll speak to him in your behalf if you’re willing to come with me to his house and apologize to him. He is afraid someone kidnapped his wife and made her write the letter and will hurt her.”

The parents stood up and said she would do it.
Harry said he wanted Cortney to make the decision and she said she would do it. Harry asked why Cortney was home schooled instead of attending Hogwarts. He was surprised when they told him that she was only ten years old and would be starting Hogwarts the following year.

Cortney sobbed and Harry put his hand on her shoulder kindly. She said she was so embarrassed and that she was upset because she was sure she ruined her chances of becoming an Auror. Harry said he was sure there wouldn’t be any negative repercussions from the incident. He told them he would need to take Cortney and he would have her back in a few hours. He offered to take one of the parents with him, so the mother said she’d come too. Harry called Ron and said he was on his way over with the guilty party. Ron said to make it quick because Hermione just got home and they had to leave to get to Kings cross, which nearly boiled Harry’s blood. Harry called Ginny and told her she was going to have to go get the boys without him and to be careful.

When Harry got to Ron’s house he introduced Cortney and her mom to Ron and Hermione. Cortney bowed her head in shame before she even started to apologize. Harry decided to make it easier on her and said, “Ron, Cortney is ten years old though she looks to be around fourteen. She has hopes of becoming an Auror one day. In her enthusiasm, she planned a way to study human nature to help her learn how to read people. She picked you because she admits to crushing on you and thought it would be a way to get to meet and talk to you. Listen to her story and let me know what you want to do. I need to tell you I’m hoping you don’t press charges and I will try to dissuade you if you do.”

Hermione looked at Ron and asked what was going on as she looked impatiently at her watch. Cortney handed her the letter and began sobbing while Hermione read it.

“Are you putting words in her mouth Harry? It looks to me like she has a crush on you, not Ron. We need to go, Harry. My advice is to be a man and swallow your pride and let her go. She is a child with child urges. I can’t believe you would meddle in something like this and cause embarrassment to this poor girl and give her a lifelong record.”

Harry turned from Hermione thoroughly hurt with her accusations but kept those emotions from showing on his face. He swallowed and looked at Ron hoping he would own up to it being him who wanted Harry to investigate the case, but Ron just looked away from him to Cortney.

He smiled at her and said, “I’m flattered you had a crush on me, but resorting to letters like this is dangerous for you. What if you had written this letter to someone who had a violent nature? He might have retaliated against you and hurt you. I love having fun, but this isn’t a healthy way to have it. You are welcome to come to the Joke shop anytime you want and we can be friends.”

The girl nodded her head totally humiliated. Harry spoke up in her defense. Cortney wrote this letter on your Parchment designed to do just what it did. It bullied her with her humility. I told George you should remove it from your shelves. This girl is innocent, but made a mistake in how to handle a study she created to increase her chances of becoming an Auror when she is old enough. But, she is only ten years old, so we can forgive her for acting her age. The two of you belittled her making her feel like she’s just a silly little girl with a crush. Now she is here bearing her heart to tell you what happened and to apologize and you both dismiss her and make it all about me being an egomaniac and being less of a man because of it. Now, you will listen to her and then you will tell me if your intentions are to press charges or not. And if you do press charges I will have to comply, but I will not leave out of my report about the parchment she bought at your store and was inspired by you and George saying the parchment was a fun way to fool people.”

His eyes bore into Ron and Hermione and they both felt guilty. Hermione spoke up saying, “Cortney, we have both acted foolishly and assumed things unfairly of you. Please forgive us. Your idea was well thought out, but unfortunately not a good idea. But, like Mr. Potter said you are only ten years old. I’m sure we will not be pressing charges.”

She looked at her watch and said, “Harry, you’re going to have to hurry or you’ll miss the train.” She smiled until Harry didn’t say anything and just looked away from her.

Harry cleared his throat and asked Ron if he had anything else to say to Cortney. Ron smiled kindly and said he didn’t have anything else to say, but when Harry glared at him he said, “Except that we will be taking the parchment off the shelf, and I’m sorry it got you in trouble.”

Harry asked if the mom had anything to say and she only said she was sorry it all happened. When she was done Harry said, “Well let’s get back to the office and fill out the paperwork, even working as quickly as I can it’ll take quite a while.”

When they went to Harry’s office he gave Wes a business card for the office and school supplies store. He directed the woman and girl into his office and told Wes to make a list of supplies they need for the office and went into his own office.

“Have a seat; this’ll take a while getting the papers set up.” He got up and went through some files and handed them to Cortney.

“These are some cases we worked on this past week. There isn’t anything violent or obscene. It will give you some examples of how investigations are handled.” He worked for a while and then finally sighed. “Here we go, let’s go over to that table and chairs to look these over and sign all the papers.”
They went over and sat down but then Harry got up and went to his office door when his Aurors came in. “Carl, can you handle debriefing for me while I tie up this case? Thank you.”

Harry returned to the table and sat between mother and daughter. They went through the stack of paperwork and finally signed the last one. He was weary and his body ached from sitting still so long. His emotions were bordering the edge of depression and he asked if Cortney was able to study the folders he let her look at. Cortney handed them back to Harry nodding her head.

“Yes sir; thank you for letting me study them. It was very helpful to me.”

Harry took the list of supplies from Wes and after he took them home he gave them to Cortney’s mom and said he’d wait for the total. He told Cortney to call on him if she ever needed to ask him anything or help her with anything. He handed her a card and pointing to each set of numbers said, “This is my work number, this is my home number, and this is my cell number. You are certainly welcome to call on me for help anytime you need me for any reason. And if you come up with any other ideas about studies to be an Auror, call me first so I can see if it’s ok to do it.”

They made small talk with the dad until the total price was brought to Harry. He paid them, said his good-byes and left.

He was standing on the very tip of a large boulder that hung out over the majority of earth under the massive rock. A feeling of suspension and being unattached came over him. The air was clean and crisp, taking his breath when sudden gusts of freezing cold wind hit him in the face. His hair blew wildly about his face and shoulders. Tiny icicles accumulated on the hairs of his mustache and beard. To say it was cold would be an understatement, yet he stood unmoved to shelter himself. It was beautiful to see the gentle hills, some with knobby tops and others with swells of bubbly laughter rolling down over the side of the hills and dales.

Snow covered all that was visible to him and he marveled in the beauty he beheld looking out over all his land. There was just enough light left of the day to paint tints of blues and grays in the valleys and hues of gold and violet glowing on the ice covered boulders, and hilltops. Snowdrifts that laced the hillsides were ominous yet inviting. The evergreen trees were dressed in clumps of heavy snow and splashed with strands of green pine needles here and there. Oak and other bare trees stood non ashamed and defiant of the season robbing their suits of beautiful leaves and bravely dared the snow, wind, and ice to suffer it’s new buds, even now in the heart of each tree, to prepare their readiness to begin a season of shade for the grounds from the scorching rays of the summer sun. “Soon,” the trees seemed to coax the mind of the observer, “soon there will be leaves thick and intoxicating with their beauty and shelter for warbling and trilling songbirds calling for their mates and starting families.”

He turned his head slightly looking to his left at a small thread of gray smoke tickling the wind as it was caught and then quickly made its escape and ventured on into shades of the cold blue winter sky. The house the smoke was coming from was tucked away behind a hill covered with snow laden trees. It was the Christmas season and Harry knew Ginny and Lily would be returning from Kings Cross at any moment with his two sons. A tinge of bitterness came over him, but he dismissed it quickly. His duties as head Auror kept him from being able to go with them to get his sons. It was because of Ron and his emergency he had to deal with that kept him from being there when his sons got off the train. And since he had just recently returned to full active duty from his long absence from work; he could hardly relegate the duty to another Auror although Carl had offered to. Even Wes had offered to make the reports and take the girl and her mom home afterward.

He looked back at the snowdrifts and thought on how he had constantly reminded his children of the dangers of trying to bust through them on their sleds. “You never know what is hidden in there; it could be big rocks that will break your teeth and noses. Or they could slyly be covering large dips in the ground that you could fall into and be buried under the weight of all the snow.” He couldn’t wait for tomorrow when he would take his children to an area he had worked on clearing away all the dangers before the snow began falling, so his children could burst through the snowdrifts and be exuberant with their victory and defeat over the snowdrifts. He smiled thinking how good it would be to have the family he loved more than life together this night and the rest of the holiday, especially Christmas. Life had been long and arduous these nineteen and a half years especially with his latest and final defeat of Tom Riddle three months ago. The thoughts of what he saw across his vast lands made him think of his life and meanings of things he knew not of but somehow meant everything to him.

He looked to the heavens and his eyes watered with so many memories he lived through. All the sacrifices he made, all the sacrifices that were made for him. And now, he finally had his life back but he was to lose it to Kingsley. His heart felt like it could not hold together from the hard pounding it was doing as more memories tried to tear at the fragility of his heart that had been broken so many times from the death of loved ones and repaired in desperation of new life. He had come to terms with his life and all the sacrifices he made and others made for him. Now he was reeling in the fact that he would have to die and never have his children and Ginny. His body was nearly fully recovered, but his hardships were too great for his mind to ever overcome completely. It was a colossal struggle whether to just live with whatever time he had left as a happy dad and husband; or be defiant against what Dawn said needed to happen for Kingsley’s sake. He knew he now had the power to beat Kingsley to the death if that was what Kingsley ended up wanting to do. Why should he give up his life just so Kingsley could live with a clear conscience or whatever Dawn was going on about?

Standing there in his solemn discord, Harry realized one of the reasons why he was feeling the way he was. Even before he found out about having to give his life to Kingsley he had wondered over and over why so many sacrifices had to be made. Needless loss of life and yet every life lost was just a piece of a puzzle that made the picture complete. But that was just the thing, the puzzle wasn’t complete. Harry thought desperately for a reason the puzzle was never completed. A huge piece was missing and he could never figure out what it was; what did the piece look like; what part of his life did it fit in. It seemed like it encompassed his past and present, but the missing piece was a huge loss that didn’t make sense. For years he tried to figure out this missing puzzle piece. He tried urgently, even frantically to try to make out what the picture was of, but it was never clear. He knew it was one of the sacrifices he had made years ago. Why couldn’t he get over it? Why did it matter so much? He had been able to overcome the memory and nightmares of every one of those sacrifices and live a sub normal life except this one.

Tears streamed down his face as the burden became overwhelming to him. The wind screeched through the trees and hollows. Harry suddenly looked out into the snow in front of him. The wind pattern had changed right before his eyes. The very last ray of the bright golden sun hit a wisp of wind carrying snow and then another wisp and then another and another. The flakes swirled in front of him and an image formed and fell away and formed again several more times. Harry’s breath caught in his chest, and his heart beat hard and fast. The swirls of snowflakes came together one last time and Harry held out his arms.

“Hedwig?” he said softly, “Hedwig?” He dared not smile from his joy for fear the phenomenon might disappear. “It is you, Hedwig?”

Harry broke down unable to hold back his emotions any longer. “Hedwig, I’m sorry. I can’t forgive myself for letting your death happen. You shouldn’t have had to sacrifice your life for me. I should have been able to deflect that curse. Hagrid wouldn’t have had to roll the motorcycle over. I lost you because of my ineptness with magic. I as good as killed you myself. I’m so sorry Hedwig. I can’t fix …” Harry’s voice broke and he sobbed uncontrollably.

The swirling snowflakes came right up to him and engulfed his outstretched arms. He felt an affectionate nibble on his ear and a small piece of parchment, he thought, appeared in his hands. Harry read the unearthly writing.

Harry, you did not sacrifice me. I did not sacrifice myself. It was something unfortunate and unfair that happened. There was nothing you or anyone else could have done. Do not mourn me; celebrate my life we had. Merry Christmas Harry

Harry nodded his head and the sunray disappeared and the snow blew fiercely in all directions collecting on his head and shoulders. The wind whipped the note from Harry and hung as a puzzle piece in front of him slipping into a picture that completed the puzzle. Harry saw the picture understanding it even though he didn’t see what it was. He tried to bring it close to him to look at it because it was dark now and he wanted to look at it better to know how love, hardship, anger, laughter, sacrifices, and life was painted all in one picture. The wind shifted and a sudden rebellious gust snatched it away just out of reach of Harry and it disintegrated into the swirling snow all about him.

Harry stood there a moment longer watching as the full moon touched the scenery he had been observing at the twilight’s last gleaming light. 'Which is more beautiful,' he wondered; 'the sun setting over my land, or the moon shining over the glistening snow making everything look like it was covered in shades of blue, purple, and silver glitter? They are each one just as beautiful as the other. The thing that is most beautiful is wellness in my soul.'

As the wind picked up and fought to knock him down and carry him down the hillside, he turned away from the scene and walked away from Pride Rock and into the night to where he knew his family was waiting for him; home. The puzzle was complete and he finally had closure for Hedwig. If this was to be his last Christmas; he was going to make it be the Merriest of Christmases ever!

The End

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Default My comment on "The Raging Storm"
Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys Schokofrösche

Hey, Connie! I know I'm late and you have posted another three stories after this one, but I have to comment on this as it's my preferred. I definitively loooove it, so I've reading it slowly, a "sip" each night the last month so it took a long time to reach its end.

I'm going to pick some of my favourites scenes which I remember made me feel strong things. But the rest is adorable too.

The sun had not yet dawned but Harry was awake none the less. The wind had howled all through the night with thunderstorms prevailing fiercely over the stars and moon trying to peek through to no reward. Rain drops had formed solid waves of water as the fierce wind blew the rain sideways onto the side of the house opposing the storm. The lightning was brutally bold to intrude on the dwellers of the house through the windows. The dark rooms were lit in bright flashes exposing eerie shadows to move about the walls and objects sitting defiant to the ways of the storm. The house did not yield to the storm and stood safe from ruin, protecting the family within. It seemed odd for a storm of this magnitude to force its way onto the slumbering countryside this late in the season.
^The beginning of your story is magical. I Love the way you've described it, all the images you inserted into my mind. Thank You!

“Daddy, will you be okay at the game today? I can sit with you if you would like my company. I don’t think you have forgotten the awful things that happened that day, and it makes you sad and afraid.”

It happened before he could stop it; the tears rolling down his face. His voice cracked when he finally was able to answer her. “Thank you, my Darling Angel, but no, you need to sit with your mum and not worry about me at all. It is scary remembering that day, but, I know it’s all over and can’t hurt me or keep me from you guys anymore.”
^A roller coaster of emotions. I smiled at Lily everytime she opened her mouth to talk to her daddy... so cute, so cute... priceless! And then I felt tears rolling down my face; she's so adorable!

Harry let out a sigh of relief and smiled. “Ron; what’s up with all the drama? I thought you were terminally ill or something. Were you trying to make the rest of my hair turn white?”
^LOL Harry can be so funny sometimes!

Ron interrupted saying, “It isn’t something I just decided to do mate. I’ve been working at the joke shop for, well, ever since you got back. I am only part time as an Auror until I tell you. I told Kingsley two years ago when you disappeared that as soon as you got back I might quit. And then what happens right away, but my family gets attacked to get back at you. I nearly killed you! My son was turned infantile! And this today with Bagman and Rita; you killed him without a thought, and Rita wants to kill you. Harry, I’ve had enough. You want to get involved in finding out who created the Goblin Army. You can’t just let it go. You are a magnet for trouble, and I need to think of my family for a change. I’ll not be putting them in harm’s way on this wild goose-chase you’re dead set on.”
^I bet Harry would love to quit too. When he thinks everything is going to be alright, something happens.

Harry appeared inside their bathroom and took off his dripping wet clothes and took a bottle of medicine from the cabinet. He took it and immediately began to feel his throat return to a more normal state of wellness. Harry caught a glimpse of his image and did a double take. He was just never going to get used to that white strip of hair. He got in the hot shower washing all the mud from him and then just stood under the water letting it warm his body. When he felt warm enough he got out and slipped on his robe and looked in on Lily. She was fine so he went to his bedroom and disrobed and climbed in bed with his wife. Ginny rolled over and snuggled into his side. She put her hand over his heart, and he smiled putting his hand over hers. His eyes went closed and he slept without dreams.
^And then you finished it brilliantly, taking Harry back to his routine.

Connie, seriously, thank you for sharing with us your stories. You're a great writer.
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Default Part One of Two
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Hey Guys, thanks for your loyalty you show me by coming and allowing me to share my One Shots with you. This is the last one for the Epiphany series. I think I have covered all the arcs and uncovered all the tidbits I kept from you. I did leave clues for those who are like me and enjoy trying to figure things out. This story is very violent and gory and there is a lot of suffering. But, there is a reason for it, and just so you know; Harry won't have to deal with the constant near death and tragic happenings in my next One Shots. These will pick up where this one left off, but Harry will be spending more time with his family and when the kids return to Hogwarts, Harry will be having adventures on Atlantis. There might even be times that he takes Ginny with him. Anyway, I hope you all make it through this last story of Epiphany. You might want to have some snacks and tissues close by before you start. And I must apologize because this story is very very long. Oh, and my next stories won't be long; I plan on them being short to medium length. Please let me know what your thoughts are and if you liked or didn't like the story. All comments are welcome. Thanks again guys, you're the best.

Ivana, thanks for reading and commenting.
The beginning of your story is magical. I Love the way you've described it, all the images you inserted into my mind. Thank You!
I enjoy writing like this sometimes because my stories usually have a lot of dialogue. I think it only fair to slip descriptive writing in now and then to give my readers a break from all the dialogue. I'm glad you enjoy it, and you're certainly welcome.
A roller coaster of emotions. I smiled at Lily everytime she opened her mouth to talk to her daddy... so cute, so cute... priceless! And then I felt tears rolling down my face; she's so adorable!
Thank you; Lily is precious and I love writing her.
I bet Harry would love to quit too. When he thinks everything is going to be alright, something happens.
You have a wonderful way of noticing things I want to convey to my readers. Yes, that is the way it is with Harry. He would like things to be different; normal and sometimes things get so hard for him he wishes he could quit, but he never does. This is the way it is in real life sometimes. We get overwhelmed with trials and hardships and just want to quit trying, but we can't; we mustn't.
And then you finished it brilliantly, taking Harry back to his routine.

Connie, seriously, thank you for sharing with us your stories. You're a great writer.
Thank you so much for your kind words, they are very encouraging. I'm glad you like my stories. Thank you again for reading and commenting.

Heart And Soul (part 1)

Harry jumped out of bed so suddenly that Ginny grabbed her wand thinking someone snatched her husband out from under her head whereas she had been soundly sleeping. She sighed notably relieved that he hadn’t been abducted but was only pacing back and forth deep in thought.

“What has got you so bothered?” she asked as she looked at the clock on the night stand beside her. “Love, its three o’clock in the morning for goodness sake!” she exclaimed somewhat alarmed. “We only just got to bed four hours ago and I know you were still awake when I fell asleep. What is wrong?!” she asked slightly grumpy.

Harry stopped and looked at her apparently surprised she could even sleep. He marveled at her ability to stay as calm as she was when such an important event would happen in just a few short hours. He took a deep breath and hurried back to bed beside her. Only he didn’t lie down but just rolled on his side and propped his shoulder up with his elbow on the bed, his head resting on his shoulder as he looked at her curiously. He picked up a thick lock of her silky hair as he always does when he is thinking and let it slide through his fingers over and over. This didn’t produce any answers for him but it did have a calming effect on him.

“Do you think the kids will like what we got them for Christmas? I know we agreed not to spend a lot of money on frivolous things. That isn’t what Christmas is about. But surely some frivolity is ok don’t you think? I don’t think I can bear it if we ruin Christmas for them because we didn’t get them a healthy mixture of practical, fun, and frivolous things.”

Ginny smiled and said, “Love, they’re getting plenty of gifts. Some of them are frivolous, not many but a few. I think we got them a nice mixture of gifts. Why are you so worked up about this? You’ve never been like this before.”

Harry’s eyebrows arched high on his face with what he thought was pretty incredible of Ginny to ask such a question. “Are you serious? Honey, this is the first Christmas I have been home and healthy. I’ve either been away for some reason, or home but oblivious to what was going on around me because I had been nearly dead or whatever. I’ve never been able to go shopping with you or,” he got up again with a sudden exclamation, “we didn’t wrap that last batch of gifts. Remember, we hid them because Lily was coming into the room?” He pulled on a pair of jeans and was zipping them up when Ginny laughed and hurried over to him before he got out the door.

“Love, we have everything wrapped and under the tree. I wrapped those gifts after you left for work the next day. Everything will be wonderful. Now come on back to bed. The kids will want to get up early to open their gifts. I’m pretty anxious myself. The kids and I got you something you’ll love and we can’t wait for you to open it.”

Harry’s eyes opened wide, “I have a present to open? What is it? Why haven’t I seen it under the tree? When did you get it? Let’s wake up the kids and open all the gifts now.”

Ginny laughed with glee. She would love to have been at his house when he was growing up to see his excitement back then if he was this excited now. Then she remembered Harry didn’t get presents before he started Hogwarts; other than a hanger or toothpick or something stupid. She felt sorry for him and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Come to bed, Love. In just a few hours we will be opening gifts and listening to our children laughing, and then my family will be here for a magnificent meal. And don’t forget John will be here early in the morning too. Lissy, Sirius, and K’Lari will be here for the meal also; and possibly Andromeda and Teddy as well. And there will be sledding down that great hill you cleared at Pride Rock; it’s going to be a great day.”

Harry grinned happily and his eyes glistened with twinkling flits of light swimming in the happy pools filling his eye wells. He nodded his head as he walked back to their bed and she started undoing his jeans while he told her he loved her. “You will never know how long I have waited to have a Chris-” he stopped suddenly as his watch chimed.

He became alert and told Ginny he had to go and the transformation from being an exceedingly happy man child to a hardened, impassive man with steel in his eyes and brutally set jaws was instantaneous. Even his voice was different. It wasn’t soft and quiet but hard and dangerous sounding. He was scary when he looked like this. She knew something was up and he knew about it only he had to wait for the right time; and for some reason, it was that time now. He pulled out his cell phone and spoke into it, “It’s time, meet me where we planned.”

He kissed Ginny, taking time to let her know he loved her and then he picked up a lock of her hair and put it to his face and breathed in the fragrance that made him swim in the love he had for his wife. His eyes went to hers as he allowed the lock of hair to slip through his fingers. She had never seen so deep into his gaze before and she became lost in a mesmerized euphoria. He kissed her gently and pulled her body tight against him as if he were trying to pull her inside him never to let her go. But then he released her and dressed quickly while she calmed down her breathing and told him, still a little breathless, to take his coat but he said they were going to be inside and a coat would restrict his movement too much. He kissed her again, and looked at her and smiled sadly. “I love you Honey. I don’t know how long this will take. Don’t … don’t make the kids wait for me.” And then he was gone.

Harry and Wes appeared at Hogwarts Gryffindor staircase at the same time. Harry got out the Marauder’s Map and looked at it quickly. He put it away and whispered, “She’s coming; make sure you grab her and hold on tightly around my waist after I curse her. Stand still and hold me up if you feel like I am backing up against you. I plan on using you to support me so it will be easier on me.”

Wes nodded confidently and turned his eyes to the bottom of the staircase. Harry nodded his head at him and turned them invisible just before Rita climbed up to the landing they were on and turned to go up the last set of steps to the Portrait of Dawn. Harry cast the Obliviate curse and her eyes went blank. Wes and Harry became visible again and Wes took a hold of her arm and then he stood behind Harry and held onto his waist with his free arm so he wouldn’t hinder Harry’s movements.

The next instant Wes felt Harry tense and breath hard as he said an incantation in a language he had never heard before. Harry slowly raised his hands as if he were lifting an extremely large object. He thought for sure they had gone someplace, but everything was the same and in the next instance Wes felt Harry relax for a second and then quivering again Harry groaned and Wes felt a jolt like he had been yanked out of his body. He didn’t think he was holding Harry up for support but rather hanging on for dear life.

All at once Harry lowered his hands and gently pried Wes’s arm from him and then stepped away and asked if he was ok. Wes nodded his head not trusting words to come out of his mouth correctly. Harry took some deep breaths and crossed his arms in front of himself and gripped his sides for a minute and then shook out his arms and took one more deep breath and slowly exhaled. He shook his head and leaned against the wall and then bent over and leaned heavily on his knees. “This is going to be as difficult as I thought it would be. Are you prepared to do what I told you and not interfere no matter what is happening? You have to be believable or this won’t work.”

Wes swallowed and said he was, but maybe he should get Kingsley to help. Harry shook his head, “You said you would do what I told you know matter what.”

“Yes, but, Harry, what if she-”

“I won’t let her do anything that will jeopardize the mission. If I think something is going to go wrong, I’ll tell you to get out, and you get out right then! But if it goes according to plan you will act your part no matter what.” Harry’s eyes were hard and determined. They were burning into Wes and Wes said, “OK, yes I promise I’ll get out if you tell me to. And I will act my part no matter what.”

“OK, it might not lead down that path of you having to leave, but at any rate, I need to get started because I can’t keep this up very long.”

He handed Wes a vial and told him to drink it and after he did he looked into Wes’s eyes and then being satisfied, he drank a vial of the potion too. He and Wes positioned Rita in front of them as if she had just come up the staircase and they stepped out in front of her. Then Wes drew his wand and pointed it at her. Harry waved his wand over her and whispered the spell to counter the spell he put her under and then swiftly put away his wand.

“What do you think you are doing here Rita?”

Rita stopped abruptly and said, “It is none of your business what I am doing here. I have business with Minerva McGonagall.”

Minerva came up the steps behind her and said, “And what exactly would that business be about?”

Rita spun on the spot and Harry reached out catching her before she fell over the rail. “I… well; I am here to talk to you about the secret room you have here. She drew her wand quickly and said, “Obliviate!”

Harry, Wes, and Minerva stood with glazed over eyes and stood without emotion looking at her. She smiled and said, “You said the Password was, “In God we trust, but I’ll have you know I was up here right after you told my assistant and he escaped from the Weasley’s and it didn’t open when I said it. You lied to me.” She looked at Wes and told him to kill Harry. Wes turned to Harry and raised his wand, “Avada-”
Rita lowered his hand holding the wand and said, “That will be enough. I need him alive; I just needed to make sure there wasn’t any play acting going on.”

She looked at Harry expecting him to respond, but Harry just stood looking unfazed ahead as if he didn’t notice the wand that had been thrust in his face.

She smiled wickedly and said, “Why did you lie to me?” Harry told her he gave her the correct password she asked for and then proceeded to explain why it didn’t work for her. She listened to his explanation and laughed. “That’s brilliant Potter. I wish you were on my side and a few years older; we would make a great couple. So now tell me; what do I have to say to get inside this room? Oh, and is there a discernment charm on it?”

She smiled wryly making sure Harry didn’t have any way to trick her. “Harry began to tremble and sweat beads popped out on his forehead. Blood trickled out of the corners of his eyes. Of course Rita didn’t know this was all a ruse, magic on Harry’s part to make it look as if he was fighting the curse she thought he was under. She laughed cruelly and said sweetly to mock him, “It hurts doesn’t it? Having to go against what you believe and want. She slapped his face hard and cursed him. He fell to his knees and she lifted him up with her magic and held him against the wall. He began choking and his body shook violently. She stopped and said, “Now, Mr. Potter, tell me how to get in this room!”

Harry said, “It works under the same principle of a Confessional to a Priest. It will only open if you confess everything you have done illegally in the last seven months.”

“Why seven months?” she asked curiously.

“Seven is a number used in spells for extraordinary powerful magic.”

Rita obviously believed him and nodded her head. “I guess that makes sense. But why did you make that be the only way into the room? Nobody is going to stand before a picture and babble on about past sins when anyone could hear them.”

Harry closed his mouth and didn’t offer any answer. She shoved the tip of her wand hard into his stomach and he screamed out in horrible pain.

“Answer my question!”

Harry cried out he couldn’t tell her. Again she shoved her wand into his stomach. Again he screamed and cried out but this time said that he would tell her. She stepped back and took a deep breath with glee as she wiped his blood from her wand on his shirt. She was rather enjoying this.

Harry said, “I created the password because I wouldn’t have to spend anytime confessing past sins, and so I would say, no sins committed and the portrait would discern that I was truthful and would say I deserved to enter. If a person isn’t willing to confess; afraid of being caught then the room won’t open. It’s a way I thought would deter anyone from trying to get in. If a person is willing to tell all the illegal activity for the last seven months then the room will discern it a truthful soul and allow the person to enter. There wouldn’t be anything to worry about confessing the illegal deeds because the Portrait wouldn’t be able to tell anyone or else she would be exposing the fact that there is a secret room behind her portrait. And once inside, the person only needs to change the password to keep anyone else from going into it.”

Rita looked as if she found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it was all hers. This information Harry told her was the clincher that hooked her into gladly giving up her crimes for the last seven months. She was actually giddy as she looked at Wes and Minerva who was still standing oblivious to what was going on. She looked at Harry and said, “How do I know if you are still under the curse?”

Harry didn’t answer her, but instead stood staring straight ahead. She swiped her hand back and forth in front of his face and he didn’t bat and eye. “Just to be sure; I think I’ll take a precautionary step to insure my success.” She pulled up his tee shirt and rubbed a potion on his chest over his heart. “There now, you will have a massive heart attack in about fifteen minutes.”

Rita looked at the top of the steps and went up to the top landing and stood in front of the portrait. She got out a book and opened it up and began reading her personal diary from seven months back. She confessed everything even killing Madam Hooch. She told how she and Ludo used Florean Fortescue to take Ludo’s place in Azkaban and many other crimes Harry didn’t know about. Ten minutes later she finished her confession of crimes saying, “Lastly, I planted four huge charges; enough explosives all around Hogwarts to blow the whole place to Kingdom Come just as soon as the students get back from their last Christmas they’ll ever have. If I’m lucky it’ll take out Hogsmeade too. I was going to do it before they left, but Potter’s Password didn’t work and I needed to get in the room before it blew up. Once I get you to save Ludo I’ll get him to help me move this room somewhere to my liking. There; “The End”

Rita stood waiting for the Portrait to open and Dawn said, “That is very interesting and true. Come, you deserve to enter.”

Rita climbed into the room and Harry threw his arms to his side forcefully and the room, Minerva, and the Portrait all disappeared and she stood in a cell at the Ministry of magic. Wes and Harry stood on the outside of a cell and pulled the door closed and locked it.

Rita pointed her wand and Harry calmly said, “Expelliarmus” and caught her wand that flew to him. Kingsley stepped over to them and told Rita that he had the whole thing videotaped and the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, and a court appointed Attorney to defend her observed the whole episode as well. “You have been heard, tried, and found guilty. You will be sent directly to Azkaban where you will live out the remainder of your days alone.”

Harry added, “And don’t expect to be with your husband, because he is dead. I did kill him the day of the game when he tried to kill me. What you have been visiting all these days at Azkaban was simply an enchantment I whipped up to fool you. Now as soon as Mr. Fortescue is fully recovered, he’ll be able to go home. Madam Hooch will have a proper funeral and it will be made known that she died a hero. And don’t waste your time trying to turn into your bug because there is a spell on you and around the cell that will keep you from performing any magic.”

Harry turned away from her and walked in another room motioning Wes to follow him. He sat down on the corner of a desk and moaned clamping his fists over his heart. He loosened one of his hands and a very long syringe appeared with a vial. Harry groaned again and fell off the desk and curled up in a ball on the floor. Through moans and convulsions and strangled whispers he was able to tell Wes to fill the syringe and plunge the needle directly into his heart, “Hurry Wes.”

Wes was horrified with what he had to do but did it just the same. Finally Harry stopped writhing in the unbearable pain he was in and stopped panting. He was so still Wes was afraid he was too late. Kingsley knelt down and put his hand on Harry’s chest and sighed with relief.

“Harry, son, are you ok now? Should we do anything else for you?”

Harry opened his eyes and said they could help him up if they wanted. They got him on his feet and sat him on the corner of the desk and he fell over onto Kingsley and rested. Kingsley hugged him securely for several minutes until Harry sat up on his own. Kingsley wiped his eyes and said they were afraid they’d lost him.

“That was some powerful magic you performed Harry. How did you do that?

“I put up an enchantment at Hogwarts that would let me know if she flew in as her beetle Animagus. I got the alarm she tripped just after three and called Wes and he called you guys for me. We got to Hogwarts and waited for her at the stairway landing to Gryffindor tower. When she reached us I cursed her with the Obliviate curse and then Wes took a hold of her and me. I moved us to the Room of Requirements and then I moved the whole room here in that cell. I needed it to make me the exact replica of where we had been on the stairs and everything including the Portrait to make her think she was still at Hogwarts. It made McGonagall appear when Rita said she needed to meet with her. You were able to watch because I left the outside wall of the room at Hogwarts there, and made the room here open but charmed the cell bars on the inside to look like the wall at Hogwarts to obfuscate the jail, but to you it was just as if you were at the Theater watching a performance of some sort. Wes and I took some of my potion that keeps the Obliviate curse from working before she got to us. I nearly lost control of the whole enchantment when she started torturing me. But, somehow I kept my head about me. Now, we have her confession and I can be through with it. When she entered the special room; I sent the Room of Requirements back to Hogwarts and she found herself in jail.”

“I’m impressed that you could do that, but, you nearly killed yourself doing it. You are so white it’s scary,” put in Wes.

Harry shrugged his shoulder, “It took a lot out of me. Kingsley helped me immensely; I couldn’t have done it without his help. I’ll be as weak as a kitten for a couple days. There is one more thing that needs done. Do you think we can get Ron to help us gather the explosives at Hogwarts? I trained him and Wes in explosives. I don’t want Filch or anyone who remained behind for the holidays to find them accidentally.”

Kingsley nodded, “That’s a good idea. Wes, would you be willing to help us then?” When Wes nodded his head Kingsley told Harry, “Go ahead and call Ron and see if he can help us. And Harry, I didn’t do anything to help you. You need to learn to accept praise for your accomplishments; quit being so humble.” He smiled when Harry shook his head and told him he did help him even though he wasn’t aware of it.

Harry turned the talk back to Kingsley telling him to call Ron. He shook his head, “I think we’d have more of a chance if you called Ron.”

Kingsley smiled and said, “You boys need to stop acting like school kids and put your differences behind you.”

“If I knew what any differences would be then I could work it out. I don’t have a clue, except I found out he hates me, and he thinks I use him for everything.”

Harry shook his head and sighed taking his cell phone in hand. He called Ron and said hello by wishing him a Merry Christmas. His hopes began to rise when Ron told him how much Rose and Hugo were enjoying their presents. Then Harry frowned and said, “I don’t know Ron, I’m not home, I’ve been called into work for an emergency. And this is the reason I’m calling; would you be willing to help … I know you’re not an Auror anymore, but…no Ron, I…yes, I do know it is Christmas, but …. Ron, just please meet us- Oh, hello Hermione. No; it’s an emergency. Yes, for real. I need Ron’s help to-”

Harry put up his phone and said, “They hung up on me, which is normal. We’ll have to do it without him. I’m sorry I’m keeping you guys from your families. I hope they won’t be angry at me for causing you to miss opening gifts with them.”

Wes said they opened gifts last night and would be leaving to spend the day celebrating at their Grandma’s house in a couple hours. Kingsley kindly patted Harry on the shoulder and said, “We don’t celebrate Christmas the same as you do, son. It looks like you are the only one missing out on Christmas.”

Harry said he was glad the day wasn’t ruined for them. “And just think how much worse we would all feel if we hadn’t found out about the explosives and we lost everyone at Hogwarts.”

They appeared outside of Minerva’s office and Harry knocked on the door. When she answered the door she let them in and after she fussed over Harry looking so poorly he hurriedly told her they found out by way of an early morning arrest that explosives had been set around Hogwarts and they needed to find them.

Harry told Wes to find and gather the bomb in the castle. He told him what magic to use to find them and to remember to check for booby traps and then to bring the device halfway between the castle and Hagrid’s place. Next he told Kingsley to go on the grounds and find one out there and to meet him where he told Wes to meet. “I’ll go in the Forrest and see if there is one in there and meet up with you if I find one. Then we can figure where the other one might be.”

They all left Minerva’s office and searched the appointed areas and met mostly at the same time where Harry had instructed them to meet. Harry had already disarmed the one he found and checked the one Wes found to make sure it was disarmed properly and then disarmed Kingsley’s explosive and made them disappear. Harry turned to the castle and pointed his wand and shot a spell that placed a bubble shield around the entire castle to protect it from a blast in case he didn’t find the last one and something triggered it to blow up. And then they looked around trying to think where she would have put the other bomb. Harry looked at Black Lake and walked over to the edge of it.

“She said if she was lucky one of the blasts might take out Hogsmeade too. If she put one on the side of the lake closest to Hogsmeade the explosion would rupture the wall of the lake and flood everything from here to and including Hogsmeade.”

Harry positioned his hands over the water and Skryed for the Mermaids. He found them and moved his hands over the village and stopped as he found a small child holding something up to King Merrill. “It’s the explosive and he’s triggered a booby trap, it’s gonna blow! Get Hagrid and get under the shield!”

Harry disappeared and appeared before King Merrill and grabbed it from the King and disappeared and then re-appeared flying into the sky. He watched the explosive until there was only ten seconds left on the timer and threw it up as hard as he could. Then he turned to disappear back to land; stopping suddenly and looked up and pulled his hands back to him as he fell back to the earth. He saw Kingsley and Wes still close to the bank and shoved his hand towards them making them fly backward clear up to Hagrid who had just walked out of his house. He was able to stop his decent from falling just a few feet from the lake; but before he was able to move across it the explosion hit him forcing him down through the ice and a minute later there was another explosion and he flew up through the already broken ice and through the air. He fell back to the ice and the Merman King blasted him with his trident sending Harry sliding across the rest of the frozen lake.

He was travelling so fast that by the time he hit the bank of the lake he went air born again and landed halfway up the hill to where Hagrid, Wes and Kingsley were struggling to get up from being knocked down from the blast of the explosion. He slid the rest of the way up on the snow coming to a rest at Hagrid’s giant feet.

There was no movement or sound from Harry. He was soaking wet and bleeding his crimson blood on the white snow.

“He’s freezing to the ground; we need to get him up to the Hospital Wing.” Wes had stooped down to see if he was still alive and became afraid for him. Hagrid stooped down and tried to pull him up gently but found that Wes was right; Harry was frozen to the ground. There must have been some sort of spell in the king’s Trident for Harry to freeze so quickly Kingsley had theorized.

They began melting the snow around him to get him up when they heard a very weak voice from Harry telling them to stand back. They backed away from him and a blue light crackled all over Harry. Then Harry groaned loudly and sat up and then got his feet under him and stood unsteadily.

“Kingsley could you tell the Wizengamot the bombs have been found and also see if you can get a death sentence for Rita? Wes would you please tell Professor McGonagall all of the bombs have been found? Hagrid … Merry Christmas; I’ll be back to visit you in a couple days.” Harry looked at the three and nearly smiled and said, “The sooner you guys do your chores the sooner you can get home with your families. I need to talk to King Merrill for a minute to square things with him. He thinks I stole a gift from one of his people.”

“Harry, you can’t go back down there!” they all said at once.

“I don’t need to go down there, just back to the lake; he’s waiting for me at the shoreline. I’m going home when I’m done talking to him. Thanks for your help and Merry Christmas everyone.”

Harry limped and fell numerous times all the way to the lake and when he got there King Merrill pointed his Trident at Harry and Harry stopped and held up his hands. He swayed on the spot speaking in their tongue and finally moved to the very edge of the lake and fell on one knee and bowed his head. Kingsley, Wes and Hagrid were watching, each one with their hands on their wands. King Merrill held up both arms to the heavens and yelled something horrifically ugly sounding and then lowered his Trident over each of Harry’s shoulders and then a bolt of bright light surrounded Harry and then the King was gone and Harry disappeared.

Harry was still in the kneeling position and looked up when he heard his name being screamed. He groaned and stood up carefully. He was a bit confused and looked around him.

“Err, excuse me, I’ll just go shower and put on a band aid here and there and be down for the Christmas meal. It smells wonderful.” He looked over to the clock and to his dismay it was 1:00. ‘Oh I mean … did I miss lunch?” His teeth were chattering and blood was oozing from cuts all over him, and where he wasn’t white as a ghost he was covered in bruises. The left side of Harry’s shirt was completely ripped off his shoulder and hanging down from where it was tucked into his jeans. His jeans and tee shirt were still nearly frozen and crunched with every movement.

Ginny and the kids ran to him crying with relief he was home and fearful for him looking the way he was. His knees buckled when he put his arms up to keep them from touching him and then he collapsed to the floor with an involuntary groan.

“I’m ok; it looks worse than what it is. Let me go shower and get warmed up somewhat. John went over to him and helped him up off the floor and asked if he needed some help. Lily pointed to Harry’s belly and put her hands to her mouth shaking her head in fear. Harry looked down and nearly fell to the floor again from his dizziness. Harry saw his shirt moving wildly where it was still in one piece on the right side. He chuckled and with a nursery rhyme rhetoric said, “He reached in his shirt and pulled out a Perch and said; what a good boy am I!” He started to hand it to Ron but then made it disappear back to the lake it came from. All the kids giggled gleefully at his nursery rhyme parody and moved aside for Harry to be able to go upstairs.

John moved him to the stairs and Harry saw K’Lari standing with an impish grin on her face. “Well, Handsome, looks like you’ve been stirring up trouble. I can’t wait to hear your story.” She pecked his cheek and stepped out of the way. He managed a smile and whispered he’d talk to her later. Once again he started to go upstairs and Hugo poked him in the back to get his attention. Harry stiffened and winced and nearly passed out. He heard Hugo apologize quickly knowing he somehow hurt his uncle. Harry turned around and dropped to the step but scooted to the edge of it. He held out his arms to Hugo and asked him to come back to him.

“What is it son? I hear you had a very nice Christmas this morning. Did you want to tell me about it? I have a minute to talk whatever you wanted to talk about.”

Hugo shook his head and said he’d wait. Harry saw a small laptop in his hands. “Did you get that for Christmas? Did you want to show it to me?”

Hugo shook his head and said, “I mean, yes, but I just wanted to ask you something. Thomlin’s oldest brother goes to Hogwarts and he said there was an explosion there today and it was you. He couldn’t go home for Christmas and he saw you there with Mr. Newman and Minister Shacklebolt. He said the explosion was so bad it blew you out of the sky and you landed in the lake and a bright yellow light made you fly up out of the water and then you landed and slid clear up to Hagrid’s house. It even knocked him down. Is that true? I mean he has a video of it on here but it could be-”

Ron scolded his son saying, “Hugo, how many times have we told you not to believe everything your friend tells you?” He took the laptop from his son and handed it to Hermione. “Make it work so we can show Hugo someone just picture shopped a video someone made up to get liked a million times on that head book social club.”

Hugo looked at Harry dejectedly. Harry sighed with a hint of a smile understanding Hugo’s emotion. He nodded slightly and quietly said, “It is true, I can tell you about it later ok. I really need to shower and get fixed up before I bleed over everything.” Harry fondly patted the boy’s shoulder and gave his arm a gentle squeeze.

He looked at Ginny and his kids, “I love you guys so much. I’m so sorry I wasn’t here for out Christmas celebration. I wanted to be, I really did.” John saw Harry was becoming lethargic and pulled him up off the step and helped guide him up to his room and Ginny kept any of the other kids from following them. She looked back downstairs to see everyone crowding around the laptop to watch what was on Hugo’s laptop since Harry said it was true. Lissy slipped away and whispered for her to let her know when she had Harry cleaned up so she could help bandage him.

Ginny followed Harry and John into the bedroom and pulled off his shirt while John steadied him. “What happened to you, Love?! Something other than an explosion caused some of this.” Harry was becoming lightheaded and his thinking process was next to non existence and he thought hard. The adrenaline he had been running on was nearly used up and he was becoming woozy.

“Well, I think she hammered her wand in me twice.” He pointed to two black hideous holes in his stomach. “It hurt like …like, well it hurt as much as the heart attack she nearly killed me with. Well, I don’t know, one of them might have hurt worse than the other, but I don’t remember which one at the moment. She slapped me as hard as she could,” he retorted indignantly recalling Rita slapping him unjustifiably. He pulled his hair away from the side of his face and asked if it was red. “She enjoyed torturing me, and then I fooled her into confessing everything.” He became somber and said, “Now Madam Hooch can be honored as she should have been.”

John was moving around him looking closely at his cuts and bruises and then he got to his back and said, “I’m going to call Carson.” Harry was shivering so hard his teeth were chattering nonstop. “Honey, I’m freezing, can’t I get in the hot water now?”

John felt his forehead and answered the question Carson must have asked. “Yeah, he says he’s freezing, but he’s burning up with fever. Hang on, hang on,” he dropped the phone on the bed. Ginny had started taking off his jeans when Harry gasped and past out. “John supported Harry and told Ginny to look at his back pocket. “I can’t be sure; but it looks like there is a bolt holding his pants on. Can you see ok?”

Ginny gasped and screeched, “It is a bolt! His pants are bolted to his bum. How could that happen? Is this how someone, the ‘she’ he referred to, tortured him?”

She was horrified and looked at John with anger in her voice. John was at that moment very glad he wasn’t the one she was infuriated at. “No, Darlin, it’s from the explosion they’re all watching downstairs. He’s got some in his back too.” He moved Harry’s hair over and she saw his back peppered with bolts and pieces of metal and tiny screws.

Ginny pulled her hand back saying, “Ouch!”

John hung on to Harry with one arm and looked at Ginny’s hand with his free hand. “You’ve got a splinter of shrapnel from the bomb. We need to cut his hair unless you can use magic to take it all out. Some of it can be very fine.”

Ginny yanked the splinter out of her finger and tears dripped off her face because of what happened to her husband. She toughed through the tears and swished her wand over Harry’s hair and made it short. John was amazed at how much younger Harry looked with short hair. She waved her wand over his head and held up a bag. When she said words to go with the waving wand the bag started filling up with shrapnel.

Carson appeared suddenly and told John to turn on a computer and get on the special site from the Pentagon. Carson asked Ginny if Lissy and Winky was there. Ginny pressed a button on her cell phone that would let Lissy know she was needed now and then she spoke Winky’s name and she appeared.

Carson smiled at Winky and said, “Hello Lassie, I wonder if you can help me with Harry. I need him to float so I can examine his back.”

Winky moved her hands and Harry floated horizontally so Carson could work closely. He set his bag on the bed and got a magnifying glass head band from his bag and put it on. He turned the light on it and moved it down over his eyes. After careful examination he said that he would be able to get the bolt unscrewed; and then Lissy came in. She reached for Harry and Carson said, don’t touch him Lass. Some of this shrapnel is razor sharp and can do more damage to him and to you as well. We need to get these pieces out of his back and this one out of his bum. It’s actually got his pants screwed onto him. Unfortunately it is also screwed into his pelvic bone. What we need to do is freeze his skin enough that it won’t move when we unscrew the bolt. This will keep his skin from stretching and ripping. And we need to track down what caused this infection he has.”

Carson and Lissy talked softly as they worked on Harry, and Ginny and John were watching the computer screen. The Daedalus picked up the explosion, so John rewound the video feed and watched as Harry went into the Forrest and a while later he came out. Right away Ginny said, “Oh look; he has a coat on, but he wasn’t wearing one when he got here; I wonder what happened to it.” Wes and Kingsley came out of the castle and the Quidditch Pitch each was carrying something. Harry did something to them and they disappeared.

John spoke up without taking his eyes off the screen, “Those were the bombs. The Daedalus tracks weapons grade explosives of mass destruction. That’s the reason they were there. Harry had the foresight to put a special screen on the tracking devise so it could see through Wizard shields. Kingsley wasn’t fond of the idea, but Harry convinced him of the value of it and approved the operation. The Daedalus contacted the Pentagon about the bombs at three o’clock this morning and they, in turn, contacted General O’Neill an hour and a half later and told him to contact the Minister of Magic so they could call the Prime Minister. Meanwhile, the Daedalus was given orders to standby and to observe only, unless a danger arose.”

John became quiet again to concentrate on what Harry was doing. Harry put a shield over Hogwarts and then stood for a minute and then hurried to the edge of the lake. He held out his hands and appeared to be looking through them. All at once only his coat was on the ground and Harry disappeared and then he reappeared above the water on the far side of the lake. It looked like Harry was flying straight at them. They could even see the expression on his face. They saw him look at the timer on the bomb he was carrying and watched it come right towards them when he threw it. They saw him turn and fall to the Earth but then suddenly he looked back to the ship and pulled the bomb back away from it and then let go as he continued to fall back to the Earth.

“The Daedalus was preparing to shoot the bomb. If Harry hadn’t pulled the bomb back quite a bit it would have exploded close enough to the ship that the shields wouldn’t have held and it would have blown it out of the sky killing the crew of over two hundred. But, as you can see, Harry must have felt the weapons power on because he pulled the bomb back down out of danger of exploding near the ship. That is why he was caught in the blast.” They saw him push Wes and Kingsley away from the lake when he came in control of his fall and stopped just above the frozen lake. The picture shook as the screen filled up with bright light.

John spoke again and said, “You see what I was saying? Harry nearly blew up the Daedalus but got it away from them enough it wouldn’t hurt them.”

When the screen became viewable again they saw Harry slam into the frozen lake and a yellow light just like the boy at Hogwarts had said threw him back out of the lake and landed and bounced several times. There was a yellow blast from something that obliterated the view for a few seconds. When it came back on Harry was sliding incredibly fast towards the bank, and then hitting the bank and flying in the air before bouncing on the ground and sliding on the snow all the way up to Hagrid, Wes and Kingsley.

“If Harry hadn’t moved Wes and Kingsley, all three of them would more than likely be dead now. Harry was ballistic and they were standing still. He would have cut them in half if he hit them. And even if Harry missed them, the velocity of the wind from the explosion under the water would either kill or cripple them. Harry was pretty much traveling close enough to the rate of speed of the wind from the explosion that it just moved him along with it.”

John looked at the video closely and turned to Carson saying, “He was frozen to the ground for several minutes. Harry created that blue electric thing he does and got loose. I’m sure he’ll have freeze burns and friction burns. He was moving on the ice and snow for quite a ways.”

Winky walked out from under Harry’s floating body and said, “Winky is already being done with Master Harry’s burns, and Winky is being done fixing Master’s broken ribs, and shoulder from the Trident blast. They worked on him for several hours and were able to get him cleaned up and in bed. They all went downstairs exhausted and after they explained what happened to Harry, Molly said, “Well we held the meal as long as we could. If we’re going to eat, we need to do it now.”

She smiled and told them all to come into the dining room. Carson hung back and started to go back upstairs. James told him to come out and eat with them. Molly turned around and said, “Yes, Carson, you need to eat with us.”

Carson felt awkward and said, “I wasn’t expected, I’ll be happy to watch Harry. He needs to be watched so he doesn’t wake up and get out of bed; we all know how he is.”

“I don’t need anyone to watch me. I just need to eat.”

A mixture of laughter and scolding came about and Harry just grinned innocently. “I’m hungry, let’s eat! And may I say this looks wonderful?”

It was obvious no one would be able to talk him into going back to bed, so they began eating and visiting. John grinned at Harry and said, “I can’t get over your hair, Harry.”

Harry looked quizzically and said, “Has more of it turned white?”

John and Ginny smiled at each other and Ginny told him she had cut his hair to get all the pieces of shrapnel out of it and so the doctor would be able to get it all out of his back without his hair being in the way. “And now it’s long again.”

Albus looked at his dad and wanted to ask a question but he didn’t know if it was something he should bother him with.

Harry noticed the look in his eyes and asked what was on his mind.

“Well, Daddy, I watched the video that Hugo’s friend’s brother took and I am worried about the kids at Hogwarts. The velocity of the blast caught you and even Wes, excuse me I mean Mr. Newman and Minister Shacklebolt-”

Percy spoke up and said, “Now, Albus, you don’t have to alarm your cousins about going back to school. The danger is over, your dad seen to that. Don’t bother with such worry.”

Albus looked nervous but persisted. “But I mean, it’s a nice day and I know what we would be doing if we were there.” He looked at James and James nodded his head anxiously.

Harry became alarmed and said, “Albus you’re absolutely right! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Excuse me for just a second or two.”

He got up slowly; his jaws clamped shut tight and he moved away from the table.

“You just have to play the hero some more don’t you?”

Harry stopped and said, “There is nothing heroic about making a phone call, but if you’d like to do it for me, I’m fine with that,” he said to Percy.

“Oh, I thought you were going to go somewhere and, never mind; I apologize.”

“Albus, would you tell the others what your concern is while I call Headmistress McGonagall?”

Harry moved into the Living Room and made his phone call. He told Minerva that the bomb spewed a wide path of shrapnel in all directions. “Don’t let the kids play outside beyond the immediate perimeter of the castle because some of the shrapnel is razor sharp and will tear up their hands or any part of them that touch the snow making snowballs, and whatever else. And if they play in it and get cuts they could get sick from lead poisoning and who knows whatever else she put in the bombs. It was definitely loaded with a spell that caused the shrapnel to keep multiplying. I’ll come out tomorrow and clean up the area so they can enjoy the holiday outside… That’s fine then; oh, you’ll want to warn Hagrid about his critters all around the lake.”

After a minute Harry returned to the table and eased himself back into his chair and continued eating. “Headmistress McGonagall said Jack called her and asked if she cared if a mop up crew could go onto Hogwarts grounds and clean up all the shrapnel.”

It seemed the conversations were getting awkward. Harry looked around and said, “Our Christmas meal is wonderful. My compliments and thanks to the preparers. Lily looked at the basket of dinner rolls that seemed to have not been a hit. He looked around on the plates seeing only partially eaten rolls. He reached for one and pulled it open and slathered it with butter and took a bite. It was a bit on the bland side and Harry figured Lily made them and forgot to add the salt. He casually made small talk as he finished the roll and then reached for another one only he pulled it apart and put some small pieces of turkey and then gravy over the broken pieces. He took a bite and said everything was indeed wonderful. He made a point to show how enjoyable he made the rolls look and then Ron took a roll and fixed it the same way. He arched his eyebrows and said, “Wow, this is really good!”

Harry got another one which happened to be the last one. Some others had decided to try what Harry had done. Harry sopped up the gravy from his plate with the roll and finished eating. “That was magnificent, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it.”

Percy laughed and said, “I think we have an idea. You ate five dinner rolls, and three refills of food.”

Everyone laughed and Bill said, “I don’t get it Harry, where do you put it all? What keeps you from getting fat?”

Harry shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know, accept I know I get really hungry when I do a lot of magic and I have done a bit of magic today. And plus, my day started at three o’clock and I hadn’t had anything to eat yet.”

He swallowed and then looked at John and Ron. I sent the bombs to Sam to look at. She can find out who made them and-”

Percy said, “Bombs? What bombs, I think you took too hard of a knock on your head. You blew up the bomb and nearly took yourself, Wes and Kingsley with it.”

Harry narrowed his eyebrows together and said, “I’m sorry I spoke when I shouldn’t have.”

“But you were going to tell John and Ron, you shouldn’t have said anything if you can’t tell us.”

“Percy, I’m sorry, surely you can forgive me for not thinking clearly. It came to me that I needed to talk to John because I wanted him to tell Sam something. I was going to tell Ron because, because I used to tell him everything before he changed his career choice.”

Hermione spoke up and said, “Harry, I think if you feel up to talking you should tell us. The video has left a lot of unanswered questions and since the boy at Hogwarts has already downloaded his video on, Wizard’s You Tube, we should know so we can be ready for any backlash from it.”

Harry thought for a minute and then said, “You really think I should; in front of the kids?”

“Especially in front of them,” answered Ron.

Harry sighed and tried to reposition himself and then said, “Can we talk in the living room? It’s cold out here and I think something in the lake took a bite out of my bum. Excuse me ladies,” he added quickly.

He waited for everyone to go on in and then he very cautiously stood up and then leaned on the table gasping deep breaths. John and Ron put their arms around him and helped him into the room and into a comfortable chair.

His eyes immediately went closed for a minute and then said he would do his best to give an accurate account. He began with telling them about the alarm from his watch and what it was for. When he got to the part of him moving the Room of Requirements to the Ministry there was a gasp from everyone.

Percy spoke up saying, “Harry; that was a very unwise thing for you to do. That room has been on fire ever since the war over nineteen years ago. You could have released it onto the Ministry.”

Harry looked alarmed at first when Percy began talking, but then said, “I put that fire out the night before the Quidditch game and the fight with Riddle.”

He rested his head and closed his eyes. He wished Percy hadn’t brought up that history. He subconsciously put his hand over his heart and concentrated on relaxing until he was asleep but able to speak as if he were in a trance. He began telling them what happened after he moved the room and how it worked for him. He spoke of his fear of not being able to survive and the horrible thought of not living with his wife and children. They could hardly make it through the torturing he lived through and the heart attack Rita caused him to have. He spoke of her using a hammer curse driving her wand into him. After he was through telling them of that ordeal he went right into asking if he could get Ron to help since he trained him in explosives; he stopped talking and his head went from side to side as if he was trying not to say anything. Finally he said that his cell phone lost connection before he could ask. When he got to the part of finding the bombs and realizing the last one was in the lake he told of King Merrill’s anger over him stealing his gift from the child.

“Breaking through the ice felt like I broke every bone in my body. I had tried to use magic myself across the ice, but my magic was ineffective. I was caught in the blast from the explosion and went through the ice.”

When he told about King Merrill shooting him with his Trident he thought he would surely die; the pain was unlike anything he had ever felt before. He explained he was able to unfreeze himself with the energy left radiating through him from the Trident blast. Then he talked to King Merrill who was so grateful, that he bestowed an honor on him that would make it possible to transform into a Merman if he ever had the need of it.

“Then I guess he sent me home because I was suddenly here instead of there.” Harry opened his eyes and was still for a moment and then focused on where he was at.

Nobody said anything until John spoke up saying, “There really are such things as Mermaids and Merman?” Harry’s solemn disposition lightened and allowed him to chuckle. Everyone else was in shock hearing the whole story and John, who wasn’t shocked by anything Harry could do was just amazed that there really are Merfolk.

Questions were asked and answered and conversation was relaxed and soon Harry seemed to be quite a bit better, especially after finishing off half a Pecan Pie Ginny had made.

Harry looked over at his children and Ginny and said with a small voice, “How was Christmas, I’ve been expecting to hear all about it, but-”

Just then Kingsley popped in and walked right over to Harry and reached for him. Harry shook his head no and raised his left hand as if he could stop Kingsley from getting him.

Kingsley didn’t look like himself, and Harry knew what was about to happen. Before Harry could do anything, Kingsley took a hold of Harry and John and then disappeared.

All three of them appeared, as it turned out, on Pride Rock. Harry touched Kingsley’s wrist that was gripping John with a jolt of electricity. John, with his sudden freedom, quickly jumped and rolled away from him to the edge of the rock. Harry instantly made his Cloak of Invisibility surround John an instant before Kingsley performed a killing curse on him. With the driving snow it looked as if John had gone over the side of the cliff. Harry knew though that he was safe and immobilized him just as Dumbledore had done to Harry years before on the roof of a tower at Hogwarts just before his death.

The wind was howling and the snow was coming down in near blizzard conditions. John saw Harry’s hand open up and a blue flame in a jar appeared inside the cloak with him. He was thankful for the heat, but he wished Harry would just concentrate on Kingsley.

Kingsley looked around and in a completely different voice than what Harry had ever heard said, “Harry Potter, you told me just over three months ago that you never draw your wand unless you mean to use it. I told you that I need you to hand over your wand, your Resurrection Stone, and your Cloak of Invisibility; and now I need you to hand over the Sword of Victory and the place where you moved the secret to. We know that such a place exists and only you know how to enter. We will tear down Hogwarts if need be, to get it. You are too powerful for the good of mankind, and we cannot allow you to have unearthly items that contribute to your power because this power will corrupt you. Hand over these items and I will allow you to live.”

Harry shook his head. “I told you that you will never have them. I will fight you to the death, and even if you kill me, you will not have them; I have seen to that. And I am the only person who knows where the place of secrets is because I moved it out of Hogwarts last week. The Portrait is no longer the Guardian of it either; her likeness just grants entrants to the students who are housed in Gryffindor.”

“Enough; prepare to defend yourself!” Kingsley grew to a height of fourteen feet and a white light shimmered around him. He was equipped with a sword and shield and wore an Armor of Mithril.

Harry sighed and said, “Now … this is just so not fair!” Standing before the Ancient giant Harry stood straight and determined. He channeled all his energy and strength to fight for his life. It was still Christmas, Tom Riddle was dead and life in general was good. Harry would try to the best of his ability to stay alive. He fought with his conscience about Dawn telling him he needed to be defeated. If he needed to kill Kingsley to stay alive, he was going to do it even though the thought of it broke his heart. He would fight to his death to protect the world from these Ancients getting the secret place, and his sword, wand and cloak. He was sure this Ancient was not from the same group Dawn is from.
What would they want with his sword? He was sure no good would come of them getting it. But still, Dawn surely knew about Kingsley, she had warned against him and forbid Harry from bringing him to her. He couldn’t figure out what to do. Dawn definitely had compassion for Kingsley and wanted him to live. Harry knew deep in his soul she was right and Kingsley needed to live. But every bit of Harry’s heart told him if he had to kill Kingsley to live, then that is what he had to do. How could he justify giving up his life, his wife and kids so Kingsley could live when it wasn’t Harry’s fault Kingsley was having the problem he was having. Harry shook his head again deciding the conflict he was fighting within him was worse than the battle he was about to fight with Kingsley.

He doubled his fists and yelled out his frustrations. Thunder boomed and crackled through his wild flying hair. He raised his arms above him and lightning zapped between his doubled fists, thunder boomed in the air and the ground shook. His body grew to fourteen feet and he emitted a brilliant blue hue around him. He yelled a warning for the Ancient to leave Kingsley alone and to forget about what his people had sent him to do.

The giant Kingsley would not hear of it though and swung his sword mightily against Harry. Harry; just in time deflected the sword with the side of his hand against the side of the blade and dodged a thrust that was aimed at his heart, but only caught his side. A battle of massive power wore on for half an hour. Harry had not drawn his wand or his sword but used his speed and strength in his body. Whenever an opening occurred he drove his shoulders, fists or feet hard into the Ancient’s body creating great pain. Although the Mithril was impenetrable from swords, knives and such weapons, they could not keep pressure off the body from Harry’s powerful strikes on it. Harry’s shoulders were raw and dripping blood off of them.
Every time Harry charged at the giant he rammed his shoulders into him and knocked him off his feet. Harry reached down and opened his fist over the icy rock and a huge heavy hammer of ice formed in his hand. Harry swung it hard onto the giant’s head. Kingsley roared in anger and disappeared behind Harry, but Harry swung around and without stopping reached down and picked up another ice hammer and slammed it into the knee of Kingsley. He watched without looking at his hammer until Kingsley raised the sword again to bring it down on Harry for a final blow that would surely kill him, but Harry swung his ice hammer making a serene sound but it hit with such a mighty devastation in Kingsley’s chest that the Ancient fell over as dead. The hammer crumbled as did all the other ice hammers when Harry hit the giant. Harry scooped up another hammer of ice. There was so much blood all over the snow and ice that the hammer gleamed with frozen blood marbled in it. He won, and he was still alive. Kingsley was bleeding from under his helmet, various places over his body but mostly from this last hit from Harry from under his chest plate. He was not dead and Harry wondered what to do. If he let him live, which is what Harry wanted to do, Dawn had said it would cause the Ancient to become too confused and turn to the evil side. Harry didn’t want this, but he didn’t want to kill Kingsley either. He certainly didn’t want to do what Dawn had said to do; surrender.

Harry dropped the hammer and sunk to his knees and was able to get Kingsley awake. The man looked up to Harry and smiled, “I really thought I could defeat you. I was bigger and mightier than you. You didn’t even use your wand or sword on me. I don’t understand Harry. If your wand and sword is what gives you your strength then how did you defeat me without using them?”

Harry helped the man sit up and Harry positioned his foot on the ground to stand up and pull Kingsley to his feet. Harry didn’t have the strength to get up though. So he sat on his heel of the other knee still on the ground.
“Kingsley, I keep telling you my wand and sword isn’t evil. What good or bad can any object do; whether it is a wand, sword, or a feather, if it is not in the hands of someone to make it do evil or good? I am not an evil man, so when I use my wand or sword, they will not do evil deeds because I would never have evil in my heart to command such deeds. I didn’t use my sword or wand because I didn’t want to kill you. My power comes from within me, not from objects that can extend my power.”

Harry sighed wearily finally knowing what must be done. He needed to find out something before he committed to his decision though. The wrong answer would change everything.

“Do you know what I call this rock you brought me to?”

Kingsley said he didn’t, but just took him to the highest point around to give him the greatest advantage. “I thought I could just knock you out and toss you off of the point and you would die.”

Harry said, “I call this, Pride Rock. I come up here a lot to think. I try to make sense of my past from up here.”

Kingsley nodded his head, “You’ve had a lifetime of pain; I’m sorry that I have added to it. I’ve killed John too. I am sorrier for that than you will ever know. I cannot live with myself for killing him and trying to kill you. I struggled with my thoughts for so long, and today when you became so fragile something in me made me feel mighty again. I thought all my years of searching would finally be over. I thought I would easily defeat you. And John being beside you reminded me how close you are, were. I made a quick decision to get rid of him as well because he would have known my cover story was an untruth. I thought I would be no match for a Muggle, even a great warrior like he was. I said goodbye to my wife and son before I came here. I was going to ascend after I killed you and John. I am so tired of struggling with myself and I cannot live with myself for trying to kill you. And poor John, he was a good man. I can’t believe I killed him. I had no thought ever of killing him until I got here. I’m glad you won. I just don’t know now what will become of me. I am so confused. Sometimes I felt like I was living inside my body with someone different making all the moves no matter what I thought.”

He handed Harry a slip of paper and said, “I had a note to cover my disappearance and your murder so I wouldn’t die without honor in the eyes of my family and friends. As you can see it is covered in blood to make it look like I wrote it out hastily before death found me when I was mortally wounded. Something has come to my mind being here with you; I’m sure you know the verse: Pride goes before the fall.”

Harry nodded his head and added, “Humility brings knowledge.” Harry tried again to stand but only groaned and hung his head. “I have always admired you Kingsley. I have always felt your power and admired your strength and courage to do the right thing after all is said and done. I’m stepping out on faith now with what I am about to do. Kingsley, please stand if you can.”

A/N I have to post this in two pieces because of too many characters in the text. Sorry. I didn't know there was a limit. The second part will follow this one in a new post.

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Default Heart And Soul (part 2)
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Hey Guys, sorry for having to split the story like this. I tried to post it all in one and I got accused of trying to be like Hermione writing her long essays. I hope this doesn't cause confusion for you all. If you do like I do and just click on the last post you will miss the whole first part of this story. Just scroll up if you do cause I posted this right after I posted the first one. Sorry for the construction.

Kingsley stood and reached down for Harry. But Harry still hung his head kneeling on his knee. He became his normal size and said, “We need to settle this.” Harry’s sword appeared in his hand and Kingsley backed up. But Harry turned the hilt to Kingsley and then he laid it and his wand on the ground in front of him.

Kingsley looked at Harry still kneeling before him. He looked at the sword and the wand with the handles before him and realized Harry was surrendering. A feeling of elation poured through him and the joy overwhelmed him as he looked at Harry’s still form.

Then Harry spoke saying, “I am not yours to judge, but since you have passed judgment on me; do what you think you have to do. I had you beat, but I didn’t want to kill you. It goes against what I believe because I know the man inside you is innocent. I knew though if I didn’t, you would come at me even more determined to kill me, whether it was for my possessions or what excuse you would use. So, I felt like I would be justified in killing you because you attacked me. I was about to kill you while you were unconscious and you wouldn’t know it was coming; there would be no pain because I would be merciful and swift. But then I worried about what would become of your soul since you are the one who provoked me and kept fighting me until one of us killed the other. I couldn’t stand the thought of killing you, and worrying about your soul made everything worse. I can’t do it. I can’t kill you and be the reason of you being lost forever more. I won’t give you the new location of the secret room, and I can’t give you the Resurrection Stone or the Cloak of Invisibility. The Elder Wand is buried with Albus Dumbledore. You’ll have to be satisfied with my surrender and my sword, which was made for me to fight evil with; and with my wand, which I earned the right to have since I am the original owner. But you say I can’t have them, so take them and me because I am the one who made the sword and wand do whatever it is that you say is evil. I would like to know why I have fought for the good of the people wherever I am, and I am said to be evil because I have a sword and a powerful wand of my own; and you, because you have dominion over me, claims to be good and say you have to kill me because you want for yourself what I have. How is that right? Your lust of owning these tools shows in your eyes and voice. Please tell me your thoughts on owning another man’s possessions by the way of death are righteous. You can’t tell me because you know you are the evil one and there is no righteousness in evil. At least do this act of treason to the Ancients as your own being and not include my friend Kingsley to be the murderer. I beg for mercy for him and myself so we are not to be made out to be evil for the sake of our families; we are honorable men.”

Harry was visibly shaking but continued. “Kingsley, you are a good man. Make the right choice and make that being leave you. You don’t have to be an Ancient.”

At no response from Kingsley Harry lowered his head and rested the side of his head on his knee and touched the ground with his fingertips to give him support and balance. He was exhausted and he knew his time was up. The snow had slowed to just flurries and the wind was slight. He looked out over his land and in the direction of his house where he saw the smoke from the house curling into the sky. His thoughts were of his wife and children.

John was straining to break free of the spell Harry had him under but couldn’t move or speak. He couldn’t believe the battle he witnessed and was relieved when Harry had Kingsley beat. But now Harry had surrendered and was waiting for Kingsley to make his move. Just then he felt Harry’s wand on his side; and the sword also hung in its sheath about his waist. He was a bit concerned that Harry’s wand was vibrating and growing hot on his hip. John couldn’t move to look at them, but he knew they would be invisible like the other times Harry sent them to him. Harry hadn’t given Kingsley the real wand or sword.

Kingsley tried to pick up the sword but it began to glow white hot and Kingsley couldn’t touch it. John watched as Kingsley drew his own sword. Kingsley said, “Put your hands behind your back and raise your head to look upon me Harry Potter.” Harry looked into Kingsley’s eyes and didn’t know who he was looking at. He put his hands behind his back and they became bound.

John watched in horror as Kingsley drew his sword and put it on the side of Harry’s neck and asked if Harry had any last words.

“I forgive you, and hope you are able to find peace with yourself for the evil you are about to let this Ancient do.”

Kingsley frowned and the blade slowly cut across Harry’s throat and on to the other side of his neck. Harry’s pure crimson blood ran down the blade and dripped onto the snow where he knelt and John heard Harry gasp for breath but didn’t move. How could Harry not try to stop Kingsley? He was just kneeling there bleeding his life away. Harry’s pure heart pumped harder to keep him alive but it only gushed out his mouth and from his throat. Kingsley stood unmoved with the blade resting on Harry’s shoulder for a few seconds longer. Harry moaned softly and began to lose the ability to stay in a kneeling position and became limp. He crumpled over and didn’t move, but John could hear soft moaning gurgling from him and the blood choking him as he instinctively tried to breath. He was suffocating.

All at once Kingsley dropped the sword and fell next to Harry and yelled he didn’t want Harry to die, to take him instead. He wept over Harry and picked Harry’s shoulders up and cradled him wailing and lamenting he was wrong and to please give Harry back his life and take him instead. Harry’s head lulled over to the side and no more moaning was heard from him. Kingsley cried out one more time, “Harry was innocent; he didn’t have an evil bone in his body or have a single drop of evil blood! I didn’t want to kill him. Why have you made me do this? I don’t want to be an Ancient anymore! Take me, take my life!”

A bright light came from within Kingsley and touched him on the head and Kingsley fell over onto the ground. The light healed Kingsley and then caused a bolt of white light to hit Harry in the stomach with so much force that it rolled him over twice.

At that moment several things happened simultaneously. The sword, and the wand were gone and John was released from Harry’s spell. Then too John stood abruptly and drew Harry’s wand. It acted of its own accord and shot the white light as it left Harry’s body and came after him. The light disappeared in broken shards of light and John, unsure of what he just did, stuffed the cloak inside his shirt and took the glass jar of blue flames over to Harry and set it beside his head. John didn’t know if Harry was still alive or not but a thought came to him. He cut Harry’s bonds and picked up his limp hand. Next John put the wand in Harry’s hand and closed his fingers around it. Harry’s hair blew as if a gust of wind hit him. Relieved that surely this was a good thing he checked for a pulse. He put his hand on Harry’s chest and finally gave a small cry out of thankfulness and then not knowing if it would work or not, he pointed the wand at Harry’s neck over the slit artery and said, “Harry, you need to say or think the magic word to close these arteries and … Harry you need to help me out here. Your wand is waiting for you to use it. I think the spell is, Vuinera Sanentur. I’ve seen you use it many times. Harry please-” He began to get desperate and tried again, “Harry, come on little brother, just think the spell and it’ll-”

John saw the gaping artery close on both sides and the wound begin to close. “Good enough for now, Harry; just rest. He put his hand on Harry’s pouch he carried and said, “I need a roll of gauze.” He was thankful it appeared and he quickly set upon his task to stop the bleeding from Harry’s neck. Kingsley began to stir and John quickly took the wand from Harry and put it in the sheath on his side hoping it would go invisible again. He breathed a sigh of relief as it did become invisible.

Kingsley sat up in total confusion. He looked around seemingly not knowing where he was at. Kingsley saw the blue light and then saw Harry and went to him.

“John, what happened here?! Who showed up to meet us?” he asked as he quickly took out his wand and looked around. He looked at John and said again, “John, what happened, is Harry ok? Did he knock him unconscious? What are we doing here? Where is the man? Did we fight?” He groaned and took note of all the blood covering him and Harry and the entire rock they were on.

John didn’t know what to do. He knew that when an Ancient allows a person to live a normal life they come back without remembering what happened. This is what he felt sure happened to Kingsley. He was no longer an ancient but just a normal wizard, and Kingsley no longer thought he killed him.

Even though he knew this was probably right he still wanted to kill Kingsley. He knew Harry wouldn’t want that though so he made himself talk civilly to the man.

“I can tell you later; right now Harry is dying.” He put a bundle of gauze over a sword wound and tied it shut to keep pressure on it as he talked to Kingsley. The bleeding stopped. He got out his cell phone and called Carson. “Tell Ginny to make the kids go in another room. Harry is nearly dead and he’ll be dead by the time I carry him home. He won’t live through that Disapparate thing they all do. Tell her to have Winky come to Pride Rock. Kingsley should be checked over too.”

John looked around and was mortified to see all the blood in the area where the fight had taken place, especially on this spot where Harry’s blood saturated the snow. The light from the blue fire made it look eerie. Winky and Arthur popped onto the scene and Winky screamed at seeing her master lifeless in John’s arms. Arthur grabbed Kingsley and popped away. Winky touched John and Harry, and John found himself in the lab of Harry’s house. This was usually the place where they mended Harry because they were close to all kinds of potions and medicines.

John put Harry on the bed and saw he looked even worse in the light. His skin was a bluish white and his lips were blue. His fresh jeans were covered with blood, his white tee shirt was literally red and shredded to ribbons, and his stocking feet were filthy and drenched in blood.

The doctor, Ginny and Winky began working on Harry, and Molly Lissy, and Fleur worked on Kingsley. John watched as Kingsley tried to keep up with what they were doing to Harry. Molly finally gave him a sleeping draught and was able to work more efficiently. The weird thing to them was there wasn’t any wounds whatsoever on him; not even any bruises, just blood.

John didn’t want to leave Harry but he took the paper Kingsley had given Harry and stepped out of the room and motioned Ron and Hermione to follow him. Sirius, Bill, and K’Lari followed as well. Percy and his family had gone home, not knowing that Kingsley had come to kill Harry. They along with George and his family and Charlie had gone as well. They all assumed that Kingsley needed Harry for something very important that couldn’t wait.

They stood in the Living Room and John saw Mr. Weasley standing looking at Harry and then out at them. He nodded his head at Arthur and the elderly man came out with him and the others.

John told them that Kingsley doesn’t know what happened. “All he remembers is coming to see Harry. He thinks he was made to get Harry to meet someone on Pride Rock. Then John took a deep breath and said, “What I’m about to tell you is of the utmost importance and you cannot mention in any way to anyone. Kingsley is or was an Ancient. Ancients are people of a different race that can ascend to a higher level of being in the form of energy. For some reason the one that Kingsley used to be was from a clan that wanted Harry dead because he had more power than they were comfortable with him having. They aren’t bad or evil; they just didn’t want to take a chance on Harry going over to the dark side.”

“They said, and to be honest they are right, that power corrupts people and they abuse it if they can’t handle it. Harry kept getting more and more powerful so they thought that it was because of having the Hallows. The Ancients wanted the Hallows to be kept by the Church. It was Kingsley’s job to find the Hallows and take them to the Church. He worked for hundreds of years looking for them. They knew they were all owned by different people at Hogwarts at one time so this was where Kingsley began his search for them. Ownership of them changed hands all except for the Cloak of Invisibility which stayed in Harry’s family’s ancestors. Kingsley started becoming influenced by Harry and was at times confused in what he thought was right. The day after Harry came back from the Ancients healing him; after he killed Riddle, Harry found out Kingsley was on a mission to take the Hallows from him dead or alive.”

“Harry believed the Ancients were winning the struggle within Kingsley and asked if Kingsley could at least wait until after he got Rita behind bars. Harry at that time told Kingsley if he came after him he would have to kill him because he would not hand over the Hallows or his wand. The Ancients also found out that Harry moved the secret place and they would never be able to get a hold of it. If they were able to have control of it they would have supremacy over all Ancients. And when Harry moved the Room of Requirements today and did so much unusual magic, they became fearful that Harry would be too powerful for even them to control, so they sent Kingsley to finish off Harry since he was weakened so much. Kingsley was so disoriented he didn’t know who he was or why he was being made to do the dastardly deeds. He thought he killed me; he shot a death curse at me but Harry protected me with his cloak. Kingsley was remorseful thinking he killed me. He was sorry about it, and he said he didn’t know he was going to kill me.”

Ron glowered looking back into the lab and clamped his mouth shut. Arthur was listening intently at every word and then spoke up quietly as if he didn’t want anyone else to know he spoke.

“John, you say these beings of energy are called Ancients. Harry says that House Elves are Ancients. Are they the same …things or just sort of the same … I mean just what are they?”

John nodded his head and said, “I can see the confusion and I’ll try to clarify it if I can. Yes, they are the same. On their planet, they live as forms of energy. Their bodies are quite different, but Harry says that when magic sends away nasty stuff here on Earth it vanishes into nothingness. According to Harry nothingness is a void of time, space, light, and sound. It is a real place called a Black Hole where scientists theorize that, once across the event horizon, on the other side time moves at a different rate of speed and is made up not of blackness, but bright light of the color spectrum and energy. Harry confirmed this, only he said the colors are bright pastel if you can imagine. That’s where their world is. When this nastiness you vanish from your world comes to them, they collect it and make it take form and possess it and return back to Earth as House Elves to serve. They are thought to be ugly creatures but this is only due to the ugliness they are made from. The more goodness they do for their masters, the more they begin to have more becoming traits like that of the humans they serve; like Winky has hair. They went to wealthy witches and wizards because they think they do the most evil due to the power and influence their money has. Of course this isn’t always the case as you can see Harry and Ginny have quite a few House Elves. Harry told Winky and Kreacher to see if they could get any of their friends or relatives to work for him and then he purchased them to give them their freedom. But before all that, when they were first discovered they were to do their good deeds in secrecy, but some lady named Hufflepuff discovered them and they were sought out by the wealthy and purchased as slaves. When these creatures die, their bodies are shed as dust and goes back to the earth and their light energy returns to their planet where they live until well, I don’t know how long, but that’s where they remain.”

Ron said, “All the time I was growing up I resented not having money and not having a house Elf, now I’m kind of proud we didn’t.”

Sirius asked if John saw everything that happened. John could hardly speak but finally nodded and said he did.

“When we first got to Pride Rock, Harry shocked Kinsley’s wrist to make him lose his grip on me. I dove away and rolled toward the side of the cliff and Kingsley shot me with a death curse. Harry, at the exact second the curse should have hit me put me under his invisibility cloak and put a spell on me that made it so I couldn’t move or talk. He also put a blue fire in a glass jar under the cloak with me.” He told them of Kingsley appearing as a fourteen foot giant with Mithril Armor and a shield and sword; and Harry also growing fourteen feet.

“Sometimes Kingsley’s sword was a wand. Harry never once used his wand or his sword.” He told them of him making a huge hammer of ice and hitting Kinsley over and over until he hit him so hard in the chest that he fell over and he thought for sure Kingsley was dead.

John told them what happened after Harry couldn’t stand anymore and dropped to his knees grieving over Kingsley. He told them everything Harry said to Kingsley after he was able to wake him. “And then Harry just sat on one heel when he tried to get up but could only get one foot on the ground to stand on. He got out his sword and laid it with his wand on the ground in front of Kingsley and said he surrendered.”

John told them what Harry said and just waited for Kingsley to arrest him. “Kingsley made him look at him and tied his hands behind his back and then tried to use Harry’s sword to kill him, but it wouldn’t let him pick it up even though it was a fake one. Harry had given me the sword and his wand to keep Kingsley from having it when he realized Kingsley was going to kill him instead of arresting him. Kingsley put his own blade on the side of Harry’s neck and slowly cut his throat from side to side. Harry didn’t try to escape or stop Kingsley; he just kept kneeling in front of Kingsley watching him while he slowly and painfully waited to die. I will never forget this as long as I live. He just stayed there moaning so softly and shivered with the cold and trauma he was going through.”

“And then he lost so much blood he couldn’t kneel anymore and fell over. I thought he was dead, but I heard him moan some more. Then he was silent and Kingsley screamed he didn’t want Harry to die for them to take him instead. He cried out some more holding Harry’s shoulders in his arms. Harry’s hands were still tied behind his back. He finally screamed he didn’t want to be an Ancient and a white light came out of him and touched his head and a flash of light went through the left side of Harry’s midsection and went clear through him and then disappeared along with the fake wand and sword. Kingsley became his normal size and fell over and then I was able to move again. The Ancient in energy form healed Kingsley, but it hit Harry so hard it rolled him over twice. I got to Harry and found out he was barely alive.”

He finished telling them the rest of the story and ended with, “I’m sure Harry doesn’t want anyone else to know about this. I’m only telling you so you can understand why he will be worse than what he has been; you know, quiet and withdrawn, since Harry suffered more than he did when he fought Riddle because Kingsley was more powerful than Tom Riddle. Harry was right when he said that Kingsley could have beaten Riddle. The whole time he was fighting he was trying to figure why he was thought to be evil and why he had to fight to the death with someone he loved and respected. It’s plenty good enough reason to be withdrawn; and I think Harry wants Kingsley treated the same as before.”

John shook his head trying to get images from his mind. “You should have seen those hammers Harry made to defend himself. They were the size of my head and had a big ole handle on them. When Harry swung it, it made a song like sound, like the air was humming. And every time he swung one and hit Kingsley, it crumbled into a pile of ice cubes. He’d scoop up another one and hit him again. Every time it hit Kingsley it broke in a million ice cubes. There is still one up there if you want to see it. We should see what we can do to clean off the blood before the kids go up there to go sledding and play. I’d hate for them to see all the blood.” John swallowed; he didn’t tell them what happened with Harry’s wand. He would talk to Harry about it later when he was fully recovered.

Molly came out and sat on the couch beside Arthur and he took her hand in his and rubbed comfort into her. She smiled and patted his leg. She knew that it comforted him to sooth her too.

Her smile was small and sad and her eyes were teary when Arthur asked how Harry was doing but couldn’t say anything. Fluer walked in with a wobbly Kingsley beside her and said, “He wants to go home. He said he’ll come and get a report from Harry after he is able.”

Ron said he’d take him home and stood up to help Kingsley get home. John thought by the look on Ron’s face maybe he shouldn’t be the one to take him home; and for that reason John was proud of Ron and liked him better than he had before. Ginny came in and said Harry was asking for Ron and John.

They both hurried into the lab and Sirius took Kingsley home. Ron stopped in his tracks when he saw Harry. He didn’t look any better except he didn’t have blood all over him. He didn’t have any color to him; he was as white as the sheet he was lying on. Harry’s eyes opened part way and focused on Ron and John.

“Ron, I need to know what I did wrong so I can make it right.” He swallowed and continued weakly, “I don’t know if I’ll make it, and I need to make right whatever I did to you.”

Tears welled in Ron’s sorrowful eyes and fell and he laid his forehead on the side of the bed and Harry struggled to put his hand lightly on his shoulder that was close to him. “I think that since I am the one apologizing then I am the one supposed to cry, eh?”

“It’s not you, Harry, it’s me; just like always. You haven’t done anything. I couldn’t handle you always being better than me. Better at everything, and then you just kept getting better even though I didn’t see how it was possible. I mean, you’re pretty much perfect and you never make mistakes. I started thinking you asked me to do things for you to make me feel useful. And that made me angry, so I justified myself by convincing Hermione and others like George that you used me, and they told me to learn to say no to you when you told me to do things. I’m sorry, I’m such an idiot. You haven’t done anything wrong and you’ve never used me for anything ever. I didn’t tell Hermione that I was the one who forced you into investigating the letter. I liked her thinking you were less of a man than what she thought you were. You didn’t defend yourself when she put you down even though you were right in what you said it was; a school girl who had a crush on me. I kept you from getting your boys from the train, and I didn’t listen to you when you were trying to ask for my help. And I caused you to miss out on Christmas.”

He looked at Harry and then John to see what he should do. It looked like Harry was asleep. He was so still they both leaned over him to see if he was still alive. Just when they were ready to call Carson back in Harry spoke quietly.

“I’m glad you don’t hate me; we’re good then?”

“Yeah, mate, we’re good. Maybe you should rest now.”

Harry responded by telling him he needed him to watch Kingsley. “I’m only asking you to because he likes you, he always has.”

Harry looked at John and asked if he was ok. John sadly nodded his head but then quietly said, “No, but I’ll live.”

“I know it was difficult for you to watch. Since you were there can you assure me that the Ancient is dead?”

John nodded his head and realized then that Harry had already somehow instructed his wand to make him kill it. He was astounded at Harry’s faith he had in Kingsley, that he would reject being an Ancient and it would leave him giving John a chance to kill it. Harry began talking again and John’s mind focused on what he was saying.

“Will you explain to Ron what an Ancient is so he can keep an eye on Kingsley? He will have to be told what happened later so until he is told then he’ll be confused. He won’t have any memory of what happened or why. Any memory from being an Ancient will be gone. That’s why he needs to be watched. And … if I don’t make it, then will you two explain to him. None of this is his fault; he was being used and then he was forgotten about by the Ancients who sent him on this assignment.”

Harry nodded slightly when Ron said he’d take care of Kingsley, and that John knew he would want them to know because of Kingsley so he told them what happened.

“Thanks John,” he looked into John’s eyes and through Legilimency said, “Thanks for being my big brother, you’re the greatest. Thanks for finishing my job of killing the Ancient. It couldn’t be allowed to go off on its own. He had failed his mission and came up with his own agenda.” He paused before speaking the rest of what was on his mind. He closed his eyes as tears ran down the sides of his face and onto his pillow. “Today was Christmas.”

He took another breath and whispered Ginny’s name and was quiet again. John went out and told Ginny that she and the kids needed to go in and be with Harry.

Ginny asked Ron to get the kids for her and went in by her husband. Harry took John’s hand before he left and a bit of parchment went into it. John left the room and closed the door behind him.

“I’m here Love,” she said softly putting her hand on his chest.

He wasn’t white anymore but slightly gray. He was dying. He tried to turn his head to her, but could only move slightly and that came with a groan.

“It’s so dark and cold; I’m all alone. Could you lie down beside me and talk to me? I want to hear about the kids’ opening their presents. It won’t take long, I’m slipping away and I can’t stop.”

Just then James, Albus and Lily ran into the lab. When they saw their dad they stopped running and walked quietly to the side of the bed. Ginny smiled lovingly at them and very sorrowfully explained that their daddy was hurt very badly and he didn’t know if he could hang on any longer. “He’s trying to but it’s very hard. Daddy wants us to be with him. He’s cold; do you want to get under the covers with me and try to warm him to make it easier for him?”

They nodded their heads with tears in their eyes. They knew she was telling them he was dying and he wanted to be with them so he wasn’t alone. Ginny magiced sweat pants on Harry, and expanded the bed enough for all of them to cozy in with Harry and then pulled the covers down for her and the kids to climb in on either side of Harry. Lily was against his left side and Ginny was beside her. Lily hugged his arm against her and Ginny had her hand on his chest. Albus was on Harry’s right side and hugged his arm to him and James was beside him and had his hand on Harry’s chest. They talked and talked nonstop until they gradually fell asleep one by one.

John walked down to the stable and sat in the stall with Chevron. The horse looked at him and whinnied softly. John stood up and stroked the horse and began to talk to him.

“Your buddy is in a bad way, Chevron.” He looked at the bit of parchment still clutched in his hand. He was afraid to read it because he was afraid it was something intended to be his last words to him. He thought that if he didn’t read it that Harry wouldn’t die. He spoke to the horse again and said, “He left me a note; do you care, I mean, is it ok if I read it here with you?”

John’s eyebrows arched curiously as the horse raised and lowered his head and then nudged the hand that held the note. John cleared his throat and read it aloud.

Brother John, I cannot leave this world without telling you what happened on Pride Rock today. When Kingsley came for me I saw in his eyes he meant to kill me. When he took you too, I realized he meant to kill you as well. You heard the reason I couldn’t kill Kingsley; he was innocent of what the Ancient was making him do. For hundreds of years, he believed what he was taught to believe about the Hallows belonging to the church. I cannot fault him for this and even more so I respect him for it. But as you know; those teachings were wrong. I tried my best to show him the error of his ways; that the Hallows don’t belong to the church. I thought he was coming around to what I know to be the truth. Unfortunately for me, he didn’t until it was too late for me to kill the Ancient when it left him. I knew it would try to kill me if Kingsley denounced him. This is the reason he took you with us, he knew I confided in you and so you too knew he was an Ancient. I didn’t anticipate him thinking he would need to kill you too. So, when I decided not to kill Kingsley, I sent my wand to you to defend yourself if I was unable to kill it. You would be able to do this for several reasons.

When Kingsley broke my wand with my sword, the sword took some of his and the Ancient’s powers and gave it to me through the Ancient gene in my blood. This is extremely deep, discerning magic of the sword, the design of it. Kingsley was not aware of this. That is how I was able to have enough power to move the Room of Requirements. Also, if you remember on Atlantis, I imbued my wand with everything of my sword. My blood was also baked into the sword during the war with the Goblins; it is part of the sword. This too was imbued with my wand. When we first met, I did surgery on you when your President tried to take me by force and you were nearly killed in that process. I used my wand on you and made my wand to recognize your blood. You have the Ancient gene also, so after I imbued my wand with my sword, I took your wrist and made my wand bond with your Ancient gene to enable it to recognize you as my brother anytime I sent it to you. This is different from when I charmed it to allow you to use my wand that one time. If it ever went to you it would be able to recognize an Ancient and it would discern what the Ancient was going to do. It would protect itself from being turned over to anyone with wrongful intentions. And lastly, brother, you are a mighty warrior. I knew you wouldn’t hesitate or doubt your instincts and you would react quickly enough to let my wand do what needed to be done.
Now, there is one more thing I need to lighten my burden and tell you. When I die my wand will automatically go to you as will my sword. Please guard them well, and if you should die then they will disappear to the Ancient’s secret place. The night I moved the secret place, I went to you on Atlantis and put the new location and passkey in your head. My intentions were to tell you about my wand and how it will come to you for protection; and how I enabled it to recognize your Ancient gene since I fused both your blood and mine, in my wand, together that night in Atlantis. Don’t misunderstand and think you have magic now. But as long as you have my wand, it will protect you as it would protect me. If we both have our hand on the wand, it’ll do what you tell it to do if I am unconscious. If at any time you can’t or don’t want to keep my wand or sword, if I die, they will disappear to the secret place themselves.

I’m sorry I am rambling, but I am slipping away and am having problems concentrating. The passkey to the secret place - you will never know what it is unless dire need of it comes about. You understand it cannot be known or used by anyone on Earth. I’m sorry I couldn’t visit, but you had only gotten back from a particularly hard mission you were on. Jennifer needed a hand treating you and your team. I told her I would work on you, and this is when I put the knowledge in your mind. I need to close this now John. I need some strength to see Ginny and my children one more time. Thank you for your assistance. We beat him, John; we beat the Ancient without killing Kingsley. You are a mighty warrior and I am proud to have served with you, and even more proud that you accepted me as a friend and little brother. I’m sure you are the best brother in the world and I was blessed to have you to learn from. Please don’t tell anyone what this letter says and destroy it after you read it. Please keep watch over Ginny and the kids for me. Please relay to all my Stargate friends in both Galaxy’s my fondest farewells. Good-bye, John, my brother for all eternity.

John stared at the letter and patted Chevron with a heavy heart. “Don’t tell anyone about this letter boy.” He tried to laugh at his dry humor but gave up and stood still not knowing what to do. The horse took the letter from John and chewed it up and swallowed it. Chevron nudged John over to a bale of hay and forced him to sit on it. The horse looked at John who tried to say something sarcastic and witty, but failed and clamped his jaws shut to keep from screaming out his frustration and sorrow.

Chevron reared onto his back legs and struck John with his hoof catching the side of John’s jaw. John yelled and doubled his fists at the horse and Chevron stepped close to John and put his muzzle on John’s face and whinnied softly. John buried his face in Chevron’s mane and did something he hadn’t done since he was a small boy when his mother died. There had been so many heartaches in his life that he became hardened to his emotions, never allowing them to be seen. But now, this sudden physical pain made it ok for him to cry; oh there had been tears before, but this was different. This was opening his heart and soul letting pent up anguish lament for the reasons it was turned into the armament of the knight it was shielding from the emotions. He could cry now and so he did. He cried for the woman he loved and lost in the Gulf War. He cried for the death of his father only a couple years past. He cried for the guilt of running away from his father and not being there when he died to set things right between them. But mostly just now he was crying for a young man who honored him by thinking of him as a big brother. He cried for Harry and the loss he was afraid was coming.

The next morning Harry woke with the sun shining in on the bed. He was cozy and didn’t want to wake up, but then he realized he was alive and not dead. He moved his head slightly to see his whole little family in bed with him. Basking in the warmth of the love he had in his heart he finally turned his head enough to blow softly on Ginny’s face. He waited a minute and did it again. This time she opened her eyes and looked right into Harry’s eyes. He grinned and she giggled happily.

“Kids wake up! Look, Daddy is awake; he’s going to be alright!”

Everybody ran in the lab when they heard all the squealing. Harry looked at everyone with alarm at first and then smiled when they started laughing and doing high fives. Winky came in and asked if her master was ok.

“I’m wonderful Winky! It’s good to see you!”

After a few minutes Carson asked everyone but Lissy to leave the room so he could check over Harry. They all left and Carson asked Harry how he was really feeling.

Harry answered, “Well, I don’t rightly know. I’m not freezing anymore, so that’s a good thing. It’s hard to talk, but I mean it doesn’t feel anything like it was feeling. I hurt all over and there is a terrible pressure in my chest, I’m so hungry it hurts, but other than that I feel great in a strange sort of way.”

Carson listened to his chest and then asked Lissy to take his blood pressure. “Well, you have pneumonia, but I expected as much if you lived through the night.”

Lissy took the rest of his vitals and told Carson what they were. Ok then let’s have a look see. He pulled the covers off of him and said, “You gave us quite the scare yesterday Lad.” He picked up Harry’s arm and moved it around watching Harry’s face, and proceeded doing this with his other arm and both legs. When he was doing Harry’s legs Harry groaned loudly but didn’t fuss about it. Carson asked him to roll over and Harry with a lot of effort rolled onto his right side after a failed attempt on his left side.

“OK, we’re going to help you up and let us know how it feels for you.”

He looked at Lissy knowing she understood what he was checking for. When they sat Harry up he slumped forward for a second and then straining hard, pulled himself upright. He swallowed hard and looked up at Carson and Lissy. He knew something wasn’t right. He tried to stand but couldn’t. Carson and Lissy put their shoulders under Harry’s arms and stood him up on his feet. Harry’s left hip didn’t support his weight and he fell over onto Carson.

“Help me check my legs,” said Harry in a very downcast voice.

“Sweetheart, you can’t walk. We were hoping for a chance that we were wrong, but we aren’t. You suffered severance of a bundle of nerves that were exposed when something smashed through your lower back. These nerves were frozen beyond repair. We were hoping that-”

Harry nodded his head and asked if there was any other damage that couldn’t be repaired.

“Yes, I’m afraid so Lad. Your stomach muscles were pulverized by something unyielding and moving very fast. We think this is what went through your back severing your nerves as it left your body.” Carson was prepared to go on but Harry said it was enough, he got the picture.

Harry said, “Well, let’s go have breakfast, I’m starved.”

His heart fell to the tips of his toes when Lissy spoke saying, “Sweetheart, you might want to eat in private. You overworked your muscles in your arms neck, back, and shoulders, even your ribcage. You did something that ripped them from lifting too much. I doubt you would be able to lift a fork up to your mouth.”

Harry began lifting his arms in front of him and they began shaking when they got level with his chest and then dropped to his sides. He disappeared back onto the bed and thanked Lissy and Carson. “You guys go ahead and tell anyone still here I’ll be out as soon as I figure something out.” He forced himself to smile and they left. Fifteen minutes later Harry walked into the kitchen and sat down carefully at the table. James and Hugo both exclaimed “Wicked!” at the same time.

Albus looked admiringly at his dad and said, “Daddy, that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen; it’s better than Ironman’s exoskeleton.”

Harry answered, “Well, I don’t know about that, but at least I don’t have to be incased in it. I can move pretty freely with it, I just have to be careful not to be around any Rap music or my hydraulics might make me pop up and down like those low-rider cars.” They all laughed and Harry said, “I feel more like Frankenstein than Ironman, but at least I think I should be able to eat.

Harry discovered that even the thought of eating turned his stomach. He pushed his plate away from him and tried to join in the conversation but couldn’t understand what they were talking about so he sat silently. The longer he sat there the worse he got. Things slowly began to get dark as if he was in a shadow, and voices were far away. A minute later he realized his body was shutting down whether he was up or not. He spoke finally saying he needed to go to bed. “Don’t worry about me; I’m just going to be doing some self healing by putting myself in a self induced coma. Don’t put wires and leads and tubes and such in me. If I’m not up in seven days then wake me. The next time I get up I’ll be able to walk on my own. He excused himself and made it into the lab and then to bed.

It was somewhat daunting to him lying awake and loosing the ability to see. Would he be able to restore his sight? He tried to hurry and induce the coma before he lost any other organs of his body. Suddenly though he saw a bright light and it encompassed him.

“I’m sorry Little One, I know you don’t want to be healed by us, but we had a meeting and decided it was only fair to restore you to how you were when the Ancient, Kingsley, interfered and caused great damage after you had already surrendered. When it left Kingsley, it entered your body and destroyed muscles and nerves in a way that would be impossible for mortal humans to repair even with their magic. Its idea was to revenge its loss and kill you slowly before it died. You will still have much to heal from, but you will be able to walk and regain your strength in your upper body with careful exercise and diligence. And don’t fret about the Ancient being that left Kingsley; John killed it with your wand. I suppose you had that planned somehow. We are so proud of you dear Little One. You have made us happy that you remembered your teachings while you were with us. They were very difficult lessons and you learned them perfectly. You won’t remember us being here until sometime later. Be well Little One.”

The sun beamed in on him and warmed his thoughts towards life. Harry was awake but hadn’t opened his eyes yet. He decided he would just make adjustments he would need if he was still blind. Harry was however; afraid to open his eyes despite his pep talk he had just given himself. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes and was thrilled he could see perfectly well. Harry got up and made the bed vanish. He put on a pair of sweat pants and socks and left the lab.

Walking was difficult but he managed to go into the kitchen avoiding, with sadness, looking in the direction where the Christmas tree stood. He smiled widely at seeing John and Carson sipping coffee and talking softly. Winky was fixing breakfast and she turned to him when she felt his presence. John and Carson stood up and went to Harry when Winky ran to him tears streaming from her face. Harry gave his hugs and asked where Ginny and the kids were at. Winky told him they were having breakfast at the Burrow for a New Year celebration. We made her go and take the kids with her.”

Harry said, “Its January first; today is the first?”

John grinned and said, “All day long.”

Harry hobbled to a chair and eased himself into it. “No wonder I’m starved out of my mind. And I’m as dry as a desert. Is there anything ready to eat?”

Winky dressed the table and breakfast followed. Harry pulled a chair out for her to sit and eat with them and she smiled thanking him. He had a long road of recovery before him but he would take it.

They all ate and talked of things going on in the Pegasus Galaxy. Harry dropped his fork and turned white when the phone rang with Kingsley’s ringtone.

Harry got up and went to the phone and answered it. He spoke quietly and finally said it would be fine, but he had been trying to say tomorrow would be a better day for him, then he hung up and returned to his seat. He didn’t sit down though but leaned on the back of the chair.

“Kingsley has to go to the Prime Minister’s office in a few minutes and wanted to come by here to have a quick word with me. He didn’t sound upset with me, but something is definitely on his mind.”

The doorbell rang and Harry backed into the wall. His breathing became rapid and shallow. He quickly recovered and made his way into the Living Room and opened the door for Kingsley. The man entered and gave Harry the once over before saying, “The day after our fight I had a visit from a white light.”

Harry backed up, but Kingsley spoke quickly telling him it was ok. Harry stopped and asked what happened. “It told me what I as an Ancient had done to you. It said I needed to humble myself for what I did so it knew if it could trust me. It took me back to Pride Rock and made me watch a playback so to speak. I need you to go up there with me.”

Harry shook his head no but Kingsley said he insisted. Both John and Carson grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him back, but Kingsley’s magic was faster than they were. All four of them were standing atop of pride Rock.

Harry was speechless for a moment and then said, “I’m getting more than a little annoyed at being taken places I don’t want to go to. What is on your mind Kingsley?”

“Look around us Harry.”

Harry didn’t move but said, “I don’t have to look around, I was here last night. My mind is full of what I saw and I will never forget it.”

Kingsley remained calm and said, “Just do me a favor and look around.”

“Do you a favor? I think I did a favor for you last night. How can you ask anything of me?”

“Harry, I asked the light to make this a commemorative place in history of you fighting a fourteen foot giant and winning. This place will always look just like this. Your last hammer you made from ice is still here and the mounds of ice cubes from each hammer you made and shattered each time you struck me is still here. Look Harry.”

Harry looked around quietly. The surface was bright red and even the icicles hanging over the rock was red. The hammer was marbled with blood and it was resting against an ice mound of bloody ice cubes. He turned away from it and stood staring at the very spot Kingsley slit his throat. Harry slowly sank to the rock as the site stole the ability for his leg muscles to support him. The area was crimson red.

“Why did you do this? If you want the hammer then take it and the piles of ice too. I don’t want it here; I want this cleaned and no reminder of it at all.”

Kingsley knelt down beside Harry and said, “You won’t be here for the rest of time Harry. Your children will have this to proudly tell of how you defeated the greatest race of people ever; and their children and their children’s children down through history.”

“I don’t want it Kingsley! My children will remember this as the first time in their life they were going to get to celebrate Christmas with me and couldn’t because once again I was near death. And the only reason I didn’t die was because Lily hung onto me all night giving me healing vibrations so I could work on healing myself. They don’t have to have a memory made for them; it’s already planted deeply in their heads! They’ll never forget it!”

“Well, Harry, I need to go. This is already a done deal and it can’t be reversed. There’s been a picture taken of it and is as we speak being written into the history books where children will learn of it down through history. This is the only way I can deal with what I did to you; and John too. I didn’t even know I tried to kill him. It’s the best way for me to show my humility and to ask your forgiveness.”

Harry looked over at Kingsley and saw the tears in his eyes. “Kingsley, all you needed to do to get my forgiveness was to accept it when I gave it to you last night.”

“I’m sorry, son, please forgive me for making things worse instead of better. I can’t undo it.”

Harry softened his appearance and gave him assurances that he forgave him, but he wasn’t going to allow the commemoration to stay. Kingsley left and Harry looked around him and threw his hands before him and fire roared from his wand that appeared in his hand. He delivered the flames at the hammer and kept it up for a full minute. When he stopped the hammer was the same only shinier.

Harry stood perfectly still and thought of the forty two years he spent with the Ancients on their world. They taught him so much, there must be something they taught him that would help him undo this. He closed his eyes and began speaking in the Ancient language and Harry put his hands out from his sides with palms down. He began pushing down and the rock began to shake. John and Carson gasped in surprise that the rock below their feet was moving. Harry lifted them off their feet a couple inches and then concentrated on his magic. After several minutes of the rock shaking the ice began to crack and splinter. Shards of ice began popping up moving about in chaos. Harry rose above the rock about six feet up and elevated John and Carson with him.

They watched as the whole rock below them was now in a state of mass confusion with itself as if it was alive. They watched as the hammer and pile of ice shifted and broke apart. Harry spoke something and all the blood evaporated. Harry turned his hands upward and all the ice rose above them still in a shifting motion. When it reached a height that could no longer be seen Harry clapped his hands together making a sound as loud as a bomb exploding and then relaxed his arms and hands to his sides and then he lowered the three of them to the ground away from the rock as he said something else. He said one more thing and the ice that had floated above them out of sight fell back to the rock as snow. It covered the rock as it had been before Harry and Kingsley started fighting.

When the last snowflake fell Harry took a hold of John and Carson and then they were in the Living Room. Harry mumbled something about taking a nap and collapsed wrapped up in a blanket in his comfy chair by the fireplace. All they could see of him was from a small opening around his eyes and nose.

Carson checked him out and said he was just sleeping. He got a pair of clean dry socks and replaced the frozen filthy ones. “I don’t know why the man couldn’t have let Harry dress for outside activities.” John called the Burrow to let them know Harry had awoken, but he was taking a nap. He said he’d tell them everything when they got home. Ginny said they’d be right there.

They heard Ginny’s van pull up to the house and a minute later her and the kids rushed in the house. John and Carson told them everything that happened and they were amazed. Ginny said she would intercept the book and picture to keep it from being published. Carson also told them that Harry still gets confused and thinks it all happened last night. “We told him when he came out that it was the first, but he kept referring to what happened as happening last night. That is completely natural though, nothing to be concerned about.”

Albus asked why Minister Shacklebolt would do such a thing.

Carson answered, “Well Ladd, he was so deeply grieved for what he caused that he wanted to dehumanize and bring humiliation upon himself. He wanted to lift your daddy up above it to show his honor and his humanity. Your daddy defeated him without using magic curses and spells against him. The only thing he used was Water Bending and his own strength. And Minister Shacklebolt knows that your daddy had so much faith in what he believed was right that after he won the battle and was at the point he should have killed him, according to him, that instead of killing him, your daddy surrendered to him in such a way the Minister had to see his heart and believe the same way. He did this to keep his soul from becoming an evil murderer. And it would give the Minister more time to find himself in the right light. Your daddy is an honorable man.”

John grinned with his impish grin and said, “Yes he is. But you could have just said Kingsley was willing to swallow his pride and give everlasting proof that Harry whipped his Immortal Ancient-”

Ginny cleared her throat and laughed at cutting off the rest of what John was going to say. The kids giggled and gradually gravitated to their dad as the adults talked softly and visited. Soon the kids were sitting on the arm of the chair just silently watching their dad sleep. He was resting peacefully but looked lifeless. Pretty soon Lily whispered, “When will he wake up and see us?”

Harry opened his eyes sleepily and said, “Hello, what’s an old man supposed to do to get a hug from his kids?”

They fell into his arms and laughed happily. Albus said, “We haven’t had Christmas yet, we didn’t want to open presents without you.”

Harry moved his head wearily to look at the tree he had been avoiding and said, “There’s presents to open? We need to take care of that right now, what do you say, Mum?”

Ginny nodded her head and cuddled in with him after the kids jumped down to the floor and began passing out the gifts. From time to time they would give Harry or Ginny a gift when they got to it. Ginny opened Harry’s gifts for him as he watched with a smile on his face and watery eyes. He was feeling blessed to finally be able to have Christmas with his family. John and Carson was each given a present that appeared when the kids were getting the last presents from behind the tree. Winky brought in a tray of eggnog and Harry smiled happily and quietly said, “Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!”

The End
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Default In Search Of Normal
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Hey Guys, thanks for reading these One Shots in the series following Epiphany. These stories continue like a TV weekly series. If you have any questions please ask and I will be delighted to answer. I'd love to have comments too if you have a minute to give me some. Hope you enjoy this story.

In Search Of Normal

The wintery view from his bedroom window, albeit beautiful and breathtaking, offered little to take his mind off of the things that persisted in clouding his thoughts. His stance was set wide and his thumbs hooked into the front pockets of his jeans. This was the way he stood when he made a mental effort to not have his hands closed in tight fists. It was the way he stood when desperately trying to convince his battle weary mind there wasn’t any reason he would need to fight or protect anyone. If he got lost in his thoughts without realizing it, his normal stance was square shoulders, feet wide apart and light on his heals ready to pivot quickly should he need to, and his arms slightly crooked at the elbow with his hands doubled into deadly fists.

He had just cleaned up after his workout and put on his back brace. It was his having to wear extra protection so he could be up and about that put him in this state of mind funk. It seemed he couldn’t do anything without his mind going back to different memories he lived through. He sighed deeply and crossed his chest with his arms, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt sleeves. His breathing was becoming short and shallow. He bit his lower lip and tasted the blood on his tongue. Harry turned abruptly and walked out of his bedroom. He was angry that he couldn’t keep his mind off the past that haunted him and kept him from being different than what he was. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t just forget.

“Daddy, can we go horseback riding before Mum wants me to start school?” Lily was packing her sketchbook and pencils in a backpack so she would be ready since she was sure her daddy would say yes.

Harry’s mindset softened as he stopped and turned to Lily in her bedroom and smiled at her. He had just been looking out the window and wasn’t sure what he had seen at first. Harry glanced out her window and answered, “Darling Angel, I’d love to go horseback riding with you, but we are having a blizzard right now, and it looks to be pretty mean outside. We can go when it is safe though.”

Ginny walked by the doorway Harry was leaning against and pinched him on his bum. Lily was after all preoccupied with her packing; she wouldn’t notice. Harry turned his head slightly to see the sly smile on his wife’s beautiful face. He arched his eyebrows and the grin that came easily to him when she entered a room he was in or if he was thinking of her, lightened his heartache even more than the prospect of horseback riding with Lily had. He looked back to Lily and asked what she wanted to draw.

Without looking at him she opened the drawer of her desk and got out her colored pencils and put them in her backpack. “I wanted to ride up to, Pride Rock, and draw the scenery from up there. You can see so far and see so much from there.”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head unable at the moment to say anything. He cleared his throat and glanced at Ginny who had stopped and put her hand gently on his back when Lily mentioned Pride Rock.

Smiling at his daughter he took out his wand and traced a square in the air. He twirled his wrist and the wand made a transparent window in front of her with the view from Pride Rock. “This is what it looked like when I went for my run this morning. Can you make do with this until I can take you there when it is better weather?”

Lily’s mood lifted and made light her disappointment. It’s perfect, Daddy. Thank you.”

He sauntered over to her, stooped over and kissed her on the top of her head, “You’re welcome, Angel. I’m taking off for a while, but I’ll be back later. Be good for Mum.”

She nodded her head and concentrated on her picture. Ginny looked reproachful at Harry with her hands on her hips. As Harry left his happy daughter he grinned at Ginny and swept her feet out from under her determined stance, continued to the stairway and slid down the banister with her sitting sideways on his lap. She couldn’t help giggling and kissed him passionately while her lips were so close to his.

He set her on the back of the couch and held her hands. She spoke before he could explain what was on his mind. “What do you think you’re going to do in this blizzard, Mr. Potter?”

The smile that came to his face told her she wasn’t going to get a straight answer, so before he could say anything she quickly added, “You are supposed to be healing. It’s only been two weeks since you nearly died fighting Kingsley on Pride Rock. Just because you are up and about, doesn’t mean you can go back to acting normal again. You need to just stay home and rest.”

Harry frowned. “Nobody understands that I’ll never be normal. I try to be normal, but I have never been normal. What is that even like; Honey, I honestly don’t know how to be different than what I am.”

He stepped forward into the small space between them and pulled his trembling wife into his arms and gently squeezed her to his chest. He didn’t know if she was trembling from anger or sadness. He kissed her neck and looked in her eyes.

“I’m healed enough to do what I need to do. You see, ever since I was fourteen I felt like I owed somebody something. To fix something terrible that happened because of me. I studied on it those four years I left and was on my own. I searched the world over trying to find a way to fix it. I wondered if Zombie blood would be able to help me, but it didn’t. Thankfully; even though I didn’t find a fix for that, I did find the main thing I went in search of. Then when we met Jack and Sam I discovered what I needed and from that time until now, I’ve been working on a cure for a friend of ours. Remember when Sam had the alien Wraith stuff in her? I want to be the first to share my discovery with you but I don’t want to say anything in case it doesn’t work out; but I daresay we will be going to a celebration tonight. I need to go see John this morning. If he’s not busy, I’ll be pretty quick and be right back. If he is busy, I’ll be gone for a couple hours because I’ll have to find and get what I need without his help. I’ll call you if I’m going to be late. He kissed her passionately on her hot lips and smiled. I’ll try and make it as quick as possible so I can get some more of your sexy kisses... and anything else you want to share.”

Her smile was blatant and overt teasing him with her, come and get it look, but then she giggled as she slid off the couch and said, “Say hello to everyone for me.” Her smile stayed with him as she turned away from him. She went to the banister and called upstairs to Lily telling her she had half an hour before she was to come to her office to start her school work.

An uneasy feeling crept over Harry. He went to the kitchen door and magiced snow off the sidewalk going to the office building he built for Ginny so she could work from home. Then he twirled his wand and threw his arm forward like he was throwing a ball. An enclosed walkway went from the house to the office. Now there wouldn’t be any chance of Lily getting lost in the blizzard.


Harry appeared in the control room at Atlantis and asked the technician Chuck if Mr. Woolsey was in his office. Upon getting a nod and a thumb jutted in the direction of the office in question, Harry thanked him and knocked on Mr. Woolsey’s office and entered upon being ordered to do so.
“Harry; it’s wonderful to see you. How are you? You’re looking well enough I suppose, knowing what you’ve been through lately.” Mr. Woolsey was looking very agitated and uncharacteristically out of sorts.

Harry declined to expound on the subject of that which Mr. Woolsey was referring to and asked could he speak with John. A look of concern came across his face and said, “John is missing and presumed dead. We received a ransom note along with a demand that John go alone to a specific location with information to the whereabouts of a certain Wraith ally of ours. And the term ‘ally’ is used very loosely to say the least. John had no choice but to go to the location. Ronon, Teyla, Dr. McKay, and two teams of Marines went a day early to capture whoever came to meet John. They all came back without him and who they went to retrieve minutes after John left for the location of the meeting. They were all unconscious and have not regained consciousness. A note and tattered remnants of John’s shirt soaked in his blood was sent back in a bag with them. By the looks of it, he was mauled horribly by an animal. John has been gone for three days.”

Harry shook his head in disbelief. “Why didn’t anyone call me? Who was the ransom for?”

Mr. Woolsey sighed and answered, “Dr. Beckett.”

Harry asked if he could see the others and Mr. Woolsey barely nodded his head when Harry disappeared and then reappeared in the sickbay. Dr. Keller jumped and put her hand to her heart.

“Mr. Potter, you startled me. Have you come to get patched up or,” she looked at him quizzically seeing no obvious sign of recent trauma.

“No, Dr. Keller, Mr. Woolsey just told me what happened.”

He went to Ronon and put his hand on the warrior’s forehead and closed his eyes. He moved his finger tips to various places on Ronon’s head and then frowned and went to the foot of the bed and uncovered one of Ronon’s feet.

“Sorry friend,” he said gently and then pinched the thin delicate skin between his big toe and the one next to it. He pinched as hard as he could and Ronon sat up yelling in pain. Harry stopped and tapped his toe and the pain left him. He told Dr. Keller to give Ronon some water he made appear and do the same for each of them when he woke them. Harry also drank some of the water. They all opened their eyes and shook their heads.

“We were captured and had to watch what they did to John when he came the next day. They let some ferocious animal attack him and it tore him to shreds- tore his arms off and ---"

They all cried out in anguish at the memory of their friend and team leader being brutally killed. Harry asked to see the report on John’s shirt. The doctor started to show him the clothes, but Harry pointed his wand at it and the shirt disappeared.

“Just let me see the report from your scanners.”

Harry looked at a monitor and said, “It’s as I thought. You have all been brain washed. As soon as you saw his shirt you were introduced to a fictitious memory by a stage two pathogen that entered your brain convincing you that he and his shirt was ripped apart while he was wearing it, by an animal of some sort. The first stage was on the note that was sent to you with these guys.” He looked at them and said they all needed to be deprogrammed. “I need to find John; I’ll be right back. He pointed his wand to an area and boxes of bottled water appeared. Everyone on Atlantis needs to drink some of the water I gave you. It has a potion in it to begin the deprogramming. Find a way to put this through the ventilation system to purge the air. Don’t forget I have a tracer in my arm. If we’re not back in two hours come get us.”

Harry put ear plugs in his ears and put on a pair of reflective sunglasses. Lastly he charmed a bubble around his head, drew his sword and commanded it to go to John and it and Harry disappeared. Harry put his finger to his lips to motion Dr. Beckett not to say anything. He looked quickly around the room and seeing a Wraith holding Carson from moving and a Wraith with its hand on John’s chest sucking the life out of him; he quickly and mightily used his sword, Victory, against the Wraith killing both of them before they could do anything. Quickly shouldering John who was unconscious, and taking a hold of Carson they disappeared. They were right outside the building where John and Carson were held captive. Harry pointed and jabbed his wand at it and the wall blew up. Then he took the doctor and John to the stargate he found just before he went in to get the two men.
Harry dialed an address but didn’t go through. Instead; he disappeared to a different planet he was familiar with and dialed the gate from there to Atlantis. Carson held up his hands and told everyone not to touch him. Harry assured them though that they were ok.

“The pathogen has been dissolved in the buffer of the stargate. The only reason it didn’t dissolve from you guys is because you were hypnotized without a pathogen. Everyone in close proximity to John’s clothes became under the influence of the pathogen by way of air spores and touch when the bag they were in was opened.”

All the while Harry was talking he was examining John. He looked as though he had aged forty years at least. And on top of that, he had been badly beaten. “I guess he wasn’t cooperative for his captors?”

Carson shook his head sadly. Harry looked at Rodney and said, “You of course know what this means don’t you?” Upon seeing the blank look on his face Harry said, “You have a traitor here among you. Someone had to rewrite the Ancient protocol that puts the city in lockdown when an alien pathogen is in the city. I’ll work on John, but you guys need to find that intruder.”

Harry swabbed the wound on John’s chest where a Wraith had sucked years from his life and put the microorganism on a slide and looked at it under the microscope. He nodded his head and muttered something under his breath. He carefully put a syringe into Johns wound but just touching the blood and drew it up into the syringe. Then he emptied the syringe into a vile and looked through a cabinet of different vials with labels on them. He selected one and dumped it in with the vial he prepared with the Wraith microorganisms and John’s blood. He capped it and put it in a centrifuge and ran it for several minutes. When he took it from the machine he skimmed off the top color which was a very dark red and left a creamy purple color. He put the vile over a Bunsen burner and adjusted the flame. He watched it for several minutes and suddenly took it from the flame when the purplish color faded away leaving a clear liquid and loaded it into a syringe. He touched his wand to it to cool it and injected it into John’s spine.

A sudden intake of breath was heard from Mr. Woolsey and the two doctors watching Harry. Before they could say anything though; they saw before their own eyes John’s youth returning to him. Within ten seconds he was looking like his own age and not a seventy year old dying man. He was still unconscious though and Harry told Dr. Keller to start treating the wounds from the torturing they did to him.

“Carson, what did they do to you?”

Dr. Beckett shook his head and said, “They didn’t do anything to me. The Wraith had me watch them beat John and suck his life away trying to make him talk. He wouldn’t tell them where they could find Todd. We couldn’t even if we wanted to because we don’t know where he is. They were waiting for the teams to come through the gate. The traitor here alerted the Wraith when Ronon and the teams would step through the gate. They were captured before they even looked around. The one interrogating John told us that they would never wake up.”

Harry nodded his head, “They were each told they were to go to sleep and never wake up unless they felt intense pain and then kill themselves. Quite the diabolical plan, only wake up if you feel intense pain.”

Harry set his jaw and looked at John and then back to Carson and Mr. Woolsey. His eyes seethed with hate and contempt he was feeling; and when he spoke his voice warned of death about to befall someone. His sword came to his open hand and he said, “I’m going to go back and kill the one who planned this.” He looked at John again and said, “Rest easy, brother.”

Mr. Woolsey stepped forward quite bravely for the amount of fear he was trembling with. “Harry, let me send some Marines with you and-” his voice became weak as Harry rolled his eyes without moving his head to look at him. The rising and falling of his chest showed Harry was becoming impatient and angry. Mr. Woolsey swallowed and continued, “That is to say, a couple teams of Marines to help you find the one responsible for this and you can bring him back for us to question him.”

“Thank you Mr. Woolsey, but I’ll be better off by myself. And I can’t promise I won’t kill the monster right away, but I will consider your request to bring it here for you to question. Don’t get your hopes up though, because I won’t take any chances of letting them get me.”

Harry glared unkindly at Mr. Woolsey and disappeared. The room he returned to was full of Wraith looking through the rubble for their prisoners. One stood away from the others and shouted out commands to all the others. Harry walked over to him and the Wraith motioned his underlings to attack Harry. Harry wielded his sword easily against his attackers keeping in front of the higher authority all the while. He deflected stun blast after stun blast and then bested the fighting Wraith warriors until only the higher Wrath was left. It smiled evilly at Harry and drew its own sword.

Harry said, “Mr. Woolsey of Atlantis would like to extend to you an invitation to a question and answer time at his facility immediately. Surrender to me now and I won’t kill you. If you choose not to accept his generous offer I will kill you so you can’t evoke anymore evil on the Atlantis expedition or Todd, whoever he is.”

The Wraith looked into Harry’s eyes and Harry felt it trying to get into his mind. “I normally warn people not to try to get into my mind, because it is very dangerous. You are not ‘people’ but consider yourself warned anyway.”

The Wraith bombarded Harry’s mind confident his will was stronger than Harry’s, but was counter attacked instantly. After Harry seen some things he felt important the Wraith fell over dead. Harry grabbed a handful of the Wraith’s long braided hair and went back to the Atlantis sickbay with the Wraith in tow.

He dropped the Wraith and said, “He wasn’t interested in chatting and declined your invitation. He then proceeded to try to get in my mind even though I did warn him of the consequences. He chose to ignore the warning. He is dead because of it.”

Harry knelt on one knee and siphoned something out of the Wraith’s sucker on its hand with his wand. When he stood up he said, “I have what I need. Is John going to be ok? Has he come around yet?”

Harry’s demeanor softened when he asked about John. He stepped lively over to his friend when John very weakly spoke to him. Harry stood over John and put his hand on John’s shoulder. “Hey there brother, it’s good to see you. What’s the big idea- I think you have more important things to do than to lazy around in bed.”

John grinned slightly and said, “I was trying to be a good diplomat to the hostiles, but some forms of diplomacy is highly overrated.”

Harry grinned and nodded his head quietly in agreement. Nothing needed to be said, but Harry understood fully. He was ordered to walk into a trap unarmed and alone. He was to be agreeable with the supposed informant so they could get Carson Beckett back. Being an experienced military man, John knew that even with the precautions of the teams going a day before him to keep him safe, the chances were slim that anything remotely like what was promised would come to be reality. Harry patted John’s shoulder and one side of a grin formed for his friend. It frightened him that he was so close to death.

“On a positive note,” he said looking at Mr. Woolsey and John’s team, and both doctors, “While that varmint was trying to get in my mind I explored his. He was highly agitated with someone here by the name of, Portly. I’m assuming he would be the traitor. Also, I found out why they want that Todd guy. It seems they captured and tortured him to near death trying to get the coordinates for, Earth. Todd never gave them any information except for what they were able to force very painfully from his memory, a name…John Sheppard.”

Harry asked if they needed him for John, but they said they’d take care of him. “He’s been without food and water for three days and badly beaten. His emaciated condition will make recovery awful hard. I know because I’ve traveled that road more than a few times myself. Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

“We’ll call you, Harry, if we need you. Go help your friend.” Mr. Woolsey held out his hand and thanked him for getting John and Dr. Beckett back and getting the information he gave them. He shook his friends’ hands and with a sorrowful glance at John and the doctors working on him, he threw up his arm in a goodbye and appeared in Neville’s office at Hogwarts. He grinned when Neville answered the door and pulled him inside.

“Harry it’s so good to see you! What brings you here? Have you come to see your sons? But of course you would have gone to see Minerva for that.”

Harry grasped Neville’s shoulder and shook his head. “Neville, no, listen. I’ve been working on something during my recuperation and I think, actually, I know I have figured it out. Do you trust me, Neville?”

Neville nodded his head looking seriously at Harry and swallowed. “What is it Harry?” Harry went to a table and held out his hand and a Bunsen burner appeared along with a small jar of something and a small machine.

“Neville, I have to act quickly after I make this potion, so do I have your permission to try it on your parents?” Upon Neville’s mouth hanging open and nodding Harry continued. “Just as soon as I’m done I’m going to St Mungos, your parent’s room specifically, and give this potion to them. You get there as soon as you can to visit them. Sign in and all… do whatever is normal for you when you go. Just say they were on your mind if it isn’t customary for you to visit during school hours. I picked today, because your wife said you don’t have any more classes on today after lunch. Can you do it Neville… go to see your parents?”

Neville nodded his head curiously. He wanted to ask what Harry was going to do, but he did trust his friend, he always had.

Immediately after Neville answered; Harry began making a potion the same as he had made for John not even an hour earlier. The regenerative microorganisms in the Wraith blood would restore the Longbottom’s minds to normal. He explained to his excited friend what he worked out without mention of Atlantis, or the Wraith and ended saying, “Neville, the thing is; you can’t tell anyone I did this. Nobody at all can know-not Ron, Hermione… nobody; because National security depends on this secrecy.”

Neville licked his lips nervously and nodded. Harry said he was done and disappeared. Neville jumped and looked about for his wife. He found her talking to a few students in the courtyard. He said he was going to go visit his parents for a little bit, pecked the side of her lips, and distractedly patted her cheek affectionately.

Harry was invisible and slipped into the Longbottom’s room. Neville had long ago gotten them in a private room. They were both asleep which worked best for Harry. He inserted the needle into their spines. He stepped back out of the way for when Neville came. He was still invisible, but wanted to stay long enough to make sure they were ok.

Neville walked in with anxious steps. Seeing they were asleep and afraid they had died for some reason he cried out to them. “Mum, Dad? Are you ok?” Not expecting an answer; for his visits were always silent for the most part, only he contributed to voice in his visits. He would always remind them all he was into and that at one time his friend Harry Potter, after Harry had killed Voldemort, said he was going to try and find a cure for them. Each time he told them there was no word on a cure, but Harry was still looking he was sure.

Startled; his mom opened her eyes and sat up quickly. She put her hands to her face upon seeing Neville. She began to tremble and Harry appeared. He was at her side instantly telling her to remember him being there saying he would help them. She nodded her head, “Harry Potter, my son’s friend- Lily and James’s son all grown up.”

Neville’s mouth dropped open and he stepped closer to Harry who had his mom’s hand in his comforting her. “Mum- Mum, you can talk? You know Harry? Do you know me?”

His mom looked at her son and nodded her head with tears rolling down her face. “Dear, look who has come to see us. It’s our son Neville, dear.”
Neville’s dad stirred and opened his eyes. He looked and saw Harry and smiled. “Harry, it worked. I know you, and I … I…” Mr. Longbottom noticed his son standing beside his mom and he got out of bed and stepped over to him. He grabbed Neville and hugged him to him while still trying to talk.

Neville sputtered unconnected words to partial sentences. He choked on his words saying, “Dad, I’m sorry but I broke your wand. I’ll get you a new one though. Harry smiled at the reunion and made to leave, but Neville stopped him.

“Harry, what did you do? How did you cure them?”

Harry only smiled and said, “Another time. You need to see about taking them home. Maybe you could call the Weasley’s and ask if they can stay with them until they are able to square away their needs and get acclimated with the way things are now. Things aren’t like when they last had a semblance of life. And remember;” looking at Neville’s parents, “you both just opened your eyes and were perfectly normal. Don’t let the healers tell you they need to run tests or anything. You can’t tell anyone, no matter how much you want to. The healing process must remain a secret. Do you think I can bring Ginny and Lily over for a small celebration later?” He shook hands with everyone and disappeared after they insisted they would call him when they were settled. Neville was beside himself and laughed exuberantly.

Harry went home feeling elated for Neville getting to have his parents back. He hoped Ginny would want to go have a small celebration with Neville after he told her of their awakening. He knew he could trust Ginny not to tell anyone how the cure was acquired. He rubbed his belly realizing he needed to eat lunch and went to the kitchen as he called out for Ginny. “Lucy, I’m home.” It was unusually quiet and he looked about for a note, but didn’t see any. He looked out the door at the office and didn’t see Ginny or Lily.

“Winky?” The house elf appeared beside him and tugged on his leg and led him to the table telling him to sit down so she could get his lunch. Harry sat down obediently and asked if she knew where Ginny and Lily were off to.

“They is being at the Burrow just in this same minute you is being home. There is being wonderful news of Master Neville Longbottom’s parents. Winky is thinking that Master Harry already knows what the news is.” She smiled at Harry and set his plate of food in front of him.

He smiled back and said, “I had a successful morning. Did Ginny leave instructions for me – err I mean; am I supposed to go there after I eat?”

“Master, she is being sure you won’t be home until tonight. She is saying you is getting tied up with your friends and is losing track of time.”

Harry didn’t say anything and ate his lunch in silence. After he was done he went to his lab and began working on a way to substitute something else other than Wraith enzymes for the cure so the whole world could benefit from his discovery. He had an idea of trying to use Lizard enzymes because they can regenerate their tails when they lose them. His theory was to reassign the enzymes to regenerate brain cells instead of lizard tails.
Harry stood up and stretched his aching body. He was clearing away his experiments, notes, and several vials of antidotes for Alzheimer’s and other brain maladies when Ginny walked into the study.

“Hello, love. You’ll never guess what wonderful thing happened today.”

Harry looked over at her and put a polite smile on. He sat on the corner of his desk and folded his arms across his chest answering, “Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom were dismissed from St Mungos and they are perfectly normal?”

Ginny’s mouth opened in shock. Unable to say anything Harry saved her awkward silence and spoke up saying, “It is what I have been working on and was finally able to accomplish this morning. I needed to go to Atlantis to get Wraith organisms to make the cure. That is why I couldn’t tell anyone but you. And I didn’t want to tell you until after I gave the potion to the Longbottoms, because I thought Neville deserved to be the first to know. Can you imagine the uprising it would cause if people knew it is from alien monsters that the cure comes from?”

Harry paused to give Ginny time to respond. Seeing her forlorn look he smiled softly and held out his hands to her. She stepped into his arms instead and asked him to forgive her for messing up his surprise.
A genuine smile appeared on his face and merriment danced in his eyes.

“Honey, were you surprised?” She nodded her head yes and Harry continued.

“If you were surprised then nothing was ruined. I wanted to share the surprise with you, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is Neville’s parents have a chance to live normal lives now. And, now Neville’s life will be normal, no longer having to live in the shadow of his Grand’s memory of his father.”

Ginny smiled and said, “Mum called around noon today and said she thought we’d like to come over for a surprise. When I got there she told me Neville had called and said his parents were completely cured and could they stay with them for a while. When did you get home?”

“Winky said you left and I got home in the same minute, so I guess we just missed each other.”

“But, why didn’t you come right over?”

Harry grinned boyishly and said, “Well, I had to sulk for a good bit because even though I thought your Mum might call you, I really thought you’d say you would wait for me to go over with you. I had told you I would be back in a couple hours, which I was by the way, or I would call if I was going to be late. I thought I made it clear enough without being able to tell you what was going to happen that I thought we’d be celebrating tonight. But then I reminded myself I wasn’t a child and life was too short and precious to waste a single minute pouting; so I began work on the cure to give to the world. Neville had said he would call when it was a good time for us to go over, and he hasn’t called yet, so I thought I’d wait until you called or came home for me. I am assuming Lily is still at the Burrow. Are we going over now, or should we wait until after dinner…”

Ginny felt terrible but Harry took her chin in his fingertips and shook it side to side and told her everything was good. They kissed and Ginny said they should get back to the party.

Ginny and Harry walked into the kitchen of the Burrow from the gate opening into the yard. Just the minute it took to walk through the yard was long enough to cover them with snow. They laughed merrily shaking off the snow and rubbing their hands together briskly to warm them.

Ron and Hermione were both in the kitchen talking in hushed tones and stopped abruptly when they saw Harry. Noticing right away the abrupt silence and not wanting to spoil the happiness Harry smiled and said hello to them and blew loose snow off his arms onto Hermione and laughed. They all laughed and when Harry looked over at Ginny, Ron laughed rather forcefully and clapped Harry roughly on his back. Harry caught his breath and turned deathly white. Ron shook his head saying, “I didn’t believe it! I said it wasn’t you! But obviously I was wrong.”

Harry gripped the back of a kitchen chair he was behind and said, “What are you going on about, Ron? And please just tell me instead of proving anything.”

Ron pulled out a photo and showed it to Harry. It was a very poor picture of what looked like Harry from the back holding onto another man in a bear hug. Harry’s back was badly bleeding, but it didn’t stop Harry from struggling with the man he had a hold of. The Harry and man in the picture disappeared and then reappeared in a continuous moving cycle showing the two seconds Harry and the man before they disappeared.

Harry looked back at Ron and said, “What? You have to tell me why you’re showing this rather ugly memory to me.”

Ron shook his head and said, “Don’t make it any worse on yourself, Mate. Just tell me what the meaning of this picture is, and then explain not being able to stand to have your back touched.” He whipped his wand out and flicked it saying a spell that ripped Harry’s shirt off him. By now, people were coming into the kitchen wondering what the commotion was about.
Harry raised his hands in surrender and quietly asked Ron to put away his wand. Ron was quite surprised he was pointing it at his friend but then motioned Harry to turn around and lift his hair off his back. Harry turned around and did as he was told though he was embarrassed at the gasps from Neville and his parents for all the scars on his back.

Ginny was outraged and demanded to know what was going on. She put Harry’s arms down and turned him around slowly and then caught a shirt out of the air and gave it to him.

Hermione glared at Ron but said in his defense, “This was brought to my desk this morning. I went out to your house to ask you about it, but, nobody was home. This is the first time today anyone has seen you. So the question is, is this true?” She held up the photo and said, “This says that you stole a diamond mine by violent force. Thankfully you were injured and can easily prove the thievery.” She looked up from the note she was reading and said, “Is this or is this not you, Harry? It’s obvious you healed your back, but it is also more than obvious you are still in pain from it.”

Harry stared at everyone and felt the pain in his heart worse than his back. He still had to prove himself; it hit him hard that this is what is normal for him.

“One of the men in the picture is me. We are at my diamond mine, and I am injured. Why are you willing to believe the note that someone sent you that accuses me of theft, instead of asking me decently in private if I can explain the picture? You assumed my guilt and proceeded to prove it by attacking me and undressing me in front of everyone before giving me a chance to defend myself. Just because you didn’t find me home this morning doesn’t mean I was off stealing a diamond mine. I was home from noon until Ginny came home a little bit ago to bring me here for a celebration. Ginny and Lily was in her office. Did you check there?”

Hermione held up the photo once more and said, “But, Harry, it’s obvious you are hurt here, there is blood all over the back of your shirt; and you did react to Ron hitting you on your back.”

“If you remember, but then I guess maybe you don’t, but two weeks ago I was injured so badly I barely lived. I am still recovering from that. This morning I found out John and Dr. Beckett was in dire trouble and needed to rescue them. Carson is ok, but John was near death and is at this moment lying in a hospital bed trying to live. I overdid it rescuing them, but I had to or they would have died. That picture is about twelve years old; it was taken when Bill was captured in my diamond mine and I went down to get him. Bill is the man I have a hold of. See ya all later. Neville, Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom, I’ll come back and visit another time.”

“Harry, wait. Please Mate, I’m sorry. I truly am. I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t believe it, but we had to make sure.”

“Why did you have to pound me on my back when you know how fragile I am yet?”

Ron shook his head as if he was surprised Harry could ask such a thing. “Harry, if I stub my toe I limp around for days and cry if it gets touched. You nearly die and you’re up after a couple days and act as if nothing happened to you. We can’t all be superman, Mate. Come on give me a break, I’m sorry I forgot you’re not normal like the rest of us.”

Harry swallowed, there it was again shoved in his face, he wasn’t normal. Ron was teasing him, Harry knew this, but he also knew Ron was right; he wasn’t normal. He felt Ginny tense beside him and knew she was about to say something to defend him so he spoke in the quiet voice he has, “I’m not superman, Ron, but, yeah forget about it. Just have a little faith in me next time you suspect me of something vile and ugly. I guess I should tell you that I have to wear a back brace but took it off tonight before we came so I could take a rest from it. I didn’t think I’d be attacked or I would have worn it.”

Neville stepped over to Harry and said, “Harry, I’d like to properly introduce you to my parents.”

Harry smiled and held out his hand to shake theirs and then the evening really became joyous because Sirius and Lissydove came over to see their old friends. K’lari and Teddy arrived along with Ottery St. Catchpole and his wife. It was soon after their arrival that Harry began feeling the room closing in on him. Voices and laughter was coming at him from all directions. He was standing against a wall with his hands in his pocket clenched in fists. He looked around and found Ginny and walked over to her. He smiled and said, “Honey, I’m going to go on home, and stretch out. You can stay here as long as you want. Do you want me to take Lily home or do you want her to stay until you come home?”

Ginny recognized the panic he was trying to hide and took his hand and smiled. “I think she’s having too much fun with Grandpa and Hugo for me to take her away right now. I’ll bring her home after dinner. Do you wanna eat something before you go?”

He shook his head quickly and said, “No, I’ll get something at home, don’t worry. I’ll see you later then.” He kissed her and waved to anyone looking and walked briskly outside. Instead of using magic to get home he decided to walk thinking it would calm him down. After a few minutes though he realized the cold was too much for his aching back and used magic to get home. He pulled off his coat and boots and pulled a bar out of the air, put it behind his knees and turned himself upside down so he was hanging from his knees. He pointed to his ankles with his wand and weights wrapped around them. Now he could fully relax without using his muscles to keep his knees hooked around the bar. He felt the knots in his back pulling out and felt his spine popping.

He didn’t know how long he was in this position, but heard in the distance Ginny calling him. Now Lily was calling him too. He opened his eyes groggily and realized Lily had his hands that were hanging to the floor. Ginny was telling him he needed to wake up and right himself.

Harry yawned and turned himself right side up and straightened his long hair that was over his face. “Hey guys, what are you doing home so early?” he grinned and kissed them both.

They asked if he was alright and told him it wasn’t early, that he left two hours ago. “Oh, well, I put the time to good use. My back is loads better; doesn’t hurt at all. I am pretty hungry though, if you don’t think me rude, I’m going to fix me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.” He was smiling and Ginny took him seriously about feeling ok.

“I’ll fix your sandwich, why don’t you put Lily to bed.” Lily objected before Harry could say anything saying, “Mum, I’m nine years old, I can put myself to bed!”

Harry grinned and hugged her tightly to him. “Darling Angel, you are growing up too fast. Go brush your teeth and climb in bed. I’ll look in on you later. I love you.”

After Lily said good-night Ginny came in with Harry’s sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk. They sat on the couch and talked quietly about what happened to John and Ginny suggested he call them and see how he is doing.
Harry took his cell phone and called John but didn’t get any answer. He called Carson and Carson said, “Your timing is perfect lad; I just picked up my phone to call you.” He talked about John for a couple minutes and ended with telling Harry that John’s prognosis wasn’t looking good and there wasn’t anything else he could do for him. Harry hung up and looked at Ginny. He shook his head and was speechless. Ginny put her hands to her mouth thinking John had died.

“No, he’s still alive, but only just. They said John isn’t responding to the care they’ve given him and they think death is imminent. I need to go to him, Honey. If there is anything I can do for him, I have to try.” He summoned his back brace and held Ginny to him in a loving embrace. His goodbye kiss was passionate and then he said, “Tell Lily-” Ginny nodded her head and said, “Love, you take care of yourself; and say hello to our friends for me. Maybe John can come here to recover. I’ll tell Lily the normal line; you’re sorry you couldn’t check in on her but you will see her when you get home and that you love her.”

Harry gazed in her eyes searching for malice that stung him, but knowing his wife didn’t intentionally hurt him he sadly kissed her once more and when the emergence of the smile that he loved so very much came to her face; he told her he loved her and then disappeared.

He walked into the sickbay and went directly to John’s bed. He would help John; this was what was normal for him. Working through pain whether it is his or someone else’s, and no matter what the pain was from, this was his life. He had to learn to not try to be something he wasn’t and just work on his panic attacks. It was a lonely life because nobody knew exactly what he was going through; he was alone with nobody to watch his back. Ginny was his lifeboat, her smile was everything to him. He accepted this was his normal life and with a sigh of finality, concentrated on John.

“Ronon, I’m going to need you. Just stand behind me, catch me if I fall and lay me down in a bed to rest. I don’t know how much energy I’m going to need to give him. I’ll need to sleep and then eat when I wake up. Don’t anyone touch us while my hands are on John.”

Harry put everything out of his mind except John. He took some deep breaths, closed his eyes and then put his hands on John’s chest and forehead. Short blue lightning bolts sizzled around Harry’s hands and encompassed John’s entire body. A few minutes later Harry began to sway on his feet and then he braced his stance and stood firm again. Another couple minutes passed and Harry fell unconscious with his hands still on John. Ronon caught him quickly when his hands slid off John.

Ronon carried Harry to the bed next to John’s and gently laid him down. Carson went to Harry to check him out and Dr. Keller went to John who was beginning to stir.

“John, can you hear me,” she asked gently.

He opened his eyes and nodded his head. “Where am I? Never mind, I remember. Is Harry here?”

Carson stepped over to him and answered, “Aye, lad, he’s here. He saved your life. He’s fine, just resting,” he added quickly seeing John look worriedly at Harry in the next bed. “Can you tell me how you feel lad?”
John grinned boyishly and said, “I feel great! I feel like superman or something, and I’m so hungry and thirsty I could eat a horse and-”
He swiftly swung his legs to the side of the bed and sat up looking at Harry’s lifeless form. He pulled the IV’s out of his hands and took off the leads he was hooked up to; much to the objections of both doctors, and stepped over to his friend.

“What happened to him? Are you sure he is ok?”

Everyone stood around Harry; talking softly as they told John what happened the last three days. Finally after they finished telling of the ordeal John said, “So, he – what – gave me his energy like he did for Cam a couple years ago?”

‘Aye, lad, only he gave you a considerable bit more. He used his strength to heal your wounds the way that little darling angel of his does. But you needed a substantial amount of energy because you were nearly dead for a longer period of time. He said he’ll be fine after he gets some sleep and then he’ll need to eat.”

John shook his head with mixed emotions. He was happy to be alive, but didn’t like Harry giving so much of himself to save him. “I better call Ginny and let her know he probably won’t be home tonight.”

He took his cell phone and called Ginny figuring she would still be awake and was relieved when she answered in good spirits. He explained the day’s occurrences and grinned when she comforted him telling him Harry was fine and he just did what was normal for him to do, help someone he loves. “Just make him sleep as long as you can, and feed him like you are feeding an army and then he’ll be ready to come home. It might be a couple days.”


Harry stood with his thumbs hooked in his jeans pockets and stared out the window. He had just finished an extremely modified workout and fit himself snuggly into a fresh back brace. The blizzard that had been raging the last time he looked out this window had finally ended leaving in its wake two feet of new snow. The sun was coming up and the light danced merrily on the peaks of snowdrifts. A few birds were at the bird feeders Lilly had asked him to put up for the poor birds that stayed for the winter and might find it difficult to find food all winter long. Harry chuckled to himself wondering if his little angel had some Seer blood in her. She did have an uncanny knack of knowing things were about to happen with animals, birds in particular. His mind went back to the time he showed her the baby bird that was going to die except for the fact she had the power in her to heal it. He had then begun to teach her how to use her power. Ever since then she had been especially in tuned to her little animal friends.

Harry turned from the window and gazed adoringly at his sleeping wife. He wouldn’t wake her, she must have had a hard night, plus he knew she wasn’t a morning person. He looked in on Lily and his heart warmed seeing his slumbering little angel. He went down to the kitchen and John walked in a few seconds later. They grinned at each other and John sat at the table for his breakfast. “Thanks for having me come for some R&R and great food,” he added as Winky set a steaming plate of bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, and toast before him. And then a big mug of hot coffee appeared before him also. He spotted a big bowl of fruit and went over to the counter to get an orange and grapes.

Harry grinned and picked up his fork as his plate appeared before him. He put it back down and stood up since Ginny walked barefooted into the kitchen with her hair a mess and wearing her favorite gown and tattered but cozy robe. She saw Harry and tried to straighten her hair and grinned despite saying happily, “I hate it when you do this to me.” They embraced and kissed each other passionately. It had been after all, three days since they seen each other. She didn’t even know he was home yet.

John sat back down at the table and grinned wickedly as he cut some egg and ran his fork under it and a bite of potatoes and quietly said, “When you get around to saying hello to me, a simple hello will suffice for me,” studying his bite of food as if he was more interested in his food than seeing Harry and Ginny exchanging kisses and hugs.

Ginny gasped and pulled back from Harry as her hands had gathered handfuls of Harry’s shirt and had started to pull him out of the kitchen. Harry smiled and shook his head, pointed to John and was about to tell her John was there, but she covered his mouth.

At first she stood motionless staring at Harry. He arched his eyebrows and his emerald green eyes began dancing. She took her hand off his mouth and grinned saying, “It isn’t polite to point Love. Sit down and eat your breakfast. Hello, John, it’s good to see you.” She calmly looked back to Harry and said, “I’m going to go shower and get ready to meet the day properly.” John was looking at his plate holding in his laughter and Harry grinned at her, winked and started to turn back to the table. She pinched his bum and turned quickly whipping his face with her flying hair. He only saw the side of her smile as she ran to the stairs joyfully.

The End
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As I posted on my fb last week: you're not only an excellent writer, but a visual artist. Your introduction for this too short story is awesome.
Your Harry is a mix of X-men, Superman with Iron Man's intelligence and skills and super-wizard. Well, I always thought his sensibility, empathy and intelligence were enough to be a great person... But your Harry is outstanding. I'm happy his super-powers brought back Alice's and Frank Longbottom's lives. They deserve it.
I really can't bring myself to try to understand Ron and Hermione anymore. They are mean to Harry! I mean they doesn't even try to know Harry's versions to the facts. So sad...
I'm waiting for the next short story eagerly. Congrats!
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Hey, guys, thanks for reading. I hope you like this one shot. It is a bit different from how I normally write. Please feel free to comment.

Hey, Ivana, Thank you so much for your comment! It really means a great deal to me. Thank you. Thank you for all Harry's compliments. He does seem quite exceptional, but he had to be what with Dumbledore and Snape both personally tutoring him for those four years of his Quest after he killed Voldemort. Plus all the knowledge the Ancients taught him. He is outstanding and I am very proud of him. The Longbottoms needed to have a life and Neville should have a chance to have his parents. As far as Ron and Hermione are concerned, probably a lot of people wouldn't agree with me, but this is the way they treated him in JK's books. Re-read them sometime and pay particular attention to how they treated him when he had ideas or thoughts about things, and they always talked about him behind his back. I just made it more obvious because that is the way they would be in adulthood instead of kids. Thank you for all the sweet things you said about my writing. I hope you like this One Shot.

Upside Down And Inside Out

Harry took a step into his detective agency noticing the absence of Wes right off. It wasn’t unheard of for Wes not to be there when Harry arrived of the morning. But since he had qualified to become an Auror he usually showed up a few minutes earlier than Harry to make coffee and get the folders out for Harry to prepare for morning briefing. Harry felt secure with Wes there; not because he was afraid; mercy no. He just felt good about having a friend there who he knew always had his back; and knew him like a brother. He stood frozen to the spot with just one foot inside and he still had the door knob in his hand.

Something was very off and Harry’s senses took in a variety of information for him to process. He smelled coffee and noted a box of glazed, frosted, and powdered, donuts and assorted fruit filled turnovers. This was not something Harry approved of and wondered what Wes was doing bringing them into the office. He had said from the beginning years before that breakfast was to be eaten before arrival at work. He didn’t like the idea of trying to do briefing when his Aurors were busy eating pastries and sucking sticky fingers instead of paying full attention to what was at hand. His thoughts went to Ron and wondered if maybe his brother in law had come for a surprise visit. Harry looked around quickly and didn’t see any evidence Ron was there. It seems however that this was possibly wishful thinking. He knew Ron wouldn’t do such a thing because it was too early in the morning; Ron, after all did love to sleep and didn’t get up until the last second. He continued his observations and his discontent would have been noticed if anyone had been there to see it.

The frown on Harry’s face wasn’t the only thing that showed his displeasure. His eyebrows knit into a scowl and his jaws were set with his growing anger. There was something else he smelled; sickening sweet perfume – there was a woman in the building. He heard her before he saw her. She was humming with intermittent gum chewing and bubble popping sounds in the room that used to be Ron’s office.

“So; are you having briefing on the sidewalk this morning or what?”

Harry spun around not expecting the voice he heard. “Ron…what are you doing here? Is everything alright at home?”

Ron had the friendly grin on his face that sent his memories back to the day they first met. He relaxed when Ron chuckled and said, “Everything is fine mate. Why aren’t you going in your office?”

Harry sighed with relief and threw his head over his shoulder causing Ron to look beyond him and into the office. “There’s a woman in there, Ron.”

Ron grinned and said, “A very curvy woman I might add. Does Ginny know about her?”

Harry looked perplexed and said, “Ginny?! I don’t even know about her, only the name on that desk says, Jessica Hare. Wes isn’t here either. And look, donuts and stuff. Why would she be here and bring -”

Harry was looking at the window on Ron’s old office and saw the silhouette of the very curvy woman Ron was referring to. The stranger within was holding a paper in front of her and then she turned and went to the door to come out into the waiting room.

Harry stepped into the room completely recovered from his shock and very much in command of his thoughts as the top notch Auror he is would be. Ron stayed behind Harry covering his mouth trying to keep the laughter from bursting out. Things were about to get good and he didn’t want to tip Harry off.

The woman saw the two men and a wily smile came across her face. She walked slowly to them cracking her gum and swaying her hips and stopped on the spot grinning wickedly when Harry held up his hand and told her to stop right there. She stood on one long leg with her hand on her shapely hip and the toe of her other foot moved provocatively on the floor behind her. She arched her back seductively making her voluptuous breast noticeably pronounced. Her hand smoothed her tight fitting mini skirt flirtatiously and batted her eye lashes enticingly at Harry.

“All right, I’ve had enough of this. Who are you, why are you here, and how did you get in? And you can cut out the act while you’re at it.”

The woman was taken aback momentarily and then regained her composure only not quite as much as before. “Well, He-Man,” she said a bit put offish, “maybe I’m not here to see you. Maybe I’m waiting to see this handsome devil.” She mustered her courage to walk by Harry and reached for Ron. “Hey there, sweet lips, wanna show the new girl in the office a good time?”

Ron’s face went white and he backed away falling into a chair against the wall. “No, no…no; I’m a happily married man. Him,” he screeched pointing to Harry, “you want him; Harry Potter!”

Harry looked down at Ron in disbelief. “Ron?! I’m happily married too. What do you mean she wants me? What’s going on here?”

The woman giggled and Harry turned his attention on her and the look on his face told her she needed to stop playing and start talking. She gasped and choked for a second from accidentally swallowing her gum, such was the look of ire that Harry portrayed in his fiery eyes burning into hers. She tried to look away but couldn’t. He was looking into her eyes so intently she thought for sure he could see what she was thinking. She certainly hoped he couldn’t see her thoughts because they were most certainly impure. Then he abruptly looked away from her and went over to his desk and sat on the corner of it and crossed his arms across his chest. Clearly he was angry, but when he spoke his voice was quiet and nonthreatening, maybe even congenial.

“Miss, I need you to tell me who you are, why you are here, and how did you get in without setting off the alarm?”

She looked at a loss for words and only got out that her name was Jessica Hare when Kingsley walked into the office. Harry stood slowly with his eyes glued to the Minister of Magic. He hadn’t seen him since New Year’s Day and the memories that flew to his mind overwhelmed him and quite frankly unhinged him, but he regained control and the color came back to his face; which had turned white at the site of Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Just then Wes ran into the room laden with cups, snack plates, and napkins. “I’m sorry I’m late, boss. I was here but was sent out by your new secretary, office manager.” It was obvious he was upset from the cold tone he used with Harry. Harry’s mouth parted slightly surprised with Wes’s tone and unfriendly glare.

Before anything else was said, Harry’s Aurors began straggling in. Catcalls and sly comments filled the room and the noise became boisterous laughing and ridiculing one another’s manhood thinking they could be noticed by the woman, yet alone to be interested in them. They helped themselves to the coffee and treats as if this was some sort of bachelor party.

Harry couldn’t believe what was going on and was quite frankly upset with the whole thing, but mostly at his men’s behavior. He stood up from the corner of his desk and stepped into the middle of the room.

The men suddenly became quiet and looked about guiltily, and then gave their attention to Harry. He hadn’t said a word, but they knew their boss and also knew he was about to send them all out the door with walking papers if they didn’t yield him the floor.

“I have to admit, I don’t know what is going on here. I get here and there is a stranger in my agency. My brother in law shows up out of the blue, which I still don’t know why. The Minister of Magic has picked today to come for a visit. I’m accused of hiring a secretary to replace my office manager. And I seem to have a pack of wolves working for me instead of the fine Aurors I’ve been working with and honored to have done so all these years. All I do know is this lady’s name is Jessica Hare and my Aurors are treating her like a piece of meat. If you want to be like that then take your donuts and coffee and find someone to work for that hires animals.”

He looked at Jessica and said, “Please forgive me, but there must be a mistake. I haven’t hired anyone to be an office manager because I already have a superb one here in Wes; whom I will never replace. If you’ll give me your credentials and references I can try to place you with the local theater if you want to pursue a career in acting. And,” he paused as the woman blushed because of her ruse being discovered, “if you give me back the paper you took and explain why you took it, I’ll give you a good reference.”

Kingsley cleared his throat and said, “Alright people, as you were. I need to square up a few odds and ends. Miss Hare was hired by me from the fine school of the arts downtown; an abandoned theater supposedly owned by a wealthy Irishman. Our fine Aurors are in on the joke, I didn’t include Wes in the prank because I needed some natural subterfuge; which was a bit of brilliant thinking on Ron’s part. Ron is the orchestrator of this plot and in conclusion I’ll confirm, Harry James Potter, You have been Pranked.”

Everyone broke out in laughter except Harry and Wes who only half smiled. Kingsley told the Aurors to finish their donuts and coffee and get out on patrol. Jessica said she’d be heading out too as she didn’t want to be late for her class.
“Just a minute Miss Hare, you haven’t returned what you took from that office.” He wasn’t being cross, but he didn’t want her walking out with anything that belonged in his office.

She blushed deeply staring into Harry’s eyes and then pulled out a paper she had tucked away in her bra. A wand appeared and she touched it while saying a spell and the paper returned to its original size. She slowly handed it to Harry; her face turning an even deeper shade of red. While her wand was out she touched her clothes and they changed into a cute outfit that was far more decent than what she had been wearing to fool Harry. She waved her wand over her face and the heavy makeup turned into what would be normal for a young woman in her early twenties would wear. Then she tapped her hair and the long loose blond curls hanging over her front and down her back shortened to a cute light brown pixie cut. And lastly she erased the strong perfume she had been wearing. She now looked like an attractive young woman who was ready to go to school or work.

Ron cleared his throat and pointed to her bust and said, “Err you forgot to, well, I mean, your still…” He looked desperately at Harry for help. Harry grinned and said, “I trust Miss Hare has done all the transfiguring she needed to do to return to her original form.” He smiled kindly to Jessica to relieve the embarrassment Ron had caused her.

Ron stood frozen still pointing to Jessica’s breast and then yanked his hand back and stuck it in his pocket. “Oh… yeah, of course she did. I didn’t mean to, I mean; I thought she just- I mean they’re still big and -”



“Shut up.” Harry chuckled at his friend and looked back to the still blushing Jessica and held out his hand to take the paper she was handing him along with the key to the office Kingsley had given her. Harry looked at the paper and blushed deeply himself. It was a picture of him and another very small paper had his signature on it. He looked up at the young woman and asked what this was all about.

“Why would you take these?” Harry asked her, completely taken unaware.

The young woman squirmed and bashfully replied, “The gang back at the Theater dared me to get your autograph; everyone knows you don’t do that sort of stuff except for little kids. They thought Minister Kingsley hired the wrong person for the job and that I’d mess it all up. I’m truly sorry I took it. Please forgive me.”

Harry felt badly for her but couldn’t let her get away with the wrong she did. He looked at her and tossed the picture and signature on the nearby desk and folded his arms across his chest and stared into her eyes. She swallowed hard but didn’t feel as if he was looking into her mind. He spoke then and she was surprised by the concern in his voice.

“You know then that what you did was wrong. It’s best to be straight forward in all things. Time is precious and you should never waist it by trying to take what isn’t yours to take. I could have you arrested and you would lose your place at the Theater and then what would you do? Also, don’t waste time wanting what isn’t available for you to have. I’m sure you are a lovely person and any available young man would be lucky to have you. Spend your time making life wonderful and things will work out for you; because, somewhere there is someone else who wants the same things as you.”

Jessica nodded her head quickly, “Yes, sir, I will. Thank you for understanding.” She turned to leave but Harry gently took her elbow. “Just a minute, you can’t go back to the gang without proof you did what you were hired to do.”

He stood next to her and put his hand on her shoulder and a camera appeared before them and snapped their smiling faces. Just then a copy machine turned on and copied the picture and Harry took. He showed it to the young woman and asked if it was good enough for her. She could hardly contain her happiness and said yes over and over. Harry sat at his desk and wrote at the bottom:

To Jessica Hare
Job well done!
Your friend,
Harry Potter

Then he wrote out a check and handed them both to Jessica. “This check is for your fine school for the excellent students they turn out to entertain the community. Good luck, Jessica. Be sure to let us know when you get signed to a role, even if it’s a school production and my wife and I will come watch you.”

Jessica bit her lower lip and cautiously said, “Well, right now we’re working on a play about your Quidditch Game and the fight between you and Voldemort. You’re welcome to come to that, we’d be honored.”

It happened so fast he didn’t realize it hit him. The memories, all of them flooded over him. He fell into the desk behind him and sat on the edge. His face was so white he looked quite dead. His eyes became very watery, but then he collected his composure and with great effort he smiled at Jessica who was afraid she had just given Harry Potter a heart attack and killed him.

With a very weak voice he said, “Thank you, Jessica, but no. I think… once… was enough for me, but good luck. Do you have a part in the production?”

She nodded her head nervously, “I’m to be Rita Skeeter.”

Harry was silent for what seemed eternity and then said, “I’m afraid you have your work cut out for you there.” The water that welled in his eyes spilled over the brims and trickled into his beard. “Just act as evil, mean, heartless, and vile as you can and you might be able to pull it off. And try to do something fun after you’re done so you can get her out of your mind as quickly as you can.”

After saying thank you many times Jessica left leaving only Harry, Wes, Ron, and Kingsley in the office. Harry shook hands with Wes and put his hands on Wes’s shoulder gripping them firmly without saying anything. He worked at calming his breathing and in as strong of a voice he could he finally said, “Wes, I would never replace you.” He turned to Ron and gripped his shoulder tightly and tried to shake him playfully but couldn’t pull it off. He turned away quickly but collided with Kingsley who had stepped in quickly seeing Harry’s panic attack. The man caught Harry and helped him steady his legs.

“You’re going to be ok, son. Let’s have some coffee. Maybe the prank was too soon, but, I think we can all agree; Jessica’s coffee smells the best that has ever been made in this office.”

Wes made like he was offended and then they all turned when they heard the door open. Hermione and Ginny walked in with smiles on their faces. Ginny smiled gently at Harry’s look of just being rescued. She stood by him and said, “Hermione came over and told me what Kingsley and Ron had planned for this morning. Hugo and Lily are with mum.

Harry hugged her and held her tightly to him. She felt him trembling and glared at Ron and Kingsley but didn’t say anything. She looked into his eyes when he let her go and saw his mind was far away; preoccupied by the battles and wars that were continuously in his mind, but then he smiled at her and spoke softly.

“They pulled a good one on me that’s for sure. Even Wes was fooled; they didn’t include him in on the prank so he could fool me without even knowing it. And you should have seen the actress Kingsley hired. You actually just missed her. She is in Theater and had to get back to…”

Harry forced down a big swallow of coffee and choked when it burned his throat. He put the cup on his desk and kissed Ginny quickly and went out the door saying, Numquam obliviscar.

He was gone before they could stop him. Ginny and Hermione looked at Ron and Kingsley as if they had gotten caught doing something terrible. They sighed and explained everything.

Ron looked awful and said, “Ginny, I’m really sorry. I thought if he had some fun it’d help him stop reliving everything over all the time. He told me that it’s always on his mind, he can’t forget it. And he said that he’s been getting better but I guess finding out about the Theater production was just a bit much for him.”

Kingsley took a long deep breath and said, “And it’s obvious he’s not over what I did to him either. I should have called and talked to him before we attempted this. But, Ron and I were talking and he came up with this idea to prank him. When he explained to me what it was then I agreed it was worth a try. I’m sorry I was wrong.”

Ron looked like he was going to be sick and asked, “Does anyone know what that Numsomething oblivithingy means?”

Surprisingly it was Wes who spoke up. “Numquam obliviscar means I will never forget.”

They stayed and talked all morning until noon when Harry walked in the office. They were relieved when they saw him smile and ask if they all wanted to go out for lunch. He wrote something on the file he pulled out of the filing cabinet and put it in the drawer for closed cases.

They all anxiously accepted his invitation and left for a new restaurant that opened up around the corner from the Detective Agency. They ordered their meal and had a great time together. Harry was mostly quiet like always, but offered conversation when spoken to. He began watching other people eating and visiting and watching new people coming in and others leaving. He checked his watch and said he needed to get back to the office; a Mr. Chastain had an appointment to meet him and go over a case he wanted to hire Harry for. He kissed Ginny on the top of her head and put his hand on Hermione’s shoulder and said, “You should be very proud of Ron. He announced to Jessica, when she tried to seduce him that he was very happily married, and then turned her on me to deal with.”

His eyes were twinkling merrily and he added, “I bet you didn’t tell them about that part did you?” He chuckled and counted out some money and put it on the table for a tip, and told Ginny to pick up the check when they were done. “I’ll see you at home; love you, honey.” He kissed her softly on the head and caressed the side of her face lovingly and left.

Ginny put her hand on her face where his hand had been and felt warm and so much in love. He wasn’t trembling anymore and she could feel that his mind was only on her and not past battles that haunted his life. Harry would be fine; she just had to be patient with him and to keep on loving him which was easy to do because she did love him with all her heart.

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like some other men do?

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Connie, I reread this story tonight. It's my favorite!
You played with the images on my mind, made a fool of Harry.
I laughed a lot again.
Thank you for sharing your stories.
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Hey Guys, this is a short story continuing on a little bit later from the time from where we last left Harry. He still has problems of dealing with his life and everything he has been through. This story isn't dark like the others, but it does have some violence and some places the story line can be intense. Harry's life is always in jeopardy it seems, and sometimes the help he gets isn't the best for him as we once thought. I love the story and I hope you all will too. It is only 14 chapters long, and the chapters are long, but not quite as long as the previous stories. Comments are welcome and helpful too.

Ivana: Thank you for reading and commenting. Sometimes it's fun to just write something humorous to take a break from the seriousness of life. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

To Serve And Protect And Beholden To Nobody

Chapter 1

Innocence Takes A Peek At Rebellion

Lily was sulking in her room because her daddy had turned down an invitation from Jack and Sam to go spend a few days with them over the week end. She loved going to America and she loved being with Jack and Sam. They were great friends of the family and she often wrote letters to them asking if they could come for a visit. Now finally they answered with a suggestion that since they wouldn’t be able to make it over to her house that maybe she could come there instead. She didn’t understand why her daddy would say no; he almost never told her no. She kicked at the ruffle on the skirting of her bed and looked around her room bored and getting angrier by the minute. She didn’t see the fairness of being sent to her room. She knew her mum wouldn’t have done such a thing. She remembered when her mum would get upset if her daddy disciplined her or her brothers for such trivial things. But here she was stuck in her room because like always, even though her mum didn’t go along with her daddy she wouldn’t ever step in and say it didn’t have to be so. Lily had spent the first part of her prison sentence making her room more suitable to her ire. She took down all the pictures of her and her daddy and ones of just her daddy off the wall and stuck them in her ample sized walk-in closet, because she decided she wouldn’t think about anything only how much she hated him.

She picked up the snow globe he made her with charmed snow from Antarctica that always had the spot of honor on her dresser and thought of throwing it out the window. No matter how mad she was at her daddy, she couldn’t throw the gift he made her out the window. She opened her closet door and set it on a shelf in the very back. She brushed off her hands to be well shed of it and said, “There, see what I think of you now, Daddy. Out of site out of mind; means that I’ll not have anything to do with you until you let me go to Jack and Sam’s.”

She turned and walked out of her closet and slammed the door shut behind her. Feeling her temper get the best of her she looked around her room. She didn’t like this feeling in her; she had never felt it quite like this before. “It’s Daddy’s fault; he’s making me feel this way. All I did was asked him if I could go. He said no and told me to go to my room and think about what’s really in my heart.” Lily neglected to think about the temper tantrum she threw. It had upset her that she did that and had put it to the back of her mind where it couldn’t interfere with her anger she was trying to justify having. But now it was pushing its way back to the front of her memory. She felt badly about it and struggled with staying angry. “How else was I s’pose to show him I wasn’t happy with his answer?”

She looked out the window and saw the person she admired and loved most in the world walking down the gravel driveway. A twang of sadness tugged at her heart. He looked awfully sad and lonely. She couldn’t see his face, but she could tell he was very, very sad. He had his fists in his pockets and she knew this meant something very upsetting was on his mind. She was sure his feelings were hurt so bad he couldn’t ever be happy. Again something tugged at her thoughts; she was beginning to let her inside feelings overcome this new feeling of anger and resentment she had discovered in her. She screwed up her nose and stuck out her tongue at her daddy and said aloud, “I hate you, Harry Potter; I wish you weren’t my daddy.” She gasped as she saw Harry suddenly drop to a knee and set on his heal. He lowered his head and caught his hand on the ground to keep him from falling over.

How could he know what she was thinking or hear what she said?! “Daddy, I didn’t mean it, I love you, Daddy; I didn’t mean it!” But her words didn’t find their way to him because he still was kneeling on one knee instead of running back to her to scoop her up in his arms. Lily thought frantically for the whole conversation so she could know what had caused her daddy so much pain and sadness. She had opened the letter from Sam and gotten excited because Sam asked her to ask permission to come stay with her a couple days and they would do things over the weekend with Jack. She had asked her daddy if she could go right then and he said no. But had he just said no or is that how she heard him? She thought hard and her answer came to her. What he really said was, “Oh Darling Angel, I’m sorry, we can’t let you go this morning. I have other plans for you. In fact you and I need to go down to the stable right now. I have an excellent surprise for you.” It was then she began to get angry and hadn’t even noticed the excitement with which her daddy had answered her. But she snapped back, “I’m not your Darling Angel. I hate it when you call me that and don’t ever call me that again! And I don’t want any stupid surprise from you either! I hate you! I’m going to go ask mum to let me go. She’ll let me.”

Lily made the memory continue, although it broke her heart for the things she had said to him. She tried to concentrate but Harry had just stood up, put his hand to his heart and ran to the stable, his head hanging with extreme sadness. She thought back to the conversation after she told her daddy that she hated him. He was surprised to say the least and his hand instinctively went to his chest over his heart. He didn’t say anything at first and then only smiled a small sad smile. He told her to go to her room and think about what made her say such hateful things when he knows she doesn’t have a single hateful bone in her body. He told her to feel what was going on in her heart. She was to think and stay in her room until he came to talk about it later.

Lily backed away from the window and sat on her bed crying for the shame and regret she had inside her. She went to the closet to get out the snow globe and all the pictures of her daddy she had of him and anything else that showed her how much she loved her daddy. But when she opened the door she saw a white envelope on the floor just inside the closet. She picked it up and looked at it curiously. Then it struck her as to what it was. It was a letter from her daddy. She had put it on a shelf just inside the door to read later. She had found it on her bed the day after Albus and James went to Hogwarts. It was so hectic what with everything that had happened and all that she put it up to read later; after all she was to leave for America just as soon as Jack was ready to go. She put it out of her mind and just concentrated on him getting better. Then with all the excitement of being home again and having her daddy all to herself except for her mum of course, she forgot about it until now. It must have gotten freed from the ledge when she slammed the door closed earlier.

She opened the envelope nervously and began to read the parchment with his beautiful penmanship:

My Darling Angel,

I know and understand that you are angry with me for not trying to get you into Hogwarts. It is a wonderful place for young minds to learn and a wonderful place for young people such as your brothers, and too soon you as well, to find friends and new experiences that you wouldn’t get at home. But for now since you are still too young to attend, I must be truthful and tell you I am happy you can’t go yet. I wish your brothers were still too young to go also, but they are not, so I must be satisfied to at least have you stay here without them. I would miss you so terribly much that I might have lost myself in my grief.

You see; after that terrible battle I had with Tom Riddle I was so close to death that by all that is measurable, I was dead. But there is a race of beings that took me to their planet to heal me. While they took me, time all but stood still for me; I was gone forty two years. I missed your mum, your brothers, and you so desperately that I could hardly stand it. They wanted to keep me there longer for they were teaching me many great things. But they had compassion on me for the tremendous loneliness in my heart and so they brought me back. When they brought me back, only three days had gone for everyone here. You all had gone on with your lives while I was gone. I got back as you remember, the day we had to take your brothers to Hogwarts. But it was hard for me. I wanted to keep them by my side and not let them out of my sight; the same with you and your mum. But, I couldn’t keep them from what was best for them, going to Hogwarts. And then you went home with Jack and Sam the day after that. Your mum didn’t know when I would be coming home, and our friends thought it might make it easier on her if they kept you for a while, until she knew if and when I was coming home. I could hardly breathe with the weight of intense disappointment on my chest. I had you all in my arms that day for the first time in forty two years and I had to let go of you again. I had your hand in mine and I didn’t want to let you go, but I saw how excited you were and couldn’t say no.

I’m not telling you this to make excuses, but for you to understand that time goes on no matter how we spend it. And time goes on through eternity no matter if we are alive or dead. We can measure it in fractions of a second, throughout years, even light-years and the only thing that can stop us measuring more of it is time itself; because time is eternity and we are not until we die. It is consistent no matter how we travel through it. If I put a freeze charm on something, it appears that time has stopped, but it hasn’t, only the person or object I put the charm on stops. So, please don’t let time pass you by without enjoying it, and don’t let it pass you by in anger. The time you spend being angry is gone forever. You can never get it back to live over. It’s hard for me to tell you to let go of the period of time you were angry and stop wasting time trying to make up for that lost time. It’s hard for me to tell you that because I am trying to deal with my past and it is a battle I struggle with every day. It’s a little different for me than just dealing with hurt feelings or angry about something. It is the way time throughout my whole life changed me. Sometimes; too much physical trauma and emotional pain changes people. But I am happier than I have ever been in my life, because I have you, your brothers and your mum. You will always be my darling angel, unless you decide otherwise.

The year you start Hogwarts, there will be a new headmaster. Headmistress McGonagall is anxious to retire and has put in for her time. She has asked me many times to take over. I told her I would think upon it, but I think it would be a huge disservice to you and your brothers to have me there while you attend, so my answer will more than likely be no. I wrote you a little poem for you in case you ever need to open a space in the protective barrier around the school. And for your first protection, this poem has a memory charm on it, so you won’t be able to remember about the portal unless you need it for a true emergency. I hope you enjoy my poem to you. It isn’t that great, I just made it up on the spot to put a smile on your face.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, where all through the castle;
Corridors and classes were adorned with much tassel.
No students were resting, no students in beds,
Fun and tricks filled each of their heads.

A stirring in the air, from enchantment and charm;
A startled house elf yowled her alarm.
Spells were forgotten the house elf ran free;
Students ran to windows to have a look see.

The legendary Ford Anglia, was parked out on the lawn,
And with it waited a Patronus Fawn.
They watched as a first year approached singing lauder;
The fawn gave its message to its owner, Lily Potter.

The wild car opened its rusty doors two,
The radio playing an old Christmas tune.
Out flew presents for all girls and boys;
Practical gifts and magical toys.
Then Lily thanked the car and fawn;
And went to her bed to await Christmas dawn.

When morn arose the Head asked the cause;
“Why the car, not deer and Saint Clause?”
Lily rose from her breakfast, and turned to the Headmaster;
Speaking slowly at first, and then she got faster.
“Oh sir, if you please, I became full of fear,
You may’ve forgotten to show Santa the way clear.

So I summoned my Patronus to the man quite round,
Directions to the car at the edge of forest ground.
After the message he had just received,
He was indeed quite relieved.
He said with his finger to the side of his nose;
“Portis Temporus!” and into the air gifts arose.

The gifts went in the car for the trip here;
Instead of with Santa and his loyal reindeer.
A message he gave my Patronus for me,
“Thanks for the Patronus and magical key.””

Lily smiled and read over it again. She did love the poem, and she did love her daddy. How could she have been so cruel to him? What came over her? She put down her letter and ran outside not thinking of anything but giving her daddy a hug and kiss and tell him she does love him.

“Lily Luna Potter! You get in here this instant and put on a jacket. Just because spring is on the way doesn’t mean its warm enough to be outside without your jacket.” Lily ran back inside and up to her room as she ran passed her mum saying she was sorry. When she came back down her daddy was standing in front of her mum talking softly with a great sadness about him. There was blood and mud all over his arms and shirt and jeans. He was a mess. Her mum, she could tell, wanted to hold her daddy to comfort him, but he stepped back away from her hug and said she could only say she was sorry.

Ginny nodded her head towards Lily. Harry looked at his little girl and softly said, “Lily,” she cringed at him using her given name instead of his pet name, Darling Angel, “you were to wait in your room for me. Go on, I’ll be up in a bit.”

She gasped remembering she was sent to her room and here she was being disobedient. “I’m sorry, Daddy, I forgot. I just needed to tell you something.” She turned and ran up the steps. She could hear her mum telling her daddy that she had been punished long enough and to please be gentle with her. She didn’t know what he said because by this time she was upstairs and running into her room shutting the door loudly behind her. She wasn’t angry, just in a hurry and she closed it harder than she meant to.

A short time later there came a soft knock on her door.
“Lily, are you ready to talk?”

“Yes, please come in, Daddy.”

Harry walked into her room and noticed a change to the decorum. Anything to do with him was not in sight. His eyes lingered on the spot on her dresser where the snow globe had set since he made it for her. He walked on into the room and went to look out the window. He wasn’t expecting the change and needed a minute to collect his thoughts.

Lily noticed he had showered and he smelled like clean fresh air. “You can set on my bed if you want.” Lily’s voice was soft and shaky. She was doing all she could to not cry.

Harry turned and looked at her and smiled gently. He sat down beside her and saying her name, asked if she gave thought to why she was talking so hateful and willful with him earlier. She looked at him and nodded yes. “I was being a spoiled brat and you are wrong. I do have a hateful bone in me. I hate myself for saying those mean ugly things to you. I don’t know why I said them; it must be that hateful bone. Daddy, please forget I said those things, all of them. I’m sorry, and please forgive me for saying them. And I am your darling angel; please don’t ever stop calling me that. I love it that you call me that. It makes me feel special inside. And I love you, Daddy; I love you more than anything in the whole world. Would you make your magic make my hate bone be a normal bone? I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I don’t want to hate.”

With the end of her explanation and plea; the tears that she was trying so hard to keep from falling burst out and ran down her little face. Harry opened his arms to her and she climbed onto his lap and hugged his neck while she went on lamenting her faults to him all the while her crying causing her to talk in broken sentences.

Harry held her tight and kissed her head. When she was done he kissed her head once more and pulled her gently away so he could look in her eyes while he talked to her. “My precious, Darling Angel, when I said you don’t have a hateful bone in your body, it was just a common saying. Bones don’t have emotions or even thought. The reason it fits to say that is because just as it is impossible for bones to think, it is just as impossible for you to know what hate really is right now at your young age because your heart is pure. And of course I forgive you for saying what you did. And I could make you forget the way you were acting causing you to feel the way you were; but I won’t. Going through times like these make us grow up healthy and strong; because each time we learn things like this it gives us experience and that experience helps us know how to handle things like this the next time it happens and even more times it helps us fix a problem to keep a bad thing from happening.”

“When parents or people of higher authority make you forget things and make you stay impassive about bad feelings and tell you that they will take care of everything, or change things to make them better; they are making you weak. Most parents can’t see it this way. They just want to keep pain and uncomfortable feelings from their children. They think they are protecting them. But if we do this to our children, how will they be strong enough to go out into the world on their own when it is time for them to do so? How will they recognize things that are bad for them and how will they know how to defend themselves from them. The jails around the world are full of people like this because they didn’t know how to control their feelings or emotions when something happened they couldn’t handle. They lash out in fear mostly and make poor decisions and too often become destructive or hurtful if not to others but to themselves."

"This is why I told you to come here where you are comfortable and able to think about what happened and what you felt like. I wanted you to be able to find it yourself and try to figure it out so when these feelings and emotions come again, you will be better prepared to recognize it and react to the situation safely and victoriously. Believe it or not, this will develop your social skills and you will be able to develop into a vital and essential role in society. But most importantly, it will keep your heart pure. And now that you have figured it out, you will have it in your memory, and you will be able to recognize it and fight it off before it has time to cause you to do something unwise or hurtful. You’ll also be able to see other emotions and know to deal with them or get help if you need it so you don’t do something wrong. It isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t always happen right away.”

Lily had stopped crying and was just hiccoughing softly nodding her head now and then to show understanding. She turned her head in to Harry’s chest and turned her wet face back and forth to dry her eyes and nose on Harry’s shirt. He stroked her head softly and kissed the top of her head. She sat up and looked bravely into his eyes and said, “Daddy, I love you, you’re the best daddy in the world. What would become of me if Mum had married some other man and he helped make me instead of you? Whatever would I do without you being my daddy?”

Harry sat as a dutiful father does when one is trying to show seriousness and compassion, but the twinkle in his eyes and the slightly upturned corners of his mouth was becoming harder to control and he said, “Well, I’m not sure; do you think he would let you wipe your snotty nose on his clean shirt?”
Lily objected in such a way she reminded him of Ginny when she objected with such a forceful huff about her he would crack up laughing, and then so would she.

Harry laughed merrily and Lily cracked a smile and then chuckled. Then she said in a very matter of fact way, “That is not snot, its nose tears!”

Before Harry could respond Lily asked him why he didn’t come up to her room and straighten out her hatefulness instead of going down to the stable. “And when you fell because of what I said, I could hardly stand it. How do you know what I am thinking or saying without even seeing me?”

Harry looked at her and shook his head slowly. “I don’t know what you are talking about, Angel. I can’t do what you said.”

“But I saw you walking down the driveway all sad.”

“Yes, I was sad, but I was mostly thinking of how to talk to you about what happened this morning. I didn’t want it to develop anymore, but I didn’t want to make it worse by saying the wrong things. So I was just thinking hard, and not letting my sadness guide me. And I’m sad because I have to go have a talk with a couple later today and it makes my heart heavy to say what I have to say to them.”

"But you dropped to your knee and had to catch yourself from falling over. And you had to hold your heart when you went to the stable. And you had to run so you wouldn’t hear my ugly thoughts. Is your heart going to be ok?”

Harry rubbed his thumb gently under the eyes that were beginning to leak tears again. “Darling Angel, don’t cry. It isn’t what you think. It is only a coincidence that at the very time you were having a talk with your heart, a Gnome popped up right in front of me and I had to kneel down to hear him. When I knelt down my knee turned a sharp stone and it gouged into my kneecap. I shifted my weight off of it and steadied myself to do it quickly. After the Gnome said what it came to tell me, I stood up and put him in my shirt pocket so I could get to where he needed me to be. I kept my hand there to keep him from falling out of my pocket. I wasn’t holding my heart. And I was very sad because a Mare’s foal died while giving birth in a state of panic.”

“It was to be a surprise for you from me. I picked out a Mare and had her get pregnant by a Stallion I picked out for her. I thought it was time for you to have your own full sized horse since you do so well with your Shetland pony. I had her delivery date to be sometime today and on my run this morning I saw it was going to be this morning. That’s why I didn’t let you go to Sam and Jacks right away. I wanted you to be able to watch the foal being born since you want to be a Veterinarian. But, I was going to let you go after the birth. I sent Marston to bring the Mare in from the pasture she was in and it was spooked before Marston got to her. It seems the Mare was about to step on the Gnome and the Gnome shouted, jumped up and down, and waved his hands frantically. This spooked the Mare because she was already nervous and she reared up on her back legs having a contraction at the same time. She became unbalanced and fell over landing hard on her backside and somersaulted down the hill behind the stable. It caused an immediate abortion, the foal being born dead. Marston sent the Gnome to me with his magic. That’s why I stopped so suddenly. I nearly stepped on him.”

Lily’s mouth was agape during the story and she finally said, “The poor Mummy horse will be so sad because her baby is dead. Will she be ok? Why was he born dead?”

Harry told her he looked her over really good and said she will be fine and ready to get pregnant in a short time. “It will help her get over losing this one. I will answer your question although I purposefully left it out. Are you sure you need to know why it died?”

Lily nodded her head and answered, “Yes, Daddy. I will need to know these things to be able to prepare myself for bad things to happen and know how to work with them.”

Harry nodded his head and swallowed. He looked back at Lily and said as gently as he could that the foal started to be born with the sudden jerk from the Mare falling. “His neck was broken as the Mare somersaulted down the hill. I had Marston put her to sleep and I pulled the foal out of his mother. I tried to fix him, but I couldn’t fix his heart that had gone into stress and then stopped working when his neck was broken. I’m so sorry, Angel.”

Lily nodded her head and only looked sorrowfully into Harry’s eyes. With a heavy heart she nodded again and fell into his chest sobbing. Harry wrapped his strong arms around her and held her tight until she sat up and wiped her wet face once again on his shirt. She smiled weakly at him and said, “Its ok, Daddy. I know you did everything you could. I heard Mum tell Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron a long time ago back when she was always mad at you, that you can’t mend a broken heart. Now I understand what that means.”

Harry was taken aback by the statement of what she overheard. He wished that Ginny, Ron, and Hermione had been more discreet when talking about him, but it was too late to do anything about it now. He managed a small sad smile for Lily and said, “Well, that is an entirely different heart break, but just as sorrowful none the less. Now we have to deal with the punishment of your behavior earlier. You will not be punished for your discovery of emotions you just learned about. But you will be punished for being willful and ugly, throwing that temper tantrum. You do know not to act that way and you need to be punished for losing your temper causing things to get worse instead of better. What do you propose we do about it?”

Lily thought about it and said, “Well, I do have to get out my globe and other stuff and make things squared away in my bedroom, you could make it that I have to do that instead of eating lunch.” She looked hopeful, but more than a little doubtful at her daddy. She hiccoughed again and shook involuntarily.

Harry took off his shirt, smiled and shook his head saying, “What you did after the fact you can put straight on your own time. Let me dry your face better and get these nose tears for you. I think maybe you need to muck out the hen house before lunch. But, I am going to help you so we can be done and have our lunch before I take you to America for the week-end. I called them just after my shower and told them you had our permission. The only thing is you need to take extra clothes because you might be able to stay longer than the week-end.”

Lily jumped up and down thanking her daddy over and over. She ran out of her room and down the stairs. She hugged Ginny giggling as Ginny was coming into the living room hearing Lily screaming and running down the stairs. “I have to muck out the chicken coop for my punishment. Isn’t Daddy the greatest man on this planet?!”

Harry pointed at Lily and her jacket appeared on her just as she got to the door. “Oh, yeah, thanks, Daddy.”

Ginny smiled and said, “I told you to be gentle with her, what did you tell her and how does mucking out the chicken coop make her day suddenly when I have to threaten to withhold her allowance to get her to do it? And why have you got another clean shirt when you just put one on after your shower?”

“I told her everything. I had to be careful handling her. She didn’t just think about what I sent her to her room to do. She raged against me. During the time in her room, she really did have thoughts of hate for me. But, thankfully it is all over now. And I had to get a clean shirt because she used my shirt to dry her eyes and nose tears. The reason she’s so excited is because I just told her that if she gets her punishment done before lunch I’ll take her to America right after we eat. But, don’t worry, I’m going out to help and I’m pretty sure there will be magic involved too. I’ve already had two showers and three clean shirts today, and I don’t want to take a third shower when my hair isn’t even dry from the second one yet.”

She stepped against him as his arms were up over his head putting his arms and head in their separate holes. She ran her hands over his chest and around his ribs to his back. She smiled seductively at him and pinched his bum after he kissed her and walked to the kitchen door. He turned as he walked on and raised and lowered his eyebrows at her while he tucked in his shirt, which enhanced his muscular body. His smile made her swoon and she sat heavily on the couch. He glanced at his watch and said they had to be at Ron and Hermione’s in an hour and a half and then a quick trip to Hogwarts; but then he was hers the rest of the time after that. She had a sudden realization that her and Harry were going to have the week-end to themselves. A broad smile came across her face and she skipped to the kitchen with guilty pleasures going through her mind.

As Harry got to the hen coop he heard Lily talking to the chickens. She was reciting something in a rhythm. He listened and broke out in laughter when he realized what she was saying, and walked into the small house reciting with her the rest of the poem:

He said with his finger to the side of his nose;
“Portis Temporus!” and into the air gifts arose.

The gifts went in the car for the trip here;
Instead of with Santa and his loyal reindeer.
A message he gave my Patronus for me,
“Thanks for the Patronus and magical key.”

Lily giggled and hugged him seeing how happy he was. “Thanks for my poem; I love it. You are so smart; I hope I get smart like you. I just read it this morning after I thought I gave you a heart attack.”

Harry shooed the hens out of the coop and waved his wand around finishing the work Lily had already gotten a good start on. “I thought I’d shorten your punishment since you accepted it so well and you deserve help for your good behavior. Now, go clean up for lunch, Angel. Oh, and Angel; you of course know you cannot do magic like in the poem when you start school.” Lily nodded her head seriously and Harry winked at her and told her to go get cleaned up for lunch.

Lily whooped and ran to the house saying, “‘Twas the night before Christmas, where all through the castle…”

Harry grinned and put the rake up Lily had been using and then opened up the hen house for the chickens to be able to go in whenever they wanted to. He was looking around to make sure they had water when he heard a pop. He spun around and grabbed a neck before he saw who it was and was ready to pound someone but relaxed seeing it was Ron.
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Hey guys, thanks for reading my new ff. I really hope you are enjoying it. I forgot to mention that I will be posting a new chapter every Monday. There shouldn't be a problem because it is completely written. After today there is only 12 more chapters. I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask questions and or make comments. Thanks

Chapter 2

Rescue At Hogwarts

Ron grinned nervously after the color came back in his face and asked Harry why he was so jumpy.

Harry took a deep breath and stuffed his fists into his pockets. “Really, Ron; you know me and you know how my whole life was and still is, and you have to ask why I’m jumpy when someone Apparates right behind me?”

“Relax mate, those days of trouble are over, you don’t need to take everything like it’s a threat to you anymore. Hermione said you wanted to talk to me about something. What do you need?”

Harry calmed himself down and said, “Things aren’t always what they seem, Ron. You learned that in Auror training. I wanted to talk to you and Hermione both after I get back from taking Lily to America. She said you wouldn’t be back until 1:30 and to come over then.”

“Alright, alright, you don’t have to get all bent out of shape. Hermione is inside with Ginny, come on we can talk now.”

“I don’t want the kids to hear us, and I don’t have time to get into things until I get back.” Harry said as they walked into the house.

“Well, we have plans today so you can just say what you have to say now.”

Harry asked where Hugo was and Hermione answered happily trying to be impassive of Harry’s angry face. “He is on a school field trip and then he is spending the week-end with his friend Thomlin; you remember him don’t you? They’ve been friends forever.”

Harry nodded his head stiffly, “Thomlin who has a sexist pig for a dad. Thomlin whose dad taught his son that, “Girls are nice to be friends with but women are better because they’re sexy and that makes them fun to play with.”

Ron squirmed and turned red in the face. “Just tell us what you need to so we can get on with our week-end plans.”

“You can afford me ten minutes to take Lily to America and get back. I will not have her overhearing things she shouldn’t be hearing.”

“Fine then, but you have ten minutes and we’re gone if you’re not back by then.”

Harry was most definitely angry and said, “You will wait since you came over and forced me to talk now instead of later like I already made arrangements for earlier today. Excuse me.”

Harry ran to the stairs taking them three at a time and a minute later slid down the banister with Lily and her luggage. He told Lily to say goodbye to her mum and then the two of them disappeared. Nine minutes later Harry reappeared soaking wet and looking exhausted. He sat down on the couch and rubbed his face with a towel that appeared in his hands. Finally he took the towel from his face and sighed heavily. He reached out his hand to Ginny for her to sit beside him. “It’s storming in America and its cold. I got a little wet getting Lily and her luggage in their SUV and telling them an urgent matter caused me to have to take her there before she had lunch and to please feed her. But don’t worry, just as soon as I got her in the vehicle I dried her, her luggage and Jack and Sam.”

“Why are you shaking Harry?” asked Hermione with concern showing.

Unseen by Harry, Ginny waved her wand around him and he became dry all over. “Ah, thanks, Honey, that’s loads better.”

He looked at Hermione and smiled, “I’m ok, Hermione, I’m just extremely worn out and hungry. I haven’t eaten at all today. Minerva called me first thing this morning right after my workout. She said I needed to get there right away, that it was urgent.” He looked at Ginny and told her that the kids were fine, but something had come to her attention and needed to tell me right away. When I got back, I called you to see if we could come over and you said to come at 1:30. I hadn’t even had a chance to talk to Ginny when Lily had a situation that needed taken care of. I sent her to her room to think on things while I went to the stable to check on a Mare that was due to give birth, and I needed that time to think how I would deal with Lily and also how I would tell Ginny what Minerva told me. The Mare had an accident and the foal aborted in a very violent way. I had to have Marston put her to sleep so I could pull the foal from the Mare without her causing more injury to herself. It was hard and took all my strength to do. Then I had to bury it. After I got cleaned up and had a very difficult talk with Lily we were just about to have lunch when you guys came over. Have you guys eaten? Can we please eat while we talk?”

Ron and Hermione nodded their heads and expressed their condolences’. Winky told them lunch was ready and squeezed Harry’s hands saying she was sorry about Lily’s foal and then wiping her eyes went to leave the room. Harry kept her hand and gently pulled her back to him. “Winky, it wasn’t Marston’s fault. He did everything he was supposed to do, and he was a tremendous help to me. I couldn’t have done what I had to do if he wasn’t there to help me, and I’m sure he saved the Mare’s life. Don’t be upset, please?”

Winky nodded her head and thanked him and ran from the room. They all sat at the table and Harry looked at Ginny to make sure she was still ok. Upon seeing her smile at him he began eating. After a few forkfuls of lunch and gulping down a glass of chocolate milk he slowed down and started talking in between bites.

“Do you guys remember me saying specifically that nobody was to talk about my magic or the magic my family knows at anytime?” His voice was kind but his eyes blazed with fury.

They said of course they remembered and asked why that was so important to talk about now. Harry asked if they had told their kids they weren’t to talk about them.”

Ron and Hermione nodded their heads and said they didn’t know why it was still an issue, but they had told their kids they weren’t ever to talk to anyone about the Potter family magic. Ron asked what this was all about and ended by saying, “It sounds like you’re ready to accuse us or our children of talking about the great Potters.”

Harry looked at Ron and stopped chewing mid bite and then said, “Don’t even start, Ron.” Ron dropped his fork and said, “Just tell us what’s going on or we’re leaving.”

“Rose has been trying to get a new club started to learn magic they won’t ever be taught at Hogwarts. She is proposing Albus to be the wizard teacher.”

At first they all including Ginny just stared at him. They were shocked and then Ginny put her hand to her mouth with total understanding why Harry was so upset. Ron smirked and said, “Minerva misunderstood, you know, she’s really up there in age and she really shouldn’t be Headmistress…”
He looked at Hermione who shook her head with disbelief. “Wait, Ron, I think she heard correctly. We got that owl from her last week remember; she said she wanted to start up a club to practice their spells. We gave her our blessings thinking it was cute and we were even proud. We thought they would be practicing things they learned in classes. She also told us that Albus would be the leader. We thought he was just trying to emulate his dad, but she had said he won’t do it because he doesn’t know spells any better than anyone else. She wanted us to ask Ginny to tell Albus to do it because his magic is better than everyone else’s.”

Ron swallowed hard and then said, “But it’s just kids trying to study. They want a little club like we did with the DA club. There’s nothing to worry about; just everyone calm down. We’ll pop up to the school and tell her not to create her club.”

Harry’s fists came down hard on the table and he raised his voice in horrible rage. “Nobody was supposed to talk about my kids knowing magic that nobody else knows. She has unknowingly put my sons and herself, but especially Albus in terrible danger! They had special permission from the Minister of Magic to learn it for self defense. Albus is a master wizard right now! He knows magic that some people have never heard of before. He is a Master Potion Maker right now. He knows how to make more Potions than the Professor at Hogwarts!” he finished with his fists pounding the table again. He was standing now, his chair on its side from Harry jumping up so abruptly. He took a breath and paced the floor several times. He set his chair up to the table and sat down again.

Ron ran his hands through his hair in frustration and then said, “I’m sorry you think your sons are more important than any other kid and that they know more magic than anyone else. Well, they don’t, and if they did and they’re in danger than it’s your fault for teaching them, not Roses for wanting to have a club. I’m not going to listen to any more of this, we’re leaving.”

He started to get up but Harry picked up his fork and calmly told him to sit down. He watched as Ron suddenly fell into the chair and his mouth shut without being able to open it. Harry ate the rest of his lunch and then released Ron from the spell he had on him. “You need to listen to what I’m telling you. I am not blaming Rose for anything. I said she wants to start a magic club and have Albus the leader. She is telling people that he can do magic that they won’t learn there. She is afraid and is doing this for protection. I don’t blame her for being afraid. Did you know about this?”

Ron shouted, “She is not afraid! What does she have to be afraid of?”

Harry looked at Hermione to see if she had anything to say. “Harry, we just don’t think you have to worry about this. I’m sure that –“

Harry interrupted her and said as civilly as he could, “In the war at Hogwarts, how many students were injured or killed? A lot,” Harry answered before anyone could say anything. It was hurtful to talk about it since Fred was killed there. “How many of them were Slytherins? That would be one I believe. Crabbe died in the Room of Requirements. As far as I know, with the exception of a small handful they all left the castle. How many Slytherins married and had children? I assume most of them did just as we did; right? They have children attending Hogwarts with our children. Now, I’m not saying the Slytherins are evil people, but I put a lot of them in prison for being involved with the Vernier. Some of their children are bullying Rose. She is afraid, and you saying she’s not afraid doesn’t make it so. But, this is why she wants to start this club, and this is why she wants Albus to be the wizard teacher. She is desperate because she doesn’t know how to stand up to bullies. And she knows Albus knows a lot of magic because she knows he made magic potions to save my life several times. And she didn’t learn that from my kids, she learned it from overhearing you three talking about me. You didn’t think it was right that I taught Albus such advanced magic. So of course she doesn’t believe Albus saying he doesn’t know that much magic. She doesn’t know that Albus really thinks he doesn’t know. And he also told her that his wand would be confiscated if he tried to do magic he wasn’t supposed to do.”

“I caused his knowledge of this powerful magic to be buried deep in his memory. He won’t remember it unless he is in an emergency situation. I did this to protect him for this very reason. I figured if other kids saw he had to learn just like they did, then he would have a good chance of being safe. He would be able to enjoy Hogwarts and have a fun childhood. I asked Hagrid and Filch when James started to keep an eye on him, and when Albus and Rose started I asked the same of them, and to report anything they find unusual to Minerva. They have both told her that Rose is being bullied and she is afraid. They also said they heard Rose claim that Albus knows a lot of magic that they will never learn at school. And she’s driving home her accusations by saying that the Vernier wanted Albus dead because they knew how powerful he was. They were afraid of him when I woke up from that coma and Albus scared someone pretending to be Voldemort away. They tried to kill him at the Star Wars movie but I saved him before it could happen. And at the battle between Tom Riddle and me, it was Albus he brought onto the field to kill but I saved him then too. Minerva said Albus has been trying to stay strong through this, but he is starting to become withdrawn. She said kids whisper and point in the corridors and they are either afraid of him or make fun of him. Sound familiar?”

Hermione put both her hands to her face and looked frantically at Ron. “Dear, we need to do something; we’ve made a terrible mistake.”

Ron still wasn’t ready to believe his Rose was afraid and caused all these problems for Albus. “Well, Harry, you shouldn’t have taught your kids all that magic. Albus wouldn’t find himself in this problem if you hadn’t taught him all that stuff. And Rose wouldn’t be getting bullied because of it.”

Ginny spoke up for the first time, her Weasley temper getting the best of her. “Oh, Ron, grow up for once would you please? Harry said he wasn’t blaming Rose, instead he’s saying that she is in jeopardy just like our sons. Do you honestly think that they will assume Rose doesn’t know any of this powerful magic? You don’t think they’ll think that being Albus’s cousin he wouldn’t have taught her and his other cousins some of this magic?”
“Why did you have to teach him that stuff anyway? This wouldn’t be happening if you hadn’t taught your kids all that stuff.”

“Ron, I taught them so they could protect themselves and help Ginny escape Riddle if ever I failed at it. I begged and pleaded for help, but very few believed Riddle was coming back. And then when I was taken seriously everyone said they weren’t strong enough and left it up to me. Because of that Albus had to be the one to help me. He was at my side whenever I worked in the lab. We talked all the time. He saved my life at least twice. If he hadn’t then you and your family would be dead - so would my children and my Aurors. Only Ginny would be alive… and I can’t even bear to think of the reason he was going to keep her alive.”

Ron stood up abruptly at the memory Harry was speaking about. It made him sick thinking of what Voldemort had planned to do with Ginny. He looked angrily at Harry and said, “Why did you have to bring that up? Rose’s little club doesn’t have anything to do with that.”

Harry noted his friends doubled fists and quietly but forcefully said that it has everything to do with it and more. “We’ve got to get to Hogwarts and stop this from escalating any further. You don’t understand how grave the situation is. All our children are in danger, but Albus is in more danger than you can imagine. I told my sons that since they know more magic than they are suppose to know, that their wands will come to me the instant they try do something against the rules or if they try to do magic that they are not supposed to know yet. It certainly is under that category that would cause Albus’s wand to come to me the first time he tried to perform dark magic, which is what Rose wants him to teach them. So imagine him standing in front of everyone and his wand disappears the moment he tries to perform the spell. It would send a message that he does indeed know magic he isn’t supposed to know.”
Ron interrupted him saying, “Well, you just go up there and say he’s grounded for trying to do magic he didn’t know how to do. Problem solved and it really isn’t as bad as you are afraid it is. You’re just being paranoid like always.”

Hermione folded her arms over her chest and looked crossly at her husband. “No he’s not and you know it!” She unfurled her eyebrows and looked at Harry and said, “I understand what you’re saying, Harry. But I think Ron is right as far as it isn’t as bad as what you are thinking it is. It’s probably just because since this came up Albus is being treated just like you were and it’s caused you to be more sensitive about it.”

“Look, guy’s, I’m not feeling nostalgic or anything else. There is a very dangerous side of this that all of you are obviously missing. I didn’t want to spell it out for you because I can barely contain my anger even thinking of it! Albus is in grave danger! If he gives into this horrible pressure he is under and tries to perform a spell and he loses his wand; he’ll be looking for me to bring it back. Being a child; he will naturally think I will assume he is guilty, because the proof would be his wand in my hand. It would be too much pressure on him! It could cause him to give into the dark magic he knows and turn into a Dark Wizard! Or worse than that, they might brain wash him until he gives in to the darkness.”

Ginny gasped and stood up grabbing Harry’s arm with both hands. Hermione stood up with her mouth slightly ajar but without an answer to give. Ron turned white and then said, “Look mate, there’s no cause to scare the girls. That would never happen with Albus; he’s kind of nutty, but he’s a super good kid.”

Harry rounded on Ron and screamed at him, which was out of character for him. “You don’t know what you are talking about! It has happened before to someone people never believed it could happen to. Do you know who I’m talking about?”

They looked at each other shaking their heads and Harry spoke just as angrily as before and just as loud. “Barty Crouch Jr. that’s who!”

Ron actually chuckled and Hermione breathed in a bit easier, but Ginny kept her eyes on Harry for him to explain.

Hermione tried to quiet Harry consoling him, but Ron interrupted. “Harry, Barty Jr. was a nutter; you of all people should know that.”

Harry’s muscles bulged under his clothes and his long hair flew as if a wind blew through the kitchen and he raised his fists above his head. Lightning bolts flickered between lockets of his flying hair and from one fist to the other. He screamed out in anguish and fear. Great tears rolled down his face and then finally he was quiet. He took great breaths of air into his lungs as though he had just ran a great marathon. He looked at Ron, Hermione, and then Ginny. Finally he spoke very quietly, his voice constricted and broken.

“Barty Jr. was innocent when he was put in Azkaban. He pleaded with his father to believe him. Everyone in the courtroom looked on him with shock and shame. They believed he was guilty because Rita Skeeter framed him. When he was in Azkaban a plan was formulated between the son and his mum. She was dying, and she begged her husband to make Polyjuice for Jr., to walk out as her and she would take a batch for a month to make the guards think he was still there. She died happy knowing her son was free. But, he was kept under a spell inside the house because Barty Sr. didn’t for one moment think he was innocent. Winky watched him. While Crouch was at work Jr. received visits from Ludo Bagman, and Rita telling him he would be better off working for Voldemort where he would be praised and honored for his work. So, Jr. went over to the dark side because nobody believed him and he wanted to be free. And now it is happening to Albus, you guys already don’t believe him. He knows what kids are saying, that he is a nutter, just like you said a minute ago, Ron, and you called Jr. a nutter when he was innocent.”

Ron didn’t argue or make it seem that he thought Harry was being paranoid. It rather scared him when Harry temporarily lost control of his power or whatever that is when he becomes like a raging monster. “Harry, I’m sorry, but, can you just think for a minute and wonder why you think this is going to happen? Why would these kids bully Rose and make her have Albus teach her dark magic? What purpose would this be for? Don’t you think they are just rotten kids like their parents and want to cause trouble? Why would they do this?”

“Because the kids I’m sure are being instructed by the parents. When they cause that moment of doubt in Albus they will jinx him and then the parents will capture him and do some powerful brainwashing on him to make him turn into a dark wizard, just like they did with Lucius Malfoy. If it doesn’t work, they will kill him. But if it does work and they know I will come to rescue Albus at all cost; they will make Albus fight me. What would I do? I couldn’t let him be a dark wizard, and I couldn’t let him kill me. I don’t want to fight my son and take a chance on killing him. Now, please, can we just go to Hogwarts and see about stopping this?”

They all three nodded their heads and stepped forward to comfort Harry. They now understood it wasn’t anger at them that made him rage, but the torture it was to him to think of this happening to Albus. Just then Albus’s wand appeared in Harry’s hand. He looked quickly at Ginny and his friends. His mood was deadly and he said, “Get to Hogwarts, tell Minerva it’s begun.” Then Harry disappeared from them and went to his son standing behind him only invisible. Harry looked around but didn’t see anyone around. He put his hand on Albus’s shoulder and very quietly said, “It’s ok son, I’m here, and I know you haven’t done anything wrong. Can you talk or is someone here in hiding?”

Albus spoke quietly without moving, “They are coming; I was to meet them here. They have Rose, James, and Scorpius. I sent my wand to you to know I am in trouble and need your help. I didn’t know how to do that, so I’m sorry, I tried to do magic I wasn’t allowed to do. I tried to make a super powerful protection spell but it didn’t work. At least my wand went to you, so I’m ok now.”

Harry squeezed his son’s shoulder gently and said, “You are very brave, son. You did the right thing.”

“But when they come, they’ll see I don’t have my wand, and they’ll think I didn’t bring it to keep from doing magic, and then they’ll hurt James, and the others. I don’t know what to do, Daddy.”

Harry scrunched up so he was kneeling to where Albus felt he was standing against his dad’s chest, shoulder and left hip and leg, his knee being on the floor. Then he felt his dad’s left arm around his waist and he felt his dad’s hand slip his wand in his hand with his hand holding overtop his own hand. Together they grasped Albus’s wand. Then Harry whispered fore he heard footsteps coming. “I won’t let anything happen to you, son. Answer truthfully anything they ask you about. If you have to do magic let me control your wand and your movements. You’ll have to use the Disarming spell soon enough. When that happens I’ll make your wand disappear and then I’ll appear in front of you with my back to them. Trust me and know that I know what I am doing. At some point when the dialogue is done I’m going to put my Invisibility Cloak around you. They’ll think I just made you disappear and they might shoot spells around. Don’t worry about it; nothing can get through the Cloak. I want you to quietly and quickly get to the Headmistress and tell her where I am. I sent some Aurors here this morning when I found out what was happening here. Ron, Mum, And Hermione are coming also. I’m sure James is about to escape any moment now so just worry about yourself. Tell Professor McGonagall to call Minister Shacklebolt.” Harry put the side of his face to Albus’s and whispered he loved him and then softly kissed his son’s cheek.

Just then fifteen kids of different ages walked onto the Astronomy Tower balcony where Albus had been told to meet them. They spread out and held their wands on Albus. One of the older boys’, Norton Flint, walked up to Albus and moved his hand around Albus to make sure he didn’t have a shield charm around him. Then he reached out suddenly and punched Albus in what he thought was his face, only Harry had seen the attack coming and put his hand up to the side of Albus’s mouth. Norton’s hand struck Harry and Harry shoved Albus’s face sharply so it looked like he had been hit in the corner of his mouth. For effect, Harry caused a small amount of fake blood to trickle out of his son’s mouth and down his chin. Harry moved Albus’s hand up to the place and rubbed it. Albus caught onto what happened and angrily said, “What was that for?!”

The boy grinned wickedly saying, “Just checking to make sure you don’t have any protection going on. Now what we are going to do is get Daddy to come here to rescue you and by that time our parents will have the Headmistress otherwise occupied and they’ll come here to get rid of your daddy."

“What makes you think he’ll come here? He doesn’t come around to visit you know.”

“We know he has some sort of way to make sure his kids are safe. I figure we’ll just have to play around until we find it. Now, let’s see some of that Dark Magic Weasley claims you have."

“I don’t know any Dark Magic. She just made that up on account of you bullying her.”

“What about the club she wants you to be the teacher of?”

“I told her I couldn’t because I don’t know much more magic than she does.”

“She said you know way more than that. What do you know?”

“We were allowed to know how to defend ourselves non-verbally on like the Bat-Bogey hex, stuff like that.”

All at once someone from the side sent a Stupefy spell and Harry caused Albus to deflect it. Then spells came from all directions simultaneously and Harry deflected them but every now and then he’d yank Albus’s waist causing the boy to gasp and slightly bend over as if he’d been hit by a spell. Finally Norton told Albus to attack them. Albus said he wouldn’t. Norton held up his hand for everyone to stop and Norton told him again to attack. Albus stood firm and said no again. The boy said he’d call Lodi and tell her to kill James.

Albus shook his head and said, “I can’t, my wand will go to my dad and he’ll think I’m doing illegal magic. He’ll come here and I’ll be in bad trouble.”

“Kid, you’re already in bad trouble. The world has seen the last of Albus Potter and his dear old dad Harry Potter. Now, I said try to attack me or I’ll tell Lodi to kill James.”

Harry whispered in his ear, “Tell him for everyone to at least try to defend themselves so you don’t accidentally kill someone, because you don’t know the spell properly.” Albus did what his dad said and they all laughed.
“Do as the little guy says.” Just as they began to raise their wands, Harry quickly told Albus to do the disarming spell. When he did they all lost their wands and Albus’s wand disappeared. Then Harry appeared standing in front of Albus holding his wand.

“Albus, what’s going on here son? You see I have your wand here. What did you attempt to do? Where is your victim?” Harry turned around to see the kids more than a little intimidated at the site of the great wizard. Harry smiled at them and said as he gathered the wands on the floor with just holding out his hand, “Ah, so I see my son has been ambushed fifteen to one. Not very sportsman like I’d say. What has Albus done to incur your wrath against him?”

Norton finally spoke when he heard footsteps coming, “We are going to kill him and you. He can live though if he wants to join us. Either way, our parents are coming to see that it gets done.”

Harry turned and caused the cloak to go over Albus, but he made a motion as if he sent him magically away. Albus quietly went to the exit and dodged the people going to the balcony. He didn’t want to leave his dad, but he had to do what he was told for his dad to get the help he needed.

To Harry’s dismay the parents plus quite a few friends showed up to capture Albus and Harry. They asked where the boy was and Norton told them that Harry had magiced him away before they could do anything. He told them Albus disarmed them when he tried to do a spell. “Did the boy know any special magic?”

“No, Dad, he could defend himself but he could never cast a spell. When I told him to he said he couldn’t because he might accidentally kill us. That’s when he disarmed us. His dad has our wands.”

Harry held out the wands to offer proof the man’s son had spoken the truth. The man hit the boy across his ear and jaw sending Norton to the floor. Harry held out his hand and Norton zoomed to him. Holding his wand on the man he looked at Norton and asked if he was ok. Norton was surprised to see the concern in his eyes. And when Harry put his hand over the side of his head a great comfort came to him when the pain subsided instantly. “Are you ok now, son?”

Norton nodded his head and looked at his father for instruction. He was very confused. He jumped when Harry spoke because his voice was quiet but carried a deadly threat in it. “I thought you would have learned your lesson, Marcus. I put you in prison once and I’ll do it again for attempted murder. Your son’s skull isn’t as thick as yours. You nearly killed him just now, and you did break his jaw.”
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back to read this next chapter. I hope you enjoy it and any comment would be welcomed.

Chapter 3

The Bird Caged

Marcus Flint looked at his son with concern and asked if he was ok. Norton said, “I am now.” Then Marcus motioned for everyone to spread out. Harry knew he was in trouble now, and wished his Aurors would hurry up and come help him. Spells began flying and Harry took the time to put a protection spell around Norton. As he did this something white hot cut across his arm and chest. He began firing spells back but realized the kids were still in the crowd. “Let the kids leave!” he shouted. But they kept throwing spells at him. Harry deflected most of them but he was busy gathering the kids up with his left hand and moved them over to the side where they would be safe. Once they were safe, Harry wasn’t choosy where he sent his spells, there was just so many! People began falling to the floor right and left.

Harry glanced at the students to the side and saw they were frightened. He couldn’t use the normal attack in front of these kids; their lives would be scarred for life, if they weren’t already. He certainly didn’t want to be the one to make it worse on them. As he deflected spells and tried to think he noticed that there were only about twenty people left. If he simply put up a protection barrier the remaining people would use the opportunity to escape back into the castle. He couldn’t let that happen, so he kept fighting. He was beginning to get overwhelmed with them all shooting at him constantly and he could only stop a few at a time with a knockout jinx. More white hot pain cut across his side and then his arm and then a leg; they were cutting him to ribbons and he would soon bleed to death. He realized that the rest of the people still standing huddled in a group and had put a protective charm around them lowering it only when they took shots at him. Finally, he saw his chance to catch them off guard while they were all together. They didn’t know he used a non-verbal spell to open a small way through the protection shield. “Portis Temporus!” he commanded and then he cast the full body bind curse. They all stood rigid and then fell over on their faces. It was over.
He whipped his wand around and all his captors were secured with cuffs and shackles. With all his might he made himself walk over to the kids along the wall. “Are any of you hurt? Does anyone need help?”

The kids mumbled they were fine and he assured them that their parents were only subdued and not harmed in any way. They nodded their heads and then turned to the stairs when they heard footsteps coming. Harry turned hoping it wasn’t more adults wanting to kill him and was relieved to see his Aurors run to him.

He was so thankful to see them but was trying to look behind them. “Is Albus ok? Did he make it without getting caught?”

“He’s fine, Love,” answered Ginny looking worriedly at him. “He was very brave. We were captured and held with Minerva and the Aurors that you had sent to protect the kids. They had been tricked and so were we. Albus was waiting outside the office when he saw James, Rose, and Scorpius sneaking to the Gargoyles guarding the entrance to the Head office. He got their attention and while he distracted the guards that had been posted there, James and Scorpius tackled the men and Rose took their wands from them when they fell to the floor. Then they all went up to the office and Albus knocked on the door and since he was under your cloak he got passed the man and was able to turn loose the Aurors and then us. We all just got free and Albus told us where to find you. He said after he left you he had to scrunch up against the wall because a bunch of people were running to where you were. He counted seventy three people. The kids wanted to come with us but we made them wait for us to come back for them … We didn’t know what kind of battle would be going on here.”

Harry nodded his head but didn’t comment. He was doing all he could to stay on his feet. He watched as the Aurors took over getting the tied up people to their feet and ready to take to holding cells at the Ministry. When they started to take the students Harry told them to leave them to him. They made sure Harry knew the kids needed to be questioned as to how deeply they were involved with the scheme to kill him and Albus. He nodded his head slightly and said he would see to it. “Before I forget; two of the men jumped over the wall and flew away. The first one flew off before I could get a good look at him, but he was familiar to a memory of mine. He was a coward. The other one flew off a few minutes into the fight. I know who he is; we’ll find him.” He thanked them for their work and sent them on their way.

He called Wes and asked him to come immediately to his location and when Wes got there Harry informed him what had transpired. “I want you to question these students to see how involved they are and if they fully understood what they were doing and why. Find out from Minerva if she wants to sit in on your interviews or if she wants to appoint someone to represent the school. I want them checked out by Madam Pomfrey first though.” When he got done with Wes, he called Draco and told him he and his wife needed to come to Hogwarts and to meet in the Hospital Wing with him.

Harry hung up his phone and winced when he turned to Norton. “I want you to come to the Hospital Wing and have madam Pomfrey work on you some more. Can you make it ok, or do you need a stretcher?” Harry quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper and then made it disappear while the boy answered him.

The boy looked at Harry in shock. “Mister Potter, I think I’m ok. I’m just a little dizzy.” Harry put his arms under the boy and picked him up cradled to his chest and then looked at Ginny, Ron, and Hermione and said he’d see them in the Hospital Wing and disappeared with Norton.

When they got there he took Norton to a bed and sat him on the side of it. Madam Pomfrey came to him quickly and took him by the arm. “Harry; you need to lie down this instant! Let me tend to you.”

“I’ll call Winky to help me. You are about to be flooded with students and you need to take care of Norton first thing. His father hit him and broke his jaw. When he landed on the floor he cracked his skull and his brain bounced hard, and he has a concussion.”

A moan escaped him as he turned to the bed next to the one Norton was on and with Ron and Ginny’s help, (they had just got there and ran to Harry’s side) he got in bed. He said Winky’s name and then his eyes closed. When he opened them again Ginny was sitting asleep in the chair slumped over his bed with her hand on his chest. He took her hand and gently squeezed it. He turned his head and saw that Norton was awake as well and looking at him. Harry knew by the emptiness in his belly he had skipped a meal. He looked out the window and guessed the time to be about 5:30 AM. Carefully so as not to wake Ginny, he scooted out of bed and gently lifted her into the bed where she curled up and snuggled down into the pillow.

Norton watched as Harry examined the cuts and marks on his legs and then a pair of jeans and his socks and shoes were on him. He held out his hand and a fresh shirt appeared. He looked at Norton and jerked his head towards the door and the two walked to the other side of the wing. Harry stopped in front of a mirror and looked closely at the rest of his wounds. He sighed unhappily and commented that something wasn’t right, and started out the door gingerly pulling on his shirt on the way out. Once they were in the corridor he and the boy following went to a small balcony that overlooked the Quidditch Pitch, Black Lake, Hagrid’s Hut, and far to the left the boat house. Harry crossed his arms slowly over his chest and winced at the discomfort, but it felt good to stretch his arms and back muscles.

Norton folded his arms like Harry, but for warmth. His teeth began to chatter and Harry looked at him and smiled at a memory that came to him. The time he and Albus Dumbledore had a reason to swim a body of water and when they got on land Harry was quite cold but didn’t say anything just like Norton. Harry tapped him with his wand and slippers went on his feet and he caught a blanket and wrapped it snugly around the boy. He pointed his wand at the floor and a huge jar of blue flames appeared giving instant warmth to the area. Then Harry conjured two comfy overstuffed chairs and motioned Norton to sit in one. They both sat down facing the castle instead of the scenery behind them. Harry spoke very quietly about a Raven perched on a nearby window ledge. He thought it was strange and mentioned it to the boy.

Harry turned his attention to Norton and spoke with his quiet voice. “There is nothing quite like being outside in the fresh cool air when the morning sun rises and bathes you in its splendor. It kind of takes your thoughts off things that weigh heavy on your mind. It gives you a new perspective on things of the past and of things that can be the future. There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to make a decision to be a follower or a leader. Unfortunately for some, that time comes before the boy is of manhood yet. It doesn’t seem fair, but one needs to look for the good even in the bad and decide then. One good thing is you have more time to make the transition by taking experiences, the good and the bad, to gain knowledge in how to form your manhood.”

Harry looked over at the boy and asked if Mr. Newman or anyone talked to him yesterday. The boy said, “Mr. Newman told me that you wanted me taken care of before I was questioned and he said he thinks you wanted to do the questioning.”

“Mr. Newman is correct. Now, my first question is did you rest much last night?”

Norton shook his head no, “I didn’t sleep any, Sir. I was afraid you would die. So I watched you and if it looked like you were getting worse I was going to call Madam Pomfrey. I had to pretend some though; people kept coming to check on you. Your House Elf fixed you up but she was crying all over you the whole time and said you needed more work. Madam Pomfrey said she’d take care of you and made her leave. I don’t think she was very happy to leave though. When she left your wife and kids sat with you the rest of the day. Madam Pomfrey kept checking on you and fussing over you, and then she said your sons had to go rest because of the ordeal they went through. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley kept checking on you and Rose Weasley cried all day long. Her parents took her home and will bring her back Monday morning. Scorpius and his parents went home and he’ll come back Monday morning. Mr. Malfoy seemed really mad. He kept coming over to your bed and saying that he wanted to talk to you the second you opened your eyes.”

Harry grinned and said he’d call him shortly. “We need to talk, before madam Pomfrey finds our beds empty and we catch all kinds of trouble for it.” The boy smiled and nodded his understanding. It looked to Harry that the boy was comfortable and not stressed anymore so he began his interrogation.

“Norton, I need for you to tell me how it came to be that you and your friends decided to kill Albus and me. Think hard and tell me as it was, not how you could make it sound better for you and your friends.”

Norton nodded his head, “Yes, Sir … Well, my dad kept talking about you after the Quidditch game and after when you killed Voldemort. He said, well err; he said you must know really dark magic since you came back from death. And when Albus started Hogwarts, he said I had to find out as much as possible about you and your magic. He said I had to watch Albus and James and send regular reports on how much magic they knew. I kept telling him it seemed like Albus was above average but that was to be expected being your kid and all. He didn’t know much more, but he learned right off. All the Professors made him their favorite. They pretty much gave up thinking James knew extra, because he was too much of a goof ball. He is brilliant, but he cares more about having a good time. The professors all like him but they mainly leave him to his craftiness since he does all his work easily and on time and he doesn’t interfere with others doing theirs. They say he’s just like his Grandpa, your dad.”

“Dad said the best way to make people talk is to make them afraid. He told me, and the other kid’s parents told them to say things that make it look like Albus is a dark wizard. Everybody believed us and was afraid of him except us Slytherins who were plotting against him for our parents. We laughed at him and said really bad hurtful things. Our parents were getting mad ‘cause he wasn’t acting like he was mad or anything; he just stayed unhappy and alone. So they told us to make Rose so afraid that she would tell us more about Albus. We did it, and she said she would get a club together and we would be sorry because Albus does know loads of dark magic and he would teach her and their friends who wanted to learn.

“When we asked Albus about it he told us to leave Rose alone or he would find a way to make us. I said he would have to use his dark magic on us to make us stop. He said he doesn’t know dark magic. He told Rose he wouldn’t be in her club because he didn’t know even regular magic well enough to teach anyone anything. So yesterday, we caught James, Rose, and Scorpius and told Albus to meet us where you found us or we would hurt or kill them. But that was just to scare him. We weren’t really going to do anything to them. We were threatening him to force him to use his magic and he said he would be in trouble and lose his wand. We kept saying we would kill James and them. We wouldn’t have though. We didn’t know our parents would come to hurt him or you. We thought they were just going to force Albus to admit he knows dark magic. We did shoot spells at him, but they weren’t powerful or anything. I was mad at Albus because he wouldn’t tell me what my dad wanted to know. He hit me every time I didn’t have something worthwhile to tell him.”

Harry thanked him for being truthful with him and told him that anytime he is bullied it is best to let that person know you won’t put up with being treated that way. “Kids need to get adults to help them stand up to bullies if they can’t stop it themselves. Now, we have just enough time for you to tell me how you were able to see your father every week-end and how all those adults got into Hogwarts.”

“Oh! Ok, well, there is this tunnel that was caved in ages ago. My dad and loads of his friends started digging it out when you came back from being dead. They just finished it during Christmas break. Minister Shacklebolt nearly discovered them when he was looking for the bombs Rita Skeeter put around the school. I can show you where it is.”

“Thank you, Norton, but that won’t be necessary, I know where it is. And by the way; I didn’t come back from death; I was nearly dead but not quite.” Harry looked around and then stood up and motioned the boy to stand beside him. Harry sent the chairs back to where they had come from and pointed to the roof just as the sun peeked over the castle and its light shown down on their faces.

“Tell me what you feel.”

Norton looked up to the rooftop and felt the sun on his face. He smiled at the warmth of it. Then he opened his eyes and looked around. “It’s beautiful, Mr. Potter. Everything is really clear and it’s like all shades of gold laid over the colors of the grass and trees and, well Sir, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. And even though it’s cold out here I can feel the sun warming my face. I feel like today will be better than yesterday.”

Harry nodded his head and smiled at the boy. “Now look over your shoulder and tell me what you see.”

“I see my shadow and beyond that I see-”

Harry interrupted him and said, “OK good, now look ahead and tell me what is before you.”

The boy arched his eyebrows together in thought. “Erm, well, right in front of me is the castle wall, but I know that beyond that are the hospital wing and then the corridor and some classrooms and the other side of the castle.” He looked nervously at Harry thinking he must think he’s silly for the answers. He wasn’t quite sure what Harry expected of him.

“That’s fine, Norton. Remember what I said earlier about being a follower or a leader? You look behind you and see your shadow, which shows that you are leading or going before what or who is behind you. You look ahead of you and not only see what is before you but your mind’s eye tells you from experience of being there what lies beyond that. Clearly you are a leader instead of a follower. A follower would say there was nothing behind them and only the wall in front of them. My advice is to only go down the path that you know from experience is the best path and remember someone is probably following you and you will lead them on the right path also.”

Harry flicked his wrist and the jar of blue flames disappeared and then he put his hand on Norton’s shoulder leading him back into the castle. “I’m afraid your parents and all the other adults will be in prison for quite some time. It will be up to the courts where you will live when you’re not in school. Is there any certain Aunt or Uncle, someone you would prefer to live with? I can put in a good word for you if you like.”

Norton, looked sharply at Harry and said, “You mean now don’t you? I’ll surely be kicked out of Hogwarts… Sir-”

Harry winced and put his hand on his waist. He looked at his hand and saw it covered with blood. One of his wounds had opened up and was bleeding freely. “Oh bother,” he said softly. “Looks like I’m going to be in trouble anyway I look at it.” He smiled at the boy and then stopped and turned to him. “Son, you did do wrong, and you have to be punished. But, I will not suggest you kids go before the school governors to decide your punishment. I think it will be left up to Headmistress McGonagall to decide, but you will not be kicked out of Hogwarts.”

They walked into the Hospital Wing and Harry pointed to the boy to get back to bed. Harry slipped off his jeans and shirt and got back into bed wearing what he had on before he got up. He swept his hand over the bloody shirt and jeans and they disappeared. He settled in beside Ginny and turned his head toward Norton and suddenly realized how desperately tired his excursion made him. Norton was asleep before his head was completely rested. Harry’s eyes closed and he slept. He barely moved when Ginny woke surprised that she was in bed with Harry. She tiptoed into the bathroom and was on her way back to the bed when madam Pomfrey raised her voice at Harry, about to scold him.

“Harry Potter!”

Harry bolted upright and winced horribly and grabbed his waist. “What, wha’zit? Z’ Albus ok-” He swung his legs over the side of the bed to get up clutching his side. Madam Pomfrey gently pushed his shoulders back onto the bed and said she was so sorry. “I was coming up the end of the corridor and thought I saw you walking about, and you were just faking being asleep here. I was worried you’d open your wound and now I’ve caused that to happen.”

Harry’s pain was intense and he began to sweat and shiver. “I’m sorry, I was-” He tried to tell her he was up and it wasn’t her fault but he wasn’t making sense. It was like a nightmare that he couldn’t wake from. Throughout the day he was aware of being talked to but he didn’t recognize the voice. He tried to listen carefully, but he couldn’t make sense of it. He kept tossing his head back and forth and then he’d sit up saying something wasn’t right. Every time he did this his wound opened and he’d bleed badly. He was so fevered that his entire body glistened of sweat and his hair and the bedding needed dried constantly. Once Ron came to sit with him and was talking about getting Rose a parakeet to help her feel better about everything that happened. Suddenly Harry opened his eyes and grabbed Ron by the front of his shirt. “It’s the bird; find the bird.”

Ron gasped and tried to calm down his brother-in-law. “Harry, it’s ok, I did get it. I got the bird for Rose.”

Harry frantically struggled to get up, but Ron kept trying to push him down. “Ron, let go of me! Don’t you see? We have to get the bird from Rose before it kills her. Why did you give her the bird? Bring it to me, Ron. Bring me the bird so we can find out what curse he used.”
“Harry, you’ve got to lie down; you’re ripping your wounds open! Will you please lie down!?” Ron was struggling with Harry and not succeeding in keeping him in bed.

Harry had enough and pushed Ron hard enough to knock him off the bed. He looked down at him angrily and said, “I don’t understand why you won’t get the bird from Rose when I told you it will kill her. Well, if you won’t then I will.” Harry groaned and held his waist and doubled over. He looked around asking where his wand was and then said, “Hold on, I don’t need my wand. I can do magic without it.”

Ron knew he was going to disappear and as quick as he could he jumped up off the floor and tackled Harry and fought to push him back in bed. Harry pushed him again and gritted his teeth in anger and pain and would have disappeared but Ron jumped up and with a swift swing of his fist hit Harry on the side of his face knocking him unconscious.

Ron caught him and yelled, “Could someone please help me here? He’s completely wonky in the head!”

Madam Pomfrey had heard and seen the whole thing and was hurrying to get to the two men but couldn’t get there quick enough. Ginny was on the other side of the Hospital Wing talking in undertones with Hermione about the emotional trauma Rose was dealing with when she and Hermione heard the commotion. They started running over and Ginny screamed when Ron hit her husband. They all got to him and helped him get Harry back in bed and began drying him and the bedding. Madam Pomfrey cleaned his wounds and bandaged him again. Ron kept saying he didn’t want to hit him, but he wouldn’t lie down and knew he was about to disappear. “He wanted to get Rose’s bird from her. He kept saying it was going to kill her. Something’s really got him Wonky in the head.”

Ginny stroked Harry’s jaw where Ron hit him and said she understood why he hit him. She bent over her husband and kissed him gently. He opened his eyes and spoke so softly she could barely hear him.

“I need Carson. Please…could you get Carson for me? Something is wrong, terribly wrong… The bird; ask John to get the bird for me.” He groaned loudly and started choking. Water gushed from his mouth like a fountain. Ginny screamed and Harry put his hand to his throat and the water stopped. He groaned and curled his legs up and asked for water to drink. Ginny helped him with a glass of water but he began choking again and the fluids started gushing from his mouth. This time Madam Pomfrey stopped the fluid from gushing out and shook her head. “Don’t anyone give him anything to drink, even though he’s losing so much water that he’s severely dehydrated. We’ve got a couple more minutes before he either suffocates by drowning in his fluid or dies of dehydration. Harry was breathing in deep gasps and it rattled loudly. Madam Pomfrey was right, his lungs were filling full of water.
Ginny screamed, “I need to call Carson and John!”

“We’re here, we’re here,” came two familiar voices. “Winky brought us. When she came to get us she was terribly distressed, but she told us what happened.”

As Carson set up his equipment and some IV’s of different liquids and medicines John tapped Ron and Hermione on the shoulder and led them a few feet away so Carson could have room to work. He asked what Harry was talking about a bird.

Ron looked at him with open mouth but nothing came out. And then after a few more seconds asked how he knew about the Parakeet he got Rose, and how did it have anything to do with Harry. “I just got it this morning.”
John replied, “Winky said Harry kept mumbling something about a bird he needed to get.”

“Dear, I don’t think Harry is able to think clearly. You said we got Rose a bird to help her, and Harry is trying to work out in his mind what he knows, that there is a bird in this mess somehow. He’s so bad off that he mixed the two truths together in his mind and now thinks that the bird on his mind is the same one you got Rose. He’s afraid it will kill her.”

John watched at a boy walking toward them and then gave him his attention when he stopped in front of them and started talking to him. “My name is Norton Flint, and it is my fault that Mr. Potter is here. This morning he took me outside to talk to me and he interrogated me. He showed me things I’ve never known before and I learned more from him just this morning, than my whole life with my dad. Before we went outside he looked at his wound and said something wasn’t right. And then when we were outside on the balcony he saw a Raven and said it was strange and held out his hand to it. It flew away but I saw it land in a treetop below the window it had been perched on. When he was done talking he said we needed to get back to bed before we were discovered out of bed, but he was just teasing. I think he just wanted to get back in bed before he passed out. He was bleeding pretty badly.”

John went to the window and looked for the balcony Harry and Norton was at and then made a quick plan with Ron and Hermione. He wasn’t thrilled with the plan they came up with but there was hardly time to be picky. They went to the balcony and after Ron and Hermione both said they were ready John took a deep breath to work up his nerve and then walked out on the balcony tossing a Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans Ron gave him into his mouth. He casually looked around and paused on a Raven. “What are you looking at, get out of here,” he said casually tossing a jelly bean at it. He turned his back from it and the bird flew at him and landed as a human. John spun around reaching instinctively for his side arm that he didn’t have because of silly rules forbidding it. Whoever heard of a United States Air Force man being unarmed when he is on duty anyway? The man laughed holding his wand on him and looked to make sure they were alone. “You stupid Muggle; actually thought a jelly bean would hurt me?” He shoved his wand in John’s chest and said, “Crucio!” No amount of any kind of military training would make him be able to roll out of the way or fight back as he fell to the floor shaking and yelled in the worst agony he had ever been in his life. Then as sudden as it hit him it stopped. Ron ran to the man they subdued and took his wand and tied him up like he had done many times when he was an Auror. He kind of missed it.

Hermione ran to John who was motionless and white as a ghost, but alive. She helped him sit up and felt him quivering like he just came in from a cold rain. Looking down at his smoking chest he patted out burning embers around a bloody hole. “What was that?” he finally managed to ask very weakly. Not waiting for a reply he got to his feet and grabbed the man’s wand from Ron and roughly stuck it up the man’s nostril. “Tell me the curse you used on Harry and how to undo it or I’ll shove this on up into your brain. NOW!” he ordered applying more pressure.

The man started screaming and urgently said, “OK, OK only I have to be the one to do it, or it won’t work. And I have to use my wand. The idea was that if I got killed after I performed the spell that Potter would die. We were going to do the same thing to his kid, the little one, Albus if we couldn’t break him with brain washing.”

John grabbed a handful of the man’s hair in the back of his head and guided him into the Hospital Wing and over to Harry’s bed. He looked at Ron and told him to free his wand hand and after Ron reluctantly complied John handed the man the wand and told him to clean it first. “I don’t want your snot to mess up your counter curse. Now do it; and let me tell you right now… If Harry dies there won’t be any questions or chances for you to explain what happened; I’ll just kill you where you stand. Do you understand?”

The man started crying again and begged for him to give him time to settle down. Just then Harry went into convulsions and water was gushing out of his mouth once again. Carson said, “I’ve done all I can to keep him alive this long. There’s nothing else I can do; Harry will drown in a matter of seconds.”

John shoved his thumb behind the man’s ear and started applying pressure. “OK, OK, OK, I’ll do it!”
He pointed his wand at Harry and waved a complicated motion and said the reversal of the curse. All at once Harry stopped convulsing and water stopped gushing from his mouth. He was lying perfectly still and after Carson took his vitals he said, “Other than being severely dehydrated and in grave need of blood he’ll be fine.”

Carson stepped back so Harry could once again be cleaned up. He started medicating and bandaging the open wounds while Madam Pomfrey prepared concoctions to restore Harry’s blood quickly and re-hydrate him. Meanwhile John took the wand from the man and shoved him roughly at the Aurors who had been called. They started to take him away but then John said, “Just a minute. You said “We” when you told us the plan to kill Harry and Albus. Who else is working with you?” The man made sure he was well away from the length of John’s arm reach and smiled wickedly.

“You’ll never get us all. We’ve been getting strong ever since he killed Lord Voldemort. We are known as Bird Men, and our leader is The Bird Man From Azkaban.”

John arched his eyebrows and chuckled, “Aw isn’t that cute and clever! Your club has a name. Okay guys, take Chicken Little and lock him up tight and we’ll keep catching your club members until we have all of them and your leader, The Bird Brain from Azkaban.”
Ron laughed and cuffed John on the shoulder and nearly knocked him down. John smiled in good nature and said, “Easy there, Red, your bait still doesn’t have his feet under him quite yet.”

Ron grinned and pointed to a bed. “You better get checked out. We’re grateful for your sacrifice.”
Carson took notice of John’s pallor and shaking all over. “Here now, Lad. What’s happened to you?”
John tried to muster up some bravado and said, “I was the worm on the hook dangling with my back exposed. Chicken Little flew behind me and turned into a man. When I turned around he stuck his wand in my chest and hit me with something called a Crucio. Those two were supposed to capture the guy before he could fire his wand. Obviously something went wrong.”
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Hey Guys, here we are again, already! I nigh on forgot it was Monday and nearly didn't post my next chapter. Sorry about that. Thanks for reading and I hope you are enjoying the story so far. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Chapter 4

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Ginny stepped over to him and hugged him tight. “Thank you, John, for saving Harry. I’m so sorry you were hurt. Harry’s had that Curse put on him twice by Voldemort when he was fourteen and then again when he was sixteen by Amycus Carrow. He said it was pain like you can never imagine. And Hermione had it used on her once when she was seventeen by Bellatrix Lestrange. It took her quite a while to get over it.”

A small voice behind them said, “My dad has done it to me once a month as long as I can remember to make me tough and keep me on my toes; and I’m fourteen.”

Hermione actually sat beside the boy and put her arms around Norton and cried sorrowfully. The boy, although feeling somehow comforted from her sympathy, didn’t quite know how to react to her. He sat still, and moved his eyes from Hermione crying on his shoulder back to John. “He said if I can withstand the Curse then I could withstand anything because the pain from it is worse than any other pain there is.”

John nodded his head in agreement and looked over at Harry who was beginning to stir. Ginny turned back to him and sat on the bed while she picked up his limp hand. When he opened his eyes he said, “Is Albus ok; is he safe? Two men jumped over the side of the balcony and flew away. And then there was a bird, a Raven here…”

Ron told him they already knew everything and to just rest. John spoke up and Harry questioned if that was John as he looked around to see and then saw Carson. “How did you guys get here? When did you get here?”

It was Carson who spoke up then to answer Harry, “Winky came to get us. It took her all day and night and then this morning she found me. It seems after Madam Pomfrey dismissed her from here, told her she would take over, and Ginny told her it was ok for her to go on home; she went to Cheyenne Mountain where she manipulated someone’s mind to dial the coordinates to Atlantis and when they did she watched where the wormhole opened up to and then used her magic to get there. I wasn’t there and John was off world somewhere else. She made her way to the infirmary and manipulated Jennifer’s mind to tell her where John and I were at. You remember Jennifer don’t you? She’s the resident Head Doctor and Surgeon on Atlantis. Anyway, to make a long story short, the little Winky Lass finally tracked us down and told us you needed our help and you might even already be dead. She was in really bad shape thinking she wasn’t able to get us soon enough. Plus she was heavily bandaged and banged up. It seems she disobeyed an order from her master and had to punish herself.”

Ginny gasped and shook her head, no, with great concern. Harry was equally alarmed and tried to sit up saying he was going to go to her. When Carson held him down Ginny said she’d go get her. Carson said that he took care of her and she just needs to rest now. Harry nodded to Ginny to go ahead and get the house elf. He turned his attention to Carson and said, “She won’t rest though; she’ll be worrying and doing her duties, one of which will be to kill herself.”

Minerva McGonagall entered the Hospital Wing and spoke to Madam Pomfrey who had been tending to a small form in a bed on the far side of the room they were in. She then walked over to the crowd around Harry’s bed and smiled at him. “Well, it’s good to see you awake and coherent. Wes has finished interrogating all the children involved except Mr. Flint.” She looked at the boy sleeping in the next bed over.

“Dr. Beckett, I presume. We didn’t get introduced before,” she said as the man in question stepped forward to speak. “Yes, ma’am, but please call me Carson. I gave young Mr. Flint a sleep aid, with permission from Madam Pomfrey, after he gave his information. He has been through a terrible ordeal especially being so young. And plus Harry said he didn’t sleep last night. I strongly suggest he get some psychological help.”

Minerva agreed readily saying, “They will all need evaluated and seen by someone in that field; and that includes the Potter children, Miss Weasley, and Mr. Malfoy. We don’t have anyone here that is capable of doing this. I’ll have to find someone to bring in.”

Harry said he already sent for someone that could be trusted. “And, Professor McGonagall, before I forget, Norton told me how the adults got into Hogwarts. It’s the secret passageway on the third floor behind the mirror. It has been excavated and new supports put in place. When they completed the work, they told the oldest kid the charm to break the seal so they could get in. After it was finished they met regularly giving them information. I guess yesterday morning they said they had James, Rose, and Scorpius and made Albus think they would be hurt or killed if he didn’t show up on the Astronomy Tower. Ginny and I can’t thank you enough for calling me when you found out about the bullying and all.”

Just then Ginny returned with Winky. Harry’s heart broke when he saw her. His mind went back to his fourth year at Hogwarts at the World Quidditch Championship Cup when she was dismissed by Barty crouch Sr. He held out his hand to her and she stepped forward shaking hard and crying great tears. Her huge eyes were red from hours of crying, but still she went forward for what she knew was going to be her dismissal from her beloved master, Harry Potter.

Harry took her hand and helped her sit on the side of his bed. He adjusted his pillow so he could rest on it and partly sit up to talk to Winky. He sighed heavily and his eyes shut and opened back up slowly. He was desperately tired and felt like he could sleep for a month and still not be rested. He blinked opening his eyes wide and said, “Winky, first of all, thanks for fixing me as much as you were able to. And you were very brave for going out to find Carson and John and getting them here. I am amazed with the strength you possess to do what you know is right no matter how frightened you are. Secondly, my heart is in great despair because I know you think you disobeyed orders, and you punished yourself for it. You didn’t do anything wrong. Ginny didn’t order you to go home; she said it was ok if you went home. She didn’t know you said there was something else wrong with me and I needed more help. She agreed with Madam Pomfrey so she wouldn’t think Ginny didn’t trust her. Now lastly; I forbid you to ever hurt yourself or punish yourself for any reason. Do I make myself clear?”

Winky nodded her head quickly and said, “Yes, Master Harry, Winky is full of understanding. Master Harry isn’t going to dismiss Winky?” Harry shook his head back and forth once and said, “You and your family are part of our family, and I can’t bear the thought of ever losing you.” Harry put his other hand on top of the hand he held and closed his eyes and then he took her other hand and closed his eyes again and both her hands were perfectly normal. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled at her wide smile. She thanked him and leaned forward and kissed him twice on the forehead and disappeared.

Harry asked Carson if John had to leave because he hadn’t seen him, but thought he heard him once. Everyone turned to the bed on the other side of Harry and saw John asleep and still very white and pasty looking. Harry asked what happened to him, and was he going to be ok.

Ron answered saying, “Look Harry, it is my and Hermione’s fault, but don’t get mad until after you hear what happened. When they got here John asked exactly what happened and Norton told him about the Raven and you thinking something was strange. He also said it flew off, but it hadn’t flown away only into a treetop beside the balcony. You couldn’t see it, and Norton didn’t see what was so strange about it. Anyway, John looked out the window and seen one sitting on the window ledge. We, Hermione and I that is, worked out a plan and John said he’d do it, but he didn’t like it. He went out on the balcony as if he was just taking in the view or thinking or something. I sent him out with a bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and he’d pop one in his mouth and then he turned around looking around and when he saw the Raven he said something sarcastic to it and threw a jelly bean at it and told it to get out of here or something like that. Then he turned his back for a convincing affect to make sure the bird didn’t think he was suspicious. Well the bird flew down and landed as a man. I tried to shoot it with a spell but he had a protection shield around him. During the time it took Hermione to break the shield spell; he had cursed John with the Cruciatus Curse. It was pretty bad; John had turned around and he was standing right in front of him. His wand was buried in his chest.”

Ron filled Harry in on the details of the group led by a wizard calling himself, The Bird Man From Azkaban. “Did you put him to sleep then, Doc?” asked Harry sadly. Carson said, “No lad; he’s asleep because he couldn’t resist sleep any longer. He had been awake for thirty six hours. So, I’m sure he’ll be fine, unless this curse he was hit with affects him in a way I don’t know about.”

At the same time that Hermione said, “It does, but he’ll be ok.” Harry said, “He’ll never forget it.” Harry stared at his friend for a minute in silence and then said, “I want to see that passageway before it is caved in and sealed again. I’ll get Kingsley to post a couple Aurors at its entrance. Honey, take John and Carson home and make them comfortable. I plan on being home sometime tomorrow noon. Did Draco have anything to say about Scorpius being involved in this? Does he understand what happened? I wanted to talk to him.” Harry seemed to be in a hurry to say all he wanted to because he was finding it more and more difficult to stay awake. Just before Minerva opened her mouth he said, “I’m powerful hungry, and thirsty can I…” he didn’t finish his request because he fell asleep.

The next morning, Harry got out of bed and dressed quietly. Nobody was in any of the beds, and Madam Pomfrey hadn’t come in yet. He wanted to go to the Great Hall for something to eat and then see Minerva before he went into the secret passage. He left a note on the bed for Madam Pomfrey thanking her for her care.

He moved as quickly as he could but was quite stiff and sore. When he got to the Great Hall he was pleasantly surprised to see both his sons sitting at the Gryffindor table and sat down between them. There weren’t three happier guys anywhere in the world at that moment. After their hellos were made Harry picked up his fork and looked at the empty table. Not a crumb of food in site. His stomach rumbled loudly and the three of them laughed boisterously. He looked at his plate and said, “If you please, we’re three guys mighty hungry. If anything is ready may we start on it?”

Harry’s eyebrows arched curiously at the lack of food showing up and then ham, sausages, bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, toast and jams and fruit appeared before them. “Woohoo! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Dig in boys!” They ate and visited as if they hadn’t seen each other in years all though it was just two months ago that they returned back to Hogwarts from the holidays. Soon other students and professors made their way into the Great Hall. Harry hadn’t counted on still being there when the rest of the castle awoke and came for their breakfast. He looked up abruptly when he heard feet running to him. It was Rose, with Scorpius, and some of their friends walking rather than running like Rose but still excited to see Harry. He smiled kindly and invited them to join them. Rose leaned over his back and hugged his neck. “Uncle Harry, I’m so sorry I caused everything bad to happen.”

Harry took her hands in both of his and held them to his heart. “Hey there Beautiful,” he turned his head and kissed her cheek, “you don’t have anything to apologize for. Nothing is your fault, and it’s all over now, so we won’t ever speak of it again. Now, come and have your breakfast before these boys eat it all.”

They all laughed and the newcomers began to load their plates. Before long the great Hall was buzzing with whispers and pointing. Everyone by this time knew the great wizard Harry Potter had been lying in bed in the Hospital Wing recovering from a severe battle he fought all alone. There were many rumors going around about ‘that one evil guy, Lord Voldemort,’ coming back to life and Mr. potter killed him again; and other rumors just as wild. Harry was beginning to wish he was home already even though he loved being with his sons. He looked up at the professors’ table and saw Minerva gently smile at him. He told the kids around him he needed to attend to a couple things before he left and told them to behave and have a good day. He squeezed James and Albus’ wrists instead of hugging them to keep from embarrassing them and said he’d see them at the end of term.

As Harry got up slowly and started toward the professors table he patted Scorpius fondly on his shoulder and asked was he ok. Upon the boy nodding his head yes he affectionately tousled the boy’s hair and winked at Rose saying he’d see her later too.

Along the way to the Professor’s table he was stopped several times by students wanting his attention. He always spoke kindly to them and was finally able to take a chair beside Minerva. He held out his hand and a cup of hot coffee appeared in it. He told her he was going to go through the secret passage and see where it came out. “I would like to take Hagrid with me, because I’m pretty weak and sore, that is, if it doesn’t interfere with his classes.”

Minerva was surprised with Harry’s choice, but didn’t question him. “Yes, of course, well let’s see; his first class isn’t until 1:30. Will that give you enough time?”

Harry grinned and said it should be ample time. He stood up to leave and the great Hall erupted in loud applause. He glanced at the entrance to see who came in and then looked at the room of laughing students. Harry looked quizzically at Minerva and though her smile was just minimal, the glimmer in her eyes said how proud of him she was. “They are clapping for you, dear boy; and they think it’s funny you don’t know it.”
Harry turned to the kids and put up his hands modestly. One of the kids shouted out, “Do some magic for us, Mr. Potter.” Instantly the entire room was banging the tables and chanting, “Speech, magic, speech, magic, speech…”

His mouth opened slightly totally taken off guard for such a request. Now they were all on their feet calling for a speech. Harry raised both hands and motioned for them to sit down. The room fell silent enough a pin would be heard if one were dropped just then. He put two fingers lightly on his throat and said, “*Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!*” and as the Great Hall erupted in laughter he spread his arms wide and Clematis, Edelweiss, Anthurium, and Apple Blossom fell from the ceiling so thick one could barely see in front of them. Just as the flowers touched anything, or anyone, they disappeared. While the kids were amused with this and not being able to see him, he said good-bye to Minerva and told Hagrid he needed him for a while if he was finished eating. The two walked out of the room unseen and it wasn’t until they were on the third floor the great Hall stopped raining flowers.

When Harry got to the Aurors guarding the passageway he smiled cheerfully, “Carl, Jake, it’s so good to see you! Thanks for your work here. Has there been any disturbance or noise coming from the passageway?”
“No, Boss, nothing at all; how are you doing…healing up ok then?” asked Carl while they both answered to their orders and then shook his hand and patted him carefully on the back. “It’s so good to see you, but you don’t look so good; are you sure you should be up and working? Would you like us to come with you, Boss?”

Harry smiled and quietly said he would be going home immediately after he was done, and it should only be a couple hours. “I have Hagrid here to help me, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Thank you though. And I’ll more than likely leave before seeing you again, so you can leave as soon as you receive word I said you could leave.” Harry turned to the passage and said the words to open the entrance and then he and Hagrid walked into the unknown.

Immediately they realized they were at the top of a grand staircase. They descended in tight circles for what Harry counted to be four levels. Framed pictures graced the walls although they were covered so heavily with dirt and many of the canvasses were ruined that whatever or of whom the pictures were of was totally unrecognizable. When they got to the ground level they started onward through the passageway. Harry particularly, took in the sights. The passage could have been a country road with room enough for small trees growing on either sides; but of course it was neither but looked as if it could have been. Harry was amazed at how big it was. Every few yards or so, Harry stopped and felt the wall and then walked on. He stopped and looked at Hagrid who had been talking nonstop the whole while. He was thanking Harry for having faith in him to be able to help him do whatever it was they were doing. But the reason Harry stopped and looked at him instead of offering short answers or saying it was nothing at all and the like, was the last question Hagrid asked him. “Say again, Hagrid?”

“I said I always wondered what Dumbledore meant when he said, “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak” You said it again this morning; what does it mean?”

Harry grinned then and said, “I can’t be sure, Hagrid, but I have always thought he was telling us in a kind way that we shouldn’t be afraid or over confident with whom the Sorting Hat decided we were, and that things are hardly ever as they seem. The founders saw fit that we be sorted and separated because of our station of class or our place of importance in society. Three of the founders wanted the most of what they thought separated them from the other founders. The other wanted to accept the ones who weren’t chosen because she felt the other founders over looked the most noblest of the lot; those who was nurturing and peacekeepers. The four houses competed in everything to prove they were better than the others. I can imagine Professor Dumbledore using the opposite of each characteristic to show the humility they lack separately and how combining all four together instead would build unity. Think of nitwit as the worst insult a Ravenclaw houseman could be called because of their wit and aptitude of logic. Think of blubber as the worst a Gryffindor could be called because they are big on strength and fitness, loyalty, and courage the insult would suggest the sloppiness and misfit characteristics of the slothful, selfish, and cowardly. Think of Oddment as the worst thing a Hufflepuff could be called because it calls them leftovers or odds and ends, even worthless. And think of Slytherin hating being inferior not ever being good enough and having to be tweaked or fixed to be as good as the others. I think he just wanted to tell us to be who we are no matter what house we were put in. It is up to us to make our self worth not a talking hat. He wanted us to be at ease with being there in unity so we could learn what is important, and not how to be more important than the other houses.”

Hagrid, studied Harry as he talked and said, “Yur bloody brilliant, Harry. I nev’r ev’r got nothen like that from them words. I thought he was just be’n funny ‘n all.” There was a short silence and just as Harry started to go on Hagrid spoke again. “You wore it at the battle when you killed Lord Voldemort din’n cha?”

Harry stared at Hagrid and leaned his back on the side of the passageway. He hadn’t been prepared for that memory and it took the wind from him for a second. Hagrid started to apologize but Harry smiled sadly saying, “It’s ok, Hagrid, no need to apologize. No, to answer your question, that wasn’t the Sorting Hat. I made that hat, but I made it to discern the same as the Sorting Hat does. I enchanted it to appear on my head if ever I had even the slightest notion to give up so it could make me understand I can’t give up no matter what. So; you see at that very moment just before the hat appeared on me I had a moment where I wanted to just grab Ginny and the kids and leave because I knew I more than likely was going to die and I wanted so desperately bad to live with them. But then the hat appeared and made me see what would happen if I did give up, and I knew I couldn’t let that happen. I honestly don’t know if I would have carried through with staying to finish the job or not. I sincerely hope I would have.”

Hagrid blew his nose on his great handkerchief and said Harry was the bravest and most powerful wizard of all time. “Does tha’ hat on’y work on yur head?”

Harry summoned his wizard hat and told his friend to bend over. When he did, Harry placed the hat on Hagrid and the hat told him something and Hagrid bent over again so Harry could take it off. The hat disappeared and Hagrid said, “’Twas ‘fraid it’d say sumpen like ‘at.”

Harry sighed deeply and said, “It told you that though you wanted to retire you needed to keep working for four or five more years?” Hagrid nodded his head wondering how Harry knew and Harry said, “I think there’s something you need to teach my kids, especially Lily.”

Harry turned and walked slowly and silently looking at the sides of the walls again as they progressed very slowly along the passageway. Hagrid knew the discussion was over and didn’t attempt to ask for clarification. Every so often Harry stopped and Hagrid tread on the back of his boots offering a quick apology each time, but he wondered if Harry even heard. All at once Harry stopped abruptly and Hagrid looking at the walls and deep in thought about what he could ever teach Harry’s kids that Harry himself couldn’t teach, bumped into him so hard it knocked him onto the ground. Hagrid pulled him up quickly pulling him clean off his feet. Harry turned very pale and dizzy with the sudden pain burning through his wounds.

“It’s ok Hagrid, it’s my fault. I was deep in thought. I feel a tremendous magical force up ahead.” He drew his Sword of Victory in one hand and his wand in the other. Hagrid drew his wand and looked hard up ahead but seen nothing whatsoever. A lantern appeared in midair ahead in front of the apparent cave in. Harry studied it and walked over to the edge and looked through a gap of about a half foot wide and saw he was looking into a large room. He directed the lantern to go through the gap and stop at the other side of the room. Something was carved into the wall: “What do you require?” Harry directed the lamp to navigate around the room and then he made it come back to him. He stepped back and looked at the ground and scuffed several inches of semi loose dirt and found under it not to be packed earth, but a marble floor. Harry turned and studied the floor and a few minutes later stood up and waved his wand in a very complex motion while he spoke a command in Latin. The boulders and rocks began to move and shift into the contours of the ceiling and walls like a giant jigsaw puzzle and then when all the pieces were in place it became smooth and elegant looking. Soon the passageway was completely cleared of the boulders and rocks so then Harry and Hagrid walked into the room he saw using the lantern.

“This room looks very familiar and it is looking good for a theory I have.” He closed his eyes and put his arms straight out to his sides and extended his fingers to their furthest reaches. He slowly turned in a circle and then opened his eyes and walked back out into the passageway. They walked on through the passageway slowing with Harry now and then stopping to feel the walls. “These walls every so often emit very strong magic vibrations and some of the vibrations I detect to be my magic. I think this will confirm my thoughts about this passageway. Stand back; I’m not sure how much power is going to radiate from me.”

Harry concentrated hard and held his hands before him and then he doubled his fists and began to shake with the power generating in him. The veins popped up in his arms, neck and the sides of his face. His jaw was set firm and then he opened his eyes and fists again and threw his arms wide and the wall opened in front of him. He and Hagrid walked into a great sized room and Harry swallowed and leaned back against Hagrid exhausted.
After a minute he walked around the room and saw it was the same as the other room. They walked out proceeding the rest of the way to the exit of the passageway. Hagrid looked back to see the wall close that Harry had opened and then turned back facing the direction they were walking. They looked around finding they were in a small clearing in a forest.
A/N *Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!* From The Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rowling
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Hey Guys, thanks for coming back for another chapter. This chapter is pretty short, but it is also a dividing point from the semi light story to the darkness that is about to come. I hope you enjoy it. As always, comments are welcome.

Chapter 5

The Third Floor Secret Discovered

Hagrid said, “Blimey, Harry, is that the tip of the castle towers right there?”

Harry looked where Hagrid was pointing and shook his head, “I can’t see anything but trees and a lake over there.”

“Oh, ‘course ya can’t see, you’re too short.” Without warning Hagrid lifted Harry off the ground as easy as if he was a child being lifted by his father to see a great sight. “Yeah, you’re right Hagrid, that’s Hogwarts. By the looks of the towers, the boat house should be just around the bend. Hagrid put Harry down and followed as he had been doing the whole way. They came upon a hidden cottage that looked like it had been recently occupied. Harry stepped inside and looked around. He found copies of the Daily Prophet and dirty dishes and then he found a ledger with a bunch of names in it. At the top of the first page was a title that read, “The Bird Man From Azkaban.” Under the title read, “First Unit” and then a numbered list of names. This Unit was made up of eighty people and in special brackets with the name at the side, “First Officer… Zacharias Smith. Objective: Capture Albus and Harry Potter: Father to be held in torture chamber and son to be convinced to join The BMFA by severe intrusive reconstructive brain washing: At end of procedure Albus will kill his father.

Harry told Hagrid, “The first column of eighty people was more than likely the ones who invaded Hogwarts because I saw Marcus Flint at the top of the list.” Harry asked him to hold onto the journal for him. Harry looked about the cottage and went to the walls and studied them carefully. “How dare they! How bloody dare they defile this house and these grounds!?” Hagrid looked worried and didn’t quite know what to do. Harry was beyond angry and the look of rage unsettled Hagrid to say the least. He hadn’t gone inside with Harry because his huge size prevented him from fitting through the doorway. Harry stood breathing deep and looking murderous. His hair was flying like he was caught in a tornado and the lightning bolts between the locks of hair were frightening. Everything Harry looked at righted itself, the dirty dishes were cleaned and put away, the floors were cleaned and the general unkempt look of the place looked anew. Then he raised his arms to his sides, his hands doubled in fists and a large lightning bolt of electricity arched from each fist, and came together over his head. Harry’s eyes glowed white and when he spoke his voice was like thunder. “Step away from the house, Hagrid, and do not interfere.” He shoved the palm of his right hand at Hagrid and Hagrid jumped feeling a force repelling him away faster than he was moving his feet. He looked down at his feet and saw they were gliding over the ground. Finally he stopped when he was barely able to see Harry inside the cottage.

The house began to glow for about ten minutes and then Harry screamed until he lost his breath. Next thing Hagrid knew, the cottage disappeared in a haze of fog. Then out of the fog something was coming at him very slowly. It was Harry, a very scary looking Harry. He looked like he was a walking dead man. He didn’t say anything to Hagrid just motioned him to follow him. They walked through a mist and when the mist was clear Hagrid seen they were in the passageway. Only it wasn’t the same. He turned around to go back outside but there wasn’t an entrance anymore. Harry kept walking silently ahead and Hagrid caught up with him. The passageway wasn’t anything like it was when they went through it on the way to the end. It was exactly like the corridors in the castle. You could look out arched windows and see the grounds. The sun shone through brightly making it seem cheerful inside. And that wasn’t the only thing like Hogwarts; there were rooms on either side of the corridor. There were many amazing artifacts and vibrant Tapestries decorating the corridor. The pictures that hung on the walls and stairwell could clearly be viewed of witches and wizards of the founders and early Professors and famous magical people of the times during which the castle was first built. Every door had a Raven over it that seemed to watch the progress of the two men.

When they got to the place where Harry forced the doors open, it looked like part of the corridor only at the place where the doors had been was a symbol of the Hogwarts Crest. Harry nodded his head and went on to the first room they went into. He walked over to the engraving on the wall. And as if it had asked him what he required Harry used great effort to speak in a very quiet, gravely, voice. “Dear Lady Rowena, what you have sought to do is done. Now I need to finish with what you would have me do. I require my magic back and I do know the price it will cost.” Harry looked into Hagrid’s eyes with compassion and said, “Don’t be afraid for me, dear friend; this has to be done this way for the sake of the castle. Do not interfere in any way or it will surely be the death of me.” He swallowed and closed his eyes and then a light surrounded him and he rose into the air turning slowly. Hagrid saw him breathing hard as his body rose and his arms and legs stretched out and again he screamed until his voice left him and his body went limp. Then the light lowered him to the floor again and Harry’s body stood like a statue against the wall. His eyes were once again looking into Hagrid’s and then he looked ahead determined and resolute. Hagrid couldn’t tell if Harry looked insightful, fierce, gentle or, willful. Hagrid decided it was all four he saw. Regardless of everything else; he was most definitely daunting. Hagrid watched as muddy looking colors of blue, crimson, yellow, and green, lights streamed into Harry and then to Hagrid’s horror Harry seemed to take form as part of the wall. Next thing Hagrid saw was figures being carved into the wall as Harry was. Writings formed over each statue including Harry. To the left of Harry they read: Wise and Witty: Brave and Daring: and to the right of Harry read: Loyal and Hardworking: and finally: Cunning and Sly. Over Harry the words: Servant, Protector, and Courageous were carved. Hagrid tried to run to Harry’s form in the wall, but he couldn’t move his feet. When the writings were etched the colored lights, no longer muddy looking, but bright, came from the four statues and a white one came from Harry and went out as a wave throughout the whole castle and grounds. Finally as though Harry was released from the wall carving he fell to the floor. Hagrid walked hurriedly to Harry calling his name and gasped when he turned him over. Harry was unconscious and he was bleeding badly from not only his wounds, but from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Something that was different was the long white lock of hair that fell over the side of his face and ear was not just a lock of white, but about a hands width of pure white hair from root to his long waves and curls at the ends.

Hagrid didn’t know if he should get help for Harry or carry him to the Hospital Wing. Just then Harry opened his eyes and whispered his thanks to Hagrid for going with him. “It’s twenty minutes before lunch, Hagrid; we need to tell Professor McGonagall.”

“You need to see Madam Pomfrey right away. Can ye walk or maybe I better carry ye. Harry, are you ok? I mean, what I saw was powerful scary, and look at this place.”

Harry nodded his head wearily. “I’ll tell you about it in Minerva’s office; we have time.” He touched Hagrid’s arm and they instantly transported to the Headmistress’s office. Minerva stood up from behind her desk and hurried to Harry and Hagrid. She started to tell Hagrid to get Madam Pomfrey but Harry stopped her.

“I’m going to give you the condensed version and then go home.” And so he told Minerva with Hagrid nodding excitedly throughout the explanation. Harry summed up his explanation saying, “Magic comes with a price. I gave up my magic, which is part of me, to have the enchantment in Hogwarts repaired. Hogwarts has slowly been dying with all the repairs being made with our magic instead of the natural enchantment of the castle fixing it. The third floor corridor on the right side where Fluffy was guarding the Sorcerer’s Stone wasn’t closed just for that reason alone. It had been closed because the enchantment to repair itself wasn’t working anymore. The secret passageway was cursed in such an unthinkable and horrific way that it actually diseased the natural enchantment of this castle. I expect the moving staircases would stop working and the clock also. I also expect the enchantment causing the castle to be unplottable would soon be broken.”

Minerva spoke up saying the staircases stopped working the very evening the castle was invaded by the Bird Men and the clock stopped working this morning. “And the elves were complaining just this morning that the stoves and refrigerators weren’t working properly. They’ll also have to carry lunch up on great trays. They said they barely made breakfast transfer to the Great Hall this morning.”

Harry wondered how Hermione would feel if she knew the extra work this would have caused the elves. “The curse was incredibly hard to overcome, but I did it and caused the castle’s enchantment to bring it back to its formal glory.”

“Well, everything is fixed now, all of it. The right side of the third floor corridor and the secret passageway can now be utilized again. The end of the passageway is sealed with a powerful enchantment that will never again be broken. It is the same as Platform 9 ¾; if one needs out all one needs to do is run through it. It was built as an escape route if ever the castle was attacked. It was the brainchild of Rowena Ravenclaw. And speaking of her, I’ll tell you about the Room of Requirement another time.” Harry really wanted to get home but saw the anxious look on Hagrid and Minerva’s faces.

“Alright, I’ll just take you there and let you see.” He touched Minerva and Hagrid and they were now standing in the secret passageway in front of the Hogwarts Banner. Minerva looked around surprised with what she saw.

“*I remember flying all around Hogwarts during the Triwizard Tournament while a dragon was trying to catch me.* I know there is no room built right there on the seventh floor; it’s just not there. If there is a secret room, there has to be a room there to be kept secret. This is the answer. When someone walks three times back and forth thinking on what he needs; they are actually summoning this space. The doors on the seventh floor open and you walk into a room that is actually down here. When you leave, you’re back on the seventh floor. That way if the room is needed for a different reason, the space is available to be used. It can be used four times at the same time. There are three other rooms like this one across the hall and one down. In that instant the room beside this one is used. And it explains why I felt my magic. This is the room I summoned to the Ministry of Magic when I captured Rita Skeeter on Christmas day. And the one beside this one is the one where I put out the Fiend Fire. You can smell the smoke and see the walls are scorched from the flames trying to eat their way out; or I guess you can’t now, but before the enchantments were fixed you could. Hagrid saw it though.” Hagrid nodded his head emphatically so no doubt could be assumed. A curious look came over Hagrid’s face and Harry asked what he was wondering about. “I’m not up on the enchantments of the castle, but from I know the Fiend Fire should’a gone out when ever’thing was burnt. How did it keep burning all them years after the war?”

Minerva arched her eyebrows and looked at Harry in askance. Harry answered kindly although he hoped this wasn’t going to be a long question and answering time. “The room always meets the requirement of the occupants. The fire needed more to burn so the room provided.” Hagrid nodded his head but before he could ask anything else, Harry turned to look out the window. It was beautiful outside and the sun rays shone brightly in on him. He closed his eyes feeling the sun’s warmth and tuned out everything that happened to him and basked in the glory of being alive.

Minerva walked into the room where the four founders and Harry’s statues were immortalized in the stone wall. She turned to Harry and went over to him and touched his arm. She caught her breath when he turned to her looking so colorless. He was letting them see things for themselves; while he just wanted to get home and rest. “But, what does it mean, Harry; you being on the wall like that?”

Harry didn’t look at her but quietly said, “The castle needed the curse to be broken. This exit was blocked to prevent evacuation. After the threat was over, the enchantment couldn’t fix itself, so it caused the boulders to form to keep anyone from coming or going. It was the only way to protect the castle. I broke the first spell at the Cottage of Ravenclaw. Then I had to break her spell to fix the power of the enchantment. Her enchantment was allowing the castle to die, since someone outwitted her and caused so much evil. I convinced her it wasn’t like that anymore. She said the enchantment could be broken if someone was willing to give up their magic to show commitment to the cause, but she wouldn’t share how it had to be done. She said if I broke the curse on her cottage she would return my powers so I could remove the curse the castle was dying from. So, that’s what happened. The diseased castle enchantments went into me and I broke the curse and then I put the new enchantment over the whole castle. I am part of the castle enchantments now. Anytime something is done to the castle, I will know and I will come and defend it with all my being. I know each time an enchantment is used like the stairwells moving, each swing of the pendulum and the movement of the hands on the clock in the tower. It’s a bit overwhelming, constantly hearing the whispers from the castle, but I’ll get a handle on it eventually.”

There was silence while Minerva and Hagrid listened with awe. Then Hagrid said, “The Flint boy said that the passageway was cleared and shored up so the adults could get through, and they obviously did get through; but when you and I came down it was blocked. How did they get through? And, Harry, is Rowena Ravenclaw out there in that cottage, on’y you said she said those things to you.”

Harry answered, “No, Hagrid, she is not out there, she is dead but I was speaking to a presence of her. And to answer your other question; They found that every time they had success in clearing the rock away, it was blocked again the next day when they came back to it. Finally, they discovered Rowena’s Cottage outside of the passage. They broke through her enchanted barrier and defiled her sanctuary with vulgarity and one of them stayed there day and night. Since the enchantment couldn’t function with the vile scum there twenty four hours a day then the work clearing the passageway was completed. Once the scum left, the blockage returned to keep intruders out and students in. I knew it wasn’t a normal cave in because there wasn’t any debris or broken ground from falling rocks. It was all placed there carefully.”

Minerva nodded her head and said, “How does the Room of Requirement give the appearance of it being occupied from the corridor? When you had your DA meetings in there, it’s been said that students arrived at different times and when the door opened to let them in they could see the others inside waiting on everyone.”

Harry nodded his head and said, “When the room is occupied and more come to use it for the same reason, as in our DA meeting they were in this chamber we’re in now. You notice there isn’t any wall or doors on the side facing the corridor? It appears this way so that you are able to see inside to make sure you are using the correct room. If you see others who are using it for the same purpose then you know you are in the correct place. You see none of us here were witness to the workings of Hogwarts when it was first open for students. Rowena invented the enchantment and the Room of Requirement along with this passageway for her students to have the upper hand in magic. The other students were inferior to her students, she thought, because she had secret classes in these rooms to advance her most brilliant students. The rooms are able to furnish everything the person needs to accomplish the requirement being taught. These classes weren’t on any schedules but highly suggested by the Head of House to any student who wished to succeed.”

While Minerva was looking around Harry took out the Marauder’s Map and updated it with the new information. He waited politely for the Headmistress to say she was satisfied. She was so enthralled though that she didn’t notice time getting away from her. “Professor McGonagall, (Harry never addresses her by her Christian name to her face. He just doesn’t feel right doing it) do you think you’ve seen enough for now. I could possibly come back tomorrow if I’m recuperated enough; or,”

Minerva turned and saw his dire need and said, “Oh Harry, dear boy, you are way too patient with this old woman. Yes, of course we do need to be getting back to the lunch hour before it is over and leaves us wanting our missed meal. She held out her arm and Hagrid offered his arm to her to escort her up the stairwell. Being a lady she didn’t turn down his lower arm to hold onto. Harry stepped in and said, “How about I take us all up, but I don’t want the kids to see me this way, so I’m going to leave the instant your feet touch the floor. Could someone please inform my Aurors that we aren’t down here anymore, that I went home?” They said good bye and Harry took them all up to the Great Hall and disappeared before anyone got a good look at him.

A/N “*I remember flying all around Hogwarts while a dragon was trying to catch me.* This happened in the movie, Goblet Of Fire but not the book.

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Hey Guys, back to post another chapter. Thanks for coming back. Hope you enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 6

The Saving Of Chevron

Harry appeared in his living room and Ginny screamed and half ran, half stumbled to him. “Carson, help him! Is he alive? He looks like a Zombie!”

Harry held up his hands to protect himself from everyone crowding around him to help him to the couch. “I can walk; I’m not as bad as I look, and I’m ok; really. I just need a shower, a band aid here and there, and rest up a bit. I’m pretty hungry too, if I haven’t missed lunch.”

John spoke up with a relieved grin on his face, “I just can’t leave you alone for a single day can I?” He shook his head and said, “What happened to you? Ginny is right; you look like a Zombie. And what did you do to cause more of your hair to turn white?”

Harry swallowed and said, “I did a bit of complex magic and it took its toll on me. My throat is all but gone, and I need to… could we please talk about this later? I’m feeling like if I don’t…” He stopped talking and his eyes lost their focus. He was about to fall over from exhaustion when he felt a very small hand take his and the next thing he knew he was in his bed with Ginny’s head on his chest and his arm around her. He couldn’t think of anything else in the whole world that he’d rather be doing. He was still very groggy but knew there was something he did need to do, but he was too content and comfy to wake up properly to figure it out. All at once he opened his eyes and scooted out from under Ginny very carefully to keep her from waking. He moved stiffly but as quickly as he could to the bathroom.

A half hour later he came out feeling much relieved and fresh after his urgent need to relieve himself and then shower. He knew without looking at the clock that it was 6:00 in the morning. Time for breakfast; and a walk down to the stable to check on the Mare would be a good enough activity for today. He looked in the mirror at his wounds and was pleased at how well they were healing. He frowned slightly at the wide strip of snow white hair falling down over his shoulder. He slipped on his clothes and brushed his hair and quietly made his way to the door. He magiced on his socks and shoes because he was so stiff; he didn’t want to pull open his healing wounds.

He stepped out into the hall and descended the steps and went straight to the kitchen. He was so hungry he was literally shaking. He hated being this hungry; so many bad memories came with the feeling of hunger. He got a bowl and spoon, the first box of cereal he touched from the cabinet and the milk out of the refrigerator. He poured the cereal and began eating it as he poured the milk. The only thing he concentrated on was getting the next bite in his mouth as quickly as he could. After finishing the cereal, he still felt hungry. Is it possible he felt even hungrier? He looked at the box and seen that he’d just eaten Lily’s favorite, Fruit Loops with marshmallows. A smile came to his face thinking of Lily and figured he and Ginny would pick her up after Ginny had her breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, he decided he would eat again when she ate.

Just then Winky walked into the kitchen humming happily. She squealed joyfully at seeing Harry and ran to him hugging his knees when she reached him. She told him to sit and she would fix him breakfast, but he told her he was going to check on the Mare first and then be back up for a real breakfast with Ginny. When she looked scornfully at him he grinned and said, I’m not going to work out, or run, or anything. I’ll be back up before you miss me. Do you think you could fix me a steak and fried potatoes and…”

Before he could finish his request John walked groggily into the kitchen. “Is there coffee yet?” Harry was surprised to see his friend and stood up pulling him into a bear hug. “John, I’m glad you’re here. I guess you got here last night? Did you sleep well?”

John grinned that impish grin of his when he is about to tease someone and popped a grape in his mouth. “I sure did; thanks for asking. I slept all day and night and half the day after that.”

Harry laughed merrily and said, “It’s barely morning, how can you have slept a day and a half of another day?”

They both looked at Winky when she giggled at the conversation she was listening to as she prepared their breakfast. Harry looked quizzically at John and shrugged his shoulders. He picked up his coffee and motioned for John to do the same and started to the door. “Let’s check on my Mare so I can have the rest of the time to visit with you.”

The two friends walked to the stable. Harry said it looked like it was going to be a cold and wet miserable day and John agreed saying it did look like it was going to storm again today just as it had every day since they got there. Harry was about to ask who came with him when he heard Marston singing to the recuperating Mare. John touched his hand to Harry’s arm to stop them from entering and being seen. Harry stopped and looked questioningly at John. “What is it, John?”

“I don’t understand something about House elves. You have quite a few here on your property working for you. And it seems like every time I come here you have more. And are there different kinds or like nationalities of them? I guess what I’m trying to say is; the ones here on your place all look cute and adorable, like even the males. I have seen some at Hogwarts, and I’ve seen pictures of others and they’re… well, there downright ugly. Why are yours different?”

Harry crossed his arms over his chest and thought as he looked down at a clump of dirt he kicked around before answering John. “Do you remember me telling you how the elves came to be here? When we vanish the bad, the mistakes, ruined things, and criminals who are sentenced to death, we sent them to a void. That void is at the event horizon of a black hole. The Black Hole on the other side is where the home world of the Elves is. They became so overwhelmed with this ugliness that they created these little elves from the ugly and evil and send them back to the planet where they came from. They are inhabited with Ancients within them. Once they are here they can choose what home they become servants to so they can help humans to become thankful and humble. At least, that was their hopes. They always went to the wealthiest homes because so many of the wealthy seem to need some humility. When I found this out I stopped sending ugliness and mistakes to nothingness so I wouldn’t burden the Ancients. The thing is, when I was there the last time, they taught me a lesson in humility. They said that if we could be humble enough to send good things along with the bad, then the elves that came wouldn’t be ugly and they could even grow more becoming. Winky, was mine from after I killed Riddle. I asked for her release from Hogwarts because she was miserable there. She and another named, Kreacher was mine. I asked them to come here to work for Ginny and me. I asked her to ask for others she thought might like to work for us. As time went by the goodness and humility kind of rubbed off on them and their physical appearance changed to what you see now. The others who just show up come this way because I sacrifice some of myself for them to be able to come here without fear of subjugation from me. I understand their code and system of honor and I don’t try to force our way of life on them. The better person I make myself be, the better it is for them.”

John studied Harry who was looking elsewhere. John knew Harry didn’t like talking about things that put him in a good light; he was too humble to bring that kind of attention to himself. There was just one more question he wanted to ask his giving friend and then he wouldn’t trouble him anymore. “How do you make sacrifices to them? I mean what kind of things do you sacrifice of yourself?”

Harry drew in breath and blew it back out slowly and became interested in the clump of dirt he had been kicking around earlier. He glanced up at John to see if possibly he had given up on an answer. John stood silently with his arms folded over his chest just as Harry was this whole time. He would not give up waiting for an answer. Harry sighed unenthusiastically and began to answer John. “It’s nothing really. Like if I’m running and feel like I can’t take another step or I’ll collapse, I run for them until I literally can’t take another step. Chevron brings me back while I recover from fatigue. Or, sometimes I take out a stone I carry with me always and squeeze it tight and it remembers me to the pain I suffered at that time. … I can put it to my heart and then I can send those feelings to them as it costs a lot of me.”

He looked at John to see if he was understanding and sighed at the look on John’s face. Harry held out his hand to John and his wand appeared in his hand and he put it in John’s hand and covered his hand with his own hand. Then with his other hand the enchanted stone appeared and Harry waved their hands with the wand in front of Harry and when Harry squeezed the stone and held it to his heart, John saw a white light come from him and travel away from them. When John gazed at Harry it was with wet eyes and a horrible pain in his heart. He wanted in the worst way to beg Harry to stop for the feeling was unbearable but couldn’t say anything; because it was a very personal gift Harry was sharing with him. When Harry stopped and put away his wand he stood quiet and still. He was white in the face and he blinked the wet away from his eyes.

“You do this willingly?” asked John when he recovered his ability to hold his composure.

Harry swallowed and nodded his head. “I do it to help the elves and in doing this it keeps me humble. We all need to be responsible for things we do. Knowing what I know about how the elves come to us and the reason why they come the way they do; would it be right of us to keep vanishing our mistakes and ugliness to their world without thought of the effect on them? I hardly think so. They give their all being here and doing what they do for us, their Masters. They are loyal beyond belief and they don’t expect anything in return.”

Harry looked back down to the ground and shoved his fists into his jeans pockets and then sighed looking wistfully at the stable. John chuckled affectionately and put his arm around Harry’s shoulder and pulled him on into the stable. Harry grinned but said nothing. Marston saw them and ran to Harry and hugged his legs saying how happy he was that he was alive; but oddly Marston didn’t look happy. Harry patted him fondly on the small shoulders that supported the elf’s head that wore a cowboy hat continuously and said, “I’m good, Marston, everything is good. Let’s see how the Mare is doing. Is she in one of the other stalls?” Harry had looked in the stall he had her in when he attended her from the fall and losing the foal. Marston looked at Harry and frowned. “Marston is letting the Mare back out to graze in the fields again. Marston is feeling like that is what Master Harry would want. Master Harry is needing to see…” he looked uncertainly at Harry and took off his cowboy hat and began turning it in circles.

Harry was surprised Marston would take such initiative to do this without checking with him first. Harry studied the elf for a minute thinking he must be afraid he would be angry with him for doing so without being told and then said, “That’s fine, Marston, I trust you to make the best decisions regarding such things. I guess she is doing well enough then…” his voice trailed away as he looked around with curiosity. “I heard you singing I little bit ago. I thought you were singing to the Mare to comfort her.” He looked around again and said, “Where’s Chevron? He’s always in here this time of the morning for our run.”

Marston began to quiver and his eyes became sad. Harry’s heart dropped to his toes. Marston took Harry by the thumb and pulled him to a separate part of the stable where horses with long term illnesses or injuries were kept. It was hardly ever used. They got to the door and Harry stopped before going in. He couldn’t breathe and a hopelessness black as pitch fell into his heart. “What happened, Marston? Is he in there? Why is he in there?”

Without waiting for an answer Harry, John, and Marston went into the room. Chevron was lying on the floor quivering. His breath sounded like he was barely breathing and labored. Harry stepped over to his Friesian Stallion he loved so dearly and dropped to his knees. He put his hands on the beautiful black horse and carefully felt the neck and chest. He put his ear to the horse and listened intently. He spoke softly and soothingly to Chevron and the horse grunted short noises. He wiped the froth from its mouth and put his face to it. He forced Chevrons mouth open and smelled his breath and jerked his head back.

John could hardly stand the pain he knew Harry was feeling and looked at Marston. He knelt on one knee so the small elf wouldn’t feel intimidated. “What happened to him, Marston? How long has he been like this; I saw him last night and he was fine.”

Marston looked at John and then back to Harry not for sure if he was supposed to talk to John before Harry. He decided to answer John only loud enough so Harry could hear too.

“Marston is wondering why Master Chevron wasn’t in the stable like he is every morning to see his friend, Master Harry. Marston is thinking then that something is wrong and Marston is going out in the pastures to find Master Chevron. Marston is finally finding him in the east pasture lying on the ground. He is cold and hardly breathing. Marston is just getting him into the stable and making him warm.”

Harry sat on his heels listening to Marston and then asked why he didn’t come and get him right away?

John saw the anger and a longing to understand in Harry’s eyes and spoke up to defend Marston. “Harry, hang on a second. Marston didn’t know you were awake yet. You’ve been asleep for a week. You’ve been motionless the whole time.”

Harry was so startled with what John told him he couldn’t say anything. Finally he looked back at Marston and said, “I apologize, Marston. You haven’t done anything wrong. Did you look around the area to see if there was any reason something could have hurt him?” Harry began to carefully examine Chevron’s legs for injury from snakebite.

Marston nodded his head sorrowfully and said one word, “Hemlock.”

Harry’s face went white and he said, “Get everyone out-”

Marston interrupted saying, “Marston is already having all the hands out finding and destroying it.”

Harry nodded his head and turned his attention to his horse. “That explains why his lungs are paralyzed hence the reason he is hardly breathing and the awful smell.” Harry saw bottles of medication used for accidental ingesting of the plant and knew Marston had already done what needed to be done right away. His horse, he knew would die if something drastic wasn’t done. He thought in silence for several minutes the whole while talking soothingly to Chevron while he stroked the magnificent horse.

Finally he sighed and said, “It’s okay now, Chevron. I’m not going to let you die. He stood up and paced back and forth in deep thought. Finally he said, “Okay, I’m going to be at this for a while. John, you should go on up to the house and eat your breakfast. Please tell Ginny I won’t be up for a while.” John started to say he would stay with him, but Harry shook his head before he even got out the offer. “You aren’t going to want to be down here, John, it isn’t going to be pretty or smell good.” He turned back to Marston and told him, “I’m going to make a respirator and then get him up and walk him until everything is flushed from his system. But before I start walking him I need to work a bit of Black Magic on his liver and lungs.” Marston gasped and shook his head no but Harry kept on talking, “Remove all the straw and bodily waste. Keep it clean and…” He turned quickly as he was talking and bumped into John.

John held out his hands to Harry and said, “I texted Ginny and then I got this stuff for you to make the respirator. I can help, Harry, I grew up with horses; and I made a respirator before so you can just use your magic-“

Harry reached out and as he touched the leather straps and things, they turned into the respirator he wanted to make. “Thanks, John. Go ahead and put it on him and I’ll start this. Don’t interrupt me for any reason.”

John couldn’t believe the difference in Harry between his easy going nature and this determined and resolute and downright scary nature. There was a force in him that made John glad they were friends and would never have to go against him. He took the respirator and fixed it on Chevron; talking soothingly to him all the while.

Harry took off his jacket and shirt. He held out his hands and sterilized them with magic and knelt beside his horse. He looked over at the sink and the water turned on and then a bottle appeared and began a slow trickle of liquid to pour from it into the stream of water. Harry took several deep breaths and then plunged both hands clear up to his elbows through the top of the horse’s ribs and muscle and into its liver saying incantations in a language John had never heard before, but somehow seemed familiar. The water stopped flowing into the sink. Chevron jerked and Marston held him to the floor with his magic. He began singing a very relaxing song and Chevron settled down. John had to keep opening his eyes wide and blink fast to keep awake. He looked at Harry to make sure he was staying awake. Harry had a fierce look on his face and he was covered with sweat dripping off him. Finally after an hour Harry pulled his hands out saying a spell that made the area where he pulled his hands from seal and look as if nothing had gone on. The water that was coming out of the sink spigot and disappeared had been coming from Harry’s finger tips. He showered off his arms and then the water and bottle was gone. Harry put his arms around the horse and began pulling him up off the floor. He got his head and neck lifted and strained to help the horse get on his feet.

Marston raised his arms and Chevron very slowly started to get his feet under him. Harry still was lifting him and straining under the weight of his horse. He got him on his feet and Harry took a breath of relief and nodded for Marston to stop his magic. He didn’t want Chevron confused with all the unnatural things going on with him in his state of dire illness. But then the horse stumbled drunkenly and Harry unintentionally caught him causing him to fall to the floor and Chevron’s knees to crush down on Harry. All the air in Harry escaped him but he was able to lift the horse off him with his magic. John helped Harry to his feet and Harry put his arms around his horse’s neck speaking in the language he used before and then he put his ear against the chest of the horse. He checked both sides and then leaned on the horse stooped over for a minute. He straightened up slowly and a groan escaped him. He looked wearily at John and said, “You’re going to need to clear out of here, he can blow anytime now.”

Harry put his hand in the halter and pulled gently to get the horse to walk. He got the air machine that was hooked up to the respirator to float beside them and man and horse trudged around the room both hanging their heads and dragging their feet. Every now and then Harry had to lift the respirator and wipe foam from the horse’s mouth and encourage him to keep walking. Within another five minutes the results of the Black Magic started working. Marston kept cleaning and Harry kept walking his horse. John couldn’t take it any longer and pulled Harry’s hand from the halter and told him to take a break and check himself out to see if he was hurt from Chevron falling on him. Surprisingly Harry nodded his head and stepped away from them.

Leaning on the wall Harry gingerly felt his stomach, ribs, and chest. He turned to the sink and vomited green liquid. He put his hand on his pouch and a bottle with a healing potion appeared. He took off the cap and drank the entire bottle and then got a different bottle and drank it in its entirety. He doubled over and moaned and took deep breaths. Finally he stood up quite white in the face and examined Chevron. He ran his hands cautiously over its stomach and listened carefully. When he straightened up he patted Chevron and smiled. “Now, comes the hard part, are you ready boy?”

John watched as Harry once again held out his arms and sterilized them with magic. He faced Chevron and told him this was the last thing he had to do and to hold still. He looked at Marston and the elf knew he was to keep Chevron still. John sensed some apprehension and began stroking the horse’s neck and soothed him. Harry nodded his thanks to John and started speaking in the language he heard before but this time he could see his eyes and they were glowing white. John waved his hand in front of Harry’s face thinking he couldn’t see him, but wanted to make sure. He was just so flabbergasted at the change in Harry he momentarily forgot what was going on. Harry nearly cracked a smile but double downed on his concentration when he nearly lost control of the magic he was doing. His eyes shone bright and he strained with the power in him. And then he had control again and spoke the words of the unknown language.

Suddenly Harry forcefully pushed his fingertips into the horse’s chest and kept pushing until his arms and shoulders were submerged into the horse. Harry’s chest heaved in and out in great breaths and he went down on a knee and planted his toes into the floor of the stable (which was dirt) and pushed hard against the horse. Finally Harry slowly withdrew his arms and lastly as his fingers came out the horse’s flesh sealed without any evidence that anything had just happened. He reached up and took the breathing apparatus off of Chevron and handed it to John, but it changed back into the leather leads and things he made the respirator from before John even closed his hands around it. Harry put his forehead on the horse between his eyes and put his hands on the sides of the horse’s head, still speaking in the unknown language but very softly.

For several minutes this went on and then Chevron whinnied and Harry quickly grabbed around Chevron’s neck as he reared up on his hind legs. Harry was lifted off the ground and swung himself on the horses back and when the horse landed its front feet it trotted majestically out of the room and then outside and then he galloped off on a dead gallop over the hill and out of sight.

John turned to the elf and said, “Marston I need to- “but he stopped because Marston was standing beside him with the horse Harry gave him saddled and ready to go after Harry. “Thanks, Marston.” John handed him the things in his hand and took the reins and rode out at a full gallop just as Harry had, but Harry was far ahead of him. He was glad he was raised with horses and felt comfortable on this gift from Harry. Thor, another Friesian, was the fastest horse he had ever ridden with the exception of Chevron. A few minutes later he caught up to Harry and Chevron. They had stopped and Harry was talking to, John guessed, a hundred elves. Harry spread his arms out and a golden glow spread over the elves and then they cried out in glee to Harry and then disappeared. Harry stood on the back of his horse and shouted a complex spell and maneuvered his wand in a way John had never seen before and arches of fire came from his wand and streamed to various places touching the ground and sizzling before disappearing. The rain started pounding down and the wind began blowing horribly. Harry looked fierce with his hair blowing wildly and lightning continuing to scorch the earth here and there. Finally the lightning stopped and he put away his wand and sat back down on Chevron and gripping his knees tightly on the horse he told the mighty stallion to prepare for war.
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Hey guys, thanks for coming back. Feel free to comment as comments are most welcome. Hope you enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 7 The Pedestal Of Fancy Pudding

Harry stretched his arms upward his hands balled up in fists. He shouted in the unknown language, but all at once John recognized it. It was primordial Ancient. Harry was shouting he would not be defeated and to leave his home or come out and fight this war face to face to the death. Black lightning struck at Harry but he swished it away with his sword that came into his hands. Lightning bolt after lightning bolt Harry parried away. John’s horse became skittish with the unnatural lightning and thunder. Just as Harry turned abruptly the black lightning struck for John. Harry and Chevron were instantly in front of John and Harry was able to divert most of the bolt away from them only catching a bit of it searing through his left shoulder. He yelled out with the pain of it and then screamed something John partly made out; something about being too much of a coward to face him that he would go to him and fight him and then he was gone. But in the sky; black and brilliant white lightning bolts flashed for an hour in a horrible storm and then it was over. The rain still beat down but John just sat still on his horse. Then Harry reappeared next to Chevron and the horse trotted to the stable after Harry spoke to him. John dismounted and turned his horse lose to follow Chevron and John went to Harry.

“Harry, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Harry looked wearily ahead and swallowed. He nodded his head slightly and then spoke in a very quiet voice. “John, I’m sorry, did you get hurt? I didn’t know you were there. I should have been more careful when I found out how this whole ordeal came about. I should have known you would have followed me. I’m so sorry.” He stopped and bent over leaning his hands on his knees. John stepped close to him and Harry jumped back nearly falling over. “Don’t touch me until my hair turns black again. You’ll get electrocuted if you touch me like this. Thank you though for wanting to help me. We’re so much alike, you and I. I know you know not to touch me when I’m super charged, yet you would have done so to help me. And what’s more, you do it without a second thought of danger to yourself.”

John picked himself up from slipping on a boulder when Harry jumped back away from him. He thought it laughable to think of him being anyway near the same as Harry, but he didn’t laugh. It was a great honor for him that Harry thought it to be so. He reached out and barely touched Harry’s pouch and said, “Cloak,” and the invisibility cloak came to him. Harry looked at him with surprise and John said, “Let’s sit down and rest for a spell. If we hold this over us the rain won’t seem so bad.”

Harry nodded his head and took half of the cloak being careful not to touch his friend. Even so, John could feel his hair was standing on ends being so close to the electric energy in Harry. After they sat on part of it that went over their backs, they trapped the top part of the cloak under their feet that they drew up close to themselves. Harry stretched his arms around his knees and clasped his hands together and then laid his head on his knees and spoke wearily. “This is better John, thank you. I guess I was just willing myself to put it out of my mind so I could fight… who I was fighting.”

“You were fighting a, who?”

They both laughed deliriously. Harry explained in a groggy voice, “The Ancient that left Kingsley at Christmas time escaped the Ancients who held him captive and he’s been coming back to pester me now and then. He seems to come only when I’m weak or tired. This was different though. He put the Hemlock in the pasture and disguised the flavor so my livestock would eat it. Normally a small amount of Hemlock won’t kill a horse if treated soon after accidental ingestion. Livestock won’t eat it unless they are starved. Thankfully I had Marston close that pasture off to let it grow a little lusher after the harsh winter we had. The coward lured Chevron to that spot so he would eat and be poisoned. If Marston hadn’t found him he would have died.”

They talked for half an hour longer and then Harry’s hair turned black again. John nudged him in the side and he groaned and asked what he wanted, rather grumpily. John laughed and gently shook Harry’s shoulder. Come on brother, wake up your hair is black again. You’ve been nearly asleep for the last five minutes.”

Harry grinned, “Sorry about that. Yeah, let’s get home. Its 5:47, I hope we haven’t missed dinner. You wouldn’t believe how hungry I am.” They stood up and both groaned. They weren’t used to sitting in that cramped position and Harry was still bleeding. “I can’t believe it’s still raining.”

On the way back to the house John asked about the glowing eyes and the magic he was using. Harry said that when he was with the Ancients every time he was there they taught him many things. “There are many magical beings in the universe and many beings that can control things with their minds that is not magic. I learned these ways and one of the beings that I learned this from; SG1 made extinct a few years back. You knew them as the Ori. (A/N pronounced or-eye)

“You knew about them?!” John had once claimed that nothing about Harry could surprise him, because he just assumed Harry had all the answers or could solve any problem; but this subject of conversation did surprise him.
Harry chuckled and said, “We don’t have time to go into that story at the moment but, yes, I know about them. And by the way, they are not all gone. The factious branch of the original Ori is the ones your people killed off. These others; you don’t have to worry about.”

Harry looked to see how much closer they were to being home and sighed. “John, I’m done in; do you care if I use magic to get us the rest of the way home? We still have three quarters of a mile to go yet.”

John arched his eyebrows and grinned. “I’m always up for magic, let’s go!”

Harry touched John’s elbow and they appeared in the front yard and as they stepped up to the porch a loud crack of thunder and brilliant lightning lit up the darkened sky. Harry looked up into the torrential rain pelting him in the face and on the world, looking like he was ready to fight another battle. Then he relaxed and told John it was a normal storm.

The two men walked into the house dripping wet, cold and weary. The room was full of Weasley’s and they were all staring at them. Harry and John looked at each other and then back to the room of people.

“Err… did I forget about something, somebody’s birthday or anniversary?” He saw Jack and Sam and asked, “OH! Is Lily home? Where is she?”

Ginny walked in from the kitchen asking why everyone was so quiet. “Harry! What on earth has happened to you now?” she asked running to him.

“Carson, look at him; what’s wrong with him; and John too? Harry and John looked at each other curiously and then Harry asked John if he was okay.

“You’re white as a ghost… with blue lips.” John chuckled and said, “Oh … cold, from being in the rain. John nudged him and nodded his head at him. Harry looked at his arms and said, “Yes, yes I’m cold too… from the rain. And I didn’t have my shirt and jacket on so, yeah, it’s raining and I’m cold.” He couldn’t help notice that they were waiting for more explanation as if they didn’t believe him. “I did have a coat and shirt on but I had to…”

Ron chuckled and said, “Look mate, you’re soaken wet, drippen blood all over, and you look like someone threw purple paint on your stomach and chest. And you look like you’re ready to fall over any second.”

Harry looked down at his waist and saw one of the worst wounds from when Flint cursed him, open and bleeding. And then he looked at his stomach and chest to see a huge bruise on him.

He swallowed and said, “Well, erm, Chevron was poisoned and I was working on him and he fell on me. I guess it opened up this on my waist and the bruise is from his knees when he fell on me. It’ll be ok though. I already took medicine to um; my insides were messed up somewhat and yeah, it’s all good now.”

He started to take a step toward the staircase and Ron asked about the hole in his shoulder. Harry looked at him wondering if he was trying to be funny or what. “I… a hole… I have a hole in my shoulder?” He turned to John and John nodded his head pointing to his left shoulder. “It goes clear through you, buddy.”

Harry looked stunned and then tried to look at his shoulder. Seeing the bleeding hole made him stop and think. “I guess when Chevron fell on me something could have been on the floor that…”

Hermione said, “That hole was made by something really hot, because your skin is scorched around it.”

Harry frowned and shook his head, “There wasn’t anything hot on the floor and…” he stopped as anger built up in him. “Look, right now all I know is: Chevron was near death: we worked on him for ages: when he was finally better we went for a ride to run off the effects of everything. Oh and by the way if anyone is curious Chevron is fully recovered and lastly: I’m tired, wet, cold, and I’m starving! I’m going to shower and put a band aid here and there wherever it’s needed and come back down and eat. Please excuse me.” He started to stomp off to the steps and Ginny put her hand on his chest to stop him.

“Boots come off here, both of you!”

“Oh… yes ma’am,” they both said in a cute boyish way. While they were distracted with taking off their boots, Ginny waved her wand and they both were wrapped in robes and she was holding their soaking wet, muddy clothes.

They grabbed the robes tight around them and John said, “Your family is awful forward, Harry.”

Harry nodded his agreement and they both walked as scolded little boys to the steps. Everyone laughed and Harry and John started up when Harry turned his head slightly and raised his eye brows up and down with a wicked grin. They both turned suddenly and pulled at their robes as if they were going to yank them off. Everyone yelled and turned away quickly. Harry and John laughed all the way up the stairs. They did a high five and each went to their showers where clean clothes waited for them when they were done.

When Harry came out of the shower Ginny was waiting for him with a loving smile on her face. He crossed the room and held her to him. “I’m so sorry we didn’t get to have our weekend. So much has happened I can’t remember what happened and why I slept for however many days and nights. And everything that happened with Chevron, I’m just so hungry and tired. And I’m sore all over. I’m sure after I eat a cow or two I’ll feel better. This morning I was only going to eat a bowl of cereal to tide me over until we got back up. I was going to walk down to the stable to check on the Mare. John showed up and went down with me. I was going to come back up and lay down with you until you woke up and I thought we could make love or just talk or whatever you wanted. But, you know how things are with me; nothing ever turns out like I want.”

Ginny finished with the wound on his thigh and was medicating his waist and bandaging it while Harry was talking. She stood up and pointed her wand at him and his face turned white and he whispered, “Ginny?” She said something and his jeans, socks, and shoes appeared on him. He swallowed and tried to smile, but was barely able to keep it on his face.

She kissed his lips softly and said she was sorry. She could actually see his chest moving up and down from his heart beating so hard. “You’ll never be able to forget the time Ron, Hermione, and I attacked you will you. Even though we thought you were one of those replicators. I’m so sorry, Love.”

Harry swallowed and nodded his head but couldn’t say anything. He sat quietly not knowing what to do. Ginny went to the door and opened it and a second later Carson walked in the bedroom. Harry stood up and walked to him and stood still. He asked Carson when he got there, but didn’t expect an answer because Carson and Ginny was busy otherwise. Ginny nodded to him and moved his long hair from the shoulder the hole went through. Carson asked Harry if he could move his arm for him only to the point of when he feels pain. Harry started to lift his arm but stopped. “Okay, lad, I want you to totally relax and let me move your arm. It’s going to hurt but I need to do it.” Harry stood still and let Carson take his arm and lift it in many directions and up over his head. Blood seeped out the front but not the back.

Carson ticked his tongue and said, “I’m afraid you have a shard of bone in your muscle. Can you ask the little lassie Winky to get it out with her magic? Otherwise I’ll have to probe around for it.”

“Just do it Carson, do whatever you need to do,” he said quietly. He looked at Ginny and she left the room saying she would get him and John something to eat.

Carson said, “Look lad, I know you’re strong, but you need to lie down for me to do this properly so I don’t hurt you worse. I need to put you to sleep for a little bit.”

“Carson, just do it. I don’t want to sleep; I want to get this done and eat.”
Harry looked Carson in the eyes and then said, “Never mind, I’ll do it.”

Before the doctor could stop him Harry’s eyes glowed white and he put his hand over the hole in his shoulder and pushed his fingers into the hole and momentarily pulled out a chip of the bone that was lodged in his muscle. His eye’s stopped glowing and he gave Carson some medicine to apply to the shoulder and then a bandage to finish the procedure. When he was done Harry drank some Skele-Gro and then he looked at Carson saying, “We make a good team, yes?”

He was trying to smile but wasn’t doing a very good job of it. He took in a shaky deep breath and went to his closet and got a button up shirt. Carson helped him get it on and Harry buttoned it up to the third button. It took too much effort to button, plus it pulled on his dressings. He started to tuck it in out of habit but gave it up as a lost cause too. Carson gently took Harry’s left wrist and guided his hand and forearm into a sling and fixed it to keep his arm tight against his rib cage.

“Okay then, if you feel you are able then you can go down and have your dinner. I highly doubt you’ll make it to the door, but I won’t stop you if you get further. Just don’t slide down the rail like you have a fondness of doing.”

Harry was still breathing hard from his procedure and knew he was on the verge of passing out, but he thought for sure he just needed to eat. He nodded toward the door as if to confirm his thoughts and walked out to the steps. He looked down on the room full of people and the room began to spin and turn upside down. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard swaying on his feet. After a moment he opened his eyes and took the steps gingerly. When he got to the living room, he said hello and smiled. “I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to visit yet. Has dinner been served? Should we eat in the dining room then?”

John said he could eat anywhere as long as it didn’t take long to get there. Harry smiled and said, “I forgot you haven’t had anything but a cup of coffee and a grape. You must be hungrier than me.”

John chuckled and said, “That’s highly unlikely. You did a lot of hard work today and you did some incredible magic. I think you probably feel like it’s been days since you ate.”

They all walked into the dining room and sat at the extended table. Although everyone had eaten they knew it would make Harry feel better if they ate a little something with him. Ginny, Molly, and the daughters in law set the food and drinks on the table and sat down with their husbands. Harry waited for John to begin dipping his plate and then he put a very modest amount of potatoes, gravy, roast beef, and some vegetables on his own. He picked up his fork and the table began to swim before him. Ginny put his glass of water to his lips and he sipped it gratefully. The table settled down and he smiled his thanks to her. Light hearted conversation began between members of the family not directed to Harry, only if he wanted to contribute anything. He ate several plates of food and finally put down his fork.

“That was the best food I’ve ever had in my life. What’s for dessert?”

As if on cue a pudding atop a serving pedestal for fancy desserts hovered over the heads of the family and came to rest at the table in front of Harry. It was a luscious looking pudding lavished with whipped crème and sugared violets. Candied cherries poked in the topping complimented the dessert nicely. Harry’s mind slipped to his past when Dobby ruined the pudding his Aunt had made for a dinner party they were hosting to empress a potential client for his Uncle’s business. Dobby had caused her pudding to hover off the refrigerator and dropped it to the floor when Harry refused to stay home from Hogwarts that year. Harry tried to remember how long he had been locked in his room for that offense.

John said, “If you don’t want any, it’s all the more for me.” He gently nudged Harry and Harry shook his head slightly and looked at his friend. “What… oh yeah sure; dig in.” He grinned at John’s tease and said, “Eat all of it, you’re getting skinny.”

Ron said, “I’ll take Harry’s share if he doesn’t want it. I’ve lost weight too.” He laughed at his own joke and Harry laughed heartily. It was good to have Ron and his humor.

Harry looked at Ginny and asked, “Do we have any of those cookies Lily made? I could go for a couple of those.” Before Ginny could answer Ron choked on his pudding. “I finished ‘em off last week Harry. They would have been stale by now anyway.”

Harry laughed again a little too forced but it was a genuine laugh. “Thanks for that then, Ron.” He glanced around and saw Winky looking frantically at the dessert and she began to ring her hands wondering what dessert she could make quickly for him. He felt horrible for the little elf and said, “It’s fine, I’ll go ahead and have some of this delicious looking pudding.” He reached for the server took a small amount and put it on his plate. He stared at it and wondered why he was having so much trouble making himself eat it. Aunt Petunia had forbid him to have any, it was for the party and he wouldn’t be getting any, she had made that clear when she saw him looking at it when she served him his meager dinner of two slices of bread and a lump of cheese. Dobby’s hover charm had nearly caused him to be expelled from Hogwarts; the only place he felt was his home.

Winky, satisfied that he had dessert left the dining room and Harry’s pudding remained on his plate. He sat quietly voicing his contribution to the conversation only now and then but mostly just sat quietly. Just when he was ready to send it to nothingness, Ron said his name rather loudly. He jerked his head to look at him and calmly raised his eyebrows; curious as to why he yelled at him.

“What’s going on with you, Harry, just eat it. Looking at it won’t do you any good.”

Harry merely answered, “Neither will eating it.”

Hermione spoke up telling Harry that they had gone to Hogwarts to check on Rose. Harry looked concerned and asked, “Is she ok, has something happened to her? I asked a friend of mine from Brazil if she’d come and evaluate the children. She’s a specialist in dealing with children’s minds. Ivana said she’d make them her priority and be there tomorrow.”

“Love, you must have done that before you left Hogwarts, because she showed up the day after the whole ordeal was over. That was last week; you’ve been asleep since then.” Her love shone in her eyes as she smiled at him. All he could think of was how lucky he was to have her.

“Right, I wasn’t thinking. So then,” he looked back to Hermione, “has Ivana said there is reason to be concerned for Rose? The others, Albus! Is Albus okay?”

Hermione answered straight away, “No, no they’re fine, Harry. She’s been having special sessions with them just to make sure. They were all shaken up quite a bit, especially the Slytherin children.” She paused and let Harry calm down and then continued, “No, what I wanted to say was, while we were there Minerva had us look at all the changes you made. It’s really quite spectacular…”

“Yeah, especially that statue in the wall down in the Potter Wing,” chimed in Percy. How did you manage that and it’s pretty arrogant of you to make a statue of yourself with the founders and naming the whole wing after yourself and all. I didn’t know you took so much credit for yourself.”

Harry set back in his chair and folded his right arm over his left arm in the sling. “Statue; Potter Wing? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Percy.”
Ron stood up so fast from his chair it fell to the floor with a loud clatter.

“Listen, Percy, you can keep your opinions to yourself. Harry didn’t do that, it was the enchantment on the castle that did it. Hagrid said Harry sacrificed himself so the castle could be healed. All the bad and failing enchantments went in Harry and he filtered it out so that nothing but goodness came back out of him and went back into the natural and original enchantment of the castle. He didn’t know what or even how it was going to use him only that it would cost him. And remember Hagrid saying how painful it was, how much it cost Harry to do this? When he was released from the wall he fell out of it and Hagrid had to lift him off the floor because he was without strength to move; not to mention unconscious. He didn’t turn around to look at it. If you had stayed with us while Minerva and Hagrid showed us these things instead of going off on your own the way you did…”

“All right, all right,” yelled Percy, “I’m sorry!”

Ron got louder telling him to tell that to Harry.

Harry stood up stiffly and quietly told them to settle down. “There will be no more shouting with the kids here. As a matter of fact, if we’re all done eating, let them go to the playroom and have fun, and we can all go to the living room so you can at least be comfortable while you get off your chest what’s bothering you,” he added directing the last part to Percy. Amazingly Harry’s voice was kind and inviting, but very weary sounding. He smiled politely and ushered them into the room where they all sat cozy. He turned his head wanting to catch Lily before she went to the basement but all he caught sight of was the back of her head, her bright red hair streaming after her. Harry sat on a bar stool he got from the kitchen and placed it where he could be seen by everyone. He smiled sadly and said, “I’ll sit here since I am the one wearing the Dunce Hat. Percy, go ahead and start when you’re ready. I’ll do my best to answer your questions as soon as you explain what you mean by the Potter Wing and something about a statue.”

Percy cleared his throat and wishing he had not been so quick to spout off in the dining room he ventured on bravely. “Well, Harry, you’ll have to tell me everything you know first before I can be specific.”

Harry looked at him as if he was waiting for more to be said. Then arching his eyebrows realizing Percy wasn’t going to elaborate any he shook his head and said, “Percy, while I’m quite sure I am not the smartest man in the world, I am however quite knowledgeable about many things, and it would take years for me to tell you everything I know, because it took years for me to learn it. I’m sorry, but you are the one who has to be specific. I honestly don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about.”

Percy’s face turned red as Ron and Bill snorted behind their hands covering their mouths to keep from laughing. “Alright, wise guy, just tell me what you know about the last six days.”

“Percy, I don’t even know what day this is. I can tell you the last day I remember and a bit fuzzy on was on a Friday. I had received word from Minerva saying Albus and Rose were in need of my assistance. There was a group of –“

Percy interrupted saying, “Yes, yes, we all know all about you being the hero and saving Albus and all the other kids. We all know that you single handedly took out that group of kids and seventy some lousy Slytherins that tried to kill you.”

Harry’s face turned red and he said, “There is no need to call names. They weren’t all Slytherins. The leader of that particular group got away, and he was a Hufflepuff; Zacharias Smith.”

A collective gasp went around the room and Ron finally said, “I knew I didn’t like him. He was always a no good-“

Hermione elbowed Ron and looked at Harry. “Are you sure, Harry? You had been through quite an ordeal. We, Ron, John, and I caught the one who flew away, it was Marcus Flint. You remember…he was the leader of the bunch. You talked to him before they attacked you.”

Harry looked at Hermione with her wrinkled forehead he always hated. She always did that when she thought he was talking out of his head with his views and ideas. She thought he was fragile and needed to write to Sirius or talk to Dumbledore to make him feel better or something quite as ignorant. He sighed and shifted on his uncomfortable stool he was sitting on.

“Thank you, Hermione; yes I quite remember the conversation with Marcus. I remember everything about that and the fight. It’s after that I get somewhat fuzzy. I remember two men jumping over the wall and flying away without brooms. I remember going to the Hospital Wing with Norton. I remember early the next morning walking outside and feeling magic, but there was only a Raven there. I talked to Norton after the bird flew away. After that I remember… I… … I remember feeling like I was suffocating like when I killed Riddle in space. And I felt the next instant like I was drowning. The next thing I remember is waking up here this morning in dire need to visit the restroom and then eat a couple cows I was so hungry. The quickest thing for me to eat was cereal and I ate a bowl of the first box I grabbed a hold of which was something called Fruit Loops with Marshmallows. It is obviously Lily’s favorite cereal and most certainly not filling at all. At that time John came in the kitchen and we went down to the stable to check a Mare. Anyway, I found out then that I had been asleep for a week; although that fact keeps hiding from me. And then I found out that my horse had been poisoned and I worked all day on saving him, and then I rode him hard to finish working the affects of the poison out of his muscles. There was something that happened out in the pasture and then I came back here and you know the rest because you were all here then.”

Nobody said anything because they were all shocked at what Harry had told them. Why was he leaving out the part where he went through the secret passage and everything he did? They knew he wasn’t lying but there were giant gaps in his story.”

Percy said, “Harry, you left out a lot of things. Why won’t you tell us?”

Harry shook his head and said, “I’m not going to tell you what happened out in the pasture; you don’t need to know.”

Molly spoke up for the first time. “Harry, dear; you took Hagrid into the secret passageway on the third floor and discovered many things. Hagrid told us all about it. You discovered Rowena’s cottage at Hogwarts along the river from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts’s Black Lake. You discovered the enchantments that were built into the castle were failing causing Hogwarts to slowly die. It has been ailing for many years, even when we went there. You… Harry, you sacrificed yourself to fix it. The entire castle is just like it was when it was built with all its enchantments fixed proper. It, the enchantment that is, caused a statue of you to be made. You are considered to be one of the founders now, because you did much rebuilding and added some of your own enchantments to it. And you created new classes called Unity Classes, which are studies to unite Muggles and magic folk so we can blend in instead of being so standoffish. All this is in a new corridor. ”

Harry stared at her for quite a spell not knowing what to say or do. Finally he looked at Percy and said, “I guess you all know more than I do, or at least what I remember at the moment. I don’t understand how I can answer your question when you know more than I do. Are you trying to trick me or pull some kind of elaborate joke?” He stood up and turned his back on his family and rubbed his eyes. Finally he turned around and paced limping back and forth. He stopped and hung his head shaking it slowly back and forth. His hands were balled up in fists and he shoved his right fist into the pocket of his jeans. He raised his head and they saw the tears that had rolled down his face. Looking defeated he looked at Percy and said, “Percy, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. I am tired, I haven’t seen Ginny today except for this evening at dinner. I don’t know anything about Lily, I have friends here that I haven’t been able to visit with and I’m not really feeling all that great. Please… please just tell me what I have done to you and I will fix it or make it up to you or whatever it is I need to do; just please tell me!” By the time Harry had finished talking he was quite agitated and his family knew it.
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Thanks for coming back guys. Hope you like the new chapter. Oh! this chapter is pretty long and dark. If anyone isn't familiar by this time to the characters that aren't Harry Potter related, they are crossed over from Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis. There is also a lot of Greek Mythology too. Anyone confused can contact me by PM if you don't want to comment here.

Chapter 8

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Percy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Look, Harry, I’m sorry you are out of the loop. And well, I saw all the stuff you did at Hogwarts. All the Professors are talking about it. I heard some kids going down the corridor saying you are the greatest wizard of all time. And I guess I agree; it’s just that,” Percy took off his horn rimmed glasses and wiped his eyes and cleared his throat that had become constricted, “well, it’s just that one of the students was my daughter. She didn’t even see me she was so caught up in telling everyone all about how you; the greatest, most powerful, and bravest wizard of all time Harry Potter, is her Uncle. I owe you an apology, Harry. You don’t need to explain anything or prove anything. You are everything good that everyone says you are. And you deserve to have a statue and the secret passageway named the Potter Wing after you. I was jealous and I beg your forgiveness.”

Ron huffed loudly and said, “Percy, you big git, you had us all worked up over that?! Look, you’re an adult; she is a little kid; grow up and get over it. Harry has real problems to worry about.” He laughed with relief and then elbowed his brother roughly to show he wasn’t really mad.

Percy’s wife however cleared her throat and said, “Just like when Hugo wanted to let his hair grow out like Harry’s and you got all bent out of shape? Is that the way to act like an adult that you’re talking about?”

Ron looked shocked for about half a second and then laughed and shoved Percy sideways on the couch. “Your wife has a point; you see what a clown I was back then when I was very young myself. I’ve grown up since then and don’t have those jealousy issues anymore.”

Everyone laughed except Harry who sat quietly on his stool. He smiled at Ginny when she looked at him and wished people would go home so he could get comfortable. He looked down at the floor and shifted his aching leg into a different position, which caused him to wince when the new position pinched his waist. He sat up straight and moved the waistband of his jeans so it wasn’t pinching him and then spoke quietly.

“Percy, I appreciate your honesty and the courage it took to own up to your feelings. I don’t have any problem with you and I hope you can forget about it. It might help if you think of how you raised your children, and be thankful they are healthy and happy. If they weren’t then what you could have overheard your daughter say was that she wished her daddy was everything she said I was. But she didn’t; did she? She only bragged that her Uncle is those things. And she said that because she was proud of me. Have you ever heard her say things that made you feel like you were her hero? I’m sure you have. Don’t ignore the things that make you a hero in your children’s eyes just because they have a moment of pride in someone else. Don’t throw stones at any of your children’s heroes because you are jealous that you’re not the hero they are speaking of at the moment. Let your children’s hero’s inspire them to be all they can be. If you don’t it will cause you to build up doubt in yourself and resentment and you won’t be the hero they thought you were. It is healthy for kids to look up to people, real or fictional, as long as they are a good role model. James wants to grow up to be like John Sheppard because he is his hero; should I be jealous? The answer to that is, no; because John is an excellent role model for him.”

Ron tried to give some brotherly advice and said, “Sure, Percy; every child makes their daddy their hero if they’re good people. Isn’t that right, Harry?”

Harry turned one corner of his mouth into a very fragile smile but didn’t say anything; just looked at him. Nobody said anything for a minute and then Hermione spoke up saying, “Harry, I’m sorry, I’m sure Ron wasn’t thinking, I mean he just forgot.”

Ron’s eyes opened wide and his eyebrows went high atop his forehead and said, “Blimey, Harry, I’m sorry. I wasn’t talking about; I mean what I was talking about was your kids making you their hero. I wasn’t thinking about you not having…”

Harry shook his head gently and quietly said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve had heroes growing up. Hagrid was my first hero. I used to pretend he was my dad. And of course, Professor Dumbledore was my all time hero; although I raged against him at times. Lupin was a father figure to me. Sirius is a father figure to me; and of course he is my godfather. Jack O’Neill is my hero and a father figure. I would be proud to call him dad. There are three others who claim me as their son. They’re really out of this world though so I won’t mention them.” And then Harry smiled gently and said, “But ever since I realized life was worth living when I turned eleven, the man who has continually encouraged me, never ever doubted me, loved me unconditionally, has always been my hero, taught me by example how to be a man and how a father teaches his son to be a man, and who I have always wished was my father; sits asleep in my chair at this very moment; Mr. Weasley.”

Everyone looked over at Arthur who was oblivious of the conversation because he was asleep with his feet propped up on the ottoman, his fingers interlaced and resting atop his belly, and the slightest of smiles rested on his peaceful face. The fire in the fireplace crackled and popped and he jerked awake to see everyone looking at him, the women all in tears.

Arthur cleared his voice and became alert and said to Harry, “I’ve got this son. Percy, you need to understand that you are your children’s father. You love them and cherish them; encourage them to always do their best in all things, help them when they need help; and show them how important they are to you and that automatically makes you their hero. If you don’t do these things then they will be unhappy and look for someone other than you to be their hero. Little Molly is just proud to be Harry’s niece; it makes her feel important to her friends. But you are her hero and it makes her feel important to you. Which is the better? No offense, Harry.”

Harry raised his eyebrows and smiled, “None taken, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Mr. Weasley.”

The man nodded and said, “Certainly Harry, certainly.” He looked around at the others and added, “Now; I think we should all go and let Harry get some rest.”

He stood up and walked over to Ginny and kissed her forehead and then reached out to pat Harry affectionately, but Harry hugged him to him quite tightly with his right arm before letting him go. “Good night, Mr. Weasley.”

Arthur smiled at his son in law and said, “Good night, son.”

Ron stood up and somewhat forcefully stepped in between the two men and rather awkwardly hugged his dad and said, “I love you, dad. You’ll always be my hero.”

Harry stepped back a couple steps and then gave a short wave and quietly said, “Good night everyone.” He turned and went to the kitchen while the family talked as they slowly made their way to the door. Harry held his wand and made a complicated motion and spoke in Ancient Latin a spell that didn’t just clear and stack the dishes and begin to wash dry and put away, but made the dishes instantly clean and put away. The leftovers went in the refrigerator and the table, counters and stove was washed. The only thing that remained was the small amount of pudding on Harry’s plate. He stood looking at it wishing he knew why he couldn’t eat it.

John and Carson stood beside him and looked at each other and then Harry shook his head. He saw his friends and said, “I think I’m losing my mind. I don’t remember all that stuff they said I did. And this pudding, I can’t eat it. Why can’t I eat it? It’s calling me but I don’t understand. I feel like I’ve committed a great sin or something. But I don’t know what it is.”

Carson leaned against the counter and crossed his arms in front of him in thought. “Lad, it is quite natural for you to forget the events of the past week; and I’m sure they will return to you without problem. Your mind is just forcing you to take care of it by making you forget it for a while. It was very traumatic what you put your body and mind through. This other thing with the pudding, that has to be explainable too. Can you remember eating it sometime in your past and choking on it or something?”

Harry recounted the story of meeting Dobby for the first time. He told him about Dobby intercepting his mail making him think his friends forgot him and didn’t care so he would want to stay away from them and not want to go back to Hogwarts. He told them how he kept being loud and Harry was afraid his Uncle Vernon would keep him from going to Hogwarts. And finally after he said he would go to Hogwarts Dobby ran downstairs and hovered the special pudding she had made for the dinner party off the refrigerator and dropped it on the floor.”

He told them how he had been locked in his room for punishment but was rescued by Ron, George, and Fred in the flying car. “Dobby had nearly gotten me expelled from Hogwarts, the only place I ever remembered feeling like I had a home and belonged.”

John said, “Well, that must be the reason you felt-”

“Dawn is trying to send me a message. It’s the same way I felt when she made me remember Marie’s fortune she told and I went to Atlantis to find… John and your team had been…” Harry broke off his sentence and looked at Carson and said, “Tell Ginny I’ll be back as quick as I can.” He looked over to John and asked him not to leave before he got back. As Harry said, “Venireman” John grabbed his arm just as he disappeared. A long while later they were floating in a black space with nothing to see but the gateway to the Ancient’s world beyond the black hole, beyond the terrible frightening things they saw on their way, and Harry holding John tightly to him.

Harry looked at John and released his hold on him. When Harry spoke to John there was weariness in his strained voice and a bit of anger. “You should have asked if you could come, John. I nearly lost you when you lost your grip on me. If I hadn’t grabbed you, you would have dropped into the River Styx and I might never have found you, and if I did you wouldn’t be… just from now on ask to come with me. I’m happy to have your company, but, I don’t know what Dawn wants or how long we’ll be here. And I don’t know if she will be happy you came along.”

John nodded his head but was silent. He was alarmed at what he had seen and truthfully he was afraid when he lost his grip on Harry and started to fall into a horrible place. Harry had turned and saw him when he felt him grab his arm, but it all happened so fast John could hardly breathe and realized Harry had him in his right arm holding onto him with all his might.

“I take it we’re not at Hogwarts anymore? Why was I able to see everything on the way here? Normally I don’t see anything when I travel with you.”

When I moved the secret place away from Hogwarts I had to choose a place where even if someone got the password from me they more than likely would not be able to get here. If they had me bring them, I’d simply let go of them when we crossed the River Styx. There are many myths about it; some say it causes invulnerability to anyone who is submerged into it. The mother of her infant son, Achilles, dropped him in the river but clung to his heal. So he became invulnerable except for his heal. He was fatally injured later with an arrow shot into his heal. Others say it is a boundary of the underworld separating the living and the dead; it flows into Hades. What I know it to be is the very boundary of the Black Hole. That is why you seen everything as we traveled. But time is measured wonky here. You and I have already been gone for three hours. Back home, we have barely left. And I wish now that I hadn’t told you to eat all that pudding because you got quite heavy.”

Harry smiled at his friend and John half smiled back at him. He had been a burden and felt guilty for coming without asking. “I thought I’d watch your back while you were doing whatever you had to do. You don’t look so good from all the long grueling work you did to save Chevron, and then to fight…”

He stopped because Dawn appeared before them. Harry turned and smiled at the Ancient. “Dawn, it’s good to see you. I hope you haven’t summoned me here to tell me some prophesy or anything like that. Is there a chance that you just wanted to say hello, how are you?” He looked at Dawn knowing this wasn’t the case, but could also gauge the importance of the meeting by how she greeted them.

He swallowed and frowned when Dawn didn’t smile or look like she was in the mood for light-hearted conversation; though when she spoke it wasn’t in anger with him. “I did expect you to come sooner, but I see by the looks of you, that you have been otherwise busy.” She smiled sadly and said, “It is with a heavy heart that I bring you here. The being that left Kingsley Shacklebolt has escaped our control and is up to no good. We fear that he will go to you and capture you so he can possess you. You are in grave danger. That isn’t even the worst of it. It is only a matter of time before he is able to accomplish his desire and he will be able to get across the boundary and into here. When that happens; he… you will destroy us with the legion of Ancients he has taken from our world. He has been getting his powers back from sympathizers to his case. His powers are dark and volatile to say the least. I seriously doubt you will be able to fend him off when he gets to you. If there is a way for you to remain alive, you will need to eliminate his threat without killing him and without our aid. And there is only one way to do this.”

Harry waited for her to tell him how to accomplish this impossible task but Dawn only frowned staring into his eyes a sincerest deep regret. John broke the silence and said rather angrily, “You won’t tell him how that one way to do it is either. You’ve already said more than you were supposed to. Yeah, I know that about your superior race. You know total destruction of one sort or another is imminent, but you can’t lift a finger to help. You can’t even talk about it.”

Harry nodded his head knowing what John said was true. He ran his right hand through his hair and paced back and forth as if he were on solid ground. He was getting worked up about something and finally breathing hard and gritting his teeth he asked, “What do you want me to do? I know you don’t want to be left vulnerable here. Just tell me what you want me to do.”

John spoke up and said, “If anything needs done, you guys and your superior selves can do it. Whatever it is, just do it yourselves.”

Dawn ignored John and said, “The first thing we need you to do is move the secret entrance again; the Gateway isn’t safe here and none of us on our world are safe as long as it remains here.”

Harry’s face went white and he said, “Dawn, I can’t move it again. You are across the boundary! I told you when I brought you here I wouldn’t ever be able to move you again. The event horizon is stronger than I am. It nearly did me in setting you here without me getting sucked into the Black Hole. It will tear my body apart the moment I dislodge you from here. And your world will implode with me having the Gateway. It can’t be done. I warned you about this, remember?! I also told you that you need to get rid of that being too! Doesn’t what I say matter? Who is he anyway? What am I to call him?”

Dawn for the first time took her eyes off him to take a glance at John and then came within inches from Harry and said, “He needs a live corporeal body to be able to absorb the energy he has now. You need to find a body for him to possess and we know the perfect one. You have seen him before; you fought and defeated him. He wasn’t much of a man, though he thought he was. But his evil is as much as what is in his name. This body will be easy for him to possess and he will gladly take it so he can get to you.”
Harry shook his head and said, “Not Leviathan, please tell me it’s not him.”

Dawn said, “Now that you know his name, you must find a way to find him and when he appears to you the Ancient being can possess Leviathan and he will show himself to you as that man; such as he was when you killed him.”

Harry shook his head no, not wanting to do what she asked of him to do. He kept saying no forcefully at first and then he dropped to his knees and begged Dawn with tears streaming down his face. “Dawn, please I am begging you; please don’t ask this of me. You guys, all your people are more capable to take care of this. This is impossible what you ask of me. Even if it was possible somehow; I don’t know how long it would take to do it. I’m still not over… I can’t dredge up what little I’ve been able to put behind me. And like you just said, I killed him. He is dead. How am I to make him alive for the Ancient to take control of?”

Dawn interrupted Harry stepping to him saying, “I’m sorry, Little One; I understand your feelings, and I don’t want to ask you to do it. I must insist though. And…” she stopped talking because Harry had bowed his head clear to the floor, if there had been one, and began pulling at his hair begging and crying out so broken she didn’t have the heart to make him. She knelt and comforted him and said, “It’s ok, Little One, I won’t ask this of you. I will do it.”

Harry looked in her eyes and then actually hugged her thanking her for sparing him. John breathed a deep sigh of relief. He had never seen anything so heart wrenching as to see Harry beg as if his life depended on it. But then he felt the space they were in beginning to quake and a deep voice echoed across the space. As if that hadn’t been terrifying enough a solid figure appeared before them. He was ever so angry and Dawn lowered her head in respect. Harry stood before him fearlessly and said, “Hello, Zeus, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

John’s mouth dropped open like a surprised school boy. “Zeus, as in thunder and lightning and…”

The Greek god turned to John and he suddenly felt very insignificant, and yes; somewhat frightened. Zeus pointed his lightning rod at him and Harry drove his fist into Zeus’s exposed side with all his might. And then he ducked and rammed into Zeus bodily and they both toppled over. A furious battle raged on for quite some time and then Harry grabbed Zeus’s rod when he caught the god off balance and swung it mightily striking the god on his thigh. Zeus roared in anger and then began laughing. Harry was breathing hard and looking so livid John half expected Harry to finish him off. But then Harry calmly looked at his wounds that had been freshly opened up in the battle. John noticed then that Harry was dripping wet with sweat. He wished he had some water to give Harry and a glass of cool water appeared in his hand. Half startled he shoved it into Harry’s hand and told him, “You need a drink, and how did I just do that?”

Zeus laughed and asked who the little nymph tagging along was. John raised one eyebrow in objection to the name he was called and stepped closer rather bravely; he is after all a very brave man. Harry grinned at John and answered the god, “This is the bravest soldier in two galaxies. He is my friend and brother, Colonel John Sheppard of the United States Air Force.”

Zeus momentarily looked as if he was shocked with his own lightning but barely acknowledged John and then becoming very serious he looked at Dawn and then Harry. “Harry Potter, if Dawn fights this battle for you, then she will be exiled from here and spend eternity guarding the River Styx.”

“What do you mean if she does it for me?” Harry asked quickly. “This is not my doing, this problem you are having with your rogue Ancient. It’s your problem.”

Zeus looked deadly at Harry and said, “It is your problem if I say it is. You owe us your life; we can demand anything we want of you. We brought you back from death, and taught you our ways.”

Harry gripped the lightning rod and Zeus looked cautiously at it. Harry held the rod out to John and asked him to hold it so he doesn’t shove it down Zeus’s throat. John took it and felt exhilarated at the fact he was actually holding the famed and legendary lightning rod.

“I didn’t ask for any of that. I accepted death and you guys brought me back. You didn’t have to; you could have just let me stay dead like I deserved to be. And when you healed me I asked you to take me home, but you said I had to stay until I learned everything you wanted me to. I didn’t say another word about it. I stayed and paid my penitence for being saved by you. Now you are holding that over my head again. Will it ever stop? Will I owe you my life every time you want something done you won’t do yourself?”

Zeus became silent and Dawn bowed her head. “Hang on, the being that was in Kingsley, his powers are lightning and thunder. I’ve been fighting him for two months. Who is he? Is he…”

Zeus roared and reached for his lightning rod, pulling John along with it since he was hanging onto it. The god had lightning crackling all over him and sparks flew when the bolts of lightning touched anything. He put his hand around John’s waist to fling him away, but John hung on screaming in the pain that was crushing him. Just then Harry yelled and grew to fourteen feet tall the same height as Zeus now was. He took the lightning rod and John and set him behind Dawn and stood in the god’s face toe to toe.

They locked arms around each other’s shoulders struggling to out power the other. Zeus swung hard on Harry’s left shoulder and shoved his thumb through the hole that had started bleeding heavily. Harry screamed and brought his arm up and around Zeus’s neck and then picked him up over his shoulders yelling in terrible pain and anger. He was about to throw him and Dawn screamed, “Don’t throw him, Harry! You’ll throw him into the River Styx! The boundary here is extremely thin because he is coming. He is nearly here!”

Harry dropped the god and went down on his knees. He returned to his normal size which John was thankful for. His breathing was so hard John was afraid he wasn’t getting enough air in his lungs. Dawn knelt down and hung her arms around Harry and begged him not to kill the being that will come in Leviathan’s body. Harry looked shocked and then saw Zeus turn his head. Harry looked at Dawn, the shock evident on his face. “He’s your son as well? But he is Rita and Ludo’s son.”

Dawn wept and nodded her head yes. “When Zeus found out Rita was pregnant, he asked me to be Leviathan’s guardian. I was able to shield him from much of the hardships that fell on him because of Rita and Ludo’s deficiency in child rearing. I could not shield him from the evil though.”

Harry understood then how Leviathan’s body was still alive; he was a Demi God with immortal status. “If I succeed in moving this place and I bring Leviathan, occupied by the Ancient being here, what’s to say he won’t get away from you and do what you’re afraid of him doing now? I cannot let that happen. What if I just bring his spiritual or Ancient body here instead? He will be easier for you to manage that way. I defeated him easily.” Dawn shook her head, “I don’t want to see him like that. I want him back like we brought you back. I don’t care how hard it will be on me, I just want to have him to love and cherish. If you just bring back the being, it will be the one that was in Kingsley. He is pure evil. He must occupy Leviathan because he can control the being until we regain control over him.”

Harry understood more than she meant for him to and looked at her and asked if she had anything to say to him. Dawn was surprised and then cried out in anguish, “Harry, I do love you, but you are my only hope; and it grieves me to have to make a choice, but I need Leviathan.” Harry took a couple steps backward slowly as if she had threatened to kill him or something. He thought for a while and then slowly took a deep breath and spoke, the defeat heavy in his voice, “Before I attempt this, I need you to give me the Resurrection Stone.”

Dawn handed him the Stone without question and begged Harry again not to kill Leviathan. “Even though it will most assuredly kill me?!” he asked coldly with his eyes brimming with defiant tears. The tears that rolled down the Ancients face gave him his answer. Harry was overwhelmed with compassion and spoke, his voice barely audible. “Dawn, I have felt loved and cherished by you. I thought I meant something to you and I felt it must have been how my mum felt about me. I was honored to receive your love. Now, I find that you choose Leviathan, an evil demon, over me. I know your love must be great and to keep you from giving this love to the one you truly love and cherish would be wrong of me. So then I will do this for you. I don’t know if I can move this place, but I do know how I can find Leviathan. I will fight tooth and nail to bring him here, and he will be alive. I cannot bring him here with a clear conscience because I don’t trust his father to keep track of him and prevent him from escaping again. I will remedy-”

Zeus interrupted belligerently saying, “I am right here you know!” Harry turned his head to the god and said, “I hope you get an ear full,” and turned back to Dawn and finished what he was saying. “I will curse him in a way that will make it impossible for him to leave here. That is my only condition.” Dawn eagerly nodded her head and Zeus only grumbled. “Please make sure John gets home.” He looked at John with so much sadness in his eyes it was nearly impossible to look into them. “Tell Ginny and my children I love them more than I can ever say, and that I’m sorry.”

John asked, “Why can’t they just let Leviathan come since they want him here anyway?” There was a sudden jolt and Zeus fell into Harry accidentally, but Harry shoved him off in a not so kindly fashion and scowled at the god. John slightly turned his face away to keep them from seeing him smile at Harry’s obvious dislike of the god.

Harry looked at John with a very stern face, but then softened it and explained, “If anyone forces their way in without the password it will cause a tear in the universe. There would be uncountable crossovers from one universe to the other. The tear would become so big that the weaker universe would lose the ability to prevent total destruction and it would fold into the strong universe. And the two universes I’m talking about is that of the underworld, the border of where we are now, and the world of the living where we and everyone we hold dear lives. You saw the River we crossed over getting here. That river empties into Hades, and that is what the universe would be. I have to bring him here of his own free will. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, he wants to come here so of course it would be of his own free will. But, he wants to kill me first and he knows he won’t be able to do that if I bring him because, well because he would assume like I did, albeit mistakenly, that he would be stopped from doing so. Mostly though, the being doesn’t want to come here without taking my body. When he joins with Leviathan he will try to keep Leviathan from coming here, until I’m dead. If that happens he will discard Leviathan’s body and take mine and our world would be-”

Zeus stepped over to him and without comment stretched his hands and fingers to him. “Enough talking, you have to go!” Harry yelled no and tried to scramble away, but Zeus was too quick. Harry was completely engulfed in blue energy. John had seen Winky do this to Harry to give him the strength and power to live through healing him. He remembered Harry not wanting it done but gave in only by his faith in her. But this was extremely intense and he could hardly stand to hear Harry yelling out with his body fully tense and all his veins and muscles straining. Zeus was relentless and then John saw Harry begin to turn blue with white hair. He was crackling with energy and… growing. He busted out of his clothes but for his loincloth which expanded to his gigantic size and his wounds closed up completely healed. Finally Zeus stopped and Harry looked about with white glowing eyes.

During the transformation John felt Harry’s pouch he keeps secret on his waist at all times attach to his own waist. John remembered Harry telling him that this would happen if he ever died or was unable to think clearly. He didn’t want to have unlimited power available to him if he wasn’t cognitive. Dawn touched Harry and he turned his head to her.

“Harry, you need to take us, this space to somewhere new. Do you understand? Keep us safe at all cost.”

Harry looked around and when he saw Zeus he doubled his fist and was about to clobber him; but John quickly spoke saying, “Hey buddy, hold on. Listen I know you’re angry at the bad man, and so am I, but we need you to move this place to somewhere safe. Can you do it? Do you know someplace safe you can take us?”

Harry bent over to look at John and said, “Safe.” He put his hands under John’s armpits and picked him up carefully like a small child and put his forearm under John’s knees, gripping his leg carefully for extra security, cuddled him to his chest and patted him on the back with remarkable gentleness. He put his hand on John’s head and gently pulled it to the side of his face and gently pressed their heads together and then kissed the side of his face just like John had seen Harry do on many occasions with his children. Then he patted John gently and lovingly on his back and said, “Safe now little one, don’t be afraid. Where is home?”

The room started to quake and Dawn touched Harry’s knee and with urgency said, “Harry, you need to take us someplace safe! He’s coming! Take this space somewhere safe!” She looked at Zeus and said, “You put too much energy in him, you took away his reasoning!”

Harry turned to Zeus and Dawn and said, “We need to take little boy home first!” John spoke up quickly telling Harry he would be fine, that he wasn’t afraid.

Harry stood idle for a minute and then looked at John, told him ok and stood him on his feet. John looked up at the giant Harry and blinked and shook his head thinking for a split second that Harry disappeared. Harry pressed John against his shin and told him to hang on tight. John didn’t want to but Harry wouldn’t do anything until he did. Upon Dawn’s urgent look at John he wrapped his arms tightly around Harry’s upper calf muscle. Harry raised his arms over his head and spoke in Ancient Latin and then his legs bowed, his muscles bulged, and he yelled until nothing came from his mouth yet it was still open as if he was still yelling. His body trembled and shook violently and dark red blood that looked purple against his blue skin came out of his white eyes and his nose. Droplets of deep red bloody sweat dripped off his forehead and neck and then began to dampen his skin all over from his pores. Then after a length of time he stopped and fell into weightlessness. He moaned and shivered uncontrollably. Dawn stroked his long white hair and talked to him softly until he opened his eyes. He wasn’t blue anymore, and his eyes didn’t glow, and he was his normal size again, but his hair was still snow white. He saw Zeus and threatened to kill him if he touched him and then closed his eyes for lack of strength to keep them open. Zeus eventually disappeared and John and Dawn talked. John asked her if she knew where they were. Immediately a star chart appeared and they looked at it. John laughed and said, “I know exactly where we are. He brought us to Atlantis. Does that mean we aren’t in the time dilation anymore?”

Dawn shook her head and said, “I don’t know how he brought us here. By all accounts, we shouldn’t be able to be connected to the Black Hole, but I dare not let you go out until Harry wakes up. You see the password changes every time the secret place is moved. Harry will need to rename the password before you go out of here. I can show you the door though, and you can see if you recognize where at on Atlantis we are.”

Dawn turned as the door appeared when she said he could look out. John nodded his head, “We’re in a secret lab we only discovered a couple years ago.” He stood straight and watched as Rodney tapped his ear set and said, “General O’Neill, I pinpointed the source of the power we are experiencing. Come to Janus’s Lab.” Rodney laughingly approached the entrance to the lab. He loved it when he figured out things that seemingly had unsolvable elements. He was looking at an instrument and walked right in and stood beside John. John noticed that Rodney moved oddly, like watching a movie in fast forward mode, and sounded like he was talking under the effects of Helium. He looked at Dawn and she answered his unasked question.

“He must have brought us here in another reality. And it also appears that we are still connected to the Black Hole in the Milky Way Galaxy. We told him this would be impossible to do. I guess he found a way to do it; but, at what cost? We pushed him too hard, and Zeus gave him too much power.”

John was watching Rodney and then he said, “Something isn’t right here. All the equipment that we had in here from the Ancients is gone and replaced with military experiments. I’ve seen some of this stuff at Area 51. It was supposedly destroyed during an invasion from the Wraith.”

“General O’Neill!” announced John standing at attention. He put his arm down and explained embarrassedly to Dawn it was a natural reflex. He turned back to Rodney and Jack to listen to what they were saying. Rodney was very excited and John was curious as to what the excitement was about.

“I’m telling you they are here right now! John is right here and Harry is right there. They are here, but they aren’t. All I know is they are still alive.”

Jack said, “But last week when you discovered this massive energy spike you said that this was where it was coming from. How can they be in the same spot? And why can’t we see them if they’re here?” Jack had gone to where John was standing and put his hand up cautiously as if he might hurt John accidentally.

“I said I don’t know! I already told you, there was an incredible energy spike in this room last week and Atlantis has been drawing power off of this room. I couldn’t help thinking that I knew the energy signature so I ran some patterns and nothing was showing me what I need so finally this morning I had a theory and I was right. Some of the energy is from Ancients, but the one that spiked so high was Harry’s. That time when Winky made him turn blue after we got him from the Antarctic I recorded his energy reading and I found the exact same reading from here. John’s reading is consistent to what is normal for him. And I also got readings of two Ancients with them. Something is wrong, very, very wrong and they need us!”

Jack left John’s side and walked to where Harry was on the floor. Rodney told him since he hasn’t moved that he is most likely sleeping on the floor. I think they are stuck in an alternate universe and need us to help them. Harry is obviously dying and we’re going to lose him if we don’t do something. And if John is with him, which by all accounts according to my instruments he is, then he will be stuck there if Harry dies.”

Jack knelt down and put his hand where Rodney said Harry was and surprisingly had his hand on Harry’s chest. Suddenly Jack spoke directly at John and told him the time and date. John jerked his head to look at Dawn and said, “How is that possible? We are still connected somehow to the Black Hole, but we are also two months in the future?”

Rodney stopped looking at his gadget he was holding and looked up at the General with an odd look on his face. “Pardon Sir? Why did you tell me the time and date? Don’t let me hold you up if you need to be somewhere. I just gave my report like you’ve been on my case to do. Find John, Carson and Harry, and find them now. So that’s it, I’ll figure this out, I always do.” Rodney looked down at his machine at a beeping sound it made and then looked back up to Jack like he just lost his best friend and said, “Harry has just died. If I don’t figure out how to get John out of there, he will be stuck in there the rest of his life.” He looked at Jack with a deep sadness and said, “Ginny… what will we… someone should go tell Ginny. What will you tell her?”
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Hey Guys, here's the next chapter. Hope you like it. Dark and violent content.

Chapter 9

The Downfall Of Leviathan

Jack dropped his head at the news of Harry being dead and said, “We still have a chance to save Harry. Don’t give up on him; you can’t say the word impossible when you are talking about him. We can’t get a hold of Ginny right now, even if it was a good idea to call her. But she has a better way of knowing if Harry dies than we do. That necklace of hers tells her instantly. And I didn’t tell you the date and time. I think they are in a time dilation because John wouldn’t be standing over there if Harry is lying here dying. He would be doing everything he could over here with Harry and not just standing over there. I think since they are not moving that it must be, to us, that they are moving like they’re time is being controlled by a Black Hole. But, if Harry brought them here then there is a good chance they can see us. That is why I looked over where you said John was and said the day and time. And we still have to figure out where Carson is. The Stargate being down is not helping us either; odd that it suddenly stopped working without any reason.”

Rodney looked impressed but then looked alarmed. “If they are in the past, then they will never be able to come out with us ever again. Two time periods cannot exist in the same place, and I don’t care who Harry is… or was, it is just not possible.”

John strode over to Harry and checked for a pulse. Finding one he sighed with relief. “Why did Rodney say Harry was dead?”

“It doesn’t matter right now. Right now, time is only relevant to us, you actually. None of what is going on out there will happen if I am successful.” Harry groaned and rolled over and vomited. “I need water,” he said and held out his hand as a glass appeared before him. He drank it steadily, and it kept replenishing to stay full until he didn’t need any more. Harry went from the horizontal to vertical position and stood beside John. He was shaking and very quiet. “I will attempt to explain it one time and then I’ll have to leave. Leviathan can never find you here because I brought us to the future. I set us up in…”

John interrupted telling what they knew from what Jack and Rodney said. When he was done Harry nodded his head. “The Stargate is off line because as you know you can only have one working gate in a specific area. Just before I brought us here I came ahead and took it offline. When I brought this place here, I made this gate take precedence so nobody will come or go causing a bigger wrinkle in time. The Earth ships are temporarily stuck in the Milky Way Galaxy also. The Stargate will function normally after I take us back to Earth. And when this gate is settled back on Earth, the enchantment on the Earth ships will fail and they’ll be able to do whatever they want. Hopefully, it will only seem like a hiccup in software or something if I’m able to get us back to the same time we left.”

John put his hand on Harry’s quivering shoulder and quietly said, “Why did Jack say you died?”

Harry answered with ice in his voice, “Because I will die from heart failure and exhaustion when I finally get everything back as close as possible to the time we left. There won’t be time for Carson to figure out what is wrong and there won’t be time for you to explain to him. It’s just as well; at least I won’t owe my life to anyone ever again.”

John and Dawn started to say something but Harry talked over them with a very commanding authority in his voice as he summoned Zeus’s lightning rod. John felt Harry’s pouch leave him and knew Harry had it now. He would have to watch and listen carefully so he would be able to grab Harry when he leaves so he can help him. “Dawn, you, John and your world will be safe here while I go find Leviathan. I’ll defeat him and bring him here to you alive, and then I’ll take this space and you guys back to Earth. I have enchanted the River Styx to expand its tributaries to here from the Black Hole. That is how we are able to be here now and in the future too. To Rodney and Jack; if they could see us they would think we are in the past. The Ancient knows I used the River to leave, but he would search an eternity looking for us and still not ever find us. But, keeping up the enchantment and Atlantis drawing its energy from me is very draining on me so I’ll leave now. It’ll take me three months to find him and get him here.” He looked at John and said, “Please don’t come with me this time, I’d love to have the company, but, I will need every ounce of strength to defend myself and capture Leviathan to bring him back here.”

He smiled sadly at his friend and handed him the lightning rod. “I think you should have this, and obviously Zeus agrees or he would have taken it with him when he left. Tell Zeus to teach you how to use it. It might come in handy. John… Tell Ginny I love her. And tell my kids I love them. Please check in on them when you can. Good-bye brother.”

Harry looked at Dawn and said, “You need to tell him the truth, and if you don’t I will when I get back.”

Just before he left his eyes turned white and he reached inside him and pulled out his appendix and put it in a sterile container made of clay and left it in the blackness of the void they were in. He put his hand over the place his appendix used to be and held pressure to it. He looked sick and weak, but then he recovered enough to leave. Harry disappeared and Dawn opened a window to watch where and what he did. Harry appeared over the River Styx and pulled out the Resurrection Stone and turned it three times. “Leviathan, I am Master of Death and I call out to you now. To the Ancient who once occupied Kingsley Shacklebolt; I call to you to come before me within Leviathan, a whole man.”

Harry quickly returned the Stone to his pouch and sent the pouch back to John. He didn’t want to take any chance that this evil god could take his wand and sword or the other two Hallows. Leviathan appeared before Harry and smiled with so much evil Harry put his hands instinctively in front of him. Leviathan laughed madly and thanked Harry for coming to him to be captured and have to fight for his life there in the River Styx for eternity. He thought to defeat Harry he would intimidate him for a while.

Harry shook his head and said, “I’ve defeated you every time you’ve come before me. What makes you think now will be any different?”

Leviathan stopped laughing and frowned at the thought and then mocked Harry’s bravery. He floated down to the bank of the river and folded his arms across his chest as Harry was doing, but he shook all over like Harry was really afraid.

Harry laughed and landed on the bank in front of Leviathan and then looked so hard into the god’s eyes that he backed up in obvious fear. Harry stepped forward matching each step the other took backward. Harry was putting thoughts in Leviathan’s mind without the god even knowing he was doing it. Harry finally stopped and smiled. “We’ve come to a bend in the river. Shall I push you in, or do you want to jump in?”

Leviathan turned to look and was surprised to see Harry had spoken the truth. He looked back at Harry and shook his head. Harry said, “I’ll tell you what, I can take you someplace where you will be loved and adored but you will never be able to go anywhere. You will be confined to one space for all eternity; or I can kill you right now.”

“What kind of offer is that? That isn’t any kind of an offer, unless we can make a wager and the loser has to do whatever the other says.”

“I’m not a gambling man, but I’ll play if that’s what it takes to get what I want. If you lose then I can take you where I told you.”

“Agreed; and when you lose you have to stay here for all eternity letting me beat on you the whole time.”

“Let’s see, if I win you get to live in love and adoration for all eternity, and if you win, I have to suffer for all eternity. That doesn’t sound fare. To make it more interesting let’s say we both take a swim in the River Styx completely submerged; but first we tell each other our Achilles Heel.”

Hmm that sounds interesting enough. You forget I’ve been swimming in there ever since you killed me, I can put up with the living nightmare. I bet you won’t last ten minutes. How long can you hold your breath?” He laughed with a smirk and stepped closer to the water. A look of fear crossed his face, but then he laughed it away. Harry lifted his hand and a gush of water washed completely over Leviathan.

Harry said, “Ten minutes is a long time to hold your breath, but I’m not one to back away from a bet once it’s been made. And by the way, that was water from the Little Tiber cancelling your invulnerability. Tell me what your Achilles Heel is and look into a mirror while you say it. I will know if you are telling the truth. And then I will tell you what my Achilles Heel is and you’ll be able to see in the mirror if I’m telling the truth. And remember, our bodies are clay containers so be careful not to drink the river water or the clay will weaken and become part of the river.”

Leviathan roared with laughter. “OK, I won’t drink the water. But tell me why we are telling each other our vulnerable place. Isn’t that kind of stupid?”

Harry was beginning to feel the effects of the river even though he wasn’t touching it. He could hear the tormented screams of the suffering and see the destruction from wars and killings from hate and greed. He would have to concentrate hard when he swims in it. He chuckled convincingly saying, “I’m just giving you a head start because I can easily kill you… since you can’t disappear from me and lick your wounds like you have been doing above the underworld.” Harry’s voice turned icy adding the last bit.

“How do I know if your mirror tells the truth?”

Harry summoned the large hand held mirror he had seen floating in the river; quickly and silently enchanting it before handing it to Leviathan. Harry waved his hand over it making the filthy broken mirror a thing of beauty and quality. His eyes twinkled happily at the lust for the mirror Leviathan showed.

“Now, look fully into it and say an obvious truth that we can both see and it will play a melodious song.”

Leviathan said, “This is too easy. I am the most handsome man and women swoon when they see me.” Harry chuckled when the narcissist played right into his hands as the melody rang through the air. “Now say a blatant lie, and the mirror will squawk like a chicken with its head cut off.”

The god cracked up laughing and said, “Harry Potter is the handsomest man alive.” Harry said a non verbal spell and the mirror made a squawking noise.

Harry chuckled again and said, “Aw you didn’t have to be cruel about it. Ok, are you satisfied?”

When Leviathan agreed Harry summoned the mirror back into his hand and said, “I’ll keep the mirror and you’ll be able to take it from me if you defeat me. What is your Achilles Heel?”

The Demi god frowned at Harry keeping the mirror he had already fallen in love with but answered, “When I was born, I came into this world with a crooked spine. It was corrected with magic, but I am not able to withstand any injury to it or it will cripple me.”

Harry’s rage surged through him. “Ludo made you his general and sent you down in that mine with a physical threat to you like that?!” Leviathan had a moment of respect for Harry seeing his outrage of the unfairness he was subjected to. But then he clamped his teeth together and said, “You don’t need to feel sorry for me, Potter. All I have to do is not turn my back on you. Now, what is your Achilles heel?”

“My appendix will bust and rot if my clay container is hit hard enough.” Harry put his hand on the spot over where his appendix should be. Leviathan asked if it was some kind of disease and Harry said with a straight face, “No, it is perfectly healthy, except it is of late experiencing an out of body feeling. Possibly you hit me with one of your black lightning bolts that did it?” Leviathan looked at the mirror as it played a sweet melody as Harry’s silent spell commanded.

Seeing Leviathan was hooked on the ruse Harry covered the mirror with a cloth and tucked it under his belt so it covered the area where Harry’s appendix should be and where the god no doubtfully planned on beating on every chance he got, but now would have to be careful not to damage the mirror he wanted more than anything. Harry told Leviathan to turn around so he could put a barrier over his spine to keep the water from touching his back along his spine. It would be no good to hit there and cause his death when Harry had told Dawn he would bring Leviathan to her alive. This was the reasoning Harry made the Achilles Heel be part of the contest, so Harry would know where he didn’t dare hurt Leviathan.

Harry jumped in the river and immediately wished the ten minutes was up and he was getting out instead of in. He made sure he swam strongly against the river so the current wouldn’t take him to where it emptied into. All his past memories flooded over him and countless bodies grabbed at him. He felt all the pain and suffering he lived through including the years he spent with the Ancients. Yes it was beautiful there and they always made sure the hard times were counterbalanced with good times of rest and comfort, but it was difficult none the less. Learning the things they taught him was not easy because he was learning things he wished he never knew about. Zeus was the one who taught him how to use the lightning rod; which he had done because of recklessly promising Harry he would if Harry was ever able to best him in a hand to hand combat and steal the rod. He thought of Poseidon teaching him how to hold his breath underwater longer than humanly possible, for occasions where you don’t want to breathe in the water like the River Styx. And then he taught him how to breathe underwater. He taught him how to control the water to make it do whatever he wanted. This was easy for him because he already knew how to control all the elements. This was the first thing they ever taught him when Dobby took him to his world. The reason for Poseidon teaching him these things was because when they gifted him citizenship to the Ancient world; it was Poseidon who gave him the gene from his own body and thus made Harry a son of his. It was Mercury’s Gene who taught him how to disappear from one place instantly without Apparating. But he had appeared to him before meeting him on the Ancients world. Mercury had appeared to him after he had burned the Lake of Inferius. Mercury had taken him someplace other than the Ancient’s world in a different time dimension. Why didn’t he remember this until now? Why didn’t he know they were gods back then? His anger imbedded deep resentment towards the Ancients even more. He thought of the long complex math he had to learn just to get the fundamental idea. Odd that Harry taught his sons how to do it without math, but still the math was appreciated because it has helped him work out many very complicated applications.

These ten minutes under the currents of this river were only dangerous to him if he succumbed to the pain, misery, and hate he had to fight constantly. He had to keep his mind occupied, and he was growing weary of thinking of the past because it always brought up horrible and painful memories.

Harry wondered about John. He sure hoped Zeus was teaching him how to use the lightning rod. It would be the only way he would be able to live the rest of his life with Ginny and his kids when this was finally done. He cared nothing for Zeus, but was grateful for the god giving him another separate Gene from him. Harry then became another son of the gods; Zeus himself. Zeus had given him this ‘gift’ to benefit him later when he would use him to defeat his brother, Poseidon. This had happened just before Harry slipped into a coma for five and a half years. Zeus didn’t like being the father of a wizard, but planned on fooling the other gods from his real motive; and then he would kill Harry as soon as he could make it look like an accident. A smile came to Harry’s face thinking how it turned out so beneficial to him. Harry found it odd that he lost his only real father when he was but a baby, but somehow gained three gods as his fathers’ when he was an adult. And what an odd assortment of fathers they are; Mercury, the Roman god, Poseidon the Greek god, and then Zeus a Greek god. Harry focused on swimming now that it was becoming unbearable to swim even with the memories he was concentrating on to keep his mind off the pain he was suffering through.

Something grabbed at him that terrified him when he saw it. He was so shaken he forgot to watch his surroundings whereupon he felt a tremendous blow to his jaw and swallowed some water he was keeping out of his body. He looked at what hit him and was surprised to see it was a troll. The blow sent him back fast and he was flowing swiftly in the current that led to Hades. As he was fighting the troll he was bitten right where his appendix had been and felt something thick coil around his torso and began to squeeze the life out of him. He grabbed the snake and broke open its mouth and held it under the water until it drowned. The coils of the snake fell from him and since he was near the Gates of Hades he went ahead and opened them and took her into Hades and dropped her into the eternal inferno. The wailing and feeling of hate nearly overwhelmed him and the smell of sulfur and the stench of death was overpowering. Harry turned around and went back through the gates he entered from and fixed them to work the way they were supposed to before he broke the curse that keeps them shut and locked. He fought against the tide of the river and finally began going forward against the current again. The river was keeping the poison from killing him, but he could feel it coursing through his body.

He swam hard for so long and thinking on time he worked out that he only had another minute to go and then he would spend the rest of the time in combat with Leviathan. He tried to find something to occupy his mind and still be able to watch what was around him. How long was a minute in this time to a minute at home? How is a minute in this time compared to a minute in the time where he left John?

Upon thinking these time equations he nearly screamed at what happened next. A Wraith he had killed attached his life sucking hand to his chest and began draining Harry’s blood. This pain was close to the pain he felt when the Cruciatus Curse was used on him. The pain wasn’t the worst thing Harry had to worry about though; he was losing valuable blood to this creature. He fought off the Wraith more easily than he thought he could. Probably because the creature wasn’t used to its prey fighting him off. Now it was time to climb out of the river; away from this maddening torture. His head came above the water and he swam to the edge and climbed out. He heard screaming and turned to see Leviathan being dragged under the water by Inferi. Harry jumped back in and swam to the Inferi and knocked them away with bolts of fire that burned underwater. He grabbed Leviathan and drug him onto the bank of the river.

“Come on, Leviathan, snap out of it. You are invincible, remember? Come on.” Harry tried waking the unconscious Demi god. He gently felt his ribs and manipulated a fracture back to how it was supposed to be. He was speaking during the process and finally Harry was successful and smiled at him. “There you are, come on now, we have a fight to the finish, remember?”

Leviathan put his hands to his face to wipe off the water and felt the cuts and bruises. “My face, they’ve ruined my face. I might as well have stayed in there and just let them hate on me like before.”

Harry became sick at his stomach having to comfort the narcissist on top of dealing with the poison from the snake. “Aw come on, here let me help you. I can take away the boo boos.” Harry moved his fingers lightly over the blemishes on his face. He reached for the edge of the water and scooped up some mud and smeared it over the wounds and then blew on it with hot air and then after it dried he moved his hand over all the dried mud and as it came off so did the wounds.

“There, all better now. But don’t expect me to kiss it.”

Leviathan laughed and asked to look in the mirror. Harry considered that this was a trick for Harry to remove his safety net that protected his vulnerable spot. But when the god began to throw a temper tantrum he pulled out the mirror and held it in front of the man. He was glad to see the happiness come onto the face of the childish Demi god. And just as Harry suspected; Leviathan smashed his fist into Harry’s waist. Harry jumped back which was hard to do considering he was sitting on his heels. Harry swiftly tucked the mirror back to its spot under his belt to protect his vulnerable spot. The fight escalated into a full blown war and both men was consumed with hate for the other. It was of course the fault of the river exuding its hate in the thick fog that hung around the river. The more they fought the heavier their breathing became. It suddenly occurred to Harry that he needed to finish off this evil god and get back to the world of the living. He watched for a chance to get to the spine of his enemy. Just as he saw it, he thought of Dawn begging him not to kill him. He froze mid swing and Leviathan hit him so hard it sent him sprawling back into the river. Two hands on each arm grabbed him and pinned his arms behind his back. Harry lost his footing when he heard them speak and they drug him back into the deep part of the river. They held him just high enough to keep his head out of the water and he felt the death and hate pulling on him once more. The surprise on Leviathan’s face said it all. “Lord Voldemort, Father, what are you guys doing here?”

Harry laughed cynically. “You surely didn’t think they passed through the Pearly Gates did you? Their kind doesn’t make it there; they are being sent to Hades.”

Tom Riddle said, “Yes, but we are wizards, we can put off the inevitable. We can help you boy. Finish him off. You know where his Achilles heel is; kill him once and for all!”

Leviathan cautiously returned to the water and smiled at Harry and took the mirror from him and looked at himself. He was pleased and thanked Harry for getting his good looks back. “We could have been friends, Harry. We still can be, now that I’m human again and you got me out of the river.”

Tom looked at Harry with interest. “But wait; what are you saying? You were dead and he brought you to life and got you out of the river? How can this be? You will make me human again, Mr. Potter.” Harry shook his head no and said he’d never do it. They began to beat him and Harry was consumed with hate. He shook them off and tried desperately to climb out of the river. The affects of the beating wasn’t bothering him quite as bad as normal because of the rivers curse. He was invulnerable as long as his appendix didn’t burst, and that was impossible since it sat in the secret place with Dawn and John. Tom’s next words brought his full attention back to the conversation.

“It’s the Deathly Hallows, Nott told me about them. Mr. Potter is the Master of Death. He would have had to use the Stone to bring Leviathan back to him, but how did he make him alive again?” He looked at Harry and asked him but Harry held his teeth clamped together tight and glared at Leviathan.

Ludo said, “We need to take him to the Little Tiber River and just a touch of it will take away the invulnerability. He’ll be normal again.”

Harry’s blood boiled and the anger seethed from his eyes and lips. “Leviathan, this was supposed to be our fight. Are you going to let them call the shots?”

Leviathan laughed and said, “Harry, why would I care about that now? I have the mirror, and I will be satisfied with letting them kill you since they will become human again once they get out of you what has to be done.” Tom and Ludo began to pull him further in from the bank of the river.

Harry thought fast. “Riddle won’t let your dad come back to life. He knows Ludo betrayed him. And he won’t let you out of here again because he’s mad at your dad. He takes his revenge out on the loved ones of people he is mad at. --- I can take away the protection over your spine so that when you get out of the river all I have to do is think of your spine breaking and it will. --- I can break that mirror with a single thought.”

That seemed to have struck a chord with him and Leviathan looked worriedly at the mirror as if Harry might have already broken it. Harry began to struggle and got loose from Ludo, but Tom was too tough to escape from. Tom looked at Leviathan and said, “I will get you a house that has walls of mirrors in every room.”

The god grinned at Harry and Harry knew he was doomed. Suddenly Harry said with a very calm voice, “Ask him to swear on the River Styx that he’ll do that.”

Harry was counting on Tom not knowing much about Greek mythology and was rewarded with a glimmer of hope when Tom asked what it was.

The god spoke up and said, “It’s the worst thing that you can imagine! You see, this river is actually alive! It is a goddess who was cursed to this form. She never told a lie in her life, and offers invulnerability for eternity to anyone who swims or bathes in the water. But if you become completely submerged or the water can somehow go over a protected spot then you succumb to the hate and pain that occupies the water. If you have someone hold onto you so they can pull you out then that place will become vulnerable and you will die if injury occurs on that spot. So, if you swear on the River Styx and lie, then the most horrible thing in the world would happen to you, the least of which you won’t be protected and become vulnerable.”

Ludo laughed and said, “It isn’t that bad, yeah, granted it is bad, but-” Tom stopped him and said, “This other river you mentioned, the Little Tiber, will make you vulnerable again? I need to stay away from that river, but we do need to take Mr. Potter there. Now, let’s find his wand, the cloak, and the stone.

“Make him swear on the River Styx, Leviathan! He is lying to you!” But Leviathan didn’t seem to care. They roughly began searching Harry, and Harry tried to fight them off even though he knew they would never find them. He couldn’t stand their hands being on him. He couldn’t stand being close to them. He trembled at the thought of his worst fear. Something was going terribly wrong. Harry looked down at the blood seeping from where the Wraith had sucked some of his life from him. He was worn out. He expected to begin feeling like this when the three months were up and he was finishing the whole saving the Ancients world. He had lost track of time and spent too long in this phase of the plan he had. Any minute he would be dead just as Rodney said he was. He thought quickly and decided to take a big risk, but it would be the quickest way to finish this and get back to the living.

Harry stopped struggling and glared hatefully at Leviathan. “You’re pathetic! I’m glad I didn’t have to fight you anymore. I’m tired of fooling around. Don’t blame me for this; you can blame Riddle and your dad who didn’t love you enough to keep you out of the mine where I killed you so easily.” Harry looked at the mirror in Leviathan’s hand and it broke in two.

The god looked in horror at it and yanked Harry away from Ludo and Tom. They couldn’t come out of the water and called to him bagging him to find the stone but Leviathan shut them out of his mind. He began pounding on the spot where Harry’s appendix should be. Harry not dying made him even angrier. He was screaming at Harry and hitting on him while Harry could only concentrate on staying alive. He needed to get to the Little Tiber River to finish his plan.

“Harry caught one of Leviathan’s hands and bent it backward forcing Leviathan to fall to his knees in pain, for both of them. Next Harry picked up a rock and hit the god on the side of his face knocking him off of him. His knees were very uncomfortable on his ribs and stomach.

Harry rolled over and held Leviathan’s hands to the ground. “Hold still and I’ll fix your face, and then we’re going to the Little Tiber, OK?”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Well, you want to do that bec