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General Information
All fan fiction here at SnitchSeeker MUST be Harry Potter related. If you're not sure if your fan fiction story idea is appropriate, PM a Fan Fiction Moderator or an Administrator. All stories and comments must follow SS Board Rules at all times. If you have ANY questions at all, please feel free to ask in the Q&A thread or PM a Fan Fiction Moderator.

What do the ratings mean? Which one is appropriate for my Fan Fic?
All fan fiction posted on SnitchSeeker must have an appropriate audience rating in the title, indicating what age itís suitable for.

pSa - Intended for preschool level and younger children between the ages of 1 and 4; free of any coarse language, violence, adult themes and ideas very young children cannot comprehend.

Sa5+ - Content intended for general audience 5 years and older; free of any coarse language, violence, and adult themes. Zero detail on nasty hexes, zero detail on Crucio and zero romance beyond holding hands.

Sa9+ - Some content not suitable for young children; Suitable for more mature children, 9 years and older, with minor action violence without serious injury but free of any coarse language. Should not contain any adult themes. Wizards can duel and use unforgivables, but don't go into detail about the effects of Crucio or any nasty hexes. Hand-holding, friendly embraces, flirtatious looks and brief kisses on the cheek or pecks on the lips are okay, but nothing beyond that, romantically.

Sa13+ - Contains content not suitable for children; Suitable for teens, 13 years and older, with some violence, and minor suggestive adult themes but free of any coarse language. Wizards can duel and use unforgivables, but don't go into detail about the effects of any nasty hexes like Sectumsempra. Hand-holding, romantic embraces, flirting and brief kisses on the cheek or the lips are okay, but nothing beyond that, romantically.

Sa16+ - Contains content suitable for mature teens and older; Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16 with possible strong but non-explicit adult themes (depression, suicide, cutting, mild mention of alcohol or drugs) and references to violence (detailed description of unforgivables, and minor description of hexes such as Sectumsempra), but free of any coarse language. Hand-holding, romantic embraces, flirting, brief kisses on the cheek or the lips are okay, minor snogging sessions but no sexual touching or explicit bedroom scenes. Fan fiction stories of this rating are ONLY allowed in the High Security Vaults.

Are there any topics that are inappropriate for SnitchSeeker Fan Fiction?
Fan fiction stories and poetry containing explicit language, sex, violence and adult themes are forbidden on SnitchSeeker. If you're describing your characters in sexual scenes, using profanity, explicitly using drugs or alcohol, describing Sectumsempra in detail or roasting them alive with a flame curse of some kind, you've gone way too far.

What does Plagiarism mean?
Plagiarism is not allowed in any fan fiction story on SnitchSeeker. What is plagiarism? It's when you use another person's work (words, ideas) and forget to give proper reference to who it belongs to. This is why you must give credit when using song lyrics from a recording artist, and even crediting J.K. Rowling when starting a fan fiction story that incorporates characters she created. What if you use a familiar scene or lines from one of the books? Give proper credit at the beginning of your post.

How do I submit a story?
Posting a new fan fiction story, step by step:

1. First, write your fan fiction in MS Word or another word processor (remember to use the spelling and grammar check). Save your work before posting it to SnitchSeeker. Decide what rating your story will have. Remember that we have strict guidelines about what kind of content can be posted. The ratings guide is located under the section labeled "Ratings".
2. Pick the genre in which your story fits best (Comedy, Epic Adventure, Romance, etc...) and go to that forum. If you decided your fic will be mature enough to warrant a Sa16+ rating, you will post it in the The High Security Vaults (Mature Fan Fics) regardless of genre.
3. Click the "New Thread" button () and a reply field will appear on the next page. Paste your first chapter in this field, double check it for spelling, grammar and punctuation and click "Submit new thread".
4. The new thread will then go to the Moderator Control Panel, where a fan fiction mod will check it the next time he/she goes in there. If it complies with the site and FF rules, we will validate it for you, and it will appear on the list of threads in the forum in which you posted. Posting your story more than once will not speed up the process!
5. If your story isnít approved, you will receive a PM from a Fan Fiction Moderator explaining the reasons why it was declined.
6. Once your thread has reached the forum, you may post new chapters in it by clicking "Post new reply" and pasting your finished work into the reply field and clicking "Submit". Your readers will also comment in this thread.

If you accidentally posted your fan fiction story in the wrong section (comedy, romance, other, etc.), do not resubmit it; calmly PM a Fan Fiction Moderator and ask nicely for he/she to move it for you. You can also post your request to move a thread in the Request Thread.

Fan fiction stories that are plagiarized or copied will be deleted, and have severe consequences. All fan fiction stories must be original and by the author.

Can I have a graphic at the start of my fan fiction?
Fancy story banners are welcome at the top of your fan fiction story, or even within each chapter. All header images cannot exceed the 450 pixels in width and the 200 pixels in height. The maximum file size allowed is 60 kb (61,444 bytes).

Graphics must be your own, or you must have acquired permission for use. All graphics must follow SS Board rules. Direct linking or "hot linking" is not allowed. Direct linking is the use of bandwidth from another site without permission by directly using their server to post images.

Am I allowed to make comments on an author's technique?
Other members are allowed to give you constructive criticism. They may assist you with correct spelling and grammar suggestions in your fan fiction story and by asking questions regarding plot. These suggestions should be made kindly. If someone insults you or your story or is otherwise rude in your thread, contact a Fan Fiction Moderator immediately.

If you are commenting on someone else's thread, please be diplomatic and kind always. Keep in mind that some members may not want a lot of help and if they give a hint that they don't then please just back off. Always remember the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

You must never make rude comments or harass SS members about or in their fan fiction story thread. If you don't like a story, don't comment at all. If you don't have something nice to say, refrain from posting. Do not harass a writer to update his/her fan fiction story. He/she will update at his/her own speed, not because you ask or demand it. Any rude comment or criticism in a person's fan fiction thread will be deleted and you will be PMed by an Administrator or Moderator about your comment. This could also result in a warning or suspension, depending on severity.

If you wish to discontinue your story, send a Fan Fiction Moderator a PM and ask them to delete the thread. You can also make this request in the Request Thread.

If it's my thread, am I allowed to Spam?
Do NOT spam in any fan fiction thread, including your own. It just isn't right, and brings people off the subject of the story. If we see load of pointless spam in a thread, we will ask the offending member to stop and issue an official SnitchSeeker warning, or we'll just delete it and ask you to start another thread. If you really like a story, say so in one post after each update, not six times in a row within 5 minutes. If you wish to add more comments after posting, edit your post rather than posting again. If you want to add more comments, you might want to leave the author VMs or even send a PM expressing how much you love their story.

Is it alright for me to advertise my story in another person's fan fic thread?
Please do not advertise your fan fiction story in someone elseís story. As much as you want to, donít. This also applies to advertising in PMs and VMs. You should provide links in your own signature if you wish to draw attention to your own stories.

I've not updated my story for a long time, what's going to happen to it?
If your fan fiction story is not updated within two (2) months of your last story update, it will be moved to the Inactive Fan Fictions section. After this happens, a Fan Fiction Moderator will notify you of this move via PM.

If your story is in the Inactive Fan Fiction Section and youíd like for it to be reactivated, please send one of the Fan Fiction Moderators a PM with this request. In your message please include a link to your story and tell us which section it belongs in.

Fan fiction stories in the Inactive Fan Fictions Section will be deleted after four (4) months of the last update. Prior to deletion, a Fan Fiction Moderator will make contact with you and ask if you want the story saved or not. If you do not respond to the PM within one week, your story will be deleted.

I've finished my fan fiction! What do I do now?
When you finish your fan fiction story, please include the phrase ďThe EndĒ at the end of your last chapter post. This will tell readers that your story has finished. Two months after you finish your story, a Fan Fiction Moderator will move it to the Finished Fan Fiction section.

When your fan fiction story is done, please go through it and find all the story posts. Put links in your first post to each story post, in order; this is a courtesy to those members who wish to read your story and not have to sift through all of the comments. This is not compulsory, but will make it easier for members to read your story, and may result in more reading your fiction.

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