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Divination Your aura is pulsing, dear. Are you in the beyond? Grab your crystal ball and head to Divination!

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Old 09-11-2021, 10:22 AM
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Default Divination Lesson One: Insect Invasion

It was a cool October morning and the grass was still wet, not found of her morning class slot, Professor Euka was making the best of it by doing some lessons that went better in the morning. The fall chill made her wear her teal cloak and bring a larger coffee.

As students began to come for the lesson they will find yoga mats scattered in a semi circle waiting for someone to sit on them and even maybe meditate waiting for the lesson to begin. The morning sun did look beautiful over the lake and students could just take in the peacefulness that these types of settings bring.

Lesson Progress:
Good morning
What did you hear
Find the bugs
Predict the insects
What do insects mean
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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
"Oh my goodness, yes, yes, go ahead and head to the hospital wing to get that. You can be excused." How had she missed someone being stung.


If you are stung by a wasp, it is a warning to be on your guard against jealousy and deception. The hum of wasps augur an unwelcome and unexpected guest or slander.
Bella looked up at Professor Euka rather than looking down at her hands. Her hands throbbed and pulsed so it was a relief when she was excused from the lesson to get her bee stings treated. Managing a weak smile Bella said "Thank you Professor Euka. I'll go straight to see Healer Peralta. I guess these bee stings indicate that i need to be wary of jealous friends and being lied to in the everyday. I just wished I hadn't needed to be stung so badly to be warned to stay alert." And with that Bella stood up from her yoga mat and left the gathering on the grounds to go back up to the castle to have her stings be treated by Professor Peralta.
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Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Oh. It turned out her response wasn’t such a bad one. That was twice in one lesson, and since this lesson was Divination {a lesson which was not necessarily her strongest}, Claudine would take the wins. She eyed Euka with renewed interest, and a hint of admiration. It was awfully nice of the woman to care for the insects like that.

The seventh year made her way to Euka to collect the paper. Even before she was back to her mat she was reading through the predictions. A quick scan told her that there was no prediction for the moth. Professor, what if the insect I saw is not on this? It was a moth… should it be classified under the butterfly category?” Or was there an actual prediction for moths not printed on the paper?
"Oh goodness me, did I not place them on it. I do have a book. Let's see what it says." She pulled her book out of her bag and turned a few pages. "This is very good, actually, very good. It says a moth is rebirth or transformation. Maybe you have something like that in your future."

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa was starting to feel sleepy. Calm buzzing of the bee, comfy yoga mat, lack of sleep, and nice breeze was the perfect combinations for the young Ravenclaw to almost slump forward. That was until she had to get up to grab the piece of paper. She got up, went to fetch it, and returned to sit cross cross apple sauce once more on her map. Right…..

Let’s look at bees….. Her eyebrows raised at one particular sentence of the text that seemed to apply.

The humming of bees foretells good news, but if their humming sounds angry, trouble is coming.

The bee I saw was bumbling and humming along so that means good news! Maybe things will all work out and I shouldn’t be worried about things?” Maybe HE had feelings for her too??
"That is a great reading and a great lesson to not worry so much. We all should listen to those readings."

Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Upon instruction, Evan collected a piece of paper for himself and re-situated himself to be more comfortable on his mat, scanning over the contents. Who knew there was so much that could be gathered just from observing some bugs? Technically as he'd observed two different insects, he looked at the meaning for the wasps and the beetle.

The wasps... was certainly interesting, because either meaning he could see how it could apply. He was doing his best to not be jealous about certain things - but there were times it still came unbidden. But also... unwelcome guests? Well, that had already come to fruition for him had it not? The Board of Governors was certainly not something he'd considered welcomed. He was pretty over their meddling, even if he was doing his best to try not to show it.

And then the Beetle... good fortune, huh? He raised his hand. "I saw wasps and a beetle. So my interpretation," he guessed, "would be that there are unwelcomed presences in my life, but perhaps the beetle means I'll have the good fortune of them... not being soon?" With divination it really was all a guessing game for him. He usually just tried to find some of the things they touched on and then research into the muggle psychology of it, merely because it was of great interest to him.
"Well Evan that could be a very good warning if you have had some new people or something that made you feel uncomfortable lately. Keep your eyes open with this reading."

Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
Bella looked up at Professor Euka rather than looking down at her hands. Her hands throbbed and pulsed so it was a relief when she was excused from the lesson to get her bee stings treated. Managing a weak smile Bella said "Thank you Professor Euka. I'll go straight to see Healer Peralta. I guess these bee stings indicate that i need to be wary of jealous friends and being lied to in the everyday. I just wished I hadn't needed to be stung so badly to be warned to stay alert." And with that Bella stood up from her yoga mat and left the gathering on the grounds to go back up to the castle to have her stings be treated by Professor Peralta.
"Well Belle sometimes small signs get unread and the universe needs to give us bigger ones." She thought about the diary stuff and wondered if maybe the reading had something to do with that.

"Alright class, this was very good and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have. I love nature and some of my favorite parts of Divination involve being outside. Keep your eyes on your noticeboard for your homework, but I will give you a hint, you will be looking for more bugs around the castle." Yes, of course the homework would have something to do with these readings.

"Have a wonderful day, class is dismissed."
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Oh. Class was over already? Evan collected all of his belongings from around him, stuffing the insert into his notebook too to look over more. And probably use for the homework later too. Once that was all accounted for, he stood from his spot and rolled up his mat that he'd been sitting on before glancing towards the Divination professor. "Thanks for the lesson, Professor Euka. Do you need help with any of the mats or uh... bug collecting?" There was probably magic to make it easier, but it didn't hurt to offer assistance either.

If not, he could also just be on his way.

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Heath blinked, unsure what to make of Professor Euka’s reply. That seemed a little… vague. Was his answer correct or not? Never mind, no time to think about it now. They were moving on. He listened carefully as the professor began speaking again. Oh, she had a creature sanctuary? That was interesting to know!

He got up to retrieve a paper and took it back to his mat. He pored over its contents, searching for anything on stick insects or eating, but he found nothing. Maybe he’d missed something? He checked again, but still no luck. Now how was he supposed to make a prediction? He thought back to the previous activity, trying to recall if he’d seen any other insects that did appear on the list. Then he remembered the wasps. He’d heard their hum, which meant… an unwelcome and unexpected guest. Great, just what he needed. He’d had his fill of unexpected guests at this school over the past few terms! Every time someone unexpected turned up at Hogwarts, dangerous stuff happened!

Based on that information, Heath predicted that someone would show up at the school and cause trouble, but he chose to keep that prediction to himself. He didn’t want to frighten the younger students! He sat silently, listening to the others’ predictions until Professor Euka dismissed the class. "Bye, Professor," he said, picking up his bag. "Thank you for the lesson!"
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Dahlia got up and carefully collected herself one of the papers only reading over it once she had returned to her seat. Bright blue eyes scanned over all of the bugs on the list until she came across the Cricket. Luck! Well that was great! She smiled to herself in thought as she considered what her life was like at this very moment. So far she had to agree that things were peaceful and content, she didn't have anything to complain about really.

"Professor, the little cricket I had found.. I followed it all over the place as it leaped across blades of grass before settling down upon one near the lakes edge where it began to make a song by rubbing its wings together. It seemed very content without a care, do you think that means I should be feeling the same way?" That right now her life was at a point where she could relax for even the little while.

The was over already? Hmm. Lessons always seemed to zip right by whenever they were held outside. Quietly gathering up her things and being careful not to disturb any bugs, she slung her bag over her shoulder. "Thanks for the lesson professor. Where would you like these mats?" Should they pile them up somewhere neatly?
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Over already. Not too bad for a divination class, Violet thought. "Goodbye, Professor Euka," she said as she handed in her papers and headed back to the castle. Seeing what looked like the bee she had been watching perched on a large, yellow flower, she added, "'Bye, bee!"
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