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Charles Hollingberry Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry [IC March 2097 - present; OOC November 2018 - present]

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Default Welcome to the Ministry of Magic, Level Three

Welcome to the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Accidents and Catastrophes is responsible for repairing and reversing accidental magical damage within the Magical and Muggle World. Members of this Department leap into action when magic spells go awry, particularly when magical effects are spotted by Muggles. The Department works with other Departments to "clean up" the scene of any such event, modifying memories and reversing bewitchments. As necessary, the Department creates alternate stories to feed to the Muggle press to keep the existence of the magical community a secret.Above all, The Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes is tasked with upholding the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. In addition to first point-of-contact response to Magical incidents, Employees of this department deal with experimental magic provisioning, spell testing and registry, event and structure concealment, and memory restoration and manufacture.

The filing cabinet containing employee's biographies can be found here.

Photos!: Department Map

Reception and Waiting Area
When you exit the lifts into the foyer, the reception and waiting area is to your left through a set of revolving doors that will simply revolve you right back out again if you don’t have business here. If you do, please take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs, or matching couch, upholstered in a new purple colour. Gone are the days of everything being in this department being green and now there are purple accents all around the place. The carpets have been replaced by a delightful cream coloured one protected by magic that repels dirt, litter (it will hit you back in the head) and anything that should not be on it. [...]

Office of the Department Head, Eliora Dodderidge
On the wall to the right of the door is a purple box labelled ‘Compliments!’ where Eliora Dodderidge hopes you will leave nice messages about your colleagues that she can share with them in department meetings. Of course, should you use this box for anything other than this, there will be consequences.

Once you’ve knocked and been invited inside of the Department Head’s Office, take a seat on one of the grey seats on the peasants opposite side of the desk or on the window seat available. Keep your hands to yourself or risk losing your fingers. The desk is tidy and organised, much like the rest of the office. Things are in their proper place and there is little clutter besides the coffee cups that are usual for anywhere Eliora is. There are probably ten more in there than you can see and count. If you were to comment on it, though, there would probably be a hot cup of coffee poured over your head. [...]

Announcement Board
Displayed in the corridor between the main offices and the conference room are two noticeboards where important information will be posted for employees. All Accidents and Catastrophes employees are required to keep up to date with announcements here about Level 3 or the Ministry as a whole. One noticeboard contains a copy of the latest memos sent out to employees, sometimes a nice note of appreciation from your Department Head and a list of important contacts in the Ministry that she may question you on at any random point. The other noticeboard contains a photo board detailing all of the staff on this level – Eliora believes you should know the faces you are working with daily – and a level-wide ‘to-do’ list which you can sign yourself up for.

You will notice that Ms. Eliora Dodderidge, Department Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, can be sentimental and either side of the noticeboard in a frame is an announcement each from former Department Heads Aron Ashburry-Hawthorne and Maddox Quigley. Both have their signatures on, with the friendly addition of a love heart. If you had looked close enough to the staff photo board, you would have seen the heart next to a certain Head Obliviator’s name, too.

Work Areas
The main work area is a large and open office with colour co-ordinated dividers and desk clusters providing some semblance of order to the chaos of having a whole department in one area. The room is now carpeted in grey throughout and gone are the several distracting rugs that used to sit above. Instead, there are boxes of cushions located near each cluster of desk for employees to use on their chairs should they find them uncomfortable. Some cushions have a picture of your department head, Eliora Dodderidge, on them but she expects them to be treated with respect or even hung on the walls should you so desire. When you walk in through the main doors coming from the reception and foyer, there is a waiting area to one side. If you have visitors they are welcome to sit here, or employees may take a coffee break in this corner. There are plenty of magazines provided, some of them are related to the work we do in the department, and others are personal favourites of Ms. Dodderidge – Achievement in Charming, Transfiguration Today, The Potioneer’s Gazette, The Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly and Teen Witch Weekly.

Directly to your left, you’ll find a table which forms the centre point for part of the Office of Misinformation, in particular the Obliviators and Reminisciators desks. These employees are in and out constantly, so it makes sense they have a nook close to the door doesn’t it? In front of you is a magical photocopier, running entirely on enchantments, and behind that you’ll find the rest of division one’s Office of Misinformation employees (Memory Restoration and Retrieval Bureau and Muggle Worthy Excuse Committee), along with the Invisibility Task Force of division three, tucked away in the corner where they can get some serious work and planning done without too much interruption. [...]

Employee Break Room
Located on the main corridor is the Level 3 break room, found between the conference room and the training room. The break room is home to a pool table, a table tennis table, and a foosball table, all of which have been here for a while. These are for you to use during your breaks and not when you should be working. There is a decently sized kitchen with the utensils, cutlery and appliances that you may need to put together the lunch you have. The cupboards are stocked with the basic essentials as you are responsible for feeding yourself and labelling your food. Please note that Ms. Dodderidge does sometimes get hungry and may take your lunch for herself without apologising if there is no name on it.

The break room has not changed much since the department was taken over by the current department head, but there are a few brightly-coloured plants around the place to brighten it up. Are they there to watch you? Or are you there to watch them? Do not feed the plants coffee. That is a waste of caffeine! The back corner of the break room has a smaller room, though that still is rather spacious. This room contains lockers for all employees and you are encouraged to keep a change of clothes at work in case of emergency. You are not permitted to go home should you have an accident at work but should use the changing rooms provided. [...]

Conference Room
A door on the corridor opens up to reveal the large room which is used as the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes conference room. On a typical day, it is not big enough to fit more than one division, but with a few nifty magic tricks and treats, it can be extended to fit the entire department if and when needed. The tables in the centre of the room form a square horseshoe shape with another table just past the open end which the individual leading the meeting is able to use. Each of the chairs are comfortable enough for you to want to sit in, but not comfortable enough to encourage slacking by staying here. There is a coffee mug personalised with your name available for all employees in cupboards lining the back wall. Just because you could use a paper cup, doesn’t mean that you should. Be responsible with your waste.

In here, Ms. Dodderidge will present to, brief and catch up with her employees on assignments, issues arising and also the coffee machine. You’ll notice that since she took over, there are three coffee machines in this very room with a sign above each saying ‘If your Department Head does not have a coffee in each hand, then you’re slacking!’ So get to it.

All divisions of the department are encouraged to make use of the conference room, but meeting times must be booked with either Ursula Gray at the reception desk so that there are no clashes in the diary, subject to approval from the Department Head.

Training and Trial Room
The training and trial room on level three is a large space set aside for employees of the Accidents and Catastrophes department in order to continually work on their skills, or try out some experimental charms for assessment and tweaking purposes. While the room was originally charmed to behave much like the Room of Requirement within Hogwarts, this is no longer the case. Instead, the large room is relatively empty, though there is a large pool in one corner for practicing water-based charms work, and some heavy duty crash pads in another corner so that if you are levitating yourself, anyone else, or working with objects that are otherwise breakable, dents and bruises won't be an issue. These crash pads are also useful for those who wish to duel as part of their training and trialing.

If you need anything else within this space, you are expected to privide it yourself or speak with your Department Head if it is something a little more questionable, large or dangerous. Many muggle items are available in storage for charms work (including a few automobiles) and you may indeed find some items within the storage cupboard on the other side of the department.

While this room is intended for use primarily by level three employees, those who work in other departments may make use of this space with a written request and approval from Eliora Dodderidge, Department Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

Toxicology and Analysis Laboratory
The Toxicology and Analysis Laboratory on level three is a facility set aside for employees of the Accidents and Catastrophes department in order to continually work on their brewing and potion identification skills, or develop some experimental potions for assessment and tweaking purposes. While this laboratory is primarily for use by potioneers, it is also a space appropriate for those who are working to identify particular spells or charms found on bewitched objects.

This is a larger and more modern appearing space than the Magical Forensics Laboratory found on level two, and is more specialised for potion brewing and experimentation. Other Ministry employees that are permitted to work here alongside the A&C potions specialists include DERP Botanists who need more space and facilities than what the greenhouses provide, Law Enforcement employees with the appropriate clearance and Ever-Locked Room Potioneers and Charmists from the Department of Mysteries.

To one side of the lab there are brewing stations complete with all the equipment a potioneer might need. Along the back wall there are magical analysis machines that help with analysing constituent and component parts and ingredients of unidentified potions, as well as testing whether certain ingredients might react dangerous together. Along the other side of the lab you'll find stations for preparing ingredients and analysing bewitched objects. There is also a special magical poisons work area, and plenty of storage space for in-progress potions and completed brews.[...]


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