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Charles Hollingberry Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry [IC March 2097 - present; OOC November 2018 - present]

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Default Welcome to the Ministry of Magic, Level Four

Welcome to the Ministry of Magic, Level Four

Unlike the other levels in the Ministry, Level Four contains two Departments. The second largest Department in the British Ministry, and the oldest on this level is The Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The Creatures Department was specifically created to help keep a maintenance on the Magical Creatures found in the British Wizarding World. They are the governing body of Beings, Beasts, Spirits and the Goblin and Centaur liason offices as well as offering other public services in the Pest Sub-Division, and the Pest Advisory Board.

While the Creatures division monitors imports and exports of magical creatures parts, it is their Environmental counterparts that regulate which plants can be imported and exported throughout Britain. The Department of Environmental Regulation and Protection is the newest Department in the British Ministry. Responsible for all plant life (and some creature in conjunction with the Creatures Department), they secure and monitor all magical sanctuaries, creature habitats, and reservations along with environmentally sensitive or dangerous areas. Of course the new Department also works to find the most effective and useful means of recycling both magical and mundane waste within the Ministry, and work to find and create new potions ingredients.

The Departments share a level and work together more so than any of the other Departments, they share a work space, break room, and conference room. Both Departments contain highly skilled witches and wizards that work to keep Britain's creatures and the Environment they (and we) live in safe.

Start Here: Shared Work Area
The largest open room on Level Four is the one housing the employee work area for both departments on this level. The first set of workstations you encounter belong to the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. In the center of the room there are three sets of workstations, pushed together for easier coordination and respectively seating the department's largest divisions: the Magical Creatures Office, the Magical Beings Office, and the Spirits Office. Both the Pest Control, and the Enforcement division's workstations, on the other hand, are set up a little more inconspicuously to the side of the room, considering that these divisions' employees are usually not found at their desks.

Once you have walked past the workstations assigned to the Creatures Department, you reach the area where you are likely to find employees working for the Department of Environmental Regulation and Protection. The workstations have been arranged according to the employees' respective divisions; the Enforcement and Regulation Divisions forming the largest squares, whereas both the Oceanoizardry and Botany Divisions' workstations have been moved near the office walls to ensure that the generally unused desks are not in everyone's way.You have to pass through here in order to reach the Creatures Holding Room, the Conference Room, the Break Room, the Greenhouses, and Olly Emmons-Clarke's Office.

Shared Employee Break Room
If you're a Level Four employee and in search for decent coffee or the latest office gossip, the break room is the place to be. Located just past and directly connected to the conference room, the break room provides you with...whatever you put into the fridge and cabinets there. It is essential for you to bring your own dishes - mugs, plates, water glasses, eggcups, whatever your heart desires - as the Ministry does not have the means to provide them. And there are no disposable plastic cups or the like. To encourage interdepartmental cooperation, employees from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, and Department of Environmental Regulation and Protection share this break room. If you have a problem with that...your Department Heads suggest you sort out your priorities. This room is for Level Four employees only so if you would rather spend your breaks with people from other departments, why don't you head on over to the new Pets 'n Plants Café?

Pets 'n Plants Café
Tucked away in a corner behind the Shared Conference Room and right at the entrance of Level 4, you'll find a door leading you to one of the newest hang-out spots that the Ministry of Magic has to offer. If you wander inside, you'll see that what used to be a storage room has since been transformed into a hip café, complete with all the regular bells and whistles: square tables, comfortable chairs, & coffee-shop chatter. While there isn't a counter to order yourself a drink, there's an espresso machine, an assortment of teas, and a kettle filled with hot water along the back wall. You're encouraged to bring your own food and drink, but are asked to stray away from one-time use, plastic crockery (unless you want an Environment Employee hunting you down). It may be worthwhile to mention that this isn't just any café. This is a creature and plant adoption café! Small, rescued creatures (crups, kneazles, you name it!) who are in need of a loving home are walking around, curling up around your feet, and asking you for a nibble to eat! Please treat the creatures with care and be sure to give them some of your love and affection. If you find one you like, stop by one of the Level 4 Department Heads' offices to fill out the paperwork and make a furever friend. Not a pet person? Not a problem. There are plenty of plants hanging around too. Feel free to take one, or two, or however many you can hold! The procedure is the same for both creatures and plants alike!

Shared Conference Room
The Level Four Conference Room is shared between the Magical Creatures and Environment Departments. It is a rather large space with adequate seating and elbow room to accommodate for all staff on Level 4 as need arises. Due to close collaboration between the two departments, the Heads will occasionally call for joint meetings, however, the space may also be used by either department independently of the other. While the room itself is quite minimalistic (orderly and free of clutter), there is a large window along the wall to let in some natural light and a few potted plants occupy the room's otherwise-empty corners. Need a quill? Forgot your notebook? Looking for an extra ink-pot? First of all, shame on you. We're all adults here. But not to worry, your Department Heads have thought of everything. Supplies can be found in the cabinets that line the very back of the room, the coffee machine is here too--you'll want to remember this bit, most meetings are held early in the morning.


Magical Creatures: Office of Department Head Zhuo Xia Li
As soon as you enter the room, you're immediately met with the smell of roses basking over you. In fact, the decor of the room seems to have a particularly floral theme to it, making you wonder if there's a reason behind the arrangements or if the Department Head just seems to like flowers.

Are you going to get an answer? No.

Once you've gotten over the floral arrangements, you're met with the sight of a sleek, clean desk directly ahead of you, usually seating the Department Head herself. Behind the desk sits warm, golden oak shelves juxtaposing against the cool, royal blue wall directly opposite you. When she isn't reading them, creature-based books can be found sitting on the shelves directly behind the desk. They're the property of the Ministry and the Creatures Department Head so don't think about removing them from their place without her permission.

On the right hand side of the room, large windows can be found, showing a variety of intriguing images. Sometimes, the sight can be your mundane British cityscape reminiscent of the current climate. Other times, a picturesque scenery can be seen behind the windows, showing the most magical of creatures in their natural habitats. You don't know what you're going to get, it's always a surprise.

Once you've been invited in, come and make yourself comfortable.

Magical Creatures: The Creature Holding Room
Calm? Serene? Not this room!

As soon as you enter the Creature Holding Room, you are washed away with the sheer chaotic energy that radiates from the inhabitants of this room. But what else would you expect from a room filled with a vast array of creatures?

The Creature Holding Room is, as the title suggests, a room to hold creatures of all shapes and sizes. When a creature has been captured or confiscated and in need of a temporary home, they can be kept in here. While more permanent arrangements are being made for them, they are under the care of the Department and therefore, the utmost level of care is expected when handling these creatures.

Several fenced off areas fill the room that houses creatures who are separated by species, size, and, of course, Ministry rating. On the right wall, bloodhound kennels can be found leading all the way up to a mysterious door in the corner of the room. Behind the door is a large, open area where the dogs can be taken for special training. If you don't like the grassy pastures, you're welcome to charm the room to mimic whatever tickles your fancy. Though we do ask you to change it back when you're done.

Need some equipment? Looking for safety equipment or the first aid box? On the left-hand side of the main room there are various cupboards that come supplied with all the supplies and materials you could possibly need, whether they're for your well-being or the creatures'.

Your safety is crucial and it's because of this that extreme security measures have been put into place. Several protection charms have been placed to stop any non-DMC employees - or anyone who doesn't have permission to be in here - from entering the room. If, by a strange turn of events, you find yourself past these security charms and into the room, the Caterwauling Charm will sound, resonating across all of Level 4. This will inform the employees of Level 4 that there has been a security breach, which could land you in a whole heap of trouble.


Environment: Office of Department Head Olly Emmons-Clarke
The location of the Department Head's office has stayed the same, however, the interior has changed considerably. Not being one for excessive decorating, Olly chose a rather minimalistic approach with regard to furnishing the office, only setting up a couple of shelves, a simple office desk and a few chairs. The latter are neither particularly comfortable nor uncomfortable which should consequently make you feel welcome but not encourage you to stay too long if you're a visitor. The only thing that might look a little out of place in an office setting is the crib standing by one of the windows. It is more often than not empty but might occasionally be occupied by Evie Sophie - Olly and Schuyler's daughter.

Environment: The Greenhouses
The Greenhouses house any and all plants the Department of Environmental Regulation and Protection is currently working on, both indigenous and foreign. This is where the Botanists work their magic - literally and figuratively. A place where Potions ingredients and rare plants are being grown and where the Research and Development team conduct their experiments. After the incidents under Nickles' reign, some of the more aggressive plants have been quarantined into a separate smaller greenhouse, to be tended to only by those specifically assigned to the task. If you do not work for the Department of Environmental Regulation and Protection, you are NOT permitted to enter any of the Greenhouses without being accompanied by a DERP-employee; unless you have been given explicit permission by the Department Head, Olly Emmons-Clarke. Should you find any of the greenhouses to be short on supplies of any kind, please contact one of the Greenhouse Caretakers.

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