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Charles Hollingberry Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry [IC March 2097 - present; OOC November 2018 - present]

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Old 06-21-2022, 05:10 AM
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Default Underwater Gala

After taking an whimsical yellow submarine from the Ministry’s meeting point on the shores of a secluded section of the English coast, you arrive an hour later to the ancient city of Atlantis to the Underwater Gala. As you step off the submarine you are treated to your first breath-taking sight of the magnificent city of Atlantis as you stand in an underwater cavern entrance covered in exquisite shoals of fish and enchanted to sustain all you land lovers while still accommodating for your aquatic companions - meaning you can breathe freely within this air bubble. A beautiful yet elderly and powerful looking merperson, the Chieftess of Atlantis, suddenly appears encased in an orb of water that gracefully floats towards you. While she happens to possess the same greyish skin as those merpeople who dwell in the Hogwarts' lake, her long wild hair is pure white and her eyes do not appear to have that yellow tint in them, and instead are a pale shade of blue. At around six and a half feet in length, she is both breathtaking and intimidating. "Welcome to Atlantis! Please proceed inside!" she announces loudly as she gestured everyone into the gala.

Coming into the festive rooms of the gala you might become mesmerized by the lightning that looks like giant jellyfish with festoons of tentacles spreading light in all the rooms. The main party room that also provides the night’s entertainment from a high stage is bathed in tropical blue hues. You listen to the variety of mermish artists (all of whom are also encased in translucent bubbles of water), take a spin on the dancefloor, or stop by the coral reef bar to get a special pink fantasy drink (there will be both wizard and merpeople drinks on hand, so why not try both?!). You may occasionally find your dance moves interrupted by a school of colorful fish encased in a watery orb of protection swimming from one side of the underwater dome to the other. The dining room is a pink palace of luxury, featuring a wall with constantly flowing confetti. Everyone has an assigned seat around circular clothed tables with a series of natural pearls in varying sizes and colors sparkling overhead. The food you can feast on tonight is a wide variety of mermish and wizard cuisine from entrees to dessert served by mermish waiters.

Remember, you are a guest of this exquisite city and it is a true rarity that merpeople have shown such hospitality. As ambassadors to the land above, be on your BEST behavior!

OOC: please keep any RPing of any merepeople to a minimum as there will be a MEREPEOPLE! account to interact with
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Text Cut: pre-chaos quotes re: Conall and Dylan lol
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post

Aurora left the cavern entrance after a quick chat with her personal assistant, Stella. Tonight she was solo, since Sebastian had decided to not go after their latest argument had ended with him storming off to a quiddith pal. Aurora couldn't even remember now what they had argued about. It had probably been something about her work or the kids or something..... Sighing Aurora took a breath and said to herself. It's a magical night, stop thinking unhappy thoughts and enjoy the gala even if you have responsibilites to look out for trouble.

She had the dress, the shoes and the makeup so maybe she could at least try to find someone to chat with? Letting her blue eyes wander around, they eventually stopped on a guy with long hair and a demeanor Aurora interpreted as lonely. Grabbing two glasses from a passing with something green in it and a white flower on top she approached the man, plastering on a bright smile "Hey, are you enjoying the gala?" Holding out one of the green drink glasses she asked "Would you care for a drink? I think it's drinkable." Or so hoped at least.
Originally Posted by MERPEOPLE! View Post
And yet another land-dwelling person had joined them (Dylan)! The mer singer felt bubbly with all the compliments. "Oh, thank you," she said, inclining her head in thanks toward the newcomer. "Are you familiar with mermusic as well?" Surely it were so for the first one, otherwise they would be unable to discern the bad from the good. Unless they were just complimenting her for the sake of being nice, which...yes, that would be acceptable too. She liked compliments, whatever the motive.

The bright and bubbly reaction her compliment had gotten from the mersinger was almost unexpected, given the vague sese of tension threading through the room. Even so, Dylan managed a smile, if one tinged with apology. “Unfortunately, I can’t say I am quite familiar with mermusic, but I was raised to appreciate all forms of music,” she replied, hoping the statement wouldn’t be taken too badly. She had been genuine with her initial compliment after all, even if it had come from a more general place than true knowledge of the music in question.

Music that absolutely didn’t sound quite as beautiful coming from Kendra and the Unspeakables who had found themselves the main focus of the chaos that was gradually spiraling outward. As such, with a murmured apology for leaving so soon, she had started to head in the direction of the Minister and the new MLE head only to change direction as she heard the latter’s comment to one of his men to head toward the exits leading to, presumably, the submarines that had taken them down here.


Conall wasn’t exactly lonely. At the very least, the hit wizard rarely considered himself as such, given the aptitude his brothers had of dropping in on him when he wasn’t out of patrol. Or the times Emma had stopped by after work. Either way, he had inclined his head in greeting as the Transportation head had approached, interpreting her smile as rather plastered on but not about to ask. “I must admit I am enjoying it. The change in environment, if anything else,” he responded, Scottish accent tinging every word even as he declined the offered drink. Whether said drink was human or otherwise, he would rather play it safe. Especially given the scene unfolding across the room from his vantage point, the Unspeakables acting rather unlike themselves. He was guessing, anyhow.

As things unfolded, and Ms. Bagnold had peeled off to join the G&S head, he headed over in the direction of the Minister and his own department head, a glance toward Carter as he tried to reason with the merperson escorting Connolly somewhere. Hit wizard reporting for duty.

Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post

Something told the merguard approaching Tamerlane to be careful, so he circled slowly. Nearby another group of merpeople approached Oceanus, TiaMarie, and Sam Gusey who suddenly found themselves at trident point.

Tread carefully witches and wizards, lest you make an already tenuous situation worse!
She had been aware of what was happening elsewhere in the gala, but Skye had only dropped her hand from her attempt to touch the lighted tentacle hanging above her when she became aware of a merperson circling her. Rather like a shark, which almost made her look to see if the mer’s tail resembled one. “I’m sorry if I damaged something,” she said, almost placatingly and very obviously not reaching for the wand hidden in her skirts.

In case that was why he was circling, although given the amount of other Ministry employees being accosted around her, she rather doubted it had anything to do with her curiosity over the lighting. Either way, she was choosing to believe that it was better to stay unarmed rather than take her wand out and risk a diplomatic incident. She was A&C, not MLE.

And she rather hoped someone would let her parents know if she was wrong and got captured.
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Come Seek Us Where Our Voices Sound

The more she watched the more contempt bubbled and boiled within. All this time, the unrest between the mertribes had been mistaken. The fault not with their own kin, but the land dwellers who spoke of comradery only to sow seeds of malice. The Minister's blonde guard grindylow's insolence was nothing, a mere barnacle easily removed, in comparison to the heinous crime against merpeople that had been committed.

"Thieves," she sneered, her mighty tail swishing ferociously as she zipped upwards towards the ceiling of the dome. "THIEVES! Return what has been stolen from our sacred waters." Her teeth chattered and snapped as she let out a high pitched shriek to summon a swarm of grindylows to aid her merguards in their efforts.

The merguards began blasting hot bubbles from their tridents and conch shells, pushing back land lover from land lover while filling the space in chaotic reflective spheres. Visibility would be a nightmare for anyone not in possession of mersight, but this was all according to plan.

"Leave them!" the Chieftess snapped at those beginning to escort the land lovers who had been causing a scene, the bewitched ones. Her sharp teeth clicked and clattered at the land dweller [Ronan Carter] who thought his words carried weight here. It was no accident, but they no longer required his precious ambassador's capture. It would serve her and her kin more to allow for those humans to escape. Others, however, would not be so lucky. "You will return what has been stolen from us, Minister, if you wish to see your people again!"


Arms securely wrapped around their captive [Gabriel Melo], the merguard sneered and screeched at the other human [Brody Hawthorne] before whipping their mighty tail upwards and propelled themselves backwards with speeds that rivaled only that of a sailfish and out of sight, leaving the other man standing in a vortex of bubbles.


Pointing their trident at the human [David Truebridge], the merguard sang a deep and ominous tune that produced a bubble from the points of their trident that twisted and engulfed their target swiftly. With a mighty swing of their weapon, they struck the bubble prison and sent it zipping across the space and out the other side where it would eventually bounce to a stop near the coral gardens to be collected later.


The merguard would not be wasting their bubbles and words on this pair [Kingston & Jerald] and merely grunted their displeasure as a response. A very real temptation to spit in in the face of the land dweller presented itself, themselves having been entirely against even attempting these pleasantries in the first place, but contained their disgust and instead whistled for several grindylows to come to his side and entangled themselves around the human's hands and legs, binding him into incapacitation, before swimming away with their captive elsewhere.


Blast of bubbles coming from every which direction, the merguard kept a firm hold on their prisoner [Gunnar McCarthy-Toussaint]. "Kindly return that which you have stolen from us and you may have him back," the guard spat while golden eyes narrowed on the other human [Alessandro Toussaint]. "Or you may join him." Puckering their lips, the merguard whistled shrilly, summoning from the nearby décor kelp that plunged forward to wrap and restrain them. Meanwhile, the merguard summoned a bubble from their trident to encapsulate their target and prepared to hit the bubble out of the area.


Tears, pleading, were futile and only served to brew more agitation and anger in this particular merguard as they began wrapping the land dweller [Oceanus Zunther] in thick, sturdy, kelp. "You took from us first. Wizardingkind, humans, you take. Release your hand or join him," they spat at the female human [Stella Zunther].


Each consecutive circle growing small and small, the merguard raised the conch shell attached to the rusty chain around his neck to his lips and blew. A bubble burst forth from their own water sphere and launched itself in the direction of the land dweller [Skye Tamerlane] to capture her in a bubble. "Let us hope none of you have," he warned, not speaking to anything that may have occurred here but rather that which his Chieftess had proclaimed. With a mighty flick of his tail, the merguard sent the bubble containing the human away to join the others that had been captured.
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It was her exact nightmare. Being unable to keep everyone safe, having to opt to keep the Minister safe in spite of himself and at the sacrifice of other employees and their guests. Vivi had been mid-sneer at the merpeople guards sneering back at her when she found herself bodily moving between the approaching tridents and the Minister.

"Charles. I will knock you out with my own wand if you put yourself in danger. Let the LEOs do their job, and let me do mine." Not that he was doing anything, yet, but he was a soft heart and wouldn't let people just be taken. JUST... TAKEN? What was happening?

"Leave our people and negotiate like the sentient beings you are," she waved her wand to send a wave of hot water away from their spot and directly toward another cluster of merpeople.

Um, what? Sam was just here dancing with his girl and now people were MANHANDLING him. Okay, not people, MERpeople. No thanks, though. Could he opt out, please? "Hey, mate, hands off, okay? I have a game on Monday, yeah? You have to pay off the insurance folks if I can't play, and I don't think they accept... anemones as payment."

He wasn't trying to be rude, but he took his responsibility to his team VERy seriously, okay? Sam looked for Becky, and he gave her a little wave, half placating and half desperate. He didn't want her to get skewered on a trident, but like... what if this wasn't just a game with totally unknown rules? "Hey, Re-becca? In case I become breakfast, I love you, okay?" Did merpeople eat humans? Probably not.
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There was an instant relief in feeling Joseph's palm pressed against his own, though it would be only temporary once his bright blue eyes fell on certain other sights here at the gala. "Dad and papa were jealous already when I rung them to inform them of the event." He had wanted them to teach him a few simple expressions in Mermish so he could speak politely with the hosts...all of which had emptied themselves from his mind thanks to the nerves. "I wish I had brought a camera to take a few photographs for them...but I read somewhere that the merfolk do not take kindly to such things, especially when the flash goes off." And knowing Noah's luck...that would happen despite his best intentions. Takes a moment and smiles at his boyfriend as they walked towards the tables with drink and food options..and his stomach churned a fair bit as he contemplated just how adventurous he thought he could push himself to be. Probably not all that much more...the submarine ride down here had already been enough of an adventure for now.

His gaze briefly shifted from a place of what looked like lettuce wraps, shrimp on the inside, and towards Joseph but then soon swerved to the merqueen who was currently berating the Minister for Magic. Distracted again, the Unspeakable's head craned and followed her indication to see... "Mr. Flamsteed?" Noah gasped, watching as his boss behaved in the most uncivilized of ways. Not just him, but two more of his coworkers were joining in and Noah felt utterly appalled by the display. Joseph's question rung all kind of alarm bells inside and his curls were practically quivering in their own anxiousness. "I'd...let the answer to that question remain a mystery," he whispered, giving the actor's hand a gentle tug to move away from this group and towards the perfectly respectable end of the table where a nice plate of dinner rolls sat in a pyramid. "She seems...quite ornery ... we wouldn't want you to accidentally start an international incident."

Those last words were meant to be said lightheartedly...but it was a serious concern of the former Ravenclaw.
Joseph was about to say something snarky back about loving a good mystery when it seemed everything went sideways. People were getting arrested....accused of stealing...what was this a trap? "Noah..." Joseph whispered scared and hiding slightly behind him because he had absolutely no idea what he needed to do or even what he could do.

His feet firmly glued in place in sheer terror he gripped Noah tightly. Was this a trap and were they all going to die? He had been so fascinated by the surroundings he clearly had missed something but he knew one thing, he was doing far too well for once in his life to die. Did he even have his wand if he needed it? Or remember the spells he would need? Merlin...What had they supposedly taken? And did he have it? A hand went to his pockets to check nope! Phew...but he found his wand at least.

"If this is part of the party it's rather rude," his voice shook as he tried to hide his terror in a joke.
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Gunnar was not surprised to hear the words of his husband. Though sounding calm and firm, he knew the ferocity that lied beneath, threatening to bubble over. He certainly could not fault him for that and it was a part of him he loved dearly, how fiercely protective he was of him. But Gunnar also knew that they need to tread carefully here. It could be very dangerous for all involved otherwise.

"It's okay, Alessandro," he started, trying to keep his voice level to show the mer-guard that he wasn't going to start any trouble. He really did believe that diplomacy was the best approach here. "I'm okay." And he was, so hopefully he could just talk his way out of this. But what that merperson said, what they were all saying, especially the chieftainess... Gunnar could tell something was really wrong.

"We haven't taken anything," he continued, still trying to remain calm, even if he was rather confused by what they meant. And by we, he meant himself and his husband. Perhaps someone had taken something, but he didn't know anything about it. "I'm sure this is all just a misunderstanding." Certainly they could work this out?

But a hint of panic flashed in his eyes when he saw the kelp heading for Alessandro. He did not want his husband to be taken hostage - he did not want to be taken hostage himself either, but he felt guilty getting Al caught up in this too when he was the one who brought him here. He would never forgive himself if something bad happened to him. "I'll cooperate... just.." His eyes caught sight of the large, encapsulating bubble and, before it would capture him, he looked towards his husband again to give him one last "I love you".
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Kingston although presently calm and smiling, was feeling the panic set in. Were his colleagues aware of his current predicament? Well, that wasn't going to matter now as his words fell upon closed ears.. or gills? Ahem.

At last, he saw his partner, "Jerald... owl Antoinette, and don't scare Maria with this.." Yet. He wanted to add. Seeing the sight of more Grindylows, "Don't worry about me-" That was it, he was going elsewhere now against his will with all his joints tied up. Not even a goodbye could be uttered as he was taken away with the others.

Jerald found himself quivering. Not his love after everything. "Noo.." He fought himself to not faint or chase after and risk being taken capture as well. The Ambassdor blinked rapidly hearing his words. Yes, he would have to tell his ex-wife about this. How would he explain all this to King's daughter Maria? Luckily she was in school but.. this was too much. Shaking his head, his position held him safe but he wasn't thinking of that. There needed to be something done as he went to look for Conley instead running into Sachin again. "They've taken... my.." Deep breaths, Jerald. He had to keep control. "What should we do?" This was not how he wanted this trip to go.


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Madness. Sheer chaotic bubbling madness.

Visions obscured by all the bubbles blasted forth from tridents and schools of fish which swam through the middle of the chaos in their attempts to flea to safer waters, it was an unfortunate end to what had meant to inspire comradery and forge bonds between species. The merchieftess took her leave, her mighty tail leaving what felt like little rip currents in her wake with each flick.

The merguard were swift and efficient in executing their merchieftess' commands. Trident, grindylow, bubble and kelp ensnared and captured 12 air breathers while department heads end employees alike secured everyone else back to the submarines and to safety. The submarines would be overpacked and stuffy, but better inside them than left behind as water began to fill the dome. No attacks were made on the submarines as they departed, after all...the merpeople need humans to fulfil a command and promise.

As Atlantis fades into the distance of the depths, a somberness settles and one may wonder just how to remain afloat in these troubling times. The merchieftess had accused all of stealing...but stealing what?

Be careful, land dwellers. The fate of 12 are in your non-webbed hands...

OOC: this marks the end of the Underwater Gala. Besides the 12 who were taken, everyone else escaped safely back to land.
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