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Charles Hollingberry Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry [IC March 2097 - present; OOC November 2018 - present]

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Old 03-11-2021, 01:45 PM
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Default Third Wizarding War Guidelines

The Third Wizarding War
OCTOBER 2100 - 10 MAY 2104

That's right. The Third Wizarding War is upon us.

On one side is the Neo-Alliance, led by Lucien Rosier. With the help of his twin sister, Alphonsine Rosier, and an intimate team (Sebastijan Grimmson, Simone Krafft, and Esmee Carrow), over the last four years they have methodically infiltrated the Ministry of Magic, kidnapping key department heads and having members of the Neo-Alliance take their places under the effects of Polyjuice Potion, while Alphonsine performed Entrancing Enchantments on the Minister for Magic himself to manipulate and bend him to their will. They orchestrated a mass breakout of Azkaban prison to free key sympathizers and amass more followers. The Neo-Alliance also assembled the Deathly Hallows (the Elder Wand discovered in the Chamber of Codes in the Department of Mysteries, the Cloak of Invisibility at Madam Malkin's in Diagon Alley, and the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts), and took over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the kidnapping of Headmaster Trent; Lucien Rosier took on the role of Headmaster, polyjuiced as Malachi Trent until the opportune time came to reveal his identity and begin reforming the wizarding youth attending the school.

The goal of the Neo-Alliance is the very same as Gellert Grindelwald's once was: to remove muggles from power (as they are the route to ruin) and have wizardingkind maintain order. To rule the muggle and wizarding world "For the Greater Good" with the open use of magic. For wizardingkind to live in the shadows no longer.

On the other side is the Order of the Phoenix, who seek to prevent the Neo-Alliance, and their cutthroat ways, from conquering the world and establishing a tyrannical new world order. Assembled by Senior Undersecretary Duncan M. Fletcher III, its other core members consist of Conley Singh-Phora, Kaiser, Scott Ferguson, Jane Howard, and Elizabeth Chambers. Setting up their secret home base in the back room of Flourish and Blotts, the Order recruited and communicated with one another using special lapel pins. When the call goes out to assemble, the pins light up with the flame of a phoenix and the wearer hears the majestic bird's song.

While your student characters must be limited to those in your postbit - those that you play in the Hogwarts RPG - you are invited to play any and as many adult characters as you wish on either side of the war (the Neo-Alliance or Order of the Phoenix). Adult characters are not limited to those submitted to the Plot Interest thread! Our only request is that you distinguish them by different fonts and/or font colors, so that things do not get confusing, and mention the character by name in each post. We also ask that in your post you make it clear which side of the battle each of your characters is fighting for. This roleplay opportunity is open to Sorted and unsorted members alike.

After members of the Order and other Ministry employees overpowered Alphonsine Rosier in the Minister's office, and freed Minister for Magic Charles Hollingberry from the entrancing enchantments placed upon him, Hollingberry and Fletcher took to the Wizarding Wireless Network for an emergency broadcast. Here, they called upon every willing citizen to take up wands, and head to Hogwarts to take a stand against the Neo-Alliance and sympathizers. This broadcast is on a loop and takes precedent over any broadcast on any channel, so if you are looking for an in for any character of yours then this is a good option.

To keep things organized, the battle will be limited to the following threads:
  1. The Winged Boars
  2. The Wooden Bridge
  3. Great Hall (Triage/Healer Station)
  4. Stone Bridge
  5. Spare Office (Students & Staff Only)
  6. The Entrance Hall
Other threads may become available for adult characters to be posted in as the war wages on, but please limit yourselves to the above threads unless otherwise specified. This post will be amended with any other changes that occur as the RP progresses, so be sure to use it as a resource!

Please wait for The Narrator to post in these threads to kick things off!

GO FORTH AND SAVE THE WIZARDING WORLD! Which ever side it is you believe is saving it

It is war. Death and injury are unavoidable consequences. However, we are not going to kill off anyone's character willy nilly. Many of you who submitted to the Plot Interest thread have provided 'lambs for the slaughter', and some of you have been contacted regarding specific plot points. If you were not contacted but still feel it is fitting for your character to make the ultimate sacrifice in battle, opportunities for this will be provided for you through posts by The Narrator and many other red accounts. These may come in the form of stray spells, falling rubble, or any other variety of sinister actions; these openings are free for you to claim, and to take the untimely end of your character into your own hands.

In the event that a character has put themselves in grave danger and the situation is only escalating, a PM will be sent to the RPer as an alert that if the RP continues to progress this way, their character will perish. An extreme example of this could be a single person trying to wrestle with a horde of dementors, or a first year trying to take down a member of the Neo-Alliance all by themselves. We do RP in a fantasy world where realism is a subjective term, but actions such as these are simply not reasonable and such actions will result in the demise of a character.

Keep in mind that SnitchSeeker guidelines are still very much in place and, when in doubt, please keep your writing to a PG level.

Massive plots with all corners of the SnitchSeeker wizarding world coming together are very exciting, and we understand the enthusiasm and eagerness to participate! The RPG leadership teams all want to encourage and foster these feelings, and to do that we ask that you keep the following in mind as you engage:
  • Battles are chaotic and exciting, and sometimes in our eagerness to keep pushing forward we RP outcomes that are not ours to decide. Please refrain from RPing any spell (or any other sorts of) outcomes for anyone but your own character without explicit permission from the other RPer. Deciding and RPing the actions/outcomes of another character other than your own in a post is considered godmodding, and is frowned upon in our RP community.
  • Characters will be scattered all over the battlegrounds, and ultimately there will be groups of characters clumped together as they square off. Here on SnitchSeeker there is an unspoken RP code among veteran members regarding post order and allowing an RP to breathe. When there is a large group RP it is important to allow for a reasonable amount of time for everyone to get the chance to react before posting again - especially with SnitchSeeker being such an international site and with members spread out across all timezones!

We are very excited to have you participate in this epic final stand between the Neo-Alliance and Order of the Phoenix! Please utilize this thread to ask any questions you may have or feel free to directly PM any of the RPG admins, members of Hogwarts staff, or members of the department head team.

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Can I assume my character was recruited into the Order of the Phoenix before the Minister's broadcast?
The short answer is YES! But with a caveat to that yes. In the meeting in Diagon Alley, Fletcher explained to the core members (listed above) of the Order to pass these special lapel pins on to people that they trusted. The Order would be larger in numbers than the core six by this point IC. Life happens and unfortunately we cannot always RP all the things out like we would want to in a deceptively short time period, so if your character knows one of these individuals and you can see a possible line, you may politely reach out and contact one of them to see what can be arranged. Please be respectful of the RPer's and what is ultimately an IC decision based on their characters.

Can I assume my pro Neo Alliance character has been officially welcomed into the group and/or that they have been among those stationed at Hogwarts?
Very much like the previous response, YES! But with a caveat. For characters who have remained on the outside of things, you are more than welcome to assume that they are considered a member of the Neo Alliance if that fits your narrative. Neo Alliance core member Esmee Carrow has remained outside of the Ministry and Hogwarts to spread the word across Europe and recruit more sympathizers, so it is very possible that the path of your character and hers crossed or has at the very least heard whispers of the movement. As for those Neo Alliance members situated in Hogwarts, the ones camped out, you will need to speak directly to DaniDiNardo about that to ensure things line up nicely with what has already been played out and established in the RP.

What if I have an existing RP in one of the battleground threads? Do I have to join the battle when it comes to the thread?
Of course not! Absolutely no one is obligated under any circumstances to participate in a battle in any section of the RP if they do not want to. In fact, in this particular example, it would be for the best that you keep the RPs separate and continue playing on different timelines - or if you want to avoid battles all together move to another thread. It is perfectly fine and encouraged that you play (either continuing RPs or starting new ones) other timelines prior to Hogwarts becoming a battleground! Divination just opened up and is a place that has just opened up for play, for example.

Can my character have been involved in the resistance before now even if they were not a recruited member of the Order of the Phoenix?
Absolutely! The Order of the Phoenix is not the end all be all by any means. It wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for multiple groups or efforts to be happening concurrently, without the knowledge of each other, based upon what has been observed and felt in the changing wizarding world climate over the past four IC years. This would be particularly true after the Neo-Alliance went public, and lines more visibly drawn at the Ministry gala at the beginning of the year. Investigations and efforts to try and dig up dirt on known Neo Alliance members is entirely reasonable, but keep in mind that they are very very careful and methodical in covering their tracks...therefore striking dead ends would be a (perhaps frustratingly) frequent occurrence. Of course people could be trying to do so and reaching these dead ends is conclusive evidence in its own way too; this too could contribute to further suspicion and unrest for your character(s).

These dead ends and lack of leads will become key in the aftermath stages of this plot moving forward, but if there are any specific thoughts or questions please do feel free to contact sweetpinkpixie for clarification.

At the end of the day everyone who is aligned on the side of "good," regardless off when they came on board, is on the same team.

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