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Charles Hollingberry Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry [IC March 2097 - present; OOC November 2018 - present]

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Accidents & Catastrophes
Default a lot of mentions throughout; Dante is open / Frankie for Ronan
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Everything that happened went by in a blur. Of course, even with all the commotion, Dante was silently watching, observing, listening, and even a little eavesdropping on thoughts that were fluttering about. It really was a shame that certain people were determined to spoil the night's festivities with their close-mindedness. Did they not see that change was necessary for the them to be truly free? Such a pity it was for the likes of Milo Jordan and Saul Primeaux who didn't see the big picture that the Greater Good promised those who complied.

He had to give credit where credit was due: the Law Enforcement head was making quick work of silencing those who had to voice their opinion on things they knew nothing about. The Head Obliviator was even surprised at how quickly Scott Ferguson responded to his boss and acted accordingly; maybe there was more than just his blood status that was of value. The other's from that department, well, they never were really an impressive bunch were they? They always seemed oblivious to what was going on around them until it was too late.

And then there was darkness. Dante remained where he stood, silent, calm, and that drink still in his hand. He had seen what had caused the sudden removal of light, and again he had to give credit were credit was due. Needless to say, he was amused, especially when he overheard select curse words in his native tongue.

Then the darkness faded. It was, for him, easy to notice who no longer was present in the atrium. But he remained calm as ever as he casually made his way toward the exit, following the same path was Alphonsine and the Minister, and listening to others fleetingly as he passed by.

Frankie wasn't sure he wanted to believe everything that had just happened before his very own eyes. It was one thing for Scott not to respond to him, but it was an entirely different matter when he immediately went to collect Saul after being barked at by Bain. He didn't want to believe what the security officer was doing, but the man's actions were speaking volumes to him. He was ... one of them.

Ronan Carter's actions were enough to be questioned as well. The young man's interaction with Milo Jordan did not go unnoticed. He wasn't sure what to make of Ronan though. Knowing the kid since he was a YATI made him think the young man could be trusted, but, then again, these were changing times.

No longer feeling like he could just lurk in the corner, he started making his way across the atrium. Frankie was hoping to get involved with whatever was going on and 'lend a hand,' but then everything went dark. In the darkness, the Auror removed his wand from its holster and tried to shed some light with no luck. Darkness powder, he assumed.

When they all could see normally again, he walked right up to Ronan. He too noticed that three people that were in the room moments ago were no longer there. The fact that he hadn't disappeared, especially with the man he was attempting to escort out moments ago, was enough to trust him. "I'll go to the holding cells to check on Ferguson and Saul if you want to go see if you can find where the others went." Or vice versa. It didn't matter to him. Either way, they needed to get to the bottom of this.

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Default Cox, Em, speech, darkness o.o
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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Emilia couldn't help but smile. "That dress does deserve a few laps around the party at the very least." And if Nat wanted to stay, Em would stay. That's what friends were for, after all.

Sipping her drink, the auror looked around the room, her eyebrows going up a bit at the mention of making friends. "Friends, huh? I suppose it never hurts to have more of those." And while Emilia wasn't exactly the social butterfly type, she knew it'd be easier for her to let her walls down with Nat around. Letting her best navigate them around the room, she offered her a grin. "Count me in." PAUSE. "Isn't that Cox?" Huh. Small world indeed.

The clinking of glassware gave the brunette pause and she glanced from Nat to the minister, curious to hear what the man had to say. Delightful feasts for the eyes? Well no, no she didn't see it that way. And our contributions to the Neo Alliance with which we stand. Emilia looked around, trying to read the faces of those around her, to see who was buying in to this. The speech did little to inspire hope for the new year. In fact, it made her want to leave the party even more. "...Cheers?" She looked to Nat, wrinkling her nose before taking a sip of her drink.
Originally Posted by The Announcer View Post
A complete and utter blackness so dark no light charms could penetrate it filled the Atrium.

It lasted only a few minutes and when it faded, Goldwasser, Dr. Nykto, and Jordan were no-where to be found.
See, Natalie was more of the extroverted type these days. Especially in times of New Beginnings and all that jazz. She had been very fine and comfortable with her small circle of friends, but wouldn't it be nice to have a few more? No one could replace Emilia, though. She was Nat's best friend. As they started to turn about the room, Natalie's eyes landed on Cox as soon as Emilia said his name. Oooh, big yikes. But WAIT - Cox was with a WOMAN? Well - that wasn't terribly surprising, but the fact that they looked like a real COUPLE more than just a date... oooooohohohoohoho, this was RICH.

Still. She didn't necessarily want to talk to him. "Yeah," she finally said in response to Emilia, after making awkward eye contact. "Let's go the other way." And with that, Natalie veered them off to avoid confrontation. Ah, just in time for the Minister to give his speech - wonderful.

Natalie paused and listened to the speech. It seemed very positive and forward thinking and... well... a bit odd. The Neo-Alliance? Natalie felt the vibe in the Atrium change and she spared a cautious glance to Emilia. "Cheers," she replied apprehensively. Then she took a healthy sip of her bubbly drink, her eyes moving about the room again.

And then it went dark. The surprise stunned her, but the darkness made the hair on the back of her neck tingle. She immediately reached for Emilia's arm again, as if she might lose her. Em?" Nat called out amidst the others, slight panic in her voice. "What's going on?" She was an auror, so OBVIOUSLY she would know what was going on.

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SPOILER!!: Gabriel and Brody
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Brody reached for another sandwich as he mulled over Mariana’s response. “Things certainly have changed since the last time I’ve been here. I interned a few summers ago.’’ Then he smiled in apology. “Sorry. I don’t think I remember you from back then. Practically everyone I’ve encountered so far is unfamiliar.” His attention was drawn to a particularly loud woman {Sian} and he found her entertaining to watch. “The new… statue is interesting. That’s perhaps the biggest change. Physically, at least.” Oh, plant talk? Brody was not a botanist himself though he was fascinated, and possibly obsessed, with fireworks. “Mini topiary trees are certainly nice to look at, Joseph.’’ He didn’t find it strange the topic had veered off in a totally unexpected direction. Nope, Brody went with the flow. Observing a frown and a shake of the head from Gabriel, he asked, “Alright there?”

And then came the speech. The new employee couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He did not like it one bit, the sound of what the Minister was indicating and only half heartedly raised his glass.
Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Gabriel dropped his glass as the atrium plunged into darkness. His wand was out before he even thought about it. Peruvian instant darkness powder was not something somebody used for any good reason. Yes, the man knew what it was immediately. He was born in Peru, remember. One didn’t spend 80% of his life in South America without being able to recognize the stuff, and develop a healthy suspicion of those who used it.

But then the darkness cleared, and Gabriel looked around at Joseph, Brody, and Mariana. “Is anybody hurt?” he asked the little group by the buffet table, keeping his wand at the ready.

Then he checked for Mister Goldwasser, his department head, or Mister Upstead, the head auror. Surely they’d tell him what to do?! But Goldwasser was nowhere to be seen. That was worrying. Who would protect everyone from whomever had used the darkness powder? Gabriel felt immensely unqualified to be in law enforcement at this moment. And immensely grateful his sister had declined to be his guest tonight. At least he didn’t have to worry about her getting in the way or reminding their mother how dangerous his job really could be when she went home. He didn’t know most of the aurors or security folks by sight, given he was mostly offsite for training rather than in the office, but still he looked for anyone he recognized. What did they need him to do?

Joseph nodded at Mariana as Brody agreed with him on the aesthetics of plants and munched on yet another sandwich. He probably needed to stop eating so much of those. Suddenly, the entire Atrium plunged into darkness. He heard the sound of glass shattering near him, which he assumed was someone from their little buffet group dropping their glass of champagne in surprise. Although he wasn't particularly frightened at first, Joseph was getting more scared as several minutes ticked by. Carefully setting down his glass on what felt like the buffet table, he slowly reached for the pocket in which his wand lay. Although not pulling the wand out, his hand rested firmly upon it.

As the darkness subsided, Joseph looked around, his face a mix of uncertainty and fright. "I'm fine." He looked at Gabriel and replied to his question in a rather small voice. Considering his rather non-combatant job, he decided that it was not entirely his place to intervene in the current state of confusion at the gala. His hand continued to lay on his wand on his pocket. Just in case.
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Default GALA IS WRAPPING SOON! Thread will remained open for about another 24 hours <3
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There was a stabling quality as Alphonsine entered his immediate sphere and the grip around his cane likewise loosened, even before she was at his side and physically stabilizing him. She was so dependable and Charles was entirely enchanted by the brunette. Everything else faded into the background - Victoria's departing figure, Kaiser's approaching figure, his grandson's disgusted face, all of it- and his eyes focused exclusively on Fletcher's personal assistant. "...yes...I think...that is a good are always so good to me, Alphonsine," he sighed softly while resting one of his weary hands atop hers.

A gentle squeeze later and Charles was taking a couple of creaky steps towards the lifts to retreat to his office along with Alphonsine and not even the sudden appearance of Peruvian Darkness Powder hindered his steps...and he did not even have it in him to turn and give the Atrium full of his people a departing glance.


Things continued to move around the department head, everything in constant motion, while he himself remained stationary. If it were not for the steady rising and falling Airey took with each breath, one may even feel inclined to believe that he was a statue.

Not even the disappearance of his own Unspeakable seemed to resonate. At least not on the surface.

Nostrils flaring ever so slightly, his head slowly turned to look towards the young woman, the formal pupil, with an unblinking and almost glazed over stare.

"We are the future. We only want freedom. The freedom to be ourselves. Our time is now."

His forget-me-not blue eyes glanced around the Atrium and took note of Alphonsine leading the Minister away. Bain was likewise absent as well. The Mysteries' head's presence was likewise now unnecessary.

"If you will excuse me," he said stiffly, bowing his head just a bit before taking his own leave and gliding over towards the lifts as well.


Something was wrong, so terribly wrong, and she was merely a passenger in the proceedings. This also meant that she was observing and the story her sense was telling her was doing a little to fill in some gaps to the narrative. Aside from Kaiser's urgency to get to the Minister, it was not lost on her what had made him stop and entirely dissolve that resolve and an unnerving form of tension seize his body. That woman. The danger palatable, Kaiser actually beat her to the suggestion and Candi was nodding rapidly before he had even finished his sentence.

And then...darkness.

Her movements were reflexive and swift, her arms moving around him to hold on close. It was a gesture seeking protection...but also offering protection, though she was not sure what kind of protection an unskilled witch like herself could offer. She hadn't even holstered her wand this evening and the instinct to pull it from her clutch was entirely absent. Heart pounding so violently it was a wonder he could not feel it drumming against his own chest. The darkness felt as though it went on forever and it was only the buzz of the other in the Atrium that alerted her to the fact that she had closed her eyes while also burying her face in his shoulder - hiding and clinging. Typically she was the sort to insist that they say their farewells and thank the hosts and people Kaiser worked closely with for the lovely evening, but none of that desire was present. Still close but with her arms loosening from around his neck slightly, Candi took a shaky breath and spoke softly by his ear. "....let's go home, Kaiser..."

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Default Fletcher (I'm about to get outta here)

The darkness only lasted a few minutes, but when it cleared, Bain had cleared out as well, apparently taking Dr. Nykto with him. Jane's stomach gave a lurch as she wondered what would happen to the old man. To be so harsh with an elderly wizard just for a few unwise remarks, probably fueled by too much champagne--what were they so afraid of? And what was happening to the wizarding world at large? Jane had begun to feel really quite afraid for Nero, she'd begun to grow rather fond of him, difficult as he might be. But she didn't see what she could do about it at the moment. Though she intended to find out where he had been taken and what had happened to him.

Looking back at the buffet, she found none of the food appealed to her any longer, and she suddenly felt that she could not bear to stay one more minute in that place. Looking back at Fletcher, she said to him, "I've had enough, I'm out of here. Then she disengaged her arm from his and started to turn away toward the exit, but stopped and looked back. "Perhaps we could chat more elsewhere, somewhere...less crowded. You don't happen to fancy a bit of fish and chips?" Anything else she had to relate about the night's proceedings would be much better said away from the prying eyes and ears of the Ministry.
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