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Charles Hollingberry Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry [IC March 2097 - present; OOC November 2018 - present]

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Curtis Angelo Fuller
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Valeray Étienne McLeod

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Darej Ethan Patterson
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Bradley Antonio Davidson
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Val was just standing there, minding his business. When the others walked ahead of him inside, he followed suit. Something stopped him in his tracks though when the darkness ensued with a hollowing noise. That's when it hit them. His hazel eyes widened as he saw some of his colleges get pushed back like rag dolls past him. His inner mind cursed in his native language at the sight.. But wait.. why didn't it hit him? He circled around to see no one else there but what looked like heap of bodies. This can't be real? If they were down, then why were there screams in the distance? "Anyvone out there?" He called out, drawing his wand out more.

Well, that peaceful silence didn't last long. Darej stopped for a moment when the fog became visible, he stared at it, anticipating the worst. The fog before him was swirling making many shapes. It's confused, he deduced. He took a breath in as he saw the fog head towards him and Rebecca, encircling them. "It's okay, we got this." He said, more to calm himself and Rebecca. Her spell to light up the darkness was working as he revealed what looked like spiders.

Yuck, it was the ugly venomous kind. He didn't like spiders but they weren't high on his phobia list. "Quick, think of something funny!" How to make spiders look funny... His hand went to Rebecca's to draw them back as he thought for a moment. Wait, that's it. He thought of those rubber spiders from his friend's pranks before he aimed his own wand at the scurrying mass. "Riddikulus!" He shouted.

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Stella Starson
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Bryson Addams
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If there was something that Bryson feared more then anything and that being disowned by his family, the thought seem to unbearable for him to imagine. "Lumos Maxima!" Following along his eyes stayed peeled on any of distractions that were heading their way, that was Hogwarts for you filled with many surprises. He wondered if it would be ready for the kiddos to come back here next term or what, by the looks of it he would say no as of right now. This is was getting ridiculous (no pun intended) whatever was doing this needed to stop this madness and get out, there were alot of kiddos concluding his cousins that were missing this place.

His blue eyes looking around the place, was him just him or the fog was becomer more visable. "Well isn't that something!" He said ready to attack at any moment looking around. He didn't know what else could happen, it was pretty bad as of right now...

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Eiji Rasting
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Charles Hollingberry
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Airey Flamsteed

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Zachaël Lufkin
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Oh for the love of ----

While it was a good thing that the light was luring the boggarts from their hiding, the department head could have done without them coming at him in mass. His head snapped around, baffled by Laurel's question though honestly finds the option of destroying them appealing. Though that had not been on the itinerary handed down by the Minister and then approved by the Creatures department head. After all, the whole bloody reason for these boxes was the safe removal of these creature who were otherwise relatively harmless.

"The mission's operative is capture," he reminded her firmly as he readied his own wand and cast a few well-aimed Ridikkulus spells at the oncoming horde. Sweet solstice he missed the days that his boggart took on the form a Borg drone. "Unless otherwise specified by Zhuó Xiá. Get your boxes into position." Which he caught Kendra already doing out of the corner of his eye.

Activating his own duo of boxes, Airey quickly knelt down and slid them across the floor towards the approaching boggarts.

Come on now...hide in that cramped space you pesky shapeshifters...

loves an audience
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your worst nightmare
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Your Worst Nightmare | Not Riddikulus at All

A few of the lighting spells caught in the Boggart’s chosen forms, specifically the spiders, as they formed into finite shapes thanks to the shouts coming from Becca. But it was the few uttered “Riddikuluses” that had the most effect. With having free reign of the castle for so long, the boggarts had become soft. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so hard to corral them?

Darej’s spell hit the spiders and they flopped over, legs up like a toddler had dropped a big pile of rubber spiders all over the floor. They lay there, wiggling their rubber legs like a turtle stuck on its back.

The Boggart-Banishing Spell that Kendra shot at one of the Gorn caused it to done a little jaunty daisy hat and southern belle dress. Ms. Southern Bell Gorn did not seem to like his pretty hoop skirt and turned bumping into a few of its fellow Gorns, knocking them over much like a Three Stooges skit.

Did they hear a snicker? Well whatever the boggarts thought they heard sent them quickly scrambling for somewhere to hide. It was a good thing that Kendra had gotten that puzzle box set up because much like the ghost from Ghostbusters, as soon as the Gorn boggarts thought about running away the box worked its magic and the boggart was pulled into the box.

With a few of the boggarts down, his colleagues slowly re-emerged and Val found himself to not be so alone.

As Airey’s puzzles boxes slid across the floor, a few of those rubbers spiders wiggles and then scurried quickly to the boxes where they quickly disappeared.

Quick as that. The entry way to Hogwarts was cleared of boggarts.

don't be................RIDDIKULUS
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cole Vance
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Ministry RPG Name:
Laurel Vance-Rose

Ministry RPG Name:
Rebecca Davies
Magical Creatures
Swedishfish Girl! Madame Librarian! Jess's Soul Sister! Sweetest Swede!

Stupid! Stupid! Becca scolded herself as her shouting had caused the boggarts to form into finite shapes of venomous and hairy spiders which was her worst fear. Eeeeeeeek! Closing her eyes for just a moment was enough for her to refocus on her job. She was apt at this. She could do this. She had Darej by her side. Opening her eyes Becca cast a few well earned "Riddikuluses!" in the boggarts direction noting with satisfaction that they we’re soft and the spiders flopped over with legs up like a big pile of rubber spiders when Darej’s spells hit which caused Becca to happily laugh out loud. "Thanks Darej!" A few of the others had gotten the capture boxes up and when the boggarts disappeared into them like tame pets the fog started to disappear which made it clearer to see again. Lightening her wand again Becca looked around the others in the group so where to now? Up or down?

Airey’s firm reminder about capture was at least better than being scolded. “Fine. Capture it is.” She mumbled back not taking her eyes from the approaching enemies. They did have many boggarts to capture before the entire castle and grounds we’re secure if anyone cared? "Riddikulus!" Laurel cast in quick succession to shield Airey while he sat up his puzzle boxes. The boggarts weren’t that many so she saved hers for later. Seeing the boggarts materialize into different forms like the hairy spiders and the weird doll in a belle dress. People’s worst fears we’re really individual. When the entry way suddenly was cleared of boggarts that had all been successfully captured Laurel pushed back some damp strands of hair as she glanced around at the others "So where to next department heads?"Did they split up or go up floor after floor together?

stern but sweet
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