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kayquilz 06-23-2020 07:18 PM

50 Fantasies of the Dynamic Duo Sa 13+

Hellllllo, anyone who reads this! I am Kate, and I love to write. I get very itchy about writing if I don't do it enough. I don't know my ratio of finishing drabbles to not finishing, but my score IS NOT DOING SO HOT. So here I am, writing about two VASTLY UNEXPLORED characters, the dynamic duo themselves...CRABBE AND GOYLE.

DISCLAIMER time! This world and these characters, unfortunately, do not belong to me but to JKR. Get it? Got it? Good. That's all I'll say on that matter.
SPOILER!!: Prompts
1. Gilt 2. Nobility 3. Rushing 4. Warmth 5. Crimson 6. Righteous 7. Fury 8. Sword 9. Kingdom 10. Roar

1. Judgement. 2. Roll call 3. Slick 4. Reign 5. Creek 6. Turtle dove 7. Silk sheets 8. Sunrise 9. Silver 10. Nocturnal

1. Barrels 2. Tickle the pear 3. Overstuffed armchair 4. Duffer 5. Midnight feast 6. Pay it forward 7. Broom polishing kit 8. Buddy System 9. Dedicated 10. Potato


1. Licorice Wand 2. Sweet Tooth 3. Chocolate 4. Jelly Legs 5. Mooch 6. Butterbeer 7. Rock Cake 8. Ooze 9. Epicure 10. Groak

1. Pensieve 2. Wizard’s Chess 3. Portkey 4. Howler 5. Deluminator 6. Invisibility Cloak 7. Remembrall 8. Marauder's Map 9. Sneakoscope 10. Exploding Snap


"You stupid, stupid boy!" The auburn haired woman leered over Vincent, her hands gripping the armrests so tightly that her veins could be seen through her skin. "You have failed almost all of your O.W.Ls, and who KNOWS if Hogwarts'll have you back, you imbecile!" She used her wand to set his results alight, letting the ashes fall into Vincent's lap. "You bring dishonor to this name; you bring dishonor to your father's name!"

Vincent merely blinked at his mother's anger, knowing to remain quiet as she hooted about. It would only be worse if he spoke, and he knew it.

"Your father and I are going to have to march down there and pay and BEG for you to get another chance. You will make this up to us, Vincent. You will." She hissed as she left the kitchen.

kayquilz 06-25-2020 09:28 PM


"Vince - GREG - let's GOOOO we're going to be late for the feast!" Draco had left his trunk for one of them to pull since it was enormous compared to the blonde's stature. Gregory exchanged looks with Vincent before he grabbed it and pulled it along with his.

However, it seemed they had to ride in BOATS to get to the castle, and Gregory eyed the small boat as if it were about to bite him. "Well get in, then," Draco said as he scooted all the way to the front of the boat.

"I don't like boats," Gregory said gently.

"So? We're not going to turn over. Bet these are magically charmed to handle our weight," he shrugged and scoffed at his friend. "Don't be such a baby! Get in, Gregory!" A waddle of spit flew from Draco’s mouth as he commanded it.

Vincent made room for Gregory, and timidly, the taller of boys finally made his way in. The boat wobbled just a smidge, but soon they were off across the black glass that was the lake. They rode in relative silence, Draco only breaking it to point out the flaws of other first years floating by.

kayquilz 06-26-2020 07:34 PM


Gregory and Vincent watched as Draco devoured an entire strawberry and cream cheese cupcake in front of them. In fact, Vincent couldn't STOP staring at Draco as he indulged in it.

"Do you two WANT one then? You won't quit staring at me!"

"We caaaaaan't, Draco. We're on a diet." Vincent pat his stomach sadly.

Gregory melted off his chair onto the floor, groaning loudly. The Great Hall was fairly empty, so his display of misery went unnoticed by many. "Diet." Was all he said.

"Diet? Who cares. You're Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle," Draco waved their excuses away. "You've just got...big bones!" Gregory mooaaaaaned something incoherent under the table, hugging the chair leg. "When was the last time you ate a cupcake?"

Vincent sighed. "....It's been about two hours. Gregory's got withdrawals. It'll be okay. We're all right, mate. It's for our HEALTH, not our weight. We're no use to you - or anyone - if we're unhealthy!" He then nudged Gregory with his foot. "Come on, mate. Let's not wallow about. Just gotta' pump some IRON, right?" he grinned.

Gregory just siiiiiiiiighed and crawled back into his chair.

kayquilz 06-28-2020 09:04 PM

Pay It Forward

Diagon always filled up quickly as mid July hit. Packs of children that were normally trapped at school wandered the street with pockets full of gold or lack thereof. It was a pleasantly cool day even with the sun high in the sky, and Gregory waited his turn in line with Pansy at Florean’s. She prattled on about her holiday, and Gregory hoped for Vincent and Draco to meet back with them soon. The other boys had gone to Gringotts with their parents; Gregory had already done so the previous week and had jingling pockets.

“And so, I told Victoria, I did, that her new hair color just did NOT suit her and - “

Gregory grunted. “Pansy, what do you want?” he asked gruffly, and intrusively.

Pansy sent him a look of surprise. “Oh. Uh. I guess vanilla.” Gregory snorted because she WOULD order vanilla.

When it was their turn, the employee informed Gregory that the man in front of them had paid for their order. It made Gregory feel all funny in his bones.

“Oh. Er. Cool.” He muttered.

“You should pay for the blokes behind us,” Pansy whispered. “Pay it forward.”

And so, Gregory did.

kayquilz 06-29-2020 06:47 PM


The fire in the grate exploded upward, and Gregory, who had been sat there for hours, waiting, hugged his dad at the waist as the man stepped through.

“Daddy!” he cried.

“Greg!” Mr. Goyle smirked as he patted his son’s head. “I’ve got to get out of my work clothes, then I’ll be down to play whatever you want.”

Gregory nodded eagerly and flopped back on the carpet, waiting in front the fire again. Their house elf busied himself around him, dusting and cleaning. Gregory watched him only until he got impatient waiting for his dad, and so he hopped up to run upstairs. Their large manor was quite the playground for the six year old. He nudged open the door to his parents’ room and stopped when he heard their hushed voices.

“His seventh birthday is in a signs of magic yet?”

“No, honey. Not yet. I’m worried. What would we do - “

His father sighed. “Let’s not talk about that yet.” He watched his father roll down his sleeves, covering the tattoo on his inner forearm Gregory had often wanted to ask about in the past. “He will show signs. He’s...he’s got to.”

kayquilz 07-04-2020 06:39 PM

Wizard's Chess

“I’ve never understood chess,” Vincent grumbled. Draco gestured for his rook to move the appropriate spaces, and Gregory grunted in displeasure.

“Come off it, Vince. If Gregory could learn it, you could, too,” the blonde said with a shrug.

“I’d rather do something active. Like Quidditch. Wish WE could be on the team,” Vincent slumped in the plush armchair.

“You two would make good beaters. If I am ever captain, you can believe I’d pick you two,” Draco smiled at both of them.

Gregory had taken awhile to move his bishop, but when he did, he landed on a space where Draco had already been. And so, down went Draco’s piece. Shattered.

“Nice,” Vincent smirked.

“I don’t know if I want to fly. It seems scary,” Gregory straightened up, his voice soft, and sighed. “But being on the team would be cool. Everyone would like us.”

“Everyone already likes us,” Draco snorted. Vincent and Gregory just exchanged looks. “What? Only people that matter do, anyhow.”

Vincent shrugged. “True.”

kayquilz 07-06-2020 12:35 AM

Licorice Wand

They won’t it’s okay that you didn’t tell them…. Gregory sat across from Venance Hildebrand at Puddifoot’s. It was a Saturday in the spring, and Gregory had sported a tie for this occasion. Venny had curly red hair, grey-blue eyes, and freckles splattered across her face as if an artist had flicked a paintbrush in her direction. The fifth year Slytherin cleared her throat quite nervously.

“You were pretty good in the match yesterday,” she said softly, smiling at him. He noticed how sharp her corner teeth looked. Vampiric almost.

He snorted. “I wasn’t, but thanks.” He and Vincent mostly just swung at anything and hoped to eventually make contact with the bludger - there was no rhyme or reason to it. If they accidentally hit Potter or either of the Weasley’

“We almost won,” she chuckled as she pulled out a licorice wand. “Want some?” she reached over to offer it.

Gregory didn’t know why he did it, but he leaned in and chomped off the end of it with his mouth instead of taking it in his hand. Their eyes met, and he felt a moment of pure opia.

kayquilz 07-14-2020 12:46 AM

Turtle Dove

“Did you know that the turtle dove is related to our pigeons?”

“What?” Draco whipped his head in Goyle’s direction. “I didn’t know you knew anything about birds.”

“Birds….snails...Gregory knows all about creatures,” Vincent cringed and make a disgusted face. “You wouldn’t know by his grades, eh?”

“I like animals. I just don’t test well under pressure, all right?” Gregory frowned and watched the nearby turtle dove, and realized they reminded him of chocolate turtles. Did he have any on him? Probably not.

“Yeah, and Draco’s the top of our year,” Vincent snorted and then laughed.

“Shut UP, Vincent! It’s not my fault that mudblood sucks up to all the professors!” Draco spat in the opposite direction of his friends. They were sat in the courtyard catching up on Creatures homework. “And that stupid oaf is teaching Creatures now - we’ll have NO chance of being top of that class. He kisses Potter’s little rump.”

“If you focused on your own studies more than Potter and the gang, maybe you’d do better, Draco,” Vincent smiiiiiiiirked cruelly as he watched Draco’s expression change from outrage to AGGRESSION.

Gregory siiiiiighed. Their bickering was annoying.

kayquilz 07-31-2020 06:00 PM

Roll Call

“Hear hear hear!” Pansy used her miniature gavel to call the meeting to order. “Snakes of the Midnight Order! Meeting has started!”

The first year snakes all gathered in a circle, Vincent seated directly next to Draco as he looked up at Pansy. He would do his best not to tease Draco about her right in front of her face, but the temptation was very strong today.

It was not an official club, but the first years had decided to band together in order to deal with the VERY rude seventh years who would push them around the common room. It made him feel like he was a part of something bigger, something united.

“Roll call! Crabbe!” Vincent raised his hand, choosing not to say a word as everyone looked at him. He wasn’t the shy one, though, no. That was Gregory. But you couldn’t really miss him, either, so there was no use in wasting his voice.

Were the seventh years ready for retaliation?

kayquilz 08-21-2020 11:36 PM


“I am the RULER of the kingdom!” Francesca declared, waving a stick around as if it were a royal scepter. Gregory was playing as if he were someone on her court, and his other cousins were various other roles in Franny’s little game. One thing was certain to the Goyle rendezvous, though: you did NOT mess with Franny. She was bossy, the oldest, and extremely nasty with her uncontrolled magic.

Gregory was glad when dinner was announced and the adults called all the kids to come under the veranda’s overhang to eat. It was a pretty summer day, for once, even if the skies were fraught with gray clouds overhead.

He stayed quiet as Franny went on and on about Hogwarts - she would be starting in September - and honestly, he felt relieved that she wouldn’t be around any of the family events over the course of the next few months.

kayquilz 09-02-2020 12:43 AM

Overstuffed Armchair

“Sit. And Wait!” Hissed Gregory’s Gran. While his parents were away on holiday, the nine year old had to stay with his least favorite family member. As he sat, he watched her hobble to the fireplace, throw a stack of papers into the dancing flames, and slowly step back from the heat. The papers were ash in no time.

Gregory knew better than to ask what it was she had burned; the armchair he was sitting in was infamous. Whether it was used as a punishment or just a spot to make her grandchildren sit in while she did her business, Gregory always found himself shifting around uncomfortably in it after a while. Once, while she had berated the house elf upstairs, Gregory had been made to sit here for an entire hour and a half. He heard every whimper, every horrible noise he could imagine a house elf making, and he hadn’t moved.

At this moment, though, he was watching her curiously.

“Stay there, boy, until dinner is ready. I do not have time to entertain you.”

kayquilz 09-19-2020 07:42 PM

Midnight Feast

Vincent knew it would not matter if he went to the kitchens at midnight. With Snape as headmaster, he could do whatever he wanted. He and the rest of his friends were enjoying their final year at Hogwarts.

“Well...well...look who we have here,” Vincent cracked his knuckles and smirked as he came upon a stray Gryffindor.

“Do ANYTHING, and I swear, Crabbe - “ Longbottom held his wand aloft, the tip almost touching Vincent’s forehead. Gregory crossed his arms uncomfortably.

“I’m starving, Vince, let’s just ignore him and go - “

“NO. He’s out AFTER CURFEW probably plotting SOMETHING against our headmaster! I say we teach him a lesson.” He used his own wand to smack Longbottom’s out of the way of his face. “Where’s the rest of your disgusting little friends?”

Gregory sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Vincent...let’s GOOOOO….”

Before anything could escalate further, the boys stopped to listen to footsteps drawing near. Neville took the chance to bolt in the other direction, and the two Slytherins ran, too.

Professor McGonnagall stopped right where they all had just been, her lit wand aloft as she peeked around. Hmm.

kayquilz 12-13-2020 09:50 PM


"You LOOK like a potato, Goyle," Vincent snorted as the two managed to finish getting dressed up for the Yule Ball. Gregory was shocked Vincent had gotten a date, to be honest; his friend was not the most polite in all the land.

"I think you look like a potato," Gregory said back in the smallest, tiniest voice he could muster.

It was then that Vincent turned to stare at Gregory with the beadiest, darkest eyes. "I do not."

"........You do." Gregory suddenly smiled because it seemed that he had finally managed to offend Vincent. FINALLY.

"Shut up! You BOTH look like potatoes!" Draco shoved himself in between them both to peer at his dress robes and the way they looked on him in the full-length mirror in their dorm. "Now let's get on with this stupid ball-"

kayquilz 01-11-2021 12:03 AM


Gregory casually searched for a particular book in the library, and the shelf it was on just HAPPENED to be directly behind Harry Potter and Ron Weasley’s table where they were playing a rousing game of wizard’s chess. Weasley was beating Potter, and Gregory kept looking over his shoulder to see how they were doing.

NOT that he was interested. He wasn’t at all. He didn’t even know how to play chess, and he DEFINITELY wasn’t interested in learning…

“I wonder why none of the pieces are non-nobility,” said Potter curiously.

“Bet Hermione knows the whoooooole history of that,” snorted Weasley.

Gregory cleared his throat as he pulled the book from the shelf, causing some of the other books next to it to aaaaallllll come tumbling down. He turned red as he hurled himself onto the floor to start hurriedly picking all of them up, not noticing the incredulous look Potter and Weasley were giving him.

He then scurried as fast as he could back to the common room.

kayquilz 01-22-2021 06:23 PM

Buddy System

The job was much too important for either of them to mess it up. They were acting on a buddy system, never going somewhere without the other, and being the eyes Draco needed as he worked.

Wands drawn, the two patrolled the seventh floor corridor. Every time Vincent complained about a growling stomach, Gregory simply ignored him. There was a time and place to be hungry, and now was neither.

Hours passed.

Eventually Vincent scowled, loudly, and turned toward Gregory. "How long can he take?! We patrol day in, day out....whenever he's in there, and he won't share what he's exactly doing and he expects US to just be here to stand guard!? It's ridiculous!"

Gregory was not in the mood. He silenced Vincent with a simple wave of his wand, muttering the spell calmly. "Be quiet. We can't get Draco into trouble. Or us. You know our part in this is important. If you want to leave, leave. But I'm not going anywhere." He said his piece firmly and undid the spell.

Vincent gaped in slight shock, but soon he went back to pacing.

kayquilz 02-09-2021 12:28 AM


“Self-righteous, St. Potter,” Draco spat. He collapsed onto the plump couch in front of the common room’s fireplace. It was roaring tonight, and Vincent could feel the warmth on his round cheeks.

“He should be expelled, talking to snakes like that,” he tutted. Gregory remained quiet as he watched his two pals chat.

“He SHOULD. But of COURSE he won’t because he’s POTTER.”

“He’s not even that smart,” Vincent sat in front of the couch, patting his red cheeks as he spoke.

“Bloody moron, actually!”

Gregory raised an eyebrow. He thought it was quite interesting Vincent would call anyone not smart when he couldn’t pass most of his exams without relying heavily on Draco.

“What, Gregory? Looking to make Gryffindor friends, now are we?” Draco sat up as he hissed the words at him. Gregory shook his up and held up his hands.

“No. Of course not.”

“Well, good.” Draco lay back down, satisfied.

Gregory tried to think of a good insult to please Vincent and Draco, so he cleared his throat. “And Weasel……….he’s the REAL moron. Gaping around at everything Potter does like some kind of fanboy.” Draco and Vincent both looked surprised as they chuckled.

kayquilz 02-14-2021 03:35 AM


Vincent scowled at Pansy as soon as they exited the Hogwarts Express. The beginning of their sixth term had been nothing short of interesting thus far, but Draco had gone back to their compartment because he had "forgotten" something apparently.

"You have no idea how busy Draco'll be this term. I'm telling you, don't bother him, Pansy," Vincent picked a carriage and stumbled inside. Gregory, able to see the threstrals, patted one's snout before following behind.

"You can't complain every time he has to run off to do something. With all seriousness, Pansy," Gregory decided to add, which did noooooooottttttttttt help their case. Blaise Zabini didn't say a word; he merely watched them go back and forth like it was a new, in-fashion sport.

"DON'T you two act like you know anything more than I do! You're nothing more mooches - you WISH you were prefect like him - both of you are absolutely USELESS and yet you lord alllllll this stuff about the Dark Lord over me ALL the time and I'm very tired - " their door shut, and all of them looked shocked Draco had not joined them again yet.

Vincent, tired of the incessant whining from her, eventually gave her a deadpan stare. "Watch your mouth, Pansy. You are talking to one of the most dangerous blokes at school now." If Pansy was scared of his threat, she hardly showed it.

Instead, she kicked his shin, hard.

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