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Daemon 10-29-2019 10:11 PM

50 Daemonic Wanders Around the World - Sa 13+

50 Daemonic Wanders Around the World

Hi guys it's Dani again and I'll be drabbling (ficlet-ing?) about all (all!!) my characters, in all (most of) the places, at all (some of) the times! ALL THE THINGS! I've decided to try and challenge myself a bit more this time around; each ficlet will be set in a different place around the world. For 99% of the ficlets I'll be sticking to a randomised method: both the location and the prompt will be generated online, then I'll choose a character that I think would best fit in the situation. Now, full disclosure: it'll be 99% of the ficlets because I've already started and it was going well until I got Jelly Legs in Abuja D: I tried my best you guys but for the life of me I couldn't find anyone who would be casting the Jelly Legs curse in Abuja??? So. 99% it is. And I got a nice private joke out of it. Leggo!

DISCLAIMER! The beautiful world of magic belongs to JK Rowling. My characters belong to me, and will be listed in this post. Other people's characters will be added only with their RPer's express permission and listed as well.

1. Accio 2. Avada Kedavra 3. Bluebell Flames 4. Blasting Curse 5. Colloportus 6. Crucio 7. Confundus 8. Diffindo 9. Disapparate 10. Engorgio
11. Expecto Patronum 12. Furnunculus 13. Flagrate 14. Glisseo 15. Hurling Hex 16. Impedimenta 17. Imperio 18. Incarcerous 19. Jelly Legs 20. Knitting Charm
21. Langlock 22. Legilimens 23. Levicorpus 24. Lumos 25. Mobilicorpus 26. Morsmordre 27. Muffliato 28. Nox 29. Obliviate 30. Oppugno
31. Orchideous 32. Peskipiksi Pesternomi 33. Petrificus Totalus 34. Point Me 35. Quietus 36. Reducto 37. Relashio 38. Rictusempra 39. Riddikulus 40. Sectumsempra
41. Scourgify 42. Silencio 43. Specialis Revelio 44. Stupefy 45. Tarantallegra 46. Twitchy Ears Hex 47. Undetectable Extension Charm 48. Unbreakable Vow 49. Wingardium Leviosa 50. Waddiwasi

Text Cut: List by Characters
  • Núria Cabrera was in Santiago, Chile.
  • Perceval Ducasse was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
  • Kai von Brandt was in Saint Petersburg, Russia with Toriya von Brandt née Vitvinina.
  • Auberto Barsi was in Milan, Italy.


Santiago, Chile

Núria Cabrera ; 2098

Núria was in a field of green dandelions. She was being chased. She needed to move. She couldn't remember who was chasing her.

Something rustled the undergrowth. Núria ran.

She wept for the dandelions she was crushing in her hurry, the orange lilies, the blue bananas. Núria ran and ran, jumping over trees much too small and sliding under ants much too tall. A cold numbness seeped into her veins even as she sprinted on and on, faster and faster but not fast enough. A terrifying desperation clung to her bones.

A dementor.

Núria twisting to see the hooded figure. The multi coloured world became monochrome. "Expecto patronum!" she cast, thinking of home; memories of her father holding her when she was little, teaching her how to swim, how to count. She had been happy.

The dementor pulled down its cloak and she screamed. It wasn't a dementor.

It was her father.

Núria woke with a start, panting and sweating. She was being chased by her father. She glanced at the window of her hotel room window. Santiago. He wouldn't check Santiago. Saúl had said so.

She was safe. For now, she was safe.

Daemon 11-02-2019 12:35 AM

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Perceval Ducasse ; 2099

Perceval had promised his father he wouldn't do magic. The Americans don't play around, and who knows how much money Yves Ducasse would have to pay to get his son back to France. Problem was, the blonde woman in the tie dye dress was getting away.

"Impedimenta!" Perceval cast and watched the woman fall to the ground. Perceval's English was passable at best, but as he knelt down to speak to his mother for the first time, he found the words as if they were in his mother tongue.

"You owe me an explanation, Maman."

Hyacinth Keaton looked at her son with terror. "No, Falcon. I'm not your mother."

Perceval's vision turned crimson. "You ARE, you LIAR. You ARE my mother, you gave BIRTH to me. You DISAPPEARED."

Tears appeared in Hyacinth's eyes, equal to his own. "I did. But I am not what you need. Go no, Falcon, go now and forget me. This is not your home. I will never-" but the jinx lifted before she could finish and the wrinkled woman disappeared.

Teardrops stained the pavement, and he cursed before fleeing his crime scene. In the alien city of his mother, Perceval Faucon cried.

Daemon 11-24-2019 09:02 AM

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Kai von Brandt ; 2084

Kai had made a lot of mistakes in his life. He often wondered if he was some sort of record holder for Man with the Most Erroneous Decisions at only twenty four years old. Between his work, his family and his love life, Kai wasn't sure about anything anymore.

Except for Viktoriya Vitvinina. Kai had always been sure about Toriya.

He remembered the first time he'd come to this garden in Saint Petersburg, her hometown. He had been seventeen and looking to impress his date that night. He'd conjured her a bouquet of radiant white flowers. He couldn't even remember her name now.

Kai always had everything he wanted and nothing of what he needed. Girlfriends, but never love. Bright work prospects, but no enthusiasm. All the money in the world and no lasting happiness.

Today that changed. They were back together. They were promised to each other.

In this pavilion with Toriya, lit by a thousand floating lights, Kai conjured a bouquet to put all others to shame. He'd practiced. Shades of blues, purples, pinks and a white so pure it lit both their faces. "I love you, Toriya. I'm going to love you forever."

And he did.

Daemon 01-26-2020 10:07 AM

Rome, Italy

Auberto Barsi ; 2087



Those idiots.

Auberto imagined smoke coming out of his ears. Since when did underage Barsi's disobey direct orders? Since when did they pull out their underage wands to cast magic that would undoubtedly call the authorities? Since WHEN- Auberto breathed.

He had been sent to do some quick pick ups. Select victims, take photos, snip hair, tidily document, and pull back. Illegal, simple, easy. He had Polyjuice potions to brew.

You see, Auberto was a Barsi; a revered Italian wizarding crime family. He was immeasurably important, and now- now, he was babysitting. It was unthinkable. Brancaleone, youngest, and Quintilio, most useless, had been told to tag him today. Then Bran had cursed Quin. In broad daylight. In Rome. Auberto imagined the hell he would rain down on them at home and it made him feel better.

Auberto easily snatched Bran's wand and informed the insufferable teenager he could find his own way back. He would have undone the curse on Quin, except he didn't want to. Auberto grabbed at the useless lump and they disapparated just as familiar law enforcement officers appeared meters away.

He chuckled. "Kisses to the boss." And he was gone.

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