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love-for-HP 10-25-2019 02:46 PM

100 Drabbles for Mr. Blake Ryan Sa 13+
Below you will find the tales of Blake Ryan a 1st year Slytherin who is as un Slyterhin as they come! So without further ado, Please Enjoy. I choose to do the original SS 100 challenge.

I do not own the rights or concepts of Harry Potter, any other characters, or the wizard universe, this belongs to J.K. Rowling.

1. Herbology 2. Muggle Studies 3. Transfiguration 4. Ancient Runes 5. Astronomy 6. Divination 7. Care of Magical Creatures 8. Potions 9. Defense Against the Dark Arts 10. Arithmancy 11. History of Magic 12. Charms 13. Quidditch 14. Hogwarts, A History 15. Room 16. Dragonhide gloves 17. Cauldron 18. Whomping Willow 19. Wand 20. Hogsmeade 21. Veela 22. Kneazle 23. Telescope 24. House elf 25. Sorting Hat 26. Quill 27. Owl 28. Timeturner 29. Pensieve 30. Feast 31. Dress robes 32. Common room 33. Classroom 34. Parseltongue 35. Pureblood 36. Muggle 37. Animagus 38. Patronus 39. Duel 40. Spell 41. Thestrals 42. Portraits 43. Headmaster 44. Ford Anglia 45. Licorice Wand 46. Dungeon 47. Portkey 48. Leprechaun 49. Yule Ball 50. Boggart 51. Act 52. Bore 53. Chase 54. Dare 55. Egg on 56. Fight 57. Goblin 58. Hoot 59. Ignore 60. Joke 61. Kiss 62. Amortentia 63. Mooch 64. Nap 65. Ooze 66. Pace 67. Quell 68. Roar 69. Slap 70. Spook 71. Untie 72. Vex 73. Warn 74. X-tinguish 75. Yodel 76. Zap 77. Cheerful 78. author's choice 79. author's choice 80. author's choice 81. Depression 82. Careful 83. Fearful 84. Angry 85. Snappish 86. Daring 87. Staircase 88. Sweet Tooth 89. Past 90. Present 91. Future 92. Chocolate 93. Chicken 94. Allergic 95. Snowball 96. Socks 97. Dictionary 98. Pajamas 99. Trunk 100. Homework

1. Herbology

Blake was just semi okay at Herbology, and by that he sucked at it. He hated muggle plants let alone magical ones, but this was a required class so here he was staring at a plant that could kill him if he moved too much. Stupid Devil’s snare, Blake was sitting still in order to not disturb it, though he didn’t noticed the small vine snaking it’s way around his ankle pulling him off his stool and onto the floor with a thump. The Herbology Professor did rescue him in the end, but not before he had a bruised ego.

love-for-HP 10-29-2019 06:57 PM

2. Muggle Studies

Blake didn’t need take muggle studies, he had after all grown up with his muggle mother in the muggle world for his first 11 years of life. So the idea was taking muggle studies was laughable, an easy Outstanding grade for him really (at least it should be), though, it would be interesting to see from a wizards perspective what muggles do with their lives and how they survive without magic. Arriving to class ready to learn, a question about ‘rubber duck’ came up and Blake laughed out loud, an age old question that would stump wizards for all time.

love-for-HP 10-30-2019 02:48 PM

3. Transfiguration

Transfiguration was fun, it was always exciting to change something into something else. Today’s lesson was turning owls into opera glasses, which Blake didn’t think would be that much fun for the owls, but he was getting better and quicker at casting spells, so hopefully the owl wouldn’t even know what hit them. So raising his wand at the ready he cast his spell with conviction. Much to Blake’s delight the owl did turn into the a pair of opera glasses. Smiling and picking them up Blake put them on and they gave a giant HOOT. Well he tried …

love-for-HP 10-30-2019 03:38 PM

4. Ancient Runes

Ancient runes, what even was that? Everything was made up of symbols and nonsense letters. Why would anyone want to spend their time trying to decipher what was being said by some ancient no names? Frustrated at the thought Blake knew in his heart, that Ancient runes was one class that no one needed to take. He couldn't even read the title of the book he had borrowed, it literally had a picture of kitten praying, the sun, a … mongoose (maybe that wasn’t right?), and a wand … he was certain even the Professor was just making stuff up.

love-for-HP 11-01-2019 05:25 PM

5. Astronomy

Blake loved Astronomy, getting to observe the ‘heavens’ was by far one of his favorite things to do. Plus he got to stay up late to do it, when normally he had to be back in his common room by a certain time. So pulling out his telescope getting it set up on the stand was a very exciting time for him. Listening to the Professor that it was time to to fill in his star chart, Blake placed his telescope in the right position, peeked in it like a true Astronomer and began to write down what he saw.

love-for-HP 11-01-2019 05:39 PM

6. Divination

Divination was a touchy subject in Blake’s opinion. He was unsure that being able to predict the future was even a real thing. Had there ever really been a real ‘seer’ or were they just a real good guesser? But getting to drink tea and then make up stuff about what you saw in tea leaves was always good fun with your friends … if he had any. So as he was finishing up his tea he pulled out his copy his Divination text book and prepared to interrupt his leaves … he just hoped he didn’t see the Grimm.

love-for-HP 11-05-2019 08:17 PM

7. Care of Magical Creatures

Care of Magical Creatures was fun, for the most part anyway, as long as they weren’t dealing with any scary creatures, like say Hippogriffs, but bowtruckles were fun and good at picking locks if you could convince one to be your friend. Today’s lesson happened to be on firecrabs, and Blake wanted nothing to do with it. He stood at the back of the class trying his hardest to blend in with the grass and rocks around him, avoiding all eye contact with the creature before him. Didn’t seem to work though, one turned and ‘blew’ fire right at him.

love-for-HP 11-05-2019 08:24 PM

8. Potions

The idea behind potions could be cool. Like to brew a potion that could kill someone?? The draught of living death! All though if Blake recalled his mom made a batch of chili once that was probably the same thing. However, being a first year the draught of living death was not on the curriculum, today was about the Strengthening Solution. Not nearly as cool, but Blake guessed if you brewed it right you could lift cars and stuff. Hoping he stirred it the right number of times, and his potion turned a bright orange … that was normal right?

love-for-HP 11-05-2019 08:35 PM

9. Defense Against the Dark Arts

If Blake ever had to actually defend himself against the dark arts, he was most certain that he would be murdered right there on the spot. Even trying a spell as simple as “Expelliarmus” (which has saved lives before) gave him a bit of … okay a lot of trouble. But he practiced every day in attempt to get better, but so far all he had managed to produce was a weak wand wiggle from the other person’s hand. It was rather embarrassing to say the least, he pretty much spent his entire lesson the color of over ripe tomato.

love-for-HP 11-06-2019 09:06 PM

10. Arithmancy

Blake did NOT understand Arithmancy, the world itself was hard to say, he was glad that it is optional course. He had even researched the definition of what Arithmancy was since he didn’t know. The definition had something to do with Greek, Latin, and Hebrew words. Seemed to be a way more complicated procedure than what was necessary. And really wasn’t it just a different form of Divination? Couldn’t those two classes be combined into one, seemed the most logical way to do things. Reason #188 why Blake was a genius. Not to toot his own horn but … TOOT!

love-for-HP 11-12-2019 04:25 PM

11. History of Magic

History of Magic never bothered Blake much, he didn’t like nor dislike the subject. He thought hearing about all the carnage previous wars had caused was kind of cool (and also to know never to repeat said wars). Blake had even heard that back in the time of the great Harry Potter than a ghost use to teach to the class, now how cool would that be? To see a professor float through the walls. But nothing like that was happening today. Today they were learning about some sort of ogre who killed a lot of people with it’s club.

love-for-HP 11-12-2019 04:34 PM

12. Charms

Charms was Blake’s favorite subject of all time. He loved everything about making teacups tap dance across the desk, the tickle charm, and everything in between. Not to brag, but he was REALLY good at charms to. Everything about this subject came so easily to him, he rarely had to practice. Today’s lesson was the tickle charm, something Blake has already mastered in his own time (but shh, don’t tell the Professor). Pointing his wand at his ‘opponent’ he said “Rictusempra” and pulled off the prefect charm, his partner doubled over in hysterical giggles. Blake smiled at his own success.

love-for-HP 11-21-2019 06:46 PM

13. Quidditch

Blake was one hundred percent certain he shouldn’t be participating in Quidditch. It seemed best to him if his feet stayed right here on the ground. Flying around on broom sticks seemed like such a better idea when you were watching from a far distance. He very much enjoyed watching his Slytherin house team from the stadium stands. The idea of a bludger chasing you and wanting to pelt you off your broom stick fifty feet in the air was awful. Who invented this game anyway? Blake was starting to think he was the most un-Slytherin that had ever existed.

love-for-HP 11-21-2019 07:34 PM

14. Hogwarts, A History

Hogwarts, A History was a good read, learning about the history surrounded the school was always fascinating. Blake read the majority of the book in his spare time; he skipped the section on the forbidden forest because it scared him to even read it. But learning about how many staircases where in Hogwarts, and why the great hall’s ceiling looked like the outside weather was enchanting. Blake had to give credit to Bathilda Bagshot for all of her hard work and research that went into writing Hogwarts, A History, Blake hoped one day he could be such a great historian.

love-for-HP 12-05-2019 08:34 PM

15. Room

Blake was trying to find the Transfiguration classroom on his first day. The problem was Hogwarts had a million different rooms. One’s that only showed up when you ask for them, he heard it called the room of the requirement. Others that would only open after you tickled the pear in the fruit bowl (the kitchens) and still more that were plain classrooms. Why were things so confusing here. Like it wasn’t enough for someone who and grown up a muggle to deal with all the magic, but it was a complete mystery on how to find a simple classroom.

love-for-HP 12-10-2019 07:06 PM

16. Dragon Hide Gloves

Blake was admiring the numerous color options for his dragon hide gloves that were a requirement on his list of items to get for his first year at Hogwarts. He enjoyed seeing all the colors, but which was his favorite? And it got him to thinking about how on earth did they get the dragon hide to make the gloves? The thought of being that close to a dragon kind of scared him. And which types of dragons did they use to get so many different options? With his mind reeling, he grabbed a pair of red-ish ones and left.

love-for-HP 12-10-2019 07:27 PM

17. Cauldron

When picking out a cauldron to take with, his welcome letter said a solid pewter one. But how could they possibly pick something so boring. Blake was looking at gold, and crystal, and he was pretty sure one of the cauldrons was made of solid diamond!! There were so many that were much cooler than just a plain old pewter. Blake did his best to convince his dad to let him get the diamond one or at least the crystal, he paid no mind the extreme price tag on it, but in the end, he left with the pewter one.

love-for-HP 12-30-2019 05:02 PM

18. Whomping Willow

Blake was told stories about the Whomping willow so he had all the reasons he needed to avoid the tree. But then again, there was something about the challenge that draws young lads and lasses to it. Which is what brought Blake to the castle grounds to stare at the Whomping willow moving about wondering if there was a good way to get to the trunk. Blake sat analyzing the different paths, when he saw the tree smack a bird straight out of the air, the bird went limp and didn’t move again, that changed Blake’s mind in an instant.

love-for-HP 01-08-2020 07:25 PM

19. Wand

Wand time! Stepping into Ollivander’s was the moment that Blake was waiting for. Could there be anymore of an exciting time for new students. Walking into the wand shop a tape measure began to take his measurements of is right arm (his wand arm). Blake was handed a wand to try, he gave it a wave, and nothing happened. With the second wand he set a chair on fire (but hey at least he did magic). The third wand gave his fingers a tingling feeling and he knew before the shop keeper even said anything that this was his wand.

love-for-HP 01-08-2020 07:31 PM

20. Hogsmeade

Hogsmeade looked like it could be a super fun place to spend time. Blake was looking forward to going to Zonko’s joke shop and visiting the Three Broomsticks and having some butterbeer (whatever that was). It was a great escape from school life and constant homework and classes, or at least he assumed it would be since he had never actually been to Hogsmeade. Bouncing on his feet, waiting in line with his permission slip signed by his dad stating he was indeed permitted to go to Hogsmeade. Blake simply couldn’t contain his excitement. “Hogsmeade here I come!” He shouted.

love-for-HP 01-15-2020 06:56 PM

21. Veela

Blake was unsure what veela really were? Were they a creature? Being? Something in between? He had heard that they were very beautiful but had never seen one in real life before. And frankly, books just don’t know anything justice, your imagination can only take you so far. Rumor had it though they have a temperament and can get rather mean when angry, so Blake was unsure if ever really wanted to meet one or not. But he had also heard that they have married wizards before, so that brought him back to the questions of what were they really?

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