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Author Spotlights Come in here to read about our favorite SS Writers.

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Old 11-17-2011, 06:22 AM
sweetpinkpixie sweetpinkpixie is offline
Default Meet an Author: Tommehbell

It's time for another edition of Meet An Author! This month we meet and learn about the lovely Tommehbell.

Her current fan fictions are:
SSRPG: 100 Drabbles Before the fashion goes out of style- Sa13+
Character: Memo Clips and Tabloid Blurbs
Inactive & Complete Fan Fics
SSRPG: A Riddle's Diary - Sa13+
EEFD: Game: Evil Elite Challenge V 3.0
SSRPG: Riddle's 50 Lovable Ficlets for Loony Lovegood Sa9+
Poetry: Tomasina's Def Poetry
Let's get the ball rolling, shall we?
Interviewer: sweetpinkpixie
Interviewee: Tommehbell

You ready for this?

Totally ready! Got my candy canes and my Top Chef:Texas on

Woot! Alrighty then. Let's get this party started! And I LOVE Top Chef! Okay, first things first. Who are you and what do you do? Tell us about yourself off of the lovelyness that is SS.

Ok well... I'm Tommehbell or Tommeh or Tisha. I answer to any and all of those. I joined SS when it was still a baby back in 2003. I didn't get into HP in the beginning because I was still in high school back in 97 and my mom wouldn't let me read the books. So I didn't really get to read the books till after Goblet of Fire and the first movie was out.

So when I read the first book it was a wrap for me and I fell in love. I'm not sure how I stumble upon SS but as soon as I did I joined and I was hooked on the Charing Cross forums. Well RL kicked in and I left SS in 04 I think and didn't come back till 08 and thats when I jumped into the RPGs like the school with my first charrie Tomasina Riddle and my MOM charrie Egypt Riddle
and I think Droo was the first person to call me Tommy.

Ah, another late bloomer to the world of Harry Potter like me XD Well, we over in Gringotts are certainly glad you decided to stick around! I enjoy reading your works


Woot indeed! Speaking of which, was there anything in particular that drew you to write fan fiction?

Oh...guess I should have said that earlier *laughs*

*bounces in anticipation*

Well I love to write. I mean I've been writing since I learned to read, but HP is actually the first fanfiction I've ever done. And my first SS fanfiction was a nod to my beloved Bellatrix LeStrange when she was in Hogwarts. Helena Boham-Carter brought that character to life for me and I fell in love and I just had to write out her story plus back then we had the same hair style though mine was all black.

HAHA! That's brilliant XD

I was trying to grow an afro, but it just turned out to be a curly puff ball.

HAHA. My hair is and will forever be straight as an arrow. I am a little jealous >.>


I do enjoy the little glimpses of Bellatrix that we see in your FF Memo Clips and Tabloid Blurbs - which I adore by the way - can you tell us what made you want to write about Rita Skeeter? Was it another hair connection?*giggles*

Actually no. I've got a reverse bob right now. But for me it was the fact that she is painted as a villain and the antiLovegood and there is always two sides to every story so I wanted to see if I could get Rita's story.

Very true! I am always happy to see when writers explore those characters that we don't know too much about, so I was super excited to see you had chosen to write about her!

And my FFs have always been about the lesser or secondary characters. JK Rowling gave us a starting point but we can take those charries to the next level.

*nod nod*
In your recent chapters, Skeeter was sorted into Slytherin, was there a specific reason why you decided to sort her into Slytherin instead of the other houses?

Rita is willing to do anything to get her story, even break the law and fub facts. So that means she is cunning because she became an animagi and thats not easy to learn. She highly intelligent and competitive. And she has acid green nails she has Slytherin written all over her.

XD Those acid green nails suit her. Not many can pull that look off.

Yeah thats not a color everyone can pull off

Speaking of Hogwarts houses...have you been one of the lucky to experience Pottermore's sorting?


*falls off chair*

And I got into Slytherin and there was no doubt in my mind that I would

*climbs back up*

Gotta watch out for those chairs...

And squealing snakes apparently
Well, congratulations then!

I know I was at the pool when the window opened and I had to get Chris to sign up for me because the site was too big for me to use it on my phone.

Aw *sends some love off to Chris*

I know when I got the confirmation I almost fell in the pool from jumping up and down!

HAHA. That sounds worse than me just falling off my chair from your squeal XD

You mentioned that Harry Potter FF's are the first FF's that you have written. What was it that drew you in to want to write about her world? How has the world of Harry Potter or JK Rowling's writing inspired you as an author?

The work JK created was so fanciful and it butts up right against ours but its totally different. REading her books made me smile and when I first started reading them I was going through so much in my life that I can say JK Rowling saved my life. How could I not pay homage to that?! Her writing has made me create backstories for all my characters. I dont just throw in a character and think that someone wont ask a question or remember them. I make them all count. I give them all life. I have just begun to dabble in writing fantasy and while it is hard I am enjoying creating an actual world and then populating it.

Well, we hope you continue to dabble away!

Well thank you. I do too. Though my NaNo novel is original and its a mystery now.

How is NaNo going for you? You going to reach your goal?

I've got 36,000 words and I am going to win! I was England and distracted by cute Spaniards and snow to finish. This year all I have is my acute candy can addiction to battle..

HAHA. So, candy canes help you when you have writer's block? Or are there other ways in which you cope?

When I have writers block I usually walk away and do something else to get my mind off the writing and then I will get a slap of brilliance and the writing flows. candy canes? *sadness*

Well they only come around once a year *cries* So I have to cope for the other 11 months.

Fair enough XD
While writing, do you drink coffee, eat a lot of sugar, drink energy drinks...perhaps some fizzing whizbees and pumpkin juice beef up your creative imagination?

My brain already fires faster than its supposed to I don't need to put caffeine in my body to write. I do have snacks like peanut butter M&Ms though. You cant write without peanut butter M&Ms. I dont care what those Greeks and Romans think peanut butter M&Ms are the food of the gods!

Mmmm, those are my favorite too. Well, those and the crunchy kind...

So, besides peanut butter M&Ms, what are the most important elements of good writing? According to you, what tools are must-haves for writers?

Well I think that you need to outline what you want to write. Its easy to sit down and just free write, but then you get off on a tangent or rewrite what you have already said or you don't know how to transition your characters to the next scene.

Then you have to have well developed characters WITH FLAWS
people think that you have to have these Mary Sues to get people to relate to them but thats not realistic.*And you have to write in your comfort zone. I not good at romance or comedy so I stay away from that. Not that I can't have a kiss here or there or a funny line, but my genre isn't in comedy or romance.

Then you need great writing software.

What sort would you recommend?

I use Storyist and I love it. It takes a fews minutes *coughhours* to get acclimated to it but its the bees knees if you ask me.

I should probably look into that perhaps. I just use good old Word XD

Oh yeah its awesome it even lets you upload pictures of scenes and faces to tag.

Oooooooooooh *said like the green aliens from Toy Story*


So, let's say you were using Storyist to write your own story, your autobiography, what would you title it?

Oh wow that is a big question let's see "Letitia..not just a name, but a lifestyle"

Oooh, that sounds very catchy *nods*

My friend David said that about me in a Senate meeting when the VP threatened to throw a gavel at me.

o______________O throw a gavel at you?! That sounds intense

Well I called another Senator a troglodyte and then called him Tight Pants McGee. It was an emotional Senate meeting.

I can only imagine. HAHA
Okay...time for some...randomness before we officially wrap things up!
What is your favorite bumper sticker?

Ok *puts on my thinking cap*
"Don't follow too close I haven't had my morning coffee" a good one. And I think I can agree with it.
I am horrible without my morning dose XD

This is why I don't do mornings.

Okay, next one.... what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Ohhh um I've had rattlesnake and octopus*

Octopus is actually rather delicious *nods*

I think trying it once was enough for me XD

From where you are far east can you go before you're heading west?

Since im 5 hours from the coast of NC I would have to go all the way to China before I started heading west *

Favorite spell in Harry Potter?

Serpensortia...I just like saying it

If you had to be one of the magical creatures in Harry Potter, what creature would you be?

Gringotts goblin

Ooooh, any particular reason? *intrigued*

Well they have their own magic, they get to work in a bank and they can have attitudes on the job and not get fired for it!

Aaaaaaaaaaand, finally to finish things off.... do you have any advice for other SS writers?

Have fun, pick a lesser known character so it gives you somewhere to go. And may the odds be forever in your favor!

Good advice to go by to be sure!
Well, congratulations on being our Author of the Month and thank you very much for your time! Even if you did knock me off my chair

I'm a Slytherin what did you expect? Thanks for having me *wibbles*

*snuggles* We all look forward to seeing more of your writing and good luck finishing your NaNo!


Be sure to head on over to the Gringotts vaults to check out her work!

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Dalliesa | Ab-Bot | Hogwarts Trojan War |

Then you have to have well developed characters WITH FLAWS
I can't agree more on this! I mean I'm not a big writer or anything but I just loove love love love having flawed characters, especially in the RPG since it is kind of 'writing journey' as well! I don't do Mary Sues and can't interact with them. It's not as exciting. >__<

Great interview you lovelies! *huggles ya both*
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x12 x12
Ability is nothing without Opportunity | | Creativity is Intelligence having FUN

awesome interview Tish and Pix!!
++Tenacius ++🐦++ Salander++🐦++ Deo ++🐦++ Vickers ++🐦++ Huxley ++🐦+ Aquila++

Yeah thats what crazy is, when its broken you say theres nothing to fix++++++++++++++++++++
+++++++And you pray that everything will be okay, while you're making all the same mistakes
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Aweosme interview guys! And Tisha congrats on your NaNo success! that is a HUGE accomplishment *envies you*


I was trying to grow an afro, but it just turned out to be a curly puff ball.

HAHA. My hair is and will forever be straight as an arrow. I am a little jealous >.>
Also made me jealous... of BOTH of you. (I'm an uncomfortable in-between.)
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News Admin
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.... what is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Ohhh um I've had rattlesnake and octopus*
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Haha. I love the Pottermore reaction. Like, no one here will ever doubt the legitimacy of being THAT EXCITED that you fall in a pool. *understands* *hugs all of SS*

Great interview Alien!Pix and Goblin!Tish!
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