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Old 04-25-2010, 12:13 AM
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Default Meet An Author: Nymphadoraliz

We're starting a new interview series!

Meet An Author will be a series of monthly interviews in which a FanFic mod will interview someone who has a current Fan Fic.

Nymphadoraliz's Fanfic The Cave - Sa5+ is located in the Epic and Adventure subforum of the FanFic Forum.

Originally Posted by Summary of The Cave!
How did Ron discover he was truly a wizard? Here is the story on how Ginny his younger sister was able to help him find his confidence, and see that he is a true wizard, and not an embarrassment to his family.
Check out her Fanfic and others in the forum!

Droo: Sooooo
Droo: We are starting a new series of interviews. Meet An Author.
Nymphadoraliz: cool!
Droo: and you are this month's victi-ermmm... lucky winner!!! Congrats!
Droo: lol
Nymphadoraliz: :-O
Nymphadoraliz: wow!
Droo: Yup! LOL! So let’s start with the basics! What got you into Hp?
Nymphadoraliz: My best friend actually lol! She had just seen, I believe... the first movie in the theatre, and was soooo excited about it. I rolled my eyes, thinking ummmm...yeah. But then a few months later I couldn't resist renting the movie.
Nymphadoraliz: After that I was totally hooked, and found the books too!
Droo: Which is your favorite?
Nymphadoraliz: Prisoner of Azkaban for the book totally I love the details and, well the tree especially XD but for the movie the Half-Blood Prince, the effects were awesome!
Droo: Yes, I totally agree! So what brought you to SS?
Nymphadoraliz: A few years ago, I wanted information on when the next book was coming out, and Snitchseeker came up lol! After checking it out, I decided to sign up. I saw something about a sorting hehe and thought ok, till I saw it wasn't till January 12 :-O! I think I checked back a few times every day to see if they would open it sooner lol!
Nymphadoraliz: Then well, I heard about RPing, and pretty much said uh oh... and had absolutely no idea what that was, but well now, I can't get enough of it lol
Droo: lol
Droo: and the Fanfiction?
Nymphadoraliz: the fanfic actually came from my own site, where I originally started it but ummmm, I don't think I've been updating it there hehe
Nymphadoraliz: I had the idea for it about a year ago, and it finally started to be written out, last November, after that it just kept going, and I haven't been able to come to an end yet, because I have well, become a part of the character's and their lives now, in a way. If that makes any sense. Or that their lives are a part of me...
Droo: I get it... I do.
Droo: So... tell your readers and soon-to-be readers a little about yourself
Nymphadoraliz: hmmm, let's see, *whispers* I'm almost 30...and definitely not counting the days till I turn it *whispers even quieter* 20 days
Droo: lol
Nymphadoraliz: I have 4 children and have been married almost 13 years now
Droo: I've turned 29 for the 6th time this year...
Nymphadoraliz: XD
Droo: Wow! 4 kids!
Nymphadoraliz: and I home school all 4
Droo: when do you find the time to write?
Nymphadoraliz: I've always loved to write, actually. Even as a child, I loved to do stories
Nymphadoraliz: Every chance I get, I have more plots in my head, just getting them on paper is the trick really
Droo: Wow, who is your favorite writer?
Nymphadoraliz: hmmmm, I really actually are into the late 18th - 19th century novels, my favorite is Janette Oke, but I'm not too picky
Nymphadoraliz: so a lot of stories I've written are kind of in that time frame
Droo: what is it about that genre that fascinates or attracts you?
Nymphadoraliz: *whispers again* the clothing hehe I love the long skirts, and the way they lived at that time
Droo: Me too, I love any kind of costume!
Nymphadoraliz: kind of rustic, and I love camping and living out on the land in the summer
Nymphadoraliz: I guess that's kind of why I did Ron and Ginny in the fanfic living like that
Droo: That's great! So, do you take a lot of what you write from personal experience? Or is a lot made up?
Nymphadoraliz: hmmmm, some of it is personal experience, though I honestly haven't caught fish to eat lol that's one thing I probably won't do
Nymphadoraliz: but berries are very nom I guess I just let the story unfold a lot of times as I'm writing it though. I start out with what I'd like to include and branch out from there
Droo: Berries are indeed very nom! I’m allergic to strawberries, but I eat them anyway and then break out in hives… Yeah… but they are good going down! When was it that you knew you enjoyed writing?
Nymphadoraliz: hmmmm I think that was when I was about 6-7 years old. My mom didn't like it though hehe I used my school notebooks for it
Nymphadoraliz: *teachers didn't like it either hehe*
Nymphadoraliz: I loved acting out the stories as well, with my friends, and wrote stories as well, that we made up during play
Droo: Ooo I know what you mean... I used to do that as well! So as you are writing your current fanfic, have you thought about an end already? Or do you let it just happen?
Nymphadoraliz: right now, it's still in the works I kind of know what's gonna happen, but then again, what I plan to have happen, hasn't actually been going that way yet XD
Nymphadoraliz: Ron and Ginny so far have had minds of their own in the story
Nymphadoraliz: *whispers secretly* I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out
Droo: Me too
Droo: So for those members who are just starting out, thinking about writing a fanfic, so you have any hints or suggestions?
Nymphadoraliz: my biggest suggestion is to start a list, it seems odd yes, but just getting ideas on paper is a great way to start. Once you know what the story is going to be about, and you know who the characters will be, it will take off from there
Droo: great way to start!
Nymphadoraliz: I think I stilll have the first list I had lol
Droo: Have you ever had writer's block?
Nymphadoraliz: ugh, YES!
Nymphadoraliz: I have even had it in this current one, usually just a few days will help, but even scratching away on paper, with different ideas fixes that
Nymphadoraliz: *whispers another secret* I spend a number of hours at work, coming up with plots
Droo: lol
Nymphadoraliz: you just don't let them catch you doing it and it helps that writer's block too hehe
Droo: That's great! Your next steps, I assume you are going to finish out this fic, and then move onto a next one?
Nymphadoraliz: I'm thinking about doing another but having trouble deciding if I want to my old Charrie Liz or do another with HP characters (maybe bad guys)
Nymphadoraliz: Haven't fully decided yet... I’ve got to figure out who it'll be about first
Droo: I love Liz *pets her* So, do you work one at a time? Or can you do more… you know… multific? LOL
Nymphadoraliz: haven't tried it yet actually
Nymphadoraliz: I'm thinking of trying it before finishing "The Cave"
Droo: Oooo
Droo: I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, as I'm sure everyone else is.
Droo: Thanks Liz!
Nymphadoraliz: You’re very welcome.
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Yay Liiiiiiiiiiiiiz!

You is awesome. Especially for the not multific thingying. Because I find it hard to resist.

I enjoyed reading that. YUP. Keep writing <3
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I guess the site is having data problems. I had this other post all written up and the site went off, and I couldn't get back on. But, anyway, Congratulations Liz(?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! How exciting for you! I'm so happy for you and your story. I love, "The Cave"! I check the, "Epic and Adventure" thread sheet every day to see if you've posted. What an honor for you, and very deserving of it too. Hope you can post soon.


Last edited by Connie; 04-25-2010 at 01:27 AM. Reason: forgot quotation marks oops
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Congrats! I the interview! There are loads of talented SS writers!
Thank You For The Three Best Years!

I Am Busy As A Bee. Please Bear With Me As I Will Come On SS As Much As Possible.
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Congrats, Liz!

Nice interview, Droo. <333

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Congrats, Liz . I haven't checked out your fic yet, but I'll definitely head over there because it sounds so fascinating.

I also like Janette Oke... I totally got into her after they did the Love Comes Softly series on Hallmark Hall of Fame. Haha.
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Old 04-27-2010, 10:53 PM   #7 (permalink)
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Thank you everyone

I had a lot of fun with the interview, and feel honored! I love writing and always have, and hope this is going to be my first fanfic of many

Come check it out! "The Cave"

~Zoe~ I'm still having a hard time not starting another, I want to get this one pretty much figured out first...
~Ern~ That's what got me interested in her works too
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Oohhh! *bounces* the FIRST Meet an Author Interview?! how terribly exciting. CONGRATS (belated yes).

Originally Posted by Droo View Post
Nymphadoraliz: but berries are very nom I guess I just let the story unfold a lot of times as I'm writing it though. I start out with what I'd like to include and branch out from there
Droo: Berries are indeed very nom! I’m allergic to strawberries, but I eat them anyway and then break out in hives… Yeah… but they are good going down! When was it that you knew you enjoyed writing?
Berries are 100% nom, I agree.. and poor Droo *pets*

Great interview ladies!
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