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Atticus's Attic First & Secondhand Music Shop Explore the music, both magic and mundane, and maybe create some of your own. Who knows what new sounds you might find?

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Old 05-22-2016, 11:12 PM
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Default The Music Tables

The most important area of the shop is also the largest and usually most jam-packed. Wide metal tables take up the majority of the shop, each one laden with albums both old and new in various forms. There are so many tables that they are very carefully set up to just barely allow enough space for customers to walk past each other in the makeshift aisles. The tables, while regularly fixed to the floor, have the added benefit of being able to be banished to the back room by the shopkeeper to open up the floor space for shows and events. Unfortunately, this means that with each visit, you may find yourself searching for the table you wish to find, as it could turn up in a different area each day.

All types of recording media can be found on these tables - some are full of records, their jackets carefully arranged to be flipped through without damaging the vinyl within. Others are stacked with cassette tapes, the spines of their plastic casings turned upward to display the names of bands and albums. More still bear old compact discs in their jewel cases, in mint condition unless labeled otherwise. While not as plentiful, 8-track tapes and shellac records can also be found as well; the appropriate devices to play all of these things, paired with large over-ear headphones, can also be found at each table.

While a great many of the tables are dedicated to well-known Muggle recording formats, a fair amount of them are also dedicated to "item albums" as well. Small boxes bearing a band and album name litter these tables, stacked together haphazardly; inside are items the size of a knut, varying in colour and shape dependent on the box's label. A single tap with a wand will cause the album to begin to play aloud; should one choose to, the album can also be stuck behind the ear to be played privately, so as to not disturb others.

Feel free to browse and sample music from bands both new & old, Muggle & Wizard. Just remember - you break it, you bought it, and some of the items could turn out to be fairly pricey.
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Text Cut: Beth
Originally Posted by Optimist.Prime View Post
Beth honestly didn’t mind talking to this guy, he seemed nice…and maybe he was her age? That would have been a plus because really she wanted friends that were close to her age and not creepy. Some of the people she had seen in this town were creepy which really, she was going to tell Q everything about this…it was I N T E N S E to say the least.

Beth flipped through more of the albums around her occasionally looking up at the boy she was talking to. When Edmund (as she had just learned was his name) spoke about the music he leaned towards she couldn’t help but grin, softly, but grin none the less. ”I like those too, yeah…there are a lot of obscure wizard bands and all of them have weird names like Acromantula?...who’d name their band after a spider that’s nearly six feet tall when full grown?” she shrugged rolling her eyes for extra effect.

Oh he’d heard the song? ”oh cool – I know…I like old things well some old things I don’t like old people in the like-liking sense…that’s gross and wrong and creepy” oh merlin stop talking ”I also don’t like old gone by food that’s…disgusting” dear merlin please stop my mouth from moving? She took a moment and gave him a cool, calm, and collected smile. ”Kidding obviously except for about the food gone-by-food is disgusting and the scruge of the earth…but old music is great” she smiled softly at him when he asked about Hogwarts.

”yes it is!” she nodded at him and then she leaned closer over the display of albums, ”I seriously wonder why they named it Hogwarts…I mean it is in Hogsmeade but – why name a school after a warty hog? Warts aren’t cool they’re practically parasites” oh…Edmund, that was a cool name.

”oooooh that’s a colorful one!” she smiled at him, ”and I like the name, you’re name it’s cool…not the music, I don’t think I’ve ever heard it…I’ll have to give it a listen” with a pause she asked ”muggle synth pop? Right…were I mean are you from a muggle non-magical family? If so, congrats y’know on being magical” she grinned at him – he seemed nice. Maybe she'd even consider being friends with Synth-pop boy.

Ed found himself smiling, as he talked to Beth. She seemed nice, and it was good to talk about something that was normal. Or at least half way normal, until she started talking about giant spiders. That was both alarming and pretty awesome.“No way, do those things really exist?” This new weird world of magic was apparently a lot more than doing magic tricks. “And you know normal bands have weird names. After animals, there's what, that really old one the Eagles, and one the Beetles, right? And you know, I bet there is even a band named Ham Sandwich., or Mutton Chop.” People just did really weird things with band names.

The poor boy wasn't entirely sure what to say when the girl started babbling on about old things. It was getting a little uncomfortable, but he cracked another smile, and tilted his head towards where the shopkeep was standing. “You mean old people like him?” he said, thinking it'd make for a better joke if he was old old, like his grandpa, not just old. “I don't know, he might tell you about all sorts of old music he likes.”

He nodded along with her. Hogwarts, he really need to remember that. “It is a weird name, but I guess magic people name everything like that.” After all, they had already exhausted all the strange names they named bands. “Parasites? I thought they were just weird skin things people got.” They weren't ticks or anything.

“yeah,” he said looking down at it, studying the cover, taking her talking in. He didn't know what could be considered cool about his name. It was just a normal name after all. “Uh, thanks, I guess, and yeah, its really cool, its like, uhh,” Quick math here and he looked at it again. “Wow, over 70 years old. I can't believe this thing still exists.” He looked back up at her questioningly. “Muggle? Um, whats that? And ahh, yes, non-magical. I mean, no one in my family can do magic, so yeah. What about you?”
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SPOILER!!: Ewan! <3
Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
hmm...He'd never heard of Taylor Swift? Must not have spent much time in the muggle world. "I'm not sure you'll like it. I mean, she tends to divide opinions. Why not give it a go? What's the world that could happen?" Smiling now, he was so tempted to call him Swifty again. I mean, you don't get to choose your nickname. In all honesty, Swifty wasn't the worst nickname either. He'd been called worse.

"You can tell me and find out?" Smirking. He looked at the boy now. What was he going to do next...

Now, Brody was familiar with just a few Muggle bands and singers. It wasn't as though Lucas and Tallie had raised him to not be aware of that world. They had encouraged him to take an interest but the truth was, he hadn't been too keen on it. He shrugged and grabbed at random one of the CDs. It happened to be 'Fearless'. "If this is terrible or she sings purely about love, I'm finding you and shoving this in your hands.'' Brody waved the CD at Ewan.

"Anyway. I have to get going. I see my Uncle is done chatting.'' Sure enough, there was Lucas waving to get his nephew's attention. "See you around.'' Without another word, the future Slytherin disappeared to pay for his selection.

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