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  1. Nargles: Here Be Heliopaths! (Character Bios)
  2. Nargles: Crumple-Horned Snorkack Chat
  3. Blibbering Humdingers: Have you ever struggled to step outside your RPing comfort zone?
  4. Blibbering Humdingers: What was the funniest RP you've ever had?
  5. Blibbering Humdingers: What kind of character do you find most challenging to play?
  6. Blibbering Humdingers: Do you normally play certain types of characters?
  7. Blibbering Humdingers: How has your RPing changed from when you first started RPing until now?
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  10. Dirigible Plums: Quibbler's 120 Year Celebration RP
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  12. Nargles: Wrackspurt Challenges
  13. Dirigible Plums: Through the Spectrespecs (and what Luna found there) RP
  14. Dirigible Plums: Luna Lovegood's Safari Daydream RP
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