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Ancient Runes Learn how to interpret runic texts and spells of the past!

Closed Thread
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Old 05-14-2021, 01:48 PM
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Default Ancient Runes - EHWAZ! DANCE & DERBY (Lesson one)


As you come into the Ancient Runes Classroom you notice it instantly. The Room was light blue, with some florescent magenta lamps lit in the corners and another light set up near the front of the class that emitted multiple starry white lights that moved around the classroom. Surely this hasn't been the weirdest classroom set up you've seen thus far in your time at Hogwarts? At the Center of the classroom was a Dance Floor. Beyond the Dance Floor is a little band set-up. Your Professor was pacing around the band instruments that were silently tuning themselves. Making sure that his magic was perfect and that the instruments would work on their own.

Pushed off in the corner was something large it was covered in a black cloth and it's shape looked a little odd. This should not concern you. It wasn't the most interesting thing in the room at the moment after all.

As he sees the students begin to file in he turns his attention toward you. "Please stand around the dance floor, not on it. Place your belongings behind you." He also took a look down at each of your feet. "Be sure to have on those comfortable shoes that I asked you to have on before class."

Say your hellos, talk among yourselves briefly. Class will begin shortly.


OOC: Come on in. Welcome to my first Ancient Runes class of the year. BUT THIS IS NOT YOUR STUDENTS FIRST AR CLASS IC. Yes, As this is currently October IC Professor Gunter would have had multiple classes before this one. So your students should be somewhat familiar with my Professor by now, as he would be with your student.

Also please familiarize yourself with the Classroom Rules if you have not already done so.


Lesson Log:
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Default Ivy and Misa

Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post

"Ehwo ehwo ehwo," she began carefully, "e e e e h w o o o, ehwu ehwa ehwo eh- Er, wait no." What was it again? Ehwu ehwa eh... She glanced at Violet then looked over her notes too.
"It's using the five vowels, see? 'u' 'a' 'i' 'e' 'o' -- and then you use them again in the reverse order 'o' 'e' 'i' 'a' 'u'. And I find it works best if you chant it in kind of a low growl--you're trying to vibrate the sound in your chest and head cavities, not to sound pretty. So, something like this..." And Violet closed her eyes and began to chant in a low voice that didn't really sound like her at all:
"ehwo ehwo ehwo
e e e e h w o o o
ehwu ehwa ehwi ehwe ehwo
ehwo ehwe ehwi ehwa ehwu
e e e e h w o o o o o o o"

She opened her eyes again and looked at the other girls to see if what she said was making sense to them. Also maybe to see if they thought she was weird now.

"If that makes sense to you, let's try our car on the track."

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Originally Posted by wednesday View Post
Okay great! Ollie was very excited that Lisa agreed with her original choice. Now they would both be happy. "Yes! That was the one I was thinking too." She was glad that Lisa was getting on well with her. She reached for the car and picked it up for her group. "Let's go then!"

She turned and headed over toward the track that was set out for the cars. As badly as Ollie wanted to recite the Galdr herself, she thought it would be more polite to ask Lees if she wanted to say it instead."So... How do you wanna do this? I can say the Galdr if you want, then you can let it go! Or vise-versa." Okay she really wanted to say the Galdr. She hoped that the teacher would notice of well she could recite it, not that it was a very hard thing to do, but Ollie thrived on validation from her teachers.
It was a brilliant choice. Ollie was brilliant. So was the car and so were both of them. THEY WERE ALL BRILLIANT! Okay... Lisa may have had way too much sugar at the meal prior to this class but she was NOW IN HER ENERGY ELEMENT. Literally ready to bounce off the walls if she needed too.

But she didn’t need to bounce off walls. Instead, she needed to focus and pour said energy into the car. Galdr. Galdr.... Lisa turned to Ollie as the other girl asked her another question. Wow, she was being very polite. Lisa would have just told her what to do so.... This was a nice change. Not wanting to be rude, she decided to go for the car instead. “You pronounce it. I think you’ll be better at it.” Plus Ollie just looked really excited so Lisa nodded happily to her friend before going to the car. Now with shark car in hand, she placed it down in front and waited for Ollie to work her magic.

Team Shark Week!!!! Or are we team Bruce?

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Default Wrapping up!
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SPOILER!!: Claudine <3
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Claudine rubbed her nose, casually using her hand to hide the fact that she was laughing. Yes, the girl understood why Heath said the Galdr reminded him of that song. “I don’t blame you for thinking what you think.’’ Merlin. It was hilarious, okay? Oh no. She probably should have asked if he had a car in mind but in her excitement, she hadn’t thought of it. Sorry, Heath. “Is that a Muggle thing?’’ Claudine asked, picking up the Cheese Wheelz and referring to the whole mouse topic.*

“Yes, we chant that weird thing.’’ The Snakette held out the Wheelz for Heath to take. “That should answer your question.” Claudine eyed the track. “Ready?” Here went the chanting again. “ehwo ehwo ehwo e e e e h w o o o ehwu ehwa ehwi ehwe ehwo ehwo ehwe ehwi ehwa ehwu e e e e h w o o o.” And there she was thinking about that farm song.

Ah, Heath saw that laughter! The nose rubbing didn't fool him for a second… but did it fool the professor? His eyes momentarily flicked in Gunter's direction. As much as he loved making Claudine laugh, he didn't want to get her in trouble! Nothing? Good! Soon it was his turn to laugh - not at Claudine's question of course, but at the thought of a little mouse driving a cheese racecar. In fact, he vaguely recalled seeing just that in a cartoon when he was little. "Sort of," he replied. "Muggles associate mice with cheese, so by that logic, a mouse in a cheese car sort of makes sense."

He smiled, taking the Cheese Wheelz she handed him and turning it over in his hand, and an idea occurred to him. If Ehwaz was supposed to represent teamwork and romantic relationships, then would it be more powerful if invoked by two people who already were in love? He supposed he'd get a chance to test that theory soon, but first the galdr again. “ehwo ehwo ehwo e e e e h w o o o ehwu ehwa ehwi ehwe ehwo ehwo ehwe ehwi ehwa ehwu e e e e h w o o o," he chanted, trying to keep in sync with Claudine.

The back of the car glowed where the Ehwaz was, and Heath set the car down on the track. He let it go, but before he could start to recite the galdr, Professor Gunter's voice distracted him and the car veered off the track at the first obstacle. Class was ending already? Darn! He was just starting to have fun with it! At least Gunter was keeping the racetrack around. "We'll have to try this again sometime," he said as he put the car back and went to get his bag.
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Default Thread is Closed Y'all. Thank you Again <3
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"Okay everyone. Time to call it a day." Professor Gunter clapped his hands twice loudly to grab everyone's attention. "Fortunately anyone who hadn't gotten their chance to race their cars down the track, can do so in the the Study Room as soon as tomorrow. Keep Practicing your Ehwaz Galdr."
He walked over to the door of the classroom and waited at it's threshold to beckon the students out and toward their next classes.

"Brilliant Work today everyone. See you all bright an Early for the next class. Make sure you've got all your things and remember the Homework for next class."


OOC: Class is Closed
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Closed Thread

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