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Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

A tall and lanky young man with a shock of white blonde hair, wearing the most curious combination of clothing consisting of a blue gingham shirt with matching blue trousers (which weren't quite long enough for his long skinny legs), and his favourite red braces to hold them up, shuffled nervously into the conference room and took a seat next to the older lady who had entered before him.

James loathed meetings; he found them frightfully nerve racking should he be called upon to speak up or give his opinion. His milky cheeks turned a soft pink at the mere thought of it. He hoped somehow he blended in with the furniture, but with his current choice of clothing, it was highly unlikely.

He sent a shy awkward smile to his colleagues and mumbled a soft-- "G-Good morning."-- then averted his eyes from them to look down at his parchment. He scribbled down the date in his neat handwritting while he waited for Ms Erica to begin.
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