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Default Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Is Today Over Yet?
Marianna, Ceria, and I sat in the front seats of the transfiguration classroom. I know I should NEVER be this excited about school.
“Wow! Can you remember to breathe?” Ceria teased.

“Awe, come on she’s just excited,” Marianna defended. “But you really shouldn’t drool,”

“I’m not drooling!!”

“Class?” Professor McGonagall closed the door leading out into the hallway. “Today I just want to test you to see where you’re at,” she began passing out matches. “I want you to point your wand at this match and focus. Once you realize how to focus your energy on something. I’ll tell you how to turn it into a needle,” when she handed me the match I practically glowed with happiness, and when I pointed my ember wand with my own phoenix hair for a core it turned silver and metallic.
“Professor,” I called out. I raised my hand, which held my needle.

“That’s not possible,” I shrunk back into my chair and the needle dropped onto the desk. They were all staring at me, but this was not the attention I wanted.

I know that its been forever since i posted and i am SO sorry. My play just ended so hopefully i will have more time to write. Again, SO sorry! Please write a comment below i would love some feedback
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