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Default Who are your favourite HP actors?

Who are your TOP 5 Most Remarkable actors/actresses in the films? and Why?

Those ones whom you think will not be easily replaced by anyone else because they are just so extraordinary and very remarkable when it comes to their character portrayals.

Those characters whom you think will just give you one name and personality once you come to think of them.

(This thread is another idea from my sister. I always adore her wise thoughts.)

Mine are:
5. Helena Bonham Carter - she's the most loveliest villain I've ever seen. When I think of Bellatrix, all I can see is her cruel looks. Amazing woman.
4. Natalia Tena - I just can't imagine seeing anyone else playing her role as Tonks. She's perfect for it.
3. Emma Watson - She will always be my girl.
2. Daniel Radcliffe - of course, can you imagine anyone else to play his role? He just left a great mark in the history. He will always be our "Harry Potter"
1. Alan Rickman - I always knew his a great actor. And his portrayal of Severus Snape is just the best of all. The most remarkable one for me. Great man.
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