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Originally Posted by Tailzinator View Post
"Hello!" Chad called out to his staff, standing up as well to get their attention. "I am very glad you all could make it to today's little conference. It shall be a simple conference - something to allow us to relax a bit, especially after catching all those little creatures.

"As you can see on the table, there are tubes of paint, brushes, and some stiff paper. Monsieur de la Buena has been so very kind to lend us the paint and brushes. What you will be doing with them is simple. What I want you to do is to simply paint your favourite creature and then when you believe you have finished your masterpiece, show it off and give two facts about the creature you chose, and WHY it is your favourite. The "why" is optional. Everyone understand?"
Nikos placed his coffee mug on the table and turned his attention to Stryker when the man started the meeting. They were going to paint? Sweet. Explained all the supplied on the table. Nikos wasn't much of a painter, but he did like doing relaxing things, though he prefered to fish. Still better than catching creatures, which.....he wouldn't be doing much of with the division change and all. Hmm. He was gonna miss that now that he thought about it.

Picking up a few items, he mused what creature he would paint. Choosing favorites was hard business.

Originally Posted by Luna Laufghudd View Post

Hehe. Hearing the young man say all those names made Leo certain that they were the right ones for this awesome crup. Hehe.
Aaah, a name! "Very nice to meet you, Mister Fakiris!" He shook his hand and smiled, "Oh, I am from Mehhhico!" Mexico, that is. His accent was still intact. "Born in Mexico City, but soon enough... moved to London." Yes, totally planned, like. "How about yourself?" Leo asked interested. It was wonderful how many international co-workers there were.
"Please, just Nikos." He said with a grin as the man shook his hand. Nikos wasn't one for formalities when they weren't needed, like painting with a few coworkers and....Leo was a coworker. They both worked at the Ministry together. Heh.

He was from Mexico, which explained the accent. "Mexico is a beautiful country." He mused, remembering his trip there a few years back. It seemed like a lot of Ministry workers moved in from across the globe. "I am from Greece," He replied proudly with a smile. Unlike Stryker and de la Buena, his own accent wasn't as prominent, though still there if you listened for it. "Born and raised as well. Went to Hogwarts, did some traveling and moved back to London to work here." He lazily waved his hand around the conference room before picking up his paint brush. "So you supplied us with all these painting supplies...where you a painter before working here?" It would explain why he had so many supplies. Of course it could just be a hobby of the older man's, kind of like fishing was for him.
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