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"As you can see on the table, there are tubes of paint, brushes, and some stiff paper. Monsieur de la Buena has been so very kind to lend us the paint and brushes. What you will be doing with them is simple. What I want you to do is to simply paint your favourite creature and then when you believe you have finished your masterpiece, show it off and give two facts about the creature you chose, and WHY it is your favourite. The "why" is optional. Everyone understand?"

ooc: TOTALLY optional, but you can create something in Paint, Photoshop, hand-drawn and then scanned into your computer. Or, you can just RP your character doing a total Da Vinci, if you're not artistically inclined. Cool?
What a piece of cake!! Emerald thought. She know exactly what she like the best. A dragon. She didn't even have to think of why. And she started drawing. Emmy have loved dragon since when she was young! She have always wanted a dragon of her own when she was little.
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