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Originally Posted by Tailzinator View Post

He smiled as another new employee that he had yet to meet came over. "Hello, Mademoiselle Darcy! It is nice to meet you as well. I hope you are enjoying your position?" Nothing like a little check up to make sure.
Fionn smiled and bowed her head a tad. She couldn't well curtsy in a pencil skirt, it would look a tad odd. "I very well am, sir. Thank you so much for the position as well." She beamed. She had wanted to get back into the wizarding world and upon turning in her application to work at the ministry, she had doubts about getting in. She smiled though, noticing he was getting a bit busy with more employees.

Looking around, she noticed more people coming in. A few keeping to themselves like she would be doing. Keeping a permanent small smile on her lips, she walked over to the table and sat down in a cushioned seat. Only seeing brushes, she had no idea what the meeting would be about.
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