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Originally Posted by adamst24 View Post
Elliot had not been around for a while. Things at home were crazy and he couldn't explain to any one how he was feeling. He took a minor leave of absence and thought it was best to just not be in the office at all. But now he was ready for his return. He felt confident that things were going to start looking up for himself. He stepped into the conference room (late) of course, he was always late. And took a seat hoping to catch up on whatever he missed.
Nikos had decide on filling his mug with more coffee after he had finished his cup. Reaching over, he poured himself more coffee. While doing so, the man spotted a familiar face, one he hadn't seen in a while. "Elliot," A smile broke across his face as he watched the man take a seat. "Long time, no see. How are you doing?"

Originally Posted by Tailzinator View Post
"Excellent," he smiled. "I am good, as well, thank you. The usual stuff, I suppose."
"That, is good to hear." He replied with a smile as he finished pouring himself another cup of coffee. "I must say, thank you for the coffee."

Originally Posted by Luna Laufghudd View Post
The cruuuuuuuuup! "Oh, he is, isn't he?" ADORRRABLE. Hehe. "I still haven't named him yet..." Ponder. And then he went over to sit next to the man. Hm, he needed to know his would otherwise be rude! "I'm Leo, and this..." He carefully lifted the VERY excited crup's paw in a sort of wave. "" Oh, right, he hadn't named him Shrug. "Diego Chado Frances Buena." HAHA!
"He is," Nikos responded with a smile. "No name ya say?" Naming a pet was never an easy task, atleast it hadn't been with him and it seemed the same for the Education Head. Taking a sip of his coffee, he watched as the man took a seat beside him. Nikos couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at the dog's name. "Its nice to meet Leo and Diego Chado Frances Buena." That name is a mouthfull, isn't it? "I think I'll just call you Diego." He gave the small crup a scratch behind the ears before extending his hand to Leo. "Nikos Fakiris. Its good to meet you Leo, might I ask were you are from?"
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