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Originally Posted by AnOrangeGentleman View Post
Ian laughed a little, before re-settling himself.

"No, I mean, I'm aware of what my job is, I know the title and the's just...well, no one's really given me anything to," he said, with another little, awkward smile. He decided to drop it for the moment, and sit down, twiddling one of the paintbrushes between his fingers.

"Not that it bothers me or anything.."
Chad gave the man an understanding smile. "I realize the work is a little slow...unfortunately, I think you belong to the division that has recently become 'head'-less, per say. Re-...the Minister and I are working as quickly as we can to find a replacement."

Originally Posted by dragon_star View Post
Emerald walked in to the room. It's her first time in a meeting. Emmy don't what's going on. She walked up to the head and said. "Hello. I hope I'm not late for the meeting." she said casually. "So what's going on?"
"No no," Chad shook his head. "You're not late at all. And nothing has happened yet, so pull up a seat and help yourself to some coffee."

Originally Posted by gothicravenclaw View Post
Missy she asked everyone if the want a dount she'll go get them if the ask her to because she getting a bagel and dounts for herself and a cup of Dr pepper
"Oh, no thank you," he responded to her question.

Originally Posted by grangerfan8 View Post
Nikos walked into the office and noticed that they were going to have another meeting. He was gonna take the day off, since he didn't have much work, and go fishing, but he didn't mind meetings. They gave him a chance to see his coworkers from other departments.

Sauntering in the room wearing a red tshirt and jeans, with his coffee cup in hand he smiled at his coworkers. A lot of new faces he hadn't seen before, he made note to chat with them when he had the time.

"Good day, Stryker." He greeted the man, as he took a seat near the coffee. Leaning back in his chair with ease, he waited for the meeting to begin while sipping his coffee.
"Hello, Fakiris," Chad responded to the new arrival with a smile. "All is well, I hope?"

Originally Posted by Luna Laufghudd View Post
Whistling down the river- no, the hallway, Leo took his time to look around the department. It was quite homey in here, and nice. "Beautiful place, isn't it?" he asked the cute crup in his arms - which he had yet to name. He couldn't leave him alone in his office, so he opted to take him with him.

Guessing that every floor looked about the same, Leo headed towards the frenchman's office, but not gettin a reply, he assumed he was at the conference room. And that was probably also in the same direction as the Education Department's conference room, right?

Aaaaaaaaah, yes. Here it was!
Stopping the whistling, Leo poked his head through the door and knocked at the same time. "Good day, everyone! Hope you don't mind me stopping by?" The crups' tail started waggling at the sight of all the new people in there.
"LEO!" Chad smiled and waved for the man to enter into the conference room. "Come on in, come on in. Everyone, this is Monsieur Leo De la Buena. He is the department head for Magical Education."
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