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Grayson headed for the History of Magic classroom with a little bounce to her step. The last lesson had been interesting, to say the least. At least, she'd proven to herself she could deal with Legend and his annoying name-calling. And she'd had the amusement that was watching Brinkley deal with lots of people, and water, while clinging to Sho like she was in danger of beign kidnapped. So she was curious what this lesson would bring her. Of course, she had a little stowaway with her this lesson, in the form of Draco, curled inside her school bag along with her books and note-taking stuff. It was just easier than worrying about the ferret, and she figured he'd be safer with her.

Bouncing into the classroom in her raspberry Converse, she grinned as she saw Professor Lainey's appearance. "Hi Professor Lainey!," she called out brightly as she headed for a desk. "Are we going to be pirates today? or musketeers?" Those little boats on the giant globe, along with the professor's hat, made her think of pirates, at least.
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