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Originally Posted by Jessica View Post
Xylon's lids flew open.


He hadn't thought of anything.

Plus the grin Professor Lawson was giving him was plain evil!!

"Hey," he said, as he stood up. "Professor Saar for you, who hasn't thought of anything to tell you all so he'll pick a topic at random." He needed to stop speaking of himself in third person.

"Well. I'm going to discuss muggle sports, specifically a sport known as parachuting or skydiving." Because that was something he had experienced for himself. "It is basically the performance of acrobatics while falling freely though the air with the help of a device known as a parachute. It was developed in the early '90s and became international in the 1950's after which it has been seen as a competitive sport, a fun-based activity, and as an aid to muggle 'firefighters.'"

"Muggles usually skydive for recreation. Typically a group of skydivers pay an operator to take them into the air on an aircraft. From there they ----" he paused. "Jump." Because they did. "Of course before a person can make this 'jump' he or she has to go through extensive training to ensure fitness. This is increasingly important as parachuting can be a dangerous activity for someone who does not know how to go about it properly."

He paused. "Any questions?"

Alex was confused, raised her hand and asked, "So people willing jump off of those areoplanes because.. why?" Alex didn't like being confused at all.
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