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Originally Posted by Kris View Post
Alex glared, "I already summoned them, whoever wants one grab one!" Alex told them raising her voice if they didn't listen there lose, Alex pointed to the trunk she had managed to place by Zane.

What as that look for? Raising a brow, Evelyn smirked as she finally got to lean back on at least on hand. One hand was freeeeee! Free from the evil hammer that she was still hiding. And she should give an evil look to Lawson, but she was too busy smirking at Lufoy.

"You seem a little touchy right now." she said, tilting her head to the side slightly. Perhaps, Evelyn's bad mood was wearing off and transferring to her! MWAHAHA!

However, the third year Slytherin did not ignore the fact that the girl just summoned something from, really far away. Like, really far. Well okay, not that far, but far enough. Was that even possible? For a first year? Meh.

WHAAAAAAAAT? That professor dude just made the cars disappear!! Pfft, he sooooo was not going on the good list.
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