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Originally Posted by Luna Laufghudd View Post
Okay. She had definitely dozed off, because the next thing she knew, there were students standing at the front and she had NO idea what the hell was happening.

One thing was for sure, they were talking about...random things. So...yeah, that was good. Blinking away the confusingness from her eyes, Miranda turned her head as another student asked to talk next...which, made no sense to the Captain, but her hand went up in the air and before she could stop herself... "Sir, can I go next?" HEHEHE! listen to the others and get a clue about what the hell this class was about. Snort.
Marcus eyed Miranda warily, he really hoped that the girl had gotten over her brain malfunction and she wasn't going to get up in front of the class and be silly. "You can go after Dillon." He made sure to give her a warning look before focusing his attention on Selena's presentation.

Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
Selena nodded and stood from her very comfortable spot on her bean bag. Rawrs. Okay... now... what should she do it on? Whatever came to mind first. She took a deep breath and smiled at the class. "Okay, so, I'm 'Professor' Selena Zabini-Riddle," she said, "And I'm going to talk to you about the the amazing muggle invention called the iPod," she said. First thing that came to mind was music, and music led her to her favorite muggle invention the iPod.

"The iPod is an electronic, portable music player designed by the brilliant company named Apple," she started. "An iPod can be connected to a computer and then with the use of a program from Apple, you can download music onto your iPod," she said, "the iPod has many different generations and Apple has even created something called the iPhone and the iPad. The three are pretty closely related," she continued. "At first, the device was a bit large and had no color, only black, white and shades of grey, but over time Apple has made it sleeker and far more advanced. In the beginning it was only able to hold songs, then it gradually led to games, pictures and now even videos, as a matter of fact, some iPods can even record videos," Selena said. She looked around to make sure no one was bored. Given, it wasn't as interesting as the Prefect's or Alex's, but she was trying!!! "If you like music, I suggest you get one, because it's small and easy to use, I mean, I haven't managed to make mine blow up yet, so I doubt you guys can mess up on using one," she said with a smile. Which was funny because she was good at that, making things blow up by accident. When she tried to do it on purpose... not so much...

"Questions?" she asked.
Raising his hand in the air and making sure not to put it so high this time, he didn't need to pull another muscle. "Professor, is Apple the only company to make this sort of electronic device?"

If so they would be raking it in without having any competitors.

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