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Originally Posted by SenoritaMaxie View Post
Oh. Of course.

"You look a little... not yourself too, Professor," Gold said, her voice all whisper-y. She took a seat, and gave him a tiny smile, and wondered about him and Professor Morgan-Lawson and a lot of other things.

Then she eyed what was about to happen - she didn't know what, but she had an idea. AND, of course, she knew it would be crazy. Come on, it was Destiny! - and... well, waited for it to take place.

That would be an understatement but he tried in vain to give Gold a smile to show that he was okay but it came out all kinda wobbly like. "How about we have a talk after class, yeah?"

Originally Posted by Tomasina Riddle View Post
He squirmed in his chair. He knew he should have gone to the bathroom before the lesson started. This was going to be pure torture and it was a hell of his own making. His foot started to tap nervously as he tried to think of things other than waterfalls and the lake with the giant squid.
Looking at the Slytherin squirming in his seat, Marcus let out a small chuckle. "Dillon, do you need a bathroom pass?"

Originally Posted by Marie View Post
"I'm glad life is treating you so well," she said glancing at the saw in her hand then back up at him.

Well crap, he still didn't know how to reverse the blasted charm that was holding that saw in her hand. He really was getting old if he can't remember...


NOT reversible! The man had totally lost his mind. What the heck kind of lesson was this supposed to teach? DON"T ever touch muggle tools because they will get stuck in your hand. Nice lesson.

First he ties her to Destiny for half the term, now he won't take the saw out of her hand. Remind her again WHY she doesn't want him to leave.

Huh, Destiny has something to share with the class? Like how mean Lawson is, or how he is going to leave, or how he is going through a middlelife crisis?
Glancing at Marie out of the corner of his eye, Lawson gave a sort of grimace. She was definitely going to kill him.

Life probably wasn't going to be treating him so well after these girls get through with him.

Eh fun times?
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