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Marie practically ran to class today. Normally she would have taken her time getting to this class but not today. She knew the time was getting short and soon Peofessor Lawson wouldn't be around anymore. She didn't want to miss one minute of bugging class with Lawson. Not to mention she still had that blasted saw in her hand AND she still couldn't move her arm.

Maybe today he would REMEMBER how to reverse the charm.

Practically running through the door she stopped suddenly when she seen all the desks had been replaced with comfy looking couches and bean bags. What was this all about? No crazy tools today? Maybe he was going to teach them how muggles like to be lazy and just lounge around... Like he was doing on that couch with Destiny.


Maybe he was going to teach them what it was like to go through a middlelife crisis like he was going through.

Yeah, that had to be it.

"Hey Professor L. How's life been treating you lately?" she asked as she plopped down next to him...

With that saw right between them, close to his leg. "Remember how to reverse this charm yet?"

Now he had Marie on one side... with the saw, AND Destiny on the other side... telling more turtle tales.

Now all they needed was Evelyn to come in and sit on his lap. He would be TRAPPED and not able to leave them. :evillaugh
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