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Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
Selena was shocked. "Wow, calm down, take a seat," Selena said. Emmy must've really ran here. She was out of breath. "Take a few deep breaths slowly," she added. But not too deep, she might choke or something. Well, Sarah was offering to DJ... so maybe they could have both... She started to tally it again.
"Thanks, Selena!" Emmy had just about got her heart rate back to normal, when...

Originally Posted by samthehpfreak View Post
"nice to meet you Sarah, I'm Sammy Mecan" sammy said smiling


Sammy ran into the room after Emmy "never again" she panted sitting back down in her chair "the decorations committee want to know if there will be a stage" she said gasping for breath really gotta start training again she thought
As she sat down, Emmy turned to her and said, "Sammy, I'm so sorry! I just had to get back here as soon as possible! Sorry!" she put a hand on her friend's arm as she spoke.
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