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Originally Posted by samthehpfreak View Post
Sammy looked up and saw another girl enter the room "not much really" she said "just deciding weather we should have live music or a DJ for the ball" she said shifting in her chair
"oh, okay thanks." she said to the girl "I'm Sarah by the way, Sarah black-lestrange." she turnedto the professor whom she assumed was in charge "I would vote for a DJ that could play both muggle and magic music and if we do go with DJ I'd be more than happy to
volunteer alongside my muggle friend who actually already knows about the wizarding world so we wouldn't have to modify her memory at all. It's kida perfect." she smiled and gave an airy laugh.

Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
Selena smiled at Emelia. "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Selena," she said to the girl. She then turned to Sarah. "Hello Sarah, we were just debating between live music or having a
DJ at the ball,"
Selena said simply. She then turned to the older girl who she didn't know. "That's true..." she said with a nod. She jotted that down as well.
SPOILER!!: Selena's Notebook

Live Music VS DJ

Live Music:
~ More entertaining (?)
~ Better experience (?)
~ Jane Frost, [s]one of the committee member's[/] Emelia's mother
~ More expensive
~ Less variation
~ Again, some people may not like the songs
~ Muggle band, have to obliviate, too much work and there are side effects
~ Songs are limited

~ Not as expensive
~ Variation, all attendees can have the music they want
~ Set up won't take as long (?)
~ More songs
~ You don't get to see anyone but some guy
~ Not as entertaining
Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
Selena smiled. She knew she would be back soon. She looked around. It seemed to be that she had somehow been in charge out of no where. Uhm... that was quite weird. She wasn't used to this, but it somehow came naturally. She started to spin her pen again. Hehehe.
"Well, if we do have a DJ, what songs do you guys want to have?" Selena asked everybody.
"well I have a few mixes and samples that I could go and get if you want."

Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
Selena had to bite her tongue from snapping at her. "Why? Jealous that you're not in front and center?" she said simply with an arched brow. When people said that they didn't want to be rude, they were. Besides, she doubted she could do a better job. She would probably just stare in a mirror and talk to herself. "Do any of you guys have any ideas for a soundtrack if we use a DJ?" Selena repeated again.
Sarah smiled at Selena proud of her not letting the other girl put her down

Originally Posted by Liisa View Post
As yet, the professor had been standing by quietly,
simply observing. But when Professor Lawson heard the RUDE comment, she sat her teacup down harder than intended.

"Excuse me?" she said. "Young lady, there is no need for comments like that in this meeting. We are here to work together. I asked for each of your opinions and I hope to get them. Without ridicule, yes?"

She turned to the "firstie" in question and said, "You guys are doing great. Keep it up."

Then addressing the group, "Shall we take a vote then? Live music versus DJ?"
"I vote and as I said before volunteer for free in the DJing area."

Originally Posted by ginnilie View Post
"I vote DJ," Tori said. Who doesn't want different variations of music?
Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
"Of course, professor," Selena said with a nod. She knew about time constraints and all. Selena thought about the two. Selena had wrote out all the pros and cons. And apparently having a DJ had more pros than cons. "I vote for a DJ," she said. "Should I keep tally?" Selena asked.
Originally Posted by samthehpfreak View Post
Sammy looked around god a lot of things can happen when your not paying attention she thought shaking her head "I vote DJ" she said shifting in her chair again wasn't Jay on the committee as well she thought looking hopefully at the door
Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
Selena wrote down the more votes.
peeking over selena's shoulder she saw the votes so far. Whispering to selena she said, "looks like I should get my DJ equipment out huh?" smiling she turned back to the rest of the meeting.
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