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Originally Posted by xiiWishiWasYours View Post
Selena nodded. "Well, that makes things more convenient," she said as she wrote that down as well. She realized that she didn't know the girl's name. "Excuse me, forgive me for being so rude but, what is your name?" she asked with a blush.

SPOILER!!: Selena's Notebook

Live Music VS DJ

Live Music:
~ More entertaining (?)
~ Better experience (?)
~ Jane Frost, one of the committee member's mother
~ More expensive
~ Less variation
~ Again, some people may not like the songs

~ Not as expensive
~ Variation, all attendees can have the music they want
~ Set up won't take as long (?)
~ You don't get to see anyone but some guy
Emmy breathed out, not having realised she'd been holding her breath. "Oh no, it's not your fault - I should have introduced myself before! I'm Emelia (Emmy) Frost."
Hopefully her mum wouldn't be a problem... "Oh, and if you're worried about revealing Hogwarts to Muggles, I'm sure mum wouldn't mind being backed by the school band..." On second thoughts, maybe her usual backing group weren't such a good idea...
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