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Default SS Exclusive: An interview with a former PoA extra - plus pictures!

Wendelin (real name Christina), a member here at SnitchSeeker appeared in the film 'Prisoner of Azkaban' as an extra. She kindly agreed to doing an interview in the hope that her amazing experience can be shared with many other Potter mad fans.

Two exclusive images from filming can be seen at the bottom.

I will be using my real name (Emma) throughout the interview.


Emma: Hey! For all those mad fans, tell us your real name and how old you were when you started filming Prisoner of Azkaban.

Christina: Hey, my name's Christina and I was 16 when I was in PoA.

Emma: How did the opportunity arise?

Christina: My uncle works at Leavesden Studios as a 'stagehand' I think it's called (that means he builds the film sets) and asked if I'd be interested in taking part in a Harry Potter film..duh.. I said yes and he collected some forms for me to fill in.

Emma: What was your reaction when he asked you?

Christina: I was really surprised because up until then I didn't even know he worked at the studios! I can't even remember what I said. Something rubbish probably but I think he understood that I meant yes. I was very excited!

Emma: Did you have to go through any formalities other than filling in forms?

Christina: They mainly needed all my details, really. I also had to get a letter from my head teacher giving me permission and a doctor's note saying I was healthy and able to do it. I had to have about 3 pictures taken (I did those myself; I didn't have a photo shoot or anything). A passport photo and some others. Oh and I had to measure myself and send those details in too so that they could get my uniform ready.

Emma: So you studied while on set? What was a typical day like?

Christina: Actually, because I was 16 I wasn't expected to be tutored on set. I chose not to do any work because I was just there to have fun! So I spent my days watching TV in a huge marquee with some of the older extras. And when I wasn't watching TV, I was on set. The days always started with signing in and going into wardrobe and then hair and make-up.

Emma: So were there no facilities/arrangements for older students to study?

Christina: Oh of course you were allowed to join in the studying even if you were 16 or over, but I chose not to!

Emma: What scenes were you involved in filming?

Christina: Unfortunately I was only there for 3 days and so I was only involved in one scene. It's the scene in the Great Hall where Seamus runs in with the Daily Prophet yelling about Sirius Black and then talking to Harry etc. This scene took 30 takes altogether. 15 the first day, 15 the next day, and the third day was a scene where no actors are speaking at all, and the cameras are just doing pan shots etc to get background images and sounds. The actors weren't there that third day, as they weren't needed. Their doubles stood in for them. And my brother just happens to know Tom Felton's double personally...

Emma: What was like it like having your own Hogwarts Uniform to wear? What house were you in? Did you get to keep any of the stuff?

Christina: I loved putting on a Hogwarts Uniform, it was very cool. I wasn't too keen on wearing a skirt and tights (especially as it was September and VERY cold and rainy) but it had to be done! I was in Hufflepuff (we didn't get to choose what house we wanted to be in. I would NOT have chosen Hufflepuff!) And the tie was very fetching. Y'know I was very tempted to take the tie home but I felt too guilty...and also very scared I might get caught!

Emma: Did you get a wand?

Christina: No, I didn't need one for that particular scene, sadly.

Emma: How much did you get paid?

Christina: I got about £70 a day, so if you work it out, it's not bad for three days 'work'.

Emma: Did you get to sit next to anyone famous - either while filming or at lunch?

Christina: I wasn't sitting next to anyone famous but during filming I was on the same table and very close to them. At lunch one day, my uncle took me to the canteen where the stars eat and I saw James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) having some dinner, so I smiled and went to get myself a cup of tea. Oh and I also met one of the ghosts that ride those ghost horses! Oh and I have to say, I HAVE stood right next to Tom Felton but that wasn't during filming or at lunch.

Emma: Did you get to speak to any of the trio? What impression did you get, of their personalities and relationships with one another?

Christina: I couldn't really get anywhere near them because we weren't supposed to get up during filming (I think because they wanted to make sure we're in exactly the same place and obviously because if they let us, EVERYONE would swarm around them). They all seemed very nice, they were all laughing and chatting. Daniel walked by once and tripped over someone's foot. And Emma sat up on the table and put Alfonso Cuaron's hair into a ponytail. So it was all very relaxed.

Emma: What about Rupert/Tom?

Christina: I could only just see the back of Rupert's head so I didn't notice him do anything. Tom, however, who was sitting opposite me but behind me (it does make sense if you think about it heh) looked at me a lot. But I'm not bragging, I do believe it was because I kept turning around in my seat to stare at him... And every time he saw me looking I turned away.

Emma: Any indication of relationships going on between cast members?

Christina: Haha, well I'm afraid I can't really give you any gossip because I honestly didn't see anything apart from them all laughing and talking together.

Emma: What was your impression of the young actors? Did you get to talk to/see any of them up close?

Christina: They just seem to be enjoying what they're doing. I'd say the ones I've seen up close are James and Oliver Phelps, Daniel, Tom, Josh (Goyle), Devon (Seamus). Bonnie Wright (Ginny) even came out of the Great Hall (we were outside it waiting to go in) to talk to some of the extras so it's not like they think they're too good for us. I don't think I've forgotten anyone... Although I didn't see Josh (Goyle) for long because he was attached to a girl's mouth, but I won't say anymore haha.

Emma: Did you see any other teenage antics?

Christina: That's the main thing that stands out in my mind...and of course whenever Tom's around there are giggling girls (this wasn't on the set though). And Dan tends to run in front of cars. But hey, who doesn't?

Emma: In front of a car?

Christina: At the end of the wrap party he ran in front of our car.

Emma: Did you get to speak to any of the producers or the director?

Christina: Some man who looked very important knew my name and asked me to come over to him, but I have no idea who he was... I haven't talked to Alfonso, but at the cast & crew premiere, just before the film began, he and David Heyman got up and thanked us all for coming which was cool

Emma: Did you get to see/speak to any of the older actors?

Christina: I love the older actors. I wish I could've seen Alan Rickman. I saw Julie Walters (Molly Weasley) at the wrap party wearing some very funky wellies. I can't remember if I saw anyone else

Emma: What were the sets like?

Christina: the attention to detail really is amazing. Every set I visited was fully dressed. Some of the best were the DADA classroom and Hagrid's Hut. Honeydukes was fantastic!

Emma: Did you pocket any sweets?

Christina: I didn’t dare try! I tried to sit in the space that Harry sits in, in the DADA classroom but got told that I shouldn’t.

Emma: Did you get to watch any scenes being filmed?

Christina: It was really fun to see them filming quidditch, it's just a person sitting high up on a broomstick on a pole.

Emma: What was the atmosphere like on set?

Christina: Strangely, I wasn't nervous at all. When we all sat down it was quite quiet, with everyone staring around. But after you'd sort of got over the fact that you're in THE Great Hall, you relax a bit and start chatting to the students sitting next to you and fiddling about with whatever's on your table and deciding what to do with it when the cameras started rolling. I had a book, a quill and a leather bag to play around with. And we also played some wizard version of Tiddlywinks which kept falling on the floor.
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