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Default Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Once Again Adjusting
Now it was nearly 7 in the morning, and Jess could barely sit upright.
“Alright, lets get you to bed,” Harry instructed. It felt strange was he held onto her shoulders and steered her up the stairs. When they came across the second story hallway there was two doors; one door led to Sirius’s room which Harry was using and the other was Regalus’s room that Kreatcher was supposed to be clearing out.
With another yawn Jess grabbed the doorknob to Regulas’s room and stepped inside. To Harry’s surprise the room was relatively clean. All the dark artifacts and pictures were piled into cardboard boxes which were scattered all over the room. Besides those and a 4 poster bed and a lone picture hanging on the green walls it was empty.
Jess walked up slowly to the picture and anxiously reached out for it. When she grabbed hold of it and pulled nothing happened. Jess scrunched up her nose and yanked again but still the picture remained stuck.
“Oh, sorry it must have a permanent sticking charm on it,” Harry droned as he moved the cardboard boxes into a corner with a flick of his wand.
“Weird,” Jess replied reaching out to touch the motionless picture again, “I thought wizard pictures can move?” she asked as she turned her head to see Harry staring at the picture.
“Yeah they can move,” Harry answered, “that can’t be. It shouldn’t be. Sirius and Regalus, TOGETHER?” But it was. The picture undoubtedly was the two brotheres arms slung over the other’s shoulders, smiling. They appeared to be four or five. Way before magic would have appeared.
“I don’t get it aren’t they brothers?” Jess’s question brought Harry back to reality.
“Well, they were brothers, but they absolutely despised each other. This one,” Harry said as he pointed to Sirius, “is our godfather,”
“This was his house right,” Jess wasn’t asking it like a question. She already knew the answer.
“Jess, this was his house. I inherited it when he…um…died,” Harry spoke calmly as her eyes started to water, “Come on Jess,” Harry kneeled down on the ground so that they were almost eye level with each other. He then placed his arms around her and gave her what was almost certainly her first hug.
“He was exactly like you, you know,” Harry pulled out of the hug and smiled trying to reassure her. “He was always causing trouble.”
Now Jess was laughing so Harry stopped being so serious and yanked her up by her ankles laughing.
“Now its late or rather early and your going to bed, ok?” Harry gently tossed her into the 4 poster bed smiling.”
“I have no say in this matter do I?” Jess asked not seeming to care.
“None at all,” Harry replied but Jess was already asleep. “Night Jess, sweet dreams,” He whispered to her as he laid a blanket over her which he found on the floor. Jess seemed pretty comfortable for someone sleeping fully dressed and onto of the covers.
Harry slowly backed out of the room and shut the door quietly so that he didn’t wake Jess. He slowly turned around and found himself nearly tripping over Kreatcher.
“Kreatcher, what are you doing here?” Harry asked though he barley made a sound.
“Kreatcher has brought young Mistress some new things,” Kreatcher answered and he seemed sincere. “Should Kreatcher put young Mistress’s things in that room?”
“Yeah sure, if your quiet. Yang on HER things in HER room?” Harry whispered dumbfounded.
“Of course. These are clothes from past mistresses, cousins, and such. As for young Mistress’s room, where else should young Mistress stay? This is Master’s and young Mistress’s home,” Kreatcher replied somewhat comfortable with the future of many black family heirlooms.
“Yes Kreatcher, now put them in Jess’s closet…quietly,” Harry ordered calmly and hopelessly confused. He ignored the feeling because it had been a very long day and there was going to be an even longer one tomorrow. Perhaps, just maybe Kreatcher was happy, and despite Hermione’s pleas Kreatcher was very happy just taking orders.
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