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Originally Posted by Tailzinator View Post
Chad raised an eyebrow. Had everyone suddenly gone shy?
Violet exchanged glances with Chad. She was pretty sure they had the same thought. Everyone had been so talkative beofre, but now...almost nothing. Odd. Also, Violet was sure that some of the employees still were absent.

Originally Posted by individual View Post
Puffiekeins? Well, since the other person pretty much described the little creature, Lilah decided to put her own thoughts in on it. After all, the woman forgot just one tiny detail...

"They are soooooo cute!" Lilah just couldn't hold it in. She thought ALL animals were cute! "The way they hum when they're happy... it's just adorable! And their long tongues...and they're just so cuddly!"

It was just too much. Cute little furry animals were her favorite after all. Apart from dragons that is. But cute and tiny could fit in her house. Like the little kitten here! Mico was adorable.
Violet smiled at Lilah. "I suppose that's true. Puffskeins can be very lovable if you decide to adopt one. Though that might be a little besides the point for today, you're still right."

Originally Posted by VRSCIKA View Post
Rin gave Drago a knowing nod when he mentioned 'or your wife's'. Alright, so she wasn't the only one with such an experience. Though she normally had no trouble with the creatures, that particular one seemed to have an issue.

She smiled as she watched Davina...having the feeling that her friend was smiling about the debate going on. She agreed with Mr. Fakiris..but then...really the only other person who seemed to believe in the 'If you aren't sure about it stun it' theory was Mr. Carracio. Though Rin loved creatures of all shapes and sizes, she believed in exercising caution after much experience. She smiled at Nikos when he nodded to confirm that she had it right.

When Chad asked who would like to go first Mrs. Silvermoon volunteered. She started her part of the meeting and began with Puffskeins, Rin happened to like the little fluffballs. They could eat nearly anything as part of a healthy diet, were one of the most docile creatures you could get, and were all in all extremely low maintenance. She listened to Davina state what she knew about the little fluffys and after she was done Violet asked if anyone else had anything to add. Rin waited patiently but no one else was speaking. Chad raised his eyebrow and she herself had wondered why the room had gone dead. Okay so you can be accused of being stun-happy amongst this group, just not discuss Puffskiens? Well if no one else was going to speak she would. " I do." She gave Violet a polite nod and began to speak." Puffskiens also make ideal pets for the young as they are quite hardy and can handle being tossed around a bit and be no worse for wear. They can consume nearly anything as part of a healthy diet and if one forgets to feed them, they will feed themselves." Of course she had never and never would forget to feed a pet in her life ,there was a reason she was in this department." There is also a miniature variety of Puffskein called a Pygmy Puff. Both breeds make a very pleasant and calming hum when they are content and happy. I have found that the sound is very helpful in getting children and even adults to calm down and can aid in helping one to sleep if they cuddle a content Puffskien. Their 'talking voices' are of a high-pitched nature. ....Also they are known for having a bad habit of drinking from toilets......" Okay so maybe she didn't need to add the last part ,but it was a fact.
Violet returned the nod and gave Rin a small smile. Rin seemed to have a lot of knowledge about the household aspect of the puffskeins. "Yes, that's right, Rin. Did everybody hear what Rin said?" asked Violet. "This is important if you ever want to keep one for a pet. It's best to feed, them, but they will eat almost anything and can usually feed themselves if you forget." Well, it was good that more people were chiming in...thought Violet wasn't sure Division Heads really counted.

Originally Posted by Daffy.Potter View Post

Sarah couldn't help but giggle slightly at a young woman's addition. She was right. Puffskeins were indeed cute and cuddly. She would hate to think of placing the woman in a situation against a Puffskein that had be enchanted of some sort. She wouldn't be able to stun it at all. But Puffskeins were so cuuuuuuuuuuuuutttteee.. Who could stun them? Maybe Carracio. Ahem.

Eeeesssshh.. These people knew a looootttt. There was simply nothing left for poor Sarah to add! ... they drank from toilets? Huhhh..

"Similar to what many of you have stated, Puffskeins aren't picky eaters. Leftover spiders, bugs, toilet water and children boogeys.." she said, nodding her head over at Rin and Davina with a small smile. "Though that might just be for the fun of it. These creatures have fur of a custard color and can be found just about anywhere. No need to go to some deserted island or another country, they're found all over the world. Simply quite harmless and playful creatures and popular with wizarding families and children."
"Quite true. Though I daresay they will eat adult bogies as well," said Violet. "All right, you're all correct. Very good. Now, I'm going to wait a moment if anyone else would like to add anything that's been forgotten?" There wasn't a whole lot to say on the matter, but even if someone wanted to repeat what someone else had previously said, just to get involved in the meeting, that would be fine...
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